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Uri Geller

Uri Geller (born 20 December 1946) is a self-proclaimed psychic known for his trademark television performances of spoon bending and other supposed psychic effects.

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In fairness, the CIA apparently got suckered by Uri Geller too, so...yeah.
Uri Geller.surprisingly hard to stab.
CIA files: Uri Geller has real powers
Everyone should watch the documentary on James Randi called An Honest Liar: Talks about Ran…
Reading about Uri Geller and the CIA reminds me how rubbish TV was in 1970s and 80s. You could become a major celebrity bending spoons FFS.
CIA carried out series of bizarre secret experiments that aimed to weaponize psychic abilities...
I have good memos of Uri Geller in there about 10 yrs ago . Yes we must try and be optimistic for future .🎭
Hey Uri Geller had millions of yahoos convinced he could bend spoons with his mind.
SPOON-KY! Declassified files reveal CIA carried out secret psychic experiments on Uri Geller… |
I'm no Uri Geller but I predict Rangers to be drawn at home.
The CIA tested Uri Geller's psychic abilities during a series of top secret tests in the 1980s where he was able...
I remember when Uri Geller was popular and that the CIA was very interested in tapping his abilities.
When you're putting away the cutlery and you start to suspect that your kids have been reading news stories about Uri Geller.
Click here to see another article by
CIA admits it carried out secret psychic experiments on Uri Geller - getting him to PREDICT agent’s drawings from t…
Uri Geller convinced the CIA of his psychic powers via
How Uri Geller persuaded the CIA he can read minds | The Times of Israel
ISRAELI URI GELLER PROVED CREDIBLE-The time the CIA was convinced a self-proclaimed psychic had paranormal abilities https:…
Before complaining about how tough your life is, take a moment to think about Uri Geller eating a yoghurt.
How Uri Geller convinced the CIA he was a 'psychic warrior' via
Click the article link by to see how I convinced the that my powers are real!.
I think I usually have quite ordinary dreams. Sometimes my dreams take me...
'There was no way I could explain it': the CIA scientist convinced by Uri Geller's psychic powers
Uri Geller as psychic practitioner of paranormal skills is a Military-Industrial Complex hoax no different than aliens. He is 100% garbage.
Digested week: more tales of Brexit, Trump ... and Uri Geller via
Uri Geller was a fascination of mine when I was 12 years old. I got his autobiography from the local library and read it.Pretty creepy stuff
How CIA bid to turn Uri Geller into a weapon backfired
How the CIA's bid to turn Uri Geller into a psychic weapon backfired via
It was Randi debunking Peter Popoff and Uri Geller that I enjoyed the most.
Renaming all my Pokemon 'Uri Geller', because he hates that.
More 80s than the 80s themselves. From the bezzie mate of Uri Geller (probably), THIS legendary mix...
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With near, I'd like to remind everyone Stan Bush once teamed up with Clive Anderson and Uri Geller:
Nowadays even presidents, vice-presidents, and heads of big agencies are opening their minds to a
BREAKING NEWS:. Uri Geller is in a helicopter above the velodrome attempting to put a wobble on Callum Skinner's front wheel.
Wow US does have some champs that make David Icke look dull. Uri Geller logic bending
I've seen lights in the sky, I've seen UFOs, I've even seen something on the ground that I can't
Our meaning is to make our little planet Earth a better place to live, to stop wars, disarm nucl
Where's Uri Geller when you need him
So, I am independently well-off and don't have to do anything, but I still do. I write books, lec
Maybe we should get Uri Geller or someone to sort the clouds out for us. Don't we all have to hold hands or use the Force or something?
Wonder what Uri Geller is up to these days.
It isn't David Berglas in the photo with Janner, I think it's Uri Geller.
Yes. He famously took down Uri Geller in the 80s and many "faith healers" and assorted *** who hurt others.
He taught Uri Geller spoon bending to keep him from destroying Hamas.
In other news.Scottish Football is once again shown up to be as bent as a Uri Geller spoon.
I reckon if we all focus on Max Whitlock right now, Uri Geller style,(plus with his insane talent), he will do this 💪🏽
Wanna watch men's gymnastics but equally don't want to see someone's leg bent like Uri Geller's forks
That's making me hungry! Although why is Tricia trying to do a Uri Geller on that fork! 😁
Wie Uri Geller einst sagte: If you believe it works!
