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Valerie Plame

Valerie Elise Plame Wilson (born April 19, 1963), known as Valerie Plame, Valerie E. Wilson, and Valerie Plame Wilson, is a former United States CIA Operations Officer and the author of a memoir detailing her career and the events leading up to her resignation from the CIA.

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Judith Miller was jailed for 85 days in 2005 over the Valerie Plame outing, while Scooter Libby got himself a pardon!
Remember Scooter Libby, everybody knew that was Richard Armitage that outed Valerie Plame,…
> Mind you that Scooter didn't leak Valerie Plame's cover - that was Richard Armitage, they knew it and screwed Libby anyhow.
Like Scooter Libby and Cheney outing Valerie Plame to get back at her husband. Where were you then Sessions?
They should start with Scooter Libby and Big *** Cheney. Valerie Plame would probably appreciate the effort.
*** Cheney over-rode CIA assessment that there was no evidence of WMD in Iraq. Valerie Plame outing, etc.
What was your stance when GOP flack Robert Novak outed Valerie Plame? No one went to jail there...
anyone who follows politics closely is aware of the Valerie Plame story
Always disgusted seeing Carl Rove on MSM. He outed Valerie Plame as a top ranking CIA operative. Scooter Libbey took the fall for it.
To Love to hear about your meeting with Valerie Plame Wilson,Cheri Leberknight, Eunjoo Alam,Porter Goss &Miguel Fabregas.
The left has only supported our intel community twice in history. Valerie Plame to undermine Bush & today to undermine Trum…
Single Mothers Are the Hog Feces in US wildfires have been told about Valerie Plame is just manipulation.
I used to follow her during the Iraq War days, excellent coverage of Valerie Plame affair
Or when Bush WH leaked identity of Valerie Plame to columnist Bob Novak, that "anonymous source"?
8/ has been played like the days of Valerie Plame or Judith Miller's scoops from "top ranking sources." Fantasy p.r. spin about how
Can say why but Valerie Plame comes to mind...
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Valerie Plame was way way wrong about you 😂
. Valerie Plame was outed as a CIA agent by the last Admin. Not only are the right hypocritical they have short memories.
giving Putin names of our agents. Valerie Plame Wilson all over again.
Consider gave Putin a list of our agents. GOP famous for this. Valerie Plame Wilson. . Kickbacks coming for lif…
The closest we got to being on Russia's level was when CIA operative Valerie Plame was outed by Bush senior official Scooter Libby.
Valerie Plame was outed as a CIA agent while actively working to stop nuclear weapons in the mid-east by the VP of…
my girl, linen and your labors will be. is Valerie Plame. so hardened. all the dead of Manassas. all the stone on the ten o'clock
catching up on podcasts - listened to Valerie Plame and Tim Gunn yesterday. Amazing, as advertised.
And pardonedBy Bush.Scooter took the hit forCheney,who madeBIG Mistake outing Valerie Plame!. Continues to this day.
. . While were righting wrongs...Joe Wilson and Valerie Plame were sold out by that lil fat dude
Listen up all those who called for perp walks when retired Valerie Plame's cover was 'blown'
What is trying to accomplish, a Valerie Plame redux? Dufus!.
Must be a Repub trait. Naming those who need confidentiality. Valerie Plame
outed? Like Valerie Plame? I can only be outraged at what I know for sure
Same as "W" letting Scooter run amuck on Valerie Plame,. Reminds me of a Sesame St. song,. "Some of these things are…
Little Giant Ladders
What? Valerie Plame and Evan McMullin have a report naming Putin ruler of the USA? Does the Johnson Smith Company sell it?
Ex- prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald of Valerie Plame fame to speak on terrorism at Amherst College
Wilson's wife is Valerie Plame, the CIA operative whose identity was leaked in 03' after he publicly opposed the Ir…
Speaking of which, patrons grabbed the Valerie Plame bio, David Foster Wallace's Infinite or zero (I forget), Grass's Peeling the Onion...
Is this the same Judith Miller who routinely lied about WMDs in Iraq & outed Valerie Plame in the New…
Fair Game Online HD Stream - Wife and mother Valerie Plame (Naomi Watts) has a double life as a CIA operative, ...
I'll be speaking at the Fundraiser for at the Philmont Country Club this Sunday. Tix still available.
Same people who said Valerie Plame said Sanders voters didn't know about Hiroshima!
If we had a special prosecutor for Valerie Plame, why can’t we get one for Hillary's emails?
This situation is like the pro wrestling equivalent of Valerie Plame (if that really is her name).
Valerie Plame: We Nuked Japan To End WWII Valerie, you know we did it to contain Russian expansion to the East.
Valerie Plame thinks Sanders supporters don't know we massacred ppl in Japan with 2 atomic bombs...
I outed Valerie Plame Wilson to make sure I could have my invasion. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED, huh?
I see nothing wrong with her statement. In fact, kudos Valerie Plame.
I have just begun George Tenet's book..the opening "list of characters" does not seem to include Valerie Plame Wilson.…
Former Ambassador Joseph Wilson tells why he and wife, Valerie Plame, support Hillary for President
Valerie Plame, CIA station head and wife of US diplomat Joseph Wilson. Her CIA background made known to people.
John Kerry and Valerie Plame connection was right back in 2003!! David Kay was right!! Arwa damon found the nuclear plant
Double Exposure: Vicky Ward on the Outing of Valerie Plame via
It doesn't matter that Trump's campaign contacted Valerie Plame to ask for help destroying GOP.
Crawl into bed with my Nook and Valerie Plame's BURN or BURNED or something like that. I drop Nook on my head and pass out!
Maybe they're just better at hiding. I'm sure Valerie Plame(sp?) would like to have a look.
With the exception of Valerie Plame, the few agents I’ve seen were far from hip/sexy/cool.
Which is why righty icons Valerie Plame and Dan Rather got movies.
