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Upper Peninsula

The Upper Peninsula of Michigan is the northern of the two major land masses that make up the U.S.

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There is not an airport anywhere near me I live in the Upper Peninsula of…
Me in Michigan: there’s nothing to do, there’s two seasons, i hate it here . Me anywhere else: i live in the Mitten! Ever…
"From" he says. Hmmm, I did spent some years as a child in several towns in western up…
craigslist: upper peninsula, MI jobs, apartments, personals, for sale, services, community, and events
Eindhoven Weather - DETROIT — It's December, and the snow is flying in the Upper Peninsula and other parts of…
Destination: Upper Peninsula, Michigan by Adam Jones Photography​. Read this FREE article here:…
Munising, Michigan on Lake Superior. The entire Upper Peninsula is beautiful and sparsely populated.…
via . photo by Rabbit Island is a remote…
Destination: Upper Peninsula, Michigan. There is a plethora of great photographic opportunities around the Upper Pe…
Upper Peninsula of Michigan farmer's experience with detailed here
Where did you see them!!? We saw them in the upper peninsula!!!
I live on the south shore of Lake Superior (the Upper Peninsula of Michigan) and we love our C…
Delta Sky Magazine's December issue brings the Upper Peninsula to the world
Check us out! A HUGE opportunity for our area, and the entire Upper Peninsula!
I'm at my desk in my western guitar and writing room in my ancestral home here in the Upper Peninsula listening to…
That is fast! It's taken like 150 years for the first bishop of the Upper Peninsula, Bishop Baraga, to get beatified.
UPAWS to host pet photos with Santa MARQUETTE — During this holiday season, it's good to kn…
Our told us the historical story of the Rouse Simmons, a schooner that carried trees from the Upper Penin…
I would argue that something under 10% of kids in the upper peninsula even get clock at a class…
Me in the UP: I hate this place it’s so boring. Me living downstate: I’m from the upper peninsula, Certified Yooper…
Danny and Monica: An Upper Peninsula couple got a rare, three day close up of a large bobcat.
Temperatures are dropping! Plan on a mild night with low temperatures in the upper 20s to low 30s. Most of the Lowe…
Fun fact: there is a Greek Orthodox church in the tiny hamlet of Atlantic Mine in the Upper Peninsul…
Very proud to have been part of this major PR effort for our beloved Schoolcraft County and Upper Peninsula! Our...
Spirit of the Northwoods Since moving to the Upper P…
me in St. Ignace: this place *** and is boring as *** . me at college: i come from the scenic gateway to the Upper Penin…
Yooper (noun) Inhabitant of Michigan's Upper Peninsula who seems to spend a large amount of time angry at M…
Aerial view of autumn color Michigan's Upper Peninsula
What’s a Yooper? Michigan's Upper Peninsula tourist trap aims to define it
As if we’re leaving in 2 hours to camp in the upper Peninsula and don’t even know where we’re staying - pray I don’t get eaten by bears xx
Backyard bobcat gives Michigan U.P. couple a rare, close-up, 3-day show
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I have a very similar pic on my phone of this church! Love Harbor Springs... Tunnel of Trees... Petoskey... Good Ha…
U.P. MM Kingpin loses property, cash and freedom: Big federal prison time for kingpin of…
God I miss the Upper Peninsula of Michigan beer. @ Chicago, Illinois
48 in Cedar River in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. The leaves are all coming down after a rainy and chilly past few days
Heart shaped lake over Michigan's Upper Peninsula [2000x1500] and Science
Friday will be sunny in the Upper Peninsula. In the Lower we'll see some scattered afternoon showers and thunderstorms. Highs 75 to 85.
Thursday looks like a sunny day in the Upper Peninsula, but in the Lower Peninsula there will be showers and thunderstorms. Highs 72 to 82.
Tuesday will be sunny. Highs will average 80 degrees in the Upper Peninsula...& range from 78 to 88 in the Lower. Light wind 5-15 mph.
