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Urban Dictionary is a Web-based dictionary of slang words and phrases, which contains over 6½ million definitions .

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Today's fun activity of the day: Go to Urban and search for Boeing. Enjoy!
After considering the number of questions I get on daily basis about *** issues and the level of ignorance and secrecy on this particular topic, I decided to write this book to put an end to the misery. Funny enough, a lot of marriages are going through crises because of boring and uninteresting sex life as a result of the husband losing interest in the wife *** or what do one do, when what was meant to be a source of attraction turns to a source of distraction? A lot of women are also going through pains as a result of stubborn infections. The most disturbing part of this, is the fact that nobody want to talk about *** how then do one understand what she’s scared to talk about and if you don’t understand the anatomy of your *** how do you take good care of it and avoid infections? Honey pot is another word for *** especially when you want it coded. Urban Dictionary defines honey pot as a female's sexual reproductive area, collectively the Vulva, *** Uterus, etc. It has become k ...
Legend Tripping or (Ostension) Urban Dictionary defines this as: A trip taken, usually by teens, to a location of some sort of significance; the location may be the scene of a terrifying, tragic, or supernatural event, or is believed to be haunted. Wikipedia defines this as: A rite of passage, in which a usually furtive nocturnal pilgrimage is made to a site which is alleged to have been the scene of some tragic, horrific, and possibly supernatural event or haunting. Unfortunately, the practice also shares with it a certain degree of danger, since place reported to be haunted are private property or naturally dangerous. The concept of legend tripping is at least as old as Mark Twain's 1876 The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, which contains several accounts of adolescents visiting allegedly haunted houses and caves said to be the lairs of criminals. Tom Sawyer is based on lore that was current in Twain's own boyhood, and by Twain's time the main features of the ritual were already in place. Here is a list of po ...
Now lets give a big round of applause to Livingston Parish for making it onto Urban go LP
“22 Celebrities Defined By Urban Dictionary How did you miss Jennifer Lopez? I love Urban Dictionary
This Brit had to look up 'honey-do lists' on Urban Dictionary. Brilliant. Sounds '50s. Or something David Lynch might say.
I see all these posts with TBT... isn't Google the best? I didn't have to ask anyone what that means... I found it on Urban Dictionary... I feel so smart now...So here is my TBT. These are the last photos I took in Aurora Illinois before my mom and I moved to Clearwater Florida.
Planned Parenthood of New England created a workshop and video to teach “teenagers and young adults” about BDSM, which, according to the Urban Dictionary, is an “overlapping abbreviation of Bondage and Discipline (BD), Dominance and Submission (DS), Sadism and Masochism (SM).” In a brochure, Jinny F...
Fun Fact of the Day.Tuna Helper.Tuna Helper is part of a line of General Mills packaged food products, sold under the Betty Crocker brand, which consist primarily of boxed pasta bundled with a packet or packets of powdered sauce or seasonings. It appeared on the market in 1972. There are 180 calories, 30g of carbs and 780mg of sodium in a 3/4 cup serving. In addition to all that culinary deliciousness...The Tuna Helpers was an all-female American indie gothic psychedelic art folk rock band based in Austin, Texas from 2000–2007. In the Urban Dictionary, a straight woman that hangs out with *** is known as a "tuna helper". Don't you feel so much more educated?
You know I don't usually like "Urban Dictionary" as most the words listed I don't use, and the words listed that I do use, usually have an incorrect or over simplified definition. But I think who ever posted this got it just right. This is what comes up when you search "3 percenter": 3 Percenter - A loose affiliation of like minded Americans who vow to refuse to comply with laws that violate the second amendment right to keep (own) and bear (carry) firearms. The name "3 percenter" comes from the fact that only 3 percent of colonial British subjects took up arms against the King during the revolutionary war. Three percent of the population was enough to overthrow a government and win independence.
I have been properly punished for needing to know what a stupid word means. Really? Really?!? . Urban Dictionary: kew
Actually thought I was being clever by creating the word 'snart' but it's already on Urban Dictionary. Beaten to the punch once more. Drats.
So I was scrolling thru Urban Dictionary & came across my word of the day 😊
it should choose a random word from Urban Dictionary instead
Sometimes I have to Urban Dictionary the slang word I am about to use just to confirm it is what I think it is. SOZ
Urban Dictionary has to recognize the word, yall lo
Update your maps at Navteq
Mash the keyboard. Urban Dictionary has an explanation for that word.
Urban Dictionary has an explanation for every gibberish word out there.
Urban Dictionary word of the day Fappy: A combination of the words "fat" and "happy" Dad:"Would you rather me be fat and happy? or skin...
I think is trying to get the word deminimized out of the Urban Dictionary and into Merriam's...
Also, "u" isn't a word. The irony of you insulting Urban Dictionary is amazing.
