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Upside Down

Upside Down is a hit song by Diana Ross released on the Motown label.

Stranger Things Diana Ross Jim Sturgess

Barb made it out of the Upside Down!!
It`s as if those who go out and go full radical, turning everything upside down, aren`t acting out of common sense and rationale.
My nephew (11) warns me that giving a baby a soother upside down can lead to dizziness as an adult.
On my knees. Or upside down,. *** in my face,. I’d go to town,. Licking and sucking,. Slurping away,. No better way,. To spend the day
Good article on computational photography. Things are changing fast.
Damon Hill ends upside down in his Williams-Renault after colliding with Eddie Irvine's Jordan. Practice, Portuguese GP, 23rd…
Hermes "Men Upside Down", a journey through the Fall-Winter 2017 Collections for men in the presence of Véronique...
You turn my whole world upside down
I turned 6 upside down it's a 9 now.
This is what long snappers do. Perfect spiral, on the money, only thrown upside-down & between the legs.
Just realized I've never seen a bat use it's feet for anything but to hang upside down...😳😳 creepy
"The general public doesn’t always hear the good news" Turn that Climate Fatalist frown upside down
The episode 3 featured recipe is Lord John’s Upside-Down Plum Cake from the https…
I can't figure out the logistics of that pose... hanging upside down from? Felines are the coolest (wel…
Man my sub spoke of being excited over being broken was former US marine who I immersed tied & tortured upside down in water to upper lip.
I want to know ! Who is this mf that got our city turnt all the way upside down , done shot a cop , got away , still runnin !! Smh Fr tho
Update your maps at Navteq
before I knew you my memory of childhood Disney characters was so simple. You’ve just TURNED MY WORLD U…
Just saw this ad on YouTube. I’m disgusted that google supports a “cause” that flies the US flag upside down.…
Start by flipping your head upside down, however powerful politicians.
Aguero better turn Crystal Palace upside down.
Changing maps: How the shape of global banking has turned upside down
WOW! Almost there guys! . BTW turn it upside down xDD Couldn't resist
Dont know why the picture is upside down, oops
I guesss but it's not gunna hit us it just shows up and turns the poles upside down Bc gravity and we die
Eziekel Elliott's head has the same amount of hair on the top as the bottom and is completely symmetrical upside down. 😱😱…
If you becoming a regular human being in my feelings trust me shiit is changing upside down
Geese sometimes fly upside-down to lose height quickly when they have to legally refer to him that she had two priests in her honour.
The Upside Down is coming for you...
bats sleep upside down, eat flowers, and scream a lot. I love bats
I'm such a wild sleeper! I went to bed and my comforter was the right way... I wake up and it's upside down
In a purgatory between drunk and hungover. I'm in the upside-down right now.
The early church had no building, no money, and no political influence. And they turned the world upside-down.
Listen to the new single KILL4ME now! Preorder the new album HEAVEN UPSIDE DOWN and get your download instantly - https…
Tfw when you realize a book is missing. OTL. I hope it's in my classroom. Otherwise I'll have to turn my room upside down next week 😫
I’m just tryna see the upside down on Oct 27.
Turn into a political party & absorb UKIP into it - mobilise 17.4m and turn Parliament upside down
I want to thank everyone who is helping—and praying—for those who have had their lives turned upside down by hurricane…
*** Upside Down.' Gene Hackman leads a band of survivors in 1972's The Poseidon Adventure, up at 4.45pm. What a poster. https…
Ready to return to the Upside Down? Check out the 1st teaser for season 2, set to premiere Oct. 27
Stranger Things Season 2 has a tough job of seeming scary now that real life is the Upside Down.
I notice that in movies (Elysium, Upside Down, Divergent series, etc.), the elites simply just get away from undesirables alt…
You know you're in the Upside Down when you read a Mona Charen column and say "yes, girl" under your breath.
I came home to an empty house, which is very odd. I must now assume my grandma went to the Upside Down.
That's the Upside Down and it's where they've got Steve Kerr.
Just...if you go to the Upside Down could you say hi to Barbara for me? And not bring back a hungry monster?
