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Universal Studios

Universal Pictures (sometimes called Universal City Pictures, Universal City Studios, Universal Studios, Universal City or just simply Universal), a subsidiary of Comcast and a division of NBCUniversal, is one of the six major movie studios.

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Tokyo Disney Resort cannot raise prices, takes back seat to Universal Studios.
The theme park at Universal Studios broke attendance records because Mike was just there.
Largest light bulb display in an indoor venue @ Universal Studios 🇸🇬, according to Guinness World Records (see my earlier tw…
Hehe the staff at the Cafe at Universal Studios look extremely unhappy.
Amid work on attractions based on the mega-hit game series “Super Mario Bros.,” the operator of Universal Studios...
Tried a Flaming Moe at Universal Studios' Springfeld! $9 Orange soda with dry ice.. 1/10 would not recommend.
Universal Studios and Nintendo are bringing the 'characters, action and adventure of Nintendo video games to life.'
Someone take me to Universal Studios now that I'm an adult and love thrill rides
On the other hand, friends who send me Snapchats of them in Harry Potter world at Universal Studios make me so happy. Love y'all!!
Go Bronchos! Short rehearsal before headed to Universal Studios!! Hollywood Christmas Parade tomorrow!
Having a great time at Universal Studios! 🍩 @ Krusty Burger - Universal Studios Orlando
Universal Studios is filming something in State and Van Buren St.
In lighter news, my birthday is in one month! That means Universal Studios, and Disney is one month away! 😊😊
Disney World and Universal Studios just got a lot more fun.
Florida doesn't deserve Disney World, Universal Studios, or Miami... the next time y'all need prayer... I'm praying for…
I added a video to a playlist EUA 2015: Ep. 11 - Universal Studios (Orlando)
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But if I lived near Orlando... I'd probably spend more time in Universal Studios (islands of adventure for the win) than Disney
Cause they're Universal Studios & Sony Pictures' Australia combined, they release bigger titles than just anime
Getting ready to head to Universal Studios: Halloween Horror Nights with I'm ready to be scared!
Our complimentary shuttle provides service to Disney, EPCOT, Universal Studios, and SeaWorld.…
Today Mr. Wells announced to The Red Devil Regiment that they’ve been invited to march at Universal Studios in Orlando…
I'm now the Duke of Universal Studios on
Every picture of the E.T. from the Universal Studios ride looks like he's destroying you in a rap battle
Universal Studios brings the wizarding world of Harry Potter to life.
So ready for Talladega Frights, Horror Nights at Universal Studios, and Escape this month. Let the games begin 😜
The kind of stuff I read while waiting in line for the Hogwarts Express at Universal Studios.
Linda Blair a-mazed at new 'Exorcist' experience: At the launch of "The Exorcist" maze at Universal Studios in Hollywood, actress Lin...
SMH!! .just like Obama going to Hollywood & telling guys @ Universal Studios this is the kinda movies i want
Evan Peters, Denis O'Hare and Finn Wittrock yesterday at the Universal Studios 'Halloween Horror Nights'
Omotola Jalade-Ekeinde and family pictured at Universal Studios -
I can't wait to go to Universal Studios, Great America, Six Flags, and Pirates of Emerson for their Halloween Haunts😍😍
If you ever feel bad remember that I cried a little in the Dragon Challenge roller-coaster at Universal Studios
Sandra Bullock and boyfriend take son Louis, six, to Universal Studios via
Kids keep us young! I'm running thru Universal Studios at 7am to be first in line for Harry Potter! Made it!
CityWalk by Universal Studios in Orlando. I'm here for Megaplex but took a little side trip :3
If you love Harry Potter, Universal Studios in Orlando is a must
ltsHarryPotter: I need to go to Universal Studios ⚡️
Honestly hope Universal Studios goes full on Alton Towers and Pogba is left like Oscar Pistorius later today. The ***
Amber and I are so exhausted from two days at Universal Studios that we're eating Bubba Gump half asleep in silence.
you can join in on our trip to Universal Studios in October!
I wanna go to Universal Studios again because of the Harry Potter rides :{
Universal Studios has to be my favorite amusement park. Loved every moment of it!
