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Upper Peninsula

The Upper Peninsula of Michigan is the northern of the two major land masses that make up the U.S.

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What's the best spot to take in the views of Michigan's Upper Peninsula?
One more week until I get leave for some Rocky 4 training in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan…
Pictures of the Northern Lights are a great reminder of how lucky we are to live in the Upper Peninsula.
"Michigan has as many as 10,000 black bears, with 90% in the Upper Peninsula." 😳 Check.
Looks just like Bond Falls in Western Upper Peninsula of Michigan!
and if you believe that, I have a coupe of skyscrapers in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan for sale.
last year we went to the upper Peninsula and I got a speeding ticket lol big surprise and not expected
Its not too early to plan a summer 2015 getaway! See our two-itineary for Michigans beautiful Upper Peninsula:...
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his flavor seemed like it was making fun of Canadians. Only upper peninsula Michigan weirdos eat moose
article about brewing beer with wild yeast harvested on Michigan's Keweenaw Peninsula:
A great read and a great cause: Short and compelling memoir of growing up in the Upper Peninsula.
Growing-up in Appalachia even post 56, if you didnt hit you had no meat to eat that night. Do you hunt the Upper Peninsula?
What a great gift for the topper in your life! Rustic Upper Peninsula of Michigan Pendants…
U.P. yeast adds new flavors to local beers
and you lucked out because its been super warm so far this winter.Visit the upper peninsula and you will get more culture shock!
Last week 124 people found employment through Michigan Works! in the Upper Peninsula with estimated annual wages...
i live in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan I honestly thought this kid went to my high school lmao
Christmas pizza! (Beets and spinach.) Inspired by a really delicious pizza we had in the Upper Peninsula.
.collection bins are open all across the Upper Peninsula.
Highest waterfall in Michigan could soon be open to public - Upper Peninsula ABC 10:
I'M just kidding I've seen them in the upper Peninsula of Michigan
Early impressions from 2015 firearm season show deer harvest up in Lower Peninsula, down in Upper Peninsula. Your...
pretty sure almost no one I've talked to in the Twin Cities has any idea what the Upper Peninsula of Michigan is.
adoba® moves to the Upper Peninsula in Naubinway, MI -
20 years ago this month my team won the Upper Peninsula high school bowl title on
In a small U.P. town, AM radio is still king
Protest for prisoner and MDOC response - Upper Peninsula ABC 10. .
were driving all the way from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan just to see you tonight in Toledo, we would love to meet you😍😍😍
It's December 10, I'm in the Upper Peninsula and I'm sitting outside eating lunch. Wha?
I have been offered some land with 1,000' feet frontage & a cabin on Lake Superior on the Upper Peninsula of...
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In Newberry in the Upper Peninsula, where there's no TV station or daily newspaper, AM radio is still king:
Enjoy this beautiful video called "Raw Power: Western Upper Peninsula of Michigan Waterfall Tour" by Shawn Malone: .
Me too hun! Autumn, courtesy of Michigan's Upper Peninsula (my State).Tahquamenon Falls! xx
PLS S&S | Stop future bear hunts in the Upper Peninsula!
Michigan filmmaker sets coming of age story in Upper Peninsula - Great Lakes Echo
I've had to explain the concept of the Upper Peninsula to 5 different people while I've been at college.
This week has been an awesome northwoods road trip to the Upper Peninsula of MI -- from Porcupine Mtns to Pictured Rocks. Breathing it in!
Video of early aviation in the Upper Peninsula taken by the Delft Theatre between 1916 - 1949, and restored by...
MATTFTOGOC YourBoyMyles I have family in that area! I live in the upper peninsula😁
The Upper Peninsula is completely underrated, and we have the photos to prove it
if ur ever in the upper peninsula Michigan look up would love to show u the sites..she thinks ur quite handsome
Invention makes gardening possible for disabled people - Upper Peninsula ABC 10
Mike’s Top 5 Places to visit in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula
Are you a biologist working in human dimensions of conservation? Come work with us in the beautiful upper peninsula!
If you could personify the upper peninsula of Michigan, that would be my roomate.
Nah, Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Just had a few fun cells move through from Wisconsin. Thankfully avoided the hail.
Ghostbusters chase the unexplained in the U.P.
The term Yooper will be added to dictionary: Congrats from a troll/adopted Yooper!
in Niall and Mark's drawing of Michigan they forgot the upper peninsula and Lake Superior
I need to have 90% of these words explained to me. Michigan's word "yooper" is an Michigan upper peninsula resident.
