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Van Damme

Jean-Claude Camille François Van Varenberg (born 18 October 1960), professionally known as Jean-Claude Van Damme, is a Belgian martial artist, actor, and director best known for his martial arts action films.

Jean Claude Van Damme Universal Soldier Chuck Norris Hard Target Steven Seagal Jet Li Double Impact Chong Li Bolo Yeung Bruce Lee Brandon Lee Tony Jaa Street Fighter Jason Statham De Jong Jean Claude Tong Po Sylvester Stallone

crawling around in the arena rafters is only HYPE if you're Jean-Claude van Damme.
Wednesday at 8.35PM watching a game from with my great friend ⚽️…
well if there is a decline is Van Damme this year, then look out because to me that means the defensive dam is broken.
thinking about Van Damme movies got me dancing
the new guy brought up will get some time eventually. I'm not sold on anything defensively besides Van Damme
On a related note, Jean Claude Van Damme's performance in "Sudden Death" was the greatest in a film I have ever see…
Hard Target. Wilford Brimley plays Jean Claude Van Damme's uncle and he rides a horse away from an explosion
Jean-Claude Van Damme on the Rockefellers and the Rothschilds h…
you don't know who Jean Claude Van Damme is?
Happy George St Pierre is coming back to UFC. He was obsess with Jean Claude Van Damme growing up & landed a role in the Kickboxer reboot
Is that Jean Claude Van Damme in the first pic?
Van Damme is back, physically and mentally. Y a rien qui peut me stopper, except... myself and god.
Ain't this the same spot Jean-Claude Van Damme was dancing at in the background of the movie Breakin' 😁
So they think it's their year because of that Van Damme song 😏😖
The Double Dragon movie should've been more like Van Damme's Double Impact and had 2 in it.
But I totally cocked that up as Jean Claude Van Damme is not a movie character doh!!
Me and my boy Vader Van Damme sending our love to you all! Who is ready for Wednesday?!
talented ne? U must be the only person who doesn't blv that n Van Damme were the most popular songs…
Split-spin kick. Van Damme did the most, then South Africans killed him.
of the galaxy Thanks Joshua was eating lunch while listening to the podcast. So descriptive on being sick. Yuck
He banna...CIC Warned us...I give up. ..I can't believe dis is's Van damme on Dec now Nast…
Also, congratulations to Sean Van Damme for winning a $50 gift card to Primanti Bros. for our Valentine's Day Insta…
I think the movie was Double Impact. Van Damme was really dope. Steven Seagal naye.
its like one of my fave Van Damme movies
Spoiler: Anson Mount is what happens when Daniel Day-Lewis and Jean Claude Van Damme have a baby together.
Also, can we have a pic of her in diff clothes? Actually...a vid of her @ the robots...singing Van Damme. Thanks
[Soccer By Ives] MLS Ticker: Van Damme close to new contract, Atlanta releases preseason schedule and more
Wilfred Zaha needs to listen to Van Damme
LMAO Van Damme would have to remember how he kicked a coconut tree..Jet Li 🔥🔥
Van Damme killed it shem. Top, top questions. Eish can we see Dr Khoza now lark bruh 😣.
Although my favorite song for 2016 was Akulaleki by Dr Malinga, I like this Van Damme song. Had it for a month on my phone now. 🔥🔥🔥
Did majority of people in Western Cape,Eastern Cape,North West, Limpopo, Free state,Northern cape and Mpumalanga vote for Van Damme?
Brenda Fassie's Vulindlela is the only song that can unite our nation that was divided by Van Damme and Moreki.
Can we leave Van Damme and get Jacob Zuma instead
Waiting for Van Damme's death warrant to be issued
Did you ever see Universal Soldier? AKA the one that Van Damme plays one role. Uh, the other one.
