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Universal Music Group

Universal Music Group (UMG) is a multinational music company.

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17 March.Shawn held a press conference in the office of the record company MCA Music Inc. (Philippine branch of Uni…
Go to ITunes and buy our single "Who Ya Working Fa" It was Internationally by Universal Music Group/Concore...
and of Universal Music Group, have released videos for their songs 'Fancy You' and 'Stand'…
Selena Gomez is expected to release her new studio collection later this year via Universal Music Group / Interscope R…
Mr.Devraj ceo of universal music group.😃
- are looking for a Digital Intern in London! .
Just casually chatting with Universal Music Group about the follow up single... Don't get too excited though,... https:…
then you have Universal Music Group, EMI, and Warner Music Group.
This site also stated that Selena will release her new work through her Interscope & Universal Music Group label.
Universal Music Group is looking for: Legal Assistant/Paralegal - Capitol Christian Music Group.
Universal Music Group is looking for: Video Content Coordinator - Capitol Christian Music Group.
Liam : signed a deal with Capitol Records in July, a label under the Universal Music Group (UMG), and chose Doyen Global as PR.
Universal Music Group blocked your Ultraviolet video due to copyright claims on your own YT Channel:
Tanzania’s Diamond Platnumz on the rise: signs Universal music deal, profiled on CNN…
Music is universal. A good music is a good music, whether it's by 1st/2nd/3rd gen or any particular group you stan. If our hoobaes group
Check out performing at the Universal Music Group showcase today!
Universal Music relaunching Polygram and banner with documentary THE STORY OF MOTOWN
| at the Universal Music Group's 2017 after party at The Theatre at Ace Hotel
NAUGHTY BOYS (NTB / 노티보이즈) is a 6 member boy group from Universal Music Japan who debuted in Japan on August 3 2016~ Get t…
nope I lied it's universal music group but still
Grammy weekend is always a good time. via
voguemagazine: Grammy weekend is always a good time.
Grammy weekend is always a good time.
the shocking news, as far as we know Da-iCE's label is Universal Music Japan. But as we also know that Da-iCE is a member of Avex Group too.
how about Da-iCE? Da-iCE published by Universal Music Japan? But Da-iCE is also Avex Group.
| at the Universal Music Group's 2017 GRAMMY After Party at Ace Hotel in Los Angeles
My information is from Universal Music Group regarding SAY10. The digital release could be before June, but I don't kno…
.& stopped by Portrait Studio at the Music is Universal Lounge
Richard Carpenter, representing the singer-songwriting duo The Carpenters, claims that Universal Music Group and A&M Records have only paid…
Alice: You're the representative?. Eliza: This is Tim Johnson from Universal Music Group. Would your friends like to join us?.
ABBA returns - teaming up with Simon Fuller and Universal Music Group to launch new digital experience!
On stage with Ryan Tedder, DragonsOrg, Universal Music Group, Nokia and Tribeca discussing the making of…
Is this the end for exclusive streams?: Universal Music Group has reportedly banned streaming exclusives afte...
Universal Music Group is planning to ban streaming exclusives
I heard Universal Music Group put out a statement saying that labels under them can't be doing exclusives on one music streaming platform
.to ban exclusive streams after Frank Ocean's 'Blonde.'
is one of those guys from Universal music group is 1 named Donnie
Industry shake up! UMG is reportedly banning future exclusive streaming deals:
BRO! Universal Music Group got FINESSED by Frank Ocean! Like, what Frank did IS the definition of Finesse!
Frank Ocean really got the finesse of the year getting out of his Def Jam deal with Endless. Universal Music Group gotta be…
Has Frank Ocean's 'Endless' marked the end of Universal's streaming exclusives?
i want Gaga but I heard that universal music group will ban artists from streaming.
Universal Music Group Set To Stop All Exclusive Album Streaming?: This year there has been numerous exclusive...