The Buy Nearby road team is leaving Lansing and heading to Michigan's beautiful Upper Peninsula with…
I'm actually so excited to go to the upper peninsula tonight ☺️
Cant wait to go hiking in the Upper peninsula in less than a month!
one step over the border from Canada the upper peninsula of michigan the UP
.Business Services Consortium Recognized for Using Technology to Innovate - via
dedekeene: Dolly found her missing person - Upper Peninsula ABC 10
the distribution of equus on Upper Palaeolithic open air rock art sities of the western Irebian Peninsula
New plaque hangs in park named after WWII heroes - Upper Peninsula
No trip to Michigan's Upper Peninsula is complete without a stop at Tahquamenon Falls
A group of counties from northern Wisconsin and the Upper Peninsula continue to work toward providing new rail...
Portage Lake Lift Bridge in the glow of the sunset 8.15.15 the Upper Peninsula in come…
Had an awesome time covering events at the Soo Locks today. Always fun working in the Upper Peninsula
Crossing the Mackinac Bridge from the Upper Peninsula to the Downer Peninsula.
I'm in the U.P. (Upper Peninsula) 2hrs East of Green Bay Wi, 2 hours West of Sault St. Marie Canada, where are you?
"Serenity"- Early twilight over Keweenaw Bay in Michigan's Upper Peninsula.
Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Bay or Lake Superior. I have fished the East Galitan and Bighorn a few times. Love Montana.
"in the Upper Peninsula/ of Michigan, the towns seem not very successful/ attempts to hold back the forest." —Jim Harrison in
After spending 2 weeks in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, shooting stills and video in
Our tour of women writing the Upper Peninsula has been written up in the Mining Journal of Marquette, Michigan.
is set in Michigan's beautiful and rustic Upper Peninsula. http:/…
Two-day itinerary for Michigan's beautiful Upper Peninsula: -
Ugh, Snyder. Also, MoJo, the Upper Peninsula is a thing. Maybe include it next time?
I think I have tears streaming down my face...I just saw a ad for the Upper Peninsula. I miss summer in Michigan beyond words.
Severe weather on tap for Michigan's Upper Peninsula
Great Waters of the Upper Peninsula page on
Cedarville, a town in the Michigan's Upper Peninsula, is the home of the Great Lakes Boat Building School. The... http…
Events and Event Calendar for the Upper Peninsula - Great Waters of Michigan
Lake Superior in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan is even better :)
we're a mere 6 hours north in what's widely understood to be "God's Country," the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, on Lake Superior.
Couple lives their dream in the Upper Peninsula via
- There are three Manistique Lakes in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.→
Concrete can handle the freezing winters of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula to the scorching heat of the Southwest.
Here's a cool "old school" knife for you. Nice and heavy. Never used. $49.00 Description CS54FBT: Mackinac Hunter with Thumb Studs Cold Steel Mackinac Hunter Whether you're running a trap line in Michigan's Upper Peninsula or riding fences in the Texas Pan Handle, you're sure to appreciate the rugged handsomeness and extreme performance offered by our Mackinac (pronounced: MAC-IN-NAW) Hunter. It's built tough enough to handle the extremes of the workplace and weather, and innocuous and unobtrusive enough to carry every day. The hollow ground blade sports a substantial spine for strength, a thumb stud or nail nick for carrying convenience, and a robustly sharp clip point that shrugs off abuse that would destroy a lesser blade. It's housed in a stainless steel frame with massive pivot pins and features Cold Steel's renowned Tri-Ad® lock. And, the attractive grip is adorned with striking faux stag that will never fade, crack, warp or splinter. The Mackinac Hunter comes with ambidextrous pocket clips and als ...
It's a video animal-lovers and many hunters alike will likely loathe. And it's led to clearance for charges of animal torture. In the graphic video taken in Michigan's upper peninsula, a man can be heard narrating the death of a coyote. The weapon? The man's hounds. "I...
Mackinaw Bridge!!! Landons first trip to the upper peninsula!! Awesome seeing the ice breaker and freight boat going through!
Harness is a safe belt to wear: Upper Peninsula Poet Laurate and middle school students create abecedarian poem:
This is a cool picture of the Mackinac Bridge that connects Michigan Lower Peninsula to the Upper Peninsula.
An interesting look at the possible solution to the power crisis in Michigan's Upper Peninsula.
Invenergy may build natural gas-fired power plant in Michigan: The Upper Peninsula of...
Once upon a time there were two kids who got married on beautiful, snowy day in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. I’m...
Update your maps at Navteq
If I remember right, Michigan's Upper Peninsula gets loads more than that.
What's going on? Chicago businessman key to resolution of Upper Peninsula power crisis - Crain's Detroit Business
I love going to Michigan's Upper Peninsula - Especially Copper Harbor,
*** there are probably REAL Vikings in the upper peninsula. They'd have to be to want to live up there in the winter. LOL
Whitefish Point Lighthouse on Lake Superior in the Upper Peninsula near Paradise, Michigan.
One of the most aesthetic specimens of Native Copper (vein) from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, USA, that I...
FYI: sells homemade beef pastys from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan for $3.99 - and they are delicious!