I liked a video Van Damme on A Current Affair (Universal Soldier)
I liked a video Van Damme on Jay Leno (Universal Soldier) Part 2
Van Damme in Hard Target. I mean for Christ sake people, he had Lance Henriksen AND Arnold Vosloo after him. And what ?
: Wrestlers turned movie stars: A look at the very top- and the very worst . JEAN-CLAUDE Van Damme might …
Don't underestimate the power of he a cross between Van Damme, Brandon Lee with a sprinkling of Chuck Norris.
Steres gets blamed when Van Damme puts him on an island. Besides the Morris goal Steres was fine vs Seattle.
white guys can be bad *** too, Van Damme , Russel Crowe, the real Jack Aubrey
Watching Double Impact.Jean-Claude Van Damme.what you know bout it?
I mean in one night you get to see Young Daddy Lumba, the BAR, Fante Van Damme & Shaker, plus even more artists for just 20 cedis? 🙌
renew that nasty rivalry with Van Damme
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How to save Jean-Claude Van Damme's career? Recruit him as a spy this sounds AMAZING
I've decided that Kristoffer Joner is the love child of Jean Claude Van Damme and Kevin Bacon.
loll . Sorry had to read it through again . Its Van Damme .
I just listened to VAN DAMME' x definitely not disappointed. material .
Thank you. Ms Van Damme to my rescue :)
Before Jean-Claude Van Damme., all we had was Homeless people..
This is your boy Daniel Fynnj plss play me Van Damme to Pantalon and all my friends
Amazon's new Jean Claude Van Damme show is the funniest streaming original I have ever seen
Lionrock sounds more like a Jean Claude Van Damme comeback vehicle than a typhoon.
Hard Target 2 yet its not Van damme
Just watched JCVD. Van Damme is amazing in it! Absolute legend! Now to watch A.W.O.L. For the 1000th time.
Jean Claude Van Damme interview: Van Damme also is hoping Manny Pacquiao can have a rematch ...
Jean Claude Van Damme was interviewed by promoter Peter Maniatis for the C31 KO Boxing show this week
Action Movie Star and big fight fan Jean Claude Van Damme was in Melbourne this week and was interviewed by...
Safe to say in the end, Van Damme was the champ
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
359/365 "Jean Maude Van Damme" one-line sketch from my daily Bea Arthur art project
The crowd smiles and gives a standing ovation as Van Damme kicks Pol Pot in the face and kills him. everyone's happy. Roll Credits.
Ok so now using the power of hatred, Van Damme will kill Pol Pot.
The strength of the eagle will give Van Damme the ability to kill Pol Pot. His future wife is not in a good spot though.
Oh Pol Pot told Van Damme he assaulted His future wife and now Van Damme is mad at his future wife.
There is no way Van Damme would ever throw a fight!!
Van Damme's having a moment with this eagle and the Buddha so you know he's perfected the eastern culture.
the mob boss is mad because Van Damme got trained by King Kai but they're gonna fix the fight by killing VAN DAMMED FUTURE WIFE
The champ doesn't want him to fight the Thai, because he doesn't want Van Damme to get hurt.
MT Phumzile Van Damme: Agree with the SABC here, which doesn't happen often, but credit where credit is due
The champ sits in the moonlight with envy. Is he still the champ or is Van Damme now? yes Van Damme is the champ now.
It was a trick! To impress the fight makers to make a fight between Van Damme and the Thai.
I guess they wanted to fight Van Damme cause he's dancing so well???
I get the feeling Van Damme really asked for this in the movie
King Kai is drinking Van Damme under the table so he can either bed him or teach him that you can't fight well while drunk.
Colby Jansen pounds the tight *** of Jimmy Fanz. Robert Van Damme drills a young toned as... ◄
“KIckboxer: Vengeance's" new theatrical poster puts a spotlight on the film’s supporting cast, including Van Damme:
My bedroom was plastered with pictures of Van Damme. My mother was wor...
