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Universal Health Care

Universal health care – sometimes referred to as universal health coverage, universal coverage, universal care or social health protection - describes health care systems organized around providing a specified package of benefits to all members of a society with the end goal of providing financial risk protection, improved access to health services, and improved health outcomes.

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I see you haven't been paying attention. Next you'll tell me she doesn't want universal health care.
renders free healthcare to its citizens through Universal Health Care medical cover…
Thank you for talking at CU today! It's so great to be in a state that may pave america's path towards universal health care.
Govt aiming to change NHS from universal, comprehensive health service into cut-down, basic service for those who cannot affo…
Minister of Health Jane Philpott you can get the money from stock options of billions and billions can go too healt…
Sanders in CO to promote universal health care: Colorado voters considering a ballot measure to set up the nation's…
Canadian universal health care is awesome. I should know. 13 major surgeries that would bankrupt Americans.
Read about my plan for universal, quality, affordable health care for everyone in America.
This woman has no shame. She wants power. Universal health care for all But the Washington DC bunch
Colorado universal care ballot measure has GOP defending the Affordable Care Act.
Not Trump's calls for universal health care, government college entitlement and tax dollars to Planned Parenthood.
many options? Doubtful you can explain any of them. Why not universal health care for all? Oh yah keep the poor sick & poor
NATION: Bernie Sanders, in Colorado, promotes universal health care
I am also thankful to live in a society that has a social safety net, including universal health care, that leads to fewer desperate people.
CallawayBOT: Bernie Sanders, in Colorado, promotes universal health care
Bernie Sanders, in Colorado, promotes universal health care
Honoured 2 B here in with my provincial/territorial colleagues to strengthen universal health care.
Denver (CO) KMGH: Sanders in CO to promote universal health care . More -
Universal health care is a reality in dozens of countries around the world. It really is not a radical idea for the U.S. to…
Come learn about hospital service quality & universal health care in
In 2009 Bernie was on the Senate floor fighting for Universal Health Care. Hillary was selling bombs - http…
BUSTED: Ted Cruz EXPOSES Donald Trump’s Universal Health Care lie in new post-debate video
He's a proponent of Universal Health Care - NOW! Always has been. He even said it in a debate.
Flashback: Hillary Clinton on universal health care in 2008.
What's the official line on how to reconcile attacks on single payer w/ promise to "finish the job of universal health-care" for everyone?
you mentioned healthcare? Hillary was in the trenches in the 90s fighting for universal health care, got …
She specifically said "universal health care "coverage"" last night... to reassure her donor base that their profits are safe.
Hillary last week said getting health care for all impossible now saying she will work to get universal health care..big flip-flop.
Rent control, a living wage and universal health care would go a long ways towards a better society.
So taking this at face value... what does Trump really want? We don't know then. Trump has been 4 universal health care b4.
: "Universal health care" and "single-payer system" are not the same thing. Hill & Bern agree on one, disagree on the other.
Tablet insurance available.  Get yours today!
Hillary is not opposed to universal health care. She isn't keen to take on single payer. 2 different things.
now HRC is for Universal Health Care after insisting it was pie in the sky unrealistic Classic HRC
isn't the only way to achieve Universal Care for All
"I know that we can finish the job of universal health care coverage for every single man, woman, and child." —Hillary
If you're mid thirties or older, you probably remember her fighting for universal health care. Otherwise, it's the opposite.
All of a success is 4 universal health care? Thanks 4 pushing her in the right direction.
I don't get Hillary calling out universal health care when she used it to bludgeon Bernie just last week.
The problem with immigration, welfare, food stamps, universal health care, free isn't free. These all cost money.
Dem Congress progressed us to ACA. Country has spoken Universal will not pass; divided country & to costly
..skewer Universal Health care which the poor needs. & she wants to deport immigrant children. That's conservative. Get it?
1st instance she was referring to 'single payer' plan. 2nd was 'universal health care plan'. Big differance
What do we want? A universal health care plan. When do we want it? Yesterday, today and tomorrow
-is Secretary Clinton now calling for universal health care, 3 days after saying it will never, ever happen?
