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Vanessa Williams

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Mixing it up with the original icon and her soon to be legendary daughter. Vanessa Williams, the…
Always aspire to be as extra as Vanessa Williams gliding up to Miss America 2016 with a slideshow of her successes.
Vanessa Williams and Mrs Cosby aged so well!!
Kind of looks like he's attempting the…
Giving thanks for this day. . No matter how close you come people will still say it's not enough. They're looking...
looks like a younger version of Vanessa Williams. (they could be cousins).
Forgot about 666 Park Avenue with Auntie Vanessa Williams + bruh from Lost, too. Gotta look that up.
And had no clue how many black celebs were apart of this project. Chaka Khan, Take 6, Vanessa Williams (and Bell-Ar…
Vanessa Williams PLAYED me when she sang "Welcome to the COMFORT ZONE!" 🎤😩😂
morning. I love Vanessa Williams save the best for last.
"It's like the energy of my body is shooting disco light." on her mom's hand-me-downs:
Brad Pitt, Vanessa Williams, John Stamos, Lisa Kudrow, Ming-Na Wen, Johnny Depp & Kiara are all the same age as I. I'll…
Randy Slovacek why didn't you tell me that Norm Lewis and Vanessa Williams are on a show together?
Vanessa Williams giving me real wilimena vibes from Ugly Betty on this daytime divas show! ugh I miss that show!!! 😩🙌🏾
Why does Zoe Saldana feel like a baby-mashup of my memories of Vanessa Williams fused w/ my sad reality w/ Thandie Newton? Asking for a me.
Depends on who is viewing the 1st Lady~ Vanessa Williams was dismissed from A Beaut…
I was into Vanessa Williams's music first, but her role on Ugly Betty made me look at her as an actress and say, M, I like you, auntie!
Little Known Fact featuring Spike Lee, Vanessa Williams, Tisha Campbell and the movie…
Vanessa Williams wants you to march this Saturday! (📷by J…
Dreamin' dreamin'!. Live the dream at Saint Lucia Jazz for Vanessa Williams' performance on Mother's Day!. Like -...
Come enjoy Vanessa Williams at this year's St Lucia Jazz Festival!
Why Erica Campbell looking like Vanessa Williams in Coming to America?
Vanessa Williams was the definition of "LOOKS" before y'all became easily impressed over fur coats, Louboutins and oversi…
Vanessa Williams, Nia Peebles, Angela Bassett, & Kene Holliday are giving me my life on this Perry Mason movie!!…
Vanessa Williams was born today in 1963
Happy birthday, Vanessa Williams, 1st BLACK Miss America! Still killing the game!!! Class has no age limit. Be clas…
March 18, 1963. Vanessa Lynn Williams, model, singer, songwriter and actress, was born in Tarrytown, New York.
Knew I shared my birthday with George Plimpton, Rimsky-Korsakov, Vanessa Williams, Queen Latifah; did not know abou…
American actress, singer, and fashion designer, Vanessa Williams turns 54 today!. Happiest of Birthday!. team...
It's Vanessa Williams birthday so I will be using her gifs all day because she's been my crush since childhood
Wishing a very happy birthday to the talented and beautiful Vanessa Williams 🎂🎈🎉🎊
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Happy birthday to the amazing Vanessa Williams !
18/3/1963 born VANESSA WILLIAMS, is an American actress, singer, dancer, autor and fashion designer
Sharing my birthday with Brad Dourif, Vanessa Williams and Rudolph C K Diesel !. I'll take that 😀👍🍷
Puff Johnson, Vanessa Williams, Anita Baker,Bebe le Cece, the Chante's,2 name a few, are the epitome of Sunday music for me Sunday
I liked a video Dance with Me Vanessa L Williams Chayanne
I found out what a *** was due to the Vanessa Williams Miss America "scandal".
