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Upper Peninsula

The Upper Peninsula of Michigan is the northern of the two major land masses that make up the U.S.

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Two Upper Peninsula coaching giants Bill Santilli and Joe Reddinger have stepped down this month. That is significant.
Plans on invading MI's Upper Peninsula. "You know it, and I know it. It's really Wisconsin del Norté." - Anon. Source.
A page dedicated to awareness of scratchers and other hack tattoo artists or at home piercers in Michigan's Upper Peninsula.
Kitch-iti-kipi is an ancient spring, located in the heart of the beautiful Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Peering into water that deceptively appears only seve...
Solid copper hand drawn etched tree of life pendant with a representation of the UP Upper Peninsula of Michigan and a copper spiral design.
Thank you so much to Neil Moran of Upper Peninsula Second Wave for this fabulous write up on me and the music!!!
The southern forests of Michigan's Upper Peninsula weren't immune to winter's frozen grip this season, having been dubbed "the coldest place on Earth."
Richard Speck, a killer, resided in Monmouth, IL. Ran to Chicago where he then went up to the Upper Peninsula on a boat trip. He then left the ship on June 14th. Fun fact. Me and my mom are absolutely floored with all this info. I went to school near Monmouth. the U.P. is where my mom resided when she was younger and June 14th is my birthday. We are totally spooked.
At home tattoo 'artists' wreak havoc in the Upper Peninsula. This page's purpose is to call attention to illegal tattoo artists, share their work, and hopefully help put an end to illegal tattooing in the UP! Have pictures? Send them in!
My brothers got the cutest cats in the upper peninsula
The Green Bay Packers today announced plans for the ninth ‘Green Bay Packers Tailgate Tour,’ set for April 15-19. This year’s tour includes two stops in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, in addition to three Wisconsin stops, to visit with fans and thank them in person for their support. The tour will make stops in Escanaba (April 15), Ironwood (April 16), Superior (April 17), Rice Lake (April 18) and Merrill (April 19), with tailgate parties held in each city to support a local non-profit organization. Tour celebrities will include Packers President/CEO Mark Murphy, players Jarrett Bush, Brad Jones and Mason Crosby, and Packers alumni Paul Coffman, Lynn Dickey and James Lofton. The tour will take place aboard a customized motor coach emblazoned with the logo “Green Bay Packers Tailgate Tour” and the phrase “Touching Down in Your Community.” In addition to the designated locations, tour celebrities will make surprise stops as the schedule allows. The tailgate parties will welcome the players a ...
Wolves in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.: via One expert says wolves are here to stay. I hope he's right.
-Kiev; small fishing town on Upper Peninsula?
Does anyone remember who got a violation ticket from the D.N.R. in 1981 for having too many tip-ups on the ice on the lake in front of the Guard Camp while he was actually in the Upper Peninsula at the time of the incident? I do have to thank the actual offender for going to court and impersonating me to get my equipment back. Even though I got the fine. R.I.P. Bro
The Marquette office has a neat graphic depicting where Lake Superior has opened up and where they are expecting lake effect snow for the Upper Peninsula tonight and Tuesday. We shared an ice coverage comparison on Lake Michigan yesterday.
Huge Bald Eagle in Michigan's Upper Peninsula, just north of Wisconsin.
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Red Metal: The Copper Country Strike of 1913 is a new documentary that focuses on the 100th anniversary of an epic labor strike that devastated Michigan’s Upper Peninsula Copper Country – and haunts the American labor movement to this day.
Michael Schmidt will be tying at Tie One On! Mike Schmidt is known by all of his friends as a fish junky.every spare moment not on the water is occupied by some aspect of fly tying. From the time he could walk he was constantly being taken out on Lake St. Clair, Lake Huron, up Michigan's West coast rivers, and into the Upper Peninsula in search of fish. These days it would not be a surprise to find him throughout the country wherever there are fish ready to be fed. To put it mildly Mike is a man consumed with the sport of fly fishing and, more specifically, advancing fly design through integration of natural and synthetic materials. When not on the water, with friends or clients, he enjoys travelling the country to put on fly tying workshops, give presentations at clubs and demonstrate tying at fly shows. Mike is a commercial tier and owner of Anglers Choice Flies as well as being a guide, freelance photographer, and writer. In addition Mike is a signature tyer for Orvis and on the pro-staffs for Regal Vi ...
Iron Mountain ski jump - from Upper Peninsula of Michigan AAA guide ca. 1940.
LANSING - A proposed tribal casino in downtown Lansing is officially on hold. A federal appeals court today granted a stay to Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette, who sued to stop an Upper Peninsula American Indian tribe from opening a casino adjacent to the Lansing Center. The decision from the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals in Cincinnati halts any legal proceedings in the casino suit as the state prepares to petition the U.S. Supreme Court to take up the case. That also likely prevents the Sault Ste. Marie Tribe of Chippewa Indians, which wants to build the $245 million Kewadin Lansing casino, from applying to the federal government to have the land taken into trust for gaming - a required step before a casino can be built. The state plans to ask the high court to stay the case until after it rules in a separate case involving the Upper Peninsula's Bay Mills Indian Community and a casino it opened off its reservation in 2010 in Vanderbilt, which later was shut down. Schuette believes the case raises ...
Never seen a Grey Jay. I need to go to the Upper Peninsula one of these winters, but I hate cold.
3rd generation family on the Upper Peninsula of Love the
Congratulations to our Greek of the Week, Kayla!. Kayla is a junior from the Upper Peninsula. She has served as...
Three Holy Men & A Bear! A Catholic Priest, a Baptist Preacher & a Rabbi all served as Chaplains to the students of Northern Michigan University at Marquette in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. They would get together two or three times a week for coffee & to talk shop. One day, someone made the comment that preaching to people isn't really all that hard; a real challenge would be to preach to a bear. One thing led to another & they decided to do an experiment. They would all go out into the woods, find a bear, preach to it & attempt to convert it to their religion. Seven days later, they all came together to discuss their experiences. Father Flannery, who had his arm in a sling, was on crutches & had various bandages on his body & limbs, went first. "Well" he said: "I went into the woods to find me a bear & when I found him, I began to read to him from the Catechism. Well, that bear wanted nothing to do with me & began to slap me around. So I quickly grabbed my holy water, sprinkled him &, Holy Mary Moth ...
Upper Peninsula is where I'm from and I would so do this! Awesome idea! Even living in Florida I can do this!
Just acquired my 126th casino client, a native-American owned property on the upper peninsula of Michigan. I've never been to the UP, so I'…
Finnish Culture of Michigan's Upper Peninsula: Most of these Finnish settlers arrived on American soil during ...
The Stars, the drama, the glamour and the glitter are back as The Upper Peninsula Hospice Foundation proudly...
Want to thank Teresa Johnson for the best vacation ever, it was so awesome that when I left to go back to work this morning I actually went the wrong way, just passed a sign that said, "welcome to Michigan's Upper Peninsula", if I remember right, one of the things I learned in catholic schools was, "thou shalt not leave the U.P. without sledding first". Not sure which one of the ten commandments it is, but no sense in risking falling out of good grace's with the church, sure hope my work understands!
Very proud to have been part of the Master Plan and Lower Harbor Planning and Design of this great northern City!...
Big snow, bigger problems for UP man.
Padre slaying rams in the Upper Peninsula
I'm off to Lansing to stand up and argue for our Treaty Rights. The State is planning on selling off over 11,000 acres of State Forest to Graymont Mining Comapny. This land is located in the Ceded Territory, near Rexton in the Eastern Upper Peninsula. The State will retain their mineral rights and collect a percentage based on profits. I maintain that we too have kept our Treaty Rights to hunt, fish, and gather on this property along with other usual privileges of ownership (Usufructuary Rights). Wish me luck in finding the right words to make them hear and for them to have the wisdom to really listen.
Wednesday February 26th from 6 to 9 p.m. there will be a Sled Night sponsored by The Up North Lodge and The Throttle Bar benefit for the Upper Peninsula Animal Welfare Shelter at the The Throttle Bar and Grill at 1668 E. M-35 in Little Lake. See you there!!
Proud to be an anchor to the Marquette community
"..the Upper Peninsula's most populous city has been able to redefine itself and maintain its historic character."
Beyond excited for my interview this week, and to explore the Upper Peninsula for the first time!
Little history lesson... Chicago and the northern most portion of Illinois was at one time owned by and part of Wisconsin... Did you know that? Michigan and Ohio went to war against each other for access to the Great Lake (Michigan) and of course Illinois at the time also had no access to Lake Michigan... So to settle the matter and end the war that could have evolved into a yet another Civil War in America Illinois northern boundary line was moved north to where it is today and those parts of Wisconsin that had stretched south past Chicago were given to the state while the Upper Peninsula was given to Michigan and Ohio along with Illinois gained access to Lake Michigan water access... So let me tell you something about the Usurper in Chief who resides there in Chicago and uses that former portion of Wisconsin to attack the state with... You better watch your *** bub because if Walker gets elected as US President in 2016 I am going to petition him to annex the UP and that former portions of Illinois back ...
Early morning drive in the upper peninsula. Very peaceful!
Weekend in the Upper Peninsula... what a place.
