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Vanna White

Vanna White (born Vanna Marie Rosich; February 18, 1957) is an American television personality and film actress best known as the hostess of Wheel of Fortune since 1982.

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Just wait until Vanna White turns over the letters: M-A-R-R-I-A-G-E E-Q-U-A-L-I-T-Y, one day.
What the *** is Vanna White taking in order to stay the same age
Do you think they asked Vanna White how long she planned on being attractive or did they just get lucky?
I don't like how condescending Pat Sajak has been to Vanna White lately.
"Look at that princess, Mommy!" - my 4 yr old referring to Vanna White
S/O Pat Sajak 4 having the honor of raw dogging Vanna White for 30+ years
I wonder if Vanna White and Pat Sajak ever got it on.
Blues look fab on the iconic Vanna White! LOOK HERE: at the styles she wore this week on htt…
What is Vanna White's secret to looking young?
It's gonna be a combination of ghetto *** people and white trash at that Kevin Gates tomorrow.
Most of my code samples are like Vanna White, waving her hand in front of a new IE feature. But they're *Vanna* quality hand waving!
Semester hasn't even started and I already want to know how to switch my major to get a Vanna White degree.
I saw a taping of yesterday and got to see and Vanna White at work. In other words, my life h…
Hosted by Betty White. . Music by JackWhite & WhiteStripes. Lifetime Achievement Award to Mel Blanc presented by Vanna White.…
On a scale of one to Vanna White, how unnecessary is your job?
Vanna White has the easiest job I want it
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Got to believe that Vanna White is Betty White's daughter 😎.
You show me someone who has had their job replaced by technology and I'll show you Vanna White.
TV Spoke model's tribute to was touching, like Vanna White serving hog maws in Harlem... the revolution is televised.
Pat Sayjack and Vanna White definitely got it on, right?
What does Vanna White call her contract extensions?
Where's that woman I had a crush on for sooo long Vanna White ?
want to say involving bette midler and Vanna white
looks like she borrowed that dress from Vanna White. Lookin good like an Ace of Spades for sure
Perhaps they are planning on picking up Vanna White?
Vanna White has the world's largest prom dress collection.
Can I make it? *** right. I'll be on the next flight. Payin' cash, first class, sitting next to Vanna White
I would have sex with Vanna White anytime. She's a MILF
Vanna White wore all week on ! Check out her style HERE: Which would u wear? ht…
Vanna White's 2015 New Years Resolution "play more golf".. I'm with that Vanna. Everyone needs to play more..
I got grams of white that vanna white
So when Vanna White retires, can I have her job?
if Vanna White ever retires, give me a call
Is it just me or is Vanna White's job completely unnecessary with modern tech?I'm watching only cuz is next
20 [M4F] Last chance to spin... Wheel. of. Roleplays! (Vanna White not included) via /r/...
I wonder how many times Pat Sajack hit Vanna White
How does vanna white looks so good after all these years of letter turning?
Vanna white gets paid 8 million a year to pretend to push screens on wheel of fortune. Lol. Wow
Payin' cash, first class, forget Vanna White.. Got the DrMrs with me this time.
Vanna White and her afternoon run on great slave lake. Yellowknife NWT
Vanna just asked if white people knew what tamales are
And here we have Vanna White modeling the new The Child
How y'all gonna go from Ashley look ON POINT and coming for Vanna White's job to...Chelly? Ugh.
Vanna White couldn't show off a car any better! Looking good next to your new 2014 Buick Encore, Mary Jo Melvin!...
I would love to have Vanna White's job on wheel of fortune
Listen to NEW SINGLE Kush'dOutShawty - Vanna White (Prod. YungAmazin) by Kush'dOutShawty on
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Shawty watch me move a bowel. Just like Vanna White when shawty move a vowel ✊💯
Did you know that Pat Sajak and Vanna White's combined net worth is $75 million? Really. Just something to think about at work today.
my father idolizes Vanna White as a heroic ESL immigrant. Can't bring myself to tell him that she's from South Carolina.
W! Syndication 1989 Pat Sajak & Vanna White Fami…: Pat & Joanne with their $37,150 win and Family of the Year trophy
Braces Have Come a Long Way, Says Vanna White: Everyone knows Vanna White as the elegant co-host of the popula...
I just want to live a glamorous life like Vanna White who makes $40,000,000 a year. Wish I had that kind of money
Vanna White could show me some letters.
