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Vancouver Grizzlies

The Vancouver Grizzlies were a professional basketball team based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

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My Vancouver Grizzlies team in 2k go nuts
I wish the Grizzlies were still in Vancouver because they would have been my new NBA team when I move north after Trump becomes President.
When the juice got you blurry eyed. (Repost).
He is beautiful!If u r coming to check out the 2 Grizzlies Check us out!
I need to know quick . Which jersey do I cop. (Any Vancouver Grizzlies jersey)
I thought for sure it would have been former Vancouver Grizzlies player Bryant "Big Country" Reeves.
Vancouver Grizzlies. Seattle Supersonics. Both now long gone. Its almost like the league got tired of the great NorthWest and moved out.
It’s great to see, but still tough to swallow the Grizzlies being stolen from Vancouver
Huge shout out to the server last night wearing a vintage Vancouver Grizzlies jersey!
wait Canada has a basketball team besides the Vancouver Grizzlies???
You and me both man. Though I think I still miss the Vancouver Grizzlies.
The last time the Raptors won a Playoff series they shared Canada with the (Vancouver) Grizzlies.
If the raptors lose this one I'm jumping off the wagon and cheering for the Vancouver Grizzlies
View from Vancouver, home to the Ghost of the Grizzlies.
Deadstock Vintage Vancouver Grizzlies snapback made by Sports Specialties. $25 USD shipped anywhere in Canada or th…
Still hate the for how they and Michael Heisley/Grizzlies treated but go anyways.
🔥FOR SALE🔥 Mitchell and Ness Vancouver Grizzlies SnapBack! DM me for details!!
I still have the Vancouver Grizzlies Ball cap that Stu Jackson gave me
broo get the Vancouver Grizzlies secondary logo or something
if the Grizzlies went back to Vancouver.i'd rep LOL
I want a throwback Vancouver Grizzlies warm up jacket, but don't want to spend the $200 on it 😩😩
hol' up. Is that a Vancouver Grizzlies jersey in your profile pic? If so, is it Bryant Big Country Reeves? If so, you win. Life.
yup,raptors throwback mean too and Vancouver Grizzlies joint
A guy just finished the in a Vancouver Grizzlies Mike Bibby jersey. That's a strong look.
By Starter vintage grizzlies leather strapback . New with tags.
Myself and received a sports award for our oral history/labour of love on the Vancouver Grizzlies:
Shooting bricks on a Vancouver Grizzlies net in the drive way.
The greatest Vancouver Grizzlies 10 day singing ever, Aaron Williams, is not walking through that door,
If the Raptors lose the series it's time to bring the Vancouver Grizzlies back
Starter vintage grizzlies leather strapback . New with tags.
cheering for the Raps is much like cheering for the expansion era Vancouver Grizzlies
Update your maps at Navteq
At the league level, looks like (unsurprisingly) the 57-game gap between the 1996 Bulls and Vancouver Grizzlies.
keep in mind the year Bulls got 72 wins it was a year of expansion with Vancouver Grizzlies & Toronto Raptors
I was a Vancouver Grizzlies fan then didn't watch again steadily til 2009 when I became Thunder fan
Sup dude, you've got my dream job lol. Heading to Vancouver Island to photograph Grizzlies in June, can't wait.
If Vancouver got an MLB team, would you go to games?. (assuming the ownership isn't Grizzlies-level-incompetent)
"Finally found a Vancouver Grizzlies jersey!! 😆😆😆😎 one day imma find one😔
A throwback Vancouver Grizzlies & Toronto Raptors jersey are my top two I wanna get😍
The Kings would have never lost this many games if the Grizzlies stayed in Vancouver.
Dontt too excited about the Fox Sports story suggesting that Vancouver would be a good fit for MLB expansion. Remember the Grizzlies?
Nothing like seeing a vancouver grizzlies cap with leopard print on the visor :/
I need to buy that Vancouver Grizzlies jersey soon! 😁
Can't wait for Radio doc on the history of the (Vancouver) Grizzlies and if a NBA team could succeed in the city
The Bryant Reeves era Vancouver Grizzlies would beat this Warriors team 4 out of 7 easy.