Michigan in Pics: Winter at Tahquamenon Falls: . Winter at Tahquamenon Falls, Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, photo...
I just drove 300 miles f the worst roads I have ever drove on and that is saying something. Saturday morning I started up to the Upper Peninsula in my little Focus. When I got to Roger City the roads were solid ice. They had closed the bridge for 9 hours on Friday because of high winds. Coming back was a little better but not much. I had to make a stop in St. Ignas to pick up some bear meat for our men's wild game dinner Friday. If you think we have snow you need to go up there. It was level with the windows on most houses. We will see how the roads treat me today.
The 2014 Winter Olympics may have ended, but the fun continues in Michigan's Upper Peninsula, home to the only...
I've so far met at least 10 people who don't know that the upper peninsula exists.
Dear weatherman: Saginaw MI is not in the Upper Peninsula. That is all.
Prayer Requests for February 23, 2014: - Jeannette Jarrell: home sick with a cold - Tabitha Jarrell: prayers for her and boyfriend Mike, who was headed to Indianapolis for work this morning; they'll be moving again. - Tim Jarrell: leaving tomorrow for the Upper Peninsula to help with grandkids while their mother has surgery. - Janet Foster: recovering from reconstructive surgery (Ted Medlen's cousin) - Gene Pertulla: leg is improving. Presumably home-bound because of ice today. - Clark Fish: still getting cancer treatment - Heather Wilkins: continues to recover from skin cancer (Glima's granddaughter) No word yet from the insurance company regarding the repairs to the kitchen downstairs. Evening services (both Sunday and Wednesday) are cancelled until warm weather returns and the roads and sidewalks stop being icy. Don't forget the chili cook-off for March's potluck!
Explore the Upper Peninsula's """haunted""" mining history at the area's many ghost towns when you stay here:
To fully enjoy the Upper Peninsula, it's important to love thy snow.
And yes, I love Canada. I want to visit it badly. My father's an Upper Peninsula native who could see Canada on clear days from his school.
Come to the upper peninsula Michigan!
"It's not safe to live in the upper peninsula! There's robots and piranhas!"
What a beautiful day for a trip across Michigan's Upper Peninsula! Sunny skies clear roads except for some minor...
Some nitwit put both the California and Upper Peninsula books into the domestic travel section
3rd generation hand-made family cabin on the Upper Peninsula of...
No love for the Upper Peninsula of Michigan I see..
Improving game population -. The Upper Peninsula Sportsmen's Association is reviewing the status of the game popul...
My international travels have extended as far as Canada and Mexico, too...oh, and the Upper Peninsula. ;)
Today we are in Michigan to visit the four lights in the next four postings. There are some great lights to see in the Upper Peninsula so why not take a trip there this summer.
Winter Storm Seneca will pack a punch as it moves across the Upper Midwest and western Great Lakes Thursday into Friday with heavy snow and high winds Current Radar INTERACTIVE RADAR Seneca already brought snow to the Cascades and Rockies earlier this week. Now we are tracking the strong low pressure center associated with Seneca as it moves from Kansas and Missouri toward Lake Superior by Friday morning, continuing to intensify as it moves along. Areas north and west of this track will see wind-whipped snow break out as cold air from farther north feeds into this storm. Blizzard or near-blizzard conditions are even possible in some locations. Here's what you need to know about Winter Storm Seneca. Midwest Impacts Snowfall Forecast Thursday Forecast Thursday Night Forecast Friday Forecast Current Winds How much snow: The heaviest totals are expected in central and north-central Iowa, eastern Minnesota, northwest and north-central Wisconsin, and the western Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Snowfall totals in e ...
BIG RAPIDS – An LPGA Tour winner from the Upper Peninsula, history-making amateur, pioneer turfgrass educator and multi-media journalist have been elected to the Michigan Golf Hall of Fame. Becky Iverson, Tom Werkmeister, Paul Rieke and Vartan Kupelian will be inducted June 8 in ceremonies at Ferris State University in Big Rapids. Iverson, born in Escanaba and raised in Gladstone, played for 14 years on the LPGA Tour, was named to the U.S. Solheim Cup Team in 2000, won the 1987 Michigan Women’s Amateur Championship and played collegiate golf at Michigan State University where she was an Academic All-American in 1987-88. Her playing career highlights include winning the 1995 Friendly’s Classic Title on the LPGA Tour, where she recorded a career-best 63 during the second round with nine birdies, and a tie for second in the 2000 Women’s British Open. She had LPGA Tour career earnings of more than $1.5 million, and also won six times while playing on three mini-tours, including the Central Florida Cha ...
Murder Is A Bad Day To Have A Baby [Kindle Edition] Jennifer Bennon - Author Book Description Publication Date:March 22, 2011 Freddie Nutter is a rookie cop with the Michigummee City Police Department in the wilds of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, riding desk during the last weeks of her unplanned pregnancy. When her partner Doyle, and her baby’s daddy *** send her on an innocent errand to pilfer some leftover spaghetti and meatballs from her mother’s refrigerator, Freddie’s life takes a horrifying turn. In her mother’s living room, Freddie discovers a blood soaked crime scene, but no body. Hidden deep in the woods, psychopath Sammy’s obsession with Betsy Nutter’s corpse intensifies while his relationship with his own mother strains to its final thread, and he pursues his next victim. All the while, Freddie’s grief is compounded by the tense kinship with her alcoholic, philandering father, and a convoluted affection for her addicted brother—and the histories of Freddie Nutter and Sammy . ...
Ski jumping in Minnesota can trace its history back to 1883, when Norwegian brothers Torjus and Mikkel Hemmestvedt brought the sport to the bluffs of southern Minnesota. It then spread to the hills of western Wisconsin, the North Shore and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan
in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, at Mission Hill. This over looks Lake Superior (far background) and Spectacle Lake (foreground). Canada is in the WAY back ground.
A new candidate for a Michigan seat on the Republican National Committee wants *** "purged" from the GOP and claims homosexuality is a "perversion" created by Satan himself. Mary Helen Sears of Houghton County in the state's Upper Peninsula, elected vice chair of the Michigan Republican Party's 1st District last year, posted a rant in April on the Schoolcraft County GOP website -- preceded by a warning asking readers to "please use your discretion before taking any decisions based on the information in this blog." In the post, Sears claimed that homosexuals prey on children, argued that "Satan uses homosexuality to attack the living space of the Holy Spirit" and advocated that Republicans "as a party should be purging this perversion and send them to a party with a much bigger tent." GOP.The Party of Hate.
Another beautiful spot in the Keweenaw Peninsula of Michigan The view from Brockway Mountain Drive In this picture editor Peter Greenberg talks about his favorite fall color destinations, and Michigan's Upper Peninsula leads his report. Host Matt Lauer chimes in about the great mountain biking he's found in the UP. And they know what they're talking about. This Absolute Michigan color tour of the Keweenaw Peninsula covers one of the country's most spectacular driving routes. At the summit of Brockway Mountain Drive, the highest American road between the Alleghenies and the Black Hills of South Dakota, watch for eagles riding the currents of the wind.
Yo! That is the Upper Peninsula of MI & Just down the road is a Town called Go figger cc
The Marquette Township Business Association will hold their annual meeting & Year End Party at 5pm tonight at Hudson's. SOS author and Upper Peninsula medical Doctor James Surrell will be the guest speaker tonight at 5 at Hudsons. Surrell will focus on the lighter side of doing business locally and lighter medical stories of interest. The business association is just shy of 50 members in one of Michigan's fastest growing townships. Dr. Surrell will be at Hudsons selling & signing his SOS Book for the public between 4p and 5p tonight. If you do business in Marquette Township, You are invited to the annual meeting and Dr. Surrell's talk, 5pm at Hudsons.
Jeff Daniels, star of "Pure Michigan" ads and the Yooper film "Escanaba in da Moonlight" talked with David Letterman about all things Upper Peninsula last ni...
John Berry is a musician and photographer. Big North is his debut album dedicated to Michigan's Upper Peninsula and the five years he spent living there. Ava...
Pretty pumped to to be going on trips through the Appalachian Mountains and the Upper Peninsula this semester, then hitting up Texas and New Mexico for 5 weeks in the summer. Finally going to be able to scratch that itch to travel.
“Among the most indelible American novelists of the last hundred years. . . [Harrison] remains at the height of his powers.” —Dwight Garner, The New York Times, on The River Swimmer New York Times best-selling author Jim Harrison is one of America’s most beloved writers, and of all his creations, Brown Dog, a bawdy, reckless, down-on-his-luck Michigan Indian, has earned cult status with readers in the more than two decades since his first appearance. For the first time, this book gathers together all the Brown Dog novellas, including one that has never been published—the ideal introduction (or reintroduction) to Harrison’s irresistible everyman. In these novellas, B.D. rescues the preserved body of an Indian from Lake Superior’s cold waters; overindulges in food, drink, and women while just scraping by in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula; wanders Los Angeles in search of an ersatz Native activist who stole his bearskin; adopts two Native children; and flees the authorities, then returns across t ...
