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Van Gaal

Aloysius Paulus Maria Louis van Gaal OON (born 8 August 1951 in Amsterdam) is a Dutch football manager formerly in charge of Ajax, Netherlands, Barcelona, AZ and Bayern Munich.

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Sneijder: I had nothing but trouble with Van Gaal on a personal level.
Wesley Sneijder: "I have always said that Van Gaal is the best coach technically and tactically. There is no better co…
aloof, uninspiring. Much like his mentor Van Gaal.
Apparently PSG are keen to sack the current PSG manager Emery and hire Louis Van Gaal. . 😂Angel Di Maria😂
I hope Louis Van Gaal gets that PSG job and sends that snake de maria back to Argentina 🐍🐍
RUMOURS: PSG head coach Unai Emery finds himself under pressure as the Ligue 1 side see Louis Van Gaal as a viable rep…
US tour again YeS! i hated van gaal for china because i planned on multiple preseason games in US
of course it doesn't. Van gaal is one of the most successful coaches in history
Rumour Mill: Louis Van Gaal and Angel Di Maria could be reunited at Paris Saint-Germain…
Louis Van Gaal reveals his plans after Manchester United’s...
"Rumour Mill: van Gaal set for hilarious reunion" Louis Van Gaal could be set for an unhappy reunion, while Chelsea is preparing to reward …
Rumour Mill: van Gaal set for hilarious reunion
You get the feeling that the players would now run through a brick wall for Jose. Total contrast to Van Gaal days
Di Maria when Van Gaal is announced as manager.
Former Manchester United manager Louis Van Gaal is in the frame to become the new manager at Paris St-Germain. (TF1)
BREAKING: Louis Van Gaal has told Man Utd players they must speak English on the pitch. . Wayne Rooney is set to be devastated b…
Louis Van Gaal has emerged as a contender to replace Unai Emery at PSG, meaning he could reunite with Di María.
Louis Van Gaal linked with one of the world's top jobs - Man Utd fans can't believe it
Reminder that Louis Van Gaal bought a house near Ronald Koeman, knocked it down and built a bigger one just to prove a point.…
hopefully it's not a Van Gaal were we have 3 good games then lose, but ozil doesn't care no one thanked the team.. bad out
Rumour: Van Gaal, Hiddink and Capello in the frame if Emery loses job at PSG?. Honestly I don't believe. .
BREAKING: Louis Van Gaal set for shock return to management for this club!
Louis Van Gaal: This Man United player is simply the best you...
Nobody cares about domestic trophies wake up. Dalglish and Van Gaal get sacked for winning them even.
Good luck to Louis Van Gaal as the new manager of also to Giggsy as no.2. Hope they get back to the top where we belong.
Louis Van Gaal's son in law has passed away, aged 43. Condolences.
Van Gaal not allowing Valdes to join Newcastle United FC...
Louis Van Gaal is reportedly being lined up to replace Unai Emery at PSG...
Mauricio Pochettino was one of 3 candidates to replace Van Gaal at prior to Jose Mourinho's appointment last May. (ESPN)
Pochettino was a candidate to replace Van Gaal at Man United - sources
DeNiro, Pesci, Pacino Rooney, Van Gaal, Eddie Murphy and McGregor in full costume and makeup on a film set
Van Gaal wanted to bring to Man United, Mats Hummels: "Yes, yes, yes. It was close. Very close. There have been many talk…
Ryan Giggs on his disagreements with former boss Van Gaal,
Giggs on his disagreements with Former Manchester United boss Van Gaal
We can now safely and confidently say Mourinho is a shirt, worse than Moyes and Van Gaal. How can we fail to beat Burnley…
Guy Mowbray: "Is that how highly you rate the performance?". Van Gaal: "Yeah. You don't?"
