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Vanna White

Vanna White (born Vanna Marie Rosich; February 18, 1957) is an American television personality and film actress best known as the hostess of Wheel of Fortune since 1982.

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The Venezuelan information minister says that subliminal clues in crossword puzzles is inciting people to protest. Not only that, he has declared a jihad against Pat Sajak and Vanna White.
Pat Sajak and Vanna White back in the day LOL! Love ya Bro !
So everyone is just going to ignore the fact that Pat Sajak and Vanna White have not aged since 1984?
"Give me the D." Pat Sajak shifts his weight uncomfortably. "Fawn, for the 5th time, there is no D." Vanna White giggles.
I bet when Vanna White & Pat Sajak are doing the sex Vanna's always screaming "give me an 'O' Pat!"
Pat Sajak & Vanna White are the whitest people of all time.
I hope Pat Sajack got to bang Vanna White at least once. Professionalism is thrown to the wayside in the gritty world of primetime gameshows
My grandpa just hung up on me because Wheel of Fortune was coming on and he didn't want to miss Vanna White. Really feeling the love
Among the celebrity sightings on Double Dragon are Vanna White, George Hamilton, and Andy ***
Today Show - Why is Carson Daly sitting down with the anchors while Tamron Hall (a proven anchor) stands up in the touching the screens like Vanna White. Isn't Carson the Social Media Correspondent? And why is Carson's face on the banner of the website but not Tamron's yet? Don't you have a full staff of Graphic Artists that can update the website? If you need help with the graphics message me, I have staff that can knock that out in an hour! --- Okay I'm done ranting for the month :)
If You Were Born Today, February 18: You have a true love of beauty and harmony, as well as exceptional appeal. While comfort and pleasure are important to you, you are no stranger to hard work. Work hard and play hard could be your motto. You go over the top for those you love. You are generous and well-liked. The spiritual and idealistic side to you is well-developed. Famous people born today: Cybill Shepherd, Yoko Ono, Vanna White, Matt Dillon, John Travolta, Dr. Dre, Molly Ringwald.
Today marks her 57th birthday and for years now she has been by Pat Sajak's side. At times she is arguably considered the best looking wing of all time and let's be honest even with modern technology, someone NEEDS to turn those letters! Happy Birthday to Wheel of Fortune's Vanna White and today's
On this day in 1930, after studying pictures taken a month prior, Pluto is discovered.. In 1955 the first of 14 tests in Operation Teapot is detonated in Nevada yielding 1.2 kilotons.. In 1977 the space shuttle Enterprise is taken for its first flight, piggybacked on a Boeing 747.. In 1979 snow falls in the Sahara Desert for the only time in recorded history... In 2001 Dale Earnhardt dies in an accident at the Daytona 500.. Oh, and in 1957 a child is born who would go on to make her living clapping, smiling, walking short distances and revealing letters, Vanna White... And that's February 18th
On her 57th bday, today's is Vanna White. For years she's been there by Pat's side and turning those letters
Vanna White obviously has sold her soul to someone,she hasn't aged in 40 yrs.thats all
I'm just gonna throw this out there, Vanna White's still got it.
Game-show legend joins co-host Vanna White in giving "GMA" a tour of their traveling set. For more on this story, click here:
I didn't realize Vanna White and I are the same age!She looks so much older than me! :-)
you missed my Vanna White on stage with the box!
Photo: hulu: Happy Birthday, Vanna White! Thanks for cheering us on all these years! 👸
Yo Vanna White could get it lol...I'd be like "oh you wanna turn over a letter? bout this D!" 😉 lmaooo
Man Vanna White is 56 fuggin years old and is still hotter than 98% of the women i've ever laid eyes on...
If you ever feel overworked and underpaid, just remember Vanna White gets a measly 4 mill per year to reach and touch a screen.
-- has Vanna White ever worn the same dress twice???
Hannah likes a TV show. Vanna White and the Wheel of Fortune. I thinks she enjoys the letters
Vanna White her birthday. Is today she is 57
Happy Birthday vanna white! My birthday is today too and now I'm home from work and knitting!
I bet Pat Sajack unsatisfyingly gave it to vanna white
American institution, Vanna White is 57 today. is "Take A Letter, Maria" by R.B.Greaves (1969). Get it...take a letter? Ha!
Today Happy Birthday to Wheel of Fortune's Vanna White, She is 57 years old so Happy Birthday to you Vanna!
I'd be lying if I said I wouldn't give it to Vanna White.
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My 83 yrs. old father in law is loving him some Vanna White.
Of all the lives that are being lived, don't you kind of think Vanna White is probably leading the craziest one of all?
I'm sorry but Vanna White is starting to look creepy
BIRTHDAY BOOBS. Vanna White and her Cleavage turn 57 today.
Trapped in the closet with Vanna White night after night after night after night.
What do I have to do to get Vanna White's job?
Can I go through Vanna White's closet for a prom dress?
“I want Vanna White's job and no, I would not crip walk to the letters you said you'd make …
...Vanna White is 57 years old today.mind=blown
What do I need to major in to be the next Vanna White???
Vanna White! I hope I look half as good when i am 57 💁
Does Vanna White have a favorite outfit?
Happy Birthday to the hostess of Wheel of Fortune (US Gameshow) Vanna White
Vanna White celebrates a birthday today! Can you think of anyone with an easier job? Floyd
Happy Birthday to vanna white of Wheel of Fortune! 57yrs old.
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Vanna White is an American television personality and film actress best known as the hostess of Wheel of Fortune since 1982. Today she turns 57.
We want to wish a very happy and healthy birthday to Cybil Shephard, John Travolta, and Vanna White!
“Ayyy Happy Birthday vanna white lmao" I share a bday with vanna white this is important news
Come to Wheel of Fortune tonight!! Fun, awesome prizes and you get to watch me be Vanna white!!
Ayyy Happy Birthday vanna white lmao
Vanna White looks better at 57 than I do at 17.
Vanna White (57): In 1957, Vanna White was born on this date in North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, USA
Today in 1957, Vanna White was born. She got her start on the London stage, turning letters in a production of "Macbeth."
Cybill Shepard, Vanna White, Matt Dillon, Dr. Dre, Linda Tyree and Cody Donaldson were all born on this day.
