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Van Jones

Anthony Kapel Van Jones (born September 20, 1968) is an American environmental advocate, civil rights activist, and attorney.

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i.e., will Breitbart-Project Veritas ask Van Jones about this too🤔
CNN is Reza Aslan . CNN is Kathy Griffin. CNN is Donna Brazile. CNN is Fareed Zakaria . CNN is Van Jones . CNN is Anti…
Hurry up Oliver...see if you can find the Van Jones talki…
Van Jones and Jeffrey Lord argued heatedly about KKK on CNN
When CNN's Zucker pulls Jeffrey Lord, Van Jones & the other *** then he can talk about NBC.
Van Jones, Corey Booker, Nina of Ohio, go f..k yourselves!
if white ppl told Van Jones today, if he scraped his skin off it would help white ppl be less racist..he'd be in ICU tomorrow
There is something wrong with Van Jones.
We're pleased to announce Van Jones, CNN political correspondent, will be guest speaker for Morehouse College’s 133rd Commen…
I love it! Van Jones just called Trump President Snowflake bc he keeps whining abt ppl being unfair to him!
I tell ya what dims, we'll start the Icahn investigation right after we finish with: George Soros, Saul Alinsky, Bill Ayers, Van Jones.
Bernstein's parents were communist, and Van Jones outed himself in 92' as a communist. CNN=Communist News Network!
I'm waiting for Bernie Sanders, Liz Warren and Van Jones to weigh in on Obama's $2 million donation because surely they…
Since yall messing with Michelle Obama money, she has one serious question for Van Jones, Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warr…
Van Jones, the act of sedition is traitorous
Van Jones just said something more stupid than his "this is the day he became Presidential" comment. I did not…
Hamilton Collection
Who is Van Jones to say anything about what someone else does. Judge not lest ye be judged.
Question whose Truth, (Van Jones or Chris Cuomo), Alt. Facts and lies are a poor substitute.
That would be Obama moron! Ever heard of John Holdren, Van Jones, Mark Lloyd or Eric Holder?…
Really looking forward to Van Jones and/or Fareed Zakaria saying "this is the moment when Trump un-became President." Pick a day, any day.
Until CNN, Lemon, Stelter, Van Jones, Navaro, Hillary Rosen are video or audio taped exposing their true colors, no…
Add and Brian Williams to the Van Jones pile of gullible buffoons who dr…
Van Jones: Trump's defense of O'Reilly throws conservative women who supported him under the bus.
Literally not her job MT Van Jones: "The right-wing media wants to burn Susan Rice at the stake for doing her job."…
Van Jones loses his mind over Susan Rice spying on President Trump. He was fumbaling his statements tonight on CNN…
‘Nobody on Earth has said that except you’: Van Jones slams Jason Miller for Susan Rice ‘smear’ -
Van Jones gave an impassioned defense of coal miners
Van Jones is a disgrace...he needs to go back to being bullied by Jeffrey Lord and crying
Van Jones: Muslim Brotherhood-linked Rep. Keith Ellison is future of Democratic Party. Wonderful future just next door.
Trump and KKK inspire meltdown on CNN starring Van Jones, Jeffrey Lord
I liked a video Trevor Noah joins Van Jones on the "Messy Truth." SURPRISED by Unexpectedly TOUGH
I wonder if you would be as 'neutral' if it were, say, CNN firing Van Jones for his comments praising Trump? Or would y…
We have tried to record episode 5 of History of Comedy several times and each time we get "Breaking News" or Van Jones. What's up?
notice how Fake New is avoiding this story Van Jones and Don Lemon are very quiet
Well then, with all those black friends, I guess it was ok for you to call Van Jones a ***
So did Van Jones just advocate for Trump again?! Dude is gonna lose his Communist Decoder Ring if he keeps this up!
CNN's Van Jones: that's a good night for Trump. Rachel Maddow.
You know had a good day when Van Jones, a communist concedes on CNN. Rachel Maddow blew it.