He's doing his best impression of Uri Geller, obviously. 😂
Muslims are to laws what Uri Geller was to spoons.
what are your thoughts . about Uri Geller?
So I was just joking, but apparently Kadabra *is* Uri Geller - according to, er, Uri Geller. He sued for £60m & lost
lol . "Uri Geller: Touch it here where I am stroking it...".
The planet is benter than one of the spoons Uri Geller had up his sleeve, pal.
I've just taught thousands of people over the radio in the USA how to mend broken watches and bro
Uri Geller, Michael Jackson, David Guest and David Blaine were all fans of Exeter City a few years back
In the UK you could not trust the BBC or C4 to be impartial, they are so bent even spoon bending Uri Geller looks a saint.
Imagine the love-child of Uri Geller and Ross Geller and then see that at tonight at 8pm:
What's the difference between Uri Geller and Elton John? One likes bending spoons and the other likes spooning benders.
Fortunately or unfortunately, this world is not ruled by the physics of Uri Geller. Wishing something doesn't make it so.
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watch here : Michael Jackson shopping with Matt Fiddes and Uri Geller.
a black velvet painting of baby Scott Adams visited by the astral form of Uri Geller
When he's at Uri Geller's house and he gets so offended that Uri set up an interview with MJ for Martin Bashir and not him is incredible
Did Michael know that Uri Geller (who introduced Michael to Martin Bashir) used to worked for the CIA?
Uri Geller Know the hourly TOP trends. Visit for more info
Who knew was taught some tricks by Uri Geller?
With Uri Geller! Selfie with my Ferrari! Sad my buddy has moved to Isral full time now!
Michael Jackson and Uri Geller are two proper bad nonces
The inclusion of a photo of Uri Geller photo with broken watches is amazing
.I never could understand the point of Uri Geller - he supposedly bends spoons, so what? Distinctly underwhelming
Being a friend of Shimon Peres and (Spy!?!) Uri Geller must help: htt…
best Uri Geller impression I've heard in a long time
You could tell that way back in October? Watch out Uri Geller old Sugar Lugs is after your crystal ball.
I've learnt that I'm as bent as Uri Geller's whatsit. xxx
Use all that spare time in your Christmas vacation to go all 'Uri Geller' on some old wrenches you have laying...
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I've stopped caring about skeptics, but if they libel or defame me they will end up in court -Uri Geller
Uri Geller (b. December 20): “The best part of being a vegan is the peace of mind.”
Preferences are cultural though. E.g. Uri Geller spectacularly failed when using the same setup in TV shows outside NA/Europe.
Casual friend who passed away was good friends w Uri Geller & claimed they were together in past life. She'd want me to wish him Happy B'day
Hide the silverware, Uri Geller is 69, but think of spooning. Happy BDay!
Happy Birthday to Alan Parsons -Lesley Judd-Uri Geller & Pat Chapman.And if it's your Birthday today 😊
Or, perhaps tucked up in Tel Aviv being fed ice creams by Uri Geller
Very creepy man, Uri Geller, not Justin Hayward. Justin is a lovely man, I met him at Swindon. Hope he has nothing to do
Uri Geller is a very strange fella!!. Zionist spoon bender who serves an Israeli agenda!!.
Uri Geller was as bent as one of his spoons after an evening 'show'! He told ridiculous Hea…
20 December 1946. Uri Geller was born in Tel Aviv, Israel. His spoon bending ability gained him world fame in 1970s.
Richard Osman, Hugh Grant, Lily Allen, Uri Geller and Michael Jackson…have a bit of that:
Uri Geller as chairman, John Sitton as DOF, Nile Ranger as player gaffer.
Football needs more characters!. Nile Ranger, John Sitton, Uri Geller, Edmundo. Players like Phil Neville make me vomit!
*** funny, "Mind games" mentioned in big Journal article. We should get Uri Geller in n all.
EXCLUSIVE: Spoon-bender Uri Geller is selling his sprawling Feng Shui mansion in the village of Sonning after 35 years, even though George
Uri Geller and the CIA, a potted history in interview form: (Thanks
Reading: Daily round-up: Uri Geller's home on the market and Keith Lemon comes to Reading
Psychic Uri Geller says he can bend iPhones with his mind - CNET
Uri Geller up to his old tricks again.
Have you had a look around Uri Geller's house yet?
Remember when Uri Geller tried to sue Nintendo? That was weird.