Urban Dictionary word of the day - date face The facade of being a stable, normal, attractive, & healthy person on a first date; similar to a game face for any difficult situation. Will lead to a second date but easily dissolves by the third. "Last night’s date was fantastic. I was charming, polite and kind. I had my date face on! We’re going on out again this weekend and I hope I can keep it up."
REAL *** cont... Mlk was not a REAL *** Even tho he died for Millions of blacks and he would Resent the use of that term. Malcolm x WAS a REAL *** and died becuz he changed his Mind! JFK set into motion to free the Black Man of the yoke of Jim Crow Laws after talking to Mlk, sadly he was killed before it bore fruit. He wasn't a REAL *** but he coulda been, according to the Urban Dictionary...he kept it Real H. Rap brown, Stokely Carmaciel and Hewy P Newton, was REAL *** because they made it to the top of the most wanted in the FBI system j Eger Hoover wanted them DEAD DEAD DEAD! Y? Because they had a brain, organizational skills, and was not afraid to DIE! As head of the Black Panthers they took our country to the brink of Total Race War! Many of you don't remember Tommie Smith and John Carlos. When they won the Olympics in 68 they turned their face and raise their fist when the American anthem was song. A small gesture at the time but a symbol dat has been embraced around the world ...
Daddy and Myself now have the Urban Dictionary word of the day! That's bad *** man!
Urban Dictionary word of the day iFinger It's the finger(s) you purposely keep clean when you eat something messy so you could operate your touchscreen smartphone/tablet/GPS without making the screen look like your plate. "These ribs are delicious and messy, but I have to keep my pinky clean cause its my iFinger."
Playing Cards Against Humanity and discovered Urban Dictionary. Check both out soon!
I'm thinking pretty hard of what to say about Cacy, I can only think to say is that Cacy Simpson was/is the freaking man. My fond memories of him was this one time where he was talking to Seajay Gipson and I, where he told us what a "cosby sweater" and a "hungry bear" was (Urban Dictionary lingo.) and we were just dying of laughter. And remembering the antics that took place in Ag class with the crew with Olijah Weaver, Ricky Armstrong, Junior Thaxton, and Jada Smith. Cacy Simpson, I won't ever forget you. Rest in peace my lovely man.
What's a Bikini Bridge you ask? Here's the definition from Urban Dictionary: “bikini bottoms…
"Karl, An Awesome guy, with a good personality. Great to hang around, Better too get drunk with" - Urban Dictionary
Daily Mail Is the 'bikini bridge' the new thigh gap? Disturbing new selfie fad ... Daily Mail But with a new year, comes a new social media trend. Make way for the 'bikini bridge', which Urban Dictionary describes as 'when bikini bottoms are suspended between the two hip bones, causing a space...
Monday: Banished: Meredith and Chris want to know what words you'd like take out with the morning trash. Lake Superior University put together their annual list of 'banished' words but we think we can make the pile much bigger. What words would you haul away forever? Twerk, selfie, SMH? Are you in touch with modern verbiage or do you find that you have to search Urban Dictionary for the meaning of phrases your kids use?
WOW! Check this definition of the word "Paisa"on Urban Dictionary! 1. paisa A Mexican living in the United States that wears cowboy hats, belts and Boots made of Ostrich skin. Also Rayon shirts, unbuttoned at the top so that the chest ( usually hairy ) can be exposed to show off a cheap gold chain adorned with a symbol of the Virgin de Guadalupe. This person will speak very little English; preferring to speak in Spanish and use the phrase, mamasita or mija when trying to attract the attention of a piruja or hoodrat. " That Paisa's hat is blocking my view of the Movie."
The Sprint Commercials with James Earl Jones and Malcolm McDowell crack me up. But left me baffled as to what the *** "Toats magoats" was, so like a dork, I looked it up on Urban Dictionary. In short, it means "Agreed". I now leave you with this quote from Grandpa Simpson... "I used to be with it, but then they changed what it was. Now what I'm with isn't it, and what's it seems weird and scary to me, and it'll happen to you, too."
US courts have begun citing Urban Dictionary to clarify slang terms during court cases, such as to "jack" meaning to st…
Urban Dictionary: Rapey: a guy who is creepy and gives off a bad vibe. As in Limbaugh with his rape fixation.
