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Van Vicker

Joseph van Vicker (born August 1, 1977), better known as Van Vicker, is a Ghanaian actor. He received two nominations for Best Actor in a Leading Role and Best Upcoming Actor at the African Movie Academy Awards in 2008.

Majid Michel Yvonne Nelson Ramsey Noah John Dumelo Majid Michael Jackie Appiah Chika Ike Paul Walker Ramsey Nouah Ini Edo Chris Attoh

I only agreed to be in this movie cause Van Vicker is in it, but the one scene I'm in he's not in 😒
j van Vicker wrote:. what do you need in Relationship now. x. 3...true love happiness. be...
Lol...ehn nau,E get wetin I like fr him body☺"I fine pass the guy o"♥Van Vicker""
j van Vicker wrote:. See what happened when an Okada Carried this Big Woman Mumu Husband...
j van Vicker wrote:. Man returns from Work and Caught His Childhood Bestfriend Cheating with His Wife.
Now showing: BROKEN AFFAIRS: Van Vicker caught-up in the middle of storms of life.
Van Vicker and Ramsey Noah, where are they now?
Van Vicker, you are lost my guy... It's not the money, it's the procedure of the money transfer.
van vicker you knw dey tire for news?I tire ooo
Hello Van Vicker can i ask you a question please
Bur Van Vicker is fresher Than Both Ramsey and Majid ooo
If my dark skin hubby doesn't fall through , Van Vicker can replace him. 😴
If is bcoz of looks that u Ghanaians want kp boateng to play then call Majid Michel,van vicker,Jondumelo boris kodjoe to da blackstars squad
I ont know why *** like this van vicker dude, he look like someone who gon fix ur car but u discover the seats missing after.
j van Vicker wrote: INCREDIBLE! Meet World’s dirtiest man, he is yet to bath after 60-years (See Photos);
Too Bad!!!. Warning, you most be +18 to view: Reality stars J Van Vicker and Yvonne Nelson release a SEX tape,...
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
To dispel all rumors, Van Vicker, famous actor / director, is of Dutch, Liberian and Ghanaian…
Blanqueamiento. No mas. It's all about BLACKAMIENTO!!!. Allow Van Vicker to show you the way.
Van vicker and Lilwin in a movie...i gots to get this
lol to be honest any one is fine, I just prefer dark skin. Van vicker is pretty light.
Gez do yhu knw dat van vicker is a ***
I'm dark skinned naa. Look me well o. LoL. As per Van Vicker,I wanted to know if you still don't like that kinda yellow pawpaw.
is dat nollywood/ghallywood 's van vicker playing 4 iran!!!...oh no its Reza ghoochannejhad
This van vicker look alike called Reza has been a handful. Great game this. V
j van Vicker wrote: Shame . Married Man Caught " Doing " this lady in the bush. Watch here -->>
"My favourite types of guys are dark skinned guys...from trey songz. I don't really like yellow pawpaw" Van Vicker nko? LoL
Thank u. Have a great weekend. Van Vicker's new account is The other one is hacked. God bless.
Majid Michel, Van Vicker & Kevin Boateng all look like brothers ✨
You want to marry van Vicker, yet your body looks like melting ice cream...
Van Vickers im one of your fan you inspire me in so many different ways about woman splashy. Lol
Kaykay Anyaneto shared the following link and had this to say about it: THINK BOUT IT Tuface married annie,after many yrs of flirting with other women,why? Becos he knws no other woman contributed to his lyf,and stood by him as much as Annie. Van vicker did d very same tin,marrying d girl he met when he was jst 15 yrs old. Peter of psquare is towing dat very same line,marrying his gf and baby mama of many yrs. Wh...
Nollywood no dey try sef. how will one ugly black kid grow up to be Van Vicker or Ramsey Noah 👎
If thea is a mdaku celeb in naija dat u may ask me off is J VAN VICKER,follow him n ul support me on ths one (
Have a Beautiful day People... Watch this great movie . Battle Man starring j van Vicker and Chika Ike...
"Cc that famous African celebrity you will love to Kidnap? vicker
My husband van vicker is in Haiti i heard
A big thanks to you my friend VAN VICKER for making my birthday special coming all the way from Ghana…
welcome in Haiti . big star VAN VICKER
Lmfao when I hear Van Vicker speaking in pidgin, I be like "please just stop". It's just awkward hearing him speak it.
New post: Van Vicker in Haiti for movie premiere
This just confirms that Herty Borngreat and all that other people posting crap like this for people to type amen are using Fake FB accounts. I know Van Vicker will not type and post this rubbish.he is smarter than that.I will therefore go ahead and disregard these as BS..knowing that people who type Amen are not very well educated
African celebrated actor, Van Vicker, who’s currently in the United States of America will soon be on the road to Haiti with Miss Haiti Sarodj Bertin to visit the less privileged, orphanage homes as well as also premiere a movie titled ‘The Heartbreakers Revenge’ – he starred in with Miss Bertin,...