Jose Mourinho is a worse Man Utd manager than Van Gaal and Moyes. After 10 matches Van Gaal had 22pts, Moyes had 17, Mouri…
Manchester United boss Van Gaal should replace Rojo with to Borthwick-Jackson to reassert his youth policy……
Renato Sanches wins Golden Boy award. He'd have almost certainly joined player had Van Gaal been sacked earlier.
That was like watching a Louis Van Gaal tribute act. Clear Jose doesn't know his best team or best formation. Zlatan is one…
This is far worse than anything under Moyes or Van Gaal. Sack him now while we've still got a chance of making the top…
do see it as another man to fill the Fergie gap like van gaal til Giggs takes over
Moyes and Van Gaal prepared me for losses like this, don't even care, just annoyed
have less points after 9 games now than under Van Gaal in 2015/16 and only 1 more than under Moyes in 14/15. doing well!
Louis Van Gaal insists Man Utd will ‘always be bigger...
Mourinho is finished, has spent over 300m to make a worse team than Van Gaal's. Time to move on pal, you're embarrassi…
Little Giant Ladders
If you were still a ManUtd fan when Ronaldo left and through the Moyes and Van Gaal seasons then you are a die hard Red🔴
but what if he isn't? Some did say the exact same about Van Gaal
...Arsene Wenger, Pep Guardiola, Louis Van Gaal, Manuel Pellegrini.that's just off the top of my head.
Man like Wenger, Mourinho, Van Gaal is too old in football. I mean, the game evolved, but they don't. Stubborn...legends.
Real Wahala dey. Van Gaal no bad like this o.
Man Utd fans are now starting to realise how good Louis Van Gaal actually was
Louis Van Gaal after 9 games last season = 19 points. José Mourinho after 9 games this season = 14 points.
Louis Van Gaal when he watches Man Utd on later.
We Blamed Moyes. We Blamed Van Gaal. Some are blaming Mourinho. Time to blame the players. Simply not good enough to play f…
Martial and Mata on the bench. If David Moyes or Van Gaal was the manager id be fuming.
Maybe Mullen can use his Man Utd connections to lure Van Gaal to Blundell Park?
Rooney: Van Gaal not solely to blame at Utd
We were playing the same way when Van Gaal was manager. All this passing back keeping possession needs to stop, attacking football is needed
we had possession under Van Gaal and it was dross wasn't it.
Van Bommel blames Van Gaal for Netherlands “crisis” just like too -
Mourinho, United 3 points off Van Gaal's pace after Stoke City draw
Manchester United news: Marcus Rashford reveals difference in Mourinho and Van Gaal's training ...
Marcus Rashford highlights the difference in training sessions under Van Gaal and Mourinho
Rashford highlights the key difference between Van Gaal and Mourinho's training sessions
Manchester United's Chris Smalling reveals Louis Van Gaal's half-time team talk
Mourinho wanted by Man Utd players to replace Louis Van Gaal...
Louis Van Gaal's reaction to Manchester United vs Watford at the weekend. . Absolute class from 👏😂
Moanrinho now blaming Van Gaal for the bad run. He was praising himself after winning the first 3 games.
Jose Mourinho plays blame game: Man United's poor form is down to this man
The players have publicly slagged off Moyes and Louis Van Gaal. There's no way we're allowing them to do the same to Mour…
Whoever thought hiring torts to coach team USA was a good idea should be slapped. Louis Van Gaal would be better
Manchester United news: Louis Van Gaal jokes about being hated...
Louis Van Gaal set for showdown talks over his Man United future...
Manchester United make Van Gaal key figure in season ticket...
(2/2) indoctrinated over the past two years by Van Gaal’s risk-averse tactics. (Telegraph)
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Fergie retires, the tablecloth days are gone, Moyes lasts less than a year, Van Gaal takes over. The banter era is…
Man United boss Jose Mourinho: The players are still trapped in Van Gaal’s style of play
Why Mourinho thinks Man United's losing streak is down to predecessor Van Gaal
Gotta give it to Van Gaal he was a big game manager.
