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I am so sorry to point out that Utah Rep. Chaffetz has only hurt Michiganders&Let the…
.on A look inside Rep. Jason Chaffetz town hall in Cottonwood Heights,
What's the Matter, Chipmunk Caffetz, you don't wanna do time? Your EMAILS are REALLY ILLEGAL? Karma is a Trump!!! .
Evan McMullin and Provo Mayor John Curtis are considering running for Utah Rep. Jason Chaffetz’s seat…
Here's how you, our readers, reacted to stories we recently published about Rep. Jason Chaffetz.
Greg Hartley house rep in Utah looks like business address
Some speculate that Rep. Jason Chaffetz could be preparing to run for Governor of Utah in 2020, reports
Utah prepares special election as Rep. Jason Chaffetz says he may step down early
Make sure to check out who is a BERNIEcrat & part of Bernie's 2016 campaign! He will be running 2018 for r…
As a teacher and Utah rep, I am grateful for scientists who have historically clarified what politicians want.
Curious and curiouser, Rep. Chaffetz told a Utah radio station he may not finish his term
Utah Rep. Jason Chaffetz, chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, has announced he won't seek re-election…
Utah Rep. Jason Chaffetz, a Republican who chairs the House Oversight Committee, says he won't seek re-election.
Facing backlash, Utah Rep. Jason Chaffetz withdraws bill to transfer federal land to the states
The GOP’s “Walking Dead”: Utah Rep. Jason Chaffetz is the latest proof the Republicans are a zombie party
Rep. Chaffetz joins run for House speaker: Utah Rep. Jason Chaffetz announced his interest in the position of ...
Utah Rep. Chaffetz announces uphill run for House speaker
Separated at birth: Cornelius Hawthorne from "Community" and Utah Rep. Rob Bishop?
Utah Rep. Rob Bishop: 'I'm proud there is some kind of unity between the White House and Congress' on ISIS.
Utah Rep. Chris Stewart introduces Bill in attempt to give States & Indian Tribes the Ability to Manage...
Utah Rep. (D) Congressman Jim Matheson should be ashamed of himself for voting against the Benghazi Committee Investigation. Shame on you. You could care less about resolving how we got 4 dead Americans. You have problems Mr. Matheson.
Utah Rep. Jim Nielson talked with editor Matt Allen about his proposed bill in Utah that would require couples to take a mandatory divorce or...
Blair Howell, marketing director for Utah Rep, and fellow Theater Lover will be in the lobby before BONNIE &...
Republicans on the House Judiciary Committee have obtained an internal Department of Homeland Security draft final regulation that would lift a 20 year ban on Libyans coming to the US to work in sensitive fields. The document — highlighted Thursday by House Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte of Virginia and Utah Rep. Jason Chaffetz — shows that DHS is working to amend its regulations to eliminate the restrictions on Libyan nationals and foreign nationals acting on behalf of Libyan entities from coming to the United States to work in aviation maintenance, flight operations, or to study nuclear-related fields. Read more:
The legislation, introduced by Utah Rep. Jason Chaffetz, advanced through the House Oversight and Government...
This dancer in the recent New York Philharmonic production of the Rodgers and Hammerstein classic "Carousel" is Utahn Robert Fairchild, with his girlfriend Tiler Peck, both members of New York City Ballet. The pair performed last summer at the Sandy Ampitheater. Watch for Utah Rep's production of the musical Time magazine called “the best play of the 20th century,” Aug. 9-24 at the Murray Theater!
The growing list of states looking to trump federal gun laws by drafting bills that would see those laws reign supreme continues to grow as Utah Rep. Brian Greene carries his bill with a long ...
Andrea Mitchell & Utah Rep. Jason Chaffetz are *** Where is the outrage for the 12 embassies that were attacked during the Bush era!
Utah Rep. Jason Chaffetz history Chaffetz grew up a Democrat. His father had previously been married to Democratic Governor, Michael Dukakis' wife, Katherine, and his half-brother is former actor John Dukakis.[4] While a student at BYU, he was a Utah co-chairman for Michael Dukakis's 1988 campaign for U.S. President. After college, Chaffetz joined the local business community. His work included being a spokesman for Nu Skin International. ?
Next panel is moderated by our ex.dir. who is joined by Utah Rep. Greg Hughes and Sen. Howard Stephenson
In his two minutes of fame at the Republican National Convention, Utah Rep. Jason Chaffetz sounded a theme that you're going to be hearing an awful lot of out of this crowd, epitomized by their ...
In light of the “legitimate rape” fiasco caused by Missouri Republican Rep. Todd Akin, Democrats are seeking to tar Republican congressional candidates who supported the “No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion” bill in 2011 because an original version of the legislation used the phrase “forcible rape” before it was removed. But these Democrats are downplaying the fact that the final version of the bill voted on by the House of Representatives didn’t include that phrase and 16 Democrats ended up voting for the legislation.The original version of the bill prevented taxpayer funding for abortion, with several exceptions including victims of “forcible rape.” Opponents expressed fear that the phrasing could mean abortions wouldn’t be financed for women who are victims of statutory rape or situations like rape from drugs.At least five vulnerable Democrats running in tight re-election contests,Those candidates included Illinois Rep. Jerry Costello, Pennsylvania Rep. Mark Critz, Utah Rep. Jim Mathes ...
Luke Russert interview of Utah Rep. should have clarified whose WH fast & furious originated in. Republicans love no ? of it.
Utah Rep. Jason Chaffetz says Weeper Boehner will be “sufficiently embarrassed” for allowing Eric *** ..
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