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Upper Peninsula

The Upper Peninsula of Michigan is the northern of the two major land masses that make up the U.S.

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I swear the people in the upper peninsula are a different kind of breed
I'm about to crack 8,000 fans for my 50 Hikes in Michigan's Upper Peninsula page. According to my records, less...
oh no! Where are you in Michigan, upper or Lower Peninsula? I'm headed to Michigan next week--always a challenge 2know what 2pack
How can you forget the UP? To a Yooper, nothing is more irksome than when the Upper Peninsula gets l
reppin' HDEU way up in the Upper Peninsula in MI man! See ya at Faster Horses!
A new found love for the Upper Peninsula of Michigan today hiking cliffs trails hills and waterfalls…
reppin' HDEU from the Upper Peninsula in Michigan!
I used to play ice hockey in the Upper Peninsula of I was small, but scrappy in the corners.
2 PM on July 8th and it's in the 50s in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Normal high for July 8th in Marquette, MI: 76°
If you are looking for some family fun on a rainy day, check out the Upper Peninsula Children's Museum. The...
New Staff Helps to Bring Life Into U.P. Incubator Farm: A farm site at the MSU Upper Peninsula Research and...
Best trade in history: dealt the Toledo strip for most of the upper peninsula in the 1830's. What a steal!
nope! Living in the Upper Peninsula unfortunately, come visit me😿
More visitors head up to the U.P. for the holiday weekend -- some stay.
Blackrocks Brewery serves up great beer from Michigan&Upper Peninsula
I'll be kayaking more miles than I drive in a typical day and living off of Clif bars for a week. see you soon, upper peninsula. 😈
Small towns in the UP were overflowing with holiday weekend visitors, and some are still sticking around. More:
One work day down, 4 more to go til Upper peninsula
Justin Moore rockin threw my speakers up here in the Upper Peninsula. Can't get any better
One place I never got to visit was the upper peninsula 😔😔😔
Upper Falls of Tahquamenon, Upper Peninsula, Mi (4th of July 2014): via
I refuse to believe that humans actually inhabit the upper peninsula
More Visitors Head Up to Michigan's Upper Peninsula: Small towns in the Upper Peninsula were overflowing with ...
My is mcdaniel1989. Congrats on these nice smallies in the Upper Peninsula!
Beautiful Driggs Lake of The Upper Peninsula (of Michigan) over 4th of July weekend.
If you're not in the upper peninsula you are not up north, traverse city is not up north, neither is *** or bay city
Finlandia Fast Facts: Finlandia is the only private college in Michigan's beautiful Upper Peninsula.
The only place I've ever been in Michigan is the upper peninsula.
Oops...somebody got a little too close to Canada today. Whitefish Point, you got me! I love the Upper Peninsula!
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SEVERE WIND WARNING: Plus- Yorke Peninsula, Kangaroo Island, Upper & Lower South East and parts of the Flinders and Murraylands districts.
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😍 The Upper Peninsula of Michigan is so pretty
Up North Realty is located in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan along the unique and pristine shorelin
I'm convinced there is no cell signal in the entire upper peninsula of michigan
The upper peninsula has the best local commercials, they all look like they're from the 80s. Because it takes technology 30 yrs to get here.
Did you know that the Upper Peninsula Animal Welfare Shelter has a grant to help Sawyer residents Spay and Neuter...
there are hardly any burger kings in the upper peninsula. There are waffle houses everywhere up there
Michigan Reflections: Getaways don't get any better...
Real photo postcard of Ft. Algonquin in St Ignace, Michigan. Old gas pumps in photo. Located in Upper Peninsula.
Posted June 19, Written June 18th- "the long story of the first adventure":June 18, 2014- We left on the 16th (the day between Father’s Day and Krissy’s 39th birthday) from Sturgeon Bay, WI. We went about 40 miles to Ephram where we found anchorage at Ellison Bay. It was a nice cove protected on 3 sides from the weather (thunderstorms). The following day we had a difficult decision to make regarding our direction. We could either go to Washington Island (only 10 miles or so and then to Rock Island to the night and stay at a dock on the unprotected side of the storm, we could continue north along the shoreline of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan (which looked like lousy anchorages and no towns for nearly 50 miles or more) or we could head to North Manitou Island which was about 40 miles from Wisconsin off the coast of Michigan (the route we WANTED to take). The issues were that the outlook was for “potentially severe thunderstorms with torrential rain, high winds, and possible hail” which was to occ ...
Or the Upper Peninsula.Michigan. over by the Wisconsin border. About 10 hours for me. And a great road trip
I'd really like to go hiking and exploring in the upper peninsula if anyone's up for it ;^)
I've lived in Michigan my whole life yet I've never been to the Upper Peninsula 😬
So if any of you guys remember, about a month ago I posted a picture of my mom and dad with a heart that had shown up on it. Everyone said that was my dad's sign. Well I think he did it again! I was in the Upper Peninsula today and I was struggling to enjoy everything I was seeing because it's the first year without my Dad on Father's Day. I had taken this picture at Tahquamenon Falls. I think a heart is definitely a sign from my dad! It brightened the day a little!
Fun day at the beach and parks in Michigan's Upper Peninsula.
The Northern Ohio Boundary Bill, which Congress passed, gave Toledo to Ohio and most of the Upper Peninsula to Michigan, along with immediate statehood, if Michigan agreed to the terms.
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The documentary “Northern Light” is a sneakily compelling, endlessly patient observation of three working-class families in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.
Waiting to welcome home the veteran heroes aboard the Upper Peninsula Honor Flight, spring 2014
Just got home from vacation,had a great time in Canada. We drove around Lake Superior and came back in the states through the upper peninsula of Michigan and saw Lake Michigan.3000 miles is a lot of driving in 7 days but we saw some beautiful scenery.
Time to simplify our phone system (yes, some folks have been complaining about it for a while): Permanent Toll-Free Phone Number (please use it if you're calling from afar and paying for long distance; it literally costs us peanuts): 1-(888) 494-0224 Permanent Upper Peninsula Phone Number (Ishpeming): (906) 486-4880 Permanent Indiana Phone Number (Lafayette): (765) 421-6641 Temporary Kentucky Phone Number (Nicholasville) -- active until May 2016: (859) 354-4331 All others numbers [(708) and (616)] have been discontinued. And as all friendly phone operators say: "Please make a note of it!"
I love going to Michigan's Upper Peninsula - Especially Copper Harbor.
I am in love with the Upper Peninsula 😍
Stunning Time-Lapse: Fall In Michigan - Fall has come to Michigan's Upper Peninsula, bringing its bright colors...
Okay, folks, last photo of the day. A photo of me (on the left) and older brother Rick with Grandma Skyberg at Tahquamenon Falls in the upper peninsula of Michigan. I'd say this was in the late 50s, but I could be wrong. Might have been in the early 60s.
