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Uri Avnery

Uri Avnery (also transliterated Uri Avneri, born 10 September 1923) is an Israeli writer and founder of the Gush Shalom peace movement.

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Since its establishment in 1948, Israel has been led by Criminals, Terrorists, Assassins and Corrupt Elements:
Uri Avnery – Political Pirates of the Mediterranean Sea - Should Bibi Resign to Save Israel ? - Veterans Today
Uri Avnery - Political Pirates of the Mediterranean Sea - W. Dean - Uri has another gr...
TPQ Article: The Center Doesn't Hold: From the Uri Avnery Column a reflection on the polarisation within Isra...
Uri Avnery on Petty Corruption of Israeli officials via
Uri Avnery's gems: "he can slice/dice Israeli phonies better than anyone...and not be called an anti-semite.
herders and farmers of the South Hebron Hills and against the establishment of Israeli settlements there, in what Uri Avnery>
"Something new, something awful": Uri Avnery, "Is the Israeli Prime Minister Insane? Adolf, Amin and Bibi":
Uri Avnery: The Ministry of Fear Don’t worry. Bibi will find another threat, more blood-curdling than any before.
Indeed. But to be fair people like Uri Avnery, Amira Hass, Gush Shalom movement are the other dissenting Israel.
TPQ Article: The Real Menace: In the Uri Avnery Column the veteran Israeli peace activist looks at Islamic Sta...
Uri Avnery – Nasser and I - Veterans Today: Jim W. Dean - Despite his unrepentent Zionism Uri can br...
What ppl r not willing 2 hear or discuss
Uri Avnery looks back at the life of Gamal Nasser and and his own life in those years
Netanyahu offers nothing but fear, writes Uri Avnery, long-time Israeli peace movement leader
"[F]ear can grow and become a monster." ~ SEE: 'Netanyahu’s Ministry of Fear', by Uri Avnery -
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Uri Avnery: The danger of the Islamic State and of Israeli Messianic Zionism
Hey check this out Peace treaties, world War 1 and WW2.
[Netanyahu the fear monger] Uri Avnery: Netanyahu the fear monger can't use the hypothetical Iranian nuke any more,…
Another must-read article, this time by Uri Avnery.
Uri Avnery – The Ministry of Fear - Veterans Today: Jim W. Dean - This was a surprise in a way to fi...
Israeli leftist Uri Avinery admits Israel is no DEMOCRACY. TELL THAT TO LFI.
Uri Avnery on The Iran Treaty: And what if the whole drama was only an exercise of deception? What if the wily…
Uri Avnery considers powers and allainces in the Middle-east in light of the Iran treaty:
Waving in the first Row Latest from
Do you know who Uri Avnery is? He's had an amazing life (and is a great writer with an awesome style!)
Uri Avnery: Netanyahu's "support of Mitt Romney was nothing short of scandalous"
Outstanding blog on Jewish deaths in Paris, demonstrations, Israel. Must read! Uri Avnery.
Article by Uri Avnery about the recent attacks in Waving in the first Row (Bibi) –
Michele Kearney's Snuffysmith's Blog: Guest post by Uri Avnery: Waving in the first R...
Waving in the First Row. Striking Fear in Paris. by URI AVNERY
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Uri Avnery on Paris attacks. Waving in the first Row .
Israel´s PM Bibi Netanyahu used the Paris murders in his election campaign, according to Uri Avnery!
Uri Avnery wants the center-left to unite b4 Israel elections "They have one great advantage: They aren’t Netanyahu"
The Times of India via Read Uri Avnery ' s article on Netanyahu who celebrated the Paria killings!
The Shas party has split into two. by Uri Avnery
Uri Avnery on the Maccabees and Israel's national-patriotic history,
Wide center-left bloc could win Israeli elections - Uri Avnery in Haaretz
limit to what Uri Avnery celebrates the Libyan election, but they have moved. Palestinians who are looking towards Iceland's example.
Just look at what has been done to Uri Avnery and Max
Avnery – Israel’s Political Scramble - The Knives which divided the JEW-READ and LEARN. Jews in Islamic lands lived in
new story on darkpolitricks Uri Avnery – Half of Shas
New article on darkpolitricks: Uri Avnery – Half of Shas
♛ Half of Shas: SHAS IS the party of oriental orthodox Jewish Israelis. It is debatable wh...
