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Up The Love

If anyone is secretly in love with me, now is the time to speak up so I can start thinking about Christmas presents
Mr. Trump we love you & we want to see you prevail tonight over the nastiness that awaits. We know you can do it! Open up
I've got no time for "shut up now and we'll get to the women's stuff after the revolution, love" arguments
I love waking up to back rubs and a kiss on the forehead
I love that you took the time to dig this up. Also sorry. Life happened. Mahal pa rin kita. :(
Love that this is a thing! Live on Sky tonight, write up of the match at ! Basically. Vikin…
We're okay so far. Nonna wants to play cards on the patio (what the *** . Love to everyone up North. I'm very nervous. P…
You can't make someone love үou, all үou can do is be someone who can be loved. The rest is up to the person to realize үo…
The Grace, Mercy and Love of God woke me up. His banner over me/My household/Family. Looking forward to a New Weeks,…
The only women in my life who gets me in the best way possible and picks me up at my worst. 💖
I protect the ones I love with an alligator. And by protect I mean shoving my blow up alligator in their faces for no reason.
Huge thanks to my oldman for the graft put into this fight to raise my profile up here in Glasgow, it's appreci…
I love the originality and creativity demonstrated by the hundreds of girls all dressed up as Harley Quinn
Love Silent Pool? Make sure you sign up to our mailing list for all the latest news about our products & distillery! htt…
most likely not as HRC went in the mud and that's all she has ! Trump would love to bring it up but the mods for HRC
the love and appreciation I have for her ability to pick herself up and not let the negativity affect her as much and le…
I love the sunny side up eggs. That's really the only thing I put Tabasco sauce on
Oh wow that's great I love being woken up by the smoke alarm
dear boys, Christmas is coming up . lots of love, females of the world xx
And then u sleep & wake up & there's books, coffee & people who love u & will always see the good in u, and u realize that life isn't so bad
My grandma bought al these bottles for us & we didn't drink them. We just jacked up my parents tabs at the bars 😩 all love lol
Getting up early in the morning is worth it for something you love
First time this year I've watched the same race twice. Got to love what Suzuka comes up with. Epic with overtaking everywhere.👍🏻
You're the only one I'd love to be with every night and wake up next to every morning. —m.t.
Gotta love waking up and walking into the bathroom that smells like throw up
Hi what a nice song Glen Jones to open up the show! I luv this love song.
Want to take your costume to the next level? Dress up as an entire movie!
Hold up. Love on top. Run the world. Runnin' (loose yourself). Sorry. Halo. If I were a boy.just to name a few.
Democracy is not a spectator sport. Don't give up your power to shape the future of the country we love. Vote:
Waking up to this in the morning. Would love to have for breakfast.🍕
"Get up every day, love God and do your best. He will do the rest." Anonymous
Waking up to say Happy BDay🎉and anniversary👫 to the loml💚 I love you so much😢 I would write a paragraph but I can't I lov…
. I love You'r smile & the way your eye's light up when you are happy. 😀😊:$) ~😍
Muslims are being targeted "in the name of love jihad, gau raksha and religious conversion" she said.
They always change their music to " keep up with the times" abazi we love them for the old style...
Nothing is better then waking up next to the person you're in love with every morning
I Love the clouds ... the clouds that pass ... up there ... up there ... the wonderful clouds! . -…
Today we open 9 am-3 pm and thankful for all of the love this week! Pick up our cold pressed Thanksgiving six pack…
I love when looking up Negan on google and the results spoil the comic.
Make sure you take the time to tell the ones you love that you love em! Life is short! Stay prayed up!🙏🏽
BBC asking "what is the point of your pet?". Next up: does love really exist or are we meat robots who should be worked to dea…
If I had a heart I could love you if I had a voice I would sing, after the night when I wake up I'll see what tomorrow brings.
Just caught up with the superb commentary from last night. Love it!!
Consider the following: . Clinton went SO FAR to cover up his love of cookies that he was IMPEACHED. Trump was like "Y…
Ashton and Calum at the nail salon "getting a little touch up" . I love cashton so much 💅🏼👌🏼
Che was Jesus. 'The true revolutionary stands up for truth and justice; does it out of love
Girls saying PTA boys are 🚮 are only saying that as a cover up. . We love and see the efforts guuys. 😘
He broke my heart, she breaks his, he breaks hers. The pattern of brokeness each left picking up their own pieces
Sneaky half to try out the post Berlin marathon legs - ended up 7 seconds off my PB! 1:39:14. I love the
We are sad and mourn over the loss of wonderful actor who played and growed up together with us, Alan Rickman. RIP, we will love you always.
