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Uwe Boll

Uwe Boll (born June 22, 1965) is a German director, producer and screenwriter, whose work includes several films adapted from video games.

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And stop letting Uwe Boll make the adaptions.
[ Movies ] Open Question : What have Manu Ginobili and Uwe Boll movies got in common?:
Man, just wait til the Uwe Boll marathons. That's going to be something magical. House of the Dead is all I've seen.
I can't believe Uwe Boll made 3 Bloodrayne movies. When are we gonna get a 2nd Far Cry movie?
Looks like something Uwe Boll would direct.
If Uwe Boll directs the movie, I'm going to watch just to see what he does with it.
made with cutting edge technology. Atleast it ain't Uwe Boll. Fakking lozerz in hallevud laughink at you
Trying to watch Uwe Boll's but it never seems to end. Can't believe there's 40 minutes left of this...
Acclaimed writer/director featured in talking about https…
Homer is the nice side of Al Bundy with the same intellect. I really like h...
Today's film review at Film Gutter is Uwe Boll's Stoic .
I'm hoping Hitchcock/Truffaut inspires Uwe Boll and Michael Bay to collaborate on a literary marvel.
Except B Singer. He does his on thing, like he's Uwe Boll.
coming this summer. One man. One computer. His struggle. And the slow decent into madness. Directed by Uwe Boll. WINDOWS
Uwe Boll was a good idea because of low cost & a safe return...But really that's only IF the projects had met-
I think it was a typical Uwe Boll schlockfest. But I repeat myself...
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
I think Alone in the Dark was too much an action creature movie than a horror creature movie. ~Uwe Boll
Uwe Boll's Bloodrayne is wonderful, it its own way.
I don't understand how Uwe Boll kept getting movies to work on
Or, of course, any of Uwe Boll's films, such as his "adaptations" of Far Cry and BloodRayne.
Team ICO are combining Super Metroid and Gradius. The twist? it's being adapted into a film by Uwe Boll
Think about it, in mainstream entertainment how many MAJOR creators do this? Not the good ones, guys like Uwe Boll-
Interview with a Vampire was lots of sex, so I'm not sure.
Tunnel Rats, based on the classic Uwe Boll movie.
Can we take a minute to remember that Uwe Boll challenged a critic to a boxing match because he didn't like his movie
I think it'll end up Doom-tier. . Which to be fair is far better than Uwe Boll-tier.
I dont understand how ITNOTK got such a big cast. Did Uwe Boll get footage of them murdering strippers or something?
No, but apparently that dude took a page from Uwe Boll when it comes to critics.
Well done to the Wachowski's however they're still truly awful filmmakers and I can't wait till they quit Hollywood in a Uwe Boll style rant
And then Uwe Boll comes out of retirement to make a movie adaptation of that game
There's a dead rising film and it's not done by Uwe Boll. Weird
Uwe Boll, I enjoy it, just not for me :3
And today, has been shopping at those yard sales again.
Though seeing how some movies by Uwe Boll did well at theatres, not sure I trust moviegoers' taste either -_-
do u think u will ever do an Uwe Boll movie? If u ever do, pick Postal or Blubberella. If u don't, u will probably be better off
oh no, blocked by the Uwe Boll of game development
Uwe Boll has had a diverse, love-hate relationship with Hollywood since he came into film back in the early 90's...
Shame that Uwe Boll already made that movie happen. 😨
he's one of those buffoons who boxed Uwe Boll years ago.
How many horrible video game movies have been made by Uwe Boll alone. I'll wait to see if it's any good.
the fact this film was made by Uwe Boll ruins the pic for me
it's from a Uwe Boll movie.glad something good finally came from it.
Agents are still asking for millions of dollars for actors that don't sell ...
Ryan Rosburg is to basketball as Uwe Boll is to filmmaking.
You don't want to sit back in your desk and say "Ahh, great writing" then watch as it hits like a Uwe Boll movie.
Uwe Boll: "I play PC and Xbox games at home, and I just got a PSP as a birthday present."
