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Upstate New York

Upstate New York is the region of the U.S. state of New York that is located north of Westchester County.

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What a spooky finish line! We are in Mt. Hope Cemetery this morning for the National MS Society, Upstate New York...
Upstate New York is the business of our Governor and legislature. The senator cant affect the economy of some local region
It's beginning to feel like in Upstate New York.
We're Read about our latest opening here: Sales Internship Program – Upstate New York - NY
Greek Revival, Gothic and Italianate: Historic Hudson Valley Homes Starting at $119K: Upstate New York was growing… http…
Lily Dale is a staple of Upstate New York. Such an incredible place.
I'll be going away for three days with my family. Starting tomorrow. I don't know if their will be internet connection. Upstate New York.
The Limousine-Bus-Taxi Operators of Upstate New York are strongly urging everyone to sign this petition seeking a...
Of course we think New York State has a ton to offer, especially the scenery, so check out this list with plenty... htt…
The Eternal Flame and get a nod in Upstate NY Drives list! https:/…
My favorite part is when Logan drives from upstate New York to Northern California in an hour.
My friend is in Aruba meanwhile I'm stuck in upstate new york. It's cool.
Beautiful spring day in upstate New York
I'm happy to announce that I have been hired for teaching fellowship in upstate New York. — feeling excited
Set on an upstate New York farm during the 1970's, a chilling portrayal of psychopath.
Alfred Rosenberg's diary was lost for decades—and then it reemerged in upstate New York. https:…
One year ago today I celebrated my 30th birthday in upstate New York with my dear friend…
Upstate New York lackin on the fast food joints
I really wish people knew the BUFFALO is not UPSTATE New York. Just look at a map once in awhile
We have cellophane on our brake light, eggs in our belly, and a theatre to get to in upstate New York. Ugh Mondays, right?!
Upstate New York, nothing but endless miles of greens .
Upstate New York Cities should adopt an to limit speculation on rural lands.
Want to take a trip to Upstate New York? Visit the website to see what this great state has to offer!
Family gets letter from New York prison saying they're 22 year old son died there on March 18th and has been buried. https:/…
Jalalulddin Latif Sahib leads the Khuddam pledge at the 2008 Ijtema in Upstate New York.
Upstate New York in all its glory this morning. Here is the view from
that looked sweet, I hope you do one in upstate New York sometime!
prisons are government welfare for racist white people from upstate New York. We need to dismantle the prison system.
prisons are government welfare for racist poor white people in upstate New York
Our Latest: Upstate New York Comes to Brooklyn with Tacos: A new idea is about to blossom in the Gowanus sect...
Upstate new york is never where you wanna be
is your wine available on the east coast...specifically upstate New York?
Upstate water treatment boss admits dumping sewage into creek
Floyd Patterson (1995) at his gym in New Paltz, New York, where he trained many aspiring upstate fighters.
Stranges blast like sounds heard in Kanata from 11:30 and into the night 6 have been heard since. Found this article
Next summer, I just wanna go to Maine or upstate New York and be a camp counselor for about 7 weeks
Just thankful I live in Ohio and not upstate New York 😂
thanks lil bro I'm faded sitting by a fire in upstate New York with a bottle
Like somebody from maybe upstate New York being so pro-Brady in large part because that person is in one's consciousness more.
Love Upstate (and beyond) "Upstate drives from you need to take" >
You're from upstate New York. You'll be fine lmao
Nothing is more terrifying than raising your tinder age range to 35 in upstate New York. Nothing.
closed out the rocknderbyfest tonight in upstate New York. . How many of you went to…
So proud of my sister, Marya and her husband Bill Doyle's amazing work in Upstate New York for underprivileged...
Awesome mention from Thank you from your friend who speaks Northern USA Upstate New York English. Also,…
in May 1994, DMB began recording Under The Table and Dreaming at Bearsville Studios in upstate New York w…
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
Learned today that if only these two good things come from my time here in upstate New York, I'd be okay with that.
Actual picture of me getting into my car after eating and drinking all week in Upstate New York
Getting strong "If The Walking Dead took place in upstate New York" vibes from this scene
Scenes like this make me miss Upstate New York. @ Audubon Park
Google News Alert: New director of Lupus Alliance of Upstate New York aims to boost awareness of the disease ...