Bruce Lee...the only guy to defeat Bolo Yeung, Kareem Abdul Jabbar and Chuck Norris. Top that if you can, Van Damme!
for the Jean Claude Van Damme fan who has every Van Damme film on Blu Ray
Whose movies should I watch today? Jackie Chan, Van Damme, Chow Yun Fat, or Jason Statham
if only we could get Van Damme and Bolo Yeung in it somehow
Bolo Yeung! "Once upon a time, there was this actor who always showed Van Damme flames.
I thought the DA drug question was a rehearsed one but clearly it's not judging by Van Damme's respond
Only 30 minutes in but Sudden Death might be the best Van Damme movie ever with all the Mike Lange cut ins
The best actors in Bloodsport are Forrest Whittaker and Van Damme's trainers wife
Then the chesties hit you like that kick Van Damme hit Tong Po with on kick boxer
Bruh, you know after Chong Li (Bolo) says "You are next" to Frank (Van Damme)? You see how he throws his hands to the judges? 😂
Trump is Chong Li from Bloodsport and Kasich is like the last dude who gets got before Van Damme steps on stage.
My top 6 actors back in the day:. 1. Van Damme. 2. Arnold Schwarzenegger. 3. Mark Dacascos. 4. Cynthia Rothrock. 5. Sylvester Stallone. 6. Jet Li
he was in a Van Damme movie and the late great Brandon Lee movie
Huhu missed Sakaling Hindi Makarating, anyhow, we're about to watch Van Damme and Tulay ng San Sebastian in a while!!! Yay!!!
And let's not forget "Nowhere To Run", where Van Damme teams up with Rosanna Arquette and Kieran Culkin to drive off evil land developers.
Jost took a pill and now watching a Van Damme movie following by a Seagal Flick. That was a close one lol
Is this zombie Van Damme on Universal Soldier??? I came to el Rey for but I'll stay for the zombie Van Damme
«JCVD»-filmen som serie? JA! «Van Damme will play himself who secretly works as a black ops operative.»
Van Damme to star in Amazon comedy “Jean-Claude Van Johnson”
Sounders score again, Chad Marshall off the free kick. Brad Evans back heel assist. Van Damme gave up the foul. 2-0 Seattle.
60' Dan Gargan and Mike Magee about to enter the game. I'd guess that Van Damme and Keane will be exiting.
I liked a video from Van Damme vs Steven Seagal.
His favorite movie is Universal Soldier: Brothers In Arms. The one without Van Damme
Malinger was in Hanks/Ryan rom-com, Van Damme big budget pic & guested on Seinfeld. Can't get more 90s CV than that.
I see Jean-Claude Van Damme finally learned to speak English. 😳
what are the chances of LA signing Van Damme, Lescott, De Jong, & Cole?
"God gave me a great body and it's my duty to take care of my physical temple. – Jean Claude Van Damme"
Explore Bowie's genius through this playlist of our favorite deep cuts from his vast catalog https:/…
Robert Van Damme baise Tyler Sweet: Your browser does not support inline frames or is…
Van Damme's 180-kick is the one that annoyed me pass. You just stand and watch while he turns? And kicks you? And then you fall?
I respect you Mr. Van Damme because you care so much about the planet, peace
Dear eTV, you must not plan a Van Damme movie weekend or Anaconda movie weekend...or Steven Seagull movie Weekend...
I challenge Zizi Kodwa to debate on jobs and the economy - Phumzile Van Damme: DA NS says there is nothing rac… .
Let's not forget when he got beat down by Jean Claude Van Damme in Universal Soldier!
there would be lots of actors and actresses but Jean Claude Van Damme for sure👊😊
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"I treasure the moments we had together." See Paul McCartney's heartfelt David Bowie tribute http…
See what this driver had to say about driving Jean-Claude Van Damme! . Read More:
David Bowie + Angelo Badalamenti. Please take 4 minutes, close your eyes and listen to this.
when your alarm goes off in the morning and you think to yourself "do I really need an education"
The Galaxy are interested in 32 year old Belgian defender Jelle Van Damme. [GalaxyPodcast]
Or Van Damme(sp) movies "Darika is like a character in a Hollywood movie like abo Machethe
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Why does Darika thinks he's Acting in Action Movie with Stallone or Van Damme?
