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Urge Overkill

Urge Overkill is an alternative rock band, formed in Chicago, United States, consisting of Nash Kato (vocals/guitar), and Eddie King Roeser (vocals/guitar/bass guitar).

Pulp Fiction Neil Diamond Pearl Jam Smashing Pumpkins Billy Idol Liz Phair Cheap Trick Dandy Warhols Teenage Fanclub Roy Moore Wicker Park

Moore lost!. He's gonna need some sweet Urge Overkill cover of Neil Diamond to drown his sorr…
Do you think Roy Moore prefers the original Neil Diamond or Urge Overkill’s cover of “Girl, you’ll be a woman soon?”
Had to come over her for a moment because I just had the urge to rewrite the entire manuscript, and I think that wo…
Not bad lyrics, Jerry. When I think of Roy Moore, though, I hear Urge Overkill: “Don't you know, girl, you'll be a…
Dig this track: Urge Overkill - Sister Havana :: find Radio X US on
Bionic Revolution - Urge Overkill - Subversive Sounds for Freaks of All Ages.
I ordered two Urge Overkill shirts but they wouldnt follow back on my new account (they used to follow) so I cancel…
I saw them the night that Urge Overkill’s security beat up Bob for trying to do an encore.
Arnie Muhren with the 'Urge Overkill' look. 'Girl, you'll be a woman soon'
Hi Jade...sorry Pulp Fiction isn't a coming of age movie...scratch Urge Overkill. How about "Miss Mise…
Hi Jade my request for Tonal Recall is "Girl, You'll Be A Woman Soon" by Urge Overkill (Pulp Fiction).Thank you!
Urge Overkill from Chicago has an excellent version.
Girl, You’ll Be A Woman Soon — Urge Overkill. So, I originally heard this song in the movie ‘Pulp Fiction’ but it’s…
Fun facts from our oral history of Chicago residency:. —They got drunk a lot. —They were friends with…
1) Girl You'll be a woman soon de Urge Overkill. 2) I will survive Cake. 3) Whiskey in the jar de Metallica
Pearl Jam in '93 at Oklahoma State Fairgrounds. Urge Overkill opened
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Now Playing: Sister Havana '1993' by Urge Overkill |Listen: Link in bio
Urge Overkill working on an album with The Charlatans in a '70s style, produced by Butch Vig
urge overkill, I got you, and ps I love you 🤘🏼
Urge Overkill "Effigy" / UORecords / 2011 . Thanks UO! Hope there is a new record one day…
Bir oynatma listesine video ekledim: Urge Overkill - Girl You'll Be a Woman Soon
Are Urge Overkill and Kula Shaker the same band?
Here's a fun fact: Every single Urge Overkill song is secretly about the drug Special K and being in a K-hole.
Seahorses colluding with Urge Overkill in a grindcore style, produced by Giorgio Moroder
still do requests? If so, Sister Havana by Urge Overkill. Thanks
Did people really believe Urge Overkill's Touch & Go stuff was better than "Saturation" or was that just a 90s indie cred thing to say?
I'm glad Steavaux has gone back to what we love most, Footscray and Urge Overkill fanboying.
Sister Havana by Urge Overkill from the album Saturation
Should Bikini Overkill be Bikini Kill covering Urge Overkill or vice versa?
Urge Overkill - "Sister Havana" live on CONAN before you were born...
Stull in the Era of the Rift, Urge Overkill Wrote Songs. When Other Bands
That video is too harsh on Urge Overkill, they were more than a joke band.
A music scene is not zero sum game. Real people are creating, striving, failing, succeeding, inspiring, changing, growing. + Urge Overkill
Now playing: Girl by Urge Overkill listen at - Buy it
I've been misunderstood for all of my life. But what they're saying girl it cuts like a knife. "The boy's no good". - urge overkill
Billy Idol played.. now listen out for Pearl Jam and Urge Overkill, then call 133353 to get on standby list for GunsNRoses in Vegas!
Today: listen out for Billy Idol, Pearl Jam & Urge Overkill to get on the standby list to see GunsNRoses in Vegas! Call us 133353
I wrote the entire Urge Overkill “Sister Havana” oral history in my mind when I saw this.
now plays Chillsongs - 090 Urge Overkill - Girl, You'll Be A Woman Soon powered by
you'll be :) ♫ Girl, You'll Be a Woman Soon by Urge Overkill —
I know it's a Neil Diamond original but the version Urge Overkill did is just perfect
I had Urge Overkill. Only. Thought it was Mavis Staples, turned out to be Staples Sisters. Who's Andrew Bird?