Yesterday's visit to a icon in the Upper Peninsula - Tahquamenon Falls.
Published 4/15/13 By William Hanson Musician Randy Tessier’s feet are firmly planted on the ground in Ann Arbor. It wasn’t always so. A military brat, Tessier was born in 1950 in Virginia. The family moved to French Morocco in 1954, before settling in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan in 1958, when his father was sent to Sawyer Air Force Base. Young Randy attended Marquette High School, “and many others,” he recalls. “I bounced around a lot, and I never graduated high school.” In 1972, he joined a band called the Walrus, and, like many of his peers at the time, got busted for smoking marijuana, and spent some time in the Marquette jail. “I knew I had to get out of Marquette, so I headed south. The dope capital of the Midwest was Ann Arbor, and it was a good place to be for a musician.” Tessier is bass player and backup singer in George Bedard and the Kingpins. He also fronts the band F.U.B.A.R. The Joe Cocker Tribute Band – devised by studio musician and composer Chris Benjey – pays h ...
3 Holy Men & A Bear A Catholic Priest, a Baptist Preacher and a Rabbi all served as Chaplains to the students of Northern Michigan University at Marquette in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. They would get together two or three times a week for coffee and to talk shop. One day, someone made the comment that preaching to people isn't really all that hard, a real challenge would be to preach to a bear. One thing led to another, and they decided to do an experiment. They would all go out into the woods, find a bear, preach to it, and attempt to convert it to their religion. Seven days later, they all came together to discuss their experiences. Father Flannery, who had his arm in a sling, was on crutches, and had various bandages on his body and limbs, went first. 'Well,' he said, 'I went into the woods to find me a bear. And when I found him, I began to read to him from the Catechism. Well, that bear wanted nothing to do with me and began to slap me around. So I quickly grabbed my holy water, sprinkled him a ...
Upper peninsula today. Might make it home before dark.
My dad's widow said she was inspired to start her own informal dinner table in the Upper Peninsula of MI.
Got into some nice Upper Peninsula crappie and bluegill yeaterday
Yay finally in the great state of the upper peninsula :)
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Trail's End Weary Indian Carsters, Coasters for Your Car. - You may find it on this page: also - Moon michigan's upper peninsula (moon handbooks) Dreamcatcher embroidered patch native american end of the trail icon large iron-on indian symbol For love of davy Deliverance from the little big horn: doctor henry porter and custer's seventh cavalry Leading events of wisconsin history Darksiders [download] Darksiders - playstation 3 Scalped vol. 10: trail's end Trail's end weary indian carsters, coasters for your car Gifts & decor warrior on horse end of the trail southwest horsemen.
Next week I'll be driving from Fargo, North Dakota to Duluth, Minnesota, and then proceeding...
First performance of the Great Lakes Rodeo is in the books! Little chilly up here in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, a crisp 50 degrees! Second performance tomorrow at 3 pm then 800+ miles to good ole SEMO!
The Sunset Cruise, which wasn't much of a sunset, but we still had fun. Beautiful! It was free National Pictured Rock Cruise Day for the U.P. (Upper Peninsula, Michigan) Residents today. They had vendors and music, too, at Bayshore Park, in Munising, MI, where we live.
then wonders of the upper peninsula ;-). Besides the cold and the snow.
I have a lot to be thankful for; being on summer break, my parents celebrating 40 years of marriage on Thursday, celebrating the amazing fathers in my life- Bob, Dan, Nelson, and my husband who is such a great dad- celebrating 8 years of wedded bliss on Tuesday, and leaving for the Upper Peninsula for a sibling mini vacation on Wednesday. Life is good!
Headed out into the wilds of Michigans Upper Peninsula for awhile...maybe off the grid for a bit...Grampa has Aunt Cori & Uncle George here to babysit him and fat cell phones if you need us...we may or may not answer...peace.
no, it's a road in the upper peninsula that lots of people have summer cottages on. Crazy old ladies.
It's beautiful in the Upper Peninsula but I don't think I could pernimently live here.
Off to another concert, Irja Rayn will be playing with the Upper Peninsula Youth Orchestra tonight.
Yo go to the upper peninsula you not welcome in the mitten
Why on earth is the upper peninsula part of michigan? *** is up with that
Yes, they also have giant Komodo Dragons in the Upper Peninsula.
Congrats to the Gladstone Braves Softball Team! They won the 2014 MHSAA Division 3 State Championship today!!! Way to go ladies!!! The Upper Peninsula's ABC 10
I've had a good day today. Chandler had a sleepover last night, so waking up to that happy little boy was the best way to start the day. He and I walked over to the little thrift store near my home and found some excellent bargains (including a gallon-sized Ziploc bag filled with Hot Wheels cars for $2.00 - because you can never have enough of those, right?) I cut the grass, did several loads of laundry and have a delicious dinner ready to pop in the oven to share with David Dagenais after Ben's performance in the Upper Peninsula Youth Orchestra at Reynold's Hall on the NMU campus. Tomorrow I will be a slug, reading all day long.
Upper peninsula next week and cedar point in 2 weeks😍
In honor of my Dad, who loved fishing in the Upper & miss you Dad.
Anyone need girls clothes 12-24M sized? Figured I'd ask my friends before selling on local pages. . . Also, MICHIGAN friends, anyone have a baby in 18M or smaller size? I have a onesie {18m} that says "made in {and a picture of michigan, lower and upper peninsulas}'
In the Upper Peninsula ! It was a cold chilly morning. I went out for a walk, and was dissolved when I…
When you see deer and bear all within miles of each other tough know you are getting closer to the Upper Peninsula
heads up i searched "upper peninsula shirt" and clicked on your ad and it did not go to working link. On google.
The UPper peninsula of Michigan is the safest place we have no tornadoes hurricanes or floods i mean we get snow but who cares we can deal
It's another great day to be fishing in Peninsula Michigan!
Beautiful camp located on 80 acres near the capital of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, Randville. Camp amenities: 2 bedrooms Modern bathroom Waterford porcelain wood stove imported from Ireland Back...
What a beautiful sunny day here in Escanaba. I love the summers in the Upper Peninsula. I had a fun filled 4 days with my cousin Gerry staying with me. Lots of talking, laughing, eating, seeing cousins & friends and a little napping. It couldn't get any better. Miss you already Gerry.
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Only 12 days until 4 members of MibSAR's bush-hardened Long Range Special Operations Group (LRSOG) deploy into the headwaters bush of the Upper Peninsula's Hendrie River Watershed on the Matson Case. Op beta:
musical artist will be in the upper peninsula of Michigan saying "DETROIT HOW ARE YOU"
The U.P.'s Black River Scenic Byway has made the list of Top 10 Bucketlist Road Trips! Read more about it! Who of...