My son told me he found a definition of my name so I checked it out, I think it's pretty close?!. What does Urban Dictionary say about Julia? Search for a name: Julia a name for girls. Most julia's are artistic, smart, romantic, beautiful and also very charming. Julia's can get whatever they want if they try. They can be very sexy so watch out! They are romantics and love old movies, art and books. they love old stuff! They usually aren't very athletic but if a julia is athletic she's kick butt! they have great fashion sense and usually look smokin'. A julia will most likely become a mother because they love kids. They are very successful in life and there is just something about them that draws people in. Also they are ah-mazing dancers! - Julia roberts - julia stiles - julia meyerhoff - julia schneiderman - julia ormond - julia de burgos
Gotta Love urban Dictionary and it's definitions. . Word of the day:Relationship
That person interviewing you WILL NOT have a urban dictionary anywhere near them.
like urban dictionary for Pittsburgh
Never can go wrong with Urban Dictionary
I just looked up giggity on urban dictionary.. And it doesn't mean you have the giggles 😁
I looked it up on urban dictionary but it had a million definitions lol oh well.
have you seen what Joanne means in the Urban Dictionary ?
I have to look up half the things Uncle Keithy says on urban dictionary
Um that was borderline creepy, Urban Dictionary
I didn't either, but urban dictionary does wonders.
Taco party was added to urban dictionary in 2004, so apparently I'm unoriginal.
Joanne 😏😏 I found this on urban dictionary, very true xx
A. Way to use Urban Dictionary as a source. B. Look at you retard.
Dinks but I think your wrong urban dictionary
Looking up my name on urban dictionary names and I can totally relate to my name.
I went to urban dictionary, is it like a boss?
Urban Dictionary defines Santorum as "That frothy mixture of lube and fecal matter that is sometimes the by-product of anal sex."
If urban dictionary doesn't know what you're talking about it's not real
I believe you mean urban dictionary it; so simmer and I'll check
This is why you found it in an Urban dictionary. Urban dictionaries aren't official you ***
I wish my mom spelled my name w/ 2 'L's bc the description of 'Bella' in urban dictionary is so me. 🙊
Pullout urban dictionary for these wanna based boys
This urban dictionary is saying nice things about me :)
oh heck no. Look it up on urban dictionary.
Lol that pic of my name in urban dictionary is a joke fyi not serious
Urban Dictionary has the IB definition spot on.
Harry Reid sounds like a term on Urban Dictionary meaning something sexual.
Michael Jordan God in a pair of Nikes... Urban Dictionary lol
I think Brian Cashman is doing the Reverse Bubba Crosby on David Robertson. No, that’s not an Urban Dictionary thing.
Just looked up my name on Urban Dictionary, totally made my day!! 󾌵󾌵 Ellie means "Golden Sunshine" and she does just that. She lights up every room she walks into. She is stunningly beautiful, even when she doesn't wear makeup. An Ellie can make someone smile for hours, and want to be her best friend. Although she may not seem like it, she is a natural leader, with everyone wanting to listen to her. An Ellie had a glow of happiness around her, making anyone she knows fall in love with her smile. She is the kind of girl that you can't get your mind off of, thinking about her when you least expect it. She may appear a little shy, but an Ellie is a crazy lovable person who you can't stay mad at for long. Boys think about her in the back of their mind, and girls want to be as good of a person as she is. No one can help but falling in love with an her, even when she is selfish. She has the best heart out of anyone you will ever know, trying her best to make sure everyone around her is happy.
all this is what my name means on the urban dictionary. From the Latin meaning "light" he motivates others by gentle persuasion a natural born leader. A person who has this name tends to be Very loyal, respectful, fearless, outgoing, idealistic, fun loving, competive nature But due to a very loyal and fearless nature these two combined will mean Luke is a force to be reckoned with. And also attracts quite a lot of female attention due to these characteristics a luke usally has a group of very close friends who he respects and is very loyal to. Luke A person with a giagantic shlong, Scrotum, or overall package and who uses it for mastuerbational purposes at least three times a day You can tell that he's luke, look at the way he slouches Luke He is a fun loving guy really funny and can make anyone laugh. He is very quiet at first and seems shy but when you get to know him you will fall in love. He has very good style and always looks handsome. He also always smells really good :) Whos that guy sticking to h ...
Only Mikemike Odom would have my 93 yr old grandma reading definitions out of the Urban Dictionary... Oh gosh LOL
Saudi Arabia (according to urban dictionary) The country the U.S. should have toppled instead of going into Iraq. Major contributing factor to all the misery, backwardness, and violence that exists in the Mideast. An impediment to democracy and freedom in that region and the Muslim world as a whole. The most hated and despised nation in the Islamic world. They treat their own people like kings and ruthlessly discriminate against individuals of other backgrounds and religions. Country that funnels billions of dollars of oil money to "charities" that wage war on innocents, while at the same time erects libraries and mosques to "buy" the respect of other nations. A nation void of liberties, ruled by uneducated Bedouin who a century ago contributed nothing to the wellbeing of mankind. The only thing they contribute now just so happens to be the lifeblood of the industrial world - oil. And that too only because foreigners and ARAMCO are there to do the dirty work for them. A country that will be absolutely fuc ...