Happy 25th anniversary to LIONHEART, the closest we'll get to Jean-Claude Van Damme's On the Waterfront.
Van Damme is a classic Arena purchase. A low rusk veteran that could start or offer depth. Aligns with Arena's past moves
That’s why maybe Van Damme makes more sense than all of them.
De Jong and Lescott makes sense, but I still don't understand Cole and if you get Lescott the why do we need Van Damme?
I’m thinking they get two. But you’re right. If Cole is coming. And De Jong then it’s between Lescott and Van Damme.
Van Damme Rumor: May not arrive with LA Galaxy until end of January. 2 year deal. Option for a third year.
Apparently Van Damme said goodbye to his teammates and is set to join good signing imo
Only Duji would know Jean Claude Van Damme from a 'Friends' episode.
Go follow and listen to the latest episode on Jean Claude Van Damme's Double Team.
Universal Soldiers!!! Soon made in india... Van Damme and Ludgren gonna be jealous!!!
I liked a video Van Damme on Arsenio Hall (Universal Soldier) Part 2
Bruce with speed, Tony Jaa gonna knee you somehow, Van Damme with the swift kicks
3,7,9 Tony Jaa and Van Damme would regulate. Id keep Jackie Chan around just incase there's mans chasing us 😂
In the wild, the artist will often watch Van Damme movies, to make his cartoon problem animal art look legitimate by comparison
I listen to a lot of Bonnie Rait and watch Van Damme movies every day
Lindiwe Mazibuko and Mbali Ntuli are the only black DA members I take seriously, Van Damme and Maimane are just puppets *smh
He also does a mean Raul Julia and Van Damme impression.
Van Damme is playing the wise old master. Originally, the role was supposed to go to Tony Jaa, but they screwed up and lost him.
Chuck Norris, Bruce Lee, now Van Damme. Add Miami Connection for the ultimate martial arts |
any movie that didn't have Steven Seagal, Chuck Norris, Van Damme, Arnold SKWAZNEKA, JIKI CHINA was considered boring!
"Mike, let's trade Fluery and sign Van Damme, he played great in goal in that Stanley Cup final.". "...Van wha?"
Kylie Jenner tied her timbs up like Van Damme in Universal Soldier
Steven Seagal teams-up with VAN DAM (nope, not THAT "Van Damme"), former wrestler Rob Van Dam that is, in...
Doesn't look like Arnold so it can't be him... Jean Claude-Van Damme is the closest one I can see. Don't know.
The Second 'Universal Soldier' is on. This should put me to sleep hopefully. Van Damme, Bill Goldberg. (Snore)
Usually I'm told I look like Ryan Gosling but today at the gym I was told I look like Van Damme in Universal Soldier. I'm cool with that lol
Can't believe that Van Damme got to act as a twin on Double Impact to have twice as many sex scenes
Van Damme should do a movie with Alnord schwarzneger and Jason Statham.
If Daniel Day-Lewis had been the hairy protagonist of Hard Target, people would not have been as harsh as they were with Van Damme.
If the hunters kill for the rush of sport they should get all them together & let them hunt each other like the Van Damme movie Hard Target
The guy who killed next hunt is going after the most dangerous game of all...Van Damme.
he should be forced to be appear in a 'Hard Target' style human hunt, like the Van Damme classic
What do I do next... Rambo-thon next week, I'm thinking, then a block of Van Damme films I have yet to see. For tonight, possible John Wick.
Martin in Big Mommas House... Adam Sandler, Van Damme, Tom Hardy and Lindsey lohan have played their own twins
The part in Rakenrol where Ely Buendia quoted Van a Mini Stop. Why doesn't that happen to me?
