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Upright Citizens Brigade

The Upright Citizens Brigade is an improvisational comedy and sketch comedy group that emerged from Chicago's ImprovOlympic in 1990. The most recent (and best known) incarnation consists of Matt Besser, Amy Poehler, Ian Roberts, and Matt Walsh.

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My first celebration (at Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre - Los Angeles)
Online for a jazz club with the crowd that's the same age as the upright citizens brigade crowd
Came to support the Upright Citizens Brigade showcase w/ my peeps Dana Dae ☺ .
improv is very bad always. Even Upright Citizens Brigade is all bad terrible improv.
Yesterday I crossed a thing off my bucket list and did an improv jam in NYC at Upright citizens brigade theater wit…
Tonight! 10:30pm Parker Posey Improv takes the Upright Citizens Brigade Sunset stage. A mere $5 gets you out of...
Want to walk to Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre - Los Angeles? We've got your perfect apartment.
"The UK has an equivalent to the professionalised improv of Chicago's Second City or Upright Citizens Brigade, The…
Why do they think BLM is a person who finally scored a Tuesday slot with Upright Citizens Brigade?
So much fun taking the Improv 101 class at Upright Citizens Brigade Theater! Catch me performing at UCB Franklin today at 12pm
Look at these silly so and sos! @ Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre, East Village
Went to bookstore and Upright Citizens Brigade show last night on franklin ave and lost my black leather wallet. I…
This piece for Splitsider on growing pains at the increasingly influential Upright Citizens Brigade
There was no Groundlings or Upright Citizens Brigade where I was fro...
shouts out to Upright citizens brigade for giving me another scholarship. Need all the help I can get
This is how much I don't like standing in line. @ Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre - Los Angeles
📷 My new art show, “Close Hamm: Portraits of Del Close and Jon Hamm” is up @ Upright Citizens Brigade...
The Upright Citizens Brigade TourCo is LIVE in our ETC Theatre on 4/16 - get your tickets at
Oh and tonight I went over to Upright Citizens Brigade which was pretty cool. Related: I'm starting a reggae band where I'm the only member.
.creators and discuss the rise of sketch. (Listen:
Upright Citizens Brigade creators tell the untold story of the rise of sketch
Writers from “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” perform an improv show at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater in Chelsea. 9:30pm. $5
I think it works as a sketch. If only the Upright Citizens Brigade was still around.
Check out our upcoming improv comedy show with Upright Citizens Brigade here:
Know the story of the Upright Citizens Brigade! See the stars of tomorrow TONIGHT!
on stage at Upright Citizens Brigade NYC tonight! Break a leg! Wish we were there.
Hilarious improv comedians from the Upright Citizens Brigade Touring Company coming to the Thursday!
My "debut" at the Upright Citizens Brigade Comedy Theater last night!!
Sometimes I ask myself, "Self, did you ever think Colby would be the most famous member of the Upright Citizens Brigade?"
Comedy is amazing. Upright citizens brigade! $5
So excited to perform at the Upright Citizens Brigade show tonight!! Whoop whoop!! 🙌🏽💃🏽
because my life is dope...and I do dope stuff! @ Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre - Los Angeles
Almost showtime for the Show with host @ Upright Citizens Brigade…
About to head to Upright Citizens Brigade for an improv show and standup show after. I love theater.
Little with (@ Sixth & I Historic Synagogue - for Upright Citizens Brigade Tou...)
I will be in NYC again in May, near the top of my list is a long held ambition - a show at Upright Citizens Brigade. Need to be organised!
Join me and The New Negroes tonight at Uptown Citizens Brigade Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre - Los Angeles
The best thing in the world would be attending the Upright Citizens Brigade Improv classes. Requires money & guts, of which I have neither.
he looks like the guy from the original UPright citizens brigade
Upright Citizens Brigade has produced so much talent. Wish the show had done better.
Improv 101 show. My class was the best! @ Upright Citizens Brigade…
So excited for show tonight at Upright Citizens Brigade NY! Got a feeling it's gonna be 🔥 come out if y…
Join and as they bring Upright Citizens Brigade improv group to campus tomorrow!
Patchouli always makes me think of this sketch:
Look Back on 25 Years of the Upright Citizens Brigade on http…
Floors 7 and 14 take on Upright Citizens Brigade for an improv-themed outing
Buy Miche Bag Online!