Hoping everyone had a great day... The sun is now shining here in Upstate New York. Will make for a great night. Whatever your plans- enjoy!
Letchworth State Park also known as Grand Canyon of the East is located in Upstate New York...beautiful right?
come to upstate New York don't forget us here in this farmy ***
Apparently, no one saw the signs. A mayor in upstate New York is facing criminal charges for allegedly stealing 111 road signs from the
Please consider joining GBTA of Upstate New York for their Education Day 2016.
I knew I was out of place in upstate New York when I played Oh boy by Cam'ron at a party and no one knew what the *** it was
that tough Russian S.O.B caught a beating that night in upstate new York
I live in upstate New York so pls come visit me lol
Today's Bochinche 2016 - Imagine your home and a bear does this -...
Blue America Truck Rolls Again-- In Upstate New York: The DCCC has a new trick to help their… |
Go ahead and slide down to upstate New York
It makes me wonder if the powers that be out here ever visited Upstate New York, Western Pennsylvania, Central Massachusetts...
as seen on country road 209 in upstate New York. Got family there???
Sharing it (and your work) with a friend who teaches at a SUNY in upstate New York.
ICYMI: amazing essay on Pelham, NY. (With guest appearances by D. Trump and H. Clinton!)
New questions emerge about many of New York State's (and Upstate's) major economic development initiatives.
(Utica OD) Police: NY man stabs father several times during argument: State police say an upstate New York ma...
if you're ever in upstate New York and need an accompanist, you know who to call!
How long did you live in Upstate New York? Good morning btw :)
Despite the machinations of the DCCC, Eric Kingson & his progressive coalition can win in upstate New York
Need products in upstate New York? Sunrise Building Supply is a great choice for your roofing supplies http…
where will you be in new York? Because I live in upstate new york
4 Times Secessionists Campaigned to Leave New York City: Upstate New York's secession efforts are not a new concept.
I hope that the stream of funds that will go into PH funds will not be used to buy a condominium unit in upstate New York
Every Move You Make Con Man in December 1989, in Upstate New York, Gary C. Evans, 35, a Master of Disguise and
Can't wait to go through my midlife crisis and raise llamas in upstate New York.
Only in Northeastern Upstate New York...personally the best I ever had were from Gene's a small place in Port...
ye, moving back to upstate New York
On Gov. Cuomo's watch, Upstate New York is dying. Cuomo economic decisions have been horrific.
Bottled water, made in upstate New York, that bills itself as the next best thing to tap. http…
Banned for counting cards from the Akwesasne Mohawk Casino and Resort in ...
The Southern Tier is Soaring? All ST counties have lost population since 2010:
Sandra Oxford speaks on the struggles faced by farm laborers through corporate welfare in Upstate New York roundtable
"...Drake's tour dates including just one concert in Upstate New York: Friday, Aug. 12 at the First Niagara Center in Buffalo"
They've had the tail wagging the dog for a long time. Upstate New York make this a year for your voice.
John Kasich and Ted Cruz Hunt for Votes in Upstate New York: Donald J. Trump leads in polls ...
Clinton Campaigns in Upstate New York and Sanders in Brooklyn and Harlem -
St. Lawrence County, Ogdensburg, N.Y., the Adirondacks is Upstate New York. Many think Albany is upstate. We are a forgotten utopia.
Upstate New York, remember the promises made and never fulfilled by our former Senator when you vote in the Democratic Primary.
Clinton launches big Upstate New York push with $10 billion…
Ahhh Vernors! Cannot get it here in Northern California. Only get my fix back home in Upstate New York.
Found igneous and sedimentary rocks on a hike in Upstate New York. Visible cleavage and sediment layering https:…
Sunshine and snow falling at the same time. Yep, it's Spring in upstate New York :)
Eighteen years of living in upstate New York and I'm still confused as to why people are still shocked by snow on the first day of spring
*** it's snowing out. Upstate New York, why you gotta do me like this?!?
What it's doing out here in upstate new york
{RYAN REYNOLDS} running errands upstate in New York on March 20. (DM for more HQ pics)
Wandering backwood hills of upstate New York
Upstate New York graduates it's only All American this year 😕
I live in upstate New York. We don't believe in the sun.
