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Van Basten

Marcel Marco van Basten (31 October 1964) is a Dutch football manager and former football player, who played for AFC Ajax and A.C.

Marco Van Basten Van Nistelrooy Johan Cruyff Gerd Muller Old Firm Pat Bonner Ruud Gullit Thierry Henry Andy Carroll Rui Costa

Maradona, Van Basten, Batistuta, Desailly, Puyol & more!. FIFA Legends took to the pitch in Zurich🇨🇭 before Awards 🏆 h…
Dolberg is the next Van Basten, says Ajax st..
supposed to have had a look at young Danish striker at Ajax. Bit of Van Basten about him in style. Hard to gauge Dutch league.
I would say the Van Basten from Marocco my friend...
The last goal of Van Basten with the Milan 🎂🔴⚫️. Happy birthday 🇳🇱
Need to get Berkamp or Marco Van Basten in efc Mosh pit should pay what it takes to winners as coaches + koemans friends
They will take there sweet time by the sounds of it. Fukers.
Van of my all time favourites
Will you be like Maldini or Costacurta? Gullit or Van Basten? Which AC Milan Legend Are You? Fancy footwork here -
70 - 3-2!! ZHIRKOV! Yuri scores a Van Basten-like blaster with his left from inside the box.
I wouldn't back Carroll to do it again, but I would van Basten. But both great goals, better than Rooney's
van Basten's was from a much tighter angle and on a bigger stage (if that counts)
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For anybody wondering, he packed Van Basten.
's only player has been Reus, Van Basten, from 186.000 FIFA points too 30.000 right now.
poacher should never be considered the best in the world. Van Basten wasn't. It was Platini and Maradona. Levels
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Castro gets Van Basten and auba in a 125k pack nah
Love more i hope this club more be great. Like the moment Marco Van Basten
Marco Van Basten scores one of his finest goals ever, 1986.
Again decent performance in a big game all things considered.
Lovren tryna channel his inner Van Basten there
Big win for the Blues. I'm sure there off to the pub now to cheer on the Mancs now.
Andy Carroll channelling his inner Marco Van Basten 💥
Andy Carroll goal video Shades of the great Marco Van Basten with that effort yesterday.
totally agree the result is everything today but it would be nice to see us play some good stuff especially after Wednesday.
mate, understand what you mean but it's all about the result. The quality of the game /our play is a secondary bonus today imo.
Andy Carroll channelling his inner Marco Van Basten
whatever u think of Fsg, u have 2 believe Klopp is 2 strong of a character 2do things any way rather than his own.
Marco Van Basten at his brilliant best. What a player!.
16 the very max! . Van Basten. Senna. Jordan. Sugar Ray Leonard. Carl Lewis. (Diego too, but only allowed 1 per sport)
At the end of it all, both if them will go down as a Di-Steffano, Johan Cryuff, Van Basten, Platini or Gerd Muller.
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In his career Koeman played with Baresi, Maldini, Rijkaard & Van Basten. Martinez played for Chester City, that's the biggest difference.
Millwall's Alan Dunne explained how he saw Kane score one of the best goals he's ever seen in training... a volley akin to Van Basten's.
Van Basten calls for offside rule to be abolished: The Dutch legend dislikes the negative approach some teams...
A football club that gave us world class footballers who graced our screens. Rui Costa, Cafu, Shevchenko, Van Basten and Alessandro Nesta. 😞
Memories of Upton Park: always been a bit of a dump; used to be intimidating; Mark Stein once did a Van Basten there. Sort of.
NEW—Marco Van Basten 'Oranje' 1988. I guess the Dutch won't be lifting this anytime soon.
Very like Euro 88, then, as the final replicates one of the opening group games. Joe Root in the Van Basten role, hopefully.
I really hope Football Players I Know like Romario or Van Basten are at the game.
