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Upton Park

The Boleyn Ground, often referred to as Upton Park due to its location in Upton Park, London, is the football stadium of West Ham United Football Club.

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We reluctantly accepted moving from Upton Park to a new stadium on the promise from…
26th Jan 1929 - Don't drop your contact lens! - a sea of hat wearing fans at the Upton Park cup tie between West Ha…
fellas we’re NOT at the Cockpit tonight BUT at tube Plaistow/Upton Park. We are teching and have an…
Succinct and to the point. The acquisition of West Ham by this unholy trinity is and always was abo…
Upton Park and only Upton Park, if she disagrees with me again I’ll cancel my talk talk
Sadly it was for a real football stadium called Upton Park.
I probably miss Upton Park more than West Ham fans, that was a quality away day, especially if you are winning 3-1.
Let's us hammers buy it right make into a proper stadium bring back the upton park life but obvious wit…
Why are there still people working at Upton Park station if they just let people go through without paying ?
Swear Upton Park was in it last year?
It will be on loan and offering to pay 3% of his wages with a send back clause if he gets…
Syd King. 33 years at West Ham and very much the ‘father’ of the club. But his life had a tragic end. Read the sto…
Come and see this great exhibition in The Gallery Upstairs at Upton Country Park above the Tea Rooms. Run for...
Awesome! Still remember my uncle Paul’s (Hilton) last gasp equaliser v orient... probably his most…
You should have stayed at Upton Park, Alf.
Martin was incredibly unless ,should have beat Woolwich in the semi and as for the game at Upton park,w…
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Not a Back at the Valley season ticket book. expected to be home during the 91/92 season but it was not to be. Play…
Hi Jason. And what about Upton Park as part of the Upton Place development. No communication with com…
On this day in 2014: West Ham beat Liverpool 3-1 at Upton Park.
On this day in 2011 West Ham beat Portsmouth 4-3 at Upton Park. My match report -
One treasured autographs in my book as a kid was John Motson - met him at Upton Park as a young Hammers fan. Will really miss his voice.
in 2013, bt 2-0 at Upton Park, with goals from Joe Cole & Kevin Nolan
Rather not have a running track mate, used to love going to Upton Park. Guaranteed3 points every visit
That season he scored 3 hat tricks Notts County & Swansea at home and West Ham away, under lights at Upton Park. Gr…
I hope he thinks we still train at Chadwell Heath and play at Upton Park, that way we won't have to see him again.
West Ham were already parading the trophy around Upton Park when Neil Redfe…
Farewell to Upton Park (not The Boleyn Ground) by Andy Hooper & Lee Clayton - Trevor Brooking describes Billy Bonds as our Greatest Player.
A year ago today, West Ham played their final game at Upton Park, their home of 112 years, beating Man Utd 3-2. Winsto…
I was there at Upton Park when we were relegated 7 years ago. Please don't make it twice in my life to see get relegated from the prem
'I don't know why I kept running, JD was never going to pass!' . Paul Stalteri recalls his Upton Park winner -
fully agree with all said by Ray so far that on Rashford and what he said about West Ham and Upton Park. Bloke is a legend.
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Eight of West Ham’s players during an ultra-violet ray treatment session at Upton Park
On May 4, 1982, drew 1-1 with at Upton Park. Ray Stewart scoring for
All set up and ready for our exhibition to open tomorrow - do pop in to The Gallery Upstairs at Upton Park, Poole,…
Amelia Rejeenzo Insi, 23, of Upton Park, Indiana, who was shot dead by her life, charged Finland high school president Joe Birdwood.
Highbury, Upton Park, Maine Road, The Dell, Filbert Street, Highfeild road, all been lost
West Ham's last stand - Upton Park pictured earlier today.
in 1986: West Ham Utd keep their title hopes alive with a 2-1 win over Spurs at Upton Park.
100% i loved Upton Park. Should never have left, Seats too far from the pitch at OS , I hate that
Cheikhou Kouyate preferred Upton Park but says West Ham are adjusting to London Stadium - SkySports
Kouyate: I preferred Upton Park: Cheikhou Kouyate admitted he preferred playing at Upton Park but says West Ham are…
Four years ago today, did this at Upton Park... .