These are the lower falls of Tahquamenon Falls in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.
Check out that Bush flight over Isle Royale National Park on Michigan's Upper Peninsula. 😍 Super speci…
What part of Northern Michigan? I travel to the Upper Peninsula every summer - going next Friday!
I must see the Northern Lights before I die. I've only seen small glimpses in Upper Peninsula of Michigan, almost…
We're Click to apply: Field Admissions Rep - Northern Wisconsin, Upper Peninsula, Michigan -
Upper Peninsula, which is the northern of the two major peninsulas that make up the state of Michigan.
Went to the Upper Peninsula, Traverse City, breweries in Northern and Western MI. It was a good week.
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
(a real *** thing, photographed in The Middle of Nowhere in the Upper Peninsula)
Walleye pro Mark Martin and Larry Smith caught walleyes on the Keweenaw Peninsula (Michigan's Upper Peninsula) on...
Protip: if you're gonna do Michigan hands, the Upper Peninsula thumb has gotta stick straight up like the Keweenaw
Grants to Marquette County and Upper Peninsula, Michigan Nonprofits to Enhance Health in Local C- Due: 10/01/2017
My Dad says that to me all the time. He lives in the Upper Peninsula of Mich- I'm in Florida
Eisenhower Center is hiring for Florida, Ann Arbor, Manchester and the Upper Peninsula! If you know of anyone...
An opportunity for high school students to experience NMU and the Upper Peninsula this summer. . Event questions:...
A3: Lots of places, but I liked the blue lake waters near Hancock/Houghton in Upper Peninsula!
Wow!!! Drummond Island Elementary School in the Upper Peninsula is decked out for Reading Month thanks to their...
Exploratory drilling for copper deposits is taking place at an Upper Peninsula park.
Guide Matthew Strong with a rather large perch from Lake Gogebic in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. Strong says this...
The drive across the Upper Peninsula to Apostle Islands National Lakeshore in Wisconsin i…
Tahquamenon Falls in Paradise, Michigan. Make the trip to see one of Michigan's Upper Peninsula's ge
Lower Tahquamenon Falls in Michigan's Upper Peninsula prepping for quiet winter recreation.
in this scenario what state includes the Upper Peninsula (which was part of the bargain for Michigan in that truce)?
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Fourth Quarter Run Sends Northern Michigan to 63-60 Win over UMC in Thriller in Upper Peninsula
Winter storm warning northwest Lower Michigan and the northern half of the Upper Peninsula through Sunday morning.
Go on an awesome adventure in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan! .
Follow our 50 Hikes in Michigan's Upper Peninsula & North Country Trail or Upper Peninsula Outfitters page.
Liberation of native Cu from a disseminated deposit in sandstone from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan…
Probably an impossible request, but it would be awesome if your included the Upper Peninsula of Michigan
Michigan’s Upper Peninsula: spectacular in all seasons
Do It for Daniel - how a football state title is bringing depression awareness to the big screen. Story here
Get your favorite one of my new piece from my Elevated Upper Peninsula Set!
upper peninsula Michigan specifically has the Fargo thing happening mixed with a Finnish accent. It's bananas
New initiative to educate students on cyber security - Upper Peninsula ABC 10: via
in full panic mode. She only knows Detroit Michigan. Trumps out performing her. In Mac,oak and upper peninsula.
I have my air conditioning on. In November. In the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.
Highs in Lower Peninsula will be in the upper 50s to lower 60s on Saturday...& on Sunday highs will be in the low to mid 60s.
Afternoon high temperatures in the Upper Peninsula Saturday and Sunday will be in the mid to upper 50s.
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Im genuinely terrified of 90% of the people that live in the upper peninsula of Michigan.
