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Uriah Heep

Uriah Heep is a fictional character created by Charles Dickens in his novel David Copperfield.

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I can't be sure but I seem to remember reading it in Dickens. Might've been Uriah Heep?
Hey John, Olivia and I would love to hear some Uriah Heep this afternoon! How about Lady in Black or High Priestess? Thanks!!
He said he was the Wizard of a thousand kings" sang Uriah Heep. Dickens never saw that coming.
outdoing Uriah Heep or trying for sincerity? Hard to choose worst flesh creeping moments. Oleaginous or what!
Hey Uriah Heep, it's been a while since I've heard you play this: Easy Livin'
I also Have 1 Autograph from David Garrett and 1 from Bernie Shaw of Uriah Heep. And a lot more. I Have a lot of Autographs! :)
Uriah Heep - Best songs with singer David Byron via
Wonder if she'll try the chuckling and air butting style, or maybe the Uriah Heep one. Eva Peron lives.
1946, Born on this day, John Lawton, Uriah Heep, (1975 UK No.7 album 'Return To Fantasy').
John Lawton (born 11 July 1946) is a rock vocalist best known for his work with Lucifer's Friend, Uriah Heep.
Happy 70th birthday to legendary vocalist, John Lawton, former vocalist of Uriah Heep.
Indeed. The character Uriah Heep from the novel “David Copperfield” is based on H. C. Andersen.
I added a video to a playlist Uriah Heep - Sweden Rock Festival 2014
Musicians Uriah Heep shocked the toilet in the Ukrainian train
The group Uriah Heep was shocked by the toilets in the Ukrainian train:
Check out what I found. CLASSIC ROCK MAGAZINE ISSUE XMAS 2002 SPRINGSTEEN WYMAN GILMOUR URIAH HEEP via featured in NBC s Science of Love
same problem, trying to play Queen and that being mistaken for Uriah Heep.
Worrying isn't it? Such densoids like Stephen Crabbe given so much power simply by doing a Uriah Heep.
A cup of tea ordered and a pot turned up complete with an hourglass to make sure the tea is at a...
The one joy after travelling 13 hours overnight on the train from Odessa to Kharkiv! A morning cup or...
Well this is proof it happens at all Railway Stations and Airports around the world! The parking...
This guy is hoovering up all the Glutton on the station floor in Kharkiv Ukraine! :-)
The train toilet on our overnight journey from Odessa to Kharkiv Ukraine! These trains are old in...
Good morning we have just arrived in Kharkiv Ukraine after a 13 hour overnight train journey from...
Uriah Heep classic hard rock and roll / celebration
Uriah Heep - Stealin via Only way can do it now is he is
Chris Slade former Manfred Mann's Earth Band and Uriah Heep drummer. Went to AC/DC after Firm.
concert Now you can check it out at
David Bowie, with his band, featuring Trevor Bolder from Uriah Heep, *** Ronson, *** Woodmansey
Uriah Heep - The Magicians Birthday via great song, great album, great band.
URIAH HEEP concert in Kavarna on 6 May | News
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There are tons I've come to love, in particular Pluto, Traffic, Toe Fat (pre-Uriah Heep), Leaf Hound, Nektar, Black Cat Bones, Brainticket..
Uriah Heep fighting on a mountain as Alan Freeman spins round, asleep in his soup, was brilliant.
Good to see not all promoters are prepared to play Uriah Heep to Entine's Bill Sykes, at least on occasion.
Today I am celebrating how up-to-date and modern I am by listening to Uriah Heep. This is how I stay in touch with the young people.
Rock On, listening to The Wizard by Uriah Heep -
Not even sure about that. Corbyn would have reminded Bevan of Dickens' Uriah Heep:
Gotta love what an amazing band, still delivering after all these years! Amazing!!
Canadian Fans Of Uriah Heep' is currently listed as an FB group I would be interested in. I just thought I should share that.
so, I asked you a question the other day...apparently you are not a uriah heep fan...def heavy metal, esp 1st and 3rd albums
Uriah Heep is another underrated band...quite a few from that era actually. Nazareth is another.
weird but everytime I hear UFO I think Uriah Heep; they must've played a Super Jam together when I was a kid
Uriah Heep's Gipsy live version demonstrates at once all that was wrong and all that kicks *** about 70's (prog) hard rock.
♫ Lady in Black by Uriah Heep at October 06, 2015 at 03:16PM
I'm enjoying 'Uriah Heep - Lady In Black' on the Classic Rock channel at
Meh. Iron Maiden, was just Uriah Heep, for an un=knowing generation.
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
There is another blogolicious up on my website if you fancy a read about the exploits of the mighty Heep on the...
It occurs to me that the "Day Man" song from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia wouldn't be out of place on a Uriah Heep album.
I'm out, leaving with one of the songs of my people: Uriah Heep - The Golden Palace .
So I've been hearing for years that my cousin is one of the guys in Uriah Heep so I listened to there music not bad 👌🏻
Picked up Uriah Heep a few days ago
There is another new Blogolicious up on my website if you would like to take read! 'Appy days!...
Uriah Heep - Look at yourself October 05, 2015 at 02:43PM
Tocando agora Uriah Heep - Lady in Black na Radio Arquivo do Rock [ ] ...
Mix Hard Rock . Uriah Heep days to. check em out ♫
Sunrise, bless my eyes Catch my soul and make me whole - Uriah Heep - great
That was a lot of fun and a standing ovation at the end! Thanks to all of you that came to the clinic...
Look who I bumped into at the Copenhagen Guitar & Bass show! Joe Bonamassa! Cool!
Back after giving a very enjoyable Guitar Clinic in Copenhagen Denmark yesterday, and I took our dog...
Gary Thain of Uriah Heep suffered burns from an electric shock on stage in Dallas 41 years ago tonight.
Thanks! We have very different sources of inspiration, but we think you can hear some and Uriah Heep https:…
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Russia observation of the day: Uriah Heep has a peculiarly strong following, if Russian radio is any indication.
Is it just me, or does anyone else think that this Europe track sounds like it's Uriah Heep?
Ooh look, the Uriah Heep of the House of Lords!
High and Mighty is the ninth studio album released by British progressive rock band Uriah Heep. "High and Mighty"...
"High and Mighty" is the 9th studio album by URIAH HEEP, released in June, 1976. Happy 39th anniversary!
Photo: jomambo: Uriah Heep ca 1976. Rare pic with John Wetton on guitar & *** Box on bass.
Trevor Bolder in the studio while recording Uriah Heep conquest album
and myself last night after supporting Massive night!
You are never too old to get some ROCK'N'ROLL HAIR SHOTS!. Legends rocked my socks OAARRRF! :P
Blake on wishes they had Demons and Wizards by Uriah Heep
Band is tight.Superb guitar. Great vocals.Group instantly gave me a Uriah Heep/Heart vibe. Loved it all.Keep on rocking
“Founding member and lead guitarist of British rock group *** Box last night in Melbourne, Class
3Novices:Live like a rock star: Superbands Asia and Uriah Heep’s manager is selling his home . HOW DOES it feel to …
What a class act were tonight at Here is an ACE photo of charismatic singer htt…
The Eternal's guitarist Brad Cook with Uriah Heep after their sound check.