Porch pirate . Spy . Fair game Valerie Plame my life as a spy
You can see the change that 15 years down this road with 2/3 contracts made. Valerie Plame pointed this out.
Aluminum Tubes - the lie, told by Colin Powel at the UN! Nuclear stuff in Africa, Valerie Plame's husband debunked.
I suppose it remains unclear who first told Scooter Libby about Valerie Plame's CIA affiliation.
He had no real idea who he might be compromising, like Assange, Manning & the Valerie Plame leak. It's playing with fire.
Compare 911 to Bengahzi. Compare losing 800k jobs per month to 5 years of job growth. Katrina to Obama oil spill.Valerie Plame
MY life as a spy fair game Valerie Plame . Very good friend btw
Wanna get sicker? Mix in the possibility of what Valerie Plame mentioned yesterday & recalculate the entire war on terror. PUKE
Like when the Dubya admin ignored Joe Wilson and outed Valerie Plame?
pst Valerie Plame is married to former Ambassador Joseph Wilson not Richard Clark.
My parents as Scooter Libby and Valerie Plame = most under-appreciated costume of 2005
.is this the same justice dept. that railroaded Scooter Libby for "misspeaking" relative to Valerie Plame?
14-"Tara: Everything is a spider web has to do w/Karl Rove, David Addington, Bush Jr, *** Cheney they all conspired against Valerie Plame>"
Or, Tom Delay, Valerie Plame and there are more.
Interested in a in the intelligence field? Check out this talk on 10/26 by 2 former CIA officers
Was thinking about "Sons & Daughters," which we've played before, but Liam *loves* Valerie Plame (the song), so...
Was the Valerie Plame "scandal" not used to harm Bush when we already knew the leaker was Richard Armitage?
Is Valerie Plame still alive?. Yes? She does speaking engagements?. Ok, leaked names are not 'that' lethal.
Is *** Cheney going to out this fake CIA operative like Valerie Plame; highest act of treason this country has ever seen
Letter: Where was GOP during Valerie Plame affair? via
. And Valerie Plame wasn't covert. She drove into Langley every day. In her car.
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how about the leak of a covert CIA wanted jail when it was Valerie Plame. Now? not so much
And considering what Hillary has done, every liberal can STFU about Valerie Plame from this point on.
The left seemed 'outraged' w/Valerie Plame, are they outraged over the CIA source exposed by Blumenthal & HRC?
When *** "Deep Throat" Cheney got caught sabotaging Valerie Plame's CIA operation, Bob Woodward came to his rescue.
Valerie Plame : has created threats for workers that will last decades.
how much on the Valerie Plame nonsense? Oh, you could care less due to the political party targeted.
Valerie Plame : theft has created threats for workers and their members.
i was up til 3 studying that. still writing the Valerie Plame paper.
...with the best yet to come ? We heard plenty about Valerie Plame... & Petraeus' biographer...
Dems were outraged over Valerie Plame but not top CIA source
The outed Valerie Plame just for the lulz and their lack of integrity.
I would still like to know how the Dems Treated the Valerie Plame investigation is any different .
But then they threw a fit w/GWB WH over Valerie Plame. Remember this?
which is why the Bush administration outed Valerie Plame as a CIA agent, right?
Same people outraged over 'outed' desk jockey Valerie Plame very disinterested in Hillary's insecurely forwarding the ident…
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laughable~AC stated~Edward Snowden put lives at risk. What about the OUTING of Valerie Plame by big *** Cheney? Nothing done!!
Did you speak out about the VP office outing CIA agent Valerie your email from Sid Blumenthal did Hillary?
Christ. They made a martyr of Valerie Plame.
"Valerie Plame belongs in prison for Conflict of Interest in getting her Husband work & for PERJURY…" — Max Rugemer
fair is fair...Scooter Libby "resigned" on the day he was indicted for outing Valerie Plame.
*** Cheney's secret relationship w/ Bob Woodward resurfaced in the Valerie Plame scandal, when Bob and *** Armitage trie…
Valerie Plame, the former C.I.A. officer, and her husband, Joseph C. Wilson, will take part i...
Jack Black, Morgan Freeman, Valerie Plame, Queen Noor and others sell you the in this ad
Obama propaganda: Valerie Plame, Jack Black, Morgan Freeman, and the Queen of Jordan. No Deal = NUKE WAR
just watched on Former ambassador Joseph C. Wilson and his wife, C.I.A. operative Valerie Plame,
along with that insufferable Valerie Plame, Joe Wilson and *** Armitage
Is this endorsement good for prez candidate Clinton? Valerie Plame & Joe Wilson: America needs Hillary
Valerie Plame & Joe Wilson did an article saying America needs Hillary. These are people who falsely accused an innocent man & profited...
Dear Judy, Your attempt to re-write history is both pathetic and self-serving. Sincerely, Valerie Plame
I remember what a hard time the press gave Bush about Valerie Plame. They ignore the wretched crimes of the Obama Administration.
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Even a major Hollywood film was made about Valerie Plame's outing. But not a word from MSM our govt just gave enemy (ISIS) our attack plans
Same ppl outraged that Valerie Plame was outed aren't outraged that our govt just gave enemy our entire plans & dates for attack.
my life as a spy. noc noc. Valerie Plame
About Valerie Plame. It was known in DC that she was CIA before Armitage. David Corn was speculating in Mother Jones.
noc noc... who's there... Valerie Plame...
So he intentionally disclosed the name of a covert agent and was jailed? What about the Bush administration w Valerie Plame?
Now, THIS is fun. And, for a good cause. Spend an Evening with Valerie Plame & Joe Wilson at their Safe House"
On page 95 of 368 of Burned, by Valerie Plame
That's because Neocons ended lots of fine Americans' careers. Another is Valerie Plame,
If libs & MSM were honest, we would know that GWBush had a pretty clean, scandal free presidency. Valerie Plame issue? Made up drama.
So was his role in the Valerie Plame affair.