Today is brought to you by Urge Overkill's Sister Havana - Best line "Come around to my way of…
Funny video "I'm sorry for slashing Urge Overkill's tires w/ shards of glass of the toilet I threw at Billy Corgan."
HOW COOL IS THIS!?!??!?!?!? . Naperville Instructor Adam Krier will be playing with URGE OVERKILL THIS SATURDAY...
foofighters's photo you get to see urge overkill too? Jealous.
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Wish I could be in Chicago this weekend for the show. I LOVE URGE OVERKILL.
Urge overkill is opening up for Foo Fighters I'm going to have a heart attack😍
I have Urge Overkill You'll be a women soon.
Girl, you'll be a woman soon by Urge Overkill is my absolute jam from Pulp Fiction.
Foo Fighters play Chicago on Sat. As I wrote for Sonic Highways isn't THE BEST THE BEST but it'll do
I went to the VMAs once. It was quite dull, but I did take a *** next to the singer from Urge Overkill.
That's cool too ... so was I but Toadies & Urge Overkill
Is Urge Overkill on the casino circuit yet?
Remember Uma Thurman's OD scene in Pulp Fiction soundtracked by Urge Overkill? The band actually did it for real...
Sister Havana by Urge Overkill, found with Listen now:
20 years after Selena's murder, this tribute to her by Urge Overkill remains haunting & amazing. ♫
...interesting video by Urge Overkill of their "Girl You'll Be a Woman Soon"...
May a good sleep and sweet dreams will help restrain the urge to overkill someone on the face tomorrow.
Written by ND. Featured in Pulp Fiction. Urge Overkill - Girl You'll Be a Woman Soon: via - Class tune
Never heard of her until this very moment. Thought for a minute it was the lead singer of Urge Overkill.
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morocco_dave: from fargovillage : Urge Overkill - Girl, You'll Be a Woman Soon
You are listening to Girl, You'll Be a Woman Soon - Urge Overkill
The album Pulp Fiction by Urge Overkill has 7 lyrics on Link:
20 years later, Urge Overkill "Stalker" discusses her antics, still wants to
"I'm the evil that's in this world..." ♫ Jaywalkin' – Urge Overkill
On the because of offensive Pulp Fiction drama last night : Urge Overkill's "Girl, you'll be a woman soon" & some Aerosmith!
Check out what I found. Urge Overkill - Saturation (2003) via
Check out what I found. Urge Overkill - Exit the Dragon (1999) via
It was probably a while before Mia Wallace could listen to "Urge Overkill" again ...
Gee whiz, thank you! I don't even know what Urge Overkill sounds like.
and, you should be playing Wrigley in the summer; not Urge Overkill.
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Now to cheer up self, with a run thru another fave LP! ♫ The Supersonic Storybook – Urge Overkill
have you seen the movie Pulp Fiction? It was a Cover by Urge Overkill, but "Girl, you'll be a woman soon" is a great Diamond song
Urge Overkill's cover of Girl, You'll Be a Woman Soon tho.
que tal girl you'll be a woman soon de urge overkill aguanta no??? Gracias ***
I love Urge Overkill - Girl You'll be a Woman Soon, after I heard it on Pulp Fiction
Chuck, well-known for his work as a session musician and professional skateboarder, spent most of his life in Philadelphia. His credits include starting the 1980’s skate punk band, Mcrad, remixing songs for Amy Grant and Sting, playing the bass line on “The River of Dreams” by Billy Joel, filling in on drums at Pearl Jam concerts, and touring Urge Overkill and the Bad Brains. In 2010, Chuck was awarded a Pew Fellowships in the Arts, a prestigious and well-deserved award for his work in music/arts. Treece grew up in Newark, Delaware, where he attended John Dickinson High School, but moved to Philadelphia in 1982 because, according to Treece, “I was sick of high- school and I knew I wasn’t going to college. I knew I wanted to do music and skate.” Between 1982 and 1990, he was a professional skater with endorsements by several companies, including Santa Cruz Skateboards, Powell-Peralta and Airwalk sneakers. Treece released two albums with his band McRad, Absence of Sanity in the 1980s (rereleased ...