"Mmmm, yes", he said, holding her chin, we shall be soundtracked well this night". *puts on KISS, Grand Funk Railroad, and Uriah Heep*
I feel at home with all the 60-year olds on YouTube who also love Uriah Heep.
some snaps taken by someone of a good night out. Even i got my mug in one if you look close enough !
FB: What a weekend!! Our massive thanks to Uriah Heep for having us on Friday and ma...: What a weekend...
Legs Electric play with 70s Classic Rock band Uriah Heep at the Astor Theatre 24th March.
Hard rock giants, Uriah Heep performing in Doncaster! Here is a photo of the ace guitarist for The Eternal!
Perry Grayson's live review of Uriah Heep, 20th March 2015 at the Metro in Sydney.
Awesome show at the Metro on Saturday night guys. has assembled some awesome musicians. Thanks for NOT doing Free Me!
James shreddin' it last night supporting URIAH HEEP.
Rory smashin' it last night supporting URIAH HEEP.
Damo rockin' last night supporting URIAH HEEP.
Dave killin' it last night supporting URIAH HEEP.
Okay the mighty Heep rock. Chelsea Heights in Melbourne tonight! 'Appy days!
Gotta go home and sleep tben back up with Uriah Heep gig tonight. This rockstar lifestyle is hard work
This is me with rock legend *** Box from Uriah Heep after their show in Beverly Hills last night.
Update your maps at Navteq
u are lucky to have him I have the Uriah Heep of MPs John Howell
I keep forgetting about the Showcase channel, TheWho part1 today & for the rest of the week I got U2, Uriah Heep & Wishbone Ash 😋
small gigs at The Red Lion in Trimdon for folkies and large gig Uriah Heep @ City Hall Newcastle :-)
Find album reviews, stream songs, credits and award information for Demons and Wizards - Uriah Heep on AllMusic - 1972 - This is the album that solidified Uriah Heep's…
Lady in Black Uriah Heep She came to me one morning, one lonely Sunday morning, her long hair flowing in the mid-winter wind. I know not how she found me, for in darkness I was walking, and destruction lay around me from a fight I could not win. Aa, Aa She asked me name my foe then. I said the need within some men to fight and kill their brothers without thought of love or god. And I begged her give me horses to trample down my enemies, so eager was my passion to devour this waste of life. Aa, Aa But she would not think of battle that reduces men to animals, so easy to begin and yet impossible to end. For she the mother of all men did council me so wisely then I feared to walk alone again and asked if she would stay. Aa, Aa "Oh lady lend your hand," I cried, "Oh let me rest here at your side." "Have faith and trust in me," she said and filled my heart with life. "There is no strength in numbers. Have no such misconception. But when you need me be assured I won't be far away." Aa, Aa Thus having spoke she ...
Posted a new blog entry "Awaken is touring with Uriah Heep on multiple Dates This Year Beginning on..."
followed by the acoustics of Uriah Heep..
On AHBS: is Bird Of Prey by Uriah Heep on Music of my life
This and Lady in Black are possibly the only Uriah Heep's songs that I like:
After applying for our USA visas Took s trip down memory lane!
It's an unique length from one of the most amazing songs in ROCK MUSIC History . URIAH HEEP "Gypsy". Is anyone...
Uriah Heep - July Morning - ORIGINAL SONG: Night, going to sleep with this tune. 😉👍
the mirror in this bar toilet is a Uriah Heep album
"Why do so many Western dignitaries to the Saudi kingdom acquiesce, Uriah Heep-like?"
Lady in Black from now playing on radio on with hosts & me
Live album featuring Uriah Heep Legends Ken Hensley & John Wetton performing many classics by Uriah Heep. I DO NOT own the rights to any of this music just w...
MUSIC HISTORY 101 JANUARY 17, 1948 - Born on this day in : Guitarist *** TAYLOR Best known as a former member of John Mayall's Bluesbreakers (1966–1969) and the Rolling Stones (1969–1974), Taylor is regarded by many Stones aficionados as the best guitarist ever to play with the band, and appeared on some of their classic albums including "Let It Bleed", "Sticky Fingers" and "Exile on Main St". Taylor was born to a working-class family in Welwyn Garden City, but was raised in Hatfield, Hertfordshire, England, where his father worked as a fitter for De Havilland aircraft company. He began playing guitar at age nine, learning to play from his mother's younger brother. As a teenager, he formed bands with schoolmates and started performing concerts under names such as The Juniors and the Strangers. They also appeared on television and put out a single. Part of the band was recruited for a new group called The Gods, which included Ken Hensley (later of Uriah Heep fame). In 1966, The Gods opened for Cream a ...
I'm listening right now Uriah Heep - Love Machine
I have never heard of Joe Cocker or Van Morrison or Jim Morrison or The Wonder Years. I only wonder where the years went. Of course I have heard of Uriah Heep, but I wouldn't be able to tell you what he did. I think Kendall knows about him. I guess most people heard Joe Cocker on the radio. I never cared for what I heard on the radio in the daytime so I didn't listen to it. I still don't because there isn't anything out there I like to hear. This is why a few people listened to Harley or The humble Farmer as it was a rare opportunity to hear something that appealed to them. When I was a kid we used to listen to the radio at night. There was a thing out of WBAL called The Harley Show and I used to listen to that. One of the great thrills in my life was doing talk radio on WBAL that I had listened to when I was a kid. This from Wikipedia on the Harley Show: Harley purchased two hours in a block and had complete charge of the show. The show lead in with the theme Things Ain't What They Used To Be(played by . ...
Sweet Freedom is the sixth studio album released by British rock band Uriah Heep. The original vinyl release was as a gatefold-sleeve, reproducing the lyrics...
News. URIAH HEEP: new concert album -.
. I like the older bands like Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, Uriah Heep, Led Zeppelin etc.
He's not the Uriah. Heep's a very naughty boy.
I'm listening right now Uriah Heep - The Spell (B)
Jim Murphy is Uriah Heep of politics. Notable for his insincerity. His name has become synonymous with sycophant
I'm listening right now Uriah Heep - All My Life
I'm listening right now Uriah Heep - Paradise (A)
I'm listening right now Uriah Heep - Rainbow Demon
I'm listening right now Uriah Heep - Circle of Hands
I'm listening right now Uriah Heep - Easy Livin'
I'm listening right now Uriah Heep - Poet's Justice
I'm listening right now Uriah Heep - Wizard
I'm listening right now Uriah Heep - Traveller In Time
Frontiers Music Srl is pleased to announce the release of URIAH HEEP’s newest live album entitled “L…
Who d'you think gave you the right Hidden by the dead of night To take the world and turn it upside down When it should be round.-Uriah Heep
Yeah, Queen's Sheer Heart Attack shoulda been in there. And for me, Uriah Heep's Wonderworld would be too.
Uriah Heep’s newest live album entitled “Live at Koko, London 2014” will be released on February 20th 2015 in...
John Wetton singing lead vocals with Uriah Heep was a surprisingly effective (if short lived) sound:
I liked a video from Uriah Heep - Thirty Years in Rock Live Concert.avi
LOL! Yeah, and the same rule applies to the GnRs of my youth: Uriah Heep, Deep Purple, etc.
