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his game reminds me of Van Exel only he's 1/10th as good and 1/170th as clutch.
Check out Nick "the Quick" Van Exel's 360 three point buzzer beater! He was a true talent. -Aarian
Laker Fans: So i've been a Laker fan since I could remember. I remember my dad stealing ONtv so we could watch Laker games or sneaking over to my brother Fran Duran friends' home to watch the Laker games at their place. I remember chasing down Laker girls with Kevin Michael at the Forum to get our picture with them. Magic Johnson rolling down his window at a stop light after a Laker game in Jim Smith car and saying hello to us. Sneaking into the Forum club and hanging with all the showtime Lakers and movie stars of the time. I was still a fan when it was the Lakers led by Nick Van Exel, Elden Campbell & Vlade Divac!!! I've got tickets today for when they play the Kings. I placed them on sale and no one wanted them. They are a few rows behind the Laker bench! So…i'm going to a Laker game today and I don't really want to go. Help me, why do i feel this way??? Your comments are appreciated, even from the Laker haters.
Van Exel can't even get a star watch mention for 1992?
They should bring the Nick Van Exel joints back
VIDEO: On this day dropped 50 on the Nets including this big finish off the feed from Van Exel. .
these remind me of the Van Exel, Peeler & Campbell years...
The Laker teams of Van Exel, Eddie Jones, Vlade Divac > Laker team currently
Those guys: Kareem (3x). Magic, Worthy, Thompson, Van Exel, Scott, Gasol, Bynum all 1x each...and get this: Meeks/Hill 1x each.
I saw Nick Van Exel and thought of you
Son of ex-NBA player Nick Van Exel charged with capital murder -
Just learned that Nick Van Exel is an assistant on the Milwaukee Bucks' staff, so there's that
The Milwaukee bucks pay Nick Van Exel to coach their players. Just think about that.
Nick Van Exel still haunts my dreams.
I remember the bad days with Nick Van Exel Eddie Jones divac Ron Harper all them
Jay Z so nice he dropped Nick Van Exel in a song
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Handle like Van Exel, I shake phonies man u cant get next to him...
If I didn't love enough already, he goes and name checks Eddie Jones and Nick Van Exel in his new special.
is fantastic. It might never leave the DVR. Props for getting Nick Van Exel in a bit, too!
Just did a quick sort of the bball cards my 1 year old pulled out of the bottom drawer last week. 3 Ewing:1 Hornacek +1 Van Exel
Eddie Jordan, Nick Van Exel. The only other Lakers guards to be named to the All Star Game along with Kobe. Shaq,Pau, D12,Bynum other times.
at least it's not the Nick Van Exel one that once bought. Nothing will top the bum wearing the Mickael Pietrus jersey
What a gorgeous sunny morning here in Vlaardingen. Going to have lunch today with a good friend.
Still debating which was the best sports jersey maybe you can help me decide: A) Vancouver Grizzlies- Mike Bibby B) Lakers- Van Exel
"Nick Van Exel w/the handle, Helsinki, eggs Rothko,handmade silk cloth hang out the sports coat,23 & 1/2 on the peed boat"
how can I forget Jones & Van Exel😭 V.E was my first Lakers jersey ever!!!
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AM Rundown: Stats suggest Roy W is one of best in-game coaches, Heels clamp Van Exel, ACC Tourney locations, etc:
The 95-96 team that did not have rep had PGs Sedale Threatt and Nick "the Quick" Van Exel.
Here is the complete version of the 2002 episode of Fox Sports Net's Beyond The Glory on Nick Van Exel. For over 300 complete game DVD's featuring Van Exel a...