BLOG: Australia—more medical resources, shorter wait times, comparable health outcomes compared to Canada
Daniel Horowitz: Trump is a liberal at heart; again declared his support for universal health care
Trump adjusting his tone doesn't change the facts he favors universal govt health care & touchback amnesty.
Hillary Clinton’s war on universal health care is a war on the middle-class
Not for Canadians. Wouldn't Poncho like some universal health care?
IMO passed bc Democratic Congress & Americans saw it as a transition to Single-Payer Universal Health Care
According to a study, poor Costa Ricans live longer than poor Americans due to universal health care, less obesity, and less smok…
Priority setting for Universal Health Care. position paper
Trump, 60 Mins, re Universal Health Care: I'll take care of everyone, make a deal. PScott: It means GOVERNMENT pays for it (same as Obama's)
Actually it is. Original plan was for equal universal health care.
PBS just came up with a new trick "BernieCare"? "Universal health Care is a core demonstratic principle"by Hillary.
Merry Christmas Australia. . As a nice surprise for you the Liberals are dismantling universal health care.
Unlike the Uk where they have socialized programs and universal health care, the USA doesn't have that
And thanks to Whitlam that hasn't been the case for 40+ years. Universal health care should be for everyone.
universal health care?.going down the toilet with the Libs
. If doesn't stand up for universal health care then he is showing his turned colours.
Universal health care is DEAD under TURNBULL & And you will be DEAD too.
Only in America would this even be necessary, all other 1st world countries have universal health care by now
"The responsibility of guaranteeing universal access to legal, affordable, and quality reproductive health care...
A sneaky way of demolishing universal health care so you won't notice
really? So your homework. First it's "than". Second, Hillary tried to get universal health care in *1993* who is late? Bern.
I'm just like free public universities and universal health care? that's cute, but how? lol.
The world's wealthy nations have Universal Health Care - paid w/tax dollars that aren't given away to billionaires.
Ohio Health Care Plan to provide universal health care coverage to all .
Will ever explain why Vermont failed to successfully pass universal health care? Of course not, it would discredit him.
Great news from May this year when NY did THIS!...
How much more time was spent by Irish media discussing than SF's proposal for public, universal health car…
Universal Health Care and access to UK sportsbooks. Great country
King Tut was a responsible slave owner, who never gave his subjects universal health care, and they built him pyramids
.So Sweden (amongst others) with free universal health care spends less on health care then US? Awesome! /a Swede
Bernie Sanders wants universal health care. Is that racist?
I'm sorry 4 believing a woman's body is hers, I support universal health care and think immigrants should have a way of getting citizenship
How much of this increase is real and how much is due to health Insurance Companies simply fight any sort of universal care?
health care is delivered but it's still a universal health care system unlike the one GOP support
the point is even in Australia it's a universal health care system so the argument might be about how
you do know Australia has universal health care as well right?
Universal Health Care - an acknowledged human right outside US since end of WW2: i.e. US not moral government.
Mental illness is a thing. The republicans don't want universal health care to get the mentally ill the care...
and universal health care very expanding Obama care is hardly a difference of degree only
Under ACA, Medicaid can't negotiate price with pharma. That's why Martin Shkreli could jack up price. We need universal health care.
Achieving the new global health targets: Universal health coverage and access to surgical care
If Trump closed borders, would it be a good enough trade off for universal health care or gun control measures he may implement?
That's where our money goes, while they have universal health care, and US Government has no guts to say No!
SO you would favor a universal minimum income, free health care & Social Security not tied to income
I think we have a lot more important issues in this country other than making stoners happy. Universal Health Care perhaps?
Ireland still the only EU country without universal access to primary health care. Despite promises. Time to act.
No country can aspire to Universal health coverage when people lack access to pain control and palliative care
Most of the ADVANCED NATIONS of the world have Universal health care, just NOT us.
welcome to the US health delivery system. Help us keep universal care in the spotlight... You have the power to do that😃
Progressive politics has really shifted to the West.
GOP doesn't want to prevent abortion. If they did they would support universal health care, $20+ minimum wage, and other things like that.
the incredible legacy he is leaving behind with respect to climate change, universal health care, etc? It is indisputable...