My look inspired by Vanessa Williams' crowning in 1983 making her the first black woman to be crowned…
Models to support: Tami Williams, an eighteen year old Jamaican model who has walked for Valentino, Calvin Klein, Balmain a…
Charles InOakland remember me mentioning this film a few months back/.. i didnt realize Peele was the man
Im older, I remember when Vanessa williams went thru it over nude pics and they banned her and took her Ms. Amerikkka crown
there appears to be so much Vanessa Carlton in your world these days, Sam.
NE1fm 102.5 is playing : Save The Best For Last by Vanessa Williams
Vanessa Williams is giving me life this morning.
I started following Vanessa Williams on IG and i fell in love woth her all over again!
The more I listen to her song,the more it reminds me of the Pocahontas theme Colors of the wind by Vanessa Williams😉.
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HBD Pisces remember u love music that means you're a singer Rihanna ain't special Vanessa Williams isn't either.
My first results are GIFs of Vanessa Williams in Ugly Betty.
For MitchM-. Vanessa Williams. US Little League. Marion Jones . Lance Armstrong. Not all winners are winners and don't you forget it little man.
My lyft just transitioned from H.O.V.A. to Vanessa Carlton
Seriously i couldnt be a side chick in this day and age .. One of 87 wives. *** one of 14 wives is out of the...
Seductive Latina Vanessa Williams playing with her source>game>http…
A religion thats says if you leave your going to *** marry your cousin . 14 wives and 200 kids.( beaten.
NOT so sweary now, uhhuh Colour of the wind - Vanessa williams via
♥You're always going to have people that are naysayers. Don't reward them.♥. ~Vanessa Williams~
Serena should let Vanessa Williams win the Australian Open - Fair Play
It would be messy. Vanessa Williams as Tina. Sheryl Lee Ralph as side chick. Denzel as Mathew. I doubt he'll do a…
I liked a video Go Behind The Scenes Of January 2016 Cover with Vanessa Williams and Jillian Hervey |
All needs to do is smash Dolly Parton, Angela Bassett, Vanessa Williams and Betty White and he would have officially sma…
I love this movie. Vanessa Williams' Christmas albums are good.
Where does Rick Fox marrying Vanessa Williams fit into the list? Big moment for Canadian ball.
Dej & Kodak duetting about holiday cheer & harmonizing over jingle bells like Vanessa Williams & Bobby Caldwell ajhakfshilsbubjz fam what!
Playing Angels we have heard on high by Tony Bennett / Vanessa Williams / Doming
I liked a video Vanessa Williams and Bobby Caldwell - Baby, It's Cold Outside
Watching "A Diva's Christmas Carol" with Vanessa Williams, Whitney's "One Wish" Christmas album is playing in the...
I was always *** I used to love like absolutely LOVE "A Diva's Christmas Carol" starring Vanessa Williams
An unofficial Christmas Carol & eternal bop. Courtesy of Vanessa Williams & the cinematic masterpiece that is "A Diva's Chri…
Plus I thought Nicole Ari Parker and Vanessa Williams were the same woman.
well I mean a low point on DH is still pretty high in the grand scheme of things. adored Vanessa Williams as Renee omg
Cicely Tyson, Vanessa Williams, and Loretta Divine are gorgeous in
Vanessa Williams made some good songs too, and do u remember Jasmine Guy's Try Me, and Latoya's U Gonna Get Rocked?
I'd say SUCCESS Girls ... all that hard work has really paid off thank you Vanessa Williams for fantastic shots...
**fires up VHS copy of A Diva's Christmas Carol, starring Vanessa Williams**
My 3 LS loves from the 90s - Whitley Gilbert, Vanessa Williams and Scary Spice
I love this odd action film, bonus points for ultimate power couple of Big John Studd & Vanessa Williams
Valerie wants to let Curtis slip her some skin. She has pretty blonde highlights ala Vanessa Williams or Peebles in the 90s.
