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Vanessa Bayer

Vanessa Bayer (born November 14, 1981) is an American actress and comedienne best known as a cast member on Saturday Night Live.

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This is one of the reasons I'll miss Vanessa Bayer on
Vanessa Bayer as the local news weather lady on Weekend Update is inspired genius. I could never have come up with that.
[ ] single. [ ] taken. [x] refusing to believe last night was Vanessa Bayer's last SNL ever
This continues to be the blueprint for every weekend of my life
Vanessa Bayer is a much more powerful Jewish woman
Tu est mon totino, Vanessa Bayer. I'll miss you on SNL!
"National treasure" is overused, but, hey, Vanessa Bayer is one:
Totinos - with a little help from Kristen Stewart, a perfect end to an underrated trilogy via
From Miley Cyrus to Jacob the Bar Mitzvah Boy, these are Vanessa Bayer's best moments
Vanessa Bayer is trending on Google. Read the latest here:
Wait, how in the *** did I not know Vanessa Bayer was leaving too!? SO many amazing characters & WE JUST GOT DAWN LAZARUS…
Vanessa Bayer is leaving 'Saturday Night Live' so excuse me while I wear black all day in mourning.
Hats off to Vanessa Bayer. She makes me laugh so *** hard. Full commitment in every sketch. Jacob the bar mitzvah…
Shout out to Bobby Moynihan and Vanessa Bayer for all the years they've put into SNL! Can't wait to see what y'all do nex…
says goodbye to Bobby Moynihan and Vanessa Bayer tonight.
The news that Vanessa Bayer is leaving affects me more than the deaths of some people in my own family. No more Tot…
Little Giant Ladders
Another popular "SNL" star is leaving the show after tonight's season finale.
Can't decide if I am more sad about Vanessa Bayer leaving SNL or about how under-appreciated she's been for at least 3…
Vanessa Bayer, Bobby Moynihan sign off from 'Saturday Night Live' - New York Daily News
Vanessa Bayer is the best thing about SNL. Her and Kate. The show will be the worse without her.
Tonight is the final episode of Saturday Night Live for Vanessa Bayer. Thank you for giving us 7 seasons of joy and laugh…
Vanessa Bayer is an under-utilized gem. Can't wait to see what she does next (and hope that it's more Dawn Lazarus).
Vanessa Bayer is terrific. I always felt like she was a bit underutilized.
Not sure how replaces Vanessa Bayer & Bobby Moynihan after tonight. Classic talent. Top of their game. Big ***
Can you usually say *** on network TV? If not, that's a fantastic way for Vanessa Bayer to end her Weekend Update…
With 16 years between them, Bobby Moynihan & Vanessa Bayer got screwed over. They deserved a proper sendoff and it didn…
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Vanessa Bayer announces departure on Instagram with touching, rewritten Billy Joel lyrics from Colin Jost
Same for Vanessa Bayer too since the writings on the wall for that departure
Vanessa Bayer had a Latin mammy. It's not the same. I had a strange white mother and a friend Pedro. Tha…
I don't want to see any more Chelsea think pieces after Vanessa Bayer's comment tonight. None. There's a reason nobody was laughing.
Meet Black Singles 300x250
OK, this Vanessa Bayer joke is great. And Chelsea Clinton's response was classy. Everybody wins.
Help me understand why this was funny.
vanessa bayer's "joke" was the stupidest thing i've ever heard. and she said it in NYC! did she think it would go over well over there? 😒
Chelsea Clinton effortlessly disarms a joke about Hillary:
Vanessa Bayer is a star? I think of her more as a bland, unfunny, contract player who does an offensively bad…
Vanessa Bayer sets Chelsea Clinton up for a feminist comeback
SNL's Vanessa Bayer. Poo-poo heads are not limited to old white guys. (See Clinton presidential joke - Chelsea)…
Chelsea Clinton had a firm response to Vanessa Bayer's awkward Hillary joke:
Chelsea Clinton responded to star Vanessa Bayer's Hillary Clinton joke with this comment:…
What did she say about Vanessa Bayer, I love her
Ok now that she was snarky towards my fave Vanessa Bayer I'm anti-Chelsea
So Vanessa Bayer is a Trump supporter in real life?
