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Utah Data Center

The Utah Data Center, formally known as the Community Comprehensive National Cybersecurity Initiative Data Center, is a data storage facility being built for the United States National Security Agency intelligence bureau that is designed to be a primary storage resource capable of storing data on the scale of yottabytes.

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Read about this new tape that IBM created with 330TB of storage... I'm *sure* the NSA isn't using that in their Utah data center...
I added a video to a playlist Jacob Appelbaum Keynote @ [29c3] on NSA Utah Spy Data Center
NSA. Some repressed Mormon in Utah Data Center furiously fapping to your mundane to day.
Pre- talking points put emphasis on protecting civil liberties
Employer: Utah woman killed on cruise was trusted adviser -
Inside America's $1.9billion data mine: How all your private details will soon be stored in ... via
TIL some people are so upset about the NSA data center in Utah they WENT THROUGH THE EFFORT TO RATE IT 2 STARS & le…
thanks for all you do to expose the corrupt liberal agendas. We need more on the shadow Gov'mt and the NSA's Utah Data Center
9/11 and the patriot act allowed Bush to open Utah data center to start spying on US Citizens. Bush knew 911 was coming
chatters abt. NSA´s Utah Data Center (go youtube) on the CCC Event in late 2012. they´re whole story is BS
Yup but he'll need the data center in Utah just 2 list em all!
kaleidoscope and the Utah data center of the NSA. The storage there can capture/store/archive/search not only every relevant phone (3/9)
"National Security Agency is recruiting college students to work at its controversial Utah Data Center." drain
Edward Snowden talks about NSA’s Utah Data Center and more in Park City digital address
There is a little data center in Utah.
is where the Yellowstone earthquake data is now. Please stop saying data is gone.
What will be the implications of the Utah Data Center on the rest of the world once constructed?
ask about Bumblehive. And CIA's strategy for big data & data science.
NSA Experiencing 300M Hacking Attempts Per Day maybe its time for Net Explorer
NSA Experiencing 300M Hacking Attempts - mayb time for service protector
10. There is also a Gorilla Property Management in Utah, same place as the new NSA Utah Data Center: … … … … … …
of technical support and administrative space. Nicknamed "The Spy Center", the Utah Data Center uses the climate controlled environment
Utah Data Center - Serving Our Nation's Intelligence Community and providing to monitor threats
and a whole new cluster just got spun up at a data center in Utah.
Just woke from refreshing nap where I dreamed I pulled a zabriskie point at the Utah Data Center
Oracle is hiring a Data Center Development, apply now!
What is the Utah Data Center was filled with Tor relays?
You get the mesh link up to a data center in Utah.
C7 Data Centers Constructing Phase 2 of its Newest Data Center & Office Complex in Utah, Granite Point II...
NSA just opened new data center in Utah with Yottabytes of storage. How many zeroes is that, even?
I liked a video from Bloom Energy Powers eBay's Utah Data Center
. We have massive spying by our government, on US:.
maybe your calls are getting stuck at the Utah data center
They got that one, and a bigger data center in Utah just to spy on americans. There went your highways & bridges money.
NSA Utah Data Center using more water - More water poured into the National Security Agency’s Utah Data...
TIL the NSAs new data collection center in Utah has enough space for all the data created for the next 1,100 years.
this attack good excuse to NSA huge Utah data collection center to work with Canada to collect theirs for a price.
The National Security Agency is in the process of constructing a $2 billion data processing and spy center in remote Bluffdale, Utah,
.def check out the "america declassified" ep on Utah data center starring She meets w a CIA officer who she 'likes
EFF just flew an airship that says "Illegal Spying Below" over the NSA data center in Utah.
“As far as backup services go, they are top notch.” Gode anmeldelser, seems legit:
I wonder if that huge data center in Utah is the material history they speak of.
The National Security Agency redacted data on water usage at its Utah Data Center, prompting questions about what, exactly, the NSA is doing in the Beehive State.
