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Universal Credit

Universal Credit is a new welfare benefit in the United Kingdom that will replace six of the main means-tested benefits and tax credits.

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When John Major, who said "we should understand a little less & condemn a little more", says Universal Credit is "unfai…
Anyone outside the Tory bunker think Universal Credit roll-out should proceed? Labour, SNP & John Majo…
LibDems called for Universal Credit roll out to be halted -see John Major also raising concerns now. https…
John Major has called Universal Credit 'socially unfair and unforgiving'
Major says Tories should ditch Universal Credit, says it's "operationally messy, socially unfair and unforgiving"
John Major's intervention on the Tories’ shambolic Universal Credit is welcome
Tory Ex-PM has called Universal Credit 'socially unfair and unforgiving'
Today, John Major echoed Labour's call for halt to Universal Credit rollout, which is causing misery for many.
John Major slams Universal Credit and calls for a full Tory review
You cannot serve two masters.. Universal credit and your employer. via
Universal credit has caused untold hardship. But the worst is yet to come | Frances Ryan
Citizens Advice calls for Universal Credit 'pause' - BBC via
Really important from on Universal Credit delays. Half of planned claimants in work
Worried about Universal Credit? Need Help with Your Claim? St. Leonards Youth & Community drop in this Wednesday. See pi…
UK spending watchdog has launched a (topical) inquiry into the progress and impact of Universal Credit https:…
dont worry guys, their ceo ran the Centre for Social Justice, which…
The government’s stubborn approach to the roll-out risks pushing thousands of families into debt https…
Citizens Advice calls for Universal Credit 'pause' - BBC News.
Universal Credit 'a disaster waiting to happen' as families forced into debt spiral by new system…
Roll-out of Universal Credit benefits reform is 'disaster waiting to happen'
Worth a read of research from on impact of Universal Credit.
Today I spoke about the disastrous rollout of Universal Credit in the Highlands. Its pushing people into debt & poverty -…
More horrific stories about Pse read/RT
New evidence from today adds weight to argument roll-out must be paused
You are going to see a lot more of this when Universal Credit anger kicks in. 40 days with no money.…
Universal Credit roll-out is 'a disaster waiting to happen', says Citizens Advice
Lots of our clients struggle to understand the benefits system especially Universal Credit. This calculato…
Last few places available for our free Universal Credit training tomorrow Tuesday 12th Sept in Cookstown. Ring us o…
Universal Credit was supposed to help those out of work not crush families
BBC News - Citizens Advice calls for Universal Credit 'pause'
Universal Credit 'a disaster' according to new research.
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Citizens Advice calls for Universal Credit 'pause' -
Universal Credit expansion is 'a disaster waiting to happen' and pushing people into debt says
Over half of the people we’ve helped on had to borrow money while waiting for their first payment
The government should pause and fix it. It’s leaving thousands unable to make ends meet
Large number of Parliamentary answers on today. Confirms UC satisfaction data based on old system
The government must pause and fix Our data shows it's pushing people further into debt
Almost 90% of Universal Credit tenants are in rent arrears, warns South Lanarkshire Council
Letter from me in the Telegraph on Sunday on the impact of Universal Credit on our families...
Big issue & "Letter Telegraph Sunday on impact of Universal Credit...
Workers i think Universal Credit is a single monthly payment for people in or out of work income-rela…
MP committee tells govt solving serious concerns with Universal Credit must be an 'urgent priority'
How much money do people claiming Universal Credit benefits actually get? - Chronicle Live
More unintended consequences of Universal Credit and come to light as roll out continues.
Amanda's blog for Cartref one week on- Universal Credit: A Tenant's Perspective. Incl. info on free practice seminar
Does that include those on universal credit who face a plus 60% marginal rate for every extra pound they earn?
In the Chancellor reiterated gov’s commitment to reducing taper rate in Universal Credit. Our response: htt…
Universal Credit & the mass eviction of the social housing pensioner
Universal credit daily claims to mid-Feb. First 3 weeks in Jan are the peak (dots) - split in claimant count between Jan…
Universal credit changes will see working single parents (90 % women) lose £800 a year on average by 2020
Crucially, it would NOT allow folly of devastating failure like full roll out of Ukgov's shambolic universal credit
Automatic legal aid for low-earning Universal Credit recipients: MoJ computer says no
Staff, Amanda Protheroe and Jane Mudd, have published a report into the impact of Universal Credit.
is all about income, not hours. The 16 hour rule no longer applies
Consultation, consultation, consultation. MoJ consulting on changes to financial eligibility criteria for legal aid…
Plus cuts to social care and schools means reduced wages for mainly female workforce on tax credits/universal credit.