The "Magician's Birthday" is the fifth album released 1972 by Uriah Heep.Two songs charted in the United States, "Blind Eye" (and "Sweet Lorraine" (
by remembering him, he'll live forever. In memory of Trevor Bolder. Uriah Heep Medley (inst. cover):
Led Zepplin, ABBA, Uriah Heep, Rush, INXS, Eagles . . . now it's your turn!
"Baby's got to rock the foundation, cause baby doesn't really care..." – Rock the Foundation via
*** Box of Uriah Heep gives their acceptance speech for his The Outer Limits Award at the Prog Awards 2014. For exclusive TeamRock content, click here to SU...
The Wizard Uriah Heep Diego Toledo Zepeda: vía Still remembering bro!!! ..missing you ..we love you !
When was the last time you thought about Uriah Heep?
Listening right now to Uriah Heep - The Wizard on Galaxie Classic Rock.
For me there will only ever be one vocalist for Uriah Heep and that's David Byron - totally unique voice.
Can't FNC find somebody besides Uriah Heep Siegel to be its medical consultant? All he does is parrot CDCs nostrums about Ebola
Never seen Uriah Heep & will look out for them , do they tour the UK ?
I'll look out for it. I'm sure it would be amazing! You should get to a Uriah Heep gig if you can. Bernie Shaw...just wow!
You know, DadRock is going to cook tonight from 10.. Thinking live Skynyd, Uriah Heep, couple of Zepp, Crazy Diamond Floyd..
Uriah Heep July morning, The Doors Light my fire und Kiss I was made for lovin' you
nice one. Best thing would be character profiles of people who run those shows. Combo of Uriah Heep & Darth Colostomy Bag.
friday Earworm: Uriah Heep, Easy Livin’. Don’t deny the awesome cos of the name:
Am I the only one who thinks that sounds like Uriah Heep? Wish someone could engineer him to say humble.
Now Playing Uriah Heep - Gypsy on Grub Radio. Listen now at
Artist quiz: which artist released the album Very 'eavy... Very 'umble? Find out here:
Uriah Heep would be so proud. Sorry, humble.
Let me start out by saying everybody is entitled to their own opinion and everybody cares about different things. I have been here only three days so I don't know what has been discussed in the past. You talk about things I' ve never heard of. I was never into dolls they remind me of dead people. TV was stupid so I almost set my stereo on fire trying to get away from it. You talk about music that makes me gag and it is no secret I hate disco. We're talking about the 70's here and this music might make you gag, but have you ever heard of: The Allman Brothers, Lynyrd Skynrd, The Eagles, Leon Russell, ,Elton John, The Doobie Brothers, Molly Hatchet, Uriah Heep, Black Sabbath, Crosby Stills Nash and sometimes Neil Young , Moody Blues, Deep Purple, Foghat, Styx, Bad Company, Queen, Foreigner, Journey, Joe Cocker, James Gang, Bon Jovi, Joe Walsh, AC/DC, Kiss, Steve Winwood, Cream, Fleetwood Mac, Eric Clapton, Tom Petty and the Heart Breakers, Emerson, Lake, and Palmer, Creedance Clearwater Revival, Hea ...
15:00 Johnnie Walker's Sounds of the 70s: Johnnie hears the 70s memories of *** Box, founder of rockers Uriah Heep.
THIS DAY IN MUSIC HISTORY (July 12th): 1943: Christine McVie (Chicken Shack and Fleetwood Mac, vocals and keyboards) was born Anne Christine Perfect 1949: John Wetton (King Crimson, Uriah Heep, Roxy Music and Asia, bass and vocals) was born 1950: Eric Carr (drums, Kiss) was born – died in 1991 of complications from heart cancer 1952: Philip Taylor Kramer (bass guitar, Iron Butterfly) was born. His disappearance on February 12, 1995 caused a mystery lasting four years. On May 29, 1999, Kramer's Ford Aerostar minivan and skeletal remains were found by photographers looking for old car wrecks to shoot at the bottom of Decker Canyon near Malibu, California. Based on forensic evidence his death was ruled as a probable suicide 1954: 19 year old Elvis Presley signed a recording contract with Sun Records. He also gave in his notice at his day job at The Crown Electric Company. Sam Phillips from Sun Records originally wanted to use the 19 year old to make demos of songs meant for other artists, but soon realize ...
Expect we will get to Strawbs, Stone the Crows, Van der Graaf Generator, Uriah Heep, Captain Beyond and the I.B. later on!
All sorts of new stuff has arrived!!! Beatles,Bob Marley, Levon Helm, Uriah Heep, Jack White, Peter Frampton, The Who, and Jethro Tull!!! Vinyl, cd's and more!!! C'mon down!!!
New song extract, hear my stuff@ likes from Survivor, Steve Lukather, Nazereth, Uriah Heep...
You can always turn to Dickens for great character names-Harold Skimpole from "Bleak House" & Uriah Heep from "David Copperfield."
They're like Led Zeppelin, Uriah Heep, Rush and Grateful Dead all rolled into one band this Widespread Panic.
Members of Deep Purple, Yes, Mountain and Uriah Heep are just some of the big-name artists who've come together to pay tribute to the Doors. Light My Fire: A Classic Rock Salute To The Doors features 16 new takes on definitive tracks by Jim Morrison and co, with each song delivered by a different grouping of musicians. Performers include Ian Gillan and Steve Morse of Deep Purple, Steve Howe of Yes and former bandmate Rick Wakeman, Leslie West of Mountain, Todd Rundgren, *** Box of Heep, ex Foreigner singer Lou Gramm, Keith Emerson, Steve Cropper, Steve Hillage and many others. Morse, who performs on Touch Me, says: "The Doors were the soundtrack for some of the most memorable times, good and bad, that I experienced as a young teen. Like many of my favourites they were adventurous, improvising, unafraid of what the media might say – and all with a sort of lyrical freedom that still stands up today." Howe says of his contribution to the title track: "I was delighted to play on this album – the Doors we ...
A very Happy Birthday to John Wetton, bassist/vocalist of Uriah Heep, King Crimson, Asia, and more!!
Happy Birthday TREVOR !! R.I.P !! Trevor Bolder born: 9 June 1950 –died: 21 May 2013, was an English rock bassist, musician, songwriter and record producer. He is best known for his long association with Uriah Heep and his tenure with The Spiders from Mars, the one-time backing band for David Bowie, although he also played alongside a variety of musicians from the early 1970s.
Do you like. White Snake, Journey, Honeymoon Suite, Aerosmith, Alice Cooper, Rainbow, The Babys, Brian Adams, Foreigner, Black Crows, Billy Squire, Scorpions, Train, The Doors, Motley Crue, TOTO, Bob Seger, Van Halen, Ratt, Loverboy, Wild Cherry, Stevie Wonder, Blondie, Poison, Kid Rock, Uriah Heep, Nickelback, Seven Mary Three, Dokken, Free, Billy Idol, Judas Priest, Night Ranger, Fastway, Candlebox, Badfinger, ZZ Top, Montrose, Grand Funk Railroad, Billy Preston, Elton John, John Cougar, Tom Petty, Bon Jovi and many of the other famous Classic Rock Bands from the 70 and 80's you will love SEVENTH ALLEY. We are looking for new places to play this year even though we are busy, we still want to play new places. Let us know if you can think of some hot spots.
