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Valerie Trierweiler

Valérie Trierweiler (née Massonneau, born 16 February 1965) is a French political journalist. She is the domestic partner of François Hollande, the 24th President of the French Republic.

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French President Francois Hollande and girlfriend Valerie Trierweiler in pictures -
I've shared the fate of many working mothers; I felt guilty like them.
I am, and remain, passionate about news.
I have never worn dresses by grands couturiers.
My feeling is that maintaining financial independence is also a healthy way to keep my
I built my entire life on the idea of independence.
"and we are giving you front row stage and I am giving you center stage and hello miss valerie trierweiler
Valerie Trierweiler's book about Hollande? (Haven't read it, but it sounds extremely messy)
Being First Lady is playing supporting act. I am not seeking notoriety and ...
"Thank You for This Moment" by Valerie Trierweiler on Hollande "does not like the poor" and calls them "toothless."
People deal with heartbreak in different ways, not all of them rational. Trierweiler chose to write a book :
Flummoxed. No idea what to make of Valérie Trierweiler.
Funny, Hollande cheated on his long term partner with very Valerie Trierweiler. She didn't seem to have a problem then?
Valerie Trierweiler's kiss and tell... can't resist!
Valerie Trierweiler: Its more dignified to shut up? Is tha...
Thank You for the Moment is a painful read not just for Hollande (tribune Guardian sur le livre de Trierweiler)
BBC News - Valerie Trierweiler 'did not attempt suicide' over Hollande affair
Valerie Trierweiler says taking sleeping pills after Hollande affair was not suicide attempt
Valérie Trierweiler: ‘It’s more dignified to shut up? Is that how we serve the cause of women? I don’t think so…’
Valerie Trierweiler: 'I did not try to commit suicide': Valerie Trierweiler, in London to publish her ki...
This interview with Valerie Trierweiler confirms as one of Britain's best interviewers.
After the (Hollande) affair: Jeremy Harding's delicious take on Valerie Trierweiler's tell-all in the London
Valerie Trierweiler, the former partner of French President Francois Hollande, says Mr Hollande 'dislikes the poor'.
French President's ex-girlfriend tells all in book: Valerie Trierweiler, ex-partner of French President Franco...
Should/shouldn't she have written abt her life w
*** hath no fury like a woman scorned, but when she's a journo there usually follows a book! This 1 about Hollande.
France's former first lady Valerie Trierweiler spills the beans on her relationship with Mr Hollande and the painful and sudden break-up in January.
who pretended to hate rich really the poor. He uses them and mocks them in
A woman scorned or a rubbish president?
Trierweiler 'took pills' over Hollande split in France France's former First Lady, Valerie Trierweiler, has revealed she swallowed sleeping pills after confronting President Francois Hollande over his affair with actress Julie Gayet. Her account of their break-up has been revealed in excerpts of a book published by Paris Match magazine. Photos of Mr Hollande's liaison with Ms Gayet appeared in January. Ms Trierweiler describes how she snapped after hearing about the affair and wanted to escape. The president's break-up with Ms Trierweiler captivated France for weeks at the start of 2014 and such was the secrecy surrounding her book that it was printed in Germany. Until now she has said little about how their relationship ended and the contents of her book, Thank You For This Moment, have been kept under wraps ahead of publication on Thursday.
Hollande's former partner Valérie Trierweiler claims that France's president "does not like the poor"
Valerie Trierweiler to publish explosive kiss-and-tell book via
All lie-berals hate the poor, but pretend otherwise to garner votes.
Trierweiler tells of suicide bid and jealousy in memoir about life with ... - Evening Standard
Francois Hollande: "Who needs fiction when you have newspapers?"
Trierweiler says she tried to overdose on sleeping pills after learning of Hollande's affair:
"He presented himself as the man who doesn't like the rich. In reality, he doesn't like the poor", Valérie writes of
Former French First Lady tell-all memoir: Hollande calls poor people, 'The Toothless masses'
Valerie Trierweiler took 'one pill too many' when she found out about Hollande's affair: Valerie T...
SPLASH! She spills it all in her new book, Valerie Trierweiler on being cheated on by Francois Hollande..
Trierweiler 'took pills' over split: France's former first lady, Valerie Trierweiler, reveals she swallowed sl...
