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Vendee Globe

The Vendée Globe is a round-the-world single-handed yacht race, sailed non-stop and without assistance.

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"It feels like I went through a war but in three months". A dose of courtesy of
Vendee Globe: 'Helpless in the water' -- 1,000 kilometers from land
Sweet vid! sums up the 2016 Vendee Globe, the way only Red Bull can.
Think you're having a bad day?. This sailor was helpless in the water 1,000km from land:…
News - Sébastien Destremau takes 18th place 50 days after the winner via
The end of the Vendee Globe with the last skipper arriving at the Finish...what an incredible story of endurance!...
More people have made the trip to space than successfully completed the sailing race ⛵️
Day 124-S. Destremau crossed the finish line tonight and ends 1st 18th in the history of the Vendée Globe! Well don…
Ahh Vendée Globe is finally we have to wait 4 years for the next "solo" around the world sailing co…
Shocking footage of the crushing moments when Enda O'Coineen's Vendée Globe ambitions ended. . Even getting of...
18th and last boat over the finish line for the 2016-17 Vendee Globe
Congratulations to American, Rich Wilson for completing the Vendee Globe solo round the world race!🌎⛵️
Bravo Rich Wilson, at 66 years old the oldest skipper in the race, successfully completes the Vendee Globe for...
Armel Le Cleac’h smashes the round the world record by 22 hours, epic effort and congratulations, also well...
Alex Thomson smashes 24hr distance record to set up thrilling Vendee Globe finale
Vendée Globe, Alex Thompson and the great comeback
New: Geoff Waller "World on Water Vendee Globe Report Jan 19 17 Day 74 And the winner is ! Armel"
Sir Robin Knox-Johnston: 'Alex Thomson’s feats in the Vendee Globe should make us proud'.
An Incredibly inspiring journey by Alex Thompson this week coming 2nd in the Vendèe Globe! For more
CNN - How the world's toughest race was won
Latest: How the world's toughest race was won
How the world's toughest race was won
"Vendee Globe: How sailing's toughest race was won"Some call the Vendee Globe the "Everest of the seas," and while…
Vendee Globe: How sailing's toughest race was won
French sailor Armel Le Cleac’h just won the 8th Vendee Globe, singlehanded and non-stop ar…
01-20 Winner of the 8th Vendee Globe, French skipper Armel Le...
The most grueling sailing race in the world
Alex Thomson finishes the Vendée Globe 2016/7 Alex Thomson hailed by French for ‘magnificent 2nd’ in
Alex Thomson crossed the Vendée Globe finish line this morning in 74 days19 hours 35 minutes and 15 seconds. Bravo…
Alex Thomson: British sailor completes Vendee Globe race in second place- the first Brit to do so👌
Alex Thomson hailed by French for 'magnificent 2nd' in Vendée Globe but admits "It was b..
As the draws to a close, we pick out the best photos from the last 74 days of round-the-world sailing:…
Britain’s Thomson finishes second in Vendee Globe
Thomson falls just short after exciting Vendee Globe finale :Auto pickup by wikyou
Back in 1998,became the youngest skipper to win the He's now chasing the https:/…
Alex Thomson Racing told us today that the Vendée Globe is "absolutely brutal", that he is happy with his 2nd... https:/…
Vendée Globe: round the world in a record 74 days
Our congratulations to Alex Thomson and Hugo Boss on attaining second place in the 2016-2017 Vendee Globe. Here...
I liked a video Alex Thomson at the finish of the Vendée Globe 2017
Sleeping, not sailing, key to victory, says Vendee Globe doctor
Alex Thomson defies the odds to finish second in the Vendée Globe
(Reuters):falls just short after exciting Globe finale : Les Sables D'OLONNE, France..
Vendee Globe: Armel Le Cleac'h wins in record time -
Solo sailor wins 'Everest' race in record time
What an incredible rivalry! Thomson claims second in historic Vendée Globe race via
Congratulations to former skipper on his British record equalling result
Alex Thompson arrives back in the Vendée after completing the Vendée Globe Yacht Race. He came in 2nd, and can't...
Alex Thomson has finished 2nd in the Vendee Globe. His team say boat damage cost him victory
Huge achievement: UK top sailor, Alex Thomson, will in a few moments come 2nd in Vendee Globe round world race
Thomson closes Vendee Globe deficit as end nears
Take a look at Hugo Boss- the boat Alex Thomson is hoping will help him win the Vendee Globe>
Greatness is a lot of small things done well, day after day, mile after mile. Jean Le Cam's consistency in...
