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University Challenge

University Challenge is a British quiz programme that has aired since 1962. The format is based on the American show College Bowl, which ran on NBC radio from 1953 to 1957, and on NBC television from 1959 to 1970.

Jeremy Paxman Queen Mary University Matt Le Tissier Emma Johnson St Hilda

Today is the EU-Fiji University Quiz challenge. Do you want to have fun and learn about the Come and watch! FR…
Find out how our students are progressing with Amazon Alexa Challenge
Congratulations to students Anna Barker, Allen Coe & Hassan Tariq on winning the Univers…
The Capital Market University Challenge starts on May 17. Great prizes will be awarded to the winners!Register here: https:/…
.What is your biggest data center challenge as the CIO of a major university?.
We will be completing the 24hr National 3 Peak Challenge for charity. Any donations will be very much appreciated! http…
Excited to announce my commitment to Augustana University! Ready for the academic and athletic challenge it will present.…
Reflections on a new activism to challenge a State comprador elite - Wits University via
has been recognized as a leading partner in new College & University Challenge Rankings! htt…
The Gummy Bear Challenge is really sweet! Check it out at 05/13, 2-5 p.m.
Success! We've won the university challenge task, truly well done to our girls🔬🏆
All university students can participate in this challenge
I can confirm that I was educated in a Cambridge college albeit Impington Villa…
University Enterprise challenge in full flow. Excited by the fantastic ideas and enthusiasm of our students.
Last year's winner of the SingU Sthrn Africa challenge is working on this:
empowers local girls through the Technovation challenge - SFU News - Simon Fraser University
A huge thanks to all university teams who submitted responses to our Case Study Challenge. Very impressed with the…
I'll stick to the hope that, computer science wise, university will be a challenge and thus fun for me. It's all hope I have left
Food & security experts will unveil results of APLU’s report on May 16. Register now:…
University entrepreneurs revealed for 2017 - SBNN
He looks like he should be on university challenge but in about 1970
Ryan though it was university challenge style dress 😊
The University Student Research Challenge is looking for students with fresh aero-related project ideas.
Proud to be at a university that knows is real and addressing it is the Grand Challenge of our centu…
University Challenge themed ball results in regressive *** up
They look like a team from university challenge. Not! 😂
University Challenge star Eric Monkman starts his own quiz. Can you answer any of the questions?.
Oxford and Cambridge surprise losers in 'University Challenge' of wine
Applications open for Click on to know more about the University Challenge & Open Innovation C…
University Challenge: Jeremy Paxman SCOLDS Eric Monkman for 'useless answer' before defeat https…
- Jeremy Paxman insists University Challenge is NOT sexist, ... via
Jeremy Paxman on University Challenge sexism: men just care more about quizzes
Jeremy Paxman confirms: it's not just your imagination, the questions on University Challenge are getting harder
Philip Larkin is alive and commenting on Jeremy Paxman articles about University Challenge 😂😂😂
I am a sad quiz fan, so I really wish Northumbria would facilitate a staff-based University Challenge...
Excellent (and polite) responses from University Challenge contestants to a Daily Mail reporter...
Wolfson College Cambridge is getting ready for tonight's University Challenge final. We'll all be in the College bar ch…
- University Challenge male team bemused at tampon question, Last night's semi-f...
API CHALLENGE RESULTS 📈🎉. Our grand prize winner is creator of Vainglory University!
Stu Armstrong could win university challenge with his hair alown
is university challenge supposed to be as happy as the granny I just saw speeding on my road.
How cool would it be to have as your Maths teacher?.
GlauLens from Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, China wins 2nd Tech Venture Challenge Round award
BRC Complete! 2 BVU Army ROTC went to compete at the 2017 National Buddy Ranger challenge at The University of...
Great interview, but just noticed this: is that the same tie you so kindly lent me?
believe me, this Assessment I'm writing for University is my biggest challenge at the moment 😭😭😭 HEEELP 😒
University Challenge's Bobby Seagull is flying high as new career in TV looms -
A real pleasure to speak to quiz legend about life on University Challenge and life after Cambridge
Memphis 43, Arkansas 27 - girls - halftime of the Mike Conley All-Star Challenge at Memphis University High - Boys game slated for 7:30 pm.
