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Vanessa Feltz

Vanessa Jane Feltz (born 21 February 1962) is an English television personality, broadcaster and journalist.

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My fave player of all time, Ruud Krol. The bloke could find space in Vanessa Feltz' fridge..genius
This generation's Vanessa Feltz is up to her old tricks again. Quick, call Saga Magazine.
I like the sound of the Vanessa Feltz diet
why don't you have a go for once instead of sitting on your *** like Vanessa Feltz
Post mortem due to Vanessa Feltz describes the bri…
Thankfully they'll all be z-list. Imagine gifting your brother Vanessa Feltz wishing him a happy birthday.
Even for a back door eviction, that was pants! You at least want something exciting like Vanessa Feltz.
Vanessa feltz looks like when someone puts make up on a dead person
2001 (3/10). -Better than the current CBB series. -Vanessa Feltz writing on a table ksksskkskssk. -Birth of fire…
Tour guide - that's the second biggest bird in Britain. Me- what's the biggest?. Tour guide - Vanessa Feltz.
apologies for inclusion in piece, genuine mix up(as Vanessa Feltz 'My…
Did u not see Vanessa feltz 🤔. leave her alone she has been through loads in bb it's clearly messed with her head.
Ohh perlease she isn't a patch on Vanessa Feltz
You need rules to enjoy a holiday with your grandchildren, says VANESSA FELTZ .
You need rules to enjoy a with your grandsays VANESSA FELTZ
Ever had that AR moment when you realise you sent a work email to the wrong people?
Vanessa Feltz describes Kevin Myers' Irish Times article as "racist.". Hey, Vanessa! How would you describe thi…
Anyone interested will pay or find a way to watch! Total waste of licence payers money. But a bargain com…
The last time I saw an eclipse was when Vanessa Feltz walked past me at Heathrow Airport
No it's no Vanessa Feltz it's the burd that moans a lot from that daft Essex show
Has Vanessa feltz been on the botox?
Vanessa Feltz on why you really don't need to have email -
or making the bongs by hitting rose keep over the head with a big frying pan. Or greg Wallace. Or Vanessa feltz. Your choice.
actually the wise Queen put Kate in a spare cottage !
Queen of the DJs is Vanessa Feltz on BBC London.
Sarah Harding is the Vanessa Feltz of this series. Coming soon to a chalk board near you
Kevin Myers sparks outrage for apology over 'anti-Semitic' remarks - via
Tony Blackburn and Vanessa Feltz pay tribute to Sir Bruce Forsyth on BBC Radio London after he died, aged 89
You remind me of Vanessa Feltz wearing this outfit x
I see Vanessa Feltz hasn't aged well
.does the best interviews. Read this one with Vanessa Feltz
If Trish is based on Trisha Goddard, which one is based on Vanessa Feltz?.
The increasingly self-important Vanessa Feltz whinges that people know she earns £400,000 a year- You aren’t alone Feltz.
Vanessa Feltz kiss feature makes me puke and the stories on a Friday made form words of the day is really horrible.
Vanessa Feltz slammed by BBC bosses for radio performance
Vanessa Feltz show is losing listening ( I stopped few months ago) because she talks too much and not enough music.
Vanessa Feltz's slated by BBC boss in email sent in error
Vanessa Feltz is right to raise racism concerns about Sunday Times' piece references to Jewish women and BBC Pay. https:…
Vanessa Feltz has "gravely insulted me", says sacked Sunday Times columnist. Hm.
Vanessa Feltz slammed by her BBC bosses for radio show performance via
Are we licence payers paying to much at £1093 a day .
Kevin Myers apology is worst than his original article... bloody ***
"What's that? The controversey is slowly burning out? Lash some kerosene on it so!" - apparently…
"She's just paid so much because she's so smart and successful!". Yeah, so, about that.
BBC boss accidentally emails memo to all staff claiming Vanessa Feltz is too slow for her breakfast show
OK so Myers said on show he apologised to Feltz/Winkleman, yet here he claims he didn't
Kevin Myers tries to prove he is not an anti-semite by being anti-Semitic
Columnist apologizes for calling journalist a greedy Jew, then complains that her reaction harmed his reputation.