Pretty much the same as me, Van Basten was mine UNTIL Ronaldo
Ronaldo. But massive, massive fan of Van Basten
I liked a video from Best Early Retirees XI | Cantona, Kluivert & Van Basten
Raul Jimenez not rated because he's not fast, Mexican Van Basten, needs to start over Chicha in Copa America
Suarez In the 2010–11 season, he scored his 100th Ajax goal, joining a group of players which include Cruyff van Basten and Bergkamp
Perhaps, you missed a certain Marco Van Basten or a Pele? No doubt on the way he inspired other players though
Tough choice between him or Van Basten, Battigol close too.
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van basten is by far the best striker on FIFA surround him with pace and skills and he just finishes everythin!
There's not a guy on this planet that's mare cheerier than Marko Van Basten 💙
Even with health, there was a lot of development he needed to accomplish. Not like this was a Van Basten type thing.
Arsene Wenger, like el Fenomeno and Marco Van Basten, will not be remembered the way he should.
What! Never seen that coming from day one 😂😂
Van Basten describes Ziyech and Tannane as stupid after choosing to play for Morocco.
van Basten, Gullit, Neeskens, Best, Eusébio, are all better than Ronaldo but okay.
It's hard to argue against...what about in the 90's Van Basten, Pierre Papin and Gullit?
This reminded me of Marco Van Basten who ended hes career at age 28 because of an ankle injury.
he worked as director of sport between 1986 and 2013 in MILAN ,he signed Marco Van Basten ,Shevchenko ,Thiago Silva ,and kaka♥
A great rival for an idol and mentor to Marco Van Basten: goodbye Johan you will be missed!
yep - Van Basten was great but CR7? I've seen him sent off twice against us ...
here is my squad... And you know...Maybe you can throw in a cheeky Van Basten into the squad for James
Zidane wouldn't have scored that volley in champions league final if he didn't try it. Van Basten wouldn't have scored that volley
I coloured in your tribute! Still need to do Van Basten in the '88 Holland kit
pretty sure Van Basten at his age could lace his boots up & put 5 past our defence right now , terrible
lots of potential in this squad. Let's hope Blind, Van Basten and Van Nistelrooy get them to Russia 2018
ITV looking at the Netherlands staff team... 'Not a bad 5-aside team... Van Nistlerooy, Van Basten, Blind... ... ...'
That's not a bad staff 5 a side team says Tyldesley. Blind Van Basten and Van Nistelrooy
It must be depressing for the Dutch to see they have Depay in attack when Van Nistelrooy and Van Basten are on the bench.
'not a bad five aside team! Van Nistelrooy, Van Basten... Blind was decent.. *tails off when can't identify other two*'. Classic Tyldesley
Not a bad five aside team says Clive Tyldsley of Van Basten, Van Nistelrooy and Blind. Not bad at all. 'Cept there's only three of 'em.
That'd be a great 5 a side team; RVN, Van Basten and Blind... Clive can't count
No pressure on the Dutch strikers then when there coaches are Van Nistleroy & Van Basten. 2 of the best ever
Van Nistelrooy & van basten - that's some goalscoring pedigree in the Dutch dugout.
4 people in shot, only 3 Clive can name 'that'd make a great 5 a side team' no it wouldnt, Clive, can't play van Basten & horseface together
Van Basten and RVN on my TV what a sight
Tyldsley in awe at the "not bad 5-a-side team" on the Dutch bench before he remembers he only knows Blind, van Basten and Van Nistelrooy.
I love seeing Marco Van Basten and Ruud Van Nistelrooy on the Dutch sideline as assistants.
"Not a bad five a side team there, Van Nistelrooy, Van Basten and Blind".that's only three you ***
ITV... "That's not a bad 5 a side team. Blind, van basten, Van Nistelrooy.". Yeah it is, it's only 3 players!
Van Basten. What a fabulous striker he was.
on a night that England are playing the Dutch I quite admire the chutzpah of Nathaniel Clyne to try and emulate Van Basten
The melt is coming on. He'll run around like a nonce thinking he's van Basten.
Shearer, Van Basten, Villa. Does a top-scoring striker guarantee success at EURO?
