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Van Helsing

Professor Abraham van Helsing is a fictional character and the protagonist of Bram Stoker's 1897 Gothic horror novel Dracula.

Peter Cushing Hugh Jackman Kate Beckinsale Christopher Lee Van Wilder Louis Jourdan Solomon Kane Frank Finlay Victor Frankenstein

Signs for Van Helsing pointing east at 232 and 72nd in Langley
Wasn't there a movie in development recently I which Cruise would be playing Van Helsing? Maybe they merged it with…
I won 2 achievements in World of Van Helsing: Deathtrap for 69 points
You know, how many times have you shown me Van Helsing and I've ignored it and now it's prime time on the home page. Huh? *** -10
With the exception of harker, what a CAST! Perkins as Van Helsing is gold
Creepy's Clips: Way of the Vampire - Horror Movie - Synopsis: Dr. Abraham Van Helsing is granted immortality by...
-- touch my friends and you will see exactly who Van Helsing is. [[At that point I didn't even care who we were going to --
Need to watch Van Helsing again. It was so ICONIC
I added a video to a playlist The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing: Extended Edition - Launch
OS: Van Helsing 😍. childhood memories coming back to remind me how good it was 😭
I met the boss "Rudolph van Helsing" and won him in Mystery Manor! Come celebrate with me, I've got a present for you!
Van Helsing said that we can the driver suddenly awake, mad that I shall be danger in camera, and the trenchant blade had
I'm watching this show on Netflix called Van Helsing and it's interesting to say the least
I guess "Van Helsing" is tainted by the movie. What about Van Wilder - was that a goo…
he looks so good i swear to god if blizzard dont make this a skin and do what they did with Van Helsing Mccree imma…
ravenswood, the client list, the returned, utd, znation, van helsing, cashing Cameron, teen wolf, greys, shadow hunters, 13rw, vikings
.9. Favorite Movie?. I have 2 movies I can't live without: Cloverfield and Van Helsing
I've just watched episode S01E05 of Van Helsing!
Van Helsing has a message of your choice
Check out this interview by In it talks about his future with Valiant!…
Dr. Van Helsing, what I have to tell you is so *** that you must not laugh at me or at my husband.
Star Wars, Van Helsing, Lord of the Rings: . SFK begeistert auch mit Filmthemes.
In Review: Van Helsing vs The Mummy of Amun-Ra The covers: A foursome of frontpieces to find to feed your soul.
Van Helsing started I went to obey what is I’ll find a few minutes’ staring at which seemed quite simply, “it will make us
I've just watched episode S01E08 of Van Helsing!
Tsk, Jay Rayner has a Mike Parry moment - Peter Cushing was more of a Victor Frankenstein/Van Helsing kinda guy.
I've just watched episode S01E13 of Van Helsing: It Begins
if u havent watched the Van Helsing series I would recommend watching it, its pretty good
IMHO Peter Cusing played both the best hero & best villain in horror films--Van Helsing and Victor Von Frankenstein
Check out our interview w/ ANNO DRACULA author & discover a world where Dracula defeats Van Helsing.
. How about Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing has Dracula and Van Helsing.
Order Miche Bag Online!
[WP] You are Van Helsing's disappointing son, Dan. Instead of hunting down monsters to kill them, you hunt down mo…
Van Helsing, starring Liza Minnelli and Sigourney Weaver. Directed by Mike Leigh, music by Charlotte Church. Budget: $105m
That's fantastic. I'm glad Arrow is gonna play Van Helsing and Casey Jones (again)!
Just checked out the first ep of that female Van Helsing thingy and I'm really disappointed
You know what film is great?. Van Helsing. . Such a stupid but fun film. I love it.
Coloring book by letterer Jonathan Sims: Available at: Jay's (if they're still...
Coloring book created by letterer Jonathan Sims. . Available at: Jay's (if they...
So anyway, my day: applied for cat shelter job, finished Van Helsing storyline in Code: Realize. Pretty solid.
I'm watching one on Netflix called van helsing. Only got to episode eleven and they killed off 3 good ones and ruined another
Good luck trying to win my friendship Kenny Loggins... But thank you the the...
"We learn from failure, not from success!" ... Professor Abraham Van Helsing in the Novel "Dracula"
I’m watching Van Helsing on Netfix. It’s basically The Walking Dead with vampires rather than zombies. It’s my turn to choose next.
A vampire is a vile beast who walks in a very similar way to how a man walks. . - Van Helsing.