The Tri-DENT drug team has arrested two more people related to a heroin-prescription drug ring in
Upper Peninsula getting eight new Michigan State Police troopers – and some are U.P.…
Leaving with pasties from the upper peninsula of Michigan
Upper Peninsula is only place in U.S. on list of world's best value destinations -
About to have a little Upper Peninsula experience with my boi
RTUpper Peninsula a different experience in the fall via
Would love to dump but I need coverage in the entire upper peninsula of Michigan
A trap placed in tested positive for the tree-killing emerald
Tree-killing emerald ash borer found in Upper Peninsula of Michigan via
Superior is a good companion for the rugged Upper Peninsula
Lots of Trump signs here in Upper Peninsula. And 0 Hillary signs to be seen. Don't believe polls.
From an overnight stay on the sands of Lake Superior in Michigan's Upper Peninsula
via The Upper Peninsula of Michigan is most beautiful but don't be caught on Lake Superior in November
Here's some footage from my trip to Michigan's Upper Peninsula back in September. Enjoy!.
First ever homeless summit help in the Upper Peninsula
Michigan's Upper Peninsula: When you live in District 12, but everybody votes like they live in the Capitol.
Michigan has so many great breweries to visit, both Lower Peninsula and Upper. Make the drive north, you won't regret it.…
Kindly add the Upper Peninsula of Michigan to this plan. Marquette is a good central location.
Upper Peninsula a different experience in the fall via
Why have I never been to Michigan and the upper peninsula at that where it's so beautiful 😩☀️🌊
was it made in upper peninsula Michigan?
infestation confirmed in Michigan's Upper Peninsula: via
LOL!!! Where is the Upper Peninsula of Michigan on this map!? Which has some of the most beautiful
upper peninsula of Michigan. Beautiful this time of yr
Michigan governor talks energy policy in visit to Upper Peninsula
Great article from last month in the Upper Peninsula Second Wave about Kalamazoo, Ann Arbor and Sault Ste. Marie.
We think our strong small business atmosphere contributed to this accolade. Congrats .
TODAY (11/3) is the last day public can comment on back forty mine in the Michigan's Upper Peninsula
Awesome! Us too. Just curious, ever gotten the chance to see the Upper Peninsula when the leaves are changing?
homer gives you on the upper peninsula to give a genetically superior Finnish woman my seed hopefully i will not be attacked by bears
Examples A, B, C, and D why I'm proud to call the Upper Peninsula of Michigan home
Upper Peninsula: spectacular in all seasons
What happened to Michigan's Upper Peninsula at Francis Scott Key Elementary? Swallowed by Lake Superior?…
The Lake of the Clouds in the Porcupine Mountains of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan
Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder spoke to hundreds of guests at a luncheon held in his honor at the Upper Peninsula...
Enjoying these two bad boys tonight in the upper peninsula.
If you ever get bored and have a little bit of time on your hands, try growing grass in the Upper Peninsula. Talk about work.
Upper Peninsula State Fair --- Check out Our State Fair: The Film by Tara Kutz on
Going from driving home from camp to driving to the upper peninsula of Michigan is too many hours in a car
Juliana is one of my besties from my year in Finland and I haven't seen her in 12 years because she lived in the upper peninsula of Michigan
Beautiful weekend in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Happy outsideness.
I'll be in the upper peninsula in a week! eeek!
Can anyone guess where we went yesterday from this picture? . Here's a clue - it's in Michigan's Upper Peninsula
I have never met anyone from the Upper Peninsula...never
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Missing my Upper Peninsula pals. Gotta figure out when I can spend a week up there.
Congrats to on the opening of their new center and
Lynn says "Hi" too from the upper peninsula of Michigan!!
Great time tonight! Worth the drive from the Upper Peninsula
The Superior Peninsula : Seasons in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan by Lon L.
Sorry fellas, been in the upper peninsula and have had limited service
Upper peninsula. Time to breathe and enjoy cousins.
Your South Bay to upper peninsula traffic report
Upper Peninsula iron ore mine being preserved; over 250 to be laid-off
the highway in the upper peninsula is so much nicer than in lower MI. there are wild flowers growing along the pavement.