In 2006, it was reported that the NSA had maxed out capacity of the Baltimore-area power grid.  Insiders reported that    “The NSA is already unable to install some costly and sophisticated new equipment. At minimum, the problem could produce disruptions leading to outages and power surges.    At worst, it could force a virtual shutdown of the agency.”August 6, 2006    In other words, the NSA has an Achilles heel.    WATER    To get around the physical limitation of the amount of power required to monitor virtually every piece of communication around the globe, the NSA started searching for new locations with their own power supplies.    The new Utah Data Center opening in Bluffdale was chosen due to the access to cheap utilities, primarily water.  The water-cooled supercomputers require 1.7 million gallons of water per day to function.    No water = No data center.    The water being provided to the Utah Data Center comes from a political subdivision of the state of Utah.    They ...
Robert Reich The White House announced yesterday the troubled website for logging onto Obamacare would be fixed by the end of November. What went wrong? The contractors who designed it are busy blaming each other (when they’re not blaming the government). Meanwhile, the National Security Agency’s contractors aren’t doing much better. Those now building the NSA’s huge Utah Data Center are plagued by electrical failures. The NSA contractor (Booz Allen Hamilton) that hired Edward Snowden failed to uncover Snowden's past security violations at the CIA. And we all remember Halliburton. While federal government employment keeps shrinking (the government has fewer employees today than it’s had since 1966), contractors are doing ever more. According to the Washington Post, close to 30 percent of the workforce in the intelligence agencies is now contracted out, as is a growing portion of military operations, information technology, research, and large projects like the Obamacare website. It’s been a bo ...
Explosions At New NSA Facility. by Kevin Zeese. The super-secret NSA Utah Data Center is suffering from a number of...
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It appears based on all the evidence coming in so far, including the recent meteorites hitting the earth and giving nice light shows, that the earth is being hit by meteors that were pushed away and ahead of Comet ISON as it went through the outer asteroid belt surrounding our solar system. There is a reason these meteorites are being shown, but the media is not telling why we are being hit. They have no choice but to show the dangerous light show, because it is impossible to hide, but they are definitely not saying what is causing it for a reason. We have known for quite sometime our government has been preparing, with massive underground COG, or Continuity Of Government centers, a huge massive underground city complex in the Ozarks, the huge mostly underground Utah Data Center rushed to completion by Sept 1 this year. The evidence has added up for sometime that something was coming, and we may soon find out what that something is. Comet ISON passes Mars on Oct 1, which will give the government a better ...
Don’t look for balloons or a big "Grand Opening" sign outside the new Utah Data Center.which may be open already, but it's a secret!
The NSA’s $1.5 billion Utah Data Center, which will be the agency’s largest computing center in the world, may already be open. From The Salt Lake
The NSA’s massive Utah Data Center is already up and running, reports ll
Hey, the NSA got back to me about Utah Data Center talking points: | And they want ~$1k for the rest of info :(
Did you know that the Utah Data Center of the will have Data on the scale of Yottabyte's which is 1 Trillion Terabytes per YB?
BIG DATA or BIG BROTHER? The new Utah Data Center will have a 3 Million water tank to be used to cool computers for the NSA to spy on our digital lines by collecting, analyzing and storing our information ...must be our government at work??? Utah Data Center, Bluffdale, Utah
Bluffdale • In many ways, the new Utah Data Center is the quintessential black box. Much as the $1.5 billion building’s opaque exterior walls and dark windows obscure its contents, the powerful National Security Agency puts vast resources into hiding the gargantuan trove of secret intelligence and m...
Sign the petition to Shut down the NSA's 1.2 billion dollar Utah Data Center
Americans, sign this petition to shut down the Utah Data Center that can store 16gb iPhones stacked past the moon. http…
Although the National Security Agency (NSA)'s Utah Data Center had a ribbon-cutting in late May, it wasn't the official opening of the massive data facility. The center located in Bluffdale, just over 20 miles from Salt Lake City, is expected to open its doors -- at least to a...
The NSA's Utah Data Center will pack more processing power than Blue Waters... That kind of power could be used to model cell biology to understand pathways for possible pharmaceuticals or model the very picoseconds of the fiery birth of the Universe. Instead it's being used to tap every phone and data link on the planet. Facepalm America, facepalm.
NSA’s Utah facility will store vast amounts of data If anyone still doubts the formidable reach of the National Security Agency, a quick drive to Bluffdale, Utah, should convince them otherwise. Thousands of laborers have worked for two years to build a $1.7 billion Utah Data Center that will provide a new home for the NSA’s exponentially expanding information storage. By September it will employ about 200 technicians, span 93,000 square meters, use 65 megawatts of power, and store data at the rate of 20 terabytes per minute.