Greatest 5 players in my lifetime - maradona, Van Basten, messi, ronaldo (fat one) and leroy rosenior
I watched Maradona, Van Basten as a kid now I watch Oscar
If the French Van Basten turns up tomorrow, Barca ain't got a hope in *** at carpet
what about R9's ability to go around the keeper or, Shearer & Van Basten's finishing? I could go on
guys...really...van Basten is a legend but this is God he's up against. The man who put Argentina on his shoulders in 86.
how just how is van Basten winning this one!!! Some people seriously need to *** there knowledge of football!
Cryuff and Van Basten in Bergkamps testimonial do they count 😂
Smalling volleyed that like van basten. Legend
Classic goal from the legendary Marco Van Basten in 1992!
2nd best Dutch team after 1974 WC team. Van Basten best striker ever, wearing best Dutch kit ever.
To be fair, he's Dutch and got 'van' in his name, I'm expecting a mixture of Der Vaart, Persie and Basten 😉
still, Van Basten can always console himself by remembering that goal v Russia, and I'll always have that piece I did about Jesus' foreskin.
I think I've got carpal tunnel in my typing ligaments. This is like Van Basten's ankle. A giant of the game, career cut short by injury.
We shouldn't play with 2 strikers, even if they were Van Basten and Inzaghi, end of point.
1990-Curva Sud at the Friuli during Milan's 2-0 win over Udinese on this day 26 years ago. Van Basten scored a brace https…
On the way home, Dreadful performance but in a couple of weeks when we are at Wembley, we won't care how we got there.
I love Neymar he's godly but might sell to get van Basten and ronaldo lol
Crouch turns from Kevin Francis to Van Basten when he's playing against us !
who made this list? Didn't even think Van Basten, way greater than even Pippo or Suarez or else...
Well, c'mon now, that's Long Tan you're talking about. Could do the van Basten from either side wearing just socks
what,handsome one. How about Marco Van Basten?
as Di Stefano, Platini, Maldini, Van Basten.. some of the greatest players of all time
Roberto Baggio and Marco Van Basten pose with their new Diadora boots.
Choose it!. Van Basten. Pippo Inzaghi. Ronaldo N de Lima. Gabriel Batistuta. list instead for your last 4 opts
Kind of funny that fans of Wenger include: Weah, Sir Alex, Pep, Cruyff, Van Basten, Henry. Haters of Wenger include Piers Morgan.
With the studio still reeling from Sam's shock news that he walked past Marco Van Basten this week, we kick off the show with League One!
Was Marco Van Basten's famous goal the best volley ever?
Celtic at the old Ajax stadium in the early 1980s. Cruiyff, Olsen and a young Van Basten couldn't stop Celts winning
In today's . . . Pat Bonner on Charlton, McNeill, Van Basten, the Old Firm and more.
Fam, Ronda Rousey took a proper volley to the face. Zlatan, Robin Van Persie, Zidane and Van Basten would be so proud of that technique.
Pat Bonner on Jack Charlton, Billy McNeill, the Old Firm, Marco Van Basten, Gary Lineker and much more.
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lol sorry I'm blonde, of course I remember it i was just being thick 😃
lol..u mustn't b as old as me so. It was a reference to the milk ad rushie did years back. Accrington Stanley. Who? Exactly 😉
And let us not forget that we were without Van Basten for some time. But Milan always had great defensive strength''
with for a chance to win an untradeable Van Basten!
Shades of Marco Van Basten as Joevin Jones crosses from the left channel, beautiful volley from from 18 yards finds the net
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"need reminding why we watch football on tv?". Mario Gaspar goal "as good as Van Basten" via
That's a better goal than;. a) Platt against Belgium. b) that goal from Van Basten . or both?
Wow Mario just like Van Basten utter class
Marco Van Basten: "There's no doubt about it, Messi is the best player in the world. A phenomenon. His humbleness only…
Ruud Gullit and Marco Van Basten with the European Cup for AC MIlan, 1989
I preferred Van Basten but Ronaldo was peerless
current Milan or the Gullit, Rijkaard, van Basten vintage? We might only draw against them!