Plotinkov & Tikhonov?I don't know enough about the KHL to gauge the quality of these skaters but depth cheap? Happy Malkin?
Apparently the new Van Damme POUND OF FLESH is out on Blu this week. Anyone catch it yet? cc
If there's one thing that needs to happen on season 2 of it's a Jean-Claude Van Damme cameo. I also vote for more pansexual orgies.
I'm in favor of keeping Cole. Rumors about Sergei Plotnikov are interesting too. Wondering if we can acquire both Russians.
Imagine dying before seeing every Jean Claude Van Damme film. Don't waste your life. Tomorrows not promised. . .
About to relax and watch some Jean-Claude Van Damme movies and read my bible
Robbers dey rob, okada men won form van damme in this nigeria, even God would ask you the reason you wasted your life
Kickboxer, starring Jean Claude Van Damme, starts in twenty minutes on the IFC Channel. You're welcome.
If POTUS is on *** then someday my dream of Van Damme and Steve Perry on the 5Cast isn't that delusional.
It's Wednesday, come on in and try our BLT or Van Damme special as a taco or a burrito!
Jean Claude Van Damme is French for 'straight to DVD'.
A moment I have longed for; both copy the legend Jean-Claude Van Damme, but most to receive our Volvo FH16 750 truck! h…
when Korean lady helped the bus driver go van damme on the robbers' *** That was enough for me
I wonder who would win in a kah-rah-tay fight between Steven Segal, Van Damme or Wesley Snipes?
supporter claims Abu Sayyaf death is a story "fabricated" to buoy up morale "in style of Rambo & Van Damme" http…
Godzilla as Van Damme, Mechagodzilla as Chong Li. Mothra as Donald Gibb AKA Ogre. Jet Jaguar as the undercover journalist in a slinky dress.
report Vladmir Putin 'bromance' ? Russian wants Seagal as special envoy to US? Why not Van Damme?
Van Damme at left back for Standard vs. Vanden Borre at right midfield for Anderlecht. Promises to be quite the battle. Expect cards.
Michael Jai White, Wesley Snipes, Gary Daniels, Jet Li, Jackie Chan, Van Damme and The one and only Chuck Norris.
It's a testament to how unlikeable Van Damme is that he was the worst thing about the Street Fight film. Raul Julia however...
Weekend Mayhem, a series about awesome action movies, kicks off with Van Damme in Hard Target. by…
Here's the thing: van Damme wouldn't have even been involved in my version! Dolph Lundgren would have worked way better imo
is this year's version of the Van Damme and Tong Po fight
ok, I watched this. van damme writes one *** of a screenplay
Select Miche Styles are 50% off - MONDAY ONLY!
I just bought tickets to Special Event: Jean Claude Van Damme’S *** VAN at
. Mister Van Damme, you legend! Filled that empty gap after Bruce Lee in the 90,'s and your still kicking it. . # respect
MY NEW SHORT! What's life like, being action movie star Jean-Claude Van Damme's roommate? Watch to find out!...
What topped it off, was the Van DAmme vs. Seagal rivalry. I think that's still going.
Just watched an older episode of MadTV. The Van Damme skit was hilarious. All the action stars battling some timeTraveler.
Jean-Claude Van Damme is something else man... 😳😧
When it comes to kicking verses, I'm Mr van damme
Truth is, you're not in the best head space if you've listened to Tears For Fears "Everybody Wants To Rule the World" on repeat for 30 min.
I'd like to pause hating humanity briefly to remember the kick that launched Jean-Claude Van Damme's entire career:
This Aygo ad with Rahat is my second favourite vehicle ad. First favourite is still the Volvo one with Van Damme.
kinda like the Van Damme Street Fighter movie
Reminds me of that Van Damme movie.
I say this knowing the veracity of my statement: It is EASILY the best Van Damme movie, I think.