Israeli Founder Contests Founding Myths January 3, 2015 The Torah (or Old Testament) is a master work of literature and faith, but it tells many mythological tales that have little or no basis in real history, as Uri Avnery, one of Israel’s founders, has had the courage to declare, with an introduct…
"Uri Avnery writes that four generations of devoted archeologists, with a burning conviction and huge resources, have produced nothing. "From the beginning of the effort to this very day, not a single piece of evidence of the ancient history was found. Not a single indication that the exodus from Egypt, the basis of Jewish history, ever happened. Nor of the 40 years of wandering in the desert. No evidence of the conquest of Canaan, as described at length in the Book of Joshua. The mighty King David, whose kingdom extended - according to the Bible - from the Sinai peninsula to the north of Syria, did not leave a trace." Remember this when reading about Israel's expansion of the City of David park into Silwan which is displacing the Palestinian community that lives there - as well as other claims to historic Palestine."
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TIKKUN INTERNATIONAL (before sleep) new entry in my ebox Tikkun - A BIMONTHLY JEWISH & INTERFAITH CRITIQUE OF POLITICS, SOCIETY, & CULTURE Uri Avnery fought as a soldier in the Israeli war of independence in 1948, and was later elected to the Knesset. He is leader of the israei peace movement Gush Shalom and we at Tikkun frequently consult with him about developments in Israel. We at Tikkun unequivocally condemn the terrorist acts against Israeli civilians, just as we condemn the killings of Palestinians by the Israeli occupation forces that continue to happen weekly and are rarely given the media attention given when Jews are killed. We are still in mourning for the 2,100 Palestinians killed by Israel this summer in Gaz and the 60 Israelis who also died in the assault on Gaza and in Hamas' attempted murder of many more through shelling Israeli cities. And we remember all too well the murder of 29 Palestinians while at prayer in the mosque in Hebron by a Jewish settler yemach shmoe some 20 years ago who . ...
Uri Avnery on the need for a New Left in Israel
Uri Avnery on Gaza: EYELESS IN GAZA The trouble with war is that it has two sides. Everything would be so much easier if war had only one side. Ours, of course. There you are, drawing up a wonderful plan for the next war, preparing it, training for it, until everything is perfect. And then the war starts, and to your utmost surprise it appears that there is another side, too, which also has a wonderful plan, and has prepared it and trained for it. When the two plans meet, everything goes wrong. Both plans break down. You don't know what's going to happen. How to go on. You do things you have not planned for. And when you have had enough of it and want to get out, you don't know how. It's so much more difficult to end a war than to start a war, especially when both sides need to declare victory. That's where we are now. HOW DID it all start? Depends where you want to begin. Like everywhere else, every event in Gaza is a reaction to another event. You do something because the other side did something. Which ...
Uri Avnery examines how big money is corrupting US and Israeli politics, and highlights the role of American Jewish casino billionaire Sheldon Adelson who is now considering his next US presidentia...
In 2009, Yuli Edelstein, Minister of Public Diplomacy and Diaspora Affairs, explained at the Global Forum for Combating Antisemitism in Jerusalem how to go about it. The capital letters are his: We must repeat again and again these basic facts—TO BE ‘anti-Israel’ IS TO BE ANTI-SEMITIC. TO BOYCOTT ISRAEL, ISRAELI PROFESSORS and ISRAELI business, these are not political acts, these are acts of hate, acts of anti-Semitism! Anti-Israel hysteria is anti-Semitic hysteria. They are one and the same.41 Uri Avnery, a former member of the Knesset, a founding figure in Israel’s (sadly faltering) peace movement, and an internationally respected journalist, dismissed Harper’s speech as “ridiculous.” One of Israel’s leading sociologists, Professor Eva Illouz of the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, published a long essay in Haaretz that explored the depth and significance of the division in Jewish opinion over the moral issue of Israel’s treatment of the Palestinians. The title of that essay, “47 year ...
