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Val Kilmer

Val Edward Kilmer (born December 31, 1959) is an American actor.

Michael Douglas Doc Holiday Top Gun Doc Holliday Real Genius Tom Cruise Cate Blanchett Fat Val Kilmer Mark Twain Top Secret Citizen Twain Hal Holbrook Tom Sizemore Kurt Russell Batman Forever Wyatt Earp Christian Bale Billy Zane

I know what . Ur right. A man can have two huckleberries and damnit Val Kilmer you can be my left one!
Val Kilmer defends his difficult to work with reputation
You're more dramatic than Val Kilmer's batman eii
There is an actor in every generation that was born to play a role. Val Kilmer as Doc Holiday is a great example
Val Kilmer regrets the attitude that got him labeled difficult to work with
Tampa Bay Comic Con has a replacement for Val Kilmer: Rose McGowan.
Val Kilmer discussing the possibility of a MACGRUBER sequel on Reddit.
"I only cared about the acting and that didn't translate to caring about the film or all that money"
Michael Rooker,Rob Schneider,Val Kilmer,Christopher Lloyd,John Cusack,Joan Cusack and more to be announced 😀
Val Kilmer and Micheal Keaton are better than Ben
Val Kilmer ruined mine in a good way. I was one of the 1000 people that loved his movie with Elizabeth Sh…
Kurt Russell was a way better Wyatt Earp in "Tombstone" than Kevin Costner in "Wyatt Earp", Val Kilmer smashed as Doc Holiday.
I'm watching Wyatt Earp (1994)... Val Kilmer as Doc Holliday in Tombstone (1993) deserved an Oscar yet wasn't even nominated. Criminal!!! 😢
Rewatched the 1996 Island of Dr. Moreau yesterday. Loved watching David Thewlis corpsing at Val Kilmer's Brando impersonation.
Art of the day:. Val Kilmer. Paradise Fish 2017. Original Composite print with plexiglass facemount. 48 x 40.25...
Val Kilmer is fat and Jonah Hill is skinny. What a time to be alive.
"Val Kilmer's passion project is a one-man Mark Twain show" - hope we see it in
Val Kilmer was great but my favorite Batman is Christian Bale! 😍
Then there's those of us wondering what Song to Song with Benicio Del Toro, Christian Bale and a lot more Val Kilmer woulda looked like.
The Nice Guys : Shane Blacks LA is always a great mix of light and dark, but the two leads don't come close to RDJ & Val Kilmer in KKBB
I liked a video Exclusive Willow interview: Val Kilmer and Warwick Davis
I'd like to believe the characters of went to the school in Val Kilmer's Real Genius.
Dunno how I had never seen Willow before tonight. It's no Princess Bride, but dang it I want a Val Kilmer action figure now
As long as it's the REAL Knight Rider!! Not that "junk" they came out with a couple years ago? With K.…
No one told Val Kilmer that Brando was doing an accent for Dr. Moreau. His Brando impersonation is from The Godfather, not this film!
Wing Man made me think of Val Kilmer which sounds like a Mega Man X boss.
Um...Val Kilmer is a he. He played in Top Gun, & was Batman once as well.
Poor Professor Lupin is having to go toe to toe with a Val Kilmer who is over it, above it and immersed in it all at once.
I always liked Val Kilmer...even when he played the arrogant Iceman.
Shut the front door! Do you have something against Val Kilmer movies? Real Genius is one of my favorites.
Nor hunger, rape, theft, assault, the Vatican, or even Val Kilmer movies.
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Isn't that the kid that Val Kilmer helped out in "Real Genius" ?
"You can't make a Top Gun movie without Tom Cruise in it. Of course he'll be in it" Has anyone heard from Val Kilmer in the last 20 years?
Top Secret! is an even guilty-er pleasure than Last Action Hero. And arguably Val Kilmer's greates…
How dare you insult Fat Val Kilmer like that.
