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Usain Bolt

Usain St. Leo Bolt, OJ, C.D. (born 21 August 1986), is a Jamaican sprinter widely regarded as the fastest person ever.

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If you ever post an ad in south jersey I'm running like usain bolt to meet you. Probably going to break his world record too.
Senior Constable Taylor's workmates chip in to help the “Usain Bolt of get to Aus Masters Champs:…
Training with the next Usain Bolt 🇯🇲 (the kid in gray jumped out in front of me, that's why I…
If I was her I would've became Usain Bolt as soon as he let me free.
Have you ever seen Usain Bolt beat the Sherbourne bus to Queen?
A bee entered my room,, guess who outran Usain Bolt
I'm the Usain Bolt of my office. Running circles around *** and smiling at cameras.
You can think of me as the Usain Bolt of exoplanets. -Kepler-732 c
Jordan was tremendous, but no one dominated a sport like Usain Bolt.
Usain Bolt, Simone Biles, Sierra Williams...just to name a few.
Lmao i cant believe i lost on a Usain Bolt question. 17 is really good though!
Blind is smart but makes Rooney look like Usain Bolt. Rojo can't make a pass out of the back.
“There are better starters than me but I’m a Best Finisher in the the biz.” —Usain Bolt
Bolt uses chiropractic not only to bounce back more quickly from injuries, but also to enhance his performance while healthy. . Usain Bolt
Photos: Usain Bolt helps dig up grave of friend who died tragically=>
Talent you have naturally – skill is only developed by hours and hours of work. – Usain Bolt
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Even Usain Bolt could be in trouble over 100m against Huddersfield Town's keeper!
Nigeria should do with Anthony Joshua what Jamaica has done/is doing with Usain Bolt. It will be good for both Joshua a…
Usain Bolt on John Ross’ claim that he could beat him in the 40: "They always want to beat me but no; no chance.” https…
I liked a video Will Trayvon Bromell be the new Usain Bolt?
Kendrys Morales makes Bengie Molina look like Usain Bolt. Out at the plate by 10 miles. Pathetic.
This is like Homer Simpson honoring Usain Bolt. Or Snoop Dogg honoring Carrie Nation.
Ronnie O'Sullivan is up there with Usain Bolt, Lionel Messi, Rodger Federer and Cammy Kerr as one of the greatest sportsmen of all time
British Olympic medallist killed in motorcycle crash after Usain Bolt party . Full Story -
British Olympic silver medallist, 34, is killed in a 4am motorcycle crash in Jamaica after partying with Usain Bolt
Silver medallist killed in motorcycle crash with Usain Bolt
British Olympian killed in motorbike accident while riding with Usain Bolt -
you're right "the end". because it's the end of Selena dat lupus faster than Usain Bolt
I was cleaning my room and as soon as my cat sees the broom, this fool books it like usain bolt
SA Athletics have not been this exciting in a while, even Usain Bolt is on
Germaine Mason killed in 4am motorcycle crash in Jamaica riding in a convoy with Usain Bolt.
Coach just told me my diet was too mcnuggety and now I have to do crunches unless I can convince him that I'm Usain Bolt.
Birmingham Olympic silver medallist killed in motorbike accident as he rode in Jamaica with Usain Bolt
BREAKING: JA born Olympian is dead. Motorcyle crash after leaving 'I Love Soca Party'. He's a good friend of sprint le…
Usain bolt set the land speed record while pregnant get ur facts straight
Olympian Germaine Mason dead at 34 after a motorcycle crash during a ride with Usain Bolt: Report…
Team GB Olympic hero Germaine Mason killed on motorbike crash in Jamaica
Germaine Mason is dead, Olympic hero was with Usain Bolt when motorbike crashed
Germaine Mason profile: The Team GB high jump star who died following a night out with pal Usain Bolt
Andy Kim said he doesnt know who usain bolt is, but he knows who Ron Jeremy is.
Dubbed the Usain Bolt of the vegetable world, can grow up to 10cm in one day!
