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Upper East Side

[[File:People outside The Jewish Museum - 2004 Museum Mile Festival .jpg|thumb|right|225px|[ The Jewish Museum in New York] on 5th Ave at 92nd St.

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Looks like on Manhattan’s Upper East Side is a killer spot for mystery, thriller and suspense fans 🔪📚
Ziggy's is the Upper East Side's new Mexican seafood spot with a beach-shack party vibe
Gluten-free Quinoa Waffle at newest Upper East Side location now serving breakfast daily until 10:30AM🍽…
Drawing room of an Upper East Side townhouse in Manhattan, NY [1199x800] [via
This elegant Upper East Side one-bedroom is on the market for less than $1 million.
walking in the cold watching all the city lights. NYC, New York @ Upper East Side
Somewhere in the Upper East Side resuscitating inebriated coworkers
Love this magical city I get to call home ✨ @ Upper East Side
🌙 Upper East Side with my favorite Bahiarioca virginiamartins 🍾 @ Upper East Side
Real Name: Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta born on (March 28, 1986), in Lenox Hill hospital at Upper East Side in New…
Here on the Upper East Side where some people have doormen to give Christmas tips to, I tip my favorite waitress.
I always thought Karen lived in the Upper East Side? Isn’t that City Hall?
VIP opening at the Park Avenue Armory in New York's Upper East Side. Stunning art and inte…
1 person dead, 2 injured in Upper East Side fire which broke out early this morning.
This happened last night 5 blocks away from my building. , not cool
supporter sucker-punches elderly man in Upper East Side fixed the headline
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
“Get out! Get out! Get out!” Many ‘Urgent’ radio transmissions during Upper East Side fire
PHOTOS: Scenes from the deadly fire on the Upper East Side that killed 1, injured 5
A little peek from last weeks runway @ Upper East Side
You know you're on the Upper East Side when almost every woman passing you on the street is wearing a Burberry rain coat.
this woman is famous on the Upper East Side!
▶ 1 dead in massive 6-alarm fire at Upper East Side apartment building
GRAPHIC: This disturbing video captures one of the several recent attacks on the elderly
Looking to contact Dutch people in New York, preferably tweeps. I need help regarding the fire in Upper East Side. Pls RT. More…
Today on LNL is this 'Upper East Side' style + some pics from our NYC trip last December. 💕
is reporting that a fire destroyed a 1 bedroom apartment on the Upper East side. As a result, 13 comics are now homeless.
update: 1 killed, at least 4 hurt in massive fire on the Upper East Side. CBS2's reports. https:/…
making plans are very difficult when you live a very busy life in the upper east side of NYC 🙄
Misc Area Koreatown Firefighter on rope pulls man to safety from fire on New York's Upper East Side: New York City Firefighter Jim Le...
SEE IT: Assailant sucker-punches elderly man in Upper East Side
David Bowie outside the Carlyle Hotel on the Upper East Side, circa 1980.
Upper East Side fire on E. 93rd St. this morning. 1 man killed. But could've been far worse. More on a heroic rescue, com…
So yall beating up the elderly on the Upper East Side.. That's what y'all doing now?😒
CITY OF sucker-punches 85-year-old man... Latest attack on elderly
85-year-old man sucker-punched by stranger in Upper East Side park, police say:
It's never "class warfare" when it's stodgy cartoons for denizens of the Upper East Side
This lovely studio with sleeping alcove and modern kitchen is a perfect retreat.
Man Dead, 12 People Injured as Fire Overtakes Apartment Buildings on the Upper East Side - NBC New York
Firefighter saves man from from deadly NYC blaze with daring rescue
This brave firefighter saved a man's life in a daring rescue
Massive fire destroys Upper East Side apartment building, killing one and injuring five 
Well dressed woman on Upper East Side, annoyed by our stroller, yells: "Go back to China...go back to your f---ing country.…
At !!!. 74th and 3°Av. Best burger and bloody mary in town!!! @ NY Upper East Side
New listing! 2br, Upper East Side, , $2,895. Contact me to schedule a showing.
Achieve a traditional look with marble details and a light color palette.
If you need a workout go from JFK to a fitting in Brooklyn to the upper east side with all your luggage using only the subway and ya legs
Upper East Side got some of the finest women in the world 😍
I'd die to live in the upper east side holy shizzz
The upper east side has nicer plants for dogs to pee on than I have in my apartment.