Fallon was trying to get Danielle to guess Vanna White and she guessed Vienna Blue. LOL
“White girls that can twerk, win, win. teach me 😩
Revelation: just told my 8 year old that Vanna White and Pat Sajak look the same as they did when I was his age. I'm 40! Deal with devil?
I told you Merv Griffin, Pat Sajak and Vanna White didn't invent that game show!
Sony made a mistake in canceling The Interview. And they're making an even bigger mistake showing Pat Sajak & Vanna White in high definition
According to the article so do Hilary Clinton and Vanna White
Dr Bob's heated neck wrap, with a Vanna White appearance by Lou Ferrigno our pup
you should have a cutout of not Vanna White next to the winter wonder wheel?
Pat Sajak because he gets to look at Vanna White.
Who has the greatest job in the world: Pat Sajak or Vanna White?
Corcoran Holt does his best Vanna White to display the Side Door emblem here in Old Lyme, CT. Ulysses Owens Jr.
Payin cash...first class...sittin next to Vanna White
The only white girl bf I had was Kayla an she didn't even act like it 😂
hey it's all I had. My little brother stole the Vanna White auto trader we had in the house
Banking on applying for Vanna White's job when she retires
Vanna White has got to be a vampire ...
I often wonder how Vanna White stays in shape with all that walking back and forth.
I don't know who's gonna do it but it's gonna take a lot of talent to replace Vanna White.
'Wheel of Fortune' hit its 6,000th episode — and Vanna White really wore a different outfit in each one via
I hope I look as good at 57 as Vanna White does. Except manlier. I would prefer to look like a man.
Vanna White's dress looks like Elsa from Frozen. Turn on Wheel!
Pat Sajak and Vanna White have the best jobs in the whole world.
How many times do you think Pat Sajack and Vanna White got it on?
Vanna White is a smoke show for a lady who's almost 60
When I graduate college can I just have Vanna White's job
I would like Vanna White's job from Wheel of Fortune
Vanna White is a national treasure and if you don't agree get out of my life
Awful find of the day: Vanna White doll from Home Shopping Network back in the late 1980s.
Today a patient told me that I resemble Vanna White? Uh heh thanks?
yes Vanna and b said to bring both black and white shirt incase refs say something
I was his lovely assistant, of course. Think Vanna White.
Quick take on Darren Wilson's testimony: It's like fantasy fiction about raging Negroes from a white supremacist website.
Nothing will change unless white people begin to see minorities differently, and no matter how much we protest we can't change their minds
My goodness... How long has Vanna White ol *** been turning those dam letters on Wheel Of Fortune?
Vanna White truly has the best job ever
Vanna White the most loyalist female in the game hands down
I love Vanna White but im ready for a younger broad* to take over . *me
What do I have to major in to be Vanna White from the wheel of fortune?
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What if I just want to be Vanna White?
Vanna White is 57 and is still good looking 👌
Typical Laura thought: I wonder if Nelly ever did ride first class next to Vanna White...
Where do I apply for Vanna White's job?
Vanna White in the Public Garden on the Wheel tonight!
I'll admit she looks great for 57, but how much longer before WOF gives Vanna White the boot? Possible replacements?
that's Vanna White explaining to how he lost to them halfling tricks
They called me Vanna White today and that made me pretty happy😊
Hare Krishnas are very active at recruiting on College Campuses!
Vanna White fears her teenage son is being brainwashed by Hare Krishna movement
It isn't every day that I'm greeted by Pat Sajack and Vanna White.
Can't tell me that Pat Sajak and Vanna White ain't smash at least once..
My father's dinner prayer: Father, we pray that you bless Pat Sajak and Vanna White.
Fairly certain that Vanna White is a figment of Pat Sajak's imagination.
I wonder if the portraits of the withering, dusty corpses of Pat Sajak and Vanna White are stored together or separately
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Pat Sajak and Vanna White were often "drunk" while hosting the earlier seasons. Sajak said they'd have "two or t...
Pat Sajak and Vanna White have been doing this for a long time! I haven't watched this joint in years! Who still watches
You eat at the Timid Muppet with Vanna White. You order Indian booger shish kebab with raw egg.
Now and the Dems have a white people problem? I have an idea, how about fighting instead of assimilating. ***
let him be the Vanna White for MathStars lolol
Paying cash, first class, sitting next to Vanna White...