Welsh Tenants given a Platform to Voice their Opinions on the Impact of Universal Credit:
"Government was unable to provide any of the basic, up-to-date, specific data that the Committee asked for" about U…
Open consultation: Legal aid financial eligibility and Universal Credit -
Under people are moving into work faster and staying in work longer.
Thinking about working but worried about childcare costs? can help – see how
Miche s Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Latest claimant count figures by constituency - intro of Universal Credit means big rises in some areas…
Government u-turns on National Insurance contributions. But Universal Credit will still punish single parents:
Universal credit cut means average single parent in work loses £800 a yr - our comment in great piece
Housing body shares its concerns over implementation of Universal Credit | Housing Excellence
Still more than half the unemployed are not claiming either JSA or Universal Credit.
Worth reading this report on Further evidence the 6 week wait for payment is causing problems http…
Government “head in the sand” over Universal Credit. Full story:
Universal Credit: Government has its "head in the sand" by
Remember the days when Universal Credit seemed unfathomably complex? One looks back with nostalgia.
Does anyone remember that Universal Credit thing? I met a man last night who claims to be working on it.
Perhaps you should re-look at Lord Freud's universal credit -nearly £2bn wasted, £10m for latest sys
Going on to Universal Credit? Here's a helpful tip to help manage your monthly payments
And don't get me started on Universal Credit! IDS should have been sacked years ago & I never given..
Guess Digital Border software will work as well as Universal Credit Scheme!
Yup - and I reckon they want us back on the dole. WTC rebrands as Universal Credit this year. This is no accident.
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Universal Credit claimants forced to rely on food banks as rent arrears treble : Welfare Weekly.
Petition: Reverse restrictions on housing element of Universal Credit for 18-21 yr olds
You can now read our response to the consultation on universal credit on our website or via link below:. https:/…
Staff Training on Universal Credit is happening right now at 17 Vernon St. If you're anxious about UC, our advisers can he…
Scottish govt has said up to 700,000 homes will benefit from plans to make Universal Credit payments more flexible. http…
Revealing the dangers of Universal Credit's abusive relationships - chief executive spoke with
Tory cuts to local govt budgets, rising rents, and Universal Credit, means a sharp rise in homelessness this year.
DWP criticised for impact of Universal Credit roll-out on homeless people in Glasgow
Vox Political - Failure of Universal Credit trial has harmed ‘everyone from most vulnerable...
Tory Cllr Veitch plans to abstain on Universal Credit vote. Talks about others "carping" about UK Gov reforms. ELC is "overreaching" itself.
Universal Credit will start in Northern Ireland in September:
September start date for introduction of new Universal Credit benefit in Northern Ireland
in some areas they can, but can't change/shape impacts of benefit changes (eg Universal Credit, housing benefit etc)
.confirms that George Osborne's Universal Credit cuts will be partially reversed in tomorrow's autumn state…
Is £277.14 per month Universal Credit enough to live on when a top up for bedroom tax has to be paid out of this as well?
.reports on CSJ call for Govt to reverse Universal Credit cut which cost 3m people more than £1k per year
Just found out folks getting Housing Benefit, Council Tax Support or Universal Credit can get free vets treatment for pets. Madness.
New DWP minister Damien Green is to continue with disastrous Universal Credit, meaning more destitution, more homelessness, more suicides..
Universal Credit as it is being introduced is not the Universal Credit that was promised: via
Universal Credit shows it is time to make all major government projects open and transparent
Universal Credit will be taking over the Working Tax Credit, and Child Tax Credit element and therefore if you...