Did he talk about universal health care in Cuba??
how about we start with creating a true Canadian universal health care system instead of individual provincial ones
4.) Oh, and Trump also seems to endorse some form of universal health care, even if not in the current form.
If Chris Christie is pro-life for the whole life, what about universal health care?
What is the baby boomers had bestowed to the future instead of to themselves universal health care, easy access to education, job security?
People say universal health care is a radical idea. If so, why does every other country have it? We can do it too
"The ACA is not perfect, but it gets us closer to universal health care. Its gives us a foundation to build upon." Eugene Robinson, MSNBC
CEO Richard Master Masterminds Full Medicare for All . The ACA has nothing to do with universal health care
T3 Universal Health Care would likely help some of the poor improve health status. Huge % in many countries never see a Dr.
sad that a nation like the U.S.Can't provide universal health care to its population like all the other civilized nations do
Maybe the universal health care part. .
really unclear about what you mean. Universal health care for everyone except people with confederate flags? Please expand.
"Do you support Universal Health Care including Dental Care for all?"
Ppl who are against universal health care, state funded education for everyone, and deprivitization of basic resources are…
Great call. Until we have universal health care I recommend saving cash at all turns.
good question. I'd like to think I'm not a single issue voter, but universal health care would be my top priority.
Getting an MRI at 10 pm on a Friday. Who knows how to party? (Actually grateful for universal health care).
Universal Health Care should be in the united states all i have to say you pay for weapons well pay for your citizens
Voices for Reason - Understanding the Arguments for Universal Health Care [Video] | The Ayn Rand Institute
When will we ever get universal health care?
If Donald Trump wins catch me in Canada enjoyin that universal health care fam
Add universal health care, govt eminent domain to get th property he wanted. Long list
Bernie is fighting for universal health care! This has everything to do with him. 😝😂
The Case Against Universal Health Care: This text will cope with the talk about Common well…
It's time for Universal Health Care in the US!
how is it morally convenient? (I wholeheartedly *support* the principle of universal health care, btw, if that was unclear)
at least I have universal health care
ELI5: What problems would universal health care actually pose to the America if it were put into place.
.yes, universal health care, funding Planned Parenthood, progressive taxes & insulting women will make America great again
as is universal health care funded by the government! Unless you suddenly think markets are evilz
Going farther back, the Dixiecrats opposed universal health care in the Truman era because it would cover black people.
Canadian Doctors assembled in Halifax to ask Federal parties to provide universal pharma coverage
Instead of universal health care. Let's tax the fat and label it a sin tax. . You want that burrito still if it's 15 bucks?
what they say: I don't believe in universal health care. what I hear: poor people deserve to die
I hear those countries with universal health care, low murder rates, and reasonable corporate taxes are pretty great too ***
We followed science, and are now in the unique position to address the universal concern of aging and age-related health car…
How did The People go from supporting a man who gave us Universal Health Care, ending the war in Iraq & MORE to supporting Donald Trump?
Universal Health Services, Inc. looking for a Youth Care Counselor in Austin,TX
I wish dental was included in universal health care; so expensive!
The health care stuff is such a hassle. We really need universal coverage, if only to cut down on my time on phone. ;>>
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No TRUE NDPer . would turn away from the. LEGACY of the NDP. UNIVERSAL HEALTH CARE!. Tom is Not Jack!.
Universal healthcare system is needed in Ireland to improve young people's mental health and access to care
I bet there is universal wifi before there is universal//comprehensive health care.
“I’m very liberal when it comes to health care. I believe in universal health care.” - Donald Trump
Venezuela has free universal health care — and a constitutional guarantee of access to it. And not enough doctors, medicine, or facilities.
Need universal health care; get employers out of the loop. The Cadillac plan tax (cont)
I'm thinking countries with universal health care, free education, & near 0 gum murders are equally great! Your an ***
For those who say 'all lives matter' yet don't support universal health care, we pray.
What is your stand on universal health care now?
if Canada has universal health care ? Then if u live in Quebec u get aid for IVF but it you live in NS too bad no $ no baby
"Universal flu jab" on the horizon. This could be a very interesting development. (via
We cannot anymore ignore migrants in the talk of Universal Health Care" -Dr. Renzo Guinto .