How to eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner like sprint legend Usain Bolt
I'm at my most Usain Bolt when I am trying to beat an old lady to the 20 items or less lane.
Stephen Yaxley-Lennon attempting to beat Usain Bolt's 100 metres record by the sounds of it.
6) who just found out that boyfriend, hipster Todd cheated on her with BFF. We're supposed to drop everything and run like Usain Bolt
There's more chance of Stephen Hawking beating Usain Bolt over 100M than there is of Liverpool signing James Rodriguez
I am not the next Usain Bolt... I am the first Simone Biles. - Simone Biles
Usain Bolt claims that during the 2008 Olympics in Beijing, he ate around 1,000 McDonald's Chicken Mc…
Usain Bolt? Forrest Gump? Jim Ryun?. What is the greatest race ever run? . Join our bracket now…
Hear him in person this 22 & 23 March 2017 together with Usain Bolt, Jack Ma, Chris Gardner, David Coulthard, Mark Gallagher…
Usain Bolt confirms plans to train with are "in the pipeline" ➥
Move over, Usain Bolt. These two WWII veterans running the 60-yard dash is everything
Just so you know. Usain Bolt becomes the first in Olympic history to win 3 consecutive gold medals in the 100m.
I'd like to say to all my fans; thanks for the support. And to all my doubters; thank U very much because U have also push…
Usain Bolt doesn’t fear losing any more of his sprint relay gold medals
My *** Ran like usain Bolt to get that gun 😂 I thought you were really about to shoot him bruh i was scared asf 💀💀
Usain Bolt is in an amazing Pokemon commercial.
Believe it or not, has been featured in a brand new Pokemon advert. VIDEO:
hehe that's faster than Usain Bolt by a little bit.
In my lane though. I'm in the same boat as usain bolt
The people in that diner looked,Ike they were ready to sprint out of there like Usain Bolt.
Video games, Usain Bolt and foosball. What more do the guys need? Just some 🍕 and a long run! Have a…
this is great Usain Bolt pokemon trainer .
Everybody will be running like Usain bolt so that they wont even notice their innerwears getting ripped
📷 the-future-now: Usain Bolt joins Team Skull in Japanese ‘Pokémon Sun and Moon’ ad follow...
There are JP commercials that feature Usain Bolt as a member of Team Skull in Pokémon Sun/Moon. I'd reckon ALL his moves are priority.
All humans? Or just some humans? If they could outrun Usain Bolt that would be an amazing Tortoise & The Hare story IRL
My nose is running like Usain Bolt rn
Sarfrazzz ran with the speed of usain bolt 😂😂😂😂
What's the difference between usain bolt and hitler? . Usian bolt can finish a race
when all of san dimas high school students turn into Usain Bolt to go watch a fight
The greatest of all time. Usain bolt
Pretty SURE he'll make other HEADLINES: Usain Bolt grinds on bevy of twerking beauties at Trinidad Carnival
Usain Bolt is incredibly fast...but he definitely takes his time when mastering Pokemon.
Y'all. This guy at the gym was running as fast as Usain Bolt and on an incline and SIMULTANEOUSLY DRINKING MONSTER. What?
some of those guys were out faster than Usain Bolt in the 100m dash
Olympian Usain Bolt is starring in Pokemon Sun & Moon ads in Japan as part of Team Skull.
Usain Bolt is in Pokemon Sun and Moon Commercials. My life is now complete.
Latest work from the Usain Bolt's of image indexing: Matthijs Douze and at FAIR Paris! Note: GPU_s_ == 4 th…
Whatever, Usain Bolt. I've been finishing in under 10 seconds for years.
Peter Ebdon makes Terry Griffiths look like Usain Bolt. I saw him grow a ponytail during a match!
And Carrick is Usain Bolt?! Daley reads the game better than most CDMs.
Shes out here doing usain bolt more like
I can't be chasing you all the time. . I am not Usain Bolt . I will get tired . 😂😂😂😂
In a race for one direction fans' hearts today between Usain Bolt, Ben Winston & Gabe Turner, Turner wins.
