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Valerie Jarrett

Valerie Bowman Jarrett (born November 14, 1956) is a Senior Advisor and assistant to the president for Public Engagement and Intergovernmental Affairs for the Obama administration.

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Obama's Stand-Up Routine Is Laughable Indeed By Jonah Goldberg President Obama was doing his favorite thing this week: talking to crowds of adoring young people who already agree with him while acting like he persuaded them about something. They also seemed to give Obama the impression that he's a really funny guy. On Wednesday, he told a crowd of 1,400 at the University of Michigan that he visited a local deli, Zingerman's. He proceeded to tell a long story about ordering the small Reuben sandwich, which he said was "killer." That description got a good laugh. Then he explained how he thought the sandwich was too big, so he shared it with his advisor, Valerie Jarrett. "After I finished [my] half, I wanted [her] half back," Obama said. "But it was too late, all she had was the pickle -- so I took the pickle." "Took the pickle" was a huge laugh line. Pickle is a funny word, but still; when an audience thinks this is a knee-slapper, you know it's not a rough crowd. But Obama had a serious point to make as w ...
The dining options of First Lady Michelle Obama and White House senior adviser Valerie Jarrett are a good bellwether of the city’s hot restaurants. On Tuesday, Mrs. Obama and Jarrett stopped in for dinner at the new Italian waterfront...
Interesting bit of news I just read "Kengor: Obama and David Axelrod and Valerie Jarrett all have common political ancestors who knew and worked with each other in communist activities and fronts in Chicago in the 1940s. The ancestors are, respectively, Frank Marshall Davis, the Canters, and Vernon Jarrett and Robert Taylor. We are today being governed by ghosts from Chicago’s Communist Party haunts of the 1940s. It’s scary. By the way, then and still today, they call themselves “progressives.”
Any one of these 'coincidences' when taken singularly appear to not mean much, but when taken as a whole, a computer would blow a main circuit if you asked it to calculate the odds that they have occurred by chance alone. Sit back, get a favorite beverage, and then read and ponder the Obama-related 'coincidences' ... then super-impose the bigger picture of most recent events i.e. Fast and furious, Benghazi, the IRS scandal and the NSA revelations ... then pray for our country. Obama just happened to know 60's far-left radical revolutionary William Ayers, whose father just happened to be Thomas Ayers, who just happened to be a close friend of Obama’s communist mentor Frank Marshall Davis, who just happened to work at the communist-sympathizing Chicago Defender with Vernon Jarrett, who just happened to later become the father-in-law of Iranian-born leftist Valerie Jarrett, who Obama just happened to choose as his closest White House advisor, and who just happened to have been CEO of Habitat Company, which ...
Phoenix Public is a stop on Valerie Jarrett's Affordable Care Act barnstorming tour. So that's what secret service agents look like.
Misconceptions being spread about the Hobby Lobby case- I tried to share this post and I couldn' I copied and pasted the whole thing. Here is the actual site if it works: Hobby Lobby heads to the Supreme Court to challenge the Affordable Care Act’s Health and Human Services (HHS) mandate, don’t be duped by these five common misperceptions about the case: The owners of Hobby Lobby are anti-contraception. The owners of Hobby Lobby, the Green family, are evangelical Christians. They have no problem with preventative contraception and already cover sixteen of the twenty forms approved by the FDA. When public officials and Obama advisors like Valerie Jarrett say things like Hobby Lobby is, “an arts and crafts chain whose owners want to be able to take the option for birth control benefits away from their employees,” they are factually incorrect. The Green family objects only to, and therefore does not cover, the four forms of contraception whose FDA labels warn they can destroy an embryo and ther ...
Pray for Obama's brain, Muslim Commie UNELECTED PRESIDENT Valerie Jarrett is to blame.
Valerie Jarrett: We’ve had less increase in premiums than ever in last 50 years Well there you go folks… The president has spoken…
Muslim Oil Billionaires; Valerie Jarrett, a Palestinian State & the advancement of Islam in America.
I think Valerie Jarrett might be in some parallel universe. Here’s a recent quote: “ "What we’ve seen over the last four years since our healthcare plan was passed is we’ve had less increase in...
Valerie Jarrett lying: Obamacare is really lowering those insurance premiums isn't it? -
"new clinic opening with Jim Mangia + Valerie Jarrett
I remember when Jon Lovitz would do his Valerie Jarrett character on SNL. The name was Tommy Flanagan
LET’S GET ONE THING STRAIGHT RIGHT NOW….. Obama is a figurehead, he is not some really really smart guy we are happy to supposedly have running the country…..he is a pot smoking, cocaine using, *** man, that was born in Kenya, is a Muslim, stayed at Bill Ayers place and told people who came by that he was going to be president. Heard Hannity on the radio today, and for that matter every single conservative talk show host does this, blame Obama for this that and the other. Obama, folks, has done nothing, he doesn’t have the smarts to do anything… is his administration that is doing things, and guess what, his administration is run by Muslim Brotherhood, of which Obama is a member. These people that blame Obama for this and that need to quit saying that, they need to blame the Obama Administration, they are the ones doing everything, they are the ones calling the shots, they are the ones firing long time military leaders, they are the ones threatening opposition party people and whoever gets . ...
Impeach Valerie Jarrett she's supposed to be real boss in White House.
Anti-semitism is on the rise everywhere. People are getting beaten up. Some *** haters shout obscenities at Jewish men wearing their distinctive apparel. Being a Jew in a college can get you laughed at or worse. Face-Book friends, please remember that Israel is God's chosen people TO SPREAD THE GOSPEL, and even though the Jews failed to recognize Messiah when He came, God did not remove his love for that nation. The President of Czechoslovakia is "alarmed" about Putin's invasion of Crimea and what he is otherwise scheming to do, and he is pushing for a European army build-up from among the nations of Europe. Our stupid and weak president (led around by the nose by Valerie Jarrett) commits one stupid act after another, echoed by stupid blabbermouth Biden. If y'all are not already joined to the True Vine in these frightening times, what the heck are you waiting for? I'm a pragmatist: I want to be sitting in that cleft of the Rock while disaster and tribulation pass me by. I do not believe Christia ...
the supporters should remember Valerie Jarrett's quote.
I hope Obama can persuade whoever is in charge to do something about that. (Valerie Jarrett, maybe?)
Meet the most powerful woman in America puppet master Valerie Jarrett - de facto President of the US
HACK Valerie Jarrett Lie: Less increase in premiums ever in last 50 yrs
Obama already has... Valerie Jarrett was very instrumental in her native Arabic tongue~
How does Valerie Jarrett get away without wearing a Jihib or whatever the *** that thing is that Muslims wear. Does Obama think that maybe he can keep that little thing a secret? I don`t know but I think Valerie tells the boy exactly what to do. After Soros tells her of course. Can`t do this without mentioning where the money comes from now can we.
Valerie Jarrett, always good for a laugh:
Unchallenged Valerie Jarrett: I can lie my *** off and the media just laughs
BS-->>Valerie Jarrett whitewashes Obamacare, says it is lowering premiums in order to get people to sign up
We are now at the stage where ObamaCare defenders know if they are going to lie, LIE BIG. .
Liz. Obama's destroying our military and the country. Actually it's Valerie Jarrett calling the shots.
There is no Obama administration. There is an Obama campaign. And that campaign is part of an organization built around a single figure; Obama Inc. Obama Inc. has more in common with the type of organization built around a celebrity like Beyonce than a conventional political organization. It can handle everything from fundraising, branding to viral marketing, but like the Inner Circles of top celebrities, the most influential person in the organization is the one who can soothe, pamper and cater to the celebrity’s mercurial personality. Valerie Jarrett’s role as CEO of Obama Inc. confuses those who expect a more conventional arrangement. Jarrett is less *** Cheney and more Colonel Parker or Helen Kushnick; a powerful enigmatic figure ruthlessly dedicated to her star whose power comes from his dependency.
George Washington, "First in war, first in peace, and first in the hearts of hi countrymen." Emerging as the most significant leader in the founding of the United States, he was an essentially, the American Moses, the Father of the Country. At the three crossroads in the establishment of the nation, he led our troops to victory in the Revolutionary War, superintended the Constitutional Convention and was unanimously elected the first President . How can such greatness be embodied in one man? Washington was surrounded by a host of other courageous leaders, brilliant thinkers, passionate orators, and gifted writers -- Franklin, Jefferson, Patrick Henry, Samuel Adams, Hamilton, Madison -- almost all of whom were far more privateers he. Yet Washington always led the way. While much has often been made of his physical stature (six feet two) And his courage, charisma, energy, vision, and calm demeanor, it was his moral character most historical sources commonly cite as the reason for his emergence. Combine his ...