Our investigation event coming up this week - Its a the new location of the upright citizens brigade…there...
Performing a couple songs at the new (Upright Citizens Brigade) on Sunset at 9pm tonight! Come…
Upright Citizens Brigade is coming to Kent in November 😍
April 13, 2000: brought Amy Poehler and Upright Citizens Brigade to perform Arena
Who doesn’t love Amy Poehler?! Come see her comedy group The Upright Citizens Brigade for a night of laughter!
Amy Poehler auditioned for SNL as herself, as Lorne Michaels had already seen all her characters on "Upright Citizens Brigad…
Hilarious Upright Citizens Brigade comedy sketch of a Trump v Bernie debate, really nailed the impressions
are you the one that has the Upright Citizens Brigade Improvisation Manual? Looking for reviews of it I can believe.
“We go to really dark, awful places”: “Veep” star Matt Walsh on improv, political humor an...
Tonight was a good night 🌟 ucbtheatreeast @ Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre, East Village
Last night, the Upright Citizens Brigade Sunset attended the board meeting in order to…
Did this show. Now Jerrod Carmichael is on. @ Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre - Los Angeles
The Exorcism of UCB Sunset - Our upcoming work with Upright Citizens Brigade
Our show At Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre - Los Angeles is a this week in...
Upright Citizens Brigade comedians recreate the Sanders deb...
This might have been my first Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre shoot from about a decade ago - taken at...
Watching stand up comedy with Omar @ Upright Citizens Brigade Sunset
...including series 3 of Upright Citizens' Brigade, & of Louie, the movie Fire in the Sky (scored
Hot Take: Amy Poehler's most hilarious work was on Upright Citizens Brigade.
at Upright Citizens Brigade in NYC. I am an academic so know nothing more, but maybe they could help guide you. You are good!
Come check out our first event of the year, Comedy Nights with the Upright Citizens Brigade, this Tuesday at 7pm in Tommy's Place!
and I just having the time of our lives on a school night. @ Upright Citizens Brigade…
Photo: This was the best. (at Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre)
Thomas Lennon (Reno 911) with Nick Kroll and Convoy (top improv group from Upright Citizens Brigade) Largo $25 8:30pm http:/…
This show was on longer than Upright Citizens Brigade, Arrested Development, Firefly, and The Wire
rippin it up at the_rockery in Upright citizens bass brigade
out with the crew to support my roomie Luis! @ Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre
This is the Upright Citizens Brigade, the same style of improv as us. WARNING, does contain slight PG-13 content
Upright Citizens Brigade was amazing! The Stepfathers are so funny, I had a blast xx
We took this photo even tho there was a killer on the loose @ Upright Citizens Brigade Sunset
Watching Upright Citizens Brigade again. I swear Amy Poehler is a fetus in this.
Stop by Kendall-Cram RIGHT NOW to check out Upright Citizens Brigade Tour Co!
Why stop there? How about Nazis? Might as well say they're all a bunch of hitlers. No hyperbole there:
at delighting us w & The UCB Method interactive lecture
need some ucb comedy from the late 90s? Season 3 is finally here
Emma and I on way home: "Upright Citizens Brigade was so funny!!" Rando in hall on phone: "I heard Upright Citizens Brigade SUCKED"
Upright Citizens Brigade was super funny, but I was disappointed that they were all men
all of my friends and I quote Aqua Teen, Mr. show, and Upright Citizens Brigade to each other every time were together.
We'll see everyone in an hour in the amphitheater for Upright Citizens Brigade TourCo! AU group Mission Improvable is opening!
Be sure to join us at 9pm for Upright Citizens Brigade TourCo! This show is guaranteed to make you LOL!
on my way to the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre.
it's the 10 year anniversary of Upright Citizens Brigade opening in LA so I kinda have to go see Ben Schwartz perform this week
Upright Citizens Brigade using Periscope for free comedy
BREAKING: SNL and Upright Citizens Brigade performer Sasheer Zamata to headline the MAB Winter Show on February 20th.
“Constit2tion,” a movie by committee conceived, written and shot in just over 24 hours, screened to a packed house early Sunday at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater.
Lots of comedy coming up: Second City, Upright Citizens Brigade, Bryan Kellen
Week of comedy: Second City, Upright Citizens Brigade in Carmel, Bryan Kellen in Monterey
Upright Citizens Brigade Uses Save the Cat! in Movie Cram II: Read the New York Times article abou...
