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Utah Saints

Utah Saints is an English dance band based in Leeds, Yorkshire, England. The music is produced by Jez Willis and Tim Garbutt, who are joined on-stage by other musicians whenever the band plays live.

Bassline Smith Official Video Kate Bush

What other radio station goes straight from Fairport Convention to Utah Saints than ?
I asked you to go easy on Oregon after Utah on Fullcast, and you did. You're saints, but fire away now
Utah, cuz the Latter Day Saints knocked on Cal's motel room doors keeping them up all night
Cal v Utah in SLC tonight.. Red eye flight and on to Saints v Eagles tomorrow at the Linc! Let's play ball!
Our first inductee to the Rapture Sessions Hall Of Fame is.. Utah Saints
I added a video to a playlist Utah Saints - Something Good (full length)
In a mood for classics tonight. Watching the video for Utah Saints - Something Good and remembering how badly I wanted to learn the moves 😂😂
Black, White, and Mormon: A Conference on the Evolving Status of Black Saints within the Mormon Fold
hoping you'd Make it back to Saints and sinners City...aka Utah. I need another selfie. :)
Kids claim they slaved on ranch for polygamous sect via
Just read news on UCG moratorium - whilst looking over at the misty forth bridges from train & bopping around to Utah Saints. BOOM! happy :)
On Saturday, members of a polygamous sect Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints opened up for the memorial in Utah
Kids say they slaved on Utah pecan ranch for Fundamentalist Church of Latter Day Saints bishop - CBS News -
(Fox 8) Cal-Utah gets top billing in weekend to beware of underdogs
And your all time fave from Phil to Utah Saints "This is Ives & Mark 2 of our more serious ravers"
I'm mono (over 18 yrs). None of the polys I know are later-day-saints. 0% Of course I don't live in Utah.
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Jared Goff can prove himself this week vs Utah, anxious to see how he does. This would interest you
Only teams in all of sports I hate are the Saints and the Utah Jazz. has "sports hate."
That moment where you get excited are playing Utah Saints then you realise it's Crowne Heights Affair
Believe In Me by Utah Saints is in Collector Hotel, Parramatta. Download it now at
relied on revelation to guide the Saints to
omg I just remembered something good '08 utah saints, clear the floor I need to dance
Duke Dumont, Calvin Harris and Utah Saints on the Nixtape + sunshine = Friday feeling baby!!! ☀️🍻😎
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints adds members to Utah South … --
It became a tense situation when a Utah mother and former member of the Fundamentalist Church of Latter-Day Saints
Somethign Good: Utah Saints (ft Kate Bush!!). it has definitely been 20 years since I heard this OMG
What Can You Do For Me by Utah Saints is in Genesis Dandedong, Dandenong. Download it now at
CCS & the partner on many projects together. Check out the article here
Please check out my first blog on a classic album from
.Anyone else want to sing 'Utah Saints' along to Prodigy's Wild Frontier??
well I guess it's time to get pumped up by listening to that Utah Saints Kate Bush song 10x in a row
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Discovered an amateur Estonian shot-for-shot remake of the Utah Saints 'Something Good 08' video. How was YOUR day?
fundamentalist church of the Latter Day Saints, they're a type of Mormon and they live in a secluded community in Utah
Rooney has offered to teach the lads how to do a passable "Running Man" dance from the classic Utah Saints video. Top team player that boy
Zak Bagans 50s Ur a true electronic music fan if you listened to Utah Saints in the 90's.
Never knew was in the Utah Saints Something Good 08 music video omfg!!
Never get bored of listening to you play 'Utah Saints' 'Star'.especially at Que Club 1995.
In honor of my music background history(such as it is) I will be opening tonights show with Utah Saints.
Nice!! Saying that, I did have on again this evening and they had some Prodigy and Utah Saints on.