It's swinter time in upstate New York rn
Physician Assistant (urgent care) needed in Upstate New York in New York
It's snowing in Upstate New York right now.
Inmate found dead at Attica prison in upstate New York: An inmate died at Attica prison earlier this month, ac...
Artists to watch out of Upstate New York :. . ||. . ||.
domain names
10 DAYS IN A MADHOUSE now playing at Emerald Cinemas and The Johnstown Movieplex in upstate New York!
Yup. Upstate New York. And I don't mean 1/2 hour away from the city.😆
as its march madness, every time I hear Syracuse University I follow by saying "in ancient upstate New York"
Well if you find yourself in upstate New York let me know. We'll get a root beer lol
Sojourner was a slave in upstate New York & had a Dutch accent. The grammar & colloquialisms were all off
Happy second day of spring in upstate New York. It's snowing. 😒
substitute teacher in Geo this morning was talking about mountain building and said that the Pocono mountains are in upstate New York lmaooo
The other farmer from Upstate New York who spawned a major religious movement
Upstate New York/New England area, join the good fight.
ugh can you come to rochester, new york on the full tour? Please.. I think it's the only city in upstate ny you haven't played in
I found this delightful Iris outside a friend's home in upstate New York
Thanks! lol I was born in raised in Upstate New York. I know B-Dubs is not the place to go for the best wings in Buffalo.
What about Spring in Upstate New York? We can certainly hep plan a fun-filled trip for your family!
Oh hey perks of living in upstate New York. It snows in March
is more prevalent in rural, upstate New York counties, study shows via
In other "breaking news", it's cold outside during winters in Upstate New York.
2016 food festival guide for Upstate New York
This sandstone gorge in Upstate New York is known as the "Little Grand Canyon of the East"
Upstate New York, we all read about Ruby Bridges in 4th grade.
when is crushing it in 75 degree weather and I'm stuck in upstate New York with a pile of dirty laundry. life's not fair
It would make me so happy if I won tickets to the upstate new York. I love Shawn so much. 😍😭😭
From A new initiative is placing NYC teen offenders closer to home, instead of at centers far upstate
Upstate New York’s uninsured rate is 52 % lower than the national rate https…
Upstate New York. Just checked again, and it is still happening. Chrome on Windows 7. Different PC than yesterday too.
South Bronx Student Charged in Raped on Upstate Field Trip, Reports Say: The Department of Education is working…
See our latest MA and click to apply: Consultant Engineer Upstate New York -
Upstate NY has its own water contamination crisis brewing, and (spoiler!) a big chemical corp. implicated.
Upstate New York has its own water contamination crisis brewing
Hello! Leadership is a coming together in retired meme animals sanctuary in Upstate New York.
Tony Searing – New Franchisee in Upstate New York: Tony was an engineer and worked for General Motors for many...
Atlantic Seaboard seizes snow crown from Upstate New York (at least for the moment)
I really want to read up on Wallace Harrison & his 'Brasília of Upstate New York' - the Nelson A. Rockefeller Empire State Plaza in Albany.
Uber is looking to move to Upstate New York. Do you think this is a good idea?
Jenn Suhr tuning up for another season: Olympic champion cleared gold-medal height of 15-7 at Upstate New York...
Pharm & Retail Ops Boston\Upstate New York needed in at Walgreens. Apply now!
Upstate New York has just one Congressman not supporting the Toxic Exposure Bill of 2015 and that is you Mr Reed
Much looking forward to my Carey Institute nonfiction residency in Upstate New York in jan-feb 2016
.I meant riughly, not your house address, like I live in Upstate New York and my Congressman is, I'm sad to say, Chris Gibson.
UPDATED:in the Finger Lakes region of Upstate New York.
Escape to Cobtree to Relax in the Beautiful Finger Lakes Region of Upstate New York. Visit
New York State Assembly: Pass A.6090 - Allow Uber and Lyft to operate in Upstate New York - Sign the ... via
. I grew up in Upstate New York and my Dad is from Baltimore.