I was supposed to wear all white to school today, I wore all black instead
Paid cash, first class, sittin next to Vanna White
I just got a noise complaint for being Vanna White in the hall
I started getting rock hard for Vanna White, that's how I knew I was straight. No choices, no one pushed a "straight" agenda on me
Jesus, Vanna White is held together with bondo and duct tape
Vanna White gets paid $4 million a year for walking a small distance, tapping on squares, and getting sent all over the world.
Sitting here think about my phatty and watching white chicks
luv it Kent , u look better than Vanna white :) thx u
Are people who say "Merica" looking to buy a vowel from Vanna White to solve the puzzle?
Vanna White still looks okay though.
Dear Vanna White. It's called aging. Look it up.
I'll be on the next flight sitting next to vanna white!
Yoo Vanna white still walking that walk
I'd still let Vanna White spark up an interesting conversation with me.
Even/especially in HD, Vanna White still kills it
One day I hope to have a job as stress free as Vanna White's.
Boy you kno Pat Sajak been knockin down Vanna White for decades lmao
Vanna White has some big ol titties
Im convinced that Pat Sajak and Vanna White are aliens...they looked the same 30years ago..
Is it safe to say Vanna White has the world record for clapping over a lifespan
I'd be lying if I said I wouldn't still take a run a Vanna White
To the car full of white guys with the DUCT TAPED WINDOW, no. I won't pull up my shirt. K bye. Animals.
I was wondering why Vanna White still looks hot, and then I remembered she's Puerto Rican, so it's no surprise
Rent Vanna White's former Beverly Park home for $150,000/month!
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Who do you think you are, Vanna White?
be Vanna White (the lady that points to the letters on wheel of fortune)
The absurdity of Vanna White is why I have trust issues.
Sorry, Vanna White Not Included: We have a winner of the trip to Salem Massachusetts on Wheel of Fortune (video)
Guys the last season of White Collar starts tonight 😄😁😭
Thank you for always being the official Vanna White!! Lol
I met vanna white & her make up artist gave me her eyeliner 💜
Named my Impala Vanna White and named my truck Betty White. Maybe my next car will be snow white.
Peggy just compared herself to vanna white again
I added a video to a playlist Vanna White: How she joined ‘Wheel’ and a surprising hobby
I wonder if nelly ever got his wish to fly first class next to vanna white...
When you go to a white school and 😳they call a hard core lock down and you just sitting there thinking like
Vanna White was my first role model
That awkward moment when Vanna White doesn't know how to spell a word and walks away from a lit-up square.
FUN FACT: Vanna White was discovered by Merv Griffen as a contestant on Price is Right.
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“I am a white girl and I have never eaten Chipotle. Yeah, we still exist.” Not bæsic 💁
I'm convinced that Vanna White has not aged at all in the last 20 years. I mean how does someone look the same for 20 years??
Vanna White is a national treasure.
If Vanna White ever wants to retire I will definitely volunteer to be her replacement.
he should be Pat Sajak and you should be Vanna White!
i bet when Vanna White plays Scrabble she complains that the tiles are too small
I think that Vanna White got the best job ever. She just turns letters. 'I turn letters, but only when they glow. I'm not stupid.'
as a kid, I desperately wanted to be Vanna White (I know), which is maybe all of those things!
I wonder if Vanna White looks back on her life and thinks, I should've turned tricks, not letters
* Joy Behar likens Sarah Palin to Vanna White, basically on
I just talked out loud to myself the entire 20 minute ride home from towson to white marsh .. I genuinely think I've lost my mind.
How do I become Vanna White. Paid to be pretty and touch giant letters.
we are having a party and I'm going as vanna white w/a wheel of fortune board and wheel😂
Amy Poehler was signing books down the street & I was watching Vanna White turn letters as though it was any other Thursday.
Wheel of Fortune utilized the power of the Sega CD to present Vanna White in FMV: http:/…
TIL-Vanna White appeared as a contestant on the Price is Right in 1980 when she was 23.
Peek Inside Vanna White’s Closet!: . We’ve got an exclusive preview of Vanna White’s candid ...
Thanks so much to for being my Vanna White tonight!
Vanna White's teenage son is 'exploring a *** relationship' with Hare via
Vanna White is in the House...Holiday House that is!
Gonna go on Wheel of Fortune so Vanna White can touch my 'D'
Vanna white gets to wear a prom dress everyday
Vanna White is killing me in that dress tonight. 😲👌
What could Pat Sajak and Vanna White possibly have to say to each other at this point?