Marco Van Basten and Marcel Desailly exchange words during the 1993 Champions League Final.
leave it out. You missed my Van Basten esq finish last night 👌
Great to spend some time today down Cardiff city and best of all got within inches of a All time football legend Marco Van Basten
Would struggle to pick a top 10 out of this lot... Van Basten .
Marco Van Basten eat your heart out!
What a player he was! Ild only rate Johan Cruyff and Van basten ahead of him
Marco Van Basten. Mute is the way forward here. The music is sick. As in vomit inducing.
takin into consideration d uplift a new manager has on players he hasn't is right. He didn't look 1/2
Here is the line up for the next month:. 20/11 Stephen van Basten Spiritual Minister. Listen in every Friday 10-11am .
ps Van Basten didn't play any games that year
They weren't boring! They had savicevic and van basten, just very efficient
Worst game of 5s I've ever played. At least I've still got finishing like van basten
Its even better than Van Basten's famous strike against USSR
Banging in a Van Basten esq goal at 7 a side tonight is definitely the highlight of my life.
Maldini was a great soccer player! We also like Gullit, van Basten and Rijkaard! Great club AC Milan!
Christine van Basten-Boddin nominated as mayor of Beek: Council nominates Christine van Basten-Boddin as mayor...
Ronaldo, Wright, Shearer, Batistuta, Romario, van Basten, the list goes on. All great strikers when was growing up, today there are so few..
True. Leo and Van Basten deserved a lot more
So a striker is a "poacher"? Then i guess you mean that Ronaldo9, Van Basten, Batistuta, Gerd Muller, Romario are...
.Marco Benassi channels his inner Van Basten with a sensational volley from a tight angle. ht…
Van Persie is Holland's all-time top scorer. Better than Van Basten? No - nowhere near. But, like Rooney, worthy of gre…
No player should ever turn down the chance of a van Basten style volley! Don't lay it off!
hope so. doubt I have is they have told BR too get on with it and make it work with last summers signings
Johan Cruyff and Marco Van Basten at the airport for their departure to Sweden to face Malmö FF. March, 1987
Ha ha. I've heard van Basten has agreed terms as well!
The amount of ITKs on here who said this was close and worse that Inter where insulted by LFC lowball. Why!?!?!
Sir Bobby was very lucky to keep his job. Van Basten's hatrick wasn't spectacular but his finishing was clinical. He had arrived.
Remember it fine mate Kenny was in charge up 2-0 got beat 3-2 wish Kenny was still in charge !
in 1988: Marco Van Basten tears a new one & grabs a hat-trick as win 3-1 in Euro '88.
No idea mate not heard a thing about him we paid 7m for him as well be lucky to get 3m if we sold him another waste of cash.
Llori confuses the *** out of me he's supposed to be some sort of superstar but i'm not hearing it in the newspapers !
Injured yeah!!! ...maybe llori the speed merchant was bought to cover his lack of pace.It's all coming together now,BR genius 😉
He was injured mate he was class for them the last month bug part of them staying up , lack of pace is a worry tho.
he deffo hasn't Col but it's a worry when he can't get a regular game at Sunderland.
Marco Van Basten tore England a new *** at Euro 88 on June 15th, scoring an unforgettable hatrick in a 3-1 win for the Dutch
Makaay scored goals for fun anywhere he went, Netherlands have always produced great goals scorers Van Basten, Ruud, Robin, Klaas
"was a great player.Alcohol messed him up.see goal . Basten too; injury truncated his career up
Seriously nobody going to mention Marco Van Basten vs USSR 1988?
I hope so. I don't want a case like Marco Van Basten.
for me it goes like this.. . 1.Zidane . 2.Maradona . 3.Pele . 4.Van Basten . 5.Pirlo
Clyne is on the bench. Why does Woy put players in wrong positions.
