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Up North

Up North is term used in England primarily by Southerners to refer to the North of England. In the United States, it sees the same usage, primarily by those in the South to refer to the Northeast and Midwestern regions of the country.

First Monday of the month means Gin Mill Hollow at the Up North! Three sets starting around 7, c'mon down ;)
The fate of 14 whitetail deer and possible closure of a wildlife sanctuary in a county Up North has residents and...
Great Hannah Canada reaction. From her new hoos up north?
Yall up north sounding like down south nowadays 😕
Listen to talk about the culture of Something special up north.
Do you sing, rap or do stand up? Join us at North Campus on Nov. 14 at 7pm for Open Stage Night, hosted by Greg Joseph of The Clarks!
The thing thats on my mind 24/7 is that i can't just see you when i want to, if only i had relatives up north 🤔😂
"The people have spoken. That does not mean all the other people have to shut up." From
Planning on visiting us up North in and this winter? Here's where to stay, eat & play!
yep! Had loads up north, I hope you, Stef and Grayson have a safe flight ✈️
Very proud of our Peers and staff up North! Great job guys! via
Don't let the nex gen believe they can act like trump.And still become president.Thats how we up with a leader like north Korea
'Stand the f*** up!' - Well-known startup funder's explosive outburst about Trump victory at Web Summit
Can't wait for sat. Looking forward to getting and his team up to North. Kids are ready to get after it this ye…
OH! I misread 😂 yeah. I have a friend from sc & when he moved up north he was shocked at how little blk folk were up there
North Carolina commit, Coby White leads all scorers at the half with 20 points. Second half coming up.
Tablet insurance available.  Get yours today!
Clovis North students! We will see you tomorrow morning, serving up in our some coffee before school starts…
Big S/O to our second signee from up north. Welcome to the family, Chardonnay!
traffic is really backed up north bound 185. Know anything?
Thank you, from your friends to the north. Come up anytime! 🇨🇦 We took a different tack than the US and are very glad of it.
North Mpls Greenway fall clean-up this Saturday (11/12). 1-4pm @ 3500 block of Irving Ave N. Snacks for volunteers. Bring rak…
Mile markers always count up to the prevailing direction, so mile markers going up mean you're heading either prevailin…
Finished the song of susannah, I feel like I ought to own a hard copy of the final book. Maybe I'll drive to the books a million up north
Because Trump Tower is now "White House North". Must protect the future leader of the free world. (Sorry, I threw up a little)
Adore North is warming up for you...are you coming? *** dinner 6pm, event kicks in at 7pm.…
Trump protestors heading back toward campus, going north up Lavaca.
Confront scourge of sexual abuse, stand up for children, Inuit leaders demand
Is it grim up north in the winter? We don't think so - some stunning pictures of Yorkshire by readers of ht…
my family is all republican and still up north so I'm never really free ha.
Bering Sea waters are warming to point no food 4 Puffins! . Puffins Are Starving to Death in Incredible Numbers.
California voted to legalize marijuana and after last night, I expect there are a lot of people who need it to drown thei…
Council ignored north Birmingham and didn't have single clean up event. Tories don't let that stop them and had clean…
'Mexico is waking up': The game has changed in North America
Congrats to Buchholz state runner-up golfer Mindy Herrick signing with University of North Florida
Make Miami a state. We dont know them *** up north
ICYMI: is cooking up plans to double its DFW presence in the next five years.
I wish this would happen but I go to school up north smh
More tourism money to head up north this year
Hey 🌲 , you got anything up north for a distressed voter? 🤔. FYI…
Y'all really think this is cold, take a trip up north somewhere 😭
Move North before the walls come up! ☺
Wasn't she the one who criticized the Green Party for "showing up" every four years? 😂
Radlibs who pushed Clinton now decide they have luxury 2 give up politics" bc she lost. The real fight starts today &…
Great to catch up with an performance of a much loved book - a bit of Cornwall 'Up North', perfect.
look up to see her husband readying himself to sprint across busy North Capital St. & my boo sitting our bag of food gently on the ground.
Take care sa mga friends natin up north from Reports say that Signalmay be raised in Cagayan. 😢
Canada sounds pretty kind and inviting. Anyone up north have a job and a home waiting for me in case Trump wins?
