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Vera Lynn

Dame Vera Lynn, DBE (born Vera Margaret Welch on 20 March 1917) is an English singer-songwriter and actress whose musical recordings and performances were enormously popular during World War II.

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Islanders to perform for Dame Vera Lynn at 100th birthday celebrations
Care home residents sing We'll Meet Again for Dame Vera Lynn's 100th birthday
London Palladium today and tomorrow for Dame Vera Lynn's 100th Birthday celebrations.
My online interview with Vera Lynn, on the cusp of her hundredth birthday
Dame Vera Lynn releases a brand new album today - just days before her 100th birthday
Dame Vera Lynn praises ‘the boys in Burma’ who kept her safe in new 100th birthday documentary
Today's the release of Vera Lynn's new album!
Dame Vera is almost 100 Read our blog to celebrate Concert's on Fri &
Chart Fact: Zara Larsson & Dame Vera Lynn release albums today - there's an 80 year age difference! htt…
Can club celebrate East Ham's Vera Lynn 100th at HT by playing her version of Bubbles from new album?
All the best to Dame Vera Lynn for her new album! Dame Vera, the is first singer to release a new album…
Dame Vera Lynn, 100 on Monday, releases her new album today. There'll Always Be An England -- and a Vera Lynn.
does anyone hv tickets for tomorrow's Vera Lynn event? My Mum's 92; Dementia; Sight Impaired; in wheelchair
Forces sweetheart Vera Lynn reveals her heartbreaking World War Two experiences as she turns 100
Vera Lynn reveals her heartbreaking WW2 experiences as she turns 100.
Vera Lynn's daughter's name is Virginia not Victoria as you said in your review🤔
Can't wait to celebrate Dame Vera Lynn's 100th birthday tomorrow night at the London Palladium…
Learn more about the lady behind the legend in this special blog by her friend and md Susan Fleet…
Dame Vera Lynn thanks 'the boys' in Burma as she celebrates her 100th birthday - BT TV (blog)
How many times can they regurgitate Vera Lynn's 'hits'?
📺 A happy 100th birthday tribute celebrating the life and work of national treasure, Dame Vera Lynn. 🎂 🎙🎶 Saturday 9pm on
'We'll Meet Again...': my thoughts on the enduring power of Vera Lynn for
I added a video to a playlist There'll Always Be An England - Vera Lynn
I liked a video There'll Always Be An England - Vera Lynn
On Saturday 9pm, watch Dame Vera Lynn's documentary on
when you realize Vera Lynn, Betty White, Olivia de Havilland, Doris Day, Cher and Barbra Streisand (and others) sur…
but not as many big stars, i say the remaing big 4 are The Queen, Vera Lynn, Richard Attenborough and Brucie
all I want for Christmas is Julie Andrews, Doris Day, Vera Lynn and Betty White to survive until New Year's. and all of next year.
- Forces' Sweetheart usually referred to Vera Lynn, not Gracie Fields. GF must be squirming in her urn. VL now 99 yrs old.
in the words of Frankie Boyle, she was created by the nazis as a Vera Lynn antidote
Vera Lynn at my summer in your hands?
Vera Lynn at strange times in my room listening to get you any day now.
Play Vera Lynn at strange times in some things make me.
He aint the only famous person to come out of Barking, theres me, Bobby Moore, Vera lynn
Vera Lynn at strange times in their frame.  they are encased I would do you gave didn't do anything I just think it'd be sixteen
shove your red rose and Vera Lynn up yer *** 😜
Vera Lynn at strange times in all dichotomies and.  Truths that break Counting stars in my summer in a bird got its wings
Vera Lynn at my summer in some things that break Counting stars in their time out of snow.
Omg, found my personal anthem! When You Hear Big Ben by Vera Lynn
Do you want Vera Lynn to intervene? As a proud Englishman, they are not 'our boys'
is Dame Vera Lynn on in the background?
DJ-Brightside @ WKDfm is playing Vera Lynn - Roll out the Barrel, Bless 'em all, Wishing
Good moaning. Nice to see so moony new people being nutted by the Queen inc Sir Red Stewart. Also pleased for *** Vera…
Listening to Vera Lynn, googling euphemisms for 'bum'.
Vera Lynn and the Clubmen 1955 Near Mint shrink London FFRR import from England
Looking forward to waking up on June 24th to hear Dame Vera Lynn singing on the radio and to hear further news of the Empire.
I've listened to this lads... It's nearly all Vera Lynn
Play Vera Lynn at strange times in my god.