This happened a year ago, but i just found out about it on a TV show: DALLAS -- A Texas jury sentenced the son of former NBA player Nick Van Exel to 60 years in prison Friday in the shooting death of a longtime friend. Nickey Maxwell Van Exel, 22, received the punishment after his father wept on the witness stand and apologized to the family of the victim, Bradley Bassey Eyo. The same jury in Dallas County in North Texas found the younger Van Exel guilty of murder on Thursday. Prosecutors had sought a capital murder conviction. Nickey Van Exel fatally shot Eyo in December 2010 and dumped his body at Lake Ray Hubbard on the eastern outskirts of Dallas. His attorney had said the two were playing with a shotgun at Nickey Van Exel's Garland home and that Van Exel didn't know the gun was loaded. Nick Van Excel, who played 13 seasons in the NBA including a stint with the Dallas Mavericks and is now a player development instructor for the Atlanta Hawks, testified about the happy times he and his son spent togeth ...
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There is definitely some nostalgia to the mediocre Lakers of the 90s... Danny Chau of Grantland: My fondest and earliest basketball memories involve Eddie Jones, Nick Van Exel, and those transitioning Lakers that treaded water, never quite able to make it past the second round. I didn’t know Magic Johnson; his HIV announcement came three days after I was born. I didn’t know of the impossible standard these young guns were trying to live up to. What mattered to me was Van Exel’s left jab–right hook–left hook celebration, and Jones inexplicably leaping from 20 feet away from the basket to execute the most incredible finger roll ever. I didn’t know what the Lakers were moving on from, and the franchise-changing moves that followed were still years away. The Lakers are back at that crossroad, and it has brought back a whole lot of nostalgia. Young has done a good bit of press about how he spent his childhood watching Van Exel and Jones play at the old Great Western Forum. It’s fitting, and signi ...
Watching Memphis / Cincinatti. I used to love going to the pyramid to watch this rivalry! Saw so many great players come through Cincy with Bob Huggins. Nick Van Exel, Kenyon Martin, Kenny Satterfield and Keith Logan, Jason Maxiel etc. Used to be great games and physical. But Memphis pissing me off right now. They've been doing that since the dude from the Heat hit that shot in 2008 (I won't say his name).
I was a Huge Van Exel fan when he was in college, I'll never forget my excitement finding his jersey his rookie year.
Then hit em wit the Nick Van Exel hybrid as I like to call it lol
I hope they get Obama in the celebrity game. It'd be fire to see Obama get crossed up by Nick Van Exel or somebody.
Nick Van Exel, Horace Grant, and Dolph Lundgren have shoutouts on this new Action Bronson album.
This laker team reminds me of the mid 90s lakers. Nick Van Exel Eddie Jones pre Kobe and shaq not a title contender but entertaining.
I've figured out the identity of this Laker team. They're the Van Exel, Ceballos, Eldin Campbell, Eddie Jones/ pre- Shaq/ Kobe team. Kind of fun to watch, border line playoff team and 1st round exit in a hard fought series. I hope we strike lightning in a bottle and find another Kobe/ Shaq. Could be a long few years.
Yo Nick Van Exel is a assistant for the Bucks now? That’s dope, I used to love his game
"Bucks assistant coach Nick Van Exel looking like he wants to fight after that shot." Classic Malik Rose.
Nick Van Exel is an assistant coach with the Bucks??? What bizzaro world are we living in?
Economists are weird: Your Right Arm for a Publication in AER? by Arthur E. Attema, Werner Brouwer, Job Van Exel SSRN
Nick Van Exel was so ugly but he was a baller lmaoo. Keith Van Horn had to be the most un-athletic nice *** tho lmao
If you don't know who Cuttino Mobley, Nick Van Exel, or Allan Houston are you a new *** dawg
im ready to carve some snow this winter at Wisp. whos in? Ryan Wolfe Jared Cline Shad Van Exel Katie Mccollum Tiffany Flowers
Nick Van Exel and Jordan hill had a baby.. WAKA FLOCKA!!
Nick Van Exel as Kel from Goodburger
There was a time in my life when Nick Van Exel was my favorite basketball player on the whole planet
I haven't liked the Dallas Mavericks since the days of Steve Nash and Nick Van Exel.