Vanna White is 57 today.seems like she's been on Wheel of Fortune longer than
Happy Birthday to the lovely Vanna White! Wishing you a wonderful day from everyone here at of Fortune!
Hey- I have the same birthday as John Travolta and Vanna White!
On this day in 1957, Vanna White was born. The parents didn't know whether to name her Vanna, Vinni or Vonno. The nurse said, "Come on,...pick a vowel."
Happy Birthday to Vanna White!! Anyone old enough to remember this?
: Today in History for February 18 : :: Today is Tuesday, February 18, the 49th day of 2014. There are 316 days left in the year. :: Thought for Today: "The lack of a sense of history is the damnation of the modern world." --- Robert Penn Warren, American author, poet and critic (1905-1989). :: February 18, 1546: Martin Luther, leader of the Protestant Reformation, died of an apoplectic stroke, in Eiselben, Germany, at age 62. :: February 18, 1564: Artist Michelangelo Buonarroti died in Rome, Italy, just weeks before his 89th birthday. (The cause of his death was not released.) :: February 18, 1861: Jefferson Davis was sworn in as provisional president of the Confederate States of America in Montgomery, Alabama. :: February 18, 1885: Mark Twain's "Adventures of Huckleberry Finn" was published in the U.S. for the first time. :: February 18, 1913: Mexican President Francisco I. Madero and Vice President Jose Maria Pino Suarez were arrested during a military coup (both were shot to death on February 22). :: ...
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Is today your birthday? If it is, you share it with Dr. Dre, John Travolta, Vanna White, Eden Wood, Molly Ringwald, Jillian Michaels, Yoko Ono, Bill Cullen and Regina Spektor! Happy Birthday!
So I just wanted to say Happy Birthday to some folks that share my cousin Belinda Evarts Arnold , my great Aunt Stella, Vanna White, Matt Dillon, John Travolta just to name a few :)
That's right. me and John share a birthday. And ... Vanna White . And Jack Palance and Cybil Shepherd. In the company of some greats. Did I mention director, John Hughes ... mmm and how about Dr. Dre and Jillian Michaels. Can't forget Molly Ringwald. Happy Birthday to all of my celebrity counterparts.
Clean Slate Billiards replaced trusty ol' Vanna White with a new-to-us extended van. It came with steel shelving and roof racks that need a new home. Do you know anyone who may need this stuff?
America's favorite game show co-host is celebrating a birthday today! Just how old is Vanna White, of Wheel of Fortune fame? Watch the video to find out & be sure to tune in to Siouxland News at Sunrise every weekday morning for more birthday fun!
Wheel of Fortunes Vanna White turns fifty seven today. Do you know why they have never replaced Vanna on the show, they couldn't find another blonde that knew the whole alphabet!
Better grab a Coke and a seat cause this one's gonna take a minute... I'm just blessed... I never have considered myself the brightest bulb in the hallway - more like a bug light - not much to it, but it gets the job done. Heck sometimes I wonder if I'm even plugged into a power source at all! My ignorance would prevent me from making a go of it on the game show circuit - Jeopardy would be tragedy - a real catastrophe, Wheel of Fortune - Vanna White would be so bored saying REALLY no letter again, she'd have nothing to turn. Family feud would end up as a family brawl and don't even try to include me in your trivia game - I'd be the one that you hear saying - really I didn't know that! In Word Search games I'm only looking for end, done or exit, and Scrabble - well we won't even go there! Still use a flip phone - refuse to own a smart phone - don't need Siri or Suri or whatever her name is talking behind my back to her friends about how ignorant I am. Spent most of the time I should have been prepari ...
I just heard today is the birthday of Yoko Ono, Vanna White, and Irma Thomas. That's one strange alignment of the planets.
Okay - here's my only birthday complaint - which I have actually fixed myself: for years I've had to share my birthday - and be reminded in the daily horoscope columns - with Yoko Ono, Vanna White, Juice Newton and John Travolta!!! Sorry but yech! Fortunately I have now done the deep research and February 18 is also birth date of Enzo Ferrari, Jack Palance, Cybill Shepherd, George Kennedy and Dr. Dre! We're cool now!
Growth begins at the end of your comfort zone Birthdays: John Travolta 60 Vanna White 57 Molly Ringwald 46 Yoko Ono 81
How about these famous people celebrating Birthdays today... Vanna White, 57. I bet there are a lot of people that would love to have her job. John Travolta, 60. How many of you remember he was one of the Sweathogs from the Welcome Back Kotter TV series? And New Orleans own Irma Thomas celebrating number 73 today. Happy Birthday to all. ~ Johnny Scott
A very Happy Birthday to all friends who share this special day with me, including Molly Ringwald, John Travolta, Vanna White, Dr Dre, Matt Dillon, Yoko Ono, Dennis DeYoung, Cybill Shepherd, Juice Newton and Jess Walton. Also Cassie Brown Lackey, Jerry Rentz, Chris Ryker and Chris Harmeling. See you all at the party tonight! Dennis, no Mr. Roboto. Yoko, you need to just not sing at all.
Great women born on this date: Toni Morrison, Yoko Ono, Cybill Shepherd, Vanna White, Molly Ringwald--and Pat Rives! Happy Birthday, Mom, and many, many more!
*TUESDAY FEBRUARY 18TH CHECK IN* HAPPY SNOWY TUESDAY! Hello everyone this is our official attendance for our members and all those who visit our group. Please "like" this or comment below! Celebrity Birthday's Today-John Travolta, Vanna White, Molly Ringwold, Jillian Michaels, Matt Dillon, Yoko Ono, John Hughes(D.2009), George Kennedy, Jack Palance(D.2006), Cybill Shepherd, Juice Newton, Sarah Brown, Bill Cullen(D.1990). Happy Birthday & Happy Anniversary goes out to any of our members and guests who are celebrating today! Stay Warm & Be Safe! Have a great day!
Happy Birthday Vanna White who turns 57 today. And Molly Ringwald is 46 today.
Trying to do my best Vanna White for Vanessa Rae.
I liked a video Pat Sajak and his wife are spending Valentine's Day with Vanna White and her man.