Vanessa should super glue your mouth shut. That comment lacked any kind of did you…
Chelsea Clinton had the perfect response to SNL cast member's awkward Hillary joke:
Chelsea Clinton responded to a Hillary joke by star Vanessa Bayer at Variety's http…
SNL star makes awkward Hillary Clinton joke at luncheon. Watch how Chelsea responds
Yes, someday someone's mom will be president & your mom got us closer to it via
VANESSA BAYER at Variety’s Power of Womae NY Presented by Lifetime in Ciprani Midtown in New York. 04/21/2017
I think Kyle Mooney and Vanessa Bayer are gonna make movies.and Alec Baldwin's gonna become NYC city councilman
Kristen Stewart and Vanessa Bayer flirt over pizza rolls in this sketch:
The beautiful and hilarious is featured in the latest issue of
Vanessa Bayer and Kate McKinnon are the best things about SNL!
Dr. Oz, Vanessa Bayer, David Allen Coe, John Lithgow and so many others make top 100 Cleveland Celebrity list.
Vanessa Bayer's Totinos wife is one of my fave SNL characters ever
Huh, never knew Vanessa Bayer was a Trump supporter!
I can only think of Vanessa Bayer's amazing impression anytime I see Jennifer Aniston
Vanessa Bayer has become the filter thru which I hear Jennifer Aniston's voice-now when she speaks, I think its someone mocking her.
I forgot Jennifer Aniston exists separately from Vanessa Bayer's impression and I feel like we'd be ok if we just had Vanessa so
Jennifer Aniston just sounded exactly like Vanessa Bayer's impression of her on SNL
When you hear Vanessa Bayer's impression of Jennifer Aniston and realize it's just Jenn.
When I hear Jennifer Aniston's voice now, I feel like I'm listening to her do an impression of Vanessa Bayer's impression of her.
lol I just don't find her funny whatsoever. Vanessa Bayer is way better but gets like way less praise heaped on her.
📹 Kate McKinnon and Vanessa Bayer discussing how Kate is amazing at dancing to Beyoncé - from the...
Is it weird that I'm way more into Vanessa Bayer playing Jennifer Aniston than Jennifer Aniston herself?
Watching SNL rerun and Vanessa Bayer imitating Rachel from Friends is great. Never saw it before
Vanessa Bayer as Rachel Green is one of the most genius things SNL writers have come up with.
Vanessa Bayer's impression of Rachel from Friends is so good it's stupid.
Today a coworker said I remind her of Vanessa Bayer, which really made my day.
This girl thinks I am Vanessa Bayer. Okay with it.
Also, Vanessa Bayer from SNL was on my train today, so we took a picture together...kinda
do you have to be a student to see Vanessa Bayer tn?
1 MORE HOUR!!! Doors open at 8:30 to see comedians Vanessa Bayer and Anna Drezen!! Get excited!!!
I'm like so obsessed with Vanessa Bayer from SNL. It's unhealthy. 😍
2 HOURS LEFT UNTIL DOORS OPEN!!! Don't miss out on an opportunity to see SNL cast member Vanessa Bayer and writer Anna Drezen Live!
3 HOURS!! Get your Vanessa Bayer tickets online before they sell out! Remember doors open at 8:30!!
Just over 4 HOURS UNTIl VANESSA BAYER!!! Doors open at 8:30!!! Register online before tickets sell out!!
Vanessa Bayer in Any excuse to post this from (very NSFW):.
Vanessa Bayer is on my train to Boston today 10/10
Are you ready to laugh? Vanessa Bayer and Anna Drezen perform TONIGHT!! Doors open in Rodgers at 8:30!!!
we all just let Ariana Grande talk in the Vanessa Bayer theater kid Laura Parsons voice
Reminder: the Vanessa Bayer show has been moved back!! Doors will open at 8:30 TOMORROW NIGHT!!! Don't forget to reserve your seat!!