Danny Higginbotham: "For me, some of the games I enjoyed most were at the likes of Upton Park."
Throwback - Upton Park behind me. The memories of the great Bobby Moore
On Feb 12, 2001, drew 1-1 with at Upton Park. Joe Cole scoring for the Hammers
Thought it to be quite bizarre, that first football's olympic gold medalist was a club called Upton Park which pla…
The Trevor Brooking stand is the next stand being demolished at Upton Park. Credit- . ⚒
Was at the Upton Park day with and Yogzy mate.2-0 down think Allen got both ended 2-2
Old bill pulling up motors down the barking road on the way to Upton Park
Capturing the spirit of East London, through pictures of Upton Park:
Such a shame to see Upton Park like this...heartbreaking
With a view to building us a ground at Upton Park and encouraging those fans back that decided not to come to OS
On Jan 12, 1980, Billy Bonds scored for in a 1-1 draw with at Upton Park
I can remember losing 2-5 in extra time against Barnsley in the 80's. It was the first time I'd heard Upton Park boo John Lyall.
I say Upton Park was one of the best grounds in the Premier League . proper old working class ground
Could say this to Gold and Sullivan too. Upton Park was West Ham's home. London Stadium isn't working. Greedy gits getting…
What a mistake it was from West Ham to move from Upton Park to the London Stadium. Soulless. Not exactly feeling sorry for them though 🤣🖕
Demolition work continues at Upton Park as West Ham's former stadium is knocked down
The view down Priory Road following the demolition of the East Stand at West Ham's former Upton Park ground.
1944 - West Ham's Upton Park shows evidence of damage caused by a V1 'buzz-bomb'. Tales of the old East End here...…
Arsene Wenger on Upton Park: "It was very tight and probably the most intimidating stadium I knew."
Bobby Moore, Jimmy Greaves, Sir Trevor Brooking and Clyde Best have a kick about outside Upton Park.
Water being distributed to thirsty fans at the West Ham v Huddersfield Town Division One match at Upton Park in 1930/31.…
Fans clamber over fences at Upton Park to watch West Ham play Arsenal in 1946
Three bedroom terrace house located off Boundary Road and within walking distance to Upton Park station.…
Jedinak with the penalty and Crystal Palace complete their 5th win in a row at Upton Park!
WOW: The destruction of Upton Park begins. . A sad sight for West Ham fans.
The best part of this photo is the old shallow Upton Park goals, similar to those at Loftus Road, but still unique.
gone, but never forgotten, Upton Park R.I.P. Xx
Is it Upton Park? Could be London City Airport in the distance
West Ham fans watch from the neighbouring flats roof tops at Upton Park, 1972.
Liverpool goalkeeper has a rather unwelcome visitor to his goal at Upton Park in 1977
Renovated Studio, 1bdrm and 2bdrm Apartments in Ottawa Park at 2274 Torrey Hill, 2289 Upton and 1944 Macomber.
I canot believe Balenciaga are selling these lace slippers for over $1,500 when they're £5 at Upton Park. LOL https:…
"Im going to have to interrupt because there is a GOAL AT UPTON PARK"
Winston Reid's match winner against Manchester United, their last match at Upton Park... Now sounds better 🙌🏻
West Ham fans after leaving Upton Park for the London Stadium.
That's what happens when you leave a sacred ground. West Ham need Upton Park not some generic bowl. Hearts been ripped out, like…
Still as sad as ever that we had to leave Upton Park. Feels like a big part of the club went when Bobby switched ou…
NEWHAM: Demolition works start at Upton Park - Newham Recorder
They wouldn't need this if they had stayed put at Upton Park
Maybe West Ham should go back to Upton Park cos this Olympic Stadium ain't paying off
never for the life of me will understand why West Ham left Upton Park..
I can understand the reasons why Upton Park needed to be knocked down, but the way it's been done is a disgrace and insult to W…
Even if you aren't a West Ham fan, seeing Upton Park being destroyed into pieces is so sad to see.
