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Uriah Heep

Uriah Heep is a fictional character created by Charles Dickens in his novel David Copperfield.

Trevor Bolder John Wetton Deep Purple David Bowie Wishbone Ash Black Sabbath Led Zeppelin David Byron King Crimson Roxy Music Jethro Tull David Copperfield Bob Daisley Pink Floyd Rolling Stones Steve Howe Charles Dickens Status Quo

We are a Covers band, on the rebuild, looking for Guitarist this is our line up Bassist with backing vox Drummer with backing vox Lead Vocalist we and are looking for Guitarist for both Lead and Rhythm that have the experience and passion to play the songs well, we are after like minded Muso's that have the experience and are up to the challenge to play the covers correctly. The list below are some of the artist we are looking to cover.. Deep Purple - Easybeats - Steppenwolf - Cream - Stray Cats - Doors - Zoot - Jonny Lang - Eric Clapton - Stevie Ray Vaughn - Animals - Van Morrison - Santana - Kinks - Beatles - Jet - Rolling Stones - ZZ Top - Creedence - REM - Commitments - T Rex - Daddy Cool - Canned Heat - Angels - Chuck Berry - Slade - Romantics - Status Quo - Hollies - Green Day - Billy Thorpe - Living End - Uriah Heep - George Thorogood - Black Crows - Black Feather - Billy Joel - U2 - Matchbox 20 - INXS - Kings of Leon - 3 Doors Down - Lenny Kravitz - White Stripes - Fast Ball - Kid Rock - Counting ...
I'll post my "10 Albums" list. Of course, in my head, all 10 should be Beatles albums, but I don't think that would make for an interesting list. I listed these in the order I thought of them, so don't think I'm ranking them in any order. And had I made the list an hour ago, or an hour from now, I'm sure it would be completely different. Abbey Road (Beatles) Politics (Tom Paxton) Songs for the Daily Planet (Todd Snider) August and Everything After (Counting Crows) Before these Crowded Streets (Dave Matthews) Saved (Bob Dylan) Achtung Baby (U2) Demons and Wizards (Uriah Heep, and yes it's a guilty pleasure) All Things Must Pass (Harrison) The Future That Was (Josh Joplin Group)
I was asked to list 10 Albums that stayed with me in someway. Here are mine in an order that they influenced me through my life. Somewhere in the list you may notice a definite change in my life and listening habits...Praise God for that! Diane Reighter Wortz, Candice Wortz Campbell, Lyn Baxter, Clay Burgoon, Keli Cutler-Smith 10. Uriah Heep – Magicians Birthday 9. Molly Hatchet – Flirtin’ with Disaster 8. Pat Benatar – Hit Me with your Best Shot 7. David BowieHunky Dory – (Changes) 6. Beach Boys – Endless Summer 5. Jethro Tull – Aqualung 4. Bob Seger – Silver Bullet Band – Live Bullet 3. Carmen - The Standard 2. Jars of Clay - Jars of Clay (Love song for a Savior) 1. Bill Gaither – Any “Homecoming CD”
NEW ARRIVAL VINYL! Manfred Mann, Deep Purple, New Order, Happy Mondays, Uriah Heep, Pink Floyd and heaps more as well as new arrival CDs and Tees!!
Tagged by Regina Clancy Hiney ten pieces of literature that left an indelible mark - on this 50 something woman - some I read more than 30 years ago! 1. Brideshead Revisited (read it 3 times and will again) by Evelyn Waugh 2. The Lame Shall Enter First (story by Flannery O'Connor) 3. Spring and Fall (poem by Gerard Manly Hopkins) 4. Kristen Lavransdatter (the whole book but particularly the end - best character Erlend) 5. Great Expectations (loved characters Joe Gargary and will never forget Miss Havisham) 6.David Copperfield (loved characters Mr. Micawber and will NEVER forget Uriah Heep) 7.Harrison Bergeron ( By Kurt Vonnegut -- unforgettable story) 8. Lovesong of J. Alfred Prufrock - by T.S. Eliot - 9.Crime and Punishment - intrigued by character Sonya 10. Lord of the Rings -- The Return of the King best scene: Eowyn and Merry against the King of the Nazgul Honorable Mention Book title / author with its MOST unforgettable character (IMHO:) 11. The Picture of Dorian Grey -- By Oscar Wild --the portr ...
Do you like Sabbath? Purp? BOC? Bloodrock? UFO? Uriah Heep? The Scorpions? Blue Cheer? Sir Lord Baltimore? Atomic Rooster? Well, then go to this because DJ Uriah Creep will be spinning the Thunder:
...albuns of Uriah Heep, Hawkwind, Nektar, G.B.H., New York Dolls, FM, etc. Is it an achievement or not?
- MORNING GLORY on air!! -. - RADIO online on -. Europe, Gosmack e Uriah Heep: tre...
One Way Or Another by Uriah Heep from the album: High And Mighty Heep
All day long, Uriah Heep in my head. All day, and now it's night. Please. Stop.
Spinal Tap seemed to be more like Uriah Heep, to me,
Advantage of being a prog fan - You can tell a band their new song sounds like Uriah Heep and they won't take it as an insult.
found a copy of creem magazine from 1972, Uriah Heep gets weird but keeps it political!
Eish! Vanaand is Clarence vlymskerp - Led Zeppelin, Uriah Heep, Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young, .
Uriah Heep said it best in the song Easy Living. Libs are inherently Slackers living on easy street.
Well.let's see.Gene's not here on Sunday either, so maybe a little Blue Oyster Cult, some Uriah Heep,...
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22. I would be amiss and not just a little hypocritical if I were not sincerely and eternally THANKFUL to my two ex-wives, Laurie and Reggie. It is odd how, at some point, you can love someone so much that you are willing to give up all else and dedicate your life to only loving that one person for the rest of your life, with oaths before family and God, and then, many years later, find that that all somehow changed along the way. But it happens often, despite the best of intentions, critical circumstances, and the deepest of emotions. I was a church-going teenager, which kept me from getting into too much trouble (well, not really, now that I think about it), but I did attempt to refrain from intercourse until I was married. So, unlike most of my friends and other kids my age, I was nineteen before I lost my virginity, and as the saying goes, once the seal is broken... She wasn't my first, but shortly after I got that 'carnal knowledge', a girl that some friends had introduced me to, very sweet and cute ...
The SERMON, delivered by the Almost Always Very Right Reverend Chamberlain: "David and Bathsheba Clean up Their Act" In a bunch of places in 2 Samuel, in the Old Testament, we read about David. Bathsheba is hastily mentioned in there and other books of the Old Testament. David was King of the Jews and a Peeping Tom, who used his spyglass to check out luscious women in the vicinity of his palace. One day, he spotted Bathsheba, who was bathing with lavender and mint soap, with just a hint of lemon. He slid down the trellis and snuck over to her apartment and there, right in the bathtub, they had some hot, steamy and clean sex. Some say it was she who seduced him, but others who knew him, knew better. Besides, the woman always gets blamed in the Old Testament. David was named David by his parents because they thought it sounded pleasant to the ear and it was easy to spell and pronounce. Bathsheba was named Bathsheba, because from her first day in infancy, she loved nothing better than a good soaking in the . ...
Keef Hartley Band. song "You say your together now". Sung and written by my favorite bassist alltime, Gary Thain. This was pre Uriah Heep Thain, around 1969-70. They played Woodstock.
I just used to tag July Morning by Uriah Heep.
I'm selling 'Uriah Heep Look At Yourself LP' on Check it out at
No Uriah Heep today? How about slipping a little Wiseman in somewhere?
Uriah Heep.another band I should've gotten into a long time ago.
so if I say kyuss big thumbs up.but if I say Scott Reeder and uriah
Who'd have thought that Uriah Heep would be such an awesome band?
21. I'M THANKFUL having another day. Every day is a kind of adventure if you look at it in a certain way. I read an e-card this week that said something like, 'Do not be disparaged by old age. It is a privilege denied to many.' There are countless reminders to 'Seize the Day', but it is advice few take, and then, I think, later regret. Every day brings a new opportunity to try something new. Skydive. Scuba dive. Learn a new skill like playing guitar. Eating something that sounds crazy. For me, today, I was on the radio for four hours, and will now be co-hosting a radio show in the same time slot each week on the X, Key West, 104.9. And, I know, tomorrow, there will be another opportunity for some new experience of some kind. I'M THANKFUL for that, because some day, like a blink, those opportunities will be long gone. 20. I'M THANKFUL I haven't paid rent in almost four years. Answered an ad in the paper five years ago. Loved the house and moved in, even though I was told the house was in foreclosure and I ...
Uriah Heep.. We just Played Hannover Germany tonight with Status Quo, Great Show! Here is me holding Francis Rossi's Old Green Telecaster.. I have seen this Guitar on 'Top Of The Pops', Live Aid.. Its on all the Quo Hits!
Back from concert...Uriah Heep und Status Quo ! Rockin all over the world BABY!
Amazing cover of an awesome Uriah Heep song.
STATEMENT FROM IOANNIS ON TRAVELER IN TIME. To all the URIAH HEEP and *** Box fans and record cover art fans, I...