Upstate New York...been looking forward to this tour for a while now! Clifton Park tonight, Jordan tomorrow and Buffalo o…
My special friend Vicki Witt is down in Long Island at Stony Brook University & I refuse to be here in Upstate New York without her
Green Lake state park in Upstate New York is famous for its azure color. ⛲️
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
This weekend marks 40 years since the Woodstock music and arts festival was held in Upstate New York
Upstate New York homies. I have a show in Rochester, 9/15. come on down and join the party.
prison guards beat an inmate to death in upstate New York. We can find examples on both sides.
Wishing my friend good luck at Cortland. Youre going to be the best ball boy Upstate New York has ever seen!
I've killed about 3 today and upstate New York
*** & Guess who's lying around the in Cooperstown!.
how about legalizing fracking in New York???cuomo is killing upstate New York!
The Diocese of Western New York;s own Stephen Hart, a member of the board of The National Religious Campaign...
iblakegary: Plan your in upstate NY.
Nah, upstate New York! Both are everywhere up there. I like common stuff. 😁
no human should ever be this excited over going to upstate New York but here I am
because I took it during a drug filled bender in upstate New York.
I say for me I have called anything near Albany upstate New York. I'm from Manhattan.
Next on New state Assembly Speaker Heastie traveling around upstate New York this summer.
A classroom created by a teacher in upstate New York! Complete with a Victorian Parlor!
I'm jealous! It got to 94 deg, now 91 & feels like 101 deg. I live in upstate New York & use to cooler temps in summer! ;-(
Karen Kaiser and Nicolas Kern’s Wedding in Upstate New York: Stylist Karen Kaiser and photographer Nicolas Kern’s story is a Fashion ...
Not sure if I count... Gotta love upstate New York! .
voguemagazine: This wedding is a lesson in understated elegance:
This wedding is a lesson in understated elegance:
can you guys please come to upstate New York at some point 😭 no one comes around here much
Jack and Jack need to come to upstate New York soon 😩
"If we have any hope of living in a humane&just society,we must all demand a complete overhaul of NY’s prison system"
You can check out my post on from to see if I make the cut, ok?
Patrick Alexander is among 60 inmates at Clinton Correctional Facility in Upstate New York who say they paid the price when the killers
Retired NYPD cop fatally struck by bus in upstate New York
New York: still no charges for correction officers accused of fatally beating upstate prison inmate
Report: Patrick Kane is the subject of a sexual assault investigation in Upstate New York
Upstate New York school district invests in solar power
Heavy rains and downpours expected with storms in Upstate New York, Vermont, Connecticut and Western...
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
Seeking some inspiration, we ventured out to Upstate New York for a few days of camping and quiet,…
Upstate New York prison without walls up for sale.. Related Articles:
A fun little fest in Upstate New York. Check out our PHOTO GALLERY from this year's Great Hudson River Revival​:
Ultimate Man Cave: This Aussie Guy’s Missile Silo Home in Upstate New York is really cool.
These are the Upstate New York school districts with the most white-collar jobs
Lake George the lake in the U.S. And SPAC the outdoor concert venue.. Upstate New York is where it's at.
Mama Emma in Upstate New York | Lead Safe America Foundation Living in an older house? Pls Read!
The Great Escape: Manhunt for killers enters third day: Two convicted killers fled an Upstate New York prison…
2015 road races in Upstate New York: 5Ks, half and full marathons for runners
Here's a lovely idea for a weekend retreat. An Animal Sanctuary/ Bed and Breakfast in Upstate New York!
For sale: Cheap haunted mansion in Upstate New York
Headed to Upstate New York! live tonight at Upstate Concert Hall in Clifton Park!
In February, teachers and journalists from throughout Upstate New York witnessed first hand what it takes to...
Great BC/BE Neurology Opportunities in Upstate New York! Visit the Neurology Career Center for details.
At -- Take me back! I miss it so much already!😩 I'm already sick of Upstate New York again…
Tomorrow night, we are heading North to Upstate New York to play in Watertown while kicking off our March tour... http…
Upstate New York prisons are a horrific expression of an economic paradigm: downstate "expendable" men are the raw materials for warehouses.
I realize it gets way colder up North but that's ridiculously cold for Georgia. I'm from Upstate New York used to it,but still...
New England can keep the snow. Upstate New York doesn't want it.
A series of weather systems will continue to bring Arctic air to most locations east of the Rockies this weekend. Temperatures on Saturday are expected to be 15 to 25 degrees below average in these areas. The cold air moving across the Great Lakes will bring snow to downwind locations, especially in Upstate New York adjacent to Lakes Ontario and Erie where Lake Effect Snow Warnings are in effect.