Read that Vanessa Feltz was rightly upset over that Sunday Times article. Just hope for her sake she doesnt relapse in…
Ian Henderson speaks with Vanessa Feltz, BBC london radio about the Sutton Estate in Chelsea:.
BBC boss accidentally emails confidential memo to all staff slamming radio presenter Vanessa Feltz
In a few minutes, I'm going to hear Vanessa Feltz's voice oozing from the wireless, wake up and discover all this has been a terrible dream.
I'm just going to put out this chip-pan fire with some kerosene-Kevin Myers
Are you enjoying Vanessa Feltz on this week, James?
women, get phoning or email please. Jeremy Vine show, Vanessa Feltz standing in. ON NOW!
That's not an apology! BBC host rows with writer sacked in BBC 'antisemitic' article row
BREAKING BBC's highest paid female star is Claudia Winkleman on £500k. Fiona Bruce and Vanessa Feltz on £400k. But boys do…
Catch with Vanessa Feltz celebrateing our fave Country Gals from Dolly to Emmylou and beyond 🙋🏼…
Vanessa Feltz's show is covering the natural black hair movement, and just referenced 'Beyoncé says, "whoever with the good hair"' 😍
at first glance I thought it was Vanessa Feltz 😂
Vanessa Feltz liked it, which means you know it was terrible.
my headache has a thing for reenacting Kim Kardashian shoots with Vanessa Feltz as Kim
berluddy Nora who that Vanessa feltz
Swear to god I'm about 2 or 3 pounds away from being the size of Vanessa Feltz
Is Ben still throwing it up Vanessa Feltz?. Ask him, Bleakley. .
05:00 Vanessa Feltz: Vanessa is buoyed by your bucket list challenges and enjoy a Thursday kiss..or two!
The Hodge review hasn't finished yet but have a listen to this
That time Vanessa Feltz admitted to being in the same ad as Jimmy Saville mega and unexpected lolz at
College of expert Emma Supple on incorrect sized on the Vanessa Feltz Show. Listen at -49 mins.
Loving Vanessa Feltz’s Country Gals programme on Country Radio - bring on the rest of the schedule…
BBC R2 pop-up country channel. Who's at the helm, Vanessa Feltz, that's the person.
Radio 2 country station sounds brilliant till you here the line up. Steve Wright and Vanessa Feltz doing shows on it
Second appearance on the Vanessa Feltz show this morning, get in.
It wasn't an endorsement of the Have a listen
Attention!! Link to interview with Vanessa Feltz BBC Radio London this morning about our on
I just squared up to my radio. This is a stupid and messy thing to do mid-muesli. Never listen to Vanessa Feltz discussing grammar schools.
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there was an interview with Charley the writer on Vanessa Feltz Radio London this morning. Check it out on iRadio 😊
Vanessa Feltz doing a phone in on people's favourite pies. That's a moment she's waited 25 years for.
It also found them lacking in information re: funding going forward
That's like saying Kate Moss looks like Vanessa Feltz because they're both made from skin.
well dont get too excited because Paddy O'Connell is sitting in for Jez. Atleast its not Vanessa BLOODY Feltz.
maybe she's on the custard with Vanessa Feltz
05:00 Vanessa Feltz: Vanessa Feltz presents music, chat and a first look at the day's newspapers.
The hate-mongering cyclops had a maniacal pop at Gabby Roslin and Vanessa Feltz once for being Jewish women on telly
Is it me or is Russel Grant in drag a doppleganger for Vanessa Feltz?
Hmm. Saw Russell Grant in drag. . Thought it was Vanessa Feltz.
. What a disappointing schedule radio 2 now has Wrong time for sound of 60s and demot o leary and Vanessa feltz are no djs.
We think it's on its last legs: have a listen help here
Loved to hear you today on Radio 2 with Vanessa Feltz, the 'essay' you read out was amazing!