Celebrate Double Door's 20th Anniversary in Wicker Park with Urge Overkill via
It's a CHIRP Record Fair Saturday, and I'll be on the streaming CHIRPwaves, from 9-Noon (CDT) as per usual. I'll have new music this morning from Jimi Goodwin of Doves, Ibibio Sound Machine (cool electro-afropop group) and Malachai, along with stuff from Emmylou Harris, Jim Wilson and Urge Overkill. Hope you can tune in at
Rock Trivia: The song "Girl, You'll Be a Woman Soon" was covered by Urge Overkill on the Pulp Fiction soundtrack. Who originally wrote and performed this song?
new track Metallic Cloud is great. Kinda slow T-Rex/Urge Overkill Sunday meetup feel
iTunes just played "Girl, You'll Be a Woman Soon" by Neil Diamond and then again by Urge Overkill while on shuffle. WHAT ARE YOU TELLING ME?
So far, what's made coming up with 100 songs for each year so easy is being Canadian. I think we're really lucky to have a plethora of talent that the USA might never know about, but remain vital and relevant to us. Anywhoo... The finale of my 100 songs of 1993 - INPO: Saving 1993 (part 5 of 5): in Chains - "Rooster" Stone Temple Pilots - "Plush" Anthrax - "Only" Acid Test - "Blown" 13 Engines - "Smoke and Ashes" *** - "Low" Urge Overkill - "Sister Havana" Sloan - "Sugartune" Radiohead - "Creep" Jamiroquai - "Emergency on Planet Earth" New Order - "Regret" Kon Kan - "Sinful Wishes" Tears for Fears - "Break it Down Again" Jesus Jones - "The Devil You Know" The Smashing Pumpkins - "Today" The Verve - "Slide Away" Jellyfish - "The Ghost at Number One" 10,000 Maniacs - "Because the Night" Crash Test Dummies - "Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm" Blue Rodeo - "Five Days in May"
Urge Overkill's lead singer. Great cover!!! – Dirty Work by Nash Kato, from
Nash Kato was the swaggering singer-guitarist of the rising Chicago band Urge Overkill in the early '90s when he and his bandmates would hang out at Wicker Park's Rainbo Club, and, he recalls, a...
New Hold Steady tune has a vaguely Urge Overkill feel to it which means I'll probably blast it 20 times today.
Urge overkill? Research Lab looks at the effects of being impulsive (PDF):
Girl you'll be a woman soon par Urge Overkill
You are listening now:. Girl, You'll Be A Woman Soon, of Urge Overkill. Listen this in
And the song 'Dropout' by Urge Overkill is about how me and my friend got kicked out of the Hyatt bar because they thought we were hookers
Inspired by watching Pulp Fiction of course. Urge Overkill - Girl You'll Be a Woman Soon
I rocked out so hard to this CD before indoor track meets in high school. ♫ Back On Me – Urge Overkill
SONG OF THE DAY : Monopoly by Urge Overkill. Click here - - to find how today in 1935 inspired this and other songs.
Spin recommends seeing David J at SXSW -
Pretty excited to be playing Atlanta's hallowed The Masquerade this Saturday- not the big stage or anything, but still, it's crazy to think of some of the bands we've seen there over the years: Weezer, Teenage Fanclub (twice), The Lemonheads, Smashing Pumpkins, Eugenius, Yo La Tengo, Urge Overkill, Sloan, Radiohead (outside stage), Afghan Wigs, Rock*A*Teens, Archers Of Loaf, The Darkness, J Mascis (outside), Anthrax and Dio
Urge Overkill performs their classic cover of Neil Diamond's "Girl, You'll Be A Woman Soon" at the Friars Club Roast of Quentin Tarantino. Video shot by Emily White, December 2010.
Shin pads, rugby ball and hockey stick cast aside, spandex jumpsuit and cape donned. It's almost time for Saturday Night Live on Manx Radio, after covering the sport for Tim Glover. Loads of stuff to play for you tonight, starting with Urge Overkill, Weezer and The Parliaments. Also music coming up from the likes of Jonathan Wilson, Terry Reid, Kevin Ayers, Mazzy Star, Church of Misery and Sonora Ritual.