Universal Music isn't banning streaming exclusives after but it might soon
Universal Music isn't banning streaming exclusives after 'Blonde,' but it might soon 🎶
Thank you David Benjamin from Universal Publishing Music Group for getting me blocked.
Update your maps at Navteq
Universal Music Group is discontinuing exclusive releases to streaming services.
Universal Music Group is banning its labels from exclusively releasing music on Apple Music or Spotify...that's like 80 record labels!
If Friday was a filter, this would be it. @ Def Jam/Universal Music Group
Vevo, the video platform founded in 2009 by Sony Music Entertainment and Universal Music Group, today unveile...
Universal Music Group celebrating the 50th anniversary of "Strangers In The Night" by Frank Sinatra…
And Perfume recently has been getting their music outside the Japan almost everywhere since signing over to Universal Music Group.
Music Jobs: Royalty Administrator - Santa Monica: Job Summary: Universal Music Publishing Group is home to th...
Music Jobs: Administrative Assistant - New York: UMG's Central Brand Partnerships team is looking for a dynam...
Capitol Records is now with Universal Music Group after Capitol EMI was then music distributors back then.
not cool Ernest. JT is a great guy. Music is universal. It's not owned by one race, group or culture.
Good field trip to Universal Music Publishing Group today.
Here at Universal Music Publishing Group bringing my students from UCLA Summer Music Innovation Institute.
We don't need Hov to speak out. We need Universal Music Group to speak out on behalf of the thousands of minorities they employee.
Here's a recap of the Latin Billboards 2016 party at Milk & Honey! Many thanks to Universal Music Group. htt…
Music Jobs: LPI Controller - London: Job SummaryAn exciting new role has become available in the Polydor labe...
Totally thrilled today with the music talent that is coming in at Bongo Boy Universal Music Group Bongo Boy...
3. She worked with universal music group 4. She sang with Jhonni Blaze 5. She was featured on the shade room
I had this happen at recently. Group of people blaring music on a trail. Jerks are universal.
Music Jobs: Senior Change Analyst - Strategic Operations - London: Job SummaryThis new position will support ...
"More and more collaboration between brands and talents”
This former Gangster Rapper was once signed with Universal Music Group. One day I landed in his church. After his...
They are a 5 member group and they are under Universal Music Korea.
is signed to the world's largest music corporation, Universal Music Group and. they stated they believe he can win a Grammy.
Wow. Universal Music Group removed my Desiigner XXL remix off my soundcloud.
everybody in the pool! these ducklings were born in our courtyard. 🐣 @ Universal Music Group
Universal Music Group and Brands is looking to hire a PRODUCTION DESIGNER. Please apply here:
Mi5 Recordings Universal Music Group's release of The new all-star music project from John Ashton, formerly of...
completes new album, returns to Universal Music Group 😍😍😍😍 via
Only 10 artist will get this opportunity 24 hrs studio time and distribution throu Universal Music Group for $150
Universal Music Group creates new Verve Label Group: Universal Music Group (UMG) has announced the creation o...
well Universal Music Group do do a lot of wagers but it's in secret might need to email them privately ;)
Big bro with big talent Missing you already. X @ Universal Music Group
Universal Music Group have included Lady Gaga in the list of artists that are releasing new albums this year!
Universal Music Group took down my hype remix but its not copyright to drake the instrumental is a reproduction? R u joking?
CEO has assisted talent / brands associated with Universal Music Group, MMG, Def Jam, YMCMB and more:
next year im probably going to be working at ICM Partners or Universal Music Group. fav this.
Fire drills at the office aren't so bad! @ Universal Music Group
Artist | Universal Music Group • Watch the music video to my new single DancingKizomba! Click • For Bookings:
Pusha T said that like he isn't signed to GOOD music whose signed to Kanye West whose signed to Def Jam whose owned by Universa…
not much. just starting my last week at ticketmaster. took a job with Universal Music Group. 🙈🙉
Business cards and stationary have arrived. (@ Universal Music Group in New York, NY)
I was one of the first to have Chris Stapletons album traveler! Thanks to Universal Music Group Nashville!