Southern lad (in a gilet) came into work n said ' I'm fed up of rain up north'. Thickest Yorkshire accent an old bloke looked him dead in
While everyone else posts pics of the leaves changing in the mountains and up north... I'll just post fall pics...
Made up to see playing the absolutely amazing Closing Party. Tkts are ONLY £6!!!.
LISTEN: What's happening at the travelled to the camp to find out.
Female Staffordshire Bull Terrier found tied up outside . Please RT!!!.
if it ain't cold enough in October you decide to have it up north 👎
packs of neports are like 5.64 here and they go for almost twice that up north. I dont smoke cigs btw
Sending us some BIG love from up north. Now this is how a neighbor acts! Feeling the ❤️️
thanks to our neighbors up north for the support...Truly a wonderful nation filled with wonder…
Zone3 represent! Triathlon season isn't over yet! Ironman North Carolina is coming up this weekend. Good luck to...
Quick family trip to Manchester to see the Grandparents. Less than 5 hours up North but worth it…
Emergency clinics: Every day we set up the reception & triage areas, consultation rooms and pharmacies
Nice! I'm glad all is well up in The Great White North. 🙂
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
ISF making good progress up up Hwy 1/Tampa North from Q-West. 20 km since yesterday, almost up to the Ash Shura and Ayn Ja…
Congratulations for the upcoming nice to get a event up in the North of England.
New Episode of and we are heading up north and by the looks of it, I'm a bit lost, lol :).
Left the rain up north this morning for London sunshine, journey back, it's getting grimmer nearer home I get! Wher…
Donald Trump: "I'm very upset about the bombing of the North Carolina GOP office. Tragic. Wrong. Only I am allowed to blow…
We're having an open meeting to decide what's next for Power Up North London- join us on 29 October
"While living in Uganda for about 5 months in 2006, I was invited up Gulu in the north to …
Join us for Guys Nights Out at Flamingo (Mondays) and North Shore (Thursdays)! Sign up:
A prankster in Asheville, North Carolina, handed out fake parking tickets with a QR code that linked to the song, "Never Gon…
Thanks to our neighbors up north! You're pretty awesome yourself! In particular your bacon, poutine and your geeks!
This is the big guy I'm after up in north Ga! Hoping to have a chance at him soon! Thanks to my…
Boo! (just kidding... hope your book sells... to bad the state up north will get profit from it)
Jeremiah 4:6 Set up the standard toward Zion: retire, stay not: for I will bring evil from the north, and a great destruction.
BBC News - Aberdeen shops sign up for breastfeeding scheme
BP platform leaks oil into North Sea with no plans to clean it up
PerfectMatch - #1 Trusted Source in Online Dating
Halloween is coming up and we're going to check out some of the largest pumpkins in North America as well as...
is the most Canadian thing Canada could ever do... and I love it! Love our neighbors up North
looking for 2 for Spurs next week. Will pick up anywhere in the north west
Grange by the Sea then in Edwardian times & Grange over Sands now. River Kent has moved south causing silting up of nor…
No worries a good read! I hear you're teaming up with one of my favourite coffee spots in the North next week too
Why is everyone assuming that Jared Kushner is going to be setting up Trump TV only if Trump loses? Don't y'all know abou…
Every Spanish chick up north had at least one pair of these in her young life time.
Walking the dog and raising money for a local children's hospice... Sounds great, doesn't it? Sign up here: https:…
Moved to tears by the love from up North. ❤
This native Beachwood & Clevelander, by way of North Carolina has been lighting up stages for the 5 years in the...
Sign up to Thursdays event, we will be discussing with as part of
North Carolina needs to make up its mind what weather to give, and not be bipolar
Packing for my journey up north tomorrow to see and in and 😁…
Thanks for showing up yesterday North Carolina! Tonight we play The Loft in Atlanta. 📸
Time to pull out the North East snowstorms book again. Need to brush up on my forecasting techniques.   10% Off
North Dakota gives up attempt to charge journalist who filmed pipeline protest except
In cause you didn't know, we're repping in Morris, IL now for all you scoundrel-folk up north. True North is the...