Our Vanessa Bayer show is now open to guests!! Register here:
Get your tickets for this Friday night's special guest
Doors open for Vanessa Bayer at 7 PM and the show will start at 8 PM! Reserve your seat and get there early!.
This is what they needed on Super Bowl Sunday-To feed those hungry guys. Thank You, Vanessa Bayer.
More comedy news!! We have opened the Vanessa Bayer show to guests! Register your guest with their information here!
Comedy Snapchat Contest is today!! Add us on snapchat screenshot the picture of Vanessa Bayer to win a…
COMEDY UPDATE: The Vanessa Bayer show on Friday has been pushed back to start at 9 PM!! Doors will open at 8:30!!!
"Reach under your seat to see if you won VIP tickets to meet Vanessa Bayer!"
Come see SNL comedians Vanessa Bayer and Anna Drezen at Jim Thorpe presented by CAC Speakers Bureau, which is led b…
Don't miss your chance to see Vanessa Bayer and Anna Drezen from Saturday Night Live TONIGHT at 7 pm in Jim Thorpe!…
(I'm meeting Vanessa Bayer and Anna Drezen tonight I'm not freaking out nope nope nope (!).)
Vanessa Bayer's character has dumped J.K. Simmons and moved on to Beck Bennett since last year's ad.…
We're in the same building as Cecily Strong, Kate McKinnon, Aidy Bryant, Leslie Jones, Colin Jost, Melissa Villeseñor, Vanessa Bayer, Pete D
Jennifer Aniston stopped by to discuss Vanessa Bayer's Rachel from impression: 😅
Jennifer Aniston crashes to confront Vanessa Bayer over her Rachel Green impression:
Jennifer Aniston confronts Vanessa Bayer over her Rachel from impression on
Lorne Michaels please bring back SNL. Cecily Strong as Melania and Vanessa Bayer as Tiffany too good to pass up!
Vanessa Bayer and Cecily Strong are arm wrestling right now for who gets to be Tiffany Trump next season.
In a way she sounds like Vanessa Bayer or Cecily Strong doing an impersonation of a Drumpf daughter.
Spending some incredible moments with these two gents & Vanessa Bayer, Peter Davidson, Judd…
Aubrey Plaza, Kristen Wiig, Kate McKinnon, Vanessa Bayer and Nasim Pedrad. Put all of em in an-all lady sitcom, sure gonna be madness.
What if this is sometimes my Sunday and I'm NOT on 🙊 "The (Very Lazy) Sunday Routine of Vanessa Bayer":
How Vanessa Bayer spends her Sundays here in Via
Feeling great spiritual kinship w/ & her Sunday routine. Yknow, minus the performing-for-millions part.
I better not have just wasted free article on Vanessa Bayer's lazy Sunday routine
.looks at a Sunday in the life of SNL star
The only honest participant in Sunday Routine, and she gets judged by the headline writers.
Literally me: "Sometimes I’ll order in three times on Sundays... I wonder sometimes what the doormen think of me."
Ordering Seamless 3 times on a Sunday is my kind of weekend
finally, a Sunday Routine we can believe in. Vanessa Bayer: hero woman.
~ You look so pretty in this Article! 😘 ~
Cute article about Vanessa Bayer from She mentions watching ❤️
This is my Sunday routine & I'm not on a live tv show the night before. God bless NYC.
"It’s like eight stairs. But stairs are stairs." -On the plight of getting slippers, Vanessa just
That NY Times writeup on makes me feel less weird about my own Sunday routine. Er… Fri-Sun. Also Wed.
The best 'what I do in a day' piece I've ever read ...
Deeply in love with Vanessa Bayer now.
NYT’s Sunday routines usually make me feel really lazy. A billion thanks to for being the hero we need ht…
Vanessa Bayer is one of the funniest people on earth.
Order Miche Bag Online!
On Sunday, Vanessa Bayer of "SNL" rises at 3 p.m. Then she does nothing.
Last year Pete Davidson and Vanessa Bayer came and I was out of town I was so upset but I'll be here this time!!
