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Varsity Blues

Varsity Blues is a 1999 American drama/sport film directed by Brian Robbins that follows a small-town high school football team and their overbearing coach through a tumultuous season.

Billy Bob Ron Lester James Van Der Beek Friday Night Lights Jon Voight Paul Walker Bud Kilmer Regina George Ali Larter James Vanderbeek Lance Harbor Jerry Jones John Voight

1 Why aren't women receiving the same treatment as men with Varsity Cricket + Blues?
Varsity Blues will have nothing on vol. 3 girl...
The tape don't lie:. 1. Drop Skip in mentions. 2. Get warned. 3. Do it again. 4. Tweeder vs 4th Q p…
I need gelato from you because everything you make rocks.
"I scream you scream we all scream for cream "
lot of 12 VHS Hook, Varsity Blues and Many more
I read that in the voice of James Vanderbeek in Varsity Blues "i don't want. your. Life."
In all honesty, part of the reason I don't like Jeff Sessions is because he reminds me of Jon Voight as the coach in Varsity Blues
Water Boy and Varsity Blues for comedy/sports?
I mean I don't feel like Varsity Blues counts bc there's so many, but in TXHSFB you're actually not a…
Varsity blues is the greatest movie of all time
Although all good movies, none of em really challenge my top spots. But I will say Varsity Blues is up…
I was jk anyways lol...but you gotta have Glory Road, Love & Basketball, and Varsity Blues in there somewhere...and 42
About to watch Varsity Blues. I love this movie
Where are the pictures of the Rockets at the club throwing bills last night? I've seen Varsity Blues, I know what makes…
You going be like Ms. Davis in Varsity Blues with the badass sports car and be a teacher?
Free Deep Chocolate VitaMuffins on $79
We're going to give every American 4 Band-Aids and the phone number to the football coach in Varsity Blues for medi…
.Chris Pratt said: Average American, Hollywood, no representation. I say: Varsity Blues (and prett…
Friday Night on CMT is Varsity Blues followed by Stone Cold Broken Skull Ranch. Awesome
MBB: Devin Johnson scores over 20 for the 10th time this season as the Varsity Blues take down the 79-58 on…
Same. It was like Van Der Beek in Varsity Blues. "It may have been the opportunity of your lifetime, but I don't wa…
Varsity Blues - RIP Ron Lester & Paul Walker 'I had the most beautiful dream last night'
The rest of the season should be like the last game in Varsity Blues. HC: Josh Dobbs. OC: Jauan Jennings. DC: Derek Barnett
Whoa. Hook and ladder. Peyton Williams to Gavin Dunbar to Austin Bennett for the TD. Varsity Blues style.
I think they gave Austin Allen that Varsity Blues shot in the tent.
What does it say about me that James Van Der Beek's speech in Varsity Blues makes me tear up every time?
WSOC: Battle of Toronto has kicked off between the Varsity Blues and Watch live on
Game Day! Men's Rugby is back in action today, taking on the Varsity Blues in Toronto at 8 p.m.
WRGY: The Gaels are putting on a show in Toronto! 52-0 at halftime against the Varsity Blues.
WRGY: No.4 Queen's and the Varsity Blues are underway in Toronto!
Best of luck to No.4 women's rugby tonight as they travel to Toronto for a game with the Varsity Blues at 8pm.
Update your maps at Navteq
Jesse Plemons was in both Varsity Blues and the TV show based on it, Varsity Blues: Friday Night Lights.
I just realized Paul Walker and Ron Lester from Varsity Blues are dead. You can take Scott Caan but please leave us James Van Der Beek!
The crew on 'Varsity Blues' was phenomenal.
After watching Varsity Blues, i can only make a more clear decision that Coach Pierce is Bud Kilmer. -just playing for the district champs.
Varsity Blues set to return as a TV series on CMT with the film's writer in tow
it lives! ‘Varsity Blues’ TV Series in Development at CMT via
The 1999-hit movie 'Varsity Blues' is becoming a television series on CMT!
