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Valerie Jarrett

Valerie Bowman Jarrett (born November 14, 1956) is a senior advisor and assistant to the president for Public Engagement and Intergovernmental Affairs for the Obama administration.

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is your master Valerie Jarrett telling you to lie again Susie?.
And contrary to popular belief, Valerie Jarrett is our FIRST female president!
"Iranian-born Communist sympathizer Valerie Jarrett",Look it up yourself you DITZ!RAGHEAD is not an arab slur, its a muslim slur
POTUS Valerie Jarrett is not interested in stopping ISIS. She is focused on taking down USA & taking out Israel. This is coming out.
. Valerie Jarrett makes decisions for feckless obama
Valerie Jarrett has an ASSISTANT?Why did she out Jarrett & O? He was talking to MuzBhood while Amb was being MURDERED? VET THIS.
Obviously Valerie Jarrett doesn't know how to run a war.
Correct ! Valerie Jarrett agreed to be POTUS if obama would go on vacation a lot & raise money !
Obama is an empty suit Valerie Jarrett made up to put herself in a position of power.
Did Valerie Jarrett give Benghazi Stand-Down Order? Where was Obama and what was he doing?
Obama and Valerie Jarrett know what they are doing. It's destroying America quickly. And it's a success.
Has this story (Iran boots on ground in Iraq) been dusted for Valerie Jarrett's finger prints? .
you are the first one to call Valerie Jarrett by her true title. Bozo doesn't drop a deuce without her permission
"Our whole philosophy is one of transparency." - Valerie Jarrett
Soros is a sh!tbag!! Groomed Iranian sneak Valerie Jarrett And puppet face Obama to be his flunkies!! And that they are! 🇺🇸🙏👏
I'm telling everyone VALERIE JARRETT is running this country. No advisor gets this much SS detail.
. It was done on purpose to slap USA in face for Americans who exploded on 9-11. Valerie Jarrett liked it.
the Ulsterman Report:Valerie Jarrett and the Muslim Brotherhood. It is long reading for a "liberal".
. Valerie Jarrett did. obama cant ever make a decision - timid limp childish & going mad
Susan Rice cleared that with Valerie Jarrett our incognito
. Valerie Jarrett did. obama incapable of deciding, has decision-phobia and of late is going insane
I'm sure he's doing it Valerie Jarrett and George Soros' way
Isn't Valerie Jarrett from Iran, one need not to wonder.
place at the feet of Valerie Jarrett as Ayatollah announces NWO without US.
Being born in Shiraz, Iran does not make Valerie Jarrett Dutch. It doesn't make her Iranian either.
Mohamed Elibiary has left the building | No Worry Valerie Jarrett is Still in WH
Then it must not be, since Valerie Jarrett is not Iranian.
If BO didn't have Valerie Jarrett, he couldn't wipe his own ***
Valerie Jarrett must have got clearance from to allow Obama to say we're at war. Wonder what she promised them in exchange?
seals are mainly white and die for MINOs like obama, jeh johnson, Eric Holder and valerie jarrett in Benghazi. i'm smart ur stupid..
Do you think it was Valerie Jarrett who gave the order? Hillary Clinton? Muslim on WH phone?
obama is surounded by muslims like Valerie Jarrett in the White House, & Pentagon, thats who r in on his agenda
one knows what Obama will do.Obama knows. Valerie Jarrett knows. Ikhwan knows.Holder knows.John Brennan Knows. They know.
Pres Obama aboard Marine One today w Valerie Jarrett, Anita Breckenridge and Jennifer Friedman
On what to do with ISIS? Total obliteration. That should do the trick "I noticed with dismay — though almost no surprise — that Barack Obama does not yet have a “strategy” of how to deal with the notorious terror organization ISIS, alternatively known as ISIL or IS. He is, no doubt, studying the matter, and receiving the best of advice from the likes of Valerie Jarrett and John Brennan, but, since folks are being beheaded and raped and so forth, and IS is well on its way to establishing a caliphate, converting young Americans and Europeans and preparing global jihad while cooking up weapons of mass destruction and infiltrating our Southern border, etc., in the interest of speeding things along, I would like to offer my help with an ISIS strategy. Yes, I do have a strategy, even though I suspect the president may reject it because, alas, I am an Islamophobe. More precisely, I am an Islamodespicio because I despise Islam far more than I fear it. (It’s the only religion on Earth I feel that way ...