Soccer heads-up: The North Bend matches at Coquille today each are moved up 15 minutes (boys at 2:45 p.m. and girls at 4:45)
North Star American Bistro on North Star is another solid lunch spot I hit up around the area where I work o…
It's funny because the bathing suits I wear in south florida I would never wear to the beaches up north 😂
Well-known reporter messaged me calling me stooge 4 Russia. Not going 2 prop him up by naming him-but people like this…
a few of us Act Up North groupies will be attending, looking forward to seeing you again…
When your London gal is coming up North to visit you and you're 100% ready for some classic North weezy Banta 😂👏🏻
I had a 40 Oz of Labatt Blue Dry, but my friend brought it from that country up north. I think it was 10% or something crazy
lol don't get me wrong, my home city is my home city, but food wise it's a big no no. I send people Birmingham/Up North
Up North a bit? The one run by the people who do the Ren faire?
Bernie Clifton is now in the hit comedy Up North by Steve Call Productions for Essex TV Bernie plays a barman...
In this week's Up North, youth players are learning from pro players & Mike Sislo at a hockey camp:.
Hello Jackie. I post lots of 'Up North' pictures. You might like Brian Shields (Braaq) he was good.Hx
NFC NORTH fans showed up more than any division so far
Last practice of the year. New to finish up strong vs. North. Atlanta Tomorrow night
Bloggers sign up now for The Northman's Bride: Sons of the North Book 3 by release events here:
Propelrr Team is going up north for
Your balls should look fabulous when lathered up!
Heading into the 3rd, Grain Valley Eagles Varsity baseball up 1 to 0 over Lee's Summit North.
North American conservatives might want to think about why David Cameron & the Tories support a living wage.
In honor of draft day 2016, this sums up everything anyone needs to know about the North.
Thinking of moving up north with my older brother
I'm all signed up for the North County Sept 24! Use code "winerun" to save $7!
So we decided to take a train up north on a whim since our hometown is sooo boring
I'm going to be so mad if Elliott ends up in the AFC North and it's not the Browns. Any where else, please.
Texas kids complain about Houston and Austin traffic being horrible... Plz go up north and experience DC/NY/Philly traffic
I'm sorry this happened to you 💙 I feel like the police won't even be able to do anything cos he's up north god knows where
Heading to north west event tomorrow, and looking forward to catching up with and an update on
SERIOUSLY, what did the north do to you??? You need to get yourselves up here for some more gigs xx
Hamilton Collection
Is that where they filmed Dragons Den before it moved up north?
Actually not. Now the SEC has lifted their self imposed ban and will be having them up north
En route to the Prolific North Awards where we're up for Video Of The Year.
When the sun is scorching free up north 🙆
Really want to take a road trip up north
It's one of my top 2 favorite lakes! If you ever have time, try visiting Cave Run more up north! & Thank you!!
still lots of depth and quality on the board. Can't believe draft has stayed completely up north
Beautiful integra type r from up north drove down to join us at the open house this past weekend.
What's the point in going to a party with nothing but people from up north if you don't like them? 🤔
seriously Dan you do act like your from up north. Just my observation
what about you and the rest of the guys visit up north,we miss you in Norn Iron xx
Gun control directly makes gun murders go way UP
Rolled up to men's wear house to pick up my tux and half of north is already there
Everytime I come up north I'm reminded that people cannot drive in rapids
Making study groups: no use on demand and show up on time cause winter is still not coming it's just snowing up north
Meet Black Singles 300x250
One Zerona and X-Body Suit Session or Three Zerona and X-Body Suit Sessions with Fitbit Charge - Up to 77% Off -
Man in animal onesie holds up TV station: The man, who worked as a contractor, was dressed in an animal onesi...
Men's Lacrosse update: leads Hanover 4-2 as they begin the second quarter from up north
If I move anywhere up north it's gonna be Canada. Only cool place in the north
because it is. Good to see community leaders stepping up. Thanks
Detours around the collision scene at Sunset Blvd. have been set up at Sunset Blvd./Old Cherokee Road and at Sunset Blvd./North Lake Drive.
We're here in beautiful Calypso, NC, and the North Duplin Rebels are warming up for the Princeton Bulldogs. Softball game starts at 6:30.
the north is better for gigs int it. like, go to a gig up north I bet the pits smash ours out the park. more lairy innit 👊👊👊
Everytime I watch a Nicholas Sparks movie I can't help but tear up knowing North Carolina is where I belong and where I'm going
So I can my mysterious Klout crash back up
he said I kept telling him that there were heavy winds up north..
might need a trip from up north too! At a bargain price of £1
agreed. Hope for the best up north in uk and here.