A huge loss for ASCAP and a huge win for SESAC.
- Universal Music Group never heard of DMCA!!!: via
Universal Music Group has a tight grip it's gonna take more..then running down the street.
Diamonesk Personalized Engagement Ring And Wedding
And you'll get to hear it in Helena . can't wait!!!
Lil Wayne is suing UMG for $40 million over unpaid royalties for Drake, Nicki Minaj, & Tyga
Lil Wayne is suing Universal Music Group for millions over...
your lovely new song on the Fly sndtrk made me weep tears of joy!
Seems like a big deal! Universal and Ole Pull Prod. Music from , move to
.sues Universal Music Group for unpaid royalties on Nicki Minaj & Tyga. https…
Had to check out Island Def Jam and today @ Universal Music Group
Big Machine's under Republic Records so it's distributed by Universal Music Group not Sony but idk there may be some link to it
Soundcloud Partners with Universal Music Group. How does it affect your music?...
In case you missed it, the folks at did some awesome stuff with and
BMG is suing Universal Music Group over unpaid Tame Impala royalties -
SoundCloud licensing deal with Universal Music Group and subscriptions are coming this year
i was offered internships with Universal Music Group, mOcean (which worked on Orange is the New Black & American Horror Story) .
.sighting at Universal Music Group this morning
We've received a report directly from Universal Music Group that your track "Sorry (GoldHammer Remix)" contains "SORRY" by JUSTIN BIEBER. :/
Order Miche Bag Online!
I emailed Universal Music Group about it and nobody ever got back to me. The struggle😂 Why doesn't Capitol Records have an email?
Yeah. Also universal music group. They're all under the same thing so that could've been it too
Played some music with friends last night at Universal Music Group!
Candlelight Records acquired by Spinefarm Records, the hard rock label owned by the Universal Music Group.
NASTY GIRLS Mastered and distributed world wide by Universal Music Group by Cityboy Scrooge on Sound
"Nothing Left" is once again being released soon through Universal Music Group very soon. Here is the link to...
If The Premier League can invest in grassroots football why can't the major record labels invest in grass roots...
South Korean singer/songwriter signed to Universal Studios and part of Joombas Music Group
160124 universal music group update on instagram with Apink💞💞.
160124 Universal music group staff instagram update with .
The early days of iTunes, Universal Music Group deducted artist’s iTunes royalties for costs on packaging & breakages on downloads.
A list of moves and shakes across the music business, including at Columbia Records, Universal Music Group, Ne...
Capitol Records is part of Universal Music Group. Paramount Pictures is part of Viacom, and so is CMT. Y'all got it wrapped up.
UMG stands for Universal Music Group which consists of several different labels including Republic (which Demi is signed to).
Make sure to Grab yourself a copy of RobbieG's Gypsy Woman (She is Homeless Remix) from Universal Music Group...
i still don't understand how UNIVERSAL music group even has the rights to any Chipmunk songs especially the ones from the 60s
Should go into partnership with universal music group
Universal Music Group decided to spam content ID matches to year old playthroughs 😂 You're a bit late to the word the next 3 episodes.
got a copyright strike directly from Universal Music Group. Nothing I can do about it =/
Department Description The Digital Production & New Technology Team at Universal Music Group East is responsible for a…
Excited to announce we will have reps from Universal Music Group and Sony handing out the perfect stocking...
Universal Music Group is where i want them to sign 😎😉
what's good bro.. I'm a artist under universal music group distribution and worldwide music group I like your style. Let's link
With the support of Universal Music Publishing Group, Gibson and SOMA - School of Music and the Arts, we've set...
Universal Music Group. they're *** about youtube videos and songs that they've so much as sniffed at.
Christmas baking has never been better than with Universal Music Group . I am all about the
Universal Music Group decided to live in the bathtub and see if I evolve into a mermaid or a sentient prune.
Cattura Vanity Magazine/Universal Music Group UK along with our client Music producer Humphrey Gomez of Nology is...