Vanessa Williams lost her Miss USA title for nude photos but they won't strip a teen pageant winner of hers for racial slurs?…
Let's see if they'll take away Miss Teen USA from Karlie Hay's like they took away MissAmerica from Vanessa Williams https…
My first love was Vanessa Williams then Mariah Carey then Mya & Alicia keys
Lisa Raye, Vanessa Williams, Lenny Kravitz, Terrance Howard, Melissa de Souza, Nicole Murphy should I go on lol.
People trying to fight me in work saying Pluto isn't a real planet. She's the Vanessa Williams of our Solar System
Listen to Save the Best for Last by Vanessa Williams on
As much as I LOVE "Save the Best for Last" by Vanessa Williams, the truth is the rebound chick in it is hella pathetic.
My only regret was too young for Vanessa Williams
?? Vanessa Williams - Save the best for last lovesongsradio dot net
Bruh: rarely will you see me like 👀👀 over any woman not my wife..but Vanessa Bryant is 🔥🔥🔥
1984 - Penthouse publishes pictures of Vanessa Williams naked. She resigns her Miss America crown.
Our girl is one cool teen & apparently someone at thinks so too.
I'm tired of honey colored, Vanessa Williams looking romance heroines (and she's gorgeous)
Mary on wishes they had Next by Vanessa Williams
Why do people keep telling me I look like Vanessa Williams lately.. 😂
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Vanessa was NOT tryna fork over those extra coins though!!
Vanessa Williams - Save The Best For Last on also on and
you are ex beauty queen after 10 years. Imagine Vanessa Williams still answering Miss America for over 30 years. Failed life
lost a couple real ones, lost alotta time. now I lose my balance every time she cross my mind 🇺🇸. -.
KC & the Sunshine Band, Vanessa Williams, Tony Danza & more! New season get on mailing list:
?? Vanessa Williams - Colors of the wind lovesongsradio dot net
Despite Running Back To You NOT being a Vanessa Williams cover, the new album is very very excellent 🔥
I know I'm not the only person who thought Tyra banks, Vanessa Williams & Nicole Ari Parker were all the same person 😂
Vanessa Williams on Bill Cosby's return to TV and the Pan African Film F... via
up coming season I wanna see Vanessa Williams, Debbie Allen or Phylica Rashard, Danny Glover, Sam Elliott and Kevin Bacon
Funny enough, I never knew that Vanessa Williams was once Miss USA
GOD HATES RACISM: Former Miss America 1984 Vanessa Williams shares how she faced wicked racism, including her...
I really want Vanessa Williams to write a post about the newly crowned miss USA
Puff Johnson Celine Dion Kenny Lattimore and Vanessa Williams hope their in your playlist today Mr Lehoko
Ugly Betty star Vanessa Williams marries husband Jim Skrip for the second time:
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I've sung for Barry Manilow, Mark McGrath, Jessica Simpson, Vanessa Williams & Fernando Varela. Now just want to meet u
Vanessa Williams just commented on one of my photos of her on Instagram. Words can't express how much joy I'm feeling right now.
Pioneer, Julie Dash receiving the Lifetime Achievement Award presented by Vanessa Williams
Pam Grier in the 1970s, Kelly LeBrock in the 80s, Halle Berry and Vanessa Williams in the 90s
Or, and stay with me here, Anika Noni Rose, Steven Pasquale, Michael Cerveris, Christian Borle, Vanessa Williams, and- get this- a musical.
Vanessa Williams aka just splendid to meet with tonight at gala performance
Nah Susan Depasse was played by Vanessa Williams in the Jackson 5 movie ... Never knew who she was till now
To get famous,of cliche'..Mily Cyrus, Tanya Harding, & even Vanessa Williams b/cshe posed in Penthouse!
Where are Dean Cain, Vanessa Williams and Wesley Snipes when you need them?!
Vanessa Williams: Gracious last-minute Leadership keynoter: Coming through at the 11th hour, actr...
Vanessa Williams performs TONIGHT after for Get tix- https:/…
My beautiful sister Vanessa Williams and the entire cast of Ugly Betty are having a cast reunion on June 11, 2016...