French kid is dancing like Jean Claude Van Damme
Kaleb going Van Damme at the end of Bloodsport on BC right now.
Van Damme can do a split on that thigh gap. 😍 ““Twitpic a selfie of your curves”
Thanks for showing what happened the last time we played the Wings NBC
best actor/ actress to never be nominated for an Oscar (except Van Damme of course)
Try killing Van Damme or Rambo's girlfriend and you will see. Or just kill Jet Li's master
Learn How to do Van Damme's Helicopter/Jump 360 Spin Kick!. I hope you like it and good luck :). …
Dear Mr. Van Damme, my brother is a huge fan of yours and has been since the 80's, he is getting married in June and I was
I love old movies. Night sessions..Jean-Cloude Van Damme "Bloodsport" full movie ^^
Movies with Jean Claude Van Damme doesn`t make sense at all.They all assume the opponent will stand stil and then van Damme will beat him up
some Jean Claude Van Damme movie on tv and I'm just listening to his accent lol. he sounds dutch but he's belgian apparently.
Jean Claude Van Damme, the good kind of bad. Johnny Depp, the bad kind of good.
Anders Lindback sounds like a villain a Jean-Claude Van Damme flick. He's also 2-8 this season in goal. going …
Getting a tramp stamp of Mt Rushmore, but instead of former president's heads it's Seagal, Van Damme, Chuck Norris and S…
Bringer shows are like Jean Claude Van Damme's Bloodsport "Kumite" ..anyone can join most will be murdered on stage..
Jean-Claude Van Damme carries out his famous split between two reversing trucks. Never done before. Posted By Abdul
I would love to do a remake of time cop i be the black van damme
Jillian would be the perfect Bachelorette...if the Bachelor was Jean-Claude Van Damme.
have you guys thought about the 1986 gem No Retreat No Surrender with Jean Claude Van Damme?
Droppin' off jewels like killa cams man when it comes to kickin' verses I'm Mr . Van damme
The Dardenne Brothers are the best things to come out of Belgium since Jean-Claude Van Damme.
"I think every single white person in this movie died and I love it. BMNB: "Except fake Jean Claude Van Damme who was beaten up by toddlers"
I wanted to see if Jean-Claude Van Damme was ever involved with pro wrestling, found this, and MY GOD:
I was very surprised by JCVD. Excellent cinematography and a great performance by Van Damme
Men that are old, but still buff and sexy: . 1. Sylvester Stallone . 2. Jean Claude Van Damme . 3. Arnold Schwarzenegger. …
"I'd kill for that role. Killed by a Van Damme kick and dying in Stallone's arms..."
nvm I'm wrong lmao. Apparently his ring name comes from his likeness to Van damme
Used to think Jean Claude van-damme and rob van dam were related them *** favor lmao
I feel like Jean-Claude Van Damme just kicked me in the face w all this homework
Forget unfollowers, I believe in growing. 6 new followers in the last week! Stats via
I didn't know Van Damme had a daughter... .
Van Damme sure did like his nutshots.   10% Off
If they're really going to recast Spider-man for Infinity War, I think the obvious choice is Jean-Claude Van Damme.
I liked a video played like a Van Damme fiddle!
Van Damme? Does Jean Claude have an album out? Come make some requests during the dueling piano show at Spirits.
If I had the opportunity to influence Van Damme I would insist on a signature instead of JCVD on the face of the watch
Guess which problematic van damme movie i jus watched
I added a video to a playlist Van Damme - Run For Your Life
thanks Van Damme marathon,I can't get Johnny Kemp's "Just got paid" song outta my mind-some photos & report of event
Was always impressed w the splits this guy does. Van Damme knew how to do action.
Ourselves and absolutely loving premier of our new video.
Goliath Apollo Creed Mighty name for my Mighty man. And then I have Thor van Damme.