I know Vanessa Feltz can be annoying, but .
Listen to a life affirming human, catch Kris Akabusi being interviewed by Vanessa Feltz on Radio 2 today. Should be on the I player.
USA have gone from Obama to Trump!. Like going to bed with Cheryl Cole and waking up with Vanessa Feltz!
Switched over to & caught the end of the interview with Vanessa Feltz. Honest, moving, inspiring.Great interviewing
Just listened to the most wonderful, awe-inspiring, and surprising interview with in convo with Vanessa Feltz. Like wow!
The point of Vanessa Feltz is what? Replies on a postage stamp please.
Vanessa Feltz on Radio 2 reading out listener comment on Trump 'He's been sent by God.'
Succumbed to temptation & finally watched drunken rant on Got to say Vanessa Feltz melt down was better
Catchin' up on last nights events 🙈 Kim reminds me of young Vanessa Feltz circa 2001 !
For Vanessa Feltz, life is like a box of chocolates: Empty
I am to jelly what Vanessa Feltz is to custard.
Love how compassionate Vanessa Feltz is on the show.
Someone PLEASE show Vanessa Feltz the mute button! She keeps coughing in to the mic!
Turned on Radio 2. Vanessa Feltz is discussing the size of wheelie bins with a caller. Turned off Radio 2.
the house makes them all insane! I still remember Vanessa Feltz years ago 😂
should have a word with Vanessa Feltz, she knows what it takes to have an almighty meltdown in that house
Remember when the big scandal on was when Vanessa Feltz wrote on the table with chalk?
So the Cleaner had a Vanessa Feltz type meltdown in the house. Step away from the wine Kimbo! Step away from the wine! 😹
Remember when Vanessa Feltz writing on a table was deemed irrational? How times have changed!
I liked the lovely Vanessa Feltz : although I have Interviewed her and got !short shrift. SHE'S NO WALL-FLOWER. It is
Woah Kim is making Vanessa Feltz look sane! Someone give her medication quick 🙈
Can't believe how rude Vanessa Feltz was letting Jacob Rees-Mogg be constantly interrupted and talked over.
Never thought I'd be turning to Vanessa Feltz for political information but here I am
Does someone listen to Vanessa Feltz in the morning, I wonder?
Vanessa Feltz sitting in for Jeremy Vine with all the intellectual rigour of a flaccid turd
My husband and I would have cried 😢. We love Jeremy! (And every day with Vanessa Feltz ... yikes.)
I've got that with Vanessa Feltz and the fat kid who was still finding crumbs in the mid 00's vauhall advert
Vanessa Feltz, Pharmacies and Cuts listen at 7 min
But Kim 😂😂😂😂 how hilarious...shes losing her mind..its vanessa feltz all over again
les Dennis, Vanessa feltz - both had very public meltdowns during their time in the house too x
can guys who go to bed with 10's and wake up Vanessa Feltz's also cry rape then?
Who knew Kim Woodburn would be such a nut case... 2017 version of Vanessa Feltz
Kim is on some Vanessa Feltz style meltdown I'm sure 😳
Redditch. It's like Vanessa Feltz's knickers drawer. Everyone knows where it is. But nobody wants to go there.
Kim's gonna turn into Vanessa Feltz and start writing on the walls. She gone and lost her mind in that 🏡
if anything, get rid of Jeremy Vine and Vanessa Feltz,the most insipid on the radio!
Kim is having a Vanessa feltz meltdown, where's the chalk n blackboard
I see Kim attended the same drama school as Vanessa Feltz!
vanessa feltz show yesterday 2 1 remainer MP and 1 left -wing journalist no one from Leave
Thanks Vanessa Feltz for arguing the case for Airbus in UK with shame he is so arrogant & detached from real world!
Good grief. Ranting, spluttering Brexidiot on Vanessa Feltz show sounding just like Davros... "They! Have! Lost! Nyder!"