I think Vanna White should do jumping jacks each time competitors solve a puzzle. Making the show more enticing. Just sayin.
Well my dad just said Vanna White was "smoking hot" so I have that going for my night.
When Nelly thinks of celebrities flying first class he thinks "oh Vanna White flies first class."
Made a Vanna White like hand gesture to the driver of the car asking to turn into the lane I was in.
I'm listening to: Weird Al Yankovic Stuck in a Closet With Vanna White
and then Vanna White telling her she's going to Clown College.
Ya, so are big bird, Vanna white and judge Judy don't cha know
I think it's margaritas at El Torito. "Always wonder if Pat Sajak & Vanna White leave work & get hammered at Applebee's."
I always wonder if Pat Sajak and Vanna White ever leave work and get hammered at Applebee's.
One day Pat Sajak and Vanna White will not be on Wheel of Fortune via /r/Showerthoughts
Pat Sajak and Vanna White look exactly like they did when my grandmother watched Wheel of Fortune and she's been dead since 1995.
What do you think? Should Bill & Nik dress up as Pat Sajak and Vanna White for Halloween.
Anita Renfroe is the best Vanna White ever!
I swear Vanna White and Pat Sajak do not age.
Who's had more work done, Pat Sajak or Vanna White?
So excited to be the Vanna White to Pat Sajak in the Idea Accelerator.
Like Pat Sajak & Vanna White... HTF have they been the same age for over 30 years?
Do you guys ever think Pat Sajak and Vanna White from ever... Ya know... Play scrabble together?
Sometimes you gotta Vanna White dis *** Give them a few words but never too much.
Testing the infrared motion camera. Vanna White up in here!!!
A few dollars later & my baby Vanna White is back on the road, loaded and ready for Connecticut tomorrow 🔧🚐🙌
Pretty sure you're on vacation hope you're having a good time, but dude I got to tell you that Vanna White is still all kinda fine
Vanna White's slit is so high, I'm pretty sure I just saw her crotch.
Wonder if Pat Sajack & Vanna White use the same plastic surgeon. He's good, considering they both started on Wheel in 1947 right after WW2.
In channelin my inner Vanna White lol
Pat just told Vanna White she looks like a creamsicle so on a scale of 1 to definitely how much does she hate him?
TIL Vanna White makes 4 mil/year. Who's wheel of fortune is it really?
Vanna White ages like a black woman
After every taping of Wheel of Fortune, Pat Sajak and Vanna White return to their home--a snow globe on my mantle.
Replacing a starter on a Saturn SL1 at Green Dragon Farmers Market. . Notice my Vanna White pose with the shiny...
My dad just said that the producers of Jeopardy should let Vanna White "go to pasture already."
A hundred years from now, people will still be watching Wheel of Fortune and Pat Sajak's hair and Vanna White's tan will still be hosting.
We just got our new signs for the upcoming season. Mercury staff are giving their best Vanna White
The CAL on Moogly features Vanna's Choice in Scarlet, White, Fern, and Aqua!
“Vanna White is such a beautiful woman.
Vanna White ain't got nothing on you Berta!
OK you look like your doing the Vanna White letters
I wonder who worked great white today?
for size comparison of said hog. Vanna White =
Thank you to and Vanna White for having us on their wonderful program
Some weather women have a bit of Vanna White going on. The walk and the arms.
Legit drafting board for the draft. We even have a dedicated Vanna White
Throwback Thursday. 1988: Vanna White and yours truly in a terrible TV movie. Vanna's makeup by Bruce…
Vanna White hasn't hasn't wore an outfit more than once on the show and holds the Guinness World Record for clapping.
hats off to and her Vanna White skills yesterday in helping out with the John Facenda FFL Draft Lottery
Now at Rocky Mount's Amtrak station. Where, at 8yrs old, I saw Pat Sajak and Vanna White wave from a train.
Pat Sajak and Vanna White be flirting on Wheel of Fortune. I peep it.
Does anyone else think Pat Sajak and Vanna White bone it out?
Fairly sure that Pat Sajak and Vanna White do not age
Pat Sajak and Vanna White are so perfect!
Heard somebody call the Vanna White to Pat Sajak. I don't know though. Maybe more like Regis Philbin and Kathie Lee Gifford.