Blue Room's Upside Down cocktail is an improbable mix of ideas, like a martini under siege
"There are no waffles but Bray Wyatt is Upside Down!" Mauro Ranallo with the Stranger Things reference. Applause.
Senate confirmed as administrator of Small Business Administration & we all think she'll be great at the Upside Down.
I wonder if we can think of any ideologies around today that disorder the body, turn us upside down?…
Can't. My dog and I are fixin' to engage in a who can lay down in the most awkwardest upside down positions and still see the t.v.
Saddam warned the U.S., Gaddafi warned the U.S., now Assad...Upside-down world when dictators warn about terrorists…
Guess he was looking at it upside down.
The current Top 10 trending stories on the are all about . The World Turned Upside Down .
Ditto all that you said Sean! I am so sick of this upside down leftwing agenda! We can't get through their pea brains MAGA!
It isn't a repost if you turn the post upside down (
James Delaney is "the dude" from The Big Lebowski, inside Stranger Things upside down world.
Think you know all of the things? See if you can guess the answer, then check yourself by turning your phone upside down.…
seeing as i took the test all by myself... i should have gotten at least 96% self reliance? just A Thought. also up…
It's 58 and if I had turned myself upside down before drinking, the wine could not have gone more direct to my head.
I know this speech upside down, inside out and backwards but when it comes time to give it tomorrow I'll have no words 😶
Upside down selfie. This hurt a lot to take. . Worth it. . Goodnight world.
Hamilton Collection
This is a story all about how my life got flipped turned upside down .. 😋
Is life really ? Are we currently in the Upside Down and Trump is the Demigorgon? Where is Eleven to save us?!
When sending postcards to the President make sure last name spelled correctly, it's "Bannon", and US flag stamp upside do…
Wouldn't it be cool if in Stranger Things S2 Sean Astin was playing a kid/guy named Mikey lost in the Upside Down instead?
So very very close! "Upside Down in the Yukon River" is nearing it's completion. The story keeps taking me...
The kids almost get sent to the Upside Down by Santa Claus:
Would you rather living in the Upside Down or Silent Hills?
they're upside-down, it's a mechanic in the game Gravity Rush
How two trailblazing psychologists turned the world of decision science upside down
I'll really turn ya world upside down boy 😏
"Have you ever thought of how the handful of ignorant men fishermen and ordinary people were able to turn that ancient…
i swear if these men hurt that transgender in front of me I'd hang them upside down by their balls they're so proud of
Why Melania Trump look like those optical illusion pictures where the person is upside down and their features are right side up tho
$RSO up 10.1% Gapr', big down, long at first bar recovery. Don't know upside from here, don't care *happy dance*
Bats can hang upside down without getting dizzy cos they don't have enough mass for gravity to mess up their circulatory systems.
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Motorcycle Tires
No matter how upside down you are,remember, it's
The four fold social order isn't a therory it's a fact. Can't do civilization without it. It exists now. Simply in an ups…
Elementary schools turn traditional lunch time upside down
I can't believe Trump saved LGBT lives by holding a flag upside down and saying he supports the same-sex marriage law!! He's so brave!
I could have sworn Hollywood elites loved the Palestinians now they're all poor Jews. It's all upside down
5: "Daddy, tell me a story.". me:"no, go to sleep". 5: "please!". Me: "this is a story of about how my life got flipped…
From what I see that credit be upside down or they don't got the down payment tucked
He ruined Zen duhhh I hate his cosplay so much I wanna smack him upside down in the head for ruining Zen's aesthetics. Fu…
I have one more ep to go of Stranger Things&I definitely think that I am trying to be in America but I am in "the upside do…
EGP- Episode 203: “Upside Down F's” is available on iTunes and Stitcher Radio….
Crazy how in 24 hours, your life can be turned upside down
Pop! Figures: Hawkins’ strange and stranger characters will turn your collection upside down…
This is the only Pineapple Upside Down recipe that you’ll ever need
---. When it is possible to Emesis Downside Up ;. It is possible to Eat Upside Down. ---
Watching your world start to blur into the upside down. How soon before we are sanctioned instead of imposing the s…
Uh oh. Try turning the can upside down & spraying for a few seconds. Also, wipe the nozzle, even if stopping for a few minutes.