Jose Mourinho is ruffling United feathers in a bid to banish memories of Louis Van Gaal: Jose Mourinho’s publ...
Van Gaal's Manchester United are as much of a mess as Mike Bassett's England…
Mourinho stopped Van Gaal's 2 training sessions nonsense .. Meaning we'll have a fully fit squad for most of the season
Mourinho has abolished a number of rules and items that were implemented by Van Gaal e.g x2 training sessions, CCTV 'spy'…
David Moyes & Van Gaal represent a dark time in Manchester United history
Where are Van Gaal's kids now with Jose Mourinho in charge? via
Van Gaal: Rooney was the right choice for Manchester United captain: The former Red Devils manager believes t...
After the mediocrity of Moyes and Van Gaal, Man Utd finally have the right man in Mourinho
Why did he not like to work together with Morinho? He walked with inexperienced Van Gaal. He could learn more under Jose
Van Gaal for manager? No thanks I don't want Wilshere playing left back, Gary Cahill down the wing and Mike Smalling at CAM
Hodgson, like Wenger & Van Gaal - analogue manager in digital age. Embarrassing.
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The latest articles by are in our selection "HR Friday":
and yet we are going to get the Louis Van Gaal in the bumbling oaf that is Boris Johnson
Louis Van Gaal the hunt for red october 2015
Louis Van Gaal is the only person who could save the UK in this situation.
Van Gaal for Prime Minister. You heard it here first.
Follow the top Louis Van Gaal stories for Jun 24 on our topical page:
Van Gaal would do a better job being our PM than anyone else
Why we making such a big deal of us being out of Europe, van gaal does it regularly
Former Manchester United manager ​Louis Van Gaal is a target for AC Milan, as reported by
Imagine if Louis Van Gaal became the prime minister lmao
The feeling of replacing Cameron for Boris Johnson must be like how Man United fans felt when they replaced Moyes with L…
Rumours are Van gaal is poised to be next Prime minister. Hhm
. With van gaal u get he biggest loser trainer
Manchester voted to leave. Not surprising considering the damage European Union's Louis Van Gaal inflicted on that part of…
Blind, a near ever-present under Louis Van Gaal, is a popular member of the United squad but may struggle to fit into Jose Mourinho's
So Cameron, raised fee's, stopped grants, took us out of the EU, and now he's bussing out. He's basically the Van Gaal of pol…
United out of Europe: Van Gaal Out . UK out of Europe: Cameron Out . Arsenal out of Europe every season: Wenger remains
Took 93yr Mum to vote, she's registered blind. In a loud voice she said, "Louis Van Gaal's Army." A cheer went up from voters.
The Louis Van Gaal of Nigerian politics has spoken. We should know it's 10 steps backwards from this moment.
Manchester United captain Rooney and England should thank Van Gaal: Louis Van Gaal did not... E
Sacked Manchester United boss Van Gaal linked with return to management - Manchester Evening News
Yip like you supported Van Gaal during the world cup..
Herrera not surprised by Van Gaal sacking.
I haven't been this excited about Manchester United since Van Gaal called Neil Custis a fat man !!
Throwback to when United fans said Van Gaal and Van Persie would have "good chemistry" and would get 20+ goals
I'm sure only brought in the 'number of backpasses' stat for Van Gaal's United. 😉
Van Gaal 'disappointed' by Man Utd sack: Louis Van Gaal is "very disappointed" not to be given a third season...
Man Utd delayed Van Gaal sacking statement to allow him to leave the country
Van Gaal:. Phil Jones corners. Mike Smalling. That dive. Drunk at Xmas party. Fat man. Horny football. He will be missed.
why shabby? It was at Van Gaal's request that it was delayed.
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Sam Johnstone seems to be pleased about Van Gaal leaving
Can someone tell me what Ryan Giggs actually does? The rest of Van Gaal's management team got their cards today.
Check our the 'informed' Paddy Crerand about Van Gaal the other day.
