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Veer Zaara

Veer-Zaara is a 2004 Indian romantic drama film directed by Yash Chopra under the Yash Raj Films banner.

Preity Zinta Yash Chopra Chennai Express Jab Tak Hai Jaan Shah Rukh Khan Shahrukh Khan Katrina Kaif Aditya Chopra Udit Narayan Dil Se Salaam Namaste Madan Mohan

Well it turns out that Yash Chopra had nothing to be worried about!.
So true & lovely pic, by the way, it reminds me of 'Kyon Hawa' from Veer Zaara..🌻
Manoj Bajpayee on Yash Chopra and Veer-Zaara: He was worried about the film's performance
on and He was worried about the film's performance
Veer Zaara. His intro scene when he began to tell his story to Samiya in jail.
(Yash Chopra was worried about Veer-Zaara: Manoj Bajpayee) has been published on Daily Aftab -…
Yash Chopra was worried about the box office performance of Veer-Zaara: Manoj Bajpayee - Yash Chopra was worried ab…
Kapoor and Sons (it's a Hindi movie), Wake Up Sid (Hindi again), Bridget Jones Diary, Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, Veer Zaara h…
Funclickearn - Yash Chopra was worried about Veer-Zaara! Here’s why. Actor Manoj Bajpaye...
Join me for a screening of Veer-Zaara & let's make magic along with all the lovely SRKians from ❤️…
She'll try acting like zaara of veer zaara.. but will be a super flop, i guess tha…
Just joined a screening for Veer-Zaara! Join me and Experience the speech "Mai…
Veer-Zaara - Hey! I've just created a screening on Vkaao for Veer-Zaara at PVR Dynamic Juhu Mumbai on Sunday 17th December.…
Yash Chopra was worried about 'Veer-Zaara': Manoj Bajpayee -
Pic of the day : and Yash Chopra during shoot for VEER ZAARA movie..
SRKUniverse invites you to join us for a special screening of the unforgettable saga of love, Veer Zaara, on 17th December…
Colleagues who are fans of epic romantic movies say Veer Zaara is the most romantic modern Hindi movie. Don't want…
Today, 12th (3) is the thirteen Anniversary of Veer Zaara (adds to 3 too). Yash Ji took a lot of time to come up…
If I could pick only one Indian movie for my collection forever it would be Veer Zaara and the choice isn't even close.
From Yash Chopra's Veer Zaara to Aditya Chopra's Befikre, the decline of Hindi movie quality is conclusive. Ditto with Rafi & Honey Singh
late madan-mohan was the composer of VEER-ZAARA . still those old 60s songs were chartbuster
Do you know: All the prison scenes in Veer Zaara were shot in just a single day . . Dedication & perfection level...
Veer Zaara is a true gem of Bollywood and one of my favourites. Jaanam dekh lo and tere liye were the best tracks and the movie is just splendid.It is full of emotions and that's why I cannot stop myself from watching it again and again.
The whole album of Veer-Zaara is a complete pacakge of suitble 4 's extraordinary music…
I wanna have the energy of that Punjabi guy in Veer Zaara during Aisa Des Hai Mera dancing with Veer
If you are brown and the Veer Zaara soundtrack doesn't make you cry, then I'm sorry friend you were born without a heart ✋🏽
Mom asks to play songs from Veer Zaara instead of some "random song" which I was playing. Guess what, I too like songs from Veer Zaara! :p
Is this a good time to be watching the saddest parts of Veer Zaara? No! But am I doing it anyways? Yes
Better SRK movie: Veer-Zaara or Darr? — Gonna upset you but I haven't seen either :/
Veer zaara is such a good movie a love story like that tho 😎
This is the best episode ever 😍❤️ specially when RK said "Zaara's Veer" & when he said something about Preity 😂❤️ a…
The Box Office n Bollywood Selling Record in history on 2004. Veer Zaara produced based on truth…
Veer-Zaara!! Just that they will always be together😍.