Yer da's on the phone to Vanessa Feltz arguing that his human rights allow him to watch Fake Taxi on the bus.
vanessa feltz. You chose a biased group to comment on the kid noise and have insulted the lady that has the issue. Shame on you.
Vanessa Feltz. You have completely missed the point.If you had kids beside your garden screaming for 4hrs you would not like it.
Listening to with Vanessa Feltz talking about noise and had to switch over to listen to
how rude is Vanessa Feltz?!?Stop spouting your own views and listen to the concerns of the person actually affected by the issue!
Oh good, Vanessa Feltz is on the radio, said no one, ever.
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'Next on Radio 2, Vanessa Feltz discusses Brexit with Nick Clegg and Nigel Farage'
Had turn off can't stand Vanessa feltz standing in for . Oh well 6 music for a while -refreshing !
Multiple choice questions starting on radio 2 with Vanessa Feltz. Where is the off button.
Shaggy and Vanessa Feltz are really excited about David Rodigan's forthcoming autobiography.
If you haven't already, catch covering for Vanessa Feltz all this week from 5am with brilliant music and chats on
Any dream analysts want to pick the bones out of this: I was in seriously adverse weather & desperately trying to find/save Vanessa Feltz!
05:00 Vanessa Feltz: Nicki Chapman sits in for Vanessa with music, chat and a look at the day's newspapers.
pint glass figure: n. Like an hour-glass figure, but with very little narrowing in the middle, eg. Vanessa Feltz.
That was back when *** were awful. I heard she was a narrow winner over Dawn French and Vanessa Feltz
What's Victor Valdes and Vanessa Feltz got in common?. They've both got a massive gash.
Jo Whiley, Simon Mayo, Penny Smith and Vanessa Feltz are at the gala performance & drinks reception tonight.
I was once in the same room as Max Clifford, Dale Winton and Vanessa Feltz. Luckily I had my SPF50.
Vanessa Feltz recounts being groped by Rolf Harris via not my finest hour :-(
my favourite television moment was when Vanessa Feltz won Pointless Celebrities
This is an extraction of interview I actually listened 2on the Vanessa Feltz bfast show Radio London. Incredible!
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Louie Spence & Keith Chegwin. Kriss Akabusi & Vanessa Feltz. all on the same show. Pointless Celebs indeed !!
'Now on BBC1 Pointless Celebrities featuring Keith Chegwin and Vanessa Feltz.'. That's very honest of them :)
Vanessa Feltz is cringeworthy interviewing Julian Lloyd Webber on today
FFS Vanessa Feltz is on my radio!! Either the BBC is completely out of touch or it has absolute contempt for the public. Or probably both.
Jaysus that makes Vanessa Feltz look pretty
Also for the avoidance of doubt the Vanessa referred to there was not Paradis/Hudgens/Williams. It was Feltz
.Michael Holmes will be on BBC Radio London at 8:20am to discuss recruitment of pharmacists to work in GP clinics with Vanessa Feltz
Listen to my BBC Radio London interview with Vanessa Feltz on GMC guidance for cosmetic doctors
I think Vanessa feltz used to have one!
Radio 5 Live (twice), BBC London with Vanessa Feltz, and the Victoria Derbyshire show. What a mad 12 hours it's been
Of Ken? I watched him live on the Daily Politics, listened to him live on LBC and listened to Vanessa Feltz,
Just about to jump on my bike as am off to the bbc studios to see the wonderful Vanessa Feltz. Tune in at nine if you ca…
How hard is it to understand "Pot, Kettle, BLACK"?. It's like Gemma Collins slating Vanessa Feltz for being fat.
One day Rooney will be old,imagine what that looks like,he'll still have more sex appeal than vanessa feltz tho
nothing wrong with Smooth FM. I listen to that when Vanessa Feltz and Jeremy Kyle are on Radio 2
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Why is it when you're trying to be quiet and not wake someone up you end up clattering around like Vanessa Feltz in a cake shop?
Jade looks like she'd nosh you off for a bottle of Smirnoff and a toot. Also looks like Vanessa Feltz pre obesity.