Valerie Trierweiler, former companion of President Francois Hollande, arrives at the airport in
First Lady’s State Dinner Gown by Carolina Herrera Was Everything!!! Michelle Obama chose a Venezuelan-American designer for the gown she would wear Tuesday to the state dinner honoring French President Francois Hollande. Clearly the advice to go with something that had more of a Freach theme was the right advice and the gown was everything. She looked II, who she is and the is the First Lady of the Free World, a Super Power! Now if I had one minor issue it would be that she should have worn her hair up with a full ball gown like she wore, but it was all good with her rocking that 80s *** back that my mother wore back in the day. But the formal, ornate style of the sumptuous gown by Carolina Herrera reflected French aesthetics, from the intricate beaded black bodice, to the train and full skirt in a color called liberty blue, according to Susan Swimmer, author of "Michelle Obama: First Lady of Fashion and Style." "From the White House to Versailles it's not that far," said Swimmer, who is also contri .. ...
By Kat Giantis Everyone just take a deep breath. Deeper. Now slowly exhale, because rumors of an imminent, Internet-breaking story exposing an alleged affair between Beyoncé and President Barack Obama are not true. Repeat: The rumors are NOT TRUE. The "Scandal"-worthy whispers sprang to life on Monday following an interview given by a well-connected French photographer named Pascal Rotain. "You know, at this time, the United States, there is something big that is happening," he's quoted as saying. "Anyway, it'll go out [Tuesday] in the Washington Post -- we cannot say that it is the gutter press -- [a story about] an alleged affair between President Barack Obama and Beyoncé. I can assure you that the world will be talking about it." Added Rotain, "We should not forget Marilyn [Monroe] or Monica Lewinsky. You can be the president of the first world power -- that doesn't make you any less a man." The claims were soon picked up by the respected and widely distributed French newspaper Le Figaro, leading to ...
strange moral compass, there's talk of Valerie Trierweiler being 'humiliated' when Hollande committed infidelity
French President Francois Hollande has been honored at a lavish White House state dinner, capping a visit to the US aimed at renewing the partnership between the two long-standing allies. His was the first official state dinner at the White House since 2011. At the party, Mr. Hollande and President Barack Obama toasted the nations' centuries-old friendship. They have suggested the bad feelings over US spying and French opposition to the Iraq War have been soothed. The roughly 300 guests dined on caviar, quail eggs and rib-eye steak, later listening to a performance from singer Mary J. Bilge. After being welcomed to the White House by President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama, Mr. Hollande was seated between the couple at the dinner table in a heated tent on the South Lawn. The move was seen as a tactful way to handle the fact that Mr. Hollande arrived alone after an ugly, widely publicized split from long-time partner Valerie Trierweiler following reports he had an affair with an actress.
In my opinion Valerie Trierweiler is one hella woman!
Obama wines and dines solo Hollande - Barack Obama praised France's unpopular President Francois Hollande as a leader of courage, and wined and dined his solo guest at a lavish state dinner. Hollande, caught in a scandal over his messy split with partner Valerie Trierweiler, has seen his approval ratings plummet over his failure to restore economic prosperity. But he relished center stage at the White House, as President Obama praised his resolve in tackling extremism i...
French leader, now single, feted at White House state dinner: French President Francois Hollande was feted Tuesday by President Barack Obama at a state dinner that drew political, business and Hollywood heavyweights, but not Valerie Trierweiler, who was considered France’s first lady before her highly publicized split with Hollande last month. Guests invited
Valerie Trierweiler charts a new course through charity visit to India - Valerie Trierweiler charts a new course t...
Newly-single Valerie Trierweiler shows French President Francois Hollande what he is missing as she strips down to a bikini on holiday in Mauritius. The jilted former French First Lady jetted to the sun-drenched isle to relax with friends as her ex-partner prepared to fly to freezing Washington to m
Valerie Trierweiler, former partner, sues Closer magazine for publishing bikini pics taken on
I'd much prefer the made up rumours about Obama to be that he was having an affair with Valérie Trierweiler.
"Kareena at First Lady of France Valerie Trierweiler Launch" See more at:
Francois Hollande arrives in US for state visit to Obama French President Francois Hollande has arrived in the US for a state visit, as he and President Barack Obama tout their co-operation on issues from Iran to trade and climate change. In articles published jointly in US and French newspapers, they said "our deepening partnership offers a model for international cooperation". A state dinner will be held on Tuesday. The trip comes as Mr Hollande is mired in low approval ratings at home and a personal scandal. After Mr Hollande's arrival on Monday afternoon, he and Mr Obama flew to Monticello in the state of Virginia, the home of Thomas Jefferson, one of the founders of the US, an envoy to France, and the third US president. The two toured Jefferson's home, how on the campus of the University of Virginia, stopping by his study, the kitchen and the quarters of slaves who helped build and run the estate. 'Our current bond'Mr Hollande noticed one of the books on display at Monticello was in French In remark ...
Unemployment is 11%. Hollande also coming stag after split with longtime live-in lady, Valerie Trierweiler.