PHOTO: SUV swerves to avoid collision and ends up in its top on I-40 in North Little Rock :
well I'm a college athlete, I'm going up to a school in North Dakota this summer, give me some free gear and I'll rep it
Traffic on Rte 23-S just north of Circleville backed up because of multi…
gosh that was forever ago, I need make a trip up north before it starts to get cold again!
Standin just north of TimesSquare & tearing up thinkin that I've actually been on Broadway.for 25min & not 1 avail tax…
Another cemetery with bad records. This time in North Carolina.
year ago u were here trolling fans from that team up north & slaying sharks. Now biggest night of your life. Well deserved
come North my lovelies, you can get totally ratted for that up here.
Also, that would have been great to see you. I see you're keeping really busy these days. You still up north?
I feel bad for temple students they in school tryna better themselves & be getting robbed & beat up by dirty North people for no reason
Good luck to all at the tomorrow it's a bit grim up north today so take care on those roads!
Back up on 95 north before WGV exit still very bad from the crash
Recall that once said that an attack on is an attack on the North, why do you want him to speak up on…
Love it!. Up North-in Catholic homes you'd have a picture of Pope JohnPaul too!
I wonder if The Archers will ever do a Grange Hill and suddenly move Up North for no explained reason.
alas I'm Up North that day, but I'm curious to look at the Julia Margaret Cameron display there at the moment
Google: Up North set to hit the airwaves from Thunder Bay -
Made 'Up North' in Suttons Bay, Michigan... We LOVE These artisan ciders range from bone dry to...
No, i live in North Wales. 5 hour each way trek for me. Plus its lpool, easy to get up for. We had wanky dons.
Can't believe I seen that squirrel square up with that nubbing buck 😂
Folk really think ATL music better than the music up north ... Kill ya self
Id do anything to be laying in a hammock up north or out on the lake in the summertime right now
Cold (for Florida) again tonight. Not like up north but since so many of us don't have 'real' Winter clothes, 😁
Great! My first winter up north and VIRGINIA is the state that's going to get the storm of the century???
Central up big, but North Atlanta's just had the nastiest tomahawk dunk I've seen all year! I'm checking for …
Best of luck to alumnus as he heads up north to join
If it was not 4 some I would move up north, rebuild my life alone there. Here or there, I'm still isolated but less shackles from the past
stay inside then .. I'm from up north I LOVE SNOW !😍
We warm up into the 50s tomorrow with colder air to our north. Small rain chance in the evening hours!
North Harrison girls basketball locks up Mid-Southern Conference title.
I need somebody to take me up north tomorrow for 5mins after school tomorrow 😭
if my bros don't come down on Valentine's Day then Ima go up north.
Kickback for my birthday up north or out east 👀?
It's already 29..suppose to get down to 22. My parents moved to GA to get away from the cold up north. Some1 lied to them. LOL
Lady Bears up 37-17 with 7 minutes left in the 4th against North Summit.
For those of you up north, there is nothing more terrifying than when your area is under a tornado warning. Get ready.
it's lovely! They get fat up north getting ready for migration
City comes up just short tonight. Final score City 64 North Scott 68.
Our first district service is coming up! North Texas MOP, I'm super excited for what God has for…
Up north cold and florida cold 2 different types of cold
Left or Right? Up or down? North Or South? East or West? Water or Land? Think of the RIGHT path for you and follow it til' the end.
it's been a real rough road but I'm okay. My Great uncle took me in. That's how I ended up in North Carolina from Florida
"Somewhere ... Up in the Winter Wonderland of the Great White North ... Deep in the Forest…
2017 Atlantic (FL) SG Stacy Beckton (picks up an offer from North Florida. (HT htt…
Somewhere, Cameron Crowe’s ears perked up and his nose wrinkled, because Pearl Jam just
Sheesh it's embarrassing to talk to someone who lives up north and tell them schools are cancelled for the chance of 1-3 inches of snow. Ha!
Phase one of Central New York's ACC Takeover is now a go! Next up: Heid's, the official hot dog of the ACC.