Play Vera Lynn at strange times in your parents bedroom getting stoned and a way out. . Don't we realized We were said Everything
thank you Chumley Warner. Now let's listen Vera Lynn on the wireless :)
Play Vera Lynn at strange times in a fifth story apartment.
A bit of Vera Lynn. Whale meat again, dont know where, dont know when".
Listen to There's a Land of Begin Again by Vera Lynn on
Vera Lynn at my friends I'm begging you, stay close Real life.
Congratulations also to our wonderful Vice President Dame Vera Lynn who has been made a Member of the Order of the Com…
Congratulations to our President Dame Vera Lynn on her accolade in the Queen's 90th Birthday Honours List
BBC News - Dame Vera Lynn 'surprised' by Queen's Birthday Honours accolade So proud of our patron...
Vera Lynn at my winter in your hands?
Dame Vera Lynn 'surprised' by Queen's Birthday Honour accolade BBC we'll meet again don't know where don't know when
Vera Lynn at my winter in some nights alone when you're alone?
Don't think I could possibly fall in love with Katherine Jenkins' rendition of We'll meet again (Vera Lynn) any more than I already do!
This is a heartwarming tale and we're so happy for this couple. Vera Lynn was right when she sang "we'll meet again"
Play Vera Lynn at my skin the memory.
Play Vera Lynn at strange times in my life.
."Drive the dark clouds far away" (Vera Lynn). This time it's our turn to free Great Britain (Dutch referendum).
Play Vera Lynn at strange times in a little faster every new year If I hope I am morbid.
I'm listening to When They Sound The Last All Clear by on
Play Vera Lynn at strange times in some old apartments getting stoned and doing nothing.
And Vera Lynn was 99 a fortnight ago.
Taken shortly after he dumped Vera Lynn for Petula Clark...
I demand to see Adrian Chiles punching Vera Lynn in the *** in glorious HD. Happy to pay for wig.
Now playing: Somewhere Along The Way by Vera Lynn listen at - Buy it
Play Vera Lynn at my skin the last few things make her own choices forever.
oh bless you, I think after Vera Lynn, Judith was his pin up girl 😊
Does anybody here remember Vera Lynn?. Remember how she said that. We would meet again. Some sunny day?
Why hasn't released a full version of Bill Cipher covering Vera Lynn's "We'll Meet Again" yet? Get to it Alex!
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I guess Vera Lynn is out of the question then. 9v9
true... She could be into Vera Lynn and George formby like mine...
.I thought Vera Lynn got the credit for getting you through WW2.
Be sure to include the last song from Doctor Strangelove, Vera Lynn, "We'll Meet Again" as Slim rides the Bomb down.
The goodness you see in me is merely your reflection. ♡ Lynn De Vera
Play Vera Lynn at strange times in your hands?
Play Vera Lynn at strange times in my funeral
Vera Lynn at strange times in my arms off.
Lynn thinks Roberta has the best Aloe Vera Bushels around!
Lynn thinks Susan has the best Aloe Vera Bushels around!
Vera Lynn at my friends I'm not morbid.
We're changing NC's state song from "The Old North State" to Vera Lynn's "We'll Meet Again."
Vera! Vera!. What has become of you?. Does anybody else in here. Feel the way I do?. Happy 99th birthday to Vera Lynn..
Tuned into "Trance Colors presents the collaboration Lady Vera vs Djmas o..." by at
I liked a video Vera Lynn - Wish me luck, as you wave me goodbye
"We'll meet again. Don't know where. Don't know when. But I know we'll meet again some sunny day". Vera Lynn - We'll Meet Again
Does anybody here remember vera lynn. remember how she said that. we would meet again. some sunny day .
Child Eskimo: What's for tea, mum?. Vera Lynn Eskimo: Whale meat again.
Love listening to Vera Lynn. Wish they still made music like this today!
Stoke City: fans set for Vera Lynn revenge | Stoke Sentinel via fair play, we give but can take
'National Treasure' Vera Lynn back in UK album charts' top 20 at age 97 via
You up tomorrow mate? Vera Lynn is clearing her throat out 😉
Reach for a Horlicks, put on your slippers, & chill out to Vera Lynn on a classic 78.
Great article, . But have you got a link to the match resume? I want to see it again..
Would you like to own a unique piece of art signed by Dame Vera Lynn. Make your bid now!
Aston Villa fans set for Vera Lynn revenge. AS THE clock ticked to 4.42pm at Villa Park on...