Um I'd pull the trigger on that faster than Usain Bolt
A Golden Huntsman spider can run 31 times its body length in a second. That's almost 6 times faster than Usain Bolt!
'Usain Bolt of the water' is hanging up his paddle. Thanks for the memories Ed, including London 2012 👏.
Wonder if you can get a foot reduction.. Manz got them good usain bolt feet
omo...yes ooo. Using it at home now now. E fast past usain bolt
You feel you can outrun a Kenyan man. Did you think Usain Bolt is a young brother to Mr Ibu.
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Idk why my Finance teacher thinks I'm the usain bolt of writing lol
Virat Kohli signed 110 Crore deal with PUMA and congratulated by the G.O.A.T. Usain Bolt.
MS DHONI! Who's stumping is faster than Usain Bolt
Learn when you win and when you don't, learn. "You have good days and bad days." Usain Bolt
No one runs faster than a girl with. makeup when it suddenly starts raining.Not even Usain Bolt.
my name is Usain bolt and I am the fastest footballer alive
Devalues? People are unequal. Not everyone can run as fast Usain Bolt, or sing as well as Adele. Capitalism lets th…
All roads lead to Eastern Championship on February 27 and 28 at the Usain Bolt Track at UWI Mona. https:…
I almost got side swiped by a dude running faster than Usain Bolt down the hallway
i know this like saying 'I hope Usain Bolt runs good', but I hope Emma Willis smashes tonight. she's been owed this gig for ages
Legend says that his rap his faster than Usain Bolt.
Yo this is my boy Usain Bolt killing it on the track and the diss track
did you see his run even Usain Bolt can't run like that. He's not coming back.
btw Jisoo and Jennie had a serious talk about Pokemon Go & Usain Bolt on the vlive eariler and the two younger ones were just…
My girl did the Usain Bolt first time around LOL
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Beyoncé is the Usain Bolt of American popular music
Usain Bolt wins "Sportsman of the year" beating Ronaldo, Curry, Lebron James, Murray and Mo Farah. LEGEND
Looking forward to Mo Farah challenging Usain Bolt over 100 metres cos what they do kinda looks the same.
Usain Bolt, Cristiano Ronaldo, Mo Farah to vie for top honours
Rangers fans laughing at Celtic is like David Murray laughing at Usain Bolt for coming second in a race.
Usain Bolt loses one Olympic gold medal as teammate tests positive
Usain Bolt leads his All Stars to victory. Melbourne : The world’s fastest man Usain Bolt …
Usain Bolt stars at Nitro Athletics event in Melbourne
Usain Bolt 👌. His team of All-Stars won the first day of the inaugural Nitro Athletics event in Melbourne. ➡️
because of AFLW, Davis Cup, decent race meeting at Caulfield. cricket, Usain Bolt. And its fourth game in 15 weeks
Usain Bolt, Super Bowl & Six Nations - watch them all on the BBC.. Related Articles:
Picture this: You're 16 years old and you're about to line up against Usain Bolt. That's a reality for Riley Day:…
ICYMI: Episode 5 - 3rd Feb 17 - Simon Goodwin, Cam Smith, the all new Cut to the Chase and Usain Bolt.
I've invited Usain Bolt to be first black man to golf at mar-a-lago. Even though he won 14 cha…
Usain Bolt in Melbourne for Nitro Athletics Series days after being stripped of Olympic…
Donald Trump has 3 Olympic Gold medals and once beat Usain Bolt in a race, but doesn't like to talk about it
Usain Bolt has landed in Melbourne for the Nitro Athletics Series, days after being stripped of a gold medal >>
I really hope the T & T 2008 Olympic Men's 4x100 team gets upgraded to Gold, but I don't think it diminishes Usain Bolt's legacy whatsoever!
