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Upper Iweka

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My brother you can say that again. Travelled through Anambra to Enugu last week & I was in awe. I almost…
Peter Obi has 5MDollars and was preparing Bid via MOBITEL to support MTN until he encountered a "Bakassi Murder" event at Upper Iweka.
I can't come and die.With heavy heat n this bad economy I need cold LIFE and Nkwobi @ Madam Chuzy upper Iweka and visit TL
I want to provide shelter for this young lad in the picture below. He hawks bread at upper Iweka onits…
went to one of your Branches Iweka Head Bridge Anambra,they almost asked me the kind of Food i eat😋😋
The popular UPPER IWEKA area in Onitsha, Anambra State is named after Igwe Israel Eloebo Iweka, the first Igbo Engineer.
So nostalgic. Those blissful nights at Upper Iweka park boarding "attach" to Lagos.
When i take a good look at Upper Iweka one of the most Dangerous place in Onitsha in my lovely state Anambra Hmmm gbam
That moment when upper iweka onitsha is looking more beautiful than Asaba. No situation is permanent in life. A whole lot changed
hello nina happy mid-week to you please play me land Lord by quincy nd kcee no traffic jam here in onitsha upper iweka
Extension of the Service lanes from R Niger Bridgehead, and Rehabilitation of Slip Roads at Upper Iweka Interchang…
Rehabilitation of dual carriageway and roads from Upper Iweka to Zik R/about . Dual Carriageway from Amawbia –Amanse…
Upper Iweka Toll bridge is best experienced! Trucks and pedestrians all fighting for the small space left by milita…
Still about yester-night! . The new look of Upper Iweka, Onitsha @ Nite... Kudos to Christmas is in the Air!!!
Breaking... . Upper Iweka lit up for Christmas... Kudos to Here's the new heart of Onitsha
I said, "Ok". I left Asaba at 3pm, got to Onitsha. Place was a maze! Maddening! *** Upper Iweka worst pass Ikotun!
Little Giant Ladders
Main market is far oh, even Upper Iweka is worse than Yaba.
if u hate yaba.. then dont go near onitsha main market or upper Iweka.. horrible place.. those boys will put their dirty hands all over u
My God! Why are you people like this? This is upper Iweka. These roads were done by Peter Obi under GEJ. Haba mana! 😐😤 ht…
anyday that cockroach kayode touches upper iweka he will cease to exist. We dey wait for am.waste pipe.
BREAKING NEWS!!!. Upper-Iweka MCC expressway will be closed down tomorrow from 11am to 3pm...kindly inform all...
Goodevening Sugar and Lady K, Kachy that Mad guy Iweka is a terrible guy in terms of outside arenaOutside Arena
The once notorious Upper Iweka is now a haven of peace with spectacular night scenery!
The once notorious upper iweka is now a place of peace.
Just arriving Onitsha, Anambra State from a short trip and here is what I saw... . The once notorious Upper Iweka...
[7:30AM]“upper IWEKA Express is free from holdup as for now”
Go and conduct the meetings at upper Iweka, Oshodi or Bodija markets, and you'll see the true meaning of "unruly conduct"
Sometimes I wonder if Donald Trump is running for president of America or Alaye Association of Mushin or Agboro Association of Upper Iweka!
When You emotionally Defraud an onitsha Upper iweka Tout.. 🙊🙊🙊 please watch and RT
Bros... The hustle pass the ones our brothers for Upper Iweka,Onitsha, dey do... LMAO
Upper Iweka abi? Noted STILL but federal character is the way man yi. Lolz
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if u know upper Iweka u will know it's heartless to dump anyone there in d dead of d night. It's a den of criminals
it's better not to say anything than fall under the temptation of just saying nothing. Have u been 2 Upper Iweka?
See eh if I na me be Enyeama I will just go to upper iweka and arrange all the thugs there and go back to Belgium,Coach shebi you want fight
Anytime I cross the Niger Bridge down to Upper Iweka, I remember Peter Obi. One of the best governors in Nigeria.
LOOOL. I'm only watching this Upper Iweka because I want to see how this feem will end.
Do u Kw that we caught obuma at upper iweka sellin pure water when he saw us he hide his water and brought out his phone
am beefin Akpors baba kj 4 going against my club fanz 100strokes of cane 4him and flog jump 4RM hilltop 2 upper iweka
Upper iweka at night shot was taken from lagos park towards the brigde
Need to go to Onitsha. Been a while. Headbridge. PH road. Fegge. Woliwo. Enu Onicha. Odoakpu. Housing estate. Upper iweka. *** was a cat.