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
To anyone saying there are no good movie adaptations of video games: Have you ever seen Postal by Uwe Boll? Its the most perfect adaptation!
Subscribe to our Youtube channel for Uwe Boll Raw's Talk Show!
Maybe a retrospective video on the filmography of one (or some) director(s). Like how you did with Uwe Boll.
Christ, I had an easier time trying to debate Uwe Boll.
123 people have pledged real money so that Uwe Boll can make a Postal 2 movie
a TV series starring, written and directed by Uwe Boll
Who let Uwe Boll direct another movie?
Another question: Why wasn't there a single Uwe Boll movie nominated...
Is Assault on Wall Street an Uwe Boll movie!'v
Uwe Boll was never born and no one has ever watched his movies. They already cured cancer and started spacetravelling
Unsolved mysteries: why did Jason Statham star in Uwe Boll's Dungeon Siege movie?
With casting this good Uwe Boll should direct.
I want to buy Bloodrayne on Steam because it's only $1 but I will not be able to forget the terrible Uwe Boll movie.
Only if that Taco Bell ad was directed by Uwe Boll.
House was the first film where I had no influence on the script. I had to b...
Why give beloved franchises to ruin with his disgusting vision and lack of skill. Better of with Uwe Boll.
So we're clear, I mean the one Uwe Boll film I've ever liked by "Rampage". Not the Midway arcade game.
I know McG isn't a great director, but if I had missed the credit on Shadowhunters pilot I would have guessed Uwe Boll directed it.
How soon until Uwe Boll turns it into a movie?
I wonder if the new Far Cry game will share the plot if the Uwe Boll film
And to be sure, wish for Uwe Boll to get trapped a the bottom of a well for a while
. I'm sure it's better than any of Uwe Boll's video game movies.
Coming from someone whose sentence structure is worse then a Uwe Boll film.
They don't teach classes on Joel Schumacher and Uwe Boll.
If you had to choose between a marathon of Uwe Boll movies or the four Bayformers to save your life, which would it be?
My review of The Last Witch Hunter is now up. Think Max Payne (the movie) meets almost every Uwe Boll movie. It's that good.
Uwe Boll is a great producer who only produces so he can direct/write. But his directing/writing is umm... self-interested
Petition to let Uwe Boll direct the Five Nights At Freddy's movie if it makes it past pre-production.
The world is full of terrible movies: Norbit, Troll 2, anything by Uwe Boll. Once in a while, a movie...
I'd understand if it was unwarranted name calling (ie. GST's video on Uwe Boll) but it's not, and explained why.
Where are all the Uwe Boll films ? Like Bloodrayne or In the name of the King? Those were so bad.
Long as Uwe Boll isn't directing I'm not fussed but reckon would make a cracking Cloud Strife
No, IMO Albert Pyun or what's his name, Starsky Glaser are "so bad it's good." Uwe Boll & Michael Bay are just garbage to me
I'd love to see the complaints about Superman if Michael Bay or uwe boll was helming it. People are never happy.
Uwe Boll worst director ever No one wants to sell their movie rights to him..
the answer was actually SUPER UWE BOLL, there were some misspellings in the set up but it's okay
Yeah Michael Bay's movies arent good but its still better than anything uwe boll made
I keep forgetting that exists. I've steered clear of all Uwe Boll films for too long. Maybe now is the time
New podcast next week. Why not catch up on the last ep? We suggest a new hobby for Uwe Boll
“The first Dungeon Siege movie was the one where Uwe Boll hired actual prostitutes for a scene because it was cheaper than paying extras.”
This... makes all the sense of an Asylum ripoff of a Uwe Boll movie.
So if you want to have a great video game-based movie you have to keep the ...
Oh how can I forget Emo Spidey? Yeah, that was a classic almost on a par with any Uwe Boll "Game" film.
was one of the laziest marketing campaigns I've ever seen. But if they can make $10M on OW, everyone (even Uwe Boll) can too
Work with Uwe Boll to make a series of ridiculous deliberately stupid movies like Hobo with a shotgun and sharknado.
Listening to & 's movie podcast got me thinking. Imagine Uwe Boll's Metal Gear Solid...