Look round Uri Geller's £15 million home, complete with meditation pyramid.
Reading: In Pictures: Uri Geller's £15 million White House-inspired home in Sonning up for sale
Uri Geller said some pretty interesting things about how the CIA work in this interview.
reminded me of the day Michael Jackson, Uri Geller and David Blaine pitched up at Exeter City FC!.
find the peanuts Uri Geller the spoon tho' so best stick to Nutella for jar nosebagging
Star Wars is like a Western written by Uri Geller and David Icke.
The little fiasco between Uri Geller and Louis Theroux in the MJ documentary is making me cringe. Uri has so little understanding of Louis.
if Uri Geller can bend a spoon and David Copperfield can fly anything is possible
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
years ago, read Uri Geller - he said people could 'train' their ESP powers by willing traffic lights to change
Crimes of the Art: Uri Geller’s disappeared sculpture in Sonning, UK (photo by Neil Macdona... via
Uri Geller: surprisingly hard to stab
Uri Geller's bent spoon sculpture in Berkshire has gone missing
Secret CIA Psychic Lab Experiments with Uri Geller at Stanford University For over 20 years, scientists
The illusionist Uri Geller is selling his 9 bed Berkshire mansion, on the market for £15m
Take a tour of TV psychic Uri Geller's home - now for sale:
looks like you've Uri Geller'd that glass!
Win a family pass to Monster Manor in
Uri Geller has a loo that "asks your preferences when it comes to position and pressure" .
Uri Geller sneaking intae yer house at night. Bending yer spoons. Laughing in yer face as ye sleep
The latest twist in the bent spoon saga. Uri Geller spoon sculpture removed over planning 'hunch' - BBC News
Uri Geller said some pretty interesting things about the CIA in this interview….
Win three family passes to Monster Manor in today's in .
Uri Geller's talking toilet is on the market in .
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TV psychic Uri Geller's home is for sale:
Uri Geller spoon saga continues: sculpture now on its way from Sonning to Jerusalem -
Meanwhile, in other news, 'Uri Geller's talking toilet is on the market':
Sleb Safari: Uri Geller's talking toilet is on the market: Kaley Cuoco: So sorry to disappoint, bu...
A spoon sculpture installed in Sonning by illusionist Uri Geller was removed at his request http:/…
Uri Geller gave a special gift to his former home town, Sonning-on-Thames in Berkshire. It is a bright red statue...
Dominic Littlewood and Uri Geller. New presenters of Channel 5's 'cowboy builders under the hammer of trance dance'
I'm sure Uri Geller has James Randi blocked, too.
As are some of Uri Geller's other mates~Michael Jackson>Al Gore>Ehud Ba…
Savile was luverly.Rolf is sooo luverly.Stuart is luverly.Derek Laud is luverly, Uri Geller is so luverly.
Also! Your Weekly Kusoge: Mindseeker, a psychic simulator where you train under the Japanese version of Uri Geller
I enjoyed An Honest Liar immensely. I wonder how long I'll be angry at Uri Geller and Peter Popoff.
Michael Jackson, Matt Fiddes, David Blaine and Uri Geller goes on a trip (with Janner footage) via …
his name was Jean-Pierre Girard, a French psychic. And the angel told me he was the false prophet and that Uri Geller was the beast. And
Remember when Uri Geller was in the jungle and kept name dropping Michael? Remember when David Gest was in jungle + name dropping Michael?
Update your maps at Navteq
Tim Robbins & Uri Geller at The Tonight Show with Jay Leno - Season 8
Uri Geller's son works for the Crown Prosecution Service. Murkier and murkier ...
Janner has very powerful friends~among them Shimon Peres and Uri Geller:
Could influence of friends such as Shimon Peres and Uri Geller have played a part?
Depends if you're Lord Janner, a close friend, relative or Uri Geller~
Uri Geller, considering your previous friendships with men of questionable activities, do you really think your support is…
Uri Geller was a friend of Lord Janner and introduced him to Michael Jackson?. What is it with…
Wherever there's a VIP paedo, you will find Uri Geller...
Interestingly, on good friend of Lord Janner Uri Geller mentioned his son works
Uri Geller has a habit of showing up in odd places.
The FA Cup, Uri Geller and snooker's world championship all on mind this weekend.
Did Uri Geller turn up in the debate spin room?
