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Urban Meyer

Urban Frank Meyer, III (born July 10, 1964) is an American football coach and former player. He is the current head football coach at The Ohio State University, having been hired for the position in November 2011. Meyer has previously served as the head football coach at Bowling Green State University from 2001 to 2002, at the University of Utah from 2003 to 2004, and at the University of Florida from 2005 until his retirement at the end of the 2010 season.

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I dropped Urban and Woody in with Earle and had Coach Meyer sign it to auction at my nephew's benefit. This is amazing for me…
Don't overdo it with camps. Attack the offseason with your teammates. BE THE BEST COACHABLE PLAYER POSSIBLE!
Excellent words from a D1 coach. It is applicable to ALL high school athletes wanting the next step! PLEASE READ! https:…
Urban Meyer: I don't care what you do at a camp… I care what your high school coach says about you.
LB K'Vaughan Pope worked out at camp then talked with Urban Meyer. Pope discusses his status (VIP)
The greatest achievement in coaching isnt to get players to do what you want. It is to get players to WANT to do what…
Bale as Saban would be best; Kyle Chandler as Harbaugh. What about Tim Olyphant as Urban Meyer?
After a hot start at Cincinnati, could Luke Fickell ever beat Urban Meyer for an Ohio prospect?
Is Paul Chryst in the same conversation as Urban Meyer or Jim Tressel? Top 25 teams could see records fall -
The Winner's Manual by Jim Tressel and Above the Line by Urban Meyer.
Many thought this when OSU hired Urban Meyer but MSU just wins
Exactly, Harbaugh isn't even on the same level as Nick Saban, Urban Meyer, Bob Stoops, or even ducking…
Urban Meyer had 31 players arrested under his watch at UF. This? Out of Strong's control. These aren't even players he recruit…
If you can raise the level of effort and performance in those around you, you are officially a leader. – Urban Meyer
Everything you ever needed to know about the Urban Meyer administration at the University of Florida.
Mike Bianchi: Aaron Hernandez was seedy underbelly of Urban Meyer's Gators; Tim Tebow was the smiling face Pathetic
Really no surprise that Nick Saban and Urban Meyer coached teams do well in the
I had a dream that Eugene, Urban Meyer, Nick Saban, and myself went out to dinner. There's some duality in that somewhere
OT/ Nick Saban tells a story about Urban Meyer
Briles made $5.9 million in base salary for 2015. That put him behind just Jim Harbaugh, Nick Saban and Urban Meyer.
By my count, Aaron Hernandez is the third Urban Meyer-recruited player to commit suicide, after Avery Atkins and Chris Johnson.
Ex-NFL player Aaron Hernandez hangs self in prison; Urban Meyer, who coached him at Florida, spoke about him in 201…
Butch Davis, Larry Coker, Pete Carroll, Barry Switzer, Urban Meyer off the top of my head. And you didn't answer my question
As a Junior in High School, LeBron James was offered by Urban Meyer to play wide receiver for Notre Dame.
Andrew Ellis spends too much time cradling Urban Meyer's ballsack to have any credibility
Urban Meyer was never an offensive coordinator in college or HS.
Ohio State spring preview: Urban Meyer looks to regroup after a disappointing end to the 2016 season…
4-star Georgia LB Michael Harris has at the top, calls scholarship offer from Urban Meyer "great" VIP
Top Virginia duo look to make their way to for spring practice; Urban Meyer talks to elite Georgia DB VIP
Urban Meyer talks to elite DB today as Ohio State Buckeyes go for top prospects in Virginia and Georgia.
coach Urban Meyer talks with top DB today as go for best in Georgia and Virginia
Urban Meyer on what’s left for J.T. Barrett to accomplish: “He hasn’t lifted the trophy yet." 🏆🏈
Urban Meyer asked whether he’s had this much talent at QB in his career quickly cited Tim Tebow, Cam Newton, Jeff Driskel and John Brantley.
Urban Meyer hung out with Joshua Perry, Ezekiel Elliott, Michael Thomas, and Eli Apple on the Buckeye Cruise.
Urban Meyer said that Tyler Gerald quit the team and was not really involved in that one. James Clark will run track before graduating.
SEE VIDEO! Urban Meyer on $20 bill in York primary loss studies on child abuse ha...
