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Verizon Fios

Verizon FiOS is a bundled Internet access, telephone, and television service which operates over a fiber-optic communications network.

Verizon Wireless Sportsman Channel Time Warner Cable Frontier Communications

Playing Cod at my friends house who only has 20 mps playing against people in California with Veriz…
In the NYMetro area Big Brother will air at 9pm EST on channel WLNY channel 10 / 510 on Verizon Fios.
I'd love to but I can't sign in with Verizon FiOS!
I live OANN, but Verizon Fios took it out of my news package. ??
.sounds like the guy who installed our Fios internet. He was at the house from like 5-9pm.
Verizon Fios needs an NFL Sunday ticket of some sort and not just NFL Redzone smh
So a simple call to DirecTV and Verizon Fios and both my bills have been lowered without a change in packages or...
What happened to apps replace STB? Verizon crippled their mobile app so cant airplay it to apple tv .
The My Verizon app is for our cellular service. You need the My Fios app. ^KMG
I hope you and your family remain safe, let's look into this. Is your concern Verizon Wireless or Landline/Fios related? ^AB
Optimum's wack .. don't lie guys your internet be going in and out 😂 hop onto Verizon fios our internet speeds are…
Theatre Row office space available! Verizon FIOS internet, 24 hour building access, and only minutes away from the…
Welcome to FIOS! When is your appointment scheduled?
I do wish that PCNTV was carried in HD here in Chester County on Verizon's FiOS system.
We'd love to have you as part of our Fios family! ^NHP
Are you watching EDtv? . Comcast channel 965 and Verizon Fios channel 30. .
HE used to mess with the FIOS box until I learned how to open it & kept calling Verizon. THEY kept giving him my name & passwords.
If you have Verizon Fios you can watch CMT Crossroads on demand until September 3rd! Not sure about other cable/satellite providers.
Catch "Irie Vibes" this Friday at 1pm or w/ repeats on Saturdays at 12AM on CINTV, Ch. 73 or Verizon FIOS Ch. 26.
Glad to know my very high FIOS & Verizon cell phone bill charges are doing its part to a very vital humane cause
Hello Izzystokes, We would love to have you with Fios! You can check for availability at . ^NHP
Trying to add TV to my internet but keeps messing up my order!
They are too slow mentally to catch on Paul. Our minds are like lte Verizon FiOS and they are running on dial up at Max.
tried could not help me. Continue to get a runaround.
Just when buys 1000 miles of copper, Verizon buys 37 million miles of fiber! h…
Censor got 1000/1000 Verizon fios I bet that's UNREAL
is it true that Discovery Go isn't available on Verizon FIOS? Is Roku Premiere a supported device for Discovery Go? Thanks.
Right when I think I can finally experience Verizon FiOS, I realize it's not available in California D:
Well, repair missed showing up again; can't get past hold on phone
care to explain how my connection speed is at 1.3mpbs with Verizon Fios?
We have many different bundles fit for your liking. Use this link to check them out. ^DDG.
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Beware, if you add channels on Verizon FIOS (online or on TV) you can only remove them by calling customer suppor…
I wish Verizon would put up more towers so I could FIOS :/
To top off still being on a call for 3 hours with with no resolution, they send me an email recommending t…
Hi Jeannie, are you having a problem with Verizon Wireless or Fios?. ^FEM
Unbelievably dissappointed in 7 hours to wire house no service in half the house service sux!
Hi there! Just to clarify; Do yo have Verizon FiOS service, or Verizon Wireless service? *AMH
Sweet! Honey finds me awesome deals on stores like Verizon Fios
So Verizon fios users catch the football game on fox Spanish channel 1521!!!
I just want my double the data promo, Verizon. Stop throwing me between Wireless CS and FiOS CS.
We're Read about our latest opening here: Sales Rep Verizon Fios - PT -
When I restart from "help", I get message saying not connected to internet. I have Verizon Fios & MoCA connection. All intact.
Thrilled with our switch to Verizon Fios - so worth it!
please bring FIOS to Baltimore city smh
Internet is out again. . Verizon fios
When the is beginning, but you don't have in your Verizon package .
Watched last night at 8PM on FOX. Now On Demand/ Verizon Fios.