France's former first lady Valerie Trierweiler on charity visit to India
How’s winter in America, Francois? France’s dumped first lady Valerie Trierweiler deals with...
Barack Obama greets solo Francois Hollande: President Barack Obama is to roll out the diplomatic red carpet for Francois Hollande in a visible sign of improving Franco-US relations that hit a nadir over France's refusal to support the invasion of Iraq in 2003. "We've come a long way from 'freedom fries'," a senior Obama administration official observed yesterday (Monday) in a reference to the decision by Congress to rename French fries in its restaurant at the time. He was speaking ahead of a visit that will lavish personal attention on the French president - including a ride on Air Force One and a state dinner. Mr Hollande is in need of distraction from domestic tribulations that include his affair with a French actress and deep-seated economic problems. The White House was forced to pulp hundreds of invitations to tonight's (Tuesday's) state dinner after Mr Hollande's break-up with Valerie Trierweiler, his long-term girlfriend, who escaped to the Indian Ocean island of Mauritius last week, where she was ...
Photo caption below from Sunday's Tampa Bay Times, with story about how Hollande would be visiting the White House without his longtime partner, the unofficial first lady. French President Francois Hollande and his wife, Valerie Trierweiler, have separated after the former first lady says she was caught by surprise by his affair with an actress. (Times ran a correction today.)
MT France's former 1st lady hits the beach in Mauritius as Hollande visits Charlottesville
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France's former first lady Valerie Trierweiler hits beach in Mauritius via
First lady: a and outdated via the truth lies?
New post: "France's former first lady Valerie Trierweiler hits the beach with girlfriends in Mauritius as Hollan...
Saint Valentin's day is approaching. Big Kiss to Michele Obama and Valérie Trierweiler. Just a word. Men are pigs and we know it here.
Valerie Trierweiler, the former partner of French President Francois Hollande, is suing Closer for invasion of privacy after the French magazine published photo
Valerie Trierweiler sends her kindest regards. Oh, and so does Ms Gayet.
à demain (as we say in French), Hollande gets state welcome/dinner. Events reworked a bit since his live-in lady Valerie Trierweiler split.
Be My Valentine... please? In the days of my youth Valentine's Day had a very different meaning from what it is today. It was a celebration of love between couples, but above all, it was a day of declaring one's feelings to he/she who had no idea that someone somewhere had feelings for them. Valentine cards were delivered & received unsigned, with the plea, Be My Valentine, please? A few hints here & there suggested clues to the identity of the sender. 14 February was also the day most young men proposed marriage to their girlfriends. The day was celebrated in the simplest ways; precious time spent in each other's company, music shared, perhaps a bottle of wine too, a single flower plucked from the garden and cherished for what it represented, a walk in the park hand in hand & a box of chocolate.., all moments to cherish, at hardly any expense. This was not an occasion to show off to others the 200 red roses or the expensive gift, but an occasion to show your loved one your appreciation of them. If you di ...
One ex of French pres to another: Ségolène Royal to : "It's not 9/11, after all"
Just another day in France...Valerie Trierweiler SUING Closer over swimwear pictures via
Hollande doesn’t mince words: "I wish to make it known that I have ended my partnership with Valerie Trierweiler.”
Could dumped Former First Lady of France, Valerie Trierweiler (be next Ambassador to France?
Fraçois Holland the President of France which is the world's fifth largest economy and home to 31 the world's biggest commercial corporations, including the energy giant Total and worldly known cosmetic company l'Oreal.The President of France is Commander in Chief of the largest army in europe, the French miltary has been sent to address the savage conflicts in West and Central Africa by the President and already endorsed support to the USA efforts in Syria and helped to urge Iran to bring on the negotiation table with USA.The France is a solid ally of USA but always retains its independence in the world politics. Despite the fact that François Hollan is key global player in the world politics, but seems uncomfortable at home in France to redress the economical issues such as to reduce the unemployment rate, since he came at the helm of power.The foreign investment in France has been plunged 77 per cents and there are 3.3 millions people mostly the youth are jobless.His personal love affaires with a F . ...
French President Francois Hollande's dumped ex, Valerie Trierweiler, is to sue Closer magazine after the French glossy published pictures of her getting over her break-up on a tropical beach.
Valerie Trierweiler blames 'low-blows and betrayals' for Francois Hollande break ... - Daily Mail
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The parallels between Sunanda Pushkar and Valerie Trierweiler, the former First Lady of France, are all too apparent. What lessons can be drawn from the lives of these two women, who lived, loved, rose and then fell dramatically in the public gaze, asks Seema Goswami.
A day after splitting with French President Francois Hollande, Valerie Trierweiler arrived in Mumbai on Sunday.