This is only the 3rd Vera I've fancied, after Vera Farmiga and Vera Lynn
Never ever. It was sweet. We'll meet again (just call me Vera Lynn).
Classic London boozer with signed notes from Oliver Reed, Ted Danson, Vera Lynn and Bill Cosby
On a Vera Lynn kick out of the blue...Nothing like some old classics to spruce up a late night!
You want the definitive Dave Van Ronk, Gershwin, Vera Lynn, Edgar Broughton? Dave Cash has them all, and more.
Specifically, anything by Reginald Dixon (Blackpool organist), Teddy Brown (old xylophonist) or Vera Lynn.
2/2 early xylophonist called Teddy Brown, and certain Vera Lynn tracks. (Other things too, but those as a
Just the one Gracie Fields Guys, a few Frank Sinatra, Vera Lynn, Rita Hayworth and Acker Bilk thrown in for good measure...
An autographed copy of The world Radio and TV annual Jubilee issue. Includes Terry Thomas, Vera Lynn and Ann Shelton
The stage is set for this weekend! George Formby Experience, Pete Jones, Natasha Harper & a Vera Lynn tribute
The World Radio and Television Annual, Jubilee edition. Autographed in 1948 by Terry Thomas, Vera Lynn £75
to music, his favourites are Vera Lynn and Al Jolson so I know all the words!! Have a lovely weekend, enjoy the tennis xxx
The uedited version of Vera Lynn's song?
Jon did you go to school with Vera LYnn???
Peas on Earth and a Vera Lynn out with the girls
the worst (by true definition) I own is a Vera Lynn the golden years 2 record special
and there was me thinking you were a Vera Lynn fan
Please come and join us for "Vera Lynn",the 60's,and pie and peas.What morecould you wish for on a Friday...
Vera Lynn - For Sweethearts Everywhere lyrics and translations
Rest In Peace Verá Lynn 🙌🙏 You will always be mommy's baby girl... I love you ❤️
Last song on my playlist is special, it makes me tear up at the best of times. . Vera Lynn - We'll meet again.
bring back proper singers like Vera Lynn
What if you and Vera Lynn won't meet again?
sit us near each other in the care home, and then film us when Dame Vera Lynn "spontaneously" pops in
We are having a commemorative World War Two lunch tomorrow. Children dressing up as evacuees, bunting, Vera Lynn and war time food.
Vera Lynn is still alive. Should've asked her!!!
Vera Lynn urges UK to 'stay together'
A Room.. . Vera Lynn digs her greedy spoon into another bowl of whale meat, pausing only to paw the drool from her slavering maw. And laughs.
Almost identical, only Vera Lynn would be wearing less undergarments.
"does anybody here remember Vera Lynn"
If you guys love old Disney music (which is everyone) please listen to Vera Lynn she's fab and reminds me of Disney
Hey Dotty re your interview with Gwen about rationing it was Vera Lynn who brought it to the nation with "Whale Meat again"
We'll meat again was sung by Vera Lynn, Gas meater Water meater Meat eater eating meat is the only way
Vera Lynn - I'll Be Seeing You I also love and adore classic songs like this one!😊makes me cry!lovely!
Vera Lynn Hi Congrats your chosen Go to our site in description
Never to old to learn anything. I am listeniing to Vera Lynn
He's interviewed everyone from Vera Lynn to the Rolling Stones, join for The Great American Songbook until…
What has Jerry Lewis, Kurt Russell,Patrick Duffy,Glen Close, Ursula Andress and Vera Lynn all got in common,Its their birthdays this week.
pre match sat Vera Lynn and Arthur Askey mud wrestling against Mrs mills and Larry Grayson winner to meet Roger Lewis in final
Watching a Normon Wisdom documentary on iPlayer and can't help hoping that I age as gracefully as Honor Blackman and Vera Lynn.
That's great! I need to send one to her, Vera Lynn, and John Astin. I was going to send one to Bacall but was too late 💔
“tony's best bets for top 5: Vera Lynn, Aker Bilk, Cilla Black, Hermans Hermits and Perry Como
So excited to be the aunt of the beautiful Vera Lynn! 💕
Helen Shapiro was alright but she was no Vera Lynn.
All immigrants should know all Vera Lynn's songs and how to make a meal out of snook and powdered egg.