Chase your dreams, you might catch one. . - Vanessa Williams
watch this. Courage To Love - Full Movie Starring Vanessa Williams via
Brittany Crandol: Vanessa Williams Cover Deamin it took me a few hours to learn. What do u think
Vanessa Williams originally became famous as the first African American Miss America (1984). Almost 20 years prior to Vane…
I've got Queen Latifah, Vanessa Williams and Adam Levine, but also Wilson Pickett, Brad Dourif and EC3.
Vanessa Williams is forever fly lol
Vanessa Williams boutta be the voicemail lady for the trap
Look who's here! Vanessa Williams, chatting about how to get more women in the work place! Women htt…
Vanessa Proctors & Louise Williams Charitys have failed to register them so they can't run VLM despite training
Vita (Hannah's agent) was played by actress, singer, and former Miss America, Vanessa Williams. htt…
Hello. I would like to formally pitch a panel: Vanessa Williams: The Art of The GIF . lmk kthanksbye
Vanessa Williams resigned being Miss America for having nude photos, later had the greatest comeback in tv history💅🏼 https:/…
They may be Muggles, they certainly know how to enchant on the stage and screen!
3/18/16. Vanessa Williams is 53. Queen Latifah is 46. Dane Cook is 44. Zdeno Chara is 39. Adam Levine is 37. Anthony Barr is 24
Loving all the guest stars on good wife this season. Vanessa Williams, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Seth's dad. Eli can GTFO tho he's the worst
I was just being with and Vanessa Williams in Stuart tonight.
Vanessa Williams in Stuart to support the local arts at StarStruck Theatre
Vanessa Williams in to support the local arts at Starstruck Theatre
Tony, Grammy & Emmy Award-nominee Vanessa Williams hits the Parker Playhouse stage with host, pianist and Sirius...
Vanessa Williams is here in Stuart at Starstruck to help children find their inner star.
ICYMI: Vanessa Williams in to support the local arts
This movie marked the big-screen debut of actress Vanessa Williams ( ) -
Giselle is amazing to look at! Vanessa Williams crossed with Evelyn Lozada to me
Vanessa Williams stay working!!! Click the link and get more details on her new role...
Had the most random but amazing dream last night where I was chilling with Vanessa Williams, James Denton, Connie Britton and Chip Esten 🤓
Yaas gives me Denise Richards and Vanessa Williams all over💁💁
Gizelle can play Vanessa Williams or Denise Richards in a movie depending on the movie
Hence, Brandon Lee was a white guy but Vanessa Williams is definitely black. It's silly, but it seems consistent.
Vanessa Williams, join Broadway Concert Series with in Fort Lauderdale on 4/19
I didn't know who Jimmy Choo was. I think Vanessa Williams was also a very ...
Video: Vanessa Williams talks about Ronald Regan calling her after her Miss America win
Finished listening to You Have No Idea by Vanessa Williams, Helen Williams. It was so awesome.
Vanessa Williams is the vocalist Janet Jackson wants to be
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Vanessa Williams watching all these women who are trying to be her clones
Well...Adam Levine, Lily Collins and Vanessa Williams have the same birthday as me. So.
Kiernan Shipka, Grey Griffin, John C. Reilly, Kathy Bates, Vanessa Williams, Geena Davis. All in Marnie Was There. I need to see it.
Nia long , Vanessa Williams , Vivica fox lol cmon sandy
Vanessa Williams is coming to the river spirit casino near me... I totes wanna go!!! I hope they still hav tix!!
Vanessa Williams is in the new alumni mag b/c she married a Bonnie. Everyone from is officially famous.
Angela Basset as the wicked witch...Vanessa Williams as The good witch.
Vanessa Williams really should have been a part of this 50th Anniversary ”A Charlie Brown Christmas" celebration.
Happy to see Vanessa Williams and Jeffrey Dean Morgan added to the cast.
.After thinking Vanessa L. Williams was guesting on S2 as Iris West's mom, but that was actress Vanessa Williams.