It's was all good in South Africa, Bafana was winning until the arrival of Van Riebeck, Van Damme & Van Rantie
fell like she just got kicked by Van Damme
Jean-Claude Van Damme once kicked Chuck Norris' *** He was then awakened from his dream by a roundhouse kick to the face.
Then there was Van Damme in Breakin' 😳! I love Special K's character tho.
Idk what action movies will be without these people. Arnold Schwarenegger, Sylester Stallone and Van Damme...😭😭😭
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20 WAYS TO WIN A GIRL'S HEART 1. Fight for her like Spartacus. 2. Dance for her like Machael Jackson. 3. Don't never let her walk alone like Liverpool. 4. Spend for her like Manchester City. 5. Win gold for like Usain Bolt. 6. Protect her like Jack Baucer. 7. Rescue her like Michael Scofield. 8. Give her a drive-by like James Bond. 9. Impress her well like Crixus. 10. Don't be stingy like Arsenal. 11. Never beat her like Chris Brown. 12. Don't cheat on her like Tiger Wood. 13. Sweep her sorrows away like ACN/APC. 14. Don't keep her in darkness like PHCN. 15. Hack for her like Ethan Hunt. 16. Give her a *** like Van Damme. 17. Always suprise her like Collins Morgan. 18. Boast about her like Jose Mourinho. 19. Always give her a Answer like Google. 20. Love your woman like Romeo.
Annoyed that Street Fighter never got an actual good movie. The one with Van Damme was ok but the "sequel" about Chun-Li...
Hard Target starring Van Damme and directing by John Woo
I could be visiting Jean Claude Van Damme's in Austria. Join me friend
Double Impact his biggest snub. Twin Van Damme. Should have two Oscars for best actor. IMO
Looking at the 1994 movies award and don't understand how Timecop was shut out. Van Damme was never respected
Here is my chronicles continued. I'v posted something earlier and promised to bring more. CHRONICLES cont.. I discover girls, my cat discovers boys _ _ _ In a drastic turn of events and after many miles of journeying together with Catty in our trusty wire kit-car, the Pandora box was thrust upon us by nature. Catty started disappearing quite a lot and in her guilt (I suppose it was guilt) she would show up with a gift for me in the form of a dead mouse that she'd proudly place before me. At the time I always thought Catty was just showing off her hunting skills but that turned out to be a double edged show. Well I wasn't entirely innocent in my loyalty to my cat either as it turned out. In my past post I promised to disclose the discovery of females which lo and behold proved to be quite a thing! I was doing std 5 when like magic my eyes were peeled open and I saw a girl called Tshepo. It was just about the same time that my friend (who is now my brother-in-law) came to my school as an awkward transfer st ...
"You cant afford to bring back the Zimdollar before rebuilding nat. and int. trust in your economy," EU Amb Van Damme
I love Yule! He's the original Van Damme: at some point in his films,an explanation has to be given as to why he has an accent. Lol
Anyone who loves old classic movies knows that Van Damme movies are the best(not because of the sex)... Anyone who has i-collection yakhe angzame plz...thank you in advance...
Hey im bored come snachat me :) add me snapbootie for something special ;)
In which a Jean-Claude Van Damme film about the French Foreign Legion gets cited by
HI! Victoria!Again new great avatar!. it isn't my photo.unforutnately :Dat the bottom Jean-Claude Van Damme
Yummie! We just enjoyed some good French fries. Geert Van Damme is now on: "Side effects of using
Dominion Theatre restored to former glory with Van Damme
bring back Van Damme as a cyborg. Have the Rock fight him off!
Tomas Vokoun, pretty much summarizing his career in under 150 words:
It may be smarter to hold onto your current job for a while lo... More for Libra
Steven Seagal vs Van Damme... But Van Damme is now dead in the series, and Seagal said he'd never make a movie with them. Boo!
DEADLY CLASS, SOUTHERN *** & LOW on short hiatus in March. All are coming back stronger than ever. Like Van Damme in Van Dammit 2!