Bring an MLB team to Vancouver. Call them the Grizzlies. I'd by seasons tickets in 2 seconds.
Call them the Vancouver Grizzlies and force them to play in Big Country teal and I am in,
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Forgotten Franchise: Reflecting on the demise of the Vancouver Grizzlies (by
I liked a video from NBA 2K16: Vancouver Grizzlies Team Creation (Rebrand)
Vancouver Grizzlies had the best jerseys of all time
Or that guy that used to play for the Vancouver Grizzlies.what was his name? 😂😂
Now you tell me, who was putting up 40 for the Vancouver Grizzlies and those weak *** Clipper teams in the 90s?
he single handedly did NOT bring down the entire Vancouver Grizzlies organization. HOFer tbh
Grizzlies have been rough since transfer from Vancouver to Memphis
one of our hockey players showed up pre-game wearing old jersey from our Vancouver days
I also wish the Grizzlies would come back to Vancouver, but I think I’m alone in that.
Zach Randolph has a Vancouver Grizzlies toque in his locker. .
(Grizzlies were still in Vancouver back in 1999, but you get the idea).
Yup, had a few of his rookie cards. Drafted by the ol Vancouver Grizzlies lol
Probably weren't even alive when the Grizzlies were still a franchise in Vancouver.
😳 what. I just got a Vancouver Grizzlies Mike Bibby jersey. I'm probably gonna end up getting a Tracy McGrady raptors next
Since he was a member of the Vancouver Grizzlies.
Mavs were 6-25 3pt in 1st half. 25 att 2 shy of franchise record of 27 set in 1996 vs VANCOUVER Grizzlies
Orlando Magic, Miami Heat, Toronto Raptors, and Vancouver Grizzlies were added during his era
Also give Grizzlies name back to Vancouver and change Memphis to Sound.
I got a pair of those in 2001... still had the Vancouver Grizzlies logo!
Dude was drafted by the Vancouver Grizzlies. Not Memphis: Vancouver. How is he still here?
OKLAHOMA CITY -- With a Euro step that might have spanned two continents, Russell W...
your favorite team the Vancouver Grizzlies
someone just walked down to the first 6 rows for Mavs/Kings wearing a Vancouver Grizzlies jersey...on free t shirt night
wait are you a podcast dedicated just to the Vancouver Grizzlies???
Came across this current issue of a secondary mark we did for the Vancouver Grizzlies while buying new work out...
Whatever team doesn’t get to relocate to L.A. Should relocate to Vancouver and brand themselves as the Grizzlies.
He'd watch if its The Bachelor but for the Vancouver Grizzlies next owner
How about them Grizzlies?? The Vancouver Grizzlies. Lol. Awe now I'm sad.
vancouver grizzlies are a bitter footnote in my childhood, and maybe life, another lesson that everything i love and hold dearly WILL leave
From yesterday, on how the Vancouver Grizzlies turned down a Steve Nash trade cuz of Bryant Reeves.
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Kings back to Cincinnati, Jazz back in New Orleans, Philadelphia Warriors, Vancouver Grizzlies,
Michael Jordan takes over in 4th to beat the Vancouver Grizzlies!
Master P scored 8 points in an exhibition game against the Vancouver Grizzlies with the Raptors.
thought the *** got traded to the Vancouver Grizzlies for a second
I dunno, how can pass up a Vancouver Grizzlies line up of Shareef Abdur-Rahim, Bryant Reeves, Cherokee Parks, and Mike Bibby
Vancouver probably wanted to follow the Grizzlies to Memphis.. Who wants to live in Vancouver lol
Are you the same guy that ran the Grizzlies out of Vancouver?
That Vancouver Grizzlies jersey is crucial tho
The NBA should add 2 teams - 1 in Seattle,1 in Vancouver - then move the Grizzlies and Twolves to the Eastern Conference
Answer the Question did you go to Vancouver Grizzlies Games or Houston Oiler Games No then your not a real fan
Did you go to Grizzlies Games when they were in Vancouver or did you go to Titans games when they were in Houston
I can see you see you now in your Big Country Vancouver Grizzlies Jersey & Warren Moon Oilers jersey
Yes considering The Titans stated in Houston & The Grizzlies moved from Vancouver yeah so tell me more
My birthday is coming up so if anyone needs and idea I'll take a Jason Williams Vancouver Grizzlies jersey.
in hindsight, most Vancouver Grizzlies fans would agree.