My photo of Nash Kato of Urge Overkill performing at Tabernacle Atlanta last month is featured at Pollstar.
for you luke! my top 10 from the90,s from 10 to one - Sober-Tool,Fight for your mind-ben harper,Sister Havana-Urge Overkill,Cannonball-The Breeders,Change-Blind melon,paranoid Android-Radiohead,Last goodbye-mr Buckley,One-Smashing Pumpkins,Heroin Girl-Everclear and Ground on down-Ben Harper!
This Thursday, if your not going to see Richard Thompson or Black Flag, please consider going to The Leawood Town Center Concert to see The Smithereens for free. I didn't realize Urge Overkill played there free last Saturday. Chuck Mead & The Grassy Knoll Boys (with special guest, Ricky Dean Sinatra) play with opener Little Rachel June 20.
In 2008 a band came together consisting of four veterans of the Minnesota Rock scene to began playing bombastic, huge rock and roll. Think MC5 drinking with The New York Dolls listening to Kiss and arguing about if The Dead Boys, Urge Overkill, or The Pixies are better bands.
Weirdness. I just saw that the Smithereens posted on here that they're playing the big shopping district in south KC in a couple weeks. I got excited, as I'm a huge fan - but several times over the years I've been thwarted in my attempts at seeing them live. So I started to dig around for more info on the show, only to find that as part of this Summer concert series this shopping area is hosting that 5 days before the show, there's an Urge Overkill concert too. 2 of my favorite bands of the 90's that I never got to see live playing here within 5 days of each other. And the shows are free. And both fall during my vacation week. So...what's the rub? There's some personal stuff that could possibly mess this all up ( & like I mentioned above, I have a long history of getting hosed out of Smithereens shows ). So let's all hope for the best, right?
NEW ALBUM OUT APRIL 23! Dusty Stray's third full-length release is a transatlantic co-production with legendary American producer KRAMER (Low, Ween, Urge Overkill, Galaxie 500). FAMILY ALBUM is an intimate musical journey from the cradle to the grave and beyond.
Girl, You'll be a Woman, Soon - Urge Overkill. The perfect song when you're more than sick.
listening to Unicorn Uniform gave me a big Urge Overkill flashback. had to indulge in Bottle of Fur.
Playing' Urge Overkill - Girl, You'll Be A Woman Soon ' on TunnFM listen at '
"The turntable hasn't worked since the cat puked on an Urge Overkill record." "Well played. Mister Cat."
I only go to IG when I get the urge now or when someone urges me too 😂 .. Lol .. Its overkill! A distraction.
The Oscar goes to another guy with ridiculously dated long hair. Is that the guy from Urge Overkill
Whoa both Sound Editing went to members of Urge Overkill!
I think urge overkill wrote dropout about me
UT's incredible cover of the CCR classic.
Waiting for parts always leads to one thing.. eBay.. must fight the urge to buy a 2.7 V6TT engine..
So last night we were going through our Karaoke book, and I noticed something kinda creepy/funny about songs throughout the past 50 years. Did you ever notice how many grown men are singing about an underage teenage girl? LOL! in 1960 Teen angel was no 1, and sung by a 27 year old... in the late 80s Kip Winger sang the hair band hit "17" when he was 28. The Stray Cats hit with "Sexy and 17" when the band members were in their mid twenties... and perhaps the creepiest, just lyrics alone, is a song I love called "Girl, you'll be a woman soon"...written and performed by Neil Diamond, it peaked at in 1967 when Diamond was.26! then hit again when Urge Overkill remade it for Pulp Fiction... the lead singer was 29...LOL... there are too many to count. Can anyone think of any other examples? This seemed pretty funny and creepy to us :)
The morning after the In The Pocket: Essential Songs Of Philadelphia leaves one face with so many listening decisions: the early Hooters and Robert Hazard and A's records? "Expressway to Your Heart?" "Disco Inferno?" The hits of Tommy Conwell? And then there's the music that just came up in conversation: Urge Overkill's Saturation. Prefab Sprout's Two Wheels Good. So much fun!
I can only hope that Urge Overkill and Liz Phair would be playing a warehouse elsewhere.
A mi me gusta la de Urge Overkill: Girl, You´ll be a Woman Soon...
It can also bring back great memories. I've had that experience recently while listening to 90s bands like Urge Overkill.
Radio Eksen ile Girl, You'll be a woman soon - Urge Overkill dinliyorum.