Serious question somebody just asked me: Can Nick Van Exel come out of retirement?
2007 Phoenix subs but instead of Steve Nash Nick Van Exel
our scouting/drafting hasnt quite been up to par since J West left. No 2nd rd gems since Van Exel...
Handle game like Nick Van Exel with the rock
Nick Van Exel was bold just now on the BFT. Will podcast. Here's the column from 2004 on his mother I referenced:
Nick Van Exel: "You can have the nicest building and amenities, but if you don't have the players, it means nothing."
"Mane I use to hate Cincinnati."Look at those teams from Van Exel to Logan Erik Martin to Kenyon Martin.
I would love to know Van Exel's thoughts on this
While I'm at it thanks for bringing up Van Exel and Ceballos earlier. *** I haven't thought about them in years!
That was a fun team to watch! Eddie Jones Ceballos,Divac, Campbell, Van Exel
Smart serving us the last time I seen this was Van Exel back in da day..
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KNick Van Exel, that would have been dope.
I haven't seen one guy do a U of M team like that since Nick Van Exel.
Just watched Nick Van Exel's Beyond he glory and he says how his kids a real good kid with a great attitude, then read he's doing 60 years
Im feeling your background!!! That was a year or two before Nick Van Exel came.
OMG!!! I am so happy!! My new Grail came in the mail today!! He's a lil hint...Nick Van Exel. If…
It was Van Exel kid who caught the body not Cassell
Soprano the roc handle Like van Exel I shake phonies man,
Schaub!?!?! Ok I'm done with this team. Don't care if they win. This franchise is an absolute joke.
Put a 9 to your chest like Van Exel - Riff Raff
Wheres Robert Horry when u need him? Eddie Jones? Nick Van Exel ?
this roster, all-time is Bean, Eddie Jones, Van Exel
Byron Scott was still on that team. Eddie Jones was money back then. Van Exel shooting FT's from the 3 point line smh
I remember watching Lakers games in the early 90's w/Chick Hearn calling games w/Eddie Jones, Van Exel, Campbell, Vlade & others on the team
the Bucks made a great hire in Larry Drew, Van Exel is a great assistant on the staff. He was a problem child, and now he has 2 to put in line on the Bucks. I think the 2nd rd. Ledo draft pick was a stroke of GM greatness. So was Tobias. Hammond has a great eye for late round talent, ala T squared.
5 seconds left..cleared out..down 2.. Van Exel or Tim Hardaway?..
Nick Van Exel has always been a Memphis killer
Playing w Van Exel, Eddie Jones and Shaq. Kobe air balling shots in the play offs. All in 3rd grade when Del Harris was the coach.
The 96 team that Kobe came into lol Shaq, Eddie Jones, Van Exel, Rick Fox, Robert Horry, Derek Fisher, Jon Barry
Kobe had to wait 2 yrs just to even start.dont think Glen Rice, Van Exel, Ceballos, Shaq wouldve jus let Bron take over
I mean check out that raised eyebrow. That's late 90s Nick Van Exel, right there.
kno I'm ballin harder than Van Exel.
just call me Van Smakkk or Jon Van Exel
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Any body can find a Kobe or Shaw throwback get me a Nick Van Exel or a Eddie Jones throwback so I kno its real
I'm a laker hater since they traded my favorite player, Nick Van Exel in 1998. I cried that day...
Sounds like Pastorius is another Jayson Williams type.probably not intentional but what's done is done. Van Exel's kid too.
they got jon barry but not van exel LOL
I get that. If someone was Kenyon Martin or Nick Van Exel maybe
But Nick Van Exel's son took the shot
Ummm none of that means anything because Kobe only played 15.5 minutes his 1st season and came off the bench behind Jones and Van Exel?
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Nick Van Exel... What happened to that guy?
I wish i had a picture of me 12 years ago, when i used to live in Orlando , where i sported the slit eyebrow - Nick Van Exel look.. lol
I think people still care about local players that have moved on...James White, Nick Van Exel, Kenyon Martin, Danny Fortson
why do you stand so far away from FT line? Nick Van Exel style.