David Copperfield 1935 American film based upon the Charles Dickens novel The Personal History, Adventures, Experience, & Observation of David Copperfield (Freddie Bartholomew) the Younger. A number of characters and incidents from the novel were omitted - notably David's time at Salem House boarding school, although one character he met at Salem House was retained for the film as a head boy at the school David attended after his aunt Betsey Trotwood(Edna May Oliver)gained custody of him. Basil Rathbone as Edward Murdstone Roland Young as Uriah Heep
for me there are certain singers I return to time after time, year after year. gordon, barry, billy, neil, England Dan and John Ford Coley, Seals and Croft, there are so many its hard to name them all. The Beatles, Uriah Heep, KISS, Deep Purple, Janis, Jimi, on and on and on. I hope that this group serves to bring fond memories back for everyone, it certainly does me. I freely admit I am stuck in the 70's for the most part, most of my cd collection is from that period and to me that was the greatest period in music history, I guess thats because I grew up in the 60s and 70s and the 70s is when I fell in love the first few times and had my heart broken as well.
Just got back from the consulate with visa in hand so it's now safe to say: I'm going to Brazil next week! Secret Chiefs 3 has a couple shows down there. Kind of a last minute thing. I mention this to ask for your sincere prayers I catch my second flight leg there (40 minute layover - yikes!) and my gear works when I arrive. The main show bringing us down is Virada Cultural - a 24 hour festival - we play on the big rock stage at 3am following full sets by Uriah Heep and Mark Farner.
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Last day to sign up for the $9.99 price for my eBook "From Bad Company to Good Company" Excerpt from Bad Company to Good Company The audition: Ezzie Hire Studio wasn’t very pretty, but they had 3 huge 30 x 40 rehearsal rooms. On that day, Roger Taylor from Queen was in one, and Uriah Heep was in the other. I was definitely in good company. We went in and did a quick meet & greet. The guys were all very cool and checked out my gear. I had an SVT amp and they had rented a Music Man 5-string. The instrument was beautiful, but it was the first time I had played it. I kept that to myself, and as the niceties wound down, somebody said, “Let’s play a few and get a pint.” Music to my ears.Drummer Simon Kirke counted us into Can’t Get Enough of Your Love.
Did anybody ever see Uriah Heep and Buckwheat in the old Capital theater it was amazing
Ten Years After, Moody Blues and Dave Mathews and Uriah Heep coming up on The Classic Rock Show.
Ten Years After, Kiss, Black Oak Arkansas, Eric Clapton, Sugarloaf, Jim Croce, Loggins and Messina, The Edgar Winter Group, SpookyTooth, Tower of Power, Blood Sweat and Tears, Alice Cooper, Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band, ZZ Top, Uriah Heep, Jefferson Airplane and Jefferson Starship, Robert Cray, Ratdog, Bob Dylan, Blue Oyster Cult, Walton Jennings and the list goes on and on and today I am still hearing new voices like Mary McAdams and Mike Himebaugh.
"Lady in Black" is a song by the 1970s rock band Uriah Heep. It is the fourth track of their 1971 album Salisbury. The song is credited to Ken Hensley. It te...
Watch the video or listen to Uriah Heep – Lady In Black for free. Lady In Black appears on the album Easy Livin' The Ultimate Collection. Song penned and sung by keyboard player Ken Hensley which appeared on Uriah Heep’s second album entitled ‘Salisbury’. Liner notes state that the…
Interviewing Chris Slade this week - drummer for AC / DC, Manfred Mann's Earth Band, Asia, Uriah Heep and many more http…
My New Art Idea Vintage LP Albums Framed Great Gift for that music fan or hard to buy for person. These are the three that I am just starting with. Many more to my collection such as Jimmy Hendrix, Black Sabbath, Steppenwolf. The Beatles, Uriah Heep and much more. These come in 12.5 x 12.5-inch record album frame has an extra-deep capacity that accommodates double albums Comes with LP cover, sleeve and frame. All vinyl records have been tested and have no skips, there are surface marks from being used. But all are in good working condition Please message me for pricing
You are bound to end up with a similar facial expression when you see the star studded cast I have lined up for my new show "The 27Club" on the "27th April" @ Hillcrest Quarry. If you google "The 27Club" you will be amazed to see just how many Rock Stars died at age 27!! Brian Jones, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Jim Morrison, Kurt Cobain & Amy Winehouse are those we will play tribute to, but the list is endless. The opening set will comprise of somewhat "lighter" classic rock songs than you would normal expect to hear at a Kiss the Sky show; Fleetwood Mac, Eagles, Tina Turner, Robert Palmer etc. A very long middle set will be "The 27Club" & will feature Natasha as Janis Joplin, Natalie as Amy Winehouse, Louis as Kurt Cobain, Neil Lombard as Jim Morrison, Jeandre Swanepoel will do the Rolling Stones & yours truly will do Jimi Hendrix. The 3rd set will feature songs by Uriah Heep, Grand Funk, Free, Deep Purple & my new found Axle Rose, Dean, son of the late Ian Coche` will do some Guns&Roses. Belinda will bl ...
Bryan Adams, Fleetwood Mac, Sweet, The Motors, Daddy Cool, Uriah Heep, Bonfire,Shocking Blue and a special feature of several tracks from Wishbone Ash's new album Blue Horizon for you to decide if it's your kind of music. Plus some Prog Rock Classics and the weirdest version of Sabbath's Paranoid I'...
AK reminds me of Uriah Heep.. Worse than Peter Keating ..
The more I check into this band, the weirder they become like Uriah Heep fronted by a Janis Joplin/Sandy Denny hybrid
~ Today's Classic Concert: The Firm ~ (32 min) Paul Rogers and Jimmy Page, live at The Hammersmith - 1984 The Firm were a British rock supergroup comprising former Free and Bad Company singer Paul Rodgers, Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page, and Manfred Mann's Earth Band and Uriah Heep drummer Chris Slade and bass player Tony Franklin. Page and Rodgers originally wanted former Yes drummer Bill Bruford and fretless bassist Pino Palladino in the group; however, Bruford was contracted to another label and Palladino had tour commitments with singer Paul Young. Both Page and Rodgers refused to play any material from their former bands and instead opted for a selection of Firm songs plus tracks from both their solo albums. The new songs were heavily infused with a soulful and more commercially accessible sound, courtesy of Franklin's fretless bass guitar underpinning an understated song structure. Despite refusing to play old material, the last track from The Firm, "Midnight Moonlight", was originally an unrelea ...