I don't recall seeing any journalists cry on 9/11, but both Martha Raddatz and Van Jones teared up on election night.
Trevor Noah last nite on Van Jones. Worse that GOP used Obamacare as pejorative or ppl fell for it?
Van Jones has come a lon way since his advocacy for the cop-killing black panther Mumia Abu Jamal
Trevor Noah and Van that's a real pair of wankers. How's those ratings CNN?
Van Jones came to Pinal County? Watching this episode hoping my peeps respresent. 😬
i think trevor and van jones should give each other the Reach Around
I can like Van Jones without embracing 45 can't I?
CNN commentator Van Jones said there's a 'danger' with Trump that no one is talking about
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.US politicians "have learned how to harness hatreds and fears that people possess"
Suggest Van Jones enters a country illegally. When they find him do you think they will let him stay? Get real VJ!
.Trump's voters like that he's doing what he said he would do
What Van Jones did tonight was emasculating to all black men. Van should be able to express his opinion without hav…
Looks like my interview with was a dress rehearsal for this speech that opened tonight: htt…
Trevor Noah: Trump is a stand-up comedian when I see Trump I want to throw up!
.on Trump's speech: "What's scary is that it is that easy to become presidential"
."When I see Trump, I see a stand-up comedian. He connects with audiences the same way." http…
Kudos to guest Eric Johnson on Van Jones, a Trump voter, true minority, standing out & up with answers!🇺🇸
CNN 'The Messy Truth with Van Jones': Whoopi Goldberg (part 1 of full to... via
So perplexed by folks like Anderson Cooper, Martha Raddatz, and Van Jones thinking that Donald was somehow...
Van Jones, Jim Brown, Ray Lewis, Shaquille O'Neal & Steve Harvey. This is your President that u told America trust him he a loving guy. B.S.
Remember when Van Jones was the worst--the VERY worst character in BHO's cabinet/staff? Heavy sigh. Good days
This is priceless. Thank you. So disappointed in Van Jones.
Van Jones is a coward,saw town hall.Ana Nevarro had to lead the show.I think it was Scott Walker steamroll V.J.Ana👍
If Trump doesn't assault Ruth Bader Ginsberg on the way in Van Jones and Joe Scarborough call him "Presidential."
Rickey Smiley just pulled a Van Jones this morning. Ever since his son friend zoned all young black women
Van Jones must be stoned. Trump was as presidential as John Gotti, and as honest
Angela Rye confronts Van Jones on CNN over speech: ‘I definitely don’t think that this is presidential’
I'm not a fan of Van Jones but must take off my hat and applaud to this outreach to the campus. Very nice Jones. Well done
When CNN ... take those HATERS Van Jones & Angela Rye with you. First tell them that Obama is not president anymore. My God.
Erin Burnett & Anderson Cooper will still spend the night hamering on the color of the tie Trump wore last night & Van Jones' remark
Van Jones might want to consider a new career. He got played. PERIOD
Gained respect for Van. Especially since the racist tirade he gave after won. Kudos Mr Jones
Really upset with Van Jones. How could you normalize Trump and use the "P" word!
Van Jones fell for a script on a teleprompter, sad.
."He did something tonight you can't take away from him. He became President of the United States" -Van Jones .
Van Jones is beginning to realize that President Trump is far more popular with the American People than the Democrats t…
It's a sad day when Plies of all people has more sense than . Van jones . . It says a lot that it took a month for the…
To be fair to Van Jones, whats more presidential than using a solider's death in a racist imperialist war to rally folks beh…
Van Jones tried to warn the Dems that Trump would win & now he is warning them Trump can have 2 terms. But Dems listen t…
If Van Jones can crack SO EASILY, we're approaching peak f**kery for real.😕
Last night was a very sad night for this country as Van Jones starts polishing the turd.