Mike Piazza blames Vin Scully for fans turning against him in '98. That's like Nick Van Exel blaming Chick Hearn for "1-2-3 Cancun".
2 of my fav autographs all year have been bobby Jackson and Nick Van Exel
Wish we could clone a young Nick Van Exel and put em on the bucks
Kobe ain't got no *** pressure. He came in the league wit Shaq on his team. Even Nick Van Exel was all star when he played wit Kobe in 98.
Sometimes I wonder how Phil would have handled Van Exel and co. Then again, he may have had them traded anyway.
Nick Van Exel, arena security and a snowstorm made sure Dice would never resign in Phoenix!
I was watching NBA games from my childhood and teen yrs... Man The NBA *** now. Ewing, Jordan, Rodman, Van Exel, shaq... Greats
How bout an oral history of the 92 F4 game vs Cincy? You vs Van Exel in the trash talk dept was legendary
van exel's son killed a man you have a comment? Yall bashed birdman andersen on his arrest but no comment on a CONVICTED KILLER
run and gun ang Lakers dati before Phil Jackson. Jones/Van Exel starting. Kobe off the bench.
A Dallas County jury on Friday gave a 60-year prison sentence to the son of former Dallas Maverick Nick Van Exel in the December 2010 killing of his best friend, Bradley Eyo. Nickey Van Exel, 22, s
Wish I was watching Vlade & Van Exel tear it up with Eddie Jones. That was MY Lakers. But this will do.
Van Exel's son gets 60-year term for murder: A Texas jury has sentenced the 22-year-old son of former NBA player...
Sad that Laker fans are longing for da days of Sedale Threat and Cedric Ceballos. Nick Van Exel and Elden Campbel are laughing at this squad
How have I not know that Van Exel is an assistant for the I love Nick the Quick!
I was Cash Wright's biggest critic two years ago. He has developed into the best UC point guard not named Steve Logan since Van Exel.
Van Exel had the best lazy eye in sports... “Nick Van Exel.”
Van Exel, Peeler, Eddie Jones, Luther err Elden Campbell and Vlade against the 2013 Lakers. Who would win and who is more fun to watch?
I stuck it with the team during the Van Exel, Doug Christie, Peeler and Pig Miller days when they weren't making the playoffs. But I feel
May start watching old VHS tapes of the Van Exel, Eddie Jones, Ceballos, Elden Campbell & Vlade years like & I used to...
and you know what? I actually enjoyed the Van Exel, Eddie Jones, Elden Campbell Lakers!
I'm not nieve or stupid to think or say that the Lakers are a Championship team, other than on paper. But unlike all you haters and fans whom wear reversible jerseys. I've been a fan through Showtime, the the bad years with Divac, Campbell, Threat, Cedric, Van Exel, Perkins and then the Triangle Offense Period.TRUE your money and stop buying different team jerseys!
I've been a Laker since birth, I was a youngster but I grew up watching Showtime, I stayed true during the Dunleavy/Divac Era, and even the 36 games that Magic coached, I cheered for Van Exel, Ceballos, Eddie Jones, Rice, Richmond, Rush and so on! But I seriously am having trouble watch this years team and their soft *** defensive play! Pau is soft like Charmin 2ply!
Last time two Laker reserves had 20-plus points? April of 1998 - Van Exel w/ 20 and Kobe w/ 25
Kenny Smith was better than Sam Cassell. He's in the same catagory as Van Exel or Rafer Alston.
Last time the Lakers went 1-4 in '93-'94 they had the starting 5 of Van Exel, Anthony Peeler, Divac, Christie, and Sam Bowie!! SAM BOWIE!!!
I took a surname...address me as Faba Van Exel.
: ice water running through his veins. Reminded me of Nick Van Exel tonight.