He means a major scandal that the Leftstream Media covered like Valerie Plame. They've covered UP good tho.
Wasn't Scooter Libby punished for revealing Valerie Plame's name? Oh, that's right, W commuted the sentence. His boss (DC) got off.
- or outed an undercover CIA operative (Valerie Plame) - a treasonous act !!!
On page 45 of 368 of Burned, by Valerie Plame
But Valerie Plame? Scooter Libby? Didn't the Obama regime just out someone? Where are all the indictments? It's Obama. Blind eye.
Wow! Would love to hear Valerie Plame speak! Congrats on landing a smart, fascinating woman.
the govt. had kidnapped my baby girl and then tried to have me fall to my death on the rocks below w/Valerie Plame (CIA) involved. Valerie
Rove should be in jail concerning the unmasking of CIA operative Valerie Plame & wrongful conviction of
The Skeggs Lecture Series at YSU will feature on Wednesday, February 25. .
close only counts in C2... Valerie Plame. noc noc noc... . 1
Well so sad Snowden got away. He must be bummed. Say...when is he gonna indict Cheney for his "whistleblowing" agnst Valerie Plame?
. Loved the movie FAIR GAME. Valerie Plame is hero of mine. We share the courage . but mina no glamorous
Valerie Plame's Hubby Amb Joseph C Wilson. claimed Saddam had no so. I guess Canada Couldn't Buy it .
I just watch "Fair Game" regarding the Valerie Plame/Joe Wilson affair. Good reminder of the utter corruptness of the Republican enterprise.
turned at Tucson Festival of Books -
It would be like saying Valerie Plame wasn't murdered or Charles Sobhraj had nothing to do w/Cornell West/Lawrence Summers feud.
Blog: Valerie Plame proves she is a big phony
have you seen this right wing outrage? I asked emptywheel about it
And we kick off the second half of our 2014-2015 season with a full house to hear Valerie Plame.
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Valerie Plame. An inspiration. Whistleblowing is one thing, war mongers another. Occupational stress something.
Tomorrow’s speaker Valerie Plame talking with some board members and enjoying some Fresno cuisine-
I'm sure you were the same with Valerie Plame & her husband?
Skeggs Lecture Series to feature former covert operations officer with CIA on Feb. 25.
Former covert operations officer with CIA to be part of Skeggs Lecture Series.
Joining us on the line right now, former spy Valerie Plame. She will be in town Wednesday, speaking at Valley...
Not as much as Democrats spent investigating Scooter Libby for outing Valerie Plame, which he
Latest Sterling - Cohen's anti-Muslim history with the NYPD & comparing the Merlin leak to Valerie Plame:
history has already disarmed the whole "no WMDs" narrative. Face that bitter truth. Valerie Plame's husband lied, not Bush.
I love and support Valerie Plame. She is a great American Patriot.
I am starting to understand. They are not protecting "Bob" for "Bob's" sake. I had forgotten Valerie Plame. It is about protecting assets...
Dan Hanson is proud of Widener University’s accomplishments: former CIA agent Valerie Plame and he...
LOL. ONE reason the Merlins were so concerned after Risen's book came out is bc *** Cheney had Valerie Plame's name leaked.
Just watched Fair Game good movie true life facts of Valerie Plame Wilson IraqWar2003 CIA operative Seekthetruth
Valerie Plame is not on the WH staff. And is way hotter.
Valerie Plame, Valerie Jarrett...both obnoxious. The world forgives you.
in today's Jolt, did you get Valerie's confused - Plame, or Jarrett?
Dunno about you, but I'm a big fan of Valerie Plame and the new series sounds bomber!
Sneak Peek-Valerie Plame sits down to chat about her "Life as A Spy" on Powertalk Radio (FM 96.7/AM1400) Monday, January 19 at 5:30p
Yo, Patrick Fitzgerald was also the main lawyer in Valerie Plame case/Scooter Libby and Blagojevich.
Wasn't he the dude who went after Cheney and Scooter Libby after the Valerie Plame affair?
SFI's Valerie Plame Wilson introduces a new online video series she is part of: Reinvent Nuclear Security
*** Cheney should be next for outing Valerie Plame. >>> F.B.I. and Justice Dept. Said to Seek Charges for Petraeus
Hey, remember the time they tried to frame Tim Russert for leaking Valerie Plame identity?
I HAVE NO WORDS TO DESCRIBE MY FEELINGS FOR THIS MAN! Think you know former VP Cheney? You don't know *** Information received this week from the highest levels of US counter-terrorism sources have confirmed that the reputed “Queen of Al Qaeda,” Dr. Aafia Siddiqui, a CIA torture victim now serving 87 years in an American “super-max” prison, was a CIA agent when captured and was imprisoned to prevent releasing information that could eventually lead to the arrest and conviction of then Vice President *** Cheney. Siddiqui worked directly for Valerie Plame, a CIA agent purposefully “outed” when her husband, Ambassador Joseph Wilson, disproved White House claims of “yellowcake uranium” smuggling by Iraq. White House Security Chief, Scooter “Libby” Leibowitz was convicted of the Plame leak, although sources now confirm that the “outing” of Plame was done at the orders of Cheney and was passed on to the media by retired General Paul Vallely, a Fox News employee who has recently been fi .. ...
In President Teri Hillyard Ehresman's NFPW newsletter, there's a blurb about the New Mexico meeting in April at Ghost Ranch. Sounds AMAZING!! New Mexico Press Women will host a “Power of Storytelling” Conference at Ghost Ranch, New Mexico, April 24-25, 2015. The organization will host former CIA Agent and author Valerie Plame along with her writing partner Sarah Lovett to open their annual conference at Ghost Ranch, New Mexico, a legendary area that inspired Georgia O’Keeffe. Plame and Lovett will discuss their “joint ventures in storytelling.” The conference will also offer attendees the opportunity for a special journalists' tour of O’Keeffe’s home that Friday. The Saturday events will begin with panels on “The Art of Crafting Fictional Stories” with Anne Hillerman (author of Spider Woman’s Daughter), Steve Murray (who as Reg Keeland translated The Girl with The Dragon Tattoo series), and Tiina Nunnally (whose translation of Peter Høeg's Smilla's Sense of Snow won the American Tran ...