Van Vicker & Miss Haiti to visit orphanage home in Haiti - GhanaWeb
Guyz i want 2 ask who is more handsome between Van Vicker and Ramsey Noah
Isyberry's blog Battle of the sexier!! Peter Okoye Vs Van Vicker
Musician Peter Okoye of P-Square and actor Van Vicker are showing off their buff bods. After a quick work out, Peter who is no stranger to sharing on social media, decided to post photos of his body, and Van also shared photos posing next to his ride.
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Check out movies featuring Van Vicker on Nollywood Social website.
This video album showcases Van Vicker movies, including that of his neighboring country (Nollywood) and that of his home country (Ghallywood). From time to time, NMN will keep on adding Van Vicker movies from 3rd Party video streaming sites (YouTube, Daily Motion, etc) to this video album. Like, sha…
for the third time I got caugh with the false Van Vicker on fb
Meet Mz Vee . She's sitting in for Van Vicker on Live From the Capital from 6pm - 8pm on 30th May.
"Van Vicker; Majid Michel - Botwe Wanlov; Mensa - Adisco about my mehn joeyb." Aggrey fata no
"Ghanian Actor, Van Vicker Now On Crutches lool guess he finally found out he is lame
Aww you really need to believe that "Van gaal, van damme, van vicker. Sinking ship is sinking ship."
Ghanaian actor, Van Vicker, recently was crowned with a Goodwill Ambassador Role with the United Nations High Commission for Refugees; FIFA WORLD Cup ...
His Van Vicker is a fine man tho. Need to show him something
My people! Live from the Capital with Van Vicker via your Lifestyle Radio . What are your plans for tonight ?...
Van Vicker at "The Hands Of Time" movie premiere in the USA. Always looking stunning!…
I just watched a movie with a friend starring this man..was no fan of Ghanaian movies before but yes!Van Vicker
Scofield een big bro dierr,I won't go Van Vicker sef go force
Og i love Van Vicker so much as wel his movies.mwwah.:-))
Van Vicker is not involved in an accident; the post was not from him but an imposter -
COMING ON YOUR SCREEN.Nollywood Presents Chinwetalagwu as Boko Haram Shekau and Sam Dede As Chief of Army Staff While Jonathan Goodluck will be Olu Jacons. Also Starring Mercy Johnson as Dame Jonathan.Ramson Noah and Van Vicker as US Military Marines in Borno State.
"j van Vicker True life story Imagine ur mum left ur dad when u were just 8months old cos he had no money. Your dad remarried a lady cos he needed someone who will take care of u, so when u grew up due to the financial state of the house, ur step mum sold her wrappers so dat she could sponsor your education. And luckily u graduated as a medical doctor, owned ur hospital. one day due to your good treatments ur hospital have been crowded with patients, all the sick bed has been occupied by people leaving only a single bed. And an emergency occurred due to an accident which ur real mum and ur step mum was involved and both was brought to your hospital. who will u admit? Your biological mum or your step mum.
Van Vicker go be ManU top striker nxt season
So! Van Vicker acts all d crown prince/young king roles in Nollywood or what? ! I like him but I say make I just ask.
scammers with pictures of Van Vicker
Van Vicker described his mum as "a river of inspiration,"appreciating the sacrifices she has made for him.
So now Van Vicker is king and he's still in love with a nun. This can't get any more ridiculous.
So this nun lied to her mother superior that she was going to pray, she's currently frolicking at a pool with Van Vicker.
New post: Dayo Amusa excited to work with Van Vicker
PLEASE DO NOT use "iamvanvicker or van vicker" which is very much identical to Van's new page, PLEASE follow his advise .
Van vicker is soo fine if only he were taller, he'd be perfect 😊
That moment wen you watching a soccer game with your woman, and you ask her if she knows an actor called Van Vicker, and she says: oh that soccer player lol. Siasem. Enjoy how a real life scenario is put into action. Starring myself, and Debbie Trustnone. Shot, edited by the Ceo of Wright Xang Films Sam Armstrong. This is what we do to release small stress. Pls watch, share, like, and leave a comment below. Dont forget to subscribe to the channel for more updates (jagonzy200). Three new videos from the production of Jagonzy Tv - Ghana is ready to go. Titles like, Fake pastor, Like a macho man, and Big Mistake. Freedom of
Lmao! Van vicker releasing the black man blood in him 😂
Van Vicker recently shared photos of his best friend's wedding where he was the best man, the groom looks like Amaka Okoh husband in Tinsel. To be honesthe looks really good, from the photos and some of his captions its obvious the wedding was really fun.that's the doesn't have to be ex…
Listeners post your name, phone number, and a heartfelt message to your mom, and Van Vicker will randomly pick 3...
Yul Edochie and Van Vicker turned down roles in this film because the stunts were too dangerous!