Urban Meyer: better than Bill Romanowski said was NOT participate
At Florida, a coach’s work will always be measured next to the DNA of Steve Spurrier, Urban Meyer and Billy Donovan.
Has Jim Harbaugh called for an investigation into Urban Meyer's emails?
Not to be overshadowed, Ohio State head coach Urban Meyer reached out to Thomas tonight.
"The difference between winning and losing will be the strain." -Urban Meyer
VIP scoop on recruiting. Urban Meyer accomplishes his goal against Nick Saban
Break 'em down and love 'em up, that's what we do. - Urban Meyer
Urban Meyer was doing what he is so great at, recruiting today for the Ohio State Buckeyes.
Urban Meyer told Jack Nicklaus that Ohio State would be ‘Just OK’ in 2016
One of the most impressive signees in Urban Meyer's Ohio State career.
saw it on a visit to Florida when Urban Meyer was winning Titles.
Anyone that would say Urban Meyer is your claim to fame knows nothing about you or your career. Put those bags in their place DD
Ohio State podcast: How did Jim Tressel's recruiting compare to Urban Meyer's?
I wonder if Urban Meyer knows Bruce Judson's name now?
Scroll down near the bottom of this story for his comments on being a grad assistant for Urban Meyer.
Duke (b-ball), Notre Dame, anyone Urban Meyer is coaching, the Patriots (would have rooted for Cowboys over them in…
Ohio State podcast: How did Jim Tressel’s recruiting compare to Urban Meyer’s?
After reading the B/R on calipari from yesterday I'm 100% convinced he's a bigger *** bag than Urban Meyer and I hate urban a lot!
Where is Urban View in your channel line up CEO Jim Meyer ?
Ohio State signee Trevon Grimes makes strides, Urban Meyer faces Dabo Swinney again and more
I hope Ohio State loses the rest of their games & urban meyer gets fired & they take his salary to start a women's center & pay instructors
Urban Meyer texted today with a star DE that has high on his list; and more recruiting
Urban Meyer & David Shaw lose to Rich Rodriguez & Dabo Swinney in Hoops?
Ohio State football preview: Buckeyes 2017 schedule, roster and three things to watch
So apparently Dabo Swinney and my dad beat Urban Meyer and David Shaw in 2 on 2 basketball today in Costa Rica 😂😂
"If you want to win the future, you must win the grind today." -Urban Meyer from Above the Line
"You don't get the team that you want, you get the team that you build." ~ Urban Meyer
His debut overshadows Urban (Meyer). He's that bright a star. All the (Florida) writers know he's good copy.-Pat Dooley
that was the hockey equivalent of OSU firing Urban Meyer only to hire Jim Harbaugh. My head is still spinning.
nope. Again, I like what Jim Harbaugh and Urban Meyer say about freshman.
I like what guys like Urban Meyer and Jim Harbaugh say about freshman. UTSA needs to adopt that same mind set.
I would think Jim Harbaugh and Urban Meyer are pretty high on the list as well.
Who wins in a fight? Jim Harbaugh with X-Men Wolverine claws, or Urban Meyer with giant lobster claws for hands?
Baron Browning joked with OSU about going to Alabama. For payback, Urban Meyer told the LB he took the LA Rams job.
Urban Meyer invited the early enrollees of the Select '17 over to his house Sunday afternoon.
Top247 WR Oliver Martin will visit this weekend. Urban Meyer went in home Thursday:
I really don't think you guys should let a national title hide the fact that Clemson drug Urban Meyer & Ohio State 31 to…
Ohio State’s Urban Meyer speaks for first time after coaching changes: ‘We went one dimensional’
Impressive. Dabo Swinney beat Urban Meyer and Nick Saban back-to-back to help propel the Tigers to the title.
Dabo beat Auburn at Auburn, Heisman winner, FSU at FSU, ACC Title game, then Urban Meyer and Nick Sabah in the playoff. Pret…
actually yes, Charlie strong was defensive coordinator at Florida for Ron Zook, he was retained by Urban Meyer.
You forgot to tell that to Jerry Kill, who seemed to do pretty well at MN. Also, Urban Meyer coached at Bowling Green.