I'm definitely tryna get this Vancouver Grizzlies jersey within a week lol, authentic ones are hard to find though
elite moves organization skills are bad too. I want to join elite 24 or vancouver Grizzlies
kind of. I'll have to ask this kid if that was when the Grizzlies were in Vancouver or Memphis. Think it was Memphis
he's an interesting guy but he'll promise to get you signed with the Vancouver Grizzlies
Jason Terry has been in the League for 29 seasons and has played for every team except for the Vancouver Grizzlies.
bull: grizzlies in Vancouver outdrew Memphis right up until Memphis got a great team. Product is matters
find of the day: Vancouver Grizzlies team book signed by Bryant Reeves
Vancouver grizzlies have a better chance than the jays
"13. Best player in your favorite teams history?" Shareef Abdur-Rahim -- Vancouver Grizzlies
Does anyone have a vancouver grizzlies jersey they'll sell me?
neither jersey is a cool as the Vancouver Grizzlies ones.
Love when the league bring den throwbacks out Toronto, Milwaukee, Vancouver Grizzlies, Atlanta toughest ones!
Call your local politician! Let's help keep the Grizzlies in Victoria!
Saw play 18 years ago in Vancouver against the Grizzlies, now entering his 20th and final season!
When I see the Toronto Raptors 2015, it gets my blood boiling. I wonder if the Vancouver Grizzlies weren't moved,would they be a great team
domain names
And did they protest the Vancouver Grizzlies et al. being part of the "National" Basketball Association?
On what planet is this considered ugly? This is what you call style and fashion. Look it up. http…
I miss the Expos. I'd like them, the Sonics, the Vancouver Grizzlies and the Whalers back too.
Need a place to buy an Vancouver grizzlies jersey for cheap. Don't care that the nba logo is slightly crooked
Can we just try to find someway to move the Grizzlies to the eastern conf...they ain't been in Vancouver for a solid decade.
No, Mike, the Vancouver Grizzlies will forever be Canada's team.
Got my Shareef Abdur-Rahim Vancouver Grizzlies jersey on order for this year!
I like how we are getting someone from the Vancouver grizzlies. Will we get more cards from this team? (Bibby, and abdul Rahim? )
"That's my boy..." whispered Alex, wiping a tear out of his eye with a Vancouver Grizzlies t-shirt
Spend time on with this family holiday itinerary
Traditionally I spend the 4th intermission of a playoff game YouTubeing Vancouver Grizzlies highlights.
word mane. The Vancouver Grizzlies had tough colors back in the day too. Especially the jerseys
Knicks trade pick to Vancouver Grizzlies for Shareef Abdur-Rahim.
The Vancouver Grizzlies are winning the draft lottery
That or the Vancouver Grizzlies are going to get the 1st pick
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
First pick in the draft goes to Vancouver Grizzlies
Hey had a look around but no Vancouver Grizzlies anywhere, sorry
he was just one of the great draft picks of Stu Jackson for the Vancouver Grizzlies.
Excellent article from on the story of the Vancouver Grizzlies:
My sources are saying that Lebron is signing with the Vancouver Grizzlies or Washington Bullets
Gee, I sure hope Pau Gasol and the Vancouver Grizzlies defeat Gary Payton, Shawn Kemp, Detlef Schrempf and the Seattle Supersonics.
Still debating which was the best sports jersey maybe you can help me decide: A) Vancouver Grizzlies- Mike Bibby B) Lakers- Van Exel
Broadcast Meet the Grizzlies Broadcast team and find information about game broadcasts and additional broadcast programming. History Beginning in 1995 as the Vancouver Grizzlies through today’s Memphis Grizzlies franchise.
I'm the 98 Vancouver Grizzlies of eating at night.
Vancouver grizzlies stuff is sold in ohio but not stuff...