What is your As a bleeding edge muso, I've been listening to Urge Overkill's Saturation from 1993, 20 years too late.
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Now that the Pumpkins have played what 90s also-ran should be next? Dandy Warhols? Urge Overkill? The Offspring?
whereas I ♥ skull-splittin LOUD Mastodon w side order of Urge Overkill. Alt-cntry soft/AmeriUKana on side, but no airy-arty-farty.
Recorded live in 1991 at Trees in Deep Ellum - cover of a Glen Campbell song
My spouse keeps singing Urge Overkill tonight. Not songs by the band, the actual words "Urge Overkill" over and over and over.
An epic song to walk down the aisle to on my wedding day would be Urge Overkill-You'll be a woman soon
I remember when Urge Overkill first followed me and i died. Still the best celebrity follow I've ever had, absolute legend.
All sorts of good stuff this week. Sing and Play for You from The Modern Sounds is so nice we played it twice. Mos Funnel was a nice surprise. As I said last night, coming from a Waits/Beefheart angle is tough to pull off with any validity but these guys are right there. Real nice record. I’ve alrea...
The first installment of Gold Soundz is in the can and ready to rock your face off! Prepare for a two hour onslaught of 90s rock featuring Pavement, Dandy Warhols, Auteurs, GBV, Sloan, The Make Up, Urge Overkill, Teenage Fanclub, Medicine, Stereolab, JSB Explosion and a $ton more sounds from the underground on Gold Soundz premiering January 3rd on The Spy and KOSU Radio 91.7FM OKC, 107.5 Tulsa and worldwide at
I just played Sister Havana by Urge Overkill on
Listening to Urge Overkill and dancing around my house like Uma... wish I had some heroin to snort :(
This could be the greatest rock n roll song ever
As the Kickbax gets ready for future gigs. We want to get some ideas of songs you would like to hear us play. Lay it on us!
I stood next to Evan Dando for an hour once - watching Urge Overkill @ The Forum (Supporting Breeders) TRUTRIVIAFAX
What's your favorite movie song? As some of you may know, I also do the Eagles soundtrack saturday show, so I've got movies on the brain! Tell me which songs made a movie feel just right for you between 6-8, and I'll do my best to get it on for you!
Name off some U bands. Underoath, and Us, From The Outside were the first to cross my mind.
The shows in Bangkok are being set.
I've heard Veruca Salt and Local H so far during the commercial breaks of this Bears game. Where's Urge Overkill?
...or at least Urge Overkill's cover
Photo: I’m listening to Music Choice Classic Alternative again and David Byrne is dancing to Urge Overkill’s...
Montage courtesy of Eddie Roeser and his guitar stylings. What will new album sound like??
Had to call IT because I forgot my brand new password. Meanwhile, I can't un-remember the words to Urge Overkill's 1993 song "Sister Havana"
"Girl, You'll be a Woman soon" by Neil Diamond. I'm torn: Neil's version is good but I equally like Urge Overkill's too.
Here's Eddie checking out the Huber Krautster at Boutique Guitar Exchange in Atlanta. [Team UO]
Urge Overkill rehearsal space montage by Eddie Roeser & his guitar stylings.What will the new album sound like?
Urge Overkill is back and better than ever with their new song called Effigy. Enjoy the video.
Urge OverKill Bill, Last [Crowded] House on the Left, Top Guns N' Roses, SoundGarden State & Batman for Lashes.
People just applauded an Urge Overkill song. I’m going to go check to make sure I’m in the right place. brb
100 Songs. In order. The Soundtrack to my life. Positive Bleeding by Urge Overkill
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Is Urge Overkill an LA staple? I know they weren't formed there but are/were they regulars on the scene?
I don't try anymore, 'cause only booze improves with age, I don't fight anymore, but sometimes my fists clentch up in rage And I don't cry anymore, but somet...
Urge Overkill - Girl You'll Be a Woman Soon: my mood.
I know I truly hate someone when I feel the urge to overkill them
I wanna dance to Girl,You'll Be A Women Soon by Urge Overkill with my girlfriend...
This is the only live version i've ever heard of the song, which is the best rock song EVER. Enjoy, their live recondings seem to be very few.
Love it! And btw, Urge Overkill does indeed rock in a serious way.