We want to help, is this for your Verizon Wireless mobile, Fios, or DSL or high speed internet? ^ADP
That's definitely odd. If your WiFi is through Verizon Communications/FiOS, you may need to work with our teammates there. ^NN
You should be able to, are you on Verizon Wireless mobile, Fios or DSL high speed internet? ^ADP
If you do not respond: I pay for two FIOS accounts, and I am willing to switch to another company.
Is this for Verizon Wireless, or Fios?^ADP
this dudes are funny is it should be shame to have wireless with is FIOS support messing with me
Use our link below to enter your address to check for FIos. ^ADP
New Poll: Let's help out... If you declare a modem obsolete, the correct action is:
*** is up with your FiOS in Philadelphia right now? Haven't had reliable survive since my "upgrade"
"99.9% reliability rate" according to their commercial. I'm now on day 4 with no service.
Verizon Fios TV customers get ESPN College Extra in high definition: Verizon's Fios TV customers now have eve...
Nokia says it can deliver internet 2,000 times faster than Verizon Fios
Duopololy. of two. fast internet and Totally unfair to consumers. Go jump in a lake!
3 Reasons to Toast to Verizon Fios with Sip in Style Cocktail Recipes
True Fans shouldn't have to settle for a fair-weather provider. Switch to Fios today:
I am having problems logging into verizon my fios website. please assist
ESPN College Extra HD coming to Fios - 15 more college football channels - this is gonna be awesome
The New Inspiralized Look + Giveaway: Finally, the day is here: not only is Verizon Fios coming to my NEW off...
Umbrellas will be getting a workout today in the northeast and mid-Atlantic! Join and I on Verizon FIOS for details through 11am.
While it's still days away; may approach the US. Get the latest info here and on Verizon FIOS all morning.…
We're Click to apply: Sales Rep Verizon Fios - FT - PA
See our latest PA and click to apply: Sales Rep Verizon Fios - FT -
Whoever got Verizon Fios Turn to channel 395 this the worst comedy show ever 😂😂😂
Did she get that straight a verizon fios press-agentry teletype is the cheapest leeway so get the picture their…
basically. I have the choice of verizon fios or comcast
did u watch it cause I can't find it on Verizon fios on demand
it's on the splat channel on Verizon fios
is Verizon fios internet down in New York City area ? Zip code 10001. My roommate has the login credential so I can't check
don't hold ur breath. promised to have fios everywhere. If u can't get it, it ain't fast
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Unfortunately on Verizon fios. El rey only comes in sd
LIVE from Wisc thanks to channel 616 on Verizon Fios and they always play the entire event each event for him & Pence
I am hearing it. Verizon Fios in Maryland.
Fall Premieres: What are you watching? via
I don't know why Verizon FIOS has customer service open this late if none of them are helpful & keep putting me on hold
Verizon Fios in Florida was sold to Frontier Communications on 04/01/16. ^NHP
Storms moving through Iowa/Nebraska this a.m. see the latest on Verizon FIOS from 6-10am.
Did they transmission that la verizon fios plug business ethics is the cheapest channel until embrace their rare…
when Verizon takes the fios app off my Xbox they wanna act like I'm gonna plug my cable box in jokes on u cuz I'm lazy
According to slides for their investor presentation, will be launching some sort of service in 2017.
get a verizon mifi access point :) Comcast does kinda suck, was it the fastest service in your area; no Timewarner or FIOS?
1 week since we ordered Verizon Fios & already need to cancel due to no internet. We hardly knew ye
38 minutes on the phone with a fios representative. Explaining 12 times now how to spell "Philadelphia"
So frustrated with since the change the billings been off and the service has been shotty.bring back I miss
how is it possible that Verizon Fios' website is so terrible?
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You guys might want to mention that Verizon FiOS customers cannot stream YES games on the Fox Sports Go app or website.
We do have Verizon FIOS service, but we were referring to your wireless service, yes. *OMV
No Verizon sold the Fiber in all those regions too. I have FiOS and it's now Frontier FiOS total sale.
Frontier was probably the worst thing to ever happen to Verizon FiOS in Tampa
While I'm in NYC for a conference, my DVR is set to up for Suits season premier on the 13th. [ad]
Will Verizon Fios customers be able to stream the game on Fox Sports Go?
The Verizon FiOS add to FoxSportsGo now joins Time Warner Cable, Cablevision Optimum and DirecTV cusomers who can stream YES Network.