If my children are not happy my world is turned upside down
Martin Mor with his hair on upside down? (Northern Irish)
This encapsulates how truly twisted this election was. It's so sad how upside down some people's priorities were. Tho HR…
That requires a baseline of reality to work. Hard to talk to someone who lives in the Upside Down.
The Russian alphabet looks like the English one but upside down and backwards
welcome to Bauer. Home of the upside down mics
-Joud lied-. Little did Omar know that the next few days would turn his life upside down... What…
And we spent that week wide open, upside down beside the ocean. I didn't know where it was goin', just tryin' to keep m…
I like it when my froth is so stiff I can tip my cup upside down.
Then there comes the time, . Plays violin in background. . World turns upside down, . Seeking the peace of mind, . Lets laid do…
Another time was when JK was playing in the stairs during a shoot or more like hanging upside down, the moment Jimin's strict voice was
A stranger asked me why I don't have kids so I told her it's because I'm a Cylon from the Upside Down sent here by the Dh…
Following our suggested teaching dates? If so, this weekend you'll be kicking off the new XP3 series, Upside Down!…
of the Day: "How can my professors expect me to do anything when the world's been turned upside down?"
Update your maps at Navteq
*** anti-Trump protesters hung an upside down USA flag on the Manhattan Bridge in NYC this morning!
«Come and put everything upside down…»
The Eye Test (Week 11): We got an ‘upside-down’ weekend in college football, but did it change anything? http…
"The flag should never be displayed upside down, except as a signal of dire distress in instances of extreme danger to l…
College is fun but it also turns your life upside down 🙃
45. Wash your brushes with dawn. Hold them upside down never upside up so they glue doesn't ware down.
Prankmasters Reggie and Vader are going to turn Riverdale High upside down! Pre-order today with your comic shop! https:/…
Stranger Things' Eleven rapping to Nicki Minaj will straight-up turn your world Upside Down.
I'm voting for Perfect Stranger Things, in which we learn that Balki Bartokomous rules the Upside Down.
Taipei is full of selfie opportunities @ Upside Down House Taipei
G'day! You're a neighbour then! All is well in upside-down land. A little cold though. Nothing like your wonderful weather. :)
Gotta just hold Gabbi upside down by her ankles until she stops fighting the air.
i rly thought 707 was a really cool name until i realized its 'LOL' upside-down
Wow canny believe av just noticed a "u" is an upside down "n"
margot robbie deadass ran 360° upside down along the walls of an elevator in HEELS with no help whatsoever. a legend
A very alternate history of the Dan Hawkins era. Let's just pretend this happened in the Upside Down
Can you imagine if Yakov Smirnoff had known about the Upside Down?
the Upside Down is full of headless monsters who just want to eat you
Upside Down; or, the Human Flies (1899). Directed by Walter R. Booth, produced by R.W. Paul
You don't know true pain until your contact flips upside down in your eye
Is Drake still in the country guys? We need someone to turn Judge Masipa's 6 upside down at least.
The world is upside down. Who will turn it right side up? Spirit of Cain running rampant. Humans senselessly killing eac…
4. upside down - aus10 defied the law of gravity in this performance, my man DID THAT!
I'm currently upside down on the sofa, watching telly in my Gryffindor pjs 👍🏻
Turned the 6 upside down it's a 9 now
*takes a deep breath and tips the cup upside down, gulping down the potion* ... Ugh.. that tastes ba.. (
Don't hate the player, hate the game. *puts sunglasses on upside down*
'No grades, no timetable' - this Berlin is turning teaching upside down:
Lee Sin got his phone upside down. Who gave him a phone. IT'S ALL WET TOO DAMMIT
Lmao he has the bra on upside down!🤔😂 Doesn't surprise me, probably never seen real boobs in his life.
Turn the 6 upside down that's a 9 now.🎲
"Upside down with a perfect view" comes to mind here. Thank you for having us out. 📸-
The cruelest trick the universe plays on us: USB cables are always upside down when we try to connect them.
I guess some how the officers were dangling upside down in midair
Were you trying to get him to notice you or something?
