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Usain Bolt

Usain St. Leo Bolt, OJ, C.D. (born 21 August 1986), is a Jamaican sprinter widely regarded as the fastest person ever.

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So much respect for Usain Bolt after this
Perform every day, just keep trying! "You can get beat any day." Usain Bolt
Gonna watch old videos of patriotism like this... USAIN BOLT - not US citizen but honors…
Even Usain Bolt stood for the American Anthem in the Olympics
😂😂yooo that too. Be running like Usain Bolt. I saw a *** crip walk in church once
A Gatorade phone game featured Usain Bolt to inspire kids to try their best, remain dedicated and avoid water. Cali…
Lol I hate you. Trying to be Usain Bolt in these streets
Ebube's like Justin Gatlin while Idyl's the Usain Bolt of The Voice Nigeria Show. Music won in the end!.
I wonder what odds on a cabinet position for Usain Bolt 🤔
That's how Usain Bolt was born ... -
Well, there's probably a reason Usain Bolt hasn't adopted that particular method.
Everybody needs a coach. Michael Jordan, Usain Bolt & Oprah had one. Here's why you need one too…
Usain Bolt really enjoying his retirement!
And I show them many examples, like Usain Bolt stopping an interview at the olympics when he heard an…
Glory be to Almighty God. Not Usain Bolt but this is the day I stopped running. The day I joined…
Maya Moore got her Usain Bolt sprint on for that last fast break
Usain Bolt has got 9 gold medals, but I have 1 voucher for a free hug.
Sir Richard Branson is on the hunt for the Usain Bolt of Jamaica's entrepreneurs
Q16. In the IAAF WC 2017 who won the 100m gold by beating Usain Bolt in the final individual race of the Jamaican's career? .
This will be my final season: Bolt. OSTRAVA, Czech Republic: Jamaican sprint star Usain Bolt insists this "emoti
Retired Jamaican Sprinter, Usain Bolt. He is clearly enjoying his retirement 😎😎😎.
'Underdog' Bolt ready to fire in 100m defence. LONDON: Jamaican sprint legend Usain Bolt labelled himself the un
Usain Bolt's career ends in satisfaction, as the Jamaican passes the baton to the next generation in a 4x100-meter relay…
According to Japanese media, Jamaican legend Usain Bolt come to Kawasaki Frontale's ground to PR PUMA's product.
Usain Bolt is officially a Footballer, check out his rating on PES 2018. visit:
Bolt inspired me to break world record: Van Niekerk. LONDON: Training with Jamaican athletics legend Usain Bolt
Those blowbots look lowkey lit tho. Like they're made out of nuts and bolts but probably make u bust nuts quicker than Usain Bolt.
USA’s Justin Gatlin beat Usain Bolt in the 100 meter dash World Championships! His story with
The overall rating on for Usain Bolt is *pretty* generous. 🎮.
Back-to-school blues setting in? Here's some motivation for Jamaican students from Usain Bolt |…
Mohamed Salah has the pace of Usain Bolt and the finishing of Valeri Bojinov. If you don't know him he is a jamaican sprinter
Usain Bolt ran his very last 100m race on Jamaican soil the other night. We're getting real close to the end 😢
Bolt on right path to world 100m defence. MONACO: Jamaican sprinting legend Usain Bolt insists he is on the righ
He's not a professional footballer but Usain Bolt's 2018 overall rating is...rather good. 🎮…
Usain Bolt's restaurant group is heading to the UK!
An appeal case involving the 2008 Olympic title stripped from Usain Bolt and Jamaican relay team and handed to T&T is going to court.
Let your confidence show. "All I can say is: Yo, Jamaican sprinters, taking over the world." Usain Bolt
Today in 2008 Beijing Olympics Usain Bolt sets a new world record.
Usain Bolt had to walk before he could run
The only man who can beat Usain Bolt 💨💨
In clueless for thinking a sprinter isnt a good player I guess you want Usain Bolt to play for you lot too?