The Jean Claude Van Damme and Dennis Rodman movie about being secret agents.
OSHEY VAN DAMME "Crash in oil price did not hit us by surprise – Jonathan via
Van Damme stars in Hard Target (1993) tonight at TIFF Bell Lightbox at 9pm
Jelle van Damme. Wolves legend. 6 games. 1 goal. His wife didn't like the area for some reason and left within 2 months :-(
yep, realise there's not XI there but Selection Dilemma 5 sounded like the kind of film Jean Claude Van Damme would be in now
Henderson Moore from London writes Excellent value for money...
The Quest with Van damme was such a badass movie
the MD will produce kicks like Jean Claude Van Damme
Two top knots on one bus! I feel a van damme style roundhouse brewing!
>you will never drink beer and watch Jean-Claude Van Damme movies with Mark Bussler. How does this make you feel?
Ys. Because Van Damme,Seagal & Lundgren, have all set the bar so high
THE European Union (EU) Ambassador to Zimbabwe, Philipe Van Damme has refused to comment on…
Daniel Craig made bond movies start looking too serious like a van damme movie.
we need a revised end of the year list then were you relate the albums to Van Damme movies
Jean-Claude Van Damme is known as “The Muscles from Brussels” because of his physique and his Belgian background.
TT. I never won a bar fight cause I'm not Van Damme in RL apparently
My spin kick move followed up with a Van Damme scream scares no one cause I barely get my leg off the ground and I scr…
I added a video to a playlist Jean-Claude Van Damme: Kickboxer Training (1989)
Everytime I hear Patrick Roy speak on radio, all I hear is the "Muscle from Brussels," Van Damme. I'm going to watch now.
On the Bucket List ➡ I gotta experience a PROPER Thanksgiving meal! Ugh! To quote Van Damme in Universal Soldier "I just want to eat." 😑
DID YOU KNOW (Mortal Kombat Edition): Midway wanted real life actor & martial artist Jean Claude Van Damme to appear in the game as the game's own actor and martial artist character, Johnny Cage, but was unavailable due to filming schedules. Cage's portrayal in the original game was heavily influenced by Van Damme's character, Frank Dux, from Bloodsport, going even as far as utilizing a split punch! But even further before this, Brandon Lee was originally intended for the role, but had died in an unfortunate prop accident during the filming of the The Crow.
I got ONG-BAK the Thai Warrior, Van Damme, 4 movies of Steven Seagal.
the plot was was just too painful! Van Damme did the best he could with it. Also, shirtless Mickey Rourke. 😙😙
Same question but with my movie: . Got Powers Boothe, JC Van Damme starring!! good hockey movie!!
Why does everyone refer to Van Damme as "that American" in Bloodsport? He sounds like Maurice Chevalier.
Gotta say 90's movies are prob some of the best ay. Wesley Snipes Money train. US Marshall. Eddie Murphy Beverly Hills cop. Van Damme etc
Jean-Claude Van Damme, perhaps best loved for his star turn in 1994's Street Fighter, is on a tear with brands lately. Last year, he found his way into two viral campaigns — one for GoDaddy and...
We hope you liked it! There's another Jean Claude Van Damme movie playing today at 7.50 pm! Are you in for Bloodsport?
You th same who said DA Van Damme wasn't SA, we must believe all your crap
Jean-Claude Van Damme and his power mullet try to top the brilliance of his Volvo ad while singing the praises of...
It appears Chuck Norris has been challenged by the Van Damme.. AGAIN! Also, great 80s soundtrack flashback incl.
I added a video to a playlist Volvo Trucks Jean Claude Van Damme Epic Splits on Scooters
"If you're going to use Van Damme after the epic splits, you better make Damme sure it's better than the epic...
Nice combination of beer commercial and Van Damme, complete with 80's everything!
Hard to beat Van Damme in Coors Light commercials
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