Chaka Khan and Angela Bassett and Vanessa Williams and Sade.. them 4 over 50 can get all of me..
The Good Wife is better and better. Vanessa Williams and Jeffrey Dean Morgan? Yay.
Celebrity Wedding Story: the Wedding of Vanessa Williams and James Skrip: Today we’re delighted to have some f...
lmao one of my customers just said I look like a young Vanessa Williams why he lie to me like that 😭
Vanessa Ramos, Alexis Nanny and Cain Williams also participated with their goats and Alfonso Estrada participated with his steer.
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But she gets mad bc i tell her she looks like Vanessa Williams 😂😂😂
I didn't know Vanessa Williams was your sister.
Thought for the day: People will watch our walk before listening to our talk. . ~Vanessa Williams
Here's a Great Memory! Meeting the lovely Vanessa Williams from Soul Food (and so much more) at US CA Chicago...
that's a Pisces weak spot as Vanessa Williams
boom!! 1st of the day Vanessa Williams going well!!
.cover both Robbie Williams and Vanessa Carlton because why not.
Vanessa Williams to return in Miss America pageant promo -
that picture of her in the 80s she kinda looks like Vanessa Williams
"Save the Best for Last" by Vanessa Williams from Lasting Love ♫
I hope you played The Colors of the Wind by Vanessa Williams! 😄
Another ring absent from Rick Fox's hand in summer 2000...his wedding ring. For those unaware, was married to Vanessa Williams at the time.
TV1 is playing Soul Food with Vivica Fox, Vanessa Williams, Nia Long etc classic movie
Yes acting wise for the Belle actress. Looks wise someone Vanessa Williams-ish, but not Vanessa.
Vanessa Williams is a beautiful woman 😍
you know how you came are Vanessa Williams K Michelle love music because y'all Pisces and you love your feet
THE GOOD WIFE Photos: Vanessa Williams Guest Stars: Vanessa Williams is coming to THE GOOD WIFE in t...
This lady is going to die thinking that Vanessa Williams does graphic design.
One time I was confused by a last name & told an old lady that Vanessa Williams guest-taught my graphic design class. I'm so sorry.
Oooh!!! This song bakithi. Vanessa Williams- Save the best for last
So stoked we had the honor to cover the of Vanessa Williams for the one and…
Calista Flockhart is a total miscast. They should've called Vanessa Williams...but that's way too many black ppl
is this person related to Toni? She was a budget Vanessa Williams of some sort in the late 80s and early 90s. Anyone recollect?
David Tutera threw a party for Vanessa Williams and America Ferrera and Judith Light showed up together.
It's so freaky bore.. Just up crotchetin & watchin `David Tutera's Celebration's: Vanessa Williams on channel...
Wow! Vanessa Williams more lovely than when she was Miss America. So fun to watch.
Candyman. My favorite scary movie! Starring Tony Todd, Vanessa Williams, and Kasi Lemmons.
This song by Vanessa Williams - Crazy 'Bout You!!! This is the sound that would remind you of Eddie Zondi
I added a video to a playlist Vanessa Williams - Save the Best For Last ( Fingerstyle Guitar )
Read Vanessa Williams is coming as Eli's love interest.
Not true, Vanessa Williams has been cold for at least 100 years
Vanessa Williams - Save The Best For Last via Sounds like me
Can't wait for Vanessa Williams at the Gala? Enjoy this preview:
Vanessa Williams - Save the best for last Good night, all :3
ICYMI: Vanessa Williams was the surprise guest at fundraiser:
another Adventure brought to you by Vanessa Yelseth and Kim Williams
Don't feel well but in my Vanessa Williams voice "I got work to do, I got…
Embracing my inner Vanessa Williams this morning
Save The Best For Last by Vanessa Williams -> now on
Vanessa Williams then Beyonce: who I see when I imagine Storm. Halle Berry: great actress, sucked as Catwoman and Storm.