Today is the birthday of John Travolta, Vanna White, Yoko Ono, Cybil Shepherd, Matt Dillon, Molly Ringwald, and Juice Newton. John is 60 today. He is known for his role as Vinnie Barbarino on "Welcome Back Kotter" as well as starring in the movies "Saturday Night Fever" "Grease" "Urban Cowboy" "Pulp Fiction" "Get Shorty" and "Wild Hogs." Vanna is 57 today. She has been the letter turner on "Wheel of Fortune" since 1982. She also starred in the NBC movie "The Goddess Of Love." Yoko is 81 today. She is a Japanese artist and peace activist who was married to John Lennon (1969-1980). Cybil is 64 today. She is known for her roles as Colleen Champion on "Yellow Rose" Maddie Hayes on "Moonlighting" and Madeleine Spencer on "Psych." Matt is 50 today. He starred in the movies "My Bodyguard" "Tex" "Drugstore Cowboy" "Crash" and "There's Something About Mary." Molly is 46 today. She starred in the movies "Tempest" "16 Candles" "The Breakfast Club" "Pretty In Pink" and "For Keeps." Juice is 62 today. She is known for ...
Got to give it to Pat Sajak and Vanna White milking Wheel of Fortune for all she's worth. Guess they will leave the building feet first.
It's going to be so sad when Pat Sajak and Vanna White retire!
Love was in the Air! Friday we also celebrated all our Jan/Feb Corporate Office Staff b-days and V-day with cupcakes and a raffle giveaway by the lovely Kim Warrick, seen below playing Vanna White. The prize? A Flat Screen TV!!!
Valentine's Date with Vanna ... Do We Have to Spell It Out? 2/14/2014 5:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF TMZ TV Awww yeah ... Pat Sajak is kicking it with Vanna White tonight for Valentine's Day! But hold off on the champagne and fireworks -- his wife and her man will be there too. Which means 30-plus...
After sitting with the family to watch some game shows it's crazy to think Alex Trebek is 73 Pat Sajak is 67 and Vanna White is 56...
I feel like Pat Sajak and Vanna White are just so awkward.
I wonder if Pat Sajak and Vanna White get along? Pat seems like an ***
I hate Pat Sajak I think he is an genuine *** I tell Chaslynn every day but tonight he said to Vanna White which was very clever. He said. I send my sinus to Arizona I send my liver to Peru I send my spleen and kidney for the summer to Sydney, But I'm saving my heart for you.Chaslynn Maldonado
Pat Sajak killing all you men on air with his poem to Vanna White for vday. I bet you five his wife won't let him come home tonight lol...
will Pat Sajak and Vanna White ever retire
Has anyone ever noticed how ridiculously easy the jobs of Pat Sajak and Vanna White are? I mean, seriously...they make $8 and $2 million dollars respectively. I'm in the wrong business...
If Pat Sajak and Vanna White were to retire tonight, who would you pick to replace them?
At what point would it be appropriate to test Pat Sajak and Vanna White to see if they are pod people? THEY NEVER AGE!
I think Pat Sajak and Vanna White might be robots. They both look just like they did when I was a kid.
Pat Sajak and Vanna White have the best "job"ever! If you call it a "job" .
This year will mark 25yrs since I first came to the U.S. and 25 yrs ago, I saw the Wheel of Fortune for the first time. Why does Pat Sajak & Vanna White look exactly the same as they did 25yrs ago? I should have gone into plastic surgery!
Who else thinks that Pat Sajak has tapped Vanna White? lol
That awkward moment when you roll a Walmart Shopping cart into a Walgreen's store. # oops sorry Miss Mgr. Ma'am they both start with the letters Wal. wheres Pat Sajak and Vanna White at i need to spin the wheel... good grief...
Fun fact: Did you know Anderson Cooper, Mariah Carey, Vanna White, Charlie Sheen, Kid Cudi, & Nicole Richie all have Latin…
Is is just me or does Pat Sajak hate his job? Has anyone read Vanna White's autobiography? I hear it is 'a *** of a book'!
Astrology of Aquarius: Physical Qualities and Activities Aquarians are far and away the most physically attractive sign in the zodiac, especially around the eyes, because the sign rules that area (as well as the lower legs). Just as the boy in the hieroglyph is beautiful because of a few soft feminine features, so too is each Aquarian blessed with androgynous good looks: men will have a feminine feature or two, women a masculine few. Most Aquarians have angular faces, not round, and slight builds. Each step is rather light, and the independent streak shows in how an Aquarian manages to avoid bumping into people. The list of beautiful female Aquarians, then, is quite long: Jeanne Moreau, Tallulah Bankhead, Mia Farrow, Kim Novak, Vanessa Redgrave, Princess Caroline, Geena Davis, Nastassia Kinski, Katherine Ross, Suzanne Pleshette, Princess Stephanie, Christie Brinkley, Barbara Hershey, Lana Turner, Tina Louise, Jane Seymour, Cybil Shepherd, and Vanna White. Handsome male Aquarians include Clark Gable, James ...
And it just keeps getting better. 1975 script for M.A.S.H. TV show by me and best pal, Rudy Rudy Gartner-Garcia. Rudy's uncle was Jay Sandrich, one of Hollywood's top directors at the time. He got it to Larry Gelbhart, producer of the show. It wasn't used in toto, but parts of it were in different episodes (mystery meat was one). Two years later, I was in Santa Monica, CA, flying out of Santa Monica airport. Larry Linville (Frank Burns) kept a hangar there where he built a composite glider. I'd hang with him and a girl he was dating, Vanna White. Beer drinker, great guy, lousy Swedish accent... Who knew? LOL
Game Show Trivia: Wheel of Fortune is a game show that debuted on January 6, 1975 with Chuck Woolery as host. Originally Ed Kookie Byrnes was selected as host but there were rumors he was drunk and could not recite the vowels AEIOU. Woolery left the show on December 25, 1981 when he demanded more money from Merv Griffin. Alex Trebek who had finished ``High Rollers'' filled in on ``Wheel of Fortune'' for one week in 1980. Pat Sajak took over on December 28, 1981. Fred Silverman did not want Pat Sajak because he was deemed too local. Susan Stafford was the original hostess of the show and announced in 1982 that she was leaving to do humanitarian work. Summer Batholomew, Vicki McCarty, and Vanna White all tried out. Vanna White was given the job. Sajak left the daytime show in 1989 to do his talk show. Rolf Bieneirschke did the show for six months until the show moved to CBS. On June 30, 1989 the show left NBC daytime and headed for CBS on July 17th. Bob Goen took over that day and that version ran until J . ...