CMT launching series based on 'Varsity Blues'. I guess they never saw 'Friday Night Lights' ?
‘Varsity Blues’ TV series is in the works - please tell us will be involved. .
A Varsity Blues TV series is in the works and Regina George would so want this life:
Rotten Tomatoes: Agree or Disagree: Varsity Blues (1999). Next up on the Rotten Tomatoes docket is Varsity Blues. T…
TV show is being developed by Who would you cast in the football drama?
Get your whipped cream bikinis ready, '90s fans—a TV show is in the works! 🍒
that combo reminded me of the classic Varsity Blues line.
With the Varsity Blues TV series a work in progress, here's a reminder of what thought of the film
Varsity Blues’ TV arrangement reboot being developed at CMT
The Original Writer of Varsity Blues Is Developing the Movie As a Series for CMT via
There's a Varsity Blues TV series on the way
Another reboot is making its way to television — this time, a “Varsity Blues” show, based on the 1999 film, i...
'Varsity Blues' TV series reboot in development at CMT: Another reboot is making its way t...
Are we sure it was off target? Maybe he had an issue with the reporter on the phone and pulled a "Varsity Blues"
True or false: Varsity Blues is the only football movie that exists. 🏈
Varsity Blues is by far one of the best football movies ever
So when coach Bud Kilmer walked out of the locker room in Varsity Blues did he take all the other coaches with him?
Varsity Blues will always be one of my favorites 🏈🍻❤️
The amount of times I've seen Varsity blues is ridiculous loll
Varsity Blues by will be forever relevant
James Van Der Beek's accent in Varsity Blues is the best thing ever.
of the greatest modern era sports movie character is... John Moxon (Varsity Blues)
you're getting a great player and young lady in Great family and blood lines!
One of y'all go tell him to listen to "Varsity Blues"
. In Varsity Blues. How was Billy Bob an eligible Receiver on his touch down catch? He was a guard!! . Carry on with your day
Although I do wish we had Movie Monday and watched Varsity Blues
Ahhh! I've been wanting to watch Varsity Blues again!
I watched Varsity Blues last night and it really set in how much I miss Paul Walker
hearing a rb named Wendell makes me think of the movie Varsity Blues lol
"Real to Build on Blues Win vs. Bayern?" via
Varsity blues is by far one of my favorite movies just because of Billy Bob😂
I am going to write about how the Billy Bob touchdown in Varsity Blues is the most ridiculous spots scene ever and it’s going to be LONG
the Varsity Blues players were way more hard core.
if Reed wasn't on the verge of becoming that guy from Varsity Blues with one more shot to the head Id like him
All this arguing about baseball movies. Good thing Varsity Blues is the undisputed football movie champ.
I could watch Varsity Blues every day 😊😍
I've only dyed my hair blond once, after 'Varsity Blues.'
Clean sport is all about you. Also important for support staff!
Has anyone ever figured out whether Varsity Blues is being sincere or ironic?
I let my sister finally watch Varsity Blues. To say she is in love is an understatement. Next Friday Night Lights 😬
Me: wait what movie is this?. Tom: varsity blues. Me: oh whipped cream bikini movie!. Tom: idk maybe . What do you mean MAYBE.
Varsity Blues will forever be one of my favs
Aussie friend:"I learned everything I know about America from Babysitter's Club,Varsity Blues,and FNL" . Guys, what we're doing is working.
Actor Ron Lester, who portrayed Billy Bob in the 1999 football movie "Varsity Blues," died Friday evening in Dallas, Texas, according to
RIP Billy Bob. Here's an excellent and touching piece on Ron Lester
Ron Lester, known for and has died.
Ron Lester, who portrayed Billy Bob in 'Varsity Blues,' has died. (Source: Raycom Media)
Varsity Blues, man. Still a fave. RIP, Mr. Lester. Thanks for the memories.