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Harley Tires
How low is oil? Low quality barrels going for less than $2.00 a barrel (up from negative fifty cents!)...
when I get up north I'll slide over there for you 😘
Dang bro! Seeing plates from EVERYWHERE up North here! And their driving habits! Yikes! :)
I really wish we were like the up north states and didn't have to pump our own gas
these Miami chicks are cool though. they lowkey remind me of us up north chicks. sweet but rude.
Illinois - Chicago gangs are spreading up north folks.
Good to see the North student section standing up to this😂
This North Africa class is going to chew me up and spit me out
no. A little school up north called Oak Hill. Near Marion.
Bundle up! The National Weather Service warns of two rounds of winter weather headed to North Carolina:
Heard their whole team is good at giving low blows 😜🏈
People say I sound like I'm from up north. Bih I'm from Florida
featured in DNA! Read up. See you for a super fun morning on 24th January, 7 am - 12 pm
Man picking up mattresses in West Garfield Park reported missing; vehicle found abandoned on Far North Side via ab
gets you caught up with on the newest episode of North Dakota Hockey with
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
Can't wait to go tree planting up north for two months 🙏🏼🌲
If your expecting to wake up in the morning and find snow on the round in North you will be disappointed! Nothing…
just made a new friend on Fb and choose this song, to celebrate friendship.Cheers from Portugal, up north ♥
When you and your up north family have very different tastes in foods 😂😂😂😂
I think took some one year and sent them up north! Not sure if she's doing it again tho!
Along way from bikini weather but still fun @ Up North - Higgins Lake
know the area well. One brother lives there. We'll be in an around Detroit the next 24 hrs, then Up North
That doesn't surprise me. They try to discourage car use in the city. Up North you'll often get parking included for free.
OK - watch this space later in da week. Muuver going 'Up North' in morning for a few days 😟
This week in MN History: black lawyer fought for racial justice Up North
depends on the area! Up North, definitely summer. In the western ghats, monsoon or early winter is perfect!
Canton Twp search for missing teens on their way Up North
Tahquamenon Falls brew pub, eatery delivers Up North feel: They want an Up North bar, and the Tahquamenon Fall...
Get into the holiday spirit by checking out these Spooky Tales from Michigan’s Up North!
Up North at the Cabin. Fire in the fireplace. Irish Whiskey in hand. playing Under the Milky Way Tonight courtesy of Mach 1 Radio
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Motorcycle Tires
Yes, some friends in Illinois are referring to you as "the Republican Rod Blagojevich from Up North".
I'm listening right now Bill Bruford - Up North
Up North worship from a Texan at Trinity Christian Life Center in Harrison, MI with Caleb Mantooth!
Just met 3 Straight Up G's on train Up North to meet family for Great North Run.
Awesome!!! Up North is very close to Atlantic City NJ. so please stop by and let me get a tattoo from you.
likewise, I'm making my roady up north soon. where are you these days?
NEW BLOG POST: brunching up north in at Woodberry Kitchen
yea if you way up north thats normal lolz bears want to join you for dinner LOL stay safe
inactive is my middle name when I'm up north I'm sorry guys wdokwkdkkwkxk
I wanna know who be hooking up north west's baby hairs? is it Kim??? lmao
"You look like one of those forest fires up north. You're smokin baby!"
Jamming the warm up just got to North Carolina
rip Mr North ❤️ its been one tough year without you, given we've been very close my entire life up…
DBacks 2-0 in controlled part of scrimmage, 4-0 in live segment & 1-0 in OT over Donna North! Let's keep it up boys & b…
Hey I'm going up north with no electronics for a week; don't worry if I don't reply, I will when im back!
Only been home for 2 days and I already can't wait to go back up north...
Already can't wait to go back up north.
If your in tomorrow make sure you stop by the made in baltimore Pop-up shop 16 w. North avenue.
The way things are going North Korea will blow it up any way.
Can someone come pick me up from north ridge pls
I met a lady today who says she got married at 19. I was still turning up in Piedmont North at 19. 😳😭
Glad I got the kids up at 6 this morning and left Mattapoisett at 6:30 to head north for S…
.is still in the lead, but there's a candidate catching up — Deez Nuts.
I just want to be up north with Jake😞😭
If I get a job opportunity up after college and its up north, I'm leaving so quick lol
We've been inhaling smoke in the city of all day today. Thinking of those in the belly of the fires up north.
What happens when youve been up north to long and come back south and forget to reapply sunblock (〒︿〒) hurts so bad!
