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Velvet Sky

Jamie Szantyr (born June 2, 1981) is an American professional wrestler currently working for Total Nonstop Action Wrestling under the ring name Velvet Sky.

Angelina Love Madison Rayne Gail Kim Chris Sabin Bubba Ray Dudley Kurt Angle Bully Ray Traci Brooks Lacey Von Erich Leva Bates April Hunter

I liked a video from WWE 2K17 SmackDown AJ Lee vs Velvet Sky
Darkness. In the dessert. Diamonds in a. Black velvet sky. Chill belies the. Imminent furnace . Of the soft glow . in the east.
Nocturnal purple clouds in the sky. twinkling yellow diamonds,they steal. I pen a noir as the night goes by. & darkness is ak…
in 2013: Velvet Sky defeated Tara, Brooke Tessmacher, and Gail Kim to win the TNA Knockouts Championship.
Octopus stretch, I mean yours hurt but it's nothing special. Velvet Sky could do that, and she's horrible.
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There's something in the sky. As lonely as a moon, spinning and far away.
& def & in 7:54 via pinfall to Leva Bates by Velvet Sky.
Mt. Vesuvius spewing ash into sky, erupting as a US Army jeep speeds by shortly after arrival of the Allied forces in…
As the stars come out. I'm taking you with me. Under the velvet sky. I never felt so free. I'm lying next to you. We're both lost in the flow
Do you think we'll see Velvet Sky at wwe? — Fans are always allowed entrance to an event if the...
Talia (Velvet Sky), Traci Brooks and April Hunter back in the day
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when the stars are shining brightly in the velvet sky,. I'll make a wish send it to heaven then make you want to cry - savage garden
Stars are shining brightly in the velvet sky
Of damask, incense, and great gold chalices:. To her cheek, a pink and white velvet-peach,. I went under the sky, Muse! I was yours:
In the wake of a svelte,. velvet night. We removed the veil. to see Winter feast. sky,now plump. A swallow of shadows. Writhing…
Honestly Tim! I'm not sure she can hang. WWE girl's are on a different level. Velvet sky or Angelina Love haven't b…
Breathe and I'll carry you away into the velvet sky. And we'll stir the stars around and watch them fall away
Velvet Sky? . The one who banged Shane Helms, Chris Sabin, and now is banging Bubba Ray Dudley?
great. Just got back from a wrestling show. I met Melina,Velvet Sky and Bully Ray. I'm about to post the photos
Um.did Reby steal some attire from Velvet Sky's cat suit days?
Who should i be on impact wrestling, past or current. My choices, Allie, Reby, Rosemary. Or past Angelina Love, Velvet Sky.
There's a starman waiting in the sky, he'd like to come and meet us but he thinks he'd blow our minds. http…
Red Velvet's 'Russian Roulette' hit the 5 million view count in just under 2 days!.
? we love working with We may tilt our faces to the but we all gaze at the in a black velvet sky
Sky+ update screwed with my recordings good thing is repeated tonight.
Kurt Angle, Ron Simmons, and Jeff Jarrett were great to meet. Velvet Sky wasn't paying attention and Mr. Anderson was a d…
I added a video to a playlist Velvet Sky calls Karen Jarret Gremlin + Kurt Angle vs Jeff Jarret at
CM Punk. Velvet Sky. Wade Barrett. Mandy Rose. . JBL, Jerry Lawler, and Sunny if they count.
Velvet Sky is the only person I hate more than Naomi, AJ Lee, and Kelly Kelly.
lmao Jeremy Borash is like CHERRY BOMB THIS IS WHO YOU WILL GRAPPLE and when Velvet Sky comes out she's like :D but dying inside.
So now I'm blocked by Kalisto, Zahra, Sara Lee, Velvet Sky, Sunny and Noelle, oop !
Please reach out to for further assistance. -cg
Great artist now playing on - 'Velvet Sky' by 'Return To The Sun'
. 🍃🌸. Velvet Dark Sky . Decorated with diamonds. Friends in the loneliness 🌸🍃.
I can't remember where I found this, but it's one of the best Velvet Sky photos I've ever seen
can't access your website. Cleared cookies; tried other devices, no luck. Help, please!
any thoughts on having Scarlett Bordeaux, Velvet Sky, Rebel or Taryn Terrell for customs.