6 train hits person at 77th Street station on Upper East Side
A person was killed on Lex today , 6 line
Plenty of people on the Upper East side do drugs in the privacy & comfort of their homes. . reunion
early works are currently on display Upper East Side, until 2/9: http…
ok *** vanessa in Gossip Girl always says tht she doesn't want anything to do with the upper east side but SHES IN THE DRAMA BC SHE WANTS TO
which makes sense because it is late july in New York City but also because it is the upper east side
Every so often, I remember when I was the Upper East Side and a white mother called my kid an animal not knowing I'm his dad.
Art history prof who commuted to MA from Upper East Side always asked "who's been here?" when showing slides of Europe.
This was tonight's NYC sunset over the Upper East Side taken from Roosevelt Island. It got even better after that.
*At an upper east side jazz club* . "I just met two women at the bar, play it cool." - Dad
Not quite Upper East side material that Trump fella.
Additional seating for 300 spectators will be installed this fall in the HS gym on the on the east side upper deck.
kinda wish I was Serena Vanderwoodsen and lived on the upper east side of Manhattan and summer in the Hamptons,&could buy a…
I want to move to NYC and live on the upper east side so I can wear fancy dresses all the time and not be judged. I want to be Blair Waldorf
watching now in a bar on the upper east side I'm two shots in but I'm glad you're keeping me up to date
I have a date on the upper east side I'm not rich enough for this I feel like Dan Humphrey
Architectural renovation and interiors for Kate and Andy ... -
currently eating authentic New York pizza & watching the Yankees game in the upper east side of manhattan.. does life get better than this?
Spotted in member Here's how they help with the apartment search:
"Is this like I don't know Gossip Girl or something" - an actual quote from an interaction between me and an upper east side doorman tonight
The movie nerve gave the them 15 minute to get from the colonnade diner to the upper east side of Manhattan on a unrealistic
If you're on the Upper East Side, you've got to check out Infirmary - and grab this
The Upper East Side is hella cute rn
▶Man beaten, left in coma after fender bender on Upper East Side
hope you do it when you get your Burberry and living in the upper east side xxx
Dorota . -A second mom to Blair. -Trustworthy. -Only person who could sass Blair. -Baddest maid on the Upper East Side. htt…
I hate this!! Thanks NY Real estate.. Mimi’s Pizza, an Upper East Side mainstay, closes after 59...via
com esse to me sentindo no Upper East Side
() It was a bright but hot day on the Upper East Side so naturally that meant either most people would be hitting up >
It's called 1633, and let's just say it's different for the Upper East Side.
Upper East Side Farmers Market til 3pm. Come see us!.
The only return that ever mattered on the Upper East Side is Carter Baezen
One of favorite staples on the Upper East Side - check out their weekend
I just want to live in a cute penthouse in Chicago's upper east side
Sgt. Salowski & her new partner snapped a photo as they patroled the Upper East Side - http…
My goal in life is to make enough money to move to New York and live on the upper east side.
"you're not gonna be able to live in NYC&not be able to parallel park" ok mom but no 1 is gonna parallel park my limo on the upper east side
Bom dia galerinha do upper east side
Gossip Girl keeps me thinking that I live around the upper east side and I can do whatever I want.
currently sitting in a little coffee shop on the upper east side of Manhattan eating the best bagel of my life
On the Market: Homes for Sale in Brooklyn and Manhattan via
We're gettin done over by some wasteman from the upper east side! Queen B where u at come help us we need u!
Electronic Device Insurance
I can't look at Blake Lively and not think of "S" the promiscuous blonde with daddy issues from the upper east side
She will release a bloodcurdling scream, rend the entire Upper East Side, and all magazines in a 5 mile radius will spon…
BF says it's actually on the Upper East Side on east end of 72nd St by the East River.
Seeking NYC comfort food at a discount? Check out Trend Diner on the Upper East Side:
The perfect blend of modern and classic on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, with an International flavor! This...
I just wish cypress was as messy as tree hill or wisteria lane or even the upper east side 😪
Now at the Upper East Side I think this guy is following me.