A fine art calendar featuring Ioannis work for the band Uriah Heep. Each over sized page is suitable for framing.
I'm going to at Robin 2 in Wolverhampton, United Kingdom - Feb 8
Just put on the headphones, and listen to Uriah Heep ´Rainbow Demon´ , and a bit of Grand Funk Railroad.
Prog Night tonight, with a quite pint or two. So out comes BUDGIE Uriah Heep Wishbone Ash a bit of Jethro Tull and then maybe hit some British metal with some Tygers of Pang Tang. It's a *** sight better than the fecking X Factor!
Recht hast Du my Darling+Sexy ANGEL!Kommst de mit Duschen+Haare waschen? God a BLACK MAGIC WOMAN.?=Santana!Oder Lieber She came to me one Morning?. LADY in BLACK=Uriah Heep!by MMHH001
28 thoughts about sandra: - back in the seventies when disco dancing was popular sandra and I would practice dancing together for hours in the living room at dad's house. we'd put on ABBA or bee gees and work on perfecting our routine. we would take turns leading and directing but mostly it was just a good time together. dancing and music were a big part of Sandra's life. in high school she dated a guy who was in a band. they were a popular local act and I thought it was so cool that my sisters hung out with the band and that these cool rock stars would come over to our house. cathy and sandra never made me feel like I was too young to be around them. they were protective without giving me the sense I wasn't wanted. those days were punctuated by a steady stream of new musical influences in our lives. Uriah Heep, Wishbone Ash, and David Bowie among them. Robin Trower was one of Sandra's beloved musicians and that admiration lasted throughout her life as she'd listen to his music in her car during the long ...
One of my audience from sent me this "Up there with The Corries, Waterboys, Uriah Heep & Debbie Harry"
Rock Legends Cruise III has announced the first 10 bands to sign up for the Feb 2015 event: Doobie Brothers, .38 Special, Blue Oyster Cult, Marshall Tucker Band, Dicky Betts & Great Southern, Uriah Heep, Edgar Winter Band, Pat Travers Band, Blue Lords, Kim Simmonds & Savoy Brown... There are still 15(ish) bands to go but I'm already sure there is fun to be had.
Work in 6 hrs. Should be sleeping, but instead I'm listening to Uriah Heep and the Edgar Winter Group. Zero regrets.
Good day listen music the whole day U2,Man of War,Uriah Heep,Judas Priest,WASP,Led Zeppelin,Peter Gabriel,Roxy Music,Bob Seger,Rodrigues and the Killers,Green Day,Blue Oyster Cult and the Cult.
Love many in HOF, but can't take it seriously in absence of Grand Funk, Gypsy, Dave Mason, Uriah Heep. But ABBA is ?
The '80s supergroup Asia comprised of 4 members from many different bands. They were former bassist/vocalist John Wetton from King Crimson, Roxy Music & Uriah Heep, guitarist Steve Howe (not the former Dodgers' closer) from Yes, along with keyboardist Geoff Downes from Yes & The Buggles & drummer Carl Palmer from Emerson, Lake & Palmer. Back in '82, Asia hit the scene big time with a pair of songs that got lots of MTV airplay when they did play music videos. It made it to on the Billboard Mainstream Rock and peaked at on the Top Singles Chart. This is "Heat of the Moment":
Holy Crap...listening to Pandora and what comes on but the first "real" SUPER GROUP.Asia! Band members: John Wetton (former bassist/vocalist: King Crimson, Roxy Music, and Uriah Heep), Steve Howe (guitarist of Yes), Geoff Downes (keyboardist of Yes and The Buggles) and drummer Carl Palmer (of Emerson, Lake & Palmer)!!!
You don't know, what Ken wrote all hits for Uriah Heep which they sing still ?
Fairly sure this song is legendarily good. Uriah Heep made some really great stuff.
Just discovered this. Not prog rock, not even Uriah Heep but excellent. Urban species & Imogen Heap "Blanket"
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I THINK my oldest original pressing is from 1970. Uriah Heep's VERY 'EAVY, VERY 'UMBLE.
The Quireboys For Planet Rockstock - They join Hawkwind, Uriah Heep, Fish and more this ...
Simon is a blend of Uriah Heep and Oscar Wilde
Love this... concert tickets from 40 years ago. Uriah Heep for 80p :D.
Who is the organ player for Uriah Heep?
Yes, Uriah Heep and Asia...some of my favorite album covers ever. Good to hear Roger is still pluggin' along.
they do seem to be very ever so 'umble specsavers Uriah Heep :o)
I can see the Copperfield spinoff now: "Uriah Heep: Media Relations Officer"
Sad news. Trevor Bolder of Uriah Heep and Spiders From Mars fame died of pancreatic cancer today. RIP
Nicholas Witchell on BBC and in full Uriah Heep mode over Prince George.
No idea, there's really nothing better than John Wetton's melodious voice. Gonna bump some Uriah Heep next
Uriah Heep's Come Away Melinda is a good antidote to the killer peak time traffic.
There I was on a July morning Looking for love, With the strength of a new day dawning. Uriah Heep - July Morning.
I just used to tag Look At Yourself by Uriah Heep.
Watching Uriah Heep from 2011 that I shot tears it up!!. rip Trevor Bolder Heep Bowie & the Spiders From Mars
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What an honor and a blast to play with Steff Fontaine of - "babe I'm gonna leave you"
..So there is this double speak in the media language. On the one hand, there is this Uriah Heep-like doff capping, and yet this familiarity
Uriah Heep - The Wizard: via This is an album I must buy again!
.. Nick Witchell will be fawning and salivating for months. Uriah Heep eat your heart out.
Nicholas Witchell and his clone Peter Hunt are getting into Uriah Heep mode with a vengeance. Much wringing of hands and being 'umble.
Uriah Heep - Circle Of Hands: via ...And today is only yesterday tomorrow...
Whenever I try to picture Uriah Heep, I'm afraid that Witchell comes unbidden to my mind.
Classic Rock-My Album of the Day. Abominog by Uriah Heep. Now includes bonus tracks.Well worth a listen.A band on top form!
Brian May, guitarist of Queen, that have met *** Box, guitarist of Uriah Heep! Two guitarist that i admire in one!
When we start playing "Stealin'" by Uriah Heep, be caller 10 to win a Zags/RockTrax T-shirt (545-ROCK, 649-ROLL;...
Artwork for "Inside of the Machine" by graphic artist Didier Scohier (Asia, Dokken, Ian Gillan, Uriah Heep, Code...
As a radio station employee, I went online and exposed that the station management doesn't like it when I play Uriah Heep and Barbra Streisand in the same set. I'm now living in the Moscow airport seeking asylum.
Uriah Heep - Shout it Out ( Return To Fantasy 1975 ) Return to Fantasy is the eighth studio album released by British rock band Uriah Heep. The experienced J...
Today Melanie Brown OutLived David Byron, lead singer of the hard rock band Uriah Heep - who were popular in the 70s, but never very scary.
Marafon was introduced to music at a very young age in early 1980,from his first steps using a UNITRA GM-7602 listening to vinyl records bought by his father, found love for music on trips to Europe and the USA. It was special as the Soviet Union didnt have any imported music that time. It’s was a destiny gift for a kid from the USSR to have the chance to listen to all this international music. His first musical influences include The Beatles, Deep Purple, Uriah Heep, Ritchie Blackmore, Emerson Lake & Palmer, Led Zeppelin, Rolling Stones, Shocking Blue, Suzi Quatro, Queen, Pink Floyd, Rick Wakeman, Electric Light Orchestra. He cannot live without music even for 1 minute and eventually started to touch it as drummer at the age of 7 playing in all school events. Marafon started DJing in 1993 age of 13 in the Far East or Russia in small disco club with records from U96, Doctor Alban, Ace of Base, 2 Unlimited, Haddaway, Culture Beat. And he got new huge influences from Depeche Mode, Chemical Brothers, ...
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British rock bassist Trevor Bolder has passed away at the age of 62 after a battle with cancer. Best known for his long stint with Uriah Heep, the rocker
The Stones have been together 50 years but Brian Jones is dead and Bill Wyman and *** Taylor are no longer in the band. Last year, Foreigner toured without even one original member, even *** Jones was out on medical, now he is back but only plays half a concert with the band. Journey, Boston, Foreigner, Yes, Uriah Heep all have non-original singers. They do a pretty good job but does that make them just cover bands? On the other hand, Aerosmith and Rush both have been around 40 years and still have their original line-up, sort of, Rush did have a different drummer on their first album that was a straight up rock album and not a prog-rock album. Any other bands that come to mind with both endurance and original lineups?
is tired, but happy. Survived some bloody awful weather at Download, two or three torrential downpours, but, oh, the music. Highlights for me were, which I knew they would be anyway, QotSA, Motorhead, Uriah Heep, Iron Maiden, Slipknot, Stone Sour, One Direction and Rammstein. Rammstein were amazing, if somewhat disturbing, typical Teutonic weirdness. QotSA were awesome, Homme for President of the World, I say. Saw a lot of other bands, such as Katatonia and Ghost, who I quite enjoyed, nice bit of Death metal never offends. Roll on next year :)
Song from new Blackmore's Night album Dancer and the Moon, cover of Uriah Heep song, Lady in Black -uploaded in HD at
Psychedelic record collectors, I'm begging for your help. Wthout this information . . . I will die. (Sorry about the flair for the melodramatic, but I'm an underground cartoonist and live in a place where we fly on the backs of giant albatrosses, happiness reigns all year round, and music plays ever so loudly.) What's the top end price for an original Damon - Song of a Gypsy gatefold, VG++/M- (Cover/record)? I've got a Sugar Bear Comic in the works based on a true story that actually happened here in Lake Worth. SPOILER ALERT!! Big John opened up Top Five Records in Lake Worth a few years back and our friend Tris was going through a box of LPs he had just got in. Tris is wading through the Kansas, Foghat, Uriah Heep, etc stuff and towards the end comes across a Damon! (I have Tris retell this story every time he comes over to the Lake Worth Catholic Worker Cottage for pizza and loud music.) Tris states that he was in total denial, almost passed out, and had to go to the rest room to spash water o ...