HC Urban Meyer on Tyquan Lewis: he's one of the top leaders on team
Woody Hayes, Bo Schembechler, Urban Meyer started at MAC schools. So did Darrell Hazell, Tim Beckman, Dino Babers. You just don't know.
Urban Meyer studied Kevin Wilson’s Northwestern offense back in 2000. Now they’re working together:
Why is Urban Meyer never mentioned for head coaching jobs? "…
Why is Urban Meyer never mentioned for NFL head coaching jobs? | Fox Sports
Man I would've loved to see Lane Kiffin in Minnesota antagonizing Urban Meyer and Jim Harbaugh instead of him antagonizing Butch Davis FIU!
Urban Meyer spent a couple minutes with JT Barrett and Chris Worley in the hallway:
Last time Ohio State was shutout 11-20-93 vs. Michigan. J.T. Barrett had not been born & Urban Meyer was 29-year old Colo…
"We had the worst performance of 2016" - Urban Meyer. "Hold my drink." - Mariah Carey
Dabo Swinney was already one of just two coaches to beat Urban Meyer in a bowl game. He's now the first to do so twice.…
Dabo Swinney is now responsible for 1/3 of Urban Meyer's losses at
Urban Meyer total losses in five years at Ohio State: 6. Jim Harbaugh total losses in two years at Michigan: 6
Urban Meyer about to develop a crippling case of (spins wheel)...Gastroenteritis, and will be hired by (spins wheel)...Notre Da…
Urban Meyer to Tom Rinaldi: "Some guys made an uncommon commitment to this program. Some guys didn't." Expects OSU to be back in CFP next yr
Urban Meyer: "Ohio State is not used to this. I'm not used to this. This will not happen again."
Urban Meyer with Tom Rinaldi after the loss
Urban Meyer was shut out for the first time as a head coach tonight.
We were a field goal away from beating a team on their turf who are playing in b2b National Championships and just shut out Urban Meyer...
Ohio State Buckeyes shut-out by Clemson. I am not mad. 'Bout time Urban Meyer ate a slice of humble pie. Next up, Nick Saban.
Remember that time everyone said Urban Meyer was on the same level as Nick Saban? Good times.
Urban Meyer still a better coach then Nick Saban? lmao you tried telling Skip 😂😂😂
I like Urban Meyer, but I really like Dabo. I really dislike Nick Saban so
"Urban Meyer is a better coach than Nick Saban". sure, Jan
Urban Meyer can't compete with Dabo Sweeney. Dabo Sweeney can't compete with Nick Saban. Nick Saban can't compete with Urban Meyer. some BS
Aren't we forgetting Tony Dungy, Nick Saban, Urban Meyer? They'd probably get fired after 9 wins anyway
I wonder if still thinks Urban Meyer is still a better coach than Nick Saban?
So about that Urban Meyer and Nick Saban comparison.
Urban Meyer has never been shut out as a head coach. This is his 194th game as a head coach.
Urban Meyer is gonna need at least 2 full Papa John's pizzas waiting for him after this one.
Difference between Urban Meyer & Norman Dale - when Dale said "Maybe they were right about us. Maybe we don't belong," his team responded.
Just what Urban Meyer needed: Tom Rinaldi to ask what went wrong in the first half.
Urban Meyer either going back to his Utah days with that shovel pass or is taking a note from Matt Canada.
Urban Meyer is about to be on Madden mode.. no FGS, go for it on every 4th down when in FG range
Is it just me, or does Urban Meyer remind you of that step-dad that's just trying to impress his wife's kids?
Urban Meyer pregame: “We've had three great weeks of practice and we're ready to go.”
The greatest thing that can happen tonight is Urban Meyer throwing a punch at Ben Boulware
By far the best conversation of my broadcasting career is Jesse Palmer trying to explain the premise of the bachelor to Urban Meyer.
Urban Meyer: 5 losses in 5 seasons at Ohio State. Jim Harbaugh: 6 losses in 2 seasons at Michigan
Now is when I remind you that Harbaugh has more losses at Michigan than Urban Meyer has at OSU... It's the only thing he is…
Urban Meyer was giving the abridged version of the core values he has instilled in Ohio State football, …
out here dropping knowledge on Urban Meyer about his own coaching history
'Dabo Swinney jokes Urban Meyer's secret to success is 'gameday under...' via
Urban Meyer probably voted for the orange clown.