Poor Van Jones doesn't understand that Trump's "divisive cartoon" trolled the media all the way to the…
Van Jones just declared Trump became Presidential after he cynically exploited a woman he made a widow.
Thank you Van Jones for sucking up your pride and admitting that the was one of the greatest moments in Ameri…
Commentator Van Jones reportedly says the safe-space for liberal views on campus is 'useless' and 'dangerous.' What's your rea…
Forget about Bernie and stupid Van Jones, it's the Russian-trump story that we What investigated. Nothing else matters
Van Jones has lost his *** mind. Dragging out a widow a month after her husband death doesn’…
No Van Jones! Trump didn't become a President last night. You became a sell out and an ***
How the 'tolerant diverse' Left tolerated ‘From Kunta Kente to Toby’ .
I feel like watching Van Jones bend to compromise with these Trump people is like watching a man be slowly gas lit to dea…
why didn't Trump invite the dad? This is a moment of show can't believe Van Jones fell for this act
Unlike Van Jones I will not be participating in the normalization of Donald Trump.
Van Jones got trumped by "new trump," bigly. A REAL president would take responsibility for a deadly raid, not throw Genera…
Van Jones has had Pence conversion therapy. No longer is Van Jones .Now known as Man Gone.
Van Jones: Trump became President of the United States tonight. I disagree. He won't become President until we have an…
Van Jones. Trump knew media was on to him. Creating chaos to take away from RUSSIA. New Trump just another tactic. RUSSIA RU…
Van Jones lost all credibility tonight. Apparently all of Trump's lied and evil doesn't matter because Trump exploited a wido…
Van Jones realizing the left have just been blown out of the water by President Trump
"That was one of the most extraordinary moments you have ever seen in American politics, period."
Dems let this sink in...oh & for all of you calling Van Jones a *** you're disgusting, good luck in 18.. u need it😂Belie…
Tonight we saw how it lasts. He'll be president of war. Bernie Sanders applauds, Van Jones fawns. In a year criticism will…
Sen. McConnell: I find myself in agreement with Van Jones, for the first time; Trump did become presidential tonight
But Van Jones said Trump became presidential last night, so we'll forget this
Even Van Jones agrees President Trump's speech was an extraordinary moment in American politics. . https…
Hours before *trump's "speech", he was suggesting Jewish people were targeting themselves with bomb threats, so Van Jon…
New Trump? Van Jones wasn’t the only one to jump the cable news shark last night over Donald Trump
Van Jones became number one gullible Dem. Period.
Van Jones on standing ovation for fallen SEAL's widow: Trump 'became president of the United Stat...
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Van Jones = Personification of y u cant rely on the Dems & pundits to stop a fascist regime. The PEOPLE must rise & driv…
Van Jones says it's time to embrace Trump. Jennifer Granholm disagrees. . JG gives refutations for why. I'm with her.
Having compassion is not presidential Van Jones. Its human. . U R desensitized . Is the bar really that low?
Van Jones is really starting to *** me off. Tip: the tiger didn't change his stripes with some presidential sounding words.
Van Jones: Tonight Trump "became president of the United States"
Van Jones and many in the media are "human centipeding" Donald Trump b/c he didn't burn a cross or "seig heil" towards Paul Ryan.
Liberals are upset with Van Jones. He must have spoke some truth.
There is no way at all this is at all related whatsoever to Van Jones' last two surprising comments about liberals or Tru…
Liberal pundit Van Jones says Trump ‘became the president’ in his speech to Congress
satisfaction = "Democrat should have become worried tonight" Van Jones on Donald Trump's address to congress"
Both Chris Wallace & Van Jones forced to admit tht there is no longer ANY denying tht Donald Trump is President !!
CLIP: Van Jones on safe spaces on college campuses via
Van Jones saying whitelash is why Trump won, Anderson Cooper scolding Christians over Orlando shooting
Van Jones makes the most powerful case I've ever seen for why safe spaces are bad for students and bad for the left:.