Na wa Oooo.. Almighty ALOBAM shirt that was 13K on Jumia is now 2K in Douglas in Imo State and Upper Iweka in Onitsha..
that Willie Obiano's drones, should be positioned solely on upper Iweka bridge & around Onitcha main market. that's the den of criminals.
.Nna rapu okwu. In d end if Willie rids onitsha of all the touts @ upper iweka w/o putting in tangible infrastructure; odago ya!
removed thugs from major roads for eg you would knew the popular upper iweka that used to be robbers den? Well today you can
Not at all. Though one lane btw the Army gate and Upper Iweka is being maintained, The stretch from the bridge.1
Ibos resident n the east see every opportunity as one to make money from. u're in fear of been hassled frm upper iweka to Aba. featured in NBC s Science of Love
My excellency please revisit the issue of motor parks at upper iweka those gangsters are back again
Message from a friend who traveled through Upper Iweka, Onitsha yesterday... Thanks to Gov Willie Obiano. "Yea. I...
I passed Upper Iweka today after 2 years & I was speechless. Whoever is behind that turnaround should be praised
Massive reconstruction from Army barack to d bride head. Not patching bt total reconstruction. Upper Iweka to bride head is lookn world clas
Chimamanda Speaks on Anambra State Community and Consensus: My Hope For Anambra State by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie Ndi Anambra na ndi obia, ekenekwa m unu. Good afternoon. I feel greatly honored to be here today. I want to thank our governor, Chief Willie Obiano, for inviting me. As we mark the first one hundred DAYS of his term, I would like to commend him for his vision and ambition in the areas of education, health and agriculture. And particularly security. Most of us know how, for a long time, Onitsha has been a security nightmare. If you are travelling, you do NOT want to be in Upper Iweka after 6 PM because of the fear of armed robbers. But today, because of our new governor’s initiative, people in Onitsha no longer live in fear. True freedom is to be able to live without fear. A relative told me that you can drop your mobile phone on the ground in Upper Iweka and come back hours later and still see it there, which was NOT the case in the past. And which is one of the best ways to measure leadersh ...
10 COMMANDMENTS OF Anambra State 1. Thou shall not sag (SAGGING) or dress indecently... (1 Month Imprisonment). 2. Thou shall not smoke cigarette in public or weed anywhere(6 months in prison). 3. Thou shall not greet noisily like Oompa.! (2 weeks in cell/ soldier slaps). 4. Thou shall not extort money from people whether union or groups (2 years in prison with hard labour). 5. Thou shall not harbour criminals in your personal owned joints like beer parlour as a relaxation point and thou shall not visit beer parlour in the morning drinking.. (1 year in prison). 6. Thou shall not mess around as a tout at Upper Iweka...(2 years in prison). 7. Thou shall not loiter around the town like a truant... (Frog jump). 8. Thou shall not fight or shout at thy neighbours like say una wan fight... (Una go reach station koboko and frog jump). 9. Thou shall not answer calls noisly or behave so lousy in the streets disturbing peoples peace. (Soldier slaps,frog jump) 10. Thou shall not steal... (That one na die) STILL ON TH ...
THE Joint security operatives in Onitsha, Anambra State, comprising the Army, Navy, Police, DSS, and others, yesterday arrested one Chukwudi Ogah, a motor park agent, for allegedly posing as a revenue agent. It was gathered that Ogah was arrested at the popular Upper Iweka area of Onitsha while molesting a driver for not paying his daily revenue. An undisclosed sum of money and charms were allegedly found on the suspect who claimed during interrogation that he was working for one Chijioke Onwe from Imo State He claimed that though they generated more than N10,000 daily, their boss paid them a paltry N1,000, adding that the charm found on him was for protection against drivers’ curses. On his part, Onwe claimed that he was a certified park agent appointed to manage Onitsha-Asaba townships buses and motor park, stressing that he was duly commissioned by Anambra State government as a park agent and brandished a letter allegedly signed by former Anambra State commissioners in charge of Transport and Finance ...
I've heard a lot of good news about my Anambra State. I heard that kidnappers,robbers both armed and unarmed are on the run now. I also heard that u can count ur money even along Upper Iweka. What i heard is plenty but not limited to these but u can wear ur gold necklace while moving along d road. God help us sanitise our state of bad eggs.