Yokes without stabbing in Cork also in Tullamore Sunday night-
Midnight Friday Jam of the Week: super fun video by the Utah Saints
One of my all time fav songs is Utah Saints something good
Utah Saints @ Club D'Ville on Sunday 4th of August, for what promises to be the biggest Bank Holiday Sunday this...
Driving to work & Utah Saints 'Something Good' comes on the radio, 5 seconds later I'm stuck in traffic! Oh the irony
Family moment in the kitchen earlier - All three of us dancing to Utah Saints on the radio. . Video was taken. Still Annie’s genes though.
Still in mild, happy shock that Radio 1 played Utah Saints on my drive in
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Utah Saints. U-U-U-Utah Saints. and high contrast. love it.
oh whoops forgot to tag for Utah-Saints as a baby name. Especially if the kid had a stutter.
States of Mind by Utah Saints from Utah Saints is on
there is no better music video than Utah Saints- something good
good call Kev - Had many a good night with DJ Tim (Utah Saints) on the decks in there.via vita next to merchant stores ?
Just confirmed we'll be having a chat and playing a couple of acoustic tunes for the Hot Press Magazine Hot Spot...
Actually loving Utah Saints sampling of Kate Bush's voice on "Something Good"
Utah Saints - 'Something Good 08' (Official Video) >- Love it, one of my faves back in the day
Now Playing lost vagueness by utah saints
What can you do for me utah saints is a tune!!
PS, pretty sure RFH was one of the first shows in the country to play BNL. Granted, they also played Utah Saints, so it's a wash.
Ten minutes until kick off here. Bit of Utah Saints on the PA as we wait for the teams
UTAH SAINTS, U-U-UTAH SAINTS!! Hotel bar music seems to be coming from a 1.2l Corsa with a big spoiler.
I'd like to see your Shamen and raise you a Utah Saints, but there be dragons.
Utah saints something good video is my life
They also said cos I think it it makes it happen..utah saints played in my head listening to crap.
I added a video to a playlist Utah saints-Something good HQ!!
Watching video for Something Good by Utah Saints - with - who is really mystified by the dress sense of those days!
Awesome way to start my birthday. Lawri got me 90s Dance anthems 5cds! Utah Saints -Something Good, JX- son of a gun, Grace-not over yet, Wink-higher state. Etc all on there :)
So at some point I appear to have made a playlist that consists only of King Tubby, Burning Spear, Utah Saints and Alex Metric. Err?
IF MY LIFE HAD A SOUNDTRACK; Opening Credits: Feel good inc by The Gorrilaz. Waking Up: Beautiful day by U2. Average Day: Foundations by Kate Nash. First Date: Smooth by Santana. Falling in Love: Kiss me by Sixpence None The Richer. Love Scene: Justify my love by Madonna. Fight Scene: I predict a riot by Kaiser Chiefs. Breaking Up: Go your own way by Fleetwood Mac. Getting Back Together: Nothings real but love by Rebecca Fergusson. Secret Love: I touch myself by The Divinyls. Life’s Okay Again: I'll be there for you by The Rembrandts. Wild Night: Bad reputation by Joan Jett And The Blackhearts. Mental Breakdown: Song 2 by Blur. Driving: Free bird by Lynyrd Skynyrd. Learning a Lesson: Ironic by Alanis Morrisette. Deep Thought: Running up that hill by Placebo. Flashback: Under the bridge by Red Hot Chili Peppers. Partying: Set you free by N-Trance. Happy Dance: Something good by Utah Saints. Regretting: Lights by Ellie Goulding. Long Night Alone: Stan by Eminem & Dido. Death Scene: Back to black by Amy Wi ...
Heard this hour... Eartha Kitt, The Grid, 5000 Volts, Utah Saints and Sister Sledge. Hear more at
1980 Track of the Day: Crown Heights Affair - "You Gave Me Love" Yup, that's the whooping in Utah Saints' Believe In Me
yeah totally! And Utah Saints! Yazz from Tay is going as well! Important to support John I suppose! :p xxx
Starting today off right with 'Something good' by Utah Saints
Randomly clicked on a Utah Saints video and was rather impressed by how it's shot and cut: No?