Van Jones: How can liberals dig out?. Answer: Drop the Identity Politics! It is a losing game. Liberty is about individuals not g…
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I hear Anna Navvaro was trying to seduce Van Jones
and Kushner goes to the top about Van Jones and ryan
Jared Kushner complained to Time Warner execs about Van Jones, Ana Navarro via
Have u looked into whether there r witnesses to bigotry towards whites by Valerie Jarrett, Van Jones, Jeh Johnson?
You're joking right, Jake? Van Jones, Bill Mahar - Daughter Wife. Why don't you have some integrity for once.
I seem to remember the Right flipping their lids over picks like Cass Sunstein & Van Jones back in 2008...
He's not Van Jones handsome but close. Oh, you meant integrity! Yes very much so!
How can Van Jones back admirer of Margret Sanger founder of the largest genocidal machine of…
makes ya think Van Jones and Mark LaMont Hill over at CNN ain't so Left... 😏
is the home of Mediocre *** like Mark Lamont Hill, Van Jones and Don Lemon.
When it gets harder to love, let's harder. — Van Jones
Van Jones at With every breakdown a breakthrough is possible.
If anyone wants to know what anti-white racism & racial bigotry looks like. go no further then CNN and watch Van Jones or Don L…
Van Jones: Trump’s speech shows he wants to make America as ‘petty’ and ‘small’ as he is
Jones, Lord debate timing of 'El Chapo' move: Van Jones and Jeffrey Lord debate the timing…
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how can Van Jones keep a job after this post? Proof positive his continued bias. CNN is a joke!!
Just waiting for Van Jones to chime in about White lash , then he goes home to his fine white wife and bangs her brains in
Van Jones is pretty good and I want to start watching Fareed Zakaria. Otherwise, I avoid CNN like the plague.
It's like, oh hey there's awesome people like Ana Marie Cox and Van Jones. and Bill Maher's stupid smug face.
LOL why because they don't let Ana Navarro, Van Jones and Simone Sanders come on and cry about white lash ?
The farm animals at will be celebrating MLK Day by having Van Jones & "anti-racist activists" on. . Remember, only whitey can hate!
Van Jones: For some, the election was "a referendum on a certain kind of elitism in the Democratic Party"
Hey Van Jones. Care to comment on the BLM-Chicago 4 torture Black-lash???
I won't be watching Van Jones. I'll pass.
Van Jones is the most racist person in America today. His 'whitelash' & relentless attack of Trump/GOP shows pathological anti-…
Cooper has to hurry to make time for a show by Van Jones another CNN discredited "journalist".
Van Jones is just like the rest of them! via
Van Jones? Ha ha ha ha ha ha, this guy was thrown out of 2nd grade.
Van Jones was a 9/11 truther. Better know these days as a race baiting punk.
CNN can start by getting rid of the race-baiter Van Jones.
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Y'all need to tune in to The Messy Truth with Van Jones on CNN
Hint: Van Jones is NOT the person to consult about bringing fividdd nation together. Nor is anyone at FNN
So I guess Van Jones is the new Oprah?
According to heartwarming story on Van Jones on CNN, the dialogue that solves all our divide revolves around admiring Cornell West's ideas.
Van Jones is a racist and CNN is a joke. Both of them are jokes.
tears? please divided by Obama. Cnn and Van Jones can't either
I see Van Jones has slithered n2 a new job called, "The Messy Truth" least his being married 2 Jimmy Carter's…
If you're not watching "The Messy Truth" with Van Jones, you're missing out.
Van Jones has a eye opening show and it is impressive ,he has my respect for the he first time.go Van go
Van Jones keeps it extraordinarily real
"most of the time the president has not been African American" ... van jones ...
if van Jones knows anything its dividing
Barely 5 minutes in & this Van Jones CNN Town Hall is trash already.