So stoked!! I've been wanting a Van Exel Lakers jersey and I found a dope one for $6. Now if we can just get a W.
he is a HOFer but it's between him Fish and Van Exel
The Lakers haven't had a PG since Van Exel, and now Steve Blake is the starter...gonna be a long season.
Big Nick Van Exel fan growing up. Probably my favorite lefty of the 90s. Disappointing end in L.A., though.
I still can't believe they disrespected Nick Van Exel in NBA 2k13 like that man.
reason why I began to love the lakers when I was younger was Nick Van Exel
Nick Van Exel and Eddie Jones ain't walking through that door.
Nick Van Exel and Eddie Jones signed by the Lakers. Effective immediately. Mike brown fired replaced ...
Lakers aint had a good point guard since Nick Van Exel lol
Nick Van Exel please walk through that door.
Nick Van Exel isn't walking through that door
Nick Van Exel rolling over in his grave.
Tirico just mentioned Kobe made his Laker debut 16 yrs ago tomorrow. The starting PG? Nick Van Exel. Now there's a name from the past
I remember when I loved players on the lakers and Nick Van Exel & Eddie Jones were some of my favorite players.
What would I give to see Eddie Jones and Nick Van Exel play tomorrow night!
Someone call Nick Van Exel out of retirement. Chris Paul is killing us. Lol
can't fill magic's shoes at all. Thought Van Exel did a good job with who he had around him at the time
Could not stand going from Magic to Van Exel.
I ain't the lakers look this bad since the 95 van exel yrs lol
I loved a lot of the players on those teams.. Straight run and gun, Van Exel, Jones, Peeler, Campbell, Divac
Nick Van Exel grabbing a drink with us.
Lakers really bouta go 0-3 Nick Van Exel rollin in his grave
Lakers gettin' their *** beat. Nick Van Exel rollin' in his grave.
but so could AI, Steph, Rod Strickland, Van Exel and so many others that did virtually nothing
Chris Paul will be the reason the lake show will not advance to the conference finals, he might make nash tear something, blake will remain on his rockers, and smush parker and "nicky van exel" aint walking thorugh the doors anytime
I been a lakers fan since Dey had Nick Van Exel & Eddie Jones
Soprano the roc handle Like van exel I shake phonies man, you can't get next to
have you ever heard of Nick Van Exel? He also is left handed.
...why cant the lakers go sign a PG like raymond or j kidd. Ugg we aint had a 'nice' PG since Van Exel
I still love the '03 Mavs starting 5: Nash, Van Exel, Finley, Dirk & LaFrentz
Nick Van Exel is a coach on the Atlanta Hawks, remember when he was a jailblazer.
is Nick Van Exel the coach of the Hawks? and is going off again!
Nick Van Exel is an assistant coach for the Hawks. Lmao
I don't think I was ready to see Nick Van Exel in a suit
watching hawks opener like every year "director of player development...Nick Van Exel" ??? Not even my last choice for that
Yes, master! U da best, master. . Hoez need me, im like test answers, ya dnt need me, ya might catch cancer, come back from da treatment lookin like van exel. . . NO! I dnt like bald-head hoez!
If y'all see the homie tell em wassup on the buffet!
how can you go wrong with Nick Van Exel on your roster?
Bruh before I was a Kobe Bryant fan i was a fan of Eddie Jones and Nick Van Exel
I do lol from Van Exel to horrible Vlade to George Lynch (the first to wear
When Nick Van Exel and Eddie Jones when running the show *** wasn't even claiming the Flakers like that.
OKC should not have let Harden go. It was a mistake signing Ibaka to that huge contract. James was was inside an out guy, and one of the best herky jerky players ever kinda like Manu & Van Exel. That guy gave Dallas nightmares they could always contain the others, but never Harden he was the their X factor. Time will tell but I can already see it. P.S. Westbrook is a nut case.
Y'all remember when Jalen Rose, Nick Van Exel and Dikembe Mutombo were on the nuggets!