I saw someone that looked just like at Universal Studios and I nearly ran up to this stranger and hugged her.
Global 4 Universal Studios for Actors, hosts, dancers, singer,
Successful day at Universal Studios 🤗 super hot but worth it .
They're playing Sorry and That Power during street dance performance at Universal Studios at Japan 👏👏👏👏
Diamonesk Personalized Engagement Ring And Wedding
The Walking Dead live attraction: 8 Easter Eggs to look out for at Universal Studios' fright fest
She got a big sister named Lisa that Lee Childs swapping with a Universal Studios so we don't have to wait for rides
Must be a licensing thing with Universal Studios, because a venue for a Stark Expo land has NEVER made more sense.
OMG playing at Universal Studios with Frankie Muniz and Amanda Bynes was my childhood DREAM
Knockturn Alley Universal Studios by dolfd ... Knockturn Alley from Universal Studios in Orlando Florida. I usuall…
Strike a pose! Took a great action shot at the Jimmy Fallon wall in Universal Studios!
Here's a photo I took of Gary Glitter at Universal Studios a few years ago, he was noncing at Macy's Parade
Forever chanting the 20th Century Fox and Universal Studios theme.
People knew horror was in my blood when on my 1st day as Universal Studios tour guide I accidentally said E.T. was directed by
Yeah. Chloe's version is under Universal Studios, not Disney, and will follow Hans Christian Andersen's original fairy tale.
I still think it's funny that Universal Studios, a longtime Disney World rival, has Marvel attractions, a Disney property
A star on the walk of fame as it should be and some fun rides and drinks at Universal Studios 🍀❤
.moving on up playing the Hard Rock Cafe at Universal Studios!! Wish they were there when I was.
Go to the bars on Hollywood Boulevard, visit Universal Studios, Hollywood Walk of Fame, go on a celeb homes tour?
Finished marathoning all 8 Harry Potter movies again. Now time to go to HP land at Universal Studios for some butter beer 🍺
All purpose parts banner
Back again this time for Island Adventure!!! (@ Universal Studios) on
I'm getting my season pass for Six Flags, Great America and Universal Studios this week 🤘🏻😊😇
From California: San Diego, Universal Studios , Disney Land to back home in AZ and then randomly going to Vegas 🙌🏼 such an amazing weekend.
Everything's perfect when you are with Marilyn Monroe! Clicked at the Universal Studios in Singapore! :)
Time for a road trip Walking Dead coming to Universal Studios
Link in Bio! Blog post all about Universal Studios,Singapore! .
Grinding on a roller coaster looked sweet in Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 4 but apparently I'm banned for life from all Universal Studios parks
It was good to finally see Universal Studios but I wouldn’t go again. Dated and not much to do.Unless they reopen Nickelodeon Studios.
Pretty sure I saw queuing for the Hogwarts Express at Universal Studios ...
All That was recorded in front of a LIVE studio audience in Nickelodeon Studios at Universal Studios, FloriDA.
Studio City is where Universal Studios is. Most of it is in the San Fernando Valley. The $$ homes are in the hills.
[VIDEO] The Walking Dead is coming to Universal Studios -...
The Walking Dead's so big it's got its own Universal Studios theme park attraction
In case it wasn't clear that they live together.. "I literally only drive from Mulholland Dr to Universal Studios"
Going to Disney World soon? Universal Studios? Six Flags? If your summer vacation involves a lot of walking, plan...
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Walking down the hill at Universal Studios & lightning strikes the ground near us. I peed.
Universal Studios in front while in Osaka. Now we have the Sky Tree here in Tokyo.
Me and wotsername at Universal Studios the other day @ Disney…
I want to go to Universal Studios and to go on the new Harry Potter
Random fact - I actually Met Laura at Universal Studios in LA ... she was one of the Frog Choir in HPW!
FINALLY got my wand at Universal Studios' Harry Potter World!
The Walking Dead: Hundreds flock to Universal Studios to become walkers: Universal Studios Hollywood is a place fo…
Tyrese Gibson at the Halloween Horror Nights Opening Night at Universal Studios in Hollywood: via
Even tho I'm goin 2 Florida,Orlando,Universal Studios,Disney World & Miami for the first time,I'm just mostly excited to buy tons of things
I'm thinking Florida for our family vacation this year. Universal Studios specifically, thoughts?