Usain Bolt feels could win the league this season By
[Sport] Usain Bolt beaten in final solo race as Justin Gatlin gatecrashes 100m final
Tb to when I turned into usain bolt
*Who Wants To Be A Millionaire* . Frank Edoho: Ur nxt question goes 4 N5m. Who is the fastest man in the world?. Me: Usain Bo…
Despite rumors of Usain Bolt playing QB for the Spartans, that is indeed Brian Lewerke.
Oh absolutely! They'll usain bolt sprint to ya mentions lol
Usain Bolt to launch Jamaican restaurant chain in the UK
Usain Bolt will unsurprisingly be the fastest player in PES 2018
VIDEO: Comparison of Tyreek Hill racing Usain Bolt in the Rio Olympics 200 meter final comes down to the wire.
Yeah, I'd of been out of there faster than Usain Bolt on a gram if billy.
After ending MUN's 100% record dis season, fans v Liv, ars,Che,city.. all think its still possible not knwin wea r finishin t lyk Usain bolt
Lmao dawg Jeff demps could've gave usain bolt a run for his money
How you trynna run game on Usain Bolt? -words of
I love how Instagram puts celebrities on the same level as my friends "jeff like this, usain bolt liked this" both of em are my homies
Usain Bolt said no one will break his record for at least 20 years. . I don't blame him. It's 'cos Gala sellers have not been g…
Think of it as the Usain Bolt celebration and you will feel better.
Usain Bolt it seems is taking a leaf out of the Jarryd Hayne playbook.
Quiz time! How much does Usain Bolt know about Manchester United?
Michael Phelps, Usain Bolt, Lance Armstrong, Serena Williams, Tony Hawk. . Hard to remember back to my youth lol
Floyd Mayweather is a fighter. His whole being is fighting. Lance Armstrong, Michael Phelps, Usain Bolt etc. are all consumed
Uncle Eric Bailly, please be more clever in reading play, don't just dash into Challenge like you are Usain Bolt.
Let's get over following just one athlete: Carl Lewis on Usain Bolt
Justin Gatlin: Sprinter issues 'official apology' for doping after beating Usain Bolt via
Jim McMahon, Usain Bolt, Wilt Chamberlain and Mike Evans. Trubisky shares a birthday with good company!
The sad tale of Ezekiel Kemboi, Usain Bolt and Mo Farah.
He deffo got pace. Should we offer him a trial: Sorry if the pontiff is……
Bolt posts X-ray of hamstring tear after 'sadly people questioned injury' -
JMPD K9 raiding the inner city tonight and drug dealers are running faster than Usain Bolt.
The fastest person on earth isn't Usain Bolt. It's any parent with a toddler who just said they have to poop.
Usain Bolt reveals injury details after being questioned for falling in farewell race.
Usain Bolt blow as injury denies sprint great a Manchester United appearance
Slayer - Angel of Death. You'll be faster than Usain Bolt when you run to that!!
Men’s 4x100m at closes with a mix of surprise, regret and injury, as Usain Bolt ends last race in tears
Usain Bolt set to make Manchester United debut if he recovers from injury
Now that Usain Bolt is retired, he's pursuing his dream to play soccer for Manchester United:
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
Usain Bolt's group is heading to the UK via
Usain Bolt's last race ends in disaster as he limps out injured
So this what the *** Usain Bolt do in in his free time 😂😂
No OT appearance for Usain Bolt in the legends game on 2 Sept. Scans show damage to hamstring too bad to play in ga…
Pogba and Lukaku both hit speeds of 21.5mph at the weekend (both faster than Walcott). Context: Usain Bolt ran 27.5mph in…
Usain Bolt proves hamstring tear as he is ruled out of Man United game. via
Imagine the defenders trying to catch him
I added a video to a playlist Usain Bolt tribute by Michael Johnson [Subtitles added]
'Three hamburgers a week, but no fries' - Usain Bolt receives irresistible offer to play professionally!