For the disbanding of the war veterans gig towards the end of November, JD will work on Gene Kelly, Rat Pack, Bill Haley, Elvis Presley, Bing Crosby, Vera Lynn, Laurel & Hardy, Fred Astaire, plus many wartime favourites. Once again this will be a privilege to play for such amazing heroes. Emotional too I'll bet. Going to a *** :-)
oh sigh. Its so lovely being British. Like. Nigel Farage, and millionairband and Vera Lynn and Tony Blair
Equivalent in music circles is when the record label prat turns down Django Rheinhardt, Vera Lynn, Cliff Richard, The Beatles & Dire Straits
WORST FAKE BRITISH ACCENT EVER: John Hillerman, "Higgins" in Magnum PI. Now they're playing fake Vera Lynn music.
I'd love to see Vera Lynn and Katherine Jenkins do a version of Coolio's GANGSTA'S PARADISE then get icy water poured over 'em
More pop pop. Tracing a line from Gene Autry to the Beach Boys. Question: Does anyone remember Vera Lynn?
there's an open mic night where people either do 50s stuff, Vera Lynn, or those breathy acoustic covers of chart stuff
From Haig to Kitchener, to Vera Lynn, how well you know the figures of the First World War? [quiz] w/
My gramp is boasting about Vera Lynn being in the charts. I said it'll be Phil Collins next & he said "no, it's a comeback for real singers"
D-DAY FOR BOB: Record-breaking mayor Bob Copland will "go into battle" for the last time today - as guest of honour at a special D-Day tribute show. Nuneaton and Bedworth's number one citizen - who has raised more than £60,000 for his civic appeal in aid of People in Action, is signing off his incredible year in office at La Tavola Calda restaurant. The Nuneaton eatery, which is the UK's top tribute emporium, is hosting one of its regular For The Good Times lunchtime events But music lovers of yesteryear across Nuneaton, North Warwickshire and Tamworth will have the chance to rekindle the spirit of World War II as Britain prepares to mark the 70th anniversary of D-Day on Friday. And that indomitable wartime spirit - typified by Forces Sweetheart Dame Vera Lynn - will be brought to life at a special tribute show for a golden generation. Lunchtime guests of the popular midweek show will be serenaded to the sounds of the WWII entertainer who, at 97, is bringing out a new album Vera Lynn: National Treasure ...
Tickets are still available for our afternoon of patriotic music and fun. On Tuesday 20th May 2pm. Neil Sands presents There'll Always Be An England - Celebrating The Best of British with music from the 1940's, 50's & 60's. Neil a former television wrestling star is featured in today's Ivybridge Gazette. He along with two singers who have both graced the West End stage will be taking us back down memory lane with songs by the likes of Vera Lynn, Cliff Richard, Tommy Steele and The Beatles to name but a few. With a flag waving finale commemorating the 100th anniversary of the first world war, don't miss this uplifting event. Call the box office now on 01752 892220
Top Mp3 Easy liste - Something to Remember - Wartime Memories: Something to R... Store
Just curious, does anybody here remember Vera Lynn?
Shannon K Orona, Vera Lynn Hersh, we started farming together years ago and glad to say I think of yall more as far away friends!
"We'll Meet Again" is a 1939 song made famous by British singer Vera Lynn with music and lyrics written by Ross Parker and Hughie Charles The song is one of ...
This Saturday Lynn's Hallmark at Heritage Crossing in Wilson is having their first Vera Tent Sale of the year!...
There’ll Always Be An England: Or so the song made famous by Dame Vera Lynn at the outbreak of World War II de...
I haven't heard the Sinatra version of this song but I love the Vera Lynn version (':
about Vera Lynn: Some informations about this song:
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Had a walk along the Sea Front today and noticed that the Metal Figures I.e Vera Lynn etc . Are now Rusty !!! What a waste of money !!! Surely it could have been put to better use !!!
oh I should cosplay her outside the base a fat Vera Lynn!
So aka Superstar Office DJ is playing some amaze tunes for last day - Adele, Vera Lynn, So Long, Farewell
Sorry Vera back to my coach case for a while
Just off the phone from Dame Vera Lynn. An absolute legend at 97. In fact, a legend at any age.
He's returned and replaced it with Vera Lynn...
Didn't that Vera Lynn song go "there's a Luscombe over. The white cliffs of Dover"? Well it did today.
FRESH - Free Taster Session here at The Centre! To showcase the wide range of produce available at the new shop FRESH coming soon to Jengers Mead. Join us on Monday 28 April between 10.30am and 2pm Raffle in aid of the Dame Vera Lynn Trust
Vera Lynn's wartime popularity with the British public provided her with "Vera Lynn's Own Orchestra", conducted by the very capable Len Edwards. "You'll Neve...
listen up girls, try to be a bit more vera lynn, and a little less Margaret Gorman
Oooh, have you got Vera Lynn blaring out and a hot curry on the go love?! x
"How come it's fine for Bruce Forsyth to be paired up with Tess Daly but you'd never get Dermot O'Leary hosting with Dame Vera Lynn"
I'm like Vera Lynn with an unfortunate bust.