Looks unreal but it is real, the Upper Peninsula Michigan, Alger County. Wow. Adding to the to do list...
Hamilton Collection
Over the Great Lakes and through the Upper Peninsula, to Grandmother's house we go! Enjoy a discount…
Upper Peninsula of Michigan, Calumet, Iron Range Minnesota, Mineral Point Wisconsin, Butte Montana. There may well be more!
Photo: Weekend at Mackinac Island on the Upper Peninsula of Michigan! It is SO beautiful! This bridge is 5...
JULY EXHIBIT: LEOPOLDO CUSPINERA MADRIGAL and GORDON GEARHART The City of Marquette Arts and Culture Center announces its July exhibition: UNEARTHING/RECONSTRUCTING, Pieces of Landscape by artists, Leopoldo Cuspinera Madrigal and Gordon Gearhart. This exhibition reflects on the current environmental crises. Cuspinera’s paintings are reconstructed pieces of landscape memories made from natural materials, mainly plant fibers and Gearhart’s welded steel sculptures relates to the landscape through the use of the artifacts found and collected in our immediate surroundings. Sculptures integrate iron, bone, wood and concrete. Mexican artist, Cuspinera, has exhibited throughout Europe including France, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Mexico and Switzerland. Cuspinera has a B.A. in Architecture, a Master’s Degree in History and most recently studied Industrial Heritage and Archaeology at Michigan Technological University. Gearhart has exhibited across the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and makes both utilitarian commi ...
Great turn out yesterday for the panel discussion with the Governor's Task Force that was hosted by the United Way. Wonderful conversation, questions, recommendations and input. The Task Force is very pleased and thankful that so many committed individuals work with child protective services, foster care and adoption. Michigan State Police Alpena Post Detective Sgt. Jennifer Pintar, Lani Forbes with Barry County United Way and Sheldon Kinney with the State of Michigan, were part of the panel that discussed childhood trauma and protecting children who are subjected to abuse and to help them overcome the struggles associated with it. The Panel continues to obtain input from several areas in Michigan. They have had discussion in Kent County and Flint and yesterday in Alpena. They will be heading to the Upper Peninsula soon to hear from constituents in that area.
Bishop Baraga the snowshoe priest walked Michigan's Upper Peninsula to spread the Roman Catholic fai
Bonesaw is ready! Lmao looking forward to being in the Upper Peninsula this weekend at Copper Harbor riding some...
For Immediate Release - May 22, 2014 The Chippewa County EDC, operators of the Chippewa County International announced today that commercial flights operated by Delta Airlines will be unavailable temporarily to allow major improvements to the airport’s main runway. The service interruption begins June 2nd at 7:00am, after the morning flight leaves, and will last until 11:00am June 22nd when the afternoon flight arrives. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and look forward to our regular commercial service resuming on June 22nd. The General Aviation Terminal and facilities will remain open throughout the period. U.S. Senators Debbie Stabenow and Carl Levin today announced the $3,384,368 grant which comes through the U.S. Department of Transportation, with state matching funds and local matching funds provided by Chippewa County and the Chippewa County EDC. Senator Stabenow said: "Making sure passengers are able to travel to and from the Upper Peninsula is vital to the state’s economy," sa ...
Da "Yoopers" up dere in da U.P., Michigan's Upper Peninsula, have hit it big with inclusion of their nickname in Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary and the company's free online database. The moniker for native or longtime residents of the Lake Superior region known for a distinctive...
Mrs. Briggs loves camping with her family. Growing up, Mrs. Briggs has visited ghost towns and an amethyst mine in the Upper Peninsula. The Dells in Wisconsin, The Badlands and the Black Hills in South Dakota, Mammoth Caves in Kentucky and many places in Northern Michigan. Mrs. Briggs makes sure to give her students learning adventures in her 4th grade classroom.
Expanding business in the UPPER PENINSULA wants veterans! Marinette Marine Corporation is a world–class shipbuilder in Marinette, Wisconsin where they build ships for multiple organizations including the US Navy and Coast Guard. They are right across the Menominee River from Menominee, MI and currently employ Michigan residents. They need to hire 300 people in multiple areas by the end of August. Learn more at:
Farming opportunities sprout at the Upper Peninsula Research and Extension ... - Michigan State University Extension
Yes, the spring green plates have leaped out of their winter hiding place. Thank you sun goddess for your brilliant greeting. The Egyptians know nothing about the depth of our longing for the summer solstice in the upper peninsula!
Sun and Shade: Rynjim has added a photo to the pool:. Danielle on Michigan's Upper Peninsula. Check o...
Its a beautiful spring day here in the upper peninsula of Michigan! 54° and sunny! Sitting at Arbys eating a French dip!
Road trip anyone?!?! 🍷 “See the ultimate list of wineries from
The Upper Peninsula has so many waterfalls and you never hear about them. This is MNA Memorial Falls
Featured blogger Jesse Land of Things to Do in the U.P. shares his ultimate list of Upper Peninsula wineries.
Asian Carp is now a RACIST Term in Minnesota? | 103 FXD Upper Peninsula Country Music Radio -...
Today we sail out of Seattle on our Alaskan cruise. Been waiting 2 years for this trip. 2 more hours till we get shuttled to the pier. Getting kind of antsy waiting but it's all good. Last minute checking of things making sure we have everything that we will need to get on board. planning on having a great time. If we don't shame on us. When we get back to Seattle next week we will decide if we are going to go to South Dakota for the monuments or cruise home via the upper peninsula. But that is for next week. Very pumped we will keep every one updated as to our status. Peace ! A sailing we will go.
Nah Tah Wahsh Public School Academy on the Hannahville Indian reservation in Michigan's Upper Peninsula and shares how they have engaged the tribal community...
Im going to the Upper Peninsula May 24th to observe a meteor shower & a comet pass - if you're interested in this experience then come along
There could be three referendums on the November ballot. Second one just approved for the ballot.
Second ballot proposal to stop gray wolf hunt in Upper Peninsula approved
via Upper Peninsula Overland:. Something we always do. Good reminder :)
See the ultimate list of wineries from
The Upper Peninsula Honor Flight is getting ready to take off next Wednesday. Plan know to stop at the Delta County Airport Wednesday night to welcome them home.
I so wanna go here!!! Nice! This is how I remember my up bringing in Michigan and upper peninsula Michigan. But, this is Cananda. Oh yea!
The Lake Superior and Ishpeming Railroad (reporting mark LSI), a U.S. railroad offering service from Marquette, Michigan, to nearby locations in Michigan's Upper Peninsula, began operations in 1896. The LS&I continues to operate as an independent railroad from its headquarters in Marquette. At the end of 1970 LS&I operated 117 miles of road on 241 mi of track (188 km on 388 km); that year it reported 43 million revenue ton-miles of freight. The Locomotive below is LS&I is A 2-10-2 in west yard Marquette, Michigan December 31 1940.