SRK should do some movies like Dil Se and Veer Zaara :)
Thank you for giving Rani Mukerji 4 lovely flicks Saathiya,Hum Tum,Veer Zaara & Mardaani and for the rest i will never for…
I have a shortlist of movies I wish Sano-Baurn did together. Veer Zaara is on my list, lol.
Veer Zaara is on tv so naturally i've been crying for hours.
Don't wanna go back to notts cause veer zaara is on
Shah did it 12 years ago in Veer Zaara.😊
Do you remember the name of the singers who sung the song 'Aisa Desh Hai Mera' in Veer-Zaara?.
I choked on this scene. veer zaara i must watch it again
Thank You SRK for you too😂❤❤❤ Yess.. Veer Zaara fans rock. You are awesome.
Dil Se and Veer Zaara tonight. Trying to make the last night of this break everything
I liked a video Lyrical: Tere liye Song with Lyrics | Veer-Zaara
One of the best scene from Veer Zaara ☺
I liked a video veer zaara best scene
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Did you know tickets of Veer Zaara were sold in black for ₹300-500 in Bihar 9 years back .
Song of the moment : 'Aaya tere darr pe Deewana' from Veer-Zaara!
Reason I love Veer Zaara more than any other great love story is.. Pyar takkar ka tha. Veer ka great tha..Toh zaara ka v double great.. !! 💕
"Across the border there is a person ... who can give his life for you..". Veer Zaara ❤
Jaanam Dekh Lo and Do Pal Ka from Veer Zaara. The ONLY Yash Chopra movie I watched on the big screen.
Veer-Zaara as that's my first hindi movie and I fell in love with her 😜😍
my mom listening to veer zaara songs cause my dad went on a business trip last week Thursday & she misses him
Sources say Arvind Kejirwal was binge-watching Veer Zaara, Lakshya and Border last night.
Dear chaps let us make more films like Veer Zaara. While they kill our soldiers. What's wrong with you guys?
Common people are badly missing of Devdas, Swades, CDI, Baazigar, Kal *** na *** & Veer Zaara.
I need an Aman to my Naina or a Veer to my Zaara
Why my parents gotta play the entire Veer-Zaara sound track rn like I'm just tryna go one night w/o bawling plz let me be.
"Janam Dekhlo Mit Gayi Dooriya...". Every Song From Veer Zaara is Superb. Best album of all time.
Dear girls If you want your guy to be like Veer then you should too be loving & loyal like Zaara.
When Veer and Zaara meet after 22 years 😢
Did You Know :- . In Veer Zaara, all the jail scenes between SRK and Rani Mukherjee were shot in just one day. . https:…
Tere Liye - Veer Zaara , a song I'll always love
Veer Zaara is such an epic and tere liye song is just magical .
Hey Jaby! Mailed you 2 trailers of OLD movies-Veer Zaara ('04) and Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi ('08) with eng sub links! Pls do react! :)
In 2000 - 2004 only 3 bollywood films had opening day of 1crore+ . They are ->. 1) Main Hoon Na. 2) Veer Zaara. 3) K3G.
Watched Ishkq in Paris.. Really very sweeet movie :) :) ... But I miss the Veer Zaara days.. had such a crush on Zaara :(
it made me cry too baba. I felt so many emotions! Veer Zaara, Kal *** Na *** Chak De India are amongst those that do the same
Veer and Zaara... the way they loved each other 💔😍. Veer...The one who spent his whole life in Jail...just for Zaara😢♥
Veer Zaara is the greatest love story
if Veer Zaara is your favorite SRK movie .
Can someone be the Veer to my Zaara
Dilwale is the 6th SRK film to cross £2 million in UK after K3G, Veer Zaara, KANK, MNIK & Chennai Express. Highest ever.
I think Veer Zaara has killed my heart, like the tears won't stop flowing fam 😭😭😭
yaar I also like SRK.. Big fan of veer-zaara and RNBDJ.. But atleast thoda to aaram karo
love this song, these two together were awesome in Veer Zaara..
you can be Priety Zinta and Zayn can be Shah Rukh Khan from Kal *** Naa *** & Veer Zaara
I feel like just being in bed and watching Veer Zaara or something.