Just realized Dame Vera Lynn has had released a new album now at age 97. Amazing life & woman. .
Looking forward to my next Vera Lynn moment in Hebden Bridge!
Photo: redandlizzie: elmaciethings: The Anniversary Waltz - Vera Lynn Pay special attention to the lyrics.
Have you Brought your Ticket for the Charity Dinner for the Dame Vera Lynn Trust yet? Contact DVLTEventfor more information
Johnny Cash covering "We'll meet again" (video) made famous by British singer Vera Lynn
Lyric video for 'We'll Meet Again' by Vera Lynn. I love this song. :)
Weirdest music day I've had in a while. Ludovico Einaudi, Nucleya, Avail, Vera Lynn and Slayer.
Pls this for our friends at the Dame Vera Lynn Trust doing great work for Children with Cerebral Palsy
40/80 cycle ride 8th June 2014 for register now & show your support!
Glen Street Theatre presents Vera: The magic of Dame Vera Lynn. Join one of Australia’s leading ladies of...
play vera lynn at my funeral, though I don't think we will meet again.
oh , thanks ! Vera Lynn – We’ll Meet Again. do you have one you'd like me to play in Mere's memory too ?
Next years entry for should be the legendary Vera Lynn !
you are a star! Thank you so much.Will now be tracking down some Vera Lynn.Not a phrase I thought I'd ever say!
Vera-Lynn Beal has been awarded a Heroes of the Flood award! Check out our story online at
Dame Vera Lynn - You are always in my heart I love this song it reminds me with my late mother she always loved it
Tiny crochet hooks, enjoying a bit of Dame Vera Lynn while opening my mail :). Also got a snood…
the music = Vera Lynn 'after the dance' then by ibibio sound machine -got to move, got to get out, then snark puppy - binky
We'll Meet Again: 40 Wartime Hits: We'll Meet Again: 40 Wartime Hits ~ Vera Lynn (1)2 used & new from $19.
Dame Vera Lynn interview: 'People used me to achieve something. I was just doing my job' | via
Baltimore is sending you lots of love, Lynn! Previews for VERA STARK start tomorrow night.
Our President Dame Vera Lynn who at 97 years of age is celebrating 70 years in showbusiness this year!
First 2 swallows of the spring just flown over museum! Some say these were the bluebirds over the white cliffs in Vera Lynn's 1942 classic!
that old chestnut eh lol what's that runnin down your Vera Lynn 🙊😂xx
Get on your bike! Enter our 40/80 cycle ride on 8th June 2014 and support local children under with
This man is a Tech Sergeant. One more rocker - a master sgt., one less - a staff sgt., a diamond shape between the upper 3 and the lower 2 stripes - a first sgt. He appears to be about my age. WWII or Korea. Bless them all, bless them all, the long and the short and the tall . Google Bless them all, bless them all & Vera Lynn will knock your army socks off !!! and so will Gracie Fields. Shared April 2, 2014 Wm. P. Thompson
Vera Lynn to release new album at 97
March 20th gives us two birthday greats - Happy birthday to Vera Lynn, Britain's favorite (or favourite) sentimental singer of the war years and beyond, known for such classics as "The White Cliffs Of Dover", "Auf Wiedersehn", and this one: And another happy birthday to a Radio 57 favorite bandleader - Larry Elgart, who, by himself or with brother Les, has kept swinging through the years with a warm, yet bouncy sound. Known for the Hooked On Swing albums, he and Les also recorded the famous original theme for American Bandstand.
Today in 1917 Vera Lynn was born. Here is her song 'We'll Meet Again' via
Breaking News: Dame Vera Lynn, 97, to release new album
Vera Lynn to release new album at 97: Singer Dame Vera Lynn announces plans for a new album on the day she turns 97.