Six sailors competing in Vendee Globe to line up for Transat bakerly
Filmed with last week - attempting to be first kiwi to race the -
Vote to get a new CONRAD in . Help his 0emission project .
I just reached 50% for my campaign, already 60 people onboard, join the adventure!
Morgan completes the 1,500-mile voyage to qualify for the Vendée Globe
32-year-old solo sailor Conrad Colman has had one dream ever since he was a teenager: ''become the first Kiwi to...
Safran IMOCA 60 testing for the Vendee Globe Round the World single handed Race Bring it on!
What the teams are up to with six months to go to the Vendée Globe
Sebastien Josse concentrates on huge challenge of Vendee Globe + Video
Vendée Globe sailors line up at the start of the Transat Bakerly
Day 21 footprints hands & feet of sailors who have won the race "The Vendée Globe"
Young and talented Spanish Didac Costa is just one step away from finalizing entry to the Vendée Globe!. After a...
200 days to go - Where are the Vendee Globe IMOCAS?: Eighth Vendee Globe will start in exactly 200 days and al...
I wrote about Alex Thomson, have a gander
We're excited to launch today the project. To achieve a British winner of the Vendee Globe 2020
For the evening shift, here I explain how a former Vendee Globe sailor plans to make aeronautical history
The day before - Season 2016, Vendée Globe, solo round the world race:
Coastal cocktail for Vendée Globe finalist: ... maestro Alex Thompson was recently welcom...
The amazing Vendee Globe race, a solo round the world boat race, the start/finish line is 60 mins from us.
"She's the only woman ready to race the Vendee Globe 2016"!
Alex Thomson Racing second chapter of Road to Vendeé Globe.
Alex Thomson returns with the second installment of his series leading up to the ultimate test – the Vendee Globe.
Alex Thomson Racing returns with the second installment documenting his journey to the Vendée Globe.
I miss you too! All is good for me. I hope for you too and you're preparing you for the Vendée Globe :)
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
2012 Vendee Globe IMOCA 60 Yacht Details. Here is the one-design yacht ...
At Rich Wilson talk of sailing around the world, the Vendée Globe. Doing it again, Nov 2016. Teacher resources
Be sure to watch for Rich Wilson in the Vendee Globe 2016!
The Vendee Globe boats are the culmination of math, engineering, and design keeping the skipper fast and alive.
Rich is about to begin training for the next edition of the Vendée Globe, the toughest solo sailing challenge there is.
Anna Corbella cannot imagine a Vendee Globe with no women - International Sailing Federation
Pleased to announce our partnership with as we continue our preparation for
Aiming for the Vendée Globe: in the heart of the winter refits (VA)
It's official, I'm one step closer to being on the line for the next
Conrad Colman, the first New Zealander to take part in the Vendée Globe?
[TEASER] "The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams" - join me 2016-2017 https:…
For Jean-Pierre *** .. its the quest for the holy grail?
Who wants to support our Marine & Offshore colleague sail around the globe during the Vendée Globe Challenge?...
"Bertrand de Broc confirms he will be returning to the Vendée Globe"
Alex Thomson's new Hugo Boss is in the water - Vendée Globe 2016
Doyle Sails New Zealand and Vendée Globe shared Alex Thomson Racing's video.
I think the Vendee Globe is the greatest test of Darwinian fitness of any man, his sailboat, its provisioners and build…
awesome! When you get on, just imagine one person doing what you'll be doing... for 90 days... that's the Vendée Globe!
Enjoy VENDÉE GLOBE 2016 with this fun sailing book
I live a bit northern than Hossegor, if you ever heard about the Vendée Globe sailing competition, I live right here!
"Jean Le Cam begins his search for sponsors for the Vendée Globe"
Will we see Bernard Stamm on the start of the 2016 We hope so!