Veer Zaara is so much more than a film 😍😭
People will hate me now...Veer Zaara :x
bura Kyu lagega..? Even i love veer Zaara more than Ddlj.. But i can't lie that it's more loved /popular than ddlj😂
😎 5 facts you should know about Veer-Zaara
Was watching Veer-Zaara yesterday.Did not wanted the movie to end. Don't knw how amazing ur experience was..
true nt only those. Main hoon na n veer zaara too
okay im watching veer zaara for the first time , I'm an hour in and I'll watch the rest tomorrow but is zaara Sikh or Muslim?
Watching one of my most favorite movie Veer Zaara now.
Love all of them, but JTHJ was not such a good movie as the others. Veer Zaara, Kal *** Naa *** or KKHH are much better
They should have choosen Veer Zaara instead of JTHJ
They should have choose Veer Zaara instead of JTHJ
veer zaara is So depressing. Get it back on
Veer Zaara songs & music , still no replacement . 7 Days For Dilwale
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"Shah Rukh Khan.". Tere liye from veer-zaara dedicate this song to my lost love
I'll watch that if you watch Veer Zaara
Which of the three scenes is your favourite? Veer Zaara (2004)
& at the Veer-Zaara premiere in Paris. . More here:
Remember milestones w/ music. Fell in love 1st time to QSQT songs. Met my wife to Veer-Zaara. Here's to those who'll fall i…
SRK REPRESENTS INDIA : looked too handsome in that uniform in Veer Zaara (✿◠‿◠)
SRK REPRESENTS INDIA : This scene from Veer Zaara is simply EPIC . nailed it
I used to think I am the only Biggest Veer Zaara Lover in the world. You effed my pride lol __/\__ http…
I have watched Kal *** Na *** Dil Chahta Hai, Veer Zaara on repeat, growing up. . You are incredible.
Most favorite Akshay movie - Hera Pheri , most favorite Aamir movie - RDB , Most favorite Srk movie - Veer Zaara.
Can't wait for our reunion. Feels like the climax of Veer Zaara. "Tere liye, hum hai jeeye, hothon ko siye."
😂😂😂. See what i'm Listening to Do Pal by Lata Mangeshkar & Sonu Nigam on
Tere Liye from Veer Zaara can give anyone the feels.
Veer spent 20 years in jail for Zaara and I can't even get a text back smh
Agar dev das aye to tell me veer zaara devdas ya ram leela every time ready
Catch in this song from 'Veer Zaara' on zoom today!
Veer Zaara instrumental music + the sound of rain falling on my window..
Hence proved what I said. Veer zaara was always hers and many more but Filmfare posted very few.
by da expressions I knew it is veer zaara
As many times as you put yourself at risk 😍😍. Veer-Zaara 😅
Just like Veer Zaara. is an Eternal Love Story.. Wow.. Remembering that time..
so far josh, asoka, mohabbatein, veer zaara, kal *** na *** my name is khan and DDLJ are my fav SRK story lol
sorry dad. If only that story plot are just like Veer Zaara or Dilwale dulhania le jayenge then i will get out from this room.
Veer Zaara has one of the best soundtracks I have ever heard
Ok do so but Veer Zaara wali hi rakhna :P here r ur choices
SRK riding a bicycle on the sets of Veer Zaara .
Karan Johar's KKHH will remain his best movie. Adi Chopra's DDLJ will remain his best movie. Yash Ji's Veer Zaara will …
Just finished watching veer zaara.truly a wonderful film with excellent performance from srk and pretty . music was awesome
The most celebrated love story of last decade, Veer Zaara showcases the countryside beauty of Punjab
Zaara from Veer Zaara is why brown girls are so restricted, said she was going 2 buy chudiya & went to India & fell in love wit…
if Kyun Hawa from Veer Zaara is your all time favorite song featuring .
if Main Yaha Hoon Yaha from Veer Zaara Featuring is your all time favorite song .