CHUKWUEMEKA ODUMEGWU-OJUKWU UNIVERSITY: THANK YOU, GOV. PETER OBI Peter Obi, the executive governor of my beloved Anambra State, certainly knows how to reach the heart and soul of my people. This view, I believe, would shock a whole lot of people who had listened to, or read me in a number of fora. Yes, I have consistently expressed displeasure over certain aspects of Gov. Obi's policies in Anambra State, even as I have never failed to acknowledge his impressive accomplishments in some other areas. Recently, I had written to commend his administration over his achievements in tidying up a number of roads, as well as in the beautification of the Onitsha gateway to the East. Who could have believed that Upper Iweka could be made to look beautiful? But the Obi administration has just proved that point. Admitted, it could still be improved: in fact, the touts at Upper Iweka should be thinking of embracing a sane way of conducting their businesses than the current trend of harassing commuters and unsuspecting ...
      September 11, 2013     President Goodluck Jonathan Office of the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Aso Rock Villa, Asokoro District, Abuja.   Dear Sir,   THE DEPORTATION OF NIGERIANS WITHIN NIGERIA AND MATTERS ARISING   For some weeks now and still running, the reports about the unfortunate incident of the deportation of some Ibos from Lagos to Onitsha, Anambra State, has elicited a whole lot of buzz via the electronic and print media across the polity. It was as if old wounds were re-opened over similar incidents that happened in the past.   It all started when residents of the commercial city of Onitsha woke up early on Wednesday, July 24, 2013, and discovered to their chagrin that about 67 persons, majority of whom were of Igbo extraction, were deported all the way from Lagos state and dumped at the popular Upper Iweka flyover of the Commercial City. According to a report, the deportees, on enquiry, told residents that they were arrested by the officials of Lagos State Kick ...
*Gov Peter Obi , said Sunday that he would retire from active politics at the expiration of his second term in February next year. The governor spoke in Enugu during the thanksgiving service and award ceremony to mark the end of the 2nd Session of the 15th Synod of Anglican Diocese of Enugu at St. Bartholomew’s Church, Asata, Enugu. He lamented that the level of greed among political office holders in the country was very disturbing, saying it was wrong to use public funds to amass wealth whereas the poor masses were left in abject poverty. His words: “A very prominent person called today and asked me: what is your plan concerning politics after your current tenure? I’m telling you now what I told him. ”For me, I have come to the end of it; I want to quit and rest. However, I have been praying to God that for the sake of the good people of Anambra State, please give them somebody like Peter Obi. ”The level of greed in Nigeria is overwhelming, where people can’t see the suffering of other peopl ...
Cheers to d ingenuity and industry of ordinary men and women at Alaba, Ebinpejo, Pound Road and Upper Iweka
I just learnt from NDLEA that one of the "hard drugs" that get some people high is the pit toilet: some people put their noses into the hole and sniff the stench and get high. The info makes me want to vomit any time I remember it. Ife na-eme: things dey happen!
today at the popular upperiweka fly over bridge some Nigerian policemen on duty there were dress up putting on bathroom slippers and they have the moral to oppress motorist.were-is the code of conduct the i.g is talking about or is anambra no longer in Nigerian, why must all the lawlessness be in onitsha
Very very tough 2 be at upper-iweka Onitsha by 9:30pm yestaday afta an accumulated long journey from Lagos to Onitsha due to heavy holdup.
I really commend the Present MiNister of works Mike oziegbe onolememen on d way he is improving F.G roads across the contrary benin ore rd was a night mare B4 now even d head bridge at onitcha upper iweka rd thank God for him! Av being opportune to pass des rds he is working doe he needs more funding from F.G!
i just saved dis guy from crying @ upper iweka now. Onitsha is indeed home for picking pocketers
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God will deal with those upper iweka boys dat stole my phone at onitsha. I believe dat d phone won't be of important 2 dem
Just to get all my fans on the know dat my show is coming up this Saturday 29th of June 2013,so if u are yet to book your flights tickets to jos pls hurry because you can't afford to miss dis lafinde moment with mc leaking mouth oche
Bad experience at upper Iweka today .
Samuel Waribere shared the following link and had this to say about it: Igbo kwenu! kwezuonu!! Ooh! Ibgo amaka. Our dear amiable president, please be rest assured that come 2015'' The people of south/East will support and give you their 100% votes. YOU HAVE DONE WELL OUR MAN.. on the long-awaited ...
Gosh! I feel so disorganized. My head is spinning and am feeling a sharp pain in my head, like it's gonna explode. Finding it difficult to see clearly and my tummy is rumbling. Don't really know what's wrong, but I guess I need some rest.
Please, if somebody you do not know paid in money in your bank account and you got the alert, what will you do?
The return of bad boys in Upper Iweka is becoming alarming. Plz help make this place safe for us.
it has now become a part of what happens @ Upper Iweka express way, Onitsha, some youths have formed the habit of collecting money from passengers who carry load by force. The issue here is WHO AUTHORIZED THIS COLLECTION, IS IT Anambra State GOVT. OR ONITSHA SOUTH LOCAL GOVT. Answers are needed before things get out of hand.