Usain Bolt insists losing 1 of his 9 Olympic gold medals after team-mate Nesta Carter tested positive does not tarn…
Usain Bolt doesn't feel loss of gold medal will hurt his legacy; "I've shown my dominance throughout the years"
Usain Bolt: Olympic medal loss does not tarnish legacy, says Jamaican sprinter
Usain Bolt says his legacy has not been tarnished by losing one of his nine Olympic gold medals after Nesta…
Usain Bolt said he was "not happy" with losing an Olympic gold medal, but is confident it won't affect his legacy .
Im sorry but Usain Bolt, Asafa Powell & Michael Frater should not have to hand back their gold medals just cos their 4th team…
The BBC news just said "We spoke to Usain Bolt in his home town of Kingston" and I thought "Ooh, I didn't know he was Kingston!". Doh!
Usain bolt is still the fastest man ❤
BREAKING: Usain Bolt ordered to hand back Olympic gold by via
these are one of the disadvantages of team work, so sorry "Usain Bolt"
I was 100% sure Usain Bolt wasnt genuine.He was a cheat thats y he opted to retire soo early when his career was at peak.
Misleading headline "Usain Bolt Stripped of Gold Medal" . Nesta Carter was the guilty athlete, not Bolt, as implied. Poor report.
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Usain Bolt stripped of his 2012 4x1 relay gold after teammate fails drug test. If you sleep with the dogs, you're going to ca…
Usain Bolt stripped off his 4×1 gold he earned in the Beijing Olympic games coz of that *** Nesta Carter. *** Carter!!! 😕
IOC strip Jamaica of 2008 Beijing Olympics 4x100m relay gold; no triple treble for Usain Bolt…
Usain Bolt loses 2008 Olympic gold, and his "triple treble", after relay teammate Carter fails drug test
Usain Bolt and Jamaica stripped of 2008 Olympic 4x100m gold after Nesta Carter tests positive for doping offence
You guys hear about Usain Bolt? Taking one of his 9 golds away bc a teammate failed a drug test.
Why would I dope if Usain Bolt is in my team? 🤔🤔🤔
Well Usain Bolt can take solace in the other 8 gold medals. And come next Olympics, he should do his thing in grand style.
I don't want to see people from medal-less nations laughing at Usain Bolt's misfortune. Your countrymen could never.
Yikes! Usain Bolt lost his 2008 Olympic medal because his teammate was tested positive for banned substance.
Some people say Usain Bolt shouldn't be punished for another's mistake. What do you say?
WATCH: Usain Bolt loses Olympic gold as Jamaica stripped of 2008 relay title:
Usain Bolt loses gold as IOC strip Jamaica of 2008 relay win
Confirmed: Usain Bolt loses his 4x100m relay 2008 Olympic gold medal after Jamaica teammate Nesta Carter found guilty of dop…
All kix aside tho, I feel it for Usain Bolt. It really is a tragedy that such an impeccable legacy had to be tarnished by an…
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BREAKING: Usain Bolt stripped of Olympic gold medal.
I also strongly believe for losing his 2008 Olympic gold medal, Usain Bolt should lay the blame on the doors of Raila O…
Usain Bolt loses 2008 Olympic relay gold in teammate's doping case ->
Dear Media People, Usain Bolt wasn't the one charged for doping so please fix the way you present your news. 👍🏽
Usain Bolt will have to hand back one of his nine Olympic golds as a team-mate tests positive for a banned substance.
BREAKING: Usain Bolt no longer has “triple treble” 🏅, after losing Beijing 2008 relay gold as teammate Nesta Carter disqualified…
One of Usain Bolt's nine gold medals stripped due to teammate Nesta Carter's doping case from 2008 App
Usain Bolt has lost one his Olympic medals after Nesta Carter has tested positive for a banned substance. More:
Usain Bolt is trending on Google. Read the latest here:
When you see "Usain Bolt" & "doping" in a headline, but it's just his teammate
Usain Bolt has apparently told officials that they can have the medal back if they can catch him 🏃🏿
The situation with Usain Bolt is the exact problem with group projects 😒😒😒 Usain Bolt doesn't deserve this.