Excellent idea! You even got the camera angles right in your Valerie Plame comic.
Wolfgang puck is domenics clone . Valerie plame attended the ipo opening in dc . Anderson cooper interviewed valerie plame . Looked just like
I'm sure Valerie Plame has some thoughts on that.
I don't trust any person that works or worked for the CIA, including . Valerie Plame Wilson. I am angry! My former CIA friends are dead.
Former CIA officer talks frankly about her new career—and what she misses about her old one.
2015 is here and we have four exciting lectures lined up for you starting with Valerie Plame on Jan 21st-
Valerie Plame said the scenarios in 'Homeland' would never take place bc the main character is too mentally and emotionally unstable.
Scooter Libby on Benghazi: “Valerie Plame is alive; four Americans are dead. Where is the media outrage?”
Did you know your own magazine still has this incorrect article up?
Yeah Joe Biden was the guy who outed CIA agent Valerie Plame.OH WAIT ;)
Have to say we shouldve held to a higher standard when it came to Valerie Plame
And was so against poor Valerie Plame's name getting released.
Valerie Plame Wilson might just beg to differ!
12/19/2003 Muammar Qaddafi announces Libya will cease production of WMD; Valerie Plame spotted as female bodyguard.
Just like they pinned the outting of Valerie Plame on Scooter Libby.
Remember when Scooter Libby went to jail for supposedly outing the CIA's Valerie Plame & putting her at risk? Me too.
Remember when sleazy Cheney threw Scooter Libby under the bus re: Valerie Plame & wasn't happy GWB refused his request to pardon.
If Scooter Libby can be indicted for outing Valerie Plame, what is the legal recourse against politicians who put lives at risk?
This week's Speaking Freely features an interview with Valerie Plame, former CIA analyst and award-winning novelist. John Oliver, HBO’s new breakout star and former Comedy Central sidekick stops by ah
A BHO SCOTUS pick, Elena Kagan, argued as solicitor general that Joe Wilson, Valerie Plame, had no right 2 sue Bush, Cheney
Replayed Katie Couric's "60 Minutes" interview of Valerie Plame, CIA operative exposed by the press. "Nothing but the Truth" DVD after that
Or why millions of e-mails vanished under the Cheney/bush.Valerie Plame outted,firing of c/
Of course not, his name wasn't Valerie Plame, he wasn't on the cover of Vanity Fair, & Obama's not a Republican DUH
After criticizing George W Bush over Valerie Plame leak, Democrats will unite behind Obamas right to leak CIA agent names.
The same media that almost had an aneurysm over the Valerie Plame affair is now silent after Admin. outs CIA chief.
.Not the first time this sort of thing has happened: (though this seems to have been oversight, not malice)
Where's the outrage over outing of CIA station chief by admin that is obsessed with leak prosecutions?
Hey ... are you all going to be as "Outraged" at the outing of the CIA chief in Kabul as you were about Valerie Plame??
White House Reveals Identity of CIA Top Intelligence Official In Afghanistan! How will Obama handle it this time? Every time we're getting ready to scrutinize this president and his administration for the "Scandal of the Hour" (VA and Benghazi) we get another massive blow! Can you believe the White House accidentally revealed the name of this intelligence official not once, but twice, to some 6,000 journalists? This is likely to end the official's career, but will definitely endanger his life and the lives of his family. didn't know about it. I'm outraged!Let's have a study.Let's wait and see what the review finds out.Let's lay some low level person off with pay.Let's delay until after the election.During the George W. Bush administration, the mainstream media was in a crazed state of obsession over the so-called “outing” of Valerie Plame, who many argue (including her own supervisor) was outed by her own husband, Joe Wilson. It will be interesting to see whether the mainstream media will hold ...
Valerie Plame deja vu?The Obama Administration accidentally revealed the name of the CIA's top official in Afghanistan. In 2003, Valerie Plame was exposed as a CIA operative by officials of the George W. Bush administration in an effort to discredit her husband.
& Scooter Libby, who outed Valerie Plame, just to support Bush lies that got us into Iraq War 2: pardoned by Bush.
Notice that the same media that went absolutely apoplectic over the Valerie Plame non-event have very little to say about the outing of CIA station chief in Kabul?
Unlike Valerie Plame, the CIA Station Chief in Afghanistan is at actual risk.
over-the-hill minor league non-player Valerie Plame v. Outed CIA covert KABUL chief of station via
who will be fired or put in jail - i remember the way Bush was treated on Valerie Plame
.Erin Burnett omits Bush admin. DELIBERATELY outing Valerie Plame as covert CIA just now because CNN =
So Obama outed the CIA chief in Afghanistan. All I can say is Valerie Plame!!! Bush's admin. Had nothing to do with Plame's name being leaked but was hammered for it.
Krauthammer re outing of CIA station chief: we will not see the same level of great faux outrage that we saw with Valerie P…
But Valerie Plame caused Scooter Libby to lose his career. And from the WH? Crickets.
No Mistake - by baldilocks Remember Valerie Plame and the outcry which accompanied the “ou...
The people who hemmed/hawed when Valerie Plame was "outed"? Wonder if they'll make several movies about it?