Lovely to see Vanessa Feltz this morning. Hope you enjoy my homemade chutney Vanessa and sorry it took me so long to get…
Or Vanessa Feltz in the custard aisle
hard to believe the black fella is giving Vanessa Feltz one
My interview on Vanessa Feltz prog this morning,starts 52' 20'' on my bid to stand as Labour candidate in Tooting
Oh, got it. Media outlet called Vanessa. Oh yes, Feltz. Really lost it, Ken, hasn't he?
Ken is going on Vanessa Feltz BBC Radio London show this morning, he clearly wants to sabotage it
Ken Livingtone to give advice to new London Mayor on Vanessa Feltz this morning. Oh happy days!
Ken Livingstone to be on Vanessa Feltz's LBC radio show today.
About to do Vanessa Feltz on on my Tooting bid
This DT fella is gonna end up in the Celebrity Big brother house this year where he'll have a Vanessa Feltz type breakdown in the kitchen.
I wanna wedgie Vanessa Feltz but I'm gonna need some help.
Walsall got five but Vanessa Feltz could out run than Port Vale defence
I will be on Vanessa Feltz show 7 50am tomorrow on talking on my bid for Tooting Labour nomination
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Dream: a little Harry Styles-alike kid footballer who is married to Vanessa Feltz leads a group of explorers into harms way...
Minor technical point: Vanessa Feltz raised Hitler, not KL. Rest of it doesn't stack up either, but hey, that's journalism.
Ah yes, physical exertion in this weather = sweating like Vanessa Feltz outside a closed cake shop.
Minor technical point: in the latest interview hoo-ha, it was Vanessa Feltz who brought up Hitler.
Would you slop out Vanessa Feltz dump tray for the last can of White Lightning in the world?
Who is best at drinking gallons of custard? or Vanessa Feltz?
A man who might have once been Barry Manilow is co-hosting and Vanessa Feltz seems to be having a nice time.
On BBC Radio London, Vanessa Feltz show, first thing this morning talking about
A guy just phoned Vanessa Feltz to say in London mayoral vote he'd picked ukip & women's rights as his two choices . That's Chel$ea & Villa
Was here for Vanessa Feltz show, chatting elections (at Broadcasting House)
Barnet election crisis being discussed by on Vanessa Feltz now
Mario needs to go to weight watchers because he drinks 2 pints of custard a day like his girlfriend Vanessa Feltz
Just to confirm link I saw I agree what you say. I think KL, as Finkelstein inferred lacking nuance.
Radio2. God One hopes it's not Vanessa Feltz doing the interviewing, One will never get a word in.
Dean Gaffney, Kerry Katona, Daniella Westbrook, Vanessa Feltz, Cleo Rocos...the list of A Listers was startless...
Breast Cancer Awareness
One time I was waiting to use a photobooth after Vanessa Feltz. I stole her pictures, obviously. Enjoy.
Good to see that Vanessa Feltz had been given another crack on TV! What a star!
The lady who 'likes white things' reminds me of a young Vanessa Feltz. I'm not sure that's a compliment.
How did Vanessa Feltz manage to worm her way onto 8 out of 10 cats
Vanessa feltz u know. Mind you, she bagged that younger black guy 🙌🏻. I'm here to represent the big girls outchea!! Lol
It's fine. I just love sweating more than Vanessa Feltz at a cake sale.
Not gonna lie when I liked big girls I used to think Vanessa Feltz was a milf
The Saskatoon 710 to win next at Sedgefield. Rick Waller piggy backing vanessa feltz round would only be 16s v these
Patrick Stewart dresses up as a glamorous woman, he looks like Helen Mirren - I would say, more like Vanessa Feltz
Vanessa Feltz from Role Models stars in Saw films about an apathetic Interpreter named Mee
Listen saan... there's absolutely no truth to the rumour I adder 3 way wiv Vanessa feltz & Adele saan.. 'They wouldn't fit in the same room"
Listen to Malcolm on Vanessa Feltz's radio show this morning. He's officially a legend!
