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Vera Duckworth

Veronica Vera Duckworth (née Burton), played by Elizabeth Dawn, is a fictional character on the British soap opera Coronation Street, first appearing in August 1974 and last appearing in episode 6,734 on 18 January 2008, where the character peacefully died in her sleep at the age of 70 from heart failure.

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RIP Vera Duckworth. Coronation Street legend Liz Dawn is dead. See you at The Rovers.
Just heard about the passing of Liz Dawn. So sad. Thought she was brilliant as Vera Duckworth in Corrie
Liz Dawn, who played Vera Duckworth on the U.K. favourite 'Coronation Street,' dies at 77
Such sad news. Coronation Street legend Liz Dawn, who played Vera Duckworth has died. Thoughts with her family, friends & fe…
Sorry to learn that who portrayed Vera Duckworth on "Coronation Street" has died at age 77. I watch Corrie whenever I'm in the UK.
Liz Dawn who played Vera Duckworth in Coronation Street has passed away aged 77. RIP
“Her family at Coronation Street are heartbroken”. Liz Dawn, who played Vera Duckworth, has died aged 77…
Liz Dawn aka Vera Duckworth. RIP. An omnipresent face for anyone who grew up in the 80s/90s.
Liz Dawn aka Vera Duckworth from Coronation St has died aged 77. We look back at her career with
RIP Liz Dawn (Vera Duckworth), another great gone! Love this song, reminds me of The Duckworth's last scene.
I am eating Coronation chicken rice tonight in honour of Vera Duckworth
So sad to hear Coro's Liz Dawn has passed away. Loved seeing her Vera Duckworth giving Jack what for. 😬
Mam looked at the tape on Dad's glasses and felt a close affinity with Vera Duckworth.
Coronation Street's Samia Longchambon becomes emotional as she speaks about Liz Dawn
One of my last favourite memories of my dad is 3 months before he did when we watched Vera Duckworth die and both sobbed.
Liz Dawn RIP. What a beautiful, kind, inspirational woman. There will never be another Vera Duckworth.
Liz Dawn: Corrie royalty who played Vera with a loud mouth and a light touch
No it’s Liz Dawn who played Vera duckworth that has died
Vera Duckworth was classic Corrie. Liz Dawn was a wonderful woman. She will be truly missed. A true icon.
We're paying tribute to Liz Dawn today. Our thoughts are with her family & everyone at today 💔 
Very sad to hear that Liz Dawn: Coronation Street's Vera Duckworth has died at 77 xx
For 34 years Vera Duckworth was a legend on our TV Screens. Here’s to Liz Dawn who sadly passed away today.
RIP Vera Duckworth one of the most iconic characters in Weatherfield Will be missed so much 😭❤
Remembering the Coronation Street actress who defined a generation
Sad news about Liz Dawn aka Vera Duckworth.. but if I’m honest I thought she had already died 🤔
love how brought Vera Duckworth to life in the St, Vera was my fave character EVER in Coronation Street
Liz Dawn, Vera Duckworth, has died at age 77 |
Liz Dawn's family have paid tribute to the actress after revealing she died 'peacefully' on Monday night.
Liz Dawn was a longstanding Labour supporter as well as brill in Corrie as Vera Duckworth, a comic pairing with TV hubby…
Liz Dawn, Coronation Street 'legend' who played Vera Duckworth, dies at 77 via
It's not liz Mcdonald ryan it's the woman who played Vera duckworth x
Sad news. One of Corrie's great characters and half of a legendary double act in Vera & Jack Duckworth Liz Dawn
Sad to hear that who played Vera Duckworth in has passed away. A true soap icon.
Liz Dawn: Corrie royalty whose memory will always live on at No 9 | Lucy Mangan
WATCH: paid tribute to Liz Dawn as we remembered her on the show today 💔
Coronation Street actress Liz Dawn, who played Vera Duckworth in the soap for more than 30 years, has died
I grew up adoring Vera Duckworth. Then, working with Liz was pure joy. Rest in Peace kind, funny and formidable Liz Daw…
My favourites so far, Andy Peters and Vera Duckworth
Are you absolutely sure that's not a pic of Vera Duckworth?
You mess with Ollie you mess with his Ma Vera Duckworth
I'm gon' shave your face so stylishly that when I'm thru you gon' smell like a post-butt sex Vera Duckworth
Patrington Haven Leisure Park was officially opened by Vera Duckworth (Elizabeth Dawn) of Coronation Street in 1985.
And also because Jack & Vera Duckworth loved the cover artwork so much they had the painting in their living room.
Vera Duckworth enjoying Jack Russell blowing smoke in her face.
is your favourite Corrie character Vera Duckworth?
Oh yes! That one. Mind U that was a tribute to the Jack and Vera Duckworth years of
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this might all be a dream. I hope it is and I'm actually playing battleships with the late Vera Duckworth
BTW Vera will always be a Duckworth, not a Wang.