I’m sorry, but the Hot Games Room at BGGCon makes me think of the Hot Chicks Room sketch from Upright Citizens Brigade.
For reference, The State had no sketches classified by the Regular Army as Most Dangerous or even Dangerous. Ditto Upright Citizens Brigade.
Come see me and on show discuss brown-ness in US Wed at Upright Citizens Brigade in LA
The NYTimes wrote a fun piece on our movie! AND you can watch our scenes here. 40min:37sec in
I'm at Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre - for Doug Loves Movies in Hollywood, CA
finishing off NYC with Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre. would have been fun as group!
Me and joke about Being Brown in America at Upright Citizens Brigade in LA tomorrow night. Tix here:
Sales Internships with Upright Citizens Brigade. Login to Career Connection and search ID 102916531 to apply!
It's official! I'll be coming back to a new job on the Social Media Manager for the Upright Citizens Brigade! Yes, Please.
Autographed 'House of Lies' Script PLUS 2 VIP Tickets to a SNOWPANTS Show at UCB Theater
The folks at have made a feature film in 24 hours. What's your excuse? Read via
"The new First Amendment reads, 'No slavery, duh.'"via
One for the record books: a movie conceived, written, shot and premiered in a little over 24 hours from
Movie Cram II at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater - “By the time the film aired, my tired brain...
We turned to co-creator of the Upright Citizens Brigade, to learn the hidden language of improv
I used UCB years ago for FMCG program - "you need Todd Bieber, creative director of the Upright Citizens Brigade" http:
Also, am I the only person that remembers Amy Poehler from Upright Citizens Brigade?
I just now learned that Amy Poehler was in Upright Citizens Brigade. That is a little bit mind-blowing to me.
Upright Citizens Brigade at the Palace theater tonight. Date Night! I can't wait!
Liberty Hall is pleased to announce, Frank Caeti will be one of our guest stars at the third annual East Texas Comedy Festival on June 13 & 14, representing improv comedy! Frank has performed for some great places in Chicago, most notably ComedySportz, iO, and The Second City. At the Second City, he was a member of the touring company for over two years and performed on two resident company stages (Chicago e.t.c. & Las Vegas). He was then hired as a cast member on the FOX show MADtv. Other tv/film credits include: Reno 911, NCIS, The Lakehouse, Stranger than Fiction, The Jay Leno Show, and dozens of commercials. Frank is one half of the acclaimed sketch comedy duo, FrankenMatt with fellow Second City alum and former Saturday Night Live writer Matt Craig. FrankenMatt has performed all over the U.S. and are the reigning iO West Duo Improv Tournament Champs. Frank performs regularly with FrankenMatt and Tres at SC Hollywood, Only in LA at Upright Citizens Brigade, and The Armando Show at iO West. He teaches ...
Cornell Students - - -Kick-off Your Break at the Cook-off ! Tons of great events all over town! Chili Cook-off Weekend Events: February 14th- 16th Friday Feb. 14th - Valentine’s Day Lot 10 - 6:00pm Floppy Hour w/ ComedyFLOPS Improv Troupe “Born in January of 2011, ComedyFLOPs features a host of local comedians with ties to The Second City, Upright Citizens Brigade, Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Clown College and Actors Workshop of Ithaca. In less than 6 months, ComedyFLOPs has established a strong presence, including founding Ithaca's first-ever Comedy Festival and Funniest Person in Ithaca competition in 2012, appearances at Ithaca Festival, Apple Festival, Rochester's Fall Back Fest, opening for national comedian Grandma Lee, and establishing a weekly residency at the Lot 10 Kitchen and Lounge called FLOPPY HOUR every Friday at 6pm.” GreenStar Presents The Blindspots at The Space 6:30pm as a Food Justice Summit Fundraiser ‘This all original, female-fronted, five-piece moxy rock band from It ...