Women in love: The rise and fall of Sunanda Pushkar, Valerie Trierweiler Daily News 27/1/14 1. Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe left for home on Monday after a three-day official visit during which it was agreed that Japan would help in development of roads and agriculture in India’s North-eastern states for which feasibility studies are to be undertaken. 2. Three panchayat-level workers and a Prime Minister Rural Development Fellow (PMRDF) taken hostage by Maoists on January 25 in Giridih district were released on Monday evening. 3. India’a leading power producer and state-owned NTPC Ltd on Monday announced it had entered into two foreign currency loan agreements with the Japan Bank for International Co-operation (JBIC) for around $430million (approx. Rs. 2,650 crore) loan for its Kudgi and Auraiya thermal power projects. 4. The Iowa-based institutions of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi have confirmed that at least 130 Indian religious scholars known as “Vedic pandits” have gone missing in recent years, after arriving in the U.S. to pursue programmes of relig ...
Valerie Trierweiler: If Francois Hollande hadnt been President, perhaps we ... - The Independe..
Valerie Trierweiler: 'If Francois Hollande hadn't been President, perhaps we ... - The Independent
Valerie Trierweiler leaves Paris alone after split with French President Francois Hollande, but in first lady style ...
File photo of French President Francois Hollande and companion Valerie Trierweiler visitin...
Valerie Trierweiler 'happy' to have left Paris and Francois Hollande behind for India trip | via
Former first lady Valerie Trierweiler braves India media scrum after split with French President Francois Hollande 'Don't worry about me' says France's ex-First Lady Reuters UK MUMBAI (Reuters) - France's former first lady, Valerie Trierweiler, said on Monday she was doing fine after her split from President Francois Hollande, telling reporters during a trip to India that she felt "useful"...
Valerie Trierweiler says betrayals and backstabbing to blame for split from Francois Hollande. .
Valerie Trierweiler: betrayals and backstabbing to blame for Hollande split: Power destroyed Francois Hollande's...
Valerie Trierweiler, the ex-partner of French President Francois Hollande, interacts with health workers and children during a visit a...
French President Francois Hollande splits with partner Valerie Trierweiler after ... - Updated January 26, 2014...
‘If Francois Hollande hadn’t been President, we would have still been together’ — Valerie Trierweiler
France's former first lady, Valerie Trierweiler speaks out for the first time since the cheating scandal involving her and President Francois Hollande went public Read story here:
Franc'es former first lady, Valerie Trierweiler attends first news conference since the cheating scandal surrounding President Francois Hollande broke... Read story here:
Valerie Trierweiler blames 'betrayals and backstabbing' for split with Francois Hollande
Julie Gayet was probably hoping for fame and fortune when she embarked on a career as an actress, but maybe not like this. French President Francois Hollande confirmed last week that his relationship with former 'first lady' Valerie Trierweiler had come to an end, though quite how amicably has...
French President Francois Hollande on Saturday told AFP he has split with his longstanding partner Valerie Trierweiler after his affair with an actress nearly 20 years his junior. The announcement came after a day of rumours in the French media that Hollande would formally announce the rupture o
A day after parting ways with President Francois Hollande, France's former first lady Valerie Trierweiler discreetly left Paris for India on Sunday.
Have to wonder if breakup of Francois Hollande-Valerie Trierweiler is having an effect on Hokies. Cavaliers weathering …
France's first lady says Au Revoir: French President Francois Hollande and Valerie Trierweiler announced they'...
French President Francois Hollande says he is ending his relationship with partner Valerie Trierweiler, AFP reports.
French president François Hollande has separated from Valerie Trierweiler, his partner and until now France’s first lady, following reports two weeks ago that he was having an affair with a film actress.
Francois Hollande phones a news agency to announce he is leaving Valerie Trierweiler amid claims he had an affair with an actress.
PARIS — A French news agency reported Saturday that President Francois Hollande has ended his relationship with his companion of seven years, Valerie Trierweiler. Agence France Presse reported that Hollande said in a telephone conversation with the news agency Saturday evening that "I mak...
French President Francois Hollande confirms his separation from his partner Valerie Trierweiler, two weeks after allegations of an affair.
French President Francois Hollande reveals separation from his partner Valerie Trierweiler.
Presidential divorce. France President Francois Hollande has reportedly split with First lady Valerie Trierweiler. Has chosen a model. Elsewhere, Obama's marriage is on rocks. So they are just like us!