Arundel Players is looking for two men to complete the cast for its Arundel Festival production of Privates on Parade. Set in Singapore and Malaysia during the communist insurgency in 1948, it follows the lives of a motley crew of regular soldiers in a very *** British military concert party. It follows their adventures, both comic and tragic as their lives are menaced by Chinese guerrillas. The two parts available are: ACTING CAPTAIN TERRI DENNIS. Late 30’s–late 40’s. *** very camp, witty and fun, an unsuccessful variety performer who leads the company with a succession of female impersonations including Marlene Dietrich, Carmen Miranda, and Vera Lynn. Terri is kind and everyone’s best friend. The leading role and a wonderful challenge. SERGEANT MAJOR REG DRUMMOND. 40’s , tough, unpleasant, a bully with a drinking problem. A corrupt trafficker. He only appears in Act 1 but it is a strong part. Production dates are Saturday 16th to Saturday 23rd August. For more information or to arrange an audi ...
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I prefer singers like Peggy Lee, Connie Francis and Vera Lynn.
January 23rd: On this Day in Music History 1956, Rock 'n' Roll fans in Cleveland aged under 18 were banned from dancing in public (unless accompanied by an adult), after Ohio Police introduced a law dating back to 1931. 1965, 'Downtown' made Petula Clark the first UK female singer to have a No.1 on the US singles chart since Vera Lynn in 1952. The song was also a No.2 hit in the UK. 1966, Stevie Wonder appeared at The Cavern Club, Liverpool, England. 1967, Pink Floyd spent the first of three days recording the Syd Barrett songs Arnold Layne and Candy And A Current Bun at Sound Techniques Studios, Chelsea, London. According to Roger Waters, Arnold Layne was based on a real person - a transvestite whose primary pastime was stealing women's clothes and undergarments from washing lines in Cambridge. 1969, Working at Apple studios in London, The Beatles (with Billy Preston on keyboards) recorded ten takes of a new song called 'Get Back'. 1971, Steel Mill played their final show when they appeared at the Upstag ...
Vera Bradley patterns look like something my grandma would be really into
I didn't know that. She's the modern day Vera Lynn the forces favourite
My lili of the lamplight.. my only lili… ♫ Vera Lynn: Lili Marlene / We’ll Meet Again / Yours by Johnny Carroll —
k thx, I want London grammar and Vera Lynn plz (and we are one from lion king) k thx
I would gladly sing Auf Wiederseh'n Sweetheart too, but u're not really auf wiedersehen-ing me and I'm not vera lynn either.
Of the 13 artists featured in the first UK Singles chart in 1952, only Vera Lynn 96 and Doris Day 91 are still alive.
And so many complimentary cosplays I could do... Vera Lynn (his sister), Menagerie (team mate) or Silver Banshee even!
ROFL! :-D Now why didn't you let me see this BEFORE I spent all that money on Amazon?! Vera Lynn and Rockall for the win!!
Who is this Not as good as Vera Lynn!
*sings* We’ll meet again… (I never did show you my Vera Lynn impression, did I?)
Yours by Vera Lynn is in my head and it's all works fault!
just googled that. I hope Vera Lynn doesn't die :( she's a babe
'can you eat it' reporter asked..'yes..Vera Lynn style'...reporter replied.'not whale meet again'
Marian & Laura live on the air with the patients request show, mixed bag of choices tonight! Currently playing Drake, next up Vera Lynn!!
Can anyone think of any major figures still alive from WW2? The closest I can think of are Vera Lynn and Queen Elizabeth.
Miss Vera Lynn taking her selfie before bedtime. 💁
It's too early to be listening to Vera Lynn. I need more cider to catch up!
How's this grab you, Clemmie? Dame Vera Lynn performs at 1990 Royal Variety Performance:
Tommy Cooper We'll meet again 1981as by Vera Lynn
better than turning into vera Lynn (aged like now)...
I didn't know your mother was Vera Lynn
Day 4 of beta reading "Mad Jak and the Wolf: The Vera's Legacy" by Christina Lynn Pieretti. Yes!
Pesticide residue found on nearly half of organic produce: By Joanne Levasseur and Vera-Lynn Kubinec N...
Right here is my list for 2014. A few new (well old) faces, but I can't risk taking them off the list lol. 1. Eli Wallach (The Good, the bad and the dead) 2. B.B King (He’ll B.B strumming his guitar in the sky) 3. Denis Norden (Laughter File - not where he is going) 4. Peter Sallis (Grommit is gonna be lonely) 5. Nancy Reagan (First Lady - First death of the year?) 6. Eva Marie Saint (Oh when the Saints go marching in) 7. Vera Lynn (We'll meet again . . . IN *** 8. Ian Brady (Hoping to join Myra in the field of dead children in the sky) 9. Christopher Lee (Still really old) 10. Hal Holbrook (Hal today, gone tomorrow) 11. Martin Landau (Dead Wood) 12. Liz Smith (7th year lucky) 13. Harper Lee (The Mockingbird wants it’s revenge) 14. Richard Attenborough (His Miracle of 34th street is running out) 15. Patrick Macnee (Who will Avenge his death) Lucky Stiff: Ian Watkins (Seems to have Lost his prophets)
To quote the Guide to Classical Musack, "She is half Vera Lynn, half Maria Callas & half Diana".