I don't know if anyone has as yet bothered to ask a patently obvious question - since Edward Snowden's has conclusively shown that the US government has been spying & gathering information on everyone, HAVE ANY OF THESE ILLEGAL PRACTICES ACTUALLY STOPPED? I mean last I heard nobody has had their employment terminated at the Utah Data Center! Once again it seems, for a certain select few, there is no rule of law! Another question the Zionist controlled media have failed to ask is why the government is doing this? What earthly reason do they have? This is not about security - US citizens are 50,000 times more likely to die of Cancer or heart disease! More people die from bee stings. peanut poisoning or by being struck by lightening than terrorism! In fact up until two years ago, one was 8 times more likely to be killed by Policeman! That figure has been rapidly rising since this administration has literally declared war on the very people it's supposed to represent! Of course if we were to merely acknowledg ...
Crossing the Rubicon Even the most dispassionate observer can sense that a point of no return, a crossing of the Rubicon, has occurred. Despite official assurances that the Utah Data Center will be used only for benign purposes and only for the protection of the nation, a vague sense of unease lingers - if not outright alarm. Orwell’s “1984” and Huxley’s “Brave New World” no longer seem the stuff of fiction but of present-day reality. Along with the uneasiness, there is anger at what the National Security Agency and other shadowy elements of the government are doing. Comprehensive surveillance of the kind now being practiced by the NSA grossly violates long-standing American traditions, customs and laws pertaining to privacy and being left alone to live one’s life. There is also well-justified fear that the NSA’s vast storehouse of information can and will be used for unscrupulous and immoral ends. The potential for blackmail and other crimes is obvious. The kind of information asymmetry . ...
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The NSA is building its "Biggest Data Farm" in Bluffdale, Utah. This picture shows a diagram of the Utah Data Center , pictures of the constructed complex are ...
Here’s The $2 Billion Facility Where The NSA Will Store And Analyze Your Communications (ILLEGALLY OF COURSE) The National Security Agency (NSA) is in the information harvesting business — and business is booming. That’s why the nation’s premier covert intelligence gathering organization has been building a million square-foot data mining complex in Bluffdale, Utah, that will house a 100,000 square foot “mission critical data center.” The NSA’s official mandate is to listen to and decode all foreign communications of interest to the security of the U.S. But given the fact the NSA already reportedly intercepts 1.7 billion American electronic records and communications a day, it makes sense that they would need to expand operations beyond its sprawling headquarters at Fort Meade, Maryland. The facility, called the Utah Data Center, is located on Camp Williams, a training facility for the Utah National Guard, is set to open in October. And boy does it seem like an impressive operation. One Fox ...
A state of persistent surveillance is just one tool of the police state. Whether through closed circuit security cameras, street-view and traffic cameras, or overhead assets (perhaps one of the 30,000 drones expected by 2020 from any one of 106 authorized agencies to fly them domestically), they will collect on street-level activities in virtually any public place TPTB so chooses. Digital storage facilities like the Utah Data Center will collect massive amounts of data – try yottabytes; one quadrillion gigabytes – for later retrieval and analysis. In short, it goes like this: John Brown is added as a known or suspected terrorist and his life becomes an open book through a secret court order. Maybe he’s a legitimate home grown terrorist or maybe he’s just a registered libertarian exposing or being very vocal about federal corruption or unconstitutional activities. The inherent problems with these capabilities is their propensity for misuse. Absolute power corrupts absolutely and so does absolut ...
What size of an agency could watch all our communications? Probably about this size: NSA Utah Data Center
Massive NSA Spy Center Under Construction in Utah June 7, 2013 Under construction by contractors with top-secret clearances, the blandly named Utah Data Center is being built for the National Security Agency. A project of immense secrecy, it is the final piece in a complex puzzle assembled over the past decade. Its purpose: to intercept, decipher, analyze, and store vast swaths of the world’s communications as they zap down from satellites and zip through the underground and undersea cables of international, foreign, and domestic networks. The heavily fortified $2 billion center should be up and running in September 2013. Flowing through its servers and routers and stored in near-bottomless databases will be all forms of communication, including the complete contents of private emails, cell phone calls, and Google searches, as well as all sorts of personal data trails—parking receipts, travel itineraries, bookstore purchases, and other digital “pocket litter.” It is, in some measure, the realizati ...