If Aamir Khan would have been casted in Veer- Zaara in place of Shahrukh Khan, The Film would have been named as RO- Zaara …
Veer Zaara forever and ever my number one ❤
When the right woman comes in a man's life. She then lives her life to the fullest👍 "Veer Zaara"
U can see me, wherever ur vision goes " Veer Zaara"
tears made those movies all time favorite of us! heart touching super awesome movies like Kal *** …
Watching Veer Zaara after a year is great❤️
and every song from Veer Zaara,all tim favourite. I cry everytime :')
This song ❤. Wish it was included in Veer Zaara.
Veer zaara is my most favourite film,but I always talk about Mohabbatein . reason is R.A.M >>>>>> veer zaara
Come with me, such as the fact that Veer-Zaara, who sacrificed himself for Zara
Veer Zaara songs & tunes were composed in 1966 . The music director passed away in 1975 . Yash Chopra used the songs in 2…
Rohit Sharma - My favorite movie is Veer Zaara & i am yet to watch more touching movie than that
Nothing can be more awesome than listening 'Kyon Hawa' from Veer Zaara in the morning.. Wish every movie's songs were as good a…
Veer may have won against Zaara again , but still Manoj Bajpai acted better than both in Veer Zaara.
All songs of my King , sply TERE LIYE from the movie VEER ZAARA...
The beautiful on the sets of Veer Zaara :)
Watched for the billionth time and still completely breathtaken by ... So perfect, you're beautiful :) ❤
I liked a video from Tare Liye Full Song Veer Zaara *HD*1080p
Shah Rukh Khan to go &like Veer-Zaara for Fan, Hollywood makeup artist roped-in! -
Listen songs and watch videos of Veer-Zaara via
Veer zaara isn't on Netflix anymore? Wtfeck
I added a video to a playlist Tere Liye - Full Song - Veer-Zaara
Veer Zaara and Gadar. Both are across border love stories and both are incomparable. Adi and Anil penned great drama with epic love stories.
All movies r my fav but DDLJ Veer Zaara Swades Chak De India Mohabatein My Name Is Khan r on the top of the list. P…
Amit ji & Shahrukh with Yash Chopra ji during the shooting of Veer Zaara
ok just to give an idea.. I loved madly Veer Zaara.. Rockstar.. And loved also Jab we met.. Watched a few more
sorry..I missed your mention saw just now! Not a die hard SRKian like you but yeah I love him after wtchng Veer Zaara
Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna is like Veer Zaara meets Bunty aur Babli where Veer falls for Babli 😂😂   10% Off
R.I.P. Zohra Sehgal. She passed away today at the age of 102 leaving behind a legacy of hit movies like Veer Zaara
The most emotional bit in Veer Zaara is when Shah Rukh Khan meets Preity Zinta in court when they're old has me in tears every time :')😢
It seems lady luck is smiling on Bollywood’s Badshah Shah Rukh Khan as his IPL team Kolkata Knight Riders has won the IPL trophy twice in three years. In a nail biting final match of the seventh edition of IPL, Shah Rukh Khan’s team was pitted against his Veer Zaara co-star Preity Zinta’s team Kings…
Veer Zaara >>>>,Don 2, JTHJ ,Chennai Express. . n next release is Happy New Year. . SRK has really messed up with his recent movies.
Tomorrow's IPL final between KKR and Kings XI Punjab is like a remix of Bollywood blockbuster masala stuff between Veer Zaara ( SRK & Preity Zinta ) Vs " Kal *** Na *** ( P Z & SRK)...after one of the teams gained the platform position after derailing "Chennai Express -CSK)...a must watch finale.what a Bollywoodian concoction...
kabhie kabhie , DDLJ , KKHH , KNPH , Devdas , KHNH , Veer Zaara , Jab We met . are the classic romantic movies that will be remembered
Movie - Veer Zaara singer - Udit Narayan Song - Main Yahan Hoon The music is based on old and untouched compositions by the late Madan Mohan, as revised by his son Sanjeev Kohli.
What your favourite song of all time? — Tere Liye - Veer Zaara
wot bout Veer Zaara -tere liye ..I'd love to hear u sing that ..