West Ham fans when they see Upton Park is getting blown up for a movie
The demolition of West Ham's old stadium Upton Park has begun. Rumours suggesting it's being blown up for an upcomi…
Not a West Ham fan but seeing Upton Park being blown up like this for a film is sad for any true football fan
This is awful to see, Upton Park being blown up. Can see why West Ham fans are angry.
Kumbaya My Lord, Lee Bowyer, oh, Lee Bowyer. What a night that was at Upton Park!
New stadium has nothing to do with the performance. Upton Park had no atmosphere for 7 of the 8 years I was a season ticket holder.
Breast Cancer Awareness
I lived in East Ham. Sad about Upton Park but this proper puts West Ham on the map
West Ham's Mark Noble accidentally drove to Upton Park before first Olympic Stadium match
Gonna have to say I hate the Olympic Stadium move, viva Upton Park
Seriously it will be nigh on impossible to create an atmosphere at the Olympic Stadium to compare with that at Upton Park. CPFC
Slaven Bilic asked why he's late to his post-match press conference. "It's a long walk! I was happy with Upton Park!" (He…
again? They only just moved from Upton Park to the Boleyn Ground.
Remember when everyone started calling Upton Park the 'Boleyn Ground' last season.
i should of been knighted for services to the Upton Park church ...yes Bob 😀
last game at Upton Park, they bullied Morgan and Herrera. Don't want to see that ever again. Pogba or Kroos needed.
sign this petition to keep the Bobby Moore statue in Upton Park
Keep the West Ham Champions statue at Upton Park! Sign the petition:
Sign this petition to keep the Bobby Moore Statue in Upton Park, where it should be! via
Can you pls RT, leave some memory of Upton Park behind. Sign the petition
good night last night sad to leave Upton Park but on 2 better things was nice meeting Phil parkes and
what a feeling that must be, shame Kevin Mitchell couldn't do the business at Upton Park
we all saw what happened to Kevin Mitchell at Upton Park. .. Tony bellew at goodison. ..
Bellew seems to be handling it all well. Although so did Kevin Mitchell until he actually got in the ring at Upton Park...
got shades of Kevin Mitchell at Upton Park written all over it... 👀
hia mate, United fan. Could you please elaborate why your ground is called the Boleyn Ground? 😕 ALWAYS been Upton Park to me 🤔
hopefully won't do a Kevin Mitchell at Upton Park
I can see same happening as did to Kevin Mitchell when he fought at Upton Park
Mrs C with the Lord of Upton Park at Wentworth today
went to Upton Park to watch the legends v great ormond street
Saw this on a seat today at Upton Park broke my heart God bless ⚒
Messi scored at Upton Park once, should've got him to come to the ceremony
I done the exact same video when I played over Upton Park. How was the pitch, it was shocking when i played on it?
After Sunderland’s survival and West Ham’s exit from Upton Park the Premier League is poised to become a celebration of the modern stadium.
So the grass at Upton Park that men have played on is so sacred a Ladies' match must be called off
West Ham's owners have apologised for the attack on Manchester United's team bus outside Upton Park and warned there will be…
Slaven Bilic has no doubt that the Upton Park atmosphere will be 'impossible to replicate' when the Premier League club kick-o…
can't believe they WHU held official poll online to see If West Ham ladies could play a game at Upton park...
good luck today Upton Park Trophy against Jersey⚽️🏆 1pm kickoff
Going up but soon coming down, the Bobby Moore Stand at Upton Park in 1993. Pic Hammers News.
It's gotta be Upton Park all over again
Rio Ferdinand: Upton Park holds a special place in my heart...
Upton Jr.'s blast was the first walk-off HR against the in Petco Park history (8th walk-off win)
Great day at Upton park catching up with class of 81
Upton's second walk-off dinger of the season caps a wild two-months-early edition of Home Run Derby at Petco Park.
good luck to all concerned in the Upton Park Trophy today, go smash them donkeys (again!!)