This Monday, June 10, 2013 photo shows the National Security Agency's Utah Data Center in Bluffdale, Utah. The Obama administration says it has no plans to end a broad U.S. spy program that it says is keeping America safe from terrorists. That comes as the White House faces fresh anger at home and f...
Concerns over what the government will store at the Utah Data Center have been reinvigorated by the revelation that U.S. intelligence agencies have been extracting information to track people.
In the wake of the recent surveillance programs scandals, new scrutiny is now being focused on NSA's Utah Data Center in Camp Williams near Bluffdale
Behold the NSA’s Dark Star: the Utah Data Center by Clive IrvingJun 8, 2013 4:45 AM EDT It’s the ultimate machine of what’s become our Paranoid State. Clive Irving on the Orwellian mass-surveillance data center rising in the Utah desert. Remember the Stasi, the secret police who operated in East Germany when it was a communist state? When the Berlin Wall came down, East Germans discovered they had been living in a society so rotted by paranoia that at least one in three of its adult citizens were spying on the other two. From this springs what I call the Stasi Principle: a state’s appetite for collecting intelligence expands in direct relationship to its technical ability to do so. In the case of East Germany, this ended up producing warehouses stuffed with bulging files containing the minutely observed details of the everyday, humdrum lives of millions. The product was both banal and, in its range and results, terrifying (a world caught beautifully in the film The Lives of Others). In the case of ...
Fox News FACT OF THE DAY: The new NSA Utah Data Center can reportedly store up to five zettabytes of data. To put that in perspective, one zettabyte is the equivalent of about 62.5 billion iPhones. Stack those iPhones on top of each other, and they would reach past the moon. The data center could theoretically store every email, cell phone call, Google search, and surveillance camera video in America for a very long time! Watch the report from FNC's Catherine Herridge:
BREAKING FOX NEWS: NSA Monitoring Americans Phones!! I called it!! See my intensive research in my previous "Notes" postings exposing the Utah Data Center, Stellar Wind, TrapWire.I started exposing the information I found (purely by accident) to make everyone aware of what the despot is doing to Americans. Thank God Fox News is exposing this scandal because we know that the lame-stream media won't.
TRAPWIRE By V. Higgins TrapWire, is the CIA-connected Global suspicious activity surveillance system. If it sounds ominous, that's because it is. TrapWire was designed and created by Abraxas, a Northern Virginia company founded and run by ex-CIA spies and ex-Pentagon officials.  What does TrapWire do? Every few seconds, it siphons data from surveillance cameras in public areas (stores, restaurants, banks, casinos, airports, rail stations, etc), parks and landmarks around the Globe. Then the data is recorded digitally, encrypted and instantaneously delivered to a "fortified central database center" at an undisclosed location to be aggregated with other intelligence. Hummm, I wonder if that "undisclosed fortified central database center" happens to be the new Utah Data Center? See my previous posting in which I exposed the Utah Data Center. The TrapWire program is a Global system designed to correlate suspicious activity reports (SARS) and other evidence supposedly under the guise of identifying potential ...
People you have gotta read this,big brother will now know everything about you and your daily life,what you do,what you say,where you eat and what you eat,what you do in your own bedroom,this a must read. CONGRESS: WHO THE *** DO YOU PEOPLE THINK YOU ARE? By: Devvy June 2, 2013 Certified Mail Receipt: 7012 1010 0002 9855 8410 Colonel & Mrs. John B. Kidd P.O. Box 1102 Big Spring, Texas 79721 June 1, 2013 Congressman Randy Neugebauer 1510 Scurry St. Suite B Big Spring, TX 79720 Congressman Neugebauer: Let me start off by saying I have been registered no party since 1996, so I have no political ax to grind. As you are aware, the National Security Administration (NSA) is building a facility in Utah benignly called the Utah Data Center. $2 billion borrowed dollars since the people's purse is nearly $17 TRILLION dollars over drawn thanks to free spenders like you who pay no attention to Art. 1, Sec. 8 of the U.S. Constitution. More debt plus the interest slapped on our backs, our children and ...