The road chip soundtrack is no longer an import in the UK it's being released by universal music group :)
Over here being creative with some cool kids ☺️ @ Universal Music Publishing Group
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Special appearance today republicrecords HQ from @ Universal Music Group
Portrait from yesterday courtesy of @ Universal Music Publishing Group
The 8th Ingrid Smith aka Eclipse the songmakerwill be releasing 2 new tracks through Universal music group for...
Boys Republic are the first kpop group under Universal Music!
Jessie J and Jared Leto attend the Universal Music Group 54th Grammy Awards Viewing Reception hosted by Lucian...
& attend the Universal Music Group 54th Grammy Awards on Feb 12, 2012 in Los Angeles
Universal Music Group's Lucian Grainge honored by Sam Smith & Selena Gomez at City of Hope gala
Burna Boy Signs to Universal Music Group/Island Records - . Bigger things poppin’ for Burna...
This is B2ST/BEAST. They are under Cube Entertainment and Universal Music Group. They debuted in 2009 with "Bad Girl"
I love our understated sign outside the offices here in LA. @ Universal Music Group
Chillin with the new intern iamskelliott @ Universal Music Group
"There are three major music owners: Universal, Sony, and Warner Music Group,"
.partnership with Universal Music Group (mentioned in via |
Universal Music Group is now available to subscribers! This includes releases from Universal Music Classics,...
Back in May 2014, Universal Music Group made a move guaranteed to get under the skin of it... via-
Deadmau5 Says Goodbye to the “Broken *** Model” of Major Labels: Back in May 2014, Universal Music Group made ...
Felt like I needed a lil Halloween in my office. .. @ Universal Music Group
... met a rep for Universal Music Group (Interscope, Geffen & A&M) who also worked V2 and launched the White Stripes!
coffee got me feeling like a crackhead @ Universal Music Group
This is Hip Hop Baby! Pharrell Williams and Common. Ted Mason on guitar. Mi5 Recordings, Universal Music Group.
Michael Chabon signs with UMG publishing group
Pulitzer Prize-winning author Michael Chabon wants to boost his songwriting career; signs with Universal Music.
Didn't know Michael Chabon wrote lyrics for 9 of the songs on Mark Ronson's last album
Wait, what's happening with Michael Chabon that his future is now in songwriting?
Justin at Universal Music Group in Germania || september 15th.
yea but universal music group claimed visual content, it's okay there's another one coming soon, I'll stay away from umg.
Lifetime achievement award for no group deserve this more.
September 15: Justin at Universal Inside 2015 organized by Universal Music Group in Berlin, Germany.
NEWS: new single "LEVEL NEXT" now on YouTube provided by Universal Music Group International! .
Music Jobs: Streaming Marketing Executive - London: Universal Strategic Marketing (USM) is responsible for the...
RESPECT for our bro Liva K for being signed by Universal Music Group (UNIVERSAL MUSIC) for his great-hit Remix on...
The fight is on universal group had no right to take our music down we have had the name Zedd & Saffire for 13 y…
No Question Music Group artist D.R. Universal links up with Self Taught from Boom Baptizm Music and Films,...
Universal Music Group must consider fair use before trying to remove content from the Internet. Yeah!
Interscope Records . . . parent company is the Universal Music Group, Inc.
Boys Republic,a 5 members group,they debuted in 2013 with "Party Rock" under Universal Music Group
Universal Music Group has hired Jay Frank as SVP of Global Streaming Marketing. Frank is founder of DigMark and record label DigSign.
Thx to Luke Bryan and Universal Music Group for inviting us to to w/ Cabela's and Buck...
Nh, universal music group blocked it worldwide
We have access to the largest network of fans in the entire world because of our own direct business relationship with …
Marriott International is excited to announce its partnership with Universal Music Group so you can be...
Your next stay may come with an exclusive concert. Discover the new partnership with and
The uploads are just taking effect this week thru distribution as I used Universal Music group instead of tune core
"Polydor Records is a British record label that operates as part of Universal Music Group."