From Israel's fines thinker, Uri Avnery: Uri Avnery March 8, 2014 God Bless Putin Binyamin Netanyahu is very good at making speeches, especially to Jews, neocons and such, who jump up and applaud wildly at everything he says, including that tomorrow the sun will rise in the west. The question is: is he good at anything else? HIS FATHER, an ultra-ultra-Rightist, once said about him that he is quite unfit to be prime minister, but that he could be a good foreign minister. What he meant was that Binyamin does not have the depth of understanding needed to guide the nation, but that he is good at selling any policy decided upon by a real leader. (Reminding us of the characterization of Abba Eban by David Ben-Gurion: “He is very good at explaining, but you must tell him what to explain.”) This week Netanyahu was summoned to Washington. He was supposed to approve John Kerry’s new “framework” agreement, which would serve as a basis for restarting the peace negotiations, which so far have come to naught. ...
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"...longtime peace activist and head of Gush Shalom Uri Avnery held precisely the opposite position. “Our goal w...
.shares his opinions about Zionism, the peace process and the state of the Israeli media.
.single-handedly started irreverent tabloid journalism in Israel
Uri Avnery is famous for crossing the lines during the Siege of Beirut in 1982
Throughout his long and eventful life, Uri Avnery - a former politician, journalist, prolific author and indefatigable peace activist - has been at numerous crossroads in Israel's history and public life.
Uri Avnery: pioneer of Israeli peace camp & 1st Israeli to meet with then-PLO leader Arafat
Latest Uri Avnery ArticleLeave a replyUri Avnery article about 3 Israeli women is brilliant.“As long as we have youngsters like these, ready to stand up for democracy, peace and justice, take risks and make personal sacrifices, Israel has a future. For me, they are the real Israel.”Composer Achinoam...
Uri Avnery praises three women who show that in there are young people who obey their conscience
lovely but ironic "Jews expelled from Catholic Spain settled in the Muslim countries and flourished there"-Uri Avnery
Why shouldn't Palestinians recognise Israel as 'the nation state of the Jewish people'? Uri Avnery gives some answers
The problem in Israel is not that it is a Jewish state, but that it is not Jewish at all in the values it embodies.http:/…
A crime against Israel? - The Assassination of Arafat by URI AVNERY
Another Pipe Dream by Uri Avnery / February 7th, 2014 What’s wrong about the demand that the Palestinian leadership recognize Israel as the “Nation State of the Jewish People”? Well, practically everything. States recognize each other. They don’t have to recognize each other’s ideological character. A state is a reality. Ideologies belong to the abstract realm. When the United States recognized the Soviet Union in 1933, it recognized the state. It did not recognize its communist nature. When the PLO recognized the State of Israel in the Oslo agreement, and in the exchange of letters preceding it, it was not asked to recognize its Zionist ideology. When Israel in return recognized the PLO as the representative of the Palestinian people, it did not recognize any particular Palestinian ideology, secular or religious. Some Israelis (including myself) would like to change the self-definition of Israel as a “Jewish and democratic state”, omitting the word “Jewish”. Some other Israelis would li ...
Umayyad Muslims , founders and rulers of Al-Andalusia ( Spain now ) moved to Syria after the fall of their peaceful and great empire , re-founding another Andalus in Damascus and ruling the three sacred Abrahamic religions tolerantly . These moderate Muslims are now being attacked unjustly by NWO . Who is the terrorist now ??? Thank you my dear friend , Uri Avnery , for revealing the truth . God bless you . Salute .
Uri Avnery is an Israeli writer and founder of the Gush Shalom peace movement.
Uri Avnery honors both Pete Seeger and Shulamit Aloni, the brilliant founder of Meretz, a formidable force for peace and civil liberties in Israel. Nothing New Under the Sun Uri Avnery - - As for those they holocausted along the way we do not hear a peep of sympathy. So maybe they should hear none from us.
A compelling column by the peerless Uri Avnery on the fundamental nature of national character.
an interesting insight of a Zionist. The Imperator: Sharon’s Catastrophic Legacy – OpEd Ariel Sharon. Credit Jim Wallace (Smithsonian Institution) Ariel Sharon. CREDIT JIM WALLACE (SMITHSONIAN INSTITUTION) By Uri Avnery January 19, 2014 In the middle of the 70s, Ariel Sharon asked me to arrange something for him – a meeting with Yasser Arafat. A few days before, the Israeli media had discovered that I was in regular contact with the leadership of the PLO, which was listed at the time as a terrorist organization. I told Sharon that my PLO contacts would probably ask what he intended to propose to the Palestinians. He told me that his plan was to help the Palestinians to overthrow the Jordanian monarchy, and turn Jordan into a Palestinian state, with Arafat as its president. “What about the West Bank?” I asked. “Once Jordan becomes Palestine, there will no longer be a conflict between two peoples, but between two states. That will be much easier to resolve. We shall find some form of partition, ...