Kate Bush honoured for services to Utah Saints?
oh right ha it's just that I saw utah saints play it live but I didn't know if it was them originally, they probs did a mix:-)
Utah Saints - Something good 08 is so good. Can't contain myself
I remember Utah Saints. That was during your rave phase Cer!
Oops. I must have seen a poster or something. Dont forget Utah Saints and Bassheads.
Do you have any favorite soundtrack songs from mortal kombat? Mines is Utah Saints
Announcing that Official A.Skillz and Utah Saints are added to our line up and will be bouncing the bass and...
Hanging by the oil pool, sipping on lunar juice, moon setting and I got a big fat smokey 5 on it..
Just had the UTAH SAINTS say how good my set was.I am humbled and embarrassed.. F*g delighted...!! Whoop whoop x
Krystle: Suggestions please for the hour long Old Skool Mix which is up next on In Demand Dance.
even Wet x3 this in Aberdeen this YEAR DONT WORRY have
Next up on the is Utah Saints 'Something Good'...WHAT'S THE YEAR?
New Years Eve with Allie McCrae, John Milne and the Utah Saints Tickets | Tiger Tiger Aberdeen via
Utah saints- something good 08, arming van buren - the sound of goodbye
The Saints then with that pick can select either Georgia LB Jarvis Jones or Utah DT Star Loutelei, giving them the elite stud they need on D
is amazing.DJ Fresh doing unspeakable...
ha ha forgot about that video just watched it again now, people should bring back the running man, Utah saints still rock too!
sorry, being reminded that it was Utah Saints. Whither they?
“♫ Something Good 08 - by Utah Saints playing on 02 Feb 2013 in Liverpool!!!
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Playing' Utah Saints - Something Good 'TunnFM listen at '
great news, we've just heard that the UTAH SAINTS will be joining us for An Evening With Krafty Kuts...
Utah Saints are joining us for an evening with Krafty Kuts!! ;)
SubSound in association with Fingerlickin Management and Instant Vibes are very proud to announce that we are bringing 'An Evening With Krafty Kuts' outside of London for the first ever time and up the M6 to Liverpool on 02 February 2013! The massive Liverpool line up will be announced in the next 7 days, to say this is big is an understatement, once those tickets pop up grab them as this one's gonna be another lock out! 'An Evening With Krafty Kuts' has been smashing it as one of the UK's biggest club nights from its home at Cable London, featuring some of the freshest and impressive DJs and producers on the international scene. Last weekend London rocked it again with the man himself plus legendary producer Adam F, A Skillz, old school heroes Utah Saints and alternative swing outfit The Correspondents to name a few. The massive line up all brought their A game to create a night, not only of great diversity, but also of the biggest sounding party vibes. When it comes to the best in bass driven music and ...
The top 3 tracks this week in October back in 92 according to the largest electronic music record pool in North America? The Shamen - L.S.I Messiah - Temple Of Dreams Utah Saints - Something Good
Ben is currently the team leading scorer for the Utah Saints FC with 3 goals
Returning to Nashville . Got my Starbucks and some blasting Utah Saints
Now I have Utah Saints stuck in my head
1995 single charting at in the UK. This track samples 'Fire' by Ohio Players, and 'Somebody Else's Guy' by Jocelyn Brown.
Utah saints aka the way to wake me up in the morning
Just read that you did the 1926 Melodic Remix for Utah Saints with Cochise! What haven't you been part of?!
waiting for utah saints... But fk me awful here
Love this jam. ♫ "Something Good 09 (Esquire Remix)" by Utah Saints (from Coach Hill, Calgary, AB T3H, Canada)
just on the iPad watchin ttf popcorn I loved that & Utah saints Annie Lennox lil bird takes me back ! Loved it
What a pity Phil "The Collector" deftly scheduled a couple of choruses of 2Unlimited over Utah Saints!