GUYS THIS KIND OF THING IS WHY I LOVE THEATRE big up and this amazing-sounding company.
Once the love is mutual, we'll be able to pick up wherever we left off at.
oh I love Serial, you should honestly give it a try. But start all the way back at season one and work your way up.
Oh MY, what sweet SWEET moves by Kyle Lowry to come up with the steal and the roll-in. LOVE!
I absolutely LOVE early morning!!! My very favorite time of the DAY!!! I have already been up for an hour & a...
I love the way we fight just to make up.💃💃💃💃
Got up this mornig and watched the latest 7 Days to Die episode. Love alpha 13, and love your guys content. 🙂
Hate to think about how much soil is needed to fill it up. I love the idea though. :)
me. They will, the three of us are rooting for you. And we're all here for each other to pick everyone back up. I love you
Love you Arden. Thanks for coming in between shooting scenes to watch my stand up. Means the world to me.
love seeing ROADTRIP usernames up and down the timeline :3 - Andy
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
Love seeing the little balloons float up on my page 😍😁
. Hey Angel. Do you know the reasons why, we look up to the sky? . Follow me please?. I love you. https:/…
Stokes, time to go. I'll drive ye myself. Love the club, up the Ra. But happy to be a lazy *** and get paid 😕
Really fell in love with the Muddy soda . ❤️ I'm po'd up everywhere i go now
Wands up R.I.P Severus Snape your the true hero! Love a loyal fan 😢😢😢😢
Sad. The world lost a lot, Alan. Thks for giving snape to us so majestically. We love u, we'll miss u. Wands up. 0_/* 🐍 😢
I love this map only because the UP isn't racist but a fresh water lake is
You love *** i love my self wake up n the morning n hug myself lol good morning :)
means movie is reducing negativity as God's love is the strength of our inner selves ,it beefs up positiveness…
I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE ANGEL ON BOARD!!! I was caught up from the beginning!! u need a miracle in your life?
When you over everything but you still don't want to give up because the bond is unbreakable and the love is so deep 😩😭
I'd love the whole wire bra prettiness but the way my bress are set up? No.
I think this might be the curve, in which the people we grew up to love slowly begin to disappear.
Female, 54 - "I no longer need to take medication for hypothyroidism. I love waking up in the morning feeling...
I love the feeling of being in love; the special feeling when you wake up with butterflies is unbelievable.
I wanna be there when you wake up, be more than just your friend, baby there’s no mistaken’, you’re the love I wanna be in…
I love staying up late because that's when the best Disney shows/movies come on
selfishly I'd love to see the nipple effect of this and then let you heat back up
OPEY in Georgia. Grown up in a shelter, never known the love of a home.
H16BD to v thankful for the glo up and v thankful for our daily snapchats. love you 😉❤❤
Thankful for all the love today guys! Been in the studio cooking up a bunch of new songs for you all. It's about to get crazy!
Love Kats simple make up in ,her hair is styled so gorgeously well done & the stunning dress …
I love when namjoon gets shy and covers up his face its the cutest thing
Tell that to the Western Hezbollah fanboys. They are convinced Palestinians love Nasrallah
Love it when you go round to a house to quote for the landlord and end up doing work for the tenant 😊
toss up between RHPOT and Love Actually, of which he was the best in both things. But fav AR part is Obedi…
Look at our President thrown them 4's up...showin love to the south
Ugh the struggle of getting up... Good thing I love medical terminology 😬
lmao guess who stayed up until 2:45am for the Love Live event and was up at 5:30 for work?
Bonjour, big up for "Tamika" love this track! Can you tell me who is the producer beatmaker of this title please? . Peace.
"Love is the ONLY thing you can take with you when your time on earth is up."
oooh nice! :) hmm it would have to be a toss up between Love Actually, Sense and sensibility & any of the HP films. Brilliant!
I love you too...*She blinks feeling the cat rub up against her leg.* I love /both/ of you.
Happy birthday to the best pickle ball partner thx for beating me up in gym love uu!!!