Oh well. Too much will make me suffer. Bye bangtan. I will never forget how I screamed for you. How my world turned upside down when I met u
No, he didn't. Extreme? No. He preached a kingdom that was upside down; the poor inherit the earth. The first shall be last.
Hillary campaigning yesterday & today; Vows to fight for you against a rigged system that benefits the rich. Proof the…
*walks into room to find toddler stuck upside down yelling for help*. "Hold it right there baby, Mommy's just taking a quick…
I'm going to collage and I'm still single *** !!! The world is turning upside down
The FBI then announced she would face no charges. This is an outrage and the rule of law has been turned upside down.
If black people got killed by police in the UK the way they do in America, this whole country would get turned upside down
Hang on tight... Montu at will flip you upside down seven different ways! Adrenaline...
When everything in life turns upside down, remember that you are in the hands of the Creator. Look up towards Allah, th…
Here at Triangle Upside down L Triangle we take rush week very seriously
Little Giant Ladders
"u either have 2 ride the coaster tht goes upside down & backwards or wear the shirt". "I'll proudly wear the shirt" ht…
Weekend reading: You may be feeling a bit upside down and not sure of things, or what you want to happen is not...
"The hood been crying out, but no one ever hears... ...until they turn it upside down, then everyone appears" 🎶. -
If you can pull the leaves out of a pineapple, it's perfectly ripe. To ripen it, turn upside down. Pineapple is great in a Green Smoothie!
Look at this pic normally and then turn it upside down.
Dutch MEP: EU has an ungrateful, 'world upside down' attitude to whistleblowers
You should play Sweet Billy Pilgrim - Arrived at Upside Down. If you don't have that, MGMT - Time to Pretend.
Jesus used all sorts of "Upside Down" teachings in the bible. . Join us tonight as Pastor Ted continues our...
Gotta remember that nothing in life in certain, it takes one second to throw your whole world upside down. Live you're life to the fullest 😇
📷 s-t-i-c-k-e-r-b-u-s-h: I noticed that in Uncharted 4, the plate of the Jeep says Elena upside down...
The most exercise I have had in months and it consisted of me hanging upside down from my wall, twerking
Astronomy tip: in case today's picture at looked weird to you, here it is turned upside down
Some silly person has it UPSIDE DOWN.
A memory from two years ago, before life was turned upside down then right sided itself again! And, good news,...
He will turn this upside down with Liverpool.YNWA
How beautiful is this Kohli wagon wheel . (also, could easily be AB if turned upside down)
Watch "OK Go - Upside Down & Inside Out" on YouTube. Once again, they're nailed it!!
I believe this is used to mow the Soccer Lawn. I assume didn't recognise it because it is upside down in this image.
Had to give it a try, pt 2. Upside down distress head.
The world turned upside down: Oklahoma Republicans urge Democrats to vote for tax increase - Tulsa World
UPSIDE DOWN c/o LITW is now live. Check out the full lookbook and find out more here:
And if your life is upside down, the Word of God can change your life. James1:21
I may be a 3/10 but I heard 3 is the new 6 and if you turn the 6 upside down its a 9 now.
I turned the 6 upside down it's a 9 now
Turn the 6 upside down its a little g now
He gave my father an abstract oil painting,and when he saw it on the wall said it was upside down!He sees60 greys
When the President has the nation upside down😂😂
It's in the oven.Upside Down Cinnamon Apple Coffee Cake - via
You turned me inside up upside down I'll be a loveable
What would Ragnar say?! Risk perception through the lens of bird flue, skiing, lumber jacking and upside down toilet brushes. Priceless!
The pilots joke that if you flew upside down "chicken bones from Saigon would fall out."
Aesop ION store in Singapore features "upside-down forest"
It was so much fun to flip this song upside down with .
I have mostly painted Amsterdam upside down. The pictures, that is, not me. Check it out at
Another favorite turn batting line up upside down watch the kids eyes light up when they usually bat 9,10 and they bat 1,2. Game changer.
When her world turned upside down she fought back
Turn this picture upside down. Wonderful picture!