Urban Meyer using 2014 as a model for this Playoff run - The 2014 comparisons continue to run deep as the Bucke...
especially Harbaugh.. he's a decent coach at best... I respect Urban Meyer, but still think they're overrated
They practice with Watson every day & they've faced better QBs. I'm relying on Urban Meyer superior coaching skills
Anytime I see Urban Meyer on tv it just makes my heart smile :)
Am I the only one who would be happy for Nick Saban & Urban Meyer to both watch the nat'l championship game...from their house
Michigan football looks exactly like Ohio State did against fast teams before they made their big jump with Urban Meyer.
When I say overrated, I mean he is not in the same echelon as Nick Saban and Urban Meyer.
The originals: Urban Meyer's first class at Ohio State persevered - ESPN
Everyone in this building hates Urban Meyer.
UM doesn't have urban meyer prepping for the game or on the sidelines. They'll be fine.
any chance the new OC can go back to Urban Meyer's offense? I miss scoring 50 a game. 😎
Urban Meyer to Ohio State fans on video at Buckeye Bash: Wear scarlet and be loud
Baseball was Meyer's first love: Urban Meyer's baseball career did not pan out, which was…
Tell me one time a Big 10 school (outside of Urban Meyer OSU) when they had the most athletic squad on the field ??
that's every Big 10 team not coached by Urban Meyer
Urban Meyer won the title that year. Does that help?
Urban Meyer had great message for players at recent camp. Great lesson for college baseball coaches too. 29 -
"Urban Meyer has a better resume than Nick Saban"- JJ Green
Dabo Swinney and Chris Petersen can make a ton of extra cash if their teams advance to the CFP title game:
We all owe Urban Meyer a thank you. Michigan looks TERRIBLE. Saved us from having to watch them in the Playoffs
let this schmuck have his fun cos when urban Meyer staring at harbaughs *** for the next
What are the bonuses at stake for the head coaches in the CFP semifinals? Here's a look:
Another quality young man from the tutelage of Urban Meyer
Ohio State made the Playoff in a massive rebuilding year. That’s scary.
Which game are you most looking forward too? Can pull the upset? Does Urban Meyer roll on to victory…
Ohio State made the Playoff in a rebuilding year. Scary.
"I thought it was the lucky underwear."
Rephrasing question for 'Real Americans' - How would OSU fans react if Urban Meyer spent months talking about how a…
Gifted the ball on the 1 yard line and Jim Harbaugh kicks a field goal. They can't all be as courageous as Urban Meyer. .
just wait until Urban Meyer leaves and all the criminal allegations come out. happened at Florida.
Urban Meyer: better all-around coach than Saban. Calls own plays. Saban needed Kiffin. Saban's specialty - D - has bee…
Urban Meyer on Dwayne Haskins, who could be the future of the Ohio State offense: 'He’s got it’ -
As notes, HC Kyle Whittingham is now 10-1 in bowl games. We call that studly. HC Urban Meyer is 10-2.
Who wants to see Urban Meyer vs Nick Saban in the National Championship?
Boston College coach Steve Addazio, left, and Urban Meyer at Ohio State practice today.
Urban Meyer welcomes Steve Addazio, stresses fixing the finer points to his team and more from Ohio State practice.…
Boston College coach Steve Addazio was at Ohio State practice today, talking with his former boss Urban Meyer on the field.
[FoxSport] Clemson's Dabo Swinney is reading Urban Meyer's book to prepare for Ohio State
Dabo Swinney’s looking for an “edge” over his friend Urban Meyer. So he turned to his recent book.…
Breaking down Urban Meyer's impressive bowl record - A look back at the Buckeye head coach's record in bowl gam...
Weeks to prepare? A postseason game? Urban Meyer's bowl record is pretty outstanding. .
Looking at how often Urban Meyer is using J.T. Barrett in the running game this year compared to season's past.
Ohio State football | Urban Meyer's best man Bill Davis to join coaching staff
An Ohio State team with Urban Meyer on the sideline can never be counted out.
Clemson coach Dabo Swinney says he believes Ohio St. coach Urban Meyer as all-time best win %. Then informed Knute Rockne is higher. Laughs
Urban Meyer is an astounding 10-2 in bowl games during his career. A brief history of each of those contests.