Sasheer Zamata joins 'Saturday Night Live,' its first black woman in 6 years Sasheer Zamata will join "Saturday Night Live" this month, making her the first African-American female in the show's cast in six years, a show rep said Monday. Zamata will make her debut on the late-night sketch comedy show on January 18, when hip-hop star Drake is scheduled to host, the rep said. The comedian has been honing her skills with the Upright Citizens Brigade in New York since graduating from the University of Virginia with a drama degree in 2009, according to her official biography. Producers of the NBC show have been criticized for the lack of diversity since Maya Rudolph left the cast six years ago. In October, "SNL" cast member Kenan Thompson told TV Guide the show had difficulty finding qualified black female comedians to hire. He insisted that the talent pool was limited because so many of the women were not seasoned enough for the job. Executive Producer Lorne Michaels told The New York Times last month he was ...
Upright Citizens Brigade member does an awesome Rihanna, Beyoncé and Michelle Obama.
NBC confirmed that Upright Citizens Brigade alum Sasheer Zamata will join the storied sketch comedy show as a featured player, making her live debut on the January 18th
The lovely Sasheer Zamata, actress, writer, and comedian - and Upright Citizens Brigade alum, has joined the cast of SNL. SNL faced criticism for it's lack of diversity in the cast this year - part...
NBC's Saturday Night Live has added an African-American woman castmember: Sasheer Zamata. The Upright Citizens Brigade alum has boarded the Lorne Michaels-produced late-night sketch series and will make her debut Jan. 18, when Drake hosts.
Helms was born in Atlanta, Georgia. His mother, Pamela (née Parker), was a school administrator, and his father, John Helms, was an attorney.[3][4] He graduated from The Westminster Schools after Brian Baumgartner in 1992. Originally a geology major, Helms graduated from a private liberal arts college in Oberlin, Ohio. While obtaining a degree in film theory and technology at Oberlin College (1996), he spent a semester as an exchange student at New York University's Tisch School of the Arts.[5][6] Helms is the recipient of an honorary Degree of Doctor of Fine Arts from Knox College, where he delivered the 2013 Commencement Address.[7] After graduating from Oberlin, Helms began his comedy and acting career as a writer and performer with New York City sketch comedy bands, and studied improvisation with the Upright Citizens Brigade troupe.[8] Helms concurrently worked as a trainee film editor at Crew Cuts, a post-production facility in New York City. While doing so, he recorded some rough voiceover scratch ...
YO: Upright Citizens Brigade ft. Matt Besser and Horatio Sanz, THIS Friday, 7 p.m. in the Union Ballroom. Laughs all round
Hey what are you doing Fri. Night? Wanna go see and Upright Citizens Brigade at U of A?
Someone got proposed to at the Upright Citizens Brigade.
More awesomeness! (@ Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre - for The Law Firm: Law and Disorder)
Photo: Lost Upright Citizens Brigade Movie UCB got together to make an improvised movie.  “Wild Girls Gone”...
do NYFA then do upright citizens brigade (all Greats do) and get your SAG credentials whilst living in the greatest city ever
Dang! The in Guthrie just exploded! Upright Citizens Brigade Improv will be there Friday & Saturday!
The Free Arts staff and volunteers had such a great time at our workshop with members of Upright Citizens Brigade...
Interesting... "All four are performers from Los Angeles's Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre" -...
Going to see the Upright Citizens Brigade tonight! Whoot!
Photo: Mumford & Sons were kind enough to invite the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre to a few of their...
I have an Improv show on Sunday at Upright Citizens Brigade, LA! It's fun and cheap--->>> Sunday, August 25 at...
From Post Star: Brigade storms into Glens Falls: GLENS FALLS - As a member of the Upright Citizens Brigade, Br...
If you see something, say something. @ Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre
They do great work! Upright Citizens Brigade is at the LPCA tmrw!
Website Builder 728x90
I am about to borrow 's from a friend when he's done and you've no such good friend
You can't tell me this isn't exciting for comedy peoples! starring Ian Roberts AND UND
Upright Citizens Brigade is too good, best comedy club
If you want to see the Upright Citizens Brigade as your 2013 Homecoming Comedian like this picture!
I'd move to NYC and take classes at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre if I wasn't terrified of living on my own so far away from home.
with dougbenson edgarwright simonpegg nickjfrost @ Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre
I just bought: 'The Upright Citizens Brigade Comedy Improvisation Manual' by Matt Besser via
I have an interview with Matt Besser, hopefully tomorrow. He just wrote a book called Upright Citizens Brigade...
A couple of us are going to Harold Night at Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre, NY at 9:15pm tonight - let me know if you'd like to join!