Can't sleep today my dreams come true I get to play at Upton Park
Hope all the West Ham fans raise the roof and the result tonight is the "send off" Upton Park deserves
Our previous visit to Upton Park was a special one...
Get ready for our final fixture at Upton Park by reading our in-depth match preview:
"Win a framed West Ham shirt worn by Mark Noble at the last ever FA cup game played at Upton Park" on
Slaven Bilic has told his West Ham players to embrace the emotion of their final match at Upton Park. The Hammers stars were…
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> Upton Park extra game called off: A West Ham Ladies' match is called off so that the men'...
Central London: So long Upton Park, and thanks for all the memories
West Ham fans crying because the West Ham ladies are gonna play the last ever game at Upton Park
1' - West Ham kick off to get the last-ever game at Upton Park under way. Come on you Reds!
We're in position at West Ham for the last-ever game at Upton Park. Where are you watching? Share pics via
The grand finale at Upton Park, West Ham's home ground 1904-2016. It was a great show.
"First controlled explosion at Old Trafford since Sir Alex retired." 3rd goal at Upton Park last week was a killer.
The events at Old Trafford today highlight the stupidity of those few hooligans at Upton Park. Some things are more important than footy!
"People...come out of Upton Park station and could be Baghdad." Outrageous statements on the great area of Green Park, London.
Man arrested in relation to West Ham bus attack at Upton Park finale: London's Metropolitan Police have arrested a man on suspicion o...
when are they moving from Upton Park ?
Just catching up. Uncanny Neil Hannon impression on "Upton Park"!
Disgusting secnes from Upton Park last night I mean what was Teddy Sheringham thinking with this hat
Nice of Teddy Sheringham to come all the way from 1929 for West Ham's last ever match at Upton Park
Hi I think Rolf Harris has escaped from prison and is blowing bubbles at Upton Park, please check
West Ham say goodbye to Upton Park with fireworks, black cabs and legends
West Ham: Club pledge life bans to those involved in damage of Man United team bus prior to 3-2 win at Upton Park (ESPN)
West Ham promise to ban fans for life after Upton Park violence: Club brands attack on Manchester United as ‘...
Last game at Upton Park! Brilliant night at a special place.
We ain't talking LVG oooh"Ugly scenes marred West Ham's last game at Upton Park as Manchester United's coach was attacked
West Ham beat Manchester United in thrilling finish at Upton Park
West Ham fans smashing the Manchester United team bus outside Upton Park. Classy.
West Ham come from behind to beat Man United on Upton Park farewell | MARTIN SAMUEL
The Guardian: Manchester United coach ‘smashed up’ on its way to Upton Park
West Ham's final match at Upton Park sees Manchester United team coach get...
Man United and West Ham to face FA action after Upton Park violence
'Fans at West Ham hated me, but I thrived on it!': and Redknapp share Upton Park memories
Manchester United team bus 'smashed up' ahead of Upton Park farewell via Is this Bosnia or England? lol
bad as that stuff was LVG pops up and makes the Upton Park taxi driver celebrity pick up look good
I can't be arsed now I'm off to bed, sad to see Upton Park go was a boss away game bianca Westwood is a slag and Emlyn Hughes is dead. Night
Now Jamie Redknapp has called it Upton Park! I am becoming obsessed by this
Watching the Upton Park thingy, have I missed a tribute to Geoff Hurst?
I hope they finish the evening at Upton Park by weighing in Paul Ince
Kenny Brown's knee, Tim Breacker's hand and now the back of Winston Reid's head. Good riddance Upton Park.
104 years of football at Upton Park and the image that people will remember is that Teddy Sheringham hat.
Patiently waiting for Nikica Jelavic to appear at Upton Park...
Scenes at Upton Park. Imagine moving from Goodison to a brand new stadium, it'd be.what am I sayin. Forget it. We have Bill Kenwright.
Closing ceremony at Upton Park..Emile Sande & Paul McCartney warming up
What a way to farewell Upton Park. West Ham come from behind to defeat Man United 3-2 |
Good times at Upton Park: Once met Darren Clarke & Paul McGinley on tube en route to game; Also did an impression of Sven to Sven. He lol'd!