Today is Saturday, March 1, 2014 Today in Sports History 1941 - Elmer Layden was named the first Commissioner of the NFL. 1949 - Joe Louis announced that he was retiring from boxing as world heavyweight boxing champion. 1960 - Gordie Howe was profiled in "LOOK" magazine. 1969 - Mickey Mantle announced his retirement from baseball. 1979 - The NCAA granted ESPN the exclusive rights to telecast collegiate events. 1987 - The Boston Celtics defeated Detroit 112-102 to post win number 2,235. 1988 - Wayne Gretzky (Edmonton Oilers) got his 1,050th assist to become the NHL's all-time assist leader. Gordie Howe had held the record for 26 years. 1993 - The expansion NHL team owned by Disney was named the Mighty Ducks. 1996 - Lenny Wilkens won his 1,000th game as a coach in the NBA. 1996 - The Dallas Mavericks set a record when they attempted 44 3-point shots in a game against the Vancouver Grizzlies. 1997 - "Bottom Line2" debuted on ESPN2. 2002 - The Vancouver Canucks said that they would bill Ed Belfour (Dallas Sta ...
Spencer Hawes reminds me of Bryant Reeves, former player for the Vancouver Grizzlies.
When are the Memphis Grizzlies moving back to Vancouver?
I don't watch basketball anymore, but since a Vancouver Grizzlies game was the only NBA game I attended, I feel like we have a connection
And thought the Grizzlies were still in Vancouver. The *** is wrong with me?!
Tablet insurance available.  Get yours today!
- Vancouver floppy disk. Fan incentives from the 90's!
"Rewilding Vancouver." Guest curator: the thoughtful JB Mackinnon. Daylight the streams, bring back grizzlies! Go:
hey, Dale. I see you're rocking a Vancouver Grizzlies hat, on The Block this week. Sweet. NBA fan mate, or just for looks?
Yep and Vancouver does need the help. They need to become competitive. Look what happened w/Grizzlies losing in that market
The Vancouver Grizzlies won only 22% of their games (101-359) from '95 to '00. Then they moved to Memphis and got Pau Gasol...nuff said
lmao *** i forgot you did that stint on the Vancouver grizzlies
Man, it's hard enough to find Memphis Grizzlies accessories in Augusta as it is; all we CARRY is Vancouver!
Glad I kept this, Grizzlies first season
If you want to jump on the blck/gold look early, you can order a throwback hat here
Oh *** yeah...the Vancouver Grizzlies Mike Bibby jersey has arrived!
CUSTOM ALERT! Vancouver Grizzlies with RARE CLAW LOGO New Era Fitted. Only place in world get
1996: and Sean Elliott combine for 49 pts as the Spurs down Big Country's Vancouver Grizzlies, 95-84.
And move grizzlies back to.vancouver. And expansion two teams in Tennessee and Seattle. Tennessee Chickasaws
ICY'allMI: The debut of our lists, beginning with the Best Grizzlies of All Time
You a new *** if you don't remember when the Hornets were in Charlotte & the Grizzlies were in Vancouver
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Rap game Mike Bibby Vancouver Grizzlies jersey came in today
Here's my response to those people: Washington Senators, Montreal Expos, Kansas City Kings, Vancouver Grizzlies, Houston Oilers... (2)
Our today’s featured card from the 2012/13 Panini Elite Rookie Inscriptions is Mr. Tony Wroten, the card number 73 from the acetate set. Played as a Point Guard / Shooting Guard for Vancouver Grizzlies who stands at 6’6 and weighs …… [ 125 more words. ]
Idk dude I just can't choose between the Vancouver Grizzlies or the Seattle Supersonics snap back
I wish the Seattle Sonic, Houston Oilers, and Vancouver Grizzlies were still around.
Who remembers Mike Bibby from the Vancouver Grizzlies? My jerseys from his Sactown days. My boiii ♥
Vancouver Grizzlies Best team logo ever made
Memphis needs to change their name. Vancouver Grizzlies.
First Lakers game my dad took me against the Vancouver Grizzlies he bought me a Kobe Bryant Jersey.still have it
Dan Hawkins Career lasted as long as the Vancouver Grizzlies.
I was hoping for something cooler. But not horrible. Like Vancouver grizzlies.