Usain Bolt forced to give back Olympic gold medal after 2008 relay partner Nesta Carter fails drug test
Usain Bolt stripped of Beijing Olympics 4x100m relay gold after Jamaica team mate Nesta Carter tests positive. More: http…
Usain Bolt's trebble trebble gone, stripped off beinjin 08 relay Gold medal after team mate, Nesta Carter was sanctioned by IOC fr substance
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Jamaica & Usain Bolt have been stripped of their 2008 Olympic 4x100m gold medals after Nesta Carter tested positive fo…
Nesta Carter costs Usain Bolt a medal, doesn't get the clickbait headlines. Headline-only readers will assume Bolt did s…
Usain Bolt is losing one of his nine Olympic gold medals in a doping case involving teammate Nesta Carter. .
Jamaica Beijing 4x100m Gold stripped due to Nesta Carter doping. Usain Bolt now only has 8 horcruxes left.
Usain Bolt no longer has the triple treble. Must hand back gold from 08 relay after Nesta Carter sanctioned by IOC
BREAKING: Usain Bolt no longer 9-time Olympic champion. Sprinter stripped of 2008 relay gold medal in doping case of teammat…
Usain Bolt will no longer have his 'triple treble'. His team-mate Nesta Carter has tested positive for doping. ➡️
BREAKING: Usain Bolt loses Beijing 2008 relay gold after teammate Nesta Carter disqualified for doping. Bolt no longer has “trip…
⭐️ • Bolt stripped of gold after Jamaica team mate Carter tests positive: Usain Bolt has lost one of his……
Breaking News!. Deputy President William Ruto forced to pull Usain Bolt in Bungoma Town. . Chants of Mwizi...
The Deputy President of Kenya H.E William Ruto was forced to pull a 'Usain Bolt' in
Usain Bolt ate 100 Chicken McNuggets a day for 10 days before the Beijing Olympics and eventually winning 3 gold medals.”
Who is the best between Usain Bolt and Christiano Ronaldo Listen live...
A new athletics team event, headlined by Usain Bolt, could "revolutionise" the sport, according to world athletics…
Usain Bolt and Paul Pogba bring in the new year in style: via
Little Giant Ladders
Paul Pogba and Usain Bolt enjoying the victory heading into the New Year.
Usain Bolt was so impressed with Man Utd's win, he rang the club... Yes, seriously. More:
Most awkward phone-in ever? Usain Bolt calls MUTV but Manchester United presenters don't believe it's really him
.are non-GMO & cholesterol free. I've never lost a race to Usain Bolt & am undefeated in the Super Bowl. h…
Cristiano won the prize with 40% of the votes, beating Jamaican athlete Usain Bolt (25%) and American swimmer Michael Phelps (12%)
Got asked today what makes me the happiest and the fact that bread and bacon came to my mind as fast as Usain Bolt summarizes my existence
read what sent, at first . 'Guys unbelievable . I heard usain bolt is already in 2017... omo dat guy can run oh'
Usain Bolt to focus on 100m in swansong season
I feel you. If Usain Bolt wasn't fast, he wouldn't even be fast!
If you hate girls bc of a guy you better Usain Bolt outta there cause he ain't good for ya
Feeding me cake and a her birthday LOL @ Usain Bolt's Tracks & Records
he started to call himself Usain Bolt
Usain Bolt really wants to be in The Flash movie.
What Usain Bolt can teach us about personal
That I can't thrive at what you thrive at doesn't make me dumb. Usain Bolt will outrun Lebrun James on the track. But in 🏀? Ja…
MJ wasnt dominate til he got pieces around him to win championships, Usain Bolt established dominance in 08 hes been out 9yrs
Sportsta | VIDEO: Inside the coaching family of Usain Bolt - Part 2
how you don't run from nothing Zoe 😂😂🙄? You run every time you see me Usain Bolt la cousin
I just ran like Usain Bolt to catch my bus
I may not run physically, like, ever, but I will emotionally outrun Usain Bolt if I have the slightest suspicion that y…
address + money + upbringing.Usain Bolt has the money + address but not the upbringing.suh him get a fight.