Skivlista Nr. 2 Moody Blues: To our Childrens Childrens Children Genesis: A thrick of a tail Steve hackett: Voyage of a Acolyte Alan Parsons Project: Turn of a friendly card Yes: going for the one Justin Hayward and John Lodge: Bluejays Uriah Heep: Return to Fantasy Alice Cooper: Billion dollar Babies Neil Young: Comes a time Crosby Stills Nash and Young: American Dream Chicago: V Jethro Tull: Songs from the Wood Kansas: Point of no return Pink Floyd: Dark side of the moon Paul Mccarney: Venus and Mars + många fler
Rules: In your status update list 12 albums that have stayed with you in some way. Don't take too long and don't think too hard. They don't have to be 'right' or 'great' records, just ones that have touched you. Tag ten or more friends to do the same thing, including me, so I'll see your list. 1. DP-House of blue light 2. DP-Perfect strangers 3. Bruce Dickinson-Accident of birth 4. Black Sabbath-Born again 5. Thin Lizzy-Renegade 6. Terje Tysland-Stakkars klovn 7. Rainbow-Bent out of shape 8. Van Halen- For unlawful carnal knowledge 9. Philip Lynott- the PL-album 10. Philip Lynott- Solo in soho 11. Andi Deris-Come in from the rain 12. Uriah Heep- The magician's birthday
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Ozzy and Motley Crew! Diary of a Madman Shouting at the Devil. I believe Uriah Heep opened the show. Long live Randy Rhodes
This is a good read. What are your thoughts? The continual shut down of large corporate Record Shops namely Tower , HMV and Virgin bestow blame on the fact that the public download music. Yes and No , back in the sixties and seventies everybody had a TDK cassette and recorded LP's , we as poverty stricken country schoolboys would cash together and buy say the latest Uriah Heep and then all record. Never saw any shops close down because of that? More definitively the reason why large amounts of the public are downloading is because most albums only have one track that is worth listening to, coupled with the fact that today's generation don't listen to music these days , an added fact that today's music is not really listening music but more just fashionable beat to incite dance rhythms or infectious fashion obsession. Yes in short music has sunk to a very low ebb , its selling point repetition beat molded into varied genre, Ska , Techno . Rave , ambient R& B -blah blah much of a muchness . How-ever the lit ...
Uriah Heep - Stealin' - Download Festival 2013, UK - MAH02910 You can find some of my photos from the festival in my Flickr account at:
early collections of Zep, Floyd, Uriah Heep, Judas Priest and my Bimingham Buddies Black Sabbath. Amongst more!
He was the wizard of a thousand kings, And I chance to meet him one night wandering, He told me tales and he drank my wine, Me and my magic man kind of feeling fine. He had a cloak of gold and eyes of fire, And as he spoke out felt a deep desire, To free the world of it's fear and pain, And help the people to feel free again. Why don't we listen to the voices in our heart Cause then I know we'd find we're not so far apart Everybody's got to be happy, everyone should sing For we know the joy of life, the peace that love can bring. So spoke the wizard in his mountain home The vision of his wisdom means we'll never be alone And I will dream of my magic night, And the million silver stars That guide me with their light. .Paul Hardcastle,Uriah Heep
Bassmaster Trevor Bolder from Uriah Heep and David Bowie's 'Spiders From Mars' backing band passed away from cancer at the age of 62. Before Bolder's
Trevor Bolder, longtime bassist for Uriah Heep and David Bowie, died of cancer. "He will be sadly missed by...
The Answer to Today's Guess The Lyrics : Uriah Heep - Hold Your Head Up. Your could of also had Argent as well.
Uriah Heep - Rain (1972): via Remember this song from the 70's
)Rusa Manveli_Free Me-Uriah Heep_Acoustic Cover: via here I go again :)
Mr.Townshend name is Bruce Breedlove.I'm penning a Rock Opera based on Uriah Heep Demons n Wizards.would love ur imput
Just like Uriah Heep and his mother in David Copperfield.
yeah I'm looking to go on the rock cruise in Feb 2015 with Alice Cooper, Uriah Heep ect... Similar prices
I just listened to an album so trippy and weird, that when i fired up Uriah Heep afterwards, i couldn't stand how musical it was. Wow.
Love , love , LOVE Uriah Heep ! Rare you get a mixture of folk and rock music that works so well :) why wasn't I born in the 60s :(
reminds me of Uriah Heep's 'we are all very 'umble people'
Trevor Bolder of Uriah Heep and The Spiders From Mars passed away in 2013. Rest in peace, Trevor.
From John Mellencamp to Uriah Heep, the Farmers will Rock your face off!
FREE ME Uriah Heep Free me, free me, Why won't you free me? Free me from your spell Come on and free me, why won't you free me? Come on and free me, free me ...
Jason Newsted slammed off stage by fan into the crowd in New York -- Phil Anselmo solo tour dates announced! -- Trevor Bolder bassist for Uriah Heep passes - ...
URIAH HEEP: "Dreamer" - the awesome opening track from the 1973 album "Sweet Freedom":
Trevor Bolder, 62, Brit musician who played with Uriah Heep & David Bowie .
We are a Covers band, on the rebuild, looking for Guitarist this is our line up Bassist with backing vox Drummer with backing vox Lead Vocalist we and are looking for Guitarist for both Lead and Rhythm that have the experience and passion to play the songs well, we are after like minded Muso's that have the experience and are up to the challenge to play the covers correctly. The list below are some of the artist we are looking to cover.. Deep Purple - Easybeats - Steppenwolf - Cream - Stray Cats - Doors - Zoot - Jonny Lang - Eric Clapton - Stevie Ray Vaughn - Animals - Van Morrison - Santana - Kinks - Beatles - Jet - Rolling Stones - ZZ Top - Creedence - REM - Commitments - T Rex - Daddy Cool - Canned Heat - Angels - Chuck Berry - Slade - Romantics - Status Quo - Hollies - Green Day - Billy Thorpe - Living End - Uriah Heep - George Thorogood - Black Crows - Black Feather - Billy Joel - U2 - Matchbox 20 - INXS - Kings of Leon - 3 Doors Down - Lenny Kravitz - White Stripes - Fast Ball - Kid Rock - Counting ...
The gift of wolf art is always welcomed by us, and here Lord Roose Bolton quotes a fine ballad by the bards known as Uriah Heep - great favourites of ours in our younger years, as they are today. Our thanks to the Lord Warden for his festive greetings. :0)
I'll post my "10 Albums" list. Of course, in my head, all 10 should be Beatles albums, but I don't think that would make for an interesting list. I listed these in the order I thought of them, so don't think I'm ranking them in any order. And had I made the list an hour ago, or an hour from now, I'm sure it would be completely different. Abbey Road (Beatles) Politics (Tom Paxton) Songs for the Daily Planet (Todd Snider) August and Everything After (Counting Crows) Before these Crowded Streets (Dave Matthews) Saved (Bob Dylan) Achtung Baby (U2) Demons and Wizards (Uriah Heep, and yes it's a guilty pleasure) All Things Must Pass (Harrison) The Future That Was (Josh Joplin Group)
I was asked to list 10 Albums that stayed with me in someway. Here are mine in an order that they influenced me through my life. Somewhere in the list you may notice a definite change in my life and listening habits...Praise God for that! Diane Reighter Wortz, Candice Wortz Campbell, Lyn Baxter, Clay Burgoon, Keli Cutler-Smith 10. Uriah Heep – Magicians Birthday 9. Molly Hatchet – Flirtin’ with Disaster 8. Pat Benatar – Hit Me with your Best Shot 7. David Bowie – Hunky Dory – (Changes) 6. Beach Boys – Endless Summer 5. Jethro Tull – Aqualung 4. Bob SegerSilver Bullet Band – Live Bullet 3. Carmen - The Standard 2. Jars of Clay - Jars of Clay (Love song for a Savior) 1. Bill Gaither – Any “Homecoming CD”
NEW ARRIVAL VINYL! Manfred Mann, Deep Purple, New Order, Happy Mondays, Uriah Heep, Pink Floyd and heaps more as well as new arrival CDs and Tees!!