Vanessa Bayer out to be next to the entry for "white lady" in the dictionary
Never thought I'd say these words, but Vanessa Bayer is one of my favorite SNL cast members.
Couldn't help but think of when I was watching Vanessa Bayer "interview" the 110 year old woman on Weekend update.
idk Vanessa Bayer as Jacob is pretty good too
That Flossy bit with Vanessa Bayer & Kate McKinnon was perfect.
Vanessa Bayer's Rachel from Friends impression is one of the best things I've ever seen
Is it racist I'm convinced that Vanessa Bayer and Kate McKinnon are the same person?
Vanessa Bayer totally used your voice on
Vanessa Bayer and Kate McKinnon to save the day
Vanessa Bayer has more teeth than a Rob Liefeld drawing.
Ever since Michael Che did his impression of Vanessa Bayer for me I can't see either of them the same way
Did I just hear Vanessa Bayer drop the F-bomb,
Vanessa Bayer's Rachel impression is on point. Yeah!
Vanessa Bayer's impression of Rachel from Friends is the best impression I've ever seen and heard.
Vanessa Bayer is the Queen of pre taped skits! Also is Bobby playing the same person from the last episode!
Who did Vanessa Bayer thank in her speech? Find out & reply with your thank-you using
when everyone tells me I remind them of Vanessa Bayer
How and her characters have become the best part of Weekend Update 📺
Vanessa Bayer as Rachel Green is so good. (Vine by
Sally Kohn remarkable ressemblance to "Jacob" skit in SNL played by Vanessa Bayer.
Hillary sounds like she's doing an impression of Vanessa Bayer doing an impression of Miley Cyrus.
"...who?" . "Bill Hader. Colin Quinn. Vanessa Bayer.". "What are you doing". "Listing everyone you should 100% recognize in this"
Vanessa Hudgens is killing it! And Carly Rae Jepsen is such a cute Frenchy
Cha-Cha looks like Vanessa Bayer character from SNL
Why did everyone switch to doing Vanessa Bayer's Kid Actor voice with this drive-in scene?
How is Vanessa Bayer still on SNL? All of the good,talented and likable people who have been on the show, they keep the worst one?
I feel like Vanessa Bayer is rather underrated. Just the sight of her cracks me up.
Adam Driver parties with Liev Schreiber in sketch:
This movie is incredible. It sounds like Vanessa Bayer is dubbing and sometimes characters just repeat phrases to fill in dub time.
12 minutes left! Bid on a chance to go to Saturday Night Live & meet amazing cast member Bid now:
I'm just gonna say this. Been avoiding this. Vanessa Bayer is all kinds of yes to me. Yep. Mmmhmm.
Saw Vanessa Bayer live but she didn't do Jacob the Bar Mitzvah Boy /:
Vanessa Bayer is straight up doing Laura Parson from at right now. It's glorious.
Ugh Vanessa Bayer from SNL is at my school right now and I'm on the Staten Island ferry
Harry Styles is waiting in the same long *** line to see Vanessa Bayer. Celebrities, they're just like us!
Vanessa Bayer really grinds my gears
You do NOT want to be at a Christmas party with Ryan Gosling and Vanessa Bayer.
aw, we have the same one! I think the dad looks like Vanessa Bayer as the Bar Mitzvah Boy on SNL :-)
I got to watch Fred Armisen, Aidy Bryant, Vanessa Bayer, Mike O'Brien, Jack McBrayer and many others do improv for 17 hours on Monday.
Didn't make it to last night? Plenty of improvisers are performing today, including The Boys, Jack McBrayer & Vanessa Bayer!
Last night I was at Second City till 3 a.m. watching Aidy Bryant, Vanessa Bayer, Fred Armisen, Jack McBrayer and a bunch of other comedians
Vanessa Bayer is great. Kyle Mooney and Beck Bennett criminally underused
It's good to see Vanessa Bayer in something outside of SNL
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Had a dream that I was in a romantic relationship with Vanessa Bayer. She was impressed by my old arcade game scores.