Had to start GG again since I'm in the upper east side for the week.
and would have to leave Manhattan to find men neither of them have dated... Or at least the upper east side
New York, NY commander filed for early retirement amid allegations he received benefits for pay-for-favors scandal
honestly you're a married couple living in an Upper East Side 1 bedroom. I'm not asking you to be Downton, just grow up.
"You want to play Grey Gardens and rehab at your friend's house on the Upper East Side?!?!" -favorite line ever
Why isn't there a Krispy Kreme on the upper east side this some bs
"I wanna play Grey Gardens at my friend's house in the Upper East Side." 😂
All I can do now is sit in sadness bc how am I gunna live vicariously through the upper east side...without the upper east side 😓
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
"Play like Grey Gardens and Rehab over at my friend's house on the upper east side..." 😂
Dedicated to the group of speed walking moms I always see on the Upper East Side. Polo sweaters included. Terrifying.
You asked me sth when we got off on the 96st - w4m (Upper East Side)
I heard on the upper East Side that & Luann are great in the sack so congrats at both being good at sex.
Bethenny is calling LuAnn a *** meanwhile Sonja is on the upper east side having her *** repaired from all the wear and tear 😖
New York New York -amazing day shooting on the streets of the upper east side
We do hot dogs a bit different on the Upper East Side. Stop by and visit my new amazing bff Manuel for Jean-Georges
As seen on the Upper East Side: a lady driving her dog around in a radio-controlled BMW
When Bucky fell off the train, he moved to the Upper East Side and called himself Carter.. 😍
Martin Luciano arrested in Upper East Side road rage...
HAIRSTYLIST/ ASSISTANT (Upper East Side): We are looking to hire experienced hairstylist and ...
I just want to be living in the Upper East Side of Manhattan already.
Every man on the Upper East Side of NYC looks like John Slattery.
🍕tastings today from 5-7pm at our Upper East Side and Greenwich Village stores!
Most expensive house in New York City: $161 million ... -
Turns out Woody Allen may not be a bike fan:
I wish I was back on the sunny streets of Upper East Side Manhattan instead of en route to an exam 🙄😭
This is so upper east side of New York
Luxury listing of the day: Stately 5-bedroom on NYC's Upper East Side
we're legit in the upper east side and I live in south Brooklyn?
Being on the upper east side wasn't the bad
Pretty sad when a director like Woody Allen rejects bike lanes on his NYC street. Such a motordom attitude.dinosaur.
New York’s Littlest Chess Players Win National Championship. Kindergartners and first graders from Public School 77 on the Upper East Side c…
Every war has its weapons but on the upper east side, the rules of battle are simple: There are no rules. -GG
Serena what are you doing in paradise go back to the upper east side
« passed away in a horrible attack on their family home in the Upper East Side, just a flew blocks away from the institute. »
Incredible day with our mama's + most lavish high tea on upper east side 🌹
Woody Allen and his neighbors will get bike lanes, like it or not, officials say:
The New Upper East Side - It's so much more than preppies and private schools. via
Let's all pretend that our beloved Lily Van Der Woodsen is not a bad mom. Shelby, she's been in the Upper East Side the whole time
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
Serena Van Der Woodsen this is why you don't leave the Upper East Side
Gov. John Kasich of Ohio continued his culinary tour of New York, stopping at an Upper East Side deli three days before the…
At the Ippudo Noodle Bar in Upper East Side after the lovely…
.New York's Upper East Side just got more "upper east side" with Ballet!. .
i want to live in whatever Upper East Side world that Gloria Vanderbilt and Lee Radziwill live in
Standing O is at it again!: ProFitness Physical Therapy first opened on the Upper East Side of Manhattan in 1...
"Mysterious financial transactions. Warring parents. Welcome to the Upper East Side" –Chuck Bass
Hillary won the Upper East Side. How does the UES celebrate? They call their stock brokers. A vote for Hillary is a vote for Wall Street.
Upper East Side has voted for Kasich. We voted for Joe Lhota too. It's not our *** fault you people make bad choices.
On my way to the Upper East Side to find out how they, the Upper East Siders, voted. Stay tuned.