“CEU will not go into exile, we are here to stay,” says provost Liviu Matei
Finally caught up on this week's University Challenge. Scores: Edinburgh 140, Balliol Oxford 215, George Thorpe 65. Ver…
Overwhelmed by ? Join my FREE 5-Day Challenge now and learn how to improve your revision fast!…
Telegraph,. how could you write on UC memes and not include me?. From . p.s the guardian is better x
[the funniest memes celebrating University Challenge sensation Eric…
watching university challenge and I want oxford balliol to win just cos they have a mascot
GQ exclusive: "If I ever get married one day, Eric Monkman is a top contender to be my best man."
Want to improve your ? Join students across the UK: Register for my FREE 5-Day Challeng…
Alpha Xi Delta at the University of Wisconsin is hosting their 2nd annual AmaXing Challenge: Xi Lip Sync Battle...
Same attitude on University Challenge Paxman chides incorrect classical answers but treats maths…
is it university challenge final this Monday? Do we need to have a party. MONKMAN 4 EVA
University of Toronto and Waterloo finalists in AutoDrive Challenge
Our congrats to STAR Aerial Robotics, the winning team of CS Long Beach University's Innovation Challenge of 2017.…
Education as we do it solely for more able in cohort. Rest leave badly prepared to compete in university challenge:…
Members of the Edinboro University wheelchair basketball and football teams joined forces last week to challenge...
I am despairing of contestants in recent tv quizzes ..except for University Challenge
Join students across the UK taking my FREE 5-Day Challenge! Sign up here…
Just in case you ever have to chair University Challenge and need to know how to accept an answer.
Wolfson bid for University Challenge title in final showdown with Balliol via
Here is my new video! Hope you all enjoy it. Please share.(Scary) 24hr Overnight Challenge - University via
Stuck on how to for your ? Join students across the UK in a FREE 5-Day Challenge!…
In this video I did a 24hr overnight challenge on a university campus. Please Like, Subscribe, and Share.
University Challenge's Eric Monkman: 'I don't see myse... https:…
The Maidstone Hackspace award winning Pi Wars robotic challenge team at Cambridge University with from BBC TV…
Under challenge: Girls' confidence level, not math ability hinders path to science degrees - Florid... |
Eric Monkman: the funniest memes celebrating the University Challenge sensation 
Attention university students: Enter our latest challenge to by voice
University Challenge's Eric Monkman: 'I don't see myself as an object of desire'
Academics challenge Warwick University over workers’ rights reform
15:00 University Challenge: Jeremy Paxman asks the questions in the last of the semi-finals.
When I say I'm not cut out for academia what I mean is I can't watch University Challenge because Jeremy Paxman makes me feel too stressed
University Challenge: Are these the 20 toughest questions Jeremy Paxman has ever asked?
University Challenge: Male students FAIL to answer tampon question as only female steps in
no but I do love Antiques Roadshow and University Challenge?
University Challenge viewers swoon over medical student Emma Johnson
I just donated to Massey Challenge! Help support Virginia Commonwealth University today!
Equally exciting for us followers in the US! University Challenge: Monkman v Seagull as Cambridge captains face off
Good luck to the students at the University Business Challenge semi-finals
Is this the hottest University Challenge contestant ever? Viewers declare Oxford's Johnson 'the perfect woman' ...
Charity university challenge last night, Overbaes tonight and Red Shoes tomorrow night, such busy!
dailymail: 'Is this the hottest University Challenge contestant ever?'
We're going to be one of 30 teams competing at the Mars Desert Research Station in June for the University Rover Ch…
University Challenge contestant: 'I can't believe I've been called perfect woman'
University Weekly Challenge! Make sure to go watch and attempt the weekly challenge! Read bio on vid to submit
look at the photos used for Alice in comparison to Tom.
I added a video to a playlist University Weekly Challenge! (UVWC)
Her response here is spot on. Women shouldn't have to deal with this just for doing a quiz though.
University Challenge: Is this the hottest contestant ever? Fans go wild for Oxford beauty …
omg, such a good example of a man hailed for his INTELLIGENCE:
you haven't tried Only Connect then that's University Challenge x200
The student must win the challenge of getting into the University of Chicago, which has a highly selective admissio…
Are you backing or in the battle of the brains.?