This is Infinite. They are under Woollim Entertainment (Korea) and Universal Music Group (Japan). Debuted in 2010. http:/…
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
L M A O, Universal Music Group got my remix of "Know Yourself" taken off of Soundcloud, greaaat -.-
Universal Music Group took down my mashup in literally 3 seconds
Dear Universal Music Group:I appreciate your licensing Ciccone Youth to YouTube, but you think the odds are good the writing
Today was Dre Day. And it was good. @ Universal Music Group
Dude.. Just give up the fight. .. Universal Group, Fade to Silence
Potentially got a client signed to Universal Music Group! Shoutout to the team!
Enrique's publicist, Joe Bonilla, has CONFIRMED that Enrique signed with Sony Music. He left Universal Music Group after o…
Fun fact: that man is the CEO of universal music group and is literally (according to billboard) the most important+
25 Best Concerts in August in Phoenix: Universal Music Group While it seems downright batty, there are ac...
If Capitol Nashville is a division of Universal Music Group, then how does that work with Universal Pictures?
For distribution through Universal Music Group and/ or promotion to Major online marketing outlets send me an email to keylinemag
You who choose to lead must follow. But if you fall you fall alone. Ripple Grateful Dead lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group
Day 2 of Group Fitness Launch Week! Get in there and enjoy the killer new moves and music!!
Universal Music Group settles with recording artists over digital downloads
Just applied at Universal Music Group. Wish me luck!
domain names
Would you like an official job at Universal Music Group In the USA?. if so hit that link below and let them no...
Universal Music Group Nashville Seeking Country songs for our roster of acts
Universal music group used to deduct royalties from artists itunes money for breakages and packaging, on digital downloads.
and sign with Universal music group.. Syco needs to let them go
Say hello to Universal Music Group's newest marketing rep! I'm so incredibly grateful&excited for this awesome opportunity…
Universal Music Group is looking for college students for the position of AMPd Tour Marketing Rep:...
So excited to say that I am the new College & Lifestyles Marketing Rep for UNIVERSAL MUSIC GROUP!
Hi there, I'm afraid we do not manage Paul Weller, we are the publishing arm of Universal Music Group.
Accomplished one of my career goals. . Distribution Deal w/Universal Music Group✔️.
Burna Boy signs deal with Universal Music Group - ...
Rumor has it Universal Music Group and Sony Music are gearing up to sue SoundCloud for ‘massive’ infringement The labels are reportedly unha
INFINITE. first kpop group to obtain permission to film in universal studios california. first kpop group to make a 360vr mus…
Our Songs, Productions and Mixing have helped our clients land distribution deals with Universal Music Group.
The company has apparently spoken with Sony Music Entertainment, Universal Music Group and Warner Music ...
"allows users to listen to music...from labels including EMI, Sony, Universal Music Group& Warner Music Group"
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
News: Marriott signs marketing deal with Universal Music Group: Marriott International and Universal M...
Marriott and UMG expand music partnership: Marriott International and Universal Music Group (UMG) this su...
Marriott International, Inc. and Universal Music Group have created a global marketing partnership that will…
Mean muggin with Travis Mills. CW didn't get the memo. @ Universal Music Group
U people need to stop putting MUSIC GROUP as name for your studio. I only know Universal Music Group and Famous Music Group.find another
Edisun is a rock band about to release 2nd record internationally via Universal Music Group.
universal music group I believe. They handle the publishing for loads of big labels.
Universal Music Group, Sony Music Entertainment, and the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) will soon be filing lawsuits
Livelihood/INgrooves/Universal Music Group needs you as an artist
Imagine that! Universal Music Group and Sony Music Entertainment blocked the Royal Coronation video in the USA...
Universal Music Group website says that Honeymoon by Lana Del Rey is coming September 2015.
Check out the latest in technology from
"In the same article, Universal Music Group was said to have been offered money to stop them from allowing its songs in YouTube."