Universal Credit makes tenants responsible but some need help budgeting says Lord Freud
IDS has shafted benefits claimants after failing to promote sweeping changes in the switch over to Universal Credit htt…
By his own logic, IDS should have resigned when Osborne eviscerated Universal Credit last Autumn Statement. Resignation a l…
Cuts to Universal Credit to hit Grimsby-area people today | Grimsby Telegraph
Universal Credit veering off track, Resolution Foundation says
Universal Credit veering off track, Resolution Foundation says -
Resolution Foundation’s report confirms the devastating impact of Tory cuts to Universal Credit, says
Universal Credit has never been "on track". It's simply just another Treasury cut: …
On 25/5, Universal Credit rules are rolled out for people covered by Newcastle's Cathedral Sq Jobcentre+.For UC info
The in work progression plan of the DWP (is doomed to failure and will only result in…
Iain Duncan Smith had big ideas for social justice. How much did he actually achieve?
Welcome to Universal Credit Britain: Full time workers fined by DWP for not increasing their hours/jobs
Written evidence from Department for Work and Pensions (IWP0044)
The shape of things to come for workers claiming Universal Credit. £70 sanctions for a missed appt because of work.
Stephen Crabb and Universal Credit [why would Crabb support the current workfare regime?] - by Clive Lord
Department for Work and Pensions papers set out plans to save £1billion by restricting Carer’s Allowance to those on Universal Credit
Basically, low-paid workers are to be demoted. Will lose that scrap of superiority over the unemployed.
calls on Government to halt Universal Credit roll-out after problematic three-year trial in Oldham
calls for a halt to Universal Credit introduction as "unduly" sanctions have left Oldhamers penniless https:…
Image credit: Universal Pictures. Err, I don't think so...
Universal Credit if you have a disability or health condition: quick guide
Kind of like universal credit then. All this does is drag out the fiasco over several years.
Some nerve IDS - anyone could say similar about his Universal Credit! Smoke and mirrors!
And who is being targeted for the crime of being on Low Wages?
At Universal Studios? Get around for free w the LYFT app. Use credit code "TRAX" for free ride credit l
Universal credit: tough love for low-paid workers . This is insane, .
BBC News - Is Universal Credit doomed to fail?
BBC News - Testing times ahead for Universal Credit
Just claimed Read this guide to find out what to do next
BBC News - Testing times ahead for Universal Credit -
Universal credit: tough love for low-paid workers
.-"Crabb's cuts to UC will hit working families hard. Unacceptable if personal info also put at risk." https:/…
Victory for campaigners as the DWP finally publishes long-awaited Universal Credit documents
Universal credit: tough love for low-paid workers . Must read appalling plans
Cameron's "hardworking people" face fines and sanctions under Universal Credit in-work conditionality trials
In work conditionality makes working people on Universal Credit look for more work if they don't earn or work enough ht…
Landlords can get advice on the effect of Universal Credit on letting at our next landlords’ forum on April 27
DWP has issued guidance about the different back to work schemes available to JSA and Universal Credit claimants.
UNIVERSAL CREDIT QUIZ. Will it make widowed parents worse off, or better off? A bit more ££ for those guys, or less?
Thousands of widows to lose out under universal credit. DWP says it's a 'technicality':.
Under Universal Credit 100 000 disabled children will have their support halved
Does Adobe know they punish benefit calaimants without trial who do not sign DWP agreement for universal credit? https:/…
Universal credit briefing helpful .questions from attendees were addressed but work still on going.happy to update if needed
Widows and widowers to lose out under universal credit:.
Employers: There are lots of ways can help your business
More of IDS's toxic legacy revealed: now it is widows who will be worse off under Universal Credit,
Thousands of widows will see benefits cut under Universal Credit
.exposes the scale of Tory cuts to millions of low paid workers through Universal Credit .
Iain Duncan Smith is no hero. A cynical gesture from a man who contracted ATOS to deliver the 'Fit for Work' test & botched Universal Credit
IDS resigned on the day he lost a legal battle to keep his Universal Credit problems secret...
Jobseekers making new claims at more Jobcentres across the country will be offered Universal Credit instead of JA
The Tory plan to cut Universal Credit will leave 2 million families on average £1,600 a year worse off:
Members of the Lords discussed MPs' amendments on Universal Credit and Employment and Support Allowance. With...