Amazing that a man named Reid Winston scored the first goal at Upton Park in 1904. 112 years later, 2016, Winston Reid sco…
Great memories of Upton Park. My fave: Fan shouts "Love you playing for England. Hate you playing for Spurs you annoying…
Boleyn Ground at Upton Park. Like the Empire stadium at Wembley and Giusseppe Meazza stadium at San Siro
The ground formerly known as Upton Park.
Will Tim Howard get a send off on Sunday like Upton Park has What over the top nonsense
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The level of coverage sky are giving to the fact it's the last ever games at Upton Park is actually a farce.
As we bid farewell to Upton Park, Joe Cole shares his favourite moment from the iconic ground.
My memory of Upton Park, Trevor Sinclair scoring an 88th minute equaliser, had we won we would have been top of the league, about 2001 ish
Metro : team bus smashed up ahead of final match at Upton Park..
Saw us get beat 5-1 at Upton Park in the League Cup in 93, Kev Davies made his debut for us and I was sick on the tube.. Halcyon Days them!
Is it a coincidence that Babs Windsor has turned up in Easties on the same night that West Ham leave Upton Park?
I'm surprised Eddie Hearn hasn't tried to get the final whistle at Upton Park on Sky Sports Box Office yet.
Quite amused by the insistence of the media to call that dump 'The Boleyn Ground' Upton Park isn't good enough now th…
Fcuking hope we *** on the Upton Park party tonight. Cockney ***
East Enders v Coronation Street game delayed at Upton Park. Oops, I forgot it's the now
I know people will get tribal over this but for me, sad to see a proper football ground like Upton Park go. I think they'll miss it.
"I've got some great memories there but we're going to do a job." on Upton Park:
It looks quite nasty outside Upton Park now
Real shame about the scenes outside Upton Park. Fans attacking the MUFC team bus a disgrace to West Ham and to their old g…
BREAKING: kick-off at Upton Park delayed until 8:30pm after the bus was attacked.
You'd think with it being West Ham's last game at Upton Park, fans would represent their club better. Real classy!😷.
Smash the coaches and do em in the cars! We got the north bank got the south bank got the west side Upton Park 😂
West Ham fans at the Sir Bobby Moore statue, ahead of the final farewell to Upton Park tonight.
Ian Dowie pumps a fist in triumph after Oldham's last visit ever visit to Upton Park ended in victory - Nov02
Paolo Di Canio, Antoine Ferdinand, Trevor Sinclair, Jermaine Defoe, Carlton Cole, Dimitri Payet have done some magical things at Upton Park
Henry Winter dispensing similar advice as my old man did the first time I went to Upton Park.
Being unironically wistful about Upton Park is sort of like missing Veterans Stadium
Is this effort from Wayne Rooney our best-ever goal at Upton Park?
Probably our favourite trip to Upton Park, a 3-1 PL win, with goals from Doyle, Zubar and Jarvis. https:/…
Was nice to visit Upton Park like but quite excited at the prospect of visiting the Olympic Stadium to see tear West Ham a new one 💪🏻
Upton Park called Boleyn, West Ham in East Ham.Cue rename of Olympic Stadium to the Commonwealth Arena.
In case you missed it the previous 2976 times, West Ham will play their last game at Upton Park tonight! 👀
West Ham vs Manchester United: Memphis, Rashford and Herrera picked to start at Upton Park
My first match at Upton Park was West Ham vs Bolton on December 21st 2002. We drew 1-1 and Ian Pearce scored
You mean West Ham are leaving Upton Park? Well I never.
I am such a dedicated West Ham fan that I am missing the last game at Upton Park to go to the Crystal Maze.
nah, we're not the north bank we're not the south bank we're the west side Upton Park 😂
I'm proud to say that I commentated on only Derby County goal at Upton Park!! Great finish
Upton Park's time has passed and it will not be missed for long, claims our Dave Kidd ht…
What's your favourite moment from Upton Park? Mines the Trevor Sinclair goal! Too many mufc ones to choose just one 😜 lol
it's just called the Upton Park snooker club, I'll message you my number now give us a call if you fancy meeting for a beer
A gallery of West Ham's Upton Park, taken by Tony Davis & over the years
Hearing unconfirmed reports from Sky Sports News that today could be West Ham's last game at Upton Park. More to follow.