The human contents of one van in London are feeling old as Utah saints is played on Radio two.
I Want You - Utah Saints: via Do you remember this? It is the only album of theirs I have & I love this track!
Somedays you just wake up screaming UTAH SAINTS! U-U-U-U-UTAH SAINTS! Ooh-ah-oo, I just know that something good is gonna happen!
We have spring racing tips. Smokin Joey & Veewap. Save on Utah Saints if you so desire. guineas day
Pre-order on iTunes: Pre-order the new album 'Nextlevlism': This is Utah Saints' remix of DJ Fresh's new ...
I love the fact I'm acquainted with a vicar who even knows who U-U-U-Utah Saints are. :)
Utah Saints - Something Good: via you probably know the words.
Sometimes podcast editing takes me to strange places- currently researching Utah Saints tunes on youtube.
We are all listening to the Utah Saints to end the week
Good luck to the "Utah Saints" - new Exec crew looks ready to roll. Have fun lads
horses 2nd up are usually taboo, but Utah Saints in R1 E/W, then, big finish, CRUCIAL 1st up in the last, Juicy Odds!!!
Im no sure if theres anythin better than travellin home from work with Utah Saints blarin in ur ears!!
Who minds of a song, I thot it was utah saints but maybe no, it sampled bits out that schwarzenegger film the running man?? Been lookin 4 it 4 ages n a cany find it!! xx
This morning is mostly being powered by mega strong coffee and some old Utah Saints / Shamen / KLF / 808 etc turned to 11.
Soulution by Utah Saints from the album Utah Saints
Utah saints tickets nearly all gone!!! Get yours quick
Utah saints belting at the gym tidy!
Not many tickets left for Utah Saints at the Splash this Saturday. If you wanna go you better get your skates on!
went past our local kendal social club and noticed UTAH SAINTS were you remember the song what can u do for me...?? made me laugh
Only around 20 tickets left at the splash for utah saints next Saturday!! The rest will be in white label... Be quick!
And this was the standout remix from the Stone roses remix album by Utah Saints of all people
Download on iTunes: the likes of Example, DJ Fresh, Wolfgang Gartner, Laidback Luke and Yasmin on their roster, Ministry of Sound have the biggest line-up of dance artists in the world, and with Utah Saints vs Drumsound ...
Tantrum Desire's remix of 'What Can You Do For Me' by 'Utah Saints' - Forthcoming on Ministry of Sound - Available to buy from the 26th February. In the trad...
U?tah uh uh Saints, according to my dear friend Ruben Betancourt...
Every time I think of Usain Bolt I sing 'Utah Saints' to myself. Think I'm going a bit doolally
Utah saints soundcloud has some sick mixes too
Here is a pic of the Latter Day Saints Temple in Salt Lake City, Utah - one of the most beautiful cities with...
Turns out I'm working the Marley Point bar at Boardmasters. Mistajam, Rudimental, Utah Saints & B Traits to name a few acts playing it. SICK
You guys are not going to believe this, but the Utah Saints are not from Utah.
how about a spin class to 90s music, 808 state, utah saints, orbital, 2unlimited and The Shamen?
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A new full track extended mix for people who like dubstep.
Singing Usain Bolt to the tune of Utah Saints!
Everyone thank David Green for reminding me of Utah Saints' "Something Good," today's '90s music flashback:
and a little Utah Saints to finish. So Good.
or failing Spandau Ballet attending you could get the Utah Saints doing . The kids are down with it.
got one of them offer emails again, for a fest in shrewsbury, weekend ticket £25; wombats, ms dynamite, Utah saints?