"most beautiful setting this side of the Upper Peninsula". H A H A H A H A H
This weekend RACE ONE heads to The Upper Peninsula of Michigan to cover Great Lakes Ice Racing on the river in...
I captured the beautiful Milky Way deep in the woods in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan - just about…
Criminal charges have been authorized against two Upper Peninsula hunters accused of urging hunting dogs to...
Weird right. Going to Mount Bohemia in the upper peninsula of Michigan. Check it out, looks gnar.
Plan would ease reliability concerns for Upper Peninsula, Transition from coal to natural gas cogen.
This seems like a pretty terrible deal for Michigan - stop trying to destroy our forests please
In the Upper Peninsula forests, bugs reign king.
The Upper Peninsula by Sufjan Stevens from the album Greetings from Michigan - The Great Lake State (Deluxe Version).
The upper peninsula has got a few, but way too many slow old folks that never use a turn signal.
Almost all of is located in the Eastern Time Zone. However, the Upper Peninsula has four counties in the Central Time Zone.
Very familiar with this area of the U.P. and am 100% against this massive land sale.
Our natural lands are supposed to be preserved - not exploited by people who cannot see beyond the next election...
Optical illusion shows hiker on the edge of cliff In the beautiful Upper Peninsula of Michigan
My in-laws live in the U.P. (upper peninsula of Michigan) and theirs is set around 65, dropping to a brisk 61 at night!
The UTR TeeVee Machine just kicked out a new episode!. This time, we're in the Michigan's Upper Peninsula! See...
Michigan environmental officials call for rejection of massive Upper Peninsula land sale via
You're from Shelby. That's only Southern to the U.P. and the upper third of the Lower Peninsula.
If I can find a wife that enjoys the Upper Peninsula as much as I do, I'll be the happiest man on the earth.
Michigan and We Energies agree to solution for Upper Peninsula power woes:
Keweenaw Peninsula (Copper Country) in the U.P. of Michigan. YES, we get SNOW... while some whine about a few measly inches, we get out, deal with it, drive in it, move it, and PLAY in it !! :-) The Keweenaw Peninsula (kee-wi-naw, sometimes locally /ˈkiːvənɔː/) is the northernmost part of Michigan's Upper Peninsula. It projects into Lake Superior and was the site of the first copper boom in the United States. As of the 2000 census, its population was roughly 43,200. Its major industries are now logging and tourism, as well as jobs related to Michigan Technological University and Finlandia University. Beginning as early as seven thousand years ago and apparently peaking around 3000 B.C., native Americans dug copper from the southern shore of Lake Superior. This development was possible in large part because, in this region, large deposits of copper were easily accessible in surface rock and from shallow diggings. Native copper could be found as large nuggets and wiry masses. Copper as a resource for f ...
Calumet, Michigan Calumet (/kæl.juːˈmɛt/ kal-ew-met) is a village in Calumet Township, Houghton County, in the U.S. state of Michigan's Upper Peninsula, that was once at the center of the mining industry of the Upper Peninsula. Also known as Red Jacket, the village includes the Calumet Downtown Historic District, listed on the National Register of Historic Places (NRHP). The village may itself be included within the Calumet Historic District, a larger area which is NRHP-listed and which is a National Historic Landmark District. It is bordered on the north by Calumet Township, on the south by the unincorporated town of New Town and Blue Jacket,[6][7] on the east by Blue Jacket and Calumet Township, and on the west by Yellow Jacket and Calumet Township. The population was 798 at the 2010 census. Calumet's nickname is Copper Town U.S.A. What is now Calumet was settled in 1864, originally under the name of "Red Jacket",[8] named for a Native American Chief of the Seneca tribe. Until 1895 the name "Calumet ...
When I say "U.P.", it is the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Parish in Bark River.
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3 Holy Men & 3 Bears A Catholic Priest, a Baptist Preacher and a Rabbi all served as Chaplains to the students of Northern Michigan University at Marquette in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. They would get together two or three times a week for coffee and to talk shop. One day, someone made the comment that preaching to people isn't really all that hard, a real challenge would be to preach to a bear. One thing led to another, and they decided to do an experiment. They would all go out into the woods, find a bear, preach to it, and attempt to convert it to their religion. Seven days later, they all came together to discuss their experiences. Father Flannery, who had his arm in a sling, went first. 'Well,' he said, 'I went into the woods to find me a bear. And when I found him, I began to read to him from the Catechism. Well, that bear wanted nothing to do with me and began to slap me around. So I quickly grabbed my holy water, sprinkled him and, Holy Mary Mother of God, he became as gentle as a lamb. The ...