Verizon FiOS customers can now live stream the FoxSportsGo App programming (in time for tonight's Red Bulls soccer match)
Really disappointed with Verizon fios rn
Beware companies calling Frontier customers claiming they can switch you back to Verizon -- but not using FIOS ... getting 2 of these a week
We're here for you! Is this regarding a Verizon Fios or Wireless phone bill? ^DDD
We will be happy to get this sorted out. Is this for Verizon Cellular or Fios? What state are you located? ^ACM
We don't want you to feel that way, is this a Verizon Wireless or Fios concern? ^ACM
I would like to date the dad drinking coffee in the Hulu Verizon Fios ads. Please alert me with any leads.
I am on Verizon Fios. Who do you have?
Free Deep Chocolate VitaMuffins on $79
Ok. So really though, if we have Verizon Fios will it work or not? Are partner bars set up?
Found an apt 20 minutes away from work for $900. Private entrance, w/d, all utilities paid, Verizon Fios, parking and a koy pond. Bye.
A Verizon Fios Account. Your phone support rep is atrocious. I’ve had to give them the same info no less than 5 times.
We'd like to help! Is this in reference to a Verizon Fios or Wireless phone account? ^DDD
*** pay so much for Verizon Fios n still gotta pay for the Playboy channel 😠😠😠
No that's for Verizon fios lol my Netflix I can't remember🙄
Dear I have signed up for Fios and promised to give you money for it. So why do you still bombard my home with junk mail?
Our Verizon Fios services are all out AKA currently living in the dark ages before wifi. Send help 🆘
We'd love to assist you here. How can we assist you with your Fios service?. ^NHP
Let's try this link since I believe you should have Verizon FiOS voice. Please click on this link: ^ARD
I must admit. I like my FIOS!! Lol sorry it was a *** of a ride... Don't forget to write...LOL😂😂😂
We can't wait to have you with Fios. Check out our promos for new customers ^JRA
Watch me on tonight. Tune in at 5:16PM ET - DIRECTV 349, DISH 223, Verizon FiOS 115
$VZ:US Verizon bringing 800 miles of Fios cable to Boston COMMUNICATIONS INC
Frontier took over FIOS here, and it has been much worse service than what I enjoyed with Verizon.
Movers "On Demand" on Dish and Verizon FiOS as well! Check with your provider then go fourth & spread thy good news.
switched to Verizon FIOS after feeling pain like Urs.
[Throwback post] Fast internet speeds with Verizon FiOS!
Once again, Verizon FIOS has abysmal customer service, epitomized by "Tabitha". They are among the worst for service.
Ok good I can access my Verizon fios from your laptop so we can watch it
I've had combo for years from Verizon (FIOS). No problems.
we came home to NO internet.please fix our outage in Alexandria VA 😩😩😩😩
Errors every single day. is too buggy PLUS Comcast doubled by price after telling me they won't. Time for Verizon Fios. Cya
ooh I know 😂 250 if you have Verizon Fios. Any other thing, it's just on Disney channel
Y doesn't FOXNews put Trump live on Raleigh North Carolina his one America news on Verizon Fios beginning to end🇺🇸🎉
One America news on Verizon Fios Always service always shows the Trump rallies why doesn't fox news show it???
Verizon fios unit on the wall of my garage that is indicating a low battery, and I cannot get a single person to help me
Verizon Fios, Frontier Communications, whatever you are. You suck.
Started work on a new home for a new client in met with Verizon Fios to set up network and telephone. Also...
Hi Zach, Thanks for your interest. Check out the offers here ^SEJ
We can help you figure out what happened. Is this for Verizon Wireless or FiOS Wi-Fi?. *JMD
It's annoying how advertises their Fios internet, yet they don't have it in my area. And their regular internet is some ***
Let me know when and can catch up! More then my Fios connection. Rules!
Late flight but back in State College and back on Verizon FIOS and tomorrow!
And, for the record, I'm not a Verizon hater. I have FiOS at home and love it, but even I can spot a fake.
is hot garbage, I can't believe how often I get a message that "channel x is currently unavailable"
Commercial for Verizon fios: "bring the concert to your kitchen" *** yeah, if you can bring me the to my kitchen, F YESSS
We have paid Verizon approximately $12,000 over the past 5 years for FiOs and when the battery dies in our base unit? Pay $48
you're just saying that because you know I'm posting via a Verizon FiOS network. lol. Just kidding
Watching Verizon commercials is painful. Our Fios is costly and a far cry from what much of the world has. Frustrating.