Had a chat with Vanessa Feltz this morning on the radio about this whole pasta sauce thing :)
Vanessa Feltz got her fanny contoured last year. xxx
It's like Vanessa Feltz drinking the custard all over again :-(
Appointing Pearson when Moyes is available is like turning down Scarlet Johansson for Vanessa Feltz.
More angst caused by a and a second marriage - Lynda Bellingham family feud,
You were listening to Vanessa Feltz too, hey?
I still can't believe that Vanessa Feltz's middle name is Fuzzy.
Why have I woke up with Vanessa Feltz' husbands autograph up my arm. Ffs
Great to speak to Vanessa Feltz on supermarkets, retail and why we, the customers, deserve more transparency
Listening to Vanessa Feltz on take an interviewee to task for over complicating his contribution. Ouch! Well said though.
remember when Vanessa Feltz's friends feared she was drinking CUSTARD again
Vanessa Feltz saying that someone's "disgraced themselves" on TV. POT. KETTLE.
has Vanessa Feltz found time to accuse him of touching her up yet? Bet she's been waiting for an excuse…
LISTEN: Vanessa Feltz pays tribute to her friend David Gest.
Round 2, heat 3 is between John McCririck and Vanessa Feltz
When you're massively inebriated Vanessa Feltz has a certain sexiness.
Missed us on BBC Radio London Feb 3rd? Vanessa Feltz interviews us. Starts about 20 mins in. Catch up here.
I feel a bit better now because we're going to have pie for tea. Vanessa Feltz is on the money about pie.
"we're going back to 2002 I'm talking prime Vanessa Feltz"
Martial with more cheek than Vanessa Feltz's *** there.
yep, looked all good though, don't fret pet. Mind you, may have helped coming on just after Vanessa Feltz 😄
I have no clue how to do hair but someone needs to give Vanessa Feltz a new do
It's akin to saying Usain Bolt would be afraid to race Vanessa Feltz
Hey - looking forward to our 10:30 date on w& Mz Vanessa Feltz
Don't miss with Lord Timothy Bell, & Vanessa Feltz - at 10.30pm!
Are you sure that wasn't Vanessa Feltz?
Anything really, the more exotic the better. Clown shoe, the ashes of Evil Kenevil or Vanessa Feltz.
Dan Cruickshank talk to Vanessa Feltz on this morning's radio show from 1hr 47mins
was thinking more Vanessa Feltz tbh.
"Which is the statue that you are going to take your to see?" Vanessa Feltz on
And next week, did Vanessa Feltz confuse crayons with candles
Letter I just sent to Vanessa Feltz's BBC show when she interviewed a lady from PETA regarding the recent (cont)
almost as good as the description of Vanessa Feltz from TV Offal - "a woman who tragically confused voluptuousness with lard."
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
How could Vanessa Feltz react so negatively to Beyond Black? Astonishing. It's an utterly brilliant book.
Vanessa Feltz talks about being conned at the opening night of Dirty Rotten Scoundrels -
wasn't one of Phats and Small married to Vanessa Feltz? Possibly a brace of celebrities missed in one sitting, there
'Love and ordinary, unremarkable acts' by on Vanessa Feltz's Pause For Thought
Is that Vanessa Feltz storking you 'C' on the RHS of the pic? : )
I'm feeling slightly "Vanessa Feltz" from the first celebrity with my desk at work 😂
.speaking SO well on Vanessa Feltz's show about 👏
Oh Christ, Vanessa Feltz going on about "Junior hospital doctors"
Just about to go live answering calls on the Vanessa Feltz about the junior Dr contract.
had to turn off Vanessa feltz get her off our radio she talks in such a patronising squeal
Funny how you want to debate Taxi issues at exactly the same time as Vanessa Feltz is ripping Ferrari a new *** onRadio London
Round 8 of is between and Vanessa Feltz!
Cosmetic Surgery: Vanessa Feltz: Too scared to go under the knife: All of the above combines to render me asto...