$90 to get this shipped to Australia. :(
I'm here. In the flesh. I did it. Woohoo (@ Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre -
Hey New Yorkers!. Come see the premiere of our new web series, Significant Brothers, at Upright Citizens Brigade... htt…
Comedy fans! My new, super-expanded oral history of the Upright Citizens Brigade is out! Get the Nook app and dig in: htt…
Just got the script for our next performance, Judo Kidz, at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre for next months live comedic extravaganza (don't think I ever used that word before). The last show, Horse *** went down in the theaters hall of fame. I expect this one to make you forget about how much Horse *** made you laugh and cry and relive your own childhood torments that drove you to become addicted to "nutritional supplements".
Matt Walsh is an influential improv comic and character actor, most recently known for his role as on HBO's Veep. Walsh honed his comedy craft in Chicago, and he co-founded comedy sketch troupe Upright Citizens Brigade.
Update your maps at Navteq
Surprise tickets from Matt Dorville to Upright Citizens Brigade. NBD until you're sitting on stage with Amy Poelher, Rachel Dratch...and Gloria Steinem.
Thoroughly enjoyed the Upright Citizens Brigade improv performance with Amy Poehler, Aidy Bryant, and Vanessa Bayer from SNL!
Only a few short days until we take the stage at the Upright Citizens Brigade-- and we can't wait!
No SNL but Amy Poehler and Vanessa Bayer at Upright Citizens Brigade tonight! A guy from Mad Men too!
Indiewire checked in with actor, comedian and Upright Citizens Brigade founding member Matt Walsh and had him walk us through last night's episode of "Veep," "The Vic Allen Dinner," which found his character assisting Vice President Selina Meyer (Julia Louis-Dreyfus) to a rare PR success -- though o...
Just got done watching old Upright Citizens Brigade episodes. Still good times.
Here at the upright citizens brigade- enjoying comedy of the laughter gods, playing irreverently in the winds of fate.
I *very* nearly talked into doing a set at an Upright Citizens Brigade open-mic, tonight. Alas, 'twas not to be.
“It’s a no-brainer, it’s been percolating in my mind for a long time,” the Henry Miller Memorial Library’s...
The Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre presents, in a benefit performance for the Henry Miller Memorial Library:...
Photo: hot-dogprincess: Polaroids of Amy Poehler as different characters of the Upright Citizens Brigade.
Getting pumped for my Upright Citizens Brigade graduation performance today. A fantastic group of people to play with.
Upright Citizens Brigade Theater on West 22nd Street, ca. 2000, w/ and
RENEWED! - Amy PoehlerJust when we thought that the "Saturday Night Live" performer and Upright Citizens Brigade...
Upright Citizens Brigade. It's from a podcast called Ronna and Beverly.
Musical improv by Diamond Lion at upright citizens brigade with 😂😂 highly rec. @ Upright…
AHHH!! Thought of another thing: U GOTTA check out da stand-up comedy of Upright Citizens' Brigade! Best stand-up in da country!
If u are ever in SoCal u have to see upright citizens brigade amazing!
Remember when Amy Poehler was the girl from Upright Citizens Brigade, the next best show to Sifl n Olly?
Upright Citizens Brigade were hilarious tonight, well done
Photo: saved the day!!! (at Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre)
Celebrate Henry Miller with Philip Glass, the Upright Citizens Brigade and more at the Big Sur Brooklyn Bridge
Tonight, we're road tripping to Delaware to perform with the likes of Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre, NY and...
WHEEEN will we get upright citizens brigade season 3 on DVD
Anyone know how early to get in line for tickets to the ASCAT 3000 at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre in NYC on Sunday night?
the best place to play THE WAY is the Upright Citizens Brigade!!!
Im sitting at The Upright Citizens Brigade waiting for a show to start and "The Way" by is playing
Awesome! Now I know how Upright Citizens Brigade felt when they influenced Alan Greenspan's speech. :)
At the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre with Eric. Been a while since I've seen this many clunky pairs of black glasses and skinny jeans.
Shout-out to all the Greek men at Washburn! Come check out the Upright Citizens Brigade after chapter TONIGHT at 8! Phi Delta Theta-Kansas Beta-Washburn University Sigma Phi Epsilon Kansas Δ Kappa Sigma: Gamma Nu Delta Chi Fraternity Washburn Chapter
Is this real/ legit? (I still have my sides from UCB 306 w/ jokes that didn't make the finished episode.)