A city like NOLA deserves something that looks like the Vancouver Grizzlies jerseys.
Beetch I'll have you missing like the Vancouver Grizzlies. Holla.
Vancouver Grizzlies has the best jerseys hands down! Truth! Facts!
The Vancouver Grizzlies had the cleanest uniforms .. Someone needs to adopt those colors .
I got respect for you if u rock a Vancouver grizzlies hat
Vancouver Grizzlies!! If the expands by two teams, Seattle Sonics and Vancouver Grizzlies!!
question from trivia last night: what center from Oklahoma State was the 6th pick of the Vancouver Grizzlies in 1995? i nailed it
I got a better one try Vancouver grizzlies snapback
As a sports fan I've seen the Seattle Sonics, Charlotte Hornets, Vancouver Grizzlies and Houston Oilers all play in person. I'm old.
A tattoo artist who only gives you a Vancouver Grizzlies tattoo no matter what you request
I'm happy for Memphis and their success, but I miss the Vancouver Grizzlies.
i think these old Vancouver Grizzlies uniforms up there
Check out this new Reebok show that pays homage to the Grizzlies! Made by Garry Bone of
I have this Vancouver Grizzlies jersey, but I dont think I will wear it.
The things I would do for an OG Vancouver Grizzlies jersey...
There is a Brian Reeves Vancouver Grizzlies jersey sighting at
yep thought it was the Vancouver grizzlies or the franchise change.
Toronto FC may be worse than the Vancouver Grizzlies in all-time franchise terribleness.
I got behind "Big Country" during broadcast of And recorded it!
Yearning for the good ol' days? Select Vancouver Grizzlies gear available. HMU.
Best of The NBA Draft   Need a resource about NBA draft classes?  The Wave In Sports has it.  Every draft has a best and worst value as well as a best and worst pick.  1995-1999     1995   Best Value- Kevin Garnett 5 Minnesota Timberwovles-  KG was the real deal of a high school player coming straight to the NBA.  Once you saw him once you knew if Garnett’s frame can withstand the banging of the NBA, he was going to be special.  Work ethic, loyalty, sacrifice and skill KG was the ultimate package for a T’Wolves franchise that was going nowhere fast.  As great of a draft as 95 was KG is clearly the best player in the draft.  Great risk and reward for the T’Wolves.     Worst Value- Bryant Reeves-  6  Vancouver Grizzlies-   The Grizzlies were coming into the league from Vancouver, a place where most Americans cannot identify on a map.  They needed a franchise guy to justify having a NBA team in Vancouver.  Big Country was just the wrong pick.  Sold some merchandise but Reeves look ...
We're going back in time today. It is June 26, 1996. This is not just an ordinary day, it the draft day. There are some big names in this years draft, including: Allen Iverson, Kobe Bryant, Steve Nash, Ray Allen, Stephon Marbury, Antonie Walker, Peja Stojaković, Jermaine O'Neal, and many more. The top five picks looked like this. 1.Allen Iverson (Guard) Philadelphia 76ers 2.Marcus Camby (Center) Toronto Raptors 3.Shareef Abdur-Rahim (Forward) Vancouver Grizzlies 4.Stephon Marbury (Guard)Milwaukee Bucks (traded to Minnesota) 5.Ray Allen (Guard) Minnesota Timberwolves (traded to Milwaukee) Knowing what you do now, how would you re-draft the top 5 picks? I would do this... 1. Kobe Bryant 2. Allen Iverson 3. Steve Nash 4. Ray Allen 5. Jermaine O'Neal -LegendsDontDie
Believe it or not, the Raptors and then-Vancouver Grizzlies weren't the first NBA teams to tip off north of the border. That honor belongs to the Toronto Huskies, one of the first teams in the league. However, at that point, Canada proved to be a tough basketball market as the Huskies lasted just one season, going 22-38 and missing the playoffs.