It's coming down hard and lit up with light flashes every few seconds in Wiltshire the last 20 mins
Touring up towards north shore direction, me and parents and parents' friend stopped at an amazing…
All the baddies are in south Florida. All the ugos stay up north
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
Up north we call them checkers but the concept is the same
not sure yet, up north from here, or possibly Minnesota.
More Northern Canadians angered by 'crazy' ATM fees: up to $6 to make a withdrawal.
I haven't been in the North Jersey area in months...If I can get some of the Grade A sushi up here...Life will be comp…
lol congrats on having yalls plans set up already glad yall are still going strong I'm in San Antonio going to north west vista
Prep Football: United North Central 6, Park Rapids Area 0 Final. "Our defense played great and came up with big...
2 slots left if u know any artist that is intrested in performing in North hollywood hit me up asap…
I swear if Miami doesn't get cold this winter I'm going camping somewhere up North
In the meantime.. I came up on a fresh North Face backpack for hiking and school😂
RailRiders wrap up an 11-5 victory over Rochester. Aaron Judge and Gary Sanchez add homers as magic number to clinch IL North drops to 11
football time in the south is the reason I will never move up north
lol we'd love to go! Hubby actually mentioned it earlier today 😄 but traveling up north the following week 😑
how much of the country even knows what Hardee's is? Growing up, we had Hardee's, north had Roy Rodgers, west; Carl's Jr.
I understand I understand... It's mad dope out there though. And plus I'm on the west coast and you up north
Oooh! What did you pick up at the library?! North & South is in my queue. Let me know what you think. Love shows like that!
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Streetbike Tires
Up north schools are so competitive.
Bc we aren't stuck up north pointers 🐸🐸
Had a great week up north and finished it with michigans adventure. 👌
Your daily dose of cuteness has arrived! We rounded up North West's cutest Instagram photos. 🍼.
[NA] Cup 14 kicks off tomorrow at 2:00PM EDT! Don’t miss out! Sign up here:
Liam Hines sets up & slots a field goal straight between the uprights. Comets lead 19-18 3mins to go in under-18s grand final.
Imagine NY without trains lol going to the Bronx would be like going up north to people from Manhattan lol
[NA] Sign up for our HEX 1on1 North American Kick Off Cup this Sunday! More information & sign up here:
GDFL BLOW UP: Ugly scenes as incident sours Inverleigh’s crushing win over North Geelong in qualifying final
would love for an interview with Vampiro if possible. Happy he's heading up north!
Guys, I have a great suggestion. We should be able to have North Vs South in all star team up next year. FAV if you agree
Vancouver broadcasters talking up the FCD academy as one of the best in North America. That may be so, but is is evident on 1st team level?
I need a workout buddy who won't give up & goes to golds north!💪🏻
Went from having a few possible waves to 0 unless I go up north 😢
St. Louis resident Peggy Hubbard is sick of all the violence. WARNING: GRAPHIC LANGUAGE!
Tomorrow I get up at 4.30 to go to Yorkshire for 1 day. I've never been Up North before! But I do drink Yorkshire Gold tea so I'll be fine.
Up North : St. Louis's Summer Colonies on Lake Huron in the Golden Age of...
Bringing "Up North" to Downtown, new Outdoor Adventure Center opens Monday ->
Gin Mill Hollow tonight at the Up North, 7-10. Escape the storms with some tunes.
For once, being from "Up North" pays off... Colorado wusses whining about the cold... Lmao!!!
Up North weddings always make my heart swoon. Congratulations Katie & Jeff, I'm so thrilled to be there for your...
SOLD! Another "Up North" Vacation property sold by Josh Hayes and BlueWest Properties. Call Josh at (616)...
A crescent moon over Vaughn Lake at sunset ~ Glennie, MI 2011. Gotta love those summer nights "Up North" at the...
Detroit and "Up North" Closer than you think from Mackinac Policy Conference.
Up North *** but if I ever have a movie, the getting dressed scene gotta have Steppin Out x Big Gipp playing in the background.
Not really from state but graduated from HS in Lake Orion and wife's family is from Up North (Alpena)...
didn't even know Columbus had a little area that's like Hyde Park/Up North.
The whole world is lubed up with Kleenex in hand. from East to . west north and south you must be proud. Way to go Kim Kardasian
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