Christmas Eve: Low pressure should be spinning somewhere over the Great Lakes or Ohio Valley, driving a cold front into the East. Wind-driven snow is possible in at least the western Great Lakes, and possibly in parts of the Ohio Valley, Tennessee Valley and Appalachians. A soaking rain, possibly with embedded thunderstorms and strong winds, will sweep into the Northeast, including the I-95 corridor. The rain will likely extend into northern New England and Upstate New York. Rain and thunderstorms, a few storms possibly severe, will extend southward into the Carolinas, eastern Georgia and Florida. Another storm brings mountain snow and valley rain to the Northwest, Northern California, Great Basin and northern Rockies. Lowering snow levels may bring some snow to some lower elevations of Washington and Oregon.
Rep. Chris Collins calls Cuomo's fracking ban "a sad day for the future of the economy in Upstate New York"
Upstate New York was full of Jewish resort towns. explores the history of one such town, Amenia
Upstate New York braces for flooding following last week's historic snowfall:
See what happens when a group of non-New Yorkers (and one former New Yorker) attempt to pronounce the names of Upstate New York towns.
History of the Jews in Colonial America From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia The history of the Jews in Colonial America. Contents [hide] 1 Early individual arrivals 1.1 Elias Legarde 1.2 Solomon Franco 1.3 Solomon Pietersen 1.4 Jacob Barsimson 1.5 Asser Levy 2 Dutch Brazilian Sephardi group 3 Shearith Israel 4 Upstate New York settlement 5 In New England 6 Maryland 7 Pennsylvania 8 The American South 9 Jews in other parts of the South 10 In the American Revolution 11 See also 12 References 13 Notes 14 Sources 15 External links Early individual arrivals[edit] Elias Legarde[edit] Elias Legarde (a/k/a Legardo) was a Sephardic Jew who arrived at James City, Virginia, on the HMS Abigail in 1621. Solomon Franco[edit] The second Jew known to have lived in northern North America was Solomon Franco, a Sephardic Jew from Holland who is believed to have settled in the city of Boston in the Massachusetts Bay Colony in 1649. Franco was a scholar and agent for Immanuel Perada, a Dutch merchant. He delivered supplies ...
Hello and welcome to Upstates secession From New York City. By liking this page you are showing support for Upstate New York to break off from New York City to form a new state. Please do not use this page to bash any person or political group. This is just an informal way to see how many New Yorkers are in favor of this. Please keep it professional, and share this page with everyone. Thank you, Dan.
Good day in Upstate New York driving Darren to the airport. Going to miss you Darren, see you soon!
Back from my trip to Schenectady (Upstate New York). I have to say it was a much needed change of pace for me. I got an opportunity for a change of scenery and a chance to meet cool new individuals. That said, I won’t drag this out too long because I’m actually really tired. So, again thanks for all the hospitality Luis Nito Rivera, Isaac Rivera, and Samantha Plaza. You guys are great! Likewise, much love for Schenectady Smash. I'm sure you guys will be making headlines soon enough. Stay decent, peeps.
I am a popsicle! A popsicle who is not ready for another Upstate New York winter!
Tablet insurance available.  Get yours today!
Ugh, this movie makes me miss my summers in upstate New York. Talk about reliving childhood.
As the BAU wraps up an investigation into unusual stabbings in Upstate New York, Morgan’s visit with…
Woman accused of hiring a hitman to kill son-i... |
The term "surfing" the internet was coined in 92 by an upstate New York librarian Jean Polly, aka "Net Mom"
Latest poll has up by 18 pts. If elected, she'll be the youngest woman ever to serve in Congress
did you already come to upstate New York?
Related: (Side Note: this is near my hometown. Very strange place.)
"You mean the parts of New York that aren't New York City aren't all considered 'upstate?'". - Mostly everyone
I want you to come to upstate New York
Someone should drive me to and fro upstate new york this weekend.
Are you asking if I'm from upstate New York?