Just saw a hipster wearing an Urge Overkill tshirt and thought, "You've obviously never heard Urge Overkill, or you wouldn't wear the shirt"
Urge overkill - girl, you'll be a woman soon, just on what an amazing song. Discovering old & new on this fantastic station
I have never figured how kids always manage to play Easy E or Urge Overkill on the iPod.
Zombie crawl was cool for the first thirty minutes of people watching then it just got Fn wierd bro! Like a duran duran video with the repeat frames in it mixed with the urge overkill.
Urge Overkill did a great version of Neil Diamond's Girl you'll be a woman soon. I tried to decide which one I liked better, but to be honest, I think I like both just about the same. Although the original really ought to be the winner because it's Neil. Farking. Diamond.
Sometimes a song reaches into you and you are not the same for hearing it. This is not my song, nor my image. However I feel both need to be shared.
Urge Overkill-Girl, You'll Be A Woman Soon (LP Version) This is for entertainment purposes only. No copyrights infringements intended. The characters and the...
Girl you'll be a woman soon .Urge Overkill
My latest reason to love Beirut: hearing Urge Overkill on morning radio
I just used to tag Sister Havana by Urge Overkill.
was referring to the urge overkill cover on Pulp Fiction. One of my favourite songs.
Urge overkill - girl you'll be a woman soon You can tell is in control can't ya, Pulp Fiction soundtrack lol
So long Selena, girl you had it all and your life was only just beginning. And when the tears are gone don't you know we'll still have this song? Melody, lad...
This is classic UO. When it was originally released MTV had a policy of not allowing guns to be shown in videos, but made an exception for this one.
I'd totally forgotten about Urge Overkill until I heard them on the radio this morning.
Wow, I forgot Urge Overkill did the National Anthem in Kingpin.
was called and by and makes me feel sleezycool like Urge Overkill
I liked a video Girl You'll Be a Woman Soon (Lyrics) - Urge Overkill
Stream Positive Bleeding by Urge Overkill on Saturation for free on Grooveshark.
Ana is playing Urge Overkill and I'm playing Dusty Springfield
Get in the mood for the first presidential debate tonight! Hope to see you on Election Day! Get the song on iTunes: out our merch at: UO]
It's 1995 today on WXRT's 40 years in 40 days. I always considered the '90s to be a black hole of music decades. My opinion changed briefly on hearing some Urge Overkill, Portishead, and Radiohead. Then it changed back when Hootie came on.
A great song, popular and also know from Pulp Fiction where it was the scene where Vincent Vega enters the house of miss Wallace the second time.
If you've watched high fidelity you know about the top 5. So here goes my top 5 songs from films No 5 The End. The Doors Apocalypse Now No 4 Girl you will be a women. Urge Overkill. Pulp Fiction. No 3 Lust for life. Iggy Pop. Trainspotting. No 2 Simple Minds – (Don’t You) Forget About Me. The Breakfast Club. No 1 Twist and shout. The Beatles Ferris Bueller's Day Off.
I know I used to have like 4 Urge Overkill albums/eps. Where the heck did they go?
Dica de musica procura ai por Urge Overkill com a musica Girl, you be the woman.. “é de bambear as perna“.
Props on the Urge Overkill reference on your graphic tonite!
Did you ever read Albini's letter to the Chicago Reader re. Urge Overkill, Liz Phair, and (sorry) Smashing Pumpkins? Worth a look.
Somehow wasn't a Shriek of the Week: 1994: Urge Overkill - Girl, You'll Be a Woman Soon:
Just asked Urge Overkill... a question, you can too! Go here -
Urge Overkill - Girl, you´ll be a woman soon, from a classic movie ( Pulp Fiction ) have an awesome day .cheers !
We got multimedia, multitasking, one-stop-shop, urge overkill & wonder why we bloated & bored. Baby, that's a little something called ennui.
"Mood control is designed to render funkable ideas brought to you by the makers of Mr. Prolong, better known as Urge Overkill." \mL
I added a video to a playlist Urge Overkill - Girl, You'll Be A Woman Soon
yeah that have love is alright but hendrix is solid, but I couldn't download any of the others, apart from that urge overkill
Urge Overkill - Girl you will be a woman soon is worthwhile song to listen.