Just watched the first episode of "Intelligence." Saw no evidence of intelligence in the script, acting, direction, or any other part of the show. Total waste of time. Even Marg Helgenberger couldn't save it. By the way; did you know she's a year younger than Vanna White?
The best dressed celebrities are Vanna White and Steve Harvey. Judy Woodruff shouldn't show her naked arms .
Vanna White from the Wheel of Fortune, makes 4 million a year for touching electronic letters.
There is so much sexual tension between vanna white and Pat Sajak
Vanna White seems so lost on stage tonight. Or drunk. Probably drunk.
I wonder if Vanna White and Pat Sajak ever did the dirty..
We watch Wheel of Torture every night & I keep thinking Vanna White is going to start showing her age but there are a couple of things working against my theory.Her plastic surgeon and my vision….:(
Is there any reason why Vanna White is still on Wheel of Fortune? Seriously? The puzzle board pretty much works itself nowadays.
I feel like Vanna White's dress provider should be trillionaire by now.
Watching Vanna White every night on Wheel of Fortune gets me so excited to look at prom dresses 😍😍
When I was little I used to think Vanna White was a midget next to a very little board.
I can't focus when I'm watching Wheel of Fortune cause all I wanna do is yell at Vanna White to eat some calories
So how can I get Vanna White's job whenever she retires?
Things just got real at the dinner Cass: KayLeigh get back up here and eat your food KayLeigh: I'm done Cass!!! Cass: you have A lot left in ur plate KayLeigh: well Cass, (as she demonstrates with her Hands) this is my stomach (moves hands in circular motion) this half ( cutting belly in half motion) is my food half, it Is full.very full. This other half (using vanna white hand emotions) is my snack half, not full. If I eat all this food, my food half will fill my snack half and then I will have no room for snacks. (Hands flying like a flight attendant) so Cass.I'm full!! Yup!! That's our kayleigh grayce
TIL Pat Sajack and Vanna White often filmed episodes of Wheel of Fortune while drunk
I literally pointed at it like Vanna White and corrected her fat privileged cat lookin ***
Vanna burnin.. shugg got a barry white voice... precious in denial.. and zaza fightin the urge.. lol
Can I make it? *** right I be on the next flight mad cash first class sittin next to Vanna White
As the co-host of one of America's most beloved television game shows, Wheel of Fortune, Vanna White is recognized for her beautiful gowns and her dazzling smile. However, during an exclusive interview with Dear Doctor magazine, she shared her experiences with cosmetic dentistry. “I had a bridge pu
I occasionally have "conversations" like this in the am, minus the punch in the neck… From 27b/6 Vanna White When I wake up before Holly, usually to let the dog out so it doesn't take a dump on the kitchen floor, I make her a coffee and take it to her in bed whispering, "Time to wake up, you have to get ready for work," or "Time to wake up, the dog took a dump on the kitchen floor and it isn't going to clean itself up." On one occasion, I whispered, "The police are here. If they ask, I was home last night and you don't know anything about Mr O'Brian's cows." Sunday morning, Holly woke me up by punching me in the neck. Thinking that someone was attacking me, perhaps a burglar or an evil doll that had come to life, I rolled away from the blow and out of bed yelling, "What? What's happening?" Holly, staring at me from in bed, said, "I had a dream you had sex with Vanna White." Groggy and still puzzled as to what was happening, I asked, "Who the fis Vanna White?" "She's the lady that turns the letters aroun ...
Got upgraded to first class! No famous people. I always wanted to randomly sit next to Vanna White or something. I randomly say letters.
Getting fancy and wearing new gowns on the daily. Must be hard Vanna White.
I'm sure it's not me. Vanna White does not age.
The guys sure know how to rock a black and white cover pose for ;) 1DHQ x http:/…
I'm doing this whole vanna white routine at least he could do is meet me halfway I'm starting to like mellie more😂
Nothing like an early Married with Children episode mentioning Vanna White to make you feel old.
Where do I sign up to be the next Vanna White? 💃
Pat n Vanna White must be dont get old .. I hope this a rerun from back in the day ..
Flying first class like a baller. Unfortunately, I am not sitting next to Vanna White but I am getting served wine on a tray!!
Went to a Titans game today with Truman, Vanna White, and her friends Skye, and Harrison. My first NFL game. Nice, but cold, we were in the shadow of the sun and we were four rows from being at the TOP of the stadium! I kept putting my feet against the chair in front of me because I thought I was gonna fall off my chair and just go tumbling down the stadium.
Then in a confused rage he yelled for Vanna White.
It must be stressful being Vanna White knowing one day you'll be fired cause you will no longer be considered pretty enough to be on tv
After dinner, we went to Hobby Lobby for a replacement lampshade. Emma found her inner Vanna White as she indicated her favorite items in dance. I asked her to re-enact her moves.
The display name vanna half white reminds me of a jerk but I like it too much to change.
that's a ridiculously helpful reply!! Thanks for the photo - looking good Shelly / vanna white
"Vanna White wouldn't buy that letter even if I pooped in the middle!"
My Vanna White showing off my hard work
What are you doing New Years Day? Let me invite you to the Biggest and Best Auction of the Year! Wednesday at 10am! (I'll be there playing Vanna White! LOL) This auction is loaded with antiques, treasures and cool stuff! See all the photos on their website and sign up for their newsletter!! ..There's an awesome suit of armor I'd love to have! ... an old railroad cart too and SO much more! ..It's gonna be a fun day with lots of unique items! You don't want to miss it! Greenwood Auction
It's raining an I'm wearing white pants.. yay me
David Letterman should take over Vanna White's job
Breaking News: "has just announced their new game show called, "Separate The Races" hosted by David Duke and Vanna White".
The letters are bigger than Vanna White.
I Googled Vanna White to see what she look like.
Vanna White don't know what Vanna White look like.
Vanna White has been two feet tall since like '83.
Judy and I have figured it out. Pat Sajak and Vanna White are the Antichrist and the False Prophet. We've seen them on Wheel of Fortune since we were kids and they haven't aged a day.
I knew Vanna White had her own yarn line but the rest of these are new to me:
today at work I learned that Vanna White has her own brand of yarn.