I had a huge crush on Vanessa Bayer in Trainwreck.
Wow, she is a dead ringer for Vanessa Bayer of SNL.
to when I got to meet Vanessa Bayer and Aidy Bryant from SNL!!
I'm Vanessa Bayer in the Taylor Swift squad SNL vid
Think any of the cast changed their names to get listed earlier? . Looking in your direction: . Vanessa Bayer. Beck Bennett. Aidy Bryant
Where are Vanessa Bayer and Aidy Bryant and Sasheer Zamata? And Kenan, etc.? Huge cast, but only a few featured tonight.
Kate McKinnon, Cecily Strong, Vanessa Bayer, and Aidy Bryant just kill it on every week.
So excited to see Vanessa Bayer and Aidy Bryant from this Friday😍
Tickets are now available to see Vanessa Bayer and Aidy Bryant this Friday at 10pm! Brought to you by theEnd!
SOPHOMORES! Enter the raffle by 11pm to win a VIP experience to see Vanessa Bayer & Aidy Bryant for you and a friend!
HEY GUYS- SAC is opening for Vanessa Bayer and Aidy Bryant this Friday and I'll be your host! Wahoo!
I would assume that the others being referenced on that board are Kristen Wiig, Bill Hader and Vanessa Bayer
Colin Quinn? Dave Attell? Nope, Vanessa Bayer was the funniest supporting character in Trainwreck, chick killed it
yeah, and to see Vanessa Bayer in a film was great. She was hilarious!
Absolutely loved great interviews with and Bill Hader and Vanessa Bayer!!
When you ask your Guy Friend to take your Pic
I liked a video Vanessa Bayer on Showing Ohio Love with LeBron James - Late Night with Seth Meyers
Great time at train wreck premiere today met Bill Hader n Vanessa Bayer
Lol I met Bill Hader, Amy Schumer, Vanessa bayer, and Judd Apatow today nbd
Actress Vanessa Bayer on the red carpet.
Exclusive Interview: Vanessa Bayer on the art of impressions and her role in Trainwreck
V excited to see tonight. Also stoked that my SNL nerdy self gets to be in the same room as Vanessa Bayer & Bill Hader.
is it true Vanessa Bayer has to wear adult diapers in order to work
We love Vanessa Bayer! That's why we are bringing you her interview!.
Amy Schumer: 'First of all we love ELLE..'
» Amy Schumer This Delaware agency chills with Hannibal Buress and Amy Schumer,…
14:00 Steve Wright in the Afternoon: Rick Stein, Judd Apatow and Vanessa Bayer join Steve and the team.
To that time when Judd Apatow, Vanessa Bayer, Amy Schumer, Mike Birbiglia, Colin Quinn, Dave Attell gave stellar...
Jenny Lewis recruits Fred Armisen, Feist and Vanessa Bayer for hilarious "She's Not Me" video: htt…
Vanessa Bayer and Mike Birbiglia decide between 'Trainwreck' and Taylor .. Related Articles:
hey Vanessa Bayer, missed you since Taylor security line on Sat night
The hilarious opens up about her teenage battle against leukemia
I had no idea that Vanessa Bayer battled cancer as a kid.
SNL's Vanessa Bayer reveals her teen battle with leukemia was 'extremely alienating' as she gives back to Make-A-Wish Foundation …
Looking good girl! Isnt that Vanessa Bayer sitting with you?
EW: VanessaBayer opens up to People about her childhood battle with leukemia:
Vanessa Bayer talks to People about her childhood battle with leukemia
As if Amy Schumer hasn't done enough for us silly humans, she is about to make Vanessa Bayer a million times more famous
Yes, the new video features her re-enacting "Golden Girls" with Zosia Mamet, Vanessa Bayer, Fred Armisen
On that note; learning despicable me 2 had Nasim Pedrad and Vanessa Bayer in it as well as Kristen boosted its appeal to me 😂😂
Kylie and Kendall talking just reminds me of Vanessa Bayer and Cecily Strong in the SNL Moët & Chandon sketch...