Yeah that's true. Rejoice, let's make Van Vicker go with us
(( waiting for van Vicker to come on at 6:00
Ghallywood actor,Van Vicker celebrated 9th wedding anniversary with his wife last week. He dated his lovely wife, Adoja for 10 years before they eventually tied the knot in 2003.
Dammm, Aimar kahn came to mind bro, the English boxer hehehe "Van Vicker sef you dey hail am"RT
J Van Vicker is my pal and i also like his act so join me.
Some people wil not Stop nor Rest until dey Tarnish ur image:hw can some idiort put up celeb's picx pretending 2be dem b4 dere ws a fake van vicker, now Ugezu and d so called Yvonne Nelson na wa 4world piple.
Between Ramsey and Van Vicker, who is your best actor?
It is on irokotv. It's always Van Vicker Week for me though. Last week, this week, next week. Always!My fave African Actor.
just finished seein one of ur movie on iroko.WHEN THE DOOR CLOSE.LOVE VAN VICKER.
“no Gordon x” mschewww. Him and van vicker resemble each other small
Van Vicker liked my video on IG AHA 😋😋😋
marries for a green card in WHEN ONE DOOR CLOSES - Showing on Movie info here:
I remember the day we went to muson centre and I shook van vicker's hand. I'm sure that's why I passed my exams that term
Still do 😴 then there was Van Vicker until Majid Michel came into my life.
Okay well , I'm in love with Van Vicker
How can you say Ramsey Nouah was on Love & Hip Hop not even Van Vicker 😞
Van Vicker at the the Pan African film festival in Los Angeles. Maria caught up with him, and asked him a few questions about his movie Paparazzi!!!
4. "One night in Vegas" movie premiere on the 12th of April at Auditorium 900.Dumelo, Van Vicker and Yvonne Nelson will be there.
are men who are fond of asking their wives (ordering, in some cases) to stop working/aspiring, and become full time housewives. Thereby making them lazy or idle (&idleness is the devil's workshop). And after, the man wil start complaining/getting jealous when his wife start developing crush for Ramsey Nouah, Van Vicker, Desmond elliot, Majid Michael, yul edochie, etc. Why wont she, when all she does is sit at home & watch Africa Magic, telenovellas, E news etc. Thereby making the Television her only companion. And these are the people she sees every now and then...on TV (no thanks to you)...Men should try to empower their wives, in anyway they can. Gone are the days of empty promises...when you make a promise, back it up with action...she didnt marry you to become backward or stagnant while you improve yourself or achieve your something for her. Set her up in a business, support her,& also encourage her...she is your wife, a part of you, and the bone of your bone...
"Who's your flavour? Van Vicker or John Dumelo?" John Dumelo ...van Vicker aint a threat..dude can't hard feelings
Don't ignore this if you have a kind heart!! Gollywood/Nollywood actor Van Vicker had a very big terrible accident yesterday on his way to church. He's suffering from internal bleeding gushing out through the mouth, the doctors said he may loose his life but we do not agree, let us pray O Lord we join hands today and decree that you save his life today, we believe that you can heal him in the mighty name of God. Please type "Amen" if you wish him quick recovery... CLICK THE LINK BELOW TO DOWNLOAD OPERA THAT BROWSES FOR FREE.
Van Vicker Eulogizes Mum: Handsome Ghanaian actor, Van Vicker is one man who surely knows and appreciates...
Congratulations to Ghanaian top actor Van Vicker and his wife Adjoa , wishing you guy many more years of togetherness.
If Lupita was in a Ghanaian movie, they would cast her as a Maid ... She won't even get two lines ... But Van Vicker and Jack…
she saw van vicker in her dream kissing her, she now thought of dating van vicker. My dear na ur spiritual husband dey take he thing.. Abeg wake up.
My people, everyone Please go watch this movie. Movie got an amazing casts. Al Johnson, John Dimelo, Van Vicker.
Spotted: Van Vicker gearing up for with Globacom
I'm never getting married to a African person unless they are Van Vicker some other nationality need to be bless with my african self
u c van vicker finally started 2 Follow me back? He Follows U too, Right???
This movie is the perfect example for Van Vicker's
Kingdom War:: Chika Ike, j van Vicker Olu Jacobs A must see movie
I really thought van vicker was famous
Why does Van Vicker always gotta play the pretty boy??lol
"lol today as well?"yess, lol he was on his van vicker P today
I love watching nollywood movies with Van Vicker & Nadia Busari together👌😩
This van vicker account was hacked. His new account is
s/o to van Vicker for showing teamentreeg some love ! You the man .
Live From the Capital with your Celebrity host Van Vicker. Akwaaba Tgif Freestyle Edition via your lifestyle...
Lynxx is more taller n muscular tho "Van Vicker or Lynxxx (Looks) _
Oh! My world! Nigerian Movies.! I have to turn off this Television set. I just watched another flawed film. How on earth could the Movie Director allow Van Vicker sitting by the bedside in the hospital where his wife in the film Genevieve Nnaji is recieving treatment following his merciless beating of her, take up her hand (the same hand on which infusion drip was fixed) squeeze it in apology and kissed it, yet the butterfly needle of the infusion drip didn't miss the vein. Lol I think these perenial faults that is becoming customary with our Local Movie industry is the fault of the Movie Directors. Directors Guild of Nigeria (D.G.N) take note.