Uri Geller, friend of Lord Jenner and Michael Jackson. I wonder what they have in common?
Birthday party for Paul Boateng in 2002, to which Janner invited Michael Jackson and Uri Geller
What's with the fixation with celebrity:Martha Kearney asks Uri Geller on whether CPS was right not to prosecute Lord Janner ***
Uri Geller said Janner couldn't recognise his children 3 years ago. Why was he still in the House of Lords?
Raises questions though, especially as Uri Geller a spy!!
Uri Geller & greville Janner dining in WM Uris run off to israel & Janner has dementia
Uri Geller describes Janner as one of the four greatest magicians in the world
Coming up on - "He doesn't even recognise his own grandchildren" - Uri Geller on his friend Lord Janner.
Uri Geller's testimony today was that he last saw Janner 3 years ago, and Janner didn't recognise him.
Good friend of Lord Uri Geller mentioned son (Daniel Geller) works at
Not sure that Uri Geller talking about 'Magic Circle' is really helping in the Janner case
On good friend of Lord Uri Geller mentioned son works at CPS:
Uri Geller's son Daniel Geller works for the Crown Prosecution Service. . Just saying.
Lord Janner was just defended on by Uri Geller! I'm not sure Michael Jacksons mates are good character witnes…
BREAKING: Lord Janner cured of all signs of dementia by mystic channelling from Uri Geller
Oh, so Uri Geller says couldn't recognise him two years ago. So WHY did Janner only leave the Lords in Oct 20…
Greville Janner [ Lord Janner ] was a member of The Magic Circle and the International Brotherhood of Magicians.. Uri Geller ,
not sure if you've seen the documentary on James Randi who chased Uri Geller in the 80's to prove he was a fraud worth a watch
The latest news: The Strange remains the same for 2 April 2015: Uri Geller spoon gorilla ... :from
Ed's stare reminds me of Uri Geller - oh no there go my spoons
In my VHS archiving, I've just found a tape with both Beyond Belief (Uri Geller nonsense) and lunar conspiracy roundtable
SERIOUSLY ED stop staring at me. I feel like Uri Geller has snuck in and is trying to hypnotise me in to voting Labour
Miliband doing his Uri Geller impression down the camera
Ed Milliband trying to hypnotise voters through the tv. Literally. Like some crazy Uri Geller nutcase. I'm getting my tin hat on.
An open letter to President Barack Hussein Obama. Please share this posting
Uri Geller could bend forks from far, just using mental powers. I doubt that you can change the time on clocks in other rooms that way!
4 o'clock needs to hurry so I can start on the Uri Geller's
Watching a repeat of 8/ 10 cats with Uri Geller in it. He tells people to contact you about the spoons. How many really did??
no thanks, Uri Geller, mood rings, pyramid power.. No need to repeat the ugly 70s.
"Those days when you wish you could pull off an Uri Geller.
hmm,if she has psychic abilities like Uri Geller those prison bars will just bend.
Shift done, time for a uri geller or two 🍻
Do what you love. When you love your work, you become the best worker in the world😊✌. -Uri Geller.…
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The way Uri Geller considered it his duty to be the voice of Michael Jackson, come rain or shine
"War and Peace", "Peig", "How to be a Billionaire", "Uri Geller's little Book of Mind Power"
Just to put Uri Geller's amazing talents into perspective. Michael Jackson wasn't bent before he met him.
The first book signing I ever did, they stuck me next to Uri Geller. He was bending spoons. Hard to compete with that!
Got a fella on the train who looks EXACTLY like Uri Geller. Can bend spoons, but can't find a seat.
I love this article on 11.11 "11:11 is a pre-encoded trigger placed into our cellular memory banks prior
Uri Geller is super weird! Gettin some creepy vibes... you're the man! Don't know how you handled that guy
Guys we want you to do something for us :-). Although we don't know what is actually happening but Uri Geller has...
You just made Uri Geller very jealous.
Uri Geller teamed up with Martin Bashir to purposely ruin Jacko, and they succeeded, they betrayed him!!!
Cryptic numerology:. After the WTC attack on 11 September 2001, Uri Geller asked everyone to pray f…
Israel Madrid - Uri Geller funds his very own team of Jewish Gallacticos with Champions League ambitions
Wow! Uri Geller bends little spoons but you bend no-messingly big forks. Respect!
can u hear me? Natalie Portman, r. Rosenthael, uri geller...can u hear me? your boys took a *** of a beating!