Rock History for June 11th ➤1944 Peter Albin (Bass, vocals - Big Brother & the Holding Company) ➤1946 John Lawton (Vocal - Uriah Heep) ➤1949 Frank Beard (Drums - ZZ Top) ➤1965 The Rolling Stones released ‘Got live if you want it’. ➤1952 Donnie Van Zandt A.K.A. Donald Newton Van Zant (Vocals - .38 Special) ➤1962 The Beatles recorded a BBC radio program, ‘Here We Go’, at the Playhouse Theatre in Manchester, in front of a studio audience composed largely of loyal Cavern fans. This was the last recording on which Pete Best played drums. ➤1966 European radio stations announced that Roger Daltry was dead. Actually, it was guitarist Pete Townshend who had been injured in a car accident a few days earlier. ➤1966 The Rolling Stones hit US with ‘Paint It Black.’ It was the first single to feature a sitar on the recording. ➤1968 A fire broke out in the Olympic Studios in London, where The Rolling Stones were putting the finishing touches on their LP ‘Beggar's Banquet’. No one in inj ...
1946, Born on this day, John Lawton, Uriah Heep, (1975 UK No.7 album 'Return To Fantasy'). 1948, Born on this day, Alan Skipper, drums, The Pretty Things, (1964 UK No.10 single 'Don't Bring Me Down'). 1949, Born on this day, Frank Beard, drums, ZZ Top, (1984 US No.8 & 1985 UK No.16 single 'Legs'). June 11, 1966 The Standells Hit single "Dirty Water" reached No. 11 on the Billboard charts 1967, Printed in this week's music weekly Melody Maker's ad's pages, 'Freaky lead guitarist, bass and drummer wanted for Marc Bolan's new group. Also any other astral flyers like with car's amplification and that which never grows in window boxes, phone Wimbledon 0697.' The band who formed as Tyrannosaurus Rex, went on to release four underground folk albums before becoming known as T Rex.
Happy Birthday to John Lawton of Uriah Heep, Glenn Leonard from the Temptations, Frank Beard of ZZ Top, Graham Russell and Russell Hitchcock of Air Supply, Donnie Van Zant of .38 Special, Tai Anderson from Third Day, and Josh Ramsay from Marianas Trench.
Look who shared a June 9 birth date: composer and lyricist Cole Porter (born in 1891, died in 1964); electric guitar pioneer Lester William Polsfuss, a.k.a. Les Paul (born 1915, died in 2009); the late, great R&B singer John Marshall Alexander Jr., a.k.a. Johnny Ace (born 1929, died in 1954); soul singer Jackie Wilson (born 1934, died in 1984); keyboard player Jon Lord of Deep Purple (born 1941); drummer John Ronald "Mitch" Mitchell of the Jimi Hendrix Experience (born in 1947, died in 2008); guitarist Michael Frederick *** Box of Uriah Heep (born in 1947), rhythm and bass guitarist George Bunnell of the Strawberry Alarm Clock (born in 1949); bass guitarist and producer Trevor Bolder of Uriah Heep and Wishbone Ash (born in 1950); bassist Dean Felber of Hootie and the Blowfish (born in 1967); and bass player Dean Dinning of Toad the Wet Sprocket (born in 1967).
Rock History for June 9th ➤1915 Les Paul (Guitar) Inventor of the Gibson ‘Les Paul’ guitar, he broke his right arm in a car accident and had it set at an angle so he could still play guitar. Paul also built the first eight-track tape recorder, which helped pioneer multitrack recording. And he invented "sound-on-sound" recording, which has since become known as overdubbing. He died in hospital in White Plains, New York at the age of 94 suffering from severe pneumonia on August 13th 2009. ➤1929 Johnny Ace (Vocal) Billboards 'most played artist of 1955'. He died playing Russian roulette backstage at a gig on December 25th 1954. ➤1934 Jackie Wilson (Vocals) ➤1941 Jon Lord (Keyboards, vocals writer - The Artwoods, Paice Ashton Lord, Deep Purple, Whitesnake) Lord died of cancer on July 16th 2012. ➤1947 Mitch Mitchell (Drums - The Jimi Hendrix Experience, Ramatam) ➤1950 Trevor Boulder (Bass - Spiders From Mars, Uriah Heep) Bolder died from cancer on May 21st 2013 at the age of 62. He joined Uria ...
Rock History for June 8th ➤1940 Nancy Sinatra (Vocals) ➤1942 Chuck Negron (Vocals - Three Dog Night) ➤1944 Boz Scaggs A.K.A. William Royce Scaggs (Guitar, vocals - The Steve Miller Band) ➤1947 *** Box (Guitar, writer - Uriah Heep) ➤1953 Jeff Rich (Drums - Status Quo) ➤1967 Procol Harum hit UK with the single 'A Whiter Shade of Pale', the group's only UK In 2004 the song was named the most played record of the past 70 years. More than 900 recorded versions by other artists are known. ➤1967 The Beatles 'Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band' hit UK. Costing £25,000 ($42,500) to produce the LP was recorded over 700 hours of studio time. It was also the first LP to print the lyrics on the sleeve. The LP spent 27 weeks at in the UK. ➤1968 The Rolling Stones released "Jumpin' Jack Flash." ➤1969 Brian Jones announced he’s quitting the Rolling Stones saying he doesn’t agree with the group’s musical direction. Actually, Brian was kicked out because of his increasing unreliability due to d . ...
Happy Birthday to Kanye West! Kim Kardashian’s baby daddy is 36 today. Let’s see who else is celebrating a birthday. Comedian Jerry Stiller is 86. Comedian-talk-show host Joan Rivers is 80. Actor James Darren is 77. Actor Bernie Casey is 74. Singer Nancy Sinatra is 73. Singer Chuck Negron (Three Dog Night) is 71. Singer Boz Scaggs is 69. Guitarist *** Box of Uriah Heep is 66. Actress Sonia Braga is 63. Actress Kathy Baker is 63. Country guitarist Tony Rice is 62. Actor Griffin Dunne is 58. Dilbert cartoonist Scott Adams is 56. Actor-director Keenan Ivory Wayans is 55. Singer *** Hucknall of Simply Red is 53. Keyboardist Nick Rhodes of Duran Duran is 51. Singer Doris Pearson of Five Star is 47. Actress Julianna Margulies is 46. Actor Dan Futterman is 46. Actor David Sutcliffe is 44. Singer Nicci Gilbert of Brownstone is 43. Actress Kelli Williams is 43. Actor Mark Feuerstein is 42. Guitarist Mike Scheuchzer of MercyMe is 38. Actor Eion Bailey is 37. Guitarist Derek Trucks (Allman Brothers Band, Tedes . ...
OZZY”S SOLO CAREER After leaving Black Sabbath, Osbourne was signed to Don Arden's Jet Records. Arden dispatched his daughter Sharon Arden to Los Angeles to "look after Ozzy's needs, whatever they were", as a means of protecting his investment. In 1980, under the management of the Ardens, the Ozzy Osbourne Band formed again as The Blizzard of Ozz. The first line-up of the band featured drummer Lee Kerslake (of Uriah Heep), bassist / lyricist Bob Daisley (of Rainbow and later Uriah Heep), keyboardist Don Airey, and guitarist Randy Rhoads (of Quiet Riot). The record company would eventually title the record Blizzard of Ozz credited simply under Osbourne's name. Co-written with Daisley and Rhoads, the album brought Osbourne considerable success on his first solo effort. The album sold very well with hard rock/heavy metal fans. Though it is generally accepted that Osbourne and Rhoads started the band, bassist Daisley later claimed that he and Osbourne formed the band in England before Rhoads officially join ...
What's your favorite (ok, what are your top three favorite) cheesy classic rock songs? (1) Steve Miller Band, "The Joker" (2) Aerosmith, "Dream On" (3) Led Zeppelin, "Immigrant Song"
What's the last song you listened to and how did it make you feel? ~Polaris~
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There will always be the one and only band Uriah Heep. Charlie VII
Cliff Bennet & The Rebel Rousers - Got to get you into my life 1966 Original by The Beatles I was alone, I took a ride, I didn't know what I would find there...