Thank you for the add. I'm moving from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan to Crestview June 3rd. There are some things I'm looking for. At the moment I'm just looking for a small flat screen TV for a reasonable price since I'm on a tight budget.. I'm sure as time goes on I'll be looking for other odds and ends. PM me please.
Thank you to all of our family who traveled to the east side of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan to celebrate Jason's College Gaduation!! It made the weekend very special and memorable !!
A rough day of in the upper peninsula of 1965. One of my blog posts.
Recently, Loven Ministries traveled up to the upper peninsula of Michigan. We were privileged to speak hope at a few high school assemblies, a night rally, and two church services. Please keep us in your prayers as we continue to run on the path laid out for us!
The upper peninsula has some beautiful nature, some of God's most incredible work!
He met the minor victim on the internet and took her from her home to his apartment. TOOK HER FROM HER HOME...
Follow up on the tracks from the Upper Peninsula, Michigan from last week. Through my email correspondence with the lady I have a more detailed account of that day. Plus she sent me the video that they took of the track way. I have to admit that the video is a heck of a lot more impressive than the two pictures she sent me last week. Again, ANYONE that has any track expertise I would appreciate an honest opinion. Thanks again!
Just realized mid peninsula is called mid peninsula because it's in the middle of the upper peninsula 😅
Leading 200+ in worship at our weeklong student leadership conference in the upper peninsula of…
The Modern Explorer team is just one month from it's next adventure. This time the group is tackling the south eastern portion of Michigan's Upper Peninsula, and exploring the 150 mile shoreline of Drummond Island. Stay tuned for details, and some (hopefully) fun content from the last trip.
Had a great time checking out the history of Upper Peninsula brewing at the Beaumier Heritage Center today! Everyone should check it out. Ore Dock Brewing Company & Blackrocks Brewery even have a nice little set up there :D
I want to go to the Detroit and Grand Rapids dates. But I'll be living in the upper peninsula and going to Michigan Tech. Anyone wanna help me out and carpool with me? I will pay for gas and everything!
Proud to have been a Yooper for a great deal of my childhood. Now it's Webster dictionary official; pretty sweet, eh?.
At my favorite hiking trails, early spring in the Upper Peninsula. With my favorite hiking partners.
Looking for picturesque bookstores tucked amidst waterfalls and lush forests? Go to Michigan's Upper Peninsula:
te upper peninsula of Michigan. Today we travel to the oldest exposed stones on earth!
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Sociology experimentation doesn't get better than at a Burger King/Truck stop in the upper peninsula.
Top 10 Things for Families to do in Michigan | Number 3 is Go Wild in the Upper Peninsula!
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Today we have a new listing in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan with our exclusive consultant for that area, Dr.
ICE TSUMANI SLAMS THE UPPER PENINSULA (UP) OF MICHIGAN We ran this story on Action News Saturday morning and I wanted to follow it up with a quick post. The amount of ice that is still on Lake Superior is incredible considering today is Cinco de Mayo! The image below shows the combined total ice coverage of the five Great Lakes (19%). Three out of the five lakes still have ice on them and temperatures are still pretty cold up there with snow on the ground in places. As we move through Spring the strengthening currents begin forcing the ice ashore. The problem is the ice continues to pile up. So now instead of a beautiful view of the lake, the residents here have a view of an 8 to 15 foot high wall of ice instead!
that’s not a photo of Inishbofin! It’s a photo of taken of Ardmore peninsula from the Upper Sky Road from Clifden...
Repairing railroad cars in the Upper Peninsula (via
Repairing railroad cars in the Upper Peninsula
I found a Michigan DOT web cam that runs live camera feeds from a spot 400 meters from our new house in the Upper Peninsula Michigan. How cool is that? What isn't "cool" is that I see it's snowing again this morning...
Can't put a price tag on the night sky view in the Upper Peninsula
. I hosted some "Dirty Kids" this weekend. :) Are you tough enough for Michigan's Upper Peninsula?
I survived my first trip to the Upper Peninsula
Watching TV and a commercial for comes on. I wish I could eat there, but there aren't any in the upper peninsula of Michigan.
I've tried meth once but it was in the upper peninsula so it was legal! 😄👍
Guys, the upper peninsula was effin cold this weekend. But it was pretty great.
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which of those dates would be best for like, upper peninsula Michigan?
My analysis of the Keweenaw in the Upper Peninsula: Everything is still snowy and Lake Superior is frozen.
My grandpa sits in his hospital bed plotting how he will buy the Upper Peninsula and take over the US if he gets rich.
Matt Bell writes (inexplicably deprived of a Share button) "Tried to schedule a cab home from our rural airport tonight. The first Marquette cab company I called can't come because their one cab hit a deer and now they don't have a headlight. It's a weird life in the Upper Peninsula."
This Sunday marked the 7th month of ice climbing in the U.P.! You might remember Michigan Ice Fest staff Matt Abbotts and Arni Ronis were getting after it November 6th last year and ever since the Upper Peninsula has been locked in a cold zone- perfect for churning out excellent ice conditions.
Charlotte Lucille is cheering on her Tigers from way up in the Upper Peninsula!
Belated congratulations to the new Miss Upper Peninsula Jimme Vereb, a community health education major at NMU!
Dennis Coffey remains an unsung hero from the halcyon era of Detroit soul, contributing guitar to landmark records issued on the Motown, Ric-Tic, and Revilot labels in addition to cutting a series of efforts under his own name, most notably the cult classic blaxploitation soundtrack Black Belt Jones. Born and raised in the Motor City, Coffey learned to play guitar at age 13 while visiting relatives in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. Though a fan of country music throughout adolescence, while attending Detroit's McKenzie High he also immersed himself in rock & roll, jazz, and blues, drawing inspiration from guitarists from Chuck Berry to Scotty Moore to Wes Montgomery. Coffey made his studio debut backing little-known rockabilly cat Vic Gallon on "I'm Gone," issued on the singer's own Gondola label. From there he played in a rockabilly duo with vocalist Durwood Hutto, eventually signing a recording contract with Jackie Wilson's manager, Nat Tarnopol. Through Tarnopol, Coffey met Motown owner Berry Gordy Jr., b ...
By BILL ZIEGLER For The Daily News IRON RIVER — Many people from the Upper Peninsula look forward to maple syrup season all winter long.