Also affiliated 2 Universal Music Group, Sony Music, Atlantic records & Empire Entertainment, all in the United States!
Universal Music Group denies it colluded with Apple as antitrust investigation continues: Last month, The Verg...
Summit - Sony Pictures, Intel, Universal Music Group & more! Save $200 on our Early Bird tickets
Universal Music Group subsidiary Republic records opens new offices in and
Universal Music Group has teamed up with celebrated Bollywood director to create EMI Records India.
Welcome to Rotimi B's Blog page: NEWS : Etcetera roasts Burna Boy, says deal with Universal Music Group is a big lie:
Grooveshark Has Been Forced to Close Shop: After six years of legal battles with Universal Music Group, Sony M...
Soundcheck at Capitol Studios for the Technology Innovators Forum show with Universal Music Group!...
Beck (Capitol) and Kanye West (Def Jam) are both with Universal Music Group labels.
Universal Music Group is launching its own budget streaming service in Brazil, charging customers the...
If Vivendi spins off Universal Music Group as its own standalone company this Tidal service could become a giant overnight.
The picture of you guys at Universal Music Group needs an explanation
Can you guys explain the picture of you guys at Universal Music Group
I work for a label plunder UNIVERSAL MUSIC GROUP and my family still asks me every time we speak if it's a real job and I have benefits.
> Universal Group & you will be updated with the latest from all of UMG's artists.
Universal Music Group is claiming rights for a song by an artist they have no contract with and hij…
UMG (universal music group) is blocking all Kpop videos to keep Kpop strictly in Korea. International fans won't allow it!
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On ATV Tires
UMG (Universal Music Group) is going around and blocking kpop vids in other countries!! …
read about how her label LOST money due to ARTPOP here: that's wat a FLOP is
Universal Music Group Confirmed . ATTENTION All my friends in Texas ! If you havent made SXSW…
"Identifying new artists cannot be done through data or algorithms." -Lucian Grainge [Chairman/CEO Universal Music Group]
.brings down the house at Universal Music Group’s showcase
Sam Smith Brings Down the House at Universal Music Group’s Grammy Showcase: Talk about “The Voice”: Universal ...
Bringing to the movies and beyond. (@ Universal Music Group in Woodland Hills, CA)
Universal Music Group and Scott should Kleenmaid when TJX should Dusit Thani
he's not signed to justin label he's signed to Mercury Nashville under the universal music group.
Absolut when Bud Light was Universal Music Group when Pepsi was top Here Ya
Universal Music Group has filed a lawsuit against two companies its lawyers claim are distributing illegal mixtapes to prisoners
djstephfloss Trying to make some moves! Great visit to the offices! @ Universal Music Publishing Group
: Sir I work for Universal Music group Los Angeles. When you visit UMG I would like to meet you Sir
Hey, just posted a new video on YouTube. Check it out Welcome to UMG's YouTube Channel
Universal Music Group sues company that sells mixtapes of music to prisoners:
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
Universal Music Group wants $150 for tracks on mixtapes made for prisoners
HR unplugged: Interview with Derren Young - London office at Universal Music Group
Get Yourself in the of our Presented By Beatific Universal Music Group & Vh1...
hey guys just so you know Universal Music Group is like taking over everything so hulkshare is probably the new ish..
Have you read this yet? Universal Music Group Sues Companies That Sell Mixtapes for Prisoners
Universal Music is suing a group of companies for selling unauthorized mixtapes to prisoners:
Katy Perry loving the fans at Universal Music Group ...
Universal Music Group will use analytics to turn bands into brand shills.