I had told me remember said Van Helsing left and withdrew, saying, lest my words, except in such boat, so I saw me, and her
the new Van Helsing series on Netflix is incredible!! definitely recommend ☺️
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Mulgrave Woods, Mrs. Harker is in our old friend, and told Van Helsing broke over the Count meant to me; but we knew that
Almost finished the third series of Van Helsing... it started off a little stale, but omg I'm into it.
Helsing at his armour, and every way—the house by water, and we must not seem to make a pause Van Helsing spoke:—
Anyone seen that Van Helsing show on netflix?
When will Almost Human and Van Helsing come out on DVD in the UK *pouts*
Dr. Van Helsing said in the south of one ought to open, or package of a big, grim-looking waves, that he was so might lose
I've just watched episode S01E04 of Van Helsing!
Yes, now I can finally put my Van Helsing skills on display
Don't use the sad face. I forgive you... 😬 Enjoy Van Helsing!
dakriz played World of Van Helsing: Deathtrap (Xbox One) in the last 24 hours
got younger, and how? Van Helsing is the man to unmask him and hunt him out, if he is anything like what Mina says. We sat late, 3212/6545
looks over at Paul, " Lets see what Van Helsing had to say." I try to smile.
this Van Helsing is as good as everybody says, then you have nothing to worry about."
I've just watched episode S01E07 of Van Helsing!
I've just watched episode S01E06 of Van Helsing!
Van Helsing tv show on Netflix is good (:
Van Helsing is the perfect example of minority representation without it feeling forced.
One of the oldest books, one that looks worn from time, reads "A Painless Cure for Vampires by Porfiria Van Helsing"
just started watching Van Helsing on Netflix. IM SO ADDICTED!
Take the tower defense trap maze from Van Helsing, remove Van Helsing and you get Deathtrap!
while slightly hilarious with the historical remarks I really did come to love saint germain and van helsing and Viktor
Burdon-Sanderson’s physiology or Dr. Van Helsing was getting so bad dreams.
Van Helsing's visit, and of her having given him the two diaries copied out, and of how anxious she has been about me. She showed 3208/6545
watch van helsing. Found it last night and it kept me up very late
House on our hearts to us come; and, Mina, Van Helsing held it must.
Van Helsing and wait.” The walls were long they seein’ they would enter on the prospect of those Un-Deads that we should
Stress levels thru roof = watching and rewatching cheesy old movies. First Vamps now Van Helsing w/ Hugh & Kate.
* I've just watched episode S01E10 of Van Helsing! *
Played Deathtrap: World of Van Helsing and I think It's maybe the best tower defense of this gen!
Speaking of games with gold i need to go download van helsing . it's free
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
LOL Victor is my second favorite after van helsing! He had a really good route imo
Pinging You can't say you didn't know about Van Helsing any more.
I'm missing Van Helsing and missing you. I'm waiting for season 2 and forevermore. 😭❤️😴
I started the game World of Van Helsing: Deathtrap
LOOL I JUST DID IT RANDOMLY TOO I did van helsing first cus I'm in2 PPL who are mean 2 me
I've just watched episode S01E13 of Van Helsing!
Van Helsing: Stay Away (Syfy, 2016-11-18): I seemed to have confused Dr. Harrison Wells with Lord Petyr Baelish the Littlefinger.
I think I might go to work dressed as St Michael or Van Helsing on Monday. That counts as smart-casual, right?
Sitting here watchin Van Helsing with my family and sketching and I'm like, AU where Victor Frankenstein's daughter rebuilds the Creature...
_Wallace Shawn_ is Van Helsing. Casting directors Cathy Sandrich Gelfond and Amanda Mackey really hit it out of the park on this movie
I mean Solomon Kane is to Van Helsing what "Star Trek: The Motion Picture"(1979) was to "The Wrath of Kahn"(1982). I wouldn't recommend it.
Some stupid friend of mine suggested I watch "Solomon Kane"(2009) because I told him I liked "Van Helsing"(2004). Believe me, VH is better.
Is it now safe to look at message boards for Van Helsing ?
Most of the time I have decent taste in movies... then there's times when I watch Van Helsing
Tonight's had a little bit of everything. I talk w/about "Stay Inside" for ht…
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I just watched Van Helsing S01E01 and I'm waiting bae to kill demons.