Who wants to no what there name is in the urban dictionary ill do everyone who wants to know xo
URBAN DICTIONARY : OF RICHARD 1. Richard Tall, almost towering, large features, arms, legs. Beautiful heart. Kind, usually reserved about sharing his feelings. Although he is able to communicate well, he feels much more deeply than he speaks. Only those that are close to him will ever really know him. Will see 'it' through even if he is unhappy, his commitment unwavering. Will make many mistakes believing he has made a 'wise' choice. Realizes logic does not bring happiness. Falls in love only once, usually shocking (completely different upbringings) to him. When he does find her, he is relentless in his pursuit. However, it is not calculating, unconsciously he maneuvers his actions to allow himself to be with her. A strong, powerful force, a positive energy, other men are always questioning, "what's so great about Richard?". Spiritual leader. Excellent lover, very good with his entire body, making women fantasize about him regularly. A very thick, yummy kisser. Richard is a kind, good, lovely, beautiful, ...
I submitted this to "Urban Dictionary" what you think??. "Mother-Shipping"..The term “Mother shipping” originated from a bottom part of an old humidifier because it looked like the Mother Ship from 1980's scifi mini series “V”. Us three Triplets and A neighbor kid was playing Frisbee with it. & It landed on the sidewalk and did like a “quarter spinning till it lay flat” type thing. So ever since then when any thing did that we called it “Mother Shipping” Even a nut & bolt can do it if it’s spun to fast. (instead of smoothly slowing down the nut and bolt will almost stops immediately) That is considered Mother shipping.
I feel like an old person when I have to look up slang on urban dictionary
like and I will search your name on urban dictionary
My name in the Urban Dictionary Marcella Usually an exotically cultured person- If not, then she must have exotic features. She almost never looks like her name should be Marcella, but it is. Marcellas always have either remarkable bodies or personalities- (or both in a rare breed) Marcella is very oretty, outspoken, sometimes bossy, but for a good cause. IRREPLACEABLE; rare; one of a kind. You can guess someone's name is Ashley or Jasmine, but you can't guess someones name is Marcella. Marcellas liven up their circle of friends, usually everybody's favourite friend, and makes their lovers want to say their name very slow and sexy. Only lucky people get to meet more than three Marcellas in their lifetime, if you are one of those people, you should clap for yourself, if you are a Marcella, you deserve an award. Make sure you keep your Marcella, because someone else just might take her from you. (and they will try) marcella a girl who is HxC attractive, and is mostly white except for a black girl bootay. on ...
Definitely getting ready to get in the bed. I thank God for the prayers of the saints. God never fails. I thank God for health and strength. El Shaddai church family, I love you. Thank you prsyer warriors. God gets all the glory. I thank God for the delivery of His word today...Topic: I Got Issues but God has the Antidote. " Urban dictionary definition of "Issues"= a elegant and fancy way to say problems. Can we just be real? "If my people who are called by My name will humble themselves and pray, and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways; then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land." Too much to say on fb. But just know, we have to acknowledge we have issues. Stop trying to cover it up. My God,...if we just stop with the drama, stop going through the motions. Stop lying to ourselves. Stop contaminating others. Stop, stop, stop, admit our shortcomings, ...cant even begin to tell it all. Love you all. Goodnight fb. Love Mother
Urban dictionary.umm wat should I look up?
1. shrooms Hallucinogenic mushrooms contain psilcybin, psilocin, and baeocystin. Shrooms are incredible and nearly non-toxic too. By incredible I mean it can be the best experience of your life or the worst experience of your life depending on the mood at the time, setting, and who you are with. A good trip can be a learning expeience and lead to extremely thoughtful introspection. A bad trip is as bad as watching your whole family die in a car accident or you can end up being as paranoid as if you were being chased by a guy with a chainsaw in a maze. Seriously, it is incredible. Do not trip right after a bad experience or if you have alot of unpleasant thoughts going through your head at the time. Go into the trip optimistic and usually it will go good, though it is pretty unpredictable. Mild dose effects are colors seem alot more vibrant (blue seeming bluer, black seeming blacker), patterns seem more interesting and intricate, an undescrible feeling of an oncoming mental revelation, giddiness or anxiety ...
I looked up my name on the urban dictionary. ._. Cx
URBAN DICTIONARY MEANING of my name... The coolest person around. Megans have an infinite number of positive qualities that generally outweigh the bad. They are generally sweet, cute, honest, loyal and usually give the best advice. They know how to make anyone laugh and just have fun in any situation. Physical Features include eyes one could get lost in for hours, a smile that can make one melt, and hands that are perfect for holding, along with many other varying features. The negative qualities can include a low self esteem or shyness, stubbornness, unnecessarily dramatic, and the inability to see themselves as others see them. These qualities vary by person.