Urge Overkill is probably the band with the most american sound ever
. Girl You'll be a woman soon.. soon you'll need a man ! -Urge Overkill
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
So I own this cd "Urge Overkill - Saturation" and when I was a teenager, I used to listen to this CD everyday until the age of 20 I believe because that's when MP3's came out. So I just popped this cd in my CD drive on my laptop and the sound quality is SO LOW sounding even with all the volumes turned all the way up! I guess this CD got "Saturated" throughout the years! LOLOLOL, I've done all I it's up to you.
This is band is one if those 90s gems you must listen to! Urge Overkill - The Break: via
This is one amazing live act by this awesome band! Urge Overkill - Crackbabies: via
I really like this great punk/surf song with a 60s touch by Urge Overkill - Sister Havana: via
I had to take it back...simply for taking it back's sake! ;) Urge Overkill - Positive Bleeding: via
I mentioned that I scored the "Strange, I" EP by Urge Overkill... a friend asked if I had any "new" music... I replied: New music is what you make on a Harmony guitar; and a Danelectro guitar; and a Mattel Synsonic drum pads; and a Casio MT; and a bottle of wine...
Selectors were too busy getting high and listening to Urge Overkill to watch the 93' season.
Pavement - We dance (HD) (Wowee Zowee - 1995) Pavement is an American indie/alternative rock band. Although they experienced only moderate commercial success...
think I'm going to have to watch Pulp Fiction tonight, especially after listening to urge overkill- girl you'll be a woman
Tights as pants, a cigarette & Urge Overkill, life couldn't get better
Dr. Ross the one-man band. Is a American Folk Blues video, 1965. "I wanna boogie!!!"
Urge overkill cover of Neil Diamond's song "Girl, You'll Be a Woman Soon" Year: 1994, Pulp Fiction soundtrack Label: MCA I do not claim ownership to this vid...
Girl, You'll Be A Woman Soon is the first track for Urge Overkill's album Stull EP. The album was released on 1992, and consists of 6 tracks.
How did convince Laughing Hyenas, Killdozer, and Urge Overkill to use the OTT trumpet sample? Others?
I've added a video to an playlist Urge Overkill - Girl youl be a woman soon - wi
Imagine if a band as cool as Urge Overkill appeared now. God knows, we need real, unrepentant heavy rockers like them now more than ever.
We all dress kinda like how Urge Overkill used to.
Urge Overkill's "Girl You'll Be A Woman Soon" is the creepiest pedophile song on the face of the earth. Beating Gary Puckett's "Young Girl" by miles. Just sayin'.
"Quiet Person" by Urge Overkill From "Rock & Roll Submarine": Official music video by Jim Si...
So what band will be doing everything from Original material to Elvis covers, Ryan Adams to Bob Dylan, Rolling Stones to Mott the Hoople, Urge Overkill to Black Crowes, Freedy Johnson to ZZ Top tunes ?? Yes, you guessed it OneTom Short will be on the loose tomorrow at a block party in Teaneck NJ. Then some different strokes tomorrow evening as we kick off an acoustic Lion's Den with some Van Morrison, Pearl Jam, Neil Young, Galaxy 500, Elvis and Queen tunes for the nightcap. We're nothing if not eclectic, the only common thread is good music played with enjoyment in mind. Ours and our audience. Hope to see you at the Den, sorry the block party is kinda closed to the people who live on the block !
Urge Overkill supports Right Now - Fighting Bullying with Music. Check out their website, sign the pledge and help our kids stay safe. UO]
I ASKED a guy if he liked myu favoure film pup fiction and he plkayed urge overkill for me on his guuitar !
If you don't like Urge Overkill's version of Girl You'll be a Woman Soon, we cannot be friends!!
how about Urge Overkill covering Neil Diamond's "girl you'll be a woman soon"? I love both but prefer the cover
Oh no! Has to be Pulp Fiction - Dusty, Urge Overkill, and Chuck Berry
I didn't realise 'Girl you'll be a woman soon' by Urge Overkill, used in Pulp Fiction, was a cover of the Neil Diamond song by the same name
I love u so much cant count all the ways id die for you babe and all i can say is ,hes not your kind © Urge Overkill
I'm listening to Urge Overkill right now... Supersonic Storybook is hands down one of the best records to be released in 1991... This band has been so overlooked by history.