BOLO: W/M named Joe Biden, Cheshire grin, pretends to be Vice President of US. Dumb as a rock,if seen, please call his boss, Valerie Jarrett
Obama / Valerie Jarrett / Al Sharpton plan to use Mike Brown as fuel for increased blacks/democrats turnout in midterm elections
Bill Ayers, close friends of Jarrett now, funded Obama’s Harvard education. Valerie Jarrett is making the major decisions in the White House
Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. and Valerie Jarrett want to keep the situation in Ferguson, Mo. calm
Has "OBAMA" thugs (Valerie Jarrett, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, etc) written all over it! They are threatened by Perry
President Obama was briefed tonight on the situation in Ferguson, Mo., by adviser Valerie Jarrett and Attorney General …
Sooo tired of the communist take over of our educational system "Fed Ed" and the Bush's are right in the middle of it. Bush sr signed us into AGENDA21, Bill Clinton signed the final agreements and Bush jr did nothing to get us out. Obama and Valerie Jarrett are going for full implementation and Jeb or Hillary will be the final end for America..
Mark Levin responded to top Obama adviser Valerie Jarrett’s comments...
Just heard that Barrack Hussein Obama is writing a book called "HOW TO DESTROY AMERICA" and is co-authored by DAVID AXELROD-Nancy Pelosi-Joe Biden-Harry Reid-JERRY BROWN-Eric Holder-VALERIE JARRETT-and possibly AL SHARPTON-JESSE JACKSON-NEW YORK TIMES-M.S.N.B.C.-C.B.S.- A.B.C.-HAMAS..IS IT TRUE ?? Just "ACKNOWLEDGE" what is happening to this GREAT NATION and make up your own minds..
Would that "adviser" be Valerie Jarrett? She is will known for her apartment rentals, knows nothing about "caliphate".
Valerie Jarrett is condemning the actions of Israel in defending itself against terrorists who so willingly hide among civilians
Mark Levin TORCHES Valerie Jarrett for talking down to Israel
Valerie Jarrett in concert with Hillary Clinton !. BUT Carter Ham was a spineless *** for…
Ahmad Rashad dating Valerie Jarrett??? He must be dating her for her looks, because it can't be for her brains.
that's because Valerie Jarrett is the Persian Infiltrator. Emphasis on TRAITOR.
For five + years, Obama and Valerie Jarrett, have pushed every American foreign policy decision lever towards Iran in the Middle East.
The Obama Regime bears its teeth toward Israel in earnest, as Valerie Jarrett goes on Face the Natio
Democrat Uber-Kool-Aid drinker:. actually says Obama "has no messianic zealots among his advisers" (like yes-wo…
reports left mtg w/ security & military brass charting Iraq play to dine w/ wife and Valerie Jarrett. Prioriti…
Barrack Obama and Valerie Jarrett are two of the Marxist's which are out to destroy the United States of America.
Well, we all know O does whatever Valerie Jarrett tells him to do, so he may have actually let the truth slip out...
Valerie Jarrett in secret meetings with Elizabeth Warren, author Ed Klein says
. Golf?. I guess Obama has to do something since Valerie Jarrett is running things at the White House.
Let's be brutally frank: Obama acted when Valerie Jarrett told him he had to... - Yazidis in Iraq are telling...
I wish they were advising him and not Valerie Jarrett! :((
Valerie Jarrett, The Puppet Master. Born in Iran, her father was a communist. We've been INFILTRATED!.
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Obama gave a brief statement and a picture of him "working" with Valerie Jarrett. That means don't bother him any longer about golf...
A woman stoned to death in Syria...where is (Valerie Jarrett) & Penelope Cruz to condemn such behavior?
We need a president who confers with GENERALS not Dim Bulb Susan Rice and Valerie Jarrett!
he's not ignorant, he's complicit Eyes Wide Open! He has 8~12 Muslim Brotherhood &Valerie Jarrett in WH& DHS
Our country has NEVER been so full of HATE until Barack Hussein Obama & VALERIE JARRETT! These two HATE AMERICA so much …
ummm, not to criticize but shouldn't Valerie Jarrett be the first picture?
Obama's not a real POTUS, but a man in mom jeans that thinks he & his wet nurse Valerie Jarrett know more than our militar…
Obama is golfing with Ahmad Rashad (who is dating Valerie Jarrett), Cyrus Walker and Ray Allen, White House says.
I keep running into people that say, Obama's criminal fraud and lack of Constitutional eligibility doesn't matter now. It is to late. But I say, it does matter. Obama committed criminal fraud with the help of others, Michelle Obama, Eric Holder, Valerie Jarrett, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Justice John Roberts, John Boehner, Lorette Fuddy, The Courts, Media People like Billy O'Reilly, Chris Mathews, etc. and many many others, to gain the Office of President of the United States by means of FRAUD. Obama's first act in office is to use the power of the Presidency to cover up his criminal fraud against the people of the United States. Recently the US Supreme Court has ruled that all Obama appointments that were unconstitutional (Recess Appointments) are null and void. Those people that were appointed are now removed and all there rulings vacated. That ruling by the US Supreme Court will apply to this issue of Obama's lack of Constitutional eligibility to hold office and the criminal fraud perpetrated against t ...
.No they're not inexperienced. They're scary! We can't underestimate them! Esp. Valerie Jarrett!