Actually just watched VC the other day...Ron Lester, 'Varsity Blues' Actor, Dies at 45
Me right now, after hearing that Billy Bob from Varsity Blues passed away
'Varsity Blues' actor Ron Lester died Friday at the age of 45 due to organ failure.
‘Varsity Blues’ Actor Ron Lester Dies At 45: The actor has succumbed to kidney and liver failure
Billy Bob from varsity blues past away yesterday. In memory I think we should all call the dinosaurs tonight.
Varsity Blues is one of the better sports movies out there rip Billy Bob
Ron Lester, star of 'Varsity Blues,' dies at 45.
RIP Ron Lester. We'll always love him in
RIP to Billy Bob from varsity blues
Ron Lester played the best character in one of the greatest football films. RIP, Billy Bob.
I think all former football players should watch Varsity Blues this weekend in honor of Billy Bob... and give something a 🖐🖐TEN!! not a 9.5
Actor Ron Lester, known for playing Billy Bob in "Varisty Blues," dies at 45
Rip Billy Bob gotta watch varsity blues here soon
Sad to hear actor Ron Lester who played Billy Bob in the movie Varsity Blues passed today. Great man. RIP
was most famous for his role as Billy Bob in the teen football drama -
Ron Lester -"Billy Bob" from "Varsity Blues" - will always have a place in football lore. https:/…
RIP Ron Lester (aka Billy Bob) one of my favorite movies Varsity Blues.
Ron Lester Dead: 'Varsity Blues' Actor Passes Away At 45: The actor played the role of Billy Bob in the class...
'Varsity Blues' actor dead at 45: Los Angeles, June 18 : Actor Ron Lester, who starred in the 1999 football m...
'Varsity Blues' Actor Ron Lester Passes Away: His agent Dave Bradley confirmed that the actor died on Friday ...
Varsity Blues star Ron Lester has passed away at the age of 45:
RIP Ron Lester: the actor who played Billy Bob in Varsity Blues has died at the age of 45.
Ron Lester, "Billy Boy" of 'Varsity Blues,' is dead at 45.
In the Can't Hardly Wait pop tart flashback, Ethan Embry seems to have borrowed James Vanderbeek's hair from Varsity Blues.
Pretty sure I saw James Van Der Beek the other day and I didn't talk about that whipped cream scene in Varsity Blues.
Varsity blues is probably that best football movie I have ever seen
Just finished watching Varsity Blues on feeling Friday Night Lights now. Ahhh, the sanctity of
they will never understand. Tell them to watch Friday Night Lights(tv and show), Varsity blues, and Friday night tykes.
And now...someone out there's trying to figure out how to pull off a Varsity Blues re-boot. And I'm all for it
Postal worker metaphor, a la Varsity Blues? "You can stamp US Mail on his butt..."
I told her after black XXXs that i was officially retired from sneakers and we was saving to close on house...but these Varsity Blues tho!!!
lol I hadn't even heard of it. Just saw Van der beek in the background and felt a varsity blues ref was the way to go
Is Not Another Teen Movie A Varsity Blues parody or the other way around?
Pop about to give the vanderbeek varsity blues halftime speech
Thinking back . . . When Darcy on Varsity blues comes out in the whip cream bikini I think is the first time I fell in love 😂
"Come on Johnny... You can do it!!!" (Screamed like Mox's mom from Varsity Blues) *sloshes adult beverage*
You’re looking for that new Varsity Blues?
Talking to he brought up the Varsity Blues speech? Thoughts
Mox's halftime speech from Varsity Blues can replace it.
Paul Walker is mighty fine in Varsity Blues 😍
The U of T Varsity Blues have recruited Kingston Voyageurs forward Connor Bebb for next season. 32 points in 46 OJHL games last season.
Right, there are also a handful of high school dramas that hit this. Varsity Blues, Remember the Titans...
really likin varsity blues on Netflix.