Aidy Bryant, Cecily Strong, Vanessa Bayer and Kate McKinnon continue the years long female dominance on SNL. They completely own the show.
ON SALE NOW! SNL's Vanessa Bayer and Kate McKinnon will be LIVE at the BJC on 4/20! Tickets are available NOW!...
Dawn grew up to be Kate McKinnon. Mallory grew up to be Vanessa Bayer. MaryAnne grew up to be Abby Elliott.
Cecily Strong and Vanessa Bayer make me feel thing inside.. Not just laughter either
NYC is funny. I introduced Oliver Peck to Vanessa Bayer and said they both had TV shows. they had no idea who the other was. Funny!
in a related story I want to marry both Cecily Strong and Vanessa Bayer more than anything else - please help me
After watching the rerun of SNL from last night, I'd like to reiterate that few things bother me as much as Vanessa Bayer
So at about 2 AM last night I met Vanessa Bayer and a bunch of other SNL people.
It took over 4 years, but Vanessa Bayer finally did something funny on
I don't like Vanessa Bayer from SNL. I find her annoying AF.
When I saw the classroom, I was expecting a poetry sketch with Vanessa Bayer.
Or is "Vanessa Bryant" the fusion form of Vanessa Bayer and Aidy Bryant?
Do you mean Vanessa Bayer or did you actually mean Kobe Bryant's wife?
Can I have a Super Bowl activity pack for work tomorrow? Vanessa Bayer killed it.
Can I please have my own Vanessa Bayer? God she is so good.
Did I actually enjoy a Super Bowl skit? Leave it to Vanessa Bayer.
Brb gonna GIF Vanessa Bayer playing with that clapper.
I always love it whenever Vanessa Bayer does her Stepford wife-type character.
Vanessa Bayer is incredible I love her
Vanessa Bayer always had that hot, creepy smile
I like Vanessa Bayer, but I do miss VANESSA BAYERRR...
has some serious beef with Vanessa Bayer 😂
They just need Vanessa Bayer as Jeanine and then they're set.
On a webinar and the speaker sounds like Vanessa Bayer from Same intonation. Incredibly funny and distracting!
yeah I was just told they were writers, makes sense. But, can Vanessa Bayer just fade out already?
But it's easy to cast goofy people in goofy roles. Vanessa Bayer is always straddled with the thankless task as "straight gal"
Kate McKinnon and Leslie Jones end up in a movie after being in SNL for less than 3 years. Vanessa Bayer remains doing nothing.
My professor is a Vanessa Bayer character
My math teacher reminds me of Vanessa Bayer's poet character on SNL.
Kate McKinnon is great, as is Leslie Jones but Ghostbusters 3 now needs Cecily Strong. And Vanessa Bayer. And Aidy Bryant.
The only better news would be finding out that Cecily Strong, Vanessa Bayer, and Aidy Bryant will be playing ghosts.
I'd rather see Vanessa Bayer and Cecily Strong in Ghostbusters Reboot than Kristen Wiig and Melissa McCarthy. . OH WELL :/
was just thinking Vanessa Bayer got snubbed.
I get in trouble at home for preferring Vanessa Bayer over McKinnon.
Actually toss in Vanessa Bayer, Aidy Bryant, Jones as well.
Kate McKinnon and Leslie Jones, eh? Will Vanessa Bayer be left behind at SNL forever? Maybe people will realise she's the best soon.
Stand in for Vanessa Bayer in Audi commercial spoofing 50 sh !
Remember, Vanessa Bayer on SNL is from Shaker & went to Orange High. She has been on for 5 years and is good
There's a girl at work that talks like Vanessa Bayer's Poetry teacher and makes me wish I was deaf.
“Vanessa Bayer gets no respect but she's probably the most talented person on SNL.” Hold up... Vanessa Bayer has fans?!?!?!
And once again, Vanessa Bayer was conspicuously absent from most of this episode. I guess has unfortunately gotten tired of her...
I'm trying to remember that one time Vanessa Bayer almost made me laugh on Wait, no. She's not funny at all. Love tho.