I'm a MBA on exchange at Ross Business school.My team won the 2017 Uni of Michigan Social Impact Challenge http…
Headline in the Daily Fail today. 'Is this the hottest University Challenge contestant ever? . So you can't be clever and beautiful then?. 😨
kicking off the 4th annual University Startup Challenge
With 190 teams competing in the tournament, competition is fierce — but the team has risen to the challenge so far.
University Challenge contestant wins admirers with brains AND beauty
my favourite university challenge host is Jeremy pacman
Watching university challenge and feeling pretty stupid
pls sir am a student of Abia state university dropout because of financial challenge pls sir I want to go back to school
Because obviously when a woman goes on all we really care about is how hot she is. .
Gideon Dixon picks up a win for Elite 6 in the bucketball challenge. @ Brown University
Watched university challenge for the first time in ages: got 19 questions right before they were answered by the teams.
Question on Foucault and the Panoptican prison on University Challenge
my boy Goldman killing it on last night's university challenge. I would follow him into battle.
So, are you going to tell us, or just tease us with a sort of University Challenge question?
Monday going to be fun. University Challenge semi final and the part timers return just in time
University of Texas System Physical Activity Challenge News: Did you know your institution has a registration...
Good luck to Eric and the team in the University Challenge Semi Final.
3 time champions! 🏆🏆🏆 . Congrats to our team on winning the Challenge! You made all of us at
i want an irish version of university challenge on RTE. WHY did we leave the union
"He...encouraged me to see CP not as a limitation, a challenge that could be overcome."
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
Is this University Challenge's hottest ever contestant? Viewers describe Oxford's Emma Johnson as 'the perfect wom…
"Pretty blonde medical student Emma Johnson...left viewers of University Challenge swooning with her perfect display of brains and beauty"
University Challenge viewers blast the show for lack of women via 💥 Jeez Christ.
Who is on University Challenge tonight? Oxford Brookes vs Sheffield University – here’s all you need to know
I can't wait to see our lot smash it on University Challenge!
Follow the link for your chance to win a 100% programme fee waiver to our summer school!
University of Miami Health System meeting today 🐬🏈! Whose attending the Dolphin Challenge this…
Student made rape complaint after contestant appeared on BBC show University Challenge
contestants on University Challenge last night couldn't identify The Clash while being played a clip from Guns of Brixton. *sigh*
University Challenge contestant 'raped fellow student then told her "pretend this never happened"' court hears…
The university challenge - what would an Intelligent Brexit look like?
University Challenge contestant 'raped girl then said "tell no one"' court hears
University Challenge contestant raped student and told her 'pretend this never happened', court hears
You know you've made it if you're an answer on University Challenge, Richard! So cool! Tell Mama Armitage! It's o…
14 questions right on University Challenge. Spanish flags and Johann Cruyff questions. Masseygasm
Chad Reilly Business Development Director, Public Sector from takes over from Jeremy Paxman on Univer…
Be the link between us and your university becoming an Challenge Ambassador
University challenge: Chad Reilly from setting out the challenges of FM in the HE landscape
Learn from prolific novelists and sit down at the same time each day to write. Challenge yourself to write 10% more each day.
On Sunday, removed forty neo-nazi & "alt-right" stickers from Georgia State University campus. Keep an eye out, challenge rac…
Protesting students of Tai Solarin University of Education challenge Governor Amosun over…
I've earned 4 athetic letters in college and high school Also competed on university Army Ranger Challenge.
Had a dream where I was having a lavish picnic with Jeremy obsession with University Challenge might have gone a bit too far
Apparently Jeremy Paxman failed the selection process to get on his College's team for University Challenge
Corpus on University Challenge again last night. Watch here: Read about it here:
Well done Corpus Christi Oxford, another great win on University Challenge...I am biased as daughters college😊
I have a wee crush on Miss Johnson from Corpus Christi College's University Challenge team. She's witty!
The Monmouth Rebellion came up on University Challenge recently. Nobody got the answer.
Catching up on University Challenge your St. Hilda's team are fantastic 👏👏👏
Hats off to and the other girls of St Hilda's for resounding triumph over all comers in University Challenge. Not too shabby!
Hamilton Collection
University Challenge, Cambridge versus Oxford - It's gonna be a knife-fight!. Come on the Dark Blues!!!