We'll know when Kovacic signs becuase Brendan will start banging on about "the wee lads amazing character." Lol
I guess we will never know for sure.
yeah I know, you've said before. Just passing it on, big difference in what stage it's at.
I like Fab, but pinch of salt there. Without disrespecting him, much of what he says is regurgitated or wrong.
like I said to many I just share what I'm told I don't claim to be an ITK 🐸
Henry is in the Romario/Ronaldo/van Basten category. Drogba is two levels beneath that.
how many more Dutch players are going to be linked with eh? May aswel sign Van Basten and Guillet while we're at it
I've got Van Basten as mine with Bergkamp B-Team manager but yeah, AWESOME
follow train after follow train. Good luck mate.
And that's a season where Tankovic was out for a time with an injury I believe, and manager Van Basten had heart issues.
or silverware! Winning the championship next season.
Gullit and Van Basten with the Intercontinental Cup on the flight back home
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
one of them is going to turn into the Marco Van Basten
Marco Van Basten's Champions League dream team is quite something
The TV programme today listed Dennis Berkamp,Marco Van Basten and Johan Cruyff on a Holland Best Squad what a Forward line!
It is understood Raheem Sterling wants to join Manchester City. (Jason Burt - Telegraph)
We had Van Basten & Gullit or Sheva & Kaka but we had Baresi, Maldini or Nesta And Stam.. The new Milan must be built on a strong defense!.
Anyone want to buy a Legend Van Basten currently extinct?
good. Arsenal could do with taking a step back 👍
It´s awful leave out of that list Gattuso, Van Basten, Ibrahimovic, Cafú, Rui Costa, Seedorf, Rijkaard, Gullit, Weah...
good shout! I'm all about the Van Basten one but loving the Gullit and Le Tissier ones also
Ancelotti: "Van Basten always used to tell me the same thing during matches: 'give me the ball and then run to hug me.".
The best quotes on Cristiano Ronaldo. José Mourinho: "I remember the first time I saw him play. It was for a Sporting CP youth team. I told my assistant, 'There goes Van Basten's son.' Ronaldo had great technique. He stood out." Sir Alex Ferguson: "We've had some great players at this club in my 20 years, but he's up with the best." Sir Alex Ferguson: "After we played Sporting last week, the lads in the dressing room talked about him constantly, and on the plane back from the game they urged me to sign him. That's how highly they rated him." Ian Holloway (Journalist): "The kid makes you sick. He looks the part, he walks the part, he is the part. He's six-foot something, fit as a flea, good-looking, he's got to have something wrong with him. Hopefully he's hung like a hamster! That would make us all feel better!" Alan Parry (Commentator): "He's a gift from heaven, he is truly a gift from heaven. Whatever he touches turns to gold." Andy Gray (Commentator): "I'm running out of words to describe this lad." G ...
Thierry Henry: Weah, Ronaldo and Van Basten were my idols | Rio & Thierry Part 1
One lucky fan was lucky enough to go there and meet Van Basten dad in Holland and see that room all done up.
Theres nothing wrong with having Van Basten as my avi. He was a world class player. Being jealous of others success will get
- My sister's in recovery, and has asked me to participate in her gratitude challenge. (three things to be thankful for) But I only have one right now.. I am beyond thankful for my little family I have at home, the support, and random acts of kindness that flow through my home are what make these "bad days" worth fixing. Much love. Damien Van Basten Jake Hilliard Summer Byrne Sean Smith.. and our chronic napper of course Taylor Shelley
no although they should have. Baresi came second to van Basten who was a god. Maldini idk y he didn't
cesc> Zidane.. Costa > Van Basten. That's all I have to say.
Ronaldo's goal record is officially in Van Basten territory...
Luke Williams GOAL! Alis making it sound like a zidane, van basten volley bet its a tap in
Real Madrid's starting XI tonight cost €458.5m, making it the most expensive line up in history.
true, but you know as well as I do, it's d prem +d CL games they ALL want2 play,so impossible 2keep the 4 happy! Good problem.
it's the idea scenario for us too. Not sure if it's ideal for mamadou and Daniel mind!