*collapsing, out of breath, after hours of vigorous, fulfilling sex* oh my GOD, you're right. Val Kilmer DID play Batman…
Anyone who asks Val Kilmer if he can drive a spike through a wall with his johnson is ok by me
is it me or does Jonny look like a young Ben Affleck and Don a young Val Kilmer
top 10 roles played by Val Kilmer:. 1.) Madmartigan from "Willow". 2.) Doc Holiday from Tombstone. 3.) Simon...
RN: sitting at a beach bar next to a guy who's sporting an ankle to toes tattoo of Val Kilmer as Doc Holliday on the top of his foot. 😂😂
Val Kilmer can make any face he wants
I had that moment when deranged Val Kilmer popped up and chainsawed a live amp. Unless that was just a dream.
Cool it with the sexism lady, that's Val Kilmer you're talking about.
Watching HEAT 😎 anybody else on here seen this movie as well ? With Al Pacino Val Kilmer and Robert De Niro ...?
Did you see the movie with Val Kilmer?
With the music of James Horner, Willow with Warwick Davis Val Kilmer and more...
Important to know your strengths, but your weaknesses, too. You can't be all Val Kilmer in a situation when you ought to be Zachary Quinto.
That's an insult to both Doc Holliday AND Val Kilmer. 😂
Kevin Smith, Val Kilmer and the cast of The Monster Squad! It's finally happening!
I saw that in theater with my mom! We were a Val Kilmer household. And my mom liked the Roger Moore series.
Michael Keaton was Adam West's son, Val Kilmer was maybe his brother? She says that's how it was packaged where she's from...
Watched movies today with some old greats - Richard Gere, Andy Garcia, Val Kilmer... What happened to them??
remaking Top Gun to be about F-35 pilots so the entire movie is Val Kilmer helping Tom Cruise get out of the blue screen o…
Tom Cruise has yet to invite Val Kilmer to "Top Gun" sequel; Kilmer REALLY wants that invite
Val Kilmer says he's ready for sequel: "Still got it… just sayin":
I liked a video The Ghost and the Darkness (1996) Movie - Michael Douglas, Val Kilmer, Tom Wilkinson
Movie night pick: The Ghost and The Darkness 1996 with Val Kilmer, Michael Douglas and Tom Wilkinson.
I just rented Top Gun and Val Kilmer stepped out from behind the Red Box to thank me.
My all time favorite. Easy. Tombstone with K Russell & Val Kilmer. I know every word of every line by heart. 100 times easily.
Hollywood star Val Kilmer: the power of prayer helped me beat cancer. No, it definitely didn't, mate.
Hollywood star Val Kilmer reveals how the power of prayer helped him beat cancer
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Hollywood star Val Kilmer reveals the unorthodox way he beat cancer.
So, Val Kilmer says he's beaten cancer by praying. I'm assuming the prayer went something like, "Please God, let the chemotherapy work.".
The best Batman, movie wise was Keaton. The best Bruce Wayne was Val Kilmer
Unless he already had his gun out, this cop drew his gun as fast as Val Kilmer did in Tombstone. That was unreal qu…
Don't call it a comeback: the actors set to return to the A-list in 2017 | Film | The Guardian
Val Kilmer believes religion has helped cure him of cancer
VAL KILMER is going to be in Tombstone this summer as Doc Holiday!!!. *please don't still be obese*
Val Kilmer has been talking about the power of health
Was just forced to unfollow because he told me Val Kilmer was a better Batman than Michael Keaton.
This week in 1988 'Willow' starring Val Kilmer & Warwick Davis was released in Cinemas 🎬
So happy sweet doing well. This is a nice article (& a great anecdote!)
Val Kilmer once watched Marlon Brando eat an entire turkey. There's nothing to add to that really.
I tracked down Hollywood shaman Val Kilmer for Here's what happened next
.first art show opens tomorrow night at Opening reception is invite only.