Music News ! Frank Sinatra app to kick off Sinatra 100 celebration ! Throughout 2015, one of the world's most beloved entertainment icons of all time, Frank Sinatra, will be celebrated around the world with commemorative centennial events, exhibitions, and new music and film releases. Ahead of next year's celebration, the definitive new FRANK SINATRA 100 App, exploring Sinatra's incredible life and career, has been released worldwide today on the App Store and Google Play. The free to download app is available for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, and Android tablets. Designed and developed by playDEF on behalf of Frank Sinatra Enterprises and Universal Music Group, FRANK SINATRA 100 is a comprehensive and evolving 'appumentary,' inviting fans to step into Frank's world (on a string), with lush, vibrant imagery showcased in several rare and previously unseen photos, a unique, full-screen Sinatra Slideshow feature, as well as exclusive audio recordings and videos, including a 1962 filmed performance excerpted f ...
Song property of Universal Music Group edited by George GRAMA ( G.G. ) Chris De Burgh - Lady In Red lyrics I've never seen you looking so lovely as you did t...
BOHEMIA. BOHEMIA. quickly gained popularity with his independent debut album, Vich Pardesan De [In the foreign land] hitting Top 10 on BBC Radio UK in 2002. The following album, Pesa nasha pyar [Money, intoxication, love] became the first full-length Punjabi rap album released by a major label in history. It brought Bohemia increased popularity, including his recent multi-record deal with music label Universal Music Group [2006 - 2009]. This brought his creation of ”Punjabi rap” to mainstream recognition, making Bohemia pioneer of a new genre of music known as Desi Hip Hop or ‘Desi-rap’. In 2006 Pesa nasha pyar hits on Top 10 downloads of Maxim (magazine) , and on Planet M chart India. [3] Da rap star, his third album receives 4 nominations at the UK Asian Music Awards and PTC Punjabi music awards, including Best Punjabi Album and Best Music Director. Da rap star also remains on Planet M chart several weeks. [4] Bohemia tours the world in 2009 performing all over North America, Australia , Europe ...
Tiffany Tatum (R&B/Jazz/Soul) from Dallas, Texas on Mervilton Records/Universal Music Group at Sony Music. . . .
PEACE!!! I had such a great time with the fams on the giving day. Now it's back to work hope everyone have a blessful weekend. Love my Wu family and the label Wu-Tang | New Wu Generation | Amoney Train Music | INgrooves Fontana | Universal Music Group WWW.KINGTIGER1.COM
nice man really nice. Ted Mason Universal Music Group USA New York
S/O to A&R from Universal/SwerrrdMedia Music Group for pushing that "I Remember" track Thanks for the love
Top Christian Dating Scroller 728x90
Artist if you need studio time in Atlanta or want to do a feature with Krazy Swag/Universal Music Group Recording...
is very likely that belong to the record label Universal Music Group!
:UMG West Coast office alleged to be drug hotspot - Lawsuit filed in Courts
People who went there have gone on to work at Atlantic Records and Universal Music Group. That would be the absolute dream!
Based on the results, the answer would appear to be "the staff of Universal Music Group".
I just donated to Universal Music Group to support St. Jude. Will you help make a difference, too?
NASTY GIRLS Mastered By Universal music group by Skrilla Scrooge on SoundCloud
Have you heard ‘ALL HAIL THE KING Mastered By Universal Music Group’ by on
"Bridgit’s sophomore studio collection is expected to release at the top of 2015 via Universal Music Group / Hollywood Recor…
// news. assinou contrato com o Universal Music Group! \o/
Got to see my Big Bro tonight in The ATL who is a "Record producer at Universal music group"…
Alander_Pulliam wants to hang w/ you Alander Pulliam Universal Music Group
./Grabs popcorn for Universal Music Group vs Google showdown
Have you heard ‘NO CHASER Mastered By Universal Music Group’ by on
They both bonded over group really is universal!
Select Miche Styles are 50% off - MONDAY ONLY!
nice! I somehow ended up there as I was interning at universal music group at the time.
'3 corporations own & distribute 95% of music in the Western world: Universal Music Group, Warner Music Group & EMI.' - Jared Ball
All rights and credits belong to Capitol Records/Universal Music Group. Official website: "Just Another Woman in Love" is a son...
Jr. Graphic Designer jobs in New York at Universal Music Group - job title: Jr. Graphic Designer, this is a Full TimeJob in New York, NY
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