Remember workers April 28, 2014 Jake Edwards , The Mining Journal Save | To the Journal editor: As a local union member I'd like to remind everyone in the Upper Peninsula that today is Workers Memorial Day, a day to remember workers who have been killed or injured on the job. It's also a day to renew our commitment to ensure safety at the workplace. Just a few decades ago job safety could not be assumed. Did you know five men perished during the building of the Mackinac Bridge? And although time has faded the memory, we should never forget the 51 men who died on Nov. 3, 1926, at the Barnes-Hecker Mine disaster in Ishpeming Township. There have been others, too, over the years. Miners, steelworkers, building tradesmen, firefighters, police officers, bus drivers, electricians and many more. And while safety conditions on the job have been improved over the years, due in large part to the partnership between industry and organized labor, we know there are hazards inherent to many jobs and we can never simply ...
good morning drivers everybody else here happy tgif and fuf day friday all day y'all KEEP ON TRUCKING AND GIT RRR DONE DRIVERS EVERYBODY ELSE HERE BIGGER BOTH THUMBS UP Y'ALL coffee time going 1st cup going for my 2nd cup then coffee to go here coke zero or moonshie later on during day or tonight 4 great lake area overcast tempture now 34 windchill 24 overcast sky chance of rain 46 torrowmo rain 40 windchill 32 next few days sunny tempture be at 40 or 54 without windchill how weather were y'all on friday all day drivers everybody else here :) Wet weather resides along both coasts Midwest | View Regional Video - Much of the region through the Plains will enjoy a dry Friday, but still lingering rain and snow showers from the Arrowhead of Minnesota to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. - Widespread rain showers make for a soggy Friday from lower Michigan into eastern Indiana and much of Ohio. - Today's highs in the 40s from northernmost sections of Minnesota to northern Michigan. - Highs in the 60s from much o ...
The Bug Blaster Inc. Specializes In Pest Control For Northeast Wisconsin and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Our exterminators can treat mosquitoes, asian beetles, termites and other pests and rodents. Call (920) 826-6233!
Michigan's real reinvention? Amazing natural places and hardworking people converging to create "one of the area's defining assets, encapsulating the rugged spirit of the Upper Peninsula and positioning Marquette County as a world-class outdoor sports destination." (Shared via Brad Garmon)
As the sun was setting in the west to the left in the photo, I captured this image of the light at the top of the Big Bay Point Lighthouse on Lake Superior in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. What appears to be the sun is a reflection of the sun off ...
The last time the Red Wings and Bruins played each other in the Stanley Cup Playoffs: The President was Dwight D. Eisenhower, Vice-President was Richard M. Nixon, Senate Majority Leader was Lyndon B. Johnson, the Dodgers moved from Brooklyn to Los Angeles, Ford rolled out "the Edsel," 22-year-old Elvis Presley bought Graceland for $100,000, the Mackinac Bridge opens to traffic connecting the Upper Peninsula to the Lower Peninsula in Michigan, there were only 48 stars on the US Flag, "The Bridge on the River Kwai" won the Academy Award for Best Picture, Other movies include "Old Yeller," "An Affair to Remember," "12 Angry Men," and "A Farewell to Arms." The FBI arrested Jimmy Hoffa and charged him with bribery, Average Cost of new house $12,220.00 Average Monthly Rent $90.00 Average Yearly Wages $4.550.00 Cost of a gallon of Gas 24 cents Bacon per pound 60 cents Eggs per dozen 28 cents HI FI Portable Record Player $79.95 Children's Shoes $5.95, the USSR launches the Sputnik, Viet Cong Guerillas attack So . ...
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Get ready for another BIG WINTER STORM! We might see excess of 10" of snow in many spots across the Upper Peninsula. Great Lakes Radio News Director Walt Lindala will keep you informed on Wednesday of any closings or cancellations on the stations of Great Lakes Radio. Please drive carefully on your Wednesday commute!
Terry W Mattila Personal Development Motorcycle Safety Northern Center for Lifelong Learning Elderhostel Course and Programs For Educators Hot Topic Courses Off-Campus Courses Faculty-led Study Abroad Professional Development Personal Development Workforce Development Contact Us NMU Motorcycle Safety Program Online Registration opens March 1, 2014 Northern Michigan University is one of 14 state sponsored regional training agencies providing motorcycle safety classes funded through a grant from the Michigan Department of State. Classes are offered at seven sites in locations throughout the west/central Upper Peninsula. With the popularity of motorcycle riding on the increase statewide and across the country this Motorcycle Safety Foundation based program offers riders of all skill levels some of the most comprehensive training available anywhere. All of our instructors are MSF certified rider coaches in addition to being experienced avid riders. MICHIGAN HELMET LAW does not apply to the Michigan Motorcycle ...
Subject: Bad Weather Logistics A much deserved "Well done" to Michigan and all those who have come through this epic winter.Hang tough, spring is just around the corner. This text is from a county emergency manager out in the western part of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan after a severe snowstorm ... The Mining Journal, Marquette, MI WEATHER BULLETIN Up here in the Northern part of Michigan we just recovered from a Historic event --- may I even say a "Weather Event" of "Biblical Proportions" --- with a historic blizzard of up to 44 inches of snow and winds to 90 mph that broke trees in half, knocked down utility poles, stranded hundreds of motorists in lethal snow banks, closed ALL roads, isolated scores of communities and cut power to 10's of thousands. FYI: Obama did not come. FEMA did nothing. No one howled for the government. No one blamed the government. No one even uttered an expletive on TV. Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton did not visit. Our mayors did not blame Obama or anyone else. Our governor di ...
2 hours from me. It's in the Keweenaw in the Upper Peninsula f Michigan.
great campaign in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan check out our cause and please follow!.
Mike from the Pasty Koop in Appleton, Wi made the best. Miss ya man. Photos: Hunting pasties in the Upper Peninsula
My ancestors came from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, Brenda Thanks for the follow back. :D
Please ask stylist Caitlyn: Why has Wisconsin taken over Michigan's Upper Peninsula?
want a good look into Michigan's Upper Peninsula & the people who live there? check out on Netflix
On Michigan's Upper Peninsula: "The cost of living is amazingly little where no one wants to live." -
We invite you to experience a gorgeous Upper Peninsula fall day with us in historic Iron Mountain, Michigan for the 3rd annual Iron Mountain Road and Trail H...
why is the Upper Peninsula of Michigan with Wisconsin?
map needs correction -- it seems to give Michigan's Upper Peninsula to Wisconsin.
If you're lucky enough to live in the Upper Peninsula, you're lucky enough.
State of Michigan Shape with Michigan Flag Lapel Pin Including the Upper Peninsula: Shop latest Pinmart styles...
Drift wood on Lake Superior in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. What a beautiful place to live.
This growth on the tree looks like a mushroom, it's in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. What a beautiful
Really, Really, Really, wanna go to Michigan Tech and stay with my Grandpa in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.
from Michigan's Upper Peninsula. I love Sunday science class with
Yiddish is the most commonly spoken language in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, not English
what Obama say? he'd sell him the Upper Peninsula of Michigan
All the Mexicans in my house triples the entire Mexican population of Michigan's Upper Peninsula.