The Martian: Better watch Step Up All In or some crap like that. Oh! No, wait. Is Uwe Boll still making movies?
p. sure this was started by Uwe Boll when he offered to box his critics. Didn't go . . great
Can't wait for you to do 'In the Name of the King', Uwe Boll's take on Dungeon Siege, with Jason Statham and Burt Reynolds.
So... one. lol :p. I get where you're coming from, but he's no Uwe Boll. Or Michael Bay. Or Brett Ratner. Or _ Movie directors.
I just keep telling myself that at least Uwe Boll didn't direct it.
If Uwe Boll worked for Lloyd Kaufman everyone would love him and would be people's third favourite film.
That Uwe Boll guy ain't so hot either.
Since you were Rayne..have to ask, what did you think of Uwe Boll's movie?
Does anyone actually care about Uwe Boll? Because I kind of don't. He's just sad and pathetic really that I pay no attention to him.
"BloodRayne" directed by Uwe Boll was released OTD in 2005.
At Uwe Boll's restaurant, if you don't like the food the owner will try to box with you.
Dare I ask, what's on the menu at Uwe Boll's restaurant?
Jokes aside, Uwe Boll could be a great producer. It's amazing he got financing for 20+ mediocre movies.
Uwe Boll? Not making anymore films? There's hope for this year, after all!
Have any of my Vancouver friends been to "Bauhaus Restaurant"? You couldn't pay me to eat in Uwe Boll's restaurant but I am curious.
From a press release claiming that Rampage 3 will be Uwe Boll's final film.
Uwe Boll was the ONLY guy gutting WIDE RELEASES from studios on his video-game films through the 2000s and...yeah.
but yeah, definitely a risky move for studios. Thanks Uwe Boll.
Bloodrayne, Uwe Boll's movie based on the game starring Ben Kinglsey came out today in 2006. Why was Ghandi in it?
Miserable. An Uwe Boll movie not made by Uwe Boll
2 inductees out of that ballot is a more laugh-worthy farce than anything Uwe Boll ever directed
Just wow. The ITV Beowulf adaptation is so unbelievably bad, all that's missing are the words 'directed by Uwe Boll'.
The trailer for Uwe Boll's RAMPAGE 3: NO MERCY is the most Uwe Boll thing you could ever imagine.
true, though lets be honest, we would absolutely see "Hip_hop Beginnings: An Uwe Boll Disaster: The Movie"
Uwe Boll announces that he is directing his last movie: the thrilling conclusion of the trilogy "Rampage 3: No...
Acclaimed Restaurateur Uwe Boll Begins Filming A Movie Or Something: Have you guys been to Bauhaus yet?Read mo...
Uwe Boll has had a restaurant in Vancouver for a YEAR and I'm just learning this now? What do I pay you jerks for???
MFW I realize I recently ate at a restaurant that was only a one minute walk from Uwe Boll's new restaurant.
Guys, just called me and told me he's giving up movies and posters in favor of fine dining criticism:
You guys, I'm super excited about this restaurant Uwe Boll opened in Vancouver.
Acclaimed restaurateur Uwe Boll begins filming a movie or something.
Uwe Boll is directing his last movie RAMPAGE 3 after all
"A Tommy Wiseau film". "from the mind of M. Night Shyamalan". "Directed by Uwe Boll"
Far Cry (2008): Incredible how good it is for an Uwe Boll movie. Just kidding it's terrible. 1/10
Can always go the other way. After DNF & Aliens: Colonial Marines, Randy Pitchford is basically the Uwe Boll of video games.
Mark this date: I am actually kind of enjoying a Uwe Boll movie. (RAMPAGE: ASSAULT ON Wall Street.) It ain't great, but it does its job.
Who would you rather watch/review Uwe Boll movies, Americans like us or immigrants!? support us today!
Being upset at Roland Emmerich for inaccuracy is like being upset at Ed Wood for bad visual effects, or Uwe Boll for anything.
SEVENTH SON is like if ERAGON & an episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer had vigorous coitus, and the resulting baby was directed by Uwe Boll.