MedhaviGandhi I love these visits PMOIndia arranges - it's an opportunity to spruce up our and sites. And yet, the
A church's best "advertisement" is the love shown by the individuals that make up the church.
This is the problem with having to love bands in the 60's up to 90's. Vinyls are hard to find and are really expensive.
Awesome new cushions! I love the reverse side of the insect one. The eye patch lifts up on the…
if we date you don't ever have to buy me jewelry or PINK, I will love you just for picking me up ice cream while you're at …
im a 19 year old girl from the uk looking for a sugar daddy, I'm horny and wet and I love taking nudes, hit me up on kik: NUDESQUEEN69
All the birthday love headed to today! I know it's over, over there, but it's still ur birthday here! So live it up sweets! X
Oh no! The brilliant Alan Rickman has died. Cue up the LOVE, ACTUALLY debates: tripe or treasure? (I loved it, she said defiantly.)
Love is the only thing in this world that covers up all the pain and makes someone feel wonderful again.
They say do what you love and the money will come. Me: *nodding while I dress my cat up for our nightly fashion show*
Overwhelmed with responses, thanks for all the love for Sign up for updates h…
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Love being woken up by the worst cramps in the worlllddd 😡😡😡😫
Don't let the money mess up the love.
Mi Deven kno jus nuh like get lef out when everybody a get love up 😢
Hands up if you love that little bit more after the way she laughs in the video 🙌 🙌 🙌
Just love a G&T? "Use gin says OXO's it's got a real punch that can stand up to the tonic" http:/…
when I wake up I love how the sunlight hits my eyes. Summer
Gotta love when you wake up and have an email from telling you your order is on the way
Yes mom I love waking up at 6:30 in the morning during the summer. 😩
Yes I love waking up early in the summer to take a 4 hour long test.
I love this show!!! It cracks me up! And we could totally get together and watch it, I own the series. 😄😄
Love the chick on the bus putting on her make up using her front facing camera instead of a mirror.
I love early texts, Idc who they're from. I get so excited that the world is actually functioning when I'm up at ridiculous hours.
Getting up for the gym *** but I love the feeling afterwards 😉
thanks jack! It's been awesome seeing you grow up & knowing I'm the one who influenced you to become so cool! 😜😜 love you too!
Doubleheader week overflows into the weekend!. First up: Danny Glover vs Donald Glover! Which Glover do you love?
Language of Desire - What every woman should know to keep the heat turned up in her love-life!.
Happy Birthday😀 I hope you enjoy your day and have fun. You are my most favorite actors ever. Keep up the good work. Love You 🎉
So france soon, i can't wait, me and the love of my life will be relaxing and soaking up the sun x
Love how much thinner u look when u first wake up but then u scran ur breakfast and ur back to being 3 months pregnant for …
I DO love Saturday mornings! Too bad I had to get up and work though today soi can't enjoy it to the fullest.
I love seeing pretty girls. Like really pretty ones. Not the basic ones people hype up because they have nothing better to…
The stunt doubles for Mad Max and Furiosa fell in love while filming and ended up getting married.
Happy Anniversary and keep up the good work. I love your leadership style and hopefully at Homecoming will get...
Ready for my shoot thank you to for doing the make up. Love it :)
I love giving acupuncture to the folks I help them stay tuned up for race day.
Happy birthday to the best/favorite cousin ever ! You have always been there for me I love you ❤️ don't turn up with out me …
So extremely blessed to have the most amazing boyfriend and Bestfriend wrapped up in one man 😊
Everyone turns into a Thot after breaking up with the one they love most ✔️
Love my new iron! Watched it heat up and the whole thing took 10min 💁
Just woke up? Quick feel of the love spuds lads 👍🏼 . Get it early, massive chance of survival average ag…
I just played ur new event online for gta 5 two times now and I still love it keep up the good work!
I love it, too! 🙋 Wimbledon is the first tennis that I watched on TV.
I love when my body wakes me up with a migraine. Prepare for the best day ever! 😬
Straight up I love the attention and I honestly feel like I'm lacking attention.
I love waking up to the smell of roasted vegetables and spices 😌
Great way to counter punch to tie the series up I Love Basketball 🏀 I Love the NBA!🙏🏀🏆
I watched the whole 24 hours - love but I need to catch up on my sleep!