.needs to raise £5m as he aims to be first Brit to win Vendee Globe. Watch my report via catch-up:
Vendee Globe : Stamm confident - It is the Southern Oceans,  the successive challenges of the Indian Ocean and then...…
In case you missed this last week--the Volvo Sailing Speed Challenge matched up Vendee Globe sailor Alex Thomson... ht…
Vendee Globe - Thomson the Shadow in Third: At 130 miles south-west of the Azores, Alex Thomson (Hugo Boss) has ... http:/…
Good luck to Solent Hon Doc of Sport, Alex Thomson, who si set to claim 3rd place in the Vendee Globe
Thomson next to finish Vendee - Alex Thomson (Hugo Boss) should be the next to finish the Vendee Globe race. He is e...…
Alex Thomson has done it! Hugo Boss takes third place in the Vendee Globe, crossing the line at 07:25:43 GMT. His time…
BREAKING NEWS: British yachtsman Alex Thomson has finished 3rd today in the sailing challenge - the Vendee Globe. We'll s…
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First video: Alex Thomson crosses the Vendee Globe finishing line via
Congratulations to local Alex Thomson who came third in the Vendee Globe round the world yacht race
Well done Alex and team that built boat 2007 “Alex Thomson Hugo Boss - Vendee Globe gallery htt…
Sir Robin Knox-Johnston congratulates Alex Thomson on completing the Vendee Globe
Alex Thomson finishes third in gruelling Vendee Globe round the world race: Note: We do not store your email add... http:/…
Briton Alex Thomson claims third place in Vendee Globe round-the-world yacht race – The Connexion via …
Massive congratulations to Alex Thomson finishing 3rd in the toughest race on the planet, the Vendee Globe, in…
welcome Alex Thomson home after successful Vendee Globe campaign.
Congratulations to Alex Thomson for his 3rd place at Vendee Globe. Hugo Boss was 100% equipped with LIROS ropes.
Nice memento from last weekends Round the Island Race in Cowes - interviewing Vendee Globe sailor Alex Thomson.
I’ve just watched some article from the via app
2 hrs 35 mins separate the 7 IMOCA 60,s in the Fastnet. First three on podium same as the VG .
Discover the Tribord sailing clothing range as used by Tanguy de Lamotte in the Vendee Globe race at
good lad! Also do a little research on the vendee globe and Barcelona world race! Awesome events!
Video: Volvo Sailing Speed Challenge - Which one is faster: Vendee Globe sailor Alex Thomson on an Open 60, 2008 O...
It is a great honour to also have 2012/13 Vendee Globe winner in Macif at Haslar Marina.
my neighbour ran away but we still have a vendee globe yacht and 1 Volvo ocean race.
France dominates the non-IRC classes: With events such as the Vendee Globe and Route du Rhum…
Aspiring Vendee Globe skipper Andrew "Meat" Taylor got in some good practice today while the rest of us tested...
Congratulations Francois Gabart. Winner of the Vendee Globe.. 78 days around the world, alone, no stops, what an achievemen…
The March 2013 issue of SEAHORSE MAGAZINE has an article written by the current Jules Verne record holder and Vendee Globe veteran, Brian Thompson. In it he discusses and compares the performance yacht facilities of Northern France and the UK South Coast- highlighting Endeavour Quay’s position and…
It's a hot day and I hate my wife. We're playing Scrabble. That's how bad it is. I'm 42 years old, it's a blistering hot Sunday afternoon and all I can think of to do with my life is to play Scrabble. I should be out, doing exercise, spending money, meeting people. I don't think I've spoken to anyone except my wife since Thursday morning. On Thursday morning I spoke to the milkman. My letters are crap. I play, appropriately, BEGIN. With the N on the little pink star. Twenty-two points. I watch my wife's smug expression as she rearranges her letters. Clack, clack, clack. I hate her. If she wasn't around, I'd be doing something interesting right now. I'd be climbing Mount Kilimanjaro. I'd be starring in the latest Hollywood blockbuster. I'd be sailing the Vendee Globe on a 60-foot clipper called the New Horizons - I don't know, but I'd be doing something. She plays JINXED, with the J on a double-letter score. 30 points. She's beating me already. Maybe I should kill her. If only I had a D, then I could play ...
Congratulations to for finishing 4th in the vendee globe. And for finishing your 3rd vendee globe.
Telegraph Feed - Mike Golding ends Vendee Globe career with fastest time yet and new record: Mike Golding finish...
Mike Golding on Gamesa finishes sixth: In the Vendée Globe 2012-2013
Vendee Globe: Mike Golding is first sailor to complete three races: Britain's Mike Golding has become the first ...
Britain's becomes first sailor to complete three Vendee Globe races
Mike Golding finishes for the third time ever ~ Heroes only
Sailing: Mike Golding becomes the first sailor to complete three Vendee Globe races after finishing the round-the-wo...
Congratulations to on finishing his 3rd Vendee Globe race! Fantastic!
Congrats to Mike Golding and team for finishing the in sixth place, first to do it three times.
Mike Golding takes the 6th place of the Vendée Globe in 88d06h36'26''. He crossed the line at 19h38'26" French Time.
On doing the Vendee Globe again, record-breaker says "In another life!"