The Sephiroth Choir, as sung by Uwe Boll. (Backup vocals slurred by drunk Michael Madsen)
Uwe Boll: In the Name of the King - A Dungeon Siege Tale: The life of a simple family man named Farmer (Jason Statham
Holy crap, Uwe Boll is really asshurt.
What if he's right? What if Uwe Boll is better than JRR Tolkein, and Stan Lee, but we're the problem? Let's all watch Rampage 1 and 2, guys.
Brendan. This deserves your attention. I'm gonna talk to Uwe Boll.
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Uwe Boll directs a wedding video. The groom and bride are disowned.
Uwe Boll is the Merlin of bad moviemaking
Or God of War, the most embarrassing franchise this side of Uwe Boll.
As the foremost Internet critic on Uwe Boll, I am torn. Where is Natalie Imbruglia when I need her?
I'll pledge a decent amount if Uwe Boll fights me in the ring!
Btw: I interviewed Boll and team for
Debatable talks with director UWE BOLL about his cult hit and the sequel:
Who wants to go to Uwe Boll's restaurant in Vancouver with me? cc
agreed. He is on par with M. Night Shyamalan and Uwe Boll and Ed Wood as worst directors ever
Just realized I've had Uwe Boll and Udo Kier mixed up in my head for the last DECADE. Brains, how do they work?
why do they suck and Uwe Boll the undisputed boxing champion against film critics.
tbh they're all like a Uwe Boll movie to us.
Surely the best review of Uwe Boll's career:
Check out my interview with Uwe Boll about Rampage 3 and how we can help get it made. .
Directed by Uwe Boll Alone In the Dark's movie single...badass - you know it's true
"You Bowl with Uwe Boll." A game show that pits you against the director and he wins every time or he kills you with a bowling ball.
I hear the stage production is going to be kickass. Starring Kim Kardashian and directed by Uwe Boll
Everyone pronounces 'Uwe Boll' wrong, and its weird that I know that because I worked on one of his films.
Uwe Boll's upholds fine dining in Vancouver via
You must be watching something on Uwe Boll and the patched German tax loophole.
I feel like the average person at our school is uwe boll
remember when uwe boll's POSTAL tore up the box office
so Uwe Boll owns a restaurant in Vancouver, and it's actually quite nice (so I hear) i guess he was in the wrong business
Tim Tebow is a joke because he's bad at the job he wants. Doesn't matter if he loves the Lord or lamp. He's the Uwe Boll of quarterbacks.
Well the last one was by the "amazing" and "legendary" director Uwe Boll. I give this one a half chance to work.
Welp, I went to the gas station near my place to get breakfast with the last of my physical cash. They had Uwe Boll movies. I almost got one
My god Uwe Boll *** I thought he just made crappy movies, didn't know he did it on purpose to make his company a tax shelter
And to that I answer with vs Uwe Boll
Holy crap! says Uwe Boll actually pulled off the Producers scheme! Respect.
Don't tell me you wouldn't want to watch Social Network directed by Uwe Boll.
Film director Uwe Boll challenges critics to fight him n he'll fly them out. They agree & he beats sense into them😂
Uwe Boll's Please donate to this worthy Campaign.
I can safely say that Entourage is a movie I will never watch much like anything from Uwe Boll or any sequel to The Human Centipede
So, when is Uwe Boll going to challenge you to a for real fistfight?
Calling it now, the Fallout 3 countdown will end with a link to Uwe Boll's Rampage 3 kickstarter, having failed 5 days earlier.
Bauhaus: Fine dining, German fare take new direction in
God dammit. I had actually succeeded in forgetting that Uwe Boll and his garbage films existed for a long time. Now I …
made this,it wasnt bad in an Uwe Boll way,those are so bad you cant bear to watch.but if im not mistaken,it looks like it made
challenged Uwe Boll to a fight. Uwe backed off.
We talk with UWE BOLL about part of on AAGG! Listen here:
It'll still give the film a cult following legitimacy. Make Uwe Boll do it.