Get out of your Upper East Side bubble. Talking down to your guests makes your show extremely unappealing.
isabellaayoub Ceo and Creative Director of Magrì to announce MAGRÌ Upper East Side, NYC Trunk…
I'm loving this spiritual center on the Upper East Side. It's very eclectic, of Hindu origin but…
Nice day to take kids to the Central Park Zoo. Who wants to meet up after? (@ Upper East Side in New York, NY)
'Yeah. The West Bank's the branch my gorgeous PA goes to when the Upper East Side branch is closed.'. via
Mrs. Alexander, born on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, requested the following for her…
When you walk home to the Upper East Side from downtown Manhattan
It was hard to choose a favorite shot from this Upper East Side apartment colorfully designed by http…
President Richard Nixon enjoys a cup of black coffee on the Upper East Side
Im not Chuck, i dont live on the Upper East Side and I dont drug people 😂😂
Straight from the Upper East Side, what was Blair Waldorf's best advice?
.is the queen of parking wars in her Upper East Side 'hood
A crafty mystery man has brought joy to one Upper East Side block, by adorning trees with colorful birdhouses
Here's your guide to new Breuer space, which opens today on the Upper East Side
~ from this particular gallery on the Upper East Side. I was under no delusions that my apartment actually afforded me a private life, out ~
The mysterious birdhouses of the Upper East Side
Chat: Owner of on new Upper East Side stars, picky eaters
Mystery birdhouses bring joy to Upper East Side
Ronnie, pre-tell, what am I begging for? I live on the Upper East Side of Manhattan... Begging has no place here. 🙋
That feeling when wendaschwen gives his blessing @ Yorkville, Upper East Side
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
News Mystery birdhouses bring joy to Upper East Side
Take the kids to see “Pop-Pop-Popcorn,” at The Jewish Museum on the Upper East Side. 11:30 and 2 [$15-$20]
Look inside brand new Upper East Side condo →
where's the nearest station to Upper East Side from CBD?
If you could have any view from your home, what would it be? — Upper East Side baby.
I'm very boring, really: I live on the Upper East Side, a block from the pa...
Reading the Anne Beattie short story in the latest New Yorker. Is there a UK equivalent for her monied Upper East Side setting?
19 January 2016: 235 East 72nd Street, Upper East Side (59-79), Manhattan / city residence one family / one family home / $10,100,000
You read Stephen King on the 6 train - m4w (Upper East Side)
Peter Grünauer is back on the Upper East Side and more food news from
"Peter Grünauer Is Back on the Upper East Side" by FLORENCE FABRICANT via NYT The New York Times
Copper Kettle Kitchen in New York’s Upper East Side for Farm-to-Table Comfort Food: We recently explored the n...
Buy Calculated in Death: In Death Series, Book 36 on Manhattan's Upper East Side, a Woman Lies Dead at the Bottom of
From May 15 In the heart of Manhattan, gorgeous 2BD apartment for rent (Upper East Side) $2900 …
*I look away from my fingers unconsciously twitching with the desire for a cigarette as I lie* Manhattan. Upper East Side.
Breast Cancer Awareness
Yes. But the Upper East Side of Manhattan is filled with these trust funders who picked their parents well.
The Queen B of the Upper East Side gives us the best quotes to live by
Upper East Side Co-op Asks $780,000, New Kitchen Included: Welcome back to The Six Digit Club, in which we tak...
Selling Points: Village prize up for grabs, Upper East Side
Growing up on, say, the Upper East Side, you're so isolated. If you go to t...
Cuddle time. ~Spence-Chapin on East 93rd Street near First Avenue is renewing a search for people who would take...
1.9 "Are you jealous you didn't get to sleep with him first? There had to be somebody left on the Upper East Side." –Blair
I just started watching. It's like Gossip Girl, only instead of vying for control of the Upper East Side, it's England.
My friend had a job interview with him at his Upper East Side store years ago. (!)
mothers finally booked a hotel for New York in the Upper East Side🙌🎉
Come support a new business on the Upper East Side!
I truly believe I was born to live on the upper east side and sabotage people
A market sampling from Midtown South, the Upper East Side and Clinton Hill, Brooklyn:.