Road trip! Headed to Upper Peninsula for the first time. Any recommendations along the way?
Visiting Upper Peninsula? Here’s what you can’t miss according to our fans. https…
I remember as a kid I hated going to the Upper Peninsula, but now I really want to.
HAPPY PLACE = MICHIGAN'S UPPER PENINSULA 󾌵🌳󾇁󾇜. We have just arrived! I cherish this freedom to take off on a...
I've been in Michigan's upper peninsula for 2 days and I've yet to see any people of color. I'll let you guys know if that changes.
An mine is closing. The iron ore pellet mine in stopped production Wednesday
Recently, my wife and I took a trip up to Michigan's Upper Peninsula for a week to celebrate our 15th...
200 jobs lost yesterday in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan at Cliffs Iron Mine. Devestating.
I always wanted a cabin in the woods in Michigan Upper Peninsula. Now I'm older, planning on goin South.😂
Beautiful day to cross the Mackinaw Bridge and enter the Upper Peninsula. Goodbye civilization, hello isolation
The Harbor Entrepreneur Center's moving into BoomTown's new headquarters on the upper peninsula next year:
SOS Mobile Office to offer full services at the Upper Peninsula State Fair Aug. 15-21
Last week 199 people found employment through Michigan Works! in the Upper Peninsula with estimated annual wages...
Is that is the case they should send you to the Upper Peninsula Beer Festival :)
Wow, this may mean "No Snow til November" in the upper peninsula for Michigan ?
Les Cheneaux Islands nautical chart sailcloth print. Perfect for the Upper Peninsula fan!
I go to the upper Peninsula of Michigan many times a year and it's one of the most peaceful places! Never heard of any mass shootings..
See what's happening in the Upper Peninsula in the August Community Shoutout!
getting packed up for a weekend trip to the upper peninsula of Michigan!. 🌲🌿❤️
Upper Peninsula Power Co. becomes first utility in Michigan to end program for residential rooftop
Trails of are the real reason why Michigan is considered a flyover state:
On a day like today I really miss this. It was -6 out and bucks down at end of shooting lane Upper Peninsula
My left eyebrow looks like Michigan's upper peninsula.
This past week with my dad was SUPERior.! @ Upper Peninsula, Michigan
Congrats to on being inducted into the Upper Peninsula Sports Hall Of Fame! Very well deserved.
Snyder declares state of disaster in Upper Peninsula county From ABC12WJRT
20 signs you learned to drink in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula - Matador Network
Tonight will be mostly clear, but there could be a few spots of rain from the eastern Upper Peninsula down the shoreline of Lake Huron.
If you want great place to visit in USA try Upper Peninsula of Michigan - (UP) with the Great Lakes
Welcome to Michigan's Upper Peninsula, where the lakes are great and the spelling is, well.
Daytime highs Saturday will be in the 60s to low 70s in the Upper Peninsula...and in the Lower Peninsula look for highs 70 to 82
Expect fire dangers this with a red flag warning issued for some areas of Northern Michigan and the Upper Peninsula.
Six beautiful spots to visit in Michigan – Upper Peninsula & Northern Edition via
Yeah, I was born in Northern Michigan and grew up in the U.P., so I was glad you didn't forget about the Upper Peninsula!
dogs chilling on the snow banks of Upper Peninsula
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That photo looks like Lake Superior st Duluth, MN or Michigan's Upper Peninsula.
Winter still bearing down in Upper Peninsula, see the expected snowfall: Snow is expected in the Western Upper...
TY Toledo Edison for erecting Charlie. Man in bucket truck likened Lagoon Saloon to Upper Peninsula.
Much of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula is speckled with ghost towns! .
Do you think the Upper Peninsula should split from Michigan and become its own state?
A wintry scene for the Upper Peninsula & western shore of Michigan as lake effect snow bands move overhead.