Copy and Repost as your Status. Then print this up and file charges with your local sheriff. If everyone in the country does this, then Obama and his Travelling Zoo won't be able to travel to any county in the country without risking arrest...if Congress won't legally shut him down, then We the People need to do it. ARTICLES OF LAWFUL ARREST OF BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA, John McCain, VALERIE JARRETT, JOHN BRENNAN, John Kerry, Hillary Clinton and THEIR FELLOW CO-CONSPIRATORS for TREASON AGAINST THE United States OF AMERICA and her SEVERAL STATES and PEOPLES Enumerated this 17th Day of September, 2013 WE THE PEOPLE of the United States of America do hereby declare and affirm that we have witnessed the following Acts of Treason against the United States of America, committed by said Obama, McCain, Clinton and others mentioned, and that we hereby call for the immediate lawful arrest of these perpetrators, according to Constitutional Law and our legal obligation to report and insist upon the arrest of said traitors ...
Am I the only person thinking that the missing plane may be safely landed in "Iran" and being revamped for its' future? Remember the two Iranians with the stolen passports, that are suddenly "A-Okay" because they were simply trying to lie their way into another country? So "they" are not an issue? Simple as that. Period. ~ We know BO is trying to humor Iran and Valerie Jarrett, whom many say is the "real" president, (and I know several who believe that; as she is simply more intelligent than the current occupant of the WH) . "Word is" she speaks directly with Soros at least weekly and often times more frequently, anyway she was born in Iran and lived there for 5 years before her family returned to the U.S. ~ So...with all the time that has passed and there has been no real evidence of "anything", one would think there would have been more details on the 2 Iranians with stolen passports ...wouldn't you think??? There might be something there to "think" about. Hmmm, ~~~
IT IS SAID THAT "YOU ARE KNOWN BY THE COMPANY YOU KEEP".WELL WITH ALL OF THE TALK AND RUMORS SURROUNDING AND ABOUT O *** IF YOU NEEDED ANY MORE PROOF AS TO WHO THIS *** COMMUNIST REALLY IS.HERE IT IS. THE ROGUES GALLERY OF COMMUNISTS SURROUNDING O *** America is a country of 320 million people, most of them holding to traditional values. Yet O *** keeps mining the fringes for his hires. Does he have any friends who aren't crackpots? Seriously??? OBASTARD keeps saying he champions the middle class and its values. But his choices of people to help him run the country are the MOST EXTREME in U.S. history, and his second-term nominations are MORE RADICAL THAN THE FIRST! No sooner had even some Senate Democrats joined Republicans in voting down a cop killer-coddler for civil rights chief, Debo Adegbile, than O *** sent up a 2nd Amendment-basher for U.S. Surgeon General. Dr. Vivek Murthy advocates doctors asking patients if they keep guns in the home, a shocking invasion of privacy!!! Murth ...
What a total whitewash when Valerie Jarrett commented that our healthcare premiums have risen to its lowest level for the past 50 years? Today on CBSLA. How about everything else that has gone up like my wife's medicine that went from $65 to $370. Add that to my deductible fr $2000 to $4000 for participating docs and $4000 to $8000 for non participating! This has got to be happening to a lot of people. This will create an even wider income gap. They really need to take Econ for dummies.
Ask Conservative Americans what they think of Valerie Jarrett and most will say, "EVIL!" Then ask why?  CRICKETS.  Come on folks. We are not liberals. We DEFEND our positions with facts. EVIL is the right answer, BUT KNOW WHY! “Is Valerie Jarrett loyal to the United States of America, or, is she plo...
President Obama's Senior Advisor, Valerie Jarrett, is stopping by our homeless youth program today. I wonder what she has to say about the fact that a number of our youth are *** and undocumented. Would she report that back to our deporter-in-chief president?
Celebrating new St. John's Well Child & Family Center clinic opening with Jim Mangia and Valerie Jarrett.
THE SHOREBANK, OBAMA, CHICAGO CLIMATE EXCHANGE SCAM! What Really Happened Sent in by a reader So . . . You think you know quite a bit about Obama and his band of thieves. Read on and see just how little you know. All of this comes together in the last part... a must read. This is an interesting story put together from various articles and TV shows by the British Times paper. It shows what Obama and his friends are really all about. It's not hope and change, it is money. I warn you, the first part is a little boring, but stick with it. The second part connects all the dots for you (it will open your eyes). The end explains how Obama and all his cronies will end up as multi-billionaires.(It's definitely worth the read. You will not be disappointed). A small bank in Chicago called SHOREBANK almost went bankrupt during the recession. The bank made a profit on its foreign micro-loans (see below) but had lost money in sub-prime mortgages in the US . It was facing likely closure by federal regulators. However, b ...
So who exactly is VALERIE JARRETT? She’s a senior adviser to the president and the woman whom Congressman Jason Chaffetz once said has her “tentacles” in virtually everything in the White House. Jarrett is also the person National Review referred to as the Obama adviser who is “never challenged.”.ALSO REFERRED TO AS OUR DE-FACTO PRESIDENT. SHE IS ALSO A KNOWN SLUM LORD IN CHICAGO AND A MARXIST.
UPDATE: Valerie Jarrett, Senior Advisor to President Obama will attend the event! A great opportunity to see the White House in our community and hear about the Affordable Care Out ("Obamacare"). Our communities matter!
so valerie jarrett is on KFI radio (los angeles) pitching obamacare on the rated drivetime show lying her brains out. the host is throwing her (respectfully) tough questions. she's spouting the talking points and saying how great it is that labron james is in favor o...
Senior Advisor, Valerie Jarrett speaking at the St. John's Center ribbon cutting ceremony
Valerie Jarrett, a senior White House adviser with unmatched access to the Obamas, has been a driving force in some of the most significant domestic policy decisions of the president’s first term.
So much for his pledge to be the president to lead a post- racial America. In fact, his actions along with his wife's, Jesse's, Al's, and Calypso Looney's, have driven a larger wedge between blacks and whites in our country. Had he truly wanted to, he could have done so much to improve race relations in the U.S. In fact, his disdain for whites, fueled and supported by both Mooch-chelle and Valerie Jarrett, is obvious to even the casual observer. To deny it merely proves you are deceived.
Valerie Jarrett is called 'the de facto president'. Read more at via
Listen live as President Senior Advisor, Valerie Jarrett, talks healthcare reform with
Valerie Jarrett. Do you know who she is?
Now we know why a company in Canada got the contract for Obamacare: “Michael D. Harbison via Dutch Valkema Dutch Valkema Valerie Jarrett’s daughter MARRIES the son of Canadian MP who chose the IT firm for Obamacare website for...
Valerie Jarrett has the shovel ready to bury America.
If you have wondered how a unaccomplished Illinois senator became president and why he has done as much as he has to harm the United States, check out Valerie Jarrett (tagged Obama's Rasputin).
The Iranian born Communist sympathizer VALERIE JARRETT said this... “After we win this election, it is payback time. For those who supported us, there will be rewards, for the ones who opposed us, they will get what they deserve. There will be *** to pay. Congress won’t be a problem for us this time. With no election to worry about, we have two judges ready to go.”
In the picture above, Valerie Jarrett looks healthy, professional, poised and dignified. She has spent the better portion of her life projecting this image. This is not the typical  ”hit piece” on the President’s chief advisor, Valerie Jarrett. This article does not attempt to demean Obama by denigr...
"Meet the most powerful woman in America" David Kupelian on "de facto president" Valerie Jarrett. (WND)
DE FACTO PRESIDENT: Valerie Jarrett is 'the de facto president'
Meet the real president of the US. The ghetto boy takes his orders from Valerie Jarrett the Muslim.
Valerie Jarrett is really President, O is an empty suit just enjoying the perks of office.
Obama is a empty suit, he just wanted to president to enjoy the perks, he is like a welfare cheat. Valerie Jarrett is running the Country.
Arrest warrants have been issued 4 the following persons 4 aiding & abetting the president of the U.S. J Carney, Susan Rice, Valerie Jarrett
we have to remember, in spite of Valerie Jarrett and Obama, God is in control, and the American spirit is strong
Valerie Jarrett is not loyal to USA. She is plotting to compromise the future of this country as the President’s most trusted advisor.
No other President was fortunate enough to have Valerie Jarrett as an adviser. Don't take it personally,Pres. Carter.
President Obama loves to pose as the savior of the oppressed American middle class who are repeatedly victimized by “fat cat” bankers. Obama is so opposed to the banker influence in government that he appointed one of them to become his Senior White House Advisor. I am speaking about none other than Valerie Jarrett. From 2006-2007, Jarrett was a member of the Board of Directors for the Chicago branch of the Federal Reserve. Shouldn’t this be called “sleeping with the enemy?”
Any surprise? How about Bill Ayers, Jeremiah Wright, Valerie Jarrett to name a few more "pals!"