Sting, Phil Ramone, Vanessa Williams, Leonard Slatkin and a few others are among those people who believed-Michael Stevens chief among them!
For a limited time watch Live from Lincoln Center's "Showboat" starring Julian Ovenden and Vanessa Williams.
will air 'Show Boat' featuring myself and Vanessa Williams tonight at 9 p.m. Have a great weekend!
Vanessa Williams got cut in S2 of Melrose Place still makes me side eye FOX, Darren Star and Aaron Spelling.
people tend to forgive & forget. Michael Richards, Vanessa Williams, Hugh Grant, Woody Allan to name a few.
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It was with great pleasure that Econet and Vanessa Williams on behalf of the Vic Falls Marathon Race Organising...
gosh this new season of is gonna be really interesting 😱😍 especially w/ Vanessa Williams & Jeffrey Dean Morgan joining
I still can't get over how brilliant Vanessa Williams is in Ugly Betty
I can't tell Michelle Williams, Vanessa Williams, and Jessica Williams apart.
Vanessa Williams graciously accepted the Miss America organization's apology for having thrown her under the bus in 1984.
Vanessa Williams was forced to resign as Miss America in 1984 after nude photos of her were published in a magazine.
Organisers of the Miss America pageant apologise to actress and singer Vanessa Williams, who had to resign her title in 1984.
Warning to Vanessa Williams: don't *** off Julianna Margulies. Or, if you do, go full Wilhelmina on her.
Vanessa Williams gets apology from Miss America pageant
Vanessa Williams gets apology at Miss America pageant
So what are your thoughts on Vanessa Williams & Miss America?
Vanessa Williams and the Miss America song return to the pageant
Vanessa Williams' reunion with Miss America pageant in jeopardy
Miss America finally apologizes to Vanessa Williams — but has the pageant really…
"First black" (Miss America, say) wasn't necessarily an accomplishment for Vanessa Williams. It was a milestone for whites.
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Angela, Vanessa Williams, Tina Turner, JJ, Sade.long list of mature FAHN woc. Folks are taking care of themselves better.
Thank you Vanessa Williams for making all the queens with a tilted crown, proud!
Vanessa Williams: Miss America pageant apologises to first black winner 32 years after forcing her resign.
Vanessa Williams (was crowned the first black Miss America on this date in 1983. http:…
31 years later, Vanessa Williams got the very public apology she deserved.
Did anyone interview Tom Chiapel and ask him how he feels about what he did to Vanessa Williams? He is trash.
dude im so excited for the 5th annual bills mafia tailgate, sports center at the ralph, vanessa williams, and the Guinness book!
Vanessa Williams will forever be the goat
Miss America welcomes Vanessa Williams back after 32 years with an apology
Decades after being crowned the first African-American Miss America, then becoming the first to resign, Vanessa Williams says the time is
Miss America apologized to Vanessa Williams after 32 years
It might take a year, it might take a day, but what's meant to be will find a way!
Dad's Hot Topic: Vanessa Williams and the Future of 'The Miss America' Pageant in My House -
Totally agree..Vanessa Williams is true superstar with class and elegance-can't wait to see her at Bills game sunday
It seems the Miss America Organization and Vanessa Williams are still at odds.
- VANESSA WILLIAMS FINALLY GET Miss America APOLOGY Vanessa Williams and the Miss America Pageant just k…
Vanessa Williams was forced to step down as Miss America because she had posed nude. That NEVER should have happened.
In 1983, Vanessa Williams was the first African-American woman to be crowned Ms. America. Wow😍
Vanessa Williams and the declining controversy of nude photos.. Related Articles:
Vanessa Williams will sing the anthem at the Ralph before we take on the Patriots! http:…
32 years after she was stripped of her title, Miss America Org. officially apologises to…
Watkins: Miss America CEO Sam Haskell explains why he apologized to Vanessa Williams via
Vanessa Williams finally got an apology from the pageant last night
Miss America apologizes to Vanessa Williams after 32 years
Refugees having more difficulties crossing into Europe; Vanessa Williams and her mother receive an apology from the Miss America pageant.