Black history moments: On this day in 2000, the Detroit Pistons held a ceremony to retire the no. 4 jersey of Joe Dumars (born 05/24/1963) when they hosted the Vancouver Grizzlies at the Palace of Auburn Hills. Dumars, who won two NBA championships with the Pistons, became the seventh member of the club to have his number raised. Dumars joined Dave Bing (No. 21), Bob Lanier (No. 16), Vinnie Johnson (No. 15), Bill Laimbeer (No. 40), Isiah Thomas (No. 11) and coach Chuck Daly (No. 2). He has the distinction as being the only Pistons player to ever wear this number. He averaged 16.1 points per game throughout his 14-year career. After the hanging of Joe Dumars' no. 4 jersey, the NBA announced that it would honor Joe Dumars, who led the Detroit Pistons to a pair of NBA championships, by naming the NBA Sportsmanship Award named for him. The Joe Dumars Trophy will be presented annually to the player who best represents the ideals of sportsmanship on the court, with the winner selected by writers and broadcaster ...
Dude I know I have lots of Mike Bibby on my Vancouver Grizzlies tumblr but I've also got the best
Cory Schneider wearing a Vancouver Grizzlies cap. Lol to the max/favourite goalie ever.
I remember when it was the Charlotte Hornets and Vancouver Grizzlies!
Grizzlies court being sold on Craigslist - Have you ever dreamed of owning the original Vancouver Grizzlies court? W...
Its a VERY sad day to be a Grizzlies fan. The training court at Richmond is for sale on Craigslist.
i want a new beanie. i'm thinking a Vancouver Grizzlies one
Tons of people wear Vancouver Grizzlies hats here in
Vancouver Grizzlies old practice court is on Craiglist | The Eh Game - Yahoo! Sports Canada
If we still had the Vancouver grizzlies, I bet we would beat the lakers!!
Vancouver sports fan on your Christmas list this year? If your budget is $13,000 you can buy the Grizzlies court!
Do you live in British Columbia? Would you like to own the practice court of the Vancouver Grizz? Here's your chance
Any Vancouver Grizzlies fan with $13K to spare? Also, anyone want an old basketball court floor? via
One would think the old Vancouver Grizzlies practice court would be perfect for the decor of a gym. After all, gyms are all about getting people to strive toward something unattainable, a perfect bod. And the floor of the short-lived … Continue reading →
New Vancouver Grizzlies old practice court is on Craiglist via &
i hope u were wearing your Vancouver Grizzlies jersey! lol
Looking like a grizzly bear for the winter. Sall good got my Vancouver Grizzlies hat to go with it.
Vancouver Grizzlies court on sale on Craigslist
Someone in the Canadian Basketball world needs to step up and save the Court!
Grizzlies court on sale on Craigslist
Vancouver Grizzlies court on sale on Craigslist what a joke! needs to buy this!
Straight Outta Vancouver >> Grizzlies let one slip away, lose to the Spurs in OT, 99-95
Graceland burned by disgraceful refereeing: Straight Outta Vancouver » There truly is no karma i...
I miss the Vancouver Grizzlies these Memphis ones are too much of a threat
smh times like these I wish we still had the vancouver grizzlies
A black Vancouver grizzlies jersey with the print on the collar and sleeves That would be a great christmas present
Shop for hot gear like the Mitchell & Ness The Vancouver Grizzlies Sweatshirt in White and more at KARMALOOP.…
Straight Outta Vancouver >> Tonight, in which the Grizzlies take on a well-rested Spurs team
Video: Listen to Steve Francis try and justify why he sold out Vancouver…
Today's highlight: finding a 1999 NBA video game in arcade here in Singapore and playing as the Vancouver Grizzlies. Even beat the Lakers!
How about fining Stu Jackson for his disservice to the Grizzlies (Vancouver), or Big Country for that matter...
Straight Outta Vancouver >> Final Score: Grizzlies grind out a win over the Pistons, 90-78
Grizzlies move from Vancouver to Memphis -> Raptors lose purple -> Raptors now red/black/white: the colours of Team Canada.
What does everyone think about my new
Can you make all of Vancouver feel better and throw the Grizzlies on that list?
David Stern will fine the Vancouver Grizzlies for sitting everyone for every game since 2001.
How amazing would it be to have the current Grizzlies and Thunder teams in Vancouver and Seattle.