A poor boy was in love with a rich man daughter….One day the boy proposed to her and the girl said…”Hey! Listen, your monthly salary is my daily hand expenses..How can I be involved with you..? How could you have thought of that? I can never love you, so forget about me and get engaged to someone else at your level”But somehow the boy could not forget her so easily…..Some time 10 years later they stumbled into each other in a shopping mall.The lady again said….,”Hey.. ! You! How are you? Now I’m married and do you know how much my husband’s salary is..? $15,700 per month! Can you beat that? And he is also very smart”The guy’s eyes got wet with tears on hearing those words from the same lady….A few seconds later, her husband came around but before the lady could say a word her husband seeing the guy, said……“Sir you’re here and you’ve met my wife..” Then he said to his wife,”This is my boss, I’m also one of those working on his $100 million project!And do you know a f ...
A few days ago ,MASSOB swore to and almost shot down economic and soical activities in the igbo land . this was explained to be part of their liberation strategy and mandate. is MASSOB staging war against their igbo brothers OR against those that held them captive for almost 50 yrs? pple i need an answer.
Newspaper distributors and vendors in Onitsha, Anambra State on Friday protested the mass destruction of newspapers by officials of the Onitsha North Local Government. The vendors, who organised themselves under the umbrella of Onitsha Newspapers Directors and Distributors Association, marched through the streets of Onitsha, Nkpor and Obosi, causing traffic jam on the road. They carried placards with inscriptions like, 'Anambra State government caution Onitsha North chairman,' 'Anambra State government, don't declare war against vendors,' 'Governor Peter Obi caution your task force men,' 'Vendors are not part of the people polluting the environment,' 'Enough is enough to assault on the vendors, 'Onitsha North chairman, is it part of your duty to stop the sale of newspapers in Onitsha?' The protesters also visited the Anambra Broadcasting Service and newspaper offices on Old Market Road, New Market Road, Awka Road, Old and New Nkpor Roads, Upper Iweka and Owerri Road. The distributors and vendors refused t ...
I returned to Lagos today from Onitsha. A week before my travel to Abuja, and later to Owerri and then a stop over in Onitsha on a personal mission, I disputed a claim by someone that Governor Peter Obi was building roads... What I beheld at Upper Iweka shocked me. Infra structural face lift. Some CSO colleagues told me there was more. They took me round Onitsha, and what I saw further impressed me. Obi, in spite of my reservations about his politics, is working. Impossible roads have become passable. But what struck me is that, unlike governor Rochas Okorocha of Imo State, who is busy wasting Imo people's funds on media propaganda about non existent or poor quality projects, Obi is, indeed, working, without wasting public funds to advertise his real achievements for Anambra people. Ndi Imo, tetanu n'ura!
Gov. Peter Obi is leaving, whereas Upper Iweka is wearing a new look. Good work anyway
...just left Upper Iweka to Ede Orient Camp, Osun State now
Upper Iweka onto the Niger Bridge into Asaba is tight with an early morning rain in Enugu and Anambra State
Pls can smeone close 2gov Peter Obi tell him to come n learn a lesson or 2 4rm Fasola on how to clear str traders & urchins 4rm Upper Iweka
Some suspected fake revenue collectors in Anambra State yesterday “arrested” the Chairman of the state Board of Internal Revenue (BIR), Mr Nwanne Ejikeme. It was learnt that the suspected fake officials had arrested a Vanguard driver and an Assistant Editor with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN), who were passing through Onitsha. Thousands of naira were said to have been extorted from them before they were allowed to go. The suspected fake revenue collectors allegedly impounded the pick-up van a man, simply identified as Chinedu, was driving from Benin, the Edo State capital, to Onitsha when he was in the town last weekend for a wedding. Luck ran out on them when Ejikeme deliberately drove to the notorious Upper Iweka area, where the suspected fraudsters were operating. The BIR chief reportedly pretended to be buying something to enable him get firsthand experience of the fake officials’ activities. When his vehicle stopped, some fierce-looking men demanded various receipts, including tax, emblem an ...
Right from the Niger Bridge to Upper Iweka, you can clearly see the dirty Anambra State.
The height of Corruption in Nigeria Police lies at Onitsha, Anambra State down Upper Iweka bridge where plain clothes men waylaid innocent Nigerians driving down to the East. They will arrest, impound cars at will and rather than investigating whatever claims or suspicion as claimed, they ask Motorists to pay bribe as high as 100,000 or they throw them in bars.Our amiable I.G. should look into this. The other day one offered to escort me to the bank to use ATM for my money but fell into a trap.STORY FOR ANOTHER DAY.