REDNECK - URBAN DICTIONARY. This is so funny and so true! Take 2 minutes and read the entire definition. I laughed so hard i cried! The standard populators of small town America. Red necks usually live in single or double wide trailers 1-5 miles outside city limits, typically on a dirt road. Red necks never go to real colleges (a few will push their way through the local community college to get degrees in automotive technology or welding but they cringe their teeth and dread every minute of it). Instead Rednecks tend to get manual blue collar jobs straight out of high school and continue to live with their parents for many years after graduation (assuming that they graduate. Most don't). Rednecks' lives revolve around cars and hunting, all they talk about cars and hunting all day long every day and every time you try to change the subject they bring it back to cars and the big deer they shot 12 years ago. They hate anything new or foreign made and only like old beat up 1970s american clunkers with hal .. ...
I challenge you to find your name on the urban dictionary and post the description here.
Because the Urban Dictionary said so... A male whos name is Taylor can be described as a person who is unmatched on many aspects of life. They are some of the most outgoing and confident of men. Also, he is talented, smart, athletic, great in bed and a perfect boyfriend. Taylor's love their girlfriend and adore her and treat them perfectly. They love to have fun and and are very adventurous. Also, they are ususally the center of attention and very popular. If you find a Taylor, keep him! You may never find anyone close in comparison.
I looked up hipster in Urban Dictionary and I get "Definitions are too mainstream"
Didn't know "Timber" has so many meanings before. Thanks Urban Dictionary :-) Everytime I hear that song, I just picture Kesha with a sledge hammer tho.
Somebody Do my name in the urban Dictionary ! Please : ) Thanks
This WASP needs a reverse/lookup urban dictionary. Can anyone help? Also, looking for any friends (or friends of friends) who might be a "j setter" (and not as in "jet setter"). Thanks!
So I looked up my name in urban dictionary... Let's just say i found out I'm pretty freaking amazing... Oh and awesome lol
The definitions of a relationship. One from Webster's Dictionary and two from Urban Dictionary.
Quiz night - last week the answers gave the lyrics to Head, Shoulders, Knees & Toes, this week they don't. They are all connected to a theme though - so get on down for half 8 and play the quiz. I have returned to Urban Dictionary in search of quiz clues - so a definition from there may feature again!
You know, just look up your name on Urban Dictionary. You'll be surprised! [Dionne: Has amazing eyes, quite funny and has lots of friends, popular and hard working, Nice figure and is amazing at lots of subjects (:, also she is very cute and has dimples (: ] Interesting!
LMAO Rob Ford made the front page of Urban Dictionary...
Cocktail Connoisseur ~ That's me! I think I'm gonna submit that to Urban Dictionary
Daniel This is a difficult name to define because it defies many boundaries of human perception, let alone various languages. One of the closest translations that experts give is God or many other variations of that general idea. Other definitions are thought to be: Tao Chi The Great Spirit Chuck Norris Energy Infinity Sublime ect Despite the fact that various names have been pinned to Daniel, its seems that all of the above examples (including that of God)cannot even withstand the magnitude of Daniel. The reason this name continues to elude even the brightest of human minds is that the idea of Daniel cannot possibly exist in a dimensional state. Daniel is so powerful, it defies all laws of this or any other universe. Recent studies have shown that people who have attempted to comprehend this name have either disappeared, died spontaneously, or driven themselves into a pertinent state of insanity and/or catatonia. One common belief is that Daniel is possibly the grounds on which everything and nothing is ...
urban dictionary is like the sexually experienced older sister I never had who I can ask what slang means without my parents knowing I asked ~Candy
Urban Dictionary Has Me Weak... Ellington: A fancy term for a blunt, L, etc. Yooo I'm about to roll up an ellington, who's down?
God I wanna get "Rick Rolled" tonite! From the Urban Dictionary 2. Rick Rolled. To be tricked, through any method, into clicking a link that takes you to the Rick Astley video "Never Gonna Give You Up". Usually happens just as a conspiracy video is about to show a never before seen actual alien or UFO.
If anyone want a really good laugh urban dictionary the word "ratchet."
Urban dictionary word for today : Commercial Game The game I watch during a commercial break of the game I'm really watching. "Yeah, I watched it, but it was my commercial game"
Crazy *** dog Foxy boy jumped up onto the bed while Mark was seated there with his laptop, and said crazy *** dog Foxy boy put his paw onto Mark's computer keyboard in settling himself. His paw called up "Urban Dictionary" and the phrase "wave man" which was defined as something like "an overly enthusiastic greeter of others, giving the big wave." Dog knows hisself, man.
I know you all think I'm really "cool" and "with it" and I hate to ruin the illusion for you but I had to use Urban Dictionary to finally decipher SMH because I could never figure out what it meant...