Miss America chair apologizes to Vanessa Williams for &
Look back at Vanessa Williams' incredible win as the first black
Miss America chair apologises to Vanessa Williams for '84 nude ...
Vanessa Williams: Miss America pageant apologises 32-yrs after stripping actress of title.
Miss America chair apologizes to Vanessa Williams for 1984 nude ...
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Miss America pageant apologises to 1984-winner Vanessa Williams
32 years after, Miss America Org. officially apologises to Vanessa Williams. Full story :--
Miss America CEO apologizes to Vanessa Williams for her 1984 ouster.. Related Articles:
Vanessa Williams receives apology from Miss America pageant
Vanessa Williams receives heartfelt apology at pageant:
Have a super gorgeous Tuesday.. Love this photo of me and my sister friend Vanessa Williams taken at her...
It's great they apologized to Vanessa Williams over the nude photo scandal. . (googles Vanessa Williams nude photos)
It was an emotional return for Vanessa Williams and her mother to The Miss America Pageant. See what happened here.
It's taken more than 30 years, but Vanessa Williams finally has her apology.
Vanessa Williams will get apology from Omit The Usa CEO 30 years after scandal
Vanessa Williams receives apology from Miss America organization
The pageant formally apologized to Vanessa Williams for forcing her to resign
Vanessa Williams is still hanging in there 😍
Vanessa Williams is the baddest light skin in the game 😻
I guess Donald Trump had to make Vanessa Williams lead judge on Miss America Pageant for fear that black people...
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just apologized for *** shaming Vanessa Williams. 30 years later...
Vanessa Williams being crowned as Miss America was significant to this awkward preteen black girl who looked like she could be her cousin.
Angela Bassett and Vanessa Williams...lovely ladies and wonderfully talented actresses! ❤️…
now dis the type of top rate pretty bssh u suppose to have compete wit ahh Vanessa Williams or Nicole Ari Parker...
Deborah thank you so much for your comment about Vanessa Williams and the Miss America debacle. We love Vanessa💗
Deborah Norville, you rock. Loved your support for Vanessa Williams! *** right, she was robbed of that crown!
I watched u comment on the Vanessa Williams situation. All I can say is Go on with your bad self! You my hero Deborah!!
Deborah u r a class act. Great to see a woman and in the media standing up for Vanessa Williams
Deborah Norville I applaud you for standing up for Vanessa Williams on Inside Edition!
Hats off to Deborah Norville for standing up for and defending Vanessa Williams in the disrespectful dispute with...
Dear Tamaron: I think Vanessa Williams is one of THE most GORGEOUS Women of our generation !..also Super Smart! LOVE HER!
New post: "Vanessa Williams to Return to Miss America After 3 Decades - ABC News"
Photo: midniwithmaddy: Vanessa Williams and Jurnee Smollett-Bell in ‘The Trip to Bountiful’ at Ahmanson...
From Derek Jeter to Vanessa Williams, the stars showed up to check out the the U.S. Open. .
Maybe you're having a bad day but remember -no one remembers the name of the woman who took over Miss America when Vanessa Williams lost it.
Little Giant Ladders
Off to TARRYTOWN! Home of Vanessa Williams and Ichabod Crane - Avec
Success comes from giving you whole heart and sometimes it's the best revenge. -Vanessa Williams
Crazy 'Bout You by Vanessa Williams, found with Listen now:
My name is Alyssa Edwards. Im known as the Vanessa Williams of drag
One of the best law and order SVU episodes is on right now. Blair underwood and Vanessa Williams
a lotta greats in that one. Lawrence Fishburn, Loretta Devine, Cicely Tyson, Vanessa Williams...
they have a new show out called south beach? There was one a few years back with Vanessa Williams and Lee Thompson Young.
she's done and she's Vanessa Williams' daughter
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