Sean Dyche has got to be Vera Duckworth's lovechild
Jack Duckworth when handing Vera a cup of tea "get your laughing gear round that *** 😂😂
Oasis, Vera Duckworth, Johnny Marr, Judy Finnigan, Bez, Jason Orange, your boys have taken a *** of a beating!
Sadly JB's love for the UK doesn't stretch to Corrie. He doesn't know Terry or Vera Duckworth "but I do know Sam (
Jack & Vera Duckworth would bloody love that
What a truly wonderful synopsis of 40 years of Jack & Vera Duckworth's life together. Mightily impressed, thanks for that.
Love Sharon Horgan's take on the tragedy of Jack & Vera Duckworth
BILLYCOCK A good friend of Jack and Vera Duckworth
Coro St aficionados will instantly recognise Jack and Vera Duckworth's kitsch cladding!
She was basically Vera Duckworth to Dowager Duchess of Grantham...
In last night's dream I was taking my new baby, Poppy, to show my primary school teachers and walked past Vera Duckworth's ghost. What?
Can anybody please tell me how Vera Duckworth came up with that one? Good for but utterly baffling for the rest of us
Rain at Bristol and the teams are heading off again with 115-3 after 27 overs. Vera Duckworth will have to do more tinkering.
Vera Duckworth has spoken. She has decreed that need 284 to win off their 48 overs, having made 274-5
They are 198-2 and it is likely their total will be adjusted up slightly by Vera Duckworth between innings.
Great, clean win. I hate the Vera Duckworth system.
Vera Duckworth after a 24 hour bender.
It's a dot. lose to by 7 runs under the ruling of Vera Duckworth
The workings of Vera Duckworth have always been mysterious.
The game is to restart at 7.45 between and Vera Duckworth about to be consulted to *** the new target
Does anyone else remember a Cornation st story about Vera Duckworth naming her house and putting up stone cladding against street guidelines
When rain interrupts play in cricket is the score still determined by the Vera Duckworth method?
the Girlie Show Deeper and Deeper is very Vera Duckworth
I'll rape you so hard you'll look like Vera Duckworth
Vera duckworth or Liz Macdonald - who would give the worst Chinese burn?
I think being shot by a Vera Duckworth auton would be a messed up way to go.
So England beat Afghanistan in the cricket using the "Vera Duckworth" method... how crap are England now at cricket? Good grief!!!
People jumping on the bandwagon. Vera Frigging Duckworth on Sky News putting her tuppence worth in. Naff off!!
This poppet claims he's Dhurv, yet one's sure he's the son of Jack and Vera Duckworth! x x x
Jack and Vera Duckworth my heart splits in two every time I rewatch either (which is regularly).
Jack and Vera Duckworth would have LOVED it...come to think of it, who did they say designed it? will be next
MrH has just told someone on bookface that our new house has a bar. Great. Why do I feel like Jack and Vera Duckworth now?
This month's Corrie Legends: Jack and Vera Duckworth - the street's very own Romeo and Juliet! Please like and...
Jack and Vera Duckworth made running a pub look so much more easier than it actually is
Yay! Judo IS ON! PJC's very own Jack and Vera Duckworth will be running the session. Youth and seniors be there for 8pm
It's impossible to not read A Kestrel for a Knave in the broad intonations of Jack and Vera Duckworth.
Vera Duckworth donated a kidney to which of her relative's? A. Paul B. Tommy C. Brad D. Terry..
The film 'Underworld' is actually based on the early years of Mike Baldwin's empire & the blood sucking ways of Vera Duckworth.
Hayley's death was so sad but i think Jack Duckworth death was so much sader when Vera appeared !
me too! Sick of sounding like Vera duckworth!!
A true Mancunian thinks Jack & Vera Duckworth is how a relationship should be, will always stand by Moyes and claims they know/are a Noonan
Me mum and the amazing Elizabeth dawn (played Vera Duckworth)
hought it was Vera Duckworth or unusually-talkative extra. Didn't realise it was Rita til well into scene
Prince Charles, Vera Duckworth, Jennifer Aniston, Stephen Fry and Geri Halliwell in one photo. Well…
Ireland jersey looks like it was made this morning by Vera Duckworth
JBL and Michael Cole bickering like Jack and Vera Duckworth is the best part these days.
I picture you as a cross between Lisa Riley and Vera Duckworth!
thought you was gonna do frank spencer followed up by Vera duckworth then..funny tho
"Don't get chippy wi' me, Vera Duckworth. Pop your cloggs on, and go and feed whippets!!". Love Donna Noble.
Vera Duckworth is alive and well and shopping in Sainsbury's!! ;-)
you could have washed it inside a pillow case in the washer instead of going all Vera Duckworth about it.
ah. Vera Duckworth spent her whole life dreaming of Blackpool.