I saw a cloud last week that looked exactly like Uri Geller.
Is your wife Uri Geller by any chance?
FUN FACT: Uri Geller can also bend the truth.
ps I'm now watching the Michael Jackson one and he's just torn Uri Geller a new one...
I bet Uri Geller is really bad at cuddling.
Love it! 'You bend your words like Uri Geller's spoons.' Amazing!
Lol. Uri Geller has nothing to do with reincarnation, DMT, or Xenoglossy. lol
You got it. You be the little spoon, and I'll be Uri Geller.
I like to think that, when he dies, Uri Geller will spend eternity being needlessly bent by large, sentient spoons.
TIL: Nintendo is not allowed to use Kadabra on a Pokémon card until an agreement is reached with Uri Geller. He sued Nintendo over the Poké…
In 2000 Uri Geller sued Nintendo for $100 million over the Pokémon Kadabra (called Yungerer in Japan) which he claimed was an unauthorized …
Did you know that Uri Geller tried to sue Pokemon for £60M because he thought Kadabra was an unauthorised version of himself?
Uri Geller, surprisingly hard to stab!
mad to think that if Uri Geller let interview MJ, he could have saved his career
Mario sounds like Uri Geller when he speaks
Thats how you mitre a square edge trim "Uri Geller" style.😊
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me asking you to pray we beat Liverpool're like a more attractive Uri Geller ;D X MORNING Xx
This might be a bit late, but someone should tell Uri Geller that spoons are already bendy.
Meron pala... Uri Geller reference don?! Maybe I've been hearing lyrics wrong
I wish Uri Geller would take a leaf outta this guy's book
Side note my spoons really bent, just call me uri geller
under *UK* libel laws, they very well may be. Even Uri Geller managed a libel judgment against Randi in a UK court
ps. to bend that parcel you have to be Uri Geller!
-so heard Uri Geller's birthday few days back, supposed be able bend housekeys, hold. key think "bend thoughts" so do we have bend thoughts?
Uri Geller and Michael Jackson being best friends is the strangest friendship ever. A spoon bender and a peculiar popstar
heard Uri Geller was flying above the Rose Bowl in a helicopter...
Shames there's no Everything crossed for you, desperate for you to play! Can we get Uri Geller involved? UTS
Waiting for the And Santa Claus. The 3 Bears. Uri Geller bending spoons from a Helicopter. God to appear...
Do you think Morta Deller is the next Uri Geller?
The granola goes some distance to making up fir the neck-bending. Uri Geller made do with spoons...
In the where Uri Geller is in the kitchen.
From now on, I'm only going to show pics of those being investigated for child abuse if Uri Geller is is in the photo.
said the Frenchman psychic was the False Prophet who would come, and that the Israeli man, Uri Geller, was the beast and the antichrist,
Jean-Pierre Girard, a Frenchman, and he came being able to do all of the miracles that Geller did so to help people believe in Uri. The
Uri geller has obviously been round !
Result removed due to 'legal request': .'cliff richard visits broadmoor with uri geller'.
'Jackson..guest of..Lord Janner, who arranged the singer's guided tour as a favour to his close friend, spoon-bending psychic Uri Geller.'
I'm basically Uri Geller except instead of spoons I use chairs and instead of my thumb I use my bum
yeah, it worked for Uri Geller. Mind you, I think he's an alcoholic now...swings and roundabouts really.
51st b/day Paul Boateng serenaded in HoL by Michael Jackson organised by Uri Geller & Greville Janner.1980s Lambeth soc…
Unduly proud of this childish nonsense.
Uri Geller's powers know no bounds.
There's always Uri Geller book. She had some great terrible things to say about it.
I found out the other day that one of the scientists who pronounced Uri Geller the real deal after a few bad experiments was legally blind
I swear uri geller will claim he made.annie power fall at the last
Next to me on the 33 bus is a woman furiously polishing a silver spoon. I am busy channelling Uri Geller in the hope of making…
"In other news, my watch has just packed up." APB for Uri Geller!
James Randi exposes Uri Geller and Peter Popoff . And he does it with such finesse.
See Uri Geller has had a go at the knife & fork again
How about ideas that just last about 15 seconds each (I’ll need to do sendings and uri geller spoon bendings of stuff to you)
Read the amazing Randi's chapter on Uri Geller in "Flim-Flam!". Toddlers wouldn't fall for Uri's pish, adults desperately wanted to believe.