Worth mentioning West Ham will be sacking every single member of the Upton Park stadium staff when they move to their n…
It's Manchester United's last ever game at Upton Park. Let's not let the anyone ruin our special day.
...facility in West Ham before moving to the Boleyn Ground in Upton Park in 1904.
I remember singing "were not the north bank, were not the south bank were the West side Upton Park" great memories COYI
Standing in West Ham on a Saturday afternoon.where not north back where not the south bank .where the east side Upton Park the chicken run
So bored of the West Ham love in over Upton Park on sky sports. Not even an iconic ground.
Never die, you'll never die, in our hearts you'll never die, from south Bank to the chicken run, Upton Park will never die!!!
GOAL: Wayne Routledge turns in a fine pass from Kyle Naughton to put one up at Upton Park. West Ham 0-1 Swansea
Boleyn becomes bygone: West Ham’s Upton Park upheaval a sign of the times | Daniel Taylor
This is what West Ham's pitch will look like for their final few games at Upton Park. This is class!
It's match day! It's the penultimate game at Upton Park today we face Swansea city. West Ham are unbeaten in 10...
Martin Keown on Man Utd's top four hopes & Upton Park
yeah, us vs you at final Upton Park game for the CL😉
I'm selling 4 box tickets for the last ever West Ham game at Upton Park against Man United. Inbox for price - if peopl…
but oh well, I was at Stamford Bridge, Upton Park, Selhurst Park, St James Park etc...
Swear to god if West Ham let Spencer Owen and his YouTube chums play a game at Upton Park as a send off I will shoot up…
West Ham squad training in the Upton Park car park, 1964.
Thanks for the event at Upton Park with Tony Gale, Julian *** Phil Parkes & Brian Dear.
"United have a game in hand". It is against West Ham at the Upton Park. It is far from being a sure 3points. Why? Dimitri Payet. Dazz all.
I like it when he let him hit him just for a laugh. Billy Joe Saunders in the summer at Upton Park.
My last ever trip to Upton Park tonight... Feel gutted about it tbh such a magic place to watch football
Jeff Turner from Cockney Rejects just confirmed on TalkSport that they're close to announcing a gig at Upton Park!
Henry Winter in the Times :Teenagers ruin Upton Park swansong.
Memories of Upton Park: always been a bit of a dump; used to be intimidating; Mark Stein once did a Van Basten there. Sort of.
My alarm is set for 4am, West Hams last ever FA Cup game at Upton Park...hoping it will be a special one
Upton Park farewell: five of the greatest FA Cup ties ever held at West Ham’s iconic ground.
Andy Carroll, the hat-trick hero, poses with his man-of-the-match champagne and match ball in the Upton Park...
Just bagged myself one final trip to Upton Park on Wednesday. ⚒⚒
GOAL! Laurent Koscielny equalises for Arsenal at Upton Park! West Ham 3-3 Arsenal!
Last trip to Upton Park today. Enjoyed plenty of good days there yet strongest memory is of Liam Brady scoring against us in 87.
10 wins on the bounce before this season & only one defeat at Upton Park this century so far.
Will Welbeck strike again vs West Ham? Look back to last visit to Upton Park
Can't find Kelly Williams Andres Gomez and Upton Park is on the North Bank is on borrowed time. Castle St lives.
Anyone wanting tickets for this very special event Kevin Mitchell retirement dinner at Upton Park ⚒ 27th may...
you may as well, the last time you're ever gonna be able to see Andy Carroll score a free header against us at Upton Park...
West Ham are actually getting a hologram Bobby Moore for the last game at Upton Park
The likes of Paul Scholes, Joe Cole and Rio Ferdinand representing the three lions at Upton Park 2nd May:
domain names
Fun day out. Great to see club legends like Anton Ferdinand and 'Menacing' Marlon Harewood back at Upton Park
David gold nudes on the big screens at Upton Park jack?