Tagged by Regina Clancy Hiney ten pieces of literature that left an indelible mark - on this 50 something woman - some I read more than 30 years ago! 1. Brideshead Revisited (read it 3 times and will again) by Evelyn Waugh 2. The Lame Shall Enter First (story by Flannery O'Connor) 3. Spring and Fall (poem by Gerard Manly Hopkins) 4. Kristen Lavransdatter (the whole book but particularly the end - best character Erlend) 5. Great Expectations (loved characters Joe Gargary and will never forget Miss Havisham) 6.David Copperfield (loved characters Mr. Micawber and will NEVER forget Uriah Heep) 7.Harrison Bergeron ( By Kurt Vonnegut -- unforgettable story) 8. Lovesong of J. Alfred Prufrock - by T.S. Eliot - 9.Crime and Punishment - intrigued by character Sonya 10. Lord of the Rings -- The Return of the King best scene: Eowyn and Merry against the King of the Nazgul Honorable Mention Book title / author with its MOST unforgettable character (IMHO:) 11. The Picture of Dorian Grey -- By Oscar Wild --the portr ...
Do you like Sabbath? Purp? BOC? Bloodrock? UFO? Uriah Heep? The Scorpions? Blue Cheer? Sir Lord Baltimore? Atomic Rooster? Well, then go to this because DJ Uriah Creep will be spinning the Thunder:
...albuns of Uriah Heep, Hawkwind, Nektar, G.B.H., New York Dolls, FM, etc. Is it an achievement or not?
- MORNING GLORY on air!! -. - RADIO online on -. Europe, Gosmack e Uriah Heep: tre...
One Way Or Another by Uriah Heep from the album: High And Mighty Heep
All day long, Uriah Heep in my head. All day, and now it's night. Please. Stop.
Spinal Tap seemed to be more like Uriah Heep, to me,
Advantage of being a prog fan - You can tell a band their new song sounds like Uriah Heep and they won't take it as an insult.
found a copy of creem magazine from 1972, Uriah Heep gets weird but keeps it political!
Eish! Vanaand is Clarence vlymskerp - Led Zeppelin, Uriah Heep, Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young, .
Uriah Heep said it best in the song Easy Living. Libs are inherently Slackers living on easy street.
Well.let's see.Gene's not here on Sunday either, so maybe a little Blue Oyster Cult, some Uriah Heep,...
22. I would be amiss and not just a little hypocritical if I were not sincerely and eternally THANKFUL to my two ex-wives, Laurie and Reggie. It is odd how, at some point, you can love someone so much that you are willing to give up all else and dedicate your life to only loving that one person for the rest of your life, with oaths before family and God, and then, many years later, find that that all somehow changed along the way. But it happens often, despite the best of intentions, critical circumstances, and the deepest of emotions. I was a church-going teenager, which kept me from getting into too much trouble (well, not really, now that I think about it), but I did attempt to refrain from intercourse until I was married. So, unlike most of my friends and other kids my age, I was nineteen before I lost my virginity, and as the saying goes, once the seal is broken... She wasn't my first, but shortly after I got that 'carnal knowledge', a girl that some friends had introduced me to, very sweet and cute ...
The SERMON, delivered by the Almost Always Very Right Reverend Chamberlain: "David and Bathsheba Clean up Their Act" In a bunch of places in 2 Samuel, in the Old Testament, we read about David. Bathsheba is hastily mentioned in there and other books of the Old Testament. David was King of the Jews and a Peeping Tom, who used his spyglass to check out luscious women in the vicinity of his palace. One day, he spotted Bathsheba, who was bathing with lavender and mint soap, with just a hint of lemon. He slid down the trellis and snuck over to her apartment and there, right in the bathtub, they had some hot, steamy and clean sex. Some say it was she who seduced him, but others who knew him, knew better. Besides, the woman always gets blamed in the Old Testament. David was named David by his parents because they thought it sounded pleasant to the ear and it was easy to spell and pronounce. Bathsheba was named Bathsheba, because from her first day in infancy, she loved nothing better than a good soaking in the . ...
Keef Hartley Band. song "You say your together now". Sung and written by my favorite bassist alltime, Gary Thain. This was pre Uriah Heep Thain, around 1969-70. They played Woodstock.
I just used to tag July Morning by Uriah Heep.
I'm selling 'Uriah Heep Look At Yourself LP' on Check it out at
No Uriah Heep today? How about slipping a little Wiseman in somewhere?
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Uriah Heep.another band I should've gotten into a long time ago.
so if I say kyuss big thumbs up.but if I say Scott Reeder and uriah
Who'd have thought that Uriah Heep would be such an awesome band?
21. I'M THANKFUL having another day. Every day is a kind of adventure if you look at it in a certain way. I read an e-card this week that said something like, 'Do not be disparaged by old age. It is a privilege denied to many.' There are countless reminders to 'Seize the Day', but it is advice few take, and then, I think, later regret. Every day brings a new opportunity to try something new. Skydive. Scuba dive. Learn a new skill like playing guitar. Eating something that sounds crazy. For me, today, I was on the radio for four hours, and will now be co-hosting a radio show in the same time slot each week on the X, Key West, 104.9. And, I know, tomorrow, there will be another opportunity for some new experience of some kind. I'M THANKFUL for that, because some day, like a blink, those opportunities will be long gone. 20. I'M THANKFUL I haven't paid rent in almost four years. Answered an ad in the paper five years ago. Loved the house and moved in, even though I was told the house was in foreclosure and I ...
Uriah Heep.. We just Played Hannover Germany tonight with Status Quo, Great Show! Here is me holding Francis Rossi's Old Green Telecaster.. I have seen this Guitar on 'Top Of The Pops', Live Aid.. Its on all the Quo Hits!
Back from concert...Uriah Heep und Status Quo ! Rockin all over the world BABY!
Amazing cover of an awesome Uriah Heep song.
STATEMENT FROM IOANNIS ON TRAVELER IN TIME. To all the URIAH HEEP and *** Box fans and record cover art fans, I...
A fine art calendar featuring Ioannis work for the band Uriah Heep. Each over sized page is suitable for framing.
I'm going to at Robin 2 in Wolverhampton, United Kingdom - Feb 8
Just put on the headphones, and listen to Uriah Heep ´Rainbow Demon´ , and a bit of Grand Funk Railroad.
Prog Night tonight, with a quite pint or two. So out comes BUDGIE Uriah Heep Wishbone Ash a bit of Jethro Tull and then maybe hit some British metal with some Tygers of Pang Tang. It's a *** sight better than the fecking X Factor!
Recht hast Du my Darling+Sexy ANGEL!Kommst de mit Duschen+Haare waschen? God a BLACK MAGIC WOMAN.?=Santana!Oder Lieber She came to me one Morning?. LADY in BLACK=Uriah Heep!by MMHH001
28 thoughts about sandra: - back in the seventies when disco dancing was popular sandra and I would practice dancing together for hours in the living room at dad's house. we'd put on ABBA or bee gees and work on perfecting our routine. we would take turns leading and directing but mostly it was just a good time together. dancing and music were a big part of Sandra's life. in high school she dated a guy who was in a band. they were a popular local act and I thought it was so cool that my sisters hung out with the band and that these cool rock stars would come over to our house. cathy and sandra never made me feel like I was too young to be around them. they were protective without giving me the sense I wasn't wanted. those days were punctuated by a steady stream of new musical influences in our lives. Uriah Heep, Wishbone Ash, and David Bowie among them. Robin Trower was one of Sandra's beloved musicians and that admiration lasted throughout her life as she'd listen to his music in her car during the long ...