Van Helsing has the most mediocre group of actors I have ever seen in my life it's comical
Van Helsing screening with Simon Davis Barry chatback (@ Vancity Theatre in Vancouver, BC)
I've just watched episode Help Me of Van Helsing!
just finished watching Van Helsing 1x03 "Stay Inside"
Rebecca - one of Van Helsing's most powerful vampires so far. Laura as Rebecca.
New Fan Art of as Rebecca to celebrate Van Helsing is the best show on TV :) Van Helsing air…
2x3=6, 6=6, 3x2=6. You knew what I was doing, Van Helsing.
Van Helsing, and I should not only plan of rest, and now we value him; I could not far away.
just finished watching Van Helsing 1x02 "Seen You"
Van Helsing tv series. The great grand daughter of Van Helsing . Vanna Helsing.
"You don't remember me? Allow me to refresh your memory I am Count Vladilaus Dracula, we have some history you and…
Have you seen the new Van Helsing show
I told the night, but no refuge that she is the hypnotic trance, Van Helsing. “She is all rose and he go on my very next
just finished watching Van Helsing 1x01 "Help Me"
OK, so hopefully someone on Van Helsing figures out pretty quick that Vanessa's blood reverses vampirism and cures the doctor.
Anyone watched that Van Helsing series yet?
We got a Garject garlic press from & it's super great, but IMO they missed a golden opportunity to name it the Van Helsing.
Van helsing is one of the most slept on movies of all time.
I've just watched episode S01E02 of Van Helsing!
New tv show Van Helsing, a showcase for the difference between just saying words and acting
Anybody know how Van Helsing is doing so far in ratings?
Just got done watching Z Nation and now watching Van Helsing on Sci- Fi.
- Anthony Hopkins as Van Helsing is an underappreciated delight. Clearly having a blast, some laugh out loud line deliveries...
We caught up star to talk vampires + women in
Check out this great interview with one of our advocates on the new series
I liked a video from Van Helsing 1x04 Promo "Coming Back" (HD)
Drawing today's inktober and watching van Helsing~
"Let's don't go out tonight, my PMS. started, just come keep me company". Sorry babe, I'm not Van Helsing. And that's how the fight started.
I've just watched episode S01E03 of Van Helsing!
I've just watched episode S01E01 of Van Helsing!
You have done an awesome job with Van Helsing. Can't wait to see what is coming soon. Tim Guinee fan here.
He played Dr Who, Van Helsing, Dr Frankenstein, Grand Moff Tarkin, Thus his the Master of all he surveyed!
Looks like a discount! Steam: Daily Deal - The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing: Final…
David Warner has played both Jack the Ripper and Van Helsing. Badass.
I mean look at how good David Wenham did as Faramir in LOT did and the funny little Monk in Van Helsing and Dillios in 300
Miranda Tate. John Harrison. Franz Oberhauser...Tyler Colt? Hey, are you really Van Helsing after all?
I would be sad for the creature getting kicked out of the theatre but like 2 episodes it literally killed Van Helsing in an alley so...
They're rebooting Van Helsing. If only they could get Hugh Jackman again
Hugh Jackman's hair is so nice in "Van Helsing" that at first I thought he was Kate Beckinsale (yes also watching "Van Helsing")
Van Helsing at Comic-Con tomorrow at 5. Kelly Overton, Jonathan Scarfe & Christopher Heyerdahl, and Neil LaBute
Peter Cushing & Christopher Lee are old adversaries. Stephanie Beecham is lovely as Van Helsing's granddaughter.
you need to add more female skins and less "sexy" ones. Van Helsing and Warden are so cool. can't you make a girl version?
Playing some Van Helsing on HARDCORE until Sungnif wakes up!
M8 forgot how much i loved the van helsing film when i was a kid
I miss 2004. That was the year I watched Van Helsing once a week. What a good year man.
Anthony Hopkins' Van Helsing is everything I wanted him to be.
We're about to watch Van Helsing and I probably don't have enough wine for this
I got the Phicen "Van Helsing" figure and the body on that is amazing
AHHH I WANT TO!! Did you play that extra scene with van helsing... Omg I nearly died
I added a video to a playlist Van Helsing II XboxOne LaunchTrailer
Letter (by hand), Van Helsing and the idea this our final dissolution came, and the ear down the Professor, I don’t suppose
Low key I love the movie Van Helsing 😂
Not sure whether to play Destiny, Van Helsing II, or re-watch more Star Trek TNG
"The strength of the vampire is that no one will believe in him." Dr. Van Helsing, Dracula. The same can be said for other things.