Nice to see making her full time debut on One day Steph Britton may be as famous as Ena Sharples or Vera Duckworth!
is it weird that I'm involved with Vera Duckworth? :S
"Don't get chippy with me Vera Duckworth!" BRING BACK DONNA.
John Lennon looks like Vera Duckworth here and Elvis like that rubbery faced dude in Men In Black. What do you think?.
Here's just a few. Choc ice, Nottingham,eyes,get your Kate bush out, petit felou,midget jones,Ipswich, gurnzilla,bern,tiddin,tut argh,clur,crash and burn, har, shirl,brew, still with us? Makin my way down town, Vera duckworth,smirf,either either, as the day is long,Gwen,champagney, sexy banana, lovely jubbly u are.
Simple things make good pubs. Jack and Vera Duckworth on the ladies and gents toilet doors is a definite plus
Are your grandparents the late Jack and Vera Duckworth? Xxxx
You know, Roy & Hayley are a corner stone of the street, just like Hilda & Stan Ogden, And Jack & Vera Duckworth. Its a sad story
Hayley Cropper legend, she is up there with Vera Duckworth,Elsie Tanner,Ena Sharples and all those other greats who have walked the cobbles.
Vera Duckworth & Damien Lewis will be huddled together now deciding who will win this
Actress Liz Dawn, best known to fans as the street's Vera Duckworth, has suffered a cardiac arrest at her home in Whitefield, Manchester, and is now being treated in hospital.
The 73-year-old actress, who played Vera Duckworth in the ITV soap, was taken to casualty with chest pains
I've said it before and I'll say it again- Corrie has been *** ever since Vera Duckworth died and Jack gave himself a little hug
Jack and Vera Duckworth on Coronation Street. Heart breaking moments.
Playing claim to fame! Craig's stood next to Chris Martin and Rihanna at a Jay Z gig. Ed has walked past Alan Shearer and Rob Lee at Slashes water park in Malta and all I've got is playing football with Vera Duckworth on a beach in the Costa Brava!!!
LOL when did you last go out dressed a Vera duckworth?
Adele Brooks judders and loads of others luffs you ! don't you ever ever forget that tinkerbell x
Am pleased to announce that I've entered the life-stage of 'Jack Duckworth specs' :) Anyone out there willing to take on the role of Vera? (Doesn't pay especially well...)
Only good thing to come out of Teesside is the parmo, beautiful!
Nice surprise today in Wythenshawe Hospital just found out Liz Dawn aka :Vera Duckworth was in this bed before me and all patients and staff thought she was great. Now thats a hard act to follow !
With croupiers dressed as Jack and Vera Duckworth.
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Had a few drinks at which was owned by Liz Dawn aka Vera Duckworth from
Mans had you down as a Vera Duckworth type
Sore throat for the third day in a row... I'm still on my Saturday breakkie show at Bridge FM. Does my voice sound ok??
The 2 couple's i have loved the most has got to go to Stan and Hilda Ogden and Jack and Vera Duckworth.who loved these couples? -Natalie X
Went to bed at 6:30AM, woke up at 11 and I sound a little bit like Jack Duckworth. VERA?! VERA?!
Don't get all chippy with me, Vera Duckworth.
We asked: In 2001, whose son turned up in Weatherfield on the run after being wrongfully accused of attempted murder? Answer = b. Jack and Vera Duckworth’s
Vera Duckworth Versus Lewis Hamilton in sporting challenges which are all decided by a mathematical formula
Kimberley Walsh's has a solo album!??? I bet it sounds like Vera Duckworth singing ballads..
Alf's dead wife came back as a ghost once, just like Vera Duckworth
(From the Coronation Street episode summary), "At the abortion clinic ..." >> Vera Duckworth?
Corrie's Vera Duckworth talks about her lifelong smoking which resulted in emphysema and ended her acting career:
SOAP legend reveals her lung emphysema has got so bad she needs a wheelchair and there are no new drugs to help
john vs Katie or evil kenieval vs vera duckworth it can only be Monday on
He used to eat in a pub I used to work in as did Vera Duckworth lol
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
"There's nothing the doctors can do": Life has changed for the actress since she bowed out of playing the legendary Vera Duckworth in the ITV1 soap five years ago
Sublime display of knowledge shown in the quiz last night. I HAVE AIDS.
My 2nd set of olds are back frm Mauritius. They communicate through bickering Jack & Vera Duckworth style & I'm the referee since I was 3...
£800.000 and you get Vera Duckworth side mirrors. No thanks.
I didn't know samias mum was Vera duckworth
Never could stand Jack & Vera Duckworth.let the hate mail!