Gross hypocricy alert: Remember the moral outrage about the "outing" of CIA employee Valerie Plame by the Bush administration? We had a special prosecutor, the media kept after it for many weeks and a couple of people's lives were ruined. The facts, those inconvenient things, were not at all what got the media and public attention. Ms. Plame was not a CIA operative or agent who would be put at jeopardy if her identity was disclosed, she was an intel. analyst very safely stationed in DC. She wasn't outed by anyone in the Bush administration, either. Her husband had been making it widely known that she worked at the CIA and the precipitating so-called "leak" didn't come from Scooter Libby at all. Bob Woodward was told about her by Amb. Richard Armitrage and Woodward told Bob Novak, who published it. Scooter Libby, however, is now a felon and his life was ruined. Contrast all this with the level of moral outrage when the current administration just "outed" the CIA station chief in Afghanistan. Oh wait, there ...
Let's do select counsel like with Valerie Plame?
Remember the leftist uproar over Valerie Plame?
Fox uses a White House mistake to absolve the Bush Administration of its Valerie Plame leak:
Hey, MSM, will u cover the outing of CIA station chief as you did the Valerie Plame story?
Yeah. Apparently this guy in Afghanistan isn't as big a deal as Valerie Plame was. Double-standard.
remember Valerie Plame in 2003? The democrats were like Piranha on a carcass, this time it's a unintended mistake.
John Bolton says WH leaking CIA Chief of Station is “jaw-droppingly stupid”, can’t be compared to Valerie Plame --
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Karl Rove is covering up his role as a source who outed CIA agent Valerie Plame:
Oooopsie! Mr. Obama exposes the CIA operative in Afghanistan and it's just a minor "boo-boo". Remember "Scooter" Libby who was dragged over the coals for allegedly exposing Valerie Plame Wilson who wasn't even working under cover and who was actually "exposed" by Richard Armitage?
Valerie Plame was working at a desk in Virginia. The station chief outed by the Obama Administration was on the front lines. The media relentlessly pursued the Bush Administration. There is no such media pressure over this outing. This nation has been played for fools by the mainstream media.
Obama Administration reveals c.i.a. station chef in afghanistan! who the heck ever cared about valerie plame if this outage was no big deal then American people should demand some money back in investigations
Fox News exploited the Obama Administration's accidental exposure of a CIA operative's identity, using it as an opportunity to minimize the Bush administration's culpability in deliberately exposing former CIA operative Valerie Plame's identity as political retribution in 2003.
Obama outs the station chief in Afghanistan, to media no big deal; but on Bush era Valerie Plame incident the media was apoplectic! ! Why?
Now that memoirs by the late Bob Novak, former Vice-President *** Cheney, and former President George Bush have all been published, we now know much more about the Valerie Plame case than we did before these individuals put what happened to paper. (Plame, if you'll remember, was a CIA agent whose i…
Let's see if this gets the same coverage as the, "Valerie Plame" incident.
I wanted to make sure everyone saw Doug's comment on the outing of the station chief in afghan. Doug wrote: "This wasn't an "oops", it was a criminal act, under the same section of federal law that was enforced under the Valerie Plame case. Already, the "main stream" media is bowing to the White House wishes, by following the requests to withhold the Kabul, Afghanistan station chief's name, which had been "inadvertently released." Anybody out there up for another game of "double standards!""
Here we are with another scandal in this administration. The President went to Afghanistan this weekend. As usual a list was provided to the press on who was in attendance. All presidents have done this. There was a problem with this list though. It contained the name of our "station chief" in Afghanistan. This is the title of the "head spy" in that country! Where is the outrage in the press? Does anyone remember Valerie Plame? A special prosecutor was named to investigate who leaked her as a spy. The press was intent on connecting the incident to the Bush Administration. A State Dept person, Richard Armitage said he did it and no one was ever prosecuted on an investigation that took over a year. What is the press going to do now? Susan Rice is the Presidents National Security Advisor. Will there be an investigation? Probably not, but the station chief will have to resign because this just painted a big target on his back. Shameful beyond belief!!!
A CIA desk jockey named Valerie Plame was “outed” in a column by Robert Novak during the Bush years. The Left and the media went insane demanding that heads roll. Eventually, Scooter Libby did time in prison for perjury. He mis-remembered the before/after sequence of 2 conversations, both of which he openly admitted to in court. He wasn’t even the one who leaked Valerie Plames’ identity. That person was Richard Armitage. The federal prosecutor, Patrick Fitzgerald, knew that at the time yet he still pursued perjury charges against a man he knew was innocent of the crime he was hired to prosecute. He needed a conviction and anyone would do. Scooter Libby was a sacrificial goat and the desire for a sacrifice was so great that Bush would not even grant Libby a Presidential pardon. Fast forward to this last weekend, when the top CIA officer in Afghanistan was outed by some nimrod in the White House. Will he be seeing prison time? Will there be Leftist and media outrage? It’s too funny to e ...
the old 'double standard' for Obama and the Democrats obediently at work again ... anybody remember the Democrats' favorite, least secret CIA-socialite Valerie Plame Wilson and Scooter Libby, Cheney, Robert Novak, and all the outrage and hysteria about her being 'identified' while safely at home on the liberals' Washington DC cocktail party circuit? ... quite different from 'outing' a working CIA chief/operative still in Afghanistan, don't you think? ... oh wait, since it's Obama, this gets a pass [like the deaths in Benghazi] .
Remember Valerie Plame being exposed as a CIA officer by Peter Novak (Washington Post)? The Democrats did their best to turn Valerie Plame into a martyr. Will the same standard hold for whoever exposed the CIA Station Chief in Afghanistan? Unlikely. I guess now I am beginning to see what Obama meant when he said he was going to run "the most transparent administration in the history of the United States". Watch as the Liberal press runs interference on this for Obama. They called for blood with Plame what do you bet they hardly cover it at all, just like Fast and Furious, the Rosen wire taping, IRS targeting conservatives (Lois Learner only took the 5th because there was nothing wrong, right??), Losing our first ambassador in 30 years to an Al-Qaida affiliate while our president runs around the country claiming that Al-Qaida was on the run in his bid to get re-elected for a second term (then a White House memo is uncovered that shows they clearly sought to blame that stupid video to avoid the fact that th ...