Just got back to back like from the Beautiful Velvet sky
Anytime I can see more of the lovely velvet sky I am all for it 😉😍
ICYMI: PHOTO: The Rock gives a former Superstar a new vehicle for Christmas…
In 5th place, receiving 45% of the votes, Velvet Sky comes in fifth! (
Velvet sky and Gail Kim rule the world and taryn Terrell not. SHE IS SO CRAZY
I liked a video from Angelina Love vs. Velvet Sky
Irene of Red Velvet ' s here. Star, Dream, Sky. Mind to verify?
if velvet sky is on the dark sid . Can 7 join too?
Dude, your new YouTube channel trailer is awesome! Kurt Angle, Daniels, AND Velvet Sky in the same intro. Enough said.
Makeup from tonight's gig with Liquid Sky. I was wearing a crushed velvet cape (that I made back in high...
Dreaming up some new years details, break out the sparkle, the glitter, satin, velvet, and sky high heels. Let's ha…
Velvet Sky will probably be working there already
A new favorite: Sky Velvet by WD MusiC on
I agree, its thanks to Angelina Love and Velvet Sky that Madison Rayne is the queen bee she is today. 😊
Let me fly. Let me rise against that blood-red velvet sky. Let me chase it all. Break my wings and fall. Probably survive. So let me fly...
*** Jake's ex wife uses Velvet Sky lol
A spark in the distance. Heralds the coming fall of night. As it falls out of the sky. Presaging the velvet of twilight
Even if Velvet Sky could double her Knockouts Championship wins, she still wouldn't tie with Angelina and Madison. htt…
I hope Velvet Sky does come to WWE because she would be a great valet for The Dudley Boyz
"Chris Sabin is only relevant because of Velvet Sky and Alex Shelley"
Bound For Glory Rewind: Havok vs. Velvet Sky for the Knockouts Title (2014): Leading up to…
Almost over! eBAY! Red Hot: Worn by both April Hunter and Velvet Sky …
It's just me Coltrane, the Moon. The velvet sky and scattered stars. It's like love forced upon you. That's been dead since the start
I've seen Velvet Sky take a braver Eat Defeat than Cena just took.
Blue velvet. thunder. through the storm. with shield. from sky. high and dry. come the flood. 439
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Badlapur..Nh10..dum lagake haishya..and now bombay velvet..bollywood is on sky high with content..
My is my favourite TNA knockout Velvet Sky, my inspiration 😆
Velvet Sky is a truly inspiration to me! She taught me its ok to be yourself. Me and her are so much alike (: htt…
Girls of 2014: - Velvet Sky . Jerked off to: 2 Times
[💔] Red Velvet - Joy gak on selama 5 hari. Free to comeback ea😘 -star
The pale sun fell in velvet sky and silver blood was splattered… Story of Taiwan=)
The moon's shining so bright in the velvet sky. Sweet dream my boy.
I know you did a song about this, but didn't that big red velvet cookie in the sky look delicious?
All i see is blue velvet sky. I'm sitting down admiring it with my dark blue mind.
How Starry is the Sky?. Midnight velvet blankets a punctuated sky. A starry love creates.. ❤️
Fly to the Sky make their dual title track comeback on SBS' 'Inkigayo'
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
Red Velvet wins on SBS' 'Inkigayo' + performances by Jessi, Fly to the Sky, CNBLUE, & more
Did anyone see the moon? I don't even see the moon in the sky 😂😩
She danced,she sang,she bathed,she sat,there,in to the velvet night sky that holds stars like precious jewels,under the moon,she found love
The moon is like a lovely cherry in the sky, a russet color like red velvet! It appeared like a shade was chewing away at it as it eclipsed
Nominees for this week's MBC "Music Core" are Red Velvet, iKON and FLY TO THE SKY!
in the year of 2015, I've been blocked by sunny and velvet sky. what a year
Basically looking at a red velvet cookie in the sky 😋🤓
Although the stars are very bright tonight. The sky is clear and dark as velvet, leaking light.
Tonight, Knockouts Champion Brooke is in action as she defends against Velvet Sky in a match the crowd wont turn on
Velvet Sky will defeat Gail to become Knockouts Champion.
Why was Velvet Sky thrown into the Gail/Dollhouse storyline on Impact instead of the KNOCKOUTS CHAMPION who was feuding with them as well!
Kaitlyn's only WWE Divas reign was longer than both TNA Knockouts title reigns by Velvet Sky combined.