Randomly decided to look up my name at urban dictionary, not sure why but decided to. This was number 5, but it was the longest one and all I have to say is wow... An Irish name meaning "little king". A person worthy of the name Ryan is indeed a person of true royalty. A handsome gentleman with a charming smile. Has the greatest respect for life and people, especially women. A great sense of humor, easy going and modest. An even greater sense of adventure. But has been known to fall to grips of an adrenaline lust, often risking himself for a thrill seek. A person that believes in all people, until they have proven otherwise, and even then might still believe in you. His mind is amazing, slightly insane but pure genius, the only force stronger is his heart. To be loved by, is to be… Truly... Loved. Loves a challenge, but often doesn’t often accept the reward. Gives his heart and soul to the people he cares for. He is either on top of the world smiling ear to ear or underneath it trying to lift still of ...
I have a document on my computer named.and I quote.."THROW SOME DES ON IT" .to which the urban dictionary defines as . "To furnish a newly acquired vehicle with Dayton Rims"
This is a game and there will be a $25 gift card to a vendor of your choosing should you win. It is this simple and anyone can play. Below are several words from Urban Dictionary with the definitions. Choose three words and put them in a sentence/paragraph; and the absolute funniest one wins. The winner wins by number of likes. You are not allowed to vote for yourself. nerf: To diminish the power or effectiveness of... To make less potent. Donald: A ridiculous hairstyle Smitties: man boobs crackstituents: People who smoke crack with their favourite politician. wash the cat: An excuse to blow off a date or appointment. antistalking: Methodically learning another person's routine in order to systematically avoid them. anglo-klaxon: A loud English person, typically american. And because it was too funny not to include because I KNOW (and you do, too!) we have all been there. bathroom stalemate: Much like in the game of chess, a bathroom stalemate is when two people are in a public restroom and neither wants ...
So are we equating men to a tube we clean our *** with when we call them a *** If its meant to be an insult, we are insulting our own sex because it would almost be like calling our lady parts trashy, unclean. That really needs to come out of the bag of insults. The urban dictionary probably has a justifiable definition to most but I won't ever agree with it.
Everyone look up "Klamath Falls" in Urban Dictionary. So true to the point 👌
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
WHY STEVE IS SUCH A WONDER! Urban Dictionary defines the name Steve: "Steve (short for Steven/Stephen) is a name associated with power and awesomeness. A male with the name Steve should be praised constantly. Historians have noted that the name derives from a line of kings, sports stars and top blokes. Philosophers in the mould of Nostradamus and Albert Einstein have stated that the name Steve should be put away because it would be difficult for any young male to have such a burden placed on their shoulders. However this theory was rebuked by the AOS (Association of Steves) who correctly suggested that once a child is named Steve they can automatically take on such a mantle, as with the name they are the recipient of much greatness, authority and laid-backedness. Parents who embed their children with this hallowed name shall receive an all-round champ of a son for their knowledgeable choice. My name is Steve. All hail Steve, The Almighty."
"Navy: An excellent branch of military that focusses on water-related operations often involving warships and submarines. Any large country with a water borderline MUST have a Navy and a Coast Guard. Some people make fun of the Navy, calling the Navy members *** but these people are actually *** themselves and uncomfortable with their manhood in fear that these Navy guys are much stronger, tougher, smarter than them." -Urban Dictionary.
Des Moines According to Urban Dictionary: Des Moines The capital of Iowa also with the state's largest municipal population of roughly 500,000. The city is intersected by I-80 and I-35 resulting in a steady population growth. Major insurance capital of the world second only to Hartford , CT. Forbes Magazine ranked Des Moines 4th in Best Place for Business in 2007. Plays large roll in the Presidential Nomination with the first Caucus and a somewhat kick start to the election process in America. Des Moines host 5 semi-pro sports teams: Iowa Cubs (AAA Baseball) Iowa Stars (AHL) Iowa Energy (NBA Development League) Des Moines Menace (PDL Soccer) Iowa Barnstormers (Arena Football). Also home to the Iowa State Fair, the United States largest fair= Beer, Babes, Rides, Animals, Rednecks City Break Down Des Moines City Center: Businesses, with a sudden revival in nightlife and upscale loft style living East Side: Lower class to government subsidized housing, many drug users and meth labs, "East Siders" tend to try ...
Twerk; according to Urban Dictionary. The vigorously shaking of your Gluteus Maximus. White girls in yoga pants having sex with the air. A fancy word for 'booty-poppin".
You know it. Just dont ask Google or Wikipedia or Urban Dictionary or New York Times or CNN or the United Nations or most people
Urban Dictionary: Carrie Underwood. Reason girls of all ages are insecure. Makes the word Beautiful not good enough for describing her looks.