I'm still mad that Val Kilmer didn't get an Oscar for Doc in Tombstone.
Very interesting read on the eccentric and completely unfiltered, Val Kilmer.
After topping the A-list movies in the 90s, Val Kilmer is back, this time with an art exhibition at Woodward Galler…
Thanks very much, Widewalls, for your feature on our Val Kilmer Valholla exhibition!...
Val Kilmer: 'Lord, I'm never going to read this tripe!'
Actor Val Kilmer: Faith in love of Jesus healed me of cancer via
Val Kilmer says religion, love helped him beat cancer - Fox News
Val Kilmer is playing Mark Twain in Denver and it's going to be awesome or weird, or both.
The one and only . . . Val Kilmer as Citizen Twain.
Val Kilmer comes to SIFF with a filmed version of ‘Citizen Twain,’ the one-man show in which he is Mark Twain. Sure.
Val Kilmer brings one-man show 'Citizen Twain' to Salt Lake
Any of y'all ever seen the movie "Wonderland" with Val Kilmer playing Jon Holmes?! 🔥🔥🔥
Val Kilmer CONFIRMS he has had ‘a healing of cancer’ months after denying he was battling the disease…
The "Top Gun" actor that opposed Tom Cruz is very sick. Sad to hear about this.
Val Kilmer confirmed the rumors about the fight with throat cancer
Val Kilmer is doing a Reddit AMA and his answer to what it was like working on HEAT is joyous.
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Val Kilmer says this famous actor was 'SO BAD it hurt my eyes' and another is 'just a HAT'
Val Kilmer announces he's healing from cancer
Val Kilmer announces 'healing of cancer' :
Val Kilmer acknowledges cancer battle for first time via
Val Kimer confirm he's been battling cancer, and he says he's now healing
DH: Val Kilmer announces 'healing of cancer'
Celebssion: Val Kilmer responds to cancer rumors
Val Klimer (confirms illness on Reddit AMA, says he's had a "healing of cancer."
Val Kilmer admits having a 'healing of cancer' -
"Val Kilmer admits he had cancer". He's not confessing to a crime. Why admits? Why not "Val Kilmer…
Val Kilmer acknowledges health issues, says he's 'healing of cancer.' Val Kilmer announces 'healing of cancer' - Myrtle Beach Sun News
Val Kilmer acknowledges cancer battle for first time
Val Kilmer admits he had cancer, said he is 'healing'
[CBC] Val Kilmer addresses cancer rumours in Reddit AMA
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Val Kilmer shared for the first time that he is recovering from cancer:
Val Kilmer announces 'healing of cancer'
Actor Val Kilmer admits he had cancer
Val Kilmer admits having a 'healing of cancer'
My mom just said val kilmer has cancer and i absoloutely howled and now i feel really bad
Val Kilmer reveals he did have cancer
Avengers-style movie with Alec Baldwin as The Shadow, Billy Zane as The Phantom, and Val Kilmer as The Saint VS Cyrus the Virus from con air
We're watching "Deja Vu". Me: "Name another movie with Adam Goldberg AND Val Kilmer.". TheCap'n: "Salton Sea". See why I married this dude?
Val Kilmer has an apparent thirst for Cate Blanchett and it’s a little OTT
. If you want to go down a rabbit hole of emotional discomfort, just chec…
SOME1 got it BAD. BUT keep wishing. KEEP your CRUSH ALIVE. via
If this ain't me. I mean I would forget my line if she picked up a shovel too.
Val Kilmer defends series of gushing messages posted on social media about Cate Blanchett.
Contact Music - Val Kilmer declares 'love' for Cate Blanchett
Val Kilmer made his admiration for Cate Blanchett VERY clear:
Is Val Kilmer going to pull a Misery with Cate Blanchett in the near future?
I think we need to be concerned about Val Kilmer murdering Cate Blanchett.