Jen Psaki, state dept. (the fool) and Valerie Jarrett criticizing Israel for defending itself, have the American people been duped or what.
Valerie Jarrett is Iranian, and runs the show at White House - is it any wonder we're letting Iran get a nuke after missin…
Sunday on CBS's "Face the Nation," White House senior adviser Valerie Jarrett said the Israeli strikes near civilian areas can not be "condoned."
New documents reveals that top White House adviser Valerie Jarrett personally conducted damage control with nervous health insurance companies after those companies saw no other way to hold premiums d
Valerie Jarrett: Israeli strikes on civilians wrong via
Tell Valerie Jarrett that her Arab Spring has probably killed 209,000. What a nutcase!
Valerie Jarrett is an Iranian born best bud of Obama & she is a traitor to America!!!
Once again Team BO shows how it supports Israel. Valerie Jarrett Publicly Condemns Israel-Calls Actions “Indefensible
Here’s a thought Ms. Jarrett, have Hamas move out of Gaza, or at the very least stop shooting missiles from...
well, I condemn Valerie Jarrett and call her actions indefensible.
Rememeber she was BORN IN IRAN? We have SERIOUS PROBLEMS IN WH!Benghazi Bombshell! Valerie Jarrett,Commander in Chief http…
& WE can't tolerate Ur acting as President! Who elected u. Jarrett: WH can't condone Israel's 'Killing of Children'
Valerie Jarrett is the Evil Incarnate. She has no right to bash anyone! Her only qualification, is being Obama's buddy.
The Obamas' enforcer Valerie Jarrett was on Face the Nation today, trash talking Israel. I have made clear what I...
At least *** Cheney was elected. No one should even know who Valerie Jarrett is. And yet her mug is all over.
Valerie Jarrett: Israeli strikes on civilians wrong
How Valerie Jarrett Is Shaping the Size of the Next Big Bailout via
Valerie Jarrett: Israel absolutely has right to defend itself,But can't condone the killing of innocent children.
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"Said the Iranian" Valerie Jarrett: White House Can't Condone Israel's 'Killing of All of... via
I'd enjoy publicly FLOGGING Valerie Jarrett. She can shut her BIG TRex
Fun Fact: Valerie Jarrett was born on November 14, 1956 (age 57) in Shiraz, IRAN.
Much as I respect the US there's just some people that don't deserve rights at all. Valerie Jarrett is 1 of those people.
Valerie Jarrett on TV harshly bashing Israel.. Who are you? Who elected you? What are your qualifications? Infuriating this …
Valerie Jarrett, Muslim apologist and taqiyya queen. But hey, she learned from the best --- her boss.
since Valerie Jarrett has just as many ss look her up too. .
I'm beginning to think Valerie Jarrett was elected president and Obama is just a suit to run around play golf fundraise and hammer America
Obama's detached 'cause he's a puppet. Valerie Jarrett is the REAL President, though her backers remain in the shadows.
Obama and his co-president, Valerie Jarrett agst. our country.
The Senior President of the USA, Valerie Jarrett said we “can't condone” Israeli military strikes in Gaza. The Jr. President was golfing.
Somebody has got to say it, so I will: Valerie Jarrett, you have been a terrible president.
Valerie Jarrett *** as president.I wonder how Obama would do in that job?
The Coincidence of Barack Obama Any one of these 'coincidences' when taken singularly appear to not mean much, but when taken as a whole, a computer would blow a main circuit if you asked it to calculate the odds that they have occurred by chance alone. Sit back, get a favorite beverage, and then read and ponder the Obama-related 'coincidences' ... then super-impose the bigger picture of most recent events i.e. Fast and furious, Benghazi, the IRS scandal and the NSA revelations ... then pray for our country. Obama just happened to know 60s far-left radical revolutionary William Ayers, whose father just happened to be Thomas Ayers, who just happened to be a close friend of Obama’s communist mentor Frank Marshall Davis, who just happened to work at the communist-sympathizing Chicago Defender with Vernon Jarrett, who just happened to later become the father-in-law of Iranian-born leftist Valerie Jarrett, who Obama just happened to choose as his closest White House advisor, and who just happened to have bee ...
of course he blames the GOP. His people, oops! I mean Valerie Jarrett told him to stop blaming Bush.
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Has the President checked out and Valerie Jarrett and Michelle doing his job?
sorry, Hillary, but Valerie Jarrett is the first woman president
I think that Valerie Jarrett may actually be the President
Valerie Jarrett played role in effort to kidnap Amb. Chris Stevens Valerie Jarrett is telling OFrau…
Draw the line, the pretender in Chief isn't in control. The country is left in the hands of Valerie Jarrett and the Islamists communist party. The "Pretender in Chief" is somewhere dreaming of the next vacation, that has a nice golf course. Are you mad yet? Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi are interested in gaining the house of representative so they can push forceably forward the rest of Obama's agenda.