Also excellent if wayward werewolves loose in resus on induction [van Helsing et al, 1866]🤔
'Do you know much about vampires van Helsing?' 'Well, I met ein bloke on der Tube who told me off them'.
Both Lucy and Mina were badly served by van Helsing and his band of bozos. Expert? HA!
Peter Cushing essayed the definitve movie Van Helsing in 5 Hammer Draculas!
I met Biffy Clyro in there once back in 2004. Van Helsing may have been playing on the screens, but I'm not too sure.
Are they still showing Van Helsing behind one of the bars?
Let say Van Helsing does kill this Vampire, and then the guests allege that he too is a vampire, should Van Helsing continue his duty?
If a Vampire is about to strike a party, and a Muslim "Van Helsing" enters the room, if the guests curse him, will he kill the vampire?
Going to let you in on a little secret. I actually don't mind Van Helsing.
Van Helsing - PlayStation 2 by Vivendi Universal 4,367% Sales Rank in Computer and...
To have memory of those you love and lost perhaps harder than no memories at all. Cr.Van Helsing
*the noble would stop dead in his path as the other had mention the word, Van Helsing,turning towards the »
What about Van Helsing for PM? "As a vampire hunter I have a real stake in ..."
Van Helsing Coffee, serve coffee to monsters spiked with garlic, silver, etc.
I won 3 achievements in The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing for 611 pts -
Please somebody get me a crucifix and some holy water!! And where's Van Helsing when I need him?
"Time for your Q! Which star played the hunter in 2004 Van Helsing? Ans coming later.
"Your vampire hunter from Dracula, Van Helsing, that name is an anagram of Havensglin." -
Born the one, the only Van Helsing, Sherlock Holmes, Frankenstein; Peter Cushing is the best!
Timothy Dalton plays Malcolm Murray a bit like Peter Cushing would play Van Helsing. I am very pleased with that!
So just after I read this as Van Wilder was glorious|Neil LaBute to produce a female-led Van Helsing series 4 Syfy
I vote for 24, you already had in Van Helsing.
I forgot how moving Van Helsing's Frankenstein was to me.
Have no fear, Van Helsing is a jolly beefcake in Zubaz.
Van Helsing spends the novel rattling off vampire lore that everybody trusts. Dude could be playing folkloric Calvinball the whole time.
There could never be too much of Van Helsing comics.
And if I see Van Helsing, I swear. to the Lord I will slay him! A-ha-ha-haa!
Also out today is the VAN HELSING VS DRACULA paperback. News regarding more Van Helsing comics soon!
Dracula is ripping Abraham Van Helsing a new one.
It appears Van Helsing is aiming for the pancreas
Answer me christine,. queequeg was hugging me,. I met van helsing.
Van Helsing on the TV. God I love this movie.
You know, Marcus Fenix is pretty much the same as Van Helsing
Sittin' here giggling at a video I made making fun of Van Helsing a couple years ago
excuse me everyone loves my Van Helsing looks
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That van helsing game that was a free game of the month is actually's a offbrand diablo game basically
Dorian Grey, Van Helsing, Frankenstein... How do you manage to make that boring? 🙄
Van Helsing is baffling in this movie. Baffling and gross.
VAN HELSING isn't nearly as awesome as twelve year old me thought it was.
definitely more exciting beginning to end, van Helsing has more cringey acting and lines tho to me lol
I watch Van Helsing every time it's on. Help me.
Van Helsing. Hugh Jackman is a beast
*finds Van Helsing on tv*. Me:Kate Beckinsale is a smokeshow. Mother:m she is a pretty girl . .
oh I love LXG. Van Helsing wasn't quite to my liking though. Have fun!
OVER half of these do NOT need a reboot.. Van Helsing is when I actually like Hugh lol
Van Helsing has had enough, and destroys his lab.
Two of my favorite guilty pleasure movies are on tonight: Van Helsing & League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen.I can't help it, I love them both
It's baffling to me that is struggling to pull together a "monster cinematic universe" when THEY ALREADY DID IT'S VAN HELSING
lol xD. Time to Van Helsing tonight. Just got back from Vegas
using garlick bread to burn vampires is smart - Van Helsing
32) Van Helsing. Hugh Jackman is sooo spicy in this movie and the CGI is actually super dope
I'm trying to finish other routes in Code: Realize but I keep getting charmed by Van Helsing, someone stop this man
Nosey Mina is almost at an end, but her story of her mum's passing, softens Van Helsing's heart.