Mum just outdoing the panel from St. Catherine's Cambridge on University Challenge :))
Loving Mark Heap's new character 'Monkman' on University Challenge right now
Ashford as an answer on University Challenge. Best day of my life.
you were just an answer on University Challenge to a question about yoga hosers. You've achieved immortality.
Opted for University Challenge instead of C4 news as I'm getting depressed with world affairs. Now I'm depressed about my lack of knowledge.
Apparently Edinburgh Uni were on University Challenge. I hope 2 of their team are called Haymarket and Waverley.
Congratulations to the Kingston University team on winning CBRE first University Challenge!
Pastor Maldonado's younger brother on tonights University Challenge.
Absolute belter of a derby. . Jesus College coming back from 65-0 down to lead Queens Cambridge 160-90 on University Challenge.
.. hey, that Tony Richardson bloke has been on University Challenge, the rotten scoundrel !
I once took part in the qualifying quiz for the Newcastle University team for University Challenge. It was held in…
Just caught University Challenge and the final answer was Stephen Langton !
Hi I wish you & your SOAS team well on University Challenge on Monday
Someone on University Challenge just gave the answer 'Little Miss Dorrit" so I really feel that Cambridge should be shut down because of it.
Free Deep Chocolate VitaMuffins on $79
Cameron Borthwick-Jackson has gone on a season long loan to University Challenge.
You can't expect Sophie Raworth to slum it on BBC 2 with University Challenge and News Night...
Oriel will take on Uni of Manchester on University Challenge next Monday at 7.30pm on BBC Two:
St. Andrews student makes reactionary University Challenge parody video in President election bid
Trying not to laugh really hard at the voice over guy on University Challenge, sayin Jesus, Morris Clarke 😄
University Challenge finalist, Shannon Clarke from talks to us about the creative behind her groups film https…
Luiz Gomez-Echeverri at main challenge for is institutions fragmentation, mission of university must be tra…
Episode 4 Chris Harris funny, 'don't see many roosters on University Challenge' - good job he didn't say ***
There are no walls any more Challenge to University Security
I just got an entire round of questions right in university challenge. Thank you grade 5 theory
I added a video to a playlist The Challenge University - Update
There's not long left for our EARS Challenge happening at the University of Surrey! Get your tickets and join us ☺️:
It's not university but it's still a challenge for them
talkSPORT's telly's whacked up to 11. This can mean only one thing...the return of University Challenge. Only joking. . Football. Again.
University of Exeter researchers offer local clubs and societies £1,000 team challenge
Huge pleasure to film the Magdalen v Magdalen University Challenge event today
This year's great Pharmacy innovation challenge is on on 10th September at Makerere university . the change you love to…
Our team who won the 2015 alumni takes on the 2015 student team!
And the bell sounds to mark the end of the Magdalen University Challenge. Final score students 230, alumni 95
Breaking Boundaries: Politics, History and the wider inter-disciplinary challenge, University of Birmingham: 29 June.
Magdalen University Challenge Alumni v Students about to begin!
The challenge was that I was accepted to go university Malaya and I declined the offer cause I was already at Tarc
Struck by Jo Cox's comments on not speaking 'quite right' at university:
Getting ready for the Bank Of Uganda University challenge 2016.
Dad telling me repeatedly after 4 years at Top University he had 2 bachelors and a masters was not set as a goal or challenge.
The university challenge Tom Palmer book quiz is underway!
Step back in time to our 1969 University Challenge team!
My new dp thanks to University Challenge was my first Rajdhani ride and my first JNU visit
About to start the afternoon's university challenge
I see you looking, and yes it's me. University Challenge 2004... 👀
Update your maps at Navteq
Balancing university and is a challenge but I'll do the best I can with what I've got!
CGS Lt Gen Baldev Raj Mahat handed NRs. 2,00,000 to the Robotics team taking part in UK University Rover Challenge. ht…
We had Monday Morning Meeting with a difference today. University Challenge with and our new starters!
Educationists challenge the move by Uganda Christian University to ban non-Anglican worship on the campus.
A startup that could take on and just won The recap:
Facing the Open Access Challenge – The experience of a University Open Access Team
Looking forward to the KS2 University Challenge book quiz this afternoon!