Yeah, I'd need few more characters than 140 to name them all. Months later, Van Exel informed me he was now talking to me again.
don't forget Nick Van Exel who wld shoot college 3s lol or Karl Malone who would take an hour at the stripe
I used to be the king of that Marbury/ Van Exel part in straight in the middle of my head tho.
Gained a lot of respect for that dude from the ESPN 30 for 30 on Chris Herren. Him and Van Exel, to be exact.
Van Exel did shoot his FTs from the 3pt line tho lol
Nick Van Exel is rolling in his grave.
Says: So wait I thought Steve Nash and dwight howard were spposed to help this season... well if all else fails I hear Nick Van Exel and Cedric Ceballos are available!!
The ball movement and the offense looked good and seemed to flow at the beginning of the game. In the second half idk what happened. The Mavericks went small and started out hustling us and basically just out played us. We have to get more physical and play with more defense of intensity, cause the defensive effort was terrible. With all that being said Its along season and we still have a lot of basketball ahead of us, with time we will start to gel together. Remember its a marathon not a sprint. So don't get all worked up on the first night of the season, because in the end we will be there. In no way shape or form am i making an excuse for what happened on the court tonight, because we did get out played. It's still all day everyday, been with them since they had Elden Campbell, Eddie Jones, and Nick Van Exel then and I aint going nowhere now.
Only Van Exel & Pierce can get away that many steps.
I remember those Elden Campbell, Eddie Jones and Van Exel teams lol
What is that? A *** See I knew there were eggs in our ballsacks ! -Van Exel Peralta
My first basketball cards were Van Exel, Eddie Jones, and Cedric Ceballos. This thing just grew on me.
need to switch that to the and Van Exel on there, but Eddie Jones was nice too!
This game is the first NBA game of Grant Hill and Eddie Jones. Nick Van Exel scores a then career high with 6 three pointers and 35 points. This highlight co...
'98 All-Star Game just reminds you how TERRIBLE the NBA was in that era. Vin Baker? Glen Rice? Mitch Richmond? Nick Van Exel? Rik Smits? SMH
Eddie Jones and Van Exel were exciting. Kwame, Smush, Luke and Mihm? Not so much lmao
That was the worst call ever. Anfernee and Van Exel over Magic. That guy should lose his LA privileges.
Here is Nick Van Exel's best 20 clutch shots/buzzer beaters from his career in order. I made the order and video myself from my collection of Van Exel highli...
Van Exel gets the nod for best crossover, Bryant gets the nod over Nick the Quick in every other aspect of the game.
Good point about the 140 but did I miss Van Exel & Jones getting inducted to the HOF recently??
yeah they traded Eddie Jones for Glen Rice. We traded Jamison for Van Exel!
so you are saying, Penny, D Scott, H Grant, B Shaw, Van Exel, E Jones, R Horry werent good enough support?
I been there every year since the mid 80's. And yea I was there in the Van Exel, Jones years also. Fakers can jump off u right.
These are Kobe's last Olympics. Seems like yesterday he started playing with his jersey. Shaq, Eddie Jones, Nick Van Exel... Kenneth Paulo unakumbuka?? ha hah... Kobe!! Years fade quick, blood.
Nick Van Exel was so nice on The Lakers.! 🏀
Ima need the Franklins to stop posting pics of Nick Van Exel on my TL..
remember when latrell sprewell hit the game winner in the JBA finals right in Nick Van Exel's grill?
A Brazilian dude named larry taylor? I dont think so...i wanna see his birth certificate
Just watched 30:30 Unguarded, most impressed with what Van Exel & McDyess tried to do for Herren in Den...real leadership.
lol so you miss my lil thicc van exel YG??
James an *** Durrant's a *** well,Kobe is ayt...u form those 3 in 1,u get van exel;while the other 3 to make 1,u get WiltChm
Who Is Dr. Tohme and What's his Connection to Raffles van Exel? -
and Van Exel was ya boy out son!
i wonder if oomf remembers tht one time we went out, and Vin Baker and Van Exel got caught in the middle of that girl fight lmao
I think will end up like Nick Van Exel back in his day. Not a star, but really *** effective.