Can't Get it Out of My Head by ELO please comment on what ELO songs I should do next I upload one every week. See my playlist for more ELO songs.
This Friday 9pm - DOWNLOAD - THE FINAL DESTINATION Download Festival - 2 hours of my pics of nipping between stages and crucial timings including plays for Rise To Remain Uriah Heep Dragonforce InThisMoment Turisas Slipknot UFO Mastodon STATES OF PANIC Join me 9pm UK time on Friday for the final DOWNLOAD show before it all happens. See you Friday. C
This song should always be intro with a dedication to David Byron. He sang this song, and all the great Heep songs, between 1969 and 1976. May he rest in peace.
Cooking supper and listening to Uriah Heep, Awesome tunes!
Someone at iTunes has poor data mining skills. Do I really look like a Black Sabbath fan? Okay, maybe 30 or 40 years ago I might have been, but not so much anymore.
I have real admiration for the Queen but tonight's BBC news was more Uriah Heep than I could stomach. Get a grip. It's 2013.
Why won't you free me... Free me from the spell... Ken Hensley feat. John Lawton - Free Me (Uriah Heep)
The bassist Trevor Bolder backed David Bowie in the early 1970s during the most important and productive chapter of his career, when he created his alien alter-ego Ziggy Stardust and changed the face of popular music with his 1972 album The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders From Mars.
From Look At Yourself (1971). In My Opinion Greatest Uriah Heep album ever. Lyrics: I see you running Don't know what You're running from Nobody's coming Wha...
Uriah Heep - July Morning: via Now there is a real guilty pleasure
What was the 1st record you bought with your own pocket money? :)
ROCK musicians, friends and family gathered for a fitting farewell to bass guitarist Trevor Bolder.About 600 people packed into St Mary's Church in Beverley for a celebration and thanksgiving of the...
And if one day she comes to you Drink deeply from her words so wise Take courage from her as your prize . (Lady in black Uriah Heep) Dovevo venire fin qui per risentirla
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I cut together some of my favorite Hammond organ solos and created this compilation video, as a tribute to some of the best Hammond organ players and to ever...
it seems like a and Uriah Heep kinda day
HQ song from Uriah Heep.Kind of pt. 2 of Paradise.
MT Uriah Heep would be good too but favors Poison! // As long as it's not rap, count me in
Uriah Heep would be good too, but I know favors Poison!
Song: Fallen Angel? // Are we talking about Uriah Heep songs now?
My neck is totally wrecked but I'm still head banging to Easy Livin' by Uriah Heep. Credits to
Looks like 'relocation' is imminent. Gauging up my readiness to be uprooted (again) and of course, can't help worrying about all kinds of adjustment it would entail... I guess the most relevant question now isn't no longer "should I or should I not" but when... Oh well... me and my semi-gypsy life. :3 *face palm*
Got in an argument with an old friend of mine tonight...I said Bob Daisley's best bass was on the first Ozzy album, but he went on a diatribe of all his Uriah Heep work...but I remember watching Bob Johnson, Lester (Raul) Pickens and Marty Wagner Playing "Steal Away" at the old brewery in Thornton...and I know I'm right!
Uriah Heep - stealin now this a little mind bending music
WMG Copyright Wolfmother - White Unicorn I do not own this song.
OK... JimxSarah & Bobby Bobby Galati.You did it! You guys sparked it. I just ended my day of music with a set of classics. A few tunes off of Deep Purple's Burn and then blew it out with Zeppelin's 'When The Levee Breaks'... Man.I STILL love playing that song.
From the Album/DVD America: LIVE in the USA John Payne became the frontman of the supergroup Asia in 1992 at the invitation of keyboardist Geoff Downes, repl...
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Sitting on the beach with a frozen bahama mama and some witchfinder general pumping thru the earphones.
A short clip of Trevor Bolder playing bass. 22/05/2013 Just heard the sad news... R.I.P. Trevor Bolder. Together with Woody, they made a great team.
in no order whatsoever, john bonzo Bonham David Byron (please check original Uriah heep singer) *** ronson (the best) Trevor Bolder (ultimate bass) these four would have made one *** of a band
Question: "Why do you write urban fantasy?" Answer: "All that Uriah Heep I used to listen to."
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One of the best rock band of the 70's
3 WORDS!! WHAT A SESSION! It was a right boxing, tyre flipping, barrel throwing, bell swinging, rope whipping, ab crunching BELL RINGER of a session! And not one person moaned about having sweaty hands!! Lol Well done warriors!
Cleaning my CD's... the Hollies, Uriah Heep, Simon and Garfunkel, John Miles, The Eagles. wowe
It was a shock. Really good service though, they played Starman during it and Uriah Heep's *** Box played a song too :-)
Don't let those who gave up on their dreams influence you to give up on yours.
Very moving funeral service today for Spiders From Mars and Uriah Heep bass guitarist Trevor Bolder My report in tomorrow's
Just said goodbye to Trevor Bolder, bassist of the Spiders From Mars (David Bowie) and Uriah Heep. A legend, always.
Good morning music lovers, we have been discussing adding new songs to the list but we still need your help. So first I want to ask everybody what 70s songs do you like?
myRockworld concert Tipp : Uriah Heep live 06.07.13 Ulm, Ulmer Zelt , 8PM myRockworld will join and give you all the pics and a review of the concert 2 myRockworld fans can exclusive join too for FREE watch the news on myRockworld more infos
5 Stars = Masterpiece Most people back in the 70's when they thought of Todd Rundgren thought of his pop hits, "Hello it's Me,' "We Got to Get You a Woman," ...
R.I.P. Trevor Bolder, bassist for David Bowie and Uriah Heep via
Sad day off to attend the showbiz funeral of Trevor Bolder (bass player from Bowies Spiders from Mars and Uriah Heep) and producer and friend of Stevie ZeSuicide
1 Overload2 Cry freedom3 Falling in love4 Words in the distance5 Tears of the world6 Between two worlds7 The wizard8 Free me9 Shadow10 Sunrise11 Gypsy12 July morning13 Easy livin'14 Lady in black A...
OK, after a looong 4 days with little sleep, it's 9:46pm and I'm finally starting to wake up. Gonna get a few hrs of painting in tonight listening to my new favorite band, Uriah Heep : )
Welcome back to Travis's Top Five. Here are my top five favorite rock songs from 1972 in my opinion. 5: Rocket Man (I Think It's Going To Be A Long, Long Time) by Elton John 4: Easy Livin' by Uriah Heep 3: Witchy Woman by The Eagles 2: Suffragette City by David Bowie 1: Frankenstein by The Edgar Winter Group
It's the Sunday Weekend Express on the Fox with Mr. Blue Sky, and, even though it's an afternoon in June, still going to play July Morning from Uriah Heep..from there I'm not sure what comes next rolling on towards 7 and time for Elwood with the Bluesmobile..come on along for the ride, listen live at Seattle to San Francisco and all points in between thanks for listening
Karl Rove to play Uriah Heep in the San Quentin production of David Copperfield
Tonight's Hugo legend is long time Uriah Heep bassist Trevor Bolder, who also played with David Bowie and the Spiders From Mars as well as Wishbone Ash. RIP
Whilst mooching about this morning found a copy of Uriah Heep's Look At Yourself on vinyl for a fiver, turns out to be a 1st press worth £40. And it sounds great, might just treat myself to a beer :-)
Written by Trevor Bolder, "Lost," is one of the better songs on Uriah Heep's great Into The Wild album.
Member of Spiders from Mars, who subsequently played with Uriah Heep for more than 30 years, was suffering from cancer
Tomorrow on 92.1 RTR-FM with Bar at 7.45 am a special tribute to Trevor Bolder of Uriah Heep who passed way last week.
Newsflash : Trevor Bolder:: Funeral Details - The funeral for Uriah Heep bassist Trevor Bolder is to
We're sad to hear our friend Trevor Bolder from Uriah Heep passed away yesterday - R.I.P. Trevor, you'll be misse...
My thoughts and prayers go out to the family and friends of Trevor Bolder, longtime bass player for the legendary Uriah Heep. A phenomenal bass player and a wonderful man. May he rest in peace.
It is with great sadness that Uriah Heep announce the passing of our friend the amazing Trevor Bolder, who has passed away after his long fight with cancer. Trevor was an all time great, one of the outstanding musicians of his generation, and one of the finest and most influential bass players that…
Uriah Heep - Seven Stars Check Out Our Blog Page for upto date information on New Rock and Roll
This week we kick off with a doubleheader of classic tracks from The Doors in tribute to Ray Manzarek and later in the show feature a live from the archive sessionfrom Uriah Heep in tribute to bassist Trevor Bolder, both of whom joined the great gig in the sky this week.
biography[-]by Jason Ankeny Best-known for his tenure with long-running heavy metal act Uriah Heep, singer/multi-instrumentalist Ken Hensley was born in Hertforshire, England, on August 24, 1945. During the mid-'60s, he formed the psychedelic blues combo the Gods with Greg Lake (subsequently of Emerson, Lake & Palmer) and future Rolling Stone *** Taylor, although only Hensley remained from the original lineup by the 1968 release of their debut album Genesis. Upon issuing To Samuel a Son the following year, the band added Cliff Bennett and rechristened themselves Toe Fat. A pair of John Peel-produced LPs followed before Toe Fat split and in 1970, Hensley signed on to play guitar and keyboards in Spice, soon renamed Uriah Heep in honor of the Charles Dickens character. Despite near-unanimous critical animosity, Uriah Heep earned a loyal following in hard rock circles and in 1973, Hensley recorded his solo debut, Proud Words on a Dusty Shelf, with the aid of bandmates Lee Kerslake and Gary Thain. Eager to P ...
