Valerie Jarrett & Janet Napolitano

Valerie Bowman Jarrett (born November 14, 1956) is a senior advisor and assistant to the president for Public Engagement and Intergovernmental Affairs for the Obama administration. Janet Napolitano (born November 29, 1957) is the third and current United States Secretary of Homeland Security, serving in the administration of President Barack Obama. 5.0/5

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My opinion: Snowden is a like a single grain of sand in a desert, where there are always shadows of corruption, anarchy, pathological lying, clandestine treachery, thievery, tyranny, treason, stretching like a spectre across the sands. Where Marxist and Muslim ideologically driven men rule the landscape. The number of conspirators, and co-conspirators is staggering. They permeate all levels and areas of Government: the Executive, Congressional, and Judicial Branches. When *** Cheney, and Dianne Feinstein, are heard shouting from the rooftops ... Snowden is a Traitor, Snowden is a Traitor, I question their veracity. In my opinion it is not a very convincing argument; compared with the avalanche of Criminal acts committed by: B.H. Obama, H.R. Clinton, Barney Frank, Hank Paulson, Timothy Geithner, Chief Justice John Roberts, Eric Holder, Susan Rice, Valerie Jarrett, Robert Muller, James Clapper, Janet Napolitano, Douglas Shulman, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, David Axelrod, Kathleen Sebelius, Rahm Emanuel, ...
Obama is not an American! He needs to just watch over and do his Muslim thing ti'll his followers can't even stand him, and let Americans decide what are military needs, can and can't do in theater! I for one am sick of him. Janet Napolitano and Eric Holder. And let's not forget Valerie Jarrett. The traitor in chief now has it if you believe in your Country and the Constitution, you are a terrorist! Our military men and women return home to have their rights taken away because the government doesn't trust them with firearms?
Two justices, Kathleen Sebilius, Janet Napolitano, Valerie Jarrett, Hillary Clinton and the list keeps going. *** remember Susan Rice?
I'm sorry, but when did Janet Napolitano, Susan Rice,Kathleen Sibelius, Valerie Jarrett lose their ***
Valerie Jarrett, Janet Napolitano, Kathleen Sebelius, Elena Kagan, Sonia Sotomayor & more! PBO has no problem w/women!
fox *** Dat's right... Barack ain't got no women on his staff or cabinet!!! Let's see...he's only got Valerie Jarrett, Stephanie Cutter, Hillary Clinton, Susan Rice, Kathleen Sebelius, Janet Napolitano, Hilda Soldis, Lisa Jackson...and we won't even mention Elana Kagan or Sonya Sotomayor
So good bye Andrew Breitbart, Ty Woods, Glen Doherty, Ambassador Stevens, U.S. border guard Brian Terry, the victims of the Ft Hood massacre, & John Wheeler who no one talks about, along with the lives of thousands of American soldiers, & the careers of General Ham, Rear-Admiral Gaouette, & General Petraeus, but not to worry.We have Obama, Eric Holder, John Kerry, Hillary Clinton, Leon Panetta, Ben Bernanke, Harry Reid, John Boehner, Janet Napolitano , James Clapper, Marxist professors, the democrat/media complex, & Valerie Jarrett to look after our National Security, & our Constitutional Rights, Freedom, & Liberty.
If you should wonder about voting for Barrack Hussein Obama think about this. The next president will possibly name 3 justices to the U.S. Supreme Court. Sure to be on Obama's short list are such 'clear thinking geniuses' as Valerie Jarrett, Eric Holder, Van Jones, Janet Napolitano, and Kathleen Sebelius. Stephanie Cutter
in this upcoming election, it is not just Obama that could possibly be re-elected, but also AG-Eric Holder, Sr. Adv.-Valerie Jarrett, DHS Dir. Janet Napolitano, HHS Dir. Kathleen Sebelius, Jay Carney, David Axelrod, V.P. Joe Biden!, Anita Dunn, DOE-Dr. Chu, et. al, and company.!, Think about that.
When we fire Obama, we also fire Hillary, Valerie Jarrett, Joe Biden, Eric Holder, Janet Napolitano, and David Axelrod.
Valerie Jarrett administration redefining meaning of ILLEGAL immigrant homosexuals by means of identity confused Janet Napolitano! U decide!
major problem though is that all of the girls look like Pelosi, Fluke, "Was-A-Man" Janet Napolitano, & Valerie Jarrett.
According to my source, there were some internal problems within the Department of Homeland Security, and some external problems outside of that venue as well that slowed the process. My source stated that the delays caused a lot of anger among those at a higher level, and that anger or impatience trickled down through the ranks at DHS. On the day of the shooting at the Sikh Temple, however, my source stated that there were many meetings and contacts between Obama’s people, especially from Valerie Jarrett, that involved Janet Napolitano and the FBI director. According to my source, Jarrett and others within Obama’s inner circle were actually coordinating how the information about the shooting was to be handled. Imagine that! Obama’s closest advisor was actually involved with almost every aspect of a local shooting by first designating it as an act of domestic terrorism. As soon as they were made aware that the shooting took place at a Sikh Temple and had the identity of the shooter, they made sure t ...
I hear that our real commander-in-chief Valerie Jarrett, gal-pal Moochelle, plus Obamarx, Janet Napolitano, and Eric Holder and boss George Soros, sometimes read many of the computer generated/selected posts that say negative things about them and their administration... sure hope that's true! I would never dream of making any kind of 'threat' or anything,... but I'd really like to ask them all the same question, to whit; " After all you've done to hurt America through never-ending war, turning your collective backs on her elderly citizens, and dumping such a great tax burden upon the children for so many generations to come,.. if you really want to do something that's sure to make the country a better place, then why don't you kill yourselves? Seriously, why don't you just kill yourselves?? Isn't it at the very core of your libertine beliefs that "Tis better to Rule in *** than to Serve in Heaven"?? That IS what your god teaches you, isn't it?? You can't possibly sleep well at night without the drugs ...
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