A place to watch Uwe Boll films, with St. Bernard dogs, called Flops and Slobbers.
with special advisement from Uwe Boll
Check out my interview with on Rampage 3 with info & how to support it
Check out interview with the controversial Uwe Boll.
Check out my interview with Uwe Boll. Yes, UWE BOLL .
.restauranteur Uwe Boll says his new endeavour will teach about fine dining:
"Go big or forget it." ~ Uwe Boll, owner of Bauhaus Restaurant -
After months of renovating the historic Boulder Hotel in Vancouver, Uwe Boll has opened Bauhaus
UWE BOLL just might be the world's most controversial filmmaker. Here's our interview with him
Does anyone else get Uwe Boll and Uwe Rossler mixed up?
Oh god I actually watched this crap yesterday. Only worse movie than this was Uwe Boll's House of the Dead...
I find it sad that Abel Ferrara's Kickstarter project has raised less money than Uwe Boll's.
Htf is doomsday an amc film. It doesnt even qualify for cult or camp. This uwe boll level fail ugh. Give me a troma film at least
get Leinil on it now. then Matthew can produce and Uwe Boll direct. It's a smash!
I'm not sure, but definitely not Uwe Boll, or Steven Spielberg or Michael Bay
Filmmaker Uwe Boll's new Gastown restaurant is uber upscale, but are we?
The two Rampage films are interesting for being well-shot, introspective and powerful efforts from- of all people- Uwe fr…
Uwe Boll's RAMPAGE 2 is now one of my Top 50 favorite movies. Gets me right in the feels.
So little love for Uwe Boll even though both Rampage movies were dope
Can someone give me $500 so I can have dinner with Uwe Boll?
Watching Rampage by Uwe Boll which is actually a very good film, Brendan Fletcher is excellent in the lead role as well.…
Uwe Boll is on Kickstarter and explains the political messages of both Rampage movies.
I've been racking my brain over a film and now I realise it was Uwe Boll's Rampage.
like that fight scene straight out of a really bad B-movie. Uwe Boll level quality.
Uwe Boll is a good filmmaker. Help him complete the superb Rampage series
Let's get Infinity Ward and Michael Bay on it. Cutscenes directed by Uwe Boll. WHY NOT A BAD STREET BRAWLER MOVIE?
hope he's better at his art than his compatriot Mr uwe boll is at his(although postal was hilarious)
Want to help make Uwe Boll's latest movie RAMPAGE 3?.
"We have handmade marble tables & cutlery from Germany. One spoon is $100. We really go all the way.” ~ Uwe Boll
Uwe Boll and movies. Tommy Wiseau and the human species. Michael Bay and my childhood.
A change dot com petition for all film writers to refer to Uwe Boll exclusively as "the ol' Boll weevil" in print
Tom Six is the Uwe Boll of the horror genre.
Will you be in the new Uwe Boll film Rampage 3? .
Nice, and some other good news, we can support Uwe Boll. .
Get 6 Free VitaTops
We spoke to the one and only UWE BOLL about his colourful career.
Exclusive Interview with Uwe Boll on ‘Rampage 3: No Mercy’: We had the opportunity to interview director/write...
The next Silent Hill will be mobile exclusive and is a tie-in for the new Uwe Boll movie Konami will probably make.
Bauhaus owner Uwe Boll in the kitchen with Johann Lafer at his restaurant Stromburg.
The that director Uwe Boll built just opened in
Oh god I don't wanna imagine DSP and Uwe Boll making project 7, although I would like Uwe Boll to fight DSP in a boxing match.
Uwe Boll is trying to Kickstart his next movie. Anybody thinking of donating please give your money to the ASPCA instead. Or…
Uwe Boll: "Alone is a much better film than House of the Dead and better than most horror movies out today."
What if movie directors were chefs? I would certainly not eat at a Uwe Boll restaurant. :D
if it was a movie it'd be directed by Uwe Boll
Live and learn. No more Uwe Boll movies. EVER.
Kudos to her for knowing some of the games though, too bad this movie totes pulled a Uwe Boll on Pac-Man for her.
Instead of petitioning Konami to make Silent Hills. Lets petition Uwe Boll to make a castlevania movie. Then send it to Konami as a threat.