Usain Bolt suffered a torn hamstring in his final race
Usain Bolt posts X-ray of torn hamstring as he hits back at claims he 'cheated' fans at World Athletics ...…
Usain Bolt denied dream Manchester United appearance as hamstring injury takes its toll.
Usain Bolt will not be able to play in the Man Utd Legends' game against Barcelona at Old Trafford due to injury.
At last, Usain Bolt to play for Manchester United.
Usain Bolt rounds on his World Championships injury doubters: 'I have never been one to cheat my fans'
Usain Bolt's furious Jamaica team blame London 2017 organisers for heartbreaking injury' | via
have i just seen Usain Bolt potentially to Burton? Him and Lloyd Dyer out wide? I'm erect
Usain Bolt a big fan of Waqar Younis
There's something to be said about Usain Bolt and time catching up with us, no matter how fast we run :)
Usain Bolt's career ends in disappointment, as the Jamaican phenom pulled up injured in a 4x100-meter relay final
Lloyd Dyer and Usain Bolt running down the wing 💭😍😂.
Usain Bolt can you kindly not sign for Burton Albion, I've had enough of Lloyd Dyer destroying us for pace over the past two seasons
Usain Bolt will play for Manchester United legends vs Barcelona legends on Sept 2, if he's fit by that time.
Usain Bolt could play for Manchester United - if he recovers from injury in time
We all know Usain Bolt loves Manchester United. He could be playing for them at Old Trafford in September.
Beautiful 'eulogy' of Usain Bolt's athletics career by the fantastic Michael Johnson
- Usain Bolt goes down with an injury . - Mo Farah gets beat . - Paul Chelimo takes the Bronze. - U.S. Women take Gold in the 4…
David Beckham, Mo Farah and Justin Gatlin pay tribute to Usain Bolt
And on top of all of that, we'll never see either Mo Farah or Usain Bolt race on a track again
You know whats sad ?.. i wont get to see Mo Farah race anymore nor Usain Bolt ... this is sad ☹️☹️
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Oh sorry.forgot.okay I admit, it's Usain Bolt's time to shine!
It's hidden away but I think today's *may* have the greatest photo of Usain Bolt ever taken. http…
Sprint legend, Usain Bolt takes to the athletics track for the last time this evening representing…
Watch Live: Usain Bolt competes for last time in 4x100m relay at IAAF track & field World Championships in London:
London 2017 LIVE results and updates Usain Bolt and Mo Farah bid to make golden…
Usain Bolt is back on the track in today's morning session at He runs for Jamaica in the 4x100m. . Live on
How about we spoil the British party tonight? Men's 5000m final on schedule tonight, and the last of Usain Bolt - end of an era
🇯🇲Usain Bolt brought his speed & barefootedness to the mixed zone after the relay today ya'll. 😂
Not to hard to tell that Michael Johnston would not be too fond of Usain Bolt listening to him, nothing to do with 200m record I'm sure!!
Usain Bolt: Record breaker anchors Jamaica into world 4x100 relay finals
A wee bit nervous for outstanding athletes Mo Farah and Usain Bolt
I'm at the and Usain Bolt's dad is say two seats behind me! This might get…
i'm going to cry while watching Usain Bolt's last race. the end of an era :(
It's getting closer and closer to the moment that we say goodbye to the legend that is Usain Bolt. ➡️
Tonight is the last time we will see Mo Farah and Usain Bolt run at a major championship. It's not to be missed!. 📺
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VIDEO: Usain Bolt anchors Team Jamaica 🇯🇲 to a WIN in Heat 2 of Men's 4x100M.
Going to miss Usain Bolt and Mo Farah perform today - wishing them both the best.
Mad that I could have been alive at any time and I was alive at the same time as Usain Bolt was running like he does
Usain Bolt laughing is always great.
Usain Bolt running for the last time later tonight ⚡
"Usain Bolt is passing the baton in more ways than one" would be applicable if he wasn't on the last stretch. Soundbite wankers.