West Ham 1 Man Utd 0. April 1992. Ryan Giggs is challenged by Ian Bishop at Upton Park
West Ham & Manchester United will clash in the last 8 replay on April 13 at Upton Park, the winner will face Ev…
Paolo Di Canio thanking Mark Noble for giving him the opportunity to play in his testimonial at Upton Park. Legend. https:/…
The next game should have "legacy" stadiums in the next game. Upton Park, Highbury, Maine Road, old Wembley, Roker Park.
Scott Parker says he will attend the final match at Upton Park against Man United as a fan. What a man.
Picked out five West Ham players who may not be at Upton Park next season
Gutted with that result! Really thought we had it. Fancy us under the lights at Upton Park though. Hope I can get tickets!
England and Germany to meet in legends match at Upton Park to mark 50 years since 1966 World Cup final
Ridiculously jealous of the 9000 West Ham en route to Manchester. Fancy a draw and we will beat them at Upton Park. ⚒
West Ham reveal Upton Park tribute to Bobby Moore, John Lyall and more - London24
I've started a blog about Upton Park. Would be great if you could rt
Yeah can't see that either. Loved at Upton Park. Will be loved at Olympic Stadium. And has talented players
I've discovered ancestors on my mothers side lived in East Ham London 10 mins walk from Upton Park, very likely West Ham fans..
Slaven Bilic has got Dimitri Payet, Mark Noble and Co heading for Europe in Upton Park's swansong ..
Russell Brand interviews Bilic, joke Spurs will never beat West Ham at Upton Park again
Just been over Upton Park and let me say one thing how Mark Noble has never been called up for England is an absolute disg…
Pretty sure we have to go to White Hart Lane, Upton Park and the Etihad before the season is over. Can't wait.
The West Ham fans faces at Upton Park station when you got stabbed at White hart lane got sung made me laugh tho
Made my last trip to Upton Park last night. Great result and enjoyed the company of Trevor Brooking and Billy Bonds.
Brilliant night at Upton Park. Awesome support brought us a great win. Proud to be part of
Upton Park has done us proud in our last season here. Fortress.
FT: West Ham 1-0 Tottenham. It's over at Upton Park. Disappointment for Tottenham who are denied the chance to go top. . …
Be a shame when Upton Park is no longer, great place to watch a game under lights as was Highbury, Baseball Ground, Roker Park & Maine Road
Spurs aren't at their best at Upton Park. Are nerves getting to them?. lead 1-0
your programme will be thicker than a littlewoods catalogue the amount of times you've done us at Upton Park . 😂👍
Andy Carroll scores, then celebrates, in front of Tottenham's fans at Upton Park.
So if we beat West Ham, in the last visit to Upton Park, on Poch's birthday, we go top. I'm not emotionally ready for tomorrow night...
Former Tottenham Hotspur manager Harry Redknapp says they can take the title if they win at Upton Park tomorro...
Update your maps at Navteq
have boarded up the statue of Bobby Moore ahead of visit to Upton Park tomorrow...
that's white hart lane Aaron not Upton Park
Slaven Bilic calls on West Ham fans to respect Sam Allardyce as former Upton Park boss returns
WATCH: Roberta Moore's memories of her Dad playing for as the club celebrate the 1960s at Upton Park on Sat.
Looking forward to FA Cup quarter final at Old Trafford now. Got a feeling it'll come back to Upton Park for a replay though
if Man U win tonight and end up in the Europa league semi West Hams last game at Upton Park will be against Man U won't it?
Unless we draw at Old Trafford, Upton Park has seen its last ever FA game
on a side note it will be a real shame when West Ham leave Upton Park at the end of the season, always enjoy visiting Upto…
Great article on the special nights at Upton Park - from a Gooner no less!
it only just hit me when watching them beat Newcastle. They play West Ham next right at Upton Park?
I've only ever been to Upton Park, Stamford Bridge, White Heart Lane and Craven Cottage in London. Will get to Emirates one day!
.will captain the Reds at Upton Park tonight
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