The new set looks like the set from WHEEL OF FORTUNE. Lindsay Czarniak looks like Vanna White. Just sayin'
Vanna White, Jeffrey Jones and Robert Townsend in attendance! I'm assuming this premiere spawned Meteor Man.
Vanna White and Keyshawn Johson are doing push-ups in the burping hut. Britt Robertson is eating Beano in Paris.
On this day in 1995: Calvin Gilmore receives a star in the Myrtle Beach Walk of Fame with Vanna White.
coming up with Van associations for a client campaign located on Van Buren. . Vans Shoes, Van Helsing, Vanna White.
Since we're listening to game show host's opinions now, can we get Vanna White's opinion on nuclear fission and/or the theory of relativity?
I was surprised to see Rosie Perez and Vanna White in a session on finances! Vanna was asking about student loan debts. I guess we all basically go through the same stuff.
Wheel of Fortune makes me feel smart. The puzzles are easier. The contestants are generally *** Plus I get Vanna White - still a looker.
Jason, (our in-house Vanna White) shows off the new Lowrance HDS7m mounted to the LGE CTS Motorsports Baja Forged...
Great day at the Dallas Arboretum with the BFF.been awhile since we've had the privy to spend quality one on one time together... PRECIOUS memories we made today.Cant wait to bring the grands...they will love the childrens exibit...I know Nancy aka Vanna White lol enjoyed the children's section as much as the kids.We laughed the day I am exhausted.whew
Check the following Vanna White's plastic surgery before and after photos! At‭ ‬age fifty-seven,‭ ‬Vanna White continues to look beautiful,‭ ‬youthful and stunning.‭ ‬Consequently,‭ ‬many people wonder if her beauty is natural or whether she has gone‭ ‬under the knife to remain attractive. Vanna Whi…
Southernwood's own Mike Cusic does his best Vanna White impression in a great "before" shot.
Vanna White is looking a little busted around the letters these days...
Did Pat Sajak actually call Vanna White a canary (she was wearing a yellow dress) and then say "I have a cuddle bone in my dressing room if you would like to peck at it." ??
Pat Sajak to Vanna White, who was wearing a yellow gown. "U look like a beautiful canary. I have a cuddle bone in my drsing rm." LMBO!
Pat Sajack just told Vanna White he had a cuttle bone in his dressing room if she wanted to peck on later. 😱
Does Vanna White have an eating disorder?
Uh, did pay sajack seriously just say that to vanna white.
Pat Sajak just asked Vanna White if she wanted to peck at his cuddlebone after the show ha.
Vanna White keeps watch over the visitors' radio booth at The Diamond.
Vanna white is still sexy ...wowzerz
I would make sweet love to vanna white
It's about time for wheel of fortune to part ways with Vanna White
if I could have anybody's job in the whole world it would be Vanna White's
Confession: I have a pash for Vanna White.
When Pat Sajak and Vanna White retire, I wonder who their replacements will be on WoF? Hopefully not someone as dumb as Drew Carey.
Can't believe Vanna White's been getting paid all these years for turning letters. Wtheck...
Some people are as useless as Vanna White on the new Wheel of Fortune.
Random notes: Vanna Whites father used to be a mail carrier in North Myrtle Beach. Just saying.
It's probably in her contract, but they really need to stop those stupid close-ups of Vanna White on
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What if, just once, Pat Sajak and Vanna White come out to greet the audience and start hardcore making out?
watching Tanya. Do u see Vanna White's dress? It's YELLOW
Jill, doing her best "Vanna White." Congrats to her friend Kristina, who just launched a new Greek Iced Tea!!
Vanna White called in sick to work today because she had Irritable Vowel Syndrome.
Just had a fun conversation with Vanna White about and its 6000th episode. Random stuff like that is why I love this job.
If Vanna White has the staying power of Betty White, she could be still be rolling those letters on Wheel in the year 2050.
Dr. Durst drew attention to me as being Vanna White for the class while I was shoving a cookie in my mouth 😳
If I knew Vanna White, I would make so many "Vowel Movement" jokes it'd be F'in ridiculous.
About to take a walk to see Vanna White.
Vanna White hasn't repeated an outfit in 6,000 episodes of 'Wheel of Fortune' and holds a world record for clapping | http…
It was super fun playing Vanna White at the Moth yesterday! Was glad some people blew their time so I got to play the pennywhistle.