Didn't know that Yash Ji had a poem in Veer Zaara :/
I don't feel like watching Dil Chahta Hai, Veer Zaara, Omkara, Rang De Basanti or Sholay. Don't know why. Udao mazak. Jao.
I always thought you & Preity Zinta were married cuz I was obsessed with Veer Zaara :D & U both are really Cute together!
Veer Zaara is the last movie where, "Lata Mangeshkar, Udit Narayan and Sonu NIgam" sung in one particular movie, correct me if I am wrong
Rare Pic : Shah Rukh Khan ( Veer Pratap Singh ) with Late Yash Chopra on the sets of Veer Zaara!!
Nominated for Saifta - Now for the first time in South Africa - Mayank & Gunjan performing together with playback singer who has belted hits like- Radha on the Dance Floor,Om Shanti Om, Don, Koi Mil Gaya, Darr, Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, Lagaan, Veer Zaara, Tere Naam, Dhadkan, and the list can go on... So don't miss Udit Narayan with the Zee Stars Raj, Sarita of Punar Vivah + now the added Bonus of the 5th Zee TV Star - Ayaan from Qubool Hai in concert. Bookings now open at Computicket 30 Nov ICC at 7.30pm & 1 Dec Carnival City at 5.30pm...Tickets from R150
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if Veer&Zaara could chose between loving each other and breathing they would use their last breathe to say I love u! ht…
favourite movie has to be veer zaara though.. I may have cried.. a bit.
ah so excited to watch Veer Zaara with tonight!
About to watch Veer Zaara, should be good since the Queen of Bollywood, recommended it to me =)
This is film was turning point in my life coz after watching veer zaara i have become SRK&Bollywood fan
Veer-Zaara which was released in 2004 was the first bollywood movie to cross 50 cr in overseas .
.. Veer Zaara will always be my fav love story. ❤️
If you were to write a movie script – what would it b... — An epic love saga, something like Veer Zaara... The u...
ermm I can learn 8-) I can play tere liye from veer zaara?
Sing me one from Veer-Zaara and I'll really fall in love with you.
Eating out.& Veer Zaara instrumental in d background.. *__*
Tere Liye - Veer Zaara (1080p HD Song) for some strange reason this song stuck in my head all day..tune!!
Love every song of VEER ZAARA ... Soulful music...
they basically tried to use the Veer Zaara line on you.
At the indian store right now. Any good bollywood titles? It's been so long. Needs to be of high quality i.e. veer zaara, devdas, kich kuch hota hai. Of course prob won't be that good...but recommend away!
Its been a long time since i watched Veer Zaara. Will watch it when i go home.
The King of Romance Yash Chopra is no longer with us but his films and his music will always remain in our hearts. This legendary filmmaker brought glamour and fresh meaning to the performances of his actresses. Yash worked with all the leading ladies during his five-decade-long glorious cinematic journey. His heroines looked ethereally gorgeous - remember Parveen Babi's carefree love in Big B's blockbuster Deewaar, Rakhee who immortalized Sahir Ludhianvi's ghazals in Kabhi Kabhie, Rekha of the menage a trois fame in Silsila, Sridevi's screen-scorching performance in Lamhe and Chandni, Juhi Chawla in longtime friend Shah Rukh Khan's film Darr, Madhuri Dixit in SRK's Dil Toh Pagal Hai, Preity Zinta in the Indo-Pak romance film Veer Zaara and last year Katrina Kaif appeared with SRK in Jab Tak Hai Jaan. So, a look at eight beautiful actress in Yash Chopra's movies : Parveen Babi - Parveen Babi gave many blockbuster hits with Amitabh Bachan. But the movie Deewar established her as the "new Bollywood woman” ...
Before, only Veer Zaara made me cry like that 😭
Veer-zaara is such a good movie It had me crying a ocean
Have a feeling that I really need to watch a Bollywood movie with Shah Rukh Khan again. The last one I saw I guess was Veer & Zaara...
veer-zaara is a wonderful movie A sacrifice,loyalty n love we never find these days Great actor and a Greater director
Veer Zaara is the best best and best Movie ever i have seen...Its all coz of Yasj Ji, and also and .