Happy Birthday to Edgar Award-winning author, Steve Hamilton. Best known for his Alex McKnight series. Ex-Detroit police detective, Alex McKnight, is a private investigator working in the fictional town of Paradise, Michigan, in the Upper Peninsula on the shores of Lake Superior.
Call off school this week so I can go on a snowmobiling trip around the upper peninsula
I has to dig out long unders, wool coat and wool gloves that hint been out since I lived on the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.
Right now in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan in the city of Manistique it is -6°, feels like -21°. br
4 days and 460 miles later... had another great snowmobile trip in the Upper Peninsula! loved the new…
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It's my birthday tomorrow, you can come celebrate with me in the Upper Peninsula, just dress warm
Our dog heading out recently into an Upper Peninsula on Michigan snow storm. Now you see him. Now you don't. Video courtesy of my wife.
Like an outpost in the spiritual wilderness of upper peninsula Michigan, the Orion Gallery, Book Shop , Yoga, and...
Starting a petition to have wisconsin declare war w michigan to take over the Upper Peninsula, who wants in?
Because Ohio got Toledo, Michigan was granted the upper peninsula to have lakefront property
The Upper Peninsula continues to experience bitterly cold air which has resulted in wind chill values approaching 50 degrees below, in some places.
nope, not UP. Upper lower peninsula. About a 45 min drive to the bridge. Love Michigan. I went to summer camp in Newago.
15 year old WI boy rams MI State Trooper vehicle causing a crash that injured him and two troopers
Downtown Marquette is Lake Superior's gateway to the rustic splendor of Michigan's beautiful Upper Peninsula. Historic brownstone buildings, trees, benches and street lamps line Washington and Front Streets providing a picturesque setting anytime of year.
The upper peninsula got 3 inches from this storm and we got close to 3 feet. Do you see what is wrong with this?
Hockey pick up game in my parking lot! Makes me miss Finlandia and Upper Peninsula!
Snow-pocalypse!!, Snow-Mageddon!! No matter what you call it...It's COLD!...
y. PLEASE HELP! PLease bring these bad men to justice I think they want m=o$ I have none find me I think Im in Upper Peninsula
I survived upper peninsula of Michigan winters. 300in of snow, -40 windchills, moved here to thaw out. This isn't helping ;)
Great Lakes Clothing Company produces new line of Upper Peninsula-based shirts
Update your maps at Navteq
I saw on MHSAA that two basketball games were played in the eastern Upper Peninsula.
Winter at Tahquamenon Falls Michigan's Upper Peninsula was published using 500px, the world's best photo sharing community.
Upper Peninsula Winter, it's been a really nice visit. Oh, how I've enjoyed reliving our old times of snowshoes and frostbite, firewood and weatherstripping. It's been real. I really think it's time for you to go back home now. Three days of digging Buicks out of snowbanks in sub-zero weather is more than enough for me. Farewell, Upper Peninsula Winter. Give my regards to the Porkies and Tip-Up Town. We'll see each other again soon enough.
Wind chills are hitting 50 below zero in Michigan's Upper Peninsula
Here's how you get out of your house during an Michigan snowstorm
Gorgeous photos taken of Michigan's Upper Peninsula by Shawn & Brian Malone.
If u think it's cold here, talk to someone in Minnesota, Wisconsin or the Upper Peninsula... They got it bad for real smh
THIS is what an actual snowpocalypse looks like (PHOTO)
I always forget that people in the upper peninsula are still part of the United States
you were my favorite concert ever because I saw u in the upper peninsula of MI at a rodeo!! This was at least 5 years ago
This what an actual snowpocalypse looks like
COLD is a RELATIVE THING for the YOOPERS in the TAHQUAMENON WOODS of the UPPER PENINSULA. 65 above zero. Floridians turn on the heat. Yoopers plant gardens. 60 above zero. Californians shiver uncontrollably. Yoopers sunbathe. 50 above zero. Italian and English cars won’t start. Yoopers drive with the windows down. 40 above zero. Georgians don coats, thermal underwear, gloves and wool hats. Yoopers throw on a flannel shirt. 35 above zero. New York landlords finally turn up the heat. Yoopers have the last cookout before it gets cold. 20 above zero. Fruit in Florida all die. Yoopers close their windows. ZERO. Californians fly away to Mexico. Yoopers get out their winter coats. 10 BELOW zero. Hollywood disintegrates. Yooper Boy Scouts are out selling popcorn. 20 BELOW zero. Washington DC runs out of hot air. Yoopers let the dogs sleep indoors. 30 BELOW zero. Santa Claus abandons the North Pole. Yoopers get upset because they can’t start the snowmobile. 40 BELOW zero. ALL atomic motion stops. Yoopers start ...
A farmer from Michigan’s Upper Peninsula used an NCR SARE Farmer Rancher Grant to compare potato varieties in a replicated trial.
ok pastor zill , whats with the upper peninsula of MI.
Geez, talk about Michigan's Upper Peninsula getting nailed in the meme's!
The Western Upper Peninsula Planning & Development Region (WUPPDR) has been awarded funding by the State of Michigan to develop a Regional Prosperity Plan. The State of Michigan developed the Regional Prosperity Initiative (RPI) to encourage regional collaboration of organizations in a time of dwind...
I lived in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan for a few winters. THIS is a phenomenon we call WINTER. It happens every year about the same time and last for many months. This is the usual amount of snow that falls and sub zero temps are normal. Indiana is just not used to a real winter! So to sum it up.ITS COLD!
Slopes and Trails Abound in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula: With all the winter weather we’ve had lately, it’s the perfect time to plan a ski trip in Pure Michigan! Mickey MacWilliams from the Michigan Snowsports Industries Association gives us an overview of some spectacular Upper Peninsula ski slopes to check out this season. Powder glade skiing, uncrowded lift lines, ski jumping, scenic trails and [...]
I live in Michigan's Upper Peninsula, very light snow in the air, enjoyed a brisk winter run (even worked up a sweat) before heading to work while my kids, who live much further south than the Mighty Mac, all enjoy a "snow day". Gotta love the UP!!
In Ironwood, in the Upper Peninsula, they’re dealing with wind chills of more than 50 below zero. Nancy Lanctoe is busy baking at Joe’s Pasty Shop this morning, where the temperature is 24 below zero, and the wind chill is -54! “As long as I’ve been up here, I don’t remember it being with the wind chill like that, within, I’ve have to say, 10 years,” Lanctoe said. Despite the mind-numbing cold, Lanctoe made it to work today, but she says she would have preferred to stay home. “From the house to the vehicle, there’s a little bite in the air and, you know, if you’re out too long, I wouldn’t be if I didn’t have to,” she said. It’s not clear yet if the icy temps will keep customers at home.
I really wanna be in the Miss Upper Peninsula Teen Pageant...:o
The Cut River Bridge is located along US Highway 2 in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan & overlooks Lake Michigan. Construction of the bridge began in 1941, bu...
Plan on fishing in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. Then you need to checkout Sault Ste. Marie Mi. St Mary's River is one of the best river in the U.P. Laker inn Motel has the best rates in the Sault us on our page
Hope this is the last time I have to cross the Mackinac Bridge. Michigan's Upper Peninsula is too far.
The trip to see mom in the Upper Peninsula will have to wait.
UPAWS (Upper Peninsula Animal Welfare Shelter) is in dire need of bedding for their animals! Please contact Jamie Karry or jamiekarryto make arrangements for pick-up or drop-off. She will be collecting old blankets, towels, sweatshirts, etc. for UPAWS to use as animal bedding and delivering it to them next weekend, January 12.
This family lost land in the Upper Peninsula's Duck Lake fire in 2012. This is how they are reforesting their...
Upper Peninsula Michigan Travel and Recreation in Michigan's UP. Information on lodging, hotels camping, hunting and fishing reports skiing, events and things to do in the UP.
I want to share this beautiful picture with my friends who have never seen this, or even been to Michigan or the United States. This is The Mackinac Bridge that connects the two peninsulas of Michigan...Michigan's Upper Peninsula and Michigan's Lower Peninsula. It looks especially beautiful in the winter and is over 5 miles long. I have crossed this bridge many times and it never ceases to thrill me! Nice shot, Island Airways and Angela LeFevre!!
The Mackinac Bridge that connect the Upper Peninsula with the Lower Peninsula 5 miles long.
Classrooms from around the Eastern Upper Peninsula in Michigan participated in Macy's Believe Campaign this past December. For each letter to Santa that Macy's receives during the holiday season, the organization donates $1.00 to the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Collectively, classrooms from: - Tahquamenon Elementary School in Newberry - Rudyard Elementary School in Rudyard - Pickford Elementary School in Pickford - Lincoln Elementary School, Soo Township Elementary School, Washington Elementary School, and St. Mary's Catholic School in Sault Ste. Marie practiced grammatical and letter writing skills and sent 300 letters to the Macy's Believe Campaign, equaling $300 to the Make-A-Wish Foundation.
Can it get any colder in the Upper Peninsula. The National Weather Service says it will. Brace yourself.