If Superbad & Varsity Blues are on, I will always stop what I'm doing to watch.
It was a historic season for Women's Volleyball, 2015-16 Team of the Year.
I mean... Billy Bob went back in the game in Varsity Blues...
Congrats to for winning "Best Competitive Championship" for the Figure Skating championship.
Rio bound swimmer and Athlete of the Year Kylie Masse is the 2015-16 Female Athlete of the Year.
After a perfect regular season, head coach Kristine Drakich is the Female Coach of the Year
This season was one to remember for women's volleyball, the 2015-16 Team of the Year.
The University of Toronto's nickname is the Varsity Blues and all I can think of is James Van Der Beek yelling "I DON'T WANT...YOUR LIFE!"
They put them wieners on the glass at the Alano Club, while the ladies were rehearsing the Christmas pageant. - Varsity Blues 🐐
Dwane Casey and Gregg Popovich should just start the Varsity Blues against the University of Texas at San Antonio Roadrunners tonight
WOOHOO! GAME DAY! hosts in the final tonight at Goldring Centre at 8pm!
While it's the turn of the boxing Light Blues to take on Oxford today.
It's a big day of action for tomorrow Come on the Light Blues!
You, me and the whipped cream bikini scene from Varsity Blues...only I'm lactose intolerant.
WATCH! Video highlight's from the Varsity Blues WVB semifinal victory! WE ALL # BLEEDBLUE.
Tomorrow night! going for gold vs tomorrow night at 8pm at Goldring Centre!
Going for gold! advance to Saturday's final vs. crosstown rivals
WVB: will face Toronto for gold tomorrow at 8pm following a 3-0 (25-18, 25-15, 25-19) SF win over
WVB: are up 16-14 over at the third set tech timeout. Rams lead the semifinal 2-0! Watch live OUAtv!
Varsity Blues had me thinking my entire life that the head of my genitalia was supposed to be purple.
WVB: takes a 2-0 match lead with a 25-15 second set win over in semifinal action. Watch on OUAtv!
WVB: lead 16-8 at the 2nd set break in semifinals. Ryerson with a 1-0 match lead. Watch on OUAtv!
WVB: take the first set 25-18 over the in semifinal action at Goldring Centre! Watch on OUAtv!
WVB: leads 16-10 at the first set tech timeout of the 2nd semifinal of the night! Watch on OUAtv!
THANK YOU to all the fans that came out to the game tonight! Come back tomorrow as we go for GOLD 8pm!
.book spot in Final with win vs READ →
WVB Recap: to play for gold following 3-1 semifinal win over McMaster
WVB: 2nd semifinal between and is underway! Watch live on
.warming up before their semifinal match up vs. Winner plays in final
WVB: defeat 3-1 in WVB semifinal and advance to Saturday's final
BLUES WIN! defeats 3-1 (30-28) in semifinal to advance to tomorrow's final!
girls varsity basketball team plays for NCS CHAMPIONSHIP Saturday 5pm, Dublin HS vs St. Joe's. Keep up th…
Toronto wins the third set 25-19. The Varsity Blues now lead the match 2-1. McMaster needs to build quick momentum in the fourth set.
Tune in to as are leading in the third set.
Toronto is sending Mac all over the place. Varsity Blues spreading their offense around so evenly. Mac having trouble reacting.
WVB: Toronto leads 16-11 at the third set break. Match tied 1-1 in semifinal action! Watch live on OUAtv!
I think Paul Walker's accent may have been worse in Varsity Blues.
James Van Der Beek as Aaron Rodgers because he is true back up and leads team 2 Victory in Varsity Blues.
Autographed photo from Ron Lester from the movie Varsity Blues, Billy Bob in the movie at…
Well Scott Caan was in a bunch of stuff like Gone in 60 seconds n Varsity Blues. Daniel Dae Kim, all I know is Lost lol.