VIDEO: anchors Jamaica to win relay heat, setting up final career race later today:
It's an end of an era tonight when Usain Bolt races for the last time in the men's 4x100m relay at the - LIVE…
In my lane tho I'm in the same boat as Usain Bolt!
getting quite emotional at the thought this is the last track night for Sir Mo and Usain Bolt -- so much pleasure watching them both
How Usain Bolt's top speed compares to Michael Phelps, a cheetah, and more
As Usain Bolt hangs up his running spikes, we look at the sprinting legend's life off the track, in pictures
I had a dream I dusted usain bolt. The kid was outta there. Fwm
📣 30 MINUTE WARNING 📣. Usain Bolt and Mo Farah are in the house tonight. For the last time. 😢. Catch the action on at…
Usain Bolt's last race - when and what time is the 4x100m relay at World Championships? via
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Usain Bolt: The secrets of the man who changed sport forever 🙌.
Some of the numbers behind Usain Bolt's remarkable career:
The world's fastest man Usain Bolt is retiring. His last race is tomorrow at the World Championships in London.
One of these five athletes could become the next Usain Bolt.
Usain Bolt loves Pakistan cricket team, Waqar Younis his ideal and following since childhood.
World Championships: Sore Usain Bolt to run in 4x100 metres qualifying
Usain Bolt on pace to dominate final World Championships. Watch Now 👉
American Justin Gatlin upstages superstar sprinter Usain Bolt to claim 100m gold medal at World Championships
Usain Bolt retires as a legend. My favourite quote of his "When I was small I loved Pakistan cricket team & I enjoyed w…
Now the career of Usain is finally complete. Defeat was the only thing that was missing, the most enduring experience for the soul
Every U.S. man to win an individual race with Usain Bolt went to an SEC school:
I genuinely think would win Usain Bolt in a race
Bradman getting out for a duck in the last innings. Usain Bolt losing in the last race. The human side of legends makes…
Lord above, The Independent does produce some drivel doesn't it
This is still the best Usain Bolt clip 😂
Hamilton Collection
Mugabe hearing Usain Bolt is retiring at 30.
POLL – Should Justin Gatlin have let Usain Bolt win on Saturday?. Listen to the show live from 4 -
*** you got me. Thank goodness Usain Bolt's white!
Justin Gatlin finally defeats Usain Bolt . And then did this . Respect 🙌
Usain Bolt may have lost.but the dude still faster than some of these network providers internet
Thank you brother Usain 🔥✊. They'll never be another Phelps, Federer, Jordan, Messi and Bolt!
Usain Bolt, a legend, a shining light in sport, my tribute to a great
Usain Bolt got smoked by TWO Americans in his final 100 meter race. USA! USA! USA!.
Usain Bolt has hung up his boots and is stepping off the track for good! See where it all began.
Tommy Martin on Usain Bolt: "He's slowing down as he gets older - could anything be more natural?"
Here are some other angles of the Usain Bolt and Christian Coleman stare at the end of the 100m semifinal. (via Getty Imag…
Strong and thoughtful piece as usual from Cathal - It's not good enough for Usain Bolt to bat away doping questions
David Bekham posts tribute to the boss Usain Bolt ⚡️🇯🇲:. "We salute you my friend . For so many years we have watch…
How much is Usain Bolt worth, and where does the world's fastest man's money come from?
After his final 100m race, Usain Bolt has officially clocked out.
Usain Bolt responds to the question of whether the slow times this year can be attributed to better doping control...enjoy.
As Usain Bolt prepares to retire, check out the numbers behind his dominance on the track. Read more:
Usain Bolt: Eight-time Olympic champion's career in 9.58 charts ⚡.
I think greatness and poor hairlines are associated in some way. Usain Bolt. Jordan. Kobe. Lebron. Jon Jones. Tiger. Etc.