The heavy, early, record-breaking snowfall — up to nearly 5 feet in parts of the Upper Peninsula thwarted the firearm deer hunt that is so economically vital to many small U.P. communities and could be the start of a third consecutive difficult winter for a deer population already significantly damaged by the past two brutal winters. And after a near-record 92 percent ice cover over all the Great Lakes last winter, three of the lakes — Superior, Michigan and Huron — already had ice forming as of Nov. 18, the earliest ice cover has started on all three lakes in at least 40 years. That could make for another struggle for freighters hauling fuel, minerals and products on the waters. The National Weather Service station at Marquette said the two-day snowfall Nov. 10-11 was the highest ever for the region that early. Munising topped its 103-year-old November snowfall record of 40.7 inches with more than half the month to go, meteorologist Don Rolfson said. Marquette also buried its previous snowfall reco ...
Students from across Upper Peninsula compete in innovation, technology ... - Greenfield Daily Reporter
Parts of Canada and the US Midwest have been getting their first blast of winter, sending temperatures plummeting by as much as 22C (40F) in days. The sharply cooler temperatures are a result of frigid air pushed in by a powerful storm that hit Alaska with hurricane-force winds. Parts of Wisconsin, Minnesota and Michigan saw over a foot of snow overnight on Monday. And more than 150 flights were cancelled at the Minneapolis airport. Michigan's Upper Peninsula was expecting as much as another two feet of snow after accumulating more than a foot on Monday. National Weather Service meteorologist Justin Titus said roads on the peninsula were in a "very poor condition" with two to three inches of snow falling an hour on Tuesday morning. (North America freeze: 27C/48F drop in Alberta temperatures in past three days 33cm/13in snow fell in Wisconsin in first winter storm 22C/40F temperatures plunge below seasonal average 50 years since Calgary experienced a warmer October Source: News reports) In Minnesota, state ...
The snow continues to fall in the central Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Roughly 18 inches in just over 24 hours at...
McLain State Park jigsaw: Put together three beautiful pictures of McLain State Park in the Upper Peninsula of...
Good morning, to all who have grabbed their cup of whatever and chat a bit with me. I'm having Mint Medley tea. That first sip of whatever you're drinking in the's more than an centers you for the rest of the day. So, kick back and let's get cozy. Up here, the Upper Peninsula of MI (above the State of WI), it's been a very windy and wet week. The gales of November made an early showing. I specify "Upper Peninsula" because downstate in the mitten part of MI, they call themselves the U.P. Guys, the key word here is peninsula. Anyway, yesterday was brisk, but come the late afternoon - it was a perfect Fall afternoon. Expecting more rain this week. Good thing. The evergreens need the water to get them through the winter. Yesterday, in the garden, Sandy, Cheryl and I worked to remove the radishes, beets and turnips. The girls worked on the beets and turnips in the garage (out of the brisk breeze), removed some dried bean pods, and sorted out German Butterball potatoes. I rem ...
Introducing my new modern/classic rock band from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, Ten Kings! In the…
What are the best neighborhood bars in the Northern Michigan and the Upper Peninsula? Nominate your favorites today!
A severe weather outbreak is possible in the Upper Peninsula tonight and Thursday, Sept. 4, 2014. There is enough wind shear in the atmosphere to produce isolated tornadoes. It's the time of year when we go to the U.P.
It's a lot worse than I thought. It seems almost the whole upper peninsula of Michigan doesn't have power.
The western section of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula (also called the U.P) is a beautiful mix of dense forests, fresh waters, and quaint towns.
NOTICE: Due to Eastern Upper Peninsula power outage, evening classes at LSSU cancelled for tonight.
I thought our church family would like to know that one of our summer visitors, Marty, passed away earlier this week. Marty was wheelchair bound and in considerable pain. Her husband Paul is having a memorial soon in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. Please pray for Paul as he adjusts to the loss of his wife and that he senses the peace and love of Jesus.
Snow forecasted for upper peninsula end of next week. "Just checked to see if you're awake"
New blog post: Probably the coolest thing we saw in the Upper Peninsula, Kitch-iti-kipi aka the Big Spring:
Cloverland electric released that there is a widespread in the eastern Upper Peninsula
Channel 10 is currently off air for areas in the tip of the mitt and the Upper Peninsula potentially due to a power outage near Goetzville
Another picture from Washington DC with the Upper Peninsula Honor Flight..
In case you you needed another reason to visit the Upper Peninsula, here's 15 more!
Two of our own at the Upper Peninsula Young Professionals Conference. and
.will hold the Million Meal March to fight hunger in West Michigan & the Upper Peninsula on 9/27.
to last time I was in MQT. See you tomorrow... Upper Peninsula.
The Upper Peninsula Honor Flight is in Washington DC enjoying the memorials..
Meet new WZZM 13 evening anchor Nick LaFave: Nick LaFave, a native of Michigan's Upper Peninsula, will be join...
The Upper Tahquamenon Falls is one of the Upper Peninsula’s scenic wonders.
"I was in Wisconsin, in the upper peninsula, and it was like they'd never seen black people before!"