It has been two years since I went to Harry Potter World at Universal Studios in Orlando Florida. 😩💙
I preorder the 10 and am taking a trip to Florida and Universal Studios on May 12 I chose next day shipping.Will it be here in time?
have you ever visited Universal Studios in Florida?
Will Ferrell to star in Universal Studios' action comedy - Social News XYZ
It was a fun day, when Universal Studios calls for a Lucy Ricardo KB comes a knocking and…
I liked a video Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios Hollywood Park Visit (2016) HD
Day 1 was Magic Kingdom. Day 2: Animal Kingdom. Today: Universal Studios. My is loving it!
Cool that Universal Studios Japan used to have a condensed version of Wicked. Surely the ultimate theme park show? 💚
Thank you so much universal studios Orlando ! Awesome show tonight love you guys ! ❤️
Harry Potter's world could cast a spell, lure visitors to Universal Studios
When he decided to bring me to USS just to make me happy, blessed 💕 @ Universal Studios Singapore
A reproduction of Hogwarts Castle @ The Wizarding World of Harry Potter attraction at Universal Studios Hollywood.
When one gets a butter beer at Universal Studios.
I added a video to a playlist Universal Studios Vacation! | Samantha & Madeleine
Opening day at brings big crowds, moody weather to htt…
Hirose sisters (Suzu and Alice) at the15th anniversary event of Universal Studios Japan ~~
Wizarding World of Harry Potter: What's different in Hollywood? - USA TODAY
Coming to Universal Studios this you have the courage to embark on this expedition?
My universal studios inspired playlist waking me up this morning 👌
There is a part of the Jurassic Park Place in Universal Studios that you can literally do that. You just climb up...
Visitors have queued for their first glimpse of Universal Studios' new Harry Potter theme park.
"Just close your eyes and enjoy the roller coaster. That is life." @ Universal Studios Singapore
love how ford describes Cologne, as if she is giving a critique on a Universal Studios theme park ride.
Hello everyone another day in Japan, headed to Universal STUDIOS for the day we got there early to beat the rush...
Going to Universal Studios for two days and Disney World for two days with all 4 nieces and 2 nephews, and my sisters, and my bro-in laws!!
Life is like a mirror, we get the best results when we smile. @ Universal Studios Singapore
I want to go universal studios soon 🌴
I have but one great mission this year. Take Nhien Le and Lucajay to Japan in July. Universal Studios in Osaka...
. . I wanna go to the universal studios Japan too…
Hopeing to finish all HarryPotter books before I go to Universal Studios with my siblings this June 💫
I wanna go to universal studios before I start working up here! 😬
Ma and Pa Kettle are comic film characters of the successful film series of the same name, produced by Universal Studios
what about Universal Studios or Discovery Cove? I went to Discovery Cove 3 years ago and loved it!
Universal Studios's Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory: everything you need to know | via
IIG's renovation of the Homewood Suites Orlando at Universal Studios was featured in the March…
Miche s Extended Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
the Christmas store in Universal Studios was so amazing 😭💕. it smelt of pine and i wanted to buy the whole store!
After the Water World at Universal Studios,the show's bad guy introduced himself as Christopher Daniels.
For years, hordes of visitors to Universal Studios and CityWalk had to brave busy Lankershim…
John Williams conducting his orchestra at the Universal Studios in Florida 😱
So I noticed that Universal Studios closes at 6pm on Sat. is it open for US later that nigh?!?
Universal Studios need more guest service windows open people lined up for days two windows
On the Backlot Studio tour at Universal Studios & all I can hear in the back of my head is saying "it's all fake"
Congratulations to the *G* & *S* families on their summer vacation to Walt Disney World & Universal Studios! I'm...
Walk in Reverse Day at Universal Studios in Orlando Florida by jonfromqueens. O ...
I would sleep with Jon Lovitz for free access to his comedy club in the Universal Studios food court
have fun! I've been to Universal Studios (Orlando) once and the Harry Potter parts were so awesome!!