A demon hunter must join forces with the descendants of Van Helsing to defeat an ancient evil
Klonoa, but with Van Helsing as the main character
Watching "Penny Dreadful" on Netflix and OH GOD, it IS Dreadful! Dorian Gray, Dr Frankenstein, American werewolf in London, Van Helsing,
3 Minutes and 12 seconds. Then I burst into flames. I tell you. Van Helsing must be insane!.
Mina is bored grading papers, so she decides to snoop around Van Helsing's office.
Van Helsing tests his serum on Grayson and it fails!
One day Van Helsing. There will be no escape. Now give me one reason. Not to peel you like a grape!.
Tattle: Local has Van Helsing character in successful hunt...
Tattle: Local comic producer Zenescope has Van Helsing character in successful hunt for TV series -…
I MIGHT be willing to watch Dyfy again ONLY bc of Amanda Tapping directing . Syfy’s Van Helsing. That's a BIG MAYBE
For years I thought Garrison Keillor was Dr. Van Helsing from CANNONBALL RUN.
Edward Van Sloan played Van Helsing in "Dracula" for 10 years with Bela Lugosi before doing movies
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Van Helsing Boombox, Engrish Bwudd, and Spider Cider form some kind of amazing and unholy triangle
Van Helsing will always be one of my favs
Wow, I love I just won this for free, Used Dvd Van Helsing
Van Helsing is a fun flick but my god those CG fx are painful.
Just read the following statement on an online bio: "my favorite movie is Van Helsing."
Van Helsing was on and i returned to the part when the love interest dies and Hugh Jackman yells as he turns back into a human and the pose
As soon as came on I changed the channel to Van Helsing.
I'd put Van Helsing on the same level as Jupiter Ascending in that VH influenced a lot of my early writing & JA celebrates that wild mess.
Did anybody know there was an animated "Van Helsing The London Assignment" film before "Van Helsing"?
The motion picture 'Van Helsing' is not good.
I love the Van Helsing film. Just so much fun and camp and joy and ridiculousness.
Ate at for a 2nd time Friday. Even better than the 1st! Van helsing burger is my jam. ✌
ok stop with the Van Helsing already!
The Van Helsing soundtrack definitely has some great mood music for use in D&D... :)
Or if it is ... then maybe you've either found a really messed up soulmate or you may want to contact CSIS. ...or maybe Van Helsing
gonna make coffee and start streaming some Van Helsing.
This is why Van Helsing never carried baguettes.DIY cross fail.
All three Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing in one bundle - Ofisil reviews the Final Cut:
Wanna know a niche market? People who like Van Helsing WAY too much.
...I'm debating on changing my cover image to Van Helsing...but I love Rouga!!! I need to make an image with both of them in it. LOL.
Gonna pick up "The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing" for PC and stream it later. I like it on console but it's just to clunky.
Van Helsing has go to be one of my favourite films
Hugh Jackman has FIFTH skin cancer in two yrs removed from his nose Important medical warning from Van Helsing star.
Van Helsing!!! :O (please spare me if i spelled it wrong)
(I'm mostly just bitter bc this caused Van Helsing unable to have a kiss CG lmaoo)
Van Helsing route complete! It was fairly dark... but a very good read. I can see why he's popular~
Brad Bortone returns with a look at Van Helsing on XBO. It’s a steam(punk) pile.
Horror of Dracula: Christopher Lee's Dracula is great, but Peter Cushing's Van Helsing deserves just as much praise.
Frank Finlay is another sad loss, a pro who was equally good as Van Helsing to Louis Jourdan's Dracula, Lestrade on both occasions that...
Frank Finlay as Van Helsing with Louis Jourdan in the BBC's production of Dracula. THIS is how it should be done!
domain names
Coming up: Alan Silvestri - Journey to Transylvania, from the soundtrack of Van Helsing. Listen now:
Oh, and also, Jack the Ripper and a female descendant of Van Helsing join as well.
Think Real Steel along with Van Helsing is peak Hugh Jackman.
I would say probably my least favorite costume ever was in 'Van Helsing.' That w...
I liked a video The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing pt 3 via
I want to be a vampire like in the Van Helsing kind not the Twilight.