I'm just tryna go winter camping in Upstate New York
What part of New York are you guys for the FaZe House? Long island or Upstate? As well as Closer to ??
said that i was craving pho and everyone looked at me weirdly cuz they didnt know what it was WHAT KIND OF STRANGE PLACE IS UPSTATE NEW YORK
upstate New York is in the thirties
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its 34 degrees out I'm so done with upstate new york 100% over it
Up in Upstate New York it's been raining all week..can you hug me and keep me warm love:*
But I thought it always snows in the frozen tundra of Upstate New York?
everyone's coming to upstate New York now like I DONT HAVE MONEY
Charlie Boothroyd, an ordinary, respectable fellow from upstate New York, is madly in love with Virginia May, a...
Also: "Ten Canadian dollars -- that's a souvenir of your trip to upstate New York."
just redraft your novel about aggressive herd mammals in Upstate New York and you have a free seven words whenever you need them
hey local upstate New York play by play guy, why don't you tell everyone who you are instead of trying to call me out.
“It's only 66 degrees but I feel like I've beer been more cold in my life” try living in upstate new york 😅
I didn't hear anything about snow in upstate New York. I only heard about snow in Boston and Chicago.
Weather in upstate new york about to do my car the dirtiest fam smh, i almost gotta get rid of it or just get a second car.
8:34. bard college in upstate New York, watching theater get made very, very slowly.
Beautiful fall colors in upstate New York. @ Binghamton University
you should move to upstate New York for a while😊
I live in upstate new york, wjen we were younger we ate an entire wheel of cheese that's how we became friends
Eating in upstate New York w/Olga eating at this cool Thai spot.
Can you please come back to upstate New York, near Albany? I miss you guys. Watertown is 4 hours away from me :(
for State Upstate See us first.. Support our
New York woman accused of hiring a hitman to kill her son-in-law
Upstate New York home condemned after authorities remove more than 150 cats from property: State police say bu...
Upstate New York home cleared of 150-plus cats: State police say building inspectors have conde...
06/20/2014 - Looking up the Hudson River in Upstate New York at a dam with West Mountain in the background.
06/20/2014 - Looking down the Hudson River in Upstate New York.
Elise - Upstate New York -- 4? She officially had no understanding of people's mind. If someone had pulled a weapon on her, she wouldn't trust them within bullet range. Yet, apparently, it was the very thing that made Bethy trust her. In some twisted logic, reporters were the bane of the universe and since reporters don't pull twin knives on people, Elise wasn't a reporter. Or a fashion model. Apparently those can't be trusted either. (Elise didn't ask, she wanted to be gone before the parents showed up.) Everyone else were people to invite into the house and offered coffee, tea, water, soda, or whiskey combined with any of the above. Elise declined it all and watched Bethy mix herself an Irish coffee. "The mass funeral was today. Stupid reporters are turning it into a media circus. Joshua just freaking out over everything and running isn't interesting, so they're making it out that he might have had something to do with it. It's tearing my parents apart." If Joshua hadn't bolted, the witches wou ...
Marcellus CSD ranked 37th out of 432 public school districts in Upstate New York by magazine
Thirty or so years ago I migrated North from New Jersey (Bergen County) to Upstate New York. First to Syracuse...
Plan on stopping by the One Big Store in Solvay for an exclusive meet-and-greet with Steve & Walt Hallagan — owners of Hallagan Fine Furniture — today from 10am - 11am. As new styles hit the floor, Steve & Walt are here to answer questions and talk more about their fourth generation, family owned and operated company located right here in Upstate New York. Watch their factory tour and discover the technology and time-tested technique that go into making their products built for a lifetime of comfort AND style!
This morning I fired off a letter to the editor of The Post Star, Ken Tingley. The Post-Star's recent editorial decision making has been abysmal, covering high school students caught drinking at a dance and throwing gross, poorly timed headlines on the front page. As I state in the letter, if you own a local business, hit them where it hurts and pull your ad dollars from their paper. Move them to The Chronicle. Mark and team have class and cover local, Upstate New York news as journalists, not TMZ wannabes. -Mike Also, here's my letter to Ken, unedited. Hello Ken, My name is Mike Rogge. I’m a 2004 QHS graduate. I live in Lake Tahoe, California, and as such keep up with local news via The Chronicle and your paper. Over the last few years, I’ve watched your paper venture into social media as a way to connect with your readers. Unfortunately, though, you’ve failed to connect in a meaningful way and turned a once-great Pulitzer Prize winning publication into an Upstate New York version of TMZ. Your pap ...