Jimmy Stirling's DWP Diary: I'm 'too old' to claim Universal Credit - here we go again
Kinda feels like the Universal Credit phone line should be free hey
Tax Credits for millions hang in balance as Tories to push ahead via Universal Credit cuts . h…
Universal Credit will make the benefits system worse
The introduction of Universal Credit will save £2.7bn a year from the UK's welfare bill, claims the Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS) .
Mark Serwotka says IDS's flagship project is in disarray as Universal Credit slammed by three reports in one day
they should claim JSA/ Universal Credit shouldn't they Caroline Flint.
In a parallel world, Labour news is about Jeremy Corbyn hitting Cameron on flood defence cuts+ Owen Smith taking apart Universal Credit cuts
How George Osborne learnt to relax and start loving Universal Credit - WHAT THE *
Iain Duncan Smith is offering £140,000 a year for someone to take charge of his troubled Universal Credit programme: https…
IDS says nobody loses a penny with his cuts to Universal Credit. True, give or take the 2.6 million who lose £1600 https:…
Getting back into the stride: I ask IDS about Universal Credit cuts & u-25s ineligibility for "national living wage"
Cuts to Universal Credit are merely a re-branding of tax credit cuts - Smith - Owen Smith MP, Labour’s...
George Osborne has tried to hide the true scale of the cuts to Universal Credit in a report snuck out today...
“We’ve listened. It's wrong to savage the poor with tax credit cuts. So we’ll do it with Universal Credit instead.". htt…
The tax credit reversal is great news – but Universal Credit is what matters | JRF
John Reynolds. 140,000 people on Universal Credit will NOT be freed from the so called U-TURN on tax credits,...
This is going to shock and stun Westminster folk, but Universal Credit has been delayed again
Cost of Chancello's U-turn revealed on page 113 of book - Universal Credit goes nowhere near covering loss
Essentially the change to tax credits is delayed until 2020, when it is included in Universal Credit
George Osborne looking to reduce Universal Credit due to Lords rejection of Tax Credit bill. Outrageous
Frank Field at describes Universal Credit as 'vanity project' that 'isn't the white horse which will ride to Govt's rescue'
IDS Response to question on universal credit
Universal Credit, a Tory pipe dream, ill-thought, dogmatic & will never be rolled out nationwide.£100's millions wasted
Updated monthly, fed into Universal Credit. Not in the least bit Orwellian.
Universal Credit is already plugged into HMRC. Simples. Everyone knows UC is rolled out nationwide.
Grimmauld Place. Credit where it's due, Universal really did think of everything when they…
CREDIT: shutterstock Protecting the planet for future generations has become a near-universal reason — at least...
What Universal Credit Is and How to Apply for It: For those who are unfamiliar with the conce... via
Maybe it can all be some sort of sub-system of (drumroll) Universal Credit!
DWP moves to end Universal Credit regulation that allows bedroom tax 'dodge' | Inside Housing
They must've been working on it. The universal credit landscape is a thicket of brambles as far as the eye can see!
Heard of universal credit but not sure what it means, click the link for more information
Saw some inspirational digital services for civil servants in Universal Credit today. More departments should follow their lead
Come along to our welfare benefits/ universal credit appeals and representation seminar
More rubbish from Patel. Universal credit will not compensate for work disincentives caused by steep tax credit taper.…
After the mess that is Universal Credit I don't think the DWP will be allowed to head up big/complex IT projects any more.
Let's hope they probe the Govt's plans for an IT system in the context of
More than half pple I see in trouble r working poor mainly due 2 IDS universal credit mess
Overheard in a meeting: "orienteering in the universal credit landscape". I'd love to see the map for that.
New Universal Credit form assumes disabled workers out of work - completion of form not even possible for this group. Great messaging
Still confused by universal credit. Then read this:
Universal credit shambles thats tearing people apart. I assume your"e the 1 ignorant of such things, another I'm alright jack
Informative training on 'Universal Credit' from WRAMAS today with our housing, support & training staff
Credit Card reader on Tap Card machine at Universal Station is not working.
Hattersley residents Universal Credit what choices they have @ today's event
in light of their declared Income and tax payments this year a Mr F.A.C.E. Book has applied for Universal Credit
Promise credit workmanship is transcendent universal as proxy for boyish blanket mortgage companies: zmo
News: Winchester City Council launches Universal Credit: A new single monthly benefit payment – for people in ...