After a day of says his 'with is the of an the puts an to and says with his partner is Share Email Kim Willsher The Observer, Sunday 26 January 2014 Francois Hollande and are leading Hollande and Valerie Trierweiler are leading separate official lives Photograph: Charles Platiau/ CHARLES PLATIAU/Reuters/Corbis The was terse: François Hollande, speaking as a and not the president, was "putting an end" to his "shared life" with Valérie Trierweiler. The would-he-wouldn't-he soap opera that had played out for two weeks had finally come to what many saw as an inevitable conclusion. It was over. As the president flew back from an official visit to the Vatican, where he was frostily received, Valérie Trierweiler, his now ex-partner and now ex-was packing her bags for a two-day trip to India. She will not be unpacking them at the when she returns on Tuesday. With Hollande's declaration, her visit on behalf of Action Contre La Faim ("Action against hunger") had been transformed from a long-standing official eng ...
Some men are just like French President Francois Hollande that end their relationships once they are exposed or suspected as cheats to their partners, like Valerie Trierweiler. Just own up and seek pardon than denials.
EARLIER: French President Francois Hollande and Valerie Trierweiler split after alleged affair:
French President Francois Hollande is expected to announce his separation from partner Valerie Trierweiler on Saturday, a national weekly reported, following a media storm over his alleged affair with an actress.
BREAKI̶N̶G̶UP NEWS: French President Francois Hollande announces split with his partner and First lady, Valerie Trierweiler.
French First Lady Valerie Trierweiler coming to India Her visit is supposed to put the spotlight on malnutrition and hunger French President Francois Hollande’s official partner Valerie Trierweiler is on a two-day visit to India on what could be her last appearance as the French “First Lady,” although no such official appellation exists in the country’s Constitution. Ms. Trierweiler, a journalist with the weekly Paris Match went into hospital with “a touch of the blues” following revelations of President Hollande’s affair with actress Julie Gayet by the mass circulation magazine Closer. The French press has promptly dubbed the entire affair Closergate. In her wisdom, The French First Lady seems to have decided that a visit to India’s slums would be a good way to clear her head and leave behind the fairy tale-turned-nightmare romance she shared with the French head of State. Ms. Trierweiler’s decision to go ahead with the visit to India as planned and never mind her relations with the Pre ...
EU Reporter: VIDEO: France's Trierweiler to visit India - Valerie Trierweiler will go ahead with a planned trip to India despite uncertainty over her relationship with President Francois Hollande.
French President Francois Hollande is reportedly in negotiations to end his nine-year relationship with first lady Valerie Trierweiler after reports surfaced earlier this month that Hollande was undertaking an affair with an actress. 
W/ respect to Valerie Trierweiler, I think this article is pretty spot-on:
oh, i c. Lol. Do u mind me asking what u think of Francois Hollande, Valerie Trierweiler, & Julie Gayet situation?
Francois Hollande told Valerie Trierweiler during hospital visit: 'I need more time'
French first lady doing 'better', Hollande says: French President Francois Hollande said Monday his partner Valerie Trierweiler is do...
Valerie Trierweiler homeless after being told by Hollande I need more time to get my affairs in order
Francois Hollande, an avowed left winger who ‘dislikes the rich’, was set to visit his estranged first lady Valerie Trierweiler at La Lanterne, in Versailles, west of Paris.
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France's first lady Valerie Trierweiler was resting in the hospital after a gossip magazine reported about an alleged affair between French President Francois Hollande and an actress.
Francois Hollande set to visit first lady Valerie Trierweiler to 'discuss future' - Daily Mail
France's first lady has thanked her supporters after leaving hospital after a more than week-long stay following gossip magazine reports about an alleged affair between president Francois Hollande and an actress. A member of Valerie Trierweiler's entourage confirmed she left La Pitie-Salpetriere *** ..
PARIS: French first lady Valerie Trierweiler left hospital in Paris on Saturday, a week after reports emerged that her partner, President Francois Hollande, was having an affair with the actress Julie
Valerie Trierweiler, the official. partner of Francois Hollande, has reportedly left hospital in Paris.
Valerie Trierweiler leaves hospital: Valerie Trierweiler, the official partner of Francois Hol...
(FIRST LADY EMERGES) For those of you following with bated breath, Valerie Trierweiler has left the hospital.
Why didn't Obama tell us yesterday what is going on with Francois Hollande and Valerie Trierweiler and WHO is coming to dinner.
Francois Hollande, 59, dodged questions on whether his partner Valerie Trierweiler was still the first lady of France earlier this week.
François Hollande & Valerie Trierweiler: an affair shouldn’t be the end But for DSK & Anne Sinclair it was
Francois Hollande has refused to answer questions about his relationship with Valerie Trierweiler and rumoured affair with Julie Gayet. Report by Lauren Hood.
Valerie Trierweiler described as 'nasty and aggressive' by mother of Hollande'...
An angry Francois Hollande tells journalists that his partner Valerie Trierweiler may still be his first lady, just not his last.