Thought I'd listen to Tere Liye from Veer Zaara before going to sleep since it was Lata ji's birthday and now I'm crying like a little girl.
these r also my favs even Veer Zaara as well bt I hve a spl attachment towards Pardes thats y i said its my most fav movie
Veer-Zaara is one of the best movies ive ever seen
Veer-zaara- Can anyone make such a heart touching movie like this today :( 64
And so my favorite movie would be erm.. there's quite a few veer zaara, main hoon na, kal *** na *** dilwale, k3g
"There's a man across the border, who will give his life for you." - Veer-Zaara
I love u preitu , I love your movies ; . Very beautiful
Veer zaara has always been one of my favourite movies.
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Veer Zaara kind of ... That must be with SRK as he z my fab .. Nations fab in romance & acting
Can you tell me a story like Veer Zaara .:)
Lodi Song from the classic movie Veer Zaara . SRK & Preity Zinta looked too good together :D
Reminding us of Veer Zaara, pays special tribute to late filmmaker, Yash Chopra ::
Happy B'Day Yash Chopra (27/9/1932=6). A believer in Numerology, a No 9, (Mars, energy) most of his films release on 3,6,9 Dates & Film Spellings add to same too! 6, Venus (Entertainment) governs him doubly as Libra Ruler & destiny No is 6. His name added to 36, Yash Raj Films adds to 33! Son Aditya Chopra (21/5) is a No 3 too! Notice spellings of Kabhi Kabhie? Or Ek Duuje Ke Liye? Daag. Noorie, Ittefaq, Kaala Patthar,Deewar, Trishul, Silsila, Sawaal, Mashaal, Faasle, Chandni, Lamhe, Darr, Aaina, Yeh Dillagi,Dil To Pagal Hai, Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge, Dhoom, Bunty Aur Babli, Veer Zaara, Salaam Namaste, Rab Ne Banadi Jodi all added to a 3,6 or 9! Librans are 'Air' Signs who do better when far away from Their place of birth. Yashji was born in Lahore (Pak). Venus is Luxury,did u know, he was the 1st to introduce beautiful foriegn locales to Bollywood films & Switzerland Govt even has a street & Train named after him! Ab samjja Itna Yash kaise milla?
I don't like Preity Zinta, but man she looks amazing in Veer Zaara
i want thala to remake Veer Zaara with Preity Zinta..:)
Love in the time of Cholera? Veer Zaara? Read on if you are a hopeless romantic like yours truly. It gives hope...
Aww that veer zaara is made someone cry
Shahrukh Khan is a film more ... Follow VEER ZAARA...
If Rohit Shetty was the director of 'Veer-Zaara' he would have named it 'Samjhauta Express'. :)
was watching Veer-Zaara and found a striking match of it with Chennai Expres, Zaara takes ashes of her dadi while …
nahi re. Veer Zaara was better. :P :D full on overacting.simply real!
ha ha ha.. Nahi yaar.. Veer zaara was way tooo long to see.. DDLJ was very interesting :D
haa thik tha.but not better than Veer Zaara, Kuch Kuch hota hai or DDLJ :P
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Main Yaahan Hoon frm Veer-Zaara to make my sis feel I m always wid her to support her
Watched Veer Zaara with the whole family today!! This movie can never get old! Still makes me cry!
I'm still wondering why Veer Zaara isn't nominated for an Oscar. That movie is too good.
Just watched Veer-Zaara and I’m not sure if my shirt is wet because of the juice I drank or from of my tears.
Veer Zaara is most definitely the best Hindi movie of all time.
I live the movie Veer Zaara so much!!! I must have watched it a million times since it first came out!!!
Lets talk about how great the movie Veer-Zaara is.
Sundays are already depressing enough, I dont need Veer Zaara to enhance this furthur
Veer Zaara is like the desi version of The Notebook.
watching veer Zaara after a long time again. this movie you are..
you dont know what your talkin about! Everyone loves Veer Zaara & you just had to point that out huh
My family's so into the movie veer zaara
As much as I hate on Veer-Zaara, that movie has one of the most beautiful soundtracks I've ever heard.