Can I become Vanna white like she gets paid to look hot and touch a letter and she doesn't even age
Here's a random thought that should keep everyone awake at night just wondering. How many miles has Vanna White walked tapping letters on Wheel of Fortune?
I want Vanna White's job. All you have to do is look pretty and press buttons.
Golfed today at Legacy Golf Club with Charlie, Ron. The house in picture belongs to Vanna White. Pretty day to play 63 degrees.
Vanna White's heart just isn't in it anymore.
I had a major crush on Vanna White.
Can I just take over for Vanna White when she retires? A girl can dream...
VANNA WHITE: Television game show hostess and actress Vanna White was born Vanna Marie Rosich on February 18, 1957, in North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Her parents divorced when Vanna was an infant, and she was raised by her mother, Joan, and stepfather, Herbert White Jr., in North Myrtle Beach. After graduating from high school, White moved to Atlanta, Georgia, where she attended the Atlanta School of Fashion and worked as a model. She headed to Los Angeles in 1979 to pursue an acting career, but in the summer of 1980, she returned briefly to South Carolina to see her mother, who was dying of ovarian cancer. White returned to Hollywood with renewed resolve and earned a series of minor acting jobs in largely forgettable films, including the role of Mickey in Gypsy Angels (1980); a bit part in Looker (1981), starring alongside Albert Finney; and the small role of Doris in the high school thriller Graduation Day (1981). She also appeared in one episode of the TV series Star of the Family in 1982. 'Wheel ...
Time to get ready. Shower pack. Have coffee. Eat. Then wait for vanna white to get here to pick me up.
Introducing the newest first lady of DG ... Vanna White
I took the ole escort out to the club christmas night, my baby was happy to be out lol.but she cant go tonite, me & vanna white go be doing our thang! For those who dont know,vanna white is my white chevy.
Everyone knows Vanna White as the elegant co-host of the popular game show Wheel of Fortune. But here's one thing you may not know: White is listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as television's most frequent clapper, with an average of 720 claps per show — that's over 28,000 per season! And
Here's an interesting tidbit of information on Wheel of Fortune host Vanna White: like many people, she grinds her teeth at night. In a detailed interview with Dear Doctor magazine, Vanna explained how she had to replace a filling in a back tooth several times because of her grinding habit. Eventua
The more of these that pop up in memory cause even more to become dislodged from the inside of my brain. I was on another of the Columbia Artists' "Big Band Cavalcade of Stars" tours. I think it was the "Stars of the Lawrence Welk Show" tour. When we'd arrive at a new town, the band would get off the bus at the hotel and check in. And usually sometime shortly after that - depending on how we were doing on schedule - the bus would head over to the venue to set up. The musicians had the option of hanging at the hotel or coming along. When the venue was in a hip part of the town we were playing, some of us would go over early with the set up crew. Otherwise the bus would come pick us up - usually as Wheel of Fortune was just wrapping up (there was serious Vanna White fan club on the band) I rode over to the venue this particular day. I grabbed my daily newspaper. my horn and tux etc and climbed on the bus. That night we were to be playing in a large high school theater. When got to the school, I took all my ...
Vanna White has been a household name for the last 27+ years and is best known as the first female co-host of the game show, Wheel of Fortune. She radiates a warm, friendly, down-home appeal and says when describing herself, “what you see is what you get!” While this is quite true, there is so much
I hope you enjoyed a beautiful Christmas & Boxing Day! There was a set of beautiful bamboo handled hooks and gorgeous vanna white yarn in my gifts this year! I am blessed to have such generous family! The shop is open again, and there will be a New Years deal on the Capitol collection coming soon!
Buy Miche Bag Online!
Listen to feddyj / Vanna White Ten Bandz feat. Feddy J | Explore the largest community of artists, bands, podcasters and creators of music & au...
Love watching Vanna white and Pat Sajack every night
Loved agility tonight with Jack and Tiko! Fun to practice the elusive Vanna White turn!
Is no one else alarmed that Pat Sajak and Vanna White are obviously vampires?
Christmas was Beautiful, some Red Hot Tamolies, a Red Vanna White Leather suit, with a sharp pocketbook to match, and a KEITH SWEAT CD...RIGHT NOW, you can't tell me nothing.all smiles over here. Stacie Jackson, Marc Spearman
Too many years on the road of life trying to stay away from her. Vanna White bagged me.
Wheel of Fortune was on while we were getting people ready for bed and- Me: Vanna White has found the secret to eternal youth.. Grandma: Yeah, no close ups.
My inlaws really like Wheel of Fortune. I gotta say, Vanna White still looks pretty *** good.
My Bit somewhere Flipping Os she thank she Vanna White, she Blow me befo I go out Candle Light!!
Must be nice to walk back @ forward @ turn letters .Miss Vanna White i wuld luv that!!!
A Merry Christmas greeting from The Hagemans. If you are reading this you are a friend of mine from one of three time frames. A friend from my youth in the "Heights" and Danville. My second youth as a teacher/coach in Catlin. My third youth as a retired teacher(still pretending to coach, I am now the Vanna White of football. I wear an evening gown and just look good.) and a grandpa. Some where along the way you have all touched my life in a special way. We all become a little part of every one that we meet. I know at this Christmas season I am truly blessed because of each of you. I am joined in this Christmas greeting by my wife Donna who has ALWAYS been there, at least in phases two and three of my youth.(if she had known me in phase one, esp. my I.S.U. years she would have run like thief in the night) I am lucky to have her and each and everyone of you more than you will ever know. I can say this with all my heart I you all. (This all having been said. I know there are a lot of "fire fines" here. I'll ...