.I never could stand Uri Geller. Didn't like him from first time I saw him on tv
Uri Geller would be capable of more than that xxx
And I'm not even related to Uri Geller.
I did, I'd forgotten that. Uri Geller was in the office the other day. I was less excited. He "bent" a spoon...
Rihanna - Nutella, Uri Geller, Friutella, . You can fill in the gaps yourselves.
His friend Uri Geller claimed he only took stage that night if Uri would call Yoko and ask her to reconcile with John
Six of them by Uri Geller | Apple Only nine iPhone 6 reported to be bent
Welly well, [I look up at the paintings lining the walls] Here we have.. Browne, Uri Geller, Cayce, Kulagina.. Ah, but these -
Uri Geller. And the angel said, "He who hath understanding, count the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man, and his number is
that this was about an Israeli psychic named Uri Geller, and the power he has in his right hand and mind to do 'miracles' like bending
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Classic. uri geller had information that louis theroux shouldnt be interviewing Michael Jackson. Louis theroux documentary louis and michael
watching ' Louis and Michael ' documentary . louis theroux trying to arrange a chat with Michael Jackson. uri geller utter wanker
What's with the bent spoon sculpture at Eileen's? Has Uri Geller been round for tea?
probably to make them more difficult for Uri Geller to ruin
must have gotten help from Uri Geller! ;)
Who will be the next Uri Geller? The 'successor' format being discussed at the Go To Market workshop.
Uri Geller bent spoons but Boxy can bend Squealers
look up satanic rituals. Look up uri geller.
Uri Geller keeps sending me a message about homeopathy. I believe it's for you.
Is that Uri Geller in the foreground of pic...may be one of his 'tricks'
Uri Geller has exceptional Photoshop skills it seems. . Even made an impressive looking reflectiion
throw in Uri Geller and there's a new trinity to save the UK and then THE WORLD!
I interviewed Uri Geller and discussed Michael follow me to see clip xx
My dream of John Sitton as gaffer, Uri Geller as chairman and Nile Ranger up front could be back on.
Hit the road whatever weather, bag of pebbles and a beller, cats all sat down on the stairs, melting spoons like Uri Geller
Here uri Geller bend this ya bawbag
Cats on the stairs melting spoons like Uri Geller
all about satans Uri Geller today to top up the chelts fund
The question is what position does Uri Geller's wife go into when she wants to spoon.
"what am I holding in my hand?" "Can you bend this spoon Uri Geller style?" "What are tonights lotto numbers?"
Uri Geller bent spoons and never made ladies uncomfortable.
"Who let Uri Geller near the spatula!?"
That sounds like the start of a joke: Darth Vader and Uri Geller walk into a football match...
I'd keep watching the Oscars, but Uri Geller is over here on YouTube bending a spoon.
the tea leaves do a 'russle' and the teaspoon does a Uri Geller.
Was Uri Geller a secret CIA spy? That's the claim in a new BBC documentary. And the really mind-boggling part?
True or True - Uri Geller is the most interesting psychic of all time
Wonder what Uri Geller is up to now a days
I'm a reasonable, rational, balanced, calm & composed man. I've just watched Uri Geller for an hour & my unbiased opinion is that he is a pr
"I consider myself the king of PR, or at least one of them." Uri Geller. Via a Sky Arts show.
“Lock up yer spoons!!!” Uri Geller. Real oddball but fascinating in strange way. Spoons stored in lead cupboard.
. Looks like Peter Molyneux is the Uri Geller of the Game Industry now ...
In 2016 they are going to reboot the Helen Keller Versus Uri Geller franchise.
Bible for further information. The third angel told me about an Israeli psychic named Uri Geller and that he could do things with power in
It's almost inconceivable that, back in the 70s, people took Erich Von Daniken, Uri Geller et al seriously.
Look what I found rummaging through boxes in the garage. Uri Geller as a superhero.
Uri Geller: "You lose the essence of life if you can buy everything" via
I just don't EVER see Fallon having the balls to do a segment like Carson did, letting Uri Geller fail as a psychic.
Uri Geller has been spooking George Clooney with tales of Sonning Bridge - something of a precocupation of his
Paul I recently interviewed Uri Geller and Dame Vera Lynn It would be a honour to interview yourself .
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