Just got off the phone with offices of Congressman Joe Barton, Senator Cornyn and Senator Cruz. Called them about the Utah Data Center that I posted earlier. They are ALL in agreement that this is something that needs to be investigated. Suggest you do the same. It's easy. Just pick up the phone and call their offices.
National Security Agency (NSA) is completing the Utah Data Center in Bluffdale, UT. It is rumored to have the capability of storing 5 zettabytes. An I Phone 5 has 16 gigabytes of memory. 5 zettabytes would be a stack of IPhone 5's 1,479,640 miles high or over 5 times further than the moon. Will data be collected on our citizens? Where you go, who you call and what you talk about, what you buy, what you watch on TV, who you text and email and about what? The 2012 Presidential election was won by collecting such data and targeting voters by psychologically messaging voters that could likely be swayed to vote a certain way and getting them to state how they planned to get the polls and when (this increased the voting percentage of those contacted with this role play method substantially over the general population. Our freedom will be taken away in the name of safety. We will be swayed (controlled) through fear, no different than the recent invasion of privacy will slow the investigative nature of the media, ...
National Security Agency (NSA) may be forced to pay 6 % on energy tax after Utah legislators passed a new bill. How will this affect NSA's data center?
Should the NSA have to pay taxes on its Utah data center? 6% on $40 million is quite a bit.
Reporter of picked up my Utah Data Center article. & here
NSA's huge, illegal data center where it'll process/store electronic communications of the whole world hits a bump
Does our encrypted VPN data get intercepted in NSA Utah data center?
I do regret that the new Data Collection Center in Utah can't be taxed completely to death:
“NSA Utah Data Center» article goes on the say Phase 1 took 4 years to build. DC 1.0 is Broken
Utah figures out how to tax NSA facility by taxing their power consumption. I'm impressed. Go Utah! LOL...
NSA objects to Utah's demands that it pay taxes on the huge power bill for its massive new data center:
NSA Has to pay extra energy taxes in Utah
Fox News Reporter James Rosen's Private Emails Given To Justice Dept. By Google - of course they did Google CEO Eric Schmidt is so far up O *** *** he's starting to smell like a you-know-what! Can you imagine what M. Zuckerberg has given him. - N.P.Contompasis
They are doing their best to fill those servers in Utah.
Springs Surprise Tax on Massive Data Center near - -
Utah springs surprise tax on NSA data center state of Utah should be ashamed for using FED tactics Resist&RISE✌
Pay up: Utah springs surprise tax on massive NSA data center.
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CIA: An Idea Whose Time Has Gone By David Swanson There's a contradiction built into every campaign promise about transparent government beyond the failure to keep the promises. Our government is,...
(CNN) -- While the Internal Revenue Service maintains it was not focusing on conservative groups out of political bias, Sen. Rand Paul claimed Sunday there was a "written policy" floating around the agency that said IRS officials were "targeting people who were opposed to the president.
Some estimate the facility will be capable of storing 5 zettabytes of data
Sen. Paul calls on Clinton to accept blame for Benghazi
In Colorado, there were 583 gun deaths in 2009, while there were 565 motor-vehicle deaths. The other nine states in which gun deaths outpaced motor-vehicle deaths were Alaska, Arizona, Indiana, Michigan, Nevada, Oregon, Utah, Virginia and Washington. Nationally, there were 31,236 firearm deaths in 2009 and 36,361 motor-vehicle deaths, according to data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's National Center for Injury Prevention and Control. The Violence Policy Center aims to stop gun deaths and injuries. Its staffers say motor-vehicle deaths are on the decline because of a successful decades-long public health-based injury prevention strategy. That includes making safety changes to vehicles and highways. {Firearms, meanwhile, are the only consumer product not regulated by the federal government for health and safety, the center said.} DOES NO ONE SEE ANYTHING WRONG HERE? Read more: More Coloradans died from guns than car wrecks in 2009, study says - The Denver Post The Denver Post's Terms o ...