Some people will only reach out to you to be nosey! Keep reaching! I can handle the rock like Van Exel!
My boy E said" if i got no money i'm ugly like Van Exel..." lol fire!
Nick Van Exel! My favorite basketball player, his trade made me hate the Lakers.
If I ain't got no money im ugly like Van Exel
Lol get off my TL shelden williams tho , take that somewhere Nick Van Exel
Nick Van Exel hits the go ahead basket vs the Spurs in Alamodome, SA Texas! I do not claim ownership or makin' money from this video. All rights reserved by ...
that would be Kobe, Eddie Jones, Nick Van Exel, and Shaq
Lol Thick Van Exel.. Martin is too hilarious ha ha
Does Nick Van Exel live in and might he be downtown?
In San Jose with Steph, Nick the quick Van Exel, Horace Grant, & team And1 waiting to go back State side! Sad to leave a beautiful country that values and respects the environment so much. Te amo Costa Rica!
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*** I miss Eddie Jones, Nick Van Exel and Chick Hearn. That was an underrated squad.
The Lakers had one of the best lineups in 98-99 with Van Exel, Kobe, Shaq, Jones, and Campbell and didn't make the playoffs. Smmfh
ah, Van Exel and Eddie Jones. Loved that tandem. That was the last time I rooted for the Lakers in any capacity.
1. These Laker teams were a joy to watch 2. Van Exel is the 2nd greatest PG in Lakers history 3. Eddie Jones!
I think the most exciting combo of PG and SG drafted by Lakers was Van Exel and Eddie Jones. Cancun!
then explain to me y he didnt win from 92-2000? Shaq had Penny,Eddie Jones, Nick Van Exel. Where the rings??
July fourth is generally not a gift giving holiday but the Lakers and Suns obviously don’t agree as the Suns gift wrapped Steve Nash, the former two-time MVP and sent him to L.A. The Lakers haven’t had a point guard this good (no disrespect to Fish, Shaw, Payton, and Van Exel) since Magic. He still ...
Nash has played with Dirk, Amare, Marion, Joe Johnson, Grant Hill, Finley, Jamison, Van Exel and didn't make Finals once.
When my favorite player (the Big Aristotle) decide that it was time to make the move to hollywood and win championships (if u didnt know he went cuz Jerry West[the logo] was the GM) and teamed up with Van Exel, Eddie Jones, Cedrick Ceballos, and some high school kid name Kobe. Nobody was mad except a few magic fans be mad a Bron
three all stars and Phil Jackson.. Van Exel, Eddie Jones and Shaq.. Kobe definitely was given 3 rings. Lol
- Raffles van Exel's real name is Raffles Dawson and Jacky Jasper has exposed all the sordi...
Aye s/o to wit the Nick Van Exel jersey in the video hands down my second favorite laker ever
I go to a lot of places, but keep ending up somewhere I have already been...
yo go check the yrs Nick Van Exel and Eddie Jones were in the league when kobe got there They Were Both VETS!
Did U know that Nick Van Exel was on the Wisconson Small Fry Team, that same year'82? Kenosha or Racine..
You don't need me u might catch cancer, come back from the treatment lookin like van exel
they aren't top 40-50 players, but I can think of a few good players: Nick Van Exel was a 2nd rounder
"hmmm. Good point"Last real point they drafted was Nick Van Exel
after 2003 yes. We were cold af when we had shaq, van exel, Rick Fox, Glenn, horry, and fisher lol
Man got the 60th pick! But on the bright side Nick Van Exel was pick 37 in the 2nd rd
Again, talking about this year's selections - I covered Rodman @ SE in Durant - but Boozer & Van Exel?! (yawn)
how about Boozer, Van Exel and Rodman...and those were all 2nd rounders. You may not know them now - thats the point of the night
By far the best throw back jersey I have seen in awhile.. Lol Nick Van Exel..