Trevor Bolder played bass in Uriah Heep and David Bowie's backing band, the Spiders From Mars.
Member of Uriah Heep, Wishbone Ash, had pancreatic cancer
Uriah Heep and Spiders From Mars icon passes away after cancer fight
Bolder also played with Uriah Heep and Wishbone Ash
Please find below a quote from *** Box and John Lawton ahead of the first of the short series of Uriah Heep show today (May 2, in Bergen op Zoom, Holland) that will feature John standing in for Bernie Shaw on lead vocals
Fantastic promotional video of the Uriah Heep song Dream On. Released in 1995 Sea of Light is one of Heep's gretest albums. Bassist Trevor Bolder wrote this ...
Uncle only. what to do. We had a stack of LPs which had Police, Jackson Five, Uriah Heep, Santana, Billy Joel & so on
Played on iconic Bowie albums and joined Uriah Heep
RIP Trevor Bolder - long time bass player for Uriah Heep as well as being bassist for David Bowie's backing band Spiders From Mars and briefly, Wishbone Ash. One of the greats - a true loss. This song just came on my iphone in the car, and it's the song that for me sums it up. From his last album - Uriah Heep's 'Into The Wild'
For the second day a rockstar dies, bassisst who with Uriah Heep / David Bowi, Trevor Bolder dies at 62.
RIP Trevor Bolder - the fella played on so many albums that were important to me while growing up. Not many can match his longevity or top drawer artists worked with. Bowie's (arguably) best musical period with The Spiders from Mars, Uriah Heep, Wishbone Ash and several other less well known bands and solo collaborations. Considering how many "journeyman" bassists there were around at the time (like Bob Daisley and John Wetton, whom he swopped bands with) he always had work - a true testament to his ability. Sad week for the rock world.
Long-time Uriah Heep bassist and Spiders From Mars icon lost his battle with cancer.
Dun, Dun, Dun another one bites the dust. RIP! Trevor Bolder joined the rockers in the sky. 21 May 2013. FIY. Bolder joined URIAH HEEP in 1976 as the replacement for John Wetton and made his debut with Uriah on 1977's "Firefly" LP. He played on 3 more albums before joining Wishbone Ash. In 1983, he returned to Uriah Heep and has appeared on all of the their studio albums since.! Yeah you got it! INCLUDING their most recent 2011's "Into The Wild" ROCK ON!
didn't get David Bowie concerts in our Flint/Saginaw area when he was a kid. But we sure as heck got Uriah Heep, and remember seeing Trevor Boulder playing bass for them on their 1977 Firefly tour. It was a job he kept, more or less, for 35 years and on occasional chats with him over the years, he always seemed contented and happy. Of course one plus was that Uriah Heep actually paid him, unlike Bowie in his Spiders From Mars years. And in his last interview, in this month's Classic Rock UK magazine shortly before he died of cancer, he lays it all bare. Good bloke and a fine musician, Trevor was.
How can I be egocentric and humble at the same time? Is it false humility, which I've found to be very common among the self-righteous? The two terms would appear to be mutually exclusive. To wit, I think not. Actually, true humility is distinctly different from false humility, which consists of deprecating one's own sanctity, gifts, talents, and accomplishments for the sake of receiving praise or adulation from other, as personified by Uriah Heep, a fictional character created by Charles Dickens in his novel David Copperfield. He was notable for his cloying humility, obsequiousness, and general insincerity.
On The RockIt Scientist on Mix 93.8fm tonight, between 8pm and midnight: special feature on one of the best and most endearing Latin Rock outfits of all time, MALO!! I will also be paying many respects to the legendary RONNIE JAMES DIO, who died on 16 May 2010, as well as a short tribute to bassist GARY THAIN, of Keef Hartley Band / Uriah Heep fame, who would have turned 65 years old yesterday, May 15th (died on 08/12/1975). We can never forget these, and so many other music legends that helped make Rock, Metal, Blues, etc what it is today. They have brought so much joy to our lives! Plus, of course, the usual MIX of blues, prog, metal, etc etc! Audio streaming via or the link, TUNE INNN!!!
Uriah Heep "The Hanging Tree" (excerpt) Live in Mannheim/Germany at Alte Seilerei May 8, 2013 Rare performance with John Lawton on vocals.
1948, Born on this day, Gary Thain, bassist with Keef Hartley Band and then Uriah Heep. Had a hit with ‘Easy Livin' from the 1972 album Demons and Wizards. Died of a drug overdose December 8, 1975.
Stream Bird of prey by Uriah Heep on Salisbury for free on Grooveshark.
Stream Bird of Prey (US album version) by Uriah Heep on ...Very 'eavy ...Very 'umble for free on Grooveshark.
Was reminded of my first live gig today. Newcastle City Hall, 30th November, 1977. Uriah Heep. And so, my musical journey had begun..
Uriah Heep bassist reveals truth behind heart attack rumours and his recent surgery - and looks forward to Spiders From Mars reunion
How many Bass players to change a lightbulb? None, The Keyboard player can do it with his left hand. What's the difference between a bass player and a pizza? The pizza can feed a family of four. I could go on but I wont. Now hilarious these observations maybe to some of us, I think it is about time to set the record straight as far as bassists go. The person I am choosing for this is the late great Gary Thain, who was part of the greatest Uriah Heep line up. He played some very stylish and very tasty bass parts indeed, His style and approach to the music some may consider "overplaying". Total nonsense, seems to me a cop out for either lazy players or players not good or competent enough, to play like Gary. During his short but illustrious career Gary played with Simon Dupree, and was a permanent fixture in "The Keef Hartley Band," with whom he released five studio albums and one live, almost the same amount as he recorded with Heep. He also played with The Pete York Percussion Band. Pete York being one h ...
Hear No Evil have released new albums from Pig Iron and Paul Raymond Project, as well as classic reissues from Accept, Raging Slab, Bernie Marsden, Luke Morley, Uriah Heep, Waysted, McAuley Schenker Group and Tokyo Blade. Forthcoming releases include Motorhead and Deep Purple.
Uriah Heep - Sweet Freedom live Stay Current Hit for the lastest on New Rock and Roll
Coming up next ... Legendary guitarist *** Box of URIAH HEEP
Help us by advertising to hear more of: Cocker; Joe, Uriah Heep, Genesis, Undertones; The, Bachman Turner Overdrive, Rainbow, Nicks; Stev...
my dad didn't tell me he had Uriah Heep so when I found it i wa like you twatface -.-
There's a Hammond organ wig-out on that album that sounds like Uriah Heep.
Head First: After Rising from the Ashes with 1982’s Abominog Set, Uriah Heep Continued to Pursue a Similar Com...
Have faith and trust in me she said,and filled my heart with life... ♫ Lady In Black by Uriah Heep —
Kristen Stewart is the Uriah Heep of acting.
Played Recently Uriah Heep - The Magician's Birthday Visit us for more
was when I was growing up. Thin Lizzy, Uriah Heep, Rainbow, Genesis to name but a very few.
I have a feeling someone is going to mention Uriah Heep
Fri, I'd like, Slipknot, Korn, Down, Volbeat, Uriah Heep, The Sword, Hammer of the Gods, Hang the *** and In This Moment
I have Wise Man by Uriah Heep stuck in my head.
Mine was Uriah Heep warming up for KISS in Amarillo Texas in 1977. Kicked *** . thanx Demise - TBone
Uriah Heep’s classic song ‘Lady in Black’, has been covered by Ritchie Blackmore’s ‘Blackmore’s Night’, on their...
//Well, let's see. I was at Uriah Heep concert half a year ago. The ticket was about 5'000 rubles. (c)
Uriah Heep.listen to the words in the music as well as the lyrics.
I'm interviewing *** Box legendary guitarist for Uriah Heep on Tuesday!
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Who'd like to see Uriah Heep back at the Barrowlands
Welcoming new listener with Uriah Heep and "The Dance" ♫
Why don´t we listen to the voices in our hearts? Uriah Heep - The wizard:
Uriah Heep Demons and Wizards on new heavyweight vinyl at
I'm more freaked out by a heep of Uriah.
Kelven goes fishing and hooks a Salmon, Uriah Heep takes out Bob Dylan, and Chael takes home a hog! Great stuff!