News flash: We’re learning. After the 9/11 attacks, polls found many Americans were willing to give up some of their freedoms in order to feel safe again. Following the Boston Marathon bombings, Americans aren’t as keen … Continue reading →
Parents opposed to the Common Core are protesting as the state is spending millions of dollars to collect student test data. They foresee Utah schools being forced to use the
The NSA has recently denied that a data center being constructed in the Utah desert will be used to monitor citizen's private emails, but the denial comes after years of speculation and whistle-blower
Under a bill the 2013 Utah Legislature passed, the National Security Agency’s new Bluffdale data center might be taxed on the millions of dollars of energy it is expected to consume, providing a potential windfall for an obscure state authority. The NSA is protesting the possible tax, even though a…
“…Let me make sure that I answer your specific question.”
"You've grown up hearing voices that incessantly warn of government as nothing more than some separate, sinister entity that's at the root of all our problems," Obama said. "You should reject these voices. Because what these suggest is that somehow our brave, creative, unique experiment in self-rule is just a sham with which we can't be trusted."
GOP won’t shift the focus to policy from scandals.
The implementation of Obamacare is going to be an unmitigated disaster.
The AP and IRS scandals are chump change to this. Obama wants to back a plan that makes online wiretaps as easy as they are in China. Welcome to Obama's America.
A review of the research that was conducted by Richard M. Tolman, University of Michigan and Jody Raphael, Center for impact Research. Employment Researchers have examined the relationship between domestic violence and employment in two basic ways. First, studies documented the extent to which abusers take actions that can interfere with a woman's ability to work. Second, researchers have examined the empirical relationships between experiencing domestic violence and patters of employment. Direct interferance with work Raphel's qualitative data documented the many ways that abusers directly interfer with womans attempt to work. Among the types of interferance reported were destruction of homework assignments, keeping women up all night with arguments before key test or job interviews, turning off alarm clocks, destroying clothing, inflicting visible facial injuries before job interviews, deliberately disabling the family car, threatening to kidnap the children from child-care centers, failing to show up a ... featured in NBC s Science of Love
The U.S. attorney general supports changes to existing email and online storage snooping laws, which are currently under scrutiny in the House.
Now an invasion of our privacy. Oh wait, Not his fault, or he didn't know anything about it. Ol' President BS.
Think this IRS scandal is the end of it? You know that this is the same IRS that will be administering Obamacare starting 1/1/14, right? Do you think that just because they will have a database of everything you've ever done or said, that you can trust them not to use it against you? Oh, you need a kidney transplant? Our records show that you gave $10 to a Tea Party-backed candidate. Sorry, there isn't a kidney available for you right now, you're going to have to wait. Don't doubt for a second that could happen. It's already happening.
As they say, “old habits die hard,” especially on Capitol Hill, where legislators are once again trying to sneak a dangerous new national identification database into law, under the public’s radar.
The NSA is growing bigger and more powerful. But behind its curtains of secrecy, the secretive spying agency is relying on contractors with checkered pasts and ties to Israeli intelligence to build out and run its massive eavesdropping operations.
An estimated 230,000 illegal immigrants were living in Washington state last year — 35 percent more than three years earlier, according to a new report by the Pew Hispanic Center. The total represents one of every 20 workers in the state.
The National Security Agency has been secretly collecting the phone call records of tens of millions of Americans, using data provided by AT&T, Verizon and BellSouth, people with direct knowledge of the arrangement told USA TODAY.
Sometimes it takes an SOB to get anything accomplished, especially against steep odds, and the battle to protect children from lead was especially uphill
The U.S. Justice Department has seized comprehensive phone records of the reporters and editors at the Associated Press, prompting the news agency to protest Monday directly to U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder about what it calls "a massive and unprecedented intrusion."
Scared that CISPA might pass? The federal government is already using a secretive cybersecurity program to monitor online traffic and enforce CISPA-like data sharing between Internet service providers and the Department of Defense.
From the Division of Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine (Drs Lanspa, Hirshberg, and Orme), the Division of Pediatric Critical Care (Dr Hirshberg), the Department of Family and Preventive Medicine (Mr Phillips), and the Department of Internal Medicine (Mr Stoddard), University of Utah School of Med...
NEW YORK -- Sen. Mark Udall (D-Colo.) said Thursday he was "extremely concerned" over revelations that the FBI continues to believe it can conduct warrantless email searches despite a federal appeals court's ruling that they are unconstitutional. Using a public records request, the American Civil Li...
The Data Intensive Summer School focuses on the skills needed to manage, process and gain insight from large amounts of data. It is targeted at researchers from the physical, biological, economic and social sciences that are beginning to drown in data. We will cover the nuts and bolts of data intens...