A ghost playing *** country trombone in Petal's ear. Vanna White will not get married this year.
Come see me be cute on stage with DJ soulsister tomorrow 5:10-5:25 on the Congo Square Stage. I'll be on wind patrol holding a sheet of plexiglass vanna white style to protect her decks from wind during the set. Chaka Khan will be the following act.
Most of you are familiar with Vanna White think it's going to be there 6000 show today , that game show. I'm convinced that she has a private swimming pool in her home that is filled with formaldehyde
new poll question. Who should be Dan's Vanna White? Maybe which SI swim suit model would be best Vanna!
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Vanna White's evening gowns look like they're from JCPenney.
First class sitting next to Vanna White lol.
First class sitting next to Vanna White. TBT
Correlations with Me 1. MLK, Ray Charles, Robert Giullaume and I are all Williamses: It's the maiden name of King and Ray's mothers. It's Robert's and my last name. 2. MLK, Dizzy Gillepsie, Charles Manson and I have a Willis in the family. It's the maiden name of Dizzy's wife of 53 years and Manson's ex-wife of 54 years. I have an maternal uncle and MLK had a maternal grandfather. 3. Einstine,Biggie, Puffy and I attended Catholic schools. 4. Malcolm X, Ted Bundy and I have mothers named Louise. Louise is the middle name of my mother, Bundy's mother and the first name of X's mother. (It's Aretha, Tina Marie, Rosa Parks, Madonna,Meryl Streep and Patti LaBelle's, middle names too.) 5. President William Taft's wife's first and middle name are the same as my mother's: Helen Louise. 6. John Hancock and my birthday is the same day: Jan. 23. Jackie O. 's step-son-Alex Onasis---died on 1/23/73 and Thomas A. Dorsey,author of "Peace in the Valley", died that same day in '93. 7. Puffy, Jennifer Aniston, Jennifer Lope ...
when I was a kid I thought Vanna White was actually that small
But not better than Vanna White oh no
hey Bridget saw u playing Vanna White behind the shoes on air today.Didn't remember that when I was there watching.C u soon!
I doubt this headline, but maybe I’m too skeptical. Let’s hear some Vanna White facts that will truly blow my mind
Katherine Moore is my *** Vanna White tonight at Cash Inn Country!
too busy being Vanna White for Dan's Sports Jeopardy probably
"So, I understand when they make a mistake and everyone at home is throwing their shoe at the television set. - Vanna White"
I was hoping that he spins it so hard that it goes flying into air and crushes Vanna White's spine.
I just want to know if Nelly really sat next to Vanna White on that plane.
Does anyone else think Vanna White is looking like a man?
It's probably been 20 years since I've sat down to watch Wheel of Fortune but I just had to stay tuned to root for this special needs kid to slaughter these 2 full-grown women. He lost because of bad luck, but I'd like to imagine he walked away with the best prize of all: Being escorted back to his hotel room by Vanna White and seeing her drop her dress to the floor.
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Any body ever wonder if Pat Saujack and Vanna White got a thing going on lmao or are they married and she never changed her last name lol
Vanna Whites purple dress with sparkles is so pretty. She had the most prettiest dresses
Way to go, Pat Sajak, Vanna White and the ladies playing Jeopardy tongight. There are two women and one young man with Down's Syndrome playing. The young man's enthusiasm is making the show! Kudos to the two ladies who are having a hard time trying to win against this young man. Not because of their efforts, but because they are watching his efforts!
Vanna white looks like a old crackhead in a 5000$ dress
Is it just me, or does Vanna white never age?!?!
Vanna White is a Latina. Her father was Puerto Rican. Who'd a thunk it?
Here volunteering at the annual meeting planned by Affairs of Isis. So excited for the opportunity! I'm Vanna White for the night ☺️
well i have hit a snag on part of my costume. the skirt is made from cotton gauze fabric and i just realized i can buy them on etsy and ebay for what it would cost me for fabric.The seamstress/designer in me is all like dummy just make one already. the other part of me is like look at all that fabric you will have to preshrink/press/cut/gather and ruffle. then the seamstress side is all like but what if it cheaply made and the list goes on so now im like do i make it it or buy kind of like yea it would be nice to say i made all of this ( does Vanna White arm gestures, one hand toward the head the other toward the feet.) lol..screams what to do what to
Corny joke of the day: What is every blondes ambition? To be like Vanna White and learn the alphabet.
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