TONIGHT! Drop-In Open House at - our open-sector space on the Upper Peninsula, 5-7PM
GET WILD with Me! Available for Fun Now! - 19 - Peninsula: I am super sexy, sweet and available right n...
Bisexual & Kinky down for good times! - 19 - Peninsula: Role play and fetish friendly college coed. I a...
♥★♥ $100 SpeciaI today !! CALL ANYTIME♥★♥ Sensual and true erotica and fantasy fulfilled! - 28 - Penins...
Picking wild blueberries in Michigan's Upper Peninsula: via
Several dogs attacked by wolves in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula via
Travel plans may be affected by storms in Upper Midwest today
Upper Peninsula Medical Center today for lunch!. Dr. Taco is BACK! — at Upper Peninsula Medical Center
LSAIT in the field: ARS provided GIS support and instruction for EES's 2014 Upper Peninsula Geology Field Trip
Discover America: Pure Michigan. After a drive north to Upper Peninsula, Shawn found one of the...
Post Edited: Severe weather headed to the Upper Peninsula
Video shows a person on a kayak making the plunge down Tahquamenon Falls in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.
Severe weather headed to the Upper Peninsula – ABC 10 News NOW
Celebrating 50 years of the Wilderness Act - Upper Peninsula ABC 10
Yeah, I used to go up to the Northwoods in Michigan every year as a kid on vaca. I was born in the Upper Peninsula of MI.
Heading to Michigan's upper peninsula in 6hrs...
I wonder if Pete can make me a Swiss family Robinson treehouse in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan!
We lived in the upper peninsula of Michigan. What I would give for a second chance. She was in the Army like myself.
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We have made it to Michigan's Upper Peninsula, or the U.P. as it is called here. As you look at pictures of the Mackinac (aw) Bridge, Lake Michigan is on the left and Lake Huron is on the right. We are staying in St. Ignace, pronounced "Igniss". The U.P. and area we came from is also called "up north". The Lower Peninsula is called "down below". The U.P. even has its own state capital, Marquette. All this area is fishing, harbors, tourism thru October. Beautiful tall timbers and granite.
Everyone likes trains, check out Upper Peninsula of Michigan - Rail Fans & Train Spotting and this video..
Bears and Camping in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan
the way it used to be - still alive and well in one place: Michigan's Upper Peninsula.
Contests | Upper Peninsula of Michigan Radio - Yooper News, Interviews, Photos, and Calendar of...
you've never experienced the real greatness of Michigan until you've come to the Upper Peninsula!!
What a sight on a brisk August morning in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.
What would a visit to Michigan's Upper Peninsula be without a visit to the "infamous" Mystery Spot. I…
I'm in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, in the barren midst of- that 'free land, unvisited by human wiles'- and bored. I need inspiration.
Unless you grew up in the Michigan's beautiful Upper Peninsula.
incubator farm to improve in Upper Peninsula
Photo: Back from my vacation in Michigan. I went to Mackinaw Island and the Upper Peninsula!
Leaving for the UP tomorrow. It stands for the Upper Peninsula (michigan)
You said recently that you've been through the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Have you ever been to or through Marquette?
no, time of my 'trial' I lived/went to school in Michigan, Upper Peninsula. Just recently found employment.
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More people of Finnish descent live in Michigan's Upper Peninsula than anywhere else in the world outside of Finland.
As much as I loved seeing family, & the peace & quiet, sweet air & cooler temps of Michigan's Upper Peninsula, it's SO good to be home!
So our journey to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan begins! Just seeing my baby bro for the first time…
Michigan's Upper Peninsula is great family vacation spot via
Road trip from Chicago around Lake Michigan to the Upper Peninsula, and back down through Wisconsin
Heading into the wilds of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan listening to the theme from Rambo.
Friend Russ Williams left Fallbrook California this morning on his motorcycle riding here. Then we are off to Michigan's Upper Peninsula
Michigan's Upper Peninsula is great family vacation spot
Fall is the perfect time to visit the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Rest presentation at
Michigan's Upper Peninsula is great family vacation spot: The kids and I have been lucky enou...
"It's not too late to go to college in Michigan's Upper Peninsula this fall.
Trapping animals for their fur is still a way of life in the Upper Peninsula. In Monday's Free Press:
Pure Michigan: Kayaking Lake Superior Summer on Michigan's Upper Peninsula brings a host of possibilities for outd... http…
Breakfast Event – August 26 Where: Church of the Nativity 119th and Mission Road – Leawood, KS 66209 Parish Hall (Lower Level) Speaker: Deacon Dan Powers Time: Breakfast* 7:00-7:30am Speaker 7:45-8:15am Q & A 8:15-8:30am Cost: All attendees $10.00, Unemployed $5.00 Catholic Business Network welcomes Deacon Dan Powers Chief Executive Officer of Catholic Charities of Kansas City- St. Joseph. Dan is originally from Detroit and has a BA in Finance from Michigan State University and an MBA from Pepperdine in Malibu, California. After a successful career supervising Senior level Business Analysts with a $1 Billion dollar, fast growing semi-conductor company in El Segundo, California, Dan was 'called' by God to help build His Kingdom with the Catholic Diocese of San Diego and eventually as an Executive Director for Catholic Social Services of the Upper Peninsula in Michigan before coming to Kansas City. Dan was Ordained Permanent Deacon in 2006 in California and currently incardinated to the Deaconate in ...