Wish Nasim Pedrad was still on but I at least still have Vanessa Bayer
Seriously, Vanessa Bayer, you are awful. You are in a Hee Haw skit and still don't do a southern accent?! That's...
Few things bother me as much as Vanessa Bayer.and her teeth
Probably not because Vanessa Bayer is still in the cast.
Well Cecily Strong and Vanessa Bayer are so good!!
Brecky (Vanessa Bayer) and her friend (Cecily Strong) hawk Sunseeker Yachts with a little help from Captain Jack Swallow (James Franco) and James Franco (Set...
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Is there anything worse than college chicks?
When does Vanessa Bayer show up as that overacting theater camp girl from
Check out the ladies on the beach who are HOTTER than the summer sun!
I think I just saw Vanessa Bayer from SNL and Sutton Foster sitting on opposite sides of the same cafe in midtown...
If you think your dad would LITERALLY kill you over your new tattoo...DO NOT to show him!
Gamer girls are better without pants...yes I think so.
Vanessa Bayer is as unfunny as she is hot..
Martin Freeman as 'SNL' host: 'I'll be kind of scared': He digs Vanessa Bayer's impression of Miley Cyrus. Who knew?
thank you for follow me I follow you back. Have a nice day.
Lady Gaga was interviewed on Colbert just now and I'm 95% sure it was actually Vanessa Bayer doing a lowkey Gaga impression
Have you ever wondered what your favorite celeb looks like without makeup on? Scroll through this gallery.
The biggest crime of this year is Vanessa Bayer remaining on the SNL cast whilst they fired Noel.
This is why you broke up with your ex girlfriend! They're the worst!
Girls with big butts face all types of problems. Check it out
Vanessa Bayer never fails to make me laugh.
Girls, these selfies are getting out of hand!!
Unless there is a Black Friday sale on Vanessa Bayer getting coffee with me & talking about what bands she likes, I have no desire to shop.
Women aren't even this hot in your dreams.
Speaking of SNL people from Cleveland area, so is Vanessa Bayer; she went to same high school as Christine.
Check out some of these amazing, seemingly-unattainable thigh gaps!
Just had a genius idea. Vanessa Bayer as Penelope's sister!
Vanessa Bayer is sneakily really attractive.
Push up bras are taking boobs and putting them right where they belong��out in public.
Time for Vanessa Bayer to leave the show.
Extremely jealous of Vanessa Bayer when she got to make out with Josh Hutcherson in the SNL thanksgiving sketch
Vanessa Bayer has come a long way since then.
This Vanessa Bayer as a turkey sketch is one of the weirdest live sketches in a while.
This Vanessa Bayer turkey skit gives me life.
Cheer leading is rough. At least these girls are hot, right?
Vanessa Bayer is a time traveler. Or possibly immortal.
Tablet insurance available.  Get yours today!
He also kinda looked like Vanessa Bayer's Jacob the Bar Mitzvah Boy.
Young Adam Sandler is Jacob the Jewish Boy on SNL by Vanessa Bayer
Who is more cuter, the real life girl or her anime lookalike?
Who needs extra large when you can have Fun-Sized? Girls with small boobs are HOT!
Even though I hate Annie, Vanessa Bayer doing the black Annie was funny. Black Annie vs. White Annie.
Cannot wait for everyone to see the shenanigans The Vamps got into today with Vanessa Bayer. Too good.…
Just bumbed into Vanessa Bayer at work. No I didn't ask her to do Jacob the Bar Mitzvah Boy.
If I had to marry any SNL cast member, past or present, I'd marry either Vanessa Bayer or Nasim Pedrad.
These pics will have you praying for windy weather ;)
Here are some of the most beautiful shots on the net taken by ordinary women of all shapes and kinds.
ATTENTION: Alexandria Morgan is the HOTTEST girl on instagram.
Taking bets on who does the promos with him. I bet Vanessa Bayer.
LOL close enough ain't close at all.
Curviest Selfies You've Ever Seen. Hmm...thick legs might be better than *** It's decide.
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