Ladies,be proud of your men,be proud of who he is,even if his not what you dreamt of,remember not all dreams come true...and that's a fact,don't dream to be with Obama,or John Dumelo...or Van Vicker...just because in your eyes they are handsome,you are not even preety yourself,so what's up with you..? Dah!
Daddy & Son Day Out: Van Vicker goes to basketball court with his son! -
Majid Michael , Van Vicker and Ramsey that order.
I find Majid Michael more attractive than Van Vicker
Happy 10th wedding to Van Vicker (from the Nigeria Movie Network Team!
Dearies is it true van vicker had an accident?
Lmao Van Vicker be making them girls go crazy in the african movies
Van vicker and his ugly shirts. Sigh
Uche jombo, Bobby obodo , Van vicker etc hehehe so not sleeping yet...
"Van Vicker shoots slavery themed movie, ‘1800’ alert
Lets pray for Van Vicker,its not yet his time to die...
Van Vicker shoots movie with 1,800 slaves
Van Vicker never had an accident. Watch it here.
Nellywood actor van vicker had a terrible accident yesterday on his way to church and the doctor said…
Fred Nuamah and Van Vicker bring Pajamas and rosaries in vogue on...
I'll never forget the day I met Van Vicker's fine ***
Van Vicker shoots slavery themed movie, ‘1800’
Nollywood actor Van Vicker finally confesses. I dont know how people will look at me after this,but i felt i...
Photos From The Set Of Van Vicker's New Movie About Slave Trade ...: According to the actor, it's about time G...
Nollywood/Gallywood's actor Van Vicker will be hosting VerveSaturdays at Queens on sat Feb 8th. Atl get ready...
Are Setting Boundaries healthy for a relationship or not? Live From the Capital with Van Vicker
Actor, producer and director, Van Vicker, who picked the Pan African Actor of the year award in the just ended...
Ghanaian actor Van Vicker is currently shooting a new movie about slave trade, titled 1800. According to the actor, it’s about time Ghanaian or African filmmakers invest in shooting our true but untold historic stories, so that the world can …… [ 39 more words. ]
This Van Vicker must sha be a prince in Nollywood films.
He burst onto the scene with the renowned Ghanaian Venus Productions who also introduced Van Vicker & Majid Mi…
Jst wondering how van vicker z fairing. Any news ?
I wish van vicker happi birthday n more yrs ahead enjoy ur day
Lmao! van vicker acting nollywood movie... Why will a native doctor wear cross in the neck? This people.
The official fanpage of actor, producer and director VAN VICKER.
New post: Yvonne Nelson, Van Vicker light up 'One Night in Vegas' premiere
I swear, Van Vicker looks like he wld b a mumu in real life.. He sure acts like one al d time..
"Hey there, this account has been unhacked, Need †̥ contact the legitimate owner, Van Vicker!!" I c u dontwant 2give it back
Van vicker well whoever that nigerian actor is MUHLE rha!
To everyone is de hacked handle of ur favorite actor Van Vicker.unfollow now.His new and genuine handle is
We al can't b actors o.. Evn Van Vicker is stale.. Tuueeeh...
Van Vicker cannot fake cry to save his life.
Nollywood Won't kill.Van vicker is forming Joseph in the bible!!!
is this really Van Vicker's Account? I doubt_there's no way in *** a big celebrity will enjoy updating about other celebrities
starrrinng Van Vicker as Yosef and Inii Edoo as le wife
I can already see you alongside Van Vicker. You will take Nigerian movies by storm. Lol
Majid Michel. Van Vicker. Ransey Nouah and John Dumelo at the ssae *** time! *weeps* ♥ cc
Ha ! We are Large & in Charge ! TgiF edition of Live from the Capital with Van Vicker. We are Live from Marina...
QnA best actor of 2013: and van vicker.
Turned my head and Van Vicker is on my tv yas 😋
Thank you lord for creating Michel Majid & Van Vicker 💕
Van vicker looks so good even on skin, that's a real handsome man right there.
Van Vicker was the leading character right? That guy de3...smh "Basabasa nyamanyama movie...mtcheeew"
Van Vicker can act useless films tho
Lilwin, Van Vicker and Jon Germain, Who do you think will win the 'best supporting Actor' for Ghana Movie Awards 2013?
Popular actors, Charles Okafor and Van Vicker have teamed up with producer-actress, Uche Jombo-Rodriguez in her soon to be released movie, "Misplaced".
How can one man be so gorgeous? Van damme, Van Vicker is too sexxy!!! cc: (
VAN VICKER wins the award for at the PAMSAA Awards ceremony. Check him out below.