Menominee Crack in Michigan's Upper Peninsula is a geological pop-up structure:
Hey does this new anti-sodomy law in Michigan also include the Upper Peninsula? Cuz that place is all about it.
I feel like Ilvermorny would be in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, because we get left off maps all of the time.
Michigan DNR vows to fight spread of CWD into the Upper Peninsula:
It's been a snowy, wintery day here in the central Upper Peninsula of Michigan. f you're viewing this from a...
Happy Birthday! I know we are always checking the NWS up here in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan
Brave folks need to head to Copper Harbor in Michigan's Upper Peninsula for snowcat skiing at the new Voodoo...
A geological feature in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula has scientists scratching their heads.
Had a few of the 2016 sleds out in the Upper Peninsula!.
Voices from the woods: Logging for a living in Michigan's Upper Peninsula
In the Upper Peninsula of Michigan of course :)
One of the oldest state parks in the Upper Peninsula! Check it out! .
How to turn left in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula while going down a hill in the winter
What's the best spot to take in the views of Michigan's Upper Peninsula?
One more week until I get leave for some Rocky 4 training in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan…
Pictures of the Northern Lights are a great reminder of how lucky we are to live in the Upper Peninsula.
"Michigan has as many as 10,000 black bears, with 90% in the Upper Peninsula." 😳 Check.
Looks just like Bond Falls in Western Upper Peninsula of Michigan!
and if you believe that, I have a coupe of skyscrapers in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan for sale.
last year we went to the upper Peninsula and I got a speeding ticket lol big surprise and not expected
Its not too early to plan a summer 2015 getaway! See our two-itineary for Michigans beautiful Upper Peninsula:...
From now until December 31, get free ground shipping on my book anywhere in the US!. CODE: FREESHIP2015...
his flavor seemed like it was making fun of Canadians. Only upper peninsula Michigan weirdos eat moose
article about brewing beer with wild yeast harvested on Michigan's Keweenaw Peninsula:
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A great read and a great cause: Short and compelling memoir of growing up in the Upper Peninsula.
Growing-up in Appalachia even post 56, if you didnt hit you had no meat to eat that night. Do you hunt the Upper Peninsula?
What a great gift for the topper in your life! Rustic Upper Peninsula of Michigan Pendants…
U.P. yeast adds new flavors to local beers
and you lucked out because its been super warm so far this winter.Visit the upper peninsula and you will get more culture shock!
i live in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan I honestly thought this kid went to my high school lmao
Christmas pizza! (Beets and spinach.) Inspired by a really delicious pizza we had in the Upper Peninsula.
.collection bins are open all across the Upper Peninsula.
Highest waterfall in Michigan could soon be open to public - Upper Peninsula ABC 10:
I'M just kidding I've seen them in the upper Peninsula of Michigan
Early impressions from 2015 firearm season show deer harvest up in Lower Peninsula, down in Upper Peninsula. Your...
pretty sure almost no one I've talked to in the Twin Cities has any idea what the Upper Peninsula of Michigan is.
adoba® moves to the Upper Peninsula in Naubinway, MI -
20 years ago this month my team won the Upper Peninsula high school bowl title on
In a small U.P. town, AM radio is still king
All purpose parts banner
Protest for prisoner and MDOC response - Upper Peninsula ABC 10. .
were driving all the way from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan just to see you tonight in Toledo, we would love to meet you😍😍😍
It's December 10, I'm in the Upper Peninsula and I'm sitting outside eating lunch. Wha?
I have been offered some land with 1,000' feet frontage & a cabin on Lake Superior on the Upper Peninsula of...
In Newberry in the Upper Peninsula, where there's no TV station or daily newspaper, AM radio is still king:
Enjoy this beautiful video called "Raw Power: Western Upper Peninsula of Michigan Waterfall Tour" by Shawn Malone: .