Steve Spurrier set the Gators' bar high. Urban Meyer set it even higher. Jim McElwain has a long way to go.
IMAGINING what it would be like if Urban Meyer hired Jim Tressell as an assistant coach...the mind WOBBLES!!
bengals should fire marvin and look into hireing. Jim Harbaugh, Nick Saban or Urban Meyer.. they need to take a chance on one of these guys
Butch Jones catches a ton of heat but he's out recruited Urban Meyer for Trey Smith, Jarrett Guarantano, Nigel Warrior…
Urban Meyer said this in 2006!. I'm waiting on him to decline the invitation to the playoffs and yield to Penn State!
And a P-5 where he can compete against the likes of Jim Harbaugh and Urban Meyer. The money just made it easier to…
Ohio State vs. Michigan. Urban Meyer vs. Jim Harbaugh. Relive the entire day from tailgating to storming the field
"They played as hard as they can.". Urban Meyer sympathizes with being left out of CFB Playoff.
So you're telling me Jeff Brohm is tasked with turning around a Power-5 program in the same conference as Urban Meyer and Jim Harbaugh?
What CFB coordinator job/head coaching job did Urban Meyer, Jim Tressell and Jim Harbaugh have prior to being named head coach?
The writer's (not clumsiness is driven home by his botched analogy: Jim Harbaugh and Urban Meyer ar…
Urban Meyer sends off one of the greatest draft classes in history, makes playoffs the next year.
How good has Urban Meyer been as HC? Dabo Swinney would have to win his next 78 games to equal his win %. Meyer 165-28, Swi…
Possible Jim Harbaugh missed the Michigan call on the Orange Bowl because he was celebrating the birth of Urban Meyer's grandchild
Josh Mandel will be our next Senator just because he's been in a commercial with Urban Meyer.
A combined 7 seasons for Jim Harbaugh and Urban Meyer. 0 Rose Bowls. Gotta wonder if the folks in Ann Arbor & Columbus are getting angry.
"You shouldn't play for a National Championship if you don't win your conference." — Urban Meyer, 2006.
So should we just line up Jim Harbaugh, Urban Meyer, and the Penn State coach and have them throw footballs into giant…
Idk any coach that can go toe to toe with Nick Saban besides Urban Meyer.. possibly Jim Harbaugh
Urban Meyer vs Jim Harbaugh the new head coach rival..
Penn State's James Franklin is handling getting left out of the playoffs with so much more class than Urban Meyer and Jim Harbaugh would.
Urban Meyer at OSU has lost only 2 reg. season conference games, which have directly led to losing two tiebreakers to go to B1G Championship
Urban Meyer out here doing commercials with Josh Mandel smfh
- Urban Myers might take the job, but not Urban Meyer
I know my small voice isn't going to do much but next I'm sorry we need new coaches it should either be Urban Meyer or Jim Harbaugh
Top 5 coaches in CFB right now. . 1. Nick Saban. 2.Urban Meyer. 3.Dabo Sweeney. 4.James Franklin. 5.Jim Harbough . Who you got? .
I've never heard of this Myers guy but if he's half the coach Urban Meyer is we should give him a shot!
Urban Meyer wouldn't win more than 9 at MSU.
How some old advice helped Urban Meyer and Ohio State beat Michigan
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Urban Meyer out coaches and far exceeds Jim Harbaugh in class.
As an Alabama fan, Urban Meyer is the only coach I wouldn't want to face. If anyone could find a way to out-Saban B…
So cool now that Urban Meyer is my president.
Coach Urban Meyer has a message for you fans!
Urban Meyer just won The Game, but he still has errands to run. .
The next Urban Meyer is there for the taking.
Urban Meyer reacts to the Buckeyes' 2OT win
Why Jim Harbaugh, not the officials, deserves the blame for Michigan’s loss to Ohio State. https:/…
Nice postgame moment between Urban Meyer and
Paul Chryst only 4th B10 Head coach ever to win 10+ games in 1st 2 years (Fielding Yost, Urban Meyer, Jim Harbaugh) Wow
Urban Meyer's reaction to the game winning TD:
Urban Meyer shares an emotional moment with his son
How soon y'all forget that Herman was the offensive coordinator under Urban Meyer when Ohio State won the national champions…
the only UM i'll ever respect is Urban Meyer 💞
Urban Meyer reacts to game winning touchdown
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Florida fans wanting Mac fired need to chill out.. you'll never find another Urban Meyer. Your expectations are unreali…
Urban Meyer running a fake punt deep in his own territory in a rivalry and not getting it, where have I seen that before?