Virat Kohli believes the world is unlikely to see someone like Usain Bolt soon.
American Justin Gatlin has won the 100 metres title at the World Championships in London - Usain Bolt finished third
Justin Gatlin stuns the world's fastest man to win the 100m at the while Usain Bolt ends in third.
Usain Bolt doubtlessly belongs in the pantheon of great athletes, alongside Ali, Jordan, Phelps, Williams, and Federer.
Some people's names can be a sign as to what they'll do when they grow up. Usain Bolt, sprinter. William Wordsworth…
CITY TV SPORT TALK. RECORD BROKEN AS BOLT NEARS RETIREMENT. Usain Bolt beaten in his final 100m race at the IAAF...
Here is how Justin Gatlin stunned Usain Bolt and the world to capture the 100m title at the in London. https:…
Cristiano Ronaldo . Roger Federer . Usain Bolt . Floyd Mayweather . I just love them. Proper legends. Forever in my heart.
BREAKING: Justin Gatlin stuns Usain Bolt in final 100m race. Bolt finishes with bronze and time of 9.95 seconds https:/…
The age of Usain Bolt is almost over. Mo Farah, Jessica Ennis-Hill, Justin Gatlin, Anthony Joshua & Pelé put the "legend" in…
Drugs cheat Justin Gatlin beats Usain Bolt in the 100m. Is this a bad day for Athletics? . 📻
Photo of the night... Justin Gatlin & Usain Bolt
Justin Gatlin causes shock in men's 100m at IAAF World Championships as Usain Bolt has to settle for bronze. Full...
Fans -- and winner Justin Gatlin -- bow to Usain Bolt in his 100 finale
Justin Gatlin defeats world record holder Usain Bolt in the 100-meter final in London. It was Bolt's last solo race
"The first thing he said to me was congratulations.". Justin Gatlin says beating Usain Bolt was surreal.
Usain Bolt finishes third in his final race as Justin Gatlin wins gold in the 100m. .
Americans Justin Gatlin and Christian Coleman defeat Usain Bolt in his final solo 100 meter race.
WATCH: VFLs Justin Gatlin and Christian Coleman beat Usain Bolt in his final individual race
JUST IN: Jamaica's Usain Bolt places 3rd in the final 100m sprint of his career at the World Championships. USA's Justin Gatlin w…
Justin Gatlin's bow to Usain Bolt is the definition of Humility 🙏. Respect, Spirit of Sportsmanship, Champions, so much…
Even after Justin Gatlin won, he still bowed down to Usain Bolt! Legend!!!. Moral Story: give respect to whom respect is due!…
Usain Bolt shocked by Justin Gatlin in farewell World Championships - NBC Sports
Breaking: Usain Bolt beaten by Justin Gatlin at 2017 World Championships in final 100m race of career
In his final 100m race, Usain Bolt was defeated by Justin Gatlin
Usain Bolt finishing 3rd in his last race is like Donald Bradman scoring a duck in his last innings. Both undisputed all time greats.
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Paul Pogba pays tribute to good pal Usain Bolt with social media post ahead of his final race - The Sun
Justin Gatlin beating Usain Bolt is like when Ricky Bobby beat Jean Girard, so Girard could retire.
Don't drop your guard. Be alert. Usain Bolt
News: Usain Bolt takes bronze at World Championships in his final race - Los Angeles Times
Usain Bolt "Even against West Indies I would still have supported Pakistan, as when I was little, it was all about ***
Stephen Francis is the greatest coach not Glen Mills and I think with Usain Bolt retiring Jamaica Athletics program will get back on track
Cannot make up my mind, was it a Sir Donald Bradman moment for Usain Bolt or a case of a drugs cheat beats a genius?
In a gifted era of athletes Usain Bolt was the top of the pyramid and forever will be a history maker. Deserves every tribute!
Usain Bolt kinda doing the full Donald Bradman there.