In a university you can tackle the practical challenge - how to do it? - at the same time as the ethical challenge - why?
Blessed to have received an offer from Oregon State University
Blessed to receive my first offer from Oregon State University!
Congrats to the winners of IMU Science Discovery Challenge 2016 - Kuen Cheng High School & HELP University!
Australia @ bottom of OECD group of advanced economies in collaboration between university research & business
Mondays the biggest challenge 😕 (with *** and Carolina at Sydney Internasional University Office) —
New TV deal an 'enormous challenge' for
(BSC IIUI). University of Karachi has announced admission in . Bs ,Msc , mphil . phd and diploma programs. for further details . 021 9926 1376
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
A5 The challenge is for me to continue my writing habit during my first time at a University this fall.
At Brunel's University Challenge event featuring the Brunel team from 1975 versus the current SU Executive
University Challenge. Original 1975 Brunel team vs 2016 Students' Union team, tonight! 🏆👑
John Davis & Payton McGinnis won the University Challenge at !
Tonight: Open fire, University Challenge, Game of Thrones s5 catch-up, cheese and *** Mondays ain't so bad.
Charlie Reid *and* Morrissey on St John's University Challenge team this evening...
Only took a year as part of the dream team that is 'Universally Challenged' for me to realise its a pun on University Challenge...
Winners of last night's 'University Challenge' quiz, representing ... Queen's Oxford! Many thanks to CU Quiz Club.
Feel inadequate trying to answer Jeopardy Questions, you'll blather incoherently watching BBC's University Challenge hosted by Jeremy Paxman
That is gorgeous. I get it..I've got a University Challenge tattoo of Jeremy Paxman's face. Thanks to 'Tattoos'.
Love Jeremy Paxman but there should be a University Challenge with the hapax legomenon guy as the host
Love how disgusted Jeremy Paxman is when they get a question wrong on University Challenge 🤓
Oh dear they thought you were Rachel Whiteread on University Challenge
hence CE and BCE as beloved of Jeremy Paxman on University Challenge
is University Challenge crossed with the Krypton Factor.
PerfectMatch - #1 Trusted Source in Online Dating
Newcastle Uni are absolutely shafting Nuffield College, Oxford on University Challenge.
Our dog Basil sings to the University Challenge theme and the Chalgrove Church Bells
Richard Firth-Godbehere is currently screaming the answers at David Landon Cole on University Challenge!
CACKLING over, for once, knowing something the University Challenge team has no clue about. Bela Lugosi indeed.
Don't worry Richard, Jeremy Pacman gets the same grief hosting University Challenge, as does Jake Humphrey on Mastermind.
A male hottie on University Challenge tonight!!
Similarly, I'm going to want to watch University Challenge but I bet the rest of the family will want something like Ice Road Truckers.
a University Challenge question last night was identify lines from Shakespeare - one being Got it straight away :)
Just realized that the American Studies PhD student from my uni on University Challenge probably started her undergrad after I left
Good to see Matt Le Tissier make a long overdue appearance on University Challenge.
Making it onto University Challenge as a starter question. Matt Le Tissier has officially succeeded!! Well done!
BOOM! Just got 2 questions correct on University Challenge thanks to Tony Adams and Matt Le Tissier. . Timeee to be smug.
I just got a question about Matt Le Tissier right on University Challenge. My brain retains some strange information.
'Matt Le Tissier' as an answer on University Challenge. Who'd have thought it?
Matt Le Tissier has just been on University Challenge as the subject of a starter question!
A whole round of questions about Hans Werner Henze on tonight's University Challenge. Ding dong!
and to you too! xx I've just rejected University Challenge. Too square for tonight.
I'm on University Challenge tonight with team: and Robin Lane Fox - https:/…
Tip: the answer to any University Challenge question featuring the word "raconteur" is always Quentin Crisp, cos he's the only one
Only just calmed down after accepted "ethene" for ethyne on University Challenge. Livid.
The Everyman was the answer to a Stirling Prize related Question on University Challenge tonight! Fame...
University Challenge between Exeter Uni and Magdalen Oxford... Grudge match of those who took me and those who knocked me back.
Ooh David Archer is on University Challenge! Sorry, sorry.Tim Bentinck's on University Challenge!