One positive thing about working the 6am - 2pm shift is that I get to listen to Vanessa Feltz shows Pause For Thought.
Airbnb got slammed last week for another vandelised flat. I put the crime in its proper context on BBC London
Gracious John ran an extra 2 furlongs there, wider than Vanessa Feltz
They need to bring Vanessa Feltz in to replace her..My girl is in 1 episode and asks the all right questions.…
If you told me 5yrs a go I'd be dancing on an dance floor wth Vanessa Feltz and my child I'd have had you sectioned!
Vanessa Feltz sitting in for Jeremy Vine. *switch off *
David & Jonathan Dimbleby, Vanessa Feltz & the Mayor of Southwark will b among our guests tonight
What a line-up - carols by candlelight with David Dimbleby, Jonathan Dimbleby, Vanessa Feltz +
The person who could win an argument against Lady C is Vanessa Feltz.
Vanessa Feltz - The UK gala screening of 'Snoopy and Charlie Brown: via
Also, where is the novelty fat lump that everyone laughs at each year. You know your Widdecombe, Fern Britton, Lisa Riley, Vanessa Feltz?
Last WIP run of My Family: Not The Sitcom is from Wed. It shocked Vanessa Feltz, apparently:
I had a dream that I was breaking up a fight between and Vanessa Feltz. Then we had tea and scones and Vanessa ate the lot!
lads if I could not come up with a more Vanessa Feltz title for a book and looking like a prime ***
Vanessa Feltz dressed as Hello Kitty rides Godzilla as Bruce Willis leads army of clowns in retaliation - Roo James http:…
Looking forward to Celebrity with Joey Essex, Tony Blackburn, Kerry Katona and Vanessa Feltz. Surely it's only a matter of time
Not that happy with my new senior BBC team. My suggestion for Vanessa Feltz, Angela Rippon and Dave Benson Phillips didn…
Last night Scott, Chris & *Vanessa Feltz* watched 50 Shades Of Grey at the cinema. It wasn't awkward in the slightest http…
BBC news presenter Susanna Reid ‘joins Vanessa Feltz on Strictly Come Dancing 2013′
Jimmy Savile's and Vanessa Feltz' love child ? Mind you, John Terry would.
'There's no better way to finish a full English breakfast than with a pork pie chaser'. -Vanessa Feltz
Come & meet us! Dean Gaffney & Vanessa Feltz are in the building 😘
Lindsay Lohan, Kerry Katona, Vanessa Feltz and Madonna are the unsung heroes of the forgotten spices
Just been listening to Vanessa Feltz on drinking cocktails, fantastic show had me laughing out loud in the ca…
I love the Sara Cox days. They are good days. Almost as good as the days when Vanessa Feltz is off!
think of Vanessa feltz... But fatter
At weekends, my eating habits resemble that of Vanessa Feltz.
Vanessa feltz in the hall of fame for her work with bbc just another parasite working for the bbc no bldy talent
Scientists that found a 40 million yer old wooly mammoth have cloned it from the genome and got another vanessa Feltz...sorry Van jus kiddin
Vanessa Feltz love child. Poor little beachball
Lynda Bellingham left us a wonderful legacy...Vanessa Feltz pays ...
Great section on Vanessa Feltz's BBC London show yesterday about New Era starts at 63 minutes. Did Boris hear it?
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Sure its only us with Vanessa Feltz...
Well I am not impressed Vanessa Feltz. You have let me down! I still am unaware how to get my giant boobs into a bottle shape!
Feltz both being inducted into the radio academy hall of fame. x
Vanessa Feltz gets hall of fame place and promises not to mention Cambridge every Cambridge minutes
Congratulations to wonderful Vanessa Feltz who's being inducted into the hall of fame. Well deserved!
Vanessa Feltz is now in the Radio Hall Of Fame. So many of the great and good have been inducted over the years. Such as DLT.
Well deserved award big man! Essential listening for me every day. list
Vanessa Feltz and Jo Whiley amongst new Hall of Fame list
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