FF7; directed by Uwe Boll, produced by Michael Bay, Cloud played by Cumberbatch, Aerith by Roseanne Barr.
"it's the Georges Lucas thing, ain't an author". Me "Jim it's worse than that David is the Uwe Boll of videogames!"
It'd be fairly awesome if one of the "Mystery" writer/directors who dispenses advice on here turned out to be Uwe Boll.
.Uwe Boll has already purchased the rights
Those were good times. Every time I hear Uwe Boll, I recall that awkward phone interview you guys had with him.
is this another tease about your upcoming Uwe Boll fight?
Congrats, The only bell I've had rung was my own, in a boxing ring, by Uwe Boll...
The stance of this image then is that Michael Bay>Uwe Boll.
at least that movie doesn't have UWe Boll as director. Which is a plus.
Exactly why I'm pleased about this new Alien film. Uwe Boll could direct it and I'd still be happy
though I suppose you also get Uwe Boll saying he's the only talented filmmaker in the industry, so...
I await the Uwe Boll movie version -> Omega Quintet now on PS4
I'm about to start my Uwe Boll marathon. Stay tuned
This getting made makes me sad for Uwe Boll.
Alone in the dark by Uwe Boll! XD Another great game ruined by him
Oh please. Uwe Boll. Nothing more to say.
Mitch reviews the Amanda Seyfried and Michael "Hey, at least it's not an Uwe Boll movie" Pare thriller, Gone:
True, but why do something that you already have a bias against? It's like me having to review Uwe Boll films.
Do you think Uwe Boll is an underrated director? — I don't use that kind of language.
Hideo Kojima, Ken Levine, and David Cage should get together and talk to Uwe Boll about funding for a movie. Uwe can get the money, for sure
Yeah but you've got be Uwe Boll level bad or something to get that treatment from most of them.
No no no ... it has to be Uwe Boll :D
Anyone on this site ever met up with someone irl to fight them? I can't think of one instance except Lowtax v. Uwe Boll
The world needs more Uwe Boll! Watch the stream and donate. TheOttomanLIVE -
Haven't seen that one. Didn't Uwe Boll do that one?
I just want to know how Uwe Boll keeps getting money to make more movies
Fan of Uwe Boll and his movies? If so follow TheOttomanLIVE on Twitch! -
I wouldn't mind a movie as long as Uwe Boll doesn't touch it. That's horror of a different kind.
Sounds like the Uwe Boll of webcomics and podcasts.
Speaking of GREAT MOVIES, that LUSER Uwe Boll's messterpiece "In the Name of the King" took up time on the TV schedule yesterday
If you want to skip combat because pushing buttons is hard, just wait till Uwe Boll makes the movie.
First Kojima and now Silent Hills? Nice death spiral, What's your encore--tapping Uwe Boll to direct the Metal Gear movie?
PerfectMatch - #1 Trusted Source in Online Dating
Uwe Boll's video game movies are so bad that they're funny
I find its odd you say Uwe boll is bad when all you do is sit on your ugly *** in record voices
Well, at least neither of them is Uwe Boll...
Uwe Boll wins again with this killer political action movie!!! Read my full review at…
Maybe Uwe Boll will take over on the project
Or that Kojima and del Toro are no longer working on it. But it's cool, they got Phil Fish and Uwe Boll instead.
Far Cry (2008) uwe Boll directs this watchable if cheese ridden computer game based actioner. That big German guy from Gladiators in it
Could Phillip Ko be considered the Uwe Boll of Hong K... — Only if Philip Ko was the subject of somewhat over-th...
Romeo & Juliette: A film by Uwe Boll starring Guy Fieri and Snookie
Make tonight an Uwe Boll/In the Name of the King trilogy night!
The way things are going, I expect an announcement from Warner Brothers that Uwe Boll will be involved in all future DC projects.
lol there is no way GoW2 is the Uwe Boll of the franchise.
Watched the trailer for the new M. Night Shyamalan thriller. At this point, the scariest thing he could do is partner with Uwe Boll.