What I find interesting, or should I say disturbing, about our journalistic debacle known as the Main Street Media... Valerie Plame is outed as CIA operative during the Bush Administration. It becomes a media feeding frenzy that lasted for months...continuous coverage, etc.Yet...where is the media outrage now... "White House staff tried to 'un-ring the bell' after revealing CIA chief's identity" • White House press office unaware it had circulated name • Washington Post journalist sounded alert after filing report The Guardian, Monday 26 May 2014 13.24 EDT The White House blew the cover of the top CIA agent in Afghanistan on Sunday, when the person’s name was included on a list given to reporters during a visit to the country by President Barack Obama. The name was then emailed by the White House press office to a distribution list of more than 6,000 recipients, mostly members of the US media. The agent in question, listed as chief of station, would be a top manager of CIA activity in Afghanistan, i ...
The Obama Administration's release of the CIA Chief of Station's name is a serious oversight. Reports of the incident are clear that the disclosure was accidental. As the Washington Post noted, the mistake was immediately recognized and the list was withdrawn. Still, it was very unfortunate, and certainly potentially dangerous to him and his family. In contrast, the exposure of Valerie Plame's identity was a calculated move that that demolished her career after her husband wrote a New York Times op-ed critical of the Bush administration's justifications for taking the nation to war in Iraq. Scooter Libby, who then served as chief of staff to Vice President *** Cheney, was found guilty of perjury in the leak investigation, but his sentence was later commuted by Bush. Sloppiness and underhanded politics have both been prevalent in American government during the last decade. Neither side has been immune.
Scooter Libby, who did NOT release the name of Valerie Plame (a FORMER CIA agent) first to the press (that was Richard Armitage) went to prison. Remember how incensed Democrats were at this "outrage"? Now, Dear Leader's staff has released the name of an active CIA station chief. Listen to the screams for accountability! (crickets chirping)
Let's see how the POTUS reacts when he reads in the paper that his administration outed a CURRENT CIA station chief in Pakistan. You'll remember that GWB never pardoned Scooter Libby who took the fall for an at the time FORMER CIA station chief's name (Valerie Plame) leaked through the State Department to Robert Novak...
So, this sounds like, but worse, than the Valerie Plame case. Where is the outrage and the calls for resignation and prosecution?
When George W Bush was president, the Democrats and the media -- but I repeat myself -- made a big deal about the "leak" of the name of junior CIA analyst Valerie Plame. (Then they ended up blaming the wrong person, Scooter Libby who worked for *** Cheney, and not Richard Armitage who worked for Colin Powell.) The Democrats complained that this leak endangered Ms Plame's life, even though she was an analyst and not a field operative. But this past weekend, President Barack Obama visited Afghanistan. And his very own WH press office released the names of high-ranking military officers and civilians with whom he met -- INCLUDING the CIA station chief in Kabul. Now this individual cannot remain in his job in Afghanistan, because he will be killed, and in fact there is no place in the world where he will be totally safe. Anyone care to bet how the media will handle this story?
So if Valerie Plame is a bad scandal, what is the outing of the CIA person on Afghanistan over the weekend?
Scooter Libby was charged and convicted for supposedly outing CIA agent Valerie Plame - even though evidence indicates he wasn't responsible. So the Obama Administration has "accidentally" outed a top CIA agent recently. Think anything will happen to anyone besides the President saying "We will get to the bottom of this," ??
Of course, the media is chuckling their way through it. That’s how they roll. A real CIA covert agent, whose life is actually made more difficult by being outed, is exposed and you get an “aw, ain’t that cute” from the press. When an over-the-hill minor league non-player, here I am referring to Valerie Plame, gets her name mentioned it is a national disgrace.
It may not mean much to some, but the leaking (unintended error?) of the CIA chief of station to the media was a huge error, and heads should roll. As Valerie Plame herself said, it is astonishing that the White House made this error and ended this man's covert career.
Topeka paper ran a single paragraph today on page five about the Obama admin revealing the name of a senior CIA operative in Afghanistan. Wonder how Scooter Libby's taking that news? Surely you remember Scooter. He was all the democrats could talk about for a year and a half in the Valerie Plame outing scam.
Howie Rifaslast week schooled me on how appropriate it was the Scooter Libby be in jail in connection with the Valerie Plame outing of her CIA status. How incredibly wrong it was. So today Howie, how do you feel about the White House outing the top CIA operative in Afghanistan? Do you feel outrage? Do you worry for this man's and his families lives? And Howie while we are on the outing subject. How did you feel about Biden's outing of the Seal Team 6 and their commanding officers name after they captured, killed, and disposed of Ossama's body, which ultimately resulted in the revengeful downing of Extortion 17 and the loss of 20 seals from Seal Team 6? Does this disturb your objective democraticness?
Political scandals come and go, some are “real” some are partly BS designed score political points. Democrat and Republican administrations have had them and will continue to do so. However, one of the biggest scandals of the Bush era was the “outing” of Valerie Plame. The CIA Station Chief in Afghanistan has his cover blown a couple of days ago and it barely gets a mention in the media. Scandals ain’t what they used to be.
Do you suppose the MEDIA will rip the President over OUTING THE CIA COVER like they constantly dogged George Bush over the "False" Valerie Plame thing? JUST ASKING! Not a chance, since the Media is in the President's Corner regardless of what he does, doesn't do or doesn't know about!
Really? Obama is having enough trouble as it is... but the nimcompoops that he has working for him really take the biscuit. Releasing a covert agent's name ... ??? That is more than astonishing. To down play the consequences is shameless. This entire administration is shameless. Where in the world does he find his people? I am disgusted. If someone does not wind up in jail - a la the Valerie Plame affair - well it will just be another example of the hubris of the Obama Administration and it's unwillingness to take responsibiity. If you do not admit what you have done wrong - you can not change and improve it.
so who in the Obama whitehouse is taking the fall for this? The Dems will have to investigate just like they did during Bush's whitehouse outing Valerie Plame.