This photograph was shot in Upstate New York. I wanted to show the beauty that this part of the state possesses, while at the same time express the solitude that encompasses the area when the snow starts to fall. Beauty can be so welcoming, and yet so cold at the same time.
Photo: So upstate New York has a few things that I do love! Lol. Though I’m not a fan of winter I cannot...
Video: Could a farm help reconnect learners to
We are so excited to be a part of the Ahimsa Yoga & Music Festival this coming weekend in the beautiful Catskill Mountains in upstate New York!
More East Coast fall nostalgia brought to you this time by a 2012 visit to Saratoga Springs, where the fall foliage was exceptionally beautiful in this upstate New York town. CKH had just started college there and I had just started grad school in Boston. It was the first time we were both on the East Coast together and little sis was only a short scenic bus ride away.
Ten years ago I made the decision to go to the Word of Life Bible Institute in Upstate New York. One of the best years of my life and one of the best decisions I have ever made. I made some amazing lifelong friends and learned the Bible in a new way. Thank you all for all you have meant in my life. Way too many to tag.
Amazing video by the talented on a NY farm where only Yiddish is spoken. Here on
What's next for "I do a really big wall in upstate New York" Oct. 10-12
Right now we're in upstate New York at the University of Albany! Come out tonight to watch our documentary and to...
Everyone needs to get away from the city every now and then. And upstate New York is a great place to do it. Here, our Hudson Vall...
A NY farm where only Yiddish is spoken, my video for the cc
17 days till I'm back in wonderful upstate New York
Ignored U.S. House Contests May Hold Surprises September 29, 2014 12:00 am Category: Bloomberg View, Memo Pad, Politics Sept. 28 (Bloomberg View) — There is a forgotten contest in this year’s U.S. midterm elections. Actually, there are 435 of them: the races for seats in the U.S. House of Representatives. In most midterms, House elections are the barometer that measures the state of public opinion and offer a possible roadmap to the political landscape. This year, the focus is on control of the Senate and a few big gubernatorial races. Thanks to shifting population patterns and redistricting, the Republicans start with an advantage. In 2012, Democrats received in excess of a million more votes for House candidates, but Republicans won more seats, 234 to 201. This year, only 10 percent of the districts are in play, and the incumbent-friendly campaign-financing system means that less than 5 percent of challengers will win. Nevertheless, though they lack the dramatic narrative of the battle for the Senat ...
Philadelphia, PennsylvaniaRow The BoatI made sure to trek a trail before the long 8 hour drive to Philly. A group of 11 of us split between two rented vans made the pleasant journey through a portion of upstate new York and Pennsylvania which is absolutely scenic. The 11 of us were the invited drama troupe to the city’s Chariot Festival. But one more person from California was to meet us in Philly to make the cast complete. He was number 12. I’m sorry to say that his cancelation at the last minute was disappointing. He chose to be lazy. He’s talented, this was a golden opportunity for him, he just didn’t make it to the airport in time. Missed his flight and the ticket we paid for became dissolved. He was just unable to get it together, although he had all the time. This threw off our plans for a full cast. Fortunately a capable actor/devotee was contacted and came to save ...
~Nikki A little history, because I am into research true meaning behind holidays, and such. ~ History of Halloween Halloween is a holiday celebrated on the night of October 31. The word Halloween is a shortening of All Hallows' Evening also known as Hallowe'en or All Hallows' Eve. Traditional activities include trick-or-treating, bonfires, costume parties, visiting "haunted houses" and carving jack-o-lanterns. Irish and Scottish immigrants carried versions of the tradition to North America in the nineteenth century. Other western countries embraced the holiday in the late twentieth century including Ireland, the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico and the United Kingdom as well as of Australia and New Zealand. Halloween has its origins in the ancient Celtic festival known as Samhain (pronounced "sah-win"). The festival of Samhain is a celebration of the end of the harvest season in Gaelic culture. Samhain was a time used by the ancient pagans to take stock of supplies and prepare for winter. The ancient G ...
Nothing quite like upstate New York in the fall.
On a in upstate New York people are reconnecting to the
beautiful Fall Foliage of upstate New York's Catskill Mountains. This I miss! Nothing like the vibrant colors we have there.