Harry Reid, Eric Holder, Hillary Clinton, John Kerry, Valerie Jarrett, and the puppet Barack Obama...yep...we are in good fcuking hands.
A video posted Tuesday by the Western Center for Journalism makes the explosive claim that White House adviser Valerie Jarrett played a role in what was to be a
'Kerry says he'll "have a lot to say" Friday re ceasefire deal' per NYT - He's waiting for Valerie Jarrett's script.
EDIT: Some background on the Jarrett/Obama/communist connection. You can sit there and say this had no influence. But if you do, I will share my opinion and say you've got your head in the sand. absolutely amazing to me that media and most Americans still can't figure out why Obama's foreign policy as enabling a massive war to brew against Israel. Let's think about this for a minute. The people who mentored both Barack Obama and Valerie Jarrett actually allied with Hitler and the USSR. That's right, Valerie Jarrett's grandfather, as well as Frank Marshall Davis actually allied with Hitler. Israel became a state in 1948 (EDIT: 1947... I stand corrected) and, of course, the Arab nations immediately began their wars against the Jewish nation. They failed because they were not a unified front against Israel. They were all trying to fight their own battles, individually, and Israel was able to defend itself. (That is all changed now with the American funded and armed ISIS) Some years later a Saudi prince bankr ...
Hit the golf course. He does what Valerie Jarrett tells him to do. imagine that woman running our country? No wonder.
Feel The Warmth of Christmas Obama’s America! → Where are Obama’s daughters’ baby pics and birth records? Posted on November 29, 2013 by Dr. Eowyn | 251 Comments I got an email this morning from FOTM reader Dave McMullen, asking why there aren’t baby pictures of Obama’s two daughters, Malia and Sasha. Wikipedia says “Barack and Michelle Obama have two daughters: Malia Ann, born on July 4, 1998, and Natasha (known as Sasha), born on June 10, 2001.“ So I did a Google Image search for Obama’s daughters. I couldn’t find any baby pics of Malia or Sasha; neither could Dave. The youngest-looking pic of the girls I found (see below) was in an article extolling Michelle Obama, dated August 20, 2007, on the website Afrobella. The pic is undated. If we go by the date of the Afrobella article, Malia would be 9 years old and Sasha would be 6 years old. Afrobella pic of O family In contrast, Dave found a website with a pic of Laura Bush, wife of President George W. Bush, holding their two-month-old ...
Valerie Jarrett is the one in charge, along with George Soros. Do you think they want what is best for America? Sad days ahead.
Has anyone ever questioned how much money the company she worked for, Navigant Consulting, made in the Iraq War?
Please note Democratic Party sleeper cell trying to destroy America is run from Oval Office by Valerie Jarrett.
You know it's bad when GOP gets bested by the Barney Fife of radical Marxism puppet Obama and his Munchkin puppeteer Valerie Jarrett..
Hamilton Collection
So Valerie Jarrett was born in Iran. Does anybody else smell a rat? No wonder BHO is nutless against Iran. She has them (his nads) locked up
Op-ed in with on why taking action on will also make our economy stronger
I would. If I couldn't, I'd poop on all the beds. And on his desk chair. And in her shoes. And pee on Valerie Jarrett's wig.
How many of you think Valerie Jarrett might be calling the shots in the White House?
of course they don't mention Christianity. Don't want to *** off Muslim Brotherhood and Valerie Jarrett!
She has NEVER been vetted or issued security clearance but has access to our nations secrets? Enough is enuf
Since all of Obama's Middle East policy is a total disaster, I wonder what Iranian POTUS Valerie Jarrett has up her sleeve next?
Lightweights Valerie Jarrett, Susan Rice, and John Kerry calling the shots in Obama’s leading-from-behind style
Go figure, Valerie Jarrett was born in Shiraz, Iran. Was anybody in this White House born in mainland America?
1) No Valerie Jarrett 2) He's not Muslim 3) I think he at least likes America. Still better than Obama
Understandable, now that Valerie Jarrett is his new squeeze. Anti-Christ is Obama's 2nd cousin.
Worked for me... Benghazi Bombshell! Valerie Jarrett, Commander in Chief - .
Surprise, surprise, it's Valerie Jarrett beside Obama. Aren't they joined at the waist? How pathetic that Obama is so dependent.
Obama won't help Iraq; he has a history of favoring Iran. Is there a connection? Valerie Jarrett?
Stroll: Obama walks with senior adviser Valerie Jarrett as he leaves a fundraising event i... via
The history of Obama and Communists in America! Blog: All in the family: Valerie Jarrett and the Chicago communists
American workers should be judged by one thing only - their ability to get the job done.
.Q&A on Friday with Conversation about executive order protecting workers
Obama is a Muslim and anti-American and so is his advisor in chief Valerie Jarrett.
: he never did. And he asked permission from Peeksqick Valerie Jarrett? What kind of leader is that?