On February 11th 2013, hackers broke into the Emergency Alert System networks in Great Falls, Montana and Marquette, Michigan to broadcast an emergency alert that zombies have risen from their graves in several counties in Montana and Michigan's Upper Peninsula.
“Do you ever wonder why Paradise is in the Upper Peninsula, and *** is in the Lower Peninsula? :)
As Bob & Doug McKenzie and Rush once sang, did you ever think that you wanted to "Take off to the Great White North?" If that includes tropical Calumet in Michigan's Upper Peninsula in the land of the Yoopers, you may get more "white" than you bargained for.
Now, let me turn to 2014, in terms of some major items there I’d like to share with you.  More and better jobs.  We have a number of great programs going on in entrepreneurship and small business .   In terms of entrepreneurship, we launched a micro loan program with Huntington Bank, that started with a $5 million pilot.  I’m convinced the pilot will be successful, and it will grow to a $20 million program.  That’s fabulous in terms of micro loans and creating new businesses.   Another great program that got created was Goldman Sachs’ [sic] Ten Thousand Small Business Program.  Goldman Sachs made a commitment of $20 million to our urban areas, to really do education, investment, and networking to help entrepreneurs be successful.   There’s a Smart Zone collaborative I want to recognize, in the Upper Peninsula.  This is about how well people can partner.  We have an instance where we have a Smart Zone with Michigan Tech for a number of years.  They just held their tenth year anniversa ...
The U.P. Regional Blood Center, a service of Marquette General, is in critical need of A-positive, A-negative, O-negative and B-negative blood throughout Upper Peninsula. The need is high is Escana...
3 to face charges in killing of cougar in Michigan - Prosecutors are expected to charge three men who state wildli...
Critical need for blood throughout Upper Peninsula
Two Upper Peninsula coaching giants Bill Santilli and Joe Reddinger have stepped down this month. That is significant.
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Plans on invading MI's Upper Peninsula. "You know it, and I know it. It's really Wisconsin del Norté." - Anon. Source.
A page dedicated to awareness of scratchers and other hack tattoo artists or at home piercers in Michigan's Upper Peninsula.
Kitch-iti-kipi is an ancient spring, located in the heart of the beautiful Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Peering into water that deceptively appears only seve...
Solid copper hand drawn etched tree of life pendant with a representation of the UP Upper Peninsula of Michigan and a copper spiral design.
Thank you so much to Neil Moran of Upper Peninsula Second Wave for this fabulous write up on me and the music!!!
The southern forests of Michigan's Upper Peninsula weren't immune to winter's frozen grip this season, having been dubbed "the coldest place on Earth."
Richard Speck, a killer, resided in Monmouth, IL. Ran to Chicago where he then went up to the Upper Peninsula on a boat trip. He then left the ship on June 14th. Fun fact. Me and my mom are absolutely floored with all this info. I went to school near Monmouth. the U.P. is where my mom resided when she was younger and June 14th is my birthday. We are totally spooked.
At home tattoo 'artists' wreak havoc in the Upper Peninsula. This page's purpose is to call attention to illegal tattoo artists, share their work, and hopefully help put an end to illegal tattooing in the UP! Have pictures? Send them in!
My brothers got the cutest cats in the upper peninsula
Wolves in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.: via One expert says wolves are here to stay. I hope he's right.
-Kiev; small fishing town on Upper Peninsula?
Does anyone remember who got a violation ticket from the D.N.R. in 1981 for having too many tip-ups on the ice on the lake in front of the Guard Camp while he was actually in the Upper Peninsula at the time of the incident? I do have to thank the actual offender for going to court and impersonating me to get my equipment back. Even though I got the fine. R.I.P. Bro
The Marquette office has a neat graphic depicting where Lake Superior has opened up and where they are expecting lake effect snow for the Upper Peninsula tonight and Tuesday. We shared an ice coverage comparison on Lake Michigan yesterday.
Huge Bald Eagle in Michigan's Upper Peninsula, just north of Wisconsin.
Red Metal: The Copper Country Strike of 1913 is a new documentary that focuses on the 100th anniversary of an epic labor strike that devastated Michigan’s Upper Peninsula Copper Country – and haunts the American labor movement to this day.
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Michael Schmidt will be tying at Tie One On! Mike Schmidt is known by all of his friends as a fish junky.every spare moment not on the water is occupied by some aspect of fly tying. From the time he could walk he was constantly being taken out on Lake St. Clair, Lake Huron, up Michigan's West coast rivers, and into the Upper Peninsula in search of fish. These days it would not be a surprise to find him throughout the country wherever there are fish ready to be fed. To put it mildly Mike is a man consumed with the sport of fly fishing and, more specifically, advancing fly design through integration of natural and synthetic materials. When not on the water, with friends or clients, he enjoys travelling the country to put on fly tying workshops, give presentations at clubs and demonstrate tying at fly shows. Mike is a commercial tier and owner of Anglers Choice Flies as well as being a guide, freelance photographer, and writer. In addition Mike is a signature tyer for Orvis and on the pro-staffs for Regal Vi ...
Iron Mountain ski jump - from Upper Peninsula of Michigan AAA guide ca. 1940.
LANSING - A proposed tribal casino in downtown Lansing is officially on hold. A federal appeals court today granted a stay to Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette, who sued to stop an Upper Peninsula American Indian tribe from opening a casino adjacent to the Lansing Center. The decision from the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals in Cincinnati halts any legal proceedings in the casino suit as the state prepares to petition the U.S. Supreme Court to take up the case. That also likely prevents the Sault Ste. Marie Tribe of Chippewa Indians, which wants to build the $245 million Kewadin Lansing casino, from applying to the federal government to have the land taken into trust for gaming - a required step before a casino can be built. The state plans to ask the high court to stay the case until after it rules in a separate case involving the Upper Peninsula's Bay Mills Indian Community and a casino it opened off its reservation in 2010 in Vanderbilt, which later was shut down. Schuette believes the case raises ...
Never seen a Grey Jay. I need to go to the Upper Peninsula one of these winters, but I hate cold.
3rd generation family on the Upper Peninsula of Love the
Congratulations to our Greek of the Week, Kayla!. Kayla is a junior from the Upper Peninsula. She has served as...
Upper Peninsula is where I'm from and I would so do this! Awesome idea! Even living in Florida I can do this!
Just acquired my 126th casino client, a native-American owned property on the upper peninsula of Michigan. I've never been to the UP, so I'…
Finnish Culture of Michigan's Upper Peninsula: Most of these Finnish settlers arrived on American soil during ...
The Stars, the drama, the glamour and the glitter are back as The Upper Peninsula Hospice Foundation proudly...
Want to thank Teresa Johnson for the best vacation ever, it was so awesome that when I left to go back to work this morning I actually went the wrong way, just passed a sign that said, "welcome to Michigan's Upper Peninsula", if I remember right, one of the things I learned in catholic schools was, "thou shalt not leave the U.P. without sledding first". Not sure which one of the ten commandments it is, but no sense in risking falling out of good grace's with the church, sure hope my work understands!
