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Vampire Hunter

A vampire hunter or vampire slayer is a character in folklore and fiction who specializes in finding and destroying vampires, and sometimes other supernatural creatures.

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Gutted Daniel-day Lewis has retired. I was really hoping for a sequel to Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter
Vampire and Hunter. - I love the art. - *** - I relate to the second pic in life 😂😂
Me too... though I wouldn't mind her playing a vampire hunter! Then again, I dunno if she'd want to get in…
'Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter' opens in theaters 5 years ago! (June 20, 2012) Linkin Park's 'Powerless' is on...
here's a good one. I sometimes make posts pretending to be a vampire hunter pretending to be a vampire
You are talking about Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, right?
Vampire Hunter D is one of my all time favorite classics. :D Glad you loved it!
Promotional art cards included with the Discotek Media release of the Vampire Hunter: Darkstalkers' Revenge OVA.
uhhh so this PARTY DOWN episode has Breckin Meyer playing "Edgar Allen Poe, Vampire Hunter" 1 year before the Abe Lincoln book was released
So seriously, is Abe Lincoln, Vampire Hunter good? Or what?
I want that title to be changed to "Jesus Christ, Vampire Hunter?!".
Check out my latest book review. Book Review: Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter by Seth Grahame-Smith
Don't be fooled, y'all: this is a photoshop from "Abraham Lincoln - Vampire Hunter". Abe & Poe never met. 💀
Did you see the Underground Railroad scenes in Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter?
It's an afternoon of watching Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter and Hansel and Gretl, Witch Hunters. And blog stuff. What are you up to?
Abraham Lincoln : Vampire Hunter , then followed by Hansel & Gretel : Witch Hunters , good day so far
"Your vampire hunter from Dracula, Van Helsing, that name is an anagram of Havensglin." -
I'm not gonna get into a relationship unless he is a vampire, a werewolf, a demigod or a hunter
Are you brave enough for the of the & hunter? . .
What a world it would be if you get to choose . 1. Human/hunter. 2. Lycan . 3. Vampire
My will: . This is Woof's first time as Vampire Hunter! :D. and then my first visit, I stake a vamp. and also die...
Standard vampire hunter equipment. . CULT OF THE NOSFERATU a new novel. . Get it
There was that Meredith Fell person but,, that's not the same as a vampire hunter/slayer who scared the *** outta damon is it
on a slightly more serious note... Vampire vs hunter? Ideal for
"he's a vampire hunter, dad." She sighed. "We met on my friend's party by the truth or dare game we had to kiss."
also I just meant to say Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter and I said vampire humper 😆
What do you guys think of me making Charlotte from Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust for Anime Expo?!
Bonnie can't die so of course they would make her into a psycho vampire hunter
No matter how bad your day has been, there's no way it's worse than this shot in Abe Lincoln: Vampire Hunter
My good friend and vampire hunter extraordinaire, Bloodsucka Jones is back and this time…it's personal. Skip...
oh, the "fan panel" listing on the AX schedule has both Cosplay Deviants and the folks making the new Vampire Hunter D TV show
Fun fact- Abraham Lincoln was not only a lawyer and politician, but also a vampire hunter.
Oh my God, I completely forgot about Robot Carnival. Also, Vampire Hunter D was so cheesily bad it was great.
Robot Carnival and Vampire Hunter D got me into anime but Sailor Moon made me a lifelong fan.
The winning Gun Witch costume is...Vampire Hunter!. And we know how you feel about the cape. We'll do our best. 😘
There, you’re not so bad, you just. dress bad. parasite in D’s hand (Vampire Hunter. D: Bloodlust)
Get to know Blade, the Vampire Hunter, on an all-new episode of
-- about to find out. . Oh. Right. Obviously. /She's a vampire hunter now/. Genes activated by touch. New evolution. Blah,…
Casual comment to turned into a good conversation between Shadow Hunter and Vampire. I do like, I should introduce+
yes but without the American Civil War how could they have made "Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter" ? I mean, c'mon
"Abraham Lincoln vs the Zombies" and "Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter": what red-blooded man can resist this double bill?
Fright Night movie are like Abraham Lincoln the Vampire Hunter, but the modern one. Charley play a main actor since like Amateur hunter.
TFW you're playing Town of Salem as Sarah Chagall and you get the role of "Vampire Hunter"
After "walking dead" I recommend "Anita Blake-Vampire Hunter" series not just Vamps=What would world be if supernatural existed & lived w/us
6 writing lessons taken from the Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter series
While they were contemporaries, this photo is from Abe Lincoln, Vampire Hunter and is fake
"I'm going to kel you." Here's his role as a Vampire Hunter:
Happy Birthday President Lincoln! DYK an Emerson Alum wrote Abraham Lincoln:Vampire Hunter? Head in that direction with our studio programs!
Today is the birthday of Abraham Lincoln. President / Vampire Hunter. .