I'm the Marcia f**king Brady of the Upper East Side, . and sometimes I want to kill myself.
leighton meester playing Eleanor, a poor nanny to a spoiled brat from the upper east side. um, are we just gonna ignore these facts?
went from the upper east side back to my dorm to a *** boy doing my makeup a *** boy bringing me alc and now en route to a penthouse OK
Changed my clothes in a wine store in the Upper East Side & took a leather computer chair from the curb home. Slowly becoming a NYK'er
Life goal: to own an apartment on the upper east side
Do you regret not buying a New York apartment 10 years ago? You should:
sorry I missed your comment during my scope lady gaga went to Convent of the Sacred Heart, on the upper east side
TONIGHT: DOT discusses new bike lanes in the Upper East Side at CB8. 6:30pm - Rockefeller University, 1230 York Avenue, Caspary Auditorium
I was hired as a sous-chef at a restaurant on the Upper East Side. The chef...
Sales to Launch for Boulevard 57 in Miami's Upper East Side - via
"On the Upper East Side, the rules of battle are simple: there are no rules" -Kristen Bell.
Is it too much to ask to wake up on the Upper East Side in a luxury penthouse surrounded by couture, Cartier and my own per…
Second Avenue subway now 90% done on Upper East Side, $4.45 bil project first proposed in 1920s at a cost of $86 mil
Shout out to Merrion Square in Upper East Side for providing good service and hooking it up with a brewski 👍🏼👍🏼
Upper East Side, New York. Holiday delights at every turn. See more of our favorite details:
with mom & pizza (@ 6 miles from Upper East Side in Teluk Intan, Perak)
Upper East Side jumper in New York lands on woman leaving her dead: The jump occurred Friday on First Avenue n...
Website Builder 728x90
Matt, sorry for the intrusion if I'm mistaken, do you happen to be Roger's kid from the Upper East Side of Manhattan?
Love this area- Located right by third avenue on the Upper East Side.…
I am watching Donald Draper being a trollop all over the Upper East Side
God, that would literally just be my high school - Upper East Side and family scandals and all.
Fat Sals the upper east side misses you. Please come back to us soon!
Just a quick pitstop at dirty bruns before we live in the upper east side…
Beautiful day for a stroll in Central Park @ New York City - Upper East Side
Nothing beats the Upper East Side on a Sunday
Great feature of living in the Upper East Side🌷 Enjoy a stroll through this artistic mansion, Free on…
Everyone on the Upper East Side is alarmed by my purple lipstick 🎶 and I love it 🎶 *Weeknd voice*
I wanna live on the Upper East Side and be Blair Waldorf and have my own Chuck Bass
Would it be bad if I said I wished I wanted to be a kid of The Upper East Side?
I still wonder how Nate managed to survive in Upper East Side
Are you a sexy older woman with a thing for younger men? (Upper East Side)
I grew up in Vancouver's downtown east side. This means I have a kind of weird bigotry against the rich & upper middle class.
Walked around the Upper East Side today and everyone was asking me what my *** was
Another stunning day in November on the Upper East Side.
Overheard on the Upper East Side: "I am absolutely furious right now. I'm never scheduling a tennis class on the weekend again."
KFC is your typical cry baby white boy from the upper east side. Wants to be Dino Costa or Craig Carton so bad
I belong in the Upper East side of Manhattan ✨✨
Residents of the upper east side, Manhattan push through global warming ...
completely ridiculous that pedestrians on the east side of 589 cannot get to the Upper Tampa Trail.
Only on the upper east side: a lady chastising her dog for getting its sweater vest dirty...🐩👕😱
Sunday mornings on the upper east side >>>
All I wanna do I cry because I'm not wealthy and living in the upper east side...
Headed to Brooklyn tonight to stay w/urbancowboybnb. Gonna be 🌵 @ NYC upper East-Side
Met on the LES but Had Fun on the UES - m4m (Upper East Side)
DTUT, Upper East Side: DTUT is a coffee and alcohol bar on 2nd Avenue and E…
Presence of God tangible and REAL Upper East side. Wow.
Sonny and Cher on the Upper East Side, New York City, 1966. Photo by: Jack Robinson.
Eric van der Wodsen was such a good person ... He didn't belong to upper east side
Can I live on the upper east side please?
Stop by today at my Open House by appointment. High Floor, Spectacular Views One Bedroom Condo. at the luxury Upper East Side condominium,...
DeLorenzo Gallery has reopened, this time in a skylit oasis transformed by https:…
In their pursuit of irony, eventually all hipsters are going to become investment bankers and live on the upper east side.