Me too hun! Autumn, courtesy of Michigan's Upper Peninsula (my State).Tahquamenon Falls! xx
PLS S&S | Stop future bear hunts in the Upper Peninsula!
Michigan filmmaker sets coming of age story in Upper Peninsula - Great Lakes Echo
I've had to explain the concept of the Upper Peninsula to 5 different people while I've been at college.
This week has been an awesome northwoods road trip to the Upper Peninsula of MI -- from Porcupine Mtns to Pictured Rocks. Breathing it in!
Video of early aviation in the Upper Peninsula taken by the Delft Theatre between 1916 - 1949, and restored by...
MATTFTOGOC YourBoyMyles I have family in that area! I live in the upper peninsula😁
The Upper Peninsula is completely underrated, and we have the photos to prove it
if ur ever in the upper peninsula Michigan look up would love to show u the sites..she thinks ur quite handsome
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On ATV Tires
Invention makes gardening possible for disabled people - Upper Peninsula ABC 10
Mike’s Top 5 Places to visit in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula
Are you a biologist working in human dimensions of conservation? Come work with us in the beautiful upper peninsula!
If you could personify the upper peninsula of Michigan, that would be my roomate.
Nah, Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Just had a few fun cells move through from Wisconsin. Thankfully avoided the hail.
Ghostbusters chase the unexplained in the U.P.
The term Yooper will be added to dictionary: Congrats from a troll/adopted Yooper!
in Niall and Mark's drawing of Michigan they forgot the upper peninsula and Lake Superior
I need to have 90% of these words explained to me. Michigan's word "yooper" is an Michigan upper peninsula resident.
The Buy Nearby road team is leaving Lansing and heading to Michigan's beautiful Upper Peninsula with…
I'm actually so excited to go to the upper peninsula tonight ☺️
Cant wait to go hiking in the Upper peninsula in less than a month!
one step over the border from Canada the upper peninsula of michigan the UP
.Business Services Consortium Recognized for Using Technology to Innovate - via
dedekeene: Dolly found her missing person - Upper Peninsula ABC 10
the distribution of equus on Upper Palaeolithic open air rock art sities of the western Irebian Peninsula
New plaque hangs in park named after WWII heroes - Upper Peninsula
No trip to Michigan's Upper Peninsula is complete without a stop at Tahquamenon Falls
A group of counties from northern Wisconsin and the Upper Peninsula continue to work toward providing new rail...
Portage Lake Lift Bridge in the glow of the sunset 8.15.15 the Upper Peninsula in come…
Had an awesome time covering events at the Soo Locks today. Always fun working in the Upper Peninsula
Crossing the Mackinac Bridge from the Upper Peninsula to the Downer Peninsula.
I'm in the U.P. (Upper Peninsula) 2hrs East of Green Bay Wi, 2 hours West of Sault St. Marie Canada, where are you?
"Serenity"- Early twilight over Keweenaw Bay in Michigan's Upper Peninsula.
Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Bay or Lake Superior. I have fished the East Galitan and Bighorn a few times. Love Montana.
"in the Upper Peninsula/ of Michigan, the towns seem not very successful/ attempts to hold back the forest." —Jim Harrison in
After spending 2 weeks in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, shooting stills and video in
Our tour of women writing the Upper Peninsula has been written up in the Mining Journal of Marquette, Michigan.
is set in Michigan's beautiful and rustic Upper Peninsula. http:/…
Two-day itinerary for Michigan's beautiful Upper Peninsula: -
Ugh, Snyder. Also, MoJo, the Upper Peninsula is a thing. Maybe include it next time?
I think I have tears streaming down my face...I just saw a ad for the Upper Peninsula. I miss summer in Michigan beyond words.
Severe weather on tap for Michigan's Upper Peninsula
Great Waters of the Upper Peninsula page on
Cedarville, a town in the Michigan's Upper Peninsula, is the home of the Great Lakes Boat Building School. The... http…
Events and Event Calendar for the Upper Peninsula - Great Waters of Michigan
Lake Superior in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan is even better :)
we're a mere 6 hours north in what's widely understood to be "God's Country," the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, on Lake Superior.