Valerie Jarrett talks about Council on Women & Girls:
Said that most top 500 companies support non-discrimination. More than likely, then, they practice sentiment via
Barring discrimination based on sexual orientation/gender identity isn't just right, it's good for business:
He didn't. Valerie Jarrett did, but she was not marketable.
Not as dangerous as Valerie Jarrett, John "Little Goebbels" Podesta, and Little Barry the Man-Child in the White House
": Ambassador Stevens had no protection. Valerie Jarrett full protection while on vacation.
Valerie Jarrett: The President has been a big proponent of the public option since the ca...
President Osama Been Lying is a Muslim Terrorist and is arming Hamas along with Iran and Valerie Jarrett the Iranian Terrorist in our White House.
. When it comes to 'balls,' Valerie Jarrett [has more than the "Clown Prince!!"
Very interesting read, Valerie Jarrett, the puppet master runs Obama as every move, and smooth'll y plays Michelle's best friend,both fools...Neither does anything without her
Valerie Jarrett: Americans 'hungry' for Obama to act like an imperial president
icymi... 'Any *** invited to your celebration,' Valerie Jarrett? [pics]
We should get Valerie Jarrett on the presidential podium. She's the one who's really running the country.
No! It's because Michelle and Valerie Jarrett don't both fit in the plane together.
has no balls, no spine, his eyes are blind to truth, & he listens only to (Valerie Jarrett).
I have zero doubt, it's the plan. Valerie Jarrett has Iranian blood in her.
Smoking all that dope fried his brain.valerie Jarrett tells him everything to do,probably helps him put on his socks and shoes.
Iran is the source of all terrorism perpetrated in this world, Valerie Jarrett is a product of that nation of evil.
"You asked for miracles, I give you the " Valerie "Hans" Jarrett
Valerie Jarrett is Obama's Brain on Steroids! She makes all his decisions. Most are wrong, but he is to stupid to realize it!
Valerie Jarrett is calling the shots. Ovomit does whatever she says.
That's because Valerie Jarrett is the puppet master! She calls the shots & "protects" him from criticism!
I don't think he cares or worries because Valerie Jarrett is actually the one in charge!
Out of 300 million people we burp up Obama as the president ( you can than Valerie Jarrett for that )
if Eric Holder and Valerie Jarrett were on there it would make it even bigger!!
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Every time Obama is asked what you do, He always answers what we will do. Valerie Jarrett.
Valerie Jarrett is running the Govt behind the scenes.. Why do you think Obama has so much time to campaign and play golf
what. That took balls.something bho doesn't have..Valerie Jarrett has 4. Semper Fi
blocks bill to blow up Hobby Lobby decision, Valerie Jarrett responds (Video) via
Doesn't make you wonder how Valerie Jarrett is advising Pres Obama. I'm sorry to say Pres. Obama is in LA-LA LAND.
agreed or at least it is what Valerie Jarrett wants
Focus on your job performance for once! Valerie Jarrett said so.
must have learned all the evil tricks from this evil ,hateful Iranian woman: Valerie Jarrett! She hates America! Loves IRAN
Hamas is in Atlanta,go figure What gave them the idea they can operate in the US,oh I see.Valerie Jarrett.
Obama's spending a weekend at Camp David so Valerie Jarrett can give him his Alinsky injections in private.
Ha! Recalling how these activists poo-pooed meeting with Valerie Jarrett. Smart bunch.
not yet. Valerie Jarrett hasn't given him the order yet.
He is not even his own man.a puppet being played by puppet masters in power.I consider Valerie Jarrett to be one of them.
Photo-Op? Obama's entire presidency is one giant Photo-Op with Valerie Jarrett & George Soros holding the camera.
Author: Valerie Jarrett is the 'De-Facto' President of the United States - Fox Nation.
Breast Cancer Awareness
Obama does what Valerie Jarrett tells him to do. This president has been blindfolded since the liberals elected him.
Remember it was Valerie Jarrett who said that Obama gets bored with the job of President. No question she was right.
Last night, Obama sidekick Valerie Jarrett let the world know that our “Christian” President, Barack Obama, was...
President Obama won't comment on plane crash until Valerie Jarrett decides when it is good and well time for him to comment, people!
Valerie Jarrett, an Iranian communist should NEVER be the top adviser of any president. That says it all.
As usual-Pres Obama-with his awful conscience Valerie Jarrett-& family will summer 16 days in Martha's Vineyard-FUN!.
Valerie Jarrett isn't very good at advising the President on governance, but *** if she doesn't lie with aplomb.
He's not the genius that the left thinks he is,that's for sure.Valerie Jarrett is the actual President anyway.
is a stand by president because he is not in charge. He is nothing but a front man. Valerie Jarrett is.