Urge overkill on Kerrang has made my morning
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On ATV Tires
Urge Overkill-Girl You'll Be A Women Soon. Ima sing this song to my daughter If i have
Urge Overkill - Sister Havana is one of the last truly great rock tracks
still rockin and forever in awe of The D's surprise Valentine's Day set opening for Urge Overkill!
Chemical bros. Setting Sun... Urge Overkill...Sister Havana Hives... Hate to say I Told You so. Oh the memories!
Urge Overkill - Girl You'll Be a Woman Soon: I really love this song. via
Resisting the urge to say because that would be overkill
I forgot how awesome they are! If you've never heard Urge Overkill you should check em out!
You know you're at a decent party when 'Interiors' by and Urge Overkill are on the playlist.
Urge Overkill "Effigy" - at the Bottom Lounge in Chicago. Filmed and Produced by Mike White Photography and McKenzie Creative. Video is also available on the...
it's Girl, you'll be a Woman soon- Urge Overkill x ya know the song Mia dances to while Vincent is in the bathroom-
Trimming the lawn, now a virtual rainforest because of the rains, to Urge Overkill music.
Pulp Fiction soundtrack is on in the pub. ‘Jungle Boogie’ is on I might leave when Urge Overkill come on though.
Ahhh I am listening to Urge Overkill and I know these songs... just never knew the band name!
I think this Urban Outfitters is playing Urge Overkill ironically.
My iPod plays Urge Overkill's "Positive Bleeding" every possible opportunity it gets. And I never ever skip it.
Urge Overkill performing their hit "Positive bleeding" on the late show with David Letterman and the CBS Orchestra 1993.
I've had this cyclic music theory for a while, and used it a few months ago to make a prediction that since the 80's fads just recycled (Madonna/Gaga), the 90's alternative scene was about to cycle back through. I mentioned it to some co-workers. They doubted me. I just saw an ad from an A&R rep looking for demo tapes for a long-term relationship with bands in the style of Urge Overkill, The Screaming Trees, and The Pixies. Guess what's coming back around guys! Who wants to start a NIN inspired project with me?!? :)
Mr. Prolong, better known as urge overkill.
Is it me or is there a touch of the Urge Overkill's to this Darkness track? Who cares, loving Justin's catsuit too much
New copies of Urge Overkill's Exit the Dragon going for less than £8 on Amazon. If any of my followers trust my opinion, BUY IT.
Why do i have the sudden urge to spend 1800$ and build a supercomputer? i7 extreme edition 24-42 gb ram? overkill yes, needed yes.
Urge Overkill - Exit the Dragon. I don't particularly care; I'm listening to it & you're probably not, but, 1 of rock's classics
Now playing Urge Overkill - Girl, You'll Be a Woman Soon on three clock hours FM
That's what I was thinking. Why else would they replace Urge Overkill's "Girl, You'll Be a Woman Soon" in the 2nd episode?
Did you miss the Urge Overkill yard sale?
Urge Overkill's 'girl you'll be a woman soon' was the best. Ironically, it's also the best song they ever did.
On The Auteurs... Maureen: They remind me of a British Urge Overkill. Me: It's the sparkly jacket.
Hey, did anyone notice that Urge Overkill released an album last year? (Their first in 16 years.) I didn't. Apparently it's good.
Waking up with Urge Overkill humming in my head. The options are : Head, towel, revolver, or going back to bed.
Girl, You'll Be A Woman Soon (as covered by Urge Overkill has such sleazy overtones that I can see why Tarantino was attracted to it.
Hearing that Urge Overkill is looking to move Nash Kato for Matthew Sweet and a drummer prospect.
“Girl, You’ll Be a Woman Soon” – Urge Overkill from the Pulp Fiction OST. Awesome cover of a song. I'm trying to make some food here!
Keep in mind Urge Overkill, and swingline staplers follow me too.I have a diverse audience.
Great movie and great remake of a classic --> ♫ Girl, You'll Be a Woman Soon – Urge Overkill
Hayatinizdaki kadınlara ithafen; metallica- mama said ve urge overkill-girl you'll be a woman soon. Oldies, goodies.
Urge overkill's version of 'Girl you'll be a woman soon' is pure quality. Pure quality.
You know you're in the budget rack at a record store when you see Sophie B. Hawkins, Urge Overkill, and Dido.
Even though this is the sexiest Urge Overkill song :
other songs featuring heavily on that trip were: Urge Overkill - Girl You'll Be A Woman Soon
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