Francois Hollande, the French president, speaks for more than two hours at the annual Elysee press conference, but repeately refuses to clarify whether Valerie Trierweiler is still the First Lady
NewsFrench President Francois Hollande admits to problems in his private lifePolitician's partner, journalist Valerie Trierweiler, hospitalized after magazine reportFrench President Francois Hollande addresses allegations he had an affair during a press conference to present his 2014 policy plans on...
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Francois Hollande's partner, journalist Valerie Trierweiler, has been hospitalized since Friday
As far as Francois Hollande is concerned, Valerie Trierweiler was not the first lady. She was not even the last lady.
French first lady Valerie Trierweiler ‘in hospital' following Francois Hollande affair claims
The first lady of Valerie Trierweiler has been hospitalized since Friday following allegations that Preside
France's first lady Valerie Trierweiler has been admitted to hospital following reports of President François Hollande having an affair.
French first lady Valerie Trierweiler is to be discharged from hospital today after being admitted on Friday for rest and tests. Media speculation has it that she has been shaken by reports of an…
'French first lady Valerie Trierweiler is in hospital with depression' via Lady fears being replaced
France's acting first lady, Valerie Trierweiler, taken to hospital after alleged affair allegations
French first lady Valerie Trierweiler's spokesman confirmed on Sunday that she had been admitted to hospital in Paris needing "rest", but said would be discharged on Monday.
Francois Hollande's partner Valerie Trierweiler taken to hospital after reports he had affair...
French First Lady hospitalised in Paris: Valerie Trierweiler taken to hospital after media reports allege her ...
Also on the news: Valerie Trierweiler, admitted to hospital on the day the Closer allegations emerged
French president’s partner hospitalised after affair claims
Valerie Trierweiler, French First Lady, is in hospital - BBC News..
Harder for French press to ignore the Hollande affair story now the 'collateral damage' starts to emerge
France's First Lady in hospital suffering from depression after learning of President Francois Hollande's affair
Valerie Trierweiler girlfriend of French President Francois Hollande hospitalized after reports he's having affair with actress Julie Gayet
Valerie Trierweiler, 48, (left) is in hospital in Paris following allegations that partner Francois Hollande (right) is having an affair with actress Julie Gayet (cen).
France's first lady Valérie Trierweiler hospitalised after learning of Prez's 'affair' with actress [via
AFP: French President's partner Valérie Trierweiler's aides say she's in hospital for tests amid revelations about his al…
LOL // "Ms [...] is very popular figure in France, having acted in around 20 films made for cinema and TV."
Hollande's girl sick over 'affair': VALERIE Trierweiler, the girlfriend of French President Franco...
French First Lady in hospital after alleged Hollande affair . French First Lady Valerie Trierweiler has been...
French president's partner hospitalised: Valerie Trierweiler, the girlfriend of French President Franc...
Valerie Trierweiler hospitalized after reports her husband had affair with actress
LOL "French president's girlfriend hospitalised after affair report, by via
Valerie Trierweiler in hospital after revelations of affair by her partner, French President Hollande - reports
So the Pres of France is having an affair but sad part is his wife landed in the hospital when she heard
France’s first lady hospitalized after affair report
France’s first lady hospitalized after affair report: French magazine claimed last week President Hollande is ...
First Lady Valerie Trierweiler 'to be kicked out of Elysee Palace over partner Francois Holla...
French Prez's Love Life in E.R.: Valerie Trierweiler is reportedly resting after learning of François Hollande...
Valerie Trierweiler, Girlfriend of French President Hollande, Hospitalized after allegations of president's che...
France's First Lady Valerie Trierweiler 'in hospital suffering from depression' after learning of President Fr...
first lady Valerie Trierweiler hospitalised: Reports - Read more -
The French First Lady was hospitalized after reports of an affair between the president & an actress.
France’s first lady hospitalized after magazine claims President Hollande is having an affair -
TOP STORIES FROM AROUND THE WORLD – (12.01.14) BRITISH POLICE CONSTABLE ADMITS GUILT UK: A Metropolitan police officer admitted misconduct over the “Plebgate” affair. PC Keith Wallis, 53, pleased guilty in court to sending an email in which he FALSELY CLAIMED he had witnessed a row between the former government chief whip (cabinet minister), Andrew Mitchell, and a police officer at the gates of Downing Street in 2012 which caused the minister to lose his ministerial position in government by forcing him to sign. Wallis was bailed and will be sentenced on February 6. Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe, the head of the British Metropolitan Police, apologised publicly to Mitchell. Mr Mitchell may have his ministerial job back. EU POLL THREAT UK: A bill to establish a referendum on Britain's membership of the EU in 2017 began its journey through the House of Lords on Friday amid accusations that Labour and the Liberal Democrats would try to block it. The Lords has until February 28 to scru ...