Cache Valley polls is the equivalent to Gossip Girl in the Upper East Side of Manhattan. This can't end well.
We also suggest trying Pavlos Shoe Repair in the Upper East Side!
Happy birthday to the sweetest biatch I know! I love you so much my dear Blair, the Upper East Side is waiting 4 ya💖 htt…
Self-reported health on the Upper East Side is the highest in NYC. New data:
In the middle of my first shift on the Upper East Side!! Very different setup and clientele from Midtown.
Spotted: Blair and Serena handing out candy to all the children on the Upper East Side of Walnut Hill.
Socrates Sculpture Park ~ On the East River, overlooking Roosevelt Island and the Upper East Side, t
"Connell, of E. 73rd St. on the Upper East Side". CLOSE TAB
Upper East Side- literally steps to Hunter College and the 6 train on Lexington avenue. Tons of…
Job + Training. Import From China, sell on Amazon FBA (Upper East Side): No matter Who or Where you are. ...
Re: what I wish I could say... - m4w (Upper East Side): Why would it be selfish to sent the guy t...
Society Staffing is looking for a Weekend Nanny, Spanish-Speaking, Live-In (Upper East Side). Apply now!
funny thing: been spending time in Hole and Upper East Side (the magic user's world obvs shut up) and no one's wearing Crocs
Our client getting ready to open on the Upper East Side!
and no push messages when I stumble into, say, the UES. . “On the Upper East Side?” . Yes. Shut up.
I just want to pet all the puppies on the Upper East Side this morning.
This $37.9 million condo sale just broke an Upper East Side record via
Lillian Ross chronicles the obsessions of private-school teens on the Upper East Side:
A beautiful green Goddess in Euro-spec was another unexpected delight in the Upper East Side!…
I'd say Kors has done that in a way though. Diffusion Kors worn by Northern teens. Mainline Kors for Upper East Side megarich
SherlockHolmes: Upper Swandam Lane is a vile alley lurking behind the high wharves which line the north side of the river to the east ...
9 Restaurants that Prove the Upper East Side is Cool Again via
Life goal: own a townhouse on the upper east side of Manhattan 🌃🌳🍸
Live the High Life on the Upper East Side via @
Hairstylist (Upper East Side): We are looking for full time hairstylist. Stylist must have exper...
LIVE on OMG this is insane flooding upper east side NYC downpour
Uptown 4 train - w4m (Upper East Side): You were a tall charming man, with salt and pepper hair and a ...
SCAM -- free professional massage for a gentleman East Harlem (Upper East Side)
I finished Gossip Girl and I feel like I left the upper east side and returned to my home in Brooklyn
check out the newest additions to the upper East side on destination day 💅
Watch out for Blaire & Serena from the upper east side to bless the halls this Thursday.
I'll never get used to hearing East Harlem referred to as the "upper east side".
Thank you for blessing the upper east side
Upper East Side housewife. Birkin, pearls, navy Brooks Brothers blazer, penny loafers. Totally unaware of the world's problems.
Most likely to: become an upper east side mommy with a mommy blog
Upper east side mommy culture is funny/fascinating to me bc those r the women I grew up around
you know you love me. xoxo, Gossip Girl. @ Upper East Side
After You is out in the US today and I'm talking at Barnes and Noble on the Upper East Side, NY tonight, from 7pm. Stop by a…
At B&N Upper East Side, eagerly waiting for to take the stage to talk about her new book, 🙌❤️📖
I wish someone would come to the city and walk around the upper east side with me
It's been a lot more noticeable in the Upper East Side and Midtown, esp along 57th St, in the last year.
New York Need someone to organize my drawers and closets! (Upper East Side)
Serena and Nate; . dt: Gossip Girl because she loves serenate!! (Vine by upper east side)
it's about the rich teenagers of the upper east side. It's seriously so good! You have to watch it
yeah but he's a Upper East Side raccoon how bad *** can he be?
Currently writing about a private school on the Upper East Side that costs as much as where I went to college
Photo! It's happening! Many people are viewing on the Upper East Side at Carl Schurz Park. Clouds are…
Julia Murphy Grant founded Regis HS, the tuition-free Catholic high school for boys on the Upper East Side, in 1914.
Pope's visit will have the Upper East Side looking like a war-zone
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