HELO Ladies and Gents, it is I, Pony, your lovely Blizzard Entertainment guru. But I’m not talking about Blizzard in this post. Nope! I wanted to touch base on something else. I am a bit of a nerd, I mean come on, I would not be here if I was not. But then I got to thinking, what is a ‘Nerd’? To start things off, I’m going to actually quote Merriam-Webster here: “nerd \noun\ˈnərd\: a person who behaves awkwardly around other people and usually has unstylish clothes, hair, etc. a person who is very interested in technical subjects, computers, etc.” And here is one from Urban Dictionary, there are a few on there actually, but this is the one that I personally enjoy: “A person who gains pleasure from amassing large quantities of knowledge about subjects often too detailed or complicated for most other people to be bothered with.” Now, I gave you these just to give you an idea of what the written definition happens to be in some circles. And this is the reason I favor the one from Urban Dict ...
Urban Dictionary: that dude definition 1 = That's what I found out AUSA last weekend.
Lol dude Urban Dictionary knows what's uppp
I have to use the urban dictionary everytime I speak with you
I downloaded the urban dictionary app just to look up sloot
Surfer:a person who feels like a bad day in the water is ten times better than a good out of it. …
Beth your saying and using that word wrong. Look mommy the urban dictionary defines the word that way😳
I'm going to have a conversation with the Urban Dictionary again yay
My mother just informed me that she is looking up murse on urban dictionary in preparation for buying one for my grandpa.
Gotcha. I don't use the Urban Dictionary but I know other do. My error.
Never looking for my name on Urban Dictionary ever again.
I love how with some people I have to go on urban dictionary to understand what they're saying to me
Urban dictionary you're drunk, go home
If Urban Dictionary was a book that is the only gift i would ask for
You know you're getting older when you rely on Urban Dictionary to tell you what things mean nowadays.
When I'm bored I search a bunch of random stuff in the urban dictionary for a good laugh...
urban dictionary you need to go and stop living in the past. I know we all wanna be there but no
Looking up sex positions on urban dictionary and reading them aloud while Kay Skypes her mom..
I love how I asked what a word meant and urban dictionary responded lmao good looking out
People at work keep saying 'ratchet'. Looked it up. Urban dictionary says it's a word to describe unappealing women. Surprise! Sigh.
Urban Dictionary: Noctis Female...shows an unusual amount of negative actions toward males in the world Did you write this?!
Using Urban Dictionary to explain what a gimp is to mother dearest, this meal is getting really awkward
Episode 31 of Creature Talk when this originated. Urban Dictionary: Colonial Style
LOOOL, the other day I was reading the definition of "directioner" on urban dictionary & there was one ...
"If you fall in love with a Kelsey don't ever let her go." -Urban Dictionary. lolol
If you want me to look up your name in Urban Dictionary.
She just texted me, "D2B" I had to urban dictionary that and I'm LAUGHING OUT LOUD
Ty urban dictionary I was to lazy to google the definition myself
Urban dictionary just don't know what my username stand for
lmao me and Julia are so out of the loop we have to use the urban dictionary to look up what "trill" means
Searched my name on urban dictionary
when jealous people or dolphins make up lies about you and put them on Urban Dictionary...
According to urban dictionary, Whovians are peasants who worship their heathen God Moffat.
obviously i had to check urban the *** is one supposed to know this means in Aus.
I want to try that Urban Dictionary thing.
once I looked up what my name meant on urban dictionary and it said this lol
Urban Dictionary: Slopabottomus Hey spell my name right.
My definition of crassing was accepted at urban dictionary!
normally when I open an urban dictionary link I regret it and wish I wasn't at work :-D
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
I googled my feelings and google sent me to urban dictionary on the word "lmao".
what urban dictionary says about Bruno😂
You just described a homewrecker by atleast one defintion. From the Urban Dictionary - A person who takes a taken individual with the intensions of breaking up the relationship and creating a relationship of their own. Definition from the Oxford dictionary - one who is blamed for the breakup of a marriage or family, such as an adulterous partner. This would apply if it's true the marriage was over once Susan found out. I contend it takes two to wreck the home, so they both (Seth and Jennifer) are homewreckers.
I like to read Know Your Meme: Internet Meme Database + Urban Dictionary .coms when I'm bored… lol ☑
You know when you are behind with the times when you are putting entire conversations through the Urban Dictionary...
Twins ♥ get the Urban Dictionary app. You'll have hella fun lmao "I love looking up facts on the Internet lol. I'm so cool 😎"
My mom asked me what a bop is and now shes on urban dictionary 😂
When bored lookup things in urban dictionary ha ha
I found out yesterday at work that necking means "to make out" . urban dictionary it.
Ha! I just saw that Sassafras was also an Urban Dictionary entry for meth. Er, no. I think I'll change it to sarsaparilla. :)
After much research on urban dictionary, I have found out that I'm amazing in bed
Wait, you didn't know?! I had checked a few weeks ago. Urban dictionary of course! 😌
I looked up my name in Urban Dictionary. Miranda meaning "School girl by day, stripper by night"
“another word for cumming Jayme” but I want the urban dictionary definition GAWD
I will not be relying on Urban Dictionary to aid me in times of need. It is sketchier than the Springer boy's excuses.