What's that guy been up to lately apart from the obvious headlines there?? Lol
I get the same aggro from Patrick trueman
wow never thought I'd have so much in common with Val Kilmer
If you have a spare $250 laying around, you can buy a stenciled Batman image apparently made by Val Kilmer.
But, you know, the Real Genius science isn't reliable. Love love love that movie. Val Kilmer where are you now?
I expected either a Val Kilmer reference or a Dune reference out of you.
Alexander would have been far better just focused on his parents. Val Kilmer's faux Irish accent and Angelina's snakes.
It's either or a tall ugly Val Kilmer.
In order to brighten one's day; one must watch Top Secret with Val Kilmer.
Michael Keaton did not look like that in the movie. He was a little guy. That looks more like val kilmer.
I knew he was the latest Batman but had no idea what the sequence was - no clue what Val Kilmer looks like. Freakish guess!
yep he is happy and well. Read it fans :) ~Ivonne ❤.
Terri doesn't know the difference between Val Kilmer and Ben Stiller.
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If Val Kilmer and Kyrie Irving had a baby, would they name it Valkyrie?
During a drug-fueled animal people hybrid orgy, Val Kilmer said "I want to go to dog heaven" dressed as the pope.
PSA for anyone hanging out with Val Kilmer:
Yo watch The Island of Dr. Moreau to see Val Kilmer trip face.
Big smile: Val Kilmer emerged from a screening of his one man play on Thursday night in Pasaden…
old fashion film festival Val Kilmer really is professional at leading roles. He should be a director sweetie Val Kilmer.
Fat Val Kilmer makes a comeback in our latest episode. He tries to be spooky-scary
come on, I wouldn't expect a less review it's VAL KILMER!! I so desire to see this, it is torturous...Sigh❤
ugh i would kill for a 2018 CGI Schumacher Batman... starring Val Kilmer again
Val Kilmer emerges looking happy after denying he is ill again via Sounds like he does not want2age?
like gosling and Fassbinder were spotted and Rooney mara and Val kilmer were onstage with the band yeah
Freakish guess of Ben Affleck after seeing George Clooney as the second picture... Had no clue Val Kilmer was the first!
The only Doc Holliday we recognise is Val Kilmer
Val Kilmer. Batmen. Got it straight away. Absolute disaster with the rest.
Ahh one of my favorite Val Kilmer movies. . Tombstone, Top Gun, and Heat are elite.
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Sneaky fave part of “Logan”: Boyd Holbrook playing Tom Hardy as Val Kilmer in “Tombstone.” The rest of the movie is good too!
I thought the same thing. As long as Val Kilmer and the chain saw make the cut, I'll see this.
"Ice is Nice" - Val Kilmer from "Real Genius". (Also, Cari Campbell this am in Ridge Manor)
As long as that part with Val Kilmer and the chain saw remains, I'm looking forward to "Song to Song" via
Anyone else remember when Val Kilmer was utterly beautiful in Willow?
I'm old enought to remember when Val Kilmer wasn't rather chubby!
ahhh consumption, always reminds me of Val Kilmer as Doc Holiday
They must've been in all the scenes with Val Kilmer.
[Double Upload!]: Ohhh... So that's what Val Kilmer has been up to
Cameos spotted in the trailer for Val Kilmer, Flea (Red Hot Chili Peppers), and Iggy Pop. Here’s hoping for Christian and Cate.
I added a video to a playlist The Real Reasons why Hollywood hasn't Cast Val Kilmer for Years
the ghost and the darkness because lions and Val kilmer
So... turns out I'm significantly taller than Val Kilmer. Guess I'm HIS Huckleberry.…
Still thinking about Val Kilmer's incredible performance in Citizen Twain. Words can't even…
Praise be to god, it seems that Malick didn't cut out this Val Kilmer /scene from Song To Song
hi Iggy Pop. hi Val Kilmer getting rushed off the Black Lips stage
I wish Val Kilmer was skinny again so they could just make a movie about Doc Holiday with him as the actor.