"Can we get a stunt double for One that actually looks & acts like a man." barks Valerie Jarrett, the mind of self-…
BLAME OBAMA! He Is Responsible For The Humanitarian Border Crisis. Obama and Valerie Jarrett began planning this humanitarian border crisis over a year and a half ago. All the countries south of the border are sending to the US all their mentally, medically, criminally indigents people. They are clearing out their hospitals and prisons of all able bodied people and sending them here. Then Obama is dumping all the illegal alien who are medically, mentally, and criminally indigents into our low income minority communities... The working poor will be inundated with crime and health issues from these illegal aliens that are carriers of Chicken Pox, Small Pox, TB, Hooping Cough, Measles, Mumps, Polio, Scabies, HIV, AIDS, Syphilis, Gonorrhea, Chlamydia,Leprosy and many many more. BLAME OBAMA! Here's Your CHANGE! CHUMP!
🙏couldn't agree more. Own party can't trust him! Valerie Jarrett can't b trusted either 😁
Very self-incriminating statements enough to put Valerie Jarr…
According to reports, media and officials in Central America are telling their citizens that Obama says if their children cross into the U.S. now, they will be allowed to stay. The renewal period for applications to stay in the U.S. is set to expire in September. As a result, Central-American parents are paying human-smuggling organizations to bring their children to the U.S. across Mexico and the present U.S. administration will help them fund the trip. These are the kind of people Obama wants here – foreigners with no American identity, ignorant of our Constitution and dependent on government handouts. Obama’s consigliere, the Iranian-born Valerie Jarrett, recently gushed that she met with a group of “DREAMers” (young illegals) and that “they are exactly the kind of people we would want in this country. -Political Forum
SHe is the man in that creepy family of 3. quote is from Remnick's book.
. Exactly what's wrong with this country -- Valerie Jarrett met with illegal immigrant activists | The Daily Caller htt…
President Obama's senior White House adviser Valerie Jarrett held a series of meetings with illegal immigrant activists during Obama's first term and concluded that
This action alone tells me and certifies for me that what we have at the top rungs of this Administration are incompetent and totally politically-deaf individuals. Barack Hussein Obama is the central spoke of this wheel of stupidity, with people like Chuch Hagel, Valerie Jarrett, and others pushing and guiding the Manchurian Candidate to his ultimate defeat.
Is that a photo-op? Thought the President does not like photo-op? The President is not clueless, just plain lazy.
I would say subpoena Valerie Jarrett's emails & her IM's too,Will bet stake dinner on they go to
.No doubt. & he's got the affiliate Valerie Jarrett running the whole show behind the scenes.
Conservatives have no idea who or why they hate Valerie Jarrett but they know they should...
A conservative peddling conspiracies name dropped Valerie Jarrett so I asked him who that was he said "you know Obama" and trailed off
.'The country is being run from President Valerie Jarrett's office'
Valerie Jarrett meets with Urban Alliance students and alumni at their Washington, D.C. branch. From left to...
obama: "I'm the guy doing my job.". obama's the guy doing his job...when Valerie Jarrett lets him.
Nickname downgrade suggested after Valerie Jarrett calls Obama 'the bear' [pic]
A Promising Glimpse at Washington’s Next Generation - Valerie Jarrett meets with Urban Alliance students and a...
Impeach the Fraud Obama and send Valerie Jarrett to prison.
Note, had his babysitter, Valerie Jarrett with him
Per DW Ulsterman FYI: Valerie Jarrett just informed the media the president would likely be meeting with Governor Rick Perry regarding the "situation" (not crisis) on the border. SHE made the decision. Jarrett has in recent months become much more open about her being the power within this White House. A very "come and get me if you can" public persona now, which frankly, I find rather foreboding..
Valerie Jarrett has picture w/ figures bowing down to her in West Wing - accidentally shown by Meet the Press http:…
"Valerie Jarrett's framed desk photo has figurines that bow to her WOMEN THnk SO
President Obama's longtime senior adviser Valerie Jarrett confessed to breaking bread this week with conservative media titan Rupert Murdoch, a new White House frenemy of sorts on immigration reform. The two dined at the posh Blue Duck Tavern on Tuesday night in Washington's Foggy Bottom, and Jarret…
check the hard drives of Carl Levin, Elijah Cummings, Valerie Jarrett and Barack Hussein, & you will find plenty of IRS emails
// to get rid of Obama, Holder, Susan Rice, Valerie Jarrett, 1 million is cheap. Tired, tired, tired of the lies & lawlessness.
Murdoch had lunch last week with Valerie Jarrett discussing Amnesty which he favors. That means more air time for Juan Williams
Front man. Bill Ayres calls Valerie Jarrett, who conveys the daily instructions.
White House's Valerie Jarrett dines with Rupert Murdoch to plot immigration strategy via
Wonder if Rupert Murdoch meeting with Valerie Jarrett a few days ago had any link.
George Soros and Valerie Jarrett are connected. George has his hand in this administration.