It’s no secret that Michigan’s craft beer scene is booming! Today, go behind the scenes of some Marquette County breweries courtesy of Marquette Country CVB and Things to do in the U.P.: you have a favorite Upper Peninsula brewery?
The upper peninsula of Michigan is literally Canada
People from will appreciate these tidbits about the UP. As a kid, I clearly remember seeing
upper peninsula Michigan. Sort of between the 2 parts of the state.
In Frankenmuth for a surprise party for my cousin Bill's 80th birthday. Pretty much a Stiglich Family reunion. Saw some relatives I had not seen since the 1960s. Good times. This is my Mom's side of the family. Descendants of the Malnars from Ewen, Mich. in the Upper Peninsula.
We have arrived in the Upper Peninsula
imagen Jan Lennon from upper peninsula of michigen; like me. man, could be kiinda cool :)
I really wanna try to go to another one when we go the upper peninsula of Michiganz
The UPIR Race Recap Show is coming up at 6pm on 92.7 WRUP! Join Tony Perino and the Upper Peninsula International...
the upper peninsula. So technically not in the mitten
I love lunches like this in the Upper Peninsula!!
Data is fun...especially when it's specific to the Upper Peninsula!
Hi, August 4th here in the Upper Peninsula, and my logger friend found a pile of snow under log debris.
Tune in every Monday evening from 6pm to 7pm in June and August for the Upper Peninsula International Raceway...
The upper peninsula is so much better than the lower
Sponsored Content: Try new adventures using outfitters in the Upper Peninsula
I spent two summers up on the Upper Peninsula and those morning sunrises were amazing.
Meet me at Superior? Come to the Giving Motherhood a Voice Book Tour to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan at either...
Wow! Today's paper is full of good stories on the Charleston Upper Peninsula Initiative! It take people of vision...
If u liked this story abt the changing upper peninsula area check out story:
This year's YP Conference Keynote Speaker will be Mel Charbonneau from
coming soon to Michigan's Upper Peninsula: carne asada pasties followed soon by runza with guacamole in Nebraska
cool place in the called Horserace Rapids
Sunset from my favorite Point Abbaye Campsite in
As development rushes in to Charleston's upper peninsula, different visions of progress emerge: A large slice ...
I think if u don't mind some cold weather, Michigan's Upper Peninsula was great! We got to mine and go to Mackinac island!
over Lake Randolph about 1/4 mile south from Lake Superior in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.…
When we see cars with worn off Upper Peninsula stickers.
Sunset in Upper Peninsula Michigan. Great time away from the city with & Kilroy family
I'm in the upper peninsula and I finally have wifi. I am happy.
Word of the Day - YOOPER : a native or resident of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan . -- used as a nickname
We're Pittsburghers. Bridges turn us on! On the Upper Peninsula, preparing to cross the Mackinac Bridge,
The upper peninsula was gorgeous. So glad I got to visit 😍
How well do you know the Test your knowledge with these 50 facts - some of them may surprise you!
Post and Courier - Development firm plans office building, amphitheater on Charleston's upper peninsula
I had a great time in the upper peninsula I just wanna be back there right now.
Check out m first book, "Strong," set in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan
*** bro what you in the upper peninsula? We call it the thumb.
As development rushes into Charleston's upper peninsula, different visions of progress emerge via
The Upper Peninsula is one of the many places I'd like to bring my friends for a road trip. I'd like to go hiking with everyone or something
The Upper Peninsula is just all a bunch of inbreds
can I please move to the upper peninsula
Fun U.P. Facts ... 1. The Iron Ore, an Upper Peninsula newspaper, was sued for slander by Teddy Roosevelt. An editorial piece, called “The Teddy Way” accused him of getting drunk “not infrequently.” His winning sum? 6 cents or in his words “The cost of a good newspaper.” 2. Isle Royale National Park is the least visited national park in the country. A single day in Yosemite sees more visitors than this park in an entire year. Most likely due to the fact that the visitors average stay at this national park is 3.5 days, with every other parks average visit being around 4 hours. 3. You can take a stroll through Paradise. Seriously! It’s a city here. (Yoopers might be a little smug over the fact that Paradise is in the U.P., while *** is in the Lower Peninsula). 4. Do you like a good *** Paulding Light is a light that appears just outside of Paulding and has been since the 60s. Local legend states that there were once railroad tracks in the area and the light is the lantern of a brakem ...