French first lady Valerie Trierweiler hospitalized in Paris following revelations about an affair involving President Hollande.
What slobs. A turbulent week was rounded off yesterday with the lurid story in a French magazine that the notably unglamorous President Hollande has been deserting the bed of his partner Valerie Trierweiler (who styles herself First Lady of France) for the charms of a married brunette film star almost 20 years his junior. It could only happen in France.
Connexion’s December edition features 20 French women who we have named for their brilliant style during 2013. They are Marion Cotillard, Sophie Marceau, Isabelle Huppert, Eva Green, Carole Bouquet, Fanny Ardant, Eva Green, Rachida Dati, Valerie Trierweiler, Claire Chazal, Juliette Binoche, Audrey Tautou, Isabelle Adjani, Ines de la Fressange, Catherine Deneuve, Claire and Virginie Courtin-Clarins, Ségolène Royal, Vanessa Paradis and Christine Lagarde. So – who gets your top vote? Is there someone we have missed? Check out the photos in the December edition – on sale now in stores around France
Mrs Valerie Trierweiler flicks through the Chickpea book and we get flustered tamers
First Lady Valerie Trierweiler next to my from at expo in
French First Lady Valérie Trierweiler next to my taken in On auction Friday
First Lady of France Valérie Trierweiler after her visit to Syrian refugees in Lebanon: I was deeply moved aft...
France's First Lady Valerie Trierweiler do you hear the voice of freedom for Georges Abdallah Solidarité
I just found out that Valerie Trierweiler is not married to the French President Hollande and that they are in domestic partnership.
Valerie Trierweiler and Anna Wintour are practically besties by now
French first lady demands end of impunity for DR Congo rapes: France's first lady Valerie Trierweiler on Thurs...
French MP seeks damages over first lady love triangle claim: Valerie Trierweiler, the glamorous girlfriend of ...
had "non-aggression pact" w Sarkozy aide as both pursued Valerie in early-2000s, court hears.
WATCH: Valerie Trierweiler Gets Pushy With Cameraman While Out With President Hollande If there's one thing we've ...
French first lady goes and shoves paparazzi
Want to see a video of French first lady Valérie pulling vigourously a by the
If there's one thing we've learned about Valerie Trierweiler during her short run as France's first lady, it's t...
We've never seen a first lady do THIS
French President Francois Hollande's long-term partner Valérie Trierweiler was caught on camera losing her com...
L'indesiree : First Lady Valérie caught on showing her frustration at... via
Ladies first: French First Lady Valérie Trierweiler caught on camera showing her frustration at press attention
French President's partner grabs photographer: Valérie Trierweiler grabbed the cameraman by the hood of his co...
French first lady Valérie Trierweiler (& self-declared "first journalist") pulls cameraman away from Hollande (1:15)
French President Francois Hollande with his companion Valerie Trierweiler during the banquet hosted by President Pranab Mukherjee at the Rashtrapati Bhavan.
Preparing for a visitor from Paris, France: President Hollande is very different from the ebullient Sarkozy, who was much admired in India, but as Mali has shown, he can take firm decisions in his own quiet way French President Francois Hollande, accompanied by his journalist-partner Valerie Trierweiler, several senior ministers and an impressive business delegation arrives in New Delhi on February 14, Valentine’s Day, for a two-day state visit that will take him to the Capital and Mumbai. India’s decision to depart from protocol and accord France this rare honour (there has been no reciprocal state visit by the Indian Prime Minister since President Nicolas Sarkozy’s last state visit in 2008) underscores the importance New Delhi attaches to its relationship with Paris, which has become a major strategic partner. Prime Minister Manmohan Singh was the guest of honour at the Bastille Day ceremonies in 2009, but that was a short working visit. Range of issues During his two-day trip, Mr. Hollande will b ...
France's first lady sends chocolates to Florence Cassez in Mexican jail
Hi! My friend hiromi found this page. --> :)
Valerie Trierweiler next to Bernard Arnault at show
Valerie Trierweiler, France's first lady is here too
have a feeling Biden's going to lay some pretty thick charm on Valerie Trierweiler.
Elysée website revamped on "tight budget" of €50,000 First lady gets her own mini website
French President Francois Hollande, center, and his partner Valerie Trierweiler, center left, meet with residents...
Read this interesting story about Ségolène Royal and Valérie Trierweiler and what was called the "Rebecca syndrome". Kinda craze.
France's 'first girlfriend' says role is like jumping with no parachute: Valérie Trierweiler, the partner of Fre...
He has no mistress: he's not married to Valerie Trierweiler. She's his common law spouse.