My anticipation of a new Batman is somewhere between the excitement of a new Ed Wood film and dread of a new Uwe Boll film.
Hey - Battle for Movie Fights! Who is the worst director? Michael Bay, Uwe Boll, M. Night Shyamalan, or Tyler Perry?
Update your maps at Navteq
IMDb'd that. Slater, Tara Reid & Stephen Dorff in a Uwe Boll film. It's like they were trying hurt everybody who loved the 90's
FF15 director Tetsuya Nomura replaced by Hajime Tabata. It's like replacing Brett Ratner with Uwe Boll.
So what you're saying is that u are greatly anticipating Uwe Boll's version of The Godfather starring Stephen Dorff...
If it's directed by Michael Bay, M. night Shyamalan, or Uwe Boll, I don't want it.
What more could you ask for than Uwe Boll, Burt Reynolds, Ray Liotta, Ron Perlman and awful CGI fantasy? The Stath, that's what.
Ep142 of Movie Brain Rot is here. Now, hear about Zombie Night, Uwe Boll, & some other awesome crap
Ugh. "Co-producer - Uwe Boll." Come on. I already overlooked Roger Christian and John Rhys-Davies. Work with me movie.
In my 9 years in VFX, I've had the pleasure of hearing both Uwe Boll and Terrence Malick give impassioned feedback on CG animal genitalia
Oh LOL, well, as long as Sam Fisher is sneaky and acrobatic, and Uwe Boll doesn't write the script
Rewatching WOW! Some of these movies are really bad. Robot Monster, for example, makes Uwe Boll look like Steven Speilberg.
just saw Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows. and WOW i don't want to say it sucked but it certainly wasn't good. Moriarty's plan while complex had holes in it that he really should have fore seen (why would you shoot a guy when you are just going to blow him up at the same time!? shooting him only served to give clues to Sherlock, and if you are going to experiment with appearance altering surgery don't allow the people you experimented on be viewed by a detective renowned for his observational skills he is gonna notice something). also the action was very weirdly shot and it made me feel like i was watching an action scene from Resident Evil 5 (the movie of course) or from an Uwe Boll movie; it was all very gimmicky and pointlessly flashy (here is a clip of one of the scenes in question: although Robert Downey Jr. is a FANTASTIC actor and his chemistry with Jude Law is PERFECT he felt like a cut rate Johnny Depp in this movie, and as such i'm going to blame that on bad direction. Many of the humorous sit ...
Heh heh heh. Knowing he'd watch anything Batman even if Uwe Boll were doing one with sock puppets.
I am watching a film by Uwe Boll and starring Burt Reynolds and Jason Statham. It is without a doubt the biggest bag of toss I've ever seen. Still watching it though. What a plum.
Uwe Boll is the worst movie director in history. He's a terrible director and completely in denial about it and has made death threats to people who don't agree with him. Class act.
Uwe Boll didn't make Starship Troopers - which is also not video game based.
Great news! I sold the rights to my life story. It's been green lit by Warner Brothers. It will be directed by Uwe Boll and Harland Williams will take the lead.
If i was President- by Ian OHara If i were to become president the first thing i would do is abolish Obamacare. Medicare and Medicaid would be accepted. Firefly would return to television screens everywhere, and Honey Boo Boo would be immediately canceled. Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus,Jaden Smith, and Uwe Boll would be deported to Antarctica. Post haste. May 4th would be a national paid holiday. The United States would stop doing business (trade, commerce, etc) with the rest of the world for a while so we could focus on the National Debt (Lets be honest here, France and the rest of the world pretty much, arent going to pay us back anytime soon.). But i would still hold the debts they owe us over their head..because im Italian. People that want to become citizens of the United States from other countries will have to WAIT IN THE BACK OF THE LINE. No Line Cutting. Im talking to you Mexico! Like JFK, i would reinitiate the space program and would set our sites towards Mars. The moon bores me. I would pull ou . ...
From director Uwe Boll and 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment is the next story and all IN THE NAME OF THE KING III.
I had an impromptu bad movie day sans Jeremy yesterday. Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters, Uwe Boll movie Assult on Wall Street and last year's The Host.