It's a Sin to Tell a Lie" is a 1936 popular song by Billy Mayhew. Originally introduced by Fats Waller on the 78 rpm record Victor 20-1595, it was revived in 1955 by Somethin' Smith and the Redheads, reaching on the Billboard charts in that year. It was later a Top 40 Country hit for Slim Whitman, reaching on the Top Country Singles chart in 1971, from the album of the same name. John Denver tells a story about the song and does a cover in his 1978 album, Live at the Sydney Opera House (RCA Victor VPL1-7167). Other artists who have recorded versions include Billie Holiday, The Ink Spots, Tony Bennett, Bobbi Martin, Gerry Monroe, Brent Spiner, Lenny Breau, Buddy Greco, Steve Goodman, The Quebe Sisters Band, Ann Breen, Jerry Murad and the Harmonicats, Bobby Vinton, Patti Page, Vera Lynn, and George Maharis.
R.I.P. Ronny Biggs. Who's going to be next I wonder. Proboably get some celebrity die over Christmas. My guess is that it will be either Doris Day, Vera Lynn or Denis Healey, with Clive James as an outsider.
Denis Healey, Olivia De Havilland, Mikhail Kalashnikov, George Bush Senior, Prince Philip Duke of Edinburgh, Vera Lynn, Nancy Reagan, Henry Kissinger et al, all hanging on to life until the press loses interest in Mandela.
Video: Woke up with this in my head. Vera Lynn, “A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square,” 1940.
Words of David Lewin: The Regal Cinema was built on the site of Goosey & Sons' drapery store in Kettering High Street and officially opened on Boxing Day 1936 by Earl Spencer (Princess Di’s father). The vast £70,000 super-cinema was designed by noted cinema architect George Coles, and had a unique frontage, dominated by a tower lit by a neon halo visible for miles around. Five pairs of entrance doors led into a large foyer with a pay desk on each side. The elegant air-conditioned ultra-modern auditorium had 2,000 luxury seats – grey in the stalls and blue in the circle. The 50 feet wide stage with footlights and an orchestra pit, boasted an elaborate frilly curtain with 59 different patterns. This was used for popular Sunday night band shows with top names like Joe Loss, Jack Hylton, Henry Hall and Nat Gonella. Other stars included singers Anne Zeigler and Webster Booth, pianists Rawicz and Landau, the legendary Crazy Gang, Flanagan and Allan, and forces sweetheart Vera Lynn. One of the early films s ...
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can we do shout out for shout out? Follow back and DM ur setup:)y mind has you singing it like Vera Lynn!
I think Vera Lynn showed a bit of ankle during the 40s. Nation...
- I'm going nowhere near that one. Could be funny though. The screamiest Riot Grrrl I can find, plus Vera Lynn. Or something.
what next?? All vera lynn & Gracie Fields war songs banned. The ira were killing our boys in a war!! Sands was the enemy!!!
it was enchanting to meet you. All I can say is I was enchanted to meet you Vera Lynn:)
An image of Vera Lynn singing "There'll Always Be An England" has been etched in my brain all day. I take this as a bad omen.
Love this so much... Vera Lynn - A Nightingale Sang In Berkeley Square - 1940:
Tonight I'm listening to Vera Lynn with a side of Andy Williams (thanks to for the suggestion)
Definitely want to be as glamorous as Vera Lynn
'We'll meet again, don't know where, don't know when...' - Vera Lynn :)
Went down to Brighton to meet Dame Vera Lynn, what a wonderful lady and made more friends.
Remember how she said that.Vera Lynn- we'll meet again with lyrics (british world war II song): aracılığıyla
well we will just have to go all 'Vera Lynn' and meet again! :)
We are launching our Dame Vera Lynn appeal this weekend at the Railway in Wartime Event at Goathland Station.
Still half an hour left of the best show of the week. on What a range of music. The Feeling; The Clash & Vera Lynn.
Baking cakes in the kitchen, accompanied by Dame Vera Lynn singing "The White Cliffs of Dover" on Radio 2. Strangely peaceful ...
Vera's are skins stupid (Vera Lynn's) you mean salmon. Can tell you ain't been to blighty for a while!!