Utah saints on the radio always puts a smile on my face
just done a full on running man too the Utah saints in my workshop and my gaffer joined in, LOVE LOVE LOVE THE TUNES
Utah saints - something good , full on teen fusion tune
is that from a Utah saints tune? I can hear the song but can't put a name to it. >:(
07786 201 and text HANNAH! EVERYONE!! THE NUMBER DOES WORK IN JERSEY!! PLEASE VOTE FOR HER! p.s. great utah saints track thrown in her mix! lol
watching Utah Saints - something good 08 to try and get some new moves. THE RUNNING MAN!
Early 90's techno makes me want to throw fireballs. Who needs Skrillex when you could have Utah Saints?
We all say Usain Bolt like Utah Saints, U-u-u-utah saints, yes?
Just had my daily thought about Utah Saints.
One day very soon I will be able to go to the Salt Lake Temple in Utah and see all the wonderful out their and hug all the saints
Utah Saints and cuddles make me happy c:
i literally can not wait to see UTAH SAINTS at ..25 days until the madness well and truly begins !!!
Happy Birthday Deborah Harry from ! My fave song is Dreaming ('79) I used to spin the Utah Saints Remix
it's a amazing place! Very quirky. You need to attend nxt year! Utah saints & Orbital have been wkd!
Me sister saying she wants to learn all the dance moves from Utah Saints video. We are too alike its weird
Up next something good by the utah saints
The Saints are truly their team. The Jazz left for Utah years ago and they haven't adopted the Hornets yet, that'll change now.
Utah Saints and The Beach Boys for this afternoons listening pleasure
Didn't realise how old Utah Saints were!
James, dizzee rascal, Utah saints dodgy loads of others I can't remember xx
Festival organisers "devastated" after being refused licence: Dance music act the Utah Saints was one of the act...
that sounds immense. How were utah saints?
Not in Utah Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints has a mandatory chasity belt rule to keep to keep the prosperers in check
The had Utah Saints tracks on them.
I'm listening to Something Good '08 [Radio Edit] by Utah Saints ♫
Utah saints and linkin park! Yes iv been on the campbell juke box
Utah Saints are in my head! AARgh. Did you know that is mates with one of Jesus Jones?
And I never connected it to that Utah Saints sample. That's two things I learned today.
Gotta love Asboslut90s for following up Utah Saints with a bit of Placebo
Great but confusing set from utah saints last night. Listening to them is like dancing ddr to a song you don't quite know.
Utah Saints are due on in ten minutes and i'm still here
Thankyou York you were a blast, was great to share the same stage as Chapman family, Anne Marie & Utah Saints, see you all in Leeds x
Day 2 at hearing completely destroyed by Utah Saints last night & cracking set from Salvation tonight :-)
you could follow it up with a more frantic tug to the 'Cloudbusting' sampling Something Good by Utah Saints for a bigger thrill!
seeing as though you played after Utah saints does that mean you headlined the Thursday night of the festival !
I could use some Utah saints or justice.
I do not own the copyright to this - i couldnt find this tune on Youtube , so i decided to make my own - Enjoy !!!
listening to utah saints and trying to sleep ... good idea Dean ;)
i've just been reminded of PWS Anderson's $hopping . . featuring Utah Saints squatting over a turntable.
Major props to all the bands at the gig at the Duchess tonight in Utah Saints brought the house down
Hmmm, Utah Saints. Last time I saw these was '93 with Eldritch on guest vocals at the 'Off The Street' benefit. Still not my cup of tea...
can tell Utah Saints in the trees tomorrow night is going to be one unforgetable moment...
We're on at 11PM at the Duchess in York tonight at - WE HAVE NOT CANCELLED - we're on after Utah Saints play their songs.
...they need to be away for before 11. The club is still open very late don't worry. We're on at ELEVEN now. Don't leave after Utah Saints..
YORK - slight change of plan, due to venue power failure we're now onstage at the Duchess for at 11PM, after Utah Saints...