Valerie Trierweiler to be witness in one of France's first *** marriages
She's got Lucy Kibaki written all over her: Valerie Trierweiler: affairs of state
Valerie Trierweiler: affairs of state | World news | The Observer: The president of France, François Hollande, i...
Valérie Trierweiler strikes again - French first lady seeks damages over infidelity claim via
The return to London for hibernation has coincided with a busy burst of professional activity. Little time, therefore, to do more than draw Salut! readers' attention to my work elsewhere. This look at the explosive presence of President François Hollande's...
French first lady Valerie Trierweiler seeks damages over love triangle claim
First Lady Valerie Trierweiler congratulates The aftershow at the Trabendo last week.
Valérie Trierweiler wins damages over bikini photos but is criticised for ‘lack of discretion’ - But she came ...
French First Lady Valerie ‘is SACKED by magazine boss who says she’s caused nothing but problems’ -
Owner of French magazine Paris Match threatened to sack first lady Valérie Trierweiler via
My friend in Paris says Valerie Trierweiler (La Frondeuse - the rebel) is in Carla Bruni's class.
"a cocktail of jealousy, vengeance and political calculation" - Anna Cabana on France's 1st Lady in Entre Deux Feux
France’s outspoken First Lady Valerie Trierweiler has been sacked as a…
Valérie Trierweiler 'has caused nothing but trouble since becoming first lady'
Valérie Trierweiler's boss says she has caused "nothing but trouble" at the magazine where she works since becoming France's first lady, according to a new book.
On M Hollande living in sin. Vicki Woods at her brilliantly daft, unpredictable best.
Valerie Trierweiler: French First Lady tried to ban media from publishing her beach photos ¿ despite working for bikini-filled celeb
first legitimate rape, now legitimate wife? MT Carla Bruni says Valerie should marry Pres Hollande
Carla Bruni implying married women are taken more seriously (and shouldn't work?)
France: Carla Bruni-Sarkozy Advises Valerie Trierweiler to Marry via Why is Trierweiler not legit now??
Valerie Trierweiler should marry Francois Hollande, says Carla Bruni -
Carla Bruni on marrying Sarko: "I voluntarily put myself in this passive position as it was by far the simplest."
Carla Bruni-Sarkozy advises Valerie Trierweiler to marry via
Carla Bruni-Sarkozy says new French '1st lady' Valerie Trierweiler should get MARRIED to be taken more seriously, lemme get this straight...
Carla Bruni-Sarkozy, back in the limelight for the first time since her husband lost the French presidency,advises her successor to wed
Carla to Valerie: Get married and stop being a journalist; but who am I to judge?
Carla Bruni says Valérie Trierweiler should marry Francois Hollande: It's simpler to be the wife of French presi...
Valerie Trierweiler (pictured) has become one of the most unpopular woman in France since moving into the Elysee Palace with her boyfriend, President Francois Hollande, in May.
Carla Bruni-Sarkozy advises Vallérie Treirweiller to get married. Should she also shut up and do the dishes?
Quel dommage: Hollande's journalist girlfriend Valerie Trierweiler has joined the establishment - The Independent..
According to Carla Bruni, new French First Lady should become a "legitimate wife":
Ouch. Carla advises Valérie to "get married" to questions her decision to remain journo
"I think it's easier if you're actually the WIFE of a head of state": Carla Bruni gives Our Val some tips - >nasty!
Uh oh. Carla on Valerie "It's easier to be a president's legitimate wife than his partner" (interview)
Carla Bruni urges French first lady Valerie to stop co-habiting with Francois
Ah, juicy French politics,and all we get is John Major and Edwina:
Since becoming 1st lady of France in May, Paris Match journo Valérie Trierweiler has issued writs vs 4 magazines and now 2 indiv reporters.
Don't you just love the French? Francois Hollande 'shared' his mistress with Sarkozy minister via
Patriarchy in action: apparently the woman here is a thing to be "shared", not a person with choices...
The delicious soap opera at the summit of French politics
French first lady Valerie Trierweiler to sue over new biography which says she ...
So Valerie Trierweiler is a bit of a girl! She must be full of it. I hope she has a good quality bidet!*Ding Ding*"room for one more on top"
Francois Hollande wants "marriage for everyone, except himself":
Interesting French political bed chess I like French fashion,none my business that and complete no no 4 me.
France's First Lady 3timed husband with the President and married right-wing
Valerie Trierweiler: France's First Lady tremendous -timed husband with President, Sarkozy,Blair, anyone really. Freedom of expression.
First lady to sue over lovers claim
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If you want something done well ask an expert
Hollande 'shared his mistress' with former minister: Francois Hollande "shared" his mistress Valerie Trierweiler...
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