In a crucial Champions League match, Van Gaal once replaced Mata with Nick Powell. Bad times that was
Thank u for being useless Van Gaal. fan. Conte, Mourinho, Guardiola, Klopp, Wenger and Pochettino in one league. Trippin' already
This is the clearest indication yet today will be Van Gaal's last as Manchester United manager
McIlroy wins the Irish Open, Van Gaal says 'It's over' and the rest of the day's action:
disrespected Van Gaal and should have copied approach, says ex-Red Devil
Van Gaal could still be offered an ambassador role. The club have been impressed with his work behind the scenes. [Mark…
SEEDS: Inside the Manchester United dressing room as players and Van Gaal cel...
Man Utd fans after winning the FA Cup and now hearing that Jose Mourinho will replace Van Gaal!
The Mourinho to Man Utd story breaking tonight, fresh after Van Gaal's FA Cup win, if true, shows a club with a true lack of class.
would be nice if we got rid of Van Gaal too..will see tomorrow before I go for Sunday soccer or after,hopefully.
Van Gaal: "I've now won the cup in all countries [I've managed in]. Not many managers can say that."
No matter what happens in today's match, Van Gaal must leave Man United!
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Do you want Van Gaal or Jose at Manchester United? Jose. What do you think?
Listen, today is about the final let's hope Van Gaal leaves on a high despite how poor we've been this season.
Louis Van Gaal upbeat on Manchester United future despite...
Barring a dramatic twist of events, Louis Van Gaal's tenure as Manchester United manager expected to end after today's FA Cup final.
Louis Van Gaal spoke of the importance of winning the cup for the fans ahead of the v
Man Utd set to announce Mourinho will take over from Van Gaal. .
Louis Van Gaal–hoping to stay alive at Manchester United with a win in the FA Cup like...
When will people understand; Van Gaal thinks he's still because he hasn't been told anything. Full focus on the final
Jose Mourinho will be 'announced as Manchester United manager today'
For thousand times: Mourinho ALREADY signed for Mufc 2 weeks ago.Announcement delayed by Cup+exit deal with Van Gaal h…
Has to be LVG's last game regardless of result. Man Utd need a morale boost for the next season and van Gaal isn't the right man for that.
Jose Mourinho 'to replace Louis Van Gaal' as Manchester United manager after the http…
I'm scared Woodward will change his mind about saving van Gaal if we win the FA cup
Van Gaal has failed unless United reach Champions League...
As much as i don't want to see Mourinho as Man Utd manager, i believe he'll be better than Van Gaal, At least half bread is better than none
Van Gaal facing premature end to his Man Utd reign - even if he wins FA Cup today
tbh, I never really expected any of Van Gaal's signings to fulfill their potential under him.
Van Gaal and Mourinho are still friends after all the speculation. Mourinho looks up to him [de telegraaf]
Van Gaal planning on going to China
Van Gaal has been planning for the future, but it 'would have been nice' if denied claims of him being sacked at Xmas…
Jose Mourinho 'set to replace Lous van Gaal after Cup final'
If we win today Van Gaal will be the first United manager to win a major trophy in his first two seasons.
If united win tonight I'll go mad van gaal needs go
Van Gaal’s pre-match team talk has been revealed...
Manu should win the fa cup so they can give van gaal another chance
Van Gaal: 'I don't need to call on your support this afternoon. Wherever we've been on the road this season, you've no…
One United youngster is not happy with van Gaal...
United win FA Cup, players lift trophy, Van Gaal does a speech saying "Your job now is to stand by your new manager" then Mourinho appears.
Van Gaal in programme: 'I say to my players you have to sniff the opportunity and that's what Herrera did [against Eve…
Van Gaal: 'Who can forget the atmosphere created on that Friday night in Derby?'
It's all or nothing for van Gaal at Manchester United. Can Palace wreck his plans?.
Louis Van Gaal will manage his last Manchester United match tomorrow. The result of the final will not matter. He will l…
Scenes when Van Gaal finishes the day with "see you next season ". will go mental! 😂😂😂😂
There have been more strong rumors of Mourinho replacing Van Gaal. has more.