LSSU Offers Financial Aid Nights AND MI College Goal Sunday!! High school seniors and parents interested in learning more about college financial aid and its availability will get the opportunity through LSSU's annual Financial Aid Nights. Staff from LSSU's Financial Aid office will be visiting high schools around the Eastern Upper Peninsula and Northern Lower Peninsula throughout the month to talk to families. LSSU staff will discuss scholarships, grants, loans and employment programs and will advise students how to apply for student aid. Emphasis will be placed on eligibility requirements, how to evaluate an aid offer, and how to complete the FAFSA – all of which should be considered by students and parents, no matter which college the student will be attending. Participants will get an opportunity to ask questions. In addition, on February 9, 2014 LSSU and Sault Area High School will sponsor a free workshop (MI. College Goal Sunday) to help parents and students fill out the Free Application for Feder ...
"Upper Peninsula Animal Welfare Shelter" Community Fanpage ***URGENT NEED***BEDDING FOR THE PETS UPAWS is in urgent need of old clean bedding for our dogs and cats! If you have old bedding like old blankets, towels, old clothes like coats, sweaters etc. please donate! We are almost out - with this cold weather we are using more bedding than normal. Help our pets keep warm and cozy while they wait for their new homes. We are Open Today New Years Day! Please share!
Who from Midland lives in the Upper Peninsula? I'm in Marquette!
Warm wishes to you in 2014! This past year has brought us many incredible experiences, from festivals to wineries to battle of the bands, we are grateful for each and every opportunity. We continue to grow and learn from each other and can't wait to see what the next year will bring. Our winter concerts are just around the corner: Tomorrow, we make our debut in Munising at the Falling Rock Cafe & Bookstore at 7pm! Friday, we play at the Upper Peninsula Children's Museum at 8pm! Admission is free for these concerts, but we are accepting donations for the Superior String Alliance Summer Camp Scholarship Fund. Saturday, we wrap up our mini-tour with an all pop/rock set at the Island Resort & Casino at 7pm. Tickets are $5. We really hope to celebrate our 4th winter together and share our music with you!
Happy New Year from the cold, white, upper peninsula of Michigan
Snowboarding at Big Powderhorn in the Upper Peninsula. Highs of negative 10 and wind chill of negative 25.
What a cold night here in Upper Peninsula. Stay off the roads due to black ice.
Pine Mountain is the only resort in Michigan's Upper Peninsula where 2 kids ages 12 & under ski FREE with the purchase of each Adult lift ticket.
How to turn left in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan Please Like→ Caught On Camera
It's a battle here in the upper peninsula mike (cheesehead) me (bears baby)
If you can survive in Michigan's Upper Peninsula, you can survive anywhere. Holy. ***
You know your in the Upper Peninsula when you have to ask people if you have legs because you can no longer feel them
We spent Xmas in the Upper Peninsula. What a wonderful week with family. Had a lot of laughs and good times. It truly was a winder wonderland!
PEOPLE, February it's happening, Upper Peninsula ski-snowboarding weekend, let me know if you're interested! I'm working on prices now just need to see who is down so I can get a good idea of lodging :]
*** yeah EMAW!! If you have an upper peninsula YOU SUCK! Bowl champs!
Whether you're reading up on the history of the Upper Peninsula or looking for some new places to explore this year, it's always a good idea to have a few Upper
Rode snow mobiles all around the upper peninsula of Michigan yesterday with family. Woke up in Michigan, drove to Milwaukee. Flew to Minneapolis and then onto Pittsburgh. Just landed in Pittsburgh. About to jump in a car and head to Cleveland area for a holiday party. Staying busy and having fun!
Its a blistering 32 degrees in the upper peninsula breaking out suntan lotion n lawn chairs
On my way to the Great Upper Peninsula of the Great State of Michigan with my grandson and great nephew to visit his grandpa my very dear friend Roger. Great White North here we come. ROAD TRIP!!!
I need a trip to the Upper Peninsula soon... A Monday through Thursday trip sounds AMAZING right about now. I miss everything about it.
If you ever plan on visiting Michigan's Upper Peninsula stop in Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan to check out the Soo Locks or maybe toss a line in the St. Mary's River. Then if your looking for affordable motel check out Laker Inn Motel — in Sault Ste. Marie, Mi
The Upper Peninsula Power Company is sending crews to Flint to assist in power restoration in the Lower Peninsula
Nothing is better than an Upper Peninsula holiday weekend with "the Fam" and nothing is better than getting out with everyone and doing something together, be it, snowmobiling, skating, ice fishing. While showing off the area to everyone be be sure to show off one of the true gems of the Marquette area; Zero Degrees Gallery in the Village in Marquette. This gallery is made up of Upper Peninsula artists making beautiful sculpture, paintings, clothing, jewelry, woodwork, and just about anything Upper peninsula. A great stop for those who want to bring a little of the U.P. home with them!
We are in Newbery michigan in the upper peninsula, whitehall has about twice as much snow and the temp before we got here was 20 below zero.
Governor Rick Snyder has declared a State of Energy Emergency due to a temporary propane shortage in the Upper Peninsula.
Tug aids ice-bound vessels in Upper Peninsula: Sault Ste. Marie — The U.S. Coast Guard says one of it...
Interstate The Mackinac Bridge in Michigan carries I-75 across the Straits of Mackinac between lower Michigan and its Upper Peninsula. Designed by David Steinman, one of the 20th century's greatest bridge engineers, the 5-mile long Mackinac Bridge opened on November 1, 1957. THe first Michigan resident to cross the bridge: Governor G. Mennen Williams, who paid a toll of $3.25. Laker Inn Motel December 12, 2013 - 3:15 pm update - The snow continues to fall in the snow belts of Northern Lower Michigan and the Upper Peninsula. The Keweenaw Peninsula and portions of the Western U.P. are getting good amounts of snow and the groomers are out. Still early season conditions and some problematic areas. The Grand Marais area in the Eastern U.P. continues to get lake effect snow. Check the snow depth map to find out where the snow is. The snow belts in Northern Lower Michigan have also picked up good snow in the last week. Good snow totals west of *** and west of Cadillac - 18 inches this week at Caberfae Peaks - and in the Boardman Valley near Traverse City and also west of Traverse City in Benzie County. Groomers are out in Benzie County doing some packing and the Grand Traverse groomers are out doing some initial grooming work. It's been lake effect snow so the base will be thin and conditions will be early season. Don't expect a mid-winter ride. -- We'll keep you u ...
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Brockway Mountain Drive is an 8.883-mile (14.296 km) scenic highway just west of Copper Harbor in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan in the United States. Drivers can access the road from state highway M-26 on either end near Eagle Harbor to the west or Copper Harbor to the east in the Keweenaw Peninsula. The drive runs along the ridge of Brockway Mountain on the Keweenaw Fault and climbs to 1,320 feet (402 m) above sea level, 720 feet (220 m) above the surface of Lake Superior. Several viewpoints along the route allow for panoramas of Lake Superior, Copper Harbor, and undeveloped woodland. On a clear day, Isle Royale (approximately 50 miles (80 km) away) can be seen. Brockway Mountain was named for David D. Brockway, one of the pioneer residents of the area. The road was constructed by the county road commission with funding through Depression-era work programs in 1933. It was briefly used as a connection for the parallel state highway after it opened.
Here's the snow report for the Upper Peninsula so far! More coming!!
This takes me home. I don't mind cold, but cold without the beauty of freshly laid snow just isn't fair. Reminds me of a very special X-country ski field trip to Copper Harbor with the Northern Michigan University Natural History Club. I miss Christina M. Nordman, Phil Pavlik, Don Snitgen, Douger, Turtle Dave, Kermit (Kerwin Warner), Wild Bill Robinson, and all of the others that shared the natural world of the UP (Upper Peninsula of Michigan) - year round - with me.
“Church in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan talk about seclusion
Observations at an auction: Cheboygan, Michigan The auction begins at 2 PM. Sundays. Familiar faces file in, smiles, and greetings, it is a social function here. The audience takes their usual seats. Hope and optimism lights up their faces. The auctioneer arrives from 50 miles to the North of Cheboygan,Michigan, the "Upper Peninsula" of Michigan--- a red-faced, solid man with his wife-assistant, pleasant and smiling. All walks of life are here--the factory worker, the teacher, the office workers, and business owners. A cross section of America. The auction house gives free hot dogs, ice cream, popcorn, coffee, sodas, to all. It appears that many people come just for the free treats. Auctioneer begins. I observe that many people are still interested in old books, Time and Life and Look magazines, from 1950's, and old lace, blankets, clothing, and household items. Toys from earlier years are popular; Boxes of objects and books sell for minimal price, less than $5.00. I am pleased to see that some people ...
Next Saturday November 30 at 3:30 pm, local author Jerry Sarasin will read from his second novel, “Frozen Flamingo Blues,” and sign copies for those who ask nicely. The “Yooper” mystery, set on Michigan's Upper Peninsula in the wintertime, features Milo, a down-and-out blues musician. While he is trying to mend his relationship with his long-estranged brother, Milo gets caught between the mob and small-town residents who have hit upon a unique, if illegal, way to subsidize the local economy. Milo then has the bad fortune to fall in love. Jerry grew up on the Upper Peninsula, where they have two seasons: winter and the Fourth of July.