One of my audience from sent me this "Up there with The Corries, Waterboys, Uriah Heep & Debbie Harry"
Rock Legends Cruise III has announced the first 10 bands to sign up for the Feb 2015 event: Doobie Brothers, .38 Special, Blue Oyster Cult, Marshall Tucker Band, Dicky Betts & Great Southern, Uriah Heep, Edgar Winter Band, Pat Travers Band, Blue Lords, Kim Simmonds & Savoy Brown... There are still 15(ish) bands to go but I'm already sure there is fun to be had.
Work in 6 hrs. Should be sleeping, but instead I'm listening to Uriah Heep and the Edgar Winter Group. Zero regrets.
Good day listen music the whole day U2,Man of War,Uriah Heep,Judas Priest,WASP,Led Zeppelin,Peter Gabriel,Roxy Music,Bob Seger,Rodrigues and the Killers,Green Day,Blue Oyster Cult and the Cult.
Love many in HOF, but can't take it seriously in absence of Grand Funk, Gypsy, Dave Mason, Uriah Heep. But ABBA is ?
The '80s supergroup Asia comprised of 4 members from many different bands. They were former bassist/vocalist John Wetton from King Crimson, Roxy Music & Uriah Heep, guitarist Steve Howe (not the former Dodgers' closer) from Yes, along with keyboardist Geoff Downes from Yes & The Buggles & drummer Carl Palmer from Emerson, Lake & Palmer. Back in '82, Asia hit the scene big time with a pair of songs that got lots of MTV airplay when they did play music videos. It made it to on the Billboard Mainstream Rock and peaked at on the Top Singles Chart. This is "Heat of the Moment":
Holy Crap...listening to Pandora and what comes on but the first "real" SUPER GROUP.Asia! Band members: John Wetton (former bassist/vocalist: King Crimson, Roxy Music, and Uriah Heep), Steve Howe (guitarist of Yes), Geoff Downes (keyboardist of Yes and The Buggles) and drummer Carl Palmer (of Emerson, Lake & Palmer)!!!
You don't know, what Ken wrote all hits for Uriah Heep which they sing still ?
Fairly sure this song is legendarily good. Uriah Heep made some really great stuff.
Just discovered this. Not prog rock, not even Uriah Heep but excellent. Urban species & Imogen Heap "Blanket"
I THINK my oldest original pressing is from 1970. Uriah Heep's VERY 'EAVY, VERY 'UMBLE.
The Quireboys For Planet Rockstock - They join Hawkwind, Uriah Heep, Fish and more this ...
Simon is a blend of Uriah Heep and Oscar Wilde
Love this... concert tickets from 40 years ago. Uriah Heep for 80p :D.
Who is the organ player for Uriah Heep?
Yes, Uriah Heep and Asia...some of my favorite album covers ever. Good to hear Roger is still pluggin' along.
they do seem to be very ever so 'umble specsavers Uriah Heep :o)
I can see the Copperfield spinoff now: "Uriah Heep: Media Relations Officer"
Sad news. Trevor Bolder of Uriah Heep and Spiders From Mars fame died of pancreatic cancer today. RIP
Nicholas Witchell on BBC and in full Uriah Heep mode over Prince George.
No idea, there's really nothing better than John Wetton's melodious voice. Gonna bump some Uriah Heep next
Uriah Heep's Come Away Melinda is a good antidote to the killer peak time traffic.
There I was on a July morning Looking for love, With the strength of a new day dawning. Uriah Heep - July Morning.
I just used to tag Look At Yourself by Uriah Heep.
Watching Uriah Heep from 2011 that I shot tears it up!!. rip Trevor Bolder Heep Bowie & the Spiders From Mars
What an honor and a blast to play with Steff Fontaine of - "babe I'm gonna leave you"
..So there is this double speak in the media language. On the one hand, there is this Uriah Heep-like doff capping, and yet this familiarity
Uriah Heep - The Wizard: via This is an album I must buy again!
.. Nick Witchell will be fawning and salivating for months. Uriah Heep eat your heart out.
Nicholas Witchell and his clone Peter Hunt are getting into Uriah Heep mode with a vengeance. Much wringing of hands and being 'umble.
Uriah Heep - Circle Of Hands: via ...And today is only yesterday tomorrow...
Whenever I try to picture Uriah Heep, I'm afraid that Witchell comes unbidden to my mind.
Classic Rock-My Album of the Day. Abominog by Uriah Heep. Now includes bonus tracks.Well worth a listen.A band on top form!
Brian May, guitarist of Queen, that have met *** Box, guitarist of Uriah Heep! Two guitarist that i admire in one!
When we start playing "Stealin'" by Uriah Heep, be caller 10 to win a Zags/RockTrax T-shirt (545-ROCK, 649-ROLL;...
Artwork for "Inside of the Machine" by graphic artist Didier Scohier (Asia, Dokken, Ian Gillan, Uriah Heep, Code...
As a radio station employee, I went online and exposed that the station management doesn't like it when I play Uriah Heep and Barbra Streisand in the same set. I'm now living in the Moscow airport seeking asylum.
Today Melanie Brown OutLived David Byron, lead singer of the hard rock band Uriah Heep - who were popular in the 70s, but never very scary.
Marafon was introduced to music at a very young age in early 1980,from his first steps using a UNITRA GM-7602 listening to vinyl records bought by his father, found love for music on trips to Europe and the USA. It was special as the Soviet Union didnt have any imported music that time. It’s was a destiny gift for a kid from the USSR to have the chance to listen to all this international music. His first musical influences include The Beatles, Deep Purple, Uriah Heep, Ritchie Blackmore, Emerson Lake & Palmer, Led Zeppelin, Rolling Stones, Shocking Blue, Suzi Quatro, Queen, Pink Floyd, Rick Wakeman, Electric Light Orchestra. He cannot live without music even for 1 minute and eventually started to touch it as drummer at the age of 7 playing in all school events. Marafon started DJing in 1993 age of 13 in the Far East or Russia in small disco club with records from U96, Doctor Alban, Ace of Base, 2 Unlimited, Haddaway, Culture Beat. And he got new huge influences from Depeche Mode, Chemical Brothers, ...