Uri Avnery writes: Defense Minister Ya’alon openly opposes peace with the Palestinians. A minister in control of the army has many ways to sabotage negotiations. A Prime Minister who leaves him there is fully responsible for the consequences.
Uri Avnery knew Ariel Sharon very well, and he has written a brilliant account of his legacy.
Fri. Jan. 17: Stand at road junctions to support peace On Friday, January 17, 2014, between 10 am to 1 pm , Israeli peace activists will be standing at fifty road junctions throughout the country, to express support for peace with the Palestinians. They will hold banners reading “Peace Junction Ahead” and distribute to motorists leaflets and car stickers with the slogan “The Majority has Decided for Peace ` and collect signatures on a petition supporting peace with the Palestinians. = Uri Avnery and other Gush Shalom activists will be present on ASrlozorov Junction, Tel Aviv (corner of Arlozorov St. and Namir Rd.)/ To join this specific location call 054-2340749 or write to 1453akcampaign is initiated by the Peace NGOs Forum, headed by Dr. Ron Pundak, Massad (Social Democratic Camp) headed by Naftali Raz and the Knesset Caucus for Resolving the Israeli-Arab Conflict , headed by KM Yechiel Bar The aim is to make heard the voice of the silent majority among Israeli citizens, who support peace – a ma ...
Does Uri Avnery know so little about Israel? via Yes Israel is an Apartheid State!
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Israel is an apartheid state. ▶️ Period ◀️. How come Uri Avnery knows so little about Israel?.
At 90, Uri Avnery is still lobbying for peace
Uri Avnery – Taking Apartheid Apart: - The Zionist ideology of Israel is not ...
Elsewhere: Iran crunch time, Uri Avnery at 90, Lou Reed’s Jewishness [JTA]
Will Israel still exist 90 years from now? Should it? Future with Uri Avnery
Will Israel exist in 90 years? /90th birthday of the irrepressible Uri Avnery - עד 120!
Why does Uri Avnery know so little about Palestinian citizens of Israel?: Uri Avnery has achie... (v
. says Uri Avnery spent 90 years being ahead of his time, and he still may be.
Does Uri Avnery know so little about Israel?
Uri Avnery has lived a life as forward-thinking peace activist. At age 90, he may still be ahead of his time, and also right, both about Israel's future and the present.
Does Uri Avnery know so little about via
"'This concurs with fairly standard is seen as offering...
I am quoted in about Uri belief in 2 states solution: "At 90, it's nice he still believes in fairy tales"
By Jonathan Cook – Nazareth Yes, I know. Uri Avnery has achieved many great things as a journalist and a peace...
Uri Avnery, at 90: "I say I've decided to stay alive 'til [the Palestinians have a state]. People say this...
How come Uri Avnery knows so little about or apartheid? via
Does Uri Avnery know so little about Israel? About time someone called a spade a spade. And he's being mild too.
Uri Avnery, prominent supporter of 2-state solution, uses his 90th birthday to prompt discussion of Israel's future:
This article is well worth reading re Israel
. interviews Uri Avnery, who wonders if Israel will still exist in 90 years. None of us will know -
The inimitable Uri Avnery on why the Apartheid analogy does not carry over in the Israel-Palestine conflict
In which wishful thinker Uri Avery is called out for taking the *** out of the reality of Israeli Apartheid:
One of my concerns about Uri Avnery is that, whatever the good work he has done as a journalist and peace activist, especially in regard to the occupied territories, he still has an ability to write utter nonsense when it comes to what is happening inside Israel. It is difficult to know whether this...
Yom Kippur war 40 years on, by Uri Avnery
Received from a friend politician. Reçu tout à l'heure d'un ami en politique. Date: 28 September, 2013 Friends, The following article “The Real Bomb” was published today by Uri Avnery, a leading Israeli writer who believes that the solution to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict lies in the establishment of two states; one for Israelis and the other for Palestinians. The Real Bomb YEARS AGO I disclosed one of the biggest secrets about Iran: Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was an agent of the Mossad. Suddenly, all the curious details of his behavior made sense. His public fantasies about the disappearance of Israel. His denial of the Holocaust, which until then had been typical only of a lunatic fringe. His boasting about Iran’s nuclear capabilities. Cui bono? Who had an interest in all this nonsense? There is only one sensible answer: Israel. His posturing depicted Iran as a state which was both ridiculous and sinister. It justified Israel’s refusal to sign the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty or to ratify the ...