He's record-breaker! finishes Vendee Globe. He's the only person in 24 year history of the race to successfully finish 3 times
Mike Golding: Mike Golding finishes Vendée Globe in sixth position becoming only person in 24 y...
Southampton yachtsman Mike Golding has completed the Vendee Globe round the world yacht race for a record third time.
Picture of crossing the finish line of the Vendée Globe.
What does the triumph of Generation Y mean for Vendée Globe big beasts Mike Golding, Le Cam, Stamm etc?
Mike Golding has crossed the finish line!!
congratulations on safe 6th place & 3rd Vendee Globe Loved cat & mouse chase with Le Cam. Now you get dinner with
[Sailing News] Hampshire sailor etches his name into Vendee Globe record books
Massive congrats !!! 3 times finisher of the Vendee Globe!! Well done sailor!
Southampton sailor Mike Golding sails into record book - first in history to complete Vendee Globe three times
Congratulations !!! Fantastic to have finished three Vendee Globe races
Congratulations to et for this sixth place and his third full Vendée Globe!
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Berkshire sailor Mike Golding crosses the finish life off France at the end of his Vendee Globe race
Yachting World: Vendée Globe: day of the big beasts: An emotional day as Le Cam, Golding and the Big Game take p...
After 80 days, 19 hours and 23 minutes alone at sea, Alex Thompson has become the fastest ever Briton to sail solo non-stop around the world, finishing third in the Vendee Globe.  This achievement alone is enough for a story but it is perhaps the route which led him to this podium that is the true reflection of his character.     Thompson's previous attempts to complete a circumnavigation have been subject to incredible bad luck.  In 2004 he retired early with damage to his yacht and in 2008 his boat was unluckily struck by a French fishing vessel as it got to Les Sables d'Olonne three weeks before the start.  He patched it up, but three days into the race Thomson discovered the boat was leaking and he was again forced to abandon. Thomson's boat also lost its keel in the Southern Ocean during the 2006 Velux Five Oceans solo around-the-world race and he was famously rescued by Mike Golding as his boat started to sink.  Despite these setbacks, he has returned again and again, and ultimately achieved h ...
Alex Thomson finishes third in 2012/13 Vendee Globe - Thomson is only the third British skipper to finish on the pod...
British sailor Alex Thomson talks to BBC Breakfast about his "amazing" third-place finish in the Vendee Globe race.
British sailor Alex Thomson finishes 3rd in Vendee Globe - aw this sailing lark! Hard work but worth it at the end.
Alex Thomson finishes third in Vendee Globe race & has become the fastest Briton ever to sail around the world in...
Well done Alex Thomson for his success in the Vendee Globe. Am a little jealous that they ended in my favourite town Les Sables.
Around the world in 80 days: Alex Thomson finishes third in gruelling Vendee Globe race
British yachtsman Alex Thomson finished third today in the world's toughest sailing challenge - the Vendee Globe around the world race
Just got home after an amazing morning seeing Alex Thomson sail in to Les Sables at the end of his Vendee Globe race..sunrise over the sea. Getting ready now to go to his welcome home party this which we have now both been invited!!! Watch the news to see if u can se us...interviewed by 3 tv stations..we had a massive Union Jack!
Alex Thomson takes 3rd place in the 2012/13 Vendee Globe photos by Christophe Launay -
Telegraph Life magazine's Warren Pole discovers what life is like on board Alex Thomson's Vendee Globe yacht.
Vendee Globe - Transcript of press conference with Alex Thomson
British Sailing Alex Thomson takes 3rd place in the gruelling Vendee Globe race, finishing early this morning, even after detouring to keep an eye on a fellow competitor with a damaged boat in rough weather last week. Well done Alex!!
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Great News that Alex Thomson has finished the Vendee Globe in 3rd place, just 2 days 19 hours behind 1st place in an older generation boat!
Well done Alex Thompson coming third in the Vendee Globe
A massive congratulations to Alex Thomson Racing and his team on his very impressive 3rd place in the Vendee Globe this morning. It was a pleasure to watch you go over the finish line. Hope you have a great day celebrating with your friends and family. From all at Henri Lloyd
Congratulations to Gosport's Alex Thomson for completing the Vendee Globe in 3rd
Congratulations to Alex Thomson for coming 3rd in the Vendee Globe, what a fantastic achievement!
Hampshire sailor Alex Thomson has reached the Vendee Globe finish line in Les Sables d'Olonne.
"Its so great to be here, I've finally finished!" Alex Thomson on coming 3rd in the Vendee Globe!