Listening all the best Uriah Heep's songs and also Led Zeppelin's with Dad. \( ¯O┑)
Return to Fantasy: Exclusive Japanese Limited Edition digitally remastered reissue of this 1975 album package...
listening to Stealin' by Uriah Heep on
Millibland, never has a more Uriah Heep spineless beige lump ever existed
stupidly turned it back on in time to hear Millibland sounding as Uriah Heep as possible
It'll probably turn to be some forgotten Uriah Heep track from my teens...
hey Urijah Heep had their day back in the 70s but yeah I'm interested in the fighting Uriah's
Is that the Uriah Heep cat? That still makes me laugh, I swear, on my morning walks. I giggle helplessly.
& also Brian May exclusive show, Foreigner, Uriah Heep, Mark Harman, Robert Cray - that's a place to be!
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ABBA.was huge 4 a while: Got into all the same, was into Rush, Nazareth, Styx, Uriah Heep, GFRR, Kansas, Elton John
Many Thanks to all those who came along or logged in to our Formidable Rock, Pop, Film & Sport Memorabilia Auction on Saturday. It was sensational. For those who did not make it - here are some of the highlights. If you have anything similar and would like a valuation, then please get in touch!: Beatles signed autographs - sold 1600 - Beatles Hello Goodbye/I Am The Walrus demonstration single - sold £460 - Beatles Hard Days Night UK poster - sold £340 - David Bowie as Davie Jones & The King Bees 1964 single Liza Jane/Louie Louie Go Home - sold £340 - Collection of x70 assorted 1970's+ LP's inc. The Kinks, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Edgar Broughton, The Who, Black Sabbath, Gong, Uriah Heep, Stray - sold £700 - Collection of approx. x95 assorted LP's inc. Procol Harum, The Fugs, Grace Slick, Velvet Underground, Van Morrison, Spirit - sold £580 - Frank Zappa & The Mothers of Invention 200 Motels call sheet from assistant director David Akexander together with booklet that came with LP signed by Keith Moo ...
Hune studying Uriah Heep's journey to 'umble penitent, or maybe he sees himself as Charles Darnay (Lembit as Sydney Carton)
Ok So I play in a Blues band...or two. Came home last night night after 2 weeks of rehearsals and 3 shows and just wanted to veg. So I goes to the Netflix and I find a "Yes" concert. But as I said I play blues but the bands of my youth were the progressive British bands of the 60's and 70's. ELP, Jethro Tull, Yes, Genesis, Pink Floyd, Cream, Robin Trower, Deep Purple, Uriah Heep, King Crimson and of Course Led Zeppelin. Needless to say I have been listening to YES all day. The Brits sure new what the *** they were doing.and those 3 boys from Canada too.So if you're me.pass this stuff on to the next generation so it's not forgotten.
I've settled on the tunes for the 30 minutes I get tomorrow on WWSU radio. It was hard to narrow it down to these seven songs, but I'll be playing tunes by Black Sabbath, Bad Company, Deep Purple, Uriah Heep, Jefferson Starship, Led Zeppelin, and Grand Funk Railroad.
How can two weekends be so diffarent. Last Saturday i was down the Green Man meeting up with all the Harrier boys.we was all looking old but fookin happy. Great day twas too. Sunday was at Mk the Stables listening to some more old folk going on, Uriah Heep, yes folks still alive and rocking, also a young band called Virgil and the Accelerators. This weekend working in the land of sand. 'Pah Willy'
List of bands who have been In India, thanks to Metalbase India via Aravind Ramaswami. The one I'm only/most waiting for has yet to come on this list :/ (You know which one I'm talking about...) The Beatles in 1966 Slash in 1996 Led Zeppelin in 1972 The Police in 1980 Hanoi Rocks in 1983 Scorpions in 2001 Bryan Adams in 2001, 2004, 2006 and 2011 Deep Purple in 2001 Elton John in 2002 Roger Waters in 2002 The Rolling Stones in 2003 Mark Knopfler in 2005 Joe Satriani in 2005 WE in 2005 Sting in 2005 Uriah Heep in 2006 Your Code Name is Milo in 2006 El Caco in 2006 Iron Maiden in 2007 and 2009 Aerosmith in 2007 Sepultura in 2007 Megadeth in 2008, 2012 Ensiferum in 2008 Hacride (Cancelled) Cynic (Cancelled) Machine Head in 2008 Freak Kitchen in 2006, 2008 Sahg in 2008 Satyricon in 2008 Amon Amarth in 2009 Intronaut in 2009 Benea Reach in 2009 Solstate in 2009 Textures in 2009, 2010 Lamb Of God in 2010 and 2012 Nervecell in 2010, 2013 Lacuna Coil in 2010 Arsames in 2010 De Profundis in 2010 Meshuggah in 2010 S ...
Uriah Heep, the progressive rock band took their name from a character in Charles Dickens' novel, ''David Copperfield''.
Never assume anything about people before you get to know them ... I was standing next to a lovely grey haired bloke exhibiting cakes for his wife at the wedding fayre yesterday. It turns out he was a guitarist in an early line up of prog rock band Uriah Heep ! Very 'eavy ... very 'umble !
I sat there reading and felt my spirit start to lift. Over the next few weeks I felt an energy and determination I had not felt in years!! I was totally driven again to make a record that would reach out and grab people by the throat!!! In the fall of 87” I started writing again. It was on a Saturday evening about 6 PM. I was lying of the couch about to take a nap. I had just started to drift off and in my head I heard, “Father come save us from this madness we’re under”. I immediately jumped up and ran to my writing room where the instruments and recorders were. I put down the verse of what would later become the title track of the album, “The Headless Children”!! After that, I really started looking at my “English Roots”. It was the music I had come to embrace as a kid, Uriah Heep, Sabbath and The Who. From the beginning W.A.S.P. had been a more “American” sounding Band. From that moment forward we would take a more “English” approach. For me it seemed like it was what the lyric ...
A couple quick comparisons between now and then... I had something we only eat once in a while the other day. Real Kraft "the cheesiest" Mac'n'cheese. In college (well actually before I started college) it was less than 25 cents a box and had '4 servings' with 1200 calories if you ate the whole box. Which I often did, because it was a major part of my nutritional intake. Currently it costs less than a dollar a box and has less than half what it did, 2 servings for 550 total calories (okay to be fair, it was a sacrilegious spiral variety instead of elbow). So anyway, that makes it about 8 times more than then. Then The Script is coming to Seoul. Tickets are only about $100. Back when I could eat Mac'n'Cheese for a quarter a box, and get twice the calories, I could see REO Speedwagon, Uriah Heep and the James Gang for about $6. So food hasn't gone up as much as entertainment, I guess. Even later when Joe Walsh left the James Gang for the Eagles, tickets were still only about $12. Back then too, if you gave ...
On The RockIt Scientist on Mix93.8fm last night: RPM, Tank, Driver, Colin Bass, Marshall Tucker Band, Uriah Heep, Hookfoot, Home, Livin' Blues, Jericho (Jones), Armageddon, Wishbone Ash, Stud, Hard Meat, Hustler, Jimi Hendrix, Atomic Rooster, Mellow Candle, Hoslips, Strawbs, Hydra, Reaction, Temptations, Randy Pie, War, Black Sabbath, Queensryche, John Miles, Osibisa, Audience, Junipher Greene, Culpeper's Orchid, Skin Alley, Badger, Asgaerd, Moving Sidewalks, Gino Vannelli and Krokus. The tribute to the late PHIL WRIGHT was quite emotional. Thanks so much to those who sent messages - judging by the response, the love and affection for this most incredible man is enormous, and his untimely death has affected many. A LEGEND NEVER DIES. Special feature was on the awesome UK prog band, RARE BIRD. Thanks to Mike Tymvios for sitting in with me for Phil's tribute - I nearly lost it a few times, especially when I played one of Phil's favourite tracks, "Music", by John Miles. Thanks for tuning in, and for sharing ...
I'm going to Uriah Heep at Islington Assembly Hall in London, United Kingdom - Feb 27
Black Sabbath, Uriah Heep, Jethro Tull, MotorHead, the memories of a misspent youth.
Neil here from Star Rock. Join me at 7pm with rock legends Uriah Heep plus we'll bring you an interview with Dave Grohl from Foo Fighters!
Uriah Heep performing Gypsy live at The Tivoli in Buckley 21/02/13
February 21st birthdays Part One: 1933 - Nina Simone, (Eunice Wayman), US jazz, blues singer. Died 21st April 2003 1938 - Bobby Charles American singer-songwriter (Swamp Rock & R’n’B) 1943 - David Geffen, Geffen record label boss. Founder of Asylum records who signed The Eagles, Crosby Stills Nash & Young, Jackson Browne and Joni Mitchell. Formed Dreamworks in 1995. 1947 - Johnny Echols, American singer/songwriter and guitarist. He has played in bands with performers such as Little Richard, Billy Preston and Jimi Hendrix, and was the guitarist on many recording sessions with Miles Davis. Best known as the lead guitar player of the psychedelic rock band Love, that he co-founded as a teenager with his childhood friend Arthur Lee. 1948 - Paul Newton, bassist with progressive group "Shinn" which featured organist Don Shinn and drummer Brian "Blinky" Davison and then joined a reformed line-up of "The Gods" with Ken Hensley and Lee Kerslake. He was the original bass guitarist for Uriah Heep, and played on t ...