Pele, Maradona and Van Basten all Scorpios! *** happened to me?!
Looks like Southampton are going to lose out on Marcos Rojo. The player hands in transfer request and says he wants to jo…
I remember games like West Ham where they had a bagful of chances, it's wrong to suggest they didn't create chances
If I recall Van Basten hadn't retired yet either, J.P.Papin was still at Milan, Signori was at Lazio. Golden age of serie a
Happy Birthday ! Hope you finally have the season where you prove everyone wrong, be our next van basten .
If we get Moreno he goes straight in at LB for me.
Marco Van Basten is always another option
yeah of course. But it is the 4 you'd keep. Can't see 2 maybe 1 for sure being happy.
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Yeah thats it mate, does a job out wide but a lot better up top.
he decent, plays second fiddle at PSG and Uruguay to the 2 boys but was the main man in Italy and looked it.
I think he'd cost about £40m probs be on £150-£200k, works hard, we could do alot worse tbf.
once he wasn't too overpriced plus too demanding wage wise. You'd have to. He'd do a job for us.
yeah that's fair enough mate,but he's taking the *** 4.5k followers 250 he's following. Thinks he's somebody he ain't imo.
think he said as much a few weeks back.This left back and AL instead of GJ + EC +9 from sun would have been the 11
fair enough. It's a free world. Good luck.
excluding in defence think Rodgers will gradualy integret the other new signings as the season goes on.
Jono did alright on Sun, not sure how fit JE is been out t for a good while. Think getting a Lb in and playing is good news.
lucas wouldn't be near my team but that's not saying he won't play, think BR might.
probably, but I'd put Enrique at LB.
put me gaff on him starting the same back 4 as Sunday, No?
after playing DL and MS together is be amazed is they don't start again. The rest nearly pick themselves.
want a left back playing but JE ain't 100%,so GJ did enough till this spainish lad ever arrives. I'd pay Can too. +
I agree with you. Not sure it's my 11 but think it will be BR next week.
and it goes back in to even the 70's Cryuff, Neeskens. Then Van Basten, Bergkamp. You'd think at some point it'd run out.
Patrick Bamford. The striker van Basten could have been.
after yday I'm thinking about Dan, PC and RS ... But hard fixtures after Southampton originally stopped me.
first draft before Saturday. What ye think so far?
And there's 3, cracking volley from the corner of the area, no doubt some would call it Van Basten-esque, it wasn't but still a belter
lothar would be up there for you :) I'm trying van basten at the moment
he'll play like Van Basten for 1 game, Lee Chapman for 2 games & Ade Akinbiyi the rest.
I added a video to a playlist Top 10: Marco Van Basten
Healy asked Henry who his heroes were. He named Marco Van Basten and Michael Jordan.
Van basten is never talked about when ppl talk about great strikers that guys tech was crazy he could do it all
Lovren looked like he was ready made to play for us. Just feel Sakho is better than Skrtel. But time will tell
like the look of lovern myself. Taking what u to lads have pointed out already Wonder what MS is thinking so.
think BR prefers Skrtel and Lovren. I feel today's team will start next week
im sure! Biggest thing so far is Koeman going to Trabzonspor and Van Basten moving to Liverpool
That's the problem with paedophiles they always have people there to defend them & so help them move around
my first reaction was, I fuking can't believe that.
shoulda 'euthanised' him in the green Isle while you had the chance
No he was ran out of Galway and has all over Europe before being ran out of each town & city
fair enough, not sure what stage BD are at in their pre season but we where miles ahead of them 2day. Good start helped 2.
nope, rarely, if ever watch pre season garb nowadays BUT would like to see Lovren and Can prior to start
once he is still here. Keeps progressing at this rate and Real or Barca will be in for him eventually.
Idc Linus Hallenius volley is better than Van Basten's. Dont @ me
Chelsea will sign Pelé, Maradona, Thierry Henry, Ronaldo, Van Basten and Gerd Muller and Torres will still think he's the main striker.