Set their phone on the table and flip it upside down so you can't see when someone texts. -Kirk
I turn you upside down its a standing 69 now
played "World Upside Down" upon surrender to Washington. is nominating the two worst...
I turn the H Upside down its an H now.
California dominates ticket sales for Upside Down
"California dominates ticket sales for Upside Down" by on
(all) might you guys release the song stems for Upside Down & Inside Out? Love Hungry Ghosts!
I'm so happy to see Upside Down on the list! It's my favorite BNL song!
When your Line breaks out in song to Upside Down by Diana Ross 😄 ♫
Upside Down by Diana Ross is in Anchor Inn, Loughborough. Download it now at
If you ever end up in a bar with a Cambridge woman's heavyweight eight, do not accept the offer of an upside-down kamikaze shot.
Westeros in Game of Thrones is the UK and Ireland upside down
Also the first time I read the word "annihilate" It was a dark time in my life... I must have turned the page upside down to make sure...😅
Anybody else see the upside down XBox controller?
Upside down world: announces an connector (aka before :-O.
When welfare is turning into 'Right' & 'Rights' are turning into welfare, someone is trying to plant the tree upside do…
Upside down 2012 online subtitrat in romana -
I can't send them all the way to upside down land Adam 😂
I just became the people I hate and accidentally opened a packet upside down. I feel dirty.
Is anyone this? Is the cover on yours upside down like mine is? It makes me feel like the main character
😱 Anyone know how I can rotate the Stars & Stripes emoji so it's flying upside down? 😱
Every State in our Nation has given up it's Power and Rights, Under the for MONEY. Now it's totally upside…
dude what? Gurren lagann and kill la kill? I turned the internet inside out and upside down to find those where'd you get em?
BARBARIC: In their attempt to put fear into fellow prisoners, ISIS hang a victim upside down & shoot him in the
ITAP of an upside down view of a pond behind my building at work. In the perfectly still… http…
She's a beautiful little cross breed girl whose life is about to be turned upside down. Cross about it? You bet I am https…
What a great day Chloe Moretz is literally exposing herself as an upside down white feminist
Do u know at some point we even printed the national flag on our voters id cards upside down? We are just reckless
UPSIDE DOWN POTATO ONION. Ingredients :. 2 1/2 tablespoons butter. 12 sprigs thyme, strip the leaves from the stems...
‘You could cut the tension with a butter knife’ . Oh man, that metaphor: ‘UPSIDE-DOWN, UPSIDE-DOWN’.
JAILED: Notorious rogue trader Simon Fielding turned tiles upside down to make them look new and charged £8,000
Im not sure how well the wanda would work upside down. I don't know how structural the curves are or if theyre squishy
Back in primary school, I go just dey look while girl dey do cartwheel. The thought of me being totally upside down was unbearable.
Woody Harrelson is an inept financial advisor whose life is turned upside down when he buys a hot tub that can predict mu…
Life is turning upside down for me right now, but Ima just look on the bright side of things... Like Ima get in-n-out tomorrow 😍
Sumtimes u have 2 let Life turn u upside down, so u can learn how 2 live, rite side up.Or Big Brother is always there
In a few short months my world will be flipped upside down..
Not only Biju ws hackd infront of students, Auto was turnd upside down wth kids inside by Yechury's goons
I looked up to see the rugged feet turning itself upside down.I couldn't move. trance cut me into 2 halves
A bombastic GOP campaign has left Speaker Ryan struggling with the duties of Congress
I do believe the brilliant is able to read upside down. Never underestimate the power of the mind! https:…
This year is real upside down. The Lord oughta take the wheel, Kumawa!
Hang around so your frown turns upside down .
.films music video for new single Upside Down & Inside Out in zero gravity
OK Go films clip in zero gravity: The clip for Upside Down & Inside Out features band me...
My TV Pilot "Duncan, Upside Down" just won Grand Prize Television Pilot of the Mountain Film Festival.
I added a video to a playlist Jack Johnson - Upside Down
it was fabulous. Their followups were good too. Best Songs: Dancing Queen, Mama Mia, and Upside Down
My history teacher: "This revolution turned everything upside down". Me: Thinks of song Upside Down from and sings in my head
In her defense, really good *** can do that to you. See: Love Hangover, Upside Down, and all of Taylor Swift.