Sweet! A real life Chocolate Factory is coming to Universal Studios:
I met today at Universal Studios in Orlando. So that was pretty cool. 😁
Get your golden ticket! Universal Studios in Orlando will be opening a Willy Wonka-inspired restaurant
Travel to South and North Florida, visit Key West Miami Beach South-beach Orlando Disney World and Universal Studios
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Friendly Exes Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick Have a Family Day with Mason and Penelope at Universal Studios...
You can stream a big-budget Universal Studios or Sony Pictures movie all you want because they're multi-million industries
Things to be excited for in Florida:. 1. Disney . 2. Universal Studios. 3. Shawn Mendes
Universal Studios is making a real-life Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory!
How can Universal Studios have Harry Potter? Warner Brothers has the movie rights to Harry Potter, so how can Universal Studios be allowed …
A Willy Wonka-esque Chocolate Factory is coming to Universal Studios
Met u when u were filming "The New Leave it to Beaver" at Universal Studios in Orlando. Barbara Billingsly gave me a tour of the set.
ICYMI: hear what Universal Studios exec producer Mike West thinks about the London Paramount plans for north
So, we saw Debby Ryan at Universal Studios today.
Fox is in position to be this years Universal Studios success. 5 weeks at with Kung Fu Panda & Deadpool. Both financi…
Nothing better then having an Islands of Adventure and Universal Studios park hopper pass 😈😈😈
Taking a break from writing and exploring Universal Studios with my mom, aunt Bev, awesome cousin Katie and her...
With the success of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter reaching 20- to 30-somethings, Universal Studios announces Breaking Bad Bungalow
Legendary Pictures and Universal Studios are sponsoring the HWC finals... Could we maybe get a glimpse at the long awaited Spielberg show?!?
someone go to Universal Studios with me when The Wizarding World of Harry Potter opens
Universal Studios is so 🔥, chillin in Diagon Alley w my lady
filming a milk commercial for Finnish TV at Universal Studios in Hollywood
Nancy Tribble was the underwater double for Ann Blyth in 1948 Universal Studios film "Mr. Peabody and the Mermaid" https:…
Nah but 95% of ppl I've talked to said Disneyland in Florida wasn't all that but Universal Studios was decent
The Jazzers leave on Thursday for Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida to compete at a National competition! Make sure to wish them luck!
One week until baby and I are in Florida at Disney World and Universal Studios for a week 😍🙌🏼💞
this is me today plus Universal Studios in Florida.
Heading to Universal Studios to get Familiar. — traveling to Orlando, Florida from Southwest Airlines at BWI
I liked a video from Florida Holiday Vlog 2015 | Day 7 | Universal Studios!
you sure do love FL huh? 😉 Get ready for boo. Can't wait to see you at Universal Studios (ag…
I will be selling and signing books for CSU East Bay alumni family on Wednesday, April 6 at Universal Studios...
My family took a vacation to Universal Studios when I was really young. Me ...
I want to go to the Hogwarts Castle at Universal Studios! 😣 it looks so cool
Everyone who goes to Universal Studios without a child accompanying them has killed at least one person.
Flutter FETTI is used at all types of venues: Hakkasan Nightclub, Republican National Committee, Disneyland, Universal Studios & more!
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
The fact that I wana work for Universal Studios or Disney and my math professor's son works for Disney >>>
Cold but wonderful day at Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure!
I'd rather get annual passes for Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure just to go back to Hogwarts 🍪
sunny day,sweepin' the clouds away.. @ Universal Studios Singapore
every night on the Universal Studios lot where my station is... I drive so slow and wait for them to move. Not worth the risk!
So I want to take a day trip to Universal Studios on Thursday to use my season pass right before it expires lol who's down?
I added a video to a playlist Vlog Episode 1 Trip to Universal Studios
anyway universal studios was so fun i LOVED it i want to come back soon
The rides in Universal Studios are so much more fun then any of the rides in DisneyWorld
Magic Kingdom, Studios and hopefully Universal as well
WANNA MEET ME?!. Universal Studios . Wednesday Feb/10th😋. Time : 4pm -- I'll be there all day.