Russian President Vladimir Putin is making the United States look bad. Putin knows what he wants and he’s moving full steam ahead. Today Crimea. Tomorrow, perhaps eastern Ukraine. Later on, we can only imagine. Our President, Barack Obama, seems hesitant and indecisive. Obama’s circle of advisors, beginning with Secretary of State John Kerry and going all the way down to Valerie Jarrett and Susan Rice MUST be providing him with recommendations. But so far, the best he’s done is to deny a few visas. You have to ask why? Obama is a classic progressive – typically good at taxing and spending but terrible at making bloody dictators back down. Yes, Harry Truman and John Kennedy were Democrats, but from a different era. Today’s Democrats are more concerned with fairness and *** rights and climate change -- things that make Vladimir Putin laugh out loud, knowing he has nothing to fear. -Lynn Woolley
Everybody has it wrong. Valerie Jarrett isn't the puppet master. Harry Reid is. Obama will sign any bill he gives his blessings on. Obama is Reid's Jay Carney.
The West Wing Cast Draws Chatter: Could Valerie Jarrett, the White House consigliere, and Ahmad Rashad, the sp...
If he reports to George Soros through his liason Valerie Jarrett, and his job is to destroy America, then he's doing much better at that job than many are willing to give him credit for.
correction. Valerie Jarrett was great granddaughter to Robert Robinson Taylor.
"Between Two Ferns" producer Michael Farah met with Valerie Jarrett last July to talk about promoting Obamacare - http…
Present or Absent - With Obama, whats the Difference? There is a steadiness to government that is as assured as the rising of the sun in the east. It will continue in one form or another whether the President is in the White House or not. What continues is the bureaucracy that makes it all tick. Valerie Jarrett continues to run America day to day as she has since day one of this administration. She is the sum total of the Carl Roves, Tom DeLays, Dr. Ralph Reeds, Jerry Falwells, of a previous administration. And don't feel bad if I left out one of your favorite influencers of that previous administration, you get the idea. There has never been the centralized power vested in one person as there is in this day and age. An un-elected, unvetted, marxist muslim, runs the American system of government and all that it entails from stem to stern with the full backing of the Office of the President. When you rail against that which is un-Constitutional, un-lawful, un-American, in the actions of the administratio . ...
Dr. Jim Garrow ended his radio interview with one last revelation. He said the Obama administration is made up of Marxist Muslims who all take their orders from Senior Adviser to the President, Iranian-born Valerie Jarrett. Garrow said it is well known to intelligence agencies all over the world that Obama is a foreign plant who was placed on the path to the presidency by ultra-rich Saudi nationals. This is why all of Obama’s education records have been permanently sealed.
I think I have a solution to the situation in Russia. As you may know, Wrestlemania is coming to New Orleans. I would propose a cage match between obama and Putin with the winner taking over Ukraine. This would be a no holds barred match and each would have a second in their corner. Valerie Jarrett (since she is the one in the White House with balls) and Dennis Rodman in Putins corner since he has an affinity for dictators. Let the chips fall where they may!
During a White House briefing in 2012, prior to the elections, Valerie Jarrett (’s “person of the day”) and President Obama’s most trusted Advisor said: “After WE win this election, it’s our turn. Payback time. Everyone not with us is against us and they better be ready because we don’t...
has an exclusive interview w/Valerie Jarrett One of Pres top aides, Next On
Thinning my TL for less irritation. First out? VALERIE JARRETT! BuhBye you gigantic ugly troll.
Ayala Hasson back from Washington on Kol Israel: Valerie Jarrett is quite unhappy with the rise of John Kerry
Face it Valerie Jarrett is running the country...Obama is concerned about his vacation...what could go wrong
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
An influential black female in the admin. who urged intervention in ME, rejected by Rutgers. No, not Valerie Jarrett.
I could not have said it better. Nuda Waya GOOOD Morning DC! The White House and that Dippsy-doodle, diplomat that let Putin pin him to the mat, the one and only Barely-testicled Barry. Good morning Sir, I hope this day finds you well and healthy. See I am of the school that knowing the healthier you are, the longer you will be able to live in shame. One of the finest forms of vengeance I know is letting an individual live with their own failures and broken dreams for as long as humanly possible. So another Obama care delay, oh, that is right you now prefer to call it the Affordable Healthcare Act. Well what you want and how things are can be two very different things you know? Personally, I think credit levied where credit is due, so calling it Obama care is the best way I know to do so. What was it that Ted Cruz wanted, to delay the signing of Obama care? So are you saying he was right then? I mean we can bandy the right/wrong, Left/Right fight all day long but come sunset; you were wrong is all that ma ...
"Valerie Jarrett. she sounds really sweet!
President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama walk to Marine One, on their way to Florida. In Florida, the President will deliver remarks about a new FAFSA Initiative led by the Department of Education. His remarks are on the White House schedule, for delivery at 2:40pm ET, at Coral Reef High School, after the president and First Lady visit one of the classrooms. Accompanying the President and First Lady were Rob Nabors, Tony Blinken and Valerie Jarrett.
Even more shocking: Valerie Jarrett is dating Ahmad Rashad!
Flash Demonstration 3 pm in front of the Henry Jackson building, corner of 2nd and Marion when the Obama Adinistration hits the 2 millionth deportation. Keep tuned in! - Barack Obama under siege over deportations By: Reid J. Epstein and Seung Min Kim March 6, 2014 06:33 PM EST The White House is finding itself increasingly on defense over deportations of undocumented immigrants, as key Democrats and a top immigration reform group have gone public this week with their desire for President Barack Obama to act. National Council of La Raza President Janet Murguía called Obama the “deporter-in-chief” in a major speech Tuesday, leading to angry phone calls from senior White House officials — including adviser Valerie Jarrett — according to three people familiar with the calls. Jarrett told Murguía that Obama was “very disappointed” with the statement, the sources said. Neither Murguía nor the White House would characterize the specifics of the calls or which officials called her, but Murguía sa ...
Saudi declare Muslim Brothers terrorist organization as an act against Valerie Jarrett and her boss.
Seem more proof that Iranian Valerie Jarrett is running this administration while BHO struts around in his MomJeans
I'm sure Valerie Jarrett should count as a branch.
will not mention Valerie Jarrett's role as government slum lord.
ValJar has a Boyfriend?: Obama confidant and one-woman White House power center Valerie Jarrett is dating spor...
Valerie Jarrett, Hilary Clinton are the reason, Obama let it happen, Susan Rice the dupe, and all four lied to America
I wonder. Two days ago, it was reported that the US and EU were behind the sniper shooting of police officers and citizens in the Ukraine. Reminds me of what happened in Egypt and Syria. Hate to say it people but Obama is trying to get us in a war. He tried with Syria and it didn't work. Now he has sent fighters and a ship over there to show some muscle. Now it's Russia. Valerie Jarrett is behind this. He has been nothing but a thorn in the American people's side. I wonder.those who voted for this subpar, are you happy yet?
The First Woman President So long have I waited for the glass ceiling to be shattered, for the barrier to be breached, for the blessed moment to arrive. I had thought that the day that begins with a woman in the Oval Office, with more than 50 percent of our population feeling truly represented, was a day long in coming. I had thought 2008 would be the year we made history, with Hillary Clinton coming so close to the Democratic nomination, with Sarah Palin becoming the first woman on the Republican ticket. But it was not to be. America reverted to her old habits of sexism and gynophobia, denying Clinton her place in the sun, even questioning the maternity of Palin’s youngest child. Barack Obama was elected to the White House. The contest four years later was, in sheer numbers, a regression: In 2012 no women were present on any major party ticket. Obama won his second term. Only now do I see how mistaken I have been, how shallow my thinking, how guilty of succumbing to the confines of the hetero-normative ...
Iranian Born Valerie Jarrett Obozo's top staff adviser: Forget the Hilderbeast, Jarrett Most Powerful evil Woman in America.
He hears everything, and is told what to repeat, from Valerie Jarrett. Such a sad life when you consider it.
This making rounds again re O's rise to presidency. Worth the read: Bombshell Obama Vetting via
We should be worried that Valerie Jarrett is becoming more visible.
Valerie Jarrett called NCLR to complain Obama was "disappointed" to be called "deporter-in-chief." w/
The most powerful woman in America Why Obama adviser Valerie Jarrett is being called 'the de facto president' turd
Valerie Jarrett is a GREAT ventriloquist, isn't she? I can't see her lips move at all when Obama talks.
"Jimmy can sleep well now. Carter was inept, this Obama is devious and with his Valerie Jarrett …" — RockyMt
Valerie Jarrett is a top member of the Muslim Brotherhood terrorist group.
March 13 @ MIT: Hon. Valerie Jarrett to give talk "Built to Last: Opportunity, and the Economics of Empowerment:
Unfortunately, Our leader Valerie Jarrett and her frontman Obama stands with the Muslims.
Valerie Jarrett pushes back when Bill O'Reilly makes suggestions that can help Black youth...
Bill O’vs. Valerie Jarrett on How to Truly Empower Poor, Minority Communities - . Jarrett...
but Valerie Jarret thought a general was a waiter.