But at least my fish is cool and swims upside down
Watching the 9th upside down on my couch cuz I've exhausted every other position this is my last effort.
I feel like my world has been turned upside down
or ???. The could be either or upside down like that.
The W is actually and upside down M for Meth head
But don't except for me to jump on the *** upside down .. If you ain't spending a check upside down
I'm tired and my hip hurts my life is turned upside down"
I liked a video How to Prevent Wrinkles Turn Gravity Upside Down - Face
RAWR! is coming to turn upside down on 11/20 with his homie
Turn that frown upside down. You're too cute for that.
Held upside down in front of a mirror, the cover of the 74 “From the Mars Hotel” appears to say _?
I thought bats were the only creatures that hung upside down, then I got married.
ahem. Turntable in the box. Speakers stacked upside down. Are you even home enuff to have a pile??
Pineapple Upside Down Cupcakes - just like that classic cake your grandma made but in cupcake form!
"…I will wipe Jerusalem as one wipes a dish, wiping it and turning it upside down" -2 Kings 21:13
Love our FaceTime chats. Even when they're upside down!
[Photos] at airport turns frown upside down at the sight of his fans
"She knew he was the complete opposite of her in every way. He was evil, male, upside-down, inside-out, currently dead, a…
Any time they show mets fans holding up those orange LGM towels they are always upside down.
This ink drawing can be viewed upside down, turn it over and see.
They know that if more of our men were actually there for their sons, raising them being men themselves, we'll turn this world upside down.
The camera man has to inform that guy that the towel is upside down, come on now
Ryan Atwood holding his towel upside down like a moron.
It's amazing how 5 minutes can completely turn your world upside down.
It's gettin’ lonely livin’ upside down. I don't even wanna be in this town
Those simple words it's so hard it turns my whole world upside down. Coz you caught me completely off guard
There are seven letters that look the same upside down as right side up: H, I, N, O, S, X, and Z.
I finally found this one video of homeboys turning this upside down. LIT as the gaslamp.
.as I said, everything will be turned upside down. Owner of a bakery are forced to shut down their business...
Why is this girl holding stitch upside down.. Umm u are not lilo
PPP winning 80% in LB Polls in Sindh - without a metro - turns upside down the very basis of "N" propaganda & west's democrati…
Everytime i see you my life turns upside down
Dude on right is holding his super-holy Jihad flag.upside down. But go ahead, declare jihad on Russia. https…
Who wants to give me a rad tattoo of an upside down cross on my forehead? i have needles and indian ink
Turn that frown upside down, with this friendly Crypt coupon!
She hangs from a tree branch upside down, her face turning red from the blood rushing to her face. "We~!"
Wololo! The world is turning upside down. Now what is happening here?
all these years & the folks still wonder why we handed this upside down to Jim Rice.
fans better turn those frowns upside down! Two things... 1) We're the Royals!. 2) We lead 3-1 and the next 2 games…
"I was forced to live in a crowded shed until I got big enough to hang upside down & slit my throat."
My life just has to turn upside down at least once a year. 😅
How stoned was Dean Brody when he wrote Upside Down???
That scene in Upside Down where Jim Sturgess was peeing and the puddle was on the ceiling. Rotfl 😂😂😂
"What if love was stronger than gravity?"- Jim Sturgess 🎬 Upside Down
My Baby She's All Right and Upside Down...just fantastic stuff really.
On 94.3 radio you are listening to Diana Ross - Upside Down
Lil sis is back the house is upside down☹
Had a great couple of hours hanging upside down:D
Upside down kettle bell reverse lunge. Turn on your grip strength for this one youre going to need…
I've always wanted to be that kid that has a missing or upside down page in my MCAS booklet.
Undertake Wyatt match was pretty cool. Except for the cheesy wyatt upside down on all fours and undertaker stares him down.
I didn't know I should store my PB upside down! Did you?
Lemme pick you up and flip you upside down
😂😂 Kanye ballin on another level bruh. What *** you know got an upside down shadow?
The fact that music has the power to completely flip your day upside down is hard to fathom
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