Mourinho will replace Van Gaal as the new Man United manager after today's Cup Final
Manchester United 'to announce Jose Mourinho appointment' after the
Don't bet on an FA cup win saving Van Gaal .
Also true, but then that hints at other problems with Van Gaal & squad too.
English and Spanish media convinced today is Van Gaal's last game. The Dutch coach is convinced he's staying
Martial to score first and Van Gaal to get sacked half time 👍🏻
Van Gaal didn't include Memphis Depay in the squad for tomorrow's game. Bet it's because Ashley Young scored against Bo…
ManUtd fans be praying today like:. "Ya Allah, L. Van Gaal ko utha le" . 😂😂😂😂
David Moyes rode off into the sunset with his Charity Shield in hand. Can we not give Van Gaal the same send off with the FA Cup?
,the only time Van Gaal has finished out of the top four,he went on to win the league,perhaps there is a green light...
Will you be here at Old Trafford next season?. Van Gaal: 'Yes. Because I have signed a three-year contract'
Van Gaal to fans on pitch in 2015: "You were amazing, especially for me. I want to thank you for that and next year we see e…
Manchester United news and transfer rumours LIVE: Ibrahimovic 'deal', Van Gaal latest, team news,... | MEN
You best hope Wenger pulls his wallet out this summer then. Top players will sign if Jose comes. No hope with Van Gaal.
Every player that plays for Chelsea football club. Jose Mourinho, Van Gaal, Gary Neville.
De Gea to stay at Manchester United - Van Gaal
Van Gaal thanks fans for "support during what has been a very hard season" & hopes FA Cup win can be springboard "to achiev…
Violins at the ready:. "Every time he plays Depay I cry a little. Every time Van Gaal's on Sky I wanna die a little..".
Come on win our last game of seaosn , even know we won't get top 4 van gaal out mourinho in
Any truth in the rumours you'll be playing today and bootin the ball in Van Gaal's face?
Woodward has no balls. If you get top 4 he'll be happy to keep Van Gaal for the last year of his contract.
Please let today be the final ever game for Louis Van Gaal at Old Trafford. 24 goals in 17 home games.
Jose Mourinho to Man Utd latest: Update on Van Gaal's future and ex-Chelsea boss' arrival
Wondering what reaction Van Gaal will get at Old Trafford today.
Season is coming to an end, can't even explain how awful it has been. Van Gaal deserves nothing from us, hope all the f…
You have to convey fan's opinion to Woodward. Fans want to kill Van gaal.
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"That is frustrating because we had the chance, with two games to go, to keep that advantage," said Van Gaal, the United manager.
Team news: United v Bournemouth - Read the latest injury update ahead of Louis Van Gaal announcing his starting...
Our frustrations on social media mean nothing. We have to make our voices heard at OT for this last game! We want Van Gaal out
Rooney's advice for Rashford differs from Van Gaal's
I have more faith in Swansea beating City than I do in us beating Bournemouth. Louis Van Gaal what have you done? 🙈
I'm hoping that today will be Louis Van Gaal's last premier league game and last appearance at Old Trafford!!
but just remember if you get Champions League you will keep Van Gaal next season. So win win for me xD
Van Gaal is confident of one man staying at United
Hoping today's game will be van gaal last match at united
Van Gaal seems to be asking for fans to get behind him in his programme notes
Van Gaal says was "bitterly disappointing" manner of loss at West Ham and says victory is "only option" today. Updates
Van Gaal will tell Utd fans over microphone of his continued commitment to the club and to ignore those out to destroy club
Van Gaal has likened the bus attack to his experiences with Ajax
Daley Blind is sounding suspiciously like Van Gaal
Match day! Hopefully Louis Van Gaal's last home game as the manager of Manchester United.