Finding an Upright Citizens Brigade video on Netflix (improv! with Amy Poehler!) has most definitely been the best part of my year thus far.
Upright Citizens Brigade. Lots of mustaches, flannels and hoodies in the crowd. Gonna be fun!
Super excited for tonight! First improv since my last Upright Citizens Brigade fix in NYC.
About to go to an improv comedy show at Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre!
“A little inspiration from Amy Poehler for - Upright Citizens Brigade Alumni knows best!
My dad is seeing the Upright Citizens Brigade in Chelsea in NYC right now and I am SO MAD
Guys, Amy is like the best in Upright Citizens Brigade ❤
I think my 2yo has been putting DVDs in my back pockets. I found Kids in the Hall Brain Candy this morning and Upright Citizens Brigade now.
Last call to get FREE tix to Upright Citizens Brigade comedy troupe. Tonight, 8p, More info here:
I've finally done it. 😜 You guys better come see me make a fool of myself at upright citizens brigade in…
It's my debut skating in Madison in public! I'll be sporting pink and brown. Come watch some incredible women...
Just signed up for Upright Citizens Brigade level 201 class! Let the continue!
Jokes on you if you don't attend Upright Citizens Brigade w/Calvin Improv
8 times the population of Nebraska! Upright Citizens Brigade. I’d nearly forgotten about this show.
Get 6 Free VitaTops
Fun Fact. went to high school with one of the founders of Upright Citizens Brigade: Amy Poehler. FACT!
Just signed up for Improv 101 at Upright Citizens Brigade. Beyond excited to get started and see if I can finish all 6 levels.
Don't forget that the free pizza is promoting bringing Upright Citizens Brigade next Tuesday 2/19!
NYC's best improv comedy, Upright Citizens Brigade in Grand Rapids. Tomorrow.
The funniest thing is about to happen at Calvin. Watch for it tomorrow with Upright Citizens Brigade w/Calvin Improv, only $5!
"Be nice and honest and brave and hopeful, and then let it go." - Will Hines, Upright Citizens Brigade
Bam! Just signed up for improv training at UCB (Upright Citizens Brigade)!
Ch-ch-ch-check it out! The Upright Citizens Brigade Touring Company will be HERE at Washburn next Monday at 8!...
On sale now! STIMULUS/RESPONSE w Upright Citizens Brigade & more!
Is it wrong to automatically want to hire the intern applicant who is coming from the Upright Citizens Brigade?
UPRIGHT CITIZENS BRIGADE TOURING COMPANY performing in 10 minutes in the Reilly Room.
Hyped for the upright citizens brigade show tonight!!!
but, celebrities... they... Checkout the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre. Lots of neato comedians there.
Remember to get your Upright Citizens Brigade tickets for Friday in Great Hall! Pick them up at the Vilas Box Office!
Laughing so hard. or your money back! Upright Citizens Brigade w/Calvin Improv only $5!
at KU is SO EXCITED to bring to campus for Comedy & Pizza Night! More here:
Was it the Upright Citizens Brigade that did the skit about the pope visiting the Italian restaurant? My memory fails me.
John Denver was never the same for me after Upright Citizens Brigade.
Two massive green peppers. Paring knife and Upright Citizens Brigade glass for scale.
Hey guys! Katie has been studying at the Upright Citizens Brigade (where Jon Stewart got his training and founded by SNL actress Amy Poehler) - one of the best improv schools in the country. She's excited about the new things she's learning and the performances she will be doing there and will bring the info back to camp this summer to share with everyone!
Thanks so much to my sister Erin Creznic, my good friend Robert Burton and my new friend Genetra Tull for coming out to my show yesterday at the Upright Citizens Brigade. I had a blast and I hope you did too!
BRING IT ON, INDIE CAGEMATCH Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre, NY Feb 3rd. Cheer us on to glory (and...
“Seeing and (@ Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre w/ 8 others)” and yaay
Not interning ...checking out my replacement ...and drinking (@ Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre w/ 7 others)
I had my first Upright Citizens Brigade 201 class yesterday with Ryan Karels Fun and Funny.