VAN VICKER wins at the PAMSAA Awards. A beautiful view of the award.
VAN VICKER is nominated for in the movie "One Night In Vegas", at the
- VAN VICKER is a nominee. Which category? Coming up. Keep it locked!!!
U look like Taye Taiwo and U send ur frnd who looks like Van Vicker to Chyke a girl 4u.Ur stupidity is WorldClass.
Van vicker is a dish and a half. God forbid senditshilo in dat nigerian accent.
I've been around the world apart from neverland & I no go dey front like say I no be Van Vicker fan.
She like Van Vicker, no Jim Iyke... Alomo Sambuca she no need sprite...
Photos: Van Vicker hosts 'Live. from the Capital' live from H. Street Grill in Haatso
PICTURE Of Van Vicker And Wife 19 Years Ago: Above is a picture of Van Vicker and his wife, Adjoa, in Secondar...
Star actor and radio host, Van Vicker on Friday hosted his ‘Live from the Capital’ show on Live 91.9fm live from H Street Grill in Haatso. The live broadcast which saw Van hosting the likes of Ecow Smith Asante, Jupitar, Koby Maxwell, Peace Hyde, Regina Anne Dei Van-Helvert at the community style r
Van vicker new movie all about a girl part 3
Popular Ghanaian Actor, Omar Sheriff Captain had his wedding yesterday, Saturday 7th of December and wonderful Van vicker was the best man looking really good , Yvonne Nelson was also present at the event.
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Van Vicker looking so good as the bestman.
Nollywood and their magic. How will Patience Ozokwor and Olu Jacobs give birth to Van Vicker?
Talented and loved Ghanian actor Van Vicker paid a visit to the actress Jackie Appiah, who celebrated her Birthday on December 5. According to the actor, they went to surprise her. Their surprise r...
Some ladies will die single kuz they wanna get Married to the John Dumelo, Iyanya and Van Vicker kind of guys!
According to Van vicker, they went to surprise the actress and she was truly surprised...
Ghanaian Actress, Jackie Appiah is a year older today and Van Vicker shared a photo of him and her today.
Life is wande coal.Life Is not Van Vicker.Life is Not Fair.
I just took those two pictures. The 2nd one with Van Vicker.
Also expected at the nominees announcement are Van Vicker, Jackie Appiah, and
Nigerian movies have the same plots! For example: 1. An abused orphan ends up succeeding. 2. A prince is forced to marry a pretty rich girl but he chooses an ugly one instead! (prince= Van Vicker) 3. A greedy man joins witchcraft for money.
Before you call somebody ugly make sure u look like tom cruise or van vicker. *** look like emeka ike and be ranting..
Beyani which side is you kodi? the side of a Van Vicker wannabe? kapena the side of a poet who jumps on your beats? lol
I here that van vicker have an accident
Imagine what happens when a powerful and desperate princess (Chika Ike) forces her love on John (Van Vicker) a commoner not withstanding her royalty watch to...
R.I.P "Paul Walker" of fast and furious movie. God, Infact you should have taken "Van Vicker" not "Paul Walker"...Van dieer,he shaa 4 acting
This December we bring you the Van Vicker Festival. Get ready to snuggle on the couch and watch Africa’s best romantic comedies.
hey out there any news on Van Vicker?
Van Vicker: 2 tots of Johnny walker. Agya Koo: My broda, johnny walker is not around. He went to the farm to catch grasscutter lol
Only the African ladies can understand my love for this fine *** African actor Van Vicker. Hmm yummy…
Watching my soulmate with the hubby and african movie actors van vicker and mercy jhonson
Van vicker can be looking so lost and dumb in a movie if he's acting a poor role
George swears he is Van of wine tins...
if una select all the fine girls and fine boys like omotola and and van vicker marry finish,who go com marry the ugly ones like empress njama, mr iBU and DEDE one Day
Some1s prayer "Father God, i pray that u grant us de life of & replace wit de death of Amen
If you follow know that it's Ghanaian Actor Van Vicker's account that has been hacked and changed to that name. BEWARE!!
It's Only In Nollywood Jim Iyke Shoots Van Vicker In The Leg and the Next Day He will be hospitalised and His Head Will Be On Bandage
English: Van vicker and mercy johnson Yoruba: toyin aimaku and odunlade"The best Movie actor/actress in your country?
HBD Van Vicker! I wish you a HBD LLNP in Jesus name. Amen.
Before Van Vicker, Frank Artus, and the other Liberians acting in Ghanaian movies now, who was the Liberian acting?
Question: what was Van Vicker doing for a living before he started acting?
If you had a chance to date either, John Dumelo, Majid Michel, or Van Vicker, who would you choose?
Oh but people dey Gh can u say God shuld bring back Paul Walker and take Van Vicker?
Naa you're a lighty lool. Come like Van Vicker bro 😂
Uh guys nee ayee...I'm wchng a movie on chanel 153 uh this guy is plyng ladies mind, van vicker ...I know is cute but m .hope he is not like that inlialyt.