Found all my old basketball cards today... Wow Exel
Nick Van Exel in '93 and Kobe somewhat counts. hah
Definitely right. I neglected to mention Van Exel. The ultimate wash out.
I'm in for life from Magic era thru Van Exel Shaq and Kobe, even Cedric Ceballos Purple and Gold 4eva
you do understand that Magic, Worthy, Trades for Kobe, Nick Van Exel, Bynum arent on the draft board tommorow night right?
Tomorrow night DJ Vik Van Exel, DJ Storm, and myself will be taking over woody's come through and kick it with us
There have been some great Round 2 picks in but Nick Van Exel stands out to me as an underappreciated one. Liked his game
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I made lamar shoot 3s like Nick Van Exel!
It's going to be a hot one at the Birdcage tonight. I'm thinking about rocking my Van Exel jersey.
Nick Van Exel is going to be there and you weren't going?!
I added a video to a playlist PART 1Raffles van Exel Frank DiLeo.
Still time 2 buy tix to the Heroes Celebrity Baseball game Nick Van Exel & have confirmed.
Those picks we’re used on guys like Eddie Jones, Anthony Peeler, and George Lynch. Also Van Exel in the 2nd. We loved them.
I suffered through the 90's, but Van Exel made it bearable - I could only hope that Mitch can find us a PG like Nick the Quick this year!
One of the best shots from Nick The Quick. Germany loves Nick Van Exel.
A little salsa show at the Cultural festival 2012 in Leiden.
Eddie Jones and Nick The Quick. *sigh* Those were the days! Call me crazy but I think can be a Van Exel type PG.
Shaq left 60 win team for LAL who had Jones, Ceballos & Van Exel as its best players. Not the best comparison.
I been a Lakers fan since Eddie Jones, Nick Van Exel, the LA Forum.
Great feature from the on Hawks Player Development Instructor, Nick Van Exel:
MJ thinks he really is god.talkin bout dream team. Give me Rick Fox, Nick Van Exel, Doug Christie, Kwame Brown, and Gary the glove Payton
10 Greatest Role Players in NBA Playoff History: Nick Van Exel is the perfect kind of role player in the playoff...
That *** back ball fake that rajon rondo does is not his sorry to break it down but Van Exel started that.
Where Are They Now: Nick Van Exel: Drafted in the second round of the 1993 NBA Draft, Nick Van Exel went on to p...
that worked in the benefit of the Lakers. He got the chance to learn behind Eddie Jones and Van Exel..
he has SHAQ, Eddie Jones, Nick Van Exel etc. Remember Kobe came off the bench 1st
9, before that all i knew was Jordan. 98 the Lakers still had Eddie Jones, Elden Campbell, Cedric C, Van Exel
i'm sure we been fans since Eddie Jones, Nick Van Exel, etc
Kobe,Shaq,Jones & Van Exel made the 98 all star team. Last time that occurred was in 83, when Dr J, Malone, Cheeks & Toney.
Just for the sake or it, the most used startin 5 in 97: Van Exel, Jones, Jerome Kersey, Elden Campbell, N Shaq
well said. I'd call our Van Exel and Eddie Jones era our Golden State Warriors era of swingmen..aka In Limbo..
Nick Van Exel not walking thru that door”•• Van Exel is the man!
I interviewed Van Exel in 2008. Said only Denver (w/ George Karl) would let him be an assistant, only during summer league.
One unique thing about Dwight Howard, it's usually PG stars who get coaches fired. Magic, Penny Hardaway, Van Exel, J. Kidd, Gary Payton ...
Van Exel was my guy back then tho...him and Eddie Jones was a decent backcourt for us
FBI seeks Dutch house friend Whitney Houston. I'm telling you... Nobody in Holland goes by the name "Raffles" or "Van Exel".
Nick Van Exel in the building tonight for the Lakers. My first sports jersey ever was a Van Exel. Yes, I know you don't care.
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