Velvet Sky vs Adrianna. EC3 and MYSTERY TAG vs Chris Sabin and Alex SHELLEY
Brooke Adams, Kelly Kelly, Melina Perez and Velvet Sky. What order? 4-1-2-3 for me
I added a video to a playlist Winter and Angelina Love vs Mickie James and Velvet Sky
The so awkward it was funny Taryn Terrell Promo & The Angelina Love v Velvet Sky repetitive dynamic
The So Awkward it was Funny Taryn Terrell/Dollhouse Promo, The Angelina Love/Velvet Sky dynamic & more
well i wouldnt call it the dollhouse but I'd have put Gail Kim, Brooke Adams and the heel Velvet Sky together.
Wow! I just won this for free, Autograph Trading card Of TNA Stars Angelina Love & Velvet Sky
Angelina Love and Madison Rayne ended in PWI Female Top 10 list, something that Velvet Sky and Lacey Von Erich never a…
I liked a video from Madison Rayne calls out Velvet Sky / Angelina Love TNA IMPACT
Velvet Sky dated Gregory Helms, Chris Sabin and Bubba Ray Dudley just to get a TV contract in TNA.
The Madison Rayne/Velvet Sky/Angelina Love "thing"- and nobody caring about Velvet Sky...
I liked a video from Madison Rayne, Velvet Sky & Angelina Love Segment
Angelina Love used to be hotter and better in the ring compared to Velvet Sky ... Neither of these are true now.
Requested by here are some photos of Velvet Sky and Eliza Dushku
OMG! I just realized they will do Velvet Sky vs Maria Kanellis at some point...
yes yes yes Velvet Sky should come back so do Michelle McCool;Maria Kanelis&Jazz
My most used divas are Madison Rayne, Velvet Sky and Angelina Love.
SAVE $170.00 - Sky Band Approved Velvet Pink Laquer with Silver KeysPiccolo Key of C with Hard Case, Cloth,...
... blue velvet sky. kissed ... with a golden hint. of morning ...©.
Red Velvet spotted filming new music video in California --
The sky is red velvet colored again so I'm just gonna assume that's what it does when it snows
Can we get more girl on girl from Madison Rayne & Velvet Sky now?
Blue VelvetAnd the sky wore Blue Velvet. Like an emperor...
Photo: Blue Velvet And the sky wore Blue Velvet. Like an emperor shining in his Royal Blue threads, the...
This is a rasslin chick. They call her Velvet Sky. She's hot. Okay bye for now.
Hold my hand under the velvet sheet of the sky, so that the millions of flickering lanterns are witnesses for our love 💛
I would love to see Velvet Sky and Bully Ray in WWE.
I honestly hope that Impact Wrestling does the right thing and re-signs Velvet Sky.
Just signed this petition to bring back … plz sign as well peeps
Really hoping all the Velvet sky is coming to rumors are true...
Peeps please sign this petition to bring back …
"I've got 2 fly beyond the sky & breath a deeper breath of life" FIGHTING LIONS by JUPITER IN VELVET on
fans, Velvet WILL be in England in June. Be sure to show your support!
Velvet sky and dixie carter ok good choice someone please get me velvet sky and dixie for me
In his eyes I see something more beautiful than the sky
Since velvet sky was fired from tna maybe I'll get her in wwe
What is is with obsession with Velvet Sky? 😂😂
Was asked today who was the hottest diva Trish ? Sable ? Velvet Sky ? Nope got to be the beautiful
I hope velvet sky is playing tonight. Lol
I've read somewhere that Velvet Sky has legitimately been released :)
Go watch Velvet Sky matches on TNA thank me later ;)
Impact last nite in manchester was not the same without you was missed and manchester loves velvet sky
On this day: (2012) Mickie James vs Tara vs Velvet Sky:
Me you Dean Sabin velvet sky are all future
Oh Allah when the sun turns into a rose color and the sky is of a crimson velvet then the angels of man and Jin appear ill be quenched
And when the stars are shinning brightly in the velvet sky 🌠😂😛
A multitude of stars twinkle from the velvet night sky, their clear light cheering the soul despite the malicious chill air.
Traci Brooks and Velvet Sky would have made one *** of a tag team.
Wow, In the deep velvet sky the stars are singing magnificently tonight. Feeling tingly.
Buy the 'night sky' bulk pack to receive a free velvet choker worth £4! .