I'd take the bus but... Upper Peninsula
On This Day In Michigan History On Nov. 22, 1912, Herman Schuenemann, known as "Captain Santa," was last seen at Thompson, Mich., where he just began another voyage to Chicago for a Christmas tree sale. Schuenemann was a popular local figure who loaded up a schooner with Christmas trees chopped from the Upper Peninsula and delivered them to the needy families in Chicago each year. His schooner, Rouse Simmons, was spotted the next day and sank into the water. What happened to it is unknown. Source: Michigan Every Day
Today - Light Snow Hi 33° | Low 20° Warmer air moves in today. However, low pressure moving across southern Canada keeps strong southwesterly winds in the Monday forecast. It may not feel warmer factoring in those winds. Snow showers will develop across parts of eastern Upper Michigan in the morning. Also expecting spotty snow on the west end throughout the day. Tonight - Scattered Snow Winds shifting out of the west/northwest behind that Canadian low pressure system means colder air and lake effect snow showers move in. Accumulating snow is expected across the northern half of the Upper Peninsula, especially in the northwest wind belts. Coolest reading will fall into the teens in the western interior.
Nothing like hauling buckets of water to the goat, cow, geese, and chickens on a beautiful upper peninsula blustery day...
If you live in Michigan's Eastern Upper Peninsula, you know today's sky photo is NOT from this morning, but I...
At least 11 wolves have been killed during Michigan’s wolf hunt in the Upper Peninsula
If every one of my wonderful fans bought a copy of my 50 Hikes in Michigan's Upper Peninsula book, I wouldn't have...
Consulting company moves to Charleston’s upper peninsula
White House fixes map error after missing Upper Peninsula
I actually grew up in a culture very similar to that. The Upper Peninsula of MI. Think Canada without the poshness.
From the Marquette office on how the winds will affect the Upper Peninsula.
Deer hunting has been really tough here in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. Extremely poor weather turned into extremely cold weather. My Camp has only 1 buck so far. But I'll be at the Cabin thru muzzle season 12-15. But best of luck to my fellow Pro Staffers in Pennsylvania for opening day tomorrow. Tim Olsen-Pro Staff
Can u please come to the Upper Peninsula in Michigan I love love love love your music u r a big importation to me plz come sometime thanks
I am changing the name of this page to "" We are still "Upper Peninsula Flies," but The Fly Fishing Dream - With Jenn and Grace Rose Photography suggested the name change for the page to get more traffic on my webpage. Thank you for everything, Everyone!
Okay Natalia Soumis here are my 9 things some people don't know about me: 1. I am a big hot-head. Only the people closest to me see this. I am fortunate that those people still love me after my tantrums. I'm working on it, and one day when I grow up hopefully I won't be that way. 2. On my days off I watch Jerry Springer and Maury Povich to make me feel better about myself, and know I'm happy that I will know who the father of my children is. 3. I have lived in Michigan my entire life, I have yet to go to the upper peninsula. 4. The only thing that I ever pay full price for is groceries (sometimes). I shop the clearance racks and use a lot of coupons. 5. I have this phobia about things that are hot catching on fire. I even take pictures of these things (candles, heaters, curling irons, etc) so that if I worry I can look at the picture. 6. I was at one time mistakened for a boy. In my defense it was a old nun and she had thick glasses. 7. I would like to learn how to weld and do wood work. I like to be crea ...
They need to move to the upper Peninsula
We have brown on the ground in the Upper Peninsula. Beautiful 8 pointer.
We got brown on the ground up here in the upper peninsula of Michigan
My book, Michigan's Upper Peninsula, is now available as an ebook for $4.99!!
Been years but got into some brookies in the Michigan's Upper Peninsula on the Presque Isle River
If the upper peninsula got a football team would you support them over the lions if they were better?
Andy and I are home from Marquette. Sure do love our upper peninsula. The way of life and the people up there are awesome. Wouldn't want to live there in the winter, left today to about 6 inches of snow, 8 degrees and wind chill -10.
THIS IS HOW CANADA WORKS.. OKAY? The only usage of eh? that is exclusive to Canada and some regions of Michigan's Upper Peninsula, northern Wisconsin, and northern Minnesota, according to the Canadian Oxford Dictionary, is for "ascertaining the comprehension, continued interest, agreement, etc., of the person or persons addressed" as in, "It's four kilometres away, eh, so I have to go by bike." In that case, eh? is used to confirm the attention of the listener and to invite a supportive noise such as "Mm" or "Oh" or "Okay". This usage may be paraphrased as "I'm checking to see that you're [listening/following/in agreement] so I can continue." Grammatically, this usage constitutes an interjection; functionally, it is an implicit request for back-channel communication. "Eh" can also be added to the end of a declarative sentence to turn it into a question. For example: "The weather is nice." becomes "The weather is nice, eh?" This same phrase could also be taken as "The weather is nice, don't you agree?". In ...
I love the Upper Peninsula! Most everyone here is Catholic so it's easy to find a mass at any time ☺️
The only viable solution for long-suffering fans is to pretend they live in the Upper Peninsula so they can become fans.
Lake Superior upper peninsula Michigan, houghton Hancock airport, my house is bigger then the airport, more wolves then deer in lake linden the DNR lied to me about the deer herd there
It sure would of been nice to watch Michigan's Detroit lions in the upper peninsula of Michigan on tv today but oh ya Wisconsin's green bay packers were playing cannot even get the game on the radio
18 years ago Amy called from work. She told me that our caseworker called her and told Amy that she had a baby boy for us. This was the culmination of 13 years of waiting and wanting. We had been married for almost 17 years and never thought it would happen. The news came the day before Thanksgiving and believe me, the news gave us much to be thankful for. Matthew came into our lives one week later and he was only seven weeks old. All of Amy's family came over that night. My parents lived in the Upper Peninsula and it was too far to travel, but I am sure they wanted to be there as well. That was the happiest year of our lives. You know that feeling when you have butterflies in your stomach? That feeling has never fully gone away. I hope it never goes away.
Learning a lot living in the upper peninsula of Michigan
Michigan is better though. you guys are all fancy with your Upper Peninsula
I live in the upper peninsula of Michigan, and omf there's so much snow.
I'll truly blessed to live in such a beautiful state and have a gorgeous Upper Peninsula to vacation to.
$PZZI Some Michigan's Best Pizza stops for you trips to the Upper Peninsula, Detroit ...
Today - Scattered Snow Hi 19° | Low 6° Lake effect snow warnings will expire by noon. The snow will taper off from west to east and leave just a few lingering snow showers behind. It will be a chilly day with highs only in the teens. Tonight - Light Snow Chance of light snow across the Upper Peninsula as the next low pressure inches closer
Wolf update for Michigan, as of Saturday! I better get moving, and head to the upper peninsula soon!~Brandy
“Church in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan why so many mi pics omg
Today I'm thankful for the wonderful place I live. The Upper Peninsula is such a beautiful part of the world, surrounded by the Great Lakes. The people here are the sort of friendly, helpful, intelligent, and kind neighbors everyone wishes for. Although Escanaba faces challenges these days, as many cities do, we celebrated our sesquicentennial this summer with a spectacular week and a half long series of special events. Children here still get a good education, and our public schools still value sports and the fine arts nearly equally. Although I'm not a fan of winter, I'm happy to live in a part of the world that has four beautiful seasons. I'm blessed to live here!
The Northern Bear Remover A man in Michigan 's Upper Peninsula wakes up one morning to find a bear on his roof. So he looks in the yellow pages and sure enough..there's an ad for "Up North Bear Removers." He calls the number and the bear remover says he'll be over in 30 minutes. The bear remover arrives and gets out of his van. He's got a ladder, a baseball Bat, 12-gauge shotgun, and a mean heavily scarred old pit bull. "What are you going to do?" the homeowner asks. "I'm going to put this ladder up against the roof, then I'm going to go up there and knock the bear off the roof with this baseball bat. When the bear falls off the roof, the pit bull is trained to grab his *** and not let go. The bear will then be subdued enough for me to put him in the cage in the back of the van." He then hands the shotgun to the homeowner. "What's the shotgun for?" asks the homeowner. "If the bear knocks me off the roof, shoot the dog.
I am hoping for Hawaii as my pod. With my luck it will be the upper peninsula of MI.
Day 23 ~ I am thankful that I have have been able to travel to so many places! As far south as Key West & New Mexico, east to the states along the ocean, west to Colorado and north through parts of Canada & the Upper Peninsula.
The MITTEN Dictionary. Michigander: A person from Michigan(this is probably actually a nationwide term, not really just a local thing). The U.P.: I've seldom heard a Michigander say "The Upper Peninsula". It sounds so formal! Perhaps it's only said when teaching someone what U.P. means. You say each letter like You + Pea, not like the direction "up". Up North: This is where you go if you're traveling within Michigan. Fudgies: This is what Michiganders call tourists visiting the Northern parts of Michigan. Trolls: This is what Yoopers call those living in the lower peninsula. This is because they live "under" the bridge. Yoopers: This is what people from the upper peninsula are called. Flatlanders: What Yoopers call those from the Lower Peninsula. The Mitten:(proper noun, it's the name of a state for Pete's sake!) This refers to the State of Michigan, because on a map, it's shaped like a mitten. Mittens are of extreme importance to Michiganders because it can get fairly cold here
I want to earn money, move to the upper peninsula and hang myself when the money runs out
Hey Bob you guys have plans to investigate Michigan's Upper Peninsula anytime soon?