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Best case: we win, City lose, top 4, win FA Cup, van Gaal out, Mourinho in. . Worst case: we lose, finish 7th, lose to P…
Was going to go today but saving myself for next week..I really hope Old Trafford shows van gaal they don't want him.Not holding my breath
If Manchester United fans leave the stadium before Van Gaal's speech I'll be appalled. Yes we dislike him, but stay for…
Louis Van Gaal 'blames Paul Scholes' and Manchester United legends for putting pressure on..
Van Gaal now publicly blaming Scholes for his job being under threat. Scholes is a United legend Louis. You're a Unite…
More awkward records to ignore or avoid today
Little positive to say about Van Gaal's management but he's always been generous with his time for fans
Please include sorry by JB for Louis Van Gaal to the fans
Louis Van Gaal has blamed Paul Scholes for poisoning the mood at Old Trafford.
Last track is lowkey a diss at van gaal
Manchester United's Louis Van Gaal hits back at critics: I believe in myself
Louis Van Gaal expects to stay at Manchester United despite criticism from ex-players and media
Usain Bolt : "I would still love to play for them [United], but if Louis Van Gaal is the coach, not so much."
Louis Van Gaal 'blames Paul Scholes' and Manchester United legends for putting pressure on him
Manchester United news: Louis Van Gaal privately blames Paul Scholes for turning Man Utd ...
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you don't deserve Jose Mourinho or any top player if you are going to Old Trafford today and clap to van Gaal
Manchester United coach Van Gaal blames Scholes if he is sacked
Louis Van Gaal has confirmed he SHALL BE Manchester United manager next season. Read more:
Van Gaal's message to the fans in the programme. "I would like to thank you for your support during what has been a very har…
Potentially, Louis Van Gaal’s last ever game at Old Trafford and in the Premier League today. What’s everyone’s thoughts I…
Van Gaal feels undermined by Manchester United greats
[Sport News] | Louis Van Gaal blames "attacks" from ex-players for speculation over future |Via Sports Mole
The only reason Van Gaal should be sacked is that he has reduced to a side depending on the failure of her bitter rivals to excel
Van Gaal: "You don't always have to score goals, sometimes you can keep the ball."
Van Gaal knows Jose Mourinho expects to take over on July 1st. [De Telegraaf]
Manchester United boss Louis Van Gaal has hit back at criticism of his Old Trafford regime and insists he is still fighting.
City asked Pellegrini if he wanted to give a speech last week amid the mass exodus. Might be wise for to ask Van…
"I'm off because Paul Scholes forced me out!" Only way Van Gaal gets a big cheer today
Who does LVG blame for his unpopularity with the fans? Paul Scholes, apparently.
It is a pity Van Gaal only goes on the attack in his press conferences
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Looks like Van Gaal isn't going anywhere IMO, hope I'm wrong but pretty sure I'm not, club runs like a circus clowns car
Sprint star Bolt admits he wants to play for United - as long as Van Gaal isn't manager
BUY MARIJUANA SEEDS: Van Gaal admits he could be sacked by Manchester United this summer: ...
Van Gaal training United to kill teams off - Louis Van Gaal claims he is training Manchester Unite...
Imagine if Van Gaal bottles the FA Cup final. Would be on Moyes' level if we don't get top 4 and miss out on a FA Cup.
Van Gaal, on his way to becoming own Don Mattrick (if not there already)
Edward Gareth Woodward: Louis Van Gaal to be sacked from Man Utd - Sign the Petition! via
danbeezuu Van Gaal refuses to use bus attack as excuse for United loss: Manchester United cannot us... danbeezuu
Got to agree with Jamie Redknapp. What game did Van Gaal think he was watching. West Ham outplayed and outfought Man Utd.
Van Gaal is the king at both winning matches when he's about to get sacked, and losing matches when United fans get the…
Paul Lambert would do a better job then Van Gaal
Van Gaal is a championship level manager, not surprised he's bottling the change to qualify for the Champions League.
rumour has it Jason holt smashed a 60 yard ball and smashed the window and knocked out Van Gaal. disgusting if true.