Just ordered 100 metres of fairylights for the tree next year. That's not that long is it? I mean Usain Bolt runs that in 10 seconds right?
And y'all thought Usain bolt was the fastest man in the world..
So many memorable moments. And yes, Usain Bolt winning the 100m again got me out of my chair.
"Gotta learn how to lose, before you can learn how to win." - Usain Bolt
I don't think it's even close,she's in a diff league than even Usain Bolt & Michael Phelps--22 Grand Slam titles,4 Olympic golds.
Every time we play the Hornets we make Kemba look like Usain Bolt smh
McCain acts like he's scared.He turns into Usain Bolt at the mention of trump. Either he's a maverick or a scared o…
🎶Usain Bolt and Lightning. Very, very frightening me🎶
Unprovable. I could be Usain Bolt if they'd let me race him.
Breaking News‼. I just heard Usain_Bolt is already in 2017.That guy. can really run ooo!
Happy birthday to olympic champion and record breaking sprinter Usain Bolt!
.and are the AIPS Champions of 2016: as voted by 110 countries. On
Cool.but Flash and Flash Gordon are two different people lol
Now we know how Usain Bolt has been winning all these Gold Medals at the World Athletics Championships.
American swimmer Michael Phelps and Jamaican track star Usain Bolt finished 2nd and 3rd to LeBron, respectively.
Report: Usain Bolt is considering a career in soccer, set to train with Dortmund
Usain Bolt and those fly cats ain't got nothin' on Fred G Sanford.
behind THAT Usain Bolt photo picks the best sporting shots of 2016
who hunt (Troy doesn't) can cover upto 25miles a day. He has the speed of Usain Bolt & endurance of Mo Farrah!
Warren Beatty, Ryan Reynolds and Usain Bolt celebrated their December covers at GQ’s Men of the Year 2016 party held poolside at the Chatea…
just make sure it's the December issue because they printed 3 different covers one with Ryan Reynolds Warren Beatty & Usain Bolt
Check out Justin Bieber making an appearance on Usain Bolt's Snapchat!
Liam with Usain Bolt tonight at the I Am Bolt premiere in London.
- Stars of sport turn out for premiere of new Usain Bolt film I Am Bolt including Arsenal stars Hector Bel...
Usain Bolt admits to have lost love for running before Rio Olympics..
The clothing choices of some Arsenal players here are quite sensational. Santi's two-fer jacket and…
Usain Bolt with the fastest man in 🌏
Usain Bolt: "Hopefully, not yet. Hopefully Mourinho will call me and see what's going on. I'm really excited about that
It's not easy says Usain Bolt with a movie to show his pain via
boss Jose Mourinho gets a Bolt from the blue in today's gossip...
If not myself, I’ll be Usain Bolt or Justin Timberlake: Benny Dayal
Usain Bolt: 'Doping cheats should be given life bans'
Justin Bieber and Liam Payne stepped out to support Usain Bolt at the premiere:
Olympian Usain bolt promotes his documentary in London
Usain Bolt is still holding out for the Manchester United call-up
Usain Bolt says he's waiting on a call from Manchester United boss Jose Mourinho.
Good to see the fastest man in the world with Usain Bolt tonight.
Usain Bolt says athletes caught doping should be handed life bans. . Watch:
One is the fastest man in history, the other is Usain Bolt.
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Usain Bolt isn't just vicious on the track... The Olympian burned James Corden in a rap battle 🔥🎤. 🎥 https:/…
Usain Bolt to James Cordon: “Carpool Karaoke is super, but it’s practice for your next job, driving an Uber” . That man has no chill
James Corden uses Michael Phelps, bobsled team in mic battle with Usain Bolt
Usain Bolt rapped against James Corden and it was completely epic
Manmohan Singh: In the long run we are all dead. Usain bolt: LOL !
Usain Bolt fast on the track and fast chops!
Only on AP: talks about his new documentary.