Chillin in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan bout 30 minutes from Canada!
here are more than 150 waterfalls across this breathtaking area of the Upper Peninsula. In the Autumn, the waterfalls are framed by maple crimson and aspen gold. In the winter, they create strange ice formations. All are spectacles of white splendor that are sure to make any vacation memorable. Downloadable Map of Waterfalls Black River Harbor Map Ottawa National Forest Agate Falls Considered by many to be one of upper Michigan's most picturesque waterfalls, Agate Falls is located on the middle branch of the Ontonagon River. The falls are created as the river finds its way over an extended shelf of terraced sandstone. The resulting waterfall is a broad band of interlacing cascades and small falls nearly 40 feet high. Access to view the falls is via an improved, accessible foot trail. Parking, water, toilets and picnic tables are available at the park, which is generally open from early May through late October. Off of Hwy 28 between Bruce Crossing and Trout Creek. 7 miles SE of Bruce Crossing at roadside ...
The land of the Upper Peninsula, or U.P.—is connected to Michigan's Lower Peninsula by means of the Mackinac Bridge.
Cherie Brennan of Jacksonville, Florida Visits the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and 103-FXD | 103...
Showdown Looms over Second Michigan Wolf Hunt John Barnes / MLive Media Group / July 15, 2014 Photo: Jeff Powell checks his wolf into the Department of Natural Resources check station at Wakefield in the Upper Peninsula on Nov. 15, 2013. The wolf was the second recorded kill in Michigan's first wolf hunt. Official say the hunt had little impact on the wolf population. (MLive file photo) Within two weeks, state election officials are expected to act on a petition that could allow lawmakers to ignore efforts by voters to weigh in on Michigan’s second managed wolf hunt. Lawmakers, on vacation and running for re-election, would have to return to Lansing within 40 days of the approval by the state Board of Canvassers. The board is scheduled to make a decision no later than July 25. Lawmakers are tentatively scheduled to return in late July, or August 13 to 27, both within the necessary window, said Ari Adler, spokesman for House Speaker Jase Bolger and House Republicans. If lawmakers vote favorably on the c ...
For other uses, see Taiga (disambiguation). Taiga Jack London Lake by bartosh.jpg Jack London Lake at Kolyma, Russia Distribution Taiga.png The taiga is found throughout the high northern latitudes, between the tundra, and the temperate forest, from about 50°N to 70°N, but with considerable regional variation. Ecology Biome Terrestrial subarctic, humid Geography Countries Russia, Mongolia, Japan, Norway, Sweden, Iceland, Finland, United States, Canada, United Kingdom Climate type Dfc, Dwc, Dsc Taiga (/ˈtaɪɡə/; Russian: тайга́, IPA: [tɐjˈɡa]; from Turkic[1] or Mongolian), also known as boreal forest or snowforest, is a biome characterized by coniferous forests consisting mostly of pines, spruces and larches. The taiga is the world's largest terrestrial biome. In North America it covers most of inland Canada and Alaska as well as parts of the extreme northern continental United States (northern Minnesota through the Upper Peninsula of Michigan to Upstate New York and northern New England) and ...
I swear the people in the upper peninsula are a different kind of breed
I'm about to crack 8,000 fans for my 50 Hikes in Michigan's Upper Peninsula page. According to my records, less...
oh no! Where are you in Michigan, upper or Lower Peninsula? I'm headed to Michigan next week--always a challenge 2know what 2pack
How can you forget the UP? To a Yooper, nothing is more irksome than when the Upper Peninsula gets l
reppin' HDEU way up in the Upper Peninsula in MI man! See ya at Faster Horses!
A new found love for the Upper Peninsula of Michigan today hiking cliffs trails hills and waterfalls…
reppin' HDEU from the Upper Peninsula in Michigan!
I used to play ice hockey in the Upper Peninsula of I was small, but scrappy in the corners.
2 PM on July 8th and it's in the 50s in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Normal high for July 8th in Marquette, MI: 76°
If you are looking for some family fun on a rainy day, check out the Upper Peninsula Children's Museum. The...
New Staff Helps to Bring Life Into U.P. Incubator Farm: A farm site at the MSU Upper Peninsula Research and...
Best trade in history: dealt the Toledo strip for most of the upper peninsula in the 1830's. What a steal!
nope! Living in the Upper Peninsula unfortunately, come visit me😿
More visitors head up to the U.P. for the holiday weekend -- some stay.