This is all that was between first place and second place in the Vendee Globe that finished this afternoon. It is an amazing race around the world that took just 78 days, 2 hours, 16 minutes and 40 seconds. Francois Gabart is certainly the Golden Boy he sailed an incredible race and was pushed the whole way by Armel Le Cleac'h. It was a match race through every ocean and often they were within sight of each other. It made for fascinating viewing but we are still drawn to the website as pride swells for the British audience. Alex Thomson is fast approaching Les Sables D'Olonne for his moment of glory as he enters the famous channel with the warmest welcome ever in sailing. Not only is he triumphant in finishing the Vendee Globe, he knows only too well the frustrations of being forced to retire from this race, but also as a well-deserved place on the podium. It has not been since Mike Golding in 2005 and Ellen MacArthur in 2001 that we have enjoyed British sailors placed on the podium. It was within gr ...
Apprentice proves the Master. Francois Gabart is less than 100 miles away from finishing the Vendeé Globe in Les Sables-d'Olonne, France. If he successfully completes the remaining miles, he will be the youngest and fastest non-stop solo sailor ever to win. At just over 78 days, this circumnavigation will be the first solo non stop race to crack the 80 day mark, something thought to be impossible for even fully crewed yachts no more than 3 decades ago. Gabart has had the advantage of being the protégé of Michel Desjoyeaux, winner of the 2004-5 and 2008-9 races and all round Rockstar. Supposedly Gabart has a jib top of a design not seen on any of the other yachts in this edition, in part developed with Desjoyeaux. Francois Gabart has systematically ground out this lead against the likes of Armel Le Cléac’h and Jean-Pierre *** both massive French Rockstars with impressive resumés and previous attempts at the race under their belt. While Gabart may have had the guiding hand of Desjoyeaux in his prep . ...
With the Vendee Globe finish, the new series of Top Gear, and Ice Pilots on the telly today, it won't be a productive idea of TV heaven!
Les Misérables and Its Critics1.18.13by David Hancock TurnerThere’s nothing new about dismissive critical attitudes towards Les Misérables. Whatever the incarnation (text, musical, film), the enlightened response to Victor Hugo’s tale has been condescension. The hostility at first ranged from George...
LiveSkipper Vendée Globe Virtual Regatta (English) Volvo Ocean Race Game 2011-12- The No Money SailersWeek 9 saw many boats in Vendee Globe passing Cape Horn. Stamm got dsq'ed for accepting assistence and took the honor by refuelling and thus taking himself of the race. Alex Thompson, made good progress and temporary took the 3rd spot. Francois Gabart, however, is the winner in the South Atlantic by extending his lead to now over 200 Nm. Next week will see the virtual skippers in coming home already, way ahead of the real boats.
at Cape Horn, the only Spanish in the Vendee Globe. Crossed without radar, a rival was his eyes to the icebergs.
Ah on peut dire que l'application bête et automatique de règles destinées à empêcher la triche , appliquées à un cas on ne peut plus clair,dans lequel même un non marin comprend la nécessité de faire place avant tout au BON SENS , aura fait parler d'elle! C'est très bien ainsi, car cela prouve au moins que le citoyen, coureur ou non est encore capable de refuser L' INJUSTICE, fut elle planquée derrière un règlement international ! to whom it may concern They haven’t got the entire fleet signed up just yet, but 14 of the Vendee skippers have put their best arguments forward in this petition to reinstate Bernard Stamm’s Vendee Globe effort after the Jury disqualified him earlier in the week. They’re certainly not alone; past competitors and the big names in the sport have all clamored for the jury and race administrators to let some equity into the ISAF process and avoid a result that just doesn’t seem to make sense, and the public is not letting it go; in fact, the largest of the F .. ...
A picture looking back at Nick Bubb as we both climb over our New Years Eve hangover in Ushaia. Behind us is Ushaia and the Beagle Channel. Down in the bay is the good ship 'Australis' which is being loaded in preparation for departure on the 3rd of January for King George Island. It should be around a 3 day trip South. We are closely following the progress of the leaders in the Vendee Globe as it would be just fantastic to see Alex Thomson making offshore sailings most well earned left turn after rounding Cape Horn. The team are in good spirits and all keen to get down to KGI where the 'Alexandra Shackleton' patiently waits. That will be my first introduction to the 'little' boat. I'm not really sure of what lies ahead other than a great adventure. As we were sliding down this mountain on our backsides practicing ice-axe arrests/braking with this view before us... I just felt very grateful to be a part of this project. 2012 was a great year for us and this was a spectacular way to see in 2013. The other ...