Highlights of "THE MOST POWERFUL WOMAN IN AMERICA" include: • "The key to understanding Barack Obama" by Joseph Farah • "The shadow president: Why top White House adviser Valerie Jarrett truly is 'Obama's Rasputin'" by David Kupelian • "All in the (political) family: Obama's Marxist mentor and Valerie Jarrett and David Axelrod" by Paul Kengor • "Who is Valerie Jarrett?" by Edward Klein, in which the former New York Times Magazine editor in chief says Jarrett "is in many ways the de facto president" • "Bizarre czars in the White House" by Art Moore, on some of the most radical characters ever to populate the top level of executive branch, all recruited by Valerie Jarrett • "Obama's strange dependence on Valerie Jarrett" by Karin McQuillan, who explains, "When Obama looks at Jarrett, he sees himself as whole and good and real" • "Valerie Jarrett's radical roots" by John Perazzo, on why Obama picked someone with no diplomatic experience to secretly negotiate with Iran • "Valerie Jarre ...
Pres Obama's new plan targeting at risk young people of color. I talk to: Magic Johnson, Colin Powell, Valerie Jarrett. Wat…   10% Off
Oh my. Kudos to the Washington Examiner for listening to a tip and going after it. I will also remind readers that Valerie Jarrett oversees the White House Office of Public Engagement. Take a look at the just published report:
Our has the scoop on Valerie Jarrett and Ahmad Rashad:
Sneed: Obama's top adviser, Valerie Jarrett, is dating Ahmad Rashad
Those rumors about Valerie Jarrett and Ahmad Rashad being an item? Sounds like they are - but nothing serious. First reported by the New York Post in November, Sun-Times columnist Michael Sneed has learned the two are, in fact, a power couple. Although Jarrett has told at least one Chicago pal “it i...
Michael Sneed: Obama’s top adviser, Valerie Jarrett, is dating Ahmad Rashad.
President Washington speaks of "rightly"... HOWEVER, if you want to govern from the left, use: Marx, Lenin, Cloward, Pliven, Saul Alinsky and Valerie Jarrett.
Interesting discussion with Valerie Jarrett and Bill O'Reilly about young men of color. If the President wanted to leave a legacy ...
"Bill O’Reilly to Valerie Jarrett: Get Jay-Z’s to help young men of color . via how you gonna...
Anyone watch that O'Reilly interview with POTUS Valerie Jarrett? She said flat out to O'Gasbag's face that Obama will bypass when he wants. He didn't challenge her once.
The president’s consigliere, Valerie Jarrett, has endorsed the second season of Netflix’s House of Cards series, in which a main character is pushed --- spoiler alert --- under a train. “Just
How can I screw over America this week? Just a friendly reminder to all good Americans out there that Rasputin in a skirt has not yet left the building. Valerie Jarrett has been shooting her mouth...
President Obama will be unveiling his new program to help young men of color. Valerie Jarrett invoked the name of Trayvon Martin in a conference call promoting the program. She said the president will speak about "how we need to give boys and young men of color a sense that their country cares about them and is committed to investing in their futures." The program is called, "My Brother's Keeper." It will help all young men of color - unless they are white.
Coward Bill O’Reilly fails to challenge Valerie Jarrett over Obama’s abuse of power
Nice to see Bill O'Reilly make light of the targeting Conservatives while brown nosing Valerie Jarrett. He's such a …
Did you know that, according to President Obama’s best friend and Senior Advisor Valerie Jarrett, you, the American people, are “hungry” for more executive action and executive orders from the president?
Free Deep Chocolate VitaMuffins on $79
Valerie Jarrett and Bill O'Reilly having a delightful conversation on Fox. I think *** has frozen over..
Rev. Sharpton is joined by White House Senior Advisor Valerie Jarrett to discuss Pres. Obama’s newly unveiled initiative to help young men of color.
You Gotta see this...Bill O'Reilly Clashes with Valerie Jarrett over 'Gangsta' Culture.
O'Reilly had Valerie Jarrett on tonight, the minute she showed up I turned it off. . Not buy that propaganda.
Pretty evident now why Bill O’Reilly was sucking up to Obama: he landed an interview with Valerie Jarrett. Coincidence? I think not.
Bill O'Reilly vs. Valerie Jarrett on How to Truly ... via
Hey Valerie Jarrett, if you like your communist-mentored, Islam indoctrinated, community activist puppet, you can keep him...
Bill O'Reilly faced off with White House Senior Advisor Valerie Jarrett Thursday night over President Obama's My Brother's Keeper initiative, and they tussled over the gangsta culture O'Reilly argued holds plenty of young people back and what the White House can do to help stem problems like teenage...
On the blog: My Brother's Keeper is a new White House initiative to empower boys and young men of color
Q. Hey ask Valerie Jarrett where the POTUS was during attack
VERY, VERY interesting that Valerie Jarrett would agree to appear on The Factor tonight. She ONLY patronizes Mainstream Media and I can't recall if she ever guested on FOX!!! AND how did O'Reilly convince the Queen of Evil to agree to this ??!!! Did he sell whatever is left of his soul??
Oh! O'Reilly has Valerie Jarrett on. The only person I've ever seen thank a network, "for all their help!" after…
My Brother's Keeper: A New White House Initiative to Empower Boys and Young Men of Color via
President Valerie Jarrett was getting told by O'reilly tonight.
Valerie Jarrett says we shouldn't underestimate how smart our youth are while Michelle Obama calls them knuckleheads. Umm…
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Bill O’Reilly vs. Valerie Jarrett on how to truly empower poor, minority communities (VIDEO)
Bill O'Reilly confirmed to me tonight that he is a sexist. I have always noticed that he is very rude and harder on the women guest and contributors than he is to the men. He nearly coddled Obama , yet he was rude to Valerie Jarrett.
Now why would Valerie Jarrett go on Bill O'Reilly's show? My guess is Fox News is way more powerful than liberals give them credit for.
The communist Valerie Jarrett is on O'Reily right now. If you want to see who is ruining this Country there she is.
Valerie Jarrett just said that Michelle Obama had a mentoring program for underprivileged, at risk kids since "she took office." I didn't know she held office. What office does Bride of Barack hold? O'Reilly is sickening tonight.
*COMMIE ALERT COMMIE ALERT!!* GET READY TO TUNE IN.White House COMMIE LEADER, VALERIE JARRETT IS ABOUT TO MAKE AN APPEARANCE ON BILL O'REILLY at 5:00. This should be an interesting meeting...let's see how it goes.shall we?? hmmm?
So Bill O'Reilly thinks that the Obamas will negate their ideology and alliances (teachers' unions, NEA, Planned Parenthood, etc.) to reach out to Black children at risk. He also believes that Beyonce and Jay-Z are great role models and will do the same. Thank you Laura Ingraham for pointing out to Bill that in order for this to happen *** must first freeze over, pigs take to the skies, and Valerie Jarrett would register Republican and run with Condi Rice as her VP in 2016.
I decided to take a few minutes and watch the communist Valerie Jarrett on O'Reilly. When she kept saying what's best for "our country" I wasn't sure if she was taking about the U.S. or Iran.
If I heard Valerie Jarrett say (when referring to the Obama's) The PRESIDENT & THE 1st LADY, like they were a king & queen one more time, (not my President & not my 1st lady) I was gonna scream, but better yet, I just changed the channel.
I turned on O'Reily and I saw him interviewing Valerie Jarrett. I thought I was transported to a parallel universe
Hey libtards, Valerie Jarrett, senior presidential advisor, was on Bill O'Reilly and guess what? They got along great and agreed on most everything. If you all would close your mouths, open your minds and just listen to him you might be pleasantly surprised. Even if you disagree, he makes interesting points. You would be hard pressed to prove him wrong. I disagree with him occasionally, but unlike close-minded people, I don't switch to MSNBC. He, also, had James Carville on tonight and has him on as a regular. So, reach between your legs, get a firm grip on your neck, pull your head out of your clean the $hit out of your ears, open your eyes and get all sides instead of just parroting the party rhetoric.
Newt Gingrich's cat knows more military strategy, as well as, more about all other pertinent issues such as, properly understanding the US Constitution, the economy, reforming the health care system, foreign policy, the environment, etc., than Barak Obama, Joe Biden, Valerie Jarrett, Hillary Clinton, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, John Kerry and all the democrats combined! How much more Newt?! Newt 2016!!! Click on link:
I just heard on Bill O'Reilly, Valerie Jarrett (her BIO =Communist Muslim) say to Bill that this will be The Year Of Change and Obama will do it bypassing Congress ! And Bill said not one thing to that statement ,in fact he just over look what she said! I can't believe how he let that pass , What in the world is the matter with him?
O'Reilly has the Evil Valerie Jarrett on the Factor... and asks her nothing but fluff, fluff, fluff. disgusting.