Val Kilmer played tf out the Doc Holiday character
Tombstone is still one of my favorite movies. Maybe the best Val Kilmer acting ever. He played the heck out of Doc Holiday.
Val Kilmer not getting nominated, let alone winning, for his role as Doc Holiday is why I will never give any awards show any respect.
Honestly will probably never get over my crush on Val Kilmer as Doc Holiday😍😍
Val Kilmer as Doc Holiday may be the greatest performance in movie history
I was wrong about Val Kilmer but you do like Walton Goggins right
Basking in Kilmer connection: A SECLUDED Edge Hill mansion rented by Hollywood heavyweights Val Kilmer and Cindy……
How long has Val Kilmer rocked that Vincent Price look? 💯
1st Michael Rapaport was amazing in Metro 2nd wat actor/actress do u wish make a comeback? My picks Val Kilmer & Jackie Chan
Watching The Saint starring Val Kilmer what a bunch of horse crap! The only good thing about it is sexy Elizabeth Shue
Watching Tombstone. Yummy Kurt Russell and Sam Elliot, Powers Boothe chewing the scenery, and Val Kilmer breaking my heart. It's perfect
We're watching The Saint with Val Kilmer, one of our favourite movies, a great action flick, and the beginning of my crush on Elizabeth Shue
Michael Douglas raises concerns about Val Kilmer's health. Actor Michael Douglas has painted a grim picture of h
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Michael Douglas is doing really well after treatment for his oropharyngeal cancer. I had no idea Val Kilmer was...
Mitch walks into a dorm room where his entire wall is a space/Saturn poster, and his roommate is Val Kilmer (Chris Knight)
the broadway adaptation starring Val Kilmer and Haley Joel Osment
I kind of wish I could see Val Kilmer's one-man show about Mark Twain, just to see if Hal Holbrook shows up to heckle hi…
not before Hal Holbrook and Val Kilmer win it
DK what to make of it but seem like Val Kilmer is impersonating Hal Holbrook impersonating Mark Twain? is this real?
The important thing is, what do you think about Val Kilmer's Batman paintings?.
Val Kilmer gave my husband, David Mamet, a Randall knife as a gi...
Val Kilmer: Michael Douglas apologised after throat cancer scare
via Val Kilmer struggles to speak after denying he has throat cancer 
Val Kilmer struggles to speak after once again denying throat cancer
The last thing Val Kilmer needs, if indeed he has throat cancer, is critisicm for putting his health before work. Respect his privacy.
Val Kilmer gasps and struggles to speak while revealing he's cancelled upcoming tour after once again denying he has throat cancer : The…
Val Kilmer struggles to speak at first public appearance since denying cancer reports
Val Kilmer struggles speak as he explains why he cancelled tour. 'My Tongue Swelled': Val Kilmer struggles...
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Don't settle for Val Kilmer when you can get Ray Liotta
Tonight join us for "Tombstone" starring Kurt Russell, Sam Shepard and Val Kilmer. Starts at 7 p.m. Turkey Creek...
Michael Douglas says has cancer and 'things don't look too good' | Val Kilmer
Michael Douglas says Val Kilmer is battling tongue cancer:
Michael Douglas spoke highly of his Ghost and the Darkness co-star Val Kilmer this weekend, but also revealed he has tongue ca…
wait, what about Val Kilmer!? Syn can definitely beat your scrubs, but Val?!
My children have absolutely no interest in my fame. They're very sophisti...
Michael Douglas gives health update on Val Kilmer: "Things don't look too good."
makes a heartbreaking announcement shortly after surviving oral cancer. Details here:…
Michael Douglas says Val Kilmer has cancer via
📈 "Val Kilmer" is trending today on Google United Kingdom (10+ searches)
Val Kilmer has cancer? *** Batman Forever was the best Batman movie and i'll have words with any man who disagrees.