"The messy truth is this: all the speeches, and all the tears, did not bring us together"
How does our divided nation come together? continues the conversation during
Van Jones always seems to be involved in things that are WAY below his intellect (see debates with Jeffrey Lord)
people don't get shots at MSM jobs." Don Lemon, Van Jones, Tavis Smiley, ridiculous to even go on.
So "white lash" Van Jones now admits Clinton threw blacks under bus & NAFTA was bad 4 America
Don Lemon can't hold his liquor. Mariah Carey can't hold a note. Van Jones is a Ra…
If its the Van Jones/ Ellison/Sanders era, the Dems won't see power for a generation.
not so sure. Remember when Van Jones went to middle America he was surprised
Americans like you, Angela Rye &Van Jones speak truth 2power &those of us who know will be here for you and with you.
Not only does he wish death on Bakari, but on Angela Rye and Van Jones too.
you truly are one of my favorite commentators on CNN. Oh and Van Jones is a close second!
Please can the Van Jones and run for President together next time?
I didn't expect to have such an affirming experience listening to Van Jones be interviewed by David Axelrod. Terrif…
Not even close to the same thing. CNN employs radical racist Van Jones, and the majority of their panelists have
I know it's weird I find myself agreeing with Van Jones.
Does anyone really care what Van Jones thinks? The most racist person in media. And he is always trying to divide us
He is a mole. It appears to be a deep-penetration operation by progressive operatives affiliated with Van Jones
Randy Law on CNN with Van Jones talking about why Trumbull County went RED this election. First time in 40...
Van Jones humiliates Kayleigh McEnany by schooling her on how government and diplomacy actually works
Has the same PR firm as BLM and ultra-liberal Van Jones
SHAME and for not REPLACING paid Van Jones agitator, and Ashley Madison patron DISLOYAL
Benghazi,Eric Holder,Van Jones,ok'drive DJT team through,no ?.USA loves Gens/jobs not Libs
“Empathy does not require agreement. It just requires understanding.” - Van Jones. Check out Sharon's newest On...
Van Jones sees racist "double standard" in mistrial of cop who shot Walter Scott
It's about time! Obama advisers were clowns like Van Jones and Eric Holder. Thank god we have DJT!
hmm oh yeah the same dude who said that Van Jones "always speaks very eloquently".. like bruh is he not supposed to?
Also a reminder that Mike Pence was the very first to demand Van Jones' resignation for far less
Van Jones calls for a love army. Let's all enlist.
Not comforted Van Jones & Trevor Noah are voices for us. Van Jones on ‘Daily Show’: Trump Is ‘Much Worse’
Van Jones always looks at both sides of issues. If you do not think he broadcasts the truth, do research; unless, y…
Van Jones is a racist bigot right up there with Al Sharpton Jesse Jackson Reverend Wright
Van Jones, Amy Goodman...looks like another Journey to the Bottom of the Ratings. How did they forget to include Dan Rath…
And the Barbary Pirates? Was Trump responsible for them as well? Van Jones you fatuous ***
well she did loose and get used to it. Say hi to Donna Brazile n racist Van Jones. Losers also
is a Hillary supporter? Yes and Donna Brazile and Van Jones and Angela Rye were hired to defend Hillary, so your point?
People forget that Van Jones the "darling" of Valerie Jarret once worked for the Obama administration until they were fo…
Dear Lord please grant me the patience of Van Jones.and hurry please. that the network Van Jones and Gloria Borger work for?...and Wolf Blitzer?
Patrisse Cullors cofounded BLM. She works for Van Jones...was trained by Weather Underground.
Civil Rights leader Van Jones on US election-people were sick of both parties supporting Wall St, incarcerating people
like your show but see when you admonish guest for N word use but not POTUS, Van Jones, Drew Griffin and more.
Calling Al Sharpton Reverend is like calling Van Jones a unifier.
Anderson Cooper is a rabble rouser, why else is his panel: Van Jones, Gloria Borger, et al.
Van Jones is a racist browbeating fear mongering communist.