Veer Zaara will forever be a timeless Bollywood love story; it never fails to make my heart melt.
Veer Zaara's like an instructions manual for Indian guys with muslim girlfriends.
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Veer zaara is a true love story and I'm obsessed with it ❤
Brb gonna go watch Veer Zaara and cry
Veer Zaara is probably my all time favorite movie never gets old:)
Finished watchiin Veer Zaara.. really good movie but sad tho
Veer Zaara is for sure one of the best Hindi movies I ever seen
A Veer Zaara movie night with the family. This movie gets to me everytime! :'/
Veer Zaara will forever be one of my favourite Bollywood movies 😍👌
- in your concerts in England do you sing one of the most touching duet Do Pal from Veer Zaara ?
Veer Zaara is seriously my favorite movie😍😢
Watching veer zaara makes me fall in love with Preity Zinta. Her dimples 😍
Chennai Express was aite.No Indian Movie could be better than Veer Zaara tho!
My day got much better because Veer Zaara is on television now
Veer Zaara is on.. I think im gonna cry. My favourite movie ever! ❤❤❤
Gonna watch Veer Zaara cause f life
It's so stupid! I watched Veer Zaara when drunk in first year and it ended with me crying "BUT THEY'RE OLD AND UGLY NOW"
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Veer Zaara always makes me cry, it's just so sad💔
Veer Zaara Studies show that if a man meets a woman in a dangerous situation (vice versa), they r more likely to fall in love.
The Veer Zaara song is bare emotional...
Feeling loved up.. In the mood of watching 'Veer Zaara' ☺
I am too when she calls "jaaack" I die a little Inside but veer zaara is like an Indian version
Allow dear John, veer Zaara all the way
I don't know why but I love veer zaara
Veer-zaara. Must be one of your favourites lol
Every time I watch Veer Zaara my heart melts :')
I will never get over how beautiful Preity Zinta looked in Veer Zaara
King SRK always did films which brought India nd Pakistan closer, like Main hoon na, Veer Zaara etc. On the other hand Salman Khan did films like Ek tha tiger. SRK picked up players from Pakistan in his team Kolkata knight riders and always gave donations to the victims of natural disasters in Pakistan. On the other hand Salman gave statements against Pakistan. And u call Salman "being human". He is not even a human being.
Your Loving ''Rahul ''Admin Is Back. Srk In Devdas a Complete Package of Acting only few can do role Like this. Srk in Darr,Baazigar and Anjaam. Srk In DDLJ,Kal *** Na *** Veer Zaara, KANK,JTHJ and many more Perfect in Romance. Srk In Main Hoon Na,OSO,Karan Arjun,Don He proved as an Action ,Comic role also. Chak De, MNIK ,Ra.One and More. I want to say that Srk is the One Man Army and he has done every Kind of role with Perfection. Hit Like and Shares If agree.
Deepika Padukone looks like a Yash Chopra Heroin in Titli Chennai Express. SRK gives his Veer Zaara look and ofcourse …
  There was a time when Preity Zinta and Rani Mukerji had their every alternate film under YRF banner. Preity was ready to don teeny weeny dresses for Yash Raj's Salaam Namaste while Rani was ready to play second lead to Preity Zinta in Veer Zaara. So the new set of actresses that have caught YRF's attention are these three pretty actresses, Katrina Kaif, Anushka Sharma and Parineeti Chopra. Inspite their three film deal, there is no stop for these actresses to work with the prestigious banner.       Anushka Sharma   Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi - 2008 - Debut film Badmaash Company - 2010 Band Baaja Baaraat - 2010 Ladies v/s Ricky Bahl - 2011 Jab Tak Hai Jaan - 2012   Out of 7 films, Anushka has done 5 films with YRF. Apart from a debut with a Aditya Chopra film, the actress won her first Filmfare trophy for Best Actress In A Supporting Role for Yash Chopra's Jab Tak Hai Jaan. A very rare chance is when an actresses gets directed by both father and son. Anushka has also been linked off and on to ...