Playing in front of 3700, drops tough one to with 1st point as a Ram:
Gronk reads movie lines from 'Varsity Blues' and 'Jerry Maguire'
Why would they take Varsity Blues off Netflix?!?😡
like a reverse Varsity Blues kinda vibe? I like it.
Reminiscing on that scene in Varsity Blues when Jon Voigt wonders whether Mox knows the difference "between a sneeze and a wet fart"
got to be careful in Morris. That's a Varsity Blues like town.
Varsity Blues in the background for lunch so I can laugh at how amazing Van Der Beek's accent was.
Varsity Blues, White Man Can't Jump, and Rocky are also good
Half of the people in the Tarleton State student(??) section look like the lineman from Varsity Blues. It's unbelievable.
If Briles is Coach Eric Taylor from FNL, then Patterson is most certainly Coach Kilmer from Varsity Blues.
you gotta ask about Varsity Blues and Judging Amy
Jonathan Stewart gotta be feeling like the running back from Varsity Blues sometimes
Next coach at South Carolina, Bud Kilmer from the movie Varsity Blues!
In "Varsity Blues," James Van Der Beek said, "Ah don't want yore laff." I feel that way about you. Except the opposite.
When Bud Kilmer doesn't come out for the 2nd half in Varsity Blues why doesn't an asst take over instead of lance? Doesn't seem legal.
*** watching Varsity Blues and totally forgot Paul Walker is Lance Harbor lol
We’re joined by hollywood sports coord. Mark Ellis on If you watched Jerry Maguire, Varsity Blues, etc. you’ve seen his work
Philbin is getting that Bud Kilmer treatment from Varsity Blues
Is it possible Joe Philbin get kicked out of the locker room at halftime like Bud Kilmer in Varsity Blues?
Varsity Blues, Last Boy Scout and The Program all better than Rudy!
Ron Lester - 45. Billy Bob - Varsity Blues. Duodenal surgery left him 350lb lighter. Trying to produce Racing Legacy. ht…
I like to pretend that Ryan Fitzpatrick is real life John Moxon from Varsity Blues
I hope Voight isn't the coach.he'll always be Coach Bud Kilmer from Varsity Blues to
I want a pig like Billy Bobs off Varsity Blues.
he looks like James Van Der Beek. Who also was a QB in Varsity Blues
Since I haven't seen any fast & furious movie ever I think Paul Walkers best part ever was Lance Harbor Varsity Blues
My Nail Polish of the Month for June was 'Varsity Jacket Blues' -
New! 190-Calorie VitaPizza- Get Free Shipping
"Doing what we love aligns us with others that love very similar things" what a beautiful thing
When you see ya girls feet for the 1st time 😂
I just told Brooke that we are going watch varsity blues bc it's so good & she tells me that she hates it... SHE HASNT EVEN SEEN IT 😒
Varsity Blues in popcorn what could get better
top 3 underrated sports movies Rookie of the Year, Kingpin, Varsity Blues
good, but I put the Jonathan Moxon / varsity blues one over that.
Does Varsity Blues make your list? "I don't want your life". I like how his accent sounds like he's chewing his own face off.
that guy from Varsity Blues that got hit in the nuts. That's Kobe.
Happy Canada Day to all of my north of the border! 🇨🇦
I was watching Varsity Blues like I've never sent it b4. Knowing *** well I've seen it like a thousand times.
I always thought it was funny how the best TX QB was going to FSU in Varsity Blues.
I tried to make a whipped cream bikini (varsity blues), melted straight away...I just found out they actually used shaving cream.
.presents VARSITY BLUES next Thursday 7/9. Ticket sales go to a great cause!
Any Given Sunday never get the credit for being the BEST football movie ever. Then Varsity Blues and Friday Night Lights
Mark your calendar now for the summer Saline Varsity Blues show "Music Around the World, Playing for Change" July...