"Illegal alien kids are the best that we have." That's in the Daily Caller, three days ago. Valerie Jarrett said this to Walter Isaacson at the Aspen Institute. Obama just yesterday says DREAM kids are the future. Why? Because they don't know anything about American history. They don't have to be deprogrammed. They willingly accept speech restrictions. They'll willingly accept jobs Obama plugs them into. They will be totally obedient. They will owe their existence to the Regime. So Valerie Jarrett, Obama, they're telling us exactly. What else could it mean? What administration talked like this before? What administration praises the children of foreign countries and says they are the future of this country? It doesn't ever happen, hasn't ever happened. What about the kids that are growing up here, born here? What about American kids? Why aren't they the future? Well, there's an answer. They're not the future because they're not sure we can count on 'em. They might rebel. They might not go ...
Some interesting things that a friend of mine wrote; I am also sick seeing the images of the line of NEW VEHICLES, (paid for by the U. S. government through the aid given to the Syrian Muslim rebels,) and the fancy weaponry, (same source,) entering into Iraq, to conquer Bahgdad, flying the BLACK FLAG OF AL-QUEDA! God have mercy on the Christian remnant in Iraq! Everyday I pray for the Christians in peril all over the world . . . they will be murdered outright! It is now clear to me that Obama is Iran-friendly and promoting. Of course he is . . . look at Valerie Jarrett . . . she is half-Iranian! Obama's much touted "ties" and loyalties to the Saudis were a pretense all along - he is actually friendly to the Shiite side of things . . . he is helping Iran to consolidate it's power all over the Middle East. The alliances are complex - I don't fully understand them - but Obama, I suspect, was NOT the child of Ann Dunham, nor the child of Barack Obama, Sr., but was "placed" as a "foster child" with the Du ...
Valerie Jarrett meets with an illegal immigrant every day. His name is Barack Obama.
Valerie Jarrett might be a member of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, born is Shiraz, Iran ya know.
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Valerie Jarrett probably calls them "Obama Youth",since she is Like Goebels,her take on "Hitler Youth" brainwash for DNC Libs
Fair? Of course not. By the way Valerie Jarrett was born in Iran and is a muslim. OK !!
Jane Fonda, Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Valerie Jarrett, John Kerry, Susan Rice, Kathleen Sebelius, Geroge Sorros, Hillary Clinton, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi and now Bowe Berghdal are all on the list of graves I will defecate on someday.
It looks like Valerie Jarrett on orders from maybe Soros and Iran was told what Obama had to do. A Puppet President!
Obama is a "Empty Suit Sock Puppet" and does only what Valerie Jarrett tells him since she is the "de facto president". He has been forensically diagnosed as a Pathological Narcissist with a huge Messianic Complex (Just like Hitler.) and no character to support it with. He may have some "Book Smarts", but we have all walked through puddles deeper than him. He is basically a Hood Ornament doing what he is told!
Valerie Jarrett admits you no longer have any 4th Amendment rights-None.
Valerie Jarrett in Vegas global meeting. Why does this unelected ghoul have so much power?
Obama adviser Valerie Jarrett and the Muslim Brotherhood via
Obama is not what u think he is at all. Neither is Valerie Jarrett, but u go ahead & make arrogant fun of my use of "please"
Be sure to search for "Valerie Jarrett" on RedFlag News to learn more about the Iranian-born senior advisor to Obama, who also has Secret Service protection. (by B. Christopher Agee, WCJ) -- Republican House Speaker John Boehner has given the conservative base of his party more than a few reasons to…
For most Americans Valerie Jarrett, senior adviser to President Barack Obama, remains largely an unknown. To DC Insiders, she has positioned herself as the true power in the Oval Office – a woman who, like the President, has direct links to the Muslim world, both past – and present. Read more:
# because Valerie Jarrett is a lying Muslim piece of crap. Whole family is Muslim Brotherhood
Valerie Jarrett: ‘We Have a Commitment’ from Boehner on Amnesty This Year via
Evil has a name...its name is Valerie Jarrett
Jay Carney is equally disgusting as Barack Obama, Eric Holder and Valerie Jarrett !
Audio and transcript of on Valerie Jarrett and Boehner, the Senate map etc:
You know, I have to think that this woman knows some bad stuff about the obama's like where he was born or where...
Truth is irrelevant to Valerie Jarrett, she makes crap up! ** Immigration remarks lost in translation.
Valerie Jarrett, the Obama puppet master. Wake up America before it's too late.
Valerie Jarrett's name is in every Obama scandal...think about it.
I think he's letting Valerie Jarrett do all the work, and she's MORE THAN HAPPY TO DO IT!
Valerie Jarrett reveals Boehner’s ‘commitment’ on immigration reform. Boehner sells out America.
Valerie Jarrett, Obama's senior advisor, told attendees at the yearly invitation-only SkyBridge Alternatives Conference that Boehner would help the White *** ...