Her voice was filled with joy when she spoke to her relatives in Owerri on phone, telling them that she had finally come home. She told them that she was at the luxurious park in Upper Iweka,,,
•Arrested in Lagos, ‘deported’ to Anambra By EMMANUEL UZOR, Onitsha and DURO ADESEKO, Lagos The Onitsha South Local Government Area Secretariat Annex, in Anambra State, was built for administrative purposes. Today, it’s occupied quite alright, but not by workers alone. One of the halls in the complex has been turned into a refugee camp. In the hall are men, women and babies, who were brought to Onitsha by agents of the Lagos State government and figuratively dumped on Anambra State government some weeks ago. Arrested in Lagos and “deported” to Anambra, these people are now refugees in their land. They have been given temporary accommodation and being fed by Anambra State government. And their security is in the hands of operatives of Nigerian Civil Defence Corps (NCDC). Residents of the commercial city of Onitsha, especially those in Upper Iweka, woke up a few weeks ago to behold about 600 strange persons. It was gathered that they were brought in the dead of the night by a trailer, whose depa ...
Two trailer loads of human cargo, suspected to be insane people were yesterday intercepted at Upper Iweka, Onitsha, ...
The Anambra State Police Command is currently trying to unravel the circumstances surrounding the killing of a middle-aged woman and the kidnap of her six-year-old son by gunmen at the Upper Iweka axis in the commercial city of Onitsha.
Anambra's Governor Peter Obi has said the State is to rename the Niger Bridge Head-Upper Iweka road, Onitsha after the late Odumegwu Ojukwu
Anambra State 2 name Head bridge and Upper Iweka road after Odumegwu Ojukwu!.Pls they should also rename UNN after him.
Tribune 16 wounded as armed youths take over parks in Onitsha •Houses, cars burnt Written by Suzy Oruya, Onitsha Friday, 20 July 2012 There was palpable tension in the commercial city of Onitsha, on Thursday, when armed youths invaded motor parks, leaving no fewer than 16 persons with severe injuries, while a car and operational office of the Anambra State task force also known as Mpiawazu were burnt. The youth, numbering over 500, suspected to be members of the Movement for the Actualisation of the Sovereign State of Biafra, (MASSOB) were alleged to have been engaged by an official of the state government, who was bent on controlling the motor parks. Nigerian Tribune gathered that trouble started when officials of the state task force on street trading, popularly known as Ndi Mpiawazu, went to resume duties at their office on Owerri road by Upper Iweka and the group of boys challenged them. According to an eyewitness account, the youth, who had been earlier warned by MASSOB to stop operating in the com ...
A Nigerian cargo plane crashed in Ghana yesterday,killing ten. Today, a Dana passenger plane crashes in Lagos. Aviation sector probe not yet concluded. Obviously, a lot of compromise and rot must have gone on unmonitored and unchecked in the system. Aviation safety is not about grammar, because the passengers are helpless once in the belly of the aircraft. Has Demuren not abandoned his primary responsibilities at NCAA in pusuit of his personal agenda as ICAO president? If you have flown in the last one year, you would have noticed how standards have deteriorated calamitiously. Our airports are worse than Upper Iweka motor park in Onitsha in terms of organization and security. Customer service is zero. This was a tragedy waiting to happen. Personally, i wasn't comfortable when I heard this particular group was launching an airline sometime ago. Now in less than ten years of operation, they have brought this tragedy on countless families and a beleaguered nation. Can we still trust Demuren and his NCAA with ...
Friends, can a country like Nigeria win 30 Gold medals at the Olympics? YES! YES! YEESS! Kenya has dominated long distance race for a long time & they‘re known for that. Their Government concentrated on it & their altitude helped. Nigeria can boast of 10,000 USAIN BOLTS, 10,000 MICHAEL PHELPS, 20,000 KLITSCKOS & lots of World champions...but the Govt neither care about the Youth from the gheto nor help in developing their talents. So many multi-talented youth die with talents unexplored. USAIN BOLTs 9.58secs in 100m can be rubbished by the La casera, bottled water, Gala & Loaf hawkers at Upper Iweka (Onitsha), Mile2, Orile (Lagos), Control post (Owerri), Iyaro (Edo), 9th Mile (Enugu) & other places that harbour talents. These hawkers can run faster than any vehicle, in a bid to collect money for goods sold to passengers. The spend virtually the whole day racing & while Usain Bolt & his likes, has limited time for daily training. Govt can raise over 20,000 athletes from these places & when offered adequa ...
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