Pick up your 6 free resources from creative market! I love the creative work in there :-)...
love cabbage. Thanks for the heads up 👍
I love waking up at 6 on the weekends :) :)
She was selling her roses on the subway when this guy served up a miracle love explosion
Be my valentine and I won't put you in a passionate love affair with my phone by my bed so I'll wake up in the morning
I honestly love waking up in the morning and just having the ability to read
And just waking up? Here's the first Queen of the Desert trailer! Love it!
Sungjae ah, please stop growing up.. I love you just the way you are..
All the males in the family are going camping today, so I get a day and a half to myself! I love that they are growing up!
I love waking up to the sound of the ocean!!!
joins us for the on What celebrity may end up for one act of love. Tune in to find out
I love waking up still drunk from the night before. Not when i gotta work in an hour THO
I love how your pet cat hops up on your shoulder, people react to you as you pass, the game feels alive
thanks for your crazy love guys..'Caught Up' just hit the beatport release charts today at Killer remix package.
I wake up every morning rock solid. Thinking about the way we used to make love...
I had the pleasure this morning of freshening up my gorgeous client, Yanna's highlights/ombré. . I love what I...
There is so much beauty in the in-between of falling apart and being perfectly stable. Learn to love yourself most from pi…
[cont 2/2] All stores will be receiving more stock over the next few days! We'd love your pics of your me…
Happy 21st to the beautiful I hope you wake up with the most glorious hangover tomorrow 💋 love you bb
You don't give up on the people you love.
I'm sorry I sure miss mine to. Shes in heaven I wish I could walk up their and hug her tight. Theres nothing like the love of grandparents.
Pop up perseverance!! For the love of a good series!! iPad nearly got lashed out the window! It's workin now tho 😋😋
I love when I sign up for spin and no one from the class before will give up a bike even though they didn't sign up 😡
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
Love sitting in the drive way with the tunes cranked up
I love bates motel 😍 I just barely caught up on the second season
The two people that I absolutely love just told me that I'm going to end up going to *** Wow..
People are messed up for having a least fave out of the boys. How can you not love them all?! Blocked that person & I don't even care lol
but love all the parties. Finishing kegs and crushing bottles of Bacardi, Can’t go to class, I'd rather lay up…
The seniors are the only people who can truly love these cold days because we won't make up the majority of them
I'm in love with the Minnie detailed anybody wanna buy a heart mash up
Love when gas goes up an hour before you get to the pumps. 104.9 in Gravenhurst.
Catching up with love the pug jumper, all you need now are the pug socks
"You wake up every morning to fight the same demons that left you so tired the night before, and that, my love, is bravery."
“It’s not about doing the things you love, it’s about doing things with the one you love.” (The Break Up)
Really love how stuck up for another guy, whether he knows him or not, cuz that wasn't important to share. Makes me happy.
All the sacrifice and hard work payed off. Love my team and all who came out. Way up I feel blessed
I love it when it snows because school gets cancelled but I hate the cold! I just really want summer to hurry up and get here!!
One day you’ll wake up at 11:30 AM on a Sunday with the love of your life and you’ll make some coffee and pancakes and …
it's okay I still love you and I still gave the video a thumbs up 😉
“I love cheerleading when you stand up too fast after hitting the bong
I love the fact that I still get excited every time his name pops up on my phone. 💘
i fall in love with people’s passion. The way their eyes light up when they talk about the thing they love & the way they …
Bubba up and riding in today's Love to see the look on people's faces after their first...
Never give up on the things you love
"OMG if linked up with Lord I would pass out swea" have me on the floor like. http…
Curled up on the couch watching my love on I love this show ❤️❤️
that's the whole point of lent! You're suppose to give up something you love!! Lmao 😂
Great thing about being me... I have no set religion. I don't give up anything, etc. Just love the world and live with good morals.
My are these two BEAUTIFUL ladies. Together, we make up the best trio in the world 🌎. Love you…
what up bro I'm in chicago but I'd love to Goto the
"Even if we do end up asleep and wake up at different time, the fact that I love you won't change."
I'm here love! PLL turn up session will commence Tuesday! I cannot wait for the awesomeness!!! Birthday twins unit! 2/24!…
Ephesians 5:25 - Husbands, love your wives, as Christ loved the church and gave himself up for her, …
I love when pandora plays all the songs iv thumbs up in a row.