Very proud to have been part of the Master Plan and Lower Harbor Planning and Design of this great northern City!...
Big snow, bigger problems for UP man.
Padre slaying rams in the Upper Peninsula
I'm off to Lansing to stand up and argue for our Treaty Rights. The State is planning on selling off over 11,000 acres of State Forest to Graymont Mining Comapny. This land is located in the Ceded Territory, near Rexton in the Eastern Upper Peninsula. The State will retain their mineral rights and collect a percentage based on profits. I maintain that we too have kept our Treaty Rights to hunt, fish, and gather on this property along with other usual privileges of ownership (Usufructuary Rights). Wish me luck in finding the right words to make them hear and for them to have the wisdom to really listen.
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Wednesday February 26th from 6 to 9 p.m. there will be a Sled Night sponsored by The Up North Lodge and The Throttle Bar benefit for the Upper Peninsula Animal Welfare Shelter at the The Throttle Bar and Grill at 1668 E. M-35 in Little Lake. See you there!!
Proud to be an anchor to the Marquette community
"..the Upper Peninsula's most populous city has been able to redefine itself and maintain its historic character."
Beyond excited for my interview this week, and to explore the Upper Peninsula for the first time!
Little history lesson... Chicago and the northern most portion of Illinois was at one time owned by and part of Wisconsin... Did you know that? Michigan and Ohio went to war against each other for access to the Great Lake (Michigan) and of course Illinois at the time also had no access to Lake Michigan... So to settle the matter and end the war that could have evolved into a yet another Civil War in America Illinois northern boundary line was moved north to where it is today and those parts of Wisconsin that had stretched south past Chicago were given to the state while the Upper Peninsula was given to Michigan and Ohio along with Illinois gained access to Lake Michigan water access... So let me tell you something about the Usurper in Chief who resides there in Chicago and uses that former portion of Wisconsin to attack the state with... You better watch your *** bub because if Walker gets elected as US President in 2016 I am going to petition him to annex the UP and that former portions of Illinois back ...
Early morning drive in the upper peninsula. Very peaceful!
Weekend in the Upper Peninsula... what a place.
Michigan in Pics: Winter at Tahquamenon Falls: . Winter at Tahquamenon Falls, Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, photo...
I just drove 300 miles f the worst roads I have ever drove on and that is saying something. Saturday morning I started up to the Upper Peninsula in my little Focus. When I got to Roger City the roads were solid ice. They had closed the bridge for 9 hours on Friday because of high winds. Coming back was a little better but not much. I had to make a stop in St. Ignas to pick up some bear meat for our men's wild game dinner Friday. If you think we have snow you need to go up there. It was level with the windows on most houses. We will see how the roads treat me today.
The 2014 Winter Olympics may have ended, but the fun continues in Michigan's Upper Peninsula, home to the only...
I've so far met at least 10 people who don't know that the upper peninsula exists.
Dear weatherman: Saginaw MI is not in the Upper Peninsula. That is all.
Prayer Requests for February 23, 2014: - Jeannette Jarrell: home sick with a cold - Tabitha Jarrell: prayers for her and boyfriend Mike, who was headed to Indianapolis for work this morning; they'll be moving again. - Tim Jarrell: leaving tomorrow for the Upper Peninsula to help with grandkids while their mother has surgery. - Janet Foster: recovering from reconstructive surgery (Ted Medlen's cousin) - Gene Pertulla: leg is improving. Presumably home-bound because of ice today. - Clark Fish: still getting cancer treatment - Heather Wilkins: continues to recover from skin cancer (Glima's granddaughter) No word yet from the insurance company regarding the repairs to the kitchen downstairs. Evening services (both Sunday and Wednesday) are cancelled until warm weather returns and the roads and sidewalks stop being icy. Don't forget the chili cook-off for March's potluck!
Explore the Upper Peninsula's """haunted""" mining history at the area's many ghost towns when you stay here:
To fully enjoy the Upper Peninsula, it's important to love thy snow.
And yes, I love Canada. I want to visit it badly. My father's an Upper Peninsula native who could see Canada on clear days from his school.
Come to the upper peninsula Michigan!
"It's not safe to live in the upper peninsula! There's robots and piranhas!"
What a beautiful day for a trip across Michigan's Upper Peninsula! Sunny skies clear roads except for some minor...
Some nitwit put both the California and Upper Peninsula books into the domestic travel section
3rd generation hand-made family cabin on the Upper Peninsula of...
No love for the Upper Peninsula of Michigan I see..
Improving game population -. The Upper Peninsula Sportsmen's Association is reviewing the status of the game popul...
My international travels have extended as far as Canada and Mexico, too...oh, and the Upper Peninsula. ;)
Today we are in Michigan to visit the four lights in the next four postings. There are some great lights to see in the Upper Peninsula so why not take a trip there this summer.
Winter Storm Seneca will pack a punch as it moves across the Upper Midwest and western Great Lakes Thursday into Friday with heavy snow and high winds Current Radar INTERACTIVE RADAR Seneca already brought snow to the Cascades and Rockies earlier this week. Now we are tracking the strong low pressure center associated with Seneca as it moves from Kansas and Missouri toward Lake Superior by Friday morning, continuing to intensify as it moves along. Areas north and west of this track will see wind-whipped snow break out as cold air from farther north feeds into this storm. Blizzard or near-blizzard conditions are even possible in some locations. Here's what you need to know about Winter Storm Seneca. Midwest Impacts Snowfall Forecast Thursday Forecast Thursday Night Forecast Friday Forecast Current Winds How much snow: The heaviest totals are expected in central and north-central Iowa, eastern Minnesota, northwest and north-central Wisconsin, and the western Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Snowfall totals in e ...
BIG RAPIDS – An LPGA Tour winner from the Upper Peninsula, history-making amateur, pioneer turfgrass educator and multi-media journalist have been elected to the Michigan Golf Hall of Fame. Becky Iverson, Tom Werkmeister, Paul Rieke and Vartan Kupelian will be inducted June 8 in ceremonies at Ferris State University in Big Rapids. Iverson, born in Escanaba and raised in Gladstone, played for 14 years on the LPGA Tour, was named to the U.S. Solheim Cup Team in 2000, won the 1987 Michigan Women’s Amateur Championship and played collegiate golf at Michigan State University where she was an Academic All-American in 1987-88. Her playing career highlights include winning the 1995 Friendly’s Classic Title on the LPGA Tour, where she recorded a career-best 63 during the second round with nine birdies, and a tie for second in the 2000 Women’s British Open. She had LPGA Tour career earnings of more than $1.5 million, and also won six times while playing on three mini-tours, including the Central Florida Cha ...