India got a Multi-talented PM who runs faster than Usain Bolt from parliament and have great acting skills.…
Just ran out of work faster than Usain Bolt
Usain Bolt: Enough of 100m and 200m race, I want to run in a long…. Manmohan Singh: In a long run, we all are dead. Usain…
In the long run, Usain Bolt runs slower.
mashable "Watch Usain Bolt drop the mic on James Corden with an epic rap battle
Usain Bolt wants to emulate Muhammad Ali: Champion sprinter Usain Bolt wants his hard…
Ray Lewis, Ed Reed, Mike Tyson, Michael Phelps, Usain Bolt, Michael Irvin, all play in their prime. 36 is a good sports age.
Borussia Dortmund CEO Hans-Joachim Watzke has confirmed that Usain Bolt will train with the club. (Source: ESPN) https…
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☄ ☄ ☄ Usain Bolt takes one step closer to fulfilling 'dream' of playing for Man Utd
😂😂😩 I woulda ran like usain bolt up outta there
Usain Bolt dey believe say e fit still tap ball for Manchester United, na why e wan go train with Borussia Dortmund.
Usain Bolt 'to train with Borussia Dortmund' as he considers switch to football
Usain Bolt to train with Borussia Dortmund while talking to people about becoming a footballer. Inside gist on.…
Usain Bolt continues to sound out professional contract with German club -
Usain Bolt is reportedly close to starting training with Borussia Dortmund
Bolt says he's 'genuinely been talking to people' re. football career.
I stay saying I'm not Finna chase nobody but end up being usain bolt tell me how
Usain Bolt is having a trial at Borussia Dortmund 😮
Usain Bolt to train with Dortmund, but still wants to play for Man Utd-
no no no no no. That's like saying Westbrook could keep up with usain bolt.
Usain Bolt says he's set to train with Borussia Dortmund and "see what happens."
Great to have USAIN BOLT'S. Strength Coach and Racers Track Club Coach. LEEROY GRAY . Cast his eye over Allsorts...
This picture sums up the greatness of Usain Bolt 🐐
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Usain Bolt has reportedly said he's about to start training with Borussia Dortmund. 😳. It's in Sunday's back pages:
Usain Bolt plans to start a football career and will train with this top European club.
Can the Jamaican sprinter really make the transition into pro soccer? |
The fact that Usain Bolt is joining Dortmund
Usain Bolt Is Coming Out of Retirement to Be a Professional Soccer Player via
BREAKING NEWS: Usain Bolt has sensationally joined this Champions League club! He’s serious about a football career! http…
Usain Bolt is serious about becoming a professional soccer player
Usain Bolt: "For me, if I could get to play for Manchester United, that would be like a dream come true. Yes, that would…
Usain Bolt to train with Borussia Dortmund as he intensifies plans to swap athletics for football via
Bolt takes first step towards EPL dream
BREAKING: Usain Bolt is set to join Dortmund on a trial.
Moving very very certi. Iguanas got dealt a bad hand, soon as your born, gotta move Usain Bolt to reach brekkie
Micheal Phelps . Usain Bolt. Allen Iverson. Nick Diaz. Ricky Williams . Randy Moss . What do they have in common?
Usain Bolt arrives to lift the Rio fans but finds Justin Gatlin has the legs
Phil Jagielka just made Diego Costa look like Usain Bolt ffs 😭
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Actress does the Usain Bolt style while campaigning for President John Mahama trail in the hinterlands…
That is Usain Bolt becoming a head chef and Emeril Lagasse becoming his sous.
🇯🇲 Usain Bolt surged late to win the men’s 100 meters for the third time in a row.
Justin Gatlin and Tyson *** are definitely Salieri to Usain Bolt's Mozart. Good reference
Usain Bolt parties with student in Melbourne just days before her final exams: Just days before...
Imagine running your first 5k with Jesse Owens, Jim Thorpe, Jackee Joyner-Kersee, Florence Griffith Joyner, and Usain Bolt cheering for you.
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