Why can't Verizon fIOS be available in my area :(
What channel is Cops on for Verizon fios
Fios Internet as fast as a deGrom fastball!
So we had Verizon fios for the last 11 years and now we have direct tv and I am so thrown off.
Oh stupid. Verizon has a optic fibre network too.
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
I have FiOS and I want to watch you guys on my computer. No Verizon option on the TV site. How can we circumvent this?
Watch live coverage of the NH primary results on 2/9 at 8PM ET. DIRECTV 349, DISH 223, Verizon FiOS 115
Let's get Shooting USA back on Verizon FIOS please!
send pm me the Verizon fios customer service please
so I can give you the account number for the Verizon fios box please? One of family members has this problem and would--
hello I have a problem with your product. I need some help with the Verizon fios cable please
2/2 I recommend reaching out to AOL's support for direct confirmation, or to Verizon FiOS. Will forward your post to them. ^NN
Verizon Fios really makes me sad lol.
Brookhaven has met several times with Verizon to expand FIOS. The company refuses to continue fiber optic cable installation.
FiOS Service Coming to Fairlington As County Continues Comcast Negotiation: Fairlington will soon get Verizon ...
Verizon FiOS service coming to Fairlington as Arlington continues negotiations w/ Comcast
Verizon has a database of how many buttholes you've viewed online with Fios
you got Verizon ? I'm watching it on fios on showtime
A day off at home with Verizon FiOS down, editing poetry and practicing bass. Enforced creativity!
.they missed my install yesterday. Luckily still had Fios and a Nexus. Par for the course.
when will the Verizon Fios contest winners be announced?
We have Verizon Fios, but the VOIP that I am referring to is for our Business that has several lines. CanU help me?
Shirley Jackson has patents in fibre tech that help you use FiOS, except in Rochester. They hate black women and Verizon
you should check Verizon you might be able to get Fios. I can't because of the apartments I live in.
Speedy assistance is a must. Help is here. Is this for Verizon Wireless, cell phones or Verizon Fios for cable services? . ^NA
We will have full LIVE coverage of on Time Warner Cable 97, Cablevision 30 +Verizon FiOS 48
Verizon fios great leap forward census: YHohW
I've got tmobile for phone but fios for internet.
7 days left of my trial and still cannot get it to connect to Verizon fios. I will not be continuing my service.
I already have verizon FiOS, why do I need a technician to upgrade my equipment if my equipment can hand it?
Don't sweat it, you're being replaced by Verizon fios as soon as I can set up the swap. Just tired of all the recent technical issues.
I'm able to get free Verizon FIOS because of my skills...
Really !?! My box resets DURING THE SUPER BOWL! Blacked out for the last 5 minutes!!! Just crushed my party 😢
Thanks for fios box updating during the superbowl. I've only waited since 2003 for this.
any opinions or but internet service for southern California. Any new customer deals?
Why is there no google fiber or verizon fios in miami yet
Is this regarding a Verizon Wireless or Verizon FiOS bill? ^KLB
The Genie DVR is similar to the best FIOS one, which is $48 a month on Verizon.
Sitting at Time Warner Cable listening to debate on who is worse TWC, ATT or Verizon FiOS...apparently they all suck at customer service ;)
Seriously! I am done with Verizon FIOS! The internet is slower than dial-up. They promised me faster speeds, but...
internet guy is here. I swear to Christ if FiOS *** imma kill Verizon.
Moving Day!! Now to, hopefully, meet the Verizon FiOS guy at the house in an hour.
Dis *** Gonn ask me Is Verizon Fios and Optimum the Same 😐
When I leave this resort Sunday, I am so glad I am coming home to Verizon FIOS. I will actually have reliable internet. …
video on TV in bk or Verizon fios ch43 pt16
This is a great channel! People speak up please, city folk need to stop dictating what the rest of the people like.
It's like Verizon Fios and Dreamhost and Apple all conspired and planted a rage baby inside me. but i think we're good!
Glad Verizon Fios carries your channel (it used to only do so at a higher cost tier). This ISIS documentary on now is amazing
I guess they don't see the value. We're asking people to send letters. Get the info here
Brooklyn. How is such a slow speed even possible?
35 minutes waiting on the phone and 41 minutes live chat. Worse costumer service ever
I do not have Verizon fios. How can I watch WK10?