When Jeremy Paxman was at Cambridge, he failed to get into his college's University Challenge team.
The St George's team on University Challenge has Charles Nicholas and a Tom Burns in its line up
Tonight on University Challenge there were questions about Wuthering Heights, Alan Hollinghurst and Epoisses cheese!
I'm sure this guy has been on University Challenge
Otago’s University Challenge team defeated Waikato’s 270 - 155 at the weekend. Replay of the episode:
I got a Woody Allen question on University Challenge right
We've got a (half) packed house here for University Challenge wildcard trials. Another chance on Monday at 6 in CM101 (maths building).
Rivalry Week Fact: Sussex hold the record for the worse ever score on University Challenge with 10 points scored in 1971-72
Can you answer 10 of the toughest questions from University Challenge?
Southampton progresses to round two of University Challenge:
What? One of tonight’s University Challenge competitors says she is doing “A PhD in the cultural history of the lapdog” if I heard it right.
Up for a challenge? join our for . Team trials starts 27th Oct
Broaden your Yr 10 & 11 students' horizons! See if you're eligible for our November University Challenge visit day:
I think Zoe Williams is correct: if you disagree with someone, challenge them. Especially in a university
Well done to for hosting another fantastic University Challenge & showcasing generation next in financial planning profession!!
Use of in educational institutions to better plan student lifecycle, from recruitment to alumni.
Use of in educational institutions to better plan the student lifecycle.
Research: From University of Essex. Screened Out: Meeting the challenge of technology and young people’s wellbeing
Learn about the Lead comp coming up in :) ht…
“Funding for Growth the SME challenge” IOD Event on Nov 4th at The University.
ESTCube members and students from University of Tartu are taking part in ESA Moon Challenge!
Runner does marathon barefoot to raise cash for kid's hospital with help from Chichester
This time of the year university students facing a big challenge.
Wins for Mamelodi Sundowns and University of Pretoria: Mamelodi Sundowns won their MultiChoice Diski Challenge…
It’s official! The Dutch team of university students have done it again! The ‘World Solar Challenge’ asks...
The IT challenge for disabilities is begin. @ Multimedia Nusantara University
Begin By Listening: Tenured faculty: smart people who are not afraid to challenge us.
Are you a college or grad student who wants to take action to solve a global challenge? Apply to attend 2016:
"A university education that does not challenge you with a body of knowledge that you think is out of your depth is not worth undertaking."
While completing my degree, competed on Army Ranger Challenge for University of Nevada vs. Cal, Fresno St., USC, UCLA, SDSU, Poly, SFSU, etc
The challenge now: University of Miami never misses an opportunity to miss an opportunity. Can they get out of their own way on this hire?
That's why University can't be a "safe space". Those opinions will eventually bother others, challenge status quo
Congratulations to University of Mississippi, Total Contributions per Resident, during Lifebox National Challenge!
Very proud to have 2 teams in University Challenge Final. 365 entrants now down to the last 5
Got brains? Loads of LSE students have already applied for the University Challenge team:
no. Supporting my students in Sydney today in final of University Challenge.
Eren Cakmak from University of Konstanz presenting the Grand Challenge Honorable Mention
Strange how watching University Challenge can help in finding a word to use in Wordfeud.
Couple of questions on University Challenge tonight that I could answer because they were on Joe Sacco!
Clegg on University Challenge looks like Eddie Redmayne as Steven Hawking in the Theory of Everything
Queen Mary were on University Challenge with an all female team! And I forgot to watch...thankful for on demand :)
Queen Mary University on University Challenge with an all female team!
I personally scored higher than Queen Mary College, London on University Challenge tonight
Ah, University Challenge. Queen Mary University v Nuffield College. Or as I call it 'Switching over to Channel 4".
For the avoidance of doubt, the chick second from left (Queen Mary - London) on University Challenge is not me.
Loving the gendered divide on University Challenge tonight. Symbolic. Demolition job from the Queen Mary girls.
Queen Mary is on University Challenge! And it's an all-female team. Go
I could break with tradition and watch University Challenge
We are looking for recruits for this year's University Challenge! See the poster for more information http:…
Rock and roll lifestyle in my house tonight. University Challenge and laundry. I'm living la vida loca!
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