Barack and "the nations" are getting nervous about America not rolling over as easy as they had originally hoped. Frustrating isn't it team Barry! You sit in your fraudulence and deceit, and wonder how is it, your secret gets out. This is proof to you in your nervous sweat, of the very God that haunts you, and the millions of people under Him in America, who know who you are, what you plot, who backs you, and that you are but a mere human and common thug, living in a temporary fantasy, thinking you can overthrow this Country, and not be noticed! RECALCULATING! Remember the Russian leaning over to Barack and whispering sweet nothings? That one Putin pulled off was called the Russian SAW ("Soviet *** Whisperer") Anyway, the overthrow isn't quite going as fast as they had planned, this is why Fox News, is beginning to be persecuted and of course blamed for even global cooling now I'm sure, as fast as the felonies and scandals come down the pipe now, and the attempted FCC monitoring gig, was on the media r .. ...
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Oh, my goodness.I am gonna throw up, seriously, don't know if it was eating half the chocolate cake I just made or watching The O'Reilly Factor & Bill O'Reilly & Valerie Jarrett trying to solve the problems of 'young black men' OMG!
Wow, did you know that Valerie Jarrett was born in Shiraz, Iran?
I have two kudos from today ! President Obama proposed " My Brother's Keeper" program. Wonderful idea and could have a very powerful impact for the nation. The other kudos goes to Valerie Jarrett. She went on Bill O'Reilly program tonight and had a very good dialog with him! A breath of fresh air to see opposing views have a respectful conversation. We so desperately need that in DC !!
Valerie Jarrett on Fox News saying what a roll model Obama was. I don't think so. He looks us straight in the eye's and lies.
Rolling out all the distractions he can, including an until tonight secretly hidden born in Iran White House Chief of Staff, Valerie Jarrett (President Pinocchio's Giuseppe) apparently was told by her puppet to appear with Bill O'Reilly (she'd never been seen by me on TV before tonight) and it was brutal. O'Reilly was as stupid and rude as ever... preaching to her, scolding her!! And Val was uncomfortable and plainly irritated by it all. I don't like how Valerie Jarrett is running America, but honestly, Bill "Interuptus" O'Reilly is a complete *** an embarrassment to Harvard graduates. Let the audit begin. "Mr. O'Reilly.have a seat on that front burner"
Valerie Jarrett listens to her own piper.She wouldn't recognize the truth if she were hit smack in the face with it. Complete, total, 100% DENIAL and HER WAY AND THE OBAMA'S WAY IS THE ONLY WAY! Step aside America she tells Whitely to F* off because only THEY can make it happen.Problem is no one knows what IT IS .O"Reilly drinks the Kool Aid tonight once again. What a disappointment the Irishman has turned out to be.
Wow. Seriously. Just watched Valerie Jarrett on The O'Reilly Factor...explaining the new My Brother's Keeper initiative to O'Reilly's audience (Bill was at the launch event; and even got a POTUS shout-out). Jarrett's self-control was amazing as she listened to Bill tell her what needs to happen to make it work. Idea JZ and Kanye need to stop doing that gangster rap and wearing their caps backwards.and then they, as role models can tell black/brown boys to straigthen up.
Watching Valerie Jarrett, Senior Advisor to the President on Fox News. She is a very articulate lady. Wish she was out front more. She did a good job representing President Obama.
Valerie Jarrett, what a condescending, BLOVIATING, say-nothing interview!. She was so RUDE she would not even LISTEN to what Bill O'Reilly was saying, which was based on his own experience as a public school teacher, but talked over him with what the PRESIDENT is doing. Nothing on this problem. Everything he said made sense, but she wouldn't condemn the big money rappers who donate to the Dems and buddy around with Obama, like he suggested or have Michelle speak out against out of wedlock babies. That's when I knew she was everything I thought her to be. This woman has the ear of the president, and tells him what to do. Sad...sad...sad..
Why does Bill O'Reilly waste his time on this administration, did he really think he would get any straight answers out of Valerie Jarrett? Anytime they answer a question with the first word being "look" you know they are dodging the question or outright lying!
Valerie Jarrett & Bill O'Reilly (together) make me sick. Talking about 'young black men' & having babies out of wedlock, & trying to find an answer - well, hello, I have a solution! (Let's not even mention quit having sex or start taking birth control) - Quit funding the money to them. Stop letting them have the babies free in our hospitals, let them start having to pay the hospitals, & doctors that deliver them, stop the wick, the welfare, the free day-care, the 'refunds' they get each year per child, etc.
Valerie Jarrett , most dangerous person in this country. More corruption every day!!!
“The U.S. has now shot so many rhetorical arrows that its quiver of indignation is empty — and the world’s troublemakers may know it. An administration that ignores almost all of its own Obamacare deadlines surely cannot expect others to abide by any timetables it sets abroad.” Victor Davis Hanson We wake to the news. North Korea has shot missiles into the east China Sea in an apparent test/ show of power. Venezuela in socio economic turmoil. A Russian warship docks in Havana. Syria disobeys the schedule set to deport their chemical weapons. Iran laughs at the uranium enrichment scheme. And the Ukraine is torn in two, and Russian jets are on high alert. (Yet all of this is trumped by *** marriage rights in Arizona. ) Certainly, and solidly in the Ron Paul camp, these are not all issues that require our intervention. Perhaps none do. Yet it has become clear that “Come on, Guys.” is not a foreign policy. Hillary racked up near a million miles of travel, and did so and kept count apparently only ...
What the *** is wrong with Bill O'rielly, just saw him interview with Valerie Jarrett, one of the biggist evil in the world close to Hillary. Anyway but when he agreed that OPOus and his B$%ch we're exceptional role models. I about fell out of my chair. Perfect example of anyone drinking the kool-aid get hoodwinked. They loose there will, it's call a spell. I can only shake my head. Lord help us.
Anyone out there stupid enough to watch Bill O'Reilly like me?? I ONLY turned him on to see what Valerie Jarrett has to say. BUT, O'Reilly just praised Obama AND Michelle. Even invited her on his show. Not over but I'm changing channels.
Valerie Jarrett just blew Bill O'Reilly away on his interview with her. She proved not to be the President, she is tough. Bill wasn't prepared. He kept trying to push his agenda in order to sell books, etc. She smiled the entire time while she cut his balls off.
Valerie Jarrett in an interview just announced that President Obama doesn't look at any of the poll numbers. She also claims, in response to a question about why we're cutting the military budget, that we have "the strongest military in the world". I guess we can afford to cut what we pay them and renege on the promises we made about health care and pensions.
I think billy O' has bitten the bullet tonight "sucking up" to Valerie Jarrett...if you've had trouble seeing thru the bs, then it's almost apropos of what's been taking place for the last 12,my, what people won't do to garner suck to hold onto their job and over-earnings; hopefully Fox will find someone new to broadcast the real news.
Just saw Valerie Jarrett on O'Reilly. Wow.even when she smiles, she looks evil. Not a good poker face for a politician. I think Bill has some competition.she was way more condescending than I have ever seen him be. LOL
LOL...Valerie Jarrett telling O'Reilly Obama had good role models...OMG I'm going to PUKE!.Anti-American Rev Wright and Communist Terrorist Bill Ayers were good role models, his grand parents were COMMUNIST! His mentor Frank Marshal Davis was a COMMUNIST! Yep he had plenty of Communist brain washing growing up, now he wants to impose all that Communism BS on us!
. Bill O'Reilly tonight is about to break his arm patting himself on the back and so much as saying he needs to help God ... cutting his guest, Valerie Jarrett, off from finishing the majority of her statements . is O'Reilly running scared ... or is O'Reilly being courted by Obama . or is his EGO out of control . which one is it and then if so . why?
Last Saturday night I watched the Factor the last time. Bill O'Reilly sold out to the Obama Administration yesterday and today he's supporting a racist program and allowed Valerie Jarrett an avowed Chicago Saul Alinsky follower (Communist) on his show to showcase Obama's "Brothers Keeper" program which is only for Blacks,Hispanics. No Whites Allowed. Goodbye Bill O'Reilly you have lost me forever.
I'm watching Fox New/O'reilly & Valerie Jarrett is on & I've never heard more lying crap from someone since obamas state of the union! O'Reilly has turned into an obama ***
Not that I have much respect for her, or appreciate her murky role in the White House, but Valerie Jarrett represented POTUS and aquitted herself with distinction on The O'Reilly Factor...a pleasant surprise!
Bill, Bill, Bill,Valerie Jarrett speaks with a forked tongue,She is a major water carrier for the Putzzz,and not a friend of the American people,Pulez!
I just listen to Valerie Jarrett talking about how Mrs Obama has mentored young girls encouraging them not to get have pre marital sex and end up carrying a child. Perhaps they should encourage the states to put this in effect. Make it the law that any minor female that ends up in that situation is the responsibility of the her parents until they become of legal age regardless of their personal feelings on the matter. Make It clear that if they boot the child out they will be held responsible for all the cost related to that young lady until she reaches legal age in the state she lives in. Also give the parents the right to sue the father and the fathers parents for support not just for the child but for the mother. If we did that just think how fast our society would develop some long lost morals.
O'Reilly is interviewing Valerie Jarrett. I swear he is acting highly excited. He reminds me of Chris Matthews and I believe he may be feeling that tingle.