& to Universal Studios for the grand opening of Harry Potter world so I could get my wand and feel like a wizard..
Universal Studios tour- did this an unmentionable number of years ago memories still beautifully fresh.
One of the many wishes I made at Universal Studios for Chinese New Year today..let's make it happen
Where else would they go? Universal Studios' parades are non-existent and Six Flags' are chaos.
I've been wanting to go to universal studios for so long /:
I liked a video from VLOG: Karen Takes Universal Studios!
So productive today! Filmed 2 videos & edited 1. Went to the gym, Universal Studios & grocery shopping! ...but I missed …
I wanna go back to LA. I wanna go to Disneyland and universal studios and the beach.
I need to go to Universal Studios to see the minions 😓
I Identify as minions by Illumination Entertainment universal studios (in theaters and iMax July 10)
I'm going to go to universal studios once the Harry Potter world opens up idc idc idc
I have a Disney pass, I get to enter universal studios whenever I feel like and I'm gonna buy my Six Flags pass. I love my life so much
On an update, we decided to go to universal studios tomorrow! Then concert on Tuesday!
Here’s your first look at Universal Studios Entertainment's Jason Bourne: – in...
Having ridden the ET Adventure ride at Universal Studios like 10x, it's really made me a fan of…
Nothing like spending your only day off in weeks at Universal CityWalk. @ Universal Studios Orlando
FRIDAY: Tommaso Ciampa vs. Yoshi-Hashi in a Elimination Chamber at Universal Studios
So im a seaworld and Disneyland pass holder (: soon universal studios as well hmu ill take us ♡
nothing beats when the boys were at universal studios in Orlando
My mother said if she work all year-round... we can go to Disneyland. . WE might got to Universal Studios this April tho??? LIKE IM HYPE
Representing the Skeletøn Clique today at Universal Studios |-/
Worst part about losing the Super Bowl is having to go to Universal Studios.
Just thought I'd point out that it's warmer here in Dayton than it is at Universal Studios
Even if CG is top notch. It's knowing that they filmed a kid running around and then added a movie to it. Like a Universal Studios ride.
there's like 4 Disney parks. Harry Potter is in universal studios I believe.
Ella was at Universal Studios and I was there 3 months ago ugh
I'm at Universal Studios Singapore - in Sentosa Island, Singapore w/
Tomorrow is walking time! Universal Studios is one of my favorite parks. I can't wait to go to HP and Transformers attractions 😁
Bill, Universal Studios in Orlando uses Go Puck as well. Thanks for the like!
The trip around Universal Studios and Warner Brothers is still fresh in my mind after a year. I really love how so many sets can be in a--
2016 Grad Bash tix sale Islands of Adventure&Universal Studios, Selling before & after in library
After Japan it's weird to think of visiting a Jaws-less Universal Studios in Orlando 😩
Losing like 5 hours of time in Universal Studios.thanks much appreciated 😑 wasn't looking forward to my trip …
Apparently I yell 'bum bum' every time we watch a Universal Studios movie during the opening credits
In a way I think going to parks around Orlando like I use to do. (Disney World, Sea World, Universal Studios) kept me feeling as myself
Megatron walking around Universal Studios in Orlando. Scared the crap out of my kids.
The cutest Harry Potter reunion happened last weekend at Universal Studios: Islands of Adventure in Orlando! Ron...
Steve Williams vs. Argenis in a Empty Arena Match at Universal Studios - Meltzer Rating *
Straight from Hollywood 🇺🇸. Me and my bro on Universal Studios .
This one we were at the Universal Studios in Hollywood to receive an award at the Radio Y Musica "92 Awards for...
Interactive Wands Coming to Wizarding World Hollywood: By Robert Niles: We can confirm that Universal Studios ...
South Korean singer/songwriter signed to Universal Studios and part of Joombas Music Group
Ryan Reynolds, Deadpool, Universal Studios: This petition is to stop Grace Randolph from being able t... via
SO looking forward to spending this weekend in LA. Lakers game, Hollywood Forever Cemetery, Universal Studios and the walk of fame 😁
Universal Studios to co-produce their first Korean drama: 'Moon Lovers' and is making a huge investment in the show http…
goal for the year is to make it to Dollywood, Carowinds, Seaworld Orlando, Busch Gardens Tampa, and possibly Universal Studios in 2016
Busch Gardens, in Tampa, or Universal Studios, Orlando (including Islands of Adventure, City Walk and the whole shebang)? Aaaannd GO!