- Housing bodies should examine our website for most up-to-date and helpful info - …
450 000 disabled people and disabled children will lose out through Universal Credit never mind cuts to tax credits
It's important to find out if you are affected by Universal Credit. If you need help contact us on 01475 787
Universal Credit: How it affects payments to Tenants.
Another busy morning in . We are currently helping clients with Universal Credit, debt and housing matters
Find out how can help you in your job search – Go to
Interesting on tax credits, but worth remembering this is supposed to be parliament of delivery on Universal Credit
ERSA Seminar 14.10.15 topics include:The potential impact of Universal Credit on people with disabilities & UC & work incentives...
lol I don't really I'm just a fake! Universal Credit Digital Service for DWP.
Get information about by hitting the red button on your TV remote control
There's a lot of this about. Labour party members who believe in Universal Credit who want the Welfare Benefit Cap etc etc.
Are you a new jobseeker in Inverclyde You might be able to claim
Day 2 of our Universal Credit Roadshow in - the team already to go!
DWP acts to stop landlords using Universal Credit loophole to protect rental income from the bedroom tax
Read the new blog by our Welfare Rights Worker, Angela Toal: 'Out of the lobster pot'
Welfare reform/rent collection – Are you prepared for Universal Credit roll-out? workshops this November. http:…
Universal Credit launches in Bristol in November. Confused? Our advice pages should help.
training team are at 'Preparation for Universal Credit' training with today. Important info.
. Back in July, the Citizen Bureau Advice warned of the lack of knowledge about it.
Aged 18-24? Claiming Jobseekers Allowance or Universal Credit? Find out how Youth Employment Gateway can help you
Is it just me or is the Universal Credit logo a particle physics collision?
Visit tomorrow for LGC’s Guide to Universal Credit and to read Lord Freud’s article in full
Do you receive the right amount of benefit & Universal Credit payments? Are they on time? Tell
Is child benefit or child tax credit a part of 'childcare element of Universal Credit,working tax credit or Tax Free Childcare'?
Excellent support for Universal Credit two days of action at DWP Greater Glasgow Branch!
DWP brushes letter to PM about impact on health of cuts, caps and council tax under the carpet of Universal Credit http:…
New report warns Universal Credit could lead to more sanctions:
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
Next, is joined by Work and Pensions Secretary Iain Duncan Smith in an interview to talk about Universal Credit
Iain Duncan Smith says that everyone will benefit from the Universal Credit scheme. Do you agree?
40% of Gtr Manchester households affected by Universal Credit. 6-fold increase in homelessness. Worse to come.
Vulnerable people’ will be caught up in Universal Credit fiasco warns Oldham MP.
"Universal Credit fiasco could lead to 1 million children missing out on free school meals" More in: h…
Ricky Henderson (disagrees with Universal Credit being paid to 1 adult in the household & says this could lead to conflict
Universal Credit is coming to Neath Port Talbot on 13th April and to Swansea on 20th July 2015. Are you ready?
Universal Credit starts in Neath Port Talbot today. Tenants who need assistance can call 01639 315000
"Tories try to bury bad news on Universal Credit on Budget day
Universal Credit implementation has been 'outrageously weak', wasting half a billion pounds:
Universal Credit: 5 things you need to know about the new benefit
This one mathematician is taking credit of universal common sense.
NEWS There's a warning from a tenants group in Swindon that the new Universal Credit system could leave some people unabl…
Here's our opinion on please share yours, see more at
The Failed Universal Credit: Who'll be the winners and losers? No shocks here. http:…
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What Is Universal Credit? Read Our Handy Fact Sheet: The government has begun its roll-out of universal ... (Hfp)
and will write off a further £91m over a five-year period before the new digital system is finished...
"Delivering is a big job, needs to be part of a wider strategy to lower
UNIVERSAL CREDIT. The truth behind the rhetoric headlines.
New universal credit 'a nightmare': A universal-credit claimant who featured in a government film to promote t...
Have any Wiganers in the universal credit pilot been docked money while in work because of the conditionality earnings threshold? 1/2
National roll-out of Universal Credit begins today
The next phase of the national IT rollout for the controversial Universal Credit programme has started
The promo video for the 'Universal Credit' includes a job hunter who now says he is concerned about its introduction today. BBC News
Iain Duncan Smith says Universal Credit is about 'people helping people' on
Want to know more about Visit our online resource here:
An effective 98 second explanation of Universal Credit from via YouTube.