Bill O'really thinks he's the grand puba of raising teenagers, gag me w/a spoon!! Talking to *** Valerie Jarrett, who also doesn't know anything about assured.nothing will be it never is! Well Bill if you taught these types of kids, then why didn't u start then?? Valerie Jarrett is a loon! Saying .all kids know who Colin Powell is.a...don't think so Valerie!!! Geez!
Bill O'Reilly is trying to get common-sense ideas across to Valerie Jarrett, and it's like talking to a brick wall..
Surprised to see Valerie Jarrett on O'Reilly tonight!
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Wow! Valerie Jarrett looks much older in person than her press release photos! She must be in real estate...
Valerie Jarrett stated that Obama and Michelle are Roll Models for this generation. O'Reilly is as ignorant M! SUCK UP TO VALERIE JARRETT!!! Handled her with kid gloves "like Lord don't let me insult this Lovely Lady! He is a Fence Post Jerk sometimes!
IM ABOUT THERE FOLKS. Bill O'Reilly is now on my sh1t list. Give me a break, interview one of the main devils advocates. Valerie Jarrett, really Bill?
Watch out for this Valerie Jarrett person ! ! !
Valerie Jarrett and Bill O'Reilly in the same room 'talking'
Valerie Jarrett on Bill O' that the winds of change I hear? Sure hope so.
Valerie Jarrett to O'Reilly on him being at the White House: They were delighted to have him.
To all my political FB peops.the head communist who is running the country(Valerie Jarrett) will b on Bill OReilly tonite. Should b interesting as the woman never goes on talk shows. Problem is u have to stomach OReilly til he gets to the interview.
If I were in High School I'd ask Valerie Jarrett to go to prom with me
Wow. POTUS Valerie Jarrett on the O'Reilly Factor tonight? BillO is really going to down for the 'patriot' BarryO isn't he?
O'Reilly was to go to the White House today and Valerie Jarrett is on his show tonight! I believe I am done with O'Reilly! He is definitely getting too cozy with Obama and his administration!
"It was Valerie Jarrett who put off three separate times an attack to either capture or kill bin Laden."
Why in the *** is Valerie Jarrett being given a voice on O'Reilly tonight. I don't CAIR, I am not MY Brother's Keeper,but what is he thinking?
Valerie Jarrett is on o'Reilly tonite. Who ever says we've never had a female president aren't paying attention. I want a bumper sticker that reads, "Impeach Valerie Jarrett"
VALERIE JARRETT...will appear on tonight's O'Reilly Factor!!! Will Bill savagely attack her, or be another lap-dog??? HE'LL REPORT...WE'LL DECIDE...which one HAS TO GO!!!
Biden Abuses Black History Month Observance to Push Politics, Hurt Voter Protections by David W. Almasi | Feb 26, 2014 at 10:46 AM In an affront to the original intent of Black History Month, Vice President Joe Biden used an event at his official residence to launch into a race-baiting political tirade against commonsense protections for balloting. At the February 24 event — which was attended by Obama apparatchiks and partisans such as White House advisor Valerie Jarrett, Congressman John Conyers (D-MI), Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson and Sacramento’s Mayor Kevin Johnson (D) — Biden criticized the U.S. Supreme Court ruling in Shelby County v. Holder (a case, supported by the National Center’s Project 21 black leadership network, that properly aligned the Voting Rights Act with 21st century American society) and voter protection laws passed in states such as North Carolina, Alabama and Texas. Disparaging the justices and these democratically-enacted state-level laws, Biden declared: I t . ...
Wait a tic.did I hear that Valerie Jarrett is making an appearance on the evil Fox New Corp Network? Lions, Tigers and Bears Oh My.Only after how many years.she crawls out from under a rock? Loaded and scripted Q-A for sure. Why not have someone of interest on say like, Hillary Rodham Clinton?
Not only does Bill O, kiss O's behind, now he is going to have Valerie Jarrett on his show! Go ahead Bill, legitimize this evil woman!! What a media *** he is!
Senior Advisor Valerie Jarrett greets the White House STEM Champions of Change…
Imagine that, let the banks fail! Let the criminal bankers take the same risk as any other business venture. Can we imagine Obama ever speaking this way in public? In fact, if the United States was Iceland, President Obama, John McCain, Diane Feinstein, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Lindsay Graham, Hillary Clinton, Valerie Jarrett, G.W. Bush, G. H. W. Bush, Lloyd Blankfein, Tim Geithner, Hank Paulson, Jon Corzine, Peter Sutherland, Ben Bernanke, et al., would all be in prison. where is Iceland at today? In just the first year following the repudiation of the debt, the Icelanders economy grew by 2.6%. Banks failed, bankers and politicians were jailed and these brave people wrestled control of their lives back.
Again, I was asked what I would do if was president. Well my priorities may change but only in the order that I put them. First thing I would do is two-fold. Bring back Constitutional Law, and strongly urge congress to pass a law that prohibits any law outside of our Constitution to have no jurisdiction in any court on any level. Next is, I would issue ARREST WARRANTS for Obama, Hillary Clinton, Eric Holder, Valerie Jarrett, and Susan Rice. I would fire Kerry. Sebelious, & Lerner. Push for the Impeachment of Pelosi & Reid. I would make our military so strong that no country, or terrorist group would ever test it. Reinstate and increase benefits to our VETERANS. I would work diligently to Repeal Obamacrap! Illegal aliens. one area where you need a back up plan. 1st. Cut off all their freebies. Usually this will make them leave. If not then we deport. If those don't work, ten years in our military, learn english, then start on the path to citizenship. Close our borders. Build the fence. Stop sending money t ...
Valerie Jarrett, Obama's Heinrich Himmler, has her sights on American Patriots and her finger ...
I'm waiting for to put Valerie Jarrett, Joan Walsh, and Raachel Maddow on their "balanced" panel!
White House senior adviser Valerie Jarrett touted Obamacare's contraception mandate Friday, emphasizing free birth control and celebrities to...
Like so many Obama appointees, Valerie Jarrett bears the unmistakable imprint of the president’s ideology. She is a leftist to her core, with notable personal ties to the communist movement. Jarrett’s maternal grandfather, for instance, was a Chicagoan named Robert Taylor, who in the 1940s was involved with such communist fronts as the American Peace Mobilization and the Chicago Civil Liberties Committee. Also a member of these groups was Frank Marshall Davis, the communist journalist who in the 1970s would mentor a young Barack Obama.
If you don't know Valerie Jarrett you don't know who Obama really is. Valerie continues her fathers work. Frank Marshall Davis is the other key persona. Clue, was his American Communist Party Card. Clue Stalin as hero.
What's NYC's commie mayor up to these days? Besides breaking all sorts of moving violations in his speeding SUV, "the mayor failed to disclose a meeting he and wife Chirlane McCray held at City Hall with top White House adviser Valerie Jarrett — until after it was over." ...
Just when those articles about a collapsing United States, and foreign troops on our soil began to get me really concerned… along comes Valerie Jarrett… aka The President of the United States….
.Yeah & Valerie Jarrett is crazier than a pet *** and twice as nasty, Obama,s wet nurse !
Way underreported by the Mainstream Media was a recent phone call de facto President Valerie Jarrett made personally to a number of large corporations days before Barack Obama’s State of the Union speech tonight. The gist of that call was this – either you start hiring workers NOW, whether you nee...
Israel hating Iran will soon have A-bomb thanks to Valerie Jarrett, mr. Obama, Mr. Kerry and Mr. Biden. Look for Saudi Arabia next.
When to lie, when to bluster, when to concede. Are they all properly nuanced/orchestrated to the Valerie Jarrett score?
I'm a fan of Obama, but his continuing reliance and dependence on a VACUOUS CIPHER like Valerie Jarrett concerns me ~WH staffer Jofi Joseph
Valerie Jarrett is from Iran. You knew that right? Oh Yeah!!!
Liberal revolt grows over Obama judges By Adam Serwer A revolt against President Barack Obama’s nominees to the federal bench in Georgia has spread from the civil rights icons who paved the way for Obama’s presidency to the abortion rights movement. The abortion rights group NARAL Pro-Choice America last week announced its opposition to nominee Michael Boggs, joining a coalition of Democratic members of Congress from Georgia and celebrated civil rights leaders like Georgia Democratic Rep. John Lewis, C.T. Vivian and Joseph Lowery. The group had already been calling for the president to withdraw Boggs, a former Democratic Georgia state representative, and Mark Cohen, an attorney who defended the state’s voter ID law. Both judges were approved as part of a package deal between the White House and Georgia’s two conservative Republican Senators, Saxby Chambliss and Johnny Isakson. The deal was put together before Democrats abolished the filibuster for most nominations, but Senate Judiciary Committee C ...
So, Harry Reid Wicked Witch of the West & Obama the Great & Powerful Oz, with Valerie Jarrett behind curtain?