Vanna White, Ed McMahon Nicolette Sheridan Mary Hart, Chuck Woolery Are as vague as they can be Brooke Shields, Dawber, Pam Personality of Spam Christie Brinkley, Brosnan, Pierce Bland and boring something fierce Wilson Phillips loved to sing And wreck the cover of a magazine Daniel Quayle's brain is gone Debbie Gibson gives good yawn Kelly LeBrock thinks she's great She's just cold boogers on a paper plate Why they're famous we don't know But Paula Abdul's gotta go Ladies with no point of view Fellows who don't have a clue If they're stars, then you can do it Just be vague, there's nothing to it
Arnold Schwarzenegger on 'The Dating Game' In 1973, Arnold Schwarzenegger appeared on 'The Dating Game.' Back then, the championship bodybuilder only had one film on his resume: he had appeared in 'Hercules in New York' as the titular hero, under the stage name "Arnold Strong 'Mr. Universe'." It would still be nine years before he landed the star-making role of Conan in 'Conan the Barbarian.' Vanna White on 'The Price is Right' Just two years before she became the iconic letter-turner on 'Wheel of Fortune,' Vanna White was a fresh-faced and adorable contestant on another game show -- 'The Price is Right.' She made an impression with her custom t-shirt, which host Bob Barker makes a point of noticing. Farrah Fawcett on 'The Dating Game' A few years before she landed a starring role on 'Charlie's Angels,' Farrah Fawcett appeared on 'The Dating Game' as a guest, choosing from three eligible bachelors whom she might date. Fawcett would go on to become an icon, both for her acting and that glorious hair. Steve ...
James Wallace Thuringer quote of the day: "Wow, Vanna White looks good tonight."
Perfectly fine with NBA considering dumping draft lottery, going to 30-year wheel system, as long as they hire Pat Sajak and Vanna White.
Buenas. Cross Conference. Piper. Chandler. Jared Howard, Platt, and a road trip to the blue grass state of Kentucky. Here is the need to know info: 1. We the people are leaving at 9am December 26th from the BCM: Be early to sign waivers, pay cash monties, and secure your spot next to that special someone. Ben Nathman 2. We the people are staying at a church: so bring bedding and maybe a air mattress to sleep on a floor. 3. We the people will need toiletries: stuff like soap, deodorant, kevin durant, soap, and eye black. 4. We the peeps will be eating breakfast and dinner together: lunch and meals on the road trip will be on you. Remember: sharing is caring... especially when it come to chocolate. to the bus driver. who is me. 5. You will need a Bible and something to take notes on: we are believing for the Lord to speak some big things during this shin-dig... GET YOUR MIND RIGHT! 6. We still have a hand full of spots left: if you know somebody who can fill them then contact Brycen Collins aka Money man ak ...
Mrs River City at the Operation Home Front helping our military and their families here in San Antonio! I was honored to have helped with the swag bags and doing the Vanna White for the Auction items. Lol.
I wonder if the NBA goes to a wheel system for the draft if they will hire Pat Sajak & Vanna White to run it
Hopefully Pat Sajak and Vanna White would make an appearance.
I'm all for the draft wheel, on the condition that Pat Sajak and Vanna White host the first Wheel Selection show.
This time around we have a 1992 episode of "Wheel of Fortune" from San Francisco. Hosted by Pat Sajak, and with Vanna White, this episode's soap stars are ...
Payin cash first class sitting next to Vanna White
I'll be the Vanna White to your Pat Sajak...
Had a great time at Speakeasily with Audra Wolfmann, The Mermaid Atlantis, Klingon Vanna White & Jet Noir! Now on to Bubbles on Fire at 23 Club!
how many times do you think Pat Sajak has nailed Vanna White?
Pat Sajak and Vanna White do not age
My grandpa always tells me that I have the second best job in the world just following Vanna White. I can't say I disagree. I just got paid to dog sit for 2 hours. This consisted of me sitting on the couch, reading a magazine and taking a nap. :)
Regarding the many international versions of "Wheel of Fortune"...Vanna White said,.."It's very hard watching someone else touch my letters."
True Confessions: I once sat on a plane with Vanna White for an hour while USAirways tried to repair a toilet so we could take off. They couldn't fix it and we ended up booked on separate flights. Dammit!
I be no T I be no S I be no Crip I be no Blood I am Neamhbhalbh Mhatha Jacobs faoi irish for empty your pockets this is a stick up. Vanna White ask Pat Sajak to start charging for the letter h. 5hourenergy
It's been reported that Jessica Simpson is in talks to be a guest host for Vanna White on Wheel of Fortune. The only stumbling block is finding enough tutors with the patience to teach Jessica the alphabet.
When I grow up, can I be Vanna White? 󾠣
Just came out of the RDN Christmas Recital. It was great to see the kids have fun. My Toni was the Vanna White of the play, Oso worked as a stage hand. Both did a great job.
If you think being rich and famous is everything, imagine being Vanna White.
In 1984, Pat Sajak, Vanna White, Alex Trebek, and Bob Barker struck a deal with the devil for eternal youth and long lasting shows. Bob Barker had to break it when the Devil demanded that he never spade a dog again. This is why everyone else is still on the air and a skinny Drew Carey took Bobs place. True Story.
I caught the end of Wheel of Fortune tonight and it is good to see gravity has hit Vanna White too. I noticed her boobs don't stand as high as they used to. How old is she anyone know.
FaveCrafts met Vanna White at CHA! Watch our interview to find out how she learned to crochet and ...
Con 86 announce banner poster with mystery person Vanna White-ing it. Earlier 1990's local TV mag advert for Youth or YTV programming of Anglo note
On the next flight paying cash sittin next to Vanna White ..
It is difficult not to think about how badly my wife wants to replace vanna white, then i remember that the mossad is considered as the jewish version of germany`s gestapo.
I want to thank all the beautiful ladies from Pure Romance including Christie Ridge Himes and my lovely "Vanna White"(s) for making this evening a fantastic success and fun evening! I hope you all enjoyed the night and despite some disappointing service had a wonderful time! Here's to hoping its not the last I see of what was such an enjoyable group of fun loving folks!!!
Matt is so funny!! We were watching Wheel of Fortune and an old clip of Vanna White turning the letters. He starts yelling" hey dad was right!! She really did have to turn the letters!" The boys cracks me up!
I got a good job and I'm thankful but if Vanna White ever retires I'm applying. It's been reported she makes about 4 million a year to touch those letters- wow- now that's a gig!!!
Today I found in my shed Playboys from 1980 with Bo Derek,Vanna White, Suzanne Somers,Jane Kennedy,Nancy Drew and Farrah Fawcett
I was playing Wheel of Fortune in my dream and wanted to buy a vowel. I forgot what they were so I asked if I could buy a bowel. They took $200 from my winnings after Pat Sajak farted. What a terrible nightmare. That's why I woke up. It was terrible, Vanna White flipped me the bird on National TV.