S/O to iamvanvicker my most favourite African actor. You rock Van Vicker!
Van Vicker is buff for a Ghanaian woi
God give us back Paul Walker. ... and take Van vicker!
Chozi hv entered the records of ldw by proving 2b van vicker
Van vicker is mi best Nigerian actor.
Peoples hus van vicker doing rite now anyone with any clue
Ghananian Movie Actor "Van Vicker" Is on dead bed after getting an accident 5km from accra as he was going to check on his fiancy.let us pray to God to clean the stuation via
MESSAGE FROM FAMOUS NOLLY/GOLLY WOOD ACTOR VAN VICKER Some hoodlums hacked my official fan page last month, i just created a new fan page. Kindly CLICK HERE to join my new official fan page. I love you all, and i want to always be in touch with all of you (my fans). Signed by Van Vicker .
My new ghost mode fan page na van vicker no tell anybody, na u and wizrich know o!...
lmao jux happy van Vicker jux like my photo On instagram # Follow me Rony Bryant on Instagram
From the Heart of Van Vicker Orphanage Homes, we want to acknowledge Mr Paul Osazuwa, Andy Johnson and Miss Clara James for their contribution towards the growth and welfare of our Orphanage Home. God will richly bless you as you have given to put smiles in the faces of the less privileged in our Orphanage Home.
Update your maps at Navteq
A movie producer went to use someone house to shoot a movie, and they needed someone to act the role of a gate man; so he offered the Aboki in the house some money to act as a gate man. as a gate man the director gave the Aboki a new cutlass and asked him to give a pretence chase behind the star actor Van Vicker who acted the role of a thief. the director told the aboki; If you hear me say "action", make you run after Van Vicker, "inshort Just do whatever I will ask you to do, do you understand? aboki answered yes sir, I will do whatever you ask me to do. So the Director shouted "action", Van Vicker took off and the Aboki ran after him around the compound, As they got to the fence the director shouted "cut, cut, cut". OH! my brother ! Van Vicker is still in the hospital. have a lovely weekend.
Nigerian movies is the only place u cn find: 1:a ghost staring at both sides of the road before crossing. 2:Ini Edo putting on Brazilian hair yet the movie is in the village and its in 1980. 3:a dream can be part one of the movie. 4:u find a person using a galaxy s4 in an uncivilised village. 5:two ghosts falling in love. 6:Van Vicker fathering Ramsey Nouah,rily? 7:a billboard with Wizkid on it yet the movie is supposed to b frm 2002.. Hayi ah
Who do u think is the hotest guy in the Nollyword?. 1.jim ikye 2.van vicker 3.majid micheal 4.emeka ike 5.other.
Na still for naija na van vicker go take dey pursue woman for all e film...
EPISODE 13: LET’S DANCE 1 We chose Jackie..Yeah Jackie Appiah. I don’t particularly watch Ghanian movies, well, I do sometimes. The last I saw had John Dumelo doing a girl naked, it was shot in such a way his bum was captured moving ‘up’ and ‘down’. There were also boobs to show and more sex scenes than one would see in a Hollywood settings. To be frank, I kind of liked that Jackie was chosen. After the meeting, she invited us all to a party in a club… was a party of one of the Ghanaian celebrities. Mr. Oga thought that it would be nice for networking and PR for the film festival, so we all had no choice than to go. She also would tag along; I wonder what her department sent her here for. Ha! I haven’t said…Lydia’s big gist…she was here, I mean the girl from the canteen that had been rumoured to be Mr. Oga’s girlfriend. Lydia told me she had seen her come out of Oga’s room and she looked suspicious. It made me start to wonder if Lydia was right and if they were really dating. ...
Tonight we at Stratford Connecticuts own Ramada Inn tomorrow night we inside Bridgeports own Expressions and finally Saturday we gonna be 2 stepping all over Stamfords own Rodizio Grill with that boy Van Vicker !
Flyin out wit some superstars...lange, majid micheal, van vicker.
Van vicker is angry with me because i dont have 15k to register with them in nollywood
Odunlade Adekola: It was a huge week for Odunlade Adekola who moved three places to clinch the 6th place, taking off Van Vicker, Ali Nuhu and Frank Artus. He has been blowing hot and cold too but this week was his hottest to date. Mike Ezuruonye: For Mike, it has become a never ending story of eviction that never happened. He was the last man of the last ten yet he survived. Then he was the last ninth man expected to go out last week and again he didn’t. Now he sits on 7th, stunning Frank, and Ali Nuhu Ali Nuhu: Ali too is a specimen capable of anything. We have seen much of that in this quest to rule him out just yet. - See more at:
Entertainment Gist in Nigeria: Actor Van Vicker with his wife and Adorable Kids [Photos]
One of the hottest actors in Africa, Ghana's very own Van Vicker who's married with 3 wonderful looking kids shared photos of his son's birthday, VJ clocked 5 today and he had lots of fun with his sisters at the aviation social center in Ghana.