Apply now to work for Universal Health Services as Care Center of Augusta in
"“We must have universal healthcare,” wrote Trump. “I’m a conservative on most issues but a liberal on this one." http:…
universal health care model similar to that of Britain (n/n)
Quote with Images : Remember our proud history of social justice, universal health care, public ...
Let's fulfill Medicare's initial promise by expanding it to all Americans - via
We could put drug cartels outta biz by investing in universal health care & free drug rehab.
i'm also not happy about how my (american) tax dollars can support universal health care in Israel but not in the US.
WHO recognizes role of surgery and anesthesia in universal health care -
A map of the countries that provide Universal Health Care. Via
wait a minute; Universal Health Care will be the long lines and health care as we don't know it. Veterans Administration, the
Universal Health Care is one of the issues addressed by the Ramon Magsaysay Transformative Leadership Institute.
Universal Health Care for New Yorkers: New York State Assemblyman Richard Gottfried has introduced a bill in t...
5 days til Read our report on Universal Health Care and (PDF) Find out more: …
I would like America ('the richest country in the world) to explain.exactly... how the f*** this huge, rich capitalistic democracy is the ONLY democratic country in the entire western world ...that does not, for a long time, already provided the most basic of humanitarian needs - universal health care for all of its citizens? From Denmark to Japan to Germany ...and all linked Democracies in between ...what have they figured out - long ago...that we cannot.
If I move to Canada how long before I start getting the Universal Health Care?
A shared comment. Here's something i wrote a while back on African-American Federal Tax Liberation.  The reason why we have so many Fergusons in Amerikkka is due to the perpetual cycle of poverty, taxation without representation, income inequality and unequal wealth distribution - all contributed to the legacy of slavery whether one wants to admit this or not. One possible solution to rectify these systemic conditions is revising the federal tax code. AFRICAN-AMERICANS SHOULD NOT BE PAYING FEDERAL TAXES. Period. Black people paying federal taxes is truly absurd when you think about it. Almost 300 years of free black labor catapualted this nation into the economic engine it is today and now African-Americans must pay federal taxes on top of our free labor. That's double the punishment. Why do you think so many of these corporations want to move overseas? Because they don’t want to pay taxes. They understand completely the economic benefit of not paying federal taxes. It's estimated African-Americans p ...
Yeah, this universal health care and lack of foreign debt is killing me. Just to recycle some oldies
No one with half a brain is against Universal Health Care. Look at the lame brains who are against it! ~babs
Canada is better bc better education system, universal health care, bagged milk & Tim Hortons. This is irrefutable.
listen here buddy, we can indulge in those all we want bc universal health care *starts singing O Canada*🍁
Maybe Reece Huculak-Kimmel will grow up to be POTUS & institute Universal Health Care. Another Hawaiian born POTUS?
NY can lead the nation by creating a universal health care system. via
'I believe in universal global health care based on Integrative Medicine' We agree!Check us out -
Wake up-2b competitive as a nation we need universal signal payer health care-let's take the burden off business
Every single day, Universal Health Care for the people of the United States is on my mind:...
👌 (@ universal health care foundation of CT in Meriden, CT)
What do you think? Should Maine take care of its own? Can we create a single, universal publicly funded system...
Report: too vague: "address universal health-care coverage, access and affordability"
Correct to call GP co-payment for what it it. Ideological bid to end universal health care
I believe it. Obesity, diabetes, heart disease, cancer, are big problems. Thats why I support universal health care
universal health care was not on the table. How could congress pass it? This statement doesn't make sense.
not what polls say. That's what the GOP says. People want responsible gun control and universal health care.
Policy innovations, econ growth, democracy trends have advanced in
Well, you can blame Congress for not passing universal health care.
I was for a universal health care, but obamacare was not it
Why have Republicans tried 40 times to repeal Obamacare, though they dont have the votes?
universal health care - the clue's in the name, no matter how much of a slob, *** jock or drunkard you are. Thankfully
What does it mean to be the only country w universal health care that doesn't include drug coverage? h…
A universal health care system means there should be access for all - regardless of income or geography
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