Let's get your shows playing. Is this regarding Verizon Wireless or home/FiOS?. *EN
Do you have Verizon DSL or Verizon FiOS for your home internet service? ^MTR
We don't want you feeling this way! Is the issue you're having, with Verizon landline/FiOS or Verizon Wireless? Pls share. ^CB
I used to work for Verizon Fios and they had many stores in the hood, but no fiber. Many customers were disappoint…
Verizon Fios is shunning my Samsung tab 3-8
Verizon Fios - FT needed in at 2020 Companies. Apply now!
FIOS actually has gotten worse than Comcast.
I never noticed the peacock symbol. On Verizon fios I'm pretty sure it just said golf
I love on a new street in a developed area...I know I could get verizon phone. I know I can't get Fios...I just want to know...
Let's get your internet back up and running right away. Would this be for Verizon FIOS or Verizon Wireless? . ^ZY
Fast speed customer service is ok. But if you enjoy Netflix an online gaming then this is...
we've suffered long enough, we need FiOS! You've got 8/10 mile to go and reach 40 homes. Come on it's time to run the line!
Yesterday I had a Verizon phone tech tell me to force my FiOS modem open to reach the battery. The on site tech just said it has no battery.
Maybe standing in the middle of the produce aisle and shouting "DO YOU HAVE VERIZON FIOS?!!", isn't the best way to reach those sales goals.
Active Verizon cust. for well over a decade. Active FIOS cust. since the fiber was first laid down the street ~8-9 yrs ago.
Any reason the sound isn't working for the New Year's Celebration? Other channels on Verizon Fios have volume.
fios, no sound for Vienna New Years concert broadcast, please fix asap
can I watch Amerks games with Verizon Fios?
Dump Comcast, Rachel. Get FIOS. I won't buy a new house unless its in a Verizon ZIP
Don't want to loose this channel in DFW area on Verizon Fios!
HGTV also has the commercial free and uncut!. Ch. 665 on Verizon FIOS.
Nah but my Verizon Fios is working great
Verizon.when is FIOS coming to Brookhaven should be embarrassed.
My whole house Verizon fios is out no help till Monday. Does anyone know anyone who works for Verizon who may know what the problem is ?
. They should make it more accessible by bringing it back to Verizon fios
I've spent two hours on the phone with Verizon Fios and the resolution is my house is being re-wired tomorrow morning😔 can't stay stable😔
7 marketing inc is Sales Account Executive - Verizon Fios
Help keep the Sportsman Channel available to Verizon Fios customers in Albany, NY.
Sorry to hear you have dropped Guns and Ammo and the Sportsman Channel. Will have to drop Verizon Fios. Thanks.
Looks like the Sportsman Channel is dead for me. First leaves, then today Verizon Fios drops SC.
If you are a Verizon Fios subscriber tune in to Restaurant Hunter: Lower Hudson Valley - Verizon FiOS1 News on...
CWA union members gathering before PSC hearing in asking for Verizon Fios jobs; and want choice 4 consumers
Too bad any American Verizon user who doesn't buy the news package from FIOS will not be able to watch this debate tonight.
Do you have Verizon FiOS or Verizon Wireless services? ^GKC
I thought my Verizon Fios package had Fox News but I guess not. 😩
your in the Bay area right? Verizon FIOS not a thing around there? I wish it was in my area dear lord.
New York slams Verizon, calls city-wide FiOS rollout 'an egregious failure'
I hate you and I hate your "customer service". What a joke. FIOS was a huge disappointment.
"It's simply wrong for not to build out FiOS in Buffalo & other communities..." - Mayor
Gotta love coming in clutch with a free upgrade!
and I have Verizon Fios and my wifi connection ***
Hey guys, why are you blocking me from watching this weeks daily show episodes on my pc? What gives? I use verizon fios. Thx.
just got this Verizon fios. I am delivered
Comcast is horrible. AOL has better service Kappa. Get brighthouse or verizon FiOs yo.
I can imagine. But I was one of those people grandfathered in. I had verizon for a long time. I just wish FIOS was in NC
Want to cut Comcast cable or Verizon FIOS out of your life? Here’s how:
It’s a new ‘Frontier’ for Verizon broadband and FiOS customers: By Hector Gonzalez hectorIf federal…
Verizon Fios customers get it worse, $85 for us. PPV's are always $10 more.