"It will be a big night and an emotional night for them" - Van Gaal. preview:
`I`m more or less an Arsenal fan`, says Van Gaal ahead of todays clash against Man City
Watching highlights Can't wait until August. Van Gaal's football has me begging for Carol.
Now he doesn't coach a team. A good coach like David Moyes is being made for Jokes... But somehow ManUtd won't sack Van Gaal even though
Picture: Wayne Rooney takes Kai to training as Van Gaal works Manchester United hard
Hristo Stoichkov: "Van Gaal will destroy Manchester United.". Rene Meulensteen: "He (LVG) will blow up at some point. Reme…
Ranieri "you're doing a fantastic job". LVG "I am" 😂. Van Gaal needs to lay off the crack.
Manchester United fan reaction: Van Gaal is a dead man walking .
Manchester United: Manchester United news and transfer rumours LIVE: Van Gaal latest, Mour...
Revealing conversation between Manchester United boss Van Gaal and Ranieri caught by television cameras
Van Gaal didn't do much to help Marcos Rojo yesterday.
Van Gaal is confident of being at Old Trafford next season. But not as manager. There's talk he could be made Director o…
Van Gaal makes a small error, De Gea has won a PL title and press officer tries to cut question/answer about LVG future shor…
Not often I agree with Van Gaal, but Ferguson's only beat Ranieri's Chelsea three times in four seasons
Jorge Mendes is in Manchester and it sparks rumours visit is to finalise deal for Mou to replace Van Gaal at United
Edgar Davids: "I think it is a blessing for Man United to have a coach like Van Gaal."
Van Gaal claims Man United were best team in league before...
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Jesse Lingard leads Manchester United to victory and saved Van Gaal fans Boos
van gaal is going to be there at the start of the season. They should stop deceiving themselves
Ryan Giggs believes he is in with a shout of managing Manchester United if Louis Van Gaal is sacked next month. (Sourc…
and FA Cup final to be clash of egos between Pardew + LVG, says
Louis Van Gaal admits he could be sacked even if Manchester United win the FA Cup. (Source: Daily Mirror)
Van Gaal: "When everybody was fit, we were first in the league at that time."
Could this big achievement be enough to save Van Gaal at Man United?
Manchester United have wasted too much money for Louis Van Gaal to plead poverty | Squawka News via
Will this big achievement be enough to save LVG at
Louis Van Gaal: What I told Anthony Martial at half-time...
Defensive solidity and Louis Van Gaal - 5 contributions Johan Cruyff made to football
how ironic that Van Gaal just complained about the referee's decisions, you wouldn't even be at Wembley if refs did their j…
Van Gaal admits he's struggling to motivate Man Utd - The Hollywood Source
WORLD: Pardew and Van Gaal a clash of egos as Palace face United in FA Cup final - -...
Van Gaal says we'd have won the league without injuries. Then he says he has a small squad to promote youth. Can't hav…
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WORLD: Van Gaal's system works for now - - Read the full article at:
van Gaal has got 5 games left, just throw your 'philosophy' out the window and let the players play
Manchester United FA Cup win over Crystal Palace CANNOT do for Van Gaal what it did for Sir...
Wilfried Zaha: I do not need to prove a point to Man Utd or Louis Van Gaal
Van Gaal: "I think we are the team who have played the most matches in this season and we’ve done it with a small group w…
Wigan won the FA Cup and were relegated. If United fans think an FA Cup is good enough to keep Van Gaal their standards way too low
Manchester United boss Louis Van Gaal has sanctioned the sale of Memphis Depay just a year after his arrival. (Source:…
FA Cup continues to provide cheer for Manchester United fans: Louis Van Gaal says an FA Cup title would be exa...
Javier Hernandez hails Louis Van Gaal as a "really good...
Van Gaal wasn't happy with a free-kick decision and throws himself on the floor to demonstrate the foul 2-3 (76)
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