Best Comment! Dennis Hamel • Why was Amb. Stevens in Benghazi on 9/11? Answer: to meet with the Turks who were acting as the pipeline for Libyan weapons (mostly shoulder fired anti-aircraft missiles) to the Muslim E Brotherhood in Syria. • Why did Stevens only have ‘local security’? Because he was to be (phony) “kidnapped” so B. Hussein Obama could “trade” the Blind Sheik for him The 2 brave Navy SEALs who refused to ‘stand down’ made the plan look like a double cross, so the jihadis killed Stevens. The orders (for the fake kidnapping, the stand-down and the fake video story) probably would have come first from Valerie Jarrett (Iranian in the White House pulling Obama’s strings).
so that house of cards threesome. Lets see... Barack, Reggie Love and ... we need a female. ahh Valerie Jarrett.
Sebelius is a convenient pinata. Who does she work for? Valerie Jarrett.
Can u imagine the probing, and press harassment if Bush had had a Valerie Jarrett?
Juan hasn't been sane since he was summoned to the WH. Valerie Jarrett must've placed a chip in his skull.
For you to did not know who Valerie Jarrett is, you really should start paying attention. She is the one running...
.Valerie Jarrett needs to find another job that is less stressful. I'm sure she played a big part in the Benghazi fiasco.
FCC wants to control broadcast news. Why don't they move to on stone tablets & papyrus next! Valerie Jarrett is such a fail as dictator.
I liked a video from Valerie Jarrett Truly Defines the "Culture of Corruption" - Michelle
I liked a video Obama's Wormy Brain Talks out of School: Valerie Jarrett
Valerie Jarrett's Commie & Arab loving father made deals with rich Arabs in 1979 to sponsor Marxist punks like...
Successful "for Dummies" franchise . releases new title by Valerie Jarrett!.
Laden/Clinton. Possible, but extremely doubtful. The only person whose advice he might heed and act on is Valerie Jarrett.
"Valerie Jarrett not a suprise to me. She too hate us USA. Plz read RT.
perhaps ideas such as currently FCC questioning the news orgs comes from Valerie Jarrett as Obama is her pawn.
oh wow. ok now THAT i did not know. i knew we supported MB on egypt, thought it was just valerie jarrett.
Normally, a USA delegation wud include the Sec of State but not a Natl Security Adv, Valerie Jarrett & the AG. h…
According to Valerie Jarrett, POTUS is SO brilliant that he can watch a movie & save the world si…
Valerie Jarrett meets with Bill today in NYC:.
Valerie Jarrett and the rest of the izlamic world won't stop until we look like Syria!
George Soros Puts John Podesta in as Acting President to Help Jarrett Run the Country John Podesta via
A look inside yesterday’s meeting at the on partnering for action in Af-Am communities
Bill deBlasio and Valerie Jarrett discussing political policies. What's the worst that could happen?
try Valerie Jarrett or her sugar daddy George Soros who funds all the liberal bs.
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Brilliant Barry is on the big screen,.. Brilliant. Threating the Ukraine,.. Couldnt wait a couple days. YO, Valerie Jarrett,.. Mrs. President,.. Little thing called the Olympics goin on over in the area. May be a good time to observe radio silence for a few days
Headline: "EXCLUSIVE: O’KEEFE BUSTS ILLEGAL VOTER SCHEME TO ‘TURN TEXAS BLUE’" (Comments by Joe Esposito) This is only the beginning. The Dems will resort to such widespread illegalities this campaign season it will make your head spin. Voter fraud will reach heights never seen. Hey, the Obama presidency is at stake. And what will the hapless Republicans do?? NOTHING!! They'll be too busy trying to destroy the Tea Party to notice. I can just picture that Valerie Jarrett plotting away in the White House with that creepy John Podesta. No doubt they have the IRS on alert. And, of course, the media will do their part. This all very depressing. We really needed every Conservative there is to monitor the voting this November. Never underestimate these detestable Dems. They will stop at nothing to retain power. They have balls of steel!!
Obama and the New Communist Democratic Party is going to put other Americans in Prison and turn over *** to the Muslims and Destroy Christians , killing all white children , because they are not Blacks and The New Black Panthers Party will carry out its orders by OBAMA, Michelle, Valerie Jarrett and Attorney Holder. All support this and wants them to be the new secret Armies of new Communist State of America and to make All Mexicans their new Slaves . This is the PLANS. Why do you think they want to take our guns , so they can control us .
Ukraine, now the Administration wants to get involved? Im sure, it has nothing to do with trying to get Valerie Jarrett involved and Islam.
Without Valerie Jarrett telling him what to do, Barry would be as lost as last year's Easter egg. He'd be like a marionette with the strings cut. He would be what he really is. A useless dummy.
As hopeless as it seems, the answer is there waiting to be found. The 44th President of the United States is a non-stop talking Teleprompter, a pen and a telephone; a creature straight out of Science Fiction around whom no one seems to know the way out. Leading a hostile and openly anti-American administration, whose trademark is dropping a shock a day, he uses the technology of social media to force his will not only on a captured-by-Marxists-America, but on what was up to his 2008 election, the Free World. The corrupt world domination-seeking United Nations and the falsely-named Arab Spring have flourished on Obama’s watch. Barack Hussein Obama, his wife Michelle, top advisor Valerie Jarrett, too many czars and Hollywood stars to count, move in a carefully orchestrated world. Obama leans heavily on the false impression of popularity with a canned audience backing him up at every public appearance, members of whom applaud like clapping seals statements that grow more outrageous by the day. The millions ...
Valerie Jarrett: Americans 'hungry' for Obama to act like an imperial president
Obama lying from the beginning about stopping Stop Iran from getting nuclear bombs "does it matter his top aid Valerie Jarrett born in Iran was named iranian of the year? “I Don’t Bluff” Suppose the president never intended to roll back Iran’s nuclear program. How then would he proceed? By Michael Doran | February 6, 2014 at 5:00am Photo courtesy Flickr/pennstatenews. 11 CommentsPrintE-mailKindle President Obama has repeatedly promised to do whatever it takes to prevent Iran from acquiring a nuclear bomb. If there is no other choice, he says, he will resort to force. In a March 2012 interview with Jeffrey Goldberg, the president famously rejected the alternative policy, namely, allowing Iran to go nuclear and then trying to contain it. He emphasized the point dramatically: “[A]s president of the United States,” he said, “I don’t bluff.” Really? Suppose this statement was just a show of toughness, timed to keep supporters of Israel on his side during the 2012 campaign season. Suppose that ...
Valerie Jarrett and J.J. Abrams met at the White House before the
An Adult Laugh a Day Keeps the Doctor Mike Lee Away Maggie’s Notebook Paul Revere Award •Bunkerville 6 hrs ago:Dr. Carson’s Nazi warnings get hammered, Jonathan Turley’s similar remarks, not so bad Close preview Loading... •Capitali$t Preservation Communism/Communists, Valerie Jarrett, Van Jones Valerie Jarret’s Father-in-Law Head of Communist Youth: Vernon Jarrett Communist Youth by Maggie • August 18, 2011 Obama adviser, Valerie Jarrett, is not only Barack and Michele Obama’s close, close friend, she is known as “the other side of Barack’s brain.” Jarrett’s ex-husband, William Jarrett died in 1993. Her former father-in-law Vernon Jarrett died in 2004 after helping elect Barack Obama to the U.S. House of Representatives. Vernon Jarrett had a long history of communist connection. Valerie has described her ex-husband as someone she has known all her life – the “boy next door,” so it obvious Jarrett knew who she was marrying and who his family was. Jarrett is responsible for t ...
for any obama lovers out there read this list of obama friends mentors and others working in the White House. then tell me truthfully if you still support this communist *** Valerie Jarrett - Marxist - Communist - Top Obama Advisor Bill Ayers - Marxist - Communist - Convicted Domestic Terrorist Bernadine Dorn - Communist / Marxist / Convicted Domestic Terrorist David Axlerod - Communist / Marxist - Was a Writer for a Communist Newspaper /Member of CPUSA Rev. Jeremiah Wright - Radical White-Hating Racist who Obama offered $150,0 to keep quiet in 08 Derrick Bell - Radical White Hating Racist and one of Obama's top mentors from Harvard Frank Marshall Davis - White-Hating Marxist Communist Who Was Integral Part of Obama's Young Life Carl Davidson - Communist / Marxist - Former Leader of the Chicago New Party and Staunch Maoist Anita Dunn - Communist / Marxist / Maoist - Commended Chairman Moa for his slaughter of the Chinese Jodi Evans - Communist / Marxist - Avid Supporter of the Extremely Anti-American ...
Barack Obama's Diary: Awkwa-a-a-a-a-a-r-d. Dear Diary: I woke this morning with an overwhelming feeling of relief. At last night's state banquet for French President Francois Hollande, we had to seat him between Michelle and myself. I made numerous attempts to engage him in conversation but he grew more withdrawn with each question. "How is your lady friend Valerie Rotweiler? I asked "Trerweiler," he said. "Rotweiler... Trerweiler...whatever. We are sorry she couldn't make it." Knowing the French are more open-minded than we are, I ventured: Why didn't you bring your mistress instead? "That is... how you say? None of your business" replied the ill-tempered Frog. I could feel an anxiety attack coming on. I signalled Valerie Jarrett by catching her eye and tugging my ear. She immediately went to Dr Rink's table and arranged for a men's room rendezvous for Rink and I. I slipped away quietly. Rink was waiting and quickly reassured me, as only he can, and gave me a sedative to dissolve under my tongue. *** ...