Things don't look good for Val Kilmer health wise. :(
"Things don't look too good": Michael Douglas says friend, fellow actor has oral cancer…
Michael Douglas reveals heartbreaking news that Val Kilmer is battling cancer via /r/movies
VAL Kilmer reported to be gravely ill. Robert Di Niro requests Doctor's shirt; says fiat money is insured by the state in the US.
Inside Val Kilmer’s history of health struggles and cancer rumors
Michael Douglas says Val Kilmer has cancer: reports
Michael Douglas raises concerns about Val Kilmer's health, but Kilmer insists he's conducting business as usual.
Val Kilmer is getting back to work after his cancer battle
Michael Douglas reveals Kilmer is battling via
Val Kilmer’s History of Health Struggles and Cancer Rumors en
Why is Michael Douglas talking about Val Kilmer's health?
Twixt (DVD, Val Kilmer) - former rental, good, free shipping
Val Kilmer is battling cancer, says Michael Douglas: 'Things don't look too good for him'
Michael Douglas reveals Val Kilmer is battling cancer
Michael Douglas revealed that Val Kilmer is battling cancer
I had a lot of fun with Val Kilmer. He's like a big kid.
Val Kilmer those chilli dogs will kill you... But i let him get fat anyway.
I think Brad now has to go out and pull a Val Kilmer, drink and eat too much and get beer gut fat quick.
You should watch it. It's got Val Kilmer before he got fat in it and everything!
Val Kilmer is a lot better than Dennis Quaid. I'll give Tombstone that.
5 Star right night. Cult classic. Ron Howard, Warwick Davies and Val Kilmer at the height of their powers.
Heat is an All time classic. IMO! Loaded cast, DeNiro, Pacino, and a slim Val Kilmer! Tom Sizemore!
Val Kilmer and Robert Downey-Jnr are brilliant in Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
ZOMG WHY does Austin Peterson look like Val Kilmer playing Jim Jones?
maybe they can just composite him together with them, like when Val Kilmer and Tom Sizemore had restraining orders on Red Planet
It's a fun going to Mars scifi movie with Carrie, Val Kilmer, Tom Sizemore, General Zod and some others.
Oh no! Where is Val Kilmer when you need him??
Val Kilmer was better to me than Keaton
Just when I was going to send you a clip of a shirtless Val Kilmer in Top Gun. Now I gotta block you.
Being creative and making money in the theater is very challenging.
If you gotta pick one Val Kilmer film...YOU COULD DO WORSE.
Definitely not the same with "Purple Rain" and "Better Off Dead". They held up about as well as Val Kilmer.
If I told you Val Kilmer was my favorite Batman, would you still like me for who I am?
Val Kilmer will forever get a pass from me on any bad movie he makes for his work in Real Genius.
It's one of the best westerns I've seen and Val Kilmer completely owns that character.
I'm convinced there will never be a character played as well as Val Kilmer played Doc Holliday.
A wonderful but kind of a terrible truth about acting is that you actually get to a point where y
Christain bale js the best batman ever val kilmer close behind but affleck has a shot to be number 1 tho
Ready slogan, from "Tombstone": "I'm Your Huckleberry" - celeb endorsement from Val Kilmer, etc. .
it is a shame what time has done to Val Kilmer
I think he was mistaken and just watched the 80's Val Kilmer movie "Top Secret".
however the movie sucked, the performance of Val Kilmer was pretty good, his voice was impressive
UPDATE TWO: Mr. Trump may also have been watching Val Kilmer's Top Secret, confusing men in a cow suit for a cash transfer
Actually Val Kilmer, does an amazing job as Jim Morrison, should watch, HES THE LIZARD KING, oh inside joke lol
Thanks to everyone who voted! I'm packing up a new Philips head screwdriver to ship to Val Kilmer so he can fix his loose stool.
Nobody tell him it was actually the Val Kilmer movie.
I wonder if it has Val Kilmer in it...