Day 38 update from the Vendee Globe: as the leaders approach the East Australia Gate below Hobart, icebergs have been reported towards Cape Horn. The gap between front runners Francois Gabart and Armel Le Cleac'h has been reduced as a result of variable conditions and a needed jibe to clear the East Australia Gate. All in all they’re taking the rough weather well. "I didn't think the way to Australia would be so complicated," explained Gabart. "…at least during quieter moments I can clear the snow. Snow doesn't move away by itself." Here at MCSC all the ensigns and other boats are on the hard and ready for the snow cover we know is coming our way.
Wed Dec 12th 12.00 GMT 41 43.548 S 81 37.519 E Course 2.7 kts knots, 62 deg True 24 hrs run = 124.8 nmiles Distance to Cape Leeuwin = 1516 nmiles Hello FB followers, see bigger picture below, Mike mentioned this morning, Gerry needs to sail north to avoid strong gale which is approx 1000 nmiles behind him (you can see a large band of winds marked in Red). At the moment, the worse of the first strong gale; winds marked in Red) has passed Gerry, and the winds where Gerry is are lot calmer and blowing from south west and later from west, which will give Gerry some respite. Five of the Vendee Globe sailors, including our Alex Thomson have already overtook Gerry, that leaves seven more Vendee Globe sailors, including our Mike Golding being the nearest to Gerry. Matthew (sorry cannot upload picture will try later)
Alex Thompson is currently 5th in the single handed round the world race, the Vendee Globe, We spoke to him somewhere in the Southern Ocean...
Operations Manager, Ross Daniel shares his view on the current weather situation facing the Vendee Globe race skippers It’s an uncommon sight to have the fleet into the Southern Ocean and the main ...
2 Days To Go It's now less than two days to go to the start of the transatlantic trip and it really starts to loom large. It was great to get down to Cascais and the boat as that really helped settle my nerves. Dave Thomson has done a great job as boat captain and now we have Ross Daniel down here from Alex Thomson Racing helping oversee the final prep. Ross did the same for Alex's boat for the Vendee Globe so it's fair to say I couldn't have a better team getting me ready. Today we were busy with final prep and stickering the boat with its Caterham logos ready for departure. We have guests from Caterham Composites and Technology arriving tonight and tomorrow and it is great to have such support from those who I work with and opinions I value dearly. Also arriving is Stewart Horesford from ATR and several close friends so it should be an emotional send off. Today we got the practice mast climb out of the way and tomorrow a practice dive on the bottom of the boat awaits. But what was great over the weekend ...
Billionaires Life... Vendee Globe: 9 yachts in ColRegs protest: Dramas in the Vendée Globe ...
Drama on high seas for Vendee Globe: After less than a week at sea, the Vendee Globe single-handed round the world...
الجهاد Drama on high seas as Vendee Globe sets sail: In one of the toughest tests in sport,...
It's the virtual Vendee Globe (Start and finish in Les Sables d'Olonne leaving Antarctica to starboard.
Visited Les Sables d'Olonne France to see start of Vendee Globe open60 single handed around the world race. Very exciting start with two bo…
Briton Samantha Davies enjoyed starry skies and a fleecy blanket in the Vendee Globe last night. (
ICYMI, my profile of solo skipper Samantha Davies, who set off on her second Vendee Globe.
Good luck to British trio Mike Golding, Alex Thomson and Sam Davies in the 7th Vendee Globe
Samantha Davis, left today Les Sables D'olonnes for the Vendee Globe. Samantha is the only women in the race.
Vendee Globe - Fleet sets off from Les Sables d'Olonne + Video
Begins today the Vendee Globe from Les Sables d'Olonne, good luck guys from Varadero Yacht harter team
Right now in Les Sables d'Olonne 300,000+ people are lining jetty & beach for the start of the Vendee Globe. Solo, round the world non-stop.
Watching the boats eave Les Sables d'Olonne for start of Vendee Globe. Amazing!
Crazy time here in Les Sables...I will be doing live commentary of the Vendee Globe start on France 24, from there cli…
Samantha Davies vies to be the first british sailor to win the Vendee Globe
Seven years ago I visited Les Sables during the Tour de France and 1st heard of the Vendee Globe. Vowed to get here and write it.
Telegraph Feed - Sam Davies leaves her 14-month-old son at home to pursue dream of winning the Vendee Globe: Bri...