Hey Bob you guys ever going to investigate the Upper Peninsula of Michigan?
Two Upper Peninsula high school football teams are heading to Ford Field for the state finals. Ishpeming pounded Harbor Beach, 44-10, in a Division Seven semifinal today at the Superior Dome. Menominee did the same to Muskegon Oakridge, 59-28, in a Division Five semifinal. Forest Park played hard but lost to Beal City, 34-18, in Division Eight. Good luck to the Hematites and Maroons next weekend.
Long , hard , rough and straight up tough 6 weeks for you guys this time around. From cold *** Upper Peninsula Michigan snow and ice to sunny Florida. You guys worked your *** off. Much appreciated!!! Go enjoy your much needed time off! See y'all next week! Safe travels.
LANSING, Mich. (AP) - At least 10 wolves have been killed during Michigan's wolf hunt in the Upper Peninsula.
The lower peninsula is like the upper peninsula's ugly sibling
10 wolves have been killed. :-( I wonder what the DNR is going to do with the money collected from wolf killer licences. Over 1000 were sold. $100 for Michigan residents $500 for out of state. Do the math! I wonder how much of that DNR $ money will be used in the Upper Peninsula? I think All should be used in the UP.
Crazy snow coming down in the MI Upper Peninsula so all the flights are cancelled out of Traverse City. I'm bummed. It looks like Madeline Duvall Bawden will get home tomorrow am instead of tonight and she will be flying out of Grand Rapids instead since it is clear.
The Upper Peninsula is covered by a giant band of lake effect snow! Wait, this happens every WINTER!!! Multiple times every WINTER!!! Yep, I'll take earthquakes!
...taking a family road trip to Upper Peninsula for Thanksgiving festivities.To everybody who's into it, enjoy your extended, turkey infused weekend. Go Bucks!
How the State of Michigan Ended Up with a Wolf Hunt Eric Baerren / Morning Sun / November 21, 2013 Last week marked the first day of that annual seasonal rite in Michigan, deer hunting. Lots of people actually started last month, but it’s the first day of firearms season that kids get the day off school. It was also the first day of Michigan’s first hunting season for wolves. According to media reports, the first wolf was shot in the Upper Peninsula by a hunter from Jackson County. The hunter in question said that the hunt is necessary because wolves have become a menace to livestock and pets in the Upper Peninsula. A general hunt, however, is not a good way to reduce the number of nuisance animals. For instance, the city of Mt. Pleasant a few years ago held an inner-city deer hunt because deer were eating people’s hedges and raiding gardens. The hunt was unsuccessful because the deer simply moved into property where hunters were forbidden entry. If you want to get rid of nuisance animals, you go af ...
The town of my birth...Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan on the Upper Peninsula
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So apparently this doctor in Marquette is kind of a *** Like House but without the sense of human decency, ability to empathize, or any exceptional skills in medicine. Otherwise, though, spot on. I mean, I guess I can see why. He's a big guy in the largest city in the Upper Peninsula, probably graduated in the top half of his class from the University of Phoenix.
16 things about me: 1. I was born in Flint Michigan 2. My parents divorced when I was 5. 3. I was raised in Escanaba Michigan in the Upper Peninsula 4. I took voice lessons as a teenager 5. I graduated high school in 1990 6. In the summer of 1992 I worked at Yellowstone National Park 7. From 1992 to 1998 I traveled all over the US working in different National Parks 8. I met my husband over a phone dating service in 1996 9. I moved to Nashville Tennessee in 1998 10. I married my husband, Stoney Dean Moore, in April 2002 11. My mother passed away in June 2002 12. Moved to North Carolina in 2005 13. Moved to Tulsa in 2008 to attend ORU 14. Widowed in April 2012 15. Graduated with Bachelor's in Theology from ORU in 2012 16. Currently working toward a MBA with an emphasis in nonprofit business at ORU. Like this and I will give you a number.
It's great to see such good support for the Upper Peninsula Honor Flight. Good job Marine Corps League and VFW!
Missed the talk about in Listen to the interview with DNR Wildlife Biologist Brian Roell.
1. I love my daughter Emilee more than anything else in the world 2. I drive school bus and this has to be the first job that I have truly loved 3. My favorite pet was Chelsea...a blue heeler 4. I graduared in 1986 from Bath High School And would not have traded that or the people there for the world 5. I am a photographer 6. I love the upper peninsula of Michigan I was given 6, like thos and I will send you a number to join in the fun
Just spent the day making food for the guys going to hunting camp. I made ven. chilly, home made bread, chocolate chip cookies, and strawberry,blueberry muffins. Sent some home made strawberry jam too. This is not your fancy hunting camp... There is a weasel that likes to enjoy a snack or two. Bewear if you should have a few beers befor going to bed. One time when one of the hunters was fast to sleep, the weasel took some of the deer corn, and used this hunters chest for his dinner table. Imagine the hunters suprise. when he woke up and found his chest full of corn. Oh yes, beware of the bat! another time, a hunter went out side to go to the bathroom. While he was taking care of busness, a bat flu on his face and attached himself. Well it may not be much of a camp to look at... but it sure is a fun place to be, and any one whoes been there , well always have a story or two. (Lots of laughs) Many hunters have gotten their names on the wall of fame for the deer they got at this little upper peninsula camp. ...
Weatherization & Efficiency Programs available in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan: .
ESCANABA - There have been 22 confirmed cougar sightings in the Upper Peninsula although DNR Wildlife Biologist Brian Roell says several of the sightings were probably of the same animal. That’s the case with two recent sightings in Marquette County. He told a group at Bay College in Escanaba Thursd...
Thursdays are the best days to make an appointment at the Upper Peninsula Medical Center. . WHY? . Because you can get tacos, of course!
Introduction Isle Royale is an island on Lake Superior, with about 450 smaller islands on its interior lakes and around its coastline. The main island is 45 miles long and 14 miles wide at its widest point. It lies 56 miles from Copper Harbor, Michigan, and 15 miles from Canada. Isle Royale and the Keweenaw Peninsula in Michigan are two ends of the longest lava flow on Earth. Isle Royale is a place of immense beauty and serenity. It is known for its isolation, backpacking, canoeing, scuba diving, beautiful views and unspoiled inland lakes. More people visit Yellowstone National Park in one day than Isle Royale in one year. Northern Sunset A Short History of Isle Royale Before the arrival of European settlers, Native Americans had been mining copper on Isle Royale for thousands of years, its permanent inhabitants being mostly coyotes and caribou. In the 1840’s, several mining companies arrived, looking for the rich veins of copper and iron so prevalent in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. To aid their search ...
I would come down with a cold on a business trip. Went to pharmacy said, "give me the strongest behind the counter, meth head stuff you have". I'll see everyone in 12 hours. Also, fun fact, the upper peninsula of Michigan is cold.
Mackinac Bridge from Lower Peninsula Michigan to Upper Peninsula Michigan...right now. I remember when it was so windy a Yugo flew off the side and into the really deep Lake Michigan. The rescue was hindered by a week of storms.
.exhibit "The Upper Peninsula" at 254 Elizabeth St location in NYC starts tomorrow.
The beauty of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, Iron Mountain, MI!.
Thanks, Shawn! I was a little concerned somebody was going to give me some insane number, like 20, but five is actually perfect. A few of these can be found in several places on the web where I "live," but not everybody knows them, so here goes: 1. Tipping the scales at just a little over 400 lbs., I once tried to get on THE BIGGEST LOSER to help me with my weight. After trying three times, both in person and by mail, I stopped trying. Lost over 100 in 2010, then gained it all back, with change. 2. My father was going to try and shoot me once, during a VERY intense confrontation. The oldest of my two sisters got in his face and stopped him. And so it goes. 3. I've had sex with exactly one woman in my life. (I had foreplay with another, but that doesn't count.) The kinda-straight best friend who I was in love with at the time set me up with her. Obviously, even though I was able to consummate our four-hour long "relationship", the attempt to "straighten" me out didn't take. 4. I couldn't get into ga ...
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Date and City/State for a joint meeting between our positive and proactive members of the Upper Peninsula ORV Trail Development Association and the Positive and proactive members of the Wisconsin ATV Association, ATV Association of Minnesota has been set. Just as the UP ORV TDA believes strongly in working together with ORV Clubs, Riders, Chambers, Tourism Associations in the UP, we're also proud to work together with our friends in WATVA and ATVAM! (submitted by Skip Schulz, UP ORV TDA President)
I am thankful that I was born and raised a Yooper. I appreciate the beauty of the Upper Peninsula and life in a small town so much more, after being a desert dweller for 15 years. I am thankful for pasties, time spent at camp and the fact that Jim's Dairy Kreme hasn't changed one single bit since the beginning of time.