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I'm wondering if Wheel has ever put these as puzzles? Phrase - "I'd like to buy a vowel" What are you doing? - "watching Wheel of Fortune" People - "Pat Sajak & Vanna White"
Dear lord I thought Pat Sajak and Vanna White died years ago!!! But he still holding it down strong on the Wheel of Fortune!!!
Have u ever watched Wheel of Fortune on mute? Vanna White looks so stupid.
Describing Vanna White, co-host of the hit television game show Wheel of Fortune as friendly is an understatement. Yes, a good portion of the credit goes to her bubbly personality; however, you can't look at her without noticing her world-famous smile. During an interview with Dear Doctor magazine,
We would like to extend a huge THANK YOU to all of you for supporting our 8th Annual Christmas Auction! We had 29 beautiful donations from businesses & individuals (along with our entire board) that all sold excellent. Also thanks to our auctioneer, Les Johnston along with "Vanna White" aka, Sandy Ogden for keeping us entertained! All in all we raised $5270 for our rink!!
I'm on the next flight. Paid cash, first class. Sittin' next to vanna white.
had a great time today Benefit for Noah Claunch. at trouts today...i even played vanna white for the auction the pictures ended up going for 140$! i used all my star quality skills LOL.. be back tonight for more fun! who wants to go to the Michael Peterson concert tonight at Rockwells, Trouts & The Blackboard Stages of Bakersfielduts
Klingon Vanna White as seen on the Burlesque Talk Show Speakeasily. And the MONDO!...
R.i.p to katrina carters mom vanessa aka vanna white gone but not forgotten.
Random Saturday morning thought: Does the 'Wheel of Fortune' really need Vanna White? Really? I mean C'mon Really? Just an observation I made after buying a bottle of Gentleman's Jack... Now off to the gym.
WE ARE...MARQUETTE...WE ARE...YOUR SPORTS HEADQUARTERS FOR ALL THINGS MU as they take on VANNA WHITE'S favorite college baseball team: IUPUI! Can we buy a vowel? MAKE YOUR WAY TO THE MAJOR'S Before & After and you'll be able to catch the panoply of college sports, basketball... WE HAVE BURGERS, WINGS, SALADS, FRIES, SWEET PO-TATER TOTS, and lots more to choose from. THE BEST NEWS IS: It's all GOOD!
So I called a member of management Mr. Walrus-Moustache. For the rest of the day he called me Vanna White. I don't get it...I'm very confused.
North Myrtle Beach is the home of Vanna White...and they are PROUD!
Turning Letters and turning heads Vanna White wearing her Harold Clarke
Today in Television History, brought to you by "Rabbit Ears": *** Van *** is born in 1925. "Rabbit Ears" poem: “'The *** Van *** Show': The Unaired Episodes” by Joel Allegretti Vanna White becomes hostess of "Wheel of Fortune" in 1982. "Rabbit Ears" poems: “We Were Watching 'Wheel of Fortune' When the War Came On” by Philip Miller; “Vanna White is Pregnant” by Gayle Brandeis
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Travis Clark hosts a podcast with his loving and supportive wife (listeners will know Bobby's disdain for this).  Bobby and Travis bond over their weak backs and how it *** getting old, even though they are in their 30's.  Bobby explains why he could never be on Jeopardy and Travis met Vanna White...
Pat Sajak from Wheel of Fortune had to of smashed Vanna White at least once lol..
And of course, after Jeopardy comes Wheel of Fortune. Still to this day, Vanna White still looks like she hasn't aged a day. I first started watching with my grandparents when I was about 6.
I'm watching Wheel of Fortune and thinking about all the skill it takes for Vanna White to press the sides of the board to reveal each letter. Such hard work right?
It's crazy how I am 31. & Pat Sayjack & Vanna White are still 41... I guess its safe to say, they've been watching me grow up then.
Got some sweet new t-shirts, some bar stickers for vanna white, got to pet a puppy dog and play some killer venues. Tonight we're at shotguns on 6th...then tomorrow we go to Alabama.when good times end, they end hard.
Are Pat Sajak and Vanna White even real? How are they still on TV??
Today an autograph success of Game shows. I e mailed "Wheel of Fortune" and they sent me a color 8x10 photo autographed by both Vanna White and Pat Sajak on the same photo it looks really cool,
The PTO, staff and students of Jenkins Elementary School would like to invite you to our annual "Winter Fest" tomorrow night...Friday, December 6, 2013...from 5 pm to 8 pm at the Burdine Campus!!! We will have lots of fun games including.The Duck Pond, Wheel of Fortune (starring everyone's favorite host Pat Sajak..aka..Ken Flannary and our hostess Vanna White...aka...Ms. Suzi), Corn Hole games, Gone Fishing...along with many more! We will be giving out some awesome prizes and will also have a concession come hungry and ready to have some fun! We greatly appreciate your support for this great event and please know that all proceeds from this night are used to purchase a Christmas gift from the PTO for each student. So, come on out and have some fun.Proud To Be A Cavalier!
Can someone please tell me what the *** Pat Sajak and Vanna White are drinking, eating, injecting, etc. They have not aged a bit. They are also sitting on a freaking gold mine. Who what of thought Pat Sajak would still be turning that wheel and Vana would be walking her tight *** across those letters. All the other 80's game shows hosts are either dead or fired when there *** sagged. Amazing. They are true American icons!
Pat Sajak and Vanna White both have huge heads for their bodies...
Everytime I watch wheel I listen to Pat Sajak. I think he wants Vanna White. Hes always hitting on her!
For anyone that ever thought that Vanna White and Jayne Mansfield were American game show sex symbols, neither of these women have anything on Rachel Riley from Countdown.
Ok so I would like for Pat Sajak and Vanna White to go some where and SAT DOWN!! smh
Oh Maggie Maggie Maggie McDonald Miller gave me 7. So here are 7 things u may not know about me. 1. I won a Caribbean Cruise in the early '90s on the game show 'Wheel of Fortune'. I met Pat Sajack, Vanna White and Bob Goen. Enjoyed an early morning breakfast with Mr. Goen and several chats with Vanna. Pat Sajack left the ship in Miami before we set sail. 2. My major in high school was 'Art'. But my parents told me to change it as I would never make a living drawing as companies didn't hire ppl to draw pictures or paint. 3. I met the host of 'Survivor' Jeff Probst at his birthday party at the Atlanta Speedway. He's quite good looking in person and loves to hug. 4. I finally got my concealed to carry a few months ago and even though it can't be seen I'm always armed. No I'm not crazy! 5. I am a sensitive, meaning I 'feel' the presence of others not seen and occasionally see them out of the corner of my eye. No I'm not crazy! 6. Sometimes I think it would be great just to take off to the beach or mountains a ...