Sometimes I think Stevie Nicks has a window into my heart. She's relentless ... in a emotions way. Uriah Heep too but that's different.
I can stay silent no longer after today's announcement that Uriah Heep are playing this year's Download. Much as I liked them when I was 14 I'm now 40 years older!! and along with all the other bands of my youth that are making a 'comeback' it's overwhelmingly obvious festivals and major venues are struggling to find NEW bands to perform. Surely it's time they realised they need to look at what's going on in the UNSIGNED world, even if it's for the lower stages, rather than churning out bands that quite frankly should have hung up their telecasters long ago! Time for a revolution people
Download festival organisers have added 49 bands to the bill for the 2013 event at Donington Park on June 14-16. Along with Papa Roach, who leaked the news of their appearance last month, the stack of new names includes Europe, Skin, Uriah Heep, Newsted and Buckcherry. View the first day split details below. Europe will return to make up for their cancelled set last year after heavy rain meant their gear arrived on time but the band didn’t. Frontman Joey Tempest said at the time: “The flight was two-hour delayed from Sweden so the guys were very late. Then we hit traffic on the way here. It was very close but in the end we had to postpone. We didn’t want to go on and play one or two songs – we wanted to play a good set.” They’ll join headliners Iron Maiden, Rammstein and Slipknot at the hallowed Leicestershire location for the 11th edition of the event that replaced Monsters Of Rock in 2003. The announcement follows the addition of dozens of bands in January. Tickets are on sale now. Download ...
Hello Ladies & Gentlemen, We often find ourselves wondering about the difference between what we do and being locked up. It’s a pretty thin line. Rock ‘n’ roll is the greatest way for weirdos like us to find a purpose in life. In that sense, our goal has never really changed. We just want to carry on getting away with it. Not getting caught - that’s our only ambition.  ~ Lux Interior   Stop in soon and get groovy - we'd love to see you!   Best Wishes, WoS   EAR STUFF USED 12" - Killing Joke - Birds of a Feather - 3 song E.P. - $10 USED 12" - Magazine - Sweetheart Contract - 4 song E.P. - $8 USED 12" - Essential Logic - Wake Up - 4 song E.P. - $15 USED LP - George Russell Sextet - Stratusphunk - $10 USED LP - Little Willie John - All 15 Of His Chart Hits (1953-1962) - great R&B singer! - $15 USED LP - Old & In The Way - S/T - (Garcia's Bluegrass outfit) 1985 repress / remaster - $12 USED LP - Uriah Heep - S/T - original gatefold - $7 USED LP - The Velvet Underground - Live At Max's Kansas City ...
Great production of David Copperfield, just don't do a Uriah Heep and be 'humble' about it! ;)
I have been to well over 100 concerts in my time. Thinking back (while i still can) here are my dozen best. 12. Cold Play at Wells Fargo, I went in wanting to hate it and it turned out to be very entertaining. 11. Rod Stewart at the Well, Promise made, promise kept. 10. Fleetwood Mac UNI road trip!9. Lynard Synard/ ZZ Top, at Hilton 8. Grand Funk Railroad- Prairie Meadow, Missed them in their prime in the 70s it was on my bucket list. 7. Stevie Ray in a bar outside of Ankeny in the early 80s.It was crowded sweaty stinky but awesome. 6.Bob Dylan/ Willie Nelson at Sec. Taylor, Backstage passes what else do I have to say. 5. The Highwaymen at Hilton 4 Iconic Superstars playing together. 4. Uriah Heep 1973ish at Vets, It was my first and I will always remember it. 3. Bruce Springsteen at the Well, 3 hours of pure energy! 2.The WHO 1975 at Vets, Keith Moon was a mad man that night! 1. Sammy Hagar at the Civic center, Great time with my wife and great rock and roll. that is it I am sure I missed one or two. How ...
"The first time I heard him I thought: 'Man, he can sing high'" *** Box, do Uriah Heep, sobre o Geddy Lee)
Listen to my album " Sunflickers".I have some great guest-player on it, like Bob Daisley ( ex-Ozzy Osbourne, Black Sabbath, DIO, Rainbow, Uriah Heep, Gary...
Now, you may have noticed that I have not said a word about the Uriah Heep concert this week. Strange huh? I mean, normally I would have rushed home and got straight onto FB. The superlatives would have flowed like water. The word ‘awesome’ would have been bandied about with abandon. Gross exaggerations (the best gig of the Post-Jurassic order – for instance) would have been the order of the day; but no, not a dickey bird, not a word passed my lips. “And why is this?” you ask. Well, as you asked, I’ll spill the beans; you see, I haven’t managed to come up with a description of that nights momentous events that would not appear to be making fun of Lucie having attended her first ever (and I suspect last ever) heavy rock concert (hey, I’m trying to be nice here). Let me start by saying she is making a good recovery, I understand that there are very good treatments for post-traumatic stress syndrome these days. But I digress; as the concert was about to start, she suggested we turn off our m ...
Tune in tonight to 93.3 KZOZ's LIVEI'll have Birthdays w/ Uriah Heep, Grand Funk + TDIH w/ Elton John & Willie Dixon!
January 29th birthdays: 1929 - Bernard Stanley Bilk, (Acker Bilk), bandleader 1933 - French singer and guitarist Sacha Distel who had the 1970 UK No.10 single 'Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head'. 1938 - James Jamerson, bassist played with The Funk Brothers on many Motown hits by The Temptations, Marvin Gaye, The Four Tops, Martha And The Vandellas and others. 1943 - Tony Blackburn, DJ on Radio Caroline and the first D.J. on BBC Radio One. (The first song played was 'Flowers In The Rain by The Move'). Blackburn was crowned 'King of the jungle' in 2003 after winning on the UK TV show 'I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here' set in the Australian outback. 1944 - Andrew Loog Oldham, producer, manager and the first Rolling Stones manager. Oldham launched the Immediate label in 1965 which enjoyed 24 UK Top 50 hits. Also worked with Small Faces, John Mayall, Rod Stewart, The Nice, Jimmy Page, Jeff Beck, Eric Clapton and the Amen Corner. 1947 - David Byron, singer, with Uriah Heep. Byron died on 28th February 1985 ...
Today In Rock History – January 29 1947 – Vocalist, David Byron, of the rock band Uriah Heep is born in Essex, England. 1948 – Guitarist, Bill Kirchen, who with George Frayne founded Commander Cody and his Lost Planet Airmen, is born in Ann Arbor, Mich. 1952 - Tommy Ramone, also known as Thomas Erdelyi (born Erdélyi Tamás) is born today in Budapest, Hungary. He was the drummer of the influential punk rock band the Ramones and is the last surviving member of the original quartet. 1962 - The folk-pop trio Peter Paul & Mary sign with Warner Bros. Records. 1964 - No. 1 Chart Toppers Pop Hit: “I Want to Hold Your Hand,” The Beatles. This first American release by the Beatles is one of the biggest selling British singles of all time with worldwide sales of 15 million copies. 1967 - Over at London’s Saville Theatre, Jimi Hendrix, the Who, the Koobas, and the Thoughts perform. 1972 - The triple album, ‘The Concert For Bangla Desh’ went to No.1 on the UK album chart. Organized by George Harrison ...
Today's Musical Celeb B-Days: John Raitt (Baritone known for his roles on Broadway in "Carousel" and "The Pajama Game) would have been 96; Ron Townson (Singer, he was a founding member of the group The Fifth Dimension, known for "Up, Up and Away", "Aquarius) would have been 80, and David Byron (lead singer of the band Uriah Heep) would have been 66 today.
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Never drink & iTunes. I am now the proud owner of Uriah Heep Live in Armenia.
Hope you'll enjoy this great song! __---LYRICS---__ I'm so sorry for the things I've done And the times it went a little wrong Try to understand That I've ma...
BUY THIS ALBUM TODAY!! This is the re-recorded version of the classic Uriah Heep song, Gypsy. The original was from the album ...Very 'Eavy, ...Very 'Umble (...
Wizz his acoustic set : Do it right - Ostrogoth . Lady in black - Uriah heep . Crazy - Seal . Blood money - bonjovi . Insanity - Wizz Wizzard . Harleyse - Wizz Wizzard . Feel like making love - Bad co . More to come
Vintage Uriah Heep this morning, coffee, plundering the seas and raiding castles. Sunday mornings. Love ummm !
Track 7 from Uriah Heep's 1970 debut album. Credited to *** Box and David Byron.
Check out my album of featuring and more!
Tomorrow night they're here: rock legends Uriah Heep perform for SIXTH time in Tel Aviv!
Back when there was freedom to record whatever you wanted and explore any direction! URIAH HEEP -- Salisbury -- 1971:
No 1 son, whilst on duty at LHR last night found Uriah Heep in T1. Being a good son he got a signed photo of the band for his mum!
She came to me one morning, one lonely Sunday morning. | Uriah Heep - Lady in black (Salisbury 1971):
Wow! Israeli radio station 88fm will translate the live gig of Uriah Heep in Tel Aviv on upcoming Tuesday 9pm local time! Stay tuned!