White House mistakenly identifies top CIA officer in Afghanistan... And Valerie Plame says it's ok because Obama did it, not Bush. Is this not special...
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Cheney deliberately released Valerie Plame's name as punishment for her husband revealing there were NO weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. It was deliberate evil and attempted murder. Scooter was the fall guy and was released by Bush though he deserved life in prison, along with Cheney. *This* case was a stupid mistake mitigated by the White House as best they can. Apples and oranges. No comparison. But *** will say it was a plot by "Muslim" Obama. (Isn't it always?) Oh, almost forgot.Benghazi!
Well, the Obama White House outed the top CIA Officer operating in Afghanistan prior to Big O's visit there by publishing his name and disseminating the published name to 6,000 or so recipients. Let's see if there's as much media flak sent up over this as there was when the Bush White House outed Valerie Plame. LOL! Of course there won't be! Bush was a Republican and therefore didn't qualify as a god in the eyes of the media.
Anything from Valerie Plame and Joe Wilson on White House outing CIA station chief?
yes, because Joe Wilson and Valerie Plame were convenient causes for left.
Former CIA analyst Valerie Plame testifies on Capitol Hill in Washington, March 16, 2007, before the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee. Presidential candidate-in-waiting Hillary Clinton already has backing from top politicians, influential celebrities — and from a famous former spy. Fo…
What the Bush administration did was treasonous. They had no right to do what they did to Valerie Plame.
Does it bother anyone that Valerie Plame received the undivided and massive attention of the national media looking to blame the Bush administration for exposing her? And yet 4 Americans died and its all a witch hunt!!
My review of former top CIA lawyer John Rizzo’s book Company Man appears in the current issue of this magazine. A friend in a high place who read the review pointed out to me that the book adds something significant to our understanding of the Valerie Plame, Scooter Libby, Richard Armitage, Judith M...
Today’s movie is a political drama with a scene that happens today, March 19. I hope you will enjoy this film and watch it tonight. FAIR GAME Valerie Plame is an energy analyst who also works undercover as a CIA agent working on nuclear non-proliferation. It so happens that her husband Joe Wilson is a former US diplomat who has personal knowledge of and contacts in the African county of Niger. When the CIA gets a report that Iraq is trying to purchase 500 tons of yellowcake uranium for use in developing atomic weapons he is asked to go there and investigate. There is also a report about aluminum tubes being purchase by Iraq, but Plame knows these are not the type that can be used in uranium centrifuges. Wilson travels to Niger and determines that a 500 ton order would require a 40% increase in production, as well as increased levels of transport from the mine and since there is no evidence of either, the report is not true. Plame travels to Cairo, meet the former head of the Oskirsk reactor in Iraq and ...
Tonight's movie review of the night: Fair Game - The amazing true story of CIA operative Valerie Plame, who was illegally outed by the White House in response to her husband's critique of the Iraq war. It was horrifying to see how petty and evil the previous administration was. Naomi Watts does a credible job of looking all serious and haunted as her world crumbles around her. Sean Penn, playing off his success in Fast Times at Ridgemont High, portrays Joe Wilson, Valerie's ex-ambassador husband. He seems to really enjoy playing middle-aged white men, as is evidenced by his last 26 movies. The movie lacked the knife fights and ninja attacks that one expects in a romantic comedy, but, at least made me feel all sorts of patriotic and worldly for watching. 3 stars.
Because I'm an volunteer at the T.O. Civic Art Center, we have been allowed to purchase tickets for any of the remaining Distinguished Speakers Series 2014 . Ticket costs are $19 each for balcony seats and I'm happy to pick them up. I'll be attending most of the speakers and if you want to join me great or go on your own, that's okay. The remaining speakers are: Jeb Bush Former Governor of Florida - Monday Feb 10 Valerie Plame & Joe Wilson "Outed" CIA Agent * Former U.S. Diplomat – Mon Mar 10 Ron Howard Beloved Film Director, Producer & Child Actor – Tues, Apr 8 Anthony Bourdin & Eric Ripert World-Renowned Chefs, Authors &TV Personalities – Tues, May 13
Just watched Fair Game, the drama based on the illegal reveal of CIA agent Valerie Plame's identity to the world. I think of her every time I see mention of the name of Scooter Libby or *** Cheny or Carl Rove. They orchestrated the lies presented to President Bush in order for him to justify going to war in Iraq. There was no nuclear peogram, no weapons of mass destruction. You want some truth and a way to citizens becoming responsible for our future? Watch the film Fair Game.
I found this on Colleens time-line(Thank you,Colleen!-I feel the same way-Snowden did the right thing,and was punished for it!Just like another poor man (Joseph Wilson)-a good and faithful servant who was punished simply for doing HIS job-(he accurately reported that there WEREN'T any weapons of mass destruction in Afghanistan)-and not only was harrassed for it,his wife,an undercover agent serving her country,had her cover blown(which could have gotten her killed)-by G.W.Bush's cadre of nasty little trolls.This was known as "Plame-Gate"-after the name of the poor CIA undercover agent who was outed(Valerie Plame,(Mrs.Joseph Wilson) Rarely are whistle-blowers given the respect and rewards they deserve. More often they are destroyed(Karen Silkwood is one such victim) Snowden will always be a hero to me.So will all the men and women,from Joseph Wilson,to the Russian official we owe our current existance to(i dont recall his name-but i will never forget what he did;with less than 15 minutes to decide if what t ...