Un papier de Uri Avnery. Une description hilarante, méprisante de Shimon Pérès. Pour les anglophones, hélas... Uri Avnery June 22, 2013 (A shorter version of this article was published in Haaretz on June 19, the day after the official birthday.) When the Gods Laugh IF THE life of Shimon Peres was a play, it would be difficult to classify. A tragedy? A comedy? A tragicomedy? For sixty years it looked as if he was under a curse of the Gods, much like the curse of Sisyphus, who was condemned to roll an immense boulder up a hill, and every time he approached his goal the rock would roll down again to the bottom. Disclosure: our lives have run somehow on parallel lines. He is one month older than I. We both came to Palestine as boys. We have both been in political life from our teens. But there the similarity ends. We met for the first time 60 years ago, when we were 30 years old. He was the Director General of Israel’s most important ministry, I was the publisher and editor of Israel’s most aggressive ...
Uri Avnery on Israel's 1967 War: A Victory That Turned into a Disaster for Israel Editor's Note: I was one of those who went to the Israeli consulate to volunteer to help Israel when the war began--I was terrified that Israel, where I had worked on a kibbutz the year before the 1967 war, was in danger of being destroyed. While my years at Columbia, the Jewish Theological Seminary and then as a graduate student earning a ph.d. in philosophy at U.C. Berkeley did not give me any skills that Israel could reasonably use, and my opposition to violence made me unwilling to serve in a combat unit, I still imagined that I could help in a non-combatant role. And like most American Jews, I rejoiced when Israel quickly triumphed and Jews were finally allowed to visit the Wall and the Old City and the Temple Mount. which the Jordanians had previously barred us from visiting. I too hoped that Israel would use that triumph to show generosity toward the Palestinian people who had offered no resistance to the IDF and who ...
Editor’s Note: Uri Avnery, chair of Israel’s peace movement Gush Shalom in Tel Aviv, challenges those lefties and righties who repeat the mantra that “the 2 state soluiton is dead.” If only the “One State” solution is on the agenda, he points out, then all those Israelis who have been demonstrating...
“Ich bin ein Bil’iner!” Uri Avnery's Column 09/03/13 THIS DOES not happen every day: a Minister of Culture publicly rejoices because a film from her country has NOT been awarded an Oscar. And not just one film, but two. It happened this week. Limor Livnat, still Minister of Culture in the outgoing government, told Israeli TV she was happy that Israel’s two entries for Oscars in the category of documentary films, which made it to the final four, did lose in the end. Livnat, one of the most extreme Likud members, has little chance of being included in the diminishing number of Likud ministers in the next government. Perhaps her outburst was meant to improve her prospects. Not only did she attack the two films, but she advised the semi-official foundations which finance Israeli films to exercise “voluntary self-censorship and deprive such unpatriotic films of support, thus making sure that they will not be produced at all. THE TWO documentaries in question are very different in character. One, The ...
Startling premonition by Uri Avnery of Arafat's death via
Uri Avnery's concluding assessment on the recent general election in Israel seems sensible but surely...
Uri Avnery assesses election results: has moved to the center
To put it right: I love my leftist yewish comrades like Moshe Zuckermann, Uri Avnery, Felicia Langer & Finkelstein!
Uri Avnery's Column A Move to the Center Who to vote for? Welcome, Chuck Weird Elections A Person Called Nobody The Sea and the River Cold Revenge The Strong and the Sweet Once And For All! Another Superfluous War Goodbye to a War Das System Drought in Texas The Man with the Uzi Filling the Black Hole Of Bombs and Comics The Grand Default A Message from Romnyahu Protest in Ramallah The March of Folly More... A Move to the Center 26/01/13 IT WAS the night of the optimists. Tuesday at 10.01 pm, a minute after the ballot boxes were sealed, the three TV news programs announced the results of their exit polls. The dire predictions of the pessimists were scattered to the winds. Israel has not gone crazy. It has not moved to the right. The fascists have not taken over the Knesset. Binyamin Netanyahu has not been strengthened. Far from it. Israel has moved to the center. It was not a historic turning moment, like the takeover of Menachem Begin in 1977, after two generations of Labor Party rule. But it was a signi ...