Name: Van Vicker Do I know one: If you talking about the Ghana boy then yes. Would I huge one: yeh Would I kiss one: My lips are Expensive. Would I date one: if he wasn't married we could for a try out.
Van Vicker known as Raj The President Daughter he is such a man whch I lyk in lyf.
NOLLYWOOD MOVIE PARISH HOUSE 3. Van Vicker plays the role of a priest, Nkem Owoh plays the role of parish...
Majid Michel, and others at Yvonne Nelson's Birthday Party. Check out Van Vicker at the end. 🎁🍸🎁🍸
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Many Nollywood fans would agree that Van Vicker and Majid Michel are b...
Van Vicker and Majid Michel are pretty good actors
Actress Yvonne Nelson celebrated her 28th birthday at the Cocobar with her colleagues from Ghana and Nigeria including Damilola Adegbite, Chris Attoh, Van Vicker, Majid Michel, Eddie Watson, Pascal Amanfo, Deborah Vanessa and James Gardiner. View Photos! Yvonne Nelson & Majid Michel Yvonne Nelson...
ALL THE PHOTOS: Yvonne Nelson celebrates birthday at the beach with Damilola Adegbite, Majid Michel, Chris Attoh,…
Photos from Yvonne Nelson's Birthday With Majid Micheal, Van Vicker and others. see more pics after the...
Ghanaian actress-Yvonne Nelson dragged her industry friends to the beach yesterday to celebrate her birthday and...
Photos: Yvonne Nelson celebrates 28th bday at the beach with Majid Michel, Damilola Adegbite, Chris Attoh, Van…
Van Vicker, Majid Michel, James Gardiner, Pascal Amanfo and Eddie Watson Jr. were some of the Ghanaian movie stars that celebrate with House of Gold star, Yvonne Nelson as she turned 28 on November 12, 2013.
New post: PHOTOS: Van Vicker, Majid Michel go surfing with Yvonne Nelson
Yvonne Nelson celebrated her birthday yesterday. Many celebrities where sited at the scene, like Van Vicker,...
Stunning Ghanaian Actress, Yvonne Nelson recently celebrated her birthday at the beach with friends and fellow Actors and Actresses such as Chris Attoh, Damilola Adegbite, Majid Michael, Van Vicker, Frederick Nuamah and many more.
Eeh can somone tell us somthing how is Van Vicker my man, oh God save this youngman for us oh hmmm wishing him speedy recovery .
Yawa my girlfriend asked me 2 tel her the best nigerian movie i like and told her' squard 23' she went on asking.the actor and the actres i like most and said.VAN VICKER and ENIEDO she relax and finaly told me u luo boys ur xoxo EV. nyiakamba eee!
Since man u beat Arsenal on Sunday(Arsenal's ma team),some people have been bragging a lot.I asked a certain gal friend of mine to mention even one man u player,Guess her answer.Ati Van Vicker.Yet Van Vicker exists only in Afro cinema oh.Shame on Man U ladies.
Who knows the condition of van vicker who got accident recently to let me know
Can someone pls tell me de state of VAN VICKER?
Celebrate our home-grown stars in November, with the finest Africanmovies on AMC, with StarTimes.   WEEKCOMMENCING 1ST November  Fruits OfMy Labour – 1st Friday 19:40 A group of landlords come together to makelife unbearable for their tenants. Tired of being unjustly treated the tenantsband together to decide on a course of retaliatory action. Starring Nkem Owoh,Chiwetalu Agu. Prequel to Big Blow.   WEEKEND2nd/3rd November 2ndNovember  DorathyMy Love – Saturday 19:55 Dorathy and Bobo are teenagers and the bestfriends in the whole world. She is rich and he is poor and her mother won’thave her daughter go around with a pauper. Starring Eucharia Anunobi, Sam LocoEfe, Sharon Ezeamaka. 3rdNovember City OfKings – Sunday 19:00 The struggle for who becomes the king of theland ensues. The rightful heir to the throne of the land is therefore nowhereto be found. Starring Enebeli Elebuwa, Justus Esiri, Zulu Adigwe.   WEEKCOMMENCING 4th November Heart OfA Fighter – 4th Monday 19:25 A belligerent village ...
Na that thing weh mk we no like nollyiron abi na ghollybrass... Yvonne Nelson go begin lv van vicker now.. And rita dominic go begin vex..
Let's pray seriously for a Gollywood n a Nollywood actor VAN VICKER who had a ghastly motor accident yesterday on his way to church.
Happy birthday 2 star actress Yvonne Nelson! Her first major movie role was in princess Tyra" alongside van vicker § Jackie Appiah.
Is it true that Van Vicker had an accident?
Sequel To "Palace Maid" The King of Obolo Kingdom is on the verge of dying and his son Prince Nnanna(Van Vicker) must have a male child before he is crowned the king. Nnanna remembers his escapade with Nwadi(Ini Edo) and decides to go back and apologize as she alone might be his only hope of becomin...