Blackrocks Brewery serves up great beer from Michigan&Upper Peninsula
I'll be kayaking more miles than I drive in a typical day and living off of Clif bars for a week. see you soon, upper peninsula. 😈
Small towns in the UP were overflowing with holiday weekend visitors, and some are still sticking around. More:
One work day down, 4 more to go til Upper peninsula
Justin Moore rockin threw my speakers up here in the Upper Peninsula. Can't get any better
One place I never got to visit was the upper peninsula 😔😔😔
Upper Falls of Tahquamenon, Upper Peninsula, Mi (4th of July 2014): via
I refuse to believe that humans actually inhabit the upper peninsula
More Visitors Head Up to Michigan's Upper Peninsula: Small towns in the Upper Peninsula were overflowing with ...
My is mcdaniel1989. Congrats on these nice smallies in the Upper Peninsula!
Beautiful Driggs Lake of The Upper Peninsula (of Michigan) over 4th of July weekend.
If you're not in the upper peninsula you are not up north, traverse city is not up north, neither is *** or bay city
Finlandia Fast Facts: Finlandia is the only private college in Michigan's beautiful Upper Peninsula.
The only place I've ever been in Michigan is the upper peninsula.
Oops...somebody got a little too close to Canada today. Whitefish Point, you got me! I love the Upper Peninsula!
Play golf at up to 3 of the top courses in Michigan while staying with the Island with our Stay & Play packages.
SEVERE WIND WARNING: Plus- Yorke Peninsula, Kangaroo Island, Upper & Lower South East and parts of the Flinders and Murraylands districts.
😍 The Upper Peninsula of Michigan is so pretty
Up North Realty is located in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan along the unique and pristine shorelin
I'm convinced there is no cell signal in the entire upper peninsula of michigan
The upper peninsula has the best local commercials, they all look like they're from the 80s. Because it takes technology 30 yrs to get here.
Did you know that the Upper Peninsula Animal Welfare Shelter has a grant to help Sawyer residents Spay and Neuter...
there are hardly any burger kings in the upper peninsula. There are waffle houses everywhere up there
Michigan Reflections: Getaways don't get any better...
Real photo postcard of Ft. Algonquin in St Ignace, Michigan. Old gas pumps in photo. Located in Upper Peninsula.
Posted June 19, Written June 18th- "the long story of the first adventure":June 18, 2014- We left on the 16th (the day between Father’s Day and Krissy’s 39th birthday) from Sturgeon Bay, WI. We went about 40 miles to Ephram where we found anchorage at Ellison Bay. It was a nice cove protected on 3 sides from the weather (thunderstorms). The following day we had a difficult decision to make regarding our direction. We could either go to Washington Island (only 10 miles or so and then to Rock Island to the night and stay at a dock on the unprotected side of the storm, we could continue north along the shoreline of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan (which looked like lousy anchorages and no towns for nearly 50 miles or more) or we could head to North Manitou Island which was about 40 miles from Wisconsin off the coast of Michigan (the route we WANTED to take). The issues were that the outlook was for “potentially severe thunderstorms with torrential rain, high winds, and possible hail” which was to occ ...
Or the Upper Peninsula.Michigan. over by the Wisconsin border. About 10 hours for me. And a great road trip
I'd really like to go hiking and exploring in the upper peninsula if anyone's up for it ;^)
I've lived in Michigan my whole life yet I've never been to the Upper Peninsula 😬
So if any of you guys remember, about a month ago I posted a picture of my mom and dad with a heart that had shown up on it. Everyone said that was my dad's sign. Well I think he did it again! I was in the Upper Peninsula today and I was struggling to enjoy everything I was seeing because it's the first year without my Dad on Father's Day. I had taken this picture at Tahquamenon Falls. I think a heart is definitely a sign from my dad! It brightened the day a little!
Fun day at the beach and parks in Michigan's Upper Peninsula.
The Northern Ohio Boundary Bill, which Congress passed, gave Toledo to Ohio and most of the Upper Peninsula to Michigan, along with immediate statehood, if Michigan agreed to the terms.
The documentary “Northern Light” is a sneakily compelling, endlessly patient observation of three working-class families in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.
Waiting to welcome home the veteran heroes aboard the Upper Peninsula Honor Flight, spring 2014
Just got home from vacation,had a great time in Canada. We drove around Lake Superior and came back in the states through the upper peninsula of Michigan and saw Lake Michigan.3000 miles is a lot of driving in 7 days but we saw some beautiful scenery.
Time to simplify our phone system (yes, some folks have been complaining about it for a while): Permanent Toll-Free Phone Number (please use it if you're calling from afar and paying for long distance; it literally costs us peanuts): 1-(888) 494-0224 Permanent Upper Peninsula Phone Number (Ishpeming): (906) 486-4880 Permanent Indiana Phone Number (Lafayette): (765) 421-6641 Temporary Kentucky Phone Number (Nicholasville) -- active until May 2016: (859) 354-4331 All others numbers [(708) and (616)] have been discontinued. And as all friendly phone operators say: "Please make a note of it!"
I am in love with the Upper Peninsula 😍
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