Urban Meyer . He knows . When bae calls, you answer. . Love it
Urban Meyer answers his wife's phone call during the press conference.there's never a valid excuse to not answer yo…
Urban Meyer is 61-5 with just two B1G regular-season losses in five years at Ohio State and has one Big Ten championship.…
Urban Meyer after going for it on 4th down in double OT against ❌ichigan
Urban Meyer's reaction to the end of the game is everything.
If urban Meyer can answer his wife's call during the press conference you can text your girl back
Honestly we need some Urban Meyer raised thugs because those guys won us games
Do you have to be Urban Meyer to run a good offense at Florida in this century?
People say Tom, how could you leave your school like that?. First off, my name is TOMMY. Second, ask Urban Meyer how that turned out for him
"He actually wanted to go and play for Urban Meyer and be Percy Harvin." Now, Curtis Samuel is doing just that.
The only coaches with a better record than Tom Herman over the last two seasons are Nick Saban, Urban Meyer and Dabo Swinney.
Urban Meyer's wife went full on Pam Beasley with that phone call in the middle of the press conference.
In his last 7 seasons as a head coach, Urban Meyer has won one conference title.
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With everything working against him, Urban Meyer wouldn’t let his grip on The Game slip away.
Urban Meyer blew the refs before the game for sure.
Urban Meyer just picked up a call from his wife during his press conference. "She said bring a gallon of milk home."
Tom Herman might be next Urban Meyer. But I can't think of another coach to generate that much interest w/so light a resume.
Urban Meyer must give some good head
Tom Herman really is the second coming of Urban Meyer. Leveraging another school that negotiated in good faith for more money from another.
Jim Harbaugh’s gonna put Urban Meyer back in the hospital.
Maybe Tom Herman will offer Urban Meyer a spot on his coaching staff.
Tom Herman- genius for Cardale Jones. Cardale Jones was undefeated in college but wasn't good enough for Urban Meyer. JT nor tebow can throw
Urban Meyer is a genius. Just like Tom Herman.
Breaking news. Urban Meyer offered half his salary for Tom Hermann to come back and run this offense
Tom Herman is a better coach than Urban Meyer. Don't @ me
Exclusive look at the Urban Meyer halftime speech.
Urban Meyer, Tom Brady, and Jerry Sandusky have all male tea parties together
If any of you want to know why Tom Herman is such a prized commodity, just watch Urban Meyer's offense since Herman's departure. Appalling
Don't get me wrong, I love Urban Meyer, but he's gotta get more aggressive on offense!
Tom Herman is the hot guy. He coached under Urban Meyer as his OC. He's made Houston a top 25 team. They wanted him badly.
People forget that Urban Meyer enabled a budding homicidal maniac. Rooting for Ohio State means you basically pulled the trigger yourself
Tom Rinaldi sits down with Ohio State coach Urban Meyer to discuss "The Game," the rivalry, and h... - via App http…
"Whoever ends up getting him is getting the next Urban Meyer or the next Jim Harbaugh. He will be a star.". -- Kirk Herb…
Tom Herman has the same agent as Butch Jones and Urban Meyer in former defensive lineman Trace Armstr…
Tom Herman hiring will mark the second time Texas hires a coach who won a title as a coordinator under Urban Meyer ... weird coincidence
Former Gator Trace Armstrong is Tom Herman's agent, he also represents Urban Meyer and Dana Holgorsen among others.
Buckeyes' coach Urban Meyer discusses "The Game," the rivalry, and his greatest coaching influences.
I would also like to report Jim Harbaugh and Urban Meyer are also returning, per sources.
(Rewatch) Penn State would go 70+ to score a touchdown on this drive, but found a gem of an Urban Meyer "they called timeo…
Ohio State rushing yards vs. Michigan since Urban Meyer's hiring:. 207. 393. 233. 369. That's a bludgeoning that has to change for M to win.