Funny. The left says Valerie Jarrett, Van Jones & more (like Bill Ayers) are good wholesome folks. Gen Flynn is problematic!
Van Jones is being incredibly reckless with his Trump's a racist rhetoric. Liberals want to keep everyone paranoid,confuse…
why can't we point out that Obama appointed Van Jones, a supporter of a cop killer and violent black panther movement
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I'll see your David Duke and raise you a Reverend Wright, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and Van Jones.
Van Jones and the Democrats need to tell their Children what the Golden State Warriors & Cleveland Indians told theirs...…
love the Obama 6, throw in Rev Al, Van Jones and Nazi Soros, crickets
should really stop the war mongering on your news station. Van Jones is responsible for spreading fear. You should be ashamed!
Its as bad as Valerie Garret, Van Jones & Huma Abedin to name a few.
Van Jones has been a *** from day one and no better than Jesse Jackson or Louie Farrakhan. Race baiting SOB to MAX
There will always be racism bc of Van Jones, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson & the democrat plantation.
Race Baiter. VAN JONES. RACE BAITER. Van Jones. This man is a Race Baiter. His name is Va…
Van Jones tires to use the Race Card but gets absolutely destroyed!.
This from a party that gives Jessie Jackson, Al Sharpton, and Van Jones cover?
Why would CNN hire Van Jones? I don't like Glenn Beck but this is interesting. VJ is a revolutionary .
"Scottie Nell Hughes VS Van Jones on Should Trump defend himself when attacked via
LIVE on WATCh: CNN selectively edits Van Jones in stunningly blatant hoax.
.Van Jones was Obama's Communist Green Jobs CZAR until Glenn Beck outed him as a STORM Communist. Do you share his beliefs?
I remember Glenn talking about Van Jones. IMO Jones is like Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton.
Van Jones is self-identified Maoist, in an era we all know Mao killed 60 million of his own ppl. He should b ignored ht…
Van Jones is so far left he might meet Glenn Beck coming around the back curve.
Van Jones: When blacks and Hispanics vote their conscience you call it democracy. When whites vote theirs you call…
Glenn you should go to Canada with Van Jones
Van Jones, Near Tears on CNN: This Is a ‘Deeply Painful Moment’ in America. Our Obama nightmare is nearly over. Glory to God!
No matter what your political leaning, listen to this from Van Jones
CNN political commentator Van Jones explains 'whitelash' and why it needs to be addressed
Van Jones delivered a raw and emotional commentary on Donald Trump's win.
Van Jones ' This was a whitelash against a changing country, this was a whitelash against a black president"
.We don't want to feel someone has been elected by throwing away some of us to appeal to others.
.on was a white-lash against a changing country I'm afraid t…
Sharing a google hangout I just wrapped with in a moment and this will be part of the conversation.
Emotional Van Jones: How do I explain this to my children?
CNN's Van Jones talks about the fear many are feeling as Donald Trump is set to become the next U.S. president.
Van Jones is a disgusting despicable racist human being
All white people are racist yet the first Presidential candidate I ever voted for was President Barack Obama. Okay…
Van Jones on CNN: “How do you explain this to your children? I’ve had Muslim friends ask, do I need to leave the country.” http…
That's why we don't pay attention to Van Jones; he's a moron!
Van Jones: Whites voted for Trump because they're racist & hate Obama (even though many of those very same people voted f…
Van Jones tells CNN and the nation exactly what a Trump presidency means
Van Jones is just sore because he won't be able to pull the "race card" anymore whenever he pleases.
Van Jones is racism today and CNN gives him a voice. Please replace him with a black commentator with a color blind heart
Van Jones was pro-Muslim Immigration (wanted more). It took just one to MASS MURDER HOMOSEXUALS in Florida.
The medias job is to represent voices, Show perspective. Speak for groups. Explain situations. Van Jones is brillia…
Van Jones on "This is a deeply painful moment ... It's hard to be a parent tonight for a lot of us"
When I seen this live, I almost broke down. Thank you Van Jones, you spoke for all of us
That dialogue from Van Jones, last night, on CNN really hit home for me.