Former Vol track star Christian Coleman just raced and beat Usain Bolt in a 100-meter race: ht…
Tennessee track star Christian Coleman handed Usain Bolt his first loss since 2013 today, ending his streak of 45 straig…
10 of the most inspiring Olympic Games ads with Usain Bolt, Eddie the Eagle & Kerri Strug
At 2:05 ET, Usain Bolt will compete in the 100m semifinals at the IAAF World Championships. He's won the event 3 times…
It's the Usain Bolt show today. Our preview of what to watch on Day 2 of
Segway driving camerama vs Usain Bolt at the 2015 World Athletics Championships in Beijing
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For 10 years, Usain Bolt has given track and field a euphoric respite from controversy. In a week he will be gone. https:/…
Usain Bolt is getting ready to run his final race
World Athletics Championships 2017: Usain Bolt chases gold on day two – live! via
Recommended reading: on the curtain coming down on the career of the incomparable Usain Bolt.
The afternoon session of Day 2 gets underway. Usain Bolt and India's Swapna Barman will be in action. LIVE:…
"He deserves this moment in this stadium with 60,000 people roaring." Usain Bolt says today's race will be his last.
Day 2 of will conclude with men's 100m final, where Usain Bolt will seek greatness once more. Live here:
Usain Bolt is certain this sprinter is world athletics’ next big superstar
"I hope athletes understand that we have a doping problem; if they continue the sport will die" -- Usain Bolt
Usain Bolt will draw the curtain on his career at the World Championships in London. More ➡️
A world beater ✔️. An electric personality ✔️. One of a kind ✔️. Why there will never be another Usain Bolt ➡️
ALL THE BEST!. Kenyan Mark Otieno set to race against Usain Bolt at the IAAF World Athletic Championships...…
With Andre De Grasse out, what are the odds of someone beating Usain Bolt?
The showdown is off: Hamstring injury will cost Andre De Grasse his final shot at Usain Bolt
Andre De Grasse's coach: Losing the last chance to beat Usain Bolt is "going to be the thing that haunts him most" https:/…   10% Off
Wayde van Niekerk aiming to scale the same heights Usain Bolt reached
Usain Bolt is waiting for dream Man United move
He's a fan, He's a legend in speed track. He should get a chance after IAAF 2017. Agree?
Usain Bolt: “The transfer window’s still open. I’m waiting on the call from Mourinho.” 😂 .
hijabis are the only people faster than Usain Bolt, do you guys realize how fast we have to run out of a room when a non-m…
So Andre De Grasse will miss the WAC in london. Usain Bolt might as well walk to retirement.
who are you most looking forward to watching at the world champs ?. Van Niekirk and Usain Bolt for me.
Seems like is going down the rotated scatterplot route too:.
Usain Bolt is the greatest Catholic athlete in the world.
"... The timing of this one is especially unfortunate". One of Usain Bolt's big rivals is out of
Neymar will earn €865,000 every week and Usain Bolt would receive just £60,000 when he wins the men's 100m on Saturday.
VIDEO: records a special message for
NEWS: Sprinter will miss the World Championships after suffering a hamstring injury
One of Usain Bolt's contender Andre De Grasse will miss the World Athletic Championship in London after picking up an injury ( Hamstring).
Andre De Grasse, one of Usain Bolt's main rivals for the 100m, is out of the Worlds due to a hamstring injury…
One of Usain Bolt's main rivals will miss the World Athletics Championships. Read about Andre De Grasse
Usain Bolt is a genius like Muhammad Ali, says Lord Coe.