A Move to the Center - Gush Shalom - Israeli Peace Bloc Uri Avneri, eternal optimist.
Why do all media outlets keep calling Shas a right wing party?
This is the way the results of the elections are being presented in the Israeli press: Centre Left Bloc Right Bloc Other, perhaps more accurate ways to present the election results: Left Bloc Right Bloc...
() Following the reaction to Israel’s bevy of construction announcements late last year, one would assume that Israel’s right-wing, settlement-crazed government had, once more, managed to thumb its nose at the world and deepen Israel’s already-perilous pariah position.
The Sea and the River by Uri Avnery --
Full Archives The Gary Null Show - Rabbi Michael Lerner - 12/07/12 Israeli’s Post Operation Cloud Pillar — the changing of the Isael-Palestine foreign policy landscape Rabbi Michael Lerner is clearly one the nation’s greatest Jewish intellectuals and spiritual political activists. As a teenager, Rabbi Lerner was a student of Abraham Joshua Heschel, a great socially responsible mystical thinker who marched with Martin Luther King. During the 60s, he was a chair of the Berkeley chapter of the Students for a Democratic Society and briefly incarcerated among the Seattle Seven while teaching at the University of Washington. Michael is currently the editor of Tikkun Magazine—an award winning journal of interfaith and progressive critiques on American culture, politics, and religion—and is the founder of the Network of Spiritual Progressives. His most recent book is “Embracing Israel/Palestine: A Strategy to Heal and Transform the Middle East” — praised by people like Jimmy Carter, Uri Avnery, D ...
In this report to readers and members of The Shalom Center, I will be filling in that back story with reports from the Israeli and Palestinian press. Then I will include a brief and trenchant comment by Uri Avnery, veteran Israeli peace activist and former member of Knesset who has been committed...
- Uri Avnery - In those days I called our government the ship of fools. Our current government is worse, much worse.
Uri Avnery on Golda Meir:"In reality, Meir was a very primitive person, ignorant and obstinate"..
From Israel's finest thinker, Uri Avnery: Uri Avnery September 22, 2012 A Message from Romnyahu ONCE UPON a time, President Richard Nixon wanted to appoint a certain lawyer to the US Supreme Court. “But the man is a complete moron!” one senator exclaimed. “So what,” answered another, “There are a great many morons in the US, and they have a right to be represented in the court as much as any other sector of society.” Perhaps the United Morons of America have a right to elect Mitt Romney president. But for the sake of the US and Israel, I hope that this will not happen. Some people say that Israel is the 51st state of the Union. Some say that it is the first among the 51. Whatever, our lives – and perhaps our deaths – depend to a great extent on the man in the White House. So, with all my misgivings (and I have a lot) about Barack Obama, I very much hope that he will be reelected. IN HIS latest seizure of wisdom, Romney did not only disclose that 47% of Americans are parasites, but also tha ...
Below is an August 25, 2012 essay entitled 'Ayn Rand and Paul Ryan' by one of my favorite Israeli writers, Uri Avnery: The Fountainhead I WAS not interested in Paul Ryan, the man about to be nominated by the Republican party for the office of Vice President, until the name Ayn Rand popped up. Ayn Rand, it was said, was one of the main inspirations for his particular philosophy. Since Ryan is being represented not as an ordinary, run-of-the-mill politician, like Mitt Romney, but as a profound political and economic thinker, the inspiration deserves some scrutiny. LIKE MOST people in this country, Ayn Rand first entered my life as the author of The Fountainhead, a novel that came out four years before the birth of the State of Israel. It quickly became a bestseller. The movie based on it, with Gary Cooper playing the main role, was even more popular. It is the story of an architect of genius (roughly similar to Frank Lloyd Wright) who follows his own individual style and disdains the tastes of the masses. W ...