If Dil Se & KKHH , Veer Zaara & Swades wouldnt have released same year then SRK would have 2 more filmfare best actor awards :/
►Enjoy Khan-day Sunday on TV! Ryt nw - Veer Zaara on MAX , Ek Tha Tiger on Sony Next - Jab Tak Hai Jaan on MAX, Dabangg 2 on Star Plus & Partner on Colors..!! ur chOice ?? -Peekay AdmiN
What movie can you quote word for word? — Dostana, Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, K3G, Kal *** Naa *** Veer Zaara, Fashion, ...
I am not making any money out of it. So if there is trouble, I will delete the videos..This song is from movie.. Veer Zaara (2004). .This clip is solely ...
and i like Kajol in mother role in "My name Is Khan" and "We're Family" and I like Hema Malini in "Babul" and "Veer Zaara"
Watching the classic movie of Sharukh Khan : Veer Zaara, here comes the tears... why do I do this to myself??
And i dont watch Zee Cinema award because they gave best award to SRK for Veer Zaara ! maa ki aankh unki ! Swades deserved it more !
Veer Zaara will forever be my fav movie
Hands down the saddest movie I've ever seen is veer-zaara
veer zaara is the best movie I've ever seen until now.
we were gonna go for a third! We watched ddlj then veer zaara were gona start mohabbatein but allowed it
Veer Zaara always makes me emotional. Only film I think I've come close to crying in.
better film - Veer Zaara or Kal *** Na *** reasons? — Kal *** Na *** it's about sacrifice, acceptance, ad overcomi...
Veer Zaara is on tmrw. Should I watch it or no?
Tere liye song from veer zaara.. One the best songs I ever heard... to the Late Madan Mohan who composed this song..!
Veer Zaara is one film that never fails to make me cry
If a good woman enters a man's life,his life will be perfect (veer Zaara) CC
well a song from veer zaara is coming into my mind Lehrati huwi rahay. That rain part of d song
Mr. Ajay Yadav behavin like a still lookin for his thats kinda
*** awesome Indian song, close your eyes while listening to it
I use 2 lyk Yashji's mves "Deewar, Kala Pathar" but mves like Jab Tak Hai Jaan, Veer Zaara, Dil to Pagal He - forced me to change my opinion
I liked a video Making of "Tum Paas Aa Rahe *** (Veer-Zaara) with Lata Mangeshkar and Jagjit Singh
Naah Veer-Zaara had class and nowhere near as much camp
The pact with God stuff is from that novel by Graham Greene, which btw is really moving. The Anushka char. is from Veer Zaara.
Oh, didn't know it was based on something. For me it was a rehash of Veer Zaara.
hey bebe! I'm not a fan of this movie to tell you honestly but just passing time. It has nothing on Veer Zaara 😌😒
Veer-Zaara is the most inspirational Bollywood movie I've ever seen ❤
The scene where Saamya realizes how much Veer&Zaara love each other, have sacrificed so much & lived their lives for each other.
“Veer and Zaara meeting after years apart..” 😪
Veer zaara was actually one of the best movies of all time. I DONT CARE.
When SRK and Peity Zinta meet eachother again in Veer Zaara
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SRK and PREITY Say good bye to eacher in Veer-Zaara .
This scene from Veer Zaara. Always gets to me.
The Palace of Zaara Hayat Khan shown in the movie Veer Zaara in reality is of Saif Ali Khan. It's called the Pataudi Palace.
similar scenes. SRK in DDLJ and Veer-Zaara talking to the Mothers
Veer and Zaara meeting after years apart..
when Rani proves Shahrukh Khan is innocent and he reunites with Preity Zinta in Veer Zaara
When Veer and Zaara reunite after all those years..
Shahrukh Khan's final speech in the courtroom in Veer Zaara
Listening to songs from Veer Zaara. Makes you wonder how gut wrenching Madan Mohan's music is and how gut wrenching if they happen in life.
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