I never even realized the Vancouver Grizzlies moved to Memphis. I guess that only happened like 10 years ago. Does Bryant "Big Country" Reeves still play in the NBA?
Who remember Houston Oilers who became the Tennessee Oilers and are now the Tennessee Titans also the Vancouver Grizzlies who r now none other than our hometeam Memphis Grizzlies
London is in talks with possibly getting an NFL team. Remember how the Vancouver Grizzlies worked out for the NBA? And no the Raptors don't count they're like a div III intramural squad they found at penn st worthington.
You know what happens when public opinion shapes design decisions? You end up with the original Vancouver Grizzlies jersey and Toronto Raptors logo.
Lost in time NBA fans in terminal at LAX. Guys wearing old Charlotte Hornets and Vancouver Grizzlies gear. Least they're not Lakers fans.
Seeing all these 6 foot little leaguers in the LLWS makes me wonder what the *** is going on with the younger generation, physically and mentally. Why do the girls try to act and look like they're 20? It's more fun being a fat, meek child. They need to read more good books. And for the love of Bryan Cranston, stop buying Vancouver Grizzlies snapbacks.
You know you forgot the Milwaukee Bucks, Golden State Warriors, and Vancouver Grizzlies were a basketball team!
Teams that have won games more recently than Penn State 1) Montreal Expos 2) Vancouver Grizzlies 3) Seattle Supersonics 4) Miami Sol 5) Orlando Miracle 6) Every team in the XFL 7) Miami Fusion 8) Atlanta Thrashers 9) Danica Patrick
Hold on, John Salley played for The Raptors? Byron Scott played for Vancouver Grizzlies? What the *** lol
I am going to punch the next person I see wearing a Charlotte Hornets or Vancouver Grizzlies snapback
Listening to sports talk radio tonight at work I heard that Brooklyn had broken off talks with Dwight Howard. So I'm thinking, "Brooklyn?... Brooklyn doesn't have an NBA basketball team..." Then I get home and look it up on the internet and learn that not only does Brooklyn have a team (the Nets, formerly of New Jersey), but so does Oklahoma City (former Seattle Supersonics), Memphis (Grizzlies, former Vancouver Grizzlies), - Wait! What? There was an NBA team in Vancouver??? - and Toronto (Raptors - been around since two years after the "Jurassic Park" film was released). Also New Orleans now has the Hornets (from Charlotte) and Charlotte has the Bobcats. Most surprising was learning that New York has a team called the "Knicks" that is supposedly "professional".
This used to be the General Motors Place, the home of the Vancouver Grizzlies. Now it belongs to the Vancouver Canucks.
When the kings traded Jason Williams (white boy wit the sick passes) to Vancouver Grizzlies, I thought they were dumb lol
Birmingham Michigan. 2001 6th pick by the Vancouver Grizzlies. Duke university
traded a Kansas City Royals hat for a Vancouver Grizzlies snapback, Brian Burke take note that is how you make a deal
It will be the Vancouver Grizzlies vs. The Charlotte Hornets in the NBA Championship. Maybe the Seattle Supersonics instead of Vancouver.
Michael "Mike" Bibby (born May 13, 1978) is an American professional basketball point guard with the New York Knicks of the National Basketball Association. He is 6'2" and he attended Shadow Mountain High School in Phoenix, Arizona. He played collegiately at the University of Arizona. In 1998, he was drafted by the Vancouver Grizzlies. He has played for that team as well as the Sacramento Kings, Atlanta Hawks, Washington Wizards and Miami Heat. He is the son of former NBA point guard and present Memphis Grizzlies assistant coach Henry Bibby
If it's the National Basketball Association, Why do we have Toronto Raptors, and at one point the Vancouver Grizzlies?
How is memphis in the west? They use to be the Vancouver Grizzlies from Canada who was n the Western conference
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No sir, I guarantee you were not a Vancouver Grizzlies fan nor a Charlotte Hornets fan either. Take off that snapback.
Like a turquoise Vancouver Grizzlies hat or anything to do with the Montreal Expos. Stuff like that.
March 29, 1996 With their 105-91 loss to the Utah Jazz, the Vancouver Grizzlies set a new NBA record for consecutive losses…21
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