Galliani: '' There were so many beautiful times, one of the things I remember most is that the purchase of Gullit & van Basten.''
It's like the old 90s joke. The Dutch have Marco Van Basten, which sounds powerful and sexy. England have David Batty.
Van Basten's world up final goal against Russia was something else, up there with the best ever goals
The idea is basically world legends more known for their international than club career. Pele, Zidane, Van Basten, etc.
Look! Ronaldo and van Basten are in united shirts we must've signed them !!!
spot on mate. Premiership experience would have to be better than staying in France.
:( Now that even Origi is finalised. I thnk BR should focus on LB and a decent striker... Thats it
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I'm just poppin down the hotel for soup and a roll. Have ya got a lend of a grand lol
Italian defenders really ended Van Basten's career early
Van Basten really one of the most gifted scorers of all time !
1 more stitch and they would have had to amputate his joke "Van Basten had to retire LMAO!"
He's everything and more. Heard he was van Basten reincarnated
true. Well I hope who ever he bought the water for was worth it 😜
I never get tired of watching van basten's goal in euro 88
I wrote a piece for about Alexandre Lacazette who would fit perfectly!
lol too right. I think I'd end up inside before I'd pay that for 3 bottles of water
Avoid - £75 for 3 San Pellegrino in their garden. Not told of minimum spend of £25/head.
messi and ronaldo; R9 already forgotten? have any of u seen van basten plays ? Or those of that beautiful era !!
your second point is a worry too me too. Who to buy ain't obvious.
Stup1d f00l... None of R9 or van basten were better than Cr7 aerially, while using both feets Cr use them from...
Also Milan v Lazio in opening week of Serie A action. What price this scoreline?
very quickly indeed bt whts bothering me is BR said he wont rush for heck of buying. And there are no good players in market
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that is just awful. I would never go out dressed like that.
But I also share a birthday with Marco Van Basten and Ricardo Fuller so you all lose
That Devaney effort was like Van Basten in 88
With Gerd Mueller and Marco Van Basten he's the best forward of all time without any doubt.
that is true but still don't think we'd beat Milan of 1988 onward with Gullit, Rijkaard and Van Basten
we've still got money to spend, so there is a chance it will go on the first XI.
the league back then unreal van basten papin gullit Mancini vialli baresi to name a few not to many big names let now all
we’re talking van Basten, Gullit, Matthaus, Papin, Baggio, Stoichkov, Weah, Sammer, Ronaldo and Zidane to name but a few
You might be right, but then again, we got some money to spend (finally).. so aim for the highest right?
might be better in time. All we need is Moreno and a striker.
With Sanchez being a winger and the other two being strikers. Shame we did not get Sanches, but Markovic .
Southampton have now sold 5 members of last season's squad for a whopping £97m.
It's the people dreaming of Reus, Vidal and Pogba I feel sorry for. I got to that point and then realised.
So next window LFC will be replacing Suarez with Lambert.
I just wonder if we really are working on sell to buy and the idea of extra cash has been fed to us all along.
fair enough, doesn't make sense to me but that's your opinion I guess. Take care.
Or not... Never been that a fan of Remy. We should not get players because they are cheap. Lets wait and see...
hold off on the not too sad bit mate till we see the next option. We might all b fuking crying by then 😉
you've seen play for Liverpool you mean?
in gym now to give me energy ⚡ boost 😀. Worst thing is going to bed 10pm 😴
god I don't know how people do it, it's soo tiring
welcome to my world Monday to Friday. Ye big softy. 😊
having said that I'm 30 now so iv some vintage memories of some great players. Van Basten+ Zidane being my favourite ever
Finnaly ~ thanks good (with Joshua and Marco Van Basten at Taman Firdaus) —
Van Basten, Johan Cruyff, Ruud Gullit etc. Fair to say there has been some damage players to come out of Holland.
Andy Townsend in misses a golden chance to mention THAT Van Basten goal shock
Van Basten is the new coach of AZ Alkmaar. Contract until June 30, 2016.
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