Couple lives their dream in the Upper Peninsula via
- There are three Manistique Lakes in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.→
Concrete can handle the freezing winters of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula to the scorching heat of the Southwest.
Here's a cool "old school" knife for you. Nice and heavy. Never used. $49.00 Description CS54FBT: Mackinac Hunter with Thumb Studs Cold Steel Mackinac Hunter Whether you're running a trap line in Michigan's Upper Peninsula or riding fences in the Texas Pan Handle, you're sure to appreciate the rugged handsomeness and extreme performance offered by our Mackinac (pronounced: MAC-IN-NAW) Hunter. It's built tough enough to handle the extremes of the workplace and weather, and innocuous and unobtrusive enough to carry every day. The hollow ground blade sports a substantial spine for strength, a thumb stud or nail nick for carrying convenience, and a robustly sharp clip point that shrugs off abuse that would destroy a lesser blade. It's housed in a stainless steel frame with massive pivot pins and features Cold Steel's renowned Tri-Ad® lock. And, the attractive grip is adorned with striking faux stag that will never fade, crack, warp or splinter. The Mackinac Hunter comes with ambidextrous pocket clips and als ...
It's a video animal-lovers and many hunters alike will likely loathe. And it's led to clearance for charges of animal torture. In the graphic video taken in Michigan's upper peninsula, a man can be heard narrating the death of a coyote. The weapon? The man's hounds. "I...
Mackinaw Bridge!!! Landons first trip to the upper peninsula!! Awesome seeing the ice breaker and freight boat going through!
Harness is a safe belt to wear: Upper Peninsula Poet Laurate and middle school students create abecedarian poem:
This is a cool picture of the Mackinac Bridge that connects Michigan Lower Peninsula to the Upper Peninsula.
An interesting look at the possible solution to the power crisis in Michigan's Upper Peninsula.
Invenergy may build natural gas-fired power plant in Michigan: The Upper Peninsula of...
Once upon a time there were two kids who got married on beautiful, snowy day in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. I’m...
If I remember right, Michigan's Upper Peninsula gets loads more than that.
What's going on? Chicago businessman key to resolution of Upper Peninsula power crisis - Crain's Detroit Business
I love going to Michigan's Upper Peninsula - Especially Copper Harbor,
*** there are probably REAL Vikings in the upper peninsula. They'd have to be to want to live up there in the winter. LOL
Whitefish Point Lighthouse on Lake Superior in the Upper Peninsula near Paradise, Michigan.
One of the most aesthetic specimens of Native Copper (vein) from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, USA, that I...
FYI: sells homemade beef pastys from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan for $3.99 - and they are delicious!
"most beautiful setting this side of the Upper Peninsula". H A H A H A H A H
This weekend RACE ONE heads to The Upper Peninsula of Michigan to cover Great Lakes Ice Racing on the river in...
I captured the beautiful Milky Way deep in the woods in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan - just about…
Criminal charges have been authorized against two Upper Peninsula hunters accused of urging hunting dogs to...
Weird right. Going to Mount Bohemia in the upper peninsula of Michigan. Check it out, looks gnar.
Plan would ease reliability concerns for Upper Peninsula, Transition from coal to natural gas cogen.
This seems like a pretty terrible deal for Michigan - stop trying to destroy our forests please
In the Upper Peninsula forests, bugs reign king.
The Upper Peninsula by Sufjan Stevens from the album Greetings from Michigan - The Great Lake State (Deluxe Version).
The upper peninsula has got a few, but way too many slow old folks that never use a turn signal.
Almost all of is located in the Eastern Time Zone. However, the Upper Peninsula has four counties in the Central Time Zone.
Very familiar with this area of the U.P. and am 100% against this massive land sale.
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