: If we go out there and give it all we've got... that's heroic. You guys wanna be heroes? -"Varsity Blues"
VIDEO: The Defiance High School Varsity Blues choir ensemble sang the national anthem Tuesday at the Toledo Mud...
I could watch varsity blues 1,000 times and it would never get old.
Make a Eugene track for Vonnegut novels with Dirtywork. Find not another teen movie, and varsity blues. Implied close* reading of the script
I'm gonna fall asleep watching varsity blues byee
The 4 day Varsity Match starts today at Fenner's at 11am. The Light Blues will be looking to rectify Saturday's defeat at…
CRICKET: Dark Blues on back foot in Varsity clash - The Oxford Times
Friday Night Lights and varsity blues will never get old
When they use to actually say the persons name they were dissin >>>>
Watching a great movie with the bros. Varsity Blues is an amazing classic.
I tried to be some poser *** hockey fan for games 1 and 2 of the Cup then game 3 got away from me now I'm drunk watching "Varsity Blues".
Varsity Blues is on! At least I have an alternative to the Cup Final now
how about Jon Voight's character in Varsity Blues?
I watched a movie today, that made me see what you're saying about high school football. Wasn't Varsity Blues
I feel like Jon Voight at the end of Varsity Blues when I try and get these twins to follow me.
A Few Good Men is to lawyers as Varsity Blues is to high school football players.
“Who's house blues house! Great win by the Hooch varsity boys soccer team with a 5-3 win over Northview
Sam Jackson's disappearing lisp, like Jonathon Moxon's disappearing accent in Varsity Blues, deserved an Oscar.
"Don't hurt my dad" tells him I don't want your life as said by James Van Der Beek from Varsity Blues
ICYMI: I grew up in the Hawaiian equivalent of the High School portrayed in Varsity Blues. I've seen almost every Varsity football game during my four years in high school with the exception of probably less than a handful. I wrote sports during my Senior year for the school paper. My Father has been sports betting on NFL and college football (as well as the NBA) since a few months before I was born. I've watched every Super Bowl since I can remember, including the time in 2001 during a hospitalization. I demanded the game be put on and though I was laying there in severe pain, I watched like a die hard fan. Sports runs through my blood and though I'm a girl, I absolutely love it.
Bo Wallace should just coach and QB Ole Miss in the bowl game like it's Varsity Blues.
Varsity Blues is not aging well. The dialogue is straight up George Lucas level bad.
for your cover did you make John Voight from Varsity Blues meets aging Kurt Russell and Bobby Knight hybrid?
Jerry Jones be like John Voight in Varsity Blues, "But can he play!?"
Not sure if Jerry Jones, or Jon Voight in Varsity Blues.
Watching that 90s classic, Varsity Blues. James Van Der Beek and Billy Bob? What a way to end the night
Anyone else feel like Lance Harbor's dad in Varsity Blues right now?
What is your favorite movie? — Ah, its a tie between Risky Business and Varsity Blues.
No 4 o'clock game on locally, so watching "Varsity Blues." Man, James Van Der Beek's Texan accent is awful.
We're watching Varsity Blues cuz it's Regina George's favorite movie😜
Every time I see Ali Larter my mind can't help but to revert back to the whipped cream bikini in Varsity Blues!
I didn't see Varsity Blues until this year. My first taste of Ali Larter hotness was Heroes.
ICYMI: UK DT Matt Elam is the real life Billy Bob from Varsity Blues:
Regina George's favorite movie is Varsity Blues lolol
The Breakfast Club and Varsity Blues will always be in my top movies
Spoke with Amy Smart about 'Varsity Blues' memories 15 years later:
Anyone ever notice Billy Bob from Varsity Blues is on the movie Good Burger? LOL
Great day for alum & partner Sarah who r in 1/4's tomoro in FIVB Beach WT event Gstaad. Go Go
Whats understood aint gotta be explained, but you don't understand me so let me explain.