DID YOU KNOW ABRAHAM LINCOLN FILED FOR BANKRUPTCY MORE THAN ONCE? Nearly every person I speak to regarding the need to file bankruptcy tells me how ashamed they feel by the prospect of going bankrupt. They explain to me how they have always paid their bills and that no matter how hard they try, they cannot pay down their debts and are falling further and further behind. They feel they are alone, hopeless and are filled with despair. They feel they are bad people because of their financial situation and somehow deserve to suffer harsh consequences. The purpose of this post is dispel the perceived stigma of bankruptcy. The stigma affects a person's decision to exercise their Constitutional Rights and release themselves from overwhelming by getting a fresh start. To begin with, it is creditors who promote the moral stigma of bankruptcy and make consumers feel terrible because they can no longer afford to pay their bills. And why not? Creditors have everything to gain by shaming, cajoling, browbeating and i . ...
we planned a trip to the upper peninsula to rent a cabin for 3 nights and 4 days for 180$... including gas and rent stay . WHO TRYNA GO ?!!!
In a few hours ill be in the upper peninsula. Heck yeah.
Thank God picture includes Michigan's Upper Peninsula! Obamacare's map left it out. He's not good w/ american geography
Here's a look at the view from the Peninsula Point Lighthouse. What are some of your favorite views in the Upper...
There's snow on the ground here in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. What winter sports are you looking forward to?
43 wolves to be killed in hunt beginning Friday in Michigan's Upper Peninsula
via Local4News » 43 gray wolves to be killed in Michigan hunt ✔
Back on June 1, 2013 some brand spanky new relationships began. A group of 5 committed individuals got together for the first time to form what would become the BNI - Referral Rainmakers, looking to build from the ground up the newest chapter of BNI Wisconsin & Upper Peninsula Michigan. Next week Tuesday the Referral Rainmakers Chapter will celebrate their charter by holding their Kick-Off Meeting as the newest chapter of BNI Wisconsin! Who do you know that is looking to do more business by referral? We would love to have YOU join us at our Kick-Off meeting on November 19, 2013, Open Networking begins at 6:45 A.M. and the Meeting will end at 9:00 A.M. We will be interviewing for a home inspector, a handyman, a commercial banker, a personal banker, an auto repair firm, an HVAC firm, a recruiter, a business machines representative just to name a few. Come join us at the Western Racquet Club 1800 Highland Dr, Elm Grove, WI 53122 to network with these committed individuals to develop some new business ...
Ok , 76 on Monday , 46 yesterday , and down to 28 this morning then back to 80 by Saturday ! What part of this week in Texas do you not like ? My 0pinion is that Larry Porterfield and Mark David Cantrell , can pull their cold weather back to the upper peninsula in Michigan ! LOL
I get passionate sometimes. That "sometimes" is not discriminatory in its timing. I'm unappreciative of the inappropriate timing of "passion during a blizzard in upper peninsula.." But far be it for me to resist passion. (I like good conversations)
Happy Hump Day Upper Peninsula!. The weather is getting cold and we have a large amount of furniture that has...
For all the times I've driven across this continent, today was first time through the upper peninsula. Stunning.
A letter I sent via website to the Detroit Lions Organization. I wanted to share it with you all. Please send them more. To Whom it May Concern, I am not sure that your organization is aware of the fact that there are many loyal fans who live in the Upper Peninsula, specifically in the Central to Western Upper Peninsula who cannot watch the Lions on Sunday on regular cable because the television station in the area has instead chose to put the Packers on ahead of the Lions because it seems to believe that this is Packer country ahead of Lions country and their advertisers seem to believe that this is the case as well. And because of that in the fans from Michigan cannot watch their true home team play. I know that Art Van, one of your major advertisers, has begun the process of opening up a store in the Marquette area. I know that there is a very successful Big Boy's restaurant in this area as well as in the Manistique area. The fact is most "yooper" fans up here still like the Red Wings and the Tig ...
Good Wednesday morning 21 degrees outside 15 inches in Stevenson Michigan that has to be the Upper Peninsula stay warm people much love have a good day
My number is 11 1. I hate scary movies 2. I love Tosh.O 3. I would spend every second of my life with Chad if possible 4. I HATE washing dishes, but do twice a day 5. I write everything down and make a zillion lists 6. I cant ride/drive without music 7. I LOVE Charlie Hunnam 8. I used to live in Michigan in the Upper Peninsula 9. I absolutely LOVE being a mommy and getting to stay home and watch them grow everyday 10. Sometimes only at night I get bad anxiety about me or my family dying 11. I stay stressed out from November to January because my life is sooo busy. Like & Ill give you a number :)
In the back folders and pots of X. Ink there have accumulated a large amount of inspirational and interesting things. So in order to just release as much as possible in one fell swoop we have decided to make a note including quotes, links and contemplations. Please feel free to add some of your own things in the comments section and let the sharing grow:   Song: Fish Artist: Clara C Link: is someone you love? What does that love look/feel/taste/smell/sound like?   Title: A drink of summer rain Link: power do the little things have in your life?   Song: A Tooth For An Eye Artist: The Knife Link: is gender? What are the lyrics of your identity?     "As we age, the web tightens. The gender transgressions of infancy are no longer as amusing or accepted in childhood; childhoods are increasingly unwelcome by puberty; and the gender experimentation of puberty must be abandoned by early adulthood, when all young men and women are expected to be… men and women.And only men and women. This ostensibly “n ...
Wednesday News-- Partly cloudy and windy with a high of 40 - County prosecutors and prison guards would be allowed to carry concealed pistols into so-called "gun-free zones" under legislation approved Tuesday by Michigan's Republican-led House. The three-bill package would apply to current or former county prosecutors and assistant prosecutors, along with retired corrections officers, parole officers, probation officers and some federal law enforcement officers. Michigan law currently prohibits most concealed pistol permit holders from bringing their weapon into a school, day care center, sports stadium, bar, church, hospital, large entertainment venue, casino, college dorms or classrooms. An Upper Peninsula man died after falling 70 feet while collecting firewood near a waterfall at Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore. Franklin Sade, 24, was camping with another person near the top of Miners Falls when he fell early Monday. U.S. Parks Service Acting Chief Ranger Bill Smith said the terrain of the site is s ...
Ever consider coming to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan? You'd love it!
omg that's gotta suck :( but I swear to god nobody ever comes to the upper peninsula of Michigan
Nice tour through Upper Peninsula MI last week - Houghton, Marquette, Iron Mountain and Escanaba, then Rhinelander WI. Off to NYC later this week. Now there's one extreme to the other!
Living in the middle of a National Forest in the . Upper Peninsula of Michigan, I lost the dream. . Let’s face...
Today I am thankful for Karl Bohnak.. And all the other local celebrities we have around the UP, Vickie Crystal, Buck, Carl Pelonpaa, Goofus, Jim Koski, Perky, etc etc etc.. They are part of the heart and soul of the Upper Peninsula and know how to pronounce the cities, townships, and Last names correctly :)
Professors exchange education information for two weeks during visit Tot ziens. Näkemiin. After spending two weeks in the Kankakee area, plus side trips, two visiting professors have returned to their homelands. KCC’s John Bordeau and Charlie Cooke hosted Jan Heutink from The Netherlands and Panu Kosonen from Finland. Their visit to KCC was part of an exchange program offered through the Illinois Consortium for International Studies and Programs. In May 2014, John will travel to The Netherlands and Charlie will travel to Finland for exchange visits to Jan and Panu’s colleges. They are all pictured at right, on Oct. 14. “It’s been very entertaining and very educational at the same time,” Jan said on one of his final days at KCC. At KCC, he attended a number of classes and made a presentation about his country and their education system. “I’d seen it on TV,” he said about America. “There were big cars and important people. I wanted to see what is ‘normal.’” He wanted to meet people ...
Parked at the consignee to unload in the morning. Freezing cold up here in the upper Peninsula.
RIVER ROUGE — Nearly forty years ago, 29 crewmen perished Nov. 10, 1975 when the SS Edmund Fitzgerald was lost in Lake Superior. That’s why there were 29 lanterns lit Sunday night on the anniversary of the sinking of the SS Edmund Fitzgerald. The ship, which was built in a shipyard that straddled the boundary of River Rouge and Ecorse, was bound for Zug Island when it disappeared in a large storm on Lake Superior. Researchers found the freighter broken into two pieces in the lake near Whitefish Point in the Upper Peninsula. Though many theories have circulated, no one yet knows what caused the vessel to sink. Roscoe Clark, 53, one of the organizers of the memorial event, said it’s the mystery that keeps people interested in the ship. “The mystery isn’t solved,” he said. “It’s just who we are as humans. We’d like to know.” Bagpipes played Sunday in Belanger Park as family members of the crew, people who worked on the ship and others who simply are interested in the ship gathered to mark ...
A belated "Thank you" for all of the birthday wishes. I spent my birthday visiting a special friend in Wisconsin whose birthday is the day after mine. Had a great time touring the upper peninsula of Door County and seeing some of their lighthouses. It is a picturesque place.reminds me alot of Maine.
Go if you can go! “Opening Thursday: The Upper Peninsula
Another vignette of wonder from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.
I saw one in he Upper Peninsula once, it was cool.
Samples arrived today. I have Footbeds, Solo Helmet Insert Pad with Kevlar, Halo for soft caps with Kevlar, Maxx, and finally the Invincible shirt worn by 12 NFL Franchise QBs. See Advanced Sports Protection Upper Peninsula.