Oooohhhahhhi know that something good is going to happen after Utah Saints play in the Duchess tonight in York - we're on. Woo!
band from Leeds, England. The music is produced by Jez Willis and Tim Garbutt, who are joined on-stage by other musicians whenever the band plays live. The b...
Music for the GAA Championship Ethiad. Utah Saints - Something Good '08
last time I saw Utah Saints was in 2000 with Artful Dodger, Fu Manchu, Terrorvision & Edwyn Starr. What a gig that was!
Only just realised because of the tour that we're supporting Utah Saints in York on thursday at Utah Saints U-U-U-Utah Saints!
is now playing Utah Saints vs Drumsound & Bassline Smith - WCYDFM (Tantrum Desire Remix)
Utah Saints and Kaiser Cheifs are going as well. I kinda like Untah saints.
Like Kate Bush and Utah Saints said: "I know something good is gonna happen"
it's like a bovis home version of Utah Saints
Posted a new song: "Utah Saints, Drumsound and Bassline Smith, Doorly - What Can Yo..."
I've added a video to an playlist Utah Saints vs Drumsound & Bassline Smith - WC
New Gold Dream (81-82-83-84) by Utah Saints from Utah Saints was heard by 81 fans of FA!
Well I guess Benga or Utah Saints will have to do
On the scanner from 1993 this morning Utah Saints U-U-Utah Saints, U-U-Utah Saints etc etc...
mormon the musical? does it have a really big cast of one family??? like the von trapps but utah saints? :O !!!
Havin utah saints what can you do for me as a alarm definitely gets you up...
if you're a Saints fan, hit the red "unfollow" button and move to Utah.
Throw some Utah saints - what can you do for me at me . Yea rawr
likes Something Good '08 by Utah Saints on Ping
Only thought of the Utah Saints one the other day:) Classic.
I quite liked that one. And the Utah Saints one :-)
Yeah Utah saints saturday should be sweet as, and cheerss man
Seriously? You should speak to Ellen about my taste in music first. Think Utah Saints and Chemical Bros.
Aw man I have to see Utah Saints live
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This week the Fusion Nightclub sponsored Dance Tent will host UTAH SAINTS - This Sunday!
should give back to should give back to NO. Utah becomes Buzz, Miners, Saints, Angels, etc.
Praying for all my family in Utah and saints all around the World! Lord bless them all and help them know this gospel is true and amazing!!
Hornets should take the Jazz name from Utah and in turn the Jazz should take the Saints name
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Something good by Utah Saints is such a track ! Would love to here it more on nights out only ever it likes once or twice !
*** It's old, but I can't stop listening to this :D Utah Saints - Something Good '08 (Official Music Video):
Stadium dance music. Skrillex, Deadmaus, Fatboy Slim and Moby, but no mention of Utah Saints or The KLF. Ludicrous.
It's called the Church of Latter Days Saints/Mormons. And Utah wasn't allowed statehood until it was abolished.
tis a belta, up there with the original something good by Utah saints
Love this remake of the classic Utah Saints - Lost Vagueness
Latex is available for download on Beatport, the world's largest music store for DJs
Another Utah Saints video for you to enjoy - please leave me a comment !!
Hot new release from Shabang Records! Distributed by TLM Distribution
Showing my are now, have u any shamen or Utah saints with u? More classics
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been having a good think...I'm deff an 80s girl, can't think of many good 90s songs, I did used to like Utah saints though :)
For some reason I now have Utah Saints stuck in my head. Thanks.
I liked a video from [HD] Dubstep: Utah Saints vs Drumsound & Bass Smit
What can you do for me...UTAH SAINTS
I saw Utah Saints "live" supporting U2 on the Achtung Baby tour. They were as good as you'd expect them to be...
Utah saints! Dancing, albeit on 1 leg around room!