Please add Valerie Jarrett to the list of those to be deposed!
.Valerie Jarrett: 'We Have a Commitment' from on This Year h…
Obama's Oh has no conscience, no morals, no values, no spine, and no brain. He is being run by people much higher up than he is. scary. he is nothing but an empty suit , just a puff of air. What is more frightening, is wondering what those behind him are going to do next . because we know it is Valerie Jarrett, George Soros, and their ilk. They are intelligent and they are very scary.
“Boehner hired McCain's top amnesty adviser last year” - H/T http…
Valerie Jarrett tells investment tycoons in Vegas that Boehner promised a vote to Obama against wishes of fellow republicans o…
Valerie Jarrett says John Boehner has made a commitment to pass amnesty this year via
This week in NYC I took Q’s from readers on work-life balance & equal pay. Check out my interview:
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Valerie Jarrett needs to be deported back to the Iranian cesspool she spawned from.
OBAMA EYES EXEC ACTION TO STOP DEPORTATIONS!. Valerie Jarrett: 'We have a commitment' from Boehner to move...
DID U MISS THIS ~~> What is Valerie Jarrett up to this time? Obama's Envoy to the Wall Street Casino Gamers
Unbelievable that Valerie Jarrett is spreading lies in Washington, D.C. Valerie? Lying through her teeth like a scound…
With Valerie Jarrett's paw prints all over policy she may actually have been the first woman President. .
a commitment” from Boehner on immigration this year « Hot Air Headlines via
Especially REMEMBER When one day Valerie Jarrett runs for President
AN OPEN LETTER TO GLENN BECK Dear Mr. Beck, while you and your staff at the Blaze have done a lot to wake up and inform the American people as to what their government is doing to them, I must STRONGLY disagree with your rant last week against operation American Spring. The way that I see it is this: if you and your staff, along with the rest of the media empires, thoroughly vetted the Communist/ Muslim plant, Barack Hussein Obama and his side kick, Valerie Jarrett as well as you did Van Jones, America may not be in the predicament that we are today. As a student of history you know what the Declaration of Independence clearly states: When in the Course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another, and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature's God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which ...
It's moronic exchanges like this one between White House senior adviser Valerie Jarrett and rambling Indian magazine editor Shoma Chaudhury -- who slobbers all over President Obama for his "womanly...
Did Valerie Jarrett just disclose every conservatives worst fear; a disheartened Speaker John Boehner commiserating behind the scenes with President Barack Obama and the Democratic Party on the difficulties he faces from his own party in the pursuit of amnesty?
I thought Valerie Jarrett was the first black president??
Valerie Jarrett: 'We have a commitment' from Boehner on amnesty this year: (Breitbart) - President Barack Obam...
The unelected Valerie Jarrett is the President and Obama is her yes man.She even has SS protection.
I knew it all along! Turns out, Valerie Jarrett is Rasputin in drag!
Valerie Jarrett was quoted as saying Speaker of the House committed to working to pass a immigration bill this year. Now after Boehner stated he had no such deal with her she response with I was misquoted, what I really said was he will possibly, maybe, attempt to but doesn't know for sure if he can, will see what we can do for you and your lying liberal friends in Washington.
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Who is Valerie Jarrett who seems to run Barack Obama's White House? Read this link to find out more
White House senior adviser Valerie Jarrett pulled back Friday morning from ... -
Valerie Jarrett, the Iranian-born Communist who is, in REALITY, the de facto president of the United States, says...
Valerie Jarrett tells of commiserating with President Obama about recalcitrant House Republicans on immigration.
Valerie Jarrett, senior advisor to B. Hussein Obama, was speaking Thursday before a gathering of some of America’s richest people at the SkyBridge Alternatives Conference in Las Vegas. The attendees to the annual conference are hedge-fund managers and...
Valerie Jarrett threatens Obama will act like a dictator & enact gun control & minimum wage hike if Congress...
History is going to tell us that Valerie Jarrett was actually the first female president, and served two terms.
President Barack Obama’s senior adviser on Thursday told a conference of investors and elite political donors in Las Vegas that the White House believes it can get Congress to pass comprehensive immigration reform this summer. Valerie Jarrett said she had dimmer hopes for free trade agreements with…
Bad news for Hillary - She can't be the first female President - Valerie Jarrett already beat her to it
Now up at Robert Wolf sitting down with senior advisor to the president Valerie Jarrett.
Valerie Jarrett, Obama’s Heinrich Himmler, has her sights on American Patriots and her finger on the trigger
“and Valerie Jarrett (stopped by Mark Seliger's portrait studio
obama can't resign~~Valerie Jarrett wants to remain president
know its Sharia Law, Valerie Jarrett, The Koran for Dummies (Paperback) and a muslim president.
we have a muslim president operating under Sharia Law, with Valerie Jarrett and other muslims working behind the curtain?
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