Michigan bothers me. Why is it split in half? Why can't the upper peninsula just be Wisconsin? Why am I thinking about this?
Arthur Dodge, you doing manly work in Michigan's Upper Peninsula is a time honored tradition in my family. They cut all the trees down. They also lived in tents most of the year. Those three women, Nora Susan Evans, and Pa, and her two daughters and their husbands lived next door to each other in three identical tents. They always brought the upright piano with them on the train. Every one of them would tell you they were the best years of their lives. They also made a lot of pasties. Annette, pasties!
My husband is one happy hunter tonight. He got a five pointer with his bow in the upper peninsula this afternoon. We have deer meat for the freezer.!!
What bad luck that a girl has me of all people critiquing class projects when she leaves the Upper Peninsula of her Michigan design. I hope I wasn't too harsh.
Just for my own curiosity...I live in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. We have WINTER going on here, and while that's...
Maybe I am an indigenous person? My great grandfather came from Norway and settled in the area if Wisconsin in the 1800s. There are an estimated 30,000 people living in North America who are either Sami, or descendants of Sami.[103] Most have settled in areas that are known to have Norwegian, Swedish and Finnish immigrants. Some of these concentrated areas are Minnesota, North Dakota, Iowa, Wisconsin, the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, Illinois, California, Washington, Utah and Alaska; and throughout Canada, including the Canadian territories of the Northwest Territories, Yukon, and the territory now known as Nunavut. Descendants of these Sami immigrants typically know little of their heritage, because their ancestors purposely hid their indigenous culture to avoid discrimination from the dominating Scandinavian or Nordic culture. Though some of these Sami are diaspora that moved to North America in order to escape assimilation policies in their home countries, many continued to downplay their Sami culture ...
well good, because I don't like smelly hairy upper peninsula girls.
Living in the upper peninsula of Michigan *** so hard most of the time. Summer not as much but this place is still a total rock pile.
Meanwhile, as people cross this five mile suspension bridge from Michigan's upper peninsula to the lower peninsula in some incredibly intimidating conditions... Cc: Danny Turkette
HOUGHTON — Despite the economic benefits of mining, the instability and other drawbacks mean the western Upper Peninsula is better off looking...
I hate snow. I went to school in the upper peninsula of michigan. Never again.
Thank you to the Waara family from Iron River in the Upper Peninsula for a beautiful Christmas Tree for the Capitol.
Park planned for the Upper Peninsula called the Lowcountry Lowline
The upper peninsula could soon see its very own inspired park: the Lowcountry Lowline
The Northern Tier will continue to see unpleasant weather as a low pressure system races along the Canadian border. Meanwhile, the reign of quiet weather will be seen and felt across the rest of the U.S. Heres your weekend outlook. Saturday: The low pressure causing disturbances in the Northern Tier of the U.S. will bring rain and snow showers to the Upper Midwest and Upper Great Lakes on Saturday. Residents of northern Minnesota and Michigan`s Upper Peninsula will be the ones having to break out the snow gear and shovels while the rest of Michigan and northern Wisconsin will want an umbrella close by. Temperatures will be chilly with highs in the 30s and 40s. Late-afternoon and evening showers will put a damper on outdoor plans in the Northeast as the low pressure makes its way across the Great Lakes. Rain will continue overnight and into Sunday. Temperatures in the Northeast will be in the brisk 40s and 50s. Besides small trouble spots bringing scattered showers to the Pacific Northwest and southern Flo ...
Hey White House, where's the Upper Peninsula? I know the story of Obama asking, "what language do you speak up here?"
Pure Michigan Mount Bohemia in the Upper Peninsula is a contender for the title of Best Place to Ski in North America in Powder Magazine's 2014 Ski Town Throwdown. Vote for Mount Bohemia in today’s match-up here: you been skiing or snowboarding at Mount Bohemia?
Michigan State Ferry Album When the Mackinac Bridge opened to traffic on November 1, 1957, car ferry service between Mackinaw City and St. Ignace ended. In 34 years of service, the ferries operated by the Department of State Highways carried approximately 12 million vehicles and more than 30 million passengers across the Straits of Mackinac. Most travelers, including many who made regular crossings, viewed the passing of the state ferries with mixed emotions. The new $100 million bridge came as a blessing and a necessity, boosting tourist traffic in the Upper Peninsula and helping economic development. Driving by auto high above the blue waters of the Straits is a memorable experience. But the leisurely five-mile ferry trip was a thrill of its own. For many passengers, it was their only experience aboard a ship. The majestic panorama of the Straits, with Mackinac Island in the background, is one that few who stood on the decks of the ferries will forget. Even more exciting were the winter crossings aboard ...
Happy Friday to all! This chilly fall weather has got us all thinking about warm places to visit, so we thought a good question for this week's edition of Friday Favorites would be: What is your favorite trip destination? See what our staff said then share your favorite vacation destination with us! Enjoy the weekend everyone! -Tim (Principal): Yosemite National Park, California -Sara (Accountant): Honolulu, Hawaii -Wes (Project Manager): Marathon, Florida -Sam (Designer): Palenquemx, Mexico -Rachel (Admin.): Peterborough, New Hampshire -Chelsey (Graphic Design): China -Marita (Designer): Mesa, Arizona -Mike (CAD/Design): Aruba -Ben (Project Manager): Megril, Jamaica -Chad (Sr. CAD Tech): Mt. Bohemia, Upper Peninsula, Michigan
Jeff Klugiewicz, Rob Diquattro, T.J. Henderson, Nick Wilbat, Anthony Loconte, Ryan Wayne and myself headed out on an excursion to loop Lake Michigan and scope out the Upper Peninsula, while camping out along the way. We stopped in a few cities, rode some bikes, took a ferry over to Mackinac Island a...
As I posted late last nite, we've arrived safely home. Sunday we drove 800km thru Minnesota and Wisconsin to the Michigan border and overnited in Ironwood. We woke up Monday morning to a winter wonderland. The drive thru the Upper Peninsula was quiet, the sanders had been out, so the roads were clear. Driving south from the Mackinac Bridge we ran into rain showers. We had supper at Long John Silver's in Flint, MI. The drive from Flint to Port Huron was clear and the traffic, light. The border crossing was quick, less than 5 minutes. The drive from Sarnia was rainy. Yesterday's drive covered 1,190km. It was a long but easy two day drive as the traffic was light except around Saginaw and Flint. Thanks again to our Winnipeg family, including Herb and Shirley, for their hospitality.
LANSING, MI (AP)-- All 83 Michigan counties can allow off-road recreation vehicles on road shoulders under legislation signed by Governor Rick Snyder. Enlarge image Credit Current law lets eight counties in the Lower Peninsula and every county in Upper Peninsula authorize the vehicles on local road shoulders. Laws signed Wednesday allow ORV’s on more roads if municipalities pass an ordinance. Local governments can ask the state transportation department for permission to allow off-road vehicles on highway shoulders, not including interstates. One law will expand off-road vehicle uses not requiring a license. Snyder says the laws will boost tourism by making it easier to enjoy off-road vehicles. The bills were sponsored by Republican Reps. Joel Johnson of Clare and Jon Bumstead of Newaygo, along with GOP Sen. Tom Casperson of Escanaba.
Traveled to Munising, Mi today. Saw beautiful views of Lake Michigan and Lake Superior in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. There were also beautiful waterfalls and the leaves are starting to turn. Tomorrow we take a boat cruise on Lake Superior along the Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore.
Just got back from a wonderful two week vacation. Gene and I drove up to Benton Harbor, MI to visit our dear friend, Becky (glass blowing artist extraordinaire!). Thanks so much to her for showing us around the art district and sharing her favorite haunts with us for the night/day we were there. Then on up the western side of Michigan to Traverse City and Mackinaw City. Had a blast with the ferry ride to Mackinac Island. Lake Michigan/Huron, the weather and the wineries were all superb! Continued on, driving through the Upper Peninsula (Copper Harbor and Lake Superior were gorgeous!), across northern Wisconsin and into Minnesota to Lake Itasca State Park. (And, 'Yes', we did walk across the Mississippi at its point of origin, flowing out of Lake Itasca.) Completed the vacation by driving the Great River Road back to STL with very important stops in Austin, MN (The SPAM museum is NOT to be missed!), Burlington, IA (Thank you so much Ray, Barb and Keri Mendenhall for your gracious and warm hospitality! Visi ...
is wrong twice. It's spelled Sault Ste. Marie and it's in the Upper Peninsula!!
New bike race planned for Upper Peninsula - Houston Chronicle
Tagged! Here I am (on the right) crossing the Mackinaw Bridge to Michigan's Upper Peninsula and onward to Sault S...
Former sheriff to run for Congress in the Upper Peninsula. Sounds cold!
Ret. Nat'l Guard Gen. Jerry Cannon (D) running for a seat that got away in 2012 - MI-1 (Upper Peninsula)
DNR’s Eastern Upper Peninsula Citizens' Advisory Council to meet Aug. 15 in Newberry
Michigan Upper Peninsula coal-fired power plant may be added to list of closures due to loss of major customer
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