British rock bassist Trevor Bolder has passed away at the age of 62 after a battle with cancer. Best known for his long stint with Uriah Heep, the rocker
The Stones have been together 50 years but Brian Jones is dead and Bill Wyman and *** Taylor are no longer in the band. Last year, Foreigner toured without even one original member, even *** Jones was out on medical, now he is back but only plays half a concert with the band. Journey, Boston, Foreigner, Yes, Uriah Heep all have non-original singers. They do a pretty good job but does that make them just cover bands? On the other hand, Aerosmith and Rush both have been around 40 years and still have their original line-up, sort of, Rush did have a different drummer on their first album that was a straight up rock album and not a prog-rock album. Any other bands that come to mind with both endurance and original lineups?
is tired, but happy. Survived some bloody awful weather at Download, two or three torrential downpours, but, oh, the music. Highlights for me were, which I knew they would be anyway, QotSA, Motorhead, Uriah Heep, Iron Maiden, Slipknot, Stone Sour, One Direction and Rammstein. Rammstein were amazing, if somewhat disturbing, typical Teutonic weirdness. QotSA were awesome, Homme for President of the World, I say. Saw a lot of other bands, such as Katatonia and Ghost, who I quite enjoyed, nice bit of Death metal never offends. Roll on next year :)
Song from new Blackmore's Night album Dancer and the Moon, cover of Uriah Heep song, Lady in Black -uploaded in HD at
Psychedelic record collectors, I'm begging for your help. Wthout this information . . . I will die. (Sorry about the flair for the melodramatic, but I'm an underground cartoonist and live in a place where we fly on the backs of giant albatrosses, happiness reigns all year round, and music plays ever so loudly.) What's the top end price for an original Damon - Song of a Gypsy gatefold, VG++/M- (Cover/record)? I've got a Sugar Bear Comic in the works based on a true story that actually happened here in Lake Worth. SPOILER ALERT!! Big John opened up Top Five Records in Lake Worth a few years back and our friend Tris was going through a box of LPs he had just got in. Tris is wading through the Kansas, Foghat, Uriah Heep, etc stuff and towards the end comes across a Damon! (I have Tris retell this story every time he comes over to the Lake Worth Catholic Worker Cottage for pizza and loud music.) Tris states that he was in total denial, almost passed out, and had to go to the rest room to spash water o ...
Rock History for June 11th ➤1944 Peter Albin (Bass, vocals - Big Brother & the Holding Company) ➤1946 John Lawton (Vocal - Uriah Heep) ➤1949 Frank Beard (Drums - ZZ Top) ➤1965 The Rolling Stones released ‘Got live if you want it’. ➤1952 Donnie Van Zandt A.K.A. Donald Newton Van Zant (Vocals - .38 Special) ➤1962 The Beatles recorded a BBC radio program, ‘Here We Go’, at the Playhouse Theatre in Manchester, in front of a studio audience composed largely of loyal Cavern fans. This was the last recording on which Pete Best played drums. ➤1966 European radio stations announced that Roger Daltry was dead. Actually, it was guitarist Pete Townshend who had been injured in a car accident a few days earlier. ➤1966 The Rolling Stones hit US with ‘Paint It Black.’ It was the first single to feature a sitar on the recording. ➤1968 A fire broke out in the Olympic Studios in London, where The Rolling Stones were putting the finishing touches on their LP ‘Beggar's Banquet’. No one in inj ...
Happy Birthday to John Lawton of Uriah Heep, Glenn Leonard from the Temptations, Frank Beard of ZZ Top, Graham Russell and Russell Hitchcock of Air Supply, Donnie Van Zant of .38 Special, Tai Anderson from Third Day, and Josh Ramsay from Marianas Trench.
Look who shared a June 9 birth date: composer and lyricist Cole Porter (born in 1891, died in 1964); electric guitar pioneer Lester William Polsfuss, a.k.a. Les Paul (born 1915, died in 2009); the late, great R&B singer John Marshall Alexander Jr., a.k.a. Johnny Ace (born 1929, died in 1954); soul singer Jackie Wilson (born 1934, died in 1984); keyboard player Jon Lord of Deep Purple (born 1941); drummer John Ronald "Mitch" Mitchell of the Jimi Hendrix Experience (born in 1947, died in 2008); guitarist Michael Frederick *** Box of Uriah Heep (born in 1947), rhythm and bass guitarist George Bunnell of the Strawberry Alarm Clock (born in 1949); bass guitarist and producer Trevor Bolder of Uriah Heep and Wishbone Ash (born in 1950); bassist Dean Felber of Hootie and the Blowfish (born in 1967); and bass player Dean Dinning of Toad the Wet Sprocket (born in 1967).
Rock History for June 9th ➤1915 Les Paul (Guitar) Inventor of the Gibson ‘Les Paul’ guitar, he broke his right arm in a car accident and had it set at an angle so he could still play guitar. Paul also built the first eight-track tape recorder, which helped pioneer multitrack recording. And he invented "sound-on-sound" recording, which has since become known as overdubbing. He died in hospital in White Plains, New York at the age of 94 suffering from severe pneumonia on August 13th 2009. ➤1929 Johnny Ace (Vocal) Billboards 'most played artist of 1955'. He died playing Russian roulette backstage at a gig on December 25th 1954. ➤1934 Jackie Wilson (Vocals) ➤1941 Jon Lord (Keyboards, vocals writer - The Artwoods, Paice Ashton Lord, Deep Purple, Whitesnake) Lord died of cancer on July 16th 2012. ➤1947 Mitch Mitchell (Drums - The Jimi Hendrix Experience, Ramatam) ➤1950 Trevor Boulder (Bass - Spiders From Mars, Uriah Heep) Bolder died from cancer on May 21st 2013 at the age of 62. He joined Uria ...
Rock History for June 8th ➤1940 Nancy Sinatra (Vocals) ➤1942 Chuck Negron (Vocals - Three Dog Night) ➤1944 Boz Scaggs A.K.A. William Royce Scaggs (Guitar, vocals - The Steve Miller Band) ➤1947 *** Box (Guitar, writer - Uriah Heep) ➤1953 Jeff Rich (Drums - Status Quo) ➤1967 Procol Harum hit UK with the single 'A Whiter Shade of Pale', the group's only UK In 2004 the song was named the most played record of the past 70 years. More than 900 recorded versions by other artists are known. ➤1967 The Beatles 'Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band' hit UK. Costing £25,000 ($42,500) to produce the LP was recorded over 700 hours of studio time. It was also the first LP to print the lyrics on the sleeve. The LP spent 27 weeks at in the UK. ➤1968 The Rolling Stones released "Jumpin' Jack Flash." ➤1969 Brian Jones announced he’s quitting the Rolling Stones saying he doesn’t agree with the group’s musical direction. Actually, Brian was kicked out because of his increasing unreliability due to d . ...
Happy Birthday to Kanye West! Kim Kardashian’s baby daddy is 36 today. Let’s see who else is celebrating a birthday. Comedian Jerry Stiller is 86. Comedian-talk-show host Joan Rivers is 80. Actor James Darren is 77. Actor Bernie Casey is 74. Singer Nancy Sinatra is 73. Singer Chuck Negron (Three Dog Night) is 71. Singer Boz Scaggs is 69. Guitarist *** Box of Uriah Heep is 66. Actress Sonia Braga is 63. Actress Kathy Baker is 63. Country guitarist Tony Rice is 62. Actor Griffin Dunne is 58. Dilbert cartoonist Scott Adams is 56. Actor-director Keenan Ivory Wayans is 55. Singer *** Hucknall of Simply Red is 53. Keyboardist Nick Rhodes of Duran Duran is 51. Singer Doris Pearson of Five Star is 47. Actress Julianna Margulies is 46. Actor Dan Futterman is 46. Actor David Sutcliffe is 44. Singer Nicci Gilbert of Brownstone is 43. Actress Kelli Williams is 43. Actor Mark Feuerstein is 42. Guitarist Mike Scheuchzer of MercyMe is 38. Actor Eion Bailey is 37. Guitarist Derek Trucks (Allman Brothers Band, Tedes . ...
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