Murder Is A Bad Day To Have A Baby [Kindle Edition] Jennifer Bennon - Author Book Description Publication Date:March 22, 2011 Freddie Nutter is a rookie cop with the Michigummee City Police Department in the wilds of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, riding desk during the last weeks of her unplanned pregnancy. When her partner Doyle, and her baby’s daddy *** send her on an innocent errand to pilfer some leftover spaghetti and meatballs from her mother’s refrigerator, Freddie’s life takes a horrifying turn. In her mother’s living room, Freddie discovers a blood soaked crime scene, but no body. Hidden deep in the woods, psychopath Sammy’s obsession with Betsy Nutter’s corpse intensifies while his relationship with his own mother strains to its final thread, and he pursues his next victim. All the while, Freddie’s grief is compounded by the tense kinship with her alcoholic, philandering father, and a convoluted affection for her addicted brother—and the histories of Freddie Nutter and Sammy . ...
Ski jumping in Minnesota can trace its history back to 1883, when Norwegian brothers Torjus and Mikkel Hemmestvedt brought the sport to the bluffs of southern Minnesota. It then spread to the hills of western Wisconsin, the North Shore and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan
in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, at Mission Hill. This over looks Lake Superior (far background) and Spectacle Lake (foreground). Canada is in the WAY back ground.
A new candidate for a Michigan seat on the Republican National Committee wants *** "purged" from the GOP and claims homosexuality is a "perversion" created by Satan himself. Mary Helen Sears of Houghton County in the state's Upper Peninsula, elected vice chair of the Michigan Republican Party's 1st District last year, posted a rant in April on the Schoolcraft County GOP website -- preceded by a warning asking readers to "please use your discretion before taking any decisions based on the information in this blog." In the post, Sears claimed that homosexuals prey on children, argued that "Satan uses homosexuality to attack the living space of the Holy Spirit" and advocated that Republicans "as a party should be purging this perversion and send them to a party with a much bigger tent." GOP.The Party of Hate.
Another beautiful spot in the keweenaw peninsula of Michigan The view from Brockway Mountain Drive In this picture editor Peter Greenberg talks about his favorite fall color destinations, and Michigan's Upper Peninsula leads his report. Host Matt Lauer chimes in about the great mountain biking he's found in the UP. And they know what they're talking about. This Absolute Michigan color tour of the Keweenaw Peninsula covers one of the country's most spectacular driving routes. At the summit of Brockway Mountain Drive, the highest American road between the Alleghenies and the Black Hills of South Dakota, watch for eagles riding the currents of the wind.
Yo! That is the Upper Peninsula of MI & Just down the road is a Town called Go figger cc
The Marquette Township Business Association will hold their annual meeting & Year End Party at 5pm tonight at Hudson's. SOS author and Upper Peninsula medical Doctor James Surrell will be the guest speaker tonight at 5 at Hudsons. Surrell will focus on the lighter side of doing business locally and lighter medical stories of interest. The business association is just shy of 50 members in one of Michigan's fastest growing townships. Dr. Surrell will be at Hudsons selling & signing his SOS Book for the public between 4p and 5p tonight. If you do business in Marquette Township, You are invited to the annual meeting and Dr. Surrell's talk, 5pm at Hudsons.
Jeff Daniels, star of "Pure Michigan" ads and the Yooper film "Escanaba in da Moonlight" talked with David Letterman about all things Upper Peninsula last ni...
John Berry is a musician and photographer. Big North is his debut album dedicated to Michigan's Upper Peninsula and the five years he spent living there. Ava...
Pretty pumped to to be going on trips through the Appalachian Mountains and the Upper Peninsula this semester, then hitting up Texas and New Mexico for 5 weeks in the summer. Finally going to be able to scratch that itch to travel.
“Among the most indelible American novelists of the last hundred years. . . [Harrison] remains at the height of his powers.” —Dwight Garner, The New York Times, on The River Swimmer New York Times best-selling author Jim Harrison is one of America’s most beloved writers, and of all his creations, Brown Dog, a bawdy, reckless, down-on-his-luck Michigan Indian, has earned cult status with readers in the more than two decades since his first appearance. For the first time, this book gathers together all the Brown Dog novellas, including one that has never been published—the ideal introduction (or reintroduction) to Harrison’s irresistible everyman. In these novellas, B.D. rescues the preserved body of an Indian from Lake Superior’s cold waters; overindulges in food, drink, and women while just scraping by in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula; wanders Los Angeles in search of an ersatz Native activist who stole his bearskin; adopts two Native children; and flees the authorities, then returns across t ...
Happy Birthday to Edgar Award-winning author, Steve Hamilton. Best known for his Alex McKnight series. Ex-Detroit police detective, Alex McKnight, is a private investigator working in the fictional town of Paradise, Michigan, in the Upper Peninsula on the shores of Lake Superior.
Call off school this week so I can go on a snowmobiling trip around the upper peninsula
I has to dig out long unders, wool coat and wool gloves that hint been out since I lived on the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.
Right now in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan in the city of Manistique it is -6°, feels like -21°. br
4 days and 460 miles later... had another great snowmobile trip in the Upper Peninsula! loved the new…
It's my birthday tomorrow, you can come celebrate with me in the Upper Peninsula, just dress warm
Our dog heading out recently into an Upper Peninsula on Michigan snow storm. Now you see him. Now you don't. Video courtesy of my wife.
Tablet insurance available.  Get yours today!
Like an outpost in the spiritual wilderness of upper peninsula Michigan, the Orion Gallery, Book Shop , Yoga, and...
Starting a petition to have wisconsin declare war w michigan to take over the Upper Peninsula, who wants in?
Because Ohio got Toledo, Michigan was granted the upper peninsula to have lakefront property
The Upper Peninsula continues to experience bitterly cold air which has resulted in wind chill values approaching 50 degrees below, in some places.
nope, not UP. Upper Lower Peninsula. About a 45 min drive to the bridge. Love Michigan. I went to summer camp in Newago.
15 year old WI boy rams MI State Trooper vehicle causing a crash that injured him and two troopers
Downtown Marquette is Lake Superior's gateway to the rustic splendor of Michigan's beautiful Upper Peninsula. Historic brownstone buildings, trees, benches and street lamps line Washington and Front Streets providing a picturesque setting anytime of year.
The upper peninsula got 3 inches from this storm and we got close to 3 feet. Do you see what is wrong with this?
Hockey pick up game in my parking lot! Makes me miss Finlandia and Upper Peninsula!
Snow-pocalypse!!, Snow-Mageddon!! No matter what you call it...It's COLD!...
y. PLEASE HELP! PLease bring these bad men to justice I think they want m=o$ I have none find me I think Im in Upper Peninsula
I survived upper peninsula of Michigan winters. 300in of snow, -40 windchills, moved here to thaw out. This isn't helping ;)
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