Things heating up between Notre Dame and Urban Meyer. Announcement may come as soon as Sunday after Michigan game. https…
Big Game. Article says it all. Lives of Urban Meyer, Jim Harbaugh lead to rivalry's new Ten Year War - via App
This is crazy. Urban Meyer (164-28) has 86 more wins and 3 fewer losses in his coaching career than Jim Harbaugh (78-31). And…
Being an Urban Meyer graduate assistant is like ‘winning the lottery.’ Just ask Maryland coach D.J. Durkin
Urban Meyer explains why Ohio State suddenly seems unstoppable
Terps' DJ Durkin, Buckeyes' Urban Meyer reminisce about time ... - Baltimore Sun
Urban Meyer said the win over Nebraska was the best game his wide receivers have played “by far."
💰 is not what's preventing ND getting elite coach. Look no further than Urban Meyer & Bob Stoops turning ND down.
Urban Meyer is and always will be a *** On the other hand my son's 4th grade defense could out do the blackshirts right now.
Nick Saban, Urban Meyer, Butch Jones and Brian Kelly were forged in the MAC. Next up: P.J. Fleck of
The fact that Urban Meyer has won 92% of his games at OSU means that Mark May picks the results of those games correctly 8% of the time
PF just said Urban Meyer stinks left sec 4 easier wins in B1G & Bret Bielema rules left B1G 4 more challeng
Hurts to hear Urban Meyer refer to 39-year old David Ross as "the old guy."
Urban Meyer said “no chance” Bri’onte Dunn comes back. He thinks Mike Weber will be the starter. Said he loves the physical…
If you listen closely, you can hear a hallelujah chorus - no, wait, that's Urban Meyer sobbing into his woobie - same thing tbh :-)
Urban Meyer just committed the Nick Saban and Jimbo Fisher Sin!
Urban Meyer on the 216: "I tell people that there are two types of people in this world: those from Cleveland and those who wish t…
Ohio State's red zone defense was one of the reasons Urban Meyer elected to play for overtime.
Ohio State wary of Penn State's weapons: Ohio State coach Urban Meyer showed a lot of respect Monday for the ...
Urban Meyer on Penn State atmosphere: “I wish they would save the white outs for other games."
Saturday marks Bret Bielema’s 23rd game vs. a T25 opponent in 46 games at Ark. Urban Meyer has faced 13, Dabo Swinney 14…
Urban Meyer says Saquon Barkley is a 1st-round RB and receivers are as good as the Buckeyes have seen.
Urban Meyer created this dude in his basement, right?
Urban Meyer is the first coach to win his first 20 road games at a school since Walter Camp, whose streak began in 1888. . It's b…
Urban Meyer got hit in the face by an official...and then got flagged for it.
I respect Urban Meyer (a little bit), but I have no respect for Greg Schiano after what he did 15 minutes down the road
How's Urban Meyer's night going? He's losing and he got hit in the face by a ref:
Idk if yet another coach is the answer for ND unless his name is Nick Saban or Urban Meyer
Many thanks to J.T. Barrett, his family--Stacy, Joe and Stephen--Urban Meyer, and Marc Bindel for their time and candor this week.
VIDEO: Skip Bayless says Urban Meyer is the best coach in college football, already passing Nick Saban
"Urban Meyer is the best college football coach in my lifetime." -on 💯.
Collin Cowherd is a smart man ..."B1G has better coaches than SEC". "Urban Meyer is the best coach of my lifetime"
Any thoughts abt Urban Meyer's continued employment of Greg Schiano who allegedly witnessed Sandusky's crimes? lol
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Don't look now, but the only coaches in the Big Ten recruiting better than DJ Durkin are Urban Meyer and Jim Harbaugh https…
Urban Meyer on Big Ten teleconference: Schiano’s expertise is critical to Ohio …
Ohio State's Urban Meyer and Wisconsin's Paul Chryst preview their top-ten collision on the Big Ten teleconference:
Spencer Tillman just said Kyle Whittingham was an Urban Meyer with some balance.LOL.and minus any notable wins.
Urban Meyer, Jim Harbaugh have raised the bar in Big Ten football, per
Urban Meyer has lost control of the WHAC. Price in blue hoody. Reporter in blue shirt.
Give Mora some time. He's going to be the Urban Meyer of the west coast in another year
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