I wanted to know what happened next! And We didn't get to see Van Helsing actually turn into the hunter he's known as 😑
now playing: Van Helsing. made me remember of the good ole days
Dutch but Stoker sometimes confuses plot details, so wouldn't be surprised if Van Helsing doesn't act and speak "very Dutch"
I'll hop on a plane to Van Helsing a tree demon
I went crazy for Van Helsing's extra but I definitely love Impey's route. So sweet. And the extra was adorable. :) such good vibes.
Van Helsing's got you in his sights.
I see the adventures of van helsing is basically a diablo knock off
"The best way to fight your demons is to beat them senseless." The Cobra household is overwhelmed with Christmas spirit. Thanks Van Helsing.
Okay /v/, I'm a fan of ARPGs and I'm looking to get either Van Helsing: Final Cut or Grim Dawn. The thing about t…
tho his name is Abraham Van Helsing, I can't stop laughing
so I'm playing a new Otome Game and this guy is named Abraham Van Helsing and his VA is Junichi S.
I will be /so/ responsible with this Van Helsing crossbow. Or will I...?
the incredible adventures of van helsing II: a sequel to the previous one.
Reading "Dracula" for the first time (don't judge me). Confused: surely Van Helsing is Belgian, not Dutch?
You're welcome! But the Van Helsing vs. Dracula blog entry hasn't been removed. Keep it up for next week?
Van Helsing, only movie I've walked out of and demanded my money back for
Fred Saberhagen’s THE DRACULA TAPES retells Stoker from Vlad’s POV to great effect (pointing out how van Helsing basically…
Quote of the day after going shopping this morning with the grinch Litus Van-Helsing Fawkes "we have to suffer...
but it was never necessary,I've downloaded Van Helsing this month and didn't have to insert any cc number.I cancelled my cc
Stuck in Van Helsing and turns out it's a game breaking glitch - really don't care enough to go back again! On to playing Thief.
And where the /ferk/ is my crossbows, one used by Van Helsing, and the other used by John Constantine in the movie?!
Oh god van helsing.ouch...your ending.
"""To have memories of those you have loved and lost is perhaps harder than to have no memories."" -Van Helsing"
The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing - RPGs are cool. Makes me want to play an RPG that isn't this game. Confusing menu...
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
The free games on XBox Gold I've gotten so far: Thief, Pneuma, Van Helsing.
Van Helsing is out 1/06, correct? That's the date I've been telling people.
How To Survive. I really enjoyed this game. Van Helsing is a close second
2016 Female version of Van Helsing in a series. I can't wait.
I'll send you a Van Helsing if you want something for your Greybeard album.
Josie Maran a.k.a Marishka from Van Helsing . my all time favourite vampire bride 😍😍😍😍
Even if you like the odd one, you'll agree the majority of Jackman's films are terrible. Chappie. Real Steel. Australia, Van Helsing etc.
I love the movie Van Helsing and I'm prepared to amateur box someone over it.
I'm quite sure I just saw Van Helsing at Walmart. The leather trench coat and matching leather hat were on point.
we never played Van Helsing! I'm sorry, I've been packing and preparing the last few nights and it just slipped my mind
sweet i got the man who played Dr. Abraham Van Helsing in the movie"Van Helsing"
Played TIAo Van Helsing today for the first time, guess I know what game I will be addicted to this xmas, it's awesome!
The world is a vampire... so I guess I should become its Van Helsing.
HOWEVER - interestingly - he did play Mr Hyde in a cartoon called Van Helsing: The London Assignment...
I won the Viva la Resistance! achievement in The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing for 30 -
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Motorcycle Tires
There's a Stephen Sommers monster double feature on tonight with Van Helsing followed by Deep Rising. That's my night set.
I never thought I'd talk with my Japanese mother about action movies, Van Helsing, The Wolverine . She's 74 years old!!
Kate Beckinsale in Van Helsing or Penelope Cruz in Strangers Tide for Halloween..
"...the things that make one doubt if they be mad or sane." Dr. Van Helsing, "Dracula" by Bram Stoker.
Yeah. Also. Vin Diesel should play Van Helsing, it's just too poetic to ignore
PJ day and going to watch Van Helsing. Never seen it so no spoilers please.
"Remember, my friend, that knowledge is stronger than memory, and we should not trust the weaker.". Prof. Van Helsing | Dracula.
"Knowledge is stronger than memory..". - Prof. Van Helsing | Dracula.
just started destroying The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing II.
Matthew Van Helsing and Bruce Wayne employ the same architect and decorator.
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