No cover no more Free rock for you. Now. Young Heart Attack/Uriah Heep/Uncle Acid/Sabbath/Humble Pie/Firebird/etc.
Some of my personal photos along with one of my favorite Heep songs. Peace.
We'll rock it a minute with this live performance from 1972!
My personal favorite ELP. I especially love this solo acoustic performance by Greg in 1974
I was rocking some old school Black Sabbath, Rainbow, KISS, Nazareth, Uriah Heep & Deep Purple in the jukebox yesterday and overheard this old guy next to me say to his wife "I don't know who played this" so I rolled my eyes and thought to myself he's too old to appreciate music this loud and then he turned to me and said "I bet you're too young to appreciate this music aren't you?" Made my day! Metal Rules.
Whats everyone's favorite concert they have been too? I've seen a lot but I would have to say Van Halen in 79 in Madison Wisc. With some of my buds from Oregon!!! I got to meet Eddie V H after the concert, quite the highlight!!!
Uriah Heep Musician's Birthday was my first live concert down in Jacksonville, FL. Spent most of the concert in the bathroom with the girl I went with because she was tripping because she "dropped" before going (not me) but, hey, it was still memorable.
So, Jane got me an Ipod for xmas and just got a set of good headphones..finally took some old vinyl records and trsnfered some songs over..rockin out to some old school rock...Ted Nugent, Krokus, Uriah Heep, Shooting Star, Zep, God I miss the old days
Got an *almost* irresistible urge to put some Byron-era Uriah Heep on… Fighting it…
From Demons And Wizards (1972). Fantastic album. One of the greatest albums in 70's. Lyrics: Circle of hands Cold spirits plan Searching my land For an enemy...
Had a great rehearsal with Greg Walton and Phil Jones this morning. We need a singer so if anyone knows someone who can belt out Uriah Heep, Deep Purple, Magnum, Asia, and Marillion numbers send them our way!
Listening to KANSAS radio on Pandora and doing a Beach Body work out!
NCHS class of ' you remember Uriah Heep Live, January 1973,,,:Rock 'n' Roll Melody"? here it is again... enjoy the next 8 minutes of this classic! :)
Question when and where and who your first music purchase mine was Black Sabbat paranoid and uriah heep malice in wonderland record album
gente volete ascoltare qualcosa in particolare? avete richieste? -B
Uriah Heap drummer, Russell Gilbrook shows us his drummer skills to "No One Knows" by Queens of the Stone Age. This video was taken from Russell's recent Dru...
"Refreshingly unburdened by ego" reinvents himself as answer to Uriah Heep! how could you?
Saturday morning and its time for Rock Legends... Jethro Tull ,Thin Lizzy ; Uriah Heep... Yeah
Hamilton Collection
Dracula in a threesome with Vampira and the Bride of Frankenstein on a cold, stone castle floor with Lilly Munster bound, gagged, stripped, suspended upside down and forced to hang there, blindfolded, listening (during a thunderstorm on a fog-laden, muggy Transylvanian night), fearing and secretly w...
"Do you still remember---December's foggy freeze --when the ice that clings on to your beard is---screaming agony." Thanks to You Tube reliving some great music from the aove band(Anybody can finish the next line?) as well as Uriah Heep, Yes, ELP. and a little Black Sabbath thrown in...some things never get old
I was only seventeen, fell in love with a gypsy queen, she told me "hold on"
How often do you get to catch Uriah Heep on the radio? I was stealin' when I shoulda been lyin'...
Music Question # 2 : What are your top 10 favorite songs of ALL time !! (any genre,category etc. . .) 1 is the topper and 10 ain't too bad either !! Discuss! Please post Band and Song so we can keep up! =-)
Did you meet the drummer that played with the ex-rhythm guitarist of Uriah Heep in the Idaho leg if his county fair tour?
I added a video to a playlist Uriah Heep - Free Me [Disco 1978].mpg
I got me a record player that works again built 4 a radio station modern tech that doesnt kill analog n pa- comp capable
indeed. "Today is only yesterday's tomorrow" Line from a Uriah Heep song that is.
I just used to tag Easy Livin' by Uriah Heep.
Sitting on the dock of the bay aka Bubba Gump's listening to Uriah Heep. A fine moment. Easy Living.
Paul has spent many years describing onto canvas his interpretation of Tolkien’s epic tale “The Lord of the Rings”. Although he has his own website, Paul decided to build this site dedicated to his Tolkien inspired series.
Toivottavasti Rock Rooster soittaa tulevaisuudessa lisää biisejä yhtyeeltä: / In the future I wish Rock Rooster will play more songs from:
So. Sitting around watching the weather channel and talking about how they are now naming winter storms. (This one is "Khan"). We decided it would be so much more interesting if they were named after bands...this one could be Korn or Kansas, for instance. We actually thought of one for each letter so I know it could be done! They could play that band's music on the forecast during its storm. :) Some letters were harder than others. (Vertical Horizon for V, Devo for D, Uriah Heep for U...)
Cool Truth Button Review in Music Notes "reminds me of something King Crimson would do if locked in a room with Deep Purple and Uriah Heep for a few hours"
Hat jmd alte Schallplatten die er loswerden will?
I think the next cover tune HAS to be Spinning Wheel by Blood Sweat and Tears. What do you think?
Well Round 3 got started with lots of voting which is great. Thank you Outcast Nation for participating in this fun event. The First Battle, Uriah Heep vs Aerosmith ended up closer than I thought. Though the "Heepsters did represent. Voting ended up 16 for UH and 10 for Aerosmith. In Battle 2, all I can say is wow. Slash has been around for years with G'N'R, Velvet Revolver, and also his solo works which have been very good, and it's been great being able to feature him on Outcast.But The Nation went with Mr Segar. What can I say? 'nuff said. Segar 22.Slash 1
Paul Stanley of KISS had turned 25 years old only 2 days before we saw KISS in concert at the Chicago Stadium on January 22, 1977. Uriah Heep opened. Both bands were great! January 20, 2013, Paul is 61 years old.
Roger Dean, an early influence of mine when I was into art a long, long time ago is guest of honor at Arisia '13, New England's largest and most diverse science fiction and fantasy convention, and me with no money to go or way to go...uh. This guy had a unique style, did album cover art for many of the rock and Prog Rock bands that were my favorites; Yes, Uriah Heep, etc. I saw Yes perform once with props he designed for the stage that made it appear like the landscapes pictured on some albums.
Listening to Jethro Tull, Uriah Heep, Emerson, Lake, & Palmer, makes me want to head to the 70s for some fun!! How about January 17, 1973??? Oh yeah!! Groovy!!
Thinking lots of happy thoughts today about the zillions of memories I have with my Pop ...please indulge me while I share a few...   + He and I rode Space Mountain in DisneyWorld together when it first opened in 1975   + He took me to my first concert - Aerosmith! - at Madison Square Garden when I was 12.  I think he got a contact high because he kept going to the concession stand. :-)   + He taught me to drive in his Coupe de Ville. He indulged my desire to "cruise" once while in Seaside driving, him in the passenger seat of this huge Cadillac, cruising around Seaside, listening to loud 8-tracks.+ Speaking of cruising, we did a lot of that on our way to and then through Miami Beach while listening to a British Invasion 8-track that was a personal favorite of his (Herman's Hermits, Donovan, Uriah Heep!)   + Frequent IHOP breakfasts in Miami Beach in which he thought it was perfectly fine to let me *always* order chocolate chip pancakes.  He always spoiled me rotten!   + Countless Gian ...
"Considered by some to be a poor man's Deep Purple, Uriah Heep were in fact untouchable under a full head of steam, the very best at this game for at lest ten minutes per album. (lol) "Easy Livin'" fused Hammond organ and power chords to create a wall of sound that was impressive and impermeable, despite the song's amusing shuffle construct. Frantic and event filled, "Easy Livin'" furthermore possessed a classical flair come back time, as well as thespian dramatics though the presence of the versatile David Byron, a vocal stylist on par with Freddie Mercury and front man with the presence of Robert Plant."
It's a Uriah Heep kinda day for me. And if you don't know Uriah Heep, you are seriously missing out on some great music. Who are you listening to today?
We haven't had a quiz for ages - so, why not? Same 'rules' - just for fun - so no Googling..! Q. 1: Robert S. McNamara was U.S defence secretary between 1961 and 1968, and played a major part in U.S policy in the Vietnam War. What did the 'S' stand for in his middle initial? a - Simon b - Strange c- Sherman Q.2: What did the band Uriah Heep take their name from? a - An area of their hometown (Birmingham U.K) b - Their manager’s dog c - A character in a Charles Dickens novel Q.3: The T.V series Star Trek featured the first televised inter-racial kiss. Between which characters?: a - Uhura and Kirk b - Sulu and Chekov c - Spock and nurse Chapel Q.4: (A bit cryptic this one!) - What sporting flop was one of the biggest sporting successes in history? (Clue: 1968). Q.5: Which Fleetwood Mac album features (Bill Clinton’s greatest hit???!!!) ‘Don’t Stop’? Q.6: London’s derelict Battersea Power Station features on the cover of which album? Q.7: In which song are the four kings of EMI sitting stately on ...
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