Powerful moment from Van Jones: "People are talking about a miracle. I'm hearing about a nightmare."
Van Jones basically said Russia is responsible for tonight's results. I could've sworn it was the voters who made it happen.
I don't really need to add anything to what Van Jones said...
CNN’s Van Jones on Trump: “This was a white lash against a changing country”
Van Jones gets choked up: "You tell your kids: Don't be a bully ... And then you have this outcome."
Van Jones, Corey Lewandowski spar on CNN: "Corey, you're being a horrible person right now"
CNN's Van Jones to Corey Lewandowski on "You're being a horrible person"
Van Jones just summed up why a Trump win would be so painful:
I'm watching with a ton laughter. Van Jones is ready to smack Jeff Lord he's So mad.
Seeing that Corey Lewandowski & Jeff Lord were the ones who couldn't let stuff go as kids. Respect to Van Jones for keeping his cool.
Van Jones gave voice to everyone who is scared of President Donald Trump
If you wanna cry watch Van Jones give the first cognizant minority understanding of the election on CNN tonight. He ju…
CNN’s Van Jones perfectly explains the pain of a Donald Trump victory
shout-outs to Van Jones for being able to keep his head from exploding whenever Jeff Lord speaks. you can tell he's barely containing it.
Van Jones, looking choked up, somehow manages to sum up the fear and pain that many are feeling tonight.
Van Jones and Daniel Dale have been two of the best parts of this election.
Van Jones trying to articulate a sentence; CNN panel coming to grasps with the fact that people agreed with Trump and voted for him.
Reginald Milton & Van Jones want ordinance similar to Memphis' reducing the penalty for half ounce or less.
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People I most want to drink with from the election: Van Jones, Hillary Clinton, Ana Navarro, Elizabeth Warren, Megyn Kel…
Van Jones is a REAL Communist-member of USA Communist Party. CNN and libtards love him. .
I've been a Van Jones fan every since he was appointed as Pres. Obama's Green Jobs Czar and then graciously...
Van Jones and Anderson Cooper said you can't polish a turd. Are they right? via
Van Jones' analysis of the final debate: 'You can't polish that turd': There's nothing mo...
how you know someone never paid attention to politics before Obama became Pres.. They have no clue who Van Jones or Nicole Wallace are..
Van Jones: "You can't polish this turd." . Anderson Cooper: "Technically you cannot polish any turd.".
There's nobody like Dylan Ratigan on mainstream TV in 2016. Instead, we have Van Jones and Jeff Lord.
Van Jones, "We have a 'super predator' running for president."
Priority1,Inc dba Jones Distribution Services posted an update: I have bulk van freight if you are interested...
Van Jones, I made this comic based on the great point you made!
and Bill Clintons accusers were paid by people tied to the RNC.Juanita is on the record in P Jones la…
Him n Van Jones been working on criminal justice reform together for a minute now
Van Jones on CNN made a good point about how Trump vilified the Central Park 5 when he's the sexual predator.
do you know who Van Jones is and what he's connected to?
Van Jones fighting the good fight. Keep it up, sir
Thanks Van Jones, keep up the talk. You are saying it right.
Thank you, Van Jones for so effectively addressing rape culture.
/ Thank you...then and now, from the bottom of my heart! Those words mean everything. Van Jones, 1/
Radical marxist Van Jones defends the health care lies conjured up by
Van Jones is not only brilliant, honest and functions with integrity, he is a credit to ALL Americans!
Just watched 'If Trump Were Black' video. The world is in desperate need of a few more Van Jones'! Now more than ever.
. Van Jones is an Obama waterboy. Don't expect fireworks from this guy, unless "cue" cards are involved.
Nasir 'Nas' Olu Dara Jones. After tracing his roots back to Nigeria, he found out his 3rd great grandmother was bought fo…
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