CORRIE star Liz Dawn has revealed her grief over beloved co-star Bill Tarmey, saying: “I know he’ll be waiting for me at the gates of Heaven.” The soap legend, who played Vera Duckworth alongside Bill as her husband Jack, cried for days after he died. But she says she was finally comforted by the thought that Bill, who died aged 71, was finally at peace and free from the pain of his debilitating health problems. Frail Liz, 73, also poignantly revealed how he would have been relieved to go before his seriously ill son Carl…the “precious boy” he quit Corrie in 2010 to care for. “Bill was my best friend and I loved him dearly,” she said. “I will never meet anybody so kind and generous. He had the heart of a lion, and I miss him terribly.” Her moving tribute comes two months after Bill, who had a long history of heart and breathing problems, was discovered dead in bed at his holiday home in Tenerife. Liz quit Corrie two years before Bill because of her own serious illness. She has suffered ...
vera duckworth has an exclusive interview in it, ohhh yeah. The Djoker is looking more likely for the win...
Which year did vera duckworth pass away on her sofa 1.1999 2.2008 3.2010
happy watching - I particularly recommend the Jack and Vera Duckworth years behind t'Rovers.
So Corrie took the best soap gong ... What has been your favourite soap storyline from any soap? Carl x
OK, here goes. I own a pic of Vera Duckworth snogging Tony Blair. Would swap for Bono trying to wire into Gordon Brown.
David Van Day invented the DVD, what did Vera Duckworth invent??
It's here, the last semi-final category of our C.S.U Awards & boy is it a tough one. It's for "Best Exit" & as before, the 2 with the most votes will go head to head in the final. The choices are: A) Jack Duckworth B) Becky Granger C) Liam Connor D) Joe McIntyre E) Tony Gordon F) Maya Sharma G) Vera Duckworth
Vera Duckworth returns to Coronation Street for Text Santa: Other highlights include a Gary Barlow and Dawn Fren...
From Loose Women serenading Gary Barlow on The X Factor, to Vera Duckworth's return to the Street, and Phillip Schofield and his wife playing Mr & Mrs: check out…
They'll end up like Jack and Vera Duckworth from Coronation Street. Do you watch that?
and - they are my workplace's answer to Jack and Vera Duckworth
Did you watch it when Jack and Vera Duckworth were in it? they were funny..
Lorraine Kelly, Little Mix and Liz Dawn have filmed a special Coronation Street sketch for ITV1's Text Santa fundraising appeal. Benidorm actress Sheila Reid was also among the guests for A Christmas Corrie, based on Charles Dickens's classic tale A Christmas Carol. Reid and Daybreak host Kelly play police officers who are seen arresting show regular Tina McIntyre (Michelle Keegan) in the mini-episode. Kelly commented: "I am absolutely beside myself. I am a massive fan of Corrie and have been since I was a little girl. "It's always been an ambition of mine to appear, even if it's just in the background of the Rovers having a hot pot or a pint of stout, but this is even better as I get to play a character." Meanwhile, Little Mix perform in the Rovers, and Dawn's popular character Vera Duckworth returns as a ghost. Little Mix star Jade Thirlwall said: "We've watched [Coronation Street] for years and years. Since we were little, and to be here is surreal but it's amazing, isn't it? "It's really nice being a ...
Bill Tarmey's funeral today. Here's Nancy Banks-Smith on his goodbye to his screen wife of fifty years, Vera Duckworth:
Jack and Vera Duckworth have left their mark on the cobbles. Coronation Street isn't the same without them.
Vera Duckworth throws out Jack, thinking he has been seeing Dulcie again. Classic scene from 1987.
cannot wait for the wedding of Mr Alan Scott and Miss Joanne Mather today! I hope they have the best day of their life and as successful of a marriage as Jack and Vera Duckworth albeit without those daft pigeons! All the Fred West!
Jack and Vera Duckworth back in 'Coronation Street' for 'Children In Need' special? -
Got a limited edition Coronation Street mug from a car boot sale this morning. Going to be drinking out of Vera Duckworth's bouffant from now on.
I model myself on the late Vera Duckworth.
I'm torn between the Dwayne Johnson story and the Vera Duckworth story. I'm caught between the Rock and a hard face.
is very deluded. You didnt like it because Vera Duckworth or Pat Butcher weren't in it.
Called off. Derbyshire win by 17 runs on Vera Duckworth. Trip to Trent Bridge tomorrow. Need to improve
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was so sad tonight! Poor Peter! Not even the death of Ashley Peacock or Fred Elliot or even Vera Duckworth was as sad! :(
Vera Duckworth Jack Duckworth terry Duckworth your boy took one *** of a beating!
Jack and Vera Duckworth. Charles and Di. JR and Sue Ellen. Del and Rodney Trotter. The Krankies. Gene Hunt and Alex Drake.
In that case, expect Vera Duckworth to make a random return to the Rovers. Casually supping a pint and no-one batting an eyelid
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