If you look up the definition of news in the dictionary, it isn't what you watch on TV.
lol that's funny cause every time I hear that movie I think of the Batman Forever movie with Val Kilmer
The Val Kilmer version of Batman wasn't on?
Oh er, I'm so behind the times, I didn't even know Cher had dated Michael Bolton, Tom Cruise, Val Kilmer and Gene Simmons.
have you ever realized that you look like Val Kilmer
and Hillary made Val Kilmer be the Dark Knight.
no batman will ever be as hilariously terrible/amazing as Val Kilmer in Batman Forever
Patrick Swayze would be Aquaman. Val Kilmer would be Flash.
funny i had the same experience with val kilmer, whom i saw at dylan's 2014 dolby theatre show. He too had lost a bunch of weight
The good reviews that people have told me about through the years haven't really helped me do my
Congrats on being played by Jim Carrey and getting punched by Val Kilmer in the film adaptation.
yes he was I preferred Roger Moore and Val Kilmer in the movie, I have the big one on shoulder and small one on wrist
ON AIR Val Kilmer and Phil Picket Top Secret Soundtrack - How silly can you get
Aaaand next up...BJ will be played by Val Kilmer.
Movie tickets in LA cost so much because you may see Brendan Fraser or Val Kilmer sitting in the audience.
Now that I look again, maybe more Val Kilmer.
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Top Gun was also prime hotness for Tom Cruise and Val Kilmer.
I can't work out what that ad is going for. Is Val Kilmer 2016 upset with the others? Too cool? Hangry?
Seriously, that blonde male dancer in the V-Plates as looks like Val Kilmer in Top Gun. It's uncanny lol.
people always associate cold fusion with nerds and general scientific skullduggery. me? i always think of Val Kilmer in a…
It is a weird thing that actors have people applaud when they're done working. I still find that
No you can't be Adam West Batman, and nor you can be Val Kilmer's batman, which is real shame.
And why does he have a really bad photo of Val Kilmer from the 90s as his profile pic?
When you're young, you're always concerned about how you're being seen and how you're being crit
Val Kilmer is a gambling addict who makes a bet with history that WW2 never happened
Enjoying Father John Misty, he makes me think of 90s Val Kilmer starring as Nick Cave in a Bad Seeds biopic
A take so good even DeBerry agrees. Val Kilmer as Doc Holliday was amazing.
Has there ever been any question that Doc Holliday was Val Kilmer's finest performance? Because if so we aren't friends.
1993 "Tombstone" best scenes. Val Kilmer as Doc Holliday. Kurt Russell as Wyatt Earp. Michael Biehn as J…
Val Kilmer as Doc Holiday is a top 10 movie character for me.
My only dream is to be as cool as Val Kilmer being as cool as Doc Holiday.
movie favorites! "Tombstone" my fav western movie w one of the best performances by Val Kilmer as Doc Holiday.
Watching the 90s film with Val Kilmer & Elisabeth Shue on Another "'real love' starts with deception" kinda film lol.
Jeff Goldblum and Patrick Stewart needed bigger roles, their voice acting is way more distinct and interesting than Val Kilmer's.
Vintage photo of Val Kilmer as Chris Shiherlis in warner Bros.' and Regency Ente
"I'm gonna make you the buffest dude Val Kilmer has ever seen." . - Dwight K. Schrute .
Did you know? Val Kilmer's son Jack appears alongside Gosling & Crowe in
Have you ever seen The Saint with Val Kilmer and Elizabeth Shue? And their creative ways of staving off hypothermia?
Val Kilmer was never fine. . Billy Zane however.
Can someone photoshop Nick Nolte, Val Kilmer, and Gary Busey into the classic photo
Timothy Dalton losing to George Lazenby would be like Val Kilmer losing to Lewis Wilson
Mira Sorvino and Val Kilmer will be dragged in the upcoming episode. The 90s wasn't all good.
The monster dude in this episode looks like a reject from the Island of Doctor Moreau (The one with Val Kilmer).
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