The are building a system that rewards work: universal credit will benefit everyone
7 questions to ask that could get you a better deal at your Universal Credit claim meeting
200,000 fewer benefit claimants will be better off under Universal Credit
The impact of broken down - who will win and who will lose out
Iain Duncan Smith: still not vindicated over Universal Credit (though he thinks he is)
Universal credit explained in one handy fact sheet.
Iain Duncan Smith claims Universal Credit will save £600m, a figure reached with the help of Tesco's accountants.
Iain Duncan Smith's promises for Universal Credit versus what has ACTUALLY happened to date
The coalition's key welfare reform "Universal Credit" - trialled here in Merseyside and Cheshire - is rolled out across …
Coalition ignores pleas and imposes Universal Credit in Scotland:
The amount of taxpayers money wasted by Ian Duncan Smith on Universal Credit is obscene
The political battle over the future of Universal Credit is heating up as the general election approaches
Universal Credit is being rolled out across the UK and replaces a number of benefits including child tax credit
Universal Credit costs will not be revealed until after general election | World's most transparent government ©.
From Tian Tian to IDS on Burns Night. Think the panic might be about the roll out of Universal Credit!
Key paragraph on Universal Credit and need for agreement between ScotGov and UKGov. http:…
In Part 4 of clauses the only place it references "agreement" by UK government is Universal Credit clause…
Lord Freud's visit to Ashford recognises our progress to Universal Credit.
Social security is about social protection and solidarity |
IDS wasted £566,000,000 on his failed Universal Credit crusade, but its £73 a week benefit claimants who are a burden on tax payers
GGF address the issue of Universal Credit: With many employers remaining uninformed on Universal Cre...
Growing calls for UK to suspend universal credit rollout | via
she's got a point. Everyone I've seen today has said 'yada yada yada universal credit' at least once.
Feb launch of Universal Credit in Hambleton, Rydale and York for new claims from single people eligible for JSA.
Choosing a bank account for your payment? Check out this guide: via .
Civic Scotland call to suspend the roll-out of Universal Credit in Scotland
a rated Pfennig - "..."The new Universal Credit Rating Group (UCRG) is being set up to rival the existing...
Universal Credit digital staff up from just three to 160 during 2014
I started my jsa application as a way of procrastinating my passport form but then it wasn't jsa it was universal credit???
You have ignored: Polygamous marriages CAN attract more benefits now, but not from 2017 (Universal Credit).
I don't if you already have but you need to have a real look into Universal Credit and what effect it's having on people
Universal Credit Rating Group is being set up to rival S&P, - First rating will be issu…
What do you think about this Alan and other Scottish bods?
SFHA gives evidence to Devolution Committee and repeats call for Universal Credit roll-out suspension.
Busy morning? Here's what you need to know to start your day. (Credit: Universal Pictures)
Admin Officer vacancies for Universal Credit based from Basildon Benefit Centre. Job ID: 12155300
Parties told there are 'safeguards for vulnerable' within Universal Credit. Who would believe assurances from Ian Duncan Smith?!!
Today's Direct Payment Demonstration Project final report is summarised at:
Housing associations will be put at financial risk from the direct payment of housing costs to tenants under universal credit, the Department for Work and Pensions' own research revealed today. The final report into the Direct Payment Demonstration ...
Daventry Jobcentre Plus has been announced has one of 150 job centres across the country which...
Guidance Universal Credit partner toolkit From: Department for Work and Pensions First published: 21 March 2013 Last updated: 2 December 2014 , see all updates Part of: Working with people claiming Universal Credit and Welfare This toolkit contains important public information about Universal Credit…
Don't forget, from Jan 15, single people claiming benefits for the first time will be awarded
It's the last Work Club of 2014 tonight! Join us from 7 till 9pm. Our support now includes help to make a claim to Universal Credit!
despite this, mind: Universal Credit to be in a third of Jobcentres by spring
[ ] Accepting a Claimant Commitment and Regulation 15 of the Universal Credit Regulations 2013
DWP's official report today: Universal Credit to have negligible effect on benefits payments for foreseeable future
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