Download Best of Upright Citizens Brigade Hq Best of Upright Citizens Brigade movie download Actors:
Cool pic I took tonite of a ladies head and David Cross at Whiplash @ Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre
Watching an old Upright Citizens Brigade DVD. I think I'm in love with
There was a girl behind us in line w/ the same name as you for Upright Citizens Brigade last night
The Upright Citizens Brigade supports the right to bear Asscats to protect their Hot Chicks Rooms.
New! 190-Calorie VitaPizza- Get Free Shipping
I haven't laughed this hard in a long time :D @ Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre
Good laughs tonight at the Upright Citizens Brigade with
I was in my element tonight at Upright Citizens Brigade. Lived up to all my expectations.
We just saw Gravid Water improv at Upright Citizens Brigade with Bayne Gibby &I thought of you we can't wait for !
Check out Rozie Bacchi's solo show CAREER DAY at The Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre on January 16th.
It's been a long time... (@ Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre w/ 11 others)
I used to love Jim Haslett on Upright Citizens Brigade
Wild night last night at Upright Citizens Brigade wo look at that
Alright! excited to see Upright Citizens Brigade with with my air plane wine
+10pts for the Upright Citizens Brigade t-shirt.
waiting in line at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre for improv comedy night.
Random acts of 2013: Take helicopter piloting lessons, and sign up for classes at Upright Citizens Brigade. So far this is going well.
"Please have sexual relations with me" - COSIGN nha_chi @ upright citizens brigade
Please have sexual relations with me. @ Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre
Any down time this weekend will be spent watching my newly acquired Upright Citizens Brigade DVDs.
Sex and the City, 24, Monk, Daria, Spaced, Bones, Strangers with Candy, Upright Citizens Brigade, Kids in the Hall
Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre features Los Angeles best improv, sketch and stand u
Going to be on Doug Loves Movies tonight at Upright Citizens Brigade
New ASCAT! Super funny improv group that features Amy Poehler, Andy Richter, Tina Fey, and the Upright Citizens Brigade crew. Check it out.
Upright Citizens Brigade will perform their famous improv on 10/30 at 8pm in Heritage Hall! Free with PSU student photo id!
Nathan Dern Promotes Embassy Suites: During the holidays families travel to spend time with their loved ones, and while having everyone under one roof is great, the truth is that the tight quarters can be stressful (ahem!). Embassy Suites is teaming up with improv comedian, Nate Dern, of the Upright Citizens Brigade in NYCity to spread the word that better holidays come with a little space for host AND guest, which I think is absolutely GENIUS! Embassy Suites and Nate are hitting the road to teach people how to be good holiday company!! Beginning on November 11, Nate started a road trip that will take him across the country from New York City to Denver to visit his parents for Thanksgiving (I can’t complain about 10 hours when I see how long this may take him!). Along the way, he’ll stop in Washington D.C., Detroit, Chicago and St. Louis to spend an evening with a family in their home and bestow his good guest know-how on them — including one of the most important “good company” tips of all, tha ...
Need some comedy in your life? Check out Upright Citizens Brigade on Monday at 8pm in Heritage Hall!...
Take a break and see Upright Citizens Brigade perform improv comedy FREE Monday at 8pm in Heritage Hall!...
*New Date* A Night of Improv Comedy with Upright Citizens Brigade! Come out to Heritage Hall on Monday night at 8 pm for FREE laughs!
wish I could be at but I’m at ASCAT at Upright Citizens Brigade hosted tonight by Gillian Jacobs :p
I see your Upright Citizens Brigade and raise you
I see your Monty Python and raise you Upright Citizens Brigade
Apparently, the cast of Happy Endings is doing some kind of live show with the Upright Citizens Brigade.
First improv show at the Upright Citizens Brigade! 😆
Awaiting and Upright Citizens Brigade at billings forge. Go Hartford! Only thing missing is
Hey NY peeps tonight I'm performing at /r/standup at the Upright Citizens Brigade - East Village. Tix at
For too long I have been lax in fulfilling the mission of The Upright Citizens Brigade. No longer... We have heard the voice of society, begging us to destabilize it.
Upright citizens brigade; Improv show. Then tearing up the la party scene.
"The beer and the improv are pretty decent." @ Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre:
Random and awesome turn of events (@ Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre w/ 4 others)
Super excited to see Upright Citizens Brigade tonight
can't wait for Sunday? Then come see us perform at Midnight tonight at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre - Los...
I'm performing at Upright Citizens Brigade tonight at 6:30. Come get your funny on! Its going to be a great show!