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You are so patriarchal. Why is Vanna White relegated to turning numbers? Only Pat can speak?
I want a friendship like Vanna White & Pat Sajak have..
Pat Sajak and Vanna White should be married
Can't beleve Vanna White is still flippin letter's.
I be on the next flight. Payin cash . First class . Sittin next to Vanna White .
“It’s not the Grammys or the Oscars. You’re not supposed to show up in a gown, Vanna White-style. It’s supposed to be fun!” - Miley
Vanna White from Wheel of Fortune still looking bad and she's 93 years old.
It never fails to surprise me that Vanna White still gets paid to turn giant letters over.
If Vanna White ever retires, we think would be a perfect fit to fill her shoes.
What do I have to study to get Vanna White's job?
Who remembers watching Wheel of Fortune. When vanna white had to turn the letters to view them?
Vanna White is so skinney, if she stuck her tongue out and turned sideways, she would look like a zipper
I really think Wheel of Fortune should ask me to be the next Vanna White.
How is it that Pat Sajak and Vanna White look the same as when I was a child?!
Thank you for being amazing and being my tech vanna white!
you know, I'd still do Vanna White if i had the chance... I admit it, i ain't got no shame in that
Still great to see Pat Sajak and Vanna White doing new episodes of Wheel of Fortune.
There's no way Vanna White and Pat Sajak don't hate each other.
By contract, Wheel of Fortune cameras must be Vanna White's age in feet away from her so it's like watching her on surveillance footage.
Vanna White destroyed that dress tonight
I'm surprised Vanna White hasn't been downsized. Surely, they can get those letters to just come on by themselves.
Dear god Vanna White is in a leather dress tonight. Wow
*vanna white in trenchcoat looks to left and right . "Hey kid, wanna buy a vowel?"
Going to college to be the next Vanna White
Dream Job: the new Vanna White on Wheel of Fortune
Thank you I've never laughed so hard at sports talk. Just played the epic Vanna White rant with the host of Wheel of Fortune
Hometown love: Myrtle Beach is the birthplace of Wheel of Fortune hostess, Vanna White.
I got to play Vanna White today at Tanya's Noontime Art Talk... There's another talk tomorrow too!
It's a shame when the the little white girl from the country calling out all the "hood badgirls" on their fake *** s .
Is Vanna White still doing Wheel of Fortune? Lol she must be like 55 now   10% Off
NBD - just hanging out with Pat Sajak and Vanna White from wheeloffortune.
hear partial interviews from Kathy Ireland, Vanna White, and other
Vanna White is awesome, Cher is flippin awesome and Mr. Miagi is awesome cool!!!
is giving Vanna White a run for her money
white people kill me. You would have run screaming from Williamsburg 20 years ago.
"Chronic" entrepreneur Erik from Cold Smoke Cargo w/Adam Melnick from as Vanna White
Why can't we have daylight savings time ALL the time? I very much so dislike the darkness at 6:00 PM. As soon as it turns dark, I think I have to put on my PJ's while cooking and eating dinner and watching NBC Nightly News, Vanna White and Jeopardy! Am I the only one that feels this way? Help me out here!
for sure! I hadn't seen it in person before. I hadn't come across vanna white either
Make sure ya support my bros and download that today!! Check out the "Vanna white"
vanna white she is. please MESSAGE me THE answer TO this: jennifer's sudden 1970 leap to become america's most popular name for baby girls, a title it held until 1984, is often attributed to what novel and movie?
Some professors use the 'Vanna White' model during Wheel of Fortune. In this game, Contestants bring up points that may or may not be unveiled on the board.
Goin' round the house, turnin' off all the lights, feelin' like Vanna White. I should include those lyrics in a song I write
So Pat Sajak and Vanna White have surely banged by now, right?
When I grow up, I wanna be like Vanna White.
I'll be your Vanna White. I have a lot of free time.
"if i ask Vanna for that White, i know Pat wont say jack"
I'm convinced that Pat Sajak and Vanna White have an anti-aging serum.
My goal in life is to take Vanna White's job when she retires 😍
On this 5th day of gratitude Month, I will share an experience that drove home the importance of personal dignity. There are many people who visit my porch; different ethnic groups, races, religions, languages, back grounds, economic levels, etc. It is like a mini United Nations! Not wanting to make people feel uncomfortable, my time spent on the porch is purposely minimal. One Sunday morning, as I was restocking the porch I heard a voice calling to me, "Misses, Misses!" Walking up to me was a gentleman with purpose in his stride and a sparkle in his eye. He excitedly starting talking in a language foreign to me. As his arm gestures took on a life of their own, my mind was racing - where had I seen him before? In the driveway turning circles were his small children and their proud mother standing beside them beaming. As his Vanna White impersonation continued in the direction of his family, it all clicked. When I first met him, his eyes were dull, his face was lined with worry. He walked with a ...
"I'm wearing white on my wedding day. I didn't earn it but I am." 😂
Ok I sit down with my wife and watch Wheel of Fortune. I hate the show but I sit and watch with her. Then I start thinking. Most of you have a job. Most of you probably have more degrees than a thermometer. I would venture none of us make what Vanna White makes simply walking back and forth turning letters that light up for her. Oh did I mention none of you have the clothes she wares that are not hers in the first place. Ms. White has a high school education, has been turning letters since 1985, and makes several MILLION a year not counting endorsements. Some how we all missed the boat on getting a job like that
Vanna White... A Retard Blind Monkey. Could do your Job. You was cute at one time. But now you look like the Crypt Keeper.
I wonder if Pat Sajak & Vanna White really get along or if they are telling each other how much they hate each other while smiling.
after all these years Vanna White is still hot
C'mon man Wheel of Fortune been commn on for 341yrs and Vanna White still look da same?
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