📷 Tinged in red – or crimson, shall we say – the Universal Studios and Legendary Pictures logos fly...
Pet peeve: people who think Universal Studios and Disney World are the same place
Disney, SeaWorld and Universal Studios are joining Six Flags in adding more gate security. Disney previously banned toy g…
Heading to Orlando tomorrow! Going to Universal Studios, Disney World, and more! Any tips for this first time goer? SO EXCITED.
The dragon on Gringott's Bank in Diagon Alley at Universal Studios
I need a vacation from this vacation 😂😁 @ Toon Lagoon - Universal Studios - Islands of Adventure
Had a couple people at Islands of Adventure and Universal Studios recognize me over the weekend, always cool meeting fans
Evanna Lynch announces that The Wizarding World of Harry Potter™ will open April 7, 2016 at Universal Studios...
And we are off. Islands of Adventure & Universal Studios here we come. Thank you God for the…
David Geffen's yacht Rising Sun is anchored near Skyridge. I should snorkel over & ask for help with Universal Studios. ;)
Can't wait to be at Universal Studios under the lovely Florida sun ☀️🤓
Staring back at you... Headlights on 1958 Chevy Impala outside Mel's DriveIn Diner at Universal Studios.
I've been looking at everything they have in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter and for Universal Studios and I'm so happy
sending to a agency so it will be seen by Universal Studios/20th Century Fox/Miramax/ Warner Bros
I worked with Joey Fatone & Chris Kirkpatrick at Universal Studios back in the 90's. My love for all things *NSYNC is fierce!
clapping and tossing streamers for Universal Studios & Illumination Entertainment!
Shout out to the fab Universal Studios & Illumination Entertainment! What a spectacular team! AD
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Tiffany at the red carpet and SeoTae at Universal Studios feels like a mom bringing her kids on a business trip lmao
Tonight at Universal Studios, along with Ola Ray (Michael Jackson's girlfriend in the Thriller video), I was a...
OMG, did TV commercial for Universal Studios and the new Harry Potter ride, + meet Mr David Miller SVP of Marketing
Just watched the Murder She Wrote that's an homage to the Psycho house & Universal Studios & boy was Jessica Fletcher NOT scared at all
I went to O-Town last year around this time and found a Moe's in Universal Studios & fell back in love... There's no Moe's on the West coast
Channel 9 gets closer look at Universal Studios' new rides
If you want to wear heels to Universal Studios and Dodger Stadium do you while I'm comfy and laughing!
Looking at Haunted Horror Nights @ Universal Studios & figuring out which attraction I actually won't have nightmares …
The truest, highest Harry Potter canon is the Forbidden Journey Ride at Universal Studios. All other versions are fan fic.
Magic Kingdom (Disney World) or Universal Studios (Islands of Adventure)? Picking which one to go to for Thanksgiving. Need input ppl
not sure why they built this in Flash but Harry Potter is coming to Universal Studios in the Spring of 2016.
I liked a video Earthquake on the Studio Tour - Multi-Angle (Both Sides) - Universal Studios
I liked a video Twister...Ride it Out - Universal Studios - Orlando, Florida
Here are some shots from the concert we did at Universal Studios in Japan. Thanks to everyone who came to the concert h…
I can see Hogwarts from my office. No, I'm not a wizard. I just work down the street from Universal Studios
Flying back to Houston. Bye Florida it was nice being back, Universal Studios, Sarasota Beach, Texans game & Jacksonville was a fun trip.
Right now waiting in line at Universal Studios to exchange my ticket... Lol
My friend is at Universal Studios in Orlando in the Harry Potter world and i REALLY WANNA GO OMFG. . He also went to DisneyWorld 😭
It's between the Queen Mary, or Universal Studios tickets. I have "until 5pm" to decide? Jesus. Calm down, Hans Gruber.
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