Uwe Boll's dire attempt at a Lord Of The Rings rip-off is on TV tonight. Jason Statham, Burt Reynolds, Ray Liotta!
Worst Hollywood Directors: 1. Michael Bay "Explosions tell the story." (Pearl Harbor, Armageddon, Bad Boys 2) 2.Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer "We have nothing original to offer." (Epic Movie, Date Movie, etc.) 3. Paul WS Anderson " I'm dependent on video game adaptations." (Resident Evil) 4. Uwe Boll " I'm even more dependent on video game adaptations." (House of the Dead, Alone in the Dark.) 5. Dennis Dugin " I can't provide any good laughs to save my life." ( Jack and Jill, Grown Ups, Saving Silverman) 6. Brett Ratner " Doucebag filmmaker" (Rush Hour 3) 7. Tyler Perry "Loves to dress in drag to get the laughs." (Those *** Madea films)
I'm a huge fan of Dominic Purcell's work from Prison Break so a little disconcerting and disappointing to see him do so many movies with Uwe Boll, one of the absolute worst and most inept filmmakers currently making movies. Every time I hear somebody say how bad guys like Michael Bay or Brett Ratner or McG are, I have to say that those guys are Scorsese compared to Uwe Boll and the Seltzer and Friedberg (those guys behind such gems as Date Movie, Epic Movie, Disaster Movie, Meet the Spartans, etc).
I'm going to spend tomorrow night playing a drinking game where I watch Uwe Boll films and drink whenever it's terrible.
I just found out that Uwe Boll made a movie this year called Assault on Wall Street about a guy who seeks revenge after an economic crash
I always hear how Uwe Boll is considered this horrible film maker, although he keeps cranking out films with well known actors. Recently Ray Liotta. I had to check him out. I saw Bloodrayne and In the Name of the King. Its weird, they actually have flashes of brilliance modge podged in with cheesyness and mediocre acting...its bizarre...
Daring, headstrong and always larger than life, there is no one quite like Uwe Boll in today’s international film scene. Having financed, produced and directed over 35 feature films to date, Uwe’s body of work has continuously proven to be as divisive and controversial as it has diversely creative. While many people best know Uwe Boll as a film director, his other passion is food. As a hobby, Uwe has been involved in bringing high-end food products, such as olive oil, from Europe to Canada, and in return bringing Osoyoos BC-based wine to Germany. A prolific artist who has spanned multiple genres, Uwe has worked with such award-winning stars and film veterans as Sir Ben Kingsley, Jason Statham, Ray Liotta, Christian Slater, Bury Reynolds, Claire Forlani, Michelle Rodriguez, Stephen Dorff, Tara Reid, Dominic Purcell, Ron Perlman and Udo Kier. Having travelled to many countries, Uwe’s globetrotting career has long ignited his passion for food, introducing him to some of the greatest cuisine that the wo ...
About to watch a Uwe Boll movie. Havent in a while. This one has Keith David and Dominic Purcell so it should be good. Assault on Wallstreet
we are still continue "Our first class in first tropic 15/11/2013" "How to become a Directer" "Types of Directors" When learning how to direct a film, it’s helpful to know which kind of director you are. The following list runs down some of the most common types, as well as providing some examples. Directors who produce their own films – Eli Roth, Robert Rodriguez, George Lucas, Steven Spielberg, and Quentin Tarantino Directors known for B Movies and Z Movies – Uwe Boll, Roger Corman, and Ed Wood Directors who compose their own scores – John Carpenter, Robert Rodriguez, Satyajit Ray, Charlie Chaplin, and Clint Eastwood Directors who allow their actors to improvise – Werner Herzog, Spike Lee, Christopher Guest, Gus Van Sant, and Jean-Luc Godard Directors who want cast and crew to follow precise instructions – James Cameron, Akira Kurosawa, Stanley Kubrick, and Alfred Hitchcock Directors who appear in their own films – Kevin Smith, Mel Gibson, Clint Eastwood, Orson Welles, Woody Allen, Martin ...
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