Stressed? Have a laugh at a night of improv with Upright Citizens Brigade and Full Ammo Improv on 10/30 at 8pm in...
The Upright Citizens Brigade Touring Company will be at the Myrna Loy Center stage at 7:30 p.m. Friday, Oct. 19.
I'm starting to form opinions about Upright Citizens Brigade performers. This will not end well.
Getting ready for some improv with folks. One of the acto @ Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre
Seeing the Upright Citizens Brigade with Ali! I'm so close to the stage I could be part of the act. Front row problems.
starting Improv401 at Upright Citizens Brigade today, then jetting to West Village to do some stand up comedy. Today is such a joke.
Seahawks, stop by the ACE table in front of the library to hear all about Upright Citizens Brigade improv troupe coming next week!
Free Deep Chocolate VitaMuffins on $79
When I was in my 20s, I wanted to join upright citizens brigade but I chickened out.
Just found out I'll be able to take free improv classes at Upright Citizens Brigade!!!
This month's guest:The Upright Citizens Brigade's Touring Company!!!You don't want to miss this special night of improvised comedy!  The UCB will bring their performers from the theater that spawnedAmy Poehler, Horatio Sanz, Bobby Moynihan, Zach Woods, Donald Glover, and more of today's biggest name...
Come check out Un-Manageable this Thursday at 11pm! Someone's walking away with a new contract... Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre 153 E 3rd Street
very excited to be a producer on a new Beta Team at Upright Citizens Brigade!!
:: tonight i have introduced Logan to Upright Citizens Brigade.
Just watched ASCAT! Upright Citizens Brigade on Netflix. Pretty funny improv featuring Amy Poehler. Think Lori Jean Phipps would enjoy it. Some famous audience members that she likes too (but you have to be quick to spot them).
The Master in 70mm, then the Upright Citizens Brigade? Today is gonna be great!
i will be on the mainstage at Upright Citizens Brigade (L.A.) Saturday, November 17th. that is all.
I'm writing for Boo! It's October Sketch Cram at UCB! Come see what we make at midnight at Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre - Los Angeles! Also, come see Minor League Harold Night 10/13 featuring GOLDRUSH at 9!
Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre was so awesome tonight with my lovey
This touring company of the acclaimed improvisational theater Upright Citizens Brigade that began in Chicago now has shows nightly in NYC and LA. See the next generation of the company that spurred Amy Poehler, Rob Riggle, Horatio Sanz and Ed Helms into their comedy careers. Opening acts will incl...
Free comedy show tonight brought to you by Division of Student Affairs: Upright Citizens Brigade: A Night of Improv!!!
Are you coming to see David Wain AJ Jacobs Chris Shmullivan Arthur Lewis Rob Lathan and Paul Dinello on the The Employee of the Month Show Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre, NY Thursday, October 25th 9:30 pm?
" poo on a stick" lmfao! I miss the upright citizens brigade! Such a great show!
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Upright Citizens Brigade tonight! From the theater that brought comedy greats like Horatio Sanz, Amy Poehler, Rob Corddry, Ed Helms, and many more. I love my school.
Another Improv Show this Sunday! If you don't know what improv is, check this out!
Welp Jim Lehrer: Badass Moderator - The Upright Citizens Brigade edits Jim Lehrer into a moderator with an iron fist...
watched some mighty fine sketch comedy tonite at Upright Citizens Brigade. It's interesting to be in a dingy little theatre where so much greatness came from. Here's to the working actors & writers, may you have all the success.
Check out this review of UCB from .- "Upright Citizens Brigade: Wiseguys at the Marcus Center"
Get a behind-the-scenes look at Milwaukee during Doors Open Milwaukee, then fulfill your laugh fix with Capitol Steps, the Upright Citizens Brigade and more. Spend an elegant evening at Noche de Gala or Paws & Claws, celebrate for a cause at Paxtons Pablove Fest, get messy at the Tomato Romp! and mo...
Amy Poehler, Actress: Parks and Recreation. After the Upright Citizens Brigade sketch show came and went, cast member Amy Poehler joined the cast of Saturday Night Live in 2001. Her star was the brightest during that time and, by the end of Christmas break of that year, she became a regularly featur...
See her as everything from mustachioed professor to giant-sored prostitute to grande dame in these makeup tests from the 1998 'Upright Citizens Brigade' TV show.
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