Fewer than 100 people have ever completed the Vendee Globe, with nearly 3,000 people having climbed mount Everest, it shows the enormity of the challenge and real test of mental and physical endurance. It is no surprise British sailor Mike Golding has likened winning the event to Bradley Wiggins' success in the Tour de France. There are 3 Brits this time Mike is joined by Alex Thomson and Samantha Davies. We will be watching on Saturday and will follow the links for the next few months. Good luck
More essential reading: Sam Davies tells about being the only woman in the Vendee Globe sailing race (£)
Good luck mike_golding, Samantha Davies & Alex Thomson in Vendee Globe. Bring it home.
First day on press trip to Les Sables for the Vendee Globe race. Excited to meet Alex Thomson!!
Leaving tonight for the Vendee Globe race start to cheer on Alex and Hugo Boss - tres excitement!
Ahoy! Support our national skippers Samantha Davies, Mike Golding and Alex Thomson during the Vendee Globe...
The start of the race Vendée Globe 2012-2013 will take place on the line set up in the bay of Sables d'Olonne and will be given Sunday, November 11, 2012
Meet the man behind the only boat in the 2012 fleet with no diesel engine or generator! A fascinating discussion with the German/Spanish skipper about windpo...
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Vendee Globe - Skippers aspire to expand race history
My vote is in! Now time for some live music with Olivia Ruiz, celebrating the Vendée Globe!
Deuxième participation pour le skipper de
Hey, we're less than four days away from the Vendee Globe race!
Hampshire hopes in - experts rate sailors' chances for a podium finish via
I think I need to get back into the sailing thing here in Florida!
The 2012/2013 Vendée globe starts in 5 days. Sailing around the world solo.
I just jumped on for the first time in forever and they have sport pages for Poker and BassMasters, but not Sailing. That is just sad considering the Vendee Globe race is about start.
Our team director, is blogging every day in the run up to the Here is his Monday update:
Vendee Globe - Samantha Davies ready for second participation: The Vendee Globe is set to get underway in just o...
Vendee Globe - Samantha Davies ready for second participation
Vendee Globe - Old and new set to start in Les Sables de O'Lonne
Fancy walking the course with ? Read more here on his take on the famous 25,000 mile route:
The Vendée Globe is arguably the simplest regatta in the world. Everybody sails alone aboard the same kind of boat—an International Monohull Open Classes Association (IMOCA) 60. The entire fleet starts out from Les Sables d’Olonee, France, at the same time: first one around the world and back sailin...
Here's the link for those of you who want to follow the race as closely as possible. For those of you who write off sail racing as a rich white man's pasttime, notice the lady in the race! This is not cruising to Catalina with your friends. Singlehanded, around the world, nonstop. I couldn't do it, could you?
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The returns on Sat and it will be another wild ride!
John has just got a job driving for the Alex Thompson Racing team sponsored by Hugo Boss, at the Vendee Globe!! Pity they don't pay Hugo Boss-type wages!!
hi anyone fancy a road trip this Thursday to france to the start of the Vendee globe
The Vendee Globe, solo, non-stop, unassisted, sailing race around the world starts Friday! Good luck to friend of Team Intuition, Gutek representing Poland on his Open 60, Energa!!
The adventure interview: Alex Thomson: Alex Thomson, who takes part in the Vendée Globe yacht race this week, on...
What a great shot completely shows the poise of these yachts, I see that at Once in a lifetime opportunity there is a chance to sail on one of these. What an opportunity. Pity i don"t have $50 grand
The Vendée Globe Village opened on Saturday, with Vendée General Council President attending, as well as the twenty skippers who will compete in the race starting on November 10, 2012 in Les Sables d'Olonne.
With one week to go before the start, the race village and the pontoons are buzzing, skippers are working out and Sir Robert Knox-Johnston has arrived.
This is worth knowing about. Solo Sailing race around the bottom of the World. Held every four years. This one on its way as of Nov. 10th. 25,000 miles, none stop, alone in the South Atlantic Sea. The Old Sailors said of this part of the Ocean " Below forty degrees Sough there is no law; Below fifty degrees South there is no God." It'll take 'em about three months averaging 277 miles a day. Some have died in this race.
From the first to the latest Robin Knox-Jonston shows his RTW Yacg Suhaili to IMOCA 60 Skippers in Les Sables d'Olonne.
Five day until the boats leave Les Sables d'Olonne...
The extreme solo-sailing event starts in a week. Hats off for the skippers.
Aboard Suhaili the boat Robin first sailed non-stop around the world VG sailors compare then to now.
What can we offer our partners in a Vendee Globe campaign.
Bloody *** ..bit on! Not Champagne Sailing that for sure.but probably awesome fun as well...