Now playing utah saints vs drum sound and baseline smith - what can you do for me
was at wickerman 3 years ago. Really good festival. Utah saints closed the show. Brilliant
we used to travel thru from Fife saw Utah Saints there
I've favourited an video Utah Saints - 'Something Good 08' (Official Video)
Listening to the unmistakable and dull sounds of Utah Saints.. Luckily Drumsound & Bassline Smith have added their twist!
Utah saints ...what can u do for me. Yes please!
Everytime I think of Boondock Saints I erroneously also think of Utah Saints. Hardly any of you are old enough to remember that song tho.
Stream Something Good (High Contrast Remix) by Utah Saints on Something Good 08 CDM for free on Grooveshark.
I was there the night before- I’ve got a bootleg of the one you were at though! Utah Saints & PJ Harvey support.
Utah saints : something bads better
i guarantee you will not find a better dance track than Utah Saints-Something Good
what's your favorite Utah Saints song?
Used to love that and one of there other too. Was a huge fan of Utah Saints too. That fuzzbox one has got me reading the wikipedia
A little number to wake me from my slumber Utah Saints - 'Something Good 08' (Official Video): via
"When the Saints in Utah were still struggling to produce enough food to live, they started schools. They felt...
Today I'm going back to the 90's and listening to Altern8, Utah Saints, 808 State and early Prodigy... This is proper dance music!!
The video for Utah Saints' "Something Good" is a tragic tale of artistic appropriation.
Football season is over (utah saints) RT"Tell me which one you will listen BMTH song before sleep?"
Just found out about Kendal Calling and gonna die because 1) UTAH SAINTS 2) sold out 3) not 18. Oh, lyf.
Absolutely hammering out Utah Saints b4 work,. gotta be done :0-)
time to find something good to do with my day off hm 😝 ♫ "Something Good '08" by Utah Saints [pic]
NEW Utah Saints REMIX just uploaded to Soundcloud please comment follow and fav PEACE
little bird and Utah Saints and Maryhill going mental
It's good how she's expanded that Utah Saints song.
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Utah saints - something good, easily has one of the best music videos of all time!
You were so good in the Something Good-Utah Saints music video!! Love it!
Betty Boo has opened my subconscious mind wide open. Memories come flooding back of Leila K, Usura, Sub Sub, Utah Saints, Jam & Spoon.
My theme song for the day and the week - 'Something Good' by Utah Saints.
these moves will be getting pulled out the bag in Ibiza... Utah Saints - 'Something Good 08' (Official Video):
Looking forward to DJing with Utah Saints :) indie after Dance never done before but should be fun :)
I'm DJing this year with Maximo park, Hoosiers & kites! Epic. Also just been told I'm with Utah Saints at Grizedale Extrav :)
Nothing like a bit of 90's rave for a Sunday morning. Utah Saints! U-U-U Utah Saints!
Next up something good by the utah saints
I know!!! If I miss shy fx, Utah saints or jack beats dj set I'll cry
Utah Saints: Utah Saints Straddling the gap stylistically and historically between the cut-and-paste acid house of Bo…
:O I love that Utah Saints song. Brilliant video aswel
and something good by Utah saints is a remix of her song cloud busting - its a pretty good mix tbh
NE1fm 102.5 is playing : Something Good '08 by Utah Saints
Arena it should be a collection of great LEEDS bands kaisers,James,Utah saints,chumbuwumba,or The Who
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Totally screwed my neck , but doing some recording, with Greg Blackman for the Utah Saints label , Is keeping me smiling .
The wheels are now in motion for a GB / Mooqee Collab on the Utah Saints Label! How cool is that? :D
This is not my creation. I take no credit for it! Original video and artist information, as well as download links can be found here:
Just had a wicked day with Glenn Naylor checking out a proper old castle and then met up with Tim Utah Saints for a little Bombstrikes gathering over some wicked curry in Leeds... and as if that couldn't get any better, we're headed to Scotland in the morning! Let the good times roll.
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