Adrift in an ocean. of stars tonight. wrapped up in. the black velvet sky. stealing a little peace... "Thief".
Around 5 pm . I open my mouth . and from my velvet tongue. slips the evening sky . with crescent moon . and bright Venus.
“Many of the formations had hallowed out areas to explore Sky so blue it must be velvet.
I would *** all over Velvet Sky face Bro. She would love me! .
Paige I like velvet sky but paige is the best and wwe is better than tna a 100× better than tna
Don't lose hope Fighting in the middle of the darkness sky You will brighter in this velvet sky.
I liked a video Reby Sky vs Velvet Sky
Come Meet Velvet Sky at Wingbowl 8 in Fishkill, NY on Janaury 24th - (
TBH that's where I first discovered Mickie James, Velvet Sky, and a TON of other girls before they popped up in WWE & TNA.
Still don't know why I'm blocked by velvet sky and Angelina Love
Real talk. 's song.. is not only so relevant now it is my top 10 songs...of all time.
Natalya and Velvet Sky defeat A.J. and Leva Bates after Natalya made A.J. tap out in 9:01
Soon, the sky will be a pool. Soon, we'll swim into the blue. Soon...
Dolph, you are not Velvet Sky. Please do not attempt her entrance.
Paige is way better than Velvet sky
I liked a video from Chris Sabin vs. Velvet Sky (February 13, 2014)
Moisture Rich Lipstick !!! Beautiful velvet texture and saturated color that resists wear and smudging.
... I used to make the light shine for you. The sun has left my sky. Velvet walls surround my sorrows. I've...
Welcome^^ "HighSKY_Ent: [VERIF] Wendy Red Velvet Have fun with us and be active Boo-yaah!! /? -swen"
“Velvet sky is better than paige. No. Just no.
I've been blocked by her for years. She must love blocking. "VELVET SKY BLOCKED ME. HOLLERING"
Roman Reigns is to female wrestling fans what Velvet Sky is to male wrestling fans.
do you notice that Impact Wrestling Velvet Sky blocks all her fans? She blocked me!
“Velvet sky is better than paige. Keep dreaming.
“Velvet sky is better than paige. LIES!
Just found out that Bubba Ray Dudley is going out with Velvet Sky. Well, that is all kinds of wrong.
Wrestling Fans! Velvet Sky Vs Madison Rayne. Who you with? Don't just like the post, choose 1!…
[VERIF] from RED VELVET have fun in here and be active bebi/? 💋🎉 -jinar
Beautiful clear velvet sky tonight. Doing a little star gazing. Remembering how small we are and how big we are, all at the same time.
Go behind the scenes with Velvet Sky and find out what it's like to be one of the Beautiful People!...
please help me. I'm an Autistic person that Velvet Sky blocked for some reason that idk. Please help me explain to her that
Go behind the scenes with and find out what it’s like to be one of The Beautiful People!
so Velvet Sky blocked me for some reason. Anyways I have Autism and I don't understand social stuff. I don't know what I did.
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I hide in the moon. wearing a red velvet sky. my veil of shyness. falling as I rise. . .
This maroon velvet YLS clutch is perfect for the holidays (Xo,Sky)
It's Amazon Goddess Monday with Mistress Nyx, Switch Sky and Switch Velvet. Time for a 3 Goddess session!
this reminds me, Velvet, I like that attire and I'm going 2 make that on my game 4 my Velvet Sky CAW.
in the Jenny Tailored Boyfriend in sky
On a wall in Hackney painted birds fly, fiery orange on a night sky, its velvet black pierced with ice-white stars.
Check out my Suite! I just bought a new Purple Velvet Skirt, Flower Power Clutch, Purple Sky Shirt!
With the oil price where it is, expect to see lots of One Time, Flysafair, Velvet Sky equivalents on the Tarmac at OR Tambo soon...
New poster of Velvet Sky from Go buy it now! (
Breast Cancer Awareness
I would say good morning, but the moon is shining in the sky, which means it's still night.
Only way I could root for the Dudleyz in the rematch is if they bring Velvet Sky to .
Starting to feel like my plastic hangers look tacky, maybe I should switch over to all wooden or velvet.
"Could Angelina Love and Velvet Sky be returning to NYWA very soon?" So that's where Velveeta and Angelo are! Welp.
24?! Velvet Sky is way better than that!
I liked a video tna iMPACT 041411 // velvet sky and winter backstage segment.