Sari Horwitz, a writer from the Washington Post reporting on the investigation of Katherine Russell, the wife of the deceased Boston bomber, inadvertently mentioned in an article th...
NSA Utah Data Center: Site plan, technical specs, photos, and map. Supporting the Intelligence Community's efforts to monitor, strengthen and protect the Nation.
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Packet-scanning won't stay limited to what you call "obvious high-volume piracy sites". Read up on the NSA's Utah Data Center.
8% of years since 1893 have had 21+ days of March 1-27 with max temps below average. Data @ Utah Climate Center
Wait a minute--so this new data center in Utah might be sending all US intelligence to China come September?
Ah... I'm trying to see how big an increase the reputed $12B cost of Utah Data Center is.
This model of “taking it all” remains the NSA’s modus operandi, & is why, Binney & Wiebe say, they're building a massive data center in Utah
People who conspiracy theorize about the NSA's Utah data center are entertainingly ignorant.
Are you a growing business in Utah County? Visit our top-of-the-line data center for your colocation needs:
the $12 billion NSA data center being built in Utah.
S/O to everyone at Utah's Data Center reading this & surveilling all my Internet activities! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡
The challenge of covering surveillance news (security journalism):
Alternate title for that piece: "That time I went to Utah and got detained by the NSA for an hour"
Worth viewing of you missed it and aren't tracking the NSA Stellar Wind program or the Utah Data Center.
Reporter tries to take pics of new govt data center in Utah. Finds NSA doesn’t like having its privacy invaded. |
Is DHS going to spy on all members of Congress & store the data forever in the NSA spy center in Bluffdale Utah ?
a 1 million square-foot data center in Utah was in 2011 the largest U.S. DOD project in the nation?
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What is the NSA's Utah Data Center? Is it being built to protect us from cyber attack or to store data and spy on Americans?
Filmed from Redwood Road, you can see the progress of the NSA's Utah Data Center also called the NSA Spy Center. I have some quotes from various individuals ...
The NSA maintains that the data center, to be completed by September 2013, is a component of the Comprehensive National Cyber-security Initiative. The facility is to provide technical assistance to the Department of Homeland Security, collect intelligence on cyber threats and carry out cyber-security objectives, reported Reuters. But both ordinary Americans and their Intelligence Community were quick to dub it “a spy center.” The Utah Data Center will be built on a 240-acre site near Camp Williams, Utah. Once completed in September 2013, it will be twice as large as the US Capitol. The center will provide 100,000 square feet of computer space, out of a total one million square feet. The project, launched in 2010, is to cost the National Security Agency up to $2 billion. The highly-classified project will be responsible for intercepting, storing and analyzing intelligence data as it zips through both domestic and international networks. The data may come in all forms: private e-mails, cell phone calls, ...
what scares me more than guns.. our govt spying on us... you know about the Utah Data Center ?
Bluffdale • The city has officially opened the door for the Utah Data Center. The City Council unanimously adopted an annexation plan that will add 500 acres to the city, encompassing the National Security Agency’s data-processing center and Camp Williams.
The NSA Utah Data Center is another sign we are heading towards a full blown dictatorship in America. Think Romney will make a difference, wait and see who h...
The Utah Data Center, built to store yottabytes of data captured by NSA's Stellar Wind program.
Hey Cook County JTTF Surveillance and NSA Utah Data Center... who's got the station set up @ 4162 Elm - you know the city ;-) B_Fld. Amusing working on a SyFy novel in the summer.
This footage shows the construction of the Utah Data Center or NSA Spy Facility. I will replace and extend this video with my own shot material at the site. ...
Just a month ago we raised more than a proverbial eyebrow when we noted the creation of the NSA's Utah Data Center (codename Stellar Wind) and William Binney's formidable statement that "we are this far from a turnkey totalitarian state". Democracy Now has the former National Security Agency technic...
What would you think if someone told you personal emails, voicemails and web searches,basically your electronic footprint, could be viewed and stored by a government official?The feds say that would never happen but some say it is, and by 2013 it will all be funneled into the Utah Data Center.
The NSA is building the country’s biggest spy center (watch what you say): The Utah Data Center, being built for...
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