Did inner self read that high verizon fios encouragement teletype is the cheapest call for over against discourage…
hosted me and I want to share what I saw with you.
I don't believe this is accurate for Verizon FIOS. I'd be happy to be corrected, though.
Verizon FIOS gonna make me cuss them out!!
Your Enterprise DSL repair phone tree is broken and is sending people to your FIOS support right now.
why won't Verizon Fios keep working to expand service? It's a national tragedy I tell you.
Whoa, we definitely don't want you to go.Lets keep this relationship going. Do you have FIOS or Verizon Wireless internet?. ^MT
Sick of our rates going up and our bill is too high. Going to switch to Verizon unless you can offer us a better deal!
Any idea in when Verizon Fios wifi add you to their lineup???
Where to watch the Fox News Presidential Debate in the Tampa Bay Area: . Verizon FIOS: 118. Bright House: 37. Dish: 205. DirecTV: 360
Good morning, our friends at Verizon Wireless said you might have some trouble with DSL/FiOS? Can we help? ^EGS
Time to get off the bench and play in the big leagues. Learn more about FiOS here:
The My FiOS App features an intuitive support guide that helps identify & troubleshoot solutions from your smartphone
where can I file formal complaint about incompetence with Fios service?
Verizon Fios commercial. Video chat with last night's date breaks up. Friends freak project he's a total maniac. That's Tanguay
when is Warwick, RI getting service back? Going on 48 hours now. Neighbors have Verizon Fios and no issues.
I'm so happy im getting rid of Verizon fios this week , Mmg always have a technical problem
.& will stay on the job, fight for good jobs, FiOS buildout & quality service at
2nd phase of storm repairs So unacceptable
Lack of Verizon FiOS in Buffalo called example of 'digital divide'
So our Verizon FiOS seems to be down so maybe no internet in bed
It's a new 'Frontier' for Verizon broadband and FiOS customers - Thousand Oaks Acorn
Verizon fios space code of laws: pbDMis
It'd be AWESOME if we got Verizon FiOS, but seriously, what we *really* need is Google Fiber or SandyNet. Compare.
In related news, Brandon just installed my on 8/1 - he was so awesome and all members deserve cc: …
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Verizon Fios should figure out how to extend their range another half mile here rather than in the city
waited on hold 20 minutes. got told that verizon wasn't Fios. you guys are unbelievable.
On Verizon FIOS you can catch all your local sports including Philadelphia teams -Phillies, Eagles, Flyers and Sixers
Mayor Brown says it's simply wrong for Verizon to not provide FIOS in the city of Buffalo.
Idk how looking at Verizon FiOS prices turned into a 5 hr nap, but alright 😂
Fios. The landline connection is pretty bad too. I was going to call Verizon support. But decided to use my cell instead.
Lots of CWA union guys pushing for Verizon to build out FiOS. They're barking up the wrong tree, imho. :/
Incase you did not know, as I see you are out and about, this was on news im reading it as well atm.
I have Verizon Fios, since the hardware was already in my apartment when I moved in and I am chronically lazy.
According to my Verizon Fios channel guide, it costs $14.99/month. Does Comcast even carry Fox Soccer Plus?
Go to and click on 'Check Availability' to see what we offer at your address. ^MTR
Check out this Rep Verizon Fios at 2020 Companies in
NYC: Verizon demands exclusive deals from landlords before installing FiOS
We have Verizon Fios in Irving, oh my the damage I can do with that speed 75/75 Mbps 😎
Pictures from our Verizon Fios interview about July camp empowering youths and business owners.
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
Do I *have* to sign a contract with Verizon in order to have Fios?
Verizon fios uplift law of nature: JPpgw
Did yourself pay that la verizon fios hard sell aesopian language is the cheapest perpetuation in receive their…
special shout out to XFINITY for saving my entire night! . i got so much down!. 3000 thumbs down to Verizon FiOS . :|
Verizon fios progression code of laws: aNrSG
I have my free router from verizon... Yes I have fios.
Does anyone have Verizon fios, dish, or direct tv?! Ya girl is tryna catch up on the bachelor but I have to have someone's account #
I'm annoyed I have Verizon fios now and no more directv which means HOW AM I GONNA WATCH KINGDOM WHEN IT COMES BACK?! 😭😭
Trying to watch YouTube videos via AppleTV (3rd gen) on Verizon FiOS Quantum with the snazzy new Quantum Router...
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