Andre De Grasse injures hamstring, will miss Injury scuttles anticipated showdown with Usain Bolt in 100 metres
Why we shouldn't bank on Usain Bolt going out with a bang
Can we have a min of silence in remembrance of how awesome Vodafone X was before it started competiting with Usain Bolt for…
Things You should know about Usain Bolt as he runs his final race: Usain Bolt is…
Usain Bolt wants to go out 'unbeatable' - Bolt is confident he can produce one more magical…
y'all: "god made--". me, running @ usain bolt speed with a bullhorn: "GOD ISN'T REAL"
Wayde Van Niekerk whispers his outstanding claims to be heir to Usain Bolt via
Andre De Grasse injures hamstring, will miss World Championships and anticipated rivalry race against Usain Bolt
"I never, at any point, think I'm going to lose a 100m race," says Usain Bolt
E remain smal e for be 2-0, Valencia run like usain bolt, e con cross for Mkhitaryn wey Head am but Sampdoria keeper pu…
Of the 30 fastest men's 100m sprint times ever, only nine have been run by an athlete NOT banned for drugs - all 9 by Us…
Will it be 100m gold for Usain Bolt at the London 2017 World Championships?. Vote here ⚡️👉
A race he can't win. Usain Bolt has to face up to the challenge of Father Time. ⚡👉 https…
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😞 "I'm devastated". Bolt rival De Grasse out of World Athletics Championships 👇
Usain Bolt warns athletics will 'die' if doping continues
"I've got to prove myself once more," said .
Usain Bolt says athletics will die if athletes don’t stop doping
Usain Bolt refuses to slow down as he nears career finishing line
Usain Bolt urges other young stars to save athletics
World track championships: Yes, there's Usain Bolt ... but don't forget about these track stars at worlds
Usain Bolt says South African athlete Wayde van Niekerk is set to take up the mantle of athletics' global star
Athletics returns to London this Friday!!! As always, rooting hardest for Usain Bolt, Mo Farah & Allyson Felix
Usain Bolt vows to end career with more gold medals at London Stadium
As it happens Mo Farah would easily beat Usain Bolt over 800 metres
In a matter of days Usain Bolt and Mo Farah will take to the global stage one last time at 👉
Video - Usain Bolt loose in Rome at Golden Gala -
Muhammad Ali is as good as any man can ever be. But the nearest a man can get is Usain Bolt. He's real cool & gifted with life. Some man
'Usain Bolt of swimming' can dominate for years
🏅 3 golds in one night. 🏊 Joining Michael Phelps in the record books. Why Caeleb Dressel is swimming's Usain Bolt:
I added a video to a playlist Donovan Bailey predicts Usain Bolt winning Gold for 100m in London
Donovan Bailey has backed Usain Bolt to triumph at London Partner UsainBold
My piece on recent quotes by Donovan Bailey and Ato Boldon, backing Usain Bolt to take gold this week, is here!
Donovan Bailey and Ato Boldon back Usain Bolt for 100m title in London -
Thanks...kinda went back and forth on Allyson Felix, Carl Lewis, and Tiger Woods but I stuck with Randy Moss & Usain Bolt
Usain Bolt to win World Championship 100m - Donovan Bailey
Why is Usain Bolt rethinking about his retirement. Nicca should just go.
Usain Bolt's last stand... how can athletics replace him? -
Bolt's last stand... how can athletics replace the great showman?. via
Love so quick holla Usain bolt. And I really hated to see you go
BOSS: This team isn't performing, hire someone with a good track record. [2 wks later]. ME: I'd like you to meet our new e…
Faster that is Usain bolt leaving opponents
Wonder who would win outta of Michael Johnson & Usain Bolt? I'd go with gold shoes.
Usain Bolt lead three games to one versus . Henry Wilson
Bolt bids farewell after reshaping record books, saving sport
Nah my G Biggie was *** near Usain Bolt chasin Faith Evans in Notorious
Bolt bids farewell after reshaping record books.
At some point gareth bale thought Samedo was usain bolt... 😂😂😂
Scaramucci's the kind of obsequious *** sycophant who'd drop to his knees and suck Trump off faster than Usain Bolt…
Usain Bolt is down to his last, blazing curtain call. Details:
In exactly 1 week, Usain Bolt is going to run his last ever 100m race. Here’s a thread of his 5 most important races (i…
Usain Bolt looks to blaze one more trail on the track
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