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
One of the most talented sailors in the fleet, Jeremie has the 2008-winning boat and a lot to prove! Listen to his plan for the Vendee, hear his thoughts on ...
Cool shot from the top of the mast of Team Maître CoQ [Design 602M] preparing for the Vendee Globe start
Check out this impressive video presentation of the ACCIONA 100% EcoPowered 2012-2013 Vendée Globe project, featuring clips of Javier Sanso on his monohull, the only one in the fleet not using any fossil fuel.
Mike's were great footsteps to follow in. A true inspiration to me. Now wishing him all the best for the Vendee Globe.
Racing around the world... alone, in the Vendee Globe race. Alone, as in the guy you see on the boat is the ONLY guy on the boat. Apparently, having a killer soundtrack helps pass the time... and what a wild time this ride would be. My powerboating freinds might not get it, but my motorcycling friends will! the video link is
In eight days, twenty single-handed sailboats will leave Les Sables d'Olonne France to race around the world. Follow the race from the link below. It's nothing short of amazing!
In less than 9 days the Vendee Globe World Round Solo Sailing race begins and the thousands of people already here are very excited. Today was to be filled with a parade and other festivities. However rain, hail and major wind is keeping everyone inside.
Vendee Globe Race Village to be closed due to weather
Vendee Globe dockside tour part 4: Our video dock tour of the Vendee Globe IMOCA 60s with…
Vendee Globe Every four years and now is the time to register your virtual boat and take part . Challenges?
Clare Macnaughton enters Arnaud Boissières dragon's lair for lunch with his shore crew and survives the experience. She learns that the charismatic...
Alex Thomson on the Vendee Globe round-the-world race
In 10 days 20 sailors, in 20 boats will begin a race around the world solo... Awesome stuff to follow.
This blows my mind Imaging sailing that boat !
The hidden dangers of the ocean - whales, containers and rogue waves
Vendée Globe: record attendance: A record number of spectators walked the pontoons for the first... - Yachtingfront
Vendee Globe non-stop solo ocean race around the world starts on Nov. 10th.
Vendée Globe: Two weeks to go before the start!
Vendee Globe - Skippers' Day in Sables d'Olonne: The 2012-2013 Vendee Globe has not even begun yet, but SAEM Ven...
Vendee Globe dockside tour part 2: This video follows on from part 1 here. read more
Wonderful, mythical the Everest of the SEA : Vendee Globe 2012-2013 teaser (english version): via
Vendee Globe - Essential items to take on board - As the clock ticks down to the start of the Vendee Globe, the twen...
Food For Vendee Thought. Read more on the food the sailors are packing for the Vendee Globe on the website here
/ and Hugo Boss before the Vendee Globe (video)
Top international sailing photographer, Christophe Launay was on hand to capture Vendee Globe competitor, Hugo Boss and Alex Thompson as they ripped up the English Channel in a training session.
Davies delighted to be lining up for Vendée Globe: The Vendée Globe is universally acknowledged as th...
Here is our special channel on our web TV portal for this year's Vendee Globe single handed round the world race
With one month to go until the Vendee Globe start, have a look at how wet it's going to get on-board for Alex! Photos taken by Christophe Launay.
If you are not already pumped up for the this photoshoot shd do the trick. Wow.
Hugo Boss training session in Channel: Alex Thomson is pictured during a training session in the... - Yachtingfront
French skipper wanted by police after failing to turn up in court to face charges of travelling wrong way in TSS
The Vendee Globe is coming: A press conference to introduce all skippers and present the itinerary of the next V...
Only woman in the 2012-3 Vendee Globe: Sam Davies goes into the 2012-3 Vendee Globe not only…
Read Vendée Globe skippers' scourgingly honest views about their prospects in the solo round the world race
20 skippers for the 2012-3 Vendee Globe: Despite the global economic downturn, an impressive…
Orange announced as official technical supplier for the 2012 - 2013 Vendée Globe round-... via
20 skippers will start the 7th Vendée Globe: The final list of entrants is unveiled in Paris - Yachtingfront
Yet more great pics from Alex Thomson Racing of the IMOCA 60 Hugo Boss [Design 609m] preparing for the Vendee Globe.
Hello New York! As you can see the Hugo Boss yacht skippered by Alex Thomson has arrived in New York. Now, we wish Alex Thomson best of luck as he prepares to compete in this November's Vendee Globe - a single-handed round the world race.
Extreme Sailing around Cape Horn in the Vendee Globe, Portimao Global Ocean Race, Volvo Ocean Race and more. Sailing videos of extreme s...
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