I can't wait to drive home Friday just so I can drive down the back roads of beautiful upstate New York🍁🍂🍃
Delhi, NY - Safe haven for your family in upstate New York
Just because you drive a big truck and you live in Texas dont make you country, theres people in upstate New York more cou…
Since there is no country where people can study Yiddish...
he US farm tensest teaches Yiddish to the world Tia gdnlanglearn
My first for a look at what casinos could do to New York's struggling upstate cities
Great new video on The US farm that teaches to the world
New: The US farm that teaches to the world - video
just look up farms in the area. I'm sure in upstate New York you have many farms. If not, start your own garden greenhouse.
Went hiking in upstate New York and it's so gorgeous. I jumped in a VERY VERY COLD stream. 😁
MB absolutely always mindful of rest ...I did sleep well. Thank You. Good Morning from Upstate New York ;-)
Going to sleep now to dream about editors in Upstate New York. I'll take the Long Island Rail Road in the morning and switch to Amtrak at Penn Station after lunch. I'll end up in Rochester after 8 p.m.
Art to Beat Cancer 2014 is proud to announce that we have acquired two paintings from Louisville based artist Joshua Jenkins. Each painting ("Dancers, Runners or Sleepers" and "Still Life") measures 30x40 inch, acrylic and mixed mediums on stretched canvas. Please red on for Joshua's artist statement and CV: "I was raised in a very traditional and socially narrow home­school environment in Upstate New York, where my childhood was generally isolated: I was sheltered from the arts and much else. My summers, however, were spent with my father on some rural acreage outside of Elizabethtown, Kentucky, and it was here that, thrust into a new world as a freshman in highschool, I first stepped foot in an actual art class. It was here that I was first introduced to the works and periods of Pablo Picasso, which I voraciously consumed. I was incredibly inspired by Picasso ... his ever­evolving style, his willingness to push boundaries, his ability to defy the traditional forms and styles of his era. The sheer volu ...
Upstate New York in the middle of October. You can't get more beautiful than that. Paul Reiser
Today, I was horrified to see what the student-body president at Ohio University posted online. She accepted her nomination for the ALS bucket challenge by pouring fake blood over her head to show support for BDS and the suffering of Palestinians. Little does she know that much of the ALS research going on takes place in Israel. Her video had her email address at the end, so I took the chance to tell her my thoughts... Ms. Marzec, I am a student at the University at Buffalo, in Upstate New York, where I have been studying political science. I personally am one of the biggest proponents of freedom of speech on campuses, as they are the fuel of our democratic society, where tens of thousands of young adults at each school acquire the tools to become tomorrow's business, economic, scientific and political leaders. While I do believe that freedom of speech is America's greatest attribute, it is also our biggest flaw. It allows people like you to stand up without any facts backing their speech, and when they a ...
In the mountains of Upstate New York, the edges of these green leaves are bending to paler colors. Fall is...
NASCAR driver Tony Stewart speaks for the first time since an accident where he hit and killed fellow driver Kevin Ward Jr. during a race in Upstate New York.
The real-life Uncle Sam: How an Upstate New York slaughterhouse owner came to symbolize a nation | Mail Online
issued for two Amish girls abducted from roadside stand in Upstate New York
NASCAR driver Tony Stewart strikes and kills another driver in Upstate New York.
Good news with the President signing into law two bipartisan agreements to make major reforms to the Veterans Administration and fund our infrastructure. Enacting these bills are good for Upstate New York and it was important that we came together to get things done. A full list of what has been accomplished in the 113th Congress is below - certainly more to do, but we have taken many steps forward to help NY-19. Looking forward to hearing from you with feedback on this list and other priorities as I travel around the 19th District over the next few weeks. Legislative Accomplishments, 113th Congress Job Creation: Growing our economy • Enacted into permanent law the temporary 2001/2003 tax cuts for nearly everyone in our District. This ensures our families get to keep more of their hard earned money to spend on their priorities, which provides a private sector stimulus to the local economy. • Enacted a Federal Farm Bill that is creating jobs across the rural economy and advancing the interests of da .. ...
No. Just No.: It's a little boutique hotel in the Hudson River Valley in Upstate New York, and it charges eve...
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