If anyone wants to pick and I up from the Beta house, we will love you forever😉
My music goes from me being hyped just ready to slit throats and blow things up to ready to make love In the bedroom or In …
When I break up with a girl I wish she was cryin in bed holdin my pic or somn lol that type of love. Don't want the go smoke n be a *** type
“I tried to say what's up but I couldn't pick my jaw up off the floor.” LOL I seriously love you.
Love this quote, sums up how I feel about the subject: "This quote from 90210's Donna Martin comparing swimming to safe sex says it best: "…
thank you for standing up for the fandom along with a lot, I love you guys
nice! Hope you enjoyed the book! Would love a review up on Amazon if you have a spare second :)
Is Nelson the key to the re-signing Petry? Probably not, but I won't give up hope.
still love my Starbucks even if it is filled with hipsters. I'll keep nerding the joint up :x
Love the determination and the fight! Keep it up!
Wearing leggings if we have school tomorrow because if I die on the road, why not die standing up for sexism!! i love m…
Everyone slaggin me off and hating that I love a good tan needs to lighten up! Probs just the pale ones that are complaini…
Keep up the good work Queen! We love u! Never stop the hustle and love u have for music!
"We are one, tonight. And we're breathing, in the same air. So turn up the love."- Far East Movement feat. Cover Drive (Turn Up The Love)
No cambies tu forma de ser por nadie. Quien realmente te ama no te cambia, te completa.♥ I love you forever my love
Love waking up to the sun shinning in my bedroom
What if everyone just walked up to the person they're secretly in love with & kissed them out of the blue in the middle of the hallway 💏
My life is not even valuable because of the bs i put up with if i didnt love myself, a little crazier,&'d didnt want to go to *** Id end it
Now following I love his name hope he's living up to it! a beautiful place especially in books when you have to imagine
Enter to win epic "Share The Love" International Giveaway: TEN BOOKS up for grabs!
I love looking up at the sky when the sun goes down.
I have a love/hate relationship with my sisters boyfriend its great, he just winds me up all the time&makes me look like a knob
I appreciate all the luv yall showed while i was away. I love all my fans. Now its time to turn TF up on these folks! I aint playin!
"I love the fact I grew up wanting a brother and now I have four love u boys man :)"
When you wake up, that's the real natural face and I love it!! *kiskiskiskis..
Ash needs to shut up being jealous. Her & Marquan means the world too me & they both know it. She jealous I show him love & not her. Lol
It's 7:30 and the sun is still up. I love it.
I'd love to stay up in Longford on sat,the nightclub in the hotel is free and all drinks are 2 euro..
I love how you ran around in nappies, skip barking, jai in the fountain, James running up mrs. Monroe,and Luke in the bush
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Woke up to a nap with the nicest surprise from and Love you girls!
of course, Love. I don't know. I think 2020 is realistic tbh- unless I *blow up* & become the next 27 yr old Selena Gomez
The new Pope gave up his love of tango when he discovered his "religious vocation." That makes me so sad.
No matter how angry you get, you always end up forgiving the people you love.
I love boxing y'all...but there is more to my life than lacing up boxing gloves. It's a small part of my life.
I do that ALL the time, usually to Reedus or someone I'd rather not mess up with ;) I love pee pee art
I love mom but I swear the only reason she rubbed my belly so much when she got home was too warm her fingers up.
"I will never stop trying. Because when you find the one... you never give up." - Crazy, Stupid, Love
I would love to see US get the win but the Dominican's line up is so Hanley's homerun was so deep...
Do you love live A new app could tell residents what gigs are coming up in the city. This is genius
Love meeting new random friends! Things are looking up The world is ones oyster and all other :-)
Type a girl I love to feel up on, in the water. Really wanna rock her boat like a hurricane in the perfect storm.
England are 353-5 at lunch. KP and Prior batting, would love to watch the afternoon session but have to get up in the morning!
I know your old but speak up for the love of god.
Although I do love the fact that it's almost 8 PM and the sun still up. That's something good.
I love the fact you won't tell me how I'm lying or flirting . But your up other chicks *** .
Watch the and give a thumbs up: It's soo hilarious.You're gonna love it.
aha yesss big up the SE4, SE23 love from cardiff, tunes are banging
They all in love with her drawings.. Keep up the good work boo
The way my eyes light up when I see you, yeah I love going to prevue👌😂
I just meant that you only have to show up to the games! You don't get put in and that kind of stuff. I love cheer too!