Wouldn't call it velvet but yes the sky is beautiful..stars make it such a delight to watch :-)
These waters run deep it's clear my little one,blue velvet star sky not a sound.
"And at night, the city cracked wide open- like our minds, like the abyss of velvet sky and golden…
Wine colored days warmed by the sun; . Deep velvet nights, when we are one;. Speak softly love so no one hears us but the sky.
Away from bedlam. Velvet dreams color my night . . soothe deep within.
On this day: (2012) Velvet Sky Returns to IMPACT WRESTLING! -:
holy crap velvet sky just became even more awesome ! :) what game mode do you play? Team deathmatch? Domination? :)
no? All I heard a year ago was come meet velvet sky for 20$ well I was the lucky one joe was my 30th birthday a yr ago
TNA knockout Velvet Sky (made her TNA debut under the name Talia Madison.
TNA going to give the title to Gail Kim and Velvet Sky mostly since TNA likes those two.
In this big machine of life we are all essential cogs that help this spinning blue marble in a velvet sky. You are unique and beautiful xxoo
Is only ibe place un my heart for fans tna is to velvet sky
Yeah and she is such a good wrestler too. Like why don't they release Velvet Sky or Angelina.
Brittany gone from TNA? I wish they'd release Velvet Sky, Angelina Love or Havoc instead.
Wrestle 1 fans called the Wrestle 1 office to complain there was no Knockouts match. They wanted Velvet Sky.
As my gathered by a much, better job, s ponies, here; and snuck did take. spared a road staring right Xenith Velvet Remedy s the sky.
there's got to be a Velvet Sky joke in there somewhere
I spent $50 for a personalized poster of Velvet Sky and she has me on block. :(
perf! I'll be able to see then for a day! We should all go to nandos and red velvet and what not!
The night was warm, clean, pure, the sky like velvet, the light pale as a ghost. I wandered along th
I am a huge Pro Wrestling Fan AND one of my favorites is Velvet Sky AND The Beautiful People. I just might have...
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NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Jazz Singer Acker Bilk Dies Aged 85. Big RIP to the velvet reedster :)
her name is Velvet Sky, she's a pro wrestler. her website has a whole section of her in sports jerseys
I thought that was Velvet Sky for a minute
well..Velvet Sky likes ta stab HER men in the back to.. i read she was still dating Chris Sabin when she began seeing Bubba Ray Dudley..
In the video for Gettin Jiggy Wit It, Will wears a puffy sky blue adidas track suit, a coal velvet blazer, and two of the dancers have...
The sky looks like velvet right now but I'm on a busy train and too scared to take a picture
Velvet Sky should've never been champion.
Velvet Sky should at least be a three time knockouts champion. It's beyond me how Gail Kim, Brooke, and Madison..
Join in this weekend for some entertaining music with Velvet Sky!
him and Velvet sky must have some going on. I always seem them together. Maybe it's b/c they're both from NYC
Well.Hope you're all having a great day/night.
One time I randomly decided I was going to make a Velvet Sky site, so I got all her shoots, saved then & capped like 10 TNA shows & never
Pre order your custom Velvet Sky football or soccer posters while they're still available at http:…
Velvet Sky lost to a bear hug. Very anticlimatic
I’m not complaining about Velvet Sky on my screen though.
LPW Fall Frenzy on Saturday, November 1st at the Elks Hall in Clinton MA. Appearing are Velvet Sky, Taeler...
People can hate on TNA all they want but Velvet Sky always gives us a reason to watch.
I swear his voice gets deeper & more soothing every time he speaks seriously it feels like I'm lying on the highest velvet cloud in the sky
Groove to Velvet Sky's foot-tapping music at Saturday Night Live. Join us at and celebrate the weekend!
Tune up yourself for an exciting weekend with Velvet Sky!
he must have done his internship at Velvet Sky, well-known for turbulent landing
With the customer service I have experienced, I predict following 1time and Velvet Sky
Wow, how did I miss Velvet Sky and Bully Ray taking the Ice Bucket Challenge? lol
Have you entered the All Things Fall Y'All Over $1000 in prizes!
Just search "Velvet Sky" and look at the info thingy. It'll say in there that it's a glitch diva
Red velvet sunset. Serenades earth and sky. An opera in red
Exactly 3 years ago, Velvet Sky won her 1st Knockouts Championship. More importantly, exactly 28 days later, Gail Kim beat her for it.
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