Young Alfred Kinsey in the film Kinsey is Abraham Lincoln the Vampire Hunter??
3 of 5 stars to Aunt Dimity, Vampire Hunter by Nancy Atherton
he probably thought Abe Lincoln : Vampire Hunter was an autobiography.
*Walk into living room*. Dad: Watch this movie with me. Me: what is it. Dad: Abe Lincoln the Vampire Hunter. Me: Festive, I like it
to quote from the movie Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter- "A friend in need is a friend of Speed."
Rufus Sewell is brilliant in everything he does. From Man in the High Castle to...Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter.
Caroline Munro and Horst Janson on set of Captain Kronos, Vampire Hunter - 1974
Finishing our Thanksgiving with some fine American history: Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter ^^
this takes me back to that scene in Jesus Christ, Vampire Hunter where Jesus shops at an Ottawa store where I bought a belt.
is it anything like Abraham Lincoln : Vampire Hunter?
Hammer created Captain Kronos as a Vampire Hunter in the 70s. With a few tweaks to the character.
Aaj ka din movies k naam — watching Abraham Lincon the Vampire Hunter
. I'd just honestly like one dedicated Hunter the Reckoning please. We vampire and monster hunters get no love!
Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter will always be one of my favorite movies.
Where is Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter when you need him?
Vampire Hunter D is a beautiful pile of nothing
Would you rather be a Vampire Hunter or a Zombie Killer ?
I'm watching "Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter" and I have to say, it really does raise the bar for politicians nowadays.
Awesome. Photo is fake, from 'Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter.'
My graphic novel Von Herling, Vampire Hunter got a Lexile score of 1320.
📷 mygaydisney: theburgerbox: [Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter is easily the worst thing to happen to...
in 14 days cinematic history will be made! Karl Vincent: Vampire Hunter
the devs of are introducing the Vampire and Vampire Hunter roles right now!
What if in that Mulan 2 song instead of the line "cut quick... like my blade" they said "like i'm Blade", as in the vampire hunter
I am on the record on the value of "Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter," so this is just awesome.
You can play the Vampire, and Vampire Hunter on the PTR. It is currently down, but will be up later today after the devs AMA.
Good Lord, This is an obvious fake from the book "Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter."
Hey Townies, here is a sneak peek of the new skins for Vampire, and Vampire Hunter.
AMA with the Developers! Vampire and Vampire Hunter questions/play via
Instead of having a vampire hunter, maybe you could make him a monster hunter, who can hunt Witch, Vampire, and WW.
What do you think about a Vampire Lord who is immune to all but usual stuff/ Hunter to star Vamps?(End of Vamp(Hunter) intro Thread)
He was looking at Asylums direct to video release of Abraham Lincoln vs the Zombies and thought it was Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter.
A witch recently witched a doctor to target her while the Vampire Hunter turned vig attacked her but she wasnt healed, Bug?
I find it coincidental that the Lincoln vampire hunter film came out after discourse around increased.
Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter is a terrible, terrible movie, and I don't think even slapping people with horses saves it.
The first half showed us that he gave up on Damon and became petty to the point of letting a vampire hunter abduct Enzo because Enzo
There was a special edition of the first Vampire Hunter D movie I wanted to pick up with Bloodlust, but just a bit pricey
In the 7th grade I wrote a small story about a drag queen bounty hunter who ended up becoming a vampire
Vampire Hunter! 🎃👻 Hope everyone had a great Halloween!
There's still time - head to the booth & pick up a George W. Bush:Vampire Hunter - for America!
I have spent the entire day watching The Walking Dead, Vampire Diaries and iZombie in bed... I don't regret it one bit
The Vampire Diaries without Elena Gilbert is like Hunter without Dee Dee McCall. .
Why do I find The Vampire Diaries so fun to watch?!
Had movie marathon with the boys; from Boruto to Pixels and to Abraham Lincoln: the vampire hunter. :) good morning*
We at Liked: Final costume reveal! . I'm a 300 year old vampire re-awakened by a vampire hunter who disturb…
Of course, this is just the trailer, but I'm getting a definite Hansel & Gretel, Witch Hunters / Lincoln, Vampire Hunter vibe.
. Im kinda Nuked on the silly stuff. But Abe Lincoln the Vampire Hunter was the Bomb Yo.
Pride & Prejudice and Zombies?? Yeah, that sounds about right. Abe Lincoln was a Vampire Hunter after all.
which one of you is Abe Lincoln, Vampire Hunter?
Hey Townies, we have some more information about the new roles, Vampire and Vampire Hunter. Come read what...
Laurell K. Hamilton's Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter - who's a fan? What do you think? See comments section here:
My favourite book is probably Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter. I'm not even joking.
Review - 5 Stars - The Lunatic Cafe (Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter by... on
Review - 5 Stars - Guilty Pleasures (Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter by... on
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