The fact that we've only been voting for a few days and we caught up to btr makes me love us even more YEAHH
UV Wristband Tells You When to Reapply Sunscreen: If you love spending time soaking up the sun, a new Kicksta...
Mother goes shopping tell 20 min before the game with it us then tells us to hurry up I love that logic
The onea who love you will leave you. Even if there are hundred reasons to give up, they will find one reason to hold you. ♥
One day i am going to wake up, roll over on my side, and kiss the love of my life good morning ♥
scared to love again .. I refuse to be set up for the same dissapointments as before .
The hardest part of dreaming about someone you love is waking up to see that person gone.
Life is too short to wake up with regrets. So love the people who treat you right, and stop stressing about the ones who don't. 💯💯💯"
(Grins as I kiss up the side of your neck and whispering in your ear) Mmm yes love...I know you do. ;)
Miche s Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
aye it's says alot about the people of Falkirk that wee voted him in. Would love to see him up the town
Couples who wake up and kiss in the morning before brushing their thats some REAL *** love right there
Big up mi fada! "Romaine .-. yea he was suppose to give me a tie but it is all good mi have one straight from the principal"
If anyone picked up an IPhone5 at the Darkness of Noon show at last night I lost mine:( would really love it back x
Waking up to very bad news😔😔 my baby niece Kaly is getting admitted in the hospital also💔 my poor baby girl! Love you Nettie and Kaly Bug💚💙
Itala Perez Y Love you ex my love te amo
Steven Núñez! ...I done said many hurtful things this past year nd all u want is for me nd pooda to b happy. # thts all I ever askd # u may gt on my nerves bt thts y I still love yo punk *** lol
Cuando hay celos hay Amor I love you forever my love ♥
Madonna, Nicki Minaj y MIA amo su canción Give me all your love :33
Love isn't base of happyness without love is base of sadness¿ morning guys('_')
Si no boy, no love. Si no love, no sex. Si no sex, no baby. Si no baby, no problem.
Momento relax una movie con my love y despues a seguir estudiando jum!
Por momentos me siento como si no hecistiera !!!:-\
Mariel Brito te amor en k tu este donde este amor estoy enamorado de ti mas k nunca ..k I love you wherever you are in love with you I love most k never
It's up for the school to close.. Mr. Falaise obviously doesn't love us.
"This book held me spellbound up to the last word!" No More Wasted Time ~A love story~
Shoutout to and homies keep up the good work.sending some love from Germany.Do what you guys do best-WORK Son!
I love the concept of that Good Kid Maad City album. I feel that it describes a lot of ppl growing up in my city.
The first thing I listen to when I wake up: Kendrick Lamar ❤ love him !
what if you wake up one day and realize, *** i really do love this kid, he's the one I wanna be with forever.
Wish i could suit up in the maroon and gold one more time with the seniors. Thank you for all the memories. I love guys!
for the first time i wanna feel REAL love, not that " you hurt me & we make up " type but that " ill always keep you happy " type
when i woke up today,I saw snow in the garden and I thought that is Christmas :D so I must listen Mistletoe! I love this song
Catching up on last night's You are devilishly handsome - love the dark, brooding matador vampire look on you
Snuggled up by the fire, love Sundays.
Has the best bf ever new make up thank u jay love u xx
asdfks you're actually the best omfg I love that you keep track :') and I'm just typing up the last part so maybe tonight!(;
hey love sorry it didn't work out with meeting up this week. Is there any chance we could do this in the next couple of days? xx
The Pats finally putting together a complete game! Love seeing the defense come up big.
"Ya mon...went TF down. Im just waking up. Preciate all the love! S/O to the NUPEs all over TX!
Parents had me obsessed with the Munsters growing up, and Mockingbird Lane is so weird and I'm in love with it.
We both fell asleep on the phone for some hours, woke up and started back talking. I love when that happens.
“i just wanna get dressed up and go out ... i love doing that” no. You stay your *** in the house. Sandy is gonna get you
Would love nothing more but to just stay in bed all day and night ... Instead, I have to get up and go to the rink!
Catching up on take me out and then take me out the gossip!! Best bit :) Love it xx
Contessa and Cherry Von Topp of Le Teaze Burlesque Troupe and host of The Pin Up America Show LOVE Pin Up America...
Gotta love waking up and having no clue where the *** everyone is.
Last time the pats played in London they won 35-7 they r up 35-7 before half of the 3rd quarter is done i love this
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