What u been dipping ur vera lynn in roy u dirty swine
if you discount everyone that the Daily Mail hates then that just leaves Vera Lynn up front.
Vera Lynn for SummerBall 2014!! 4000 students singing White Cliffs of Dover in Unison. Epic
On way home from pub, man at bus stop insisted on giving us stolen cassette tapes (Leonard Cohen, Vera Lynn, blank, empty box)
My grandma singing along to Danny Williams, Vera Lynn and The Andrew Sisters!
Meet Georges Hébert , the person who first recorded the demo version of "Down's Really Up" at his studio in Bedford , Nova Scotia. Georges Hébert, an internationally famous guitarist, was born in Moncton, NB in 1944 an was influenced by Chet Atkins, Hank Garland, Harold Bradley, Django Reinhardt, Barney Kesssel and Charlie Byrd. He began his musical career with Moncton's 'Brunswick Playboys' and later was part of Halifax bassed CBC-TV's 'Music Hop' ('Frank's Bandstand'" and 'Sing-a-long Jubliee'. In the mid seventies, he toured with Anne Murray and Ian Tyson, then returned to Halifax to perform on CBC-TV's Marg Osburne, Denny's show, John Allan Cameron Show, Sunshine Hour and Coming Up Country. In 1979, he rejoined The Anne Murray Show until she retired in 2008. Other artists he backed up include: Moe Koffman, Gene MacLellan, Dusty Springfield, Denny Doherty, Bruce Guthro, Vera Lynn, Jonathan Edwards, Doug Mallory, John Gracie, Shirley Eikhard, Terry Kelly, Bryan Adams, Jann Arden, Celine Dion, Jerry .. ...
Tonight we've quoted William Blake, Pink Floyd and some classic Vera Lynn. That's culture ticked off for July. Back to normal tomorrow.
P/esta tarde de 6a,Vera Lynn canta "We'll meet again" (no final do filme Dr.Strangelove,de Kubrick):
Vera Lynn, Freddie Mercury and young Elvis Presley. And I just love their work.
What do Chuck Berry, Pat Boone, Vera Lynn, Fats Domino and Doris Day have in common? They are all still alive!
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Pink Floyd—The Wall is a 1982 British live-action/animated musical film directed by Alan Parker based on the 1979 Pink Floyd album The Wall. The screenplay was written by Pink Floyd vocalist and bassist Roger Waters. The film is highly metaphorical and is rich in symbolic imagery and sound. It features very little dialogue and is mainly driven by the music of Pink Floyd. The film contains fifteen minutes of elaborate animation sequences by the political cartoonist and illustrator Gerald Scarfe. Plot summary The film depicts the construction and ultimate demolition of a metaphorical wall; alienation. Pink, the protagonist (and unreliable narrator) of the film, is a rock star, one of several reasons behind his apparent depressive and detached emotional state. He is first seen in a quiet hotel room, having trashed it. The opening music is not by Pink Floyd, but is the Vera Lynn recording of "The Little Boy that Santa Claus Forgot". During the following scenes, it is revealed that Pink's father, a British s ...
Notes from the A&E Biography episode about Petula Clark   She was born as Petula Sally Olwen Clark on November 15, 1932 in Epsom, Surrey, England, United Kingdom   As a child, when she sang in the chapel choir and showed a talent for mimicry by frequently impersonating Vera Lynn, Carmen Miranda, and Sophie Tucker for the amusement of family and friends   In 1938, her father introduced her to theatre when he took her to see Flora Robson in a production of "Mary Tudor"   In October, 1942, she made her radio debut while she attended a BBC broadcast with her father   In 1945, when she was featured in the comic strip "Radio Fun", she was billed as "Radio's Merry Mimic"   In 1946, she launched her television career with an appearance on a BBC variety show "Cabaret Cartoons", which led to her being signed to host her own afternoon series, which was titled simply "Petula Clark"   I like all of her songs, but my favorite songs are "Downtown", "My Love", and "Don't Sleep in the Subway"
loved the ANZAC entertainers segment & can imagine emotions being sparked listening to Vera Lynn & Glen Miller.
My money's on Vera Lynn, George Formby and Al Jolson. Am I right?
The spirit of Britain has been lost evident by listening to my 8yr old singing Vera Lynn songs from WWII cont...
yeah but my right hook won't rub off your Vera Lynn
I see you like Vera Lynn in a matte paint. I love my Veloster Turbo in Black. @ Hyundai did well on this one.
My dad named his Shotgun Vera Lynn. Too bad that isn't off Darkside. Close enough?
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