That moment when you search in the urban dictionary 😭
No but really the urban dictionary does describe the ship so perfectly. Whoever wrote it was spot on.
Look me up in the urban dictionary. I'm kinda the real deal.
Why thank you. And did you see laubenberg & campbell now in Urban Dictionary?
Thanks for sending me scurrying to Urban Dictionary for that. Um, I guess.
That is what urban dictionary says...
I like urban dictionary describes it best lol ;)
look up yard ape on urban dictionary... Bezo the yard ape
Just learned what the term "main squeeze" means thanks Urban Dictionary. No wonder convos seemed awkward when I didn't know what it meant
April fool's. though curious if it'll be the same thing as Urban dictionary's Glass Bottom Boat...
I must admit I had to urban dictionary that. Here's to a modicum of self respect and hoping that never works!
What Urban Dictionary had to say about me 😉
Urban Dictionary: "oddiction" an addiction that you find very rarely and is very different from any normal addiction.
You're probably hanging out with people too young for you if you need to look up half the words they use on urban dictionary
Urban dictionary didnt define poop for me
lmao I had to urban dictionary it. I didn't know what an angry pirate was !
thank god for urban dictionary or I'd never know what anyone was talking about.
I think I use urban dictionary too much
Urban Dictionary is better than you
Bootylicious: Some strange word that urban dictionary always wants us to search...
I'm Ratchet. (I have no idea what it means just looked on Urban Dictionary)..
Someone is actually arguing with me on my profile that "refudiate" is a word just because it's in the Urban Dictionary. Face, meet Palm.
They need to create a little pocket urban dictionary. I can never understand these new slang terms.
I just looked up in Urban Dictionary. The definition made me blush. Not as bad as the You Tube video of
Boobs according to urban dictionary: Large things that men like to touch, play with and talk about.
Urban Dictionary definition: an expression used when someone had a negative past experience
lol should I go on urban dictionary
LOL I'm looking it up on urban dictionary
Thought it was cool that this guy complimented me on being a mother hen. And then I urban dictionary'd it
Ratchet ~ A diva, from urban cities/ghettos, thinking she is every mans eye candy (but, she's wrong) [via urban dictionary]
Get your iPhone insurance today!
Urban dictionary keeps me in the popular crowd.
why on earth did people tell me to search 'bamboo' on Urban Dictionary, omfg😂
What did urban dictionary say about that word?!
"I think it's this one.. - Urban Dictionary: flex what is sex? I definitely don't do that.
you are sad to think that everybody in awatukee doesn't struggle with money. Tsk tsk. And get off urban dictionary.
I'm a thrifster. Urban dictionary it.
I think I have the best urban dictionary name😏
Its worse than that...from urban dictionary: "a loose woman, slag, *** *** scrubber, shinermouth, *** sket"
bloody autocorrect, I meant 'the urban dictionary 'definition' of superman'!
actually, scrap that. Urban dictionary saves the day...
I use urban dictionary more than I use an actual dictionary... I'm kinda disappointed in myself.
Urban Dictionary is flirting with me
You guys are having too much fun with Urban Dictionary
According to urban dictionary I can give the girl I love a potato as a sign of gratitude lmao
LOL I know! Aha our urban dictionary experience 😂
*** my one on urban dictionary is about drugs or how fab I am :')
I want urban dictionary to define Megan ok
Urban Dictionary: rimming since you wanted to know if u were doing it right
Woah a lot of people on urban dictionary really hate Hilary Duff
Urban dictionary. Couldn't have said it better myself😌
A word with seven definitions on Urban Dictionary, therefore no longer au courant.
urban dictionary my name I dare you.
It's sad when girls look up their name on urban dictionary and actually believe what their name means.
Great, I'm going to be addicted to asking urban dictionary definitions now.
"“Urban dictionary is a very useful accurate resource. this make perfect sense Matt LOL"
tbh u should have just said this. Dunno if you think am urban dictionary
*sigh* well the "urban" dictionary might say it's correct but I'll stick with those Oxford dudes
Babe: Legendary giant ; blue ox who travelled the great plain with renowned giant, Paul Bunyan. (Urban Dictionary: Babe no 7 )
"Big Time", from 1988, was Tom Waits' second live album Urban Dictionary: Big Time
Urban Dictionary says malto means something so incredible, it would cause Stephen Hawking to actually say "Hax!"
Aaron. Soon, Urban Dictionary will be able to define Dirk Gently. ^.^
I created a definition on Urban Dictionary for Dirk Gently, FYI.
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