Gudmorning lovely fans!!Which van vicker movie do u love most
Van Vicker and his wife in high school.
MAN-U we are floatin again cartecy of 'Robin Van Vicker'...but we were on a football accademy and we must admit that Wenger leads-Moyes follows.
Happy sunday pals.becareful over wt u ar posting,i could remember when sm body posted dt van vicker had a serious accident,§ as am reading 2oday paper where he says these pple hv speculated my death more dan 10 times.he is warned.
By the Mercies of God, I, van Vicker is in good health. I HAVE NOT had an accident, as is being speculated. I trust in God, and I am not afraid, I praise Him for what He has promised. What can a mere human being do to me? ... I know this, God is on my side'.Psalm 56. Pls rebroadcast, to glorify the Lord.
Van vicker didn't get any accident it was a movie scene, he is fine and healthy
Which Ad agency is behind the new Bel-Aqua Ad with the lady in red? Same one that did the Van Vicker one?.
Why do people like carry rumour about van vicker?
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annoyingly they claim ppl in Showbiz(actors, musicians etc) Ve a questionable character, especially wen it comes to relationship. Do u know how many so called gentlemen, bankers, lawyers, pastors who sleep wid other ppl behind their marriage? or is it cos ours is Show-biznes n da media focus more on our negative side cos dats wat sells? or is it cos u do urs in da dark n nobody catches u, u feel u Ve da moral ryt to Judge us. Van Vicker married 4 ten yrs uninterrupted, Majid, Adjetey, kp mentioning and u still think we are da worst wen it comes to relationships.sit der n fool urself. God is watching u...
Chane Stroebel wrote: Don't be afraid to give up te good and go for the great.~Van Vicker
The ghanian screen god Van Vicker has come out openly on t.v to debunk the rumour making waves now about his death on sunday. i wonder who wishes him death
The rumour that has been circulating that Ghanaian actor Van Vicker is critically ill after road accident is a complete kak/lie.Vicker is very well n no accident took place n he has told his fans to take it easy.
Media lies a lot, on sunday i saw a post dat van vicker had an accident nd DOC. said dat he cnt make it dat we should pray whch I did, Now he has said it with his mouth dat he didnt hv any accident whil going 2 church. WHO is 2 blame 4 all dis fake news?
We luv u all Van Vicker,u will not die in jesus name,d lord will renew ur strength. Frnd pray as well
I actually dont like Van Vicker and/or Ramsey Noah .. terrible actors in my opinion
News From Trust Joshua today Hear this please this is New post on Nigeria Movies Review about Ghanaian Actor Van Vicker Is Not Dead by yawams Van Vicker A terrible rumour being peddled around on social media and website has it that, celebrated Ghanaian actor van vicker has had an accident. The rumour which started this morning on Fake Nadia Buari, Fake Ini Edo, Fake Jim Iyke and some other African celebrities social media pages provoked Van vicker to react that, ‘There is a post on an imposter's page that I had an accident this morning on my way to church and I might die from bleeding. Its a rumour and a stunt to drive traffic to that page. I am well and in great health. Jehovah dey by my side. Stay Easy’ Unedited. In a separate chat with Van Vicker;s Publicist ( Mustapha Ayinde Inusah AKA Attractive), he revealed to whispernaija.Com that , he doesn't really know where the sham rumours are coming from , and confirmed that Van vicker, is not dead but rather he’s on set shooting in Nigeria
2 those who want Van Vicker dead,fire burn u all most especially those nollywood actors n actresses who published on their fb walls n on ada social medias.I was surprise when Nadia Buari also posted on her wall. Van Vicker is currently out of town n hv not been involved in any accident.Those who did dat shd rada pray 4 demselves ada dan dat it will definitely happen 2 dem.
Guyz some source has revealed dat our film star van vicker had aserious accident en dat he needs our prayerz oke!
Van Vicker is alive and in good health. Everything else is a Wishing u long life and God's continuous blessings
We all pray for Van Vicker that is at the hospital may God be his guidance in Jesus name. Amen
may God lay his healing hand on u van vicker. it is written u shall nt die but live. amen
have u heard anything about Van Vicker being involved in an accident...
Gudmorning beautiful pipo of God.GOD is so wonderful let us rejoice in hs name.i hope Van Vicker is much beta 2day.may God gve hm a special touch ths morning.
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Just in case y'all don't know who Van Vicker is love him !
VAN VICKER IS AN AFRICAN MOVIE STAR HE IS EVERYTHING .If you do not watch African movies you will never be hipp but May 3rd. 2009 I met him
Lmboo my mom is in a Haitian movie wshe plays the hair dresser 😂😂 I remember the movie premier may 3rd ! Never forget I met Van Vicker
How are you watching African movies& not know who Van Vicker is.. Man is swet 😻😽
Van vicker is not dead, he is strong n alive no accident! Am very angry about the person who started this rumour, peace be unto u all
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