Last night at the White House State Dinner for the President of France, Francois Hollande: "Mary J. Blige performed, and it was during a gospel rendition of “One” that brought many in the crowd to their feet. One attendee said that at one point, Abrams, Valerie Jarrett, Cooper, Secretary of State John Kerry, Rivkin, David Stern, Louis-Dreyfus and Sen. Patrick Leahy (D-Vt.) were dancing together to the U2 standard.”I came to Washington thinking I was here for serious meetings, and I ended up at a night club with friends,” Hollande quipped"
Valerie Jarrett will be instigating from the West Wing today. Jay Carney will be field…
David Axelrod, Barack Obloody,and the Iranian inbred-Valerie Jarrett are all connected to the Stalinist Frank Marshall Davis. Sick.
Valerie Jarrett Slum Queen We continually remember before our God and Father your work produced by faith, your labor prompted by love, and your endurance inspired by HOPE in our Lord Jesus Christ. 1 Thes 1:3 The Head Czar of CommieCzars’ Valerie Jarrett is Tony Rezko and Van Jones w/o the ethics or charm. She is Obummer’s right hand man who runs the personnel hiring of the Inner Circle. She is a not so closet communist who’s doing everything in her power to bring about a commie Country. She rose up through the Richard Daley machine working inside the mayor’s office while taking graft through inner city neighborhood funds laundered by her and Tony Rezko’s slum lord properties. She is the type of Rat who will allow tenants to live in her unheated rundown buildings in below zero conditions since she stole the gummit $$ while she protests Tax Cuts for the evil Rich. With this woman corruption and hypocrisy have no limits. Valerie was born into the Chicago machine since her mother’s father was a le ...
Desiree Rogers and Valerie Jarrett were really a powerhouse team.
She is the daughter of Valerie Jarrett, one of Obama’s most influential advisers and a long-time friend of president who heads the White House office of public engagement. Photos View photos U.S. President Barack Obama, right, and other members of his family attend the wedding on Saturday. zoom “It was kind of cool,” Bas Balkissoon told the Star on Wednesday, declining to get into details, citing his son and daughter-in-law’s privacy. Indeed, the 280 guests at the wedding were asked not to taken any photos with cameras or smart phones. Also in attendance were Obama’s Attorney General Eric Holder, who arrived in a four-SUV motorcade and Vernon Jordan, a key adviser to former president Bill Clinton, among other Democratic luminaries. It was held at Valerie Jarrett’s mother’s home, which is so close to the president’s private residence that he, First Lady Michelle Obama, and their daughters Sasha and Malia walked.
For five years I have been convinced that our illustrious President has been managed and controlled by the people around him in the White House. I am specifically talking about Valerie Jarrett, who is Senior Advisor, Rahm Emanuel, who was White House Chief of Staff succeeded by Dennis McDonough, Da...
Champion of African American History: Carter G. Woodson Posted by Valerie Jarrett on February 05, 2014 at 06:12 PM EST In the fall of 1870, a handful of students made their way through the northwest quadrant of the nation's capital, and through the doors of D.C.'s "Preparatory High School for Colored Youth," the country's first public high school for African American children. There, in the shadow of the American Civil War, and dawned with the spark of reconstruction, a converted basement-turned-classroom in the lower floor of Fifteenth Street Presbyterian Church bore the seeds of Dunbar High School, which would become one of the country's preeminent institutions for African American educational achievement. The students and teachers who graced its hallways would be heard through the years in the halls of Congress, in the highest ranks of the U.S. Military, at the heart of our civil rights movement, and in the upper echelons of medical and scientific study. One such voice was that of Carter G. Woodson; a ...
If anybody has any question about BHO's plan for America, consider this. April 27, 2013 Obama's White House Staff! Arif Alikhan - Assistant Secretary for Policy Development for the U.S. Department of Homeland Security; Mohammed Elibiary - Homeland Security Adviser; Rashad Hussain - Special Envoy to the (OIC) Organization of the Islamic Conference; Salam al-Marayati - Obama Adviser - founder of Muslim Public Affairs Council and its current Executive Director; Imam Mohamed Magid - Obama's Sharia Czar - Islamic Society of North America; Eboo Patel - Advisory Council on Faith-Based Neighborhood Partnerships and finally Valerie Jarrett, the Senior Advisor & consultant to BHO had a father who was a communist, she is a Chicago lawyer (imagine that) and she runs National & International Policies. BHO consults with her on many major policies & decisions.
Here's a reply to a local TV blog about how and why obama: Fred, the how is easy. Read the Alien and Sedition Act of 1798, and the 13, 14, and 15th Amendments of the Constitution, add to that, two college profs in the 1960's from Columbia University, Cloward and Pivens (how to take over the USA by imploding it from within), and, read on the 1913 establishment of the FDIC, then the result of Bonnie and Clyde, the FBI, and the IRS, and so on. Don't look about just obama's hidden past, and the communist and Islamic affiliation stuff, or the parallels with how Hitler rose to power, Stalin, Mao, and so forth, or even about his main coachings from the Clintons and the silent but deadly Senior Advisor, Valerie Jarrett, her role since the obama's were first engaged, in Chicago. The how is simple, with blood on the hands of both republicans and democrats, and still is. --The why is even easier, if you can absorb the above in one sitting. He is doing government from the top, down, instead of from the bottom up. It ...
Everything about Obama is a fraud haven't you figured that out yet? This guy is a phony he is a Manchurian Candidate. The true person running the White House is Valerie Jarrett backed by George Soros and if you can't figure that out there is something wrong with you
When they announced "Mr. Speaker! The President of the United States!" I was surprise when Valerie Jarrett didn't come forth!
Good morning everyone! Happy Tuesday to you! Joining us for today's show, we have: Michael Steele, Cokie Roberts, Robert Gibbs, Julianna Goldman, Mike Allen, Eugene Robinson, Chuck Todd, Rep. Joaquin Castro, Valerie Jarrett, Mark Binelli, Sen. Tom Coburn and Brian Sullivan
Senior Advisor to President Obama, Valerie Jarrett, wrote for the White House blog and the Huffington Post that, "A Woman's Health Care Decisions Should Be in Her Own Hands, Not Her Boss's." I couldn't agree more.
Maybe if Valerie Jarrett, Susan Rice, and Hilary Clinton would have just had a bridge in Benghazi, we could actually get it investigated?
If Republicans do get power back.They should go after Eric Holder, Susan Rice, Valerie Jarrett & Obama. Use IRS, Dept of jus…
tom lafin Its been bothering me since just before obama's re-election, when his communist Senior Advisor from Iran, Valerie Jarrett said those who support us [obama] will be rewarded, and those who don't, there will be *** to pay. Now, let me tell you, when the yellow rose of Texas meets the rebel, and it spreads all the way from the south is going to rise again, through all the rednecks, all the way north to yankeeland, from the far northeast through the bible belt and midwest, coast to coast, all the way to Alaska, ...Valerie. there's gonna be *** to pay so much you're going to wish you never said that threat to America the beautiful. In ww2 the Japanese Emperor said he didn't want to invade the USA, because there'd be a gun behind every bush. Well, we know why the obama admistration buys bullets and guns and tanks. Its not about invasion of our soil. Its about imploding us from within. We know who this administration works for, that it is not we, the people, that were the government. It prepares for .. ...
Ms. Valerie Jarrett, is the president's closest adviser & was born in Iran. Helps shape Obama approach to Iran. She has anti-Israel stands
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Valerie Jarrett the WH president elect has strong ties to Muslim Brotherhood, family has leadership role in MB;hires new MB at WH
Add Valerie Jarrett, Susan Rice and Samantha Power and BOY - what a binder of women that would be!…
Valerie Jarrett is a dog. It doesn't get any more anti-American than that evil, revolting sack of flesh.
Valerie Jarrett is a disgusting human being. The fact that she is in any position of power is a red flag to any American citizen.
God forgive us for all our sins and deliver us from this evil of Barack Obama and Valerie Jarrett.
I've known for someone that Iran Valerie Jarrett is the real president she's plain evil&I heard you better not cross her or else.
Finally (25% in), a relevant bit in this piece. Valerie Jarrett is quoted defending rollout. Ludicrous.
Instead of cutting our military's benefits, how about cutting Valerie Jarrett's Security detail?
Richard Sherman is why Valerie Jarrett keeps Prezzy MompantsOnFire on tranquilizers 24/7.
Valerie Jarrett and she makes Barrack take naps
She is such a terror that Rahm "Dead Fish" Emmanuel said the reason he left the White House was Valerie Jarrett.
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