My boy Carmelo can finally win a championship faith in my boy 🙌🏀
Varsity blues is definitely in my top 5 favorite movies of all time
You say the "I Have a Dream" speech is the greatest speech ever?. Well, you must not have heard Moxon's halftime speech in…
Did some thinking. In Varsity Blues, the stripper teacher shouldn't have had drinks w/Mox & boys. She could've gotten i…
Varsity Blues: Johnny Moxon wears the No. 4 jersey as a tribute to Brett Favre, who was James Van Der Beek's favorite foot…
When varsity blues is on TV, u watch it
I could watch Varsity Blues everyday and never get tired it. I pee my pants laughing everytime. 💙🏉🚽👍
Can we talk about how Regina George's favorite movie is Varsity Blues?
If it aint one thing its another.. Gotta Keep Pushin...
Ron Lester, who played Billy Bob from the film Varsity Blues has lost nearly 320 pounds and now weighs 190 lbs.
Jon Voight was the shizznit in Varsity Blues!
In this photo: Ikea's white farmhouse sink pops against Varsity Blues by Benjamin Moore that covers
There are some great football movies out there, but nothing tops Varsity Blues for me!
What a feeling it is when you come out of a bar and have to block your eyes from the sun. Varsity Blues style.
it's the Varsity Blues movie. Also, Hippocratic Oath says:Do no harm. Blame is on MD and the teams involved. The NFL too? Maybe.
James Van Der Beek's eyebrows are the answer to any question. What's Varsity Blues about? What is the meaning of life? Van Der…
I think you misspelled "James Vanderbeek with the worst attempt at an accent ever" as "Varsity Blues"
Was Thinking back today of the first time i saw him in Varsity Blues and She's all that
This song takes me back to the movie Varsity Blues and Ali Larter's whip cream bikini😳
Even hough I'm not old enough to remember varsity blues coming out, Vanderbeek as a middle age man ages me
Wow Varsity Blues and Jerry McGuire on in the same night
Watch Varsity Blues and take a drink every time the word "Kilmer" is said.
There are parts that can definitely be taken out of varsity blues😒
Varsity Blues is one hilarious movie !
My hobbies include being extremely good to my girlfriend, and quoting Varsity Blues.
About to introduce Austin Pelletier to the awesomeness that is Friday Night Lights the tv show, after introducing him to Varsity Blues.
I want a pet pig like Billy Bob had on Varsity Blues..
varsity blues is off now but titians has like 15 min left on ABCF
Remember the titans, The blind side and Varsity Blues are my favorite movies.🏈💕😌
Just started watching Friday Night Lights. Is it just me or is this not the EXACT same plot as Varsity Blues?
Remember the Titans or Friday Night Lights? If you chime in with "VARSITY BLUES" you are a peasant.
I'm years behind the times, but I just finished watching Varsity Blues for the first time.
The part on varsity blues when they realize the stripper is their teacher>😂😂 like how awkward!
Just watched Varsity Blues for about the 1000th time, favorite movie...hard to see PW, but he lives in all his movies!
Varsity blues to night whit my fat girl Tiffanie Bonham
Just finished watching Varsity Blues & just started watching Dangerous Minds
Meet Black Singles 300x250
"The only cure I know for the blues is the varsity blues!"
I'm the only returning girl in varsity blues.
Just watched Varsity Blues! Oh what memories from the football season that movie brings! Great times!
Varsity blues it's one of my all time favs!!👌
Watching Varsity Blues makes me miss football season even more
Man Varsity Blues is my fav football movie and one of my fav movies hands down.
"My Hero" by Foo Fighters is at its best when watching Varsity Blues right before Tweeder blocks the punt to allow West Cannon the "opportunity to play like gods".
Watching varsity blues gets me so pumped for football 💕
Varsity blues fav song by wale and top 5 movie
You can't go wrong with a little Varsity Blues in your life.❤️🏈
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