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Uri Avnery August 18, 2012 Mad or Crazy? Binyamin Netanyahu may be crazy, but he is not mad. Ehud Barak may be mad, but he is not crazy. Ergo: Israel will not attack Iran. I HAVE said so before, and I shall say so again, even after the endless talk about it. Indeed no war has been talked about so much before it happened. To quote the classic movie line: “If you have to shoot, shoot. Don’t talk!” Uri Avnery: In all Netanyahu’s bluster about the inevitable war, one sentence stands out: “In the Committee of Inquiry after the war, I shall take upon myself the sole responsibility, I and I alone!” A very revealing statement. First of all, committees of inquiry are appointed only after a military failure. There was no such committee after the 1948 War of Independence, nor after the 1956 Sinai War or the 1967 Six-day War. There were, however, committees of inquiry after the 1974 Yom Kippur war and the 1982 and 2006 Lebanon Wars. By conjuring up the specter of another such committee, Netanyahu unconsci ...
Jewish peace activist, Uri Avnery, eulogises on the dark history of Yitzhak Shamir
"... THE FOUNDING FATHERS of Zionism adopted the slogan “a land without a people for a people without a land” (coined much earlier by a British Christian Zionist). They believed the Promised Land to be empty. They knew, of course, that there were some people in the country, but the Zionists were Europeans, and for Europeans at the end of the 19th century, the heyday of imperialism and colonialism, colored people – brown, black, yellow, red or whatever - did not count as people. When Theodor Herzl put forward the idea of a Jewish State, he was not thinking about Palestine but about an area in Argentina. He intended to empty this area of all its native population." - Uri Avnery in Gosh Shalom, May 26, 2012.
Uri Avnery argues that the longstanding strategic aim of Zionism and Israel a Jews-only state in all of the territory between the Mediterranean Sea and the Jordan River and the prevention of an Arab Palestinian state is a pipe dream and that Israelis has better formulate a new national aim based…
Once again: Uri Avnery Uri Avnery May 12, 2012 Operetta in 5 Acts THE MASTER magician has drawn another rabbit from his top hat. A real and very lively rabbit. He has confounded everybody, including the leaders of all parties, the top political pundits and his own cabinet ministers. He has also shown that in politics, everything can change – literally – overnight. At 2 a.m. the Knesset was busy putting the finishing touches to a law to dissolve itself – condemning half of its members to political oblivion. At 3 a.m. there was a huge new government coalition. No elections, thank you very much. An operetta in 5 acts. ACT ONE: Everything tranquil. Public opinion polls show Binyamin Netanyahu in absolute control. His popularity is approaching 50%; nobody else’s even approaches 20%. The largest party in the Knesset, Kadima, sinks in the polls from 28 seats to 11, with all indications that it will continue to fall. Its new leader, former Chief of Staff Shaul Mofaz, gets even less points as candidate fo ...
The current Chief of Staff and the Mossad and Shin Bet chiefs let it be known they share the views of Dagan and Diskin on Iran. -Uri Avnery
As chief of the Shin Bet, Diskin was the No. 1 official government expert on Palestinians. -Uri Avnery
For six years, Yuval Diskin was the silent chief of the silent service, Shin Bet, the equivalent to the British MI5. -Uri Avnery
Yuval Diskin said the plan to attack Iran is leading to a world-wide catastrophe, hastening Iran's acquisition of nukes. -Uri Avnery
Yuval Diskin said Israel is now led by two incompetent politicians with messianic delusions and a poor grasp of reality. -Uri Avnery
Yuval Diskin is considered the real father of “targeted eliminations”, and has been accused of extensive use of torture. -Uri Avnery
Uri Avnery looks at how a number of leading hardliners in Israels military and security establishments have spoken out against the Israeli governments plans for an attack on Irans nuclear installations and called into question the fitness for office of Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and Defenc…
from Uri Avnery AStupid and Mean and Brutalblood and sweat / A race will arise to us / Proud and generous and brutalY@ Thus wrote Vladimir (Ze=ev) Jabotinsky, the founder of extreme right wing Zionism, who was also a writer and a poet. Present day Likud leaders see him as their forefather, much as Stalin saw Karl Marx. The world Abrutal@ stands out, because it seems implausible that Jabotinsky really meant it. His Hebrew was not very good, and he probably meant something like Ahard@ or AtoughJabotinsky saw today=s Likud, he would shudder. His was a 19th century mixture of extreme nationalism, liberalism and humanism. Paradoxically, brutality is the only one of the three traits that is prominent in our life today, especially in the occupied Palestinian territories. There is nothing there to be proud of, and generosity is something associated with the despised leftists. THE ROUTINE, everyday brutality that governs the occupied territories was caught on video this week. A searing flash in the darkness. It ha ...
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