Richard Dawkins “Revealed faith is not harmless nonsense. It can be lethally dangerous nonsense. Dangerous because it give people unshakable confidence in their own righteousness. Dangerous because it gives them false courage to kill themselves, which automatically removes normal barriers to killing others. Dangerous because it teaches enmity to others labeled only by a difference of inherited tradition. And Dangerous because we have all brought into a weird respect, which uniquely protect religion from normal critics. ?Let’s now stop being so dammed respectful.” Richard Dawkins Michael Moore: Christian right is keeping U.S. in the ‘dark ages’ By David Ferguson. On “Real Time with Bill Maher,” host Bill Maher and a panel made up of MSNBC’s Rev. Al Sharpton, author and professional skeptic Richard Dawkins, filmmaker Michael Moore and former U.S. CIA operative Valerie Plame discussed radical Islam and the corrosive effects of religious zealotry on science and culture. Christopher Hitchens. . ...
Richard Cohen: Scooter Libby was railroaded, and besides, outing Valerie Plame wasn't a big deal anyway. Witchhunt!
Breast Cancer Awareness
I was just watching a video of a panel discussion between: Michael Moore, Al Sharpton, Valerie Plame, and Bill Maher concerning the correlation between Christianity and Islam. The three panelist claim to be Christians —Maher is an atheist. Maher was the only one of the four to defend Christianity as being peaceful when compared to Islam. Kind of tells us where we are as a society when only an atheist defends Christianity.
Valerie Plame was a US covert agent. This guy was a private security guard who wrote a book: …
Watching Melissa Harris Perry and she is talking about privacy this morning. Look at Friday 10-25-13 Politically Incorrect with Bill Maher and listen to Valerie Plame say a throw away line about Dominionists infiltrating the officer corp(?) of our military. If this is the case, where else are they? Maybe Edward Snowden was necessary, maybe - just maybe the sequester is thinning things out and the dark spots are being exposed. I trust the universe, and the universe works in a manner of energetic coherence, mysterious ways. Spiritual discretion is the most valuable quality we can individually possess. No one can take this from us, unless we allow it. The war of principalities IS happening - this is the time of history we are in. There may not be conspiracies as much as like minded people moving and coalescing in a particular direction. Be aware of your thoughts and act with integrity. Love you all.
if you are watching a DVR'd show... and the guest panel of that show includes Al Sharpton, Valerie Plame, and Michael Moore... and you STILL watch the show in its entirety DESPITE your personal objection to the viewpoints of some of the panelists... you MAY lean to the left a little bit... and be proud about it.
I anyone gets a chance to see a rerun of last night's 'Real Time with Bill Maher', I recommend it. It was the best episode I have seen for a while. His guests were Rev. Al Sharpton, Valerie Plame, Micheal Moore and Richard Dawkins.
Watching last night's episode of Real Time, which has turned into Al Sharpton, Valerie Plame, and Michael Moore staging a liberal intervention. It's a train wreck that I cannot stop watching.
Wow, Al Sharpton, Valerie Plame, and Michael Moore were all on Bill Maher's show at the same time, I'm kind of surprised some crazy Tea partier didn't bomb the studio.
Good morning everyone! Happy Wednesday to you! Joining us today for the second day of shutdown discussion we have: Willie Geist, Jon Meacham, Mike Barnicle, Sam Stein, Mike Allen, Julie Pace, Bill Kristol, Carl Bernstein, Chuck Todd, Sen. Tim Kaine, Rep. Peter King, Valerie Plame, Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand and more
- I agree totally *** but he was not the one at fault for Valerie Plame - it was Richard Armitage.
"Russert's fat Dad was key to the Fraud of the Valerie Plame investigation claiming that Libby lied…" — Max Rugemer
Remember, Robert Novak was the guy who outed Valerie Plame for *** Cheney
I was home schooled by my daddy I know everything about Lying, Cheating & Blaming Scooter Libby for exposing Valerie Plame
…about the outing of Valerie Plame. I think it was horrible for the Bush admin to that but all of a sudden “It is wrong to spy in general”
the outing of Valerie Plame was another instance of leaking classified information, and in that case, "the enemy"...
We're going after and for revealing secrets endangering natl security are we prosecuting Cheney for outing Valerie Plame?
Soo did anyone go to jail for outing Valerie Plame as an undercover CIA agent?
Where were you Mr Kohn, when the Bush admin outed Valerie Plame. What party do you rep and who pays yur salary?
Manning should receive the same sentence Cheney and Rumsfeld got for outing Valerie Plame.
This is what "aiding the enemy" really looks like "Plamegate" . How many assets did Bushco burn outing Valerie Plame?
If Manning unintentionally outed Valerie Plame, would there be a charge for that?
Cheney--what happened to Cheney when he outed a CIA UNDERCOVER AGENT, Valerie Plame whose husband said no yellow cake in Niger.
indeed. They're neighbors on a dead-end street, along with Valerie Plame and DB Cooper.
The only reason this was "classified" is because it covered up war crimes. The US leaks info all the time. Ask Valerie Plame.
I'm tired of this Bradley Manning BS. He's a traitor. If he'd have outed Valerie Plame the left would want his head.
Let me get this straight. Outing Valerie Plame was a crime but "You are Bradley Manning" for leaking a lot more classified material?
I believe was the Bush staffer that really leaked the Valerie Plame story.
So, Fast & Furious, Benghazi, IRS, & NSA Spying are all PHONY scandals but Hollywood makes a MOVIE out of Valerie Plame?! OK.
“Everyone I've told story is interested, wants a book, a movie, I call that interest”. Valerie Plame you're NOT
Valerie Plame too. They even made a movie about it. Where at the end hey had to mention the truth
your hero When BUSH denied leaking that Valerie Plame was a CIA agent MCCAIN said “I take him at his word."
Where was your hero McCain when Bush lies were exposed abt Iraq getting uranium from Niger & betrayed Valerie Plame?
I heard Fiorina argue w/ the Iraq WMD evidence was real. Yea, that's why the GOP outed Valerie Plame as a spy.
I liked a video Valerie Plame testifies in CIA leak hearings (part 4)
USA must surely realize the wool they pulled over the eyes of the world has fallen